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William Ralph Dean
Centre Forward for Everton
1925-1938 better known as Dixie Dean holds the record of hat-tricks scored in English football at thirty seven


The record for the most own goals scored in one season is 5. This was acheived in the 1934 to 1935 season by a Middlesbrough player called Robert Stuart


In 1982 Jorge Nino of Democrata scored a hat trick of own goals as his team lost 5-1.


The word 'hat-trick' comes from an old cricketing tradition. If a bowler claimed three wickets in a row, then he was entitled to a new hat at the expense of his club.


In 1976 Aston Villa's Chris Nicholl scored all 4 goals in the 2-2 draw against Leicester.


The fastest hat-trick in English football was scored by 'Jock' Dodds of Blackpool in 1943. It took him just two and a half minutes against Tranmere Rovers.


The fastest hat-trick in international football was scored by England's Willie Hall in three and a half minutes against Ireland in 1938.


The first hat-trick in the Football World Cup was acheived by Bert Patenaude playing for USA against Paraguay on 17 July 1930.


The world record for the fastest hat-trick came in 1973 by Maglioni of Independient against Gimnasia. This took one minute and fifty seconds.

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