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09 Sep 2012 21:41:35
Kerwyne Jones (Stoke) rumoured to be the striker Poyet is hoping will join Brighton. Young Arsenal spanish defender Miquel also rumoured to ne interesting Brighton. Recent reports in the Argus confirm Poyet looking to sign players in both positions.



09 Sep 2012 21:25:04
Jermaine Beckford to sign on 3 month loan deal for Huddersfield before Saturday's game against Derby.

If Town are getting Beckford at all, I'd expect the loan to go through at the end of the window so we'd still have him through the Christmas period while signing someone like Church before the Derby match

Good luck Huddersfield, he's useless and will never replace Rhodes.

Only club beckford will join is leeds sorry town fans you will always be 2nd best {Ed020's Note - gunna have to say no to that, being a leeds fan it kills me, but he's on his way to town by the looks of it, he signed a contract with town on deadline day and lcfc pulled out last second}

Thanks LCFC but watch this space cos all Beckford needs is a side that plays around him more than Leicester have allowed themselves to, and the right manager to get best out of him (see LUFC/Simon Grayson)........and no guessing who's managing the terriers now!

Beckford is good if he has the right team and teamates would be brilliant for town cos where a good team from a htfc fan.

Town to sign 2 from Beckford/Campbell/Church...

BECKFORD is not going to be part of the equation. Church is

Beckford's agent says he's staying put at Leicester!

Beckfords agent says he won't be allowed on loan so the Terriers will need to look elsewhere.. Church maybe??

Good, don't want him anyway, over rated premadona, F.C would be good, wouldn't mind the lad from Man Utd either, Macheda, TY



09 Sep 2012 20:30:12
Huddersfield Town will hold talks with two strikers tomorrow as they seek a replacement for Jordan Rhodes.
Greek forward Apostolos Vellios is close to singing on loan until January from Everton whilst Cardiff attacker Robbie Earnshaw will have a meeting with Simon Grayson in Manchester.

Hope he is better at singing than scoring goals

Hope he is better at singing than scoring goals

Apostolos will be out of puff singing all that time

I am a Town fan living in Germany, so quite a few Germans trained-up now. As for the Seasiders, I think you will find the germans know the Black Forest, not the 'Pool.



09 Sep 2012 19:30:53
Bristol City have again opened talks with Akos Buzsaky, The Hungarian rejected Bristol city's last contract offer, the deal did not match his demands, but the agent and city representative's have been in contact over the weekend and have again agreed to meet this week.

Bristol City will also wrap up the loan signing on former Brighton centre back Grant Hall, Tottenham signed the 6ft 3 centre back from Brighton this year. If Bristol City fail to sign Hall they will turn there attentions to Norwich defender Elliott Ward

Yay would love these signings!!!

Ward fallen through according to SSN. What about Monk from Swansea?

According to bcfc club call Monk turned city down, why he would want to stay and play reserve team football only he would know.



09 Sep 2012 19:21:45
anymore Middlesbrough news?

Boro are only interested in bringing in a defender on loan at the moment.

Bikey is an option, but Boro are also considering one or two other targets. Mowbray is reluctant to add anyone at the moment and will wait to see what happens with his current batch of defenders

Bikey today signed a one year contract with an option of another year with Middlesbrough.

I can't see Boro signing anyone else now unless its an emergency loan for an injured player

Bikey signed for Boro on 1 year deal.



09 Sep 2012 19:14:47
pompey have had a 12.5 milloin bid from middle east

I'm not a Pompey,but with that great support they deserve some luck!!! IF TRUE?

Look where that got us last time with Al Faraj (sorry..Al Mirage) Al Fahim. Not another bunch of skint Arabs please no no no

F**kin no chance

A bit of mischief seems to be spreading with this rumour. It will take a considerable sum to buy out pompey, the inland revenue will be after every last owed penny, that will be for a starters. Whoever considers buying pompey will need considerable wealth, money they need available to be thrown away. Not many wealthy people like throwing money away and i feel the supporters trust is still best option.



09 Sep 2012 19:11:20
Evertons fellaini is set to leave everton in jan after claiming his time is up at the club and wants a better team with bigger challenges .man u and Chelsea showing big interest in the situ

What a load of rubbish, he's not said anything of the kind



09 Sep 2012 18:28:53
Norwich City are keeping tabs on Seattle Sounders duo Fredy Montero and Osvaldo Alonso and plan to make moves for one or both players in January



09 Sep 2012 17:55:54
Walsall to sigh Calvin Andrew on a short term contract



09 Sep 2012 17:48:55
It has emerged that Barnsley have became the suprise front runners in the race for former QPR midfielder Akos Buzsaky. The 30 year old Hungarian International is currently seeking a new club after being released by Queens Park Rangers in the summer and it looks as though Oakwell will be his likely destination.

If barnsley fc have got any common sense hey will snap this guy up a.s.a.p. he has got bags of talent.

Barnsley not signing anyone at minute

Great player but I can see wages being an issue, Keith Hill has already said he's tried for a number of players who seem to be content to sitting around without a contract waiting for the phone to ring with someone offering silly month



09 Sep 2012 17:37:22
celtic could be lining up a move for youngster david symington of carlise united

Would not suprise me isnt john halpin at carlise x celtic winger he knows what it takes only supprised none of the bigger clubs havent come forward defenders nightmare probably the best 18 year old winger in country at moment watch this space



09 Sep 2012 17:21:37
Zaha to join reading in january in a 5 million deal + add ons

Just like Rhodes!

Double the money, and someone might start to believe it!

He ain't worth it

Double the money Rhodes was 8m because he scored 41 goals last season so zaha should be worth 5m because all he did was a bit of skill and a couple of assists.

10m wouldn't pay over 3 might be promising but has not done anything at palace and it's a rumour site people will make things up

09 Sep 2012 17:21:37
Zaha to join reading in january in a 5 million deal + add ons

This move failed because reading wouldn't pay 5 million.. They didn't do then and they won't now.

Apparently we're not interested in Zaha anymore. Palace asked for £4m so we told them to shove off, id rather we spent £4m on someone who would be an instant hit at Reading and who would keep us up than someone who might be good in 2-3 years time



09 Sep 2012 16:38:12
barnsley are set to re-sign michael tonge from stoke

We have a lot of midfielders and some coming back from injury, wouldn't need him.

Tonge is one of the best midfieldres at the club . i can,t understand why pulis is letting him go

That is clearly not a stoke fan, palacious, whelan, whitehead, adam, ness and even delap are all better centre mids than tonge! He's useless, and i would quiet happily drive him to barnsley

Tonge is clearly not a premier player he should go bk to sheff united he his no more than a league 1 player

Leeds think the are getting him. Wasn't that impressed with him at Barnsley but then again he was playing in a struggling team



09 Sep 2012 16:22:55
Carlisle to sign Calum Higinbotham on

When you write rubbish at least try and find out the spelling of his name properly

Not rubbish when you think about it, is he getting any game time, huddersfeild will want kallum higginbotham fit.

Not true im afraid

Be good if they do

Personally think Carlisle would be a good place for Town to send Higs on loan.

Got to say hes not coming to carlisle please dont lie thank you

Is that why there is a pic of him in the news and star today and a write up that says Gregg has been chasing him for a few months

This is true haha..



09 Sep 2012 16:07:37
Swansea to sign former fc twente left back on free agent untill the end of the season.



09 Sep 2012 16:03:45
Coventry City interested in taking Matty Tubbs on loan for the rest of the season



09 Sep 2012 15:46:35
Huddersfield town are set to smash their record transfer fee by paying 5 million for Tom ince. He states he wants to join a bigger club. {Ed003's Note - when did he state that ?}

Funnest rumour Ive heard so far u give town fans a bad name

Huddersfield are a bigger club (laugh)
I live in Germany nobody as ever heard of Huddersfield Town ,but loads of people know of the Seasiders after their exploits in the Top div and 2 playoff finals you might have been a bigger club at one time but not anymore and for 5 mill you can,t even buy Tom Ince,s Boots

Need to be like 8 mill

Is that the club that took 22000 to wembley for the playoff final

As a town fan i woud imagine at least 10+ mill

Since when are huddersfield a bigger club than blackpool?! and why would they reject bigger offers from liverpool...

Very funny post this. Huddersfield won't be spending 5 million on anyone. He will obviously choose Huddersfield as the so called bigger club he desires! Who wouldn't?

Whoever wrote this is a proper person ! From a proper town fan ! D.C

Hudds arent a bigger club

More chance of knitting fog!!! Why would ince leave a recent prem club for a bigger supported but nothing like as successful recently club who want to consolidate this season with no pressure other than to do just that. Blackpool are rightly one of the favourites to go up with parachute money, good squad etc etc - if ince leaves them, it will be for a much bigger club than us.

As a Huddersfield Town fan ridiculous posts like this make me sick! Get a grip!

He is premship bound in January

Really doubt it

Lol that's never going to happen

I'm a town fan and town have southern from blackpool so he wouldn't drop to a smaller club so town are quite a. big club so town could have a chance.

It's people like this that give our club a bad name, be realistic!

Not a proper town fan keep your poor boring rumours to your self

Silly rumour & will never happen! In what way are Blackpool a bigger club? Smaller crowds, smaller stadium, worse training facilities, less trophies? How do you define a big club? Because apart from a one season wonder in the premier league afew years back, I can't think of any way Blackpool fans can think they are the big club they make out!?

I'm a town fan i can honestly say the terriers have more chance of signing Elvis than Ince

Got to this post in the worst on here this year.

Blackpool are way bigger thn hudds. hudds is a sml yorkshire club tht are going back down ha,

You Are having a laugh!!!!

Judging by the responses there can only be 6 Blackpool fans left who didn't take the bite to this post, I'm sure you can count up next home game if you take your shoes off and count your fingers & toes. Grow up!

Htafc biggest team in Yorkshire {Ed025's Note - Hmmm..

What a waste of time in writing this....

Newcastle bid for Tom Ince so why would he go to a championship club



09 Sep 2012 15:14:18
West Brom's young star, Scott Alan, is interested in going out on a season long loan to a championship club with a lack of first team football at the Baggies. A loan deal with Crystal Palace fell through earlier this week.



09 Sep 2012 15:08:32
Sammy mcilroy to be named as next bury manager before Saturday.

I bet he's not. was given a subtle hint who it may be yesterday, and it was not a name in the 'favourites' list

Who was it then

Who was the subtle
Hint - may place a wager

Sorry to be so pedantic, but if i said the 'leak' could be easily traced to me. It wasn't Morrell though, who now seems to be the favourite, so perhaps things have changed since sat pm

It will not be Morrell or Mcilroy, there are two names currently being bandied around that are not on the betting lists. Fowler is one although I cant see it, Macari is another.

Probably Sam mac good manager but who is the guy you presumably think it is?

I ve herd strong rumours that andy morrel
will take it. i hope he dose not tho.

Phil babb appointed on Wednesday morning this week

Lou Macari?

Who the heck is Phil Babb?,Macari has been out of work too long to be any use,now Mark Catlin has resigned.

Phil Babb, ex newcastle, liverpool & RoI,last heard of as player/manager of a pub team in Manchester (honest)

Horrifyingly,Phil 'jaffa' Brown in betting odds is coming down faster than an essex girls underwear.Panic stations everyone.

I'm getting really fed up why can't we name one fliping manager. the board said
they will take there time but this is worrying me know!!!!!!


Flipping name someone bury !!

The name I had in mind has finally been mentioned

Henning berg strongly linked now

Why not turn to andy preece or graham barrow



09 Sep 2012 13:34:16
free agent liam willis set to sign for southport fc after walking away from league one oldham said to be seen talking to liam watson at last game

Oldham supporter watched willis preseason done really well suprised not signed by dickov just confirms no money just shows if we cant afford young lad like willis yet southport can we really are in trouble good luck to the lad

Would be a good addition can play in a number of positions



09 Sep 2012 12:47:49
Striker/winger Michael Paton to be re-united with old boss Mark McGhee at Bristol Rovers after being released by SPL side Aberdeen.

Sounds feasible but is this another made up rumour?



09 Sep 2012 11:34:03
Burnley to make double loan deal for George Thorne and Chris Wood from West Brom



09 Sep 2012 10:20:11
Huddersfield town loan in:
Jermaine beckford(3 month loan with a view to a permanent deal in January)
Simon church(3 month loan with a view to extending to end of season in January)
Loan out:
Tom clarke(3 month loan ONLY, to gain first XI football) league one club
Alan Lee(3 month loan with view to permanent deal)league one club
Anton Robinson(3 month loan with view to permanent deal) Bournemouth
Kallum higginbotham(3 month loan with view to extension for rest of season)league one club.

Lee & Higginbotham are going to carlisle on loan

Hope so - neither are championship players IMHO.

Hope not higginbotham and lee are good players

Don't need Robinson back, there's already great competition in midfield with Partington Hughes and David (when fit), Unless it's to warm the bench as cover for right back.

Robinson gives us something differn't so wouldn't be such a bad signing. Plus with our rep for injureys I think our team is smaller than you think.



09 Sep 2012 09:50:34
Leeds intrested in signing tottenham midfielder jermaine jenas

Doubtful. Jenas has always been used to playing for decent clubs.

What a load of rubbish

Yeah because Aston Villa are decent Leeds are still a big club Championship or not

Lol at the 2 comments above.....its all over the newspapers that leeds are on the verge of signing him on loan learn to read before slamming on other peoples posts!..

Leeds have a bigger fan base than every club jenas has played for

Unfortunately we can't afford his wages, he's also had injury problems, so don't think this will happen?

Jenas only plays for big clubs pfft aston vila chamionship next year newcastle in championship a few years ago and tottenham arnt exaclly setting world a light with avb at helm so u my freind are a mug

Hes comin on loan totenham is going to pay his wagers we aint givin him money he gets payed by parent club



09 Sep 2012 09:34:26
Millwall striker John Marquis off to Portsmouth for loan deal until january.

Be good for the boy good luck if true see u in jan

If true it would be good for Marquis to get some regular football under his belt & he would improve 'A LOT!

Don't forget that George Graham sent Teddy Sheringham out on loan for a while,and he was a lot better for it!

I think Marquis will be a very good player in a year or so, but at the moment he needs more experience to learn about being a striker! What say you fellow lions fans?

I think Pompey need a more experienced striker

More experienced strikers cost more money!How much have Pompey got£££££S?

We've still got friends out there we don't need to pay them



09 Sep 2012 08:05:42
Steve Lomas has 3 games to save his job at st johnstone

Lucky if he has him as a person but its just not happening



09 Sep 2012 00:57:59
Leeds to sign stoke city midfielder micheal tonge on a emergency loan deal

He's the kind of mediocre signing who will fit right in at Leeds.



09 Sep 2012 00:50:44
Southend want to extend the loan of Britt Assombalonga until January. They are also targetting a strike partner for him if Barry Corr injures himself again, so Fleetwood's Andy Mangan is shortlisted as a possible signing, Fleetwood are demanding 100k which Southend do not have so they will probably go ahead and sign McGinn and Rooney as planned . Shame because im a a huge fan of Mangan's.

Mangan - Rubbish. McGinn and Rooney would not be Britt'ts strike partner as they are a CM and winger respectively. Tomlin is the other forward at the moment. Next 2 games are Southend's biggest back to back tests so far.

Assombalonga's loan is being extended until the end of the season.

You are forgetting we have eastwood just a few weeks till his fit

If you get McGinn (and assuming he is as good post injury as before) you will have the best player in the ivision by a 1000 miles - pure class

Eastwood will never be truly fit and never will regain enough desire to be a consistent threat. McGinn pure Class? Really? Never really heard of him. If you say this is because hes been out long term then that says to me he has plenty to prove. Pure class is an exaggerated over-statement.

Reply 2. Britts loan cannot be extended to the end of the season. He's on a youth loan so will be extended at end of every month.

Comment 6 Can that be every month till the end of the season?



09 Sep 2012 00:40:32
Ipswich to sign Kenwyn JONES on a 3.month loan deal

Haha. Can't see that happening.

That is utter nonsense and you know it.

Strange that, given the close relationship between Tony Pulis and Ian (Legendary Holloway) and the fact the Kenwynne Jones is currently sat with Ian now discussing the arrangements on '6 MONTH DEAL''. Ian Holloway, king of the masterstroke

If Ipswich loose there next three matches Jewell will be sacked and Paul sturruck from Southend be put in charge.genuine news

Not a chance sturrock

Ip5w1ch couldn't afford jones

You can only sign loans for 97 days, so Holloway won't get him for 6 months

^ 93 days. Not 97.

Actually loans are 93 days,and we wouldnt waste our money on kenwyn jones anyway
overated to say the least!!!



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