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09 Oct 2012 21:48:37
Karl Robinson is due at dean court tomorrow to discuss the Bournemouth job, official approach was logged at 18.30 tonight which MK reluctantly accepted. don't think he's the fans number 1 choice but it proves a bit of a coup by convincing him to leave MK

Hmmm, It's getting on my nerve's now. It better someone decent after all this time.

Interesting! Reported in the Bournemouth Echo at 6.04 pm yesterday the Chairman Eddie Mitchell insisted it was more likely he would appoint an out of work manager. He had already conducted some interviews, one of which he was waiting to hear back from with a view to a second interview. it is reported that he says some people have shown an interest who have been to the top of the ladder who are currently between jobs and he states that is the way he has to go.

Nice guess thats the time a article apeared in local paper about him thinking its gd job dosent mean he is being interviewed

We all know who one of them is! Hoddle

Heard a minute ago that Roy Keane has thrown his name in

Why would any of these managers linked go to Bournemouth this is not a dig but they get 4000 fans and are one of the smallest clubs in the country

Robbo wouldn't leave us to join u when you are languishing near the bottom of the table!!

Tell him to stop pushing for the move then "it's the best job in league one" he was quoted as saying. Let us go Robinson we don't want you

^^ Because its a club on the up. the 4000 attendance figures are because fans have walked out due to the hated of the managment team

With the positive return of eddie howe to bournemouth, the crowds have swelled to 6,000 plus and after watching the exciting football last saturday, afcb took league leaders tranmere rovers apart. The expectation is to see full houses at dean court.



09 Oct 2012 20:34:35
Hughes to be sacked at board meeting on Friday with Harry rednapp to be appointed Monday inside club info at qpr

They sacked Warnock when he ended up in the drop zone at Xmas ... surely the same "target" was given to Hughes ...

Do you want the club to be in debt in a few years ? I agree MH is not everyone 1st choice give him a chance did u enjoy the time under bert and earnie sacking managers every 5 mins so back the club and management



09 Oct 2012 18:43:39
Norwich are weighing up a move for Craig Davies of Barnsley in the January transfer window. Also CMS

Ha ha ha get your cash out

He's not good enough for barnsley that was a fluke against birmingham.

Are they on a mission to sign every decent player just from Leeds and Barnsley?

Nonsense there been no mention of any signings, houghton to busy worrying about here and now

Well lets say the signing of butterfield hasnt really worked for them, big mistake by the kid to leave, cant see davies making the same mistake!!

Better of getting steve davies hits a good shot i hear ///////

It hasn't really worked for him? he has been injured, the chance of playing first team football in the premier league on crutches is pretty slim whoever you are.



09 Oct 2012 18:27:45
Boyd off to Leeds as soon as their takeover is complete £750K

Loan then permanent in January


Not definite rubbish

Ipswich had a joint bid agreed for Taylor and Boyd (who is out of contract in the summer and wants out) Boyd whils tnot signing mde up only 300k of that deal so you would be mugs to pay that much for him. If he does join it is morelikely to be a loan until the end of the season



09 oct 2012 16:42:20
chesterfield set to announce tommy wright as new manager

No please not tommy

Thats me free on saturdays then. want a free ticket anyone?

If tommy appointed town defo staying down poss fighting to stay up.

Might as well appoint Tommy Walsh



09 Oct 2012 15:22:30
Wolves looking to sign a winger on loan. Man U's Robbie Brady on the shortlist.

Manchester United have rejected inquiries



09 Oct 2012 15:13:36
Have just heard that bolton are to get permission from millwall for kenny jacket,wach this space

Why on earth would KJ want to go to a club that is just above the lions? If it did happen I would be amazed!!

Mick McCarthy is the bookies choice according to teletext. Unless Bolton are paying a hefty amount of compensation Millwall will struggle to bring in a suitable replacement and have funds to remould the squad to suit the new manager.

Who says that KJ would want to go there anyway? He will be at the 'New Den for as long as he is wanted! Simple as that!

Me thinks that someone is definately on a 'BIG' wind up! It is only on this 'football site and absolutely 'NO' where else!

Kenny Jacket - I'll get my coat

So he would want to end a 5 year run as manager to go to team he just beat..... Seems legit



09 Oct 2012 14:32:54
leeds are watching the progress of
championship starlet nathan redmond
of birmingham city as niel warnock
thinks he is the kind of quality the
squad desperatley needs also looking
at the loan signing of centre half
andrea wisdom from liverpool
after promising preformances in
liverpools first team colin sees him
as a young powerful defender that
can sort out the leaky defence

Im a birmingham fan and trust me redmond is over rated he only has a good match like once a month

To the Birminghma city fan ... it must be a hard job being a hater! England international since the age of 15 and wanted by most of the Prem ! maybe they just dont see what u see mate

Andre Wisdom is from leeds and went to my school in leeds he is friends with my sister as well. Still speak to him he is quality



09 oct 2012 14:02:29
burnleys charlie austin to sign for fulham, for 6m in january, plus add ons..... richard chaplow coming bk to burnley and burnley to sign shaun derry on loan..... official..

Not gonna happen, at least 8mil for him

Aint gunna happen

Agree with above post,charlie worth at least 8million

Charlie Adam is a donkey and Fulham won't touch him with a bargepole {Ed003's Note - Now you look like a right Charlie ;) }

Villa and newcastle look at austin its on spn. dont think chappers will be comeing back too us......

Fulham are not looking for another striker. We have Berbatov, Rodallega, Petric, Ruiz and Trotta. We are more likely to buy central midfielders in January seeing as we lost Clint Dempsey and Mousa Dembele.

Sorry boys, Austin to Fulham is very unlikely, especially for 8million.



09 Oct 2012 13:02:16
Eddie Howe to leave Burnley for Bournemouth, with Owen Coyle making a return to Turf Moor


Aint gunna happen ! oc will not be coming back ! more likely steve kean to bolton and coyle to rovers ! i wonder what the odds are

Certainly this might be a possibility unless burnley don't want owen coyle to return. bournemouth would certainly have eddie howe back asp.

Love if true, but doubtful

Why would Eddie leavea championship club to go to a league 1 club who are sinking fast under a leadership who dont get it. If he does then God help him

Howes odds have been slashed to evens now, think someone has reported to the bookies he is in Bournemouth, but don't worry he is only "visiting friends" at the club

Howe is now 2-7 on with stan James! Maybe his visit wasn't just a family reunion, imagine Charlie and marvin will be on the blower for a move back south too

You cant look too much into the fact that Eddie Howe was in Bournemouth yesterday as its his family home but if he had turned up at Dean Court I am sure it would be splashed across the web today. I heard Mitchell has being doing interviews away from the ground so who knows

Eddie Howe out !!!!!

Bournemouth throwing their weight and money about again! Find your own manager

Bookies have stopped taking bets on Howe! Just tried to stick a ton on and got told its a no go

Sounds like Eddie is coming home and soon. Get on with it Mitchell and go public

Just got 2/9 at stan James but fella recons it will be suspended by morning

Bournemouth don't have any weight. Or money

How is Howe going to improve our defence in Bournemouth? By leaving?

Come home Eddie, Come home.

Oh Eddie, Eddie Howe

Frenzy going on at bournemouth with the local echo spectative artical regarding eddie howe's imminent return. Burnley are saying 'business as usual' but owen coyle is now available for sensational return to burnley. Hope that eddie howe will return and announcement made today ready for saturdays home game. if it happens, then almighty thankyou to max demin for bankrolling this deal and well done to eddie mitchell for making it happen.

How about Burnley find your own manager seeing as though you pinched him from us in the first place.

Boom boom boom taking the championship by storm from the bottom of league one!!!! Up the cherries



09 Oct 2012 11:32:55
Owen coyle set for the Bournemouth managers job

Wudnt mind that but can't c it!only on ere cos he s been sacked!



09 Oct 2012 11:29:09
Ryan Hall - unsettled striker at
Southend set to join Leeds on loan


Ryan Hall plays in midfield, but he does bang em' in from there so if true would be a useful edition.

Apparently he wasnt good enought for barnet after a trial!! Well down Paul fairclough single handily ruining BFC

Any truth in this rumour guys let us know

Leeds will need to move fast. Barry Fry was at Southend's game against Dagenham on tuesday night to try and thrash out a deal that will take Hall to Peterborough

Looks like we have beaten peterbrough to it says on "news now"



09 Oct 2012 07:38:26
reading,fulham ,wba ,all after austin ????

I heard united were too. I dow see it tbh i dont think he's prem standard.

09 Oct 2012 13:22:00
Austin Powers or Steve Austin

Which one leeds united austin or burnleys austin ~(nextime make it clear )

Stop being so picky, its pretty obvious its Charlie.

United wont bother, west brom have a lot of strikers and fulham have better, not sure on reading because we wont fork out loads and im not sure hes good enough



09 Oct 2012 00:20:43
Wolves have been talking to former Cologne assistant boss Patrick Weiser about becoming the club's new coach.

And now he's arrived.
a Norwegian, a Dane and a German walked into a bar.....

...the Wolves had arrived.



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