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09 Nov 2012 21:46:26
Burnley will sign Sean Murray from Watford for £400k as soon as the January transfer window opens - fee and terms already agreed.

Poor deluded Burnley fan, there is no chance of this happening. He is worth near 10 million, not 400k

Could be a decent signing, think they could probably get a bit more than 400

Who is sean murry ha 10 million look he may be off or not you dont know this isa rumors site lets see if itt will happen

Zola has already stated that Murray is in his Long Term plans, if he goes anywhere it will be to Premiership Team and not Burnley and definately not for 400k - gone are the days of Watford selling their players for peanuts

Murray extended his contract by five years only a couple of months ago! may not be worth 10m but certainly more then 400k. The Pozzo family don't need to sell. However they do sell players at the right price Murray could go for 4-5million

Dyche has about as much chance of signing Messi, 5 yr deal with owners who do not want to sell

Burnley cant expect to buy top championship players, they have poor facilities, an out dated stadium and next to no money.

Murray is worth 6 to 7 million the guys still a kid.

Poor facilities and no money well thats funny i suggest you do some research before you post utter rubbishe ! 6-8 million from jay rod sale , parachute payments from the previous few years and the money from going up , weve hardly spent anything so we do have money and fyi we have just recently upgraded the training facilities and the ground and stadium are being re developed aswel so the guy who posted above knows absolutely nothing ! UTC

And watford is state of the art

6m + Charlie Austin

I think you will find that Burnley have spent millions and millions in wages instead of investing in the facility's, Watford did the same under Aidy.

Watfords training facilities are state of the art, we bought them from Arsenal after they spend 300 millions on new facilities, and the stadium is due to be upgraded this summer.

And in January I think Watford will be taking 6 or 7 players on full time contracts, all for free, basically our owners are minted

And when the experiment is over Watford are in trouble.

Our owners own 3 football clubs, one team plays in Europ every year, and the other has just been promoted into the Spanish top flight, they will still own the club in 30 years, they have already said that.

They have already put in over 20 million.

Well not every football team relies on foreign owners buying into their club do they ! We unlike you lot who just throw money at a team to try and win promotion are trying to run a football club without the millions you rely on from your billionaire owners !

Burnley = that good Eddie Howe decided to drop down a division to get away from you!!

Eddie dropped a division in order to go back to a comfortable level plus he had family issues,not a Championship manager though

Ye because he was out of his debth at bfc in the championship and wanted to go BACK home to BOURNEMOUTH where we got him from! He wouldnt have left us for another championship or lower league team other than bournemouth !

Sean Murray won't leave

Lets be honest its not like we have been bought by roman abramovich. The money has gone to stabalizing the club that has been taking on water for years. We have spent **** all on players really, if anything we have probably made a bit from the exodus after we got all our trialists in. Also dont any of you say if a foreign invested (especially one as seasoned in football ownership as the pozzo's) came along to buy your club you wouldn't be happy. Its about time someone saw the potential of the Orns'!

I would encourage the people who think Watford are having money thrown at them to read up on the Pozzos and there plans for the club. They work on the idea of setting the club up so it generates its own income from profits on the transfer market and ticket sales. So far we have brought in 18 new players and have not spent a single penny. Also for those who say "when the experiment is over", I would add that the Pozzos have been with Udinese for 25 years and have said they fully expect to have a similar long term stay at Vicarage Road. {Ed003's Note - You are having an immoral input which doesn't stand very well with other fans}

To be honest Ed I find it more immoral when billionaire owners take over a club like for example man city and just throw millions at it than a football family that use a pool of players within their business structure to save a football club that were days away from administration. I would suggest there are many jealous football club owners and fans envious of the Pozzos knowledge of football and resources to bring success. There is very little immoral in that {Ed003's Note - ok mate but personally I think having a tie in with other clubs which gives you a huge pool of players that can be added on the cheap is wrong,I'm sure that I am not alone in thinking this.}

Common practice in Spain. Why is it on the cheap? They are players that the Pozzos as owners have already purchased. It may be seen as on the cheap for WFC but not for the owners. Similarly they will be able to send players the other way if they so wish. So if they think a Watford player could benefit from playing in Italy or Spain then they can do that. Fantastic business model



09 Nov 2012 21:00:25
Birmingham city looking to buy Chris riberio from Scunthorpe
In Jan for £250k

Is he any good

Yet another albeit injury prone CB who could have done a job at Bristol City yet was allowed to leave and seems set to go on to better things!

He's on loan from bristol city

No he is not one loan left bristol on a free at the end of last season and he is a right back



09 Nov 2012 20:26:10
Bury have signed Tom Soares and Ethan Ebanks Landell.Soares is on non contract terms and Lendell on loan till January.UTS.



09 Nov 2012 20:09:09
Has nimely signed ed???? {Ed003's Note - Nothing confirmed}

YES till January

Might not have been in time for today,s match so will be BOLTON away next week

Signed for who?



09 Nov 2012 16:08:33
Rumour has it that Chris Martin is being
lined up for a short loan

Loaned to who

No way - loads of ColdPlay gigs coming up

What, from Coldplay to kings of leon



09 Nov 2012 15:45:02
Barnsley strongly linked with a loan move for young Manchester City striker Alex Tchuimeni-Nimely.

Only ever scored one professional goal, not a proven goalscorer. Not sure why Keith Hill wants him.

Failed medical this morning,

We will not get 40 points this year , such bad vibes from club ,manager and most fans and even sir bobby been told to look for another club

Time for hill to call it a day and go ,bad signings mido never going to be any good .harewood what a joke .we have some good players need someone toget them motivated .

We need someone other than Davies who actually knows where the goal is. Harewood is about as mobile and deadly in front of goal as Andy gray who we got rid of. Hill has to stop making excuses and play o'brien and silva out wide so we have some penetration. Hard to believe this is the same side that won at Birmingham 5-0. Best about it is there aren't that many good teams in the championship this year

Say what you like about Gray,we have missed him,he holds the ball up well.why doesent Hill tell our strikers to come off the defenders to pick up the ball up or doesnt he know how to do this

You're probably right mate. I saw us at elland road and we were the best side but had no idea when it got to the final third of the pitch



09 Nov 2012 14:57:20
charlton sign Harris from Fulham.

at 21 you would of thought if any good would of
been playing more games than Fulham
B team.

Why is it a secret then?



09 Nov 2012 14:50:18
Is there any truth in Jon Taylor Shrewsbury going to burnley I've heard they are in talks with club

I shouldn't think so. GT likes him a lot and I see potential there.

Yes he go on loan ok (GT)

I think Dyche was looking at Taylor when he was the Manager at Watford

I've heard from a good source at Blackpool that they are lining a move up for Jon Taylor to replace Tom ince who will move in jan



09 Nov 2012 14:33:46
Crystal Palace are set to sign Jose Baxter from oldham.
Baxter was on trial at Pace pre-season.

Why would he want to go there? They trialled him in the summer and didn't give him a contract so we trialled him and signed him

Because he is better than league one

He is indeed better than league one, but why would he go to a club that messed him around for two months and then offered him nothing? He may go to the championship in january but not to Palace.

What does it matter he wont stay with a team faceing relagation hartlepool bury Scunthorpe coventry all brought in new managers why will he stay at oldham when the man who brought him in wont be their by christmas

Baxter surely now is match fit, and hopefully would accept wages offered, in that Palace have a great chance of promotion. Would be a good signing

Hope baxter doesn't leave oldham he is class and if he does we will probs get relegated gutted!!!

Ipswich are massively interested in Baxter, and Leeds had him scouted last Tuesday. I would love him to stay but its not looking at all likely.

Wouldn't surprise me if he joined now, hes a top player who deserved to sign, the fans wanted him... but Dougie said he was un-fit, just like everyone else was in the summer... now Dougie has gone, why not bring him in

Freedman wanted him but the chairman wouldn't pay his wages.



09 Nov 2012 14:31:54
Stewart Downing on loan in Jan, liverpool wanting a big clear out of surplus players and Boro seaking a winger. Plus he still has a house in the area but will only sign on loan for now

Boro couldent afford his wages

10 Nov 2012 12:12:22
Well his sister is getting married to johnny wood gate and as we are his hometown club I presume he will take a cut wage deal to try and get us back to the prem

Boro could do a lot better hes awful



09 Nov 2012 14:12:26
Bury FC

rumour persists that Ken Bates and his associates are indeed very serious about investment in the Shakers.

There are some 3.6 Million shares owned by the supporters trust that can be used by any investor who has the backing of the current board of directors.

This would mean Bates and his friends, can gain control of the small lancashire club for a minimal fee.

That would allow investment in the site which is fully owned excepting a very small mortgage of around 5% value.

We have been Bates who has football directorship history in lancashire with both Oldham and Wigan has kept in contact with ex Chief executive Terence Robison who is currently in a management position at Premier league Stoke.

It is a stated fact that Bury have not closed any doors to investment (Brian Fenton June 2012).

From this we can deduce that Bury is a stable club, wanting outside investment but holds the potential for a huge profit for someone in the future with the proper off field investment.

Expect dealings to start on conclusion of the Leeds takeover.

Well that won't happen till around January with way this takeover is going!

Yeh and good luck with that if that happens!!

12 Nov 2012 19:36:44
Bates invest? LOL! Good luck



09 Nov 2012 14:11:48
Doncaster are chasing akinfenwa as ian hume will join a canda club in january

They wont have to try too hard to catch him,have you seen the size of the old boy !

We had him on loan about 10 years ago, he wasn't reliable then. He wanted to play for a club further south, so he could see his family.

Yes Hume is keen to sort his future out, as the uncertainty is effecting his form. Also the travel from Wirral to Donny does not fall inline with his family life,

'Humey' is putting the effort in at Doncaster, I don't think he would work this hard if he wanted to leave. Also the speed Akinfenwa runs I think we would have caught him by now!!



09 Nov 2012 12:00:27
Didier "devil beast" Drogba is trying to convince highly rated Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha to accept an Ivory Coast call-up in the near future. The 19-year-old is highly rated by England, who he has played 5 times for in the Under-21 squad despite being born in the former capital of the African country; Abidjan.



09 Nov 2012 13:32:52
Josh Thompson next player out on loan to either Colchester or Cheltenham



09 Nov 2012 13:07:48
Jamie Mackie and Harry McGuire are Neil Warnock list of targets for January.

You mean Harry Maguire from Sheffield united



09 Nov 2012 11:57:21
Bacary Sagna is the latest player to be linked with a move away from Arsenal. Inter are the club most papers are linking him with, although Wenger isn't keen to let him leave, despite the rapid improvement of soon-to-be England international Carl Jenkinson.



09 Nov 2012 11:07:13
Barnsley to sign today, on loan until January Manchester City Striker Alex Nimely

Has he played for Rochdale?

Great a proven goal scorer. Do we know much about him?

He wont be signing and its about time we got Don rowling out of our club as its him that holding up getting players in as he wont pay the money. If this is the case then we will be down by xmas.

Yet again Keith Hill as failed with a signing what is happening at Oakwell

Watched him play against us for coventry,goes to ground easy but had pace and quick on the ball,looked a good attacking player.Hope we get him.

Don Rowing has given HILL money to get players in,but HILL cant get players to come,is it becuse he is a bad manager.

Sack hillcroft now before it's too late



09 Nov 2012 11:14:26
Sheffield utd looking at albin ebondo & Matt bates. Could be done soon



09 Nov 2012 06:47:50
Liverpool are intrested in signing forward miles storey from swindon .liverpool sent scouts to watch the villa game and scouts were very impressed with the 18 year old and now being called up to the england u19 squad.A bid in january in the region of 200,000 could persuade the robins to let youngster go.

Rubbish, Swindon will not sell storey at this stage, he isn't worth 200k yet but will be worth 10x that in the future, Swindon are expecting a windfall with the sale of Austin giving them 20%, there is no way that a premiership club will not bid for him in Jan.

When you think we sold Henshall 250k, Tozer 1m, Lucas 1m. No chance 200k is enough to 'persuade' us to part with Storey. His 2 goals against Villa almost made us twice that much in a replay.

You don't get replays in the Carling cup.

Fair point about replays but while we are all being picky with each others posts it's the Capital One Cup. Point was, Miles goals almost generated more than 200k in revenue in 1 game so why would the proposed figure be of interest to STFC?

Because we didn't get through, so we didn't have the money from the next round, so your point is kinda muted. But saying that I don't think he will go anywhere!

It's not about the money we got from his goals but more that they are symbolic of his potential to the club. All I am saying is that MS has already demonstrated his value is more than 200k which was originally quoted as being enough to tempt STFC

Ha ha 200k dont make me laugh...
2m yes

Nonsense. We sit in the Arkells next to where the scouts seats are allocated. The only scouts there that night were from Stoke City and they were watching Barry Bannan

If its Liverpool put the price up by 20 million they like overpaying for players who are rubbish, so they should pay more for a decent young prospect.......Or we could swap him for Downing, with the pool paying all of Downings wages for 5 years....



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