Football Rumours Archive June 09 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJune 09 2012 

08 Jun 2012 23:02:57
Hull's new manager Steve Bruce will look to bring in at least 7 new players this summer. Veteran striker Emile Heskey is top of Bruce's list with the forward set to be offered a 2yr deal. Other players set to hold talks are:

Dave Jones, Wigan, £1.5m
Titus Bramble, Sunderland, £1.5m
Sam Baldock, West Ham, Loan
Craig Gordan, free transfer
Paul Green, free transfer(10)(21)Why would West Ham send Baldock to Hull when they could use him as a part exchange for other playersYou can have Bramble. And Bruce will only be there for a season.Doubt theyll get titus bramble for such a small fee.Bruce only payed 1mil for him when he signed for Sunderland. So I'd take 1mil easy he's rubbishWhy would Hull City swap Matty Fryatt , when Heskey is on a free?????Craig gordon won't drop to the championship, he's going to spurs anyway, i know this because i'm his boyfriendNothing like the old mates club is there? Bruce will be looking for 2 keepers, a centre half, and a centre forward. Alluded to the fact we have a very young squad so expect some zimmer frames turning up at Hull during the summer for a nice pension pay dayHeskey and meyler. Managed both and good loan move for meyler, still north east and championship experience.Craig gordan in talks with wigan so thats lies and heskey not linked with hull so dont know where you are hearing this


08 Jun 2012 23:01:38
ipswich and charlton told bids in region of 1 mil for colchesters anthony wordsworth the highest scoring midfielder in league 1(1)(10)Highest scorer in League 1?
Anthony Wordsworth, Colchester, 13 goals
Jeff Huges, Notts County, 17 goals

If you want to split hairs they both got 13 in the league but Hughes scored 4 in cups!What about J.Hughes Notts County for goals.Chill out statoNo, I've been told by good sources it'll be no more than 700-800k as he REALLY wants to come to usTo cafc btw ^^^^Be prepared to be majorly disappointed!Ipswich and million

now there's two words you dont see together often.


08 Jun 2012 22:51:16
Michael Laudrup rumoured to be in talks
about the Swansea City vacancy.
He would look back to La Liga for signings
to strengthen the squad, going back to
his old Mallorca and Getafe for possible
signings, maybe even loan deals from
Barcelona and Real Madrid. I have heard
Zinedine Zidane's son, Enzo is keen to
play under the former Real Madrid man if
he moves to Swansea, also because of
the style of play. Also Jonathan Dos
Santos would be interested in first team
football at the Liberty.(3)(20)If Jon Don Santos signed, so would Giovanni


08 Jun 2012 22:33:38
liverpool are targeting fc twente striker luuk de jong, barcelona striker cristian tello and midfielder seydou keita and even an ambitious attempt of signing paul pogba but this looks unlikely as he will almost certainly move to juve.

aston villa are looking at holt but they may lose agbonlahor to arsenal

newcastle are braced for bids for their top stars and are interested in marcos senna

reading looking at kevin doyle in a possible return move

west brom looking at hoillett on a free, matt jarvis, martin kelly on loan, maxi rodriguez and danny guthrie(11)(26) 

Reading have no interest in Doyle, especially since Doyle has publically discredited it by stating he does not want to go back in local newspapers.

Hoillet is going abroad to a team playing in European tournaments.

Maxi Rodrigeuz is going nowhere, you just need to go on the Liverpool FC website to see that.Agbonlahor to arsenal, are you sure? he had a shocking seasonDoubt Borussia Monchengladbach would let WBA have Hoilett for nothing having just signed him.Villa fans would love Agbonlahor to leave and Granty Holt to come in the difference between the two is Holt scores goals gabby don'tWe don't want Gabby gone! Holt is 31 & would cost us almost 7m - no thank you!
Gabby is Aston Villa. Gabby & Bent = Unstoppable!Hoillet has gone to b.gladbachYoure an absolute person to think Villa fans want Agbonlahor gone, he grew up in Birmingham and has been a villa lad his whole life, hes a cult hero at Villa, none of the Villa fans want him gone, holt is st, had one good year in the prem that doesnt mean anything and hes 31, and we know what Gabby can doGabby has only ever had pace now he's losing it gabby does score goalsAlbion 2 sign Jarvis? whr they gona get 10mill plus frm? neva gona happen.Why would Wolves loan Jarvis out? if he's not sold they'll keep hold of him surely?


08 Jun 2012 22:32:49
New west brom head coach Steve clarke is interested in raiding his former club liverpool in trying to sign James carragher(3)(24)Lies mate, carra has played his whole career at Liverpool, he hasn't got long left in his career so I think he's gonna stay at Liverpool!!I have heard that there is some truth in this. It is likely Carragher will be used in a player coach type role as he begins to obtain coaching licences....Rubbish. Carra has already been offered a coaching role at liverpool.


08 Jun 2012 22:24:31
Fulham and QPR have both sent scouts to Euro 2012 to watch Holland's Nigel De Jong after he had fallen out of favour towards the end of the season at Manchester City. Both Jol and Hughes have managed the defensive midfielder before.(3)(14)Why send scouts to the euro's when they've seen him in the prem all these years?Absolute rubbish.QPR made a statement in the week that they wouldn't be sending ANY scouts to tha euros.why tell pointless lies?


08 Jun 2012 22:22:52
Leeds want to sign Paul Green, his former club Doncaster Rovers are also interested(7)(5) 

Thats not true"pual green said he whants to end his cearer at doncasterHe will not join us for 1k per week when he has plenty of championship clubs in for him


08 Jun 2012 22:21:14
Leeds to sign Micheal Owen on a free York to sign Enoch Showunumi. Man Utd to sign Nick Powell Chelsea to sign Hulk and Arsenal to sign John Ruddy(2)(42)Michael Owen has stated numerous times that he is not interested in playing in anything other than the top flight.


08 Jun 2012 22:15:08
Derby county to sign Jordan Mutch
and Shane Duffy when they get
the money from Burnley for Davies
and Bailey.From the Local Derby
Telegraph and Nigel Himself.(5)(19)More chance of signing Keith Duffy and the rest of Boyzone than signing Shane DuffyJ rod off to everton ???? daily mirror


08 Jun 2012 22:07:21
Sheffield Wednesday have signed Joe Mattock from West Brom(18)(10)True Signed tonight on a 3 year contract SWFC official websiteHe was a free agent - already left the Baggies


08 Jun 2012 21:51:42
Yeovil have been linked with ex swindon player callum kennedy and one of the following : freddy eastwood, jon parkin, ryan dickson and nathan smith(2)(7)Not another frddie eastwood rumor.. oh dear, please. hes not coming . johnson confirmed that himself . old story nowMy moneys on smithy coming back..Did you not see the interview? GJ ruled out every single one of those players... Kennedy is another air shot...


08 Jun 2012 21:50:36
We are supposed to be after tranmere forward Adam mcgurk from a Hartlepool fan(2)(6)It seems people don't believe you are a Hartlepool fanJust because you keep posting the same thing (3 times now) doesn't mean It's gonna happen, McGurk under contract and you have no money like usMcgurks not going


08 Jun 2012 21:50:03
Stephen Quinn is set to sign for Ipswich Town by Monday in an initial deal of around 500k rising to 750k based on usual add on's...

Also we are in discussions with Pboro regarding George Boyd!(8)(9)I would like to say that this is true but I don't think many fans would agree with you. Plus I don't think we necessarily need another midfielder, let alone two.


08 Jun 2012 21:29:36
Leeds to sign former derby utility man paul green on a free transfer after the euros have finished the yorkshire outfit are also thought to be keen on snapping up his fellow country man keith andrews? Mot 4 ever(4)(13)How is that posible he will sign for ipswich mateIm a derby fan, hate leeds and would still choose leeds over ipswich


08 Jun 2012 21:26:25
Heard from a reliable source down south that leeds are on the verge of signing pompey's hungarian striker markos fuctas(7)(17)Why is Futacs linked with so many clubs when his goal scoring record is so awful?Palace to beat Leeds again, Fuctas is joing PalaceWhen did you beat us? Ward decided to live down south. So you didn't beat us you just had a geographical advantage.


08 Jun 2012 21:23:42
Leeds rumoured to be close to signing former coventry city captain sammy clingan on a free transfer the northern ireland midfielder is expected to put pen to paper on a three year deal at elland road(10)(13)


08 Jun 2012 21:21:27
Leeds to sign peterborough winger george boyd for around 600k once the takeover is complete good signing in my opinion? Mot(3)(23)Not enough cash by far!


08 Jun 2012 21:06:55
Charles N'Zogbia very keen on a move
to Norwich City
Good friends With Chris Hughton and wouldnt it be ironic if norwich start taking lamberts
players(15)(30)I disagree villa are still the bigger club so he'll stay putVilla WERE a bigger club, but not anymore I'm afraid.No it wouldn't be ironic. I think Alanis Morissette has A LOT to answer for.Villa are still having a bad season doesn't mean we are a small club previous to last season we finished 9th then we had 3 consecuative seasons finishing 6th something most teams in the Premier League can only dream of, we have won the Carling cup 5 times F.A cup 7 times won the top division 7 times and won the european Cup again stuff only a few Premier League teams can say we also have one of the best Academies in the world and best training facilities so are we really a small club.... n were massiveAston villa are very big club only champ L contenders are bigger. He would be a great buy, i think he is prb on 25000 so ths
Rule us out. I cant see lambert selling anyone untill he has had good look at whats av to him at villa. Ncfc mattHow long ago were these cup wins?
'Were' a big club yesWe don't want Lambert's playersI think his 50k a week wedge would destroy Norwich's strict wage budget considering their top earner is on 15kVilla are a bigger club bare in mind few years ago we were in the carling cup final and fa cup semi final and europe etc and you were in championship/league 1 so 1 bad season doesnt make us a worse team i almost 100% assure you n'zogbia would never go to norwich as norwich have now reached their peak whereas villa can go alot furtherGetting very fed up of childish posts about who is the bigger club and why? Villa have one bad season and fans of teams who for the last 30 years have trailed Villa but finish above them once creep out of the woodwork and post tripe. FACT - Only 5 English teams have won the European Cup. FACT - It is irrelevant when they won it, FACT - they won it after being Champions of England the season before and on a level playing field, Mr Abramovich!!. When you have won the European Cup or indeed any cup, or are 5th in the all time list of the gross number of pints since the inception of the Prem League (more than Spurs, Newcastle, Everton, Man City and Norwich!!), then you have a right to accuse Villa of being small, but until then go and stick your head in a bucket of cold water, clear your mind of all the petty jealousy and rubbish swimming around and come back and post something a bit more sensible and realistic.I'm a Norwich fan and its unbelievable people saying Villa are a smaller club than Norwich. We've had a good season and they had a poor one but it could all swing. That's all it is, one season.Let's end this now. I'm a Norwich fan. N'Zogbia is not coming to us. Villa are not a small club. In every way you want to measure it, they 3e a bigger club than Norwich. They had a bad season and Manager last year and the owner won't spend to keep them up with the top 8 in England. That doesn't make them a small club. Lambert will make them a top 10 club without money. Norwich will be ok. Hughton will have his own targets, but the wage structure will be less than 20k per week. McNally won't allow us to put the club at risk. In my opinion that is the right thing to do. Stay up this year and we can then build the city stand, be debt free and spend bigger on transfers and wages steadily. Like West Brom or Stoke have done. We may then be able to attract and afford players like N'Zogbia.
So, stop this nonsense about Villa being a small club and Norwich being bigger and better than everyone else - it's getting embarrassing. OTBCI wouldnt mind 15 grand a week!!


08 Jun 2012 20:59:39
Wolverhampton Wander's Matthew Jarvis to Italy giants Udinese for 7.5m(5)(28)


08 Jun 2012 20:39:43
Bolton to sign;
Matt Mills - Leicester - 2.5 million
Jodan Rhodes - Huddersfield - 6 million
Ryo Miyayachi - Arsenal - Loan
Lucas Piazon - Chelsea - Loan(5)(58)Why would Rhodes leave Town to go to another Championship team. If he leaves it will be to Prem.Jordon Rhodes to Bolton???Absolute no chanceJordan Rhodes won't leave Hudds for a championship team! He'll be in blue & White stripes next season (even if back on loan from a big Prem side)Like there gonna get rhodesMiyayachi yes needs game time at his age rhodes to villa or fulham i heard not going bolton in the championshipRyo is going on loan to southampton to join fellow japanese international tandanari leeWow the jordan rhodes fanboys are back out in forceIf it was up to the Leicester fans I'm sure they'd pay you to take Matt Mills. He left Reading so he could play Premiership football you know.....Mills - Maybe, Celtic are still leading

Rhodes - No Chance

Miyachi - No Chance

Piazon - NO CHANCE

Why are these people allowed internet access ?Piazon will happen because when we sold cahill to chelsea in the clause were aloud to sign a chelsea player on loan
also bolton to sign Matt mills - 2.5m

senagalese winger 1m
Adrian marriapa 4mMmmm. Bolton 100 million in debt and out of the premiership. They're a selling club not a buying clubBolton owe just 10m to their owner Eddie Davies, that is all.90 mill to our owner, only 10 mill to bank, better financial position than a lot of teams. Owner open to signing young talent but not allowing stupid wages. Quick return to the prem nxt season. Lot of dead wood cleared out, lot of young players cumming through.Is there anybody Southampton are not signing even Wenger has come out and said he was Ryo to go back to Bolton100 million dept is 100 million debt doesn't matter who its to. ha bolton straight back to the premiership? dream on. Mid table next season at best90 mil in debt to the owner who doesnt want it back because he is a bolton fan so it sorta does change thingsDoesn't want it back becuase hes a bolton fan? so why doesn't he write the debt off then? keep dreaming sunshine


08 Jun 2012 19:44:27
barnsley have signed kelvin etuhu
on official sight(26)(10)Hopefully the same thing that happened to vaz te wont happen too!For once a good player


08 Jun 2012 19:09:14
eading have had a £2 million bid for Nottingham Forest right-back Chris Gunter turned down.

Royals offered the cash for the Forest defender last week before being rejected.

The Wales international played in his nation's 2-0 defeat to Mexico in New Jersey on Sunday and was being watched by Swansea City boss Brendan Rodgers.

However, it is now thought that the former Reading manager's interest in the 22-year-old has cooled.

And Royals could be in the driving seat when it comes to landing the former Tottenham Hotspur player having already captured his Gunter's friend and former team mate Garath McCleary from Forest this summer.

Get Wokinghham(2)(14)Wait so all the news about Brendan Rodgers going to Liverpool was not true... get your facts straight mate.Catch up we dont want him this all happened donks agoHe was still Swansea boss when he watched the friendly....mate.As per usual get wokingham is two weeks behind, this was in the post and chronical weeks ago.. At the end of the month you'll read today's artical that the royals have pulled out of signing gunteras they don't believe he's worth 3milWhy are there so many deluded reading fans. Get with the programme. Our ETHOS will not change for at least two years which sir madjeski is chairman. Then possibly (but doubt it) we will splash the cash. Are you a closet fan?We know our ethos hasn't changed, but how would that stop us signing Gunter for around 2m? We've spent that sum on players in the past, Halford, Fae, Mills etcI think you will find that we will spend big, but not stupidly. We will not sign players if clubs try to rip us off and will always stick within the wage bracket, but the transfer fee is not too much of a problem.


08 Jun 2012 19:08:54
Tom Barchuzen from Blackpool to go on season long loan to Fleetwood Town(8)(14)Erm i don't think so, he is now a first team squad memberWho will trust a fool's rumour who can't even spell the players name correctly - Tom Barkhuizen, is the person I think you mean.First team squad member? Are you serious?
After being out on loan at league 2 Hereford last season he is now in our first team. He will go out on loan again to either league 1 or 2. Personally I think Fleetwood would be a good loan for him, at least then he wouldn't have far to travel.Yes first team, with a 7 sub bench he will not be going anywhere plus with Blackpool reentering a reserve team the lad is staying put.So you're telling me that Tom will be in a team where Lua Lua struggled to get into, even if it is on the bench (where Lua Lua spent most of his time at the back end of the season). He is no where near that ability yet and he will more than likely go out on loan. Not good enough for the first team either.Good move I think, the lad needs more experience.


08 Jun 2012 19:04:33
Reading are favourites to land Brighton's Liam Bridcutt ahead of Aston Villa and Fulham. Newly-promoted Royals are preparing a £2million bid for the midfielder, 23(7)(20)He won't go to a small club like thatWe arent a small club anymore, we are the 9th richest club in the world in terms of ownership with 4bn from Boris Zingarevich and Anton Zingarevich, if you dont believe it, do your research! Anyway, its a bigger club than the one hes had now.He won't go for 2 millionSo being rich apparently makes Reading a big club? Uh, you have to win major trophies for that.He is going nowhere. Especially for as little as 2milBrighton are a big club? Could've fooled me. They moved from the playing field and finally get a proper stadium and suddenly think they are big.He won't go for a small fee like thatMoney means nothing!
Man Utd is skint but still are HUGE!Reading are bigger than Brighton. To be honest I don't want him.You,re right we are not a big club...YET!.But if you can achieve Four promotions including a playoff final win in 12 years at a "playing field"with virtually no money and when its hard to attract the best players,then what do you think we can achieve with a "proper stadium" And when that day comes it wont just be you that looks a fool.Brighton are the 10 biggest season ticket sellers in england! thats a fact, over23 thousand ticket sold already not bad for a small seaside club how many have you sold reading?Haha I love brightons big club mentality. They move from a leisure facility to an actual stadium after ten years and now suddenly their Barcelona. The best part of 15 years you've been in the third tier occasionally fluttering in the second. Big club you is no longerWhat are you lot expecting ?? 5million for a player that quite frankly was not that impressive.Brightons Max Attendance before the playing fields 37,000, So only a Temp dip in attendances down to no ground.Reading have sold around 18000 season tickets which is where it has been capped at. Brighton may have more ST holders but you're still a smaller club than usReading are not the 9th richest club in the world! Antons father is not involved and that was confirmed! Its just this Anton fella. Some Reading fans have been unbearable since this takeover!Boris is involved and that has been confirmed SJM himself even said so and confirmed in a radio interview that Boris is a billionaire at least twice over.Boris is involved as he was looked at by the pl. however he is not interested in day to day running of the club as this is Anton's project but has promised funds to Anton if needed. So no not technically the 9th richest club as some ott royals are dreaming but potentially we are pretty well offWhat happens when Anton Zingarevich gets bored with his new toy and takes his money out?Anton is the only one involved that is a fact. Boris had to take the FPPT, but it was confirmed he is not getting involved at the minute, maybe down the line sometime. THAT was also confirmed. Regardless it doesnt mean all that money is Readings, you have a secure future and will get investment with facilities etc and a budget each season. Doesnt mean your billionaires and can buy who you want.


08 Jun 2012 19:02:28
Heard from a reliable source that Paul Taylor is going to Everton. George Boyd is definitely off but not sure where. Mark Little is also definitely set to leave the club.(9)(6)I heard boyd going blackburn


08 Jun 2012 18:58:39
Barnsley have signed Kelvin Etuhu!(19)(6)


08 Jun 2012 17:02:22
Any news on Plymouth ed(2)(9)Whats going on get some players arghhhIf Argyle are to make use of the free agents that are available at the minute, they need to get moving as other clubs are signing these players and the half decent ones will all be gone.


08 Jun 2012 18:18:53
AFC Wimbledon are set to snap up former Brentford star Sam Wood(8)(6)Good player


08 Jun 2012 18:12:34
Crawley close to signing Eughnan O'Kane after the two clubs agreed a fee for the young winger.(9)(12)


08 Jun 2012 18:08:05
Gateshead sign james brown following his release from hartlepool as they are prepared to off load john shaw to leauge2 new boys Fleetwood town(5)(11)Nailed on thisShaw is leaving Gateshead anywayand wants to move closer to his family in Sheffield. Has has talks with York, Bradford and Grimsby.


08 Jun 2012 18:07:33
Southampton will sign:
- Jay Rodriguez
- Jack Butland
- Danny Guthrie (competition from other clubs too)
- Robert Snodgrass
- Nathaniel Clyne
- Andrew Surman
- Kevin De Bruyne (depending on Surman deal)

- Aaron Martin, Palace, Loan
- Jason Puncheon
- Danny Butterfield, part of Clyne deal
- Tommy Forecast - Oxford
- Lee Barnard, Sheffield United
-Jonathon Forte, Notts County
- Dan Seaborne, Brighton(8)(40)Surman's going nowhereWhy would we be bringing Surman back? We don't need him. Yes, he is a Saints legend, but there are better optionsSaints are supposed to have a second to none world wide scouting system. Is it believable we will still only sign players based in the UK-where we know prices are inflated?
Let's have a bit more imagination.Clyne will never sign for Southampton.Surman has been wanted by Newcastle since January . Southampton have the most unrealistic fans"Surman has been wanted by Newcastle since January . Southampton have the most unrealistic fans"....You think Saints fans are the most unrealistic because someone said we are after Surman? Even though we are not after him thats a stupid comment. He is Saints through and through and has stated he would like to return one day...Also you need to look through this site again, there are a lot more fans from other teams who are more unrealistic than Saints.No, Pompey fans like posting unrealistic rumours about SaintsCan't see Surman playing for Pardew! Perhaps Saints fans are a bit more knowledgeable than those from Newcastle.Saints legend he is, but not good enough what so ever for us any more. We can do far better these days, and can see us destroying a team like norwich this season, with or without saints reject surman in there team-end off storyYou should change your name to real southhampton as u lot getting far to big for your boots. U think every player is going to jump when u go calling. Come aug u are in for a very big shock. I think reading will do much betterReally hope we(saints) don't go for Clyne. Overrated and overpriced. If Man Utd want to pay 10mill for him they're mad. Bit of shopping around and we'll get better abroad for less than half the price.Mick Channon, Matt Le tiss. These are saints legends. Surman was a decent player. But legend??!!!Why wouldn't Clyne sign, just because bigger clubs are after him"Saints legend he is, but not good enough what so ever for us any more. We can do far better these days, and can see us destroying a team like norwich this season, with or without saints reject surman in there team-end off story".....Its Saints fans like you that give us a bad name, its if your really a Saints fan. Surman is not a Saints "reject" and saying we will be destroying Norwich or any team for that matter is just stupid. We will do well next season, but saying stuff like that is dumb.Never?Why not brainac did he tell you that himselfMatey going on about us changing our name to Real Southampton. Have you ever fault maybe just maybe this rumour and many more stupid rumours posted on here are by our wonderful best surported club in the world neighbours no money Pompey. We do not think we are to big for our boots (grow up) no one is making you read these comments certainly not making you reply. Keep your opinions to yourself. Out of interest which club to you follow.As a saints fan, I'm not sure Chaplow quite has enough for the prem, although a useful squad player and would be happy for him to stay. Without doubt he is an excellent Championship player and anyone who signs him in that league will benefit..As a BHA fan I'd love Chaplow to join Albion. He's unattractive but breaks up the opposition midfield play and then gives the play to more skillful players to do their stuff. I've always been impressed when he's played against us.


08 Jun 2012 17:54:14
Having failed to make any progress with Koren from 'ull, Tony Mowbray has turned his attention to George Boyd from Peterborough, expect a deal to be finalised early next week.(14)(9)He was at rockliffe today for a look around, i know because i work there


08 Jun 2012 17:47:52
Ryan Dickson wanted by Yeovil but Gary said himself that their recent success could hinder the signing(6)(8)


08 Jun 2012 17:44:21
interesting chatter going on, that the SFA have suspended Rangers for 1 year
no doubt Duff and Phelps and Green will challange this is court to the wrath of FIFA, but again rumours are that if they challange and lose the punishment will be higher.(10)(3)


08 Jun 2012 17:33:12
Whitiker and randell put pen to paper and signs new deal that keeps them at the club until 2014(3)(4)


08 Jun 2012 17:31:38
With Damien Johnson signing for Fleetwood it looks increasingly likely that Michael Collins could be making a return to Huddersfield Town.(4)(23)Haha don't make me laugh we sold him when we where in league 1 because we didn't want/need himSaying that, if you can score another winner against Leeds then welcome backI doubt it. If he can't get into Scunthorpes team,he ain't gonna get in Towns team.C'mon Michael Collins we know its you, own up!Why do people have to make up total rubbish? Why would he be back at town when he has done nothing for Scunthorpe? If he was to leave them it would probably be to a worse team. I did like him when he was at town but no way a championship playerWas it Michael Collins who wrote the above??Ha micheal collins is league 2 maybe league 1 player at the best no chance he of to townHaving a laugh when Keith Andrews is on our radar after recently being released by west brom so why would we get Collins back when we can have someone with the experience of the premier leagueYou mean the Micheal Collins who has played a massive 33 times for Scunthorpe in the last 2 years ...yeah i doubt that very muchHe was sat infront of me at Wembley in the play-off final, but i still doubt this, a step in the wrong direction, we're building for the future, not stepping into the pastCollins signed for rotherham last week


08 Jun 2012 17:29:52
Steve Bruce to start by bringing in either fraizer campbell or michael turner back to hull.(3)(28)Obviously didnt hear him in the press conference then...Heskey going hull and goodwille swap with matty fraytIm sorry but do you really follow hull city, i do, and matyy fryatt has told hull he loves the club and wants to stay, yeah its true about heskey might be joining but why and were on earth have you he ard that david goodwillie is going hull city ith a swap! pfttttt


08 Jun 2012 17:27:04
Emile Heskey to become Steve Bruce's first signing as hull city manager!(11)(20)


08 Jun 2012 17:23:47
Norwich City have promised Hughton the most financial freedom in the clubs history, according to NCFC CEO McNally VIA BBC. It is assumed that this will mean Hughton will have well over 15million in transfer money, as last season an est. 15million was spent during the two transfer windows.(13)(14)This is true as the club have got rid of a lot of their debts and a good finishing position in the EPL last season has also benefited them financially... OTBCWhat i actually says is any money made from selling players will given to him to buy players plus any money on top of that, that he gets from the transfer budget which is at least 10 million. so overall you could have a big amount of money to spend depending on how much you get for the players. So Whitbread is free transfer so you wont get anything from that, but if you sold Holt then you will get at least 15 million depending on the asking price Norwich want for Grant Holt which i'd say 4-5 million maybe less so it all depends on what you get for your out going players and your in coming players. but you should still have a transfer budget of 10-15 million as your transfer fund. So you are looking at a transfer budget of 20 million depending on who you sell but this seem like the best idea for your club overall buy looking at the debt you have which a lot less than a lot of clubs but again you don't have the financial backing that clubs like Man City or Man Utd have to pay of your debts so your debt is pretty big for your club. So this sell to buy idea added on to the already large transfer budget is a promising idea for the club as it means you have the money to bring in players you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. Good luck in who you buy form a Saints fanNCFC have decided to clear all their outstanding debt this season hence the transfer budget will remain similar to last season, so prob around 15mill of the course of the two windows. we do not need to sell and will not entertain bids (mcnally) and personally i actually do not expect unplanned departures now CH is in place, unless anyone is stupid enough to pay 6mill for a 31yr old who has had one good season in the top flight. doubtfull. city fan in the knowOP here - to the second comment - I think we will have a base budget of about 15million, maybe a little more. the clubs outsider debt is almost completely payed off. and all investors have stated they do not mind putting internal debt aside for the time being.
Holt's contract looks likely to be sorted, with the new contract agreement of russ martin today. it is a sign that the club are moving on to sorting out new terms with players still within contract. The feeling from twitter is that holt wants to stay, and it is public knowledge that his children do not want him to relocate.
as for selling of other players. can really only see 3 or 4 players being sold. (Barnett, C. Martin, etc.) but at the moment a budget W/O any sales is looking between 15-20m for the course of the season.Think you have both got the figure wrong. At the after dinner awards the chairman said, that there was an EXTRA 10 million to spend on players. So as Norwich spent around 15 million over the last season, it could be as much as 25 million this season. Expect 15 million to be spent during the summer and the rest will be saved for the January window. These figures are without selling ANY players, so any players sold will make the total to spend even more! Good times being a Norwich supporter!Norwich won't need to spend big, we need another centre back, and another striker, then any other players leaving will need to be replaced like for like.
Hughton will inject a new lease of life into the squad hopefully enough to avoid second season syndrome, I was gutted to see Lambert leave but this whole episode may turn out to be a blessing in Hughton we trust.I'd like to see Curtis Davies, Nathan Redmond, Robert Snodgrass, Henri Lansbury, Jordan Rhodes, Kyle Naughton/Nathaniel Clyne... Snodgrass still wants to link up with Johnson and Howson and Hughton has seen Henri in the championship last season. Hopefully Hughton can pinch Davies and Redmond and Rhodes can join up with Pilks.Wow look i like NCFC and i'm a saints fan but don't get your hopes up on big buys this season, not being harsh but your defense is crap lets be honest on that it was letting you down last season, when you should have won you lost because your defense was just not good enough. that is all CH needs to work on at this stage the rest of your team are good and i'm sure you will stay up next season, i'm not sure about Saints staying up because i don't think our defense is up to scratch with the premier league but we will give it a good, it all really depends on what Nigel Adkins does in this transfer window that is going to be major thing for us and i feel its the same for you, As a team you are good not the best fans i have ever seen when i watched a game against you a couple of years ago but still get behind your team. I just think the only weakness in your team is your defense i'm prove on that and you will be unstoppable and you would only need to spend 10-12 million at the most just to improve your defense and mid field and you will be hitting good figures next season. I really look forward to playing at home and away next season and we will give you the best game we've got no doubt about that :) good luck to yaWhen we had both Whitbread and Ayal on, our defense was emense. We didn't have bad defenders, but we most certainly are lacking on a LB and now a CB with whitbread not getting a new contract. I think 2 defenders will be bought and put straight into the first team. followed by one more to be put on the bench, 2 new forwards and 2 midfielders to create first team competition.


08 Jun 2012 17:12:38
Crawley Town have made their second signing today (8/6) when they secured Rochdale midfielder Nicky Adams (source CTFC website). Defender Mat Saddler (Walsall) was signed earlier in the day.(9)(2)


08 Jun 2012 17:10:20
In an interview for Glovers Player today, Gary Johnson has ruled out moves for Freddy Eastwood, John Parkin, Nathan Smith and Ryan Dickson...

Looks like the Yeovil rumour mill needs to start over...(7)(5)Been saying this for weeks now. eastwood isnt coming ..No mention of Izale McLeod?He didnt rule out dickson move but said wage demands may be to highMcLeod wasnt mentioned which was surprising so theres hope for that one yet... Yes yes you can say i told you so about Eastwood but you arent the horse whose mouth we needed to hear it from...


08 Jun 2012 17:09:38
Any news on that Polish footballer Patryk Malecki which boro had on trial earlier this year?(2)(6)


08 Jun 2012 17:06:44
Lewandowski Borussia-Man U £19million(20)(25)Always amusing how a rumour crops up the same time as that player is on the tele.


08 Jun 2012 16:59:41
Steve Bruce will hope to make Emile Heskey his first signing following his release from Aston Villa, Emile Heskey said he would like to stay in the premier league but I seems he is lured by joining former manager Steve Bruce(8)(9)


08 Jun 2012 16:57:49
wolves set to sign Bjrn Bergmann Sigurarson for 4m reported in ssn and norway tv(20)(19)There is a bit of chatter across Europe but no official announcements yet. Don't get too excited yet!Hes going to cardiffHe's not going to CardiffWhy would he go to Cardiff when he could go to wolves?? Wolves are bigger and better club. Dream on red dragons lol! Oh sorry blue birds lol!! Joke club...I hope he joins done my research on him known goal scorer even though it was in a minor league you still have to score though also said to be the next Imbrahimovic hopefully a bit more hard working though I also think Jarvis will stay Hammil to have good season with Kightly if he stays playing behind striker also like to see a creative midfielder come in or a goalscoring midfielder a Keith Andrews who is on a free or Peter Whittingham from Cardiff who is a very good player and Kightly better stay because we looked after him gave him a chance but if he would shove that back at us then stuff him up the wolves.He'll be Jordan Rhodes strike partner at Huddersfield next season, IF Grayson can't secure his preferred option.


08 Jun 2012 16:57:31
Marc Pugh to Burnley for £350k plus Marvin Bartley coming back to Bournemouth(3)(16)Bartley wont leave he started a lot of games last season...why would he step down a leagueWould love bartley back but cant see it, him and mitchell dont get onRubbish he in Eddie howes plan for next year I heard he won't play for burnley again unless afcb accept the offer of 450k an agent will demand more money than he on or he will stay with themBartley not going anywhere he was the best midfielder in the 11/12 previous season and Howe would never swap him.No chance of bartley leaving


08 Jun 2012 16:56:16
Huddersfield Town close to signing
Stephen Quinn from Sheef U.
Also they are in talks with Oliver
Norwood(16)(12)Oliver Norwoods coming home to Burnley FACTQuinn would be a great signing, but would he leave sheff u with them most likely making a return tot he championship in the upcoming season...^ yes obviously


08 Jun 2012 16:48:30
when portsmouth get taken over by chanrai, appletons first 3 signings will be jon parkin, paytner and george thorne on season loan with etuthu and futacs signing new contracts(1)(21)What do you mean-when?

Firstly, I suspect HMRC will not be accepting 2p in the .

Secondly, very doubtful Chanrai will be able to slip through the "fit and proper" owner assessment again.

I think this only adds another nail into the lid, and your club will be 6 foot under before too long.Chanrai isn't going to be investing any money into Portsmouth.
The only reason he's interested in buying Portsmouth is to he his money back.
Once he's striped your club bare he'll flog you off to the next fraudster.
And the circle continues...Etuhu has already signed for barnsleyLet's hope you get the 15 points or more deduction you so deserve - and get relegated again!Youre not gonna have a club soon never mind playersAppleton is looking for a young side. So I doubt Jon Parkin will be signed. Paynter is a possibility but he's getting on the old side. Futacs will probrably stay and Etuhu is now a Barnsley playerWhere did you here etuhu signed for barnsley? i think you're talking a load of rubbish to be honestOn Barnsley's official site.You've got to love people making stuff up when they don't even check the basic facts like Etuhu doesn't even play for you anymore. It is too little too late for Portsmouth and on 30 June 2012 they will be wound up.Laugh my a"@e off at the pompey fan. 'I think your talking a load of rubbish to be honest' ha proves the point that pompey fans clearly cannot read! Everyone is leaving a sinking ship!I've heard on 30th June Pompey will release all unsold players from their contracts as they wont be able to pay them and will be offically wound up on 01 July 2012. HAPPY DAYSIf they offered 2p in the pound
a creditors
tell them to stick it
insult to the good people
of hampshireI hope the taxman shuts
you down
2p is an insult and you
should not be allowed
to get away with it

two years time you ll be

in the same boat again
nothing changesWell tbf if the 'taxman' does shut us down no one will get an thing.. now how does that help? also etuhu has signed a new (lower wages) contract..Etuhu has signed for Barnsley! Even Pompey fans dont know whats going on at their own club!I find it hard to believe how any 'football' fan can want a club closed down, i wouldn't even want the saints shut down. Funny how they talk about our problems so much, yet they still couldn't beat us?Patheric for so called 'football fans' to want to see any club closed down. You bring shame on youself and your club.
Pompey are not the first and most certainly will not be the last club to enter Administration and 2p in the pound is a typical offer, so just be careful how much you shhot your mouth off, it could be your club very soon.Yeah etuhu has signed, however we will never die!


08 Jun 2012 16:42:28
we are after francis jeffers former everton and sheffield wednesday player, he even has said so him self on his twitter!/FrannyJeffers24(1)(6)Old sick note is back eh? I wouldn't sign Jeffers for the Isthmian League. 9 starts and three goals in 3 seasons at Sheff Weds says it all. Constantly injuredWho is we?I feel sorry for whatever team signs him.
The man could hardly cut it at an under 12 sideFranny Jeffers has still a year to run on his Newcastle contract in Australia, so that comment is rubbish


08 Jun 2012 16:38:09
Burnley to seal deals for Richard Chaplow and Jason Shackell once Rodriguez finalises Southampton transfer.(7)(12)Eddie Howe to up his bid to sign Jason Shackell from Derby County.... Lancashire telegraph.. FACTSeal deals? You're interested in Shackell, you have had a bid rejected, Cloughs said he's not for sale. yet you think you're going to seal the deal? Yeah, right...Chaplow has said he is not going anywhere do your research before making up a rumourChaplow is NOT part of the Jay Rod deal! He said hes staying at SaintsHad chaplow before, dont want him again... we want match winners..... not ball watchersWould you burnley fans
know a match winner
if you saw oneShackell will leave for 2.5M but Burnley have only bid 1.2M so unless they up the bid he is going nowhere"had chaplow before don't want him again"
Too funny. For the first part of last season when saints powered their way to the top of the league Chaplow was about our best player. Then he got injured.
Today's lesson: he would walk into Burnley's side.


08 Jun 2012 16:37:42
Any crystal palace or crawley town
rumours?(3)(7)Crawley and Aldershot want Ryan Inniss on loan until January


08 Jun 2012 16:36:13
Hull after Emile Heskey(13)(6)


08 Jun 2012 16:34:48
Paul Green isn't going to Preston, the only League one club he'd ever go to is Doncaster(10)(7)He's staying in the championship.after the euros green is joining LeedsIm a Massive Derby fan.I can tell you was one of the only players i thought and
so did many that he would make it in the
premier league in our current squad.He
has been offered a contract by wolves.So
i see him going there especially with their
massive irish connection


08 Jun 2012 16:23:05
Moussa dembele will stay with fulham this summer n will se how things go b4 commiting to a nee deal . Dempsey has pledged to only leave for champions league football n as no1 has even bid for him , he may stay at fulham . Aj will leavevas will etuhu , sa bh riise, haliche n simon davies . In will come niccolita of st ettiene , kuba blaszcikowszki of bvb , jansen of hamburg . If pogrebnyak dont sign fulham will audaciously bid for Giroud n if that goes belly up , will move for lopez of lyon or gingac (again) on loan deals.(4)(2)Can confirm that Fulham will indeed keep Moussa Dembele unless a stupidly good offer comes in. MD himself has said he feels like he owes Martin Jol for making him the player he is today, so will perhaps also sign a new deal so FFC get more money from the deal than if he was to leave this summer.

Nicolitta will NOT be joining Fulham, he has better offers on the table.

Would be ridiculously happy with Olivier Giroud but I imagine he will stay with Montpellier after winning the French league and thus qualifying for the Champions League.

Lisandro Lopes played 43 times for Lyon this past season and scored 26 goals, I don't think they'd loan him out, he's a world class striker.

Gignac is possible, but would rather not after he declined us and Everton saying he deserves bigger.

Blaszcikowszki - Maybe, but unlikely.

Marcel Jansen is very possible.


08 Jun 2012 16:17:05
Southampton Football Club rumours
INS: Daniel Powell £2,000,000 from Mk dons
Matthew Jarvis £4,000,000 from Wolves
Jack Butland £3,000,000 from Birmingham City
Jay Rodriguez £7,000,000 from Burnley
Lewis Dunk £3,000,000 from Brighton
Kevin de Bruyne loan from Chelsea
Ruben Suarez free agent
Mario Gaspar free agent

Lee Barnard 600k to Leeds
Morgan Schneiderlin £6million to Olympique Lyonnais
aaron martin loan to palace #(6)(32)Absolute rubbish-I really can't believe Saints have such deluded fans.

If you are really a Saints supporter, why don't you know a little more about your club?

Who is it that Adkins thinks will show himself to be one of the best midfield players in the Premiership next season?

Yes, Morgan-who you have just sold!

Get back to fantasy football, and stop giving the club a bad name.Try 10m for jarvis kidDaniel Powell-2million?
if this is true its a bit much saying they accepted a 450k bid from Derby county.Jarvis for 4 mill, just going on loan then?No way that Jarvis will move for less than 7.5 milSchneidelin has only recently signed a new contract , so i doubt he will be moving anytime soonSchneiderlin has already expressed his delight at finally getting the chance to play in the PL...why would we sell him?

Also those are some laughable signings.4 mill what planet you living on 10 millionWolves have already rejected a nine mil bid for jarvis so no hopeSchneiderlin is not going anywhere obviously, don't be so ridiculous.
Wolves fans please get real. I know your playing hard to get with the price but not in a million years will he go for 10mill. Whether you need to sell or not is totally irrelevant. He is prem standard and won't want a year minimum in the championship. If he wants to go he'll go and I suspect it'll be for 6-7mill and not to saints as we seem more interested in Ince.Which one of jarvos shoelaces do you want for that measly ammount?What the others have said. Already established dunk will cost 5 mill. Up past your bedtime?You may be in the prem but you have no bigger pulling power than Wigan or Stoke. just cos you're in the perm that doesn't mean players will go to you. You're not a big club like Leeds, Forest or West Ham so you'll never get these players since decent clubs will be after themWolves fans except that Jarvis won't want to play for a championship because he's to good for you and you won't get 10m for him, he'll force a deal through to leave8-10 mil for Jarvis so you got no chanceJarvis worth 4mil max, over priced and better players for the same moneyMatt Jarvis for 10 mill?! please wake up from your fantasy world. He will go for 4 mill, 5 max and Wolves will realise this when it comes to you inevitably selling him to lessen your wage bill4 million for jarvis? Thats just stupid 8 goals and 5 assists for the team that finished bottom by quite a long way in the end! If Downing went for 20 million then Jarvis is worth at least 8 million. And he wont go to a newly promoted club like Southampton. Expect him to go to a club more established in the league than that. Personally i wouldnt be surprised if he went to Villa, this isnt a rumour i've heard but he would fit in well and villa arent where they were 3 years ago so players like the standard of jarvis are what they should be looking to signWe are not a big club like Leeds, Notts Forest and West Ham? Sorry but thats rubbish, yes Leeds and Notts Forest are big clubs and I would love to see them back in the Premier League, but they are in the Championship...We have more appeal over them. Also we can certainly be equal to West Ham at least! We finished above them last season and with the financial backing and facilities we have we are a big club.Jarvis....4 million for an England international with 3 yrs on his contract and 25yrs old. You are either deluded, a comedian or an 8yr oldA few facts here guys from a Wolves and I do believe I have a brain and I am not drunk or deluded:-

1) Wolves have no desire to sell Jarvis.
2) Wolves have no neccesity to sell Jarvis.
3) Jarvis quite rightly will want to play Premier League football.
4) Wolves do not need to remove Jarvis from the wage bill as it has been quite publicly stated that Roger Johnson is the only player who does not have a relegation wage drop clause.
5) I expect Wolves to sell Jarvis to the highest bidder to eliminate any possible distruption within the camp, I am not going to claim I know who this may or may not be, that includes the point that if they bid enough it's possible he could go to Southampton.
6) It WILL take a bid of over 7m for Moxey to even consider allowing him to talk to another club.
and finally
7) I couldn't care less if he goes because he only plays for half a season anyway, for the first 25 or more games last season he was complete donkey doo and only came alive when he realised Wolves were doomed and yes I watched the games as I'm a season ticket holder, Seat 77 Row T Stan Cullis Stand!

BobbybuffonFor all the people saying wolves fans get real he isn't worth 10 million, why do so many clubs want him so bad then? ur sayin we should let him go for pennys when we won't!! we don't need to sell anybody! were in a very good financial position, and nobody has gone out saying they want to leave apart from o'hara saying he has no intrest in playing in the championship, so all u jokers DO 1!!3m for Dunk.....where do you want him delivered, I'll drive him there myself.Some fair points above from Wolves posters but what you need to remember is that Saints have a ton of experience in selling on quality players.
Desire to sell? necessity to sell? These are basically completely irrelevant in this scenario. In this situation the player is king(rightly or wrongly) and if he decides he wants to play either for a bigger club or in a higher league then he's a goner. The club won't hold out for silly money like 10 mill if he is determined to go. Decent player but he is not worth that and you are being fairly generous in labelling him an England international. He may have caps. It he is currently nowhere near the England set up!Haha Jarvis for 10m no thanksI'm a Wolves fan and although i fully expect Jarvis to leave the club this summer as its clear his a player far better than the Championship status the club now holds i just wish fans of other clubs i.e. Southampton would be slightly more respectful and realise there is no way he will leave for 4 million and that his worth is far more than that. Also i personally think that once one club makes a definitive move for him we could see 2 or 3 join the bidding


08 Jun 2012 16:02:58
Crawley Town have signed defender Mat Saddler from Walsall - sources local Sussex paper the Argus and club website.
It is rumoured that Crawley are hoping to announce the signing of another player later today (see club website).(4)(5)The other player is Matt Spring from Orient.Good player for reds


08 Jun 2012 15:55:38
Oldham sign Sheffield United utility full back Conor Brown.(4)(1)Another Rene Steer or Rod McDonald, I should think.Wesolowski also signed a new 2yr deal at the club so as i've sqaid before, useless rumours you post as you said PNE wanted him. Yea right all just nonsense rumours you post.


08 Jun 2012 15:55:38
I've just heard from a usually reliable source who is close to one of the joint Chairmen at Bradford City that a new investor is to be announced within the next few days. The final detail on the arrangements is currently being agreed. Forget about anybody from the Middle East however, the new investor is Scottish with previous links to the club in a non-playing capacity. According to the source, he is a self-made man with extensive business experience and will combine his role as an investor with an Executive role within the club. Only time will tell.(1)(10)Archie Christie? It will never happen, no one will be investing any time soon.Duncan Bannatyne? ;)Welcome back Gordon gibb!!


08 Jun 2012 15:53:23
Bournemouth Goalkeeper Jalal is set to return to Peterborough with Brighton also interested.(3)(8)Good luck to him, he deserves the chance of first team football at either club. Too good for Bournemouths benchThis will not happen Groves see's Jalal as our number 1 and after getting rid of our youth team Goalkeeper Seabright I do not seeing us relasing a top goalkeeper when we are going to be pushing for promotion next seasonDoubt it as he is probably going to be our number 1 keeper next season under paul groves.No chance rubbish keeperA good keeper but there will be no return for him


08 Jun 2012 15:52:02
Bournemouth Wes Thomas is set to re join Crawley Town.(6)(6)From Bournemouth - but Tubbs not WesHappy days are here again, he's the most useless CF I've ever had the misfortune to watch. Running around a lot doesn't make you a good player.Great he will only join on loan though he needs to play games and he will be on the bench next year


08 Jun 2012 15:50:48
Bristol City are close to signing Pedro Roberto Silva Botelho from Arsenal
The only complication is a work permit which is being sorted at this time?

its what ive heard from a reliable source not something that im saying is a definite.(4)(6)


08 Jun 2012 15:50:28
Oxford manager Chris Wilder has made a striker to challenge James Constable & Tom Craddock his main transfer targets.

Strikers linked -

Jon Shaw - Gateshead
Frank Nouble - Released by West Ham
Scott Rendell - Wycombe
Jon Parkin - Released by Cardiff
Robbie Hall - Season long loan from West Ham(9)(9)The only way you will get Scott Rendell back is if Stuart Beavon stays at Wycombe & we sign another striker - otherwise Rendell will remain a Wycombe player. He scored 19 goals the last time we were in League Two, so he won't be leaving.So why try to offload him to Oxford last seasonBecause we had Stuart Beavon, Ben Strevens, Paul Hayes, Marcello Trotta .... - He had a blip last season & fell out of favour. However we're limited in this position at the moment and Rendell is currently 1/3 strikers at the club concluding of top scorer Stuart Beavon on 25 goals, & youth striker Matt McClure. So he won't be going anywhere & we're under a transfer embargo so won't be signing anyone soon meaning he won't be leaving. If Beavon leaves Rendell will be our only striker with any experience. Plus go look at his comments on the BBC hes focused on Wycombe. Bye.You can keep rendell. We need people to score goals and he didn't with us..


08 Jun 2012 15:48:55
Crawley Town announce the signing of Walsall's Mat Sadler.(8)(1)


08 Jun 2012 15:46:59
Torquay United Eunan O'kane signing for Crawley town after medical this afternoon.(5)(6)He is in Florida!Crawley my arse! hes an amazing player, im sure he would be moving to the championship give the the offer....


08 Jun 2012 15:45:31
Notts County have agreed a deal to sign Hartlepool midfielder Gary Liddle on a free, and as long as medical goes OK, BBC website(8)(1)Deal is agreed, but subject to a medical on monday, notts new physio becky knight does not start her new job until then.


08 Jun 2012 15:45:09
swindons callum kennedy set to sign for Scunthorpe(6)(5)


08 Jun 2012 15:44:40
Oxford United have won the race to sign out of contract Izale Mcleod, and the deal is set to go through tomorrow subject to a medical. Izale rejected offers from other clubs in league 1 and 2 to nearer to home.(5)(16)


08 Jun 2012 15:41:17
Doncaster boss Dean Saunders will go back to Wrexham and sign Adrian Cieslewics and Mathias Pogba(7)(2)


08 Jun 2012 15:39:59
Walsall to loan Jamie Reckord from Wolves for the full season to replace the recently departed Mat Sadler. Dean smith is keen on bringing in Andy Williams to replace Alex Nicholls. Other targets include Kieran Agard, Izale McLeod and Seanan Clucas.(3)(6)Nope 1st choice left back next season for usWould be an excellent signing for Walsall and would also benefit Wolves as well so I hope he does well at the Saddlers and comes back to us the following season an even better player.



08 Jun 2012 15:34:57
Afc wimbledon have began talks with former brentford left sided player Sam wood

Source: hounslow chronicle(5)(2)Simply NOT TRUE. Crickey.


08 Jun 2012 15:31:56
mat sadler left to go to new team in league 1 crawley :((4)(0)


08 Jun 2012 15:23:56
just heard west ham want c solly and there offering s baldock as part exchange(2)(10)


08 Jun 2012 15:15:02
steve bruce first signing may well be craig gordon as he knew him from sunderland and with the man utd links he may well be going back for josh king and robbie brady(3)(10)Seems an untrue connect the dots rumourHow are they going to pay his wages,dream on.


08 Jun 2012 14:46:45
The Latics have just signed Connor Brown, who can play at right or left back, and in midfield. Replacement for Lee, from the Blades.(3)(2)Is he any good??


08 Jun 2012 14:26:52
Charlton Fans stop with the list of lower league team strikers that were 'going to sign'.

We are signing N'Gussen for £400k and any other strikers would have to be proven in the Championship at least, if not on loan from the premier league in order to start over BWP and Kermo.

I can't see many starting over Kermo but BWP needs to beef up to survive in the championship and convert his 1 on 1 chances.(5)(4)N'Guissen is dog poop!Both Quinn & Maguire would do well to come to Charlton and of course we would do Gr8 to buy them ,. they will know that we can easily go up with these players plus Zoko N Ngussen not to mention Beaven and Shaun WritePhillips,. Job Done !!We're not getting n'guessan, hes not good enough to push for a playoff place atleast^^ This comment is rubbish!400k is presumably what Millwall are paying us to take him! He is awful and should never be a Championship player. I would like to think that our ambitions are higher than what he can do for us. Don't need that many new players as most of last years team can make us into a top half Championship side. Do agree that BWP needs to improve chances to goals ratio or risk losing his place.


08 Jun 2012 14:26:44
Barnsley to sign Caleb Folan from Hull on free transfer after not being offered a new contract.(4)(8)Is this the same caleb folan who has been playing in the usa for the last yearHe was released by Birmingham at the end of this seasonHe left hull city ages ago were do you get your info fromHe was just released by BirminghamWrong again, he's been at Birmingham since feb 2012, had a contract until the end of the season, so he could, how ever unlikely sign for barnsleyWas on trial with Birmingham then released..... Would fit in with Hills policy of turning outcasts in to gems if true tho!Yeh plus Dean Windass Ken Wagstaff and Raich CarterHe signed for Birmingham until the end of the season


08 Jun 2012 14:13:28
Leeds fans- here's an update on the major investment that Leeds have been in talks about receiving.

Leeds United and Flamingo land have applied for joint permission to build a football themed theme park in the large car par area behind the West Stand. The complex will be known as Flamingo Park @ Elland Road Stadium.
Relocating the car park won't be a problem, as I understand that the club are initially expecting ticket sales to decline greatly next season, in part due to this controversial announcement.

The reasoning behind this is a potential niche in the market in the Leeds area for an in-city theme park, which is expected to generate enormous revenues for the club. My source also tried to suggest that as part of the deal, Leeds will play in pink away from home. Not sure if I believe this part of the rumour, but in fairness we haven't revealed our away kit yet so who knows?!(18)(4)Flamingo Land already sponsor the development squad so it sounds like the next logical step. Hows about an appearance of Meerkats at half time to create some interest?Should have lots of candidates for the wing!

(I presume this is a delayed post from April?)And gordon gibb the owner of flamingo land still owns the ground at valley parade.!
be careful you dont get stung by him.The reason the away kit has not been announced is because they are sticking with the black kit for next season. The rest of this rumour is complete nonsence



08 Jun 2012 14:39:24
Nicky Maynard and Sam baldock are wanted by derby county on season long loans from west ham utd due to lack of playing time.(4)(17)Now these 2 wish I was a derby fan exciting times lolNo chance



08 Jun 2012 14:26:32
Cha Du Ri has left the champions of Scotland to sign for Fortuna Dusseldorf. Good luck Cha, keep on smiling.(11)(3)


08 Jun 2012 14:17:00
Wolves have agreed a deal to sign lillestrom player bjorn bergmann sigurdarson
Sky sports news(18)(12)Is this sky sports news on the tv or the website? Couldn't see anything online.
Hope we get him, I guess he'll chat to us and everton now to see who'll offer him the best terms. hopefully stale can sway him!Theres nothing on sky sports news about it. would love it to happen thoughCardiff are interested and with a 100m investment we have a much better chance of signing him than youWouldn't put your shirt on it .....whatever colour it isSigardurson will sign for Wolves as he likes their manager. Reading bid 1 million with add ons for him but Lillestrom wanted 4 million up front which Reading weren't willing to match. Cardiff did bid for him but seems they didn't meet the valuation either.He's had medica today at cardiff so goodluck sherlockJust because Cardiff have money to spend doesnt mean they'll get him! Sigurdsson would prefer a move to Wolves simply because of the managerStale Solbakken is going to be a success he attracts the attention of Sigurdsonn so he will join us up the wolves


08 Jun 2012 13:58:54
Stephen Quinn and young centre back Harry Maguire are thought to be in talks with Ipswich Town reprasentatives following a fee of around 2 million + clauses being ageed between the two clubs(11)(6)If you keep saying the same rumour on here it wil eventually come true! That is how it works, right?Quinn and maguire signing for ipswichQuinn and maguire set to complete moves for ipswichQuinn signing for coventry deal done 550K. Didn't like ipswich as a clubEveryone is obsessed with Quinn signing. However everyone if forgetting that's he's really not very good!Lol Quinn to Coventry! Mickey Quinn coming out of retirement is your only chance. All the best in league 1 ha ha haWould just like to say To the above, most people wouldn't regard Ipswich as much better than Coventry. You have an excessively rich owner Nd are just constantly (currently Anyway) in the shadow of your neighbours who are working off a tighter budget and performing a LOT better. Peterborough fan so not hating just saying..


08 Jun 2012 13:53:07
Newport County's skilful attacker Sam Folly signs for Yeovil after his medical today.(9)(3)He's going to be quality!Why is he going to be quality? Completely unproven at League 1 level.


08 Jun 2012 13:52:24
Middlesbroughs interest in Koren deal seems to have hit a brick wall but chief scout Gary Gill spent Tuesday watching the Denmark u21 game, believed to be keeping an eye on Emil Larsen from Lyngby to add goals to the Boro midfield.(6)(0)Hope we do get him hes a beast check out youtube hes on 4 11mins haha must seeWas a star performer in Lyngby's set up this season and looks set for big things, think Boro need to act fast but transfer fee may be a stumbling block. It's widely expected there will need to be a sale or two to add quality of depth to the squad.

More when i have itThanks for this post! Exactly what we need if this is true!


08 Jun 2012 13:49:29
Latest Blue Square News.

Southport sign Chris Almond a striker from Skelmerdale.

Stalybridge offer Midfielder Greg Wilkinson an improved contract despite interest from Stockport and Hyde.(3)(2)


08 Jun 2012 14:11:36
Manchester City are to Respond positively to Juventus' Interest In Edin Dzeko with an asking price of £24 million freeing up room in the squad for the signing of Robin Van Persie for £20 million.

Juventus are also interested in City's Alexander Kolarov and will bid in the region of £15 million.

City want Barcelona and Manchester United Target, Valencia Left Back Jordi Alba to replace Kolarov.(3)(17)Alba best left back in world staring price 40 MILL EUROS


08 Jun 2012 14:03:26
Damien Johnson completes transfer from Plymouth to Fleetwood, while Jon Parkin is also on Fleet's hit list following his release from Cardiff.(15)(5)


08 Jun 2012 14:03:11
Notts County to sign Gary Liddle today(10)(1)


08 Jun 2012 13:37:32
walsall are in talks with jonathan tehoue after his release by leyton orient(4)(7)Walsall have got to set their sights a bit higher....Adam proudlock is being released by afc telford and is in talks with walsall.


08 Jun 2012 13:37:18
Despite all the rumours Paul Turnbull who has a year left on his current contract will stay and fight for his place at Northampton after turning down an offer from Port Vale.(0)(5)What rumours, there is none, are you his agent ?Boothroyd doesn't want him and I doubt he'd have turned down anyone. He comes back he'll be frozen out like Davies and Webster were this season.


08 Jun 2012 13:34:45
Damien Johnson signs for Fleetwood Town.(17)(4)


08 Jun 2012 13:31:16
Bradford accept in the region of 250k from Leicester for promising Bermudan striker Nakhi Wells, Wells set to have medical with Leicester as soon as he returns from holiday in Bermuda.(2)(11)Nonsense!Nakki has been back from holiday for a few days nowHope this true, he is not proven in my opinion. he had a couple of good games at the end of season when there was nothing to play for! 250k is way too much so we will take it and get 2 or 3 better players with the moneyStockport haven't got a prayer of signing Oliver. If he leaves Bradford it will be for a club back down south in the football leagueOliver is leaving Bradford thats why signed 2 centre backs as first choice. See YaOliver will go back down south if he goes anywhere and stockport are welcome to williams and hannah, a good goal scorer in lower leagues but nothing better, his profile has been made better with being at city, get used to the lower leagues ross, thats where you belongNahki is still in BermudaNakki is not in bermuda, FACT, he will also still be at bradford for next season, FACT


08 Jun 2012 13:28:25
Wycombe interested in signing Ross Jenkins and former player Luke Oliver for a third time. Oliver however is attracting interest from Alfreton, Macclesfield, Stockport, Shrewsbury, Luton and York.

Other Wycombe news is that Marvin McCoy playing in a World Cup Qualifier tonight and the club have reluctantly scraped their Centre of Excellence.(1)(2)Wycombe looking at Arsenal's Jamie Edge


08 Jun 2012 13:27:16
Barnsley set to sign Jon Parkin(3)(11)Don,t think he would have hill,s work ethicGoing to buryPlayed golf with Jon a few times and he says he wouldn't come back so this is rubbishThere was a rumour earlier that Parkin would be comming to Barnsley, and he was asked directly by a friend of mine and said NO.Well he is a barnsley boyHe hasent played for rochdale?


08 Jun 2012 13:25:38
Ipswich to bid 2.3 m for leeds players white clayton somma(2)(20)And Leeds will laugh that bid off.

TeejLUFCCan't see us bidding that much to be honest.Claytons going to Burnley .... good sourceWhy would we want worse players then we have alreadyDavide Simms too good for Ipswich. Has ambitions for premier league not relegation battle


08 Jun 2012 13:23:17
Notts County have signed Gary liddle according to Radio nottingham.(9)(1)


08 Jun 2012 13:18:00
Crawley are gonna bid for bournemouths back up goalkeeper jalal In the region of the fee 245k(4)(8)Why he is not our number 1 I will never know! Great keeper and big big presence. Would be a great signing For youWhy would Crawley sign him when they have already signed Jones from Peterborough and resigned Kuipers ?I think he could be our number 1 again next season he was given some game time when groves took over, hopefully he stays at bournemouthHave flahaven instead please Crawley can have him for 10pGroves sees Jalal as Bournemouths number 1 so he will not be leaving Dean CourtCrawley can't afford 245k on a goalkeeper!


08 Jun 2012 13:15:58
Bournemouth are gonna let marc Pugh go to burnley in a swap deal for seb Hines plus 500k(1)(16)Who's seb hines ? think youll find its Zavon and he won't be going anywhere.I don't think so Hines was shocking only scored from a keeper mistake at shef utd plus we have 7 strikers at moment I heard stock and Addison are nextI dont think they would let him go, and if this is the hine who came to us on loan then no thanks, not impressiveThe Hines Burnley have is Zavon Hines not Seb. I think Hines could possibly have a future at Burnley - just needs some extended first team time. Is Pugh actually ready to play up a level?Marc Pugh goin to birmingham not burnley look on birmingham rumour page and that's from Birmingham fans apparently wade Elliot coming to afc Bournemouth with cash for Pugh so we have to wait and seeWe do not want Hines back - we have more than enough strikers, and he only scored one lucky goal for us while on loan.Zeb hines plays for M'boro.Burnley arnt intrested in pughDont you mean zavon hines .Birmingham dont have a manager so Pugh cant be going there , plus Wade Elliot`s on to much for money for Bournmouth to afford ...Dont want Elliot we will be keeping Pugh and be a championship side next season. If not you can have Pugh then


08 Jun 2012 13:12:10
IM a charlton fan here
there is a rumour going around that
we are very intrested in two off your
players Quinn and Maguire. I personaly
think these players r gr8 and if we got
them and zoko and ngussen ill be happy.

i want to no wat u united fans think
kaylem1300(2)(14)Maguire won't come to you he'll go premier league and we'll want 3.5 million to match newcastles offer. It would be a shame to lose quinn and he will leave as he is quality and too good for league one, I wouldn't settle for anything less that 750K and I don't think McCabe of Wilson will. Quinn will go whether he goes to you is a different matterThey are both overatedMaguire's top quality for a 19-year old and can go all the way, but Newcastle haven't tabled a bid.

Quinn - likely to be Ipswich-bound, with Blackpool next in line3.5 million is a joke he's a good player but you're in financial problems so 1 or 1.5 million at maxMaguire has a turning circle like the Ark Royal; worth 250k max. Probably about the same for ferret features


08 Jun 2012 13:10:47
Exeter city have almost completed their raid on southends defence: with captain barker and pat baldwin on the verge of signing one and two year deals respectively.

Striker scott mcgeish is also in talks with the grecians.(2)(7)Baldwin has been released and we haven't decided on Barker's future yet. Baldwin is probably true but I expect Barker to stay with us but I wouldn't be surprised if he left.Barker is still in discussions with Southend over a new contract, your welcome to Baldwin he is utter gash!Yes the two Southend players should be sign for Exeter early next weeK, i am a Southend supporterIt's not really a raid they are both utter ste, both too old and slow, your welcome to themBaldwin was pure class for Exeter in LEAGUE 1


08 Jun 2012 13:09:46
Manchester United Trio Joshua King, Robbie Brady and Ezekiel Fryers Are Set To Be Loaned Out To The Npower Championship, Bristol City Are Red Hot Favourites For King And Fryers Whilst Hull City Are Keen To Bring Robbie Brady Back To The KC Stadium(5)(9)Naah think you have made an error mate, its josh king and robbie brady returning to hullIf we(Hull) sign any of them it will be King and Brady, King most likely though.


08 Jun 2012 13:07:24
Southampton ins
Jack Butland. £3,500,000
Zak Whitbread. Free
Ben Turner. £3,000,000
Danny Gutherie. Free
Liam Trotter. £1,500,000
Thomas Ince. £3,000,000+Puncheon
Kevin De Bruyne. Season loan
Jay Rodriguez. £7,000,000(16)(25)These would be great. I'd be pleased if we nailed 50% of them to be fair. Not sure about Whitbread, the rest would be great signings. We do need 7 or 8 signings.I agree with all of them they would be great aquisitions and are all realisticI'd prefer someone like Lewis Dunk or Harry Maguire instead of Zak Whitbread


08 Jun 2012 13:06:29
Swansea in the running to sign junior hoillet as a replacement for sinclair(3)(21)He's off to Germany i think you'll find


08 Jun 2012 13:01:27
Newcastle fan here, rumour is you are sniffing around Leon Best. Lets put it this way,he is far superior to Hooper and would be a fantastic signing for you. Maybe lacks a bit of pace but heading good,skill good,finishing excellent. Works very hard for 90 mins too. Been unlucky at Toon due to Ba and Cisse but check out his goals per game when he got the chance.(5)(17)Hooper is twice no 4x as good as leon best saints fan


08 Jun 2012 12:54:13
James Vaughan will return to Crystal Palace this summer for 700k.(7)(18)Injury prone and just not good enoughHope not- Palace fan.


08 Jun 2012 12:49:21
Peterborough Transfers:

Knight-Percival (Signed)
Swanson (Signed)
Unnamed striker

Lewis (Cardiff)
Jones (Crawley)
Little (Rotherham)
Taylor (Everton)


08 Jun 2012 12:47:52
Stockport interested in Bradford's Luke Oliver, Steve Williams and Ross Hannah as well as Danny Rowe from Fleetwood.(0)(5)Luke oliver was player of the year for city so no chance of going down a league. also, city played well with three cb so maybe he will sign new deal


08 Jun 2012 12:47:50
QPR could make a 12.8mill Bid for French Star, Oliver Giroud(11)(20)Far Far too good for QPR. Considering he would be guranteed CL football at Montpellier, or clubs in Europe such as Wolfsburg, Newcastle & Arsenal after him. Deluded club, deluded fans.That should read QPR HAVE made a formal bid - factThere is no way he would go to QPR and also judging by his club's valuation, he'd cost about twice that as wellWould be a brilliant addition to many big clubs,would be a amazing addition to QPR who really do seem to have the right owners in place who seem to have great ambitions for the club and not just for the time being but a club for the future what with new training ground and stadium plans,sickens me to say this being a fulham fan,but they really do seem to be on the up,have to give credit where its due.Hardly a deluded club, this states QPR 'could make a 12.8mill bid' there is nowhere in this sentance stating that the bid has been confirmed, rejected or accepted, it is a rumour, I agree that he wouldn't go to QPR but there is no need for calling QPR, and their fans deluded.People saying that these types of player would never go to QPR are wrong, look at Man City before the money came in, they were nobodys yet somehow managed to sign top top quality players, money is a massive driving force in football and QPR are going places in the future, I for one could see some big money moves for QPR in the future, not right now I don't think, but in the future, maybe 3 or 4 years from now the fees could rise to the 5M-12M mark as an average.Agree that it is unlikely that Giroud would come to Loftus Road but the owners are VERY ambitious and QPR may well sign some players this summer that will raise a few eyebrows.Sounds like a gooner moaning about QPR probably just upset at their own lack of spending. Although giroud will most probably end up at a champions league club but why shouldn't a club with ambition aim highThis is more of a statement of intent by tony fernandes than a real chance of a signing


08 Jun 2012 12:47:13
Sheffield United agree package with chesterfield for goalkeeper Tommy Lee but can't agree on a fee Sheffield United are willing to stump up £300,000 for the Spireites number 1 but chesterfield want £600,000(5)(6)How the hell can you say they agree a package but not a fee. Thats the same thing surelyTommy cannot talk to Sheff U and agree a contract package while under contract with Chesterfield. Chesterfield need to agree a fee first so sounds doubtfulTommy has been give perimssion to talk
to Sheffield United and has a 3 year contract
on the table the only stumbling block is both
clubs can't agree feeLees got to be worth at least 500 kAnyone but them !!Lee is defo worth 500k. Dont think he should go sheff utd hes better than that maybe a birmingham class. but i have heared lee is linked with crystal palace.Lee has had no offers from sheffield united only leeds. the other week we he was surposed to been seen outside the ground was bollox as he was in mexico. the only clubs gone for him are charlton which he doesnt want to move down south and leed united but doesnt want to go as he is a manchester united fan and this is from him so stop these silly rumours!


08 Jun 2012 12:44:52
Millwall are in advanced talks to sign doncaster midfielder James Coppinger- should be done on Monday(8)(9)No chance!We don't need anymore midfieldersWe do need another midfielder as racon and mkandwire are still injured and trotter not certain to stay.we also want montgomery from sheffield unitedCant see this happening!But who knows!?Also heard this,think it may happen some time this week.No chance Kenny Jackett would be interested. We already have Henry, Feeney and now Taylor who can play on the right wing, and also when Racon gets fit can also play out wide.Millwall are confident that Mkandawire and Racon will both be fit for the start of pre-season training. This will be provide Abdou, Wright and Trotter. No need to sign any CMs unless neither player can prove their fitness.


08 Jun 2012 12:42:23
Brentford want Liam Dickinson and Jordan Cook.(6)(4)No thanksMarcus bean has joined colchester


08 Jun 2012 12:41:02
Brentford's Shalum Logan interesting Shrewsbury, Swindon, Oldham and Stevenage.(6)(4)Where you see that?Of course he's interesting them! He's one of the best fullbacks in the league... and that is why he won't be leaving for an inferior team!"Inferior team" ! When was the last time Brentford played any higher than the 3rd tier!


08 Jun 2012 12:38:00
Stevanage and Shrewsbury want Antonio German the former QPR striker now with Brentford.(6)(0)Take him


08 Jun 2012 12:34:46
Ipswich to sign James Coppinger from Doncaster(7)(6)Rubbish. Moving to Peterborough. Saw him outside London road today so expect p'boro to unveil him within the next 3 daysMakes sense. Quality player.Cheers, this has reminded of last summer ;) COYBYour so wrong mate coppinger was wanted last year by ipswich but not now get your fact straightI'm not a Peterborough fan but I've heard a lot about their 'youth' ethos they are supposedly adopting. Can't see them going for someone as old as Coppinger.Ipswich ruled out a move for Coppinger after we played them on the last day of last season, so that one aint happening. I think he will end up at a high Championship club or will show his loyalty and stay put.Im sure you saw coppinger outside london road :L


08 Jun 2012 12:33:29
Swindon town are to sign Luke Varney, Ashley westwood and Simon Church before the end of the day(5)(20)Church is worth 2 million + so not a hope in hell of Swindon signing himHaha heard Messi and ronaldos agents were seen at swindon too! Di Canio is the only big name striker you will ever seeChurch is championship player wont go lower and Varney will sign for wiganWhere do you get all of these bad rumoursHandbags -just go and worry about your own club and be prepared for STFC to hit the gorund running as we are going to surprise teams this season and idiots like you with comments about Di Canio being the only striker.HOT OFF THE PRESS: barcelona to become a feeder club for swindon town! i know this is a rumour site but some swindon fans need a bit of a reality check.HOT OFF THE PRESS idiot: Just because someone quotes Swindon doesn't necessarily mean it was a Swindon fan who quoted it. There are a lot of jealous fans on here.

Now get your facts right or just comment on your own club (assuming your club is worth a mention)We don't have crap players at this clubI have news for you..A lot of these rumours concerning Siwndon don't come from Swindon fans, A lot of them come from fans from clubs such as Oxford on a wind up, It is understandable though...they have nothing to of any importance going on at their 3 sided library for them to get involved with. A lot of them are also secret Swindon fans and can't help but show it with their obsession with us. If you look at the Swindon press and the Swindon Forums you will see that these players are not mentioned at's easy to post something and then come back on and make a statement such as you have....crawl back under your rock and wait for some more news from your own club....I'm sure some more of your players will be leaving soon.All signed up now are they? Good boys


08 Jun 2012 12:32:30
Jay Ridriguez talking terms with Southampton today.

Source - The Times(21)(8)


08 Jun 2012 12:32:02
if Leeds don't get takeover(which looks unlikely), Robert Snodgrass will leave for Aston Villa for around 3.5m, this money will help cover the recent and future courts cases

Lorimer and Harvey haven't left either but there are rumours going around that Warnock has/is(13)(9)Snodgrass would cost more like 5 - 6m


08 Jun 2012 12:29:06
Friend is an apprentice Physio at Arsenal and says Conor Henderson is to join Bradford on a 3 month loan.(5)(6)


08 Jun 2012 12:25:58
Bury to sign Swindon striker Kerrouche on a free transfer(10)(5)Do you want me to drive him over to you free of charge? Get him off the wage bill please!!He better be goodHe does have some talent, can be very good from set pieces (especially from around the edge of the box), But he is so minute he will play a great pass to set someone up, the next he will ghost past a player as if he's not there....then for the next 80 minutes you may as well have only 10 players on the park!! He is very lazy and worse still he has a horrible disposition!! He is cocky and arrogant (Which I have personally witnessed). The sooner he is gone the really would be doing everyone connected to Swindon a favour!Is this kerrouche or Di Canio your talking about?Kerrouche is on a 20 a day ciggy diet! Do one!


08 Jun 2012 12:25:36
Tranmere's Adam mcgurk to Hartlepool!(3)(3)Whats your source? im a tranmere fan btw and if this is true i aint gonna be happy!McGurk is going nowhere end of, so give it upNo he isn't. wish it was true though because hes not very good (tranmere fan)Hope this is true! Mcgurk is awful!


08 Jun 2012 12:25:36
Manchester Utd have had a £25 million bid rejected for Tottenham starlet Luka Modric and therefore will not return with another bid.

Swansea have approached ex Barcelona and Denmark legend Michael Laudrup about the vacant managerial position at the Liberty Stadium.

Swansea have also beaten Liverpool to the signing of Icelandic Hoffenheim midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson for a fee of £6.8 million. This will be confirmed in the next few days along with Laudrup.

Norwich will sign Leeds contract rebel Robert Snodgrass for a fee of £4.7 million. Norwich have also expressed interest in Birmingham duo Curtis Davies and Chris Burke.

Youssuf Mulumbu and Jonas Olsson will leave West Brom this season as they want to work with an experienced manager and have respect for Steve Clarke, but will leave for Tottenham and Stoke City respectively(11)(25)Moyes is very keen to talk with olson before he makes any move, not saying a deal is in place !To right 25mil rejected as spurs rejected a 40mil offer from Chelski few months ago but levy has stated he will listen to offers around 42mil plusYou talk st. Gylfi already came out and said the deal for him to go to Swansea is off and he will not go thereJonas Olsson wouldn't join Stoke City after the eye-gauge from Crouch during last seasonSig will go with rodgers, not swansea, unfortunately.Modric a starlet ?4.7m for a player who has 1 year left on his contract, and has yet to play in the premier league, is ridiculous.

3-3.5m is more like the necessary feeGylfi did not CONFIRM that his deal was off. He said it is more than unlikely due to the uncertainty surrounding the club. Now with the likes of Laudrup, Bergkamp and Desailly all being linked with the club who are all inspirational figures wherever you are from, the likelyhood of him signing for the Swans had increased4.7mil for snodgrass with 6 months left on his contract"Jonas Olsson wouldn't join Stoke City after the eye-gauge from Crouch during last season" I'd love to know how you are so aware of a players personal feelings? If every player who'd ever been fouled didn't move to that club no transfers would happen. No put your dummy back in and go to bed.Im sorry but are you having a laugh 42 mill plus for modric, many did he score and assist last couple of seasons.not many is the answer.i dont even support any of the teams linked with him so i dont really care but come on who would pay that for him.2m for SnoddyWhy would Olsson make the step down to join Stoke? Also he's got a good left foot and like to come forward and play the ball, ON THE FLOOR. Therefore not suited for StokeOlson would not go to stoke as he said that he want to go to a big club and considering west brom finished above stoke last season, I don't think so...West Brom actually beat Stoke for the first time since about 1805 and suddenly they're a big club :-) Don't think it would take too much tempting IF Stoke want him.It has been confirmed that Jonas Olsson will be staying at west bromwich albion. he will sign a new 3 year contract once the european championships are finished. also Mulumbu and Odemwingie will stay and see what Steve Clarke has to offer. if they are unhappy then they will both leave in JanuaryCan see West Brom going down next seasonOlson is a poor player - should have been sent off against us last year for kicking Vaughan in the face. He also caught the ball like Michael Jordan when we were through on goal. Gash player but probably perfect for Stoke.If your talking about the Vaughan from Norwich it was Gabriel tamas who elbowed himOlly is a beast!!

He won't be going to Stokers cause he's said he wants to compete for do that he'll have to join a better team than Stoke in the prem or move away from the EPL which I personally can't see him doing!Where is all this money gona come frm 4 players? whn you couldnt afford 2 pay blues 2-million compo 4 Chris Hughton?Chopper Ollson 2 Stoke.


08 Jun 2012 12:19:24
Former player Jason Gavin is to resign at Bradford City to help cover for the loss of Luke Oliver who is set to sign for Wycombe.(1)(4)Biggest joke of the season, gavin was woeful last time thats why we got ridWe have never Jason Gavin at Bradford before. It is the case that Oliver is looking to return South thoughGood luck bully, thats all i can say, we should of kept him for cover for versatility, least he will save fuel for travelling less miles for trainingIf Jason Gavin re-signs for City I'm sending my season ticket back to the club after using it to wipe my backside!Gavin did play for City between 2003-05. He was shocking. Are you too young to remember?No - I've been following city for a lot of years - He obviously made an impression which says it all! Thanks for the update


08 Jun 2012 12:14:35
Newcastle playmaker Hatem Ben Arfa is not ruling anything out if an exciting offer comes in.(15)(4)


08 Jun 2012 12:14:33
Phili Parkinson is hoping to improve on last seasons above average second half of the season home form by adding Hargreaves as a holding midfielder to help continue the run of 1 defeat at home in 14 games at the expense of winning games.(2)(3)This a Bradford rumour because it sounds spot on.


08 Jun 2012 12:09:20
Derby County News Update

Michael Jacobs will be joing derby after he confessed to Local Papers/people that he will be leaving for derby.

Krystian Pearce is transfer listed at 135k derby have offered 120k

Derby have offered a contract to Karleigh Osbourne who has also recieved contracts from Charlton and Nottingham Forest

Paul dixon will unlikely be signing for the rams after his contract demands proofed to much for what we would offer him
so he will be poised to sign for Bristol city should no-one else make contact.

Therefore derby have stepped up their chase on Joe mattock who is free after his release from west brom
but derby face competiton from Brighton/Sheffield wednesday who are keen on him.

Targets who will be bidded for later on are

Daniel Powell
Fegor Ogude
Andrew tutte
Ashley Westwood
Johnny Russell
Will GriggTrials will be on as normal to the Public but derby have given 9 youngsters trials after their release from clubs.
5 of them used to apply their trade in france one being well known Striker Yannis Tafer after his release from OL
Frank Nouble and Nigel Hasselbienk have also been offered trials.

As far as Transfers going out

Steve davies and James Bailey are the the subject of a 2.5 million bid made by Burnley after the jay rod deal has gone
through.They will replace the missing Jay rod and Dean Marney.

Coventry and Bristol City have enquired about Miles Addison

Watford,Sheffield Wednesday and Dundee united have Enquired about Striker Chris Maguire.The First two had bids Rejected.

Nigel wants to use chris + cash to get a decent striker with his main focus towards Johnny Russell.Especially with them
interested in chris.

Derby county will not be buying anyone over the age of 25 but might get a old free transfer for experience.As derby still want
keep their policy of bringing in Youth Players with Will Hughes to play cover for Hendrick and Bryson.I will give another update on Monday when i heard Derby will approach Mk dons about Daniel powell which i have been told by people involed
that Ben davies will be involed.If that Fails They will try getting Jon Taylor.As Shrewsbury want ben davies.

Please Reply if you have any Information.

Thank you(6)(12)Are you the same sad case, who used to go on and on about southampton signing everyone last year , but only got it right about 2% of the time. If so, i cant wait for the school holidays to finishAnother one of the French players offered a trial is midfielder Thomas Pechart who has been released by MarseilleWhat is it with derby fans think there signing the world saying what a big club they are but apparently get out bid by city for Dixon makes me laughYes dcfcHow does that say we are signing everyone i only count 8 players there.
They are the same eight players that derby fans have been mentioning on here not like evry other club saying they are signing someone different every weekDerby are only looking to sell bailey maguire davies Addison and croft and buy 1 striker 1 winger and 1 centre back. also if they could afford dixons wages but Bristol city look in a better position. As a derby fan I realise we have a great history and facilities etc but money talks and so if bristol city offer more money why would you go derby.Mattock has gone to SWFCBecause derby has a better chance of getting promoted and Bristol look like they will be fighting to stay in the championshipJoe mattock has already signed for Sheffield Wednesday....


08 Jun 2012 12:07:18
Leicester have set Burnley Striker Charlie Austin has the main target to play up front with Nugent and Vardy(4)(15)Jermaine beckford?No chance with Austin mateI wouldn't even swap Austin for that pile of crap.Austin was top striker last season behind Jay Rodriguez, now Jay has gone we dont need to get rid of him too. Austin wont be going anywhere


08 Jun 2012 12:07:10
Just in Marcus Bean signs for Colchester!(8)(0)3 year deal; good addition in my view although strengthening the wordsworth out theory even more. Specially with O'toole signing new deal


08 Jun 2012 12:02:53
kenny jacket has identified that he needs to strengthen his attacking options are there any ideas who he is targeting to bring in,i Know he is looking at stewart bevan is there anyone else?(2)(0)


08 Jun 2012 11:55:44
Fulham have joined the hunt for Olivier Giroud of montpelier , scout brial talbot has been in france recently n has identified the above mentioned n another un named french striker along with nicolita as prime targets . Qpr are also after giroud but arsenal are firm favourites for his signature.(4)(6)Hes going to arsenal then


08 Jun 2012 11:54:14
York resign Lee Bullock after release by Bradford(7)(0)Have you been on the moon?


08 Jun 2012 11:50:41
Peterborough to announce signing of Jon Daly.(4)(2)That's complete nonsense daly going nowhere factHes 29 peterborough only want to sign younger people 26 and underToo old I would suspect.


08 Jun 2012 11:46:42
Alex cisak 99% certain to leave boundary park this summer. The news come's after oldham back up keeper dean bouzanis signed a new 12 month deal previously stating he wanted first team football(2)(2)We will sell Cisak as we always sell players and the money keeps the club going. AQs for Bouzanis he was going to sign anyway so another stupid comment.

rather than just write comments why not be a Oldham fan or even better give Dickov a phone and speak to him.


08 Jun 2012 11:39:20
I heard that Leon Clark has been for a medical today down at Bradford City take it or leave it he been told(6)(11)Feel sorry for Bradford then. What a really poor attitude this man has. Lazy as they come, Argumentive and cocky. From the time he told Mick Mcarthy who he had better buy all the way to his argument with Paolo Di Canio he has been a disruptive force in the dressing room and looks for trouble. Don't expect much effort in training once the initial 'honeymoon' period is over.Can't see that happeningAs a BCFC board member I can tell you there is no truth in this one


08 Jun 2012 11:34:58
Luke Jones returns to Mansfield for second spell following his transfer from Kidderminster.(2)(0)


08 Jun 2012 11:29:49
Burnley have received an approach from un named premier league club to speak to manager Eddie Howe(9)(15)An unamed premier league club lol there is only one premier league club looking for a new boss and that's Swansea who will want someone with more experience then what Eddie has .. If its true I will drive him there myselfIts SwanseaProperly Man U LolIf its swansea we want 5m compo


08 Jun 2012 11:28:05
Southampton FC are in discussions with Liverpool to sign Sebastian Coates in a season long loan deal. Also expect the Saints to confirm the signing of Jay Rodriguez to be confirmed on the Saints website within the next 72 hours. News also of a 3 year £20k contract offer for Danny Guthrie to break in the press soon.(11)(13)To indicate you would have a clue as to terms that Saints would offer to a player makes your post unbelievable-and your "news" about Rodriguez is at least 24hrs old!
Almost as out of touch as the Echo!


08 Jun 2012 11:24:49
Halifax lose Simon Garner to Chorley and rumoured that Luke Ashworth and Lee Gregory will be with Hyde next season.(3)(2)


08 Jun 2012 11:18:33
Antony Elding to leave Grimsby Town to join Northern BSP club believed to be Macclesfield Town on a two year deal.(4)(2)


08 Jun 2012 11:18:27
Jordan Rhodes to Man Utd for 3.2mill and then to be loaned out. This is coming from htfc press team. Have you heard this ed?(5)(36)3.2mil plzzzzzzzzz we have turned down nearer 6mil already.He stated before the play-offs that he is staying with his current club if they got promoted, surely he won't go against his word?3.2 million, when everybody else is being quoted 8 million. Jog on son and make something else upHe ain't worth 3M at present let alone 8M, get real, he is still just a player who scored lots of goals at Div 1 level, he did nothing at Ipswich before he joined Huddersfield, so he will have to prove his worth at championship level before anyone in premier is going to shell out anything over 5M You canj ask what you like but no one is going to pay 8M at this stage.


08 Jun 2012 11:16:07
Northampton's Paul Turnbull in talks with Hyde United and Macclesfield Town.(2)(2)


08 Jun 2012 11:14:20
Peterborough to sign Michael Owen and Craig Mackail Smith shortly.(3)(32)Dream onHAHA dont make me laugh. Owen is on about 50k a week. more than twice the limit for the championship

LJHSCMS is ste, Brighton fans will tell you, they got mugged when you sold himMichael owen to oldWell we have huntingdon racecourse down the road so that will sort Owens racing fix haha. As for the CMS is ste. No he isnt. Brighton play awful football kicking lumps out of players, which doesnt accomendate a pacy striker so its no wonder his scoring record is so bad


08 Jun 2012 11:14:00
All those suggesting Paul Hayes and Eunan O'Kane to Swindon can rest assured its all BS! Approaches were never made and will not be made.
Source: Paolo interview: be fair it was the same press that told us that Hayes was on the radar. Good news that they expect 3 players over the next week or so though!! COYR's


08 Jun 2012 11:13:52
Tom Heaton & joe mattock to Sheffield united(1)(6)Owls land mattockJoe mattock is going to wednesdayJoe mattock to swfc (pigs)Mattock will be off to Sheffield, unfortunatley for blades its to WednesdayThat would be two amazing signings but it aint gonna happen!Another deluded blunt?Get real utd if owls wanted him sorry no chance


08 Jun 2012 11:12:00
Ronnie Moore very close to signing James Wallace for Tranmere.(5)(2)Thats funny he is away on holiday and is thinking over a contract offer from prestonHes on holiday for 2 weeks hes thinking about his future whilst hes awayDon`t you just hate prestonHe's on holiday with tranmere's Andy robbo who has told him to sign for trfc so do 1 pne


08 Jun 2012 11:11:55
charlton are interested in bennett from Norwich. you heard it here first(3)(15)Why would he leave Norwich for the Championship?If benno goes down a league he will come home to BrightonMajor lie! Why would he go from Championship to Prem, then back to Champioship? And they wouldn't sell him for less than what they bought him for!Which Bennet are you talking about? Not that it matters as neither are for sale. Barnett on the other hand is out of his depth and will more than likely move on. Much more realistic for Charlton.Which one? doesn't really matter, you've no chance of signing either.You havnt
got the money to buy any bennett we paid 1.5 million for elliott 3million plus for ryan elliott would cost now 3 miilion ryan would cost you about 5 million dream on honeyYou must mean Albert BennettIm a charlton fan and i agree we wont sign these players, but we have mire money the norwich FACT!Elliot Bennett to Charlton!! Ha ha I've never heard so much rubbish, they can't afford his boot laces. He stepped up a couple of levels moving from Brighton to Norwich, why would he want to drop back down two or three to go to Charlton?? Smell the coffee!Like a previous posters says, I think you mean Barnett not Bennett


08 Jun 2012 11:06:49
Stockport County wanted list.

Keepers: Lewis King, Owain Von Williams

Defenders: Gian Luca Havern, James Tunnicliffe

Midfields: Paul Turnbull, Matty Mainwaring

Strikers: Liam Dickinson, Antony Elding

Backup: Adam Griffin, Michael Raynes(1)(8)His name is Fon Williams, he's under contract with Tranmere, was in the last Wales squad. Give all that up for Stockport? Na, don't think so.


08 Jun 2012 11:03:28
Lewis Dunk to Bolton. Bolton only offering half of the five million that Brighton are expecting.(1)(9)Then I would say he isn't going to Bolton when we can get more for him elsewhere.Not going to happen then is itDon't see this at allBolton need someone with a bit more experienceNot a hope in hell


08 Jun 2012 10:53:59
Zoko to Palace.(5)(6)


08 Jun 2012 10:53:15
brentford looking to sign billy paynter from leeds as he is not part of the managers plans(4)(6)


08 Jun 2012 10:51:30
All Norwich News:
Chris Hughton has brought with him Colin Calderwood, Paul Trollop and Ewan Chester with him in a £2m compensation package. They will also bring with him goalkeeper coach Dave Watson to work with promising keepers Jed Steer and Declan Rudd. Grant Holt will have a meeting with Hughton and it is believed he is excited about Hughton's reign. Hughton said in his press conference that he knew a lot about Grant and he was very keen to keep him at the club. It is believed that he will be offered a new contract to make him highest played player once again. As for transfers it looks extremely likely that Birmingham want to sell their prize assets to raise funds for the new manager. Hughton will go back and sign Curtis Davies and young talented Nathan Redmond for a combined £6m+Chris Martin. Hughton knows the better players in the championship so will hope to bring in a few of them and a few that the club have requested. Targets are: Zaha, Clyne, Naughton, Pacheco, Lansbury, Snodgrass, Powell and others. This is from a very close source to David McNally so expect a fair few of these to be signed up by our new manager. Naughton, Lansbury, Pacheco are all wanted by the club so Hughton's first task will be to snap them up as well as his own targets as quickly as possible.(15)(17)If you think that norwich are going to cherry pick our best players for peanuts you had better think again farmboy.Hope so!:DBirmingham need to sell, bottom line is that clubs will offer least amount to secure transfers, so don't bet on Birmingham holding out for bigger money and risk losing a sale,. they will almost certainly be selling a few over transfer window.Dave Watson is not going anywhereIsn't Powell off to united?


08 Jun 2012 10:50:08
Paul Jewell is due to have talks with 3 East European central defenders in the next week or so. Hungarians Debreceni (from Honved) and Szabo (from Paksi SF) would cost minimal amounts and could form a good partnership for years to come as they're both only in their early 20s. If either of these don't sign he'll look at Klein, the man-mountain Czech central defender currently playing at Ferencvaros, who may cost more but brings more experience. COYB(3)(2)Wot a load of bs


08 Jun 2012 10:30:11
Anyone heard anymore on Sigurdarson? If Stale could get him in I would be optimistic for next season!(2)(8)He had verbally agreed a 6.8m move to swansea, but that was before Rodgers went to Liverpool. Rodgers has stated he is keen on bringing him to Liverpool, as the main reason he signed for swansea was because of Brendan Rodgers, just like when he signed him for Reading. source BBC websiteHe's talking about Bjorn S not Gylffi S!


08 Jun 2012 10:28:58
Lee Cook to sign for Charlton after a successful loan and subsequently being released by QPR providing cover in LM for injury prone Jackson who will be preferred in a CM role next season.(6)(1)Cook is one of the best crosser's of the ball outside the PL but fitness is an issueWhen he was with us he and Wiggins had a great understanding down the left flank, Jackson is short of pace and often looks to cut into a CM role, I also think we need a young LM with lots of energy whats happening with the development of Evina? I know he is a LB but has played LM!


08 Jun 2012 10:26:28
Reading have ended there interest in Nottingham Forest Defender Chris Gunter, Reading had a £2m bid rejected last week as Forest want a lot more but Reading don't value the Wales international higher than £2m(9)(5)Could be true this, heard we may switch our attention to Carl Jenkinson, hope its not true!


08 Jun 2012 10:26:04
Norwich WILL sign Mohammed Tchite(11)(10)I will say now that this will 100% not happenI live in liege where he plays and theyve Blaine to te local press this deal is as good as done


08 Jun 2012 10:22:38
Stoke are attempting to turn back time on the Ba signing and plan a West Ham / Newcastle-esque swoop for previous Premier League turned down Sochaux striker Modibo Maiga for somewhere in the region of £7m.(4)(11)Love to sign Demba Ba but think its a bit to late now


08 Jun 2012 10:16:20
Derby County are interested in Sheffield Uniteed star Matt Lowton(11)(7)


08 Jun 2012 10:14:58
Blackpool's ludovic stlvestre to huddersfield for 450k(4)(20)No chanceNot a sniff!Haha, we paid double that for him. Not a chancesorry mate, have no idea where you got this info from, your clearly dreaming.. the lad is a big part of blackpool's futureBeen watching Blackpool all year ludo gives the ball away too much we should have released him


08 Jun 2012 10:10:04
Southamptons possible in; Jack butland 3.5m, Nathan clyne 3.5m, matthew upsin free, Curtis davis 3m, matt Jarvis 4m, Tom ince 3m, Danny guthrie free, Nigel Reo-Coker free and jay rodriguez 7m gary hooper 7m not all these will happen but these are our targets Southampton possible outs; Barnard 400k, Holmes 140k, Do Pardo 1.2m and expect to see sum youngster leave on loan(11)(21)Apologies to all supporters, at all clubs-this guy needs to learn to spell and also get to know what he is talking about. He has no idea who Saints are after-apart from Rodriguez-and all the targets are from press speculation. The level of this "rumour" can be summed up by the nonsense about Holmes-he has gone some while ago on a free to PNE.
Be glad when the kids are back at school.Jarvis for 4M?? PMSLHow much money do you think you have?Concidering were owned by a rich family....millions. and we just got promoted to the prem....millions Looks like Curtis Davies will follow Hughton to Norwich who are also rumoured to be interested in Guthrie. Could be a bit of a battle for his signature, but ties with Hughton could play a big part in the outcome.Quite a bit considering we're bidding for 7million quid players, a billionaires estate and 90 million from Premier league. Sounds quite a bit to me! {Ed001's Note - you don't get 90m from the Premier League. That so called 90m is the amount of TV money, plus prize money for finishing bottom and the parachute payments you would receive, if you were to get relegated. So you will get at least 90m, but it is over a number of years!}Once again fans of other clubs cluelessly weighing about saints. Wise up. We have very wealthy owners. We are not going to spend like City or Chelsea but we have a long term vision and the capability to spend what is needed. We have a shrewd Manager and even shrewder chairman but this kind of expenditure is by no means beyond us.


08 Jun 2012 10:01:01
Peterborough United have had a 1m plus Paul Taylor accepted for Jon Daly from Dundee United(7)(14)Why on earth would they give Taylor away for a striker who could barely even cut it in League One?Nonsense again Jon daly won't be going there


08 Jun 2012 09:58:46
According to TALKSPORT Lewis Holtby wants to join either the Gunners or Everton.
Ed what do you think?(5)(9)I heard toon were after lewisHe's an Everton fan so I am sure he'd be interested in them. However the question is, could Everton afford him?


08 Jun 2012 09:51:07
oldham athletic keeper dean bouzanis has signed a new 12 month contract with the club, if Alex cisak leaves the club he will more than likely be number 1 for the 2012/13 season.(6)(1)


08 Jun 2012 09:42:07
Morten Gamst Pedersen has consider a move to the south coast, close source to him as told me so.(8)(9)Didn't he say he was staying at blackburn


08 Jun 2012 09:40:08
leeds chief excutive has left ...takeover is in the closing stages(4)(14)He has not left,takeover is about another 2 weeks away with half a dozen players from other clubs turning down moves to wait on leeds.


08 Jun 2012 09:35:17
Swansea city will name paulo Sergio as there new coach after he left his post at hearts, he is the firmer sporting Lisbon coach and has tge same approach as Martinez and Rodgers(7)(7)


08 Jun 2012 09:24:57
Big breaking news to come out of Molinuex in the next 48hrs. Wolves are to appoint former boss Glenn Hoddle as there new Director of Football. I'm hearing that Hoddle is looking to move his Spanish Football Academy over to England and sees Compton Park as the ideal site. He has apparently approached Wolves about siteing the Academy there and taking on the D of F role without a wage involved. Steve Morgan is said to be very keen on the idea although he was not around when Hoddle bought the club to it's knees 6 years ago. This will also show how the role of Jez Moxey is becoming less and less influential as he is said to be totally against the idea. This will be announced in the next 2/3 days.(4)(20)The funding for the GHA in Spain dried up a while back and then ended up financially crippling the Spanish club he 'partnered' with. He's been dabbling with Arabia and South Africa, but is effectively being used by the locals as a 'name' to draw in punters to their soccer schools. He's been hawking his academy around various clubs trying get them bankroll it since last year, with no takers.It's already in England?1 thing i can say about starts in f n end in off the bloke wouldnt make to the front door typical albion fanMore importantly it looks as if Zeli Ishmail is attracting interest from some of the bigger clubs and only a year left on his current contract.
Hoddles academy venture has not been a particular successBigger clubs whu fulham n qpr ? agent talk


08 Jun 2012 09:23:59
Leicester City are set to move for Burnley hitman Charlie Austin with a 2M bid likely in next few days(3)(21)Total crap.
1 - No chance we sell another striker
2 - No chance we settle for about same as we paid / even less
3 - No chance we accept St Ledger, we didn't want him when at PrestonBut he doesn't come from Hull or Man U! Meaning Pearson is probably not interested.With Burnley rejecting the bid minutes later2m wouldnt get you Charlies left toe.No chance, Double it then maybe. UTCBambas and Mills leaving Leicester. No chance St.Ledger will also be departing


08 Jun 2012 09:21:47
I am hearing that the Stockport Manager is hoping to bring in one of his former signings to Edgeley Park. Paul Turnbull has been rumoured quite often in the past, but sources tell me he wants to sign Tom Pope, his first signing when the boss of Port Vale. I also hear that Oldham, Macclesfield and Rochdale also interested in Tom.(3)(6)Paul would be a fantastic signing for county as he is a stockport lad through and throughDon't think Oldham will want him.Where do you get this bull from about tom pope,LET ME MAKE IT SIMPLE FOR YOU,NOT REPORTS FROM ANY OF THE PAPERS,THIS INFO HAS COME OF THE OF VALE WEBB SITE,TOM POPE HAS SIGNED A 12MONTH CONTRACT

CHRIS THESE PEOPLE ON HERE WANT SHOOTING "GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT GUYS"I'm a vale fan and no way Tom pope is good enough for any of those teams and he's already agreed a contract at vale


08 Jun 2012 09:19:17
I have it on very good authority that Paul Lamberts first signing will be Russell Martin from his old club Norwich. He has taken Russell with him wherever he has gone, and sees him as the perfect captain to cover for Petrov.

Source: Russell Martins uncle(5)(25)He hasnt taken him everywhere hes been, he signed him for the first time at Norwich from Peterboro, a club he has never managed.He hasn't though has heRuss Martin's uncle lives next to me in Sussex! Just phoned to ask. 100% untrue said russ loved Norwich.He wants a right back to cover for a central midfielder?10m and you can have him lolWhat are you on about? He plays right back/centre back, not defensive midfield! And it's a laughable source.No he wontTaken him everywere? Wow your stupid, so Lambert managed peterbrough? No Russell will be staying. Grant holt can leaVe now no point of him being here. If rumours about six mil for him are true I would drive him to that club willing to pay 6 mil for a player who will be 32 this season.Just signed a new contract in the last hour. On official Norwich website. Thats this rumour done.He's signed a new 3 year deal at Norwich did his uncle tell you that. On official site.Russell martin has signed a contract to 2015

source:ncfc websiteHe hasnt taken him wherever he has gone he signed him from Peterborough in his 2nd season with Norwich
And Lambert was from ColchesterNice info Uncle Martin - he signed a new 3yr contract with Norwich today (08/06/12)He just signed a new contract at Norwich to stay until 2015 so utter BS

And he did it on the same day this was posted just to show wrong it isRussell Martin has just signed a new three year contract with Norwich and stated that his family are well settled and love it in Norfolk. So much for this rumour. {Ed015's Note - Some more good news for Norwich fans.}Hes just signed a new contract, so thats a load of bullLooks unlikely as he just signed a new 3 year dealRiss Martin has just signed a new 3 year contract extension with Norwich, doubt that is going to happen.He's just signed a 3 year deal...I have it on very, very good authority that he's just signed a new contract to keep him with us until 2015. Source: Official website (the truth).Need cover for Petrov? Try signing a centre midfielder then...Shame he's just signed a 3 year deal then......Russell Martin has just signed a new 3 year contract with NCFC. Source dear. It was just officially confirmed he signed a three year deal with Norwich TODAY! Think your very good authority maybe isn't so good after all!No because Russell Martin literally just signed a new contract he's "delighted" with. Your source is wrongWell that's rubbish because Russell Martin plays a a RB/CB and Petrov is a holding midfielder. If he is going (which i doubt Norwich and Hughton will allow because there is no other EPL standard RB in the squad) then it wouldn't be for coverTotal bs. Russ has just signed a 3 year contract..i dont really think you know his uncle.jog on small childWrong on both counts:

1) Martin just signed new 3 year contract at Norwich, so I guess that "potential" move is scuppered :)

2) Martin came from Peterborough, so therefore he could not have been taken along by Lambert from Colchester!

Note to Author: must do better and do homework first.To give you a 100% truthful answer, russ martin has today signed a new 3-year deal keeping him at the club until 2015. he is very committed to ncfc and is a fan favourite

source: bbc sportHe'll pay a handsome price as Russell Martin has just signed a new 3 year deal with Norwich. OTBC!I just had a word with russ martins nan and she said the only place he's going is down the chippy for her tea. He's staying put.


08 Jun 2012 09:18:51
new norwich manager chris hughton looking at bringing
in six new players and trying to get holt to stay will be given 20 million to spent

transfer targets are
curtis davies and chris burke from birmingham for 5m
michu vallecano 2.5m good player
matthew briggs fulham 1.5m naughton replacment
leon best newcastle 2m maybe holt replacment
scott sinclair swansea 4.5m(15)(20)No chance of getting them for those prices.Hang on a minute Where is this money you are spending coming from? your ten million in doubt and didn't get much for Lambert the most Hughton is going to be able to spend is 10-12 million at the most and Michu will not be going to Norwich infact this is who you would like to see come to the club they arn't realistic targets and Michu is rated at 4 million and apparently every club wants him :LHughton won't get 20 million to spend. I'd bet my kidney on it.Would love Scott Sinclair!A couple of these look pretty likely, but you're valuations are a bit low, doubt swansea would let sinclair go for thatMatty Briggs might go to you on loan - but will not be sold for peanuts - will challenge Riise for first team place this seasonRedmondNo way is Jol going to let Briggs go, stupid transfer rumourWe won't get Sinclair we'll get RedmondI'm hoping one of the posters is heading for a hospital for that kidney transplant. NCFC CEO David Mcnally has stated Hughton will have the most financial freedom in the clubs history. last season Lambert spent 15M... so 20M is very, very likely.Sinclair would never go to norwich there rubbish!Matthew Briggs will only leave Fulham on loan, if it wasn't for John Arne Riise's superb form in the second half of the season he would have got more time on the field. He's one of our biggest prospects.

Scott Sinclair would cost more than 4.5m, he's young, English and an attacking player. He will cost 7m MINIMUM.Sinclair looks unlikely for 4.5. think Norwich would spend a max on 5.5 on him, and if that didn't work out they would put the money towards Snoddy from Leeds. seeing as he is on his last year of contract, and wants to come, 4.5 would be the max cost for him.


08 Jun 2012 09:02:59
joe mattock to swfc after bieng released by west brom(16)(12)


08 Jun 2012 08:59:21
Warnock ready to resign after returning
from holiday to find most of his targets
are now out of reach because of money..(25)(13)


08 Jun 2012 08:58:39
Albion to appoint Steve Clarke today... Great appointment! Boing Boing!(19)(13)It has now been confirmed officially that Clarke has got the job,I know he is probably not the fans choice but you can trust he will get the full backing of ALL the fans,this you can guarentee ,it is now time for the chairman to give Steve Clarke his FULL backig also in the guise of loosening the purse strings to allow the new man to move the club on.
Good luck steve, ithink you are going to need bucket loads with likes of Peace looking over your shouder.


08 Jun 2012 08:58:06
Blackpool are already in talks to replace wonga as sponsors with numerous companies.
one of the companies is a french company called Paris National Enterprises.
If the deal does go ahead this will
outrage seaside supporters.
The first 3 initials spell PNE.
which is Blackpool rivals Preston North
Although the deal could net Blackpool
£600k per year in a 3 year contract(16)(15)Hilarious!Prob not true, but would love it to see PNE on the lashers shirts lolThat's hilarious! Completely made up, but very funny. As a Preston fan I expect that this rumour was posted by one of my fellow fans just to wind up the Blackpool supporters!Spose when youre only pullin in 6k crowds youll need the extra cash. That's if Karl and the latvian havent put it as a down payment on a holiday villa. Like annoying little dogs tryin to hump our legs...Blackpool fans don't particuly care who is sponsering us as long as they are putting money into the club, anyway the Wonga deal is good for another season.Had a season ticket last season will not watch the dross that westley produced ever again , the signings are average players , why has he suddenly decided bailey wright is any good the man id a foolPeter Kay eat your heart out! I laughed so hard my head nearly fell off.Why would anyone be interested in this...6k crowds even though we've already sold 9.5k season tickets? OK...PNE the bigger clubLeague 1 all needs sayingPne crap. 6K crowds? after the corner stand completion it's 17,500. get your facts right before posting st nobber.9800 season tickets sold. more than PNE, T'rovers, Notlob, Bumley etc and not the cheapest either......bought mine and my lads yesterday 615 in total......Problem with that is the company would be called " Entreprise National de Paris "Blackpool have only sold 9,000 season tickets because if fans bought them when they were 1 game away from the Premier league they would get a Premier league season ticket for the price of a Championship ticket. 9,000 season tickets is actually a very poor showing in this context. Very poor indeed. Nearly 6,000 sold in League One however, is excellent.9000 tickets so what if its 900 look are last few seasons most teams are jelous as hell who cares how many come through the gates,bradford get more than most teams out side the prem and look at their position.Theres a big differemce between preston,bradford and Blackpool, regardless of the amount of fans.
One of the teams is a recent premier league team thats not far off being back there. The other two are teams that were once of a decent standard but now ply their trade in the lower leagues dreaming of years gone by.I am sure sad old Preston fans would love to see their club initials on shirts playing quality football and challenging for a place in the Premiership . Dream on you sad PNE losers


08 Jun 2012 08:51:33
Championship side Brighton and Hove Albion have allegedly signed former Manchester United keeper Tomasz Kuszczak on a three-year deal, subject to a medical.

The 30-year-old was a free agent having been released by United after five years at the club.

The Poland international spent the second half of last season on-loan at Watford, after finding himself fourth in the Old Trafford pecking order behind David De Gea, Anders Lindergaard and Ben Amos.

Fellow Championship side Ipswich were also thought to be interested in the former West Brom stopper, however Kuszczak has allegedly been sighted at The Seagulls’ Amex Stadium in the past few weeks.

It’s believed he was sneaked into the ground by club officials last Friday for contract negotiations, and will be receiving a medical within the next few days with an announcement from the club expected soon.

The south-coast outfit were also favourites to sign defender Joe Mattock.

The 22-year old impressed on his loan spell from West Brom in the second half of the season, however he now looks set to join Sheffield Wednesday.

The club have also allegedly been in talks with Millwall’s highly sought after Liam Trotter as a replacement for Alan Navarro in the centre of midfield.

Boss Gus Poyet is also belived to be tracking former Manchester City winger Gai Assulin and Alan Judge of League One Notts County.(17)(17)No he isnt, if he was to stay in championship it will be with watford but he will most likley be going back to west brom as is not going thereGus is still in Uruguay, and i honestly think he would be setting his sights a little higher than Kuszczak. Ok, he was at United and a decent keeper in the past, but he didnt exactly set the the world alight when at Watford - seemed to be of a similar 'clown' keeper as Brezovan and Ankergren. Knowing Gus, he would prefer a younger keeper to take us forward, not one for a couple of years.
Also - Liam Trotter, seriously. Whoever is posting this nonsense needs to get real - i am an ardent Brighton fan, but Trotters expectations will be higher than us.
Assulin - sorry, didnt impress me (and many others) when he was here. The one main thing we lacked last season was strength all over the park - why go for another lightweight??
So many rumours, none of which will come to fruition until Gus is back. I know there are other forms of communication, but he is hands-on and wouldnt agree to anything until he has met the players. Nothing will happen for a week, as he has stated himself in the Argus this week.Brighton fans get it into your head liam trotter is not going to your club he is staying at millwallJust waiting for Brighton fans to tell us he is the best stopper in the league LOOOOL.None of this is true, he is signing for ITFC reliable sourcesHahah. Kuszczak is in talks with Mainz, and west brom why would he EVER choose brighton over them?Trotter wont go to brighton! hes happy where he is with a captaincy when robbos not there for us!Brighton do not kid yourselves, Kuszczak is was class whilst at Watford and can do better than Brighton. You have absolutely no chance of signing him...Trotter moving to brighton? really? firstly he is gonna cost atleast 1.5 mill maybe more, if anything he is likely to go to a prem side! im not even a millwall fan but dont beleive a word you've just said!Brighton have no chance of getting judge.Kuszczak was definitely at Brighton. 100% reliable source.this is correct (the kuszczak bit). He is very close to signing for Brighton (not watford, Mainz, west or any other clubs you have made up). Oh, and he is a very good keeper, just what Brighton need.Funny how he was 100% due to sign in the next 24 hours...That's funny as it's soon announced that he is to make a return to his former club west bromTrotter may well warm a premiership clubs bench before joining another championship club.But as for Kuszczak and Judge (not convinced about Judge) why would,nt they be interested in a club,who are obviously making efforts to climb the tables and not settle for mid-table mediocracy.ANY team with achievable ambitions is attractive to good players,and thats us.^ That's what almost every club thinks. Brighton aren't some special "above the rest" team.Trotter is worth 6millionNo true


08 Jun 2012 08:47:47
Brighton looking at Adrian Cieslewics from Wrexham! He's a rapid winger and only 21. Got bags of potential. Apparently joining up with Brighton from pre-season on trial. Lots of League 1 and 2 teams also expressing an interest but Adrian is only really interested in a move to the Championship otherwise he's happy to continue his development in Wales.

Source: I'm good friends with his brother.(10)(9)Was very good in the fa cup games against us but a lack of final delivery will mean he's never going to be a championship playerI bet you are!Good signing although he might have to start in the development squadI was very impressed when I saw him play against Brighton in the cup would be very happy if he signedApparently Brighton spoke to a few players after the cup games to say that they were really impressed and kept tabs on them for the rest of the season.

No promises have been made to Adrian and he is only going to train with Brighton for a couple of weeks during pre-season. No talk of even signing yet, just was suggested it would do him good to train with them for a bit.

Other clubs have been to watch him but no further contact with either him or Wrexham yet.


08 Jun 2012 08:39:41
Andy Johnson looks set to return to crystal palace on a free(10)(26)What source?I wishPossible. Wages?Probably not true but if it is greatHe is off to QPR. Plus we have a strict wage cap so would need a major pay cut on his behalf


08 Jun 2012 08:29:50
Liverpool have today asked Huddersfields permission to speak to Jordan Rhodes.(18)(33)Can see for the next few months it's going to be Brendan "Kiddy in a sweet shop" Rodgers being linked with every footballer under the sun to join his "project"...still think he's bitten off more than he can chew...he didn't revolutionise Swansea and bring in that style of play....Martinez did..Rodgers just carried it on if truth be known...let's see him introduce it at LiverpoolTotal rubbish. They have bigger targets on the go.Rhodes staying put! dont have to sell and contracted to 2015That's rubbish Jordan Rhodes is a town player and still be one at the start of the seasonNot much of a step up really! Liverpool are on a downward spiral.Paulo Sousa set it all up at Swansea along with Martinez, Sousa was responsible for them playing 4-3-3 and Rodgers carried this on. Rodgers struggled to introduce this formation to Watford & Reding...hence him failing and leaving!


08 Jun 2012 07:39:05
steve clarke to be appointed west brom manager,what a joke.can you see the likes of mulumbu,po,olson signing new deals for this bloke.what a joke peace why o why not pay the 2m to birmingham for be outdone by a team of norwich citys calibre is a joke,still youve sold your season tickets for the year.i hope i eat humble pie at the end of next season but i carnt see it.Depressed bagggie fan {Ed013's Note - Steve is a good coach and will prove you wrong}(16)(7)As a Villa fan I can only sympathise with any team getting a manager the fans don't want. Still, people didn't give Pardew much hope did theyTeam of Norwich City's calibre....... they sell out every week, kept their support in the lower leagues and play good football, not that boring stuff that the baggies play.THere is a differance between manager and a coach ,after being a number 2 for 15 years amid table premiership club is not the place to take on your first job.imho, jeremiah scrooge as once again shafted the fans,somehow mr ed i cannot see your prediction of Clarke doing ok coming true ,i hope he proves me wrong but i dont think he will get alot of backing both financially or personal from peace to actually move the club forward. {Ed013's Note - Only time will tell mate, I have faith in him. Remember who he worked with}It's Albion fans like you that really embarrass me, give the bloke a chance, he's a fantastic coach and every manager needs to start somewhere... If those players don't want to play for us let em goI bet you have never seen the Baggies play except for the nanoseconds they show on motd, and as for your comments on Norwich you are probably one of the glory hunters who hang on to their coat tails from success in league 1 and the championship and could n,t even find your ae let alone carrow road before Norwich had any success.FFS Steve Clarke is a well respected coach and I welcome him as opposed to the usual list of serial failures, Bruce, Curbishley, Keane etc. Any player who wants to go can, who the hell do they think they are? Certainly not superstars that's for sure. That is one pathetic post fella, maybe you'd prefer to be a Dingle!A team of Norwich's calibre how many season ticket holders do you have?
Looking forward to crushing you again this coming season.I'd agree with above good coaches dont always make good managers.One of your ex managers you got rid of is currently a FA Cup and champions league winner who'd have thought that so maybe give Clarke a chance.Nah hel be alrite man, no where bear as bad as mcliesh and if they wana go let em, lambert do no better with that crock he got there, still be top team in mids come end of season, ;)Roberto di Matteo anybody. Who would have given him a chance before the Chelsea job and look at him now.
Are you saying that Hughton would definately have been a success and Clarke will definately fail?You are probably one of the fans who will support the club right down to the championship which is where the club is headed with a struggling season in the offing with once again very little financial help coming from the chairman and the usual mix of journeyman and one,s for the future coming in to the club,I just hope that Peace does at least have the good sense to sign Ben Foster otherwise next season could be baptism of fire for Clarke.NOT at our club he dont. DISASTER.Jose Mourinho quote: “If he had the chance to manage a club, even a big club like Chelsea, he would be ready for that. He is that good. He is an intelligent guy and always looking to improve. He is very open to co-operation and learning. He has a good relationship with the players, knows how to handle them. I think he is much, much better than many managers who are in charge of teams at the moment.”

I think the Special One knows a lot more than us mere mortals. Get behind him.

AND FOR GODS SAKE IT'S HUGHTON NOT HOUGHTON!!!Some wba fans make me laugh clarke will do a awsome job and will keep playing the football the right way and will get good players you all keep going on about paying the 2m for c.m but what as he done nothing so i would be happy if i was you but you cant cuz you think that your better than you areWhat do you mean outdone by a team of norwich citys calibre, we are better than west brom, such a bigger club, fan base more passionate, just think youve outplayed your premiership stay as your just an average championship club and thats all you are !!Let's get it straight our fan base is similar to Norwich. We beat you once last season and finished higher than you. We played more attractive football than you did, you played direct football with two donkeys up front like you didJust goes to show how much of these muppets are arm chair fans Clarke doesn't get the players its ashworth who if people remember he found mulumbu odemwingie was the main player in getting long to the club Clarke is a quality coach everybody going on about hughton tell me what has he done cudnt get blues out of the championship stevie clarkes barmy armyTo the Norwich fan.. you lump it up to Holt! Have you not got eyes, the albions passing game is one of the best around..Last time i looked England was a democracy with freedom of speech so just because you dont agree with someone who thinks that Clarkes appointment is not the correct one for The Baggies dont come on all high and mighty saying how good he is, the game is all about opinions and if you dont agree with that maybe you should move somewhere more suitable to your way of thinking, like North Korea maybe ?Albion will be fine. They are a well run club like us who get my respect as a Norwich fan. Pathetic arguing with each other and we all hate Villa now so chill out! Steve Clarke isn't a bad choice the club know what they are doing!Norwich fan,how many football league clubs in a 40 mile radius of Norwich City ? How many football League clubs within a 40 mile radius of West Brom TOWN centre
thats why you have a HUGE fanbase ,you only have competition from Ipswich and sheep.Who ever wrote the comment four above your a clown. I'm a norwich fan and I like wba we are very similar to them. Your comment is disrespectful and we have only been in the prem one season. Wba have outstayed us . From a true fan and a fair one.Hi Ed i remember the last manager he worked with got the sack. Before that he worked with zola at west ham who also got the sack. will he hack it as a manager ? perhaps a call to Terry Conner who is also a well respected coach of the same ability will help him understand the difference between coaching and managing. 13 games in charge won none, drew 4. points available 39, points gained 4. Lets hope Clarke gets off to a good start or the pressure will build rapidly. Good luck to the albion as i think there a brilliant football club with great fans. Not hating, just my opinion.Totally agree with this comment. When will Jeremy Peace take a gamble and invest some money in the club. Chris Houghton was the outstanding candidate for the managers job but Peace wasn't prepared to pay 2m for his services and instead we've got a coach who has never been a No.1 and as a No. 2 has only worked at clubs with far greater than Albion. He'll have shock having to shop in basement markets as opposed to Harrods! We'll probably lose out on Ben Foster for the same reason and lose all the players out of contract too. We'll then struggle to stop up and if we are relegated Peace's tight fisted approach will have back fired completely! From a concerned Baggie


08 Jun 2012 07:38:53
Tottenham after jack butland and Tim krul so harry has three goalie choices(3)(32)One for Europa League
One for Premier League
One for the Domestic Cup :PHot spurs youth prospect tommy forecast, who moved to Southampton has allegedly failed to settle and could be tempted with a move back to white hart lane. May be available for less than butland.Can't see Butland wanting to move and be 2nd reserve!
If the lad's any sense he will opt to join Saints.I'm sure those keepers would much rather be second and third choice than first


08 Jun 2012 07:33:37
I wonder whether Jeremy Peace uses a site to find out who is the cheapest on the market. We will lose out with Foster and go for a goalie who is available for free, been injured for 3 years but was good at some point in his career (Gera, Reid, Giles, Thomas & nearly Hargreaves!) etc...(4)(6)If it wasn't for Jeremy Peace we'd be in debt so cut him some slack


08 Jun 2012 07:23:03
Man Utd have apparently agreed a fee of 25million for spurs midfielder Luka Modric. It could rise to 30million depending on appearances etc. Both clubs have supposedly agreed on this.(28)(25)Yeah we turned down 40 mil last season from chelski to take 25 mil this season. don't think so this is just the tabloids making up st againYou read too many tabloidsWhy would Spurs sell him to United for 25m when Chel$ki offered 40m last year?
I think you need to make up some realistic rumours.Read all the quotes in the story and you will realise it's BSChelsea never actually offered 40 million, And spurs could accept less because redknapp might be on his way out this year or next year and theres no champions league football.



08 Jun 2012 07:14:41
Jack sullivan has tweeted that west ham will sign jussi jaskaelinen today you cant really argue if this is true or not because its from david sullivans son! Also he put on twitter that we have bidded £8 million for 2 foreign strikers! I dont know if he ment £8 mil for both or £8 mil each we will wait and see! COYI!!!(19)(5)I dont think we have the money to be spending 16mil on strikers! must be 8mil in total. I reckon one of: Anelka, Yakubu, Pobgrebnyak(?), JoseluThe two foreign strikers are cavanaghi and akpala one is from River plate and the other is from brugge


08 Jun 2012 01:22:11
Darren Jones has signed a contract with Shrewsbury.(6)(7)Hes not signed and hes not even been to shropshire yet. watch his twitterSpot on has signed for the shrewsIts now on out official Shrewsbury Town FC page and announced on local radio that he has signed 2 yr dealI think he has signed?

i am right once again (Mr T)Club website


08 Jun 2012 01:02:51
Ex baggie Joe mattock to sign for Sheffield Wednesday
Source: sky, west brom, press(11)(14)I thought he had signed a Pre-contract with Brighton and now Derby!!No hasn't signed Owt pal. I wouldn't of put it up if he had. Just putting what's on sky and has been heard round Hillsborough, press and local radio.


08 Jun 2012 01:01:37
Gary Johnson has said he wants 8 or so more players to add too the Yeovil squad. the are likely to be:

Eastwood- free agent
Sam walker- loan from Chelsea (season long)
Weale- free agent and fans favourite
Nathan Smith- chesterfield, skiverton rates him highly McCalister- played under GJ at Bristol city
Lawson D'ath- season long loan from reading
Mcloed- free agent, scored 18 goals in league two last season
Akinfenwa- also scored 18 goals in league 2 but is still under contract at Northampton,(6)(8)Would love all these to happen!Absolute pish pash! Adam and Jason are going no where. Both will play a massive part in the premier league. RFC are trying to build for the future and not dismantle the team prior to starting our third season back in the big time.We are not getting eastwood..he said last week hes re-signing for southend.
gary johnson has said the door is wide open for chris weale, but also said "we cant afford chris, but if he wants to come home he will have to do us a massive favour and take a pay cut" . weale is used to a higher wage at leicester and will have to cut it down and come home. lets just see what happensI'm not being funny but do Yeovil have 200k for Akinfenwa?

Also, you're putting 2+2 together and getting 7 with Akinfenwa to team up with Johnson again. Firstly, he want's to stay near/move nearer London and secondly, Johnson and Bayo did NOT get on while at Northampton. He burned a lot of bridges with him before he left.

It's fair to say that deal is a definite no.How sure are you with these players joining Yeovil?Same, but akinfenwa and smith are unlikely because they would require a fee, but the other five are realistic.I've also heard that GJ has spoken to Ryan Doble (released by Southampton)Except sam walkerYou won't be signing Eastwood, he'll choose Southend over Yeovil.With Reid already signed, I really can't see GJ adding another 3 strikers who would all see themselves as players who should start week in, week out.Yeovil wouldnt even be able to buy bayo let alone pay for his wages... & why would he want to work under that disgrace of a manager johnson again? Also... Sam walker only just signed a new 3year contract with chelsea back in january so thats a noo to!Yeovil now only have two strikers, with Reid and Foley (Foley isn't necessarily a striker anyway) So we need 3 more strikers, I'm really hoping for McLeod unsure about Akinfenwa, but Parkin has been released and his name has been chucked around countless timesI could see D'Ath going on loan to a championship club. Cracking young playerYeovil fans..... haha! enough saidJohnson has said that parkin,smith,eastwood and dickson are not signing for yeovil! and Gary Johnson isn't a joke, your club is a joke. He is a very succesful manager in the west country with us and cityEastwood & Smith definitely not in Johnson's plans.Can't see D'ath going back to Yeovil isn't a winger and doesn't want to play on the wing again got to be allowed to plat attacking midfield to get the best out of himActually states loan for Sam. Doubt he b made first team keeper just yet so loan is very likelyIm a saints fan, and ryan doble is not a good striker.Akinfenwa - No thanksAhaha the deluded Northampton fans are back!I think d'ath would come back he had a successful time with us and johnson got the best out of him also sam walker made several fantastic saves in most of his games for us however he didnt keep enough clean sheets and we need to concede less next season. Also i think izale mcleod will be a class signing as he was the joint league 2 top scorer and we need a proven goal scorer since andy williams has left.Just because Sam Walker has signed a new deal with Chelsea doesn't mean he can't go out on loan again. I wish people would learn about football before making silly comments!Who would actually want to work under johnson? what a top class flop of a disgraceful manager!!! didnt 6 yeovil players reject new contracts? says it all really haha... nice ground by the way.... hahaOnly Two People Rejected New Contracts At Yeovil.


08 Jun 2012 00:57:30
Adam lefondre is expected to be on his out after being possibly linked with a numerous amount of teams.The team mostly interested is Aston villa . Also the same can be said about Jason robberts as he has been insecure of his place at Reading due to being to old and possibly not skilled enough to play premier league football so all I can see is have fun in the championship your gunna get slaughtered lol.(3)(26)Dont know what you are talking about both will be staying at readingYou obviously have no clue about football. Neither of them will go anywhere and ALF will tear up the premiership!!All of this is completely rubbish!! Jason Roberts featured in every game since he joined us and Adam Le Fondre is a big part of Brians future plans. Both have said in local newspapers numerous times that they are going to stay at Reading.

This was made up based on jealousy. Slightly dissappointed you put this up Ed. So many sources out that contradict it, all you need to do is do a quick internet search to prove it wrong. {Ed001's Note - playing in every game in the Championship is a totally different thing to playing in the Prem.}Absolute rubbishLol nice make up something about Reading's two strikers leaving and then say, as they're leaving Reading will get relegated, because of what you just made up? Chill out Dan Brown.Were you drunk when you wrote this?Yes we will sell our top scorer and the catalyst for our promotion push. Don't be silly thanks to Anton we don't have to sell our top players anymore.Alf was a hero last season he isn't going anywhere same with Roberts your just a jealous fan who's team in championshipWho is this clown. Number 1 Reading have just won the championship, number 2 Alfie and Jason Roberts are going nowhere, number 3 at this moment in time Villa are no better than Reading, so why would Alfie move there. Reading are one of the fastest progressing teams in England with investment, one of the best academies in the country and one of the best young managers in England.I know its totally different but Brian McDermott wants to give the team that got us up in the first place with a few alterations. None of the players that played a big part in getting us promoted are leaving, so just completely rubbish the rumours that suggest otherwise.Alf will be a starter next season along with a assume a striker we will buy, Rhodes? Sigurdarson? Yakubu? Roberts will start as back upYou talk like the Norwich fans did before we got their manager.
So if we want him - we get him - Dream on that you are a big team now because you are far from it!Im a Reading fan but we do not have one of the best academies, hence why TSI are planning to upgrade it to one of the best.Not really Mr Aston "survived by the skin of your teeth, used to be a big club but are now nothing" Villa fan. If Reading don't want to sell they won't sell.Sorry but Villa have got a GOOD manager now!
Who wins academy leagues? oh yeh - Villa!
Who makes average players into good players? Villa!
e.g Walker,Milner,Young,Barry & Downing.
Samir Carruthers next season will be the next big thing at Villa Park!Villa big team? I have just heard that Villas transfer kitty for 12/13 is 20m. only 5m more than Reading. The likes of Man Utd etc (the real big teams) are spending that on one player. I am not saying Reading are a big team as a Reading fan but seriously Villa fans, adjust your sense of perspective. You are no longer a big team. Paul Lambert has already confirmed he may be fishing in the lower leagues for "up and coming" players. Sounds like small club talk to me.Downing? Downing! Oh yeh he's setting the league on fire....


08 Jun 2012 00:07:49
Darren Jones will sign a 2 year contract with Shrewsbury Town. (Mr T)(3)(3)Why are we signing league two players we are now in league one and should be signing championship players or at least league one?Apparently he was great for AldershotYou would think we were building a team for league 2 not league 1 football...first Hall & now Jones..we've let decent players go & signed journeymen in return.

Hope 2010 - disillusioned Shrews supporter


07 Jun 2012 23:16:45
Stockport County sign Tom Collins a useful 20 year old striker from Hayes. More signings to come at Edgeley Park(4)(5)Who are the realistic targets been targeted apart from past playersThis is a very good signing for Stock port. Tom has bags of potential, a good eye for goal and a quick turn of pace. County may unearth another gem in this young lad.Realistic Targets: Keeper king CB Tunnicliffe and Havern Midfield turnbull and Mainwaring Striker Dickinson.


07 Jun 2012 23:02:04
Miles Addison so sign for Afc Bournemouth or Ipswich he is currently weighing up his options fee will be around £150k with 10% sell on clause(6)(6)Signing for everton. source daily mailEVERTON? Please tell me you replied to the wrong post lolYeah try see his potential as a future England starDont want Addison back just a lump at the back, no real football creativity. Alot of better centre backs out there. Zubar and Cook to be our starting 2 next season^hope this isnt the views of every bournemouth fan, he's an excellent centre back and what other centre backs are there that have 'football creativity'No this isn't the view of every fan, far from it. I would love him back but I imagine he will stay in the championship because it's plain to see with games and confidence under his belt that the championship is his minimum levelIt's not, we would love him back


07 Jun 2012 23:00:19
Tomasz Kuszczak has signed a 3 year deal with the Albion subject to a medical.
Deal should be confirmed in the next 24 hours.
You heard here first.(14)(16)I guess that's Brighton not West Brom?Yes it's Brighton & Hove Albion


07 Jun 2012 22:48:34
Any Burnley rumours Ed? UTC!(5)(6)


07 Jun 2012 22:35:31
Derby youth team products Chris Jones and Ryan Connolly to sign for Hinckley United ahead of the 2012-13 season(2)(5)Jones would be well above that level. Was on the fringe of the first team but was released due to the emergence of Tom NaylorI heard jones was going to go on trial with burton


07 Jun 2012 22:26:27
Mohamed Diame to sign for Liverpool when his contract at Wigan runs out.(16)(22)It has run out at beginning of monthHe's having talks with Sunderland


07 Jun 2012 22:25:10
Any new Preston rumours anyone(2)(9)Preston signed Keith Keane todayHemmings to come to his senses and sack risdale and hoofball westleyWhy sack them we are have the biggest player transfer in years and getting players in who want to play. PR Aand GW have done their groundwork and spent next to nothing on transfers.get real palCome and watch us play then tell me we play long ball you plum.Youre signing Non league & lower league players & journeymen who have done nothing over their very long careers and suddenly Westley believes they can get you into the Championship......When they couldnt even get their own team out of League 2 or the Blue square premier league.

Just got rid of Bailey Wright because he wasnt any good and when other teams started to scramble for his signiture Ridsdale made Westley take him off the transfer list.....because he was good

Shows Westley knows nothing about footballers and is at heart a non league manager.

If this fails this season, PNE (are in trouble) but could be in massive trouble and heading to league 2 as the players dont gel (or just cant hack it in this league)

You havent even kicked a ball so dont say youre looking at the play offs as clubs in this league are signing Championship & "young" players and PNE's average age is 26+ and the players are from clubs at the bottom of League 1

Sorry but it's fact!!Hoofball so take it you never saw preston play last season ,they dnt play hoofball ,why do people think westley likes the long ball game get realIf you're tearing yourselves apart before a ball has been kicked it just saves the other teams a job. The stark reality is that you need Westley and you need his methods to work. Stop whining and get behind your team.Yeah your signing no oneBailey wright is staying,clearly you no nothing, every player signed bar richard wright (keeper) is in there prime and no-player over the age of 28. give your head a shake silly boy,dont tell me your a lasher..if so i would be more worried about holloway going to swanseaSorry but I think your wrong mate, we are signing decent players from teams in the League following the example of Charlton, Norwich and Southampton.

We have signed Buchanan and Laird arguably the best 2 left backs in L1, one of them wanted by a Championship team. Who's to say if we hadn't got there first for most of these players that other teams wouldn't have signed them. Tranmere fans were gutted when we signed 2 of there players and I think we will really have a go off it next season. One thing you have to remember is we are in L1 we will not be attracting the best players from the Championship, we will be signing players who can do a good job for us in this league.

We have only signed them to 2 year contracts so if we do get promoted they will not be hanging on the wage bill in the Championship if they are not good enough or surplus to requirement.Westley is rubbish with no idea. Sack him now before too lateCan't think of anything worse than watching a Preston game.Westley got stevenage challenging for promotion with a team of league 2 players, so this shows you know nothing.... also we've only signed one non league player, and a lot of the players we have signed we offered contracts at championship clubs so they aren't 'awful' league 2 players as you would say... PNE will surprise a lot of people this season and i don't care what anyone else says about us tbhSorry, but it's not fact, most of the players we've signed are from our level or higher, do your research before you comment and make yourself look an idiot. k?"Our level or higher"? - dream on.


07 Jun 2012 21:48:16
Jay Rod all signed up done deal for saints. Will be announced in the morning.(16)(15)


07 Jun 2012 21:33:45
Jon Parkin to sign for Bury FC on a free after his release from Cardiff City(18)(9)Would be a great signing for the shakers.What a lump that bloke is, if that's a good signing then God help you!Feed the beast and he willscoreCome on u shakers great signing


07 Jun 2012 21:23:43
Nicky Adams to sign for Crawley in the next 48 hrs. He's there for talks tomorrow.(8)(10)NeverHe will get home sick and want to go back northJust been confirmed on Crawley website along with Mat Sadler


07 Jun 2012 21:23:35
Reading are looking into Kenny Cooper of New York Red Bulls. NYRB have put a £5.8million price tag on Cooper and have said that they will not accept a lower price.(2)(15)He failed to shine in Germany and he also failed to shine at Plymouth....certainly can't see him in the PLIf his price tag is 5.8 mil, I doubt we will cough up for that. I wouldn't discount us paying that for the right player though.


07 Jun 2012 20:25:08
Cheltenham Town are lining up a move to sign Jon Parkin who was released by Cardiff City.(8)(13)Must be joking - 9,000 a week at Cardiff and Cheltenham just can't afford thatI live in birmingham and support cheltenham town loads of people are talking about mark yates being birmingham news manager and marlon pack following him there. it was part of the butland loan deal.


07 Jun 2012 20:17:00
Right Midfielder, Garry Thompson, formerly of Scunthorpe was rumoured to have been at Valley Parade today to discuss a move to the club(4)(2)


07 Jun 2012 20:15:37
Any new Blackpool rumours anyone?(2)(11)Ollie for Swansea, done deal according to Welsh radio.Complete bull.Ian Holloway would never leave blackpool for a club like swansea even if they are the premier league. Swansea will be relegated next season without rodgers and sigurdsson out swansea have no chance unless they dont get moving in the transfer and managerial market.Would be strange considering the swans chairman is and has been abroad on holiday for the last 6 daysCom on ollie put us out of or misery utpOllie we love u x pleeeeze stay .best trip since he been here x


07 Jun 2012 19:09:06
francois zoko to join sheff wed(10)(31)Dont think so palWhy not? His agent has offered him too us as another load of clubs too.He's signing a 3yr deal with Middlesbrough as soon as contract expires on the 16th of this month.Not a prayer


07 Jun 2012 18:35:32
Aaron Martin signs season long loan with palace would suggest new centre half is close any ideas(27)(3)Watch simon kjear of denmark in euros rumours is he is in line to come to saintsScott Dann has been enquired about.St ledger and turnerSaints fans Martin any good?He'll be great in the Championship... Still young and needs fitness, hopefully he will gain that with Palace!To the guy asking about martin, he's a good player just need experience and game tim,e be good for palace and himselfMartin big and young centre half, decent player, jus needs game time, but will be the future of our defenceHe's quickly maturing into a very good defender. Great move for him and you Eagles.To the fan that asked if he is any good , he is very good but as people have said he needs to get games to improve , he is tall fairly quick and is your stero-typical english center back , removes the danger , he cna play it out from the back but if too much pressure gets put on him he cna crumble but with games he will improve and get this out of his game

good move for him and both clubsCheers guys will watch for new signings exciting times ahead


07 Jun 2012 17:53:20
Stephen Quinn of Sheffield United is set to join Ipswich Town. The fee is believed to be 300k, rising to 500k depending on clauses.(24)(15)


07 Jun 2012 17:43:21
Leicester City to make a 2.5M bid for Charlie Austin from Burnley and will use Sean St Ledger has part of the deal(12)(27)It will take 3M to get Austin minimumWe are just about to sell one main striker.Theres no chance we will sell Austin too.Good luck with that one! Nonsense as usualWere the hell are leicester getting all this money from !That not a good offer 3.5 and not give st leger!Can't answer whether the rumour is true or not. Can answer the 'money' question though. LCFC's owners, the Rakriaksorns, are wealthy, with an estimated fortune of several hundred million pounds. However, they themselves reputedly have a backer in Asia, whose personal wealth is measured in Billions, and who is content to provide & underwrite further finance as and when required.
From a British perspective the Thais appear to be throwing money at the club without return, but there is an overall plan to make Leicester City the most popular English club in Thailand, by means of media coverage, marketing & merchandise and by establishment of an academy network which is linked to LCFC's renowned 'home' academy.
This process is now well under way and working well. IF all works out, and so far things are looking very promising, the potential income to the club would be huge! Promotion to the PL would guarantee even larger returns, hence the willingness to invest now!Austin has 4 years left on his contract. There is no way he will leave, FACT.Austin has 2 years remaining on his contract


07 Jun 2012 17:01:39
Celtic striker Gary Hooper strongly linked with Wigan, Fulham and Everton, this could open the door for Huddersfield starlet Jordan Rhodes to join in a fee around £6 million.

Huddersfield will be looking to replace Rhodes with the experience ex Crystal Palace striker Andy Johnson.(2)(44)Hooper will be staying at Celtic for a crack at the Champions League !Palace fan here. You will NOT see AJ at huddersfield and you will NOT see rhodes at celtic, stupid rumoursHuddersfield will look to bring in Billy Paynter from Leeds as a replacement for Celtic bound Rhodes.I agree with this guy^^^Rumours Rhodes wants to sign fo Celtic for a crack at champions league football according to his father who acts as his agent. A good season in the champions league and he could get an even bigger move to one off the top premiership clubs.

Byars38625A good season in the champions league?? with Celtic? knocked out at the first opportunityRhodes's father is goalkeepimg coach at shef wed so cannot be his agentPeople stop saying hooper is leaving for 5-6 million..WE TURNED DOWN 7 from soton!Rhodes going nowhere end ofBilly Paynter as replacement for Rhodes! how about someone who actually scores a few goals!Rhodes will not leave Huddersfield until his Dad becomes an agent. Currently doing the FIFA qualifications to become one. Shoudl be an agent by the end of the coming season. He wants his dad to have a % of any transfer fee. Source Andy Rhodes (Jordans Dad)Why would rhodes leave leave huddersfeild when they have just got promoted surley he will stay another season to ttry and
get promoted to premCome on please Celtic fans!! Your league is absolute rubbish, Gary Hooper wouldn't be able to handle the pace in the Prem!
As for getting Jordan Rhodes..........keep dreaming. UTTWhy would Rhodes take a step down to CelticHuddersfield a step up from celtic ? are you english that far up your own arses ? euro 2012 lets see how the best league in the world copesCeltic would be a great opportunity for Rhodes - he would have a chance to be part of an up and coming team with a proud history, can establish himself within the national squad and test himself in Europe. If he stays where he is he is just wasting his time in a rank team struggling to stay in championship next season. What sort of history and appeal does Huddersfield have..........^^I agree with you. What have Huddersfield ever done? In the past few seasons Celtic have beaten teams like Barcelona, AC Milan and Man United, reached the UEFA Cup Final and qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League twice. The last time Huddersfield won a league was in 1980. Get over yourselves.Scotland cant even qualify for anything mate so be quiet^Haha "lets see how the best league in the World copes" The EPL does have players that are not English or did you not know that??Celtic only beat nobodies in a nobody league. They only play 2 games in europe before they are knocked out!I wonder why there isn't the same en-ger-lund hype as normal in the run up to the euros as it because the realisation that the self proclaimed "best league in the world" is full of foreign imports with the best players in the league not being English as is seen now in the national teamDazbhoy

for the english people on this

i think you forget were you come from because you have good teams in england doesnt mean they world beaters i.e liverpool or arsenal full of world class talents like van persie agger but wait how meny english players play in the actual best league in the world the spanish league must be the best leauge in the world god ronaldo left the so called best leauge the spanish league is full of stars unlike enland i.e messi ronaldo xavi inesta david villa ozil need i go on and none of them want to go to england the 6 of these plaers are better than any english players to date i.e rooney world class player no soubt and a big celtic fan but he couldnt lace messi's boots god messi is actuly a winger and hes scored more goals in 1 season than rooney scored in the last 2 me personaly EPL is the most over rated league in this world well see what happens to ur famous epl when the money gets budgets haha

dazbhoyErm how can you talk about England when Scotland are incredibly rubbish, they arn't even in the euros plus your first division is the standard of league 1. The EPL has so many foreign players because it has the appeal to all the other countries as the best league in the world.The EPL is not I repeat NOT the best league in the world!Your post dazbhoy holds no credability on many points but these two are the ones I can be bothered to type

1. You think Agger is world class
2. You think Messi is a winger

Get back to the bagpipe ladHooper wouldn't be able to handle the pace in the EPL? Same as Jelavic then?I suppose ex Hibs man Steven Fletcher isn't good enough for the EPL either, despite scoring 10 goals for Wolves in a season where they finished rock bottom


07 Jun 2012 17:00:57
Derby Midfielder James Bailey will join Burnley for 600,000 later this week(3)(5)Its Davies and Bailey for 2.5 million


07 Jun 2012 16:42:52
rotherham united have signed kari
arnason on a 2 year deal from aberdeen
who would have thought a so called tin
pot club would sign an international
who was playing against france last
week bet thats shut u up wendys(15)(8)Good signing for a league 2 club and what's wi all your toytowners fascination with Wednesday? Why would we be bothered who you sign lol. I always like to see Rotherham do well, don't see why though wi all bitching your do about us. Concentrate on your signings without bringing us in to it lolU keep signin them then to play in league 2 while we prepare for the championship!!Great signing. SPL = L1 standard so a better player than you could've expectedWell done. When you get 38,000 for your final home game please let us know. {Ed013's Note - A one off game is no good, you want that every week!}Like any well supported team ed if were in top league we will get that every week. Was good to see a full stadium in league one even though a one off don't you think? {Ed001's Note - it is always good to see a stadium full, but especially in the lower leagues.}After what I saw sat season at Bradford regarding the way Evans conducts himself and manages the players I have to feel fr you guys. He was an absolute disgrace and should not be allowed to manage a football club! Don't say you were not warned!


07 Jun 2012 16:39:10
oxford united have rejected a second bid for there striker james constable from fellow league 2 club bristol rovers. the bid was in the region of 200,00(11)(10)180k actualyWhat a joke, he's worth 180k at most. Oxford can keep him. Rovers fans would like to see Akinfenwa or Mcloed in the blue and white quaters now.Constable is never worth 200,000!

We could have Ellington back on a free, im sure he'd notch a few in league 2He will keep him thank you very much. Wonder if u will come back with another bidHope the Gashead above isn't talking on behalf of all Rovers fans... I don't want Akinfenwa!

I'd happily take McLeod though.

I rate Constable but he's never worth in excess of 200,000 so I hope we move on to other targets.When 25% of the profit goes to Shrewsbury, and OUFC bought him for 40k. OUFC will only pocket 145k of a 180k bid.
He's a club legend with the fans. Could they buy better for 145k and risk upsetting some of the fans?
And tbh, James Constable probably wouldn't of joined Rovers. He's stated so many times, he does not want to leave. Certainly not to another league 2 club.
He turned down a lot more money at Bournemouth and Swindon to stay.I wouldn't want akinfenwa all he can do is let the ball hit his ass and hope that it goes inHe didn't turn down anything at Swindon! He never actually spoke to them because of the disgusting threats etc he got from some of our so called 'fans'.He will go to Leicester in a deal that will see Cian Bolger and Tom Parkes come the other way.It was 200,000 it was on sky sports and bbc and in the bristol evening post also mcleod is a great shout as he is a free agent


07 Jun 2012 16:34:45
Rotherham have signed Kari Arnason
from Aberdeen. Fact! Signed and sealed(6)(7)Yes Icelandic international good you've got an international, Iceland population 100? or 150? must be a good signing


07 Jun 2012 16:34:36
Stephen Pearson had signed a 2 year contract at Bristol city(15)(2)Done and dusted


07 Jun 2012 16:25:52
Quatari royal family have been accepted by the alfayed family to purchase 49% of fulham with mo alfayed still running things . Expect jol's transfer kitty to go up from 15 mil to 35 mil this summer with more dough being pumped in over 3 years and no im not a fulham fan but i do have a pal who is high up at harrods . This will be made public by tues at the latest . For the record im scottish n support stenhousemuir n dont bother talking about their transfers cos the only ones we can afford our the ones that kids stick on their arms!.(9)(27)They already own MalagaNot to mention he sold harrodsThey also own PSG, looking for an english team to develop. was rumoured to be fulham or newcastle in line!I thought he'd sold harrods and fulham a while backNo he only sold harrods. Still owns FFCMy friend is also very high up at Harrods.
He repairs and seals all roofing areas.
He told me he got kiddnapped by aliens who told him that the cottage is gonna be knocked down and turned into a chelsea members meating club.
Not sure if I belive him
LukeThe thing is Fayed sold Harrods to the Qatari royal family so there is a connection. Seems feasable.This ^^^This is very likely to be announced within the next two weeks.

The Qatari Royal Family want to spread their footballing ownership to England after purchasing Malaga and PSG outright. This is very different as they will not be majority shareholders and Mohamed Al Fayed will be in charge of the club. They will pump money into the club and it could be key in keeping Dembele and Dempsey.

As someone above said, Mohamed Al Fayed has previously done business with the family in selling them Harrods. The story has credibility but whether or not a deal will come through, we will wait and see.

Very exciting on the banks of the Thames.Why didn't Qatari's do a deal when they bought Harrods seems odd they want to buy into FFC now. Chances of it happening ..nil


07 Jun 2012 16:22:58
northampton are very close to the signing of clark carlise(13)(10)


07 Jun 2012 16:22:34
eddie howe is a managerial target
for swansea.(17)(23)No he is notLaudraup is a name im hearing alot for the Swans jobEddie howe... nah no chance


07 Jun 2012 16:15:07
Bristol City, Brighton, Nottingham Forest, Hull City and Wigan Athletic are all keeping tabs on Czech Republic and Galatasaray striker Milan Baro(13)(21)He's joining BrightonWhere is all this talk of Brighton getting players coming from gus is not even in the country and has made it clear no offers have been made for any playerAnd where did you here he is joining Brighton cos a member of my family works for the club and they know nothing about itThought Fulham were affter himSorry, but where is it written that the board have to inform the parking attendant before making a purchase?Brighton think they are going to sign every Tom dick and Arry'Ye he wont join a championship side and there is no links at wigan for him


07 Jun 2012 16:14:28
Wrexham are keen to sign up midfielder Sean
McAllister following his release from
Shrewsbury Town(15)(7)Good player. Should be in league 2Shame we released him,will always give you a 100%. Should be at a top half league 2 club at least.McAllister is better than conference league. good player and wish we still had him


07 Jun 2012 16:13:00
Malky looking to improve his squad after being backed with a decent transfer budget. Some Targets are rumored to be Celtics star stiker Gary Hooper; QPR midfielder Adel Tarrabt; Blackpool Midfielder Matt Phillips and Newcastle United midfielder Haris Vuckic who had a short load spell at Cardiff earleir this season.(7)(43)Celtics star stiker Gary Hooper; QPR midfielder Adel Tarrabt to Cardiff?

ha...ahhhh. brilliant. best laugh i've had all day.Aye that's right....hooper is gna sack potential champions league football and go back to the championship....more chance of Cardiff changing they're colours to pink!I can only see one of them being willing to play in the Championship.Taarabt is going nowhere mateNice wish list not a chance of any of them and you will be the next pompy selling your soul to play in redIm a cardiff fan and do we really want a prem fail and a sunday morning league player we could do betterTo the cardiff fan.. no you cantTaarabt leaving the Premier League for a consistantly useless play-off team when he can stay at a QPR team that are building for a big future or choose somewhere abroad with the other bigger clubs he's been linked with? Somehow I think you've made yourself a little wishlist for your poxy little team, good luck with that!I don't think Cardiff will have an excess of 25M to spend to sign any of these players you've mentioned when most of them will stay with their current club or move on to bigger and better things!We're not a poxy little club and we havent sold our soul to anyone we still have the blue kit as the away kit and the chairman and the " investors " are pumping 100,000,000 into the club so think about that before you post on here25 mil maybe not, but we have a lot more cash than we used toI'm a Cardiff City fan and all i got to say is this person is living in Dreamland, Taarabt no never happening, Hooper, Celtic denied an offer from Southampton saying Hooper's worth 20mil so never happening, Matt Phillips i can only see him moving on to a Prem team, Vuckic is the only one that we would be able to get from these playersWere not having 100 million pounds to spend on players look before you postTo the 4th from bottom comment any club can do better that those two failsIt is you that should read the post clearly,he said 100mil into the club,not on players.Why would taarabt leave to go to a championship club. he just got out of the championship, will be staying with qpr unless bigger club comes inYou ain't getting Taarabt but you can have Bothroyd back, He's PonyNa you can keep bothroyd 60% of his game is playing while he's laying on the floor


07 Jun 2012 16:12:15
sorry to put you all down but people saying they are close to signing alex cisak dont get your hopes up he is no way near championship standard this is coming from a leicester fan who used to watch cisak play. but im not moaning becuase who ever he joins leicester will stick 5 goals past him hes rubbish.(4)(5)07 Jun 2012 20:00:15
Cisak never played a game for LeicesterCisak did play but got injured when we were in league one i think he wasnt really great


07 Jun 2012 16:08:43
Muzzy to sign a new 2 year extension with a buy out clause from next season as he likes the managers plans for next season utg(5)(4)Blackpool won't sell him to you.


07 Jun 2012 16:08:39
News concerning Southampton:

Martin heading to Crystal Palace is part of the incentive of the deal to obtain the services of Clyne, who is expected to sign at the beginning of next week. Expect Danny Butterfield also to be heading in the other direction. Jay Rodriguez deal to be sorted out by Friday evening. Other targets include include Danny Gutherie, who's advisors have been contacted regarding a possible return. Lee Barnard is expected to be sold to Sheffield United (£400,000), also Jonathon Forte to Notts County (£275,000). Brighton are expected to sign Dan Seabourne for a fee of £800,000. Andrew Surman has also hinted at a possible return to the South Coast club, with Robert Snograss of Leeds seen as a possible alternative to sort out the right midfield problem.

Southampton have decided that they also want to sign a centre back and a goal keeper, with Jack Butland lined up- though further talks will be held when he returns from the Euros. Any enquiry has also been made by Oxford United for Tommy Forecast.(26)(17)I think it's too early to be saying Andrew Surman will be coming to Saints, however i know for a fact he is down on the South Coast (Holiday) at the moment because he's married to my teachers sister.If you are suggesting that Surman is a possible solution for Saints on the right hand side of midfield, my recollection of him is that he is a left sided player!Clyne off to NewcastlePrefer it to be connected with the signing of Zaha.Sounded plausable until you mentioned Tommy Forcecast .Ha more like 50k for forte or a free, no club has that money to waste on an inconsistant playerWhy does Tommy Forecast leaving the club not sound plausible? He has played not part in the club since joining about 4 years ago!All went downhill for me from the mention of Surman. Glad to hear that we've decided that we need a cb and gk though!Hope Martin is only a loan as i think he did well last season and if we sell Seabourne then we will need to sign more than one center backWith the depature of Chris Hughton from birmingham and their financial problems saints are set to raid birmingham for Curtis Davies and Jack ButlandGood player but this is coming from a palace fan we dont need any more defendersWhere is sufc getting that kind of money from they will only be selling and signing freebies they are pink lintSnodgrass has already stated that if he is moving anywhere it will be further north than LeedsForte inconsitent no way hes always done brilliant for us notts county id like him he will score loads in league 1What is the palace fan talking about, we have one senior centre back, so martin is a great deal for usI really like forte (saints fan) but he can't cut it in prem but would be a good buy for notts county and he is up there with the fastest I've seen at st Mary's (Walcott and chambo)Clyne wants to join Man U and not some mid-table club who are no bigger than PalaceWe are deffo interested in signing forte. which i am delighted about, surely 275k tho is abit steep seeing as your now prem. 150k would be a bargain for us.Why would OUFC go for Forecast?
They have 3 pro keepers. 2 of them are top quality keepers for their league.
So OUFC have not enquired about him... FACTWhats the point of joining man u when he wont get a game because the likes of chris smalling and phil jones are normally playing in that right back position but if he comes to saints he will get a game as i dont see butterfield or richardson cutting it in the premClyne won't join Soton he knows and any one who's watched him properly that he's a future contender for Walkers right back spot for england so why would he waste his career there?^btw jones & smalling are playing rb currently as rafael is the only 'natural' right back who in fact can't actually defend or attack...Your saying that he would waste his career if he joined saints but he is more likely to waste his career joining man u as he wont get a game but at saints he would be a regular straight awayI think you`ll find that joel ward`s natural position is centre half but he played right back last season just like smalling and jones did. what we need is a striker who actually knows where the goal is


07 Jun 2012 15:58:09
Birmingham City are set to interview Lee Clark, Karl Robinson and Cheltenham manager Mark Yates about the vacant managers job.(19)(8)


07 Jun 2012 15:44:03
With Southampton now having only 2 recognisable centre halfs they are set to make an ambitious move for Stoke centre half Ryan Shawcross in a £8M offer while keeping an eye on the contract situation surrounding Nottingham Forrest's Luke Chambers(10)(40)This is possibly the most ridiculous rumour I have ever seen posted on here. If shawcross was to ever leave stoke it would be to a top premiership side for closer to 20m. I had forgotten how saints fans have such a distorted high opinion of their club.Shawcross... the same shawcross that turned down a return to man u.... lol wake up sunshine.You must be joking right? The only reason Shawcross would leave Stoke is to go a big club not to a team that's just got promoted. No disrespect to Southampton but it is a true fact.Why would stoke sell thier club captain worth around 12+ million to a newly promoted club that have no chance of getting him because his contract lets the team he supported as a kid united have first debs on him before he is sold to any club so this rumour is rubbish and out of somones dreamsThis isn't from a Saints fan as they would know we have 4 recognised centre backs.Saints actually have 3 recognizable CBs and one of them (Seabourne) is rumoured to be going out on loan..Joining Martin who has gone out on loan today. So 2 CBs will be needed, but I highly doubt Shawcross is one of them. When it comes to fans having a distorted opinion of their club trust me their are much much worse than Saints fans.Yep, some people have a distorted high opinion of Saints. They're called football fans. Anyone else noticed it's half term this week? {Ed003's Note - I have }This is clearly a Skate making this rumour up. I know this is a rumour site but no one will no Saints buisness until it is annouced by the club its self, its the way they do things under NC & NA.Some of our fans make the rest of us look really badAt the second post - nowhere does it say the person that posted this is a Saints fan, and they don't exactly sound like a fan either, just someone with a rumour on another clubLol he would never leave stoke and he's worth at least 20 mGreat deal for Palace - in the limited games I've seen him, I thought he was our best and by some way quickest centre back......... He is a talent. Hope he does well for Palace and we get him back for next season. I actually thought he would be able to cope with the prem better than many of our other defenders who lack a bit of pace.Surprised we've let Martin go for the season. Good move for palace and will be good for his development. We are thin at the back now though. Two quality centre backs needed now. Will be a key area this season.The shawcross rumour is not coming from saints fans. Another bored skate no doubt.Ive actually heard this shawcross rumour too.
If you've ever heard NC speak about the ambition he had for saints then you'd know that this is exactly the sort of player we will go for
Shawcross will have no interrest in joining a newly promoted team but if we could get him to st marys to speak to the management, see the set up & see the vision im certain he would sign in a heart beat.
Do not underestimate saints, we have THE BEST set up in the country & are destined for big thingsLaughable rumour, next!We have a better set up than you stoke so why wouldnt he want to sign for us and yes i know that man u have been interested in him in the past and had a bid rejected for him but maybe thats because he thought that he might not be a regular for them but at saints he would be a regular so stop criticising us just because we might be interested in one of your playersTo the post above ,you might be intrested in one of our players but he is way out of your league and always will be and stoke are one of the best set up teams in england FACTPoor deluded Southampton. Enjoy your season in the Prem


07 Jun 2012 15:43:55
Expect Brendan Rodgers to clear out all the deadwood at Liverpool and make the squad more competitive bringing in quality players.
Kuyt - £1million
Maxi - £3million
Aqualani - £8million
Bellamy - £3million
Aurelio - £2million
Skrtel - £10million
Jones - £1million
Doni - Free
Pachecho - £1million

Sigurdsson - £7million
A.Johnson - £10million
N.Powell - £6million
Dann - £3million
Huddlestone - £7million
Smithies - £4million

Joe Cole will be given another chance to impress after an excellent season in France, and also expect much more participation from youngsters such as Robinson, Flanagan and Sterling.(16)(58)Some quality players them like for the scousersHuddlestone 7million???? i think not more like 700kWhy do people say scott dann to liverpool! he is Rubbish, as last season proved for definite. championship standard.I take it you mean turkish millions !!Dann not worth anything like that,championship his for the rest what diff are they going tomakeRobinson, Flanagan and Sterling for Loan agent?Hate to break it to you Liverpool fans but you aint the big attraction you once were. The players mentioned are average players, none of them are world class, this is how it is for Liverpool now i am affraid. As for Scott Dann he is as good as anyone you allready have at the club.Deadwood Skrtel, Bellamy 3 million ???. We cant get rid of skrtel Agger or Johnson. The back four is where Brendan should be building from. I would go for Milner,Adam Johnson and break the bank for LlorenteA johnson coming back home to sunderland near his family unlucky!So where is carroll in all this deadwood,oh i forgot hes just woodMaxi has left for free as has aurelio. bellers going nowhere and as for the rest of this post, UTTER WASTE OF TIMEFor 1 aurelio has already left on a freeSterling must be given last 25 minutes per game and lfc must sign adam johnson he is beter than downing, siggurdson is god in mid and a best penalty taker as well as we must go for a world class striker like matias suarej or lukk de jong are possible moves.Kuyt already left on a free!Pacheco to NorwichSmithies!! wake upSkrtel 10mil?!?! you're having a laugh, we won't sell him for less than 20milAs if Spurs would sell Huddlestone, much less for 7 mill


07 Jun 2012 15:42:05
Dont think palace will be getting butterfield as they have just taken aaron martin on loan for a season from saints, would love to see clyne come the other way tho(8)(4)It aint going to happen becouse clyne is having talks with the hammers


07 Jun 2012 15:41:28
Ross Jenkins to go on a season long loan to his home town of Wycombe Wanderer's from Watford.(7)(8)With McGinn coming back he is now our 4th or 5th choice centre mid. If there were a recall clause I could see this happening.There has been dialogue between the two clubs in regards to this deal. It will be a good move for the lad as he will be able to get some first team football.McGinn has yet to sign, but Jenkins to Wycombe would be just what he needsHow or why do people make these rumours up?^ True about McGinn, but if he leaves he has no soul. Jenkins has no place in the team, not his fault but a loan would do him some good.I honestly don't understand why McGinn wouldn't want to resign. Who would want to take a player coming back from over a year out the game? I'd love him to stay and play just in-front of the midfiled, he's quality.


07 Jun 2012 15:41:17
Chris Hughton is the new Norwich manager and Birmingham have given him good luck(29)(5)He will need itWhy does he need it? We prove everyone wrong last season, why can't we again? We have some great players like Holt, Ruddy, the Bennetts and Howson in our team.


07 Jun 2012 15:29:39
Birmingham want Paul Jewell to spearhead their quest to return to the Premiership(8)(28)


07 Jun 2012 15:27:48
Mohamed Diame will sign for Liverpool on the 1st of july when he becomes a Free Agent. TRUE!(19)(22)Was in talks with Kenny Dalglish before he was sacked, but the deal is now dead. Surprisingly now could rock up at Bolton.There is no chance Diame will end up at Bolton, He will stay in the Prem or move to La Liga.


07 Jun 2012 15:25:03
preston are reportedly moving in on free agent jon parkin, the former fans favorite would be an ideal signing for westley as the big man up front with ian hume(10)(17)I hope this is true, as He'd be most welcome back at Deepdale.As a pne fan i can tell you now we wont sign him he is nowere near wat westley wants in a strikerI hope so bring back the beastJon Parkin said in a interview with that when he joined Cardiff he would never go back to Preston after he was treated so badley by the club when they wanted to reduce his wages and the only thing to do was walk away from a club after they told him they didnt want cant see him going back no matter how fat and slow he gets.Can not see John Parkin surviving the twice a day training sessions with WestleyImagine this. The power of Parkin, the drive and determination of Hume and the speed and finish of Zoko---job done.


07 Jun 2012 15:24:34
birmingham have made eddie howe of burnley their number 1 choice to replace chris hughton, who has left for norwich(11)(13)Absolute rubbish paul ince is reportedly the front runner for the job !With the financial situation Birmingham are in probably not wanting to pay 2M compoHughtons comp was 2M so howes will be aound 1MDepends how much they got for Hughton!


07 Jun 2012 14:29:26
Arsenal academy defender Ben Glasgow has turned down an extension with arsenal to sign a professional contract with stoke(18)(2)Stoke have as much chance of signing Lucas as Southampton have of signing Shawcross for 8 millionThe beautiful game to anti-football good choice mate!The beautiful game that all arsenal fans keep banging on about is total crap all the players r over rated and give away more fouls than most other teams when the game is not going there way and can not change there style of play to challange different teams styles of play like stoke, and that is why arsenal fan are all up in arms when a player choses to jump from a team like arsenal to stoke becasue he has more chance of playing first team football in the future. Plus he has signed onto stoke new Under21 future development team that has been started up just like ajax and barca did years ago . Good luck to the ladArsenal dont even play beautiful football anymore, its just a ball over the top to van persie and he carries you st team! the fact that swansea played better football than you says it allWhen Arsenal win something then preach how football should be played to other sides. When RVP leaves they're screwed


07 Jun 2012 15:23:05
Youngster Aaron Martin of Southampton has joined Crystal Palace on a 1 year loan deeal(10)(5)He'll do a good job for you. Good luck to him. Learnt fast and coped well when he covered for Jos/Jose in the Champ. last season.Great move for Aaron he will do a great job for you he needs more first team games and im sure wont let anyone downVery good deal for both sides


07 Jun 2012 15:22:15
Gary Roberts is reportedly keen on a move to Shrewsbury. (Mr T)(10)(16)


07 Jun 2012 15:21:35
Stephen Pearson pens 2 year deal with the mighty Bristol city thought he was good player last season helped us stay up source Bristol city website(11)(3)


07 Jun 2012 15:16:08
Ipswich Town looking well outside the box bos
box for a new first team keeper. Not
wanting to pay the demands that
some have made they have gone to
Latvia where Arturs Vaiculis at FK
Daugava is available. An under-21 cap
in his day the 6'3" keeper is in talks.
If he doesn't come then PJ will go to
Finland and FC Hanka's 20 year old
Walter Viitala who's represented Finland
at virtually every level from under-16
and he's still only 20 years old.(7)(7)


07 Jun 2012 15:13:00
Matty Fryat is a possible charlton target. powel worked with him a Leicester.(4)(13)Why would he leave a team that have a chance of going up to a team that will stuggle to stay out of the bottom 4Did you watch charlton at all last year, we are quality, and bottom 4 seems a wee bit unlikelyIs that the same team that spent loads last season and massively under achievedBoth clubs will be in the top half so that is rubbishHull are going down. we are going upI love it how all teams write us off saying we will struggle to stay up, we are one of the richest and most attractive teams in the championship and although we haven't signed anyone yet, the rumours that are going around, it sounds like we can attract better players then Leicester which we can because WE WILL FINISH ABOVE YOU"Why would he leave a team that have a chance of going up to a team that will stuggle to stay out of the bottom 4"

You wish, we'll finnish above you!Not good enough I'm afraid"Is that the same team that spent loads last season and massively under achieved"

101 points. Enough saidFryatt is moving to the Leicester area to be near family. He will not be moving down to a London club, maybe one from the Midlands?


07 Jun 2012 14:53:35
Burnley are close to signing Stephen Davies and James Bailey from Derby for 2M

Davies scored 12 in 20 starts for Derby last season and will replace Jay Rod

Bailey is a 23 year old box to box midfielder who will hopefully replace the outgoing Dean Marney(9)(9)I heard its 2.5 million but yeah you are right about burnley being after them two.
They dont however want Jason shackell after derby declined their enquiry.Although ide like to keep em both but im resigned to it and bailey didnt get in anyway so 2.5 mill would be nice


07 jun 2012 15:12:57
just recived from good info sisu
have completed the sale of half
the ricoh arena and will be in
the papers next week fact(2)(11)


07 Jun 2012 15:12:28
aaron martin has signed a season loan with crystal palace(12)(5)


07 Jun 2012 15:12:27
porto are closing in on the signing of colombian forward jackson martinez as they look to replace there chelsea bound skipper hulk.(9)(4)


07 Jun 2012 15:10:38
tottenham are closing in on a double swoop for defender jan vertonghen and trabszonspour striker burak yilmaz(7)(11)


07 Jun 2012 15:10:26
Palace have officially signed Aaron Martin on a 1 year loan deal.

Deal with Tunchev OFFICIALLY OFF as he failed a medical(11)(3)


07 Jun 2012 15:08:27
despite many teams from abroard tracking kalou it seems as tho newcastle have moved to favourites for the players siginature(4)(10)


07 Jun 2012 15:03:23
Dave jones to take over at Birmingham(7)(28)No chance - it will be Sven.


07 Jun 2012 15:00:34
Real Madrid are ready to offer £16m for Glen Johnson or 9m plus Roynston Drenthe and joselu(4)(21)Drenthe is on a free i think.


07 Jun 2012 14:18:12
Victor Anichebe to be loaned to Premier League newcomers Reading for 6 months.(14)(16)Please NoBEAST!!I cant see us looking for a 6 month loan. It will be 12 months or nothing.


07 Jun 2012 14:05:16
Adrian Mariappa wanted by Bolton. Player is keen. Fee to be agreed. Wigan and Newcastle have an interest but no approach has been made. Player now on hols, so nothing will be finalised for another week or two.(2)(20)Coming to Reading + is on international duty not hols...Bid from Bolton for Mariappa has gone in, but Watford feel they can get more from circling Prem clubsWould love it if we could sign Mariappa, He could team up with Sordell, his former team mate is at Bolton... so who knows .....Good signing for Bolton if they can push it through.LOL...Bolton XD never gonna happen


07 Jun 2012 13:52:06
Cheltenham Town manager Mark Yates has emerged as a front runner for the vacant Birmingham City job.(4)(16)Not good enough a manager - he's staying at WR.Most of the Cheltenham fans wanted him sacked at the start of the season and many would jump at the chance to off load him if the compensation was right.Yates has a vision at CTFC - Clark is a free agent.Also worth pointing out he was one of three managers to share 8% of the Birmingham fans' vote. Paul Ince took almost half the votes alone.


07 Jun 2012 13:51:23
Burnely goalkeeper Brian Jensen has verbally agreed to sign for Shrewsbury on a free transfer.(6)(15)He's about 36yrs old now?Well he is better than nothingNo thanks.


07 Jun 2012 13:49:23
new villa boss Paul Lambert is going
to try and sign up free agent Michael Owen and raid his old club for winger Anthony Pilkington for 4million(19)(18)Pilks is worth at LEAST 6M and seeing as McNally is such a lad he won't sell anybody to LambertI agree McNally will not allow any player to be sold to Lambert so you can also forget about Holt going to Villa, unless they pay stupid money for him, IE 6M , likewise Pilkington will not be going anywhere certainly not for 4M, rumour was Liverpool went in with an inquiry last season and the number was 6M


07 Jun 2012 13:46:04
MK Dons have reached a mutual agreement with Izale Mcleod according to recent sources at the club with him joining when his contract expires(3)(13)When his contract expires? dude he's a free agentIn fairness, his contract will run until June 30th, like just about every other footballer's.

I can't see it happening. We had two looks at him last season against Barnet (cup & PSF) and it was the same old Izale, five gilt edged chances to tuck away one goal each time in the 89th minute. He still misses far too many opportunities for the chances he gets. We're building a team for the Championship and he just doesn't fit that criteria.He is a natural goalscorer r u kidding he is exactly the player we need to get into the championship automatically next season-and he is a free agentI agree fully with this. Thanks for the memories Izale, but that's all they should be, memories... Never go back.DOnt talk crap, izale is a great player.. and he dont score all his chances? 20+ goals... alright thenI would take him back in an instant. Arrogant yes, however he is still the Dons top goalscorer and the most goals in a season and maybe he has changedI think Izale mcleod is a fantastic goal scorer and yes he may miss 5 chances and then put away the 5th, but it's the fact that he gets in those situations and scores them! That my friends is called positioning and only a few top strikers have this ability. He scores 20 plus goals every single year aswell. Not to mention he is mk dons all time top goal scorer aswell with 54. Nothing more to say...Living in the past! he's not got that explosive pace anymore to get away from defenders. A large number of his Barnet goals were penalties and he was still missing sitters all season.If Robinson and Harford think that Izale is the man to get us promoted, then we may as well turn off the lights and go home. A shockingly unambitious target, if it's true that is, which is very unlikely. Anyway, NEVER go back... Ince anyone?You deluded mk dons fan.... im an mk fan and clearly know more then you... izale would be the perfect man for promotionMe? Deluded? Oh dear....Never go back? Heidur Helguson machine at Watford. Goes to Fulham in P.L and a nightmare begins, then he goes to 3 other clubs and it gets worse and worse.. Goes back to Watford and couldn't score more goals if he tried! Now in PL doing well scoring for Q.P.R. Sheringham back to Tottenham from Manchester United is another great example. I think Izale will be brilliant for us once again and will have confidence because he is a fans favorite here.Izale has brilliant movement (at this level) just abit hit and miss with his finishing, perhaps Ian Wright could sort that out.If McLeod was that good, how come only lowly Barnet took him on? And why release such a "valuable" player? Anyway, if he was that good, surely there'd be huge competition for his signature? All the teams in League 1 would want him to get them promoted, surely...?


07 Jun 2012 13:42:48
Emmanuel Adebayor will not get a permanent move to Tottenham next season due to his wages. Adebayor is set to join the MLS or the Russian league in search of significantly high wages.(18)(15)


07 Jun 2012 13:41:20
Brian stock will sign for afc Bournemouth next week along with Damien Johnson on free stock will cost 200-300k not been agreed yet more to follow(7)(7)Where did u hear this to you say the stock deal isnt done but is the johnson deal been agreed meny thanksDamien Johnson signed for fleetwood todayI heard stock was in Bournemouth last week I thought it is a free transfer with another player going to donncaster


07 Jun 2012 13:35:20
Victor Moses to Tottenham for £6million + Giovanni Dos Santos to Wigan. (Accepted).(11)(27)Doubt it is true , but if it is ? Good deal for Wigan if Moses still wants to leave .Moses stated that he will sign a new deal provided Martinez stays (which he has), He won't leave but Wigan will get Dos Santos anywayDos Santos is the better player so Spurs would hardly pay money and give him for Moses but Gio wants to return to La Liga anyway so that deal won't happenMoses is a better player than dos santos, and im not even a wigan fan...dos santos is good but moses is class would love to see him at york city hahaYeah dos santos is a better player than moses! good one do you have something wrong with you


07 Jun 2012 13:33:29
Watford will be announcing friendly against Shrewsbury as part of the inevitable transfer of James Collins to the Hornets!(15)(0)The looming friendly does sound like we're doing some sort of deal with them. However the friendly will not be confirmed until after the Capital One draw, as the date for that game is not yet confirmed.Collins may move to Watford but this friendly is not part of any transfer deal. (Mr T)How is it inevitable?This was already agreed and whats inevitable about it?Why would we want a friendly with watford as part of the transfer? watford aren't a big club.It was actually part of the deal when Youth coach Dave Hughes moved to Watford from Shrewsbury.^ It's like a cup final for youWhy can't he stay


07 Jun 2012 13:29:32
roumors that caldwell wants away,and to go back to celtic, I hope its not true.....a celtic supporter..col(3)(13)


07 Jun 2012 13:17:32
Rumour around Bolton that Robbie Blake has signed a 2 year deal for Bradford City will be announced in the next 48 hours(5)(12)Highly unlikely that a 36yr old would be offered a 2yr deal. From what i hear he will stay at BWFC as a coach for younger players.If only it were true?Hope soWish it was true but couldn't afford himUnless he's been offered a player/coach role at Bradford to sweeten the deal?


07 Jun 2012 13:16:51
Free agent Paul Green in talks with Preston North End.he was released by Derby at end of the season and will sign next week on a two-year deal.(3)(20)He's a bit too good for Preston really.Lol. Greens to good for league 1.Why would pne need another midfielder its a right back and two strikers that pne will be looking for nowGreen by himself is better than pne...He left derby cus he thinks he's too good for us so why would he go league 1Well that is complete rubbish seeing as though Paul green is at the euros, so won't be signing anything until after then. Also he left derby cause he thinks he play for a high champ or prem team, this is not preston. Come on next joke!!!Preston.....mid table League 1 team at the very best....why would Green join a team almost in League 2 ......Was it 2 wins in 20 odd games....ROFLBecause even a league 1 preston is better than derby


07 Jun 2012 13:14:45
Preston North End are ready to pounce for Carlisle United's set piece expert James Berrett to join Francois Zoko in Graham Westley's revolution(6)(13)What set pieces he only takes corners.and he's crap at that.and zoko going to charltonZoko wants to play for a higher level, and berret wont go to preston he loves carlisle and knows how much they dont like prestonZoko has stated h is joining a club in the championship shows what you knowZoko left Carlisle to "test himself at a higher level", citing the Championship as his destination. He hopes to confirm his new club later this week. Never, ever going to Preston!Seriously, why do carlisle hate pne so much? this is a serious question.Zoko knows pne will get promoted so technically he is moving to a higher level and will playin in the championship nxt season. NORTH END forever woop woopBecause you are are closet league rivals and it is unlikely we will play Newcastle which is slightly closer.What when Carlisle finished higher than you last season we will even give you lubo we wanted him dropped all season promotion at Preston what toshNorth End a big club? dont make me laugh what a great season you had last campaign. Relegation candiditaes 12/13Zoko on his way to HuddersfieldPNE should really focus on their big local rivalries like Fleetwood and Morecambe who they will meet in League 2 before long...Just because Zoko said he wants to play at a higher level does not mean he is actually going to.The rumours I heard say Zoko's going to Middlesbrough.Berrett has signed a new deal


07 Jun 2012 13:14:08
Jay Rodriguez is set to seal his £7million switch to Premier League Southampton today in a deal that take Richard Chaplow back to Burnley(17)(16)For the 10th million time chaplow is not going anywhereWhy do people keep claiming that Burnley will get a player as part of the deal? They are getting good money as it is. Don't be greedy.Chaplow is NOT part of the deal.Would rather keep Chappers than farm him off to Burnley! Jay still aint worth 7 million irrelevant of how good a championship player he is.Chaplow wont go back on a permanent maybe a loanChaplow is not part of this deal yet, but Burnley have an interest in taking him back to Turf Moor.Chaplow has said he will not be going anywhere.Chaplow stated on twitter that he's going nowhere!No player exchange. 7 mill is plenty and enough of a tag for a player to live up to. Good player, really hope it works for us saints but that is more than enough money for his services.


07 Jun 2012 13:13:52
Rumour that Mario Balotelli's younger brother Enoch set to sign for Port Vale(4)(15)One getting paid a fortune and one just not getting paid at all :-)


07 Jun 2012 12:59:49
Sheffield united look set to take a gamble on league two striker Nahki Wells, with reports saying that Sufc have had a bid off 100k accepted it is now down to personal terms(5)(13)


07 Jun 2012 12:53:08
Derby County close to agreeing personal terms with Karleigh Osborne following his release from Brentford(10)(4)Where u here this and do you know where marcus bean is goingFrom a source close to the club. I've also heard rumours of both Charlton and Watford being interested in Marcus BeanMy ass about Marcus Bean he is league 2 standard!Bean signed 3yr deal with Colchester today. Sap^Beano is a good mid-table midfielder, hes not going to get you promoted but he will keep you in the league.


07 Jun 2012 12:52:21
man utd are looking to add to the signing of kagawa with a big move for udinese midfielder asamoha(15)(12)United will try, but I think he is headed to Juventus.


07 Jun 2012 12:47:31
Watford have been linked with:

-marko futacs
-Joseph mills
-alex cisak (apparently he has already returned from holiday to start talks)
-Simon church (rumoured to have placed a £850,000. And before people say watford are much better finacially now so yes they can afford that.)(9)(12)I can see why we'd be interested in all these players. I'm just thinking that 850k for Church seems like a big risk. We've done well buying 500k> players. Would be far more interested in Futacs or Paul Taylor.Alex Cisak is going to Peterborough for a fee of 350kIm a watford fan and no way can we afford to pay 850,000 for one player who reading fans dont even rate!. It's much more likely that we will sign shrewsbury's james collins for a nominal fee like 250,000.I'm a watford fan and am fed up with people saying we dont have 850k to spend we've got one of the smallest debt in the league + mariappa sale, I do agree this one is unlikely tho, o and Carlisle fans didnt rate Graham when we signed him, look how that turned outI'am a cousin of Joseph Mills and this rumour is falseAlex Cisak for Watfordwill not be joining Peterborough and will become the No.1Some Watford fans really are naive. Sorry but, we were promoted and have made upwards of 30m in transfer fees in recent years. Yet we're still making losses so do not assume that one 2m means we can afford to splash the cash. Don't forget all of the money spent on pub, pitch and stadium too....Where has all this church rumour come from i think he could be a good signing but i can see nothing anywhere!Simon Church to Watford for 850k? Well it's better than the insane amounts of money I've been hearing in the region of 2 million or even 4 million, but still I can't see Watford agreeing for anything over 500k.Pretty sure we aren't going to buy anyone for over 500k since we broke our transfer record for Nathan Ellington a few years ago and he flopped big-time.


07 Jun 2012 12:45:58
Brighton willing to offload Inigo Calderon to Crystal Palace, provided they can get long-term target Southampton's Danny Butterfield. This will leave Southampton/Newcastle et al to compete for the signature of Nathaniel Clyne, who is mulling over a new deal at Selhurst(7)(11)Brighton will never offload Inigo Calderon to Palace that would be a major step backwards. Carderon insists he is loving life with Brighton & Hove Albion.Calderon stated in the Argus the other day that he wants to stay at Brighton, plus he still has a year left on his contract.Aaron Martin from Saints to Palace on 12 month loan makes things interesting.Calderon would never go to palace what a joke a big backward stepCalderon to palace...h...draws breath....ha.{Big G Voice} Who wrote that rubbish about Calderon to palace surly that would never happen, but i said that about murrey last year, its a funny old world this footballing anything possible but really cannot see it happening with Calderon,Perhaps we could give Palace fans some free tickets to the Amex next season to watch some decent football including Calderon and CoButterfield would be a massive signing
Calderon can go to palace as he's an average league one player and take Barnes as well3-1. that is allI heard because of the signing of ward and aaron martin(loan) palace have lost interest in tunchev10th - 17th that is all.Yep, 2.5 million well spent. was it 10 goals mackail smith got? murray got 8 and scored the winner against you and the winner against united. i know whose side i'd rather be on!Yeh, I would rather be on the side that is BETTER (brighton!) oh and ashley barnes comfortably outscored murray, who was rubbish for youPalace fans look at the final league table who finished higher players don't move to clubs on the odd good result they want a team who will finish higher up the league and I'm afraid that's not you10th - 17th that is all - still couldnt win though


07 Jun 2012 12:42:08
Stockport County have confirmed that promising full-back Andy Halls has signed a one-year contract extension with the club. Alex Revell also a target.(2)(8)


07 Jun 2012 12:17:25
Heard that Crystal Palace are close to signing Tunchev, and Wilbraham. Also are battling in negotiations with Futacs of Portsmouth, however there is competition for his signature.

Bostwick is another major target,

Rumours about a loan deal for Baldock are false - we havent made an approach although is one that has interested Freedman in the past.

Players expected to leave the club are Easter, Wright and Scannell(5)(6)Ngl no ones battling to sign futacs he's gonna stay with us for first team football :)Tbh mate he'll get first team football at palaceFutacs is not ready for Championship football yet. He has potential but he has a lot of work to do on his game before he is ready for Championship football. A season or two in Div 1 would benefit him.


07 Jun 2012 12:12:21
Jimmy walker is rumoured to be going to turn down his new contract offer at Walsall and is talking to Barnet & Southend as they are closer to where he lives.

Emmanuel Ledesma, Manny Smith and Richard Taundry are all rumoured to be leaving the Saddlers

Walsall are rumoured to be interested in
GK Gunnar Nielsen (man city)
Striker Darren Mackie (Aberdeen)
Midfielders Chris Hackett (Milwall) and Ian Craney (Accrington)(3)(4)Ian craney is a smahing defender. would help the saddlers a lotManny smith wont leave walsall he loves the club you walsall rumours are telling to much liesIan craney is a midfielder?


07 Jun 2012 11:18:49
Hi Ed have you any news on David Cotterill signing for carlisle united? Also any truth in the Marlon Harewood rumours joining the cumbrians?(1)(10)If this is true these then this could be the new carlisle forum
Miller Harewood
loy noble tawio/berret cotteril
Chantler Murphy Linvsey simek


07 Jun 2012 12:42:46
Barnet interested in taking Southampton's Sam Hoskins on a season long loan deal for the 2012-2013 campaign(9)(1)Good player from what I have heardA young talent who won't get a look in this year. Great deal for both sides.He should go to a league 1 club


07 Jun 2012 12:40:05
As confirmed in the Bucks Free Press today, as soon as the transfer embargo is lifted on Wycombe Wanderers (once the takeover is complete) Gary Waddock will act quickly to sign up players he has been holding talks with. These are believed to be Gary Doherty, Alex Revell, Izale Mcleod, Scott Donnelly, Chris Hackett and another unnamed CM. Although wages here appear to be a problem, the transfer fees received from the sales of Jordon Ibe and Kadeem Harris will contribute to it. Should Stuart Beavon be sold, no fee will be accepted under 750k and most of that money will be channeled into bringing a striker of his quality into the club. (Very reliable club source).(3)(8)Believe the unnamed CM is actually Marcus Bean


07 Jun 2012 12:34:55
EXCLUSIVE: HARRY REDKNAPP TO BE APPROACHED BY CHELSEA REGARDING MANAGERS POSITION. as a west ham fan this doesn't concern me in the slightest but this is what ive heard 10 mins ago a source that works closely with the Chelsea camp(22)(27)Not happening. HR will retire next season - Gus Poyet will move to WHL and Alan Curbishley has been asked to manage Brighton from 2013-14.


07 Jun 2012 12:16:49
Michael Jacobs (Northampton) was apparently in his local telling people he's joining Derby. (Northampton fan)(16)(5)


07 Jun 2012 12:09:17
No official players signed of yet but Kieth Hill has pointed out he may look abroad, he has already traveled to Portugal to speak to players.(11)(3)Didnt realise kieth hill spoke portugese :-)


07 Jun 2012 12:06:02
Stevenage interested in wycombe Scott rendall.(6)(13)Only started two games for Wycombe in League One and went out on loan to Bristol Rovers and Oxford where he only scored about 4 goals, so I really doubt it.


07 Jun 2012 12:00:51
James Milner set to sign for Chelsea after the euros for 15 million(19)(36)Like hell is he worth 15 mill theres no way hes better than jarvis not in a million yearsMilner is worth 3 million tops, no style, just brute force and lots of running


07 Jun 2012 11:57:04
just a little message to huddersfield fans- just heard from a reliable source that we are leaving the galpharm stadium due to the shares issue, we will play there for the next 3 years though as a 30,000 seater stadium is built back on leeds road were 10 pin bowling is and the car garage next to it. this will be confirmed by the club in the next 48 hours. and its going to be called the cowshed (huddersfield are going home)(12)(36)I heard about this to. i was wondering how we could pay for it but ive heard dean hoyle will team up with kirklees council and also as were in the championship we will be getting money from ticketing. we would of got quite a lot from the final win against united 2 {Ed007's Note - Any who replies to their own posts will be blocked from the site. It will give you some time to grow up.}Whos your 'reliable source' then? cos i dont think that this would happen, giants wouldnt fill the galpharm so surely either the galpharm would have to be reduced in size or closed down if it happened. the council wouldnt want to close the groundAbsolute rubbish!! Find something better to do!If the original poster responded to his own post this loses all credibility for me, even though I have heard something similarThis is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard ,
1. the team have a 99 year lease and cant leave
2. Kirklees council would never support it as they are shareholders in the sadium too and the sadium would fail without town
3. if you are reply to your own posts in support you've obviously made the whole thing up but are trying to look legitimateI have on good authority that this statement is complete rubbish!The site you mention couldnt fit a 30 sweater stadium never mind 30000 plus a car parking space of course. Most ridiculous rumour yet!Keep dreaming! Never ever will happen! The council would never approve two stadiums when we can't even fill one with two teams.


07 Jun 2012 11:54:34
Its believed Gary Waddock has spoken to various targets but can't act until the clubs transfer embargo is lifted. Those are believed to be: Scott Donnelly, Gary Doherty, Izale Mcleod, Alex Revell & Chris Hackett(5)(6)Seems realistic as both Scott Donnelly and Gary Doherty have said publicly that they would be happy to join Wycombe.


07 Jun 2012 11:54:10
Jobi McAnuff to Millwall(5)(29)Yeah because reading would really sell their captain and he would really want to give up the chance to play in the prem to go to millwall...Sure mate. Why is he going to millwall when reading are in the premier leauge????Would be a good signing, good competition for places on the wingsNot a chance he is reading captainIt would be very good if wall did sign him,but really cant c it happening! ps it wasen't so long ago when reading were in the old 2nd div! short memories mate!Hate it when people put rumours on here, that will never happen


07 Jun 2012 11:53:27
peltier will move back to huddersfield before the monday (must want to watch the england match with his old mates) lafferty may take a bit more time as contract talks are lasting longer than expected but should be wrapped up but next friday(16)(8)Both very believable! i hope they're true...Both believable? dream on! Why would peltier wanna go backwards in his career to a smaller club on less wages? LOL

LeicesterLadHow on this earth are Leicester a bigger club than huddersfield?
Leicester city = No historyJust have to wait and see wont we leicester lad. I for one will be back on here to post if he does sign for us. huddersladI really cannot get my head around this why would town want to sign lee peltier when we have Jack Hunt who is twice the player that peltier is ??Jack hunt twice to player peltier is?? are you mad hunts got SO much to learn about been a defender he had 1 good game against arsenal and has lived in that shadow ever since most over rated player since alex smithies. i for 1 would welcome pelts back gladly.Is this guy above for real peltier comes back he sat on bench jack hunt is towns crutial RB


07 Jun 2012 11:41:59
West brom to loan out Simon cox due to first team appearances last season, reading,Norwich and Swansea all in the pot for his services with grant holt possibly going the other way if Norwich secure Simon cox, you heard it here first(5)(18)We might need him. I'm not sure most what the players would think of Steve Clarke being the new manager.Yes that is exactly the sort of thing a club decides when they don't have a manager! What if the new boss really rates Cox !?!Simon cox. Is ex Reading fc. No good then. No good now so no thanks Not req at Reading fc. Norwich city can have him thanks for warning us.Don't want him back at Reading. He was rubbish for us, and I haven't seen much improvement since he's moved away. Marginally better than Simon Church.We (reading) sold him ages ago because he wasn't good enough so why would we get him back now?Holt will not be going to West Brom and we certainly would not take Simon Cox in exchange. If you are throwing him in you can add extra cash as well to compensate us for taking such a poor striker. None goer. We have just signed our manager, he will have his own targets so anything said before is likely to be scrapped.He was sold to swindon and swindon sold him to west brom, hes played more games for swindon than any other team, Good playerHe wouldnt be that bad when I have seen him playing for West brom he has been pretty good.Not saying cox is good enough or not but to say he isn't because you once sold him when he was young is ridiculous! is jordan rhodes not good enough for ipswich?
also cox definitely wont be loaned out. his contract was effectively up and albion took up the one year option so that if he leaves they can get a fee, i doubt they would extend his contract just to loan him outClarkes beta than Rangnick because of his knowledge and relevant successes in the Premiership. Ralph was bankrolled in Germany and when the call came to better himself he couldn't hack it. Don't get me wrong I think we could do better but we aren't as big a club as we think. If we can't pay 2 mil for HUGHTON I rest my case.Complete tosh, Norwich are not the least bit interested in Simon Cox, and as for swapping him with Holt ?, where do you come up with such utter dribble....


07 Jun 2012 11:40:01
Leicester set to complete the free signings of Fitz Hall and Zat Knight within the next week, following Sol Bambas depature and Matt Mills pending transfer to Celtic. Also moves expected for Norwood of Man Utd and striker Kevin Doyle from Wolves.(14)(19)Doyle would not even consider Leicester.Haha!!!
Kevin Doyle to Leicester!!!
Made my day that has.Regarding Doyle, you will find LCFC have already bid for him and he wants to leave Wolves but is waiting till after the EUROS but whether it is LCFC or another club at least its step up to a bigger club for himActully doyle was asked about joining leicester and he didint say no he just said he would consider his options.Doyle said he would consider Leicester, but he WILL be leaving wolves as they are on a downward slide. Several Teams interested.Doyle will go to a top 10 premiership side or stay at Wolves he has said as much. How can anybody sensibly claim that Leicester are a bigger club than Wolves-that's just laughable.Leicester are a bigger club than wolves! and im a Derby fan and hate to say anything nice about leicesterSo whoever wrote the above post is trying to tell me a team that has never won the 1st division and never won the fa cup is a bigger club than Wolves who have won both these? You must be joking! after all the size of a club is based on History and historically Wolves have won it all domestically whereas Leicester have not thus Wolves are a bigger club! Also where have Leicester been in the last 3 years when Wolves have been entertaining Premier league football? Oh yeah only being able to reach mediocrity in the Championship. In my opinion Leicester are just a small clubLeicester are Wolves are both the same now, regardless of Wolves past as of now they are a championship club with a massive stadium bill hanging over their head!!Well what do darby no about winning things what was the last thing you won^^ How can you question what somebody knows? You can't even string a sentence togetherAdd derbies and Leicestershires (.which I still see As a cricket county not a football club) triple the amount, then you may be able to fill the little trophy case in the molinuex boot room! FWAWI presume you mean DERBY'S and LEICESTER'S? Not to pick you up on your grammar....
If we are judging 'size' based on what teams have won in the past then would you consider Wolves to be a 'bigger team' than QPR, Stoke or Fulham who have not won the FA Cup.
Surely it is about where you are now and not where you have been in the past?
And yes Leicester have done badly in the last few years but I would hardly say that surviving by a single place on the last day of the season and then being relegated is considered 'entertaining permier league football' unless you are talking about the opposition?^ ^ Premier league football is premier league football doesnt matter where you finish. Wolves may be in the same league as Derby and Leicester next season but they still must be considered a bigger club. Also just another little fact. Wolves and Leicester both got relegated from the Prem in the 03/04 season and which one of those has seen league 1 football, oh yeah thats right Leicester City have!So we went down to league one. I could name a number of ex-premier league teams that have spent time in league one. Nottingham forest for example - who are a more successful club than Wolves but have not "entertained" premier league crowds in a long time. Are they smaller than you?
I think you'll find you are only as big as the league you are in currently. You maye have been 'bigger' whilst you were entertaining premier league teams but now you're back down in the doldrums with us. Like it or not - currently you are as big as we are.Also, it kind of does matter where you finish - because if its 18th, 19th or 20th then its called 'championship football' the next season


07 Jun 2012 11:39:08
Rumour has it that Huddersfield Town are looking to sign either Emile Heskey or John Carew, both free agents, to partner Jordan Rhodes for next season. Also a bid for Blackpool's Barry Ferguson to bolster midfield(16)(22)You can have barry he as much use as heskeyOf course! Blackpool will sell there captain and he'd go to a team who'll be battling against relegation rather than promotionWouldnt pay heskey peanuts just same as all the old has beens that think they can finish their career in the campionship but miserably fail


07 Jun 2012 11:27:37
Southampton are set to make a £5m bid for Sheffield United defenders Matthew Lowton,22, and Harry Maguire,19.(10)(13)We will want a bit more than 5 Million for these two. We Rejected a 3.5 million bid from Newcastle in Winter and Matty Lowton is worth more than 1.5 Million.Southampton , are going to make a 5 million pound bid for Matthew Lowton and Harry Maguire ...... 5 million pounds ..... yet which one of these two players is that 5 million pounds bid for ??Hope not we need some prem players


07 Jun 2012 11:27:23
Out of contract Giant defender Bondz Bondzanga N'Gala (Yeovil)
To join Colchester united to replace Magnus Okuonghae(3)(8)Funny how he's not out of contract. #ytfcGiant defender!!
Meet this guy in a Plymouth nightclub couple of years ago,great guy but he aint no giant, I'm 6 foot 3 inches and was alot taller than him.Replace magnus he hasnt leftHe's 6 ft - 6 ft 1 not tall nowadaysHe is in contract one year left, plus he isnt even that goodWhen ever he plays it looks like he has never played football before hes that rubbish


07 Jun 2012 11:24:03
Notts county are holding talks with Jonathon forte and mike grella today about possible permanent deals with the club.(14)(6)Both would be good signings


07 Jun 2012 11:19:16
Luuk De Jong has stated Fc Twente Enschede is his home for now , Jermaine Defoe has come back to England after his dad died , Napoli have signed Inter Milans Macedonian striker Goran Pandev , Peterborough United have signed Danny Swanson , Brendan Rodgers first 2 signings could be Gylfi Sigurdsson and Ryad Boudebouz , Liverpool are also after Montpellier's french striker Oliver Giroud but Montpellier want 50m , Salomon Kalou is wanted by Liverpool and Arsenal(12)(10)Giroud has a 12.8 million buy-out clauseThey rate him as a 50 million player way to much for him


07 Jun 2012 11:18:53
Norwich are chasing Norwegian striker Mohammed Abdellaoue from Hannover.(14)(8)Confirmed today by Alan bowkettDoubt it. Norwich already said they don't want to delve into the overpriced foreign markets


07 Jun 2012 11:17:21
Darius Vassell in talks with Sheffield
United in a move that would boost
the blades' attacking options following their play off failure recently(10)(13)


07 Jun 2012 11:08:22
Rob Duffy, who has been released by Grimsby, is a shock target for Luton Town.(4)(4)Hasnt he already signed for lincoln?Yes - signed for Lincoln couple of weeks ago


07 Jun 2012 11:07:58
Rumours have gone around that Liverpool are interested and are going to bid for Adam Johnson of Man. City for around 16m.
Gylfi Sigurdsson has also said in an interview that he would like to come to Liverpool, and if so, it will be a great boost to LFC midfield
24 year old Rasmus Elm chase for signing has been led by Liverpool. This attacking midfielder would also be a huge boost to their midfield and attack. Pay: 8m.

PLayers that Rodgers may want to offload:
-Spearing.. LOAN
-Kuyt(already sold)
-Joe Cole

Rodgers has insisted that Luis Suarez WILL NOT BE SOLD!

Thats all I have heard and read:)(20)(12)Rumours go round Liverpool all of the time, normally delivered with the rock solid confidence of someone "in the know".

And then they don't happen.

To be honest, it's one of the things I miss.Dont people read the news cole is getting a chance lille wanted him n there president said hes staying at liverpool im not a liverpool fan btwJoe Cole will not be leaving Anfield. He is highly rated by Rodgers, see's his as a free alternative to Downing and as his transfer budget is limited (Compared to King Kenny) he doesn't wish to waste any in this area.He said joe cole is part of his plansThe manager has already stated that Cole and Aquilani will be given a chance to impress. So telling prokies.


07 Jun 2012 11:04:04
Jordan Rhodes looks set to join Everton for 8.5million by the end of tomorrow(11)(35)He isn't worth anywhere near 8.5milYou're right, he's worth more than that!Since wen did everton have 8.5 mil?????Everton havent got that money haha unless they sell more like try and loan himThat would be very difficult as he is on a family holiday for another week yet!Total nonsense,he is going nowhere.Everton aint got 8.5 millionMoyes still away from Goodison at the Euro's so no one will sign until they are over. Rhodes/Beckford not enough quality for the prem.


07 Jun 2012 11:01:57
steve clarke new wba manager sky sports new(22)(4)


07 Jun 2012 11:01:26
Norway defensive midfielder Alexandra Tettey is thought to be on the plane to England after impressjng against England teams interested are Sunderland,Fulham and Southampton(5)(1)That would be a good signing. I thought he looked pretty good against us.Tettey was very good against England showing a superb range of passing as well as a grit while defending. Would be a decent replacement for Dickson Etuhu.


07 Jun 2012 11:01:02
chelsea are now after theo walcott and bakary sagna due to getting hazard and hulk but now i think they needs a striker someone like

liverpool are thinking of putting a 16 mill bid in for adam johnson

arsenal want malaga striker rondon for 20 million if robin van persie leaves for man utd man city or barcelona

anelka may well be going back to the english league to spurs or qpr.(11)(19)He would never go to qpr factHe would never go to QPR "fact"......he told you this did he? your an idiot!We dont want him at QPR "fact"


07 Jun 2012 10:59:21
Rhys Murphy set to join Yeovil Town.(8)(7)How sure are you?


07 Jun 2012 10:52:49
Southampton to sign Danny Guthrie on a free transfer. They are also trying to bring chelsea's sam hutchinson on loan to reinforce central defence.(16)(9)No weir not hucthinson will go to charlton


07 Jun 2012 10:49:51
ed any news on hull city transfers? {Ed013's Note - Not until your new manager is in place}(2)(2)F campbell and c gorden will be the first twoIf Steve Bruce becomes manager michael turner and Frazier Campbell for shore,we are also apparently in talks with obafemi martinsAye and take bramble, elmohamady, ji, and the rest of the ste he bought to sunderlandMilan baros as well supposely but i want harry kane from spursEmile Heskey on Sky


07 Jun 2012 10:48:06
Rory McArdle has signed for Bradford.



07 Jun 2012 10:44:20
Peterborough United to sign Oliver Norwood from Manchester United and also Hallam Hope on a season-long loan from Everton(4)(18)Posh aint doing loans this window because they were shocking last year.


07 Jun 2012 10:40:27
Craig Bellamy is getting on a plane to see the Malaysian owners of Cardiff City (before or after Olympics). He has been spotted around the Vale hotel and around the CCFC board members (like Alan Whiteley). He wants to leave Liverpool as he has personal issues with the new gaffer Brendan Rodgers.(19)(20)Probably just seeing his family and catching up with friends from cardiff city board. Would be great to see bellers back!Hope your right palAll believable, but could be the fact that he still has friends within ccfc, and he back in cardiff simply because he still lives here! does he have personal issues with a former swansea boss? possibilly! but hes professional enough to realise that if there were issues when rodgers was at swansea it was simply that! 2 rival teams and 2 men passionate about each others clubs!Nonsense, Bellers has no problem with Rodgers but he knows that he might not be in his plans and can accept that.

He's in talks with West Brom about a 1 season deal, and the incoming boss is happy to have Bellamy join.Yes it is believable, i dont think so probably because of his family but i hope he will come back, i dont think bellers will have a problem with rodgers after all he plays in a Wales team that have a few swansea players in it, he might give a bit of banter but he hasnt kicked off with any of them.How are we the next pompy do you read that the investment secures the club financally for yearsWell there is no guarantee that we will be able to make a deal with the langston corp


07 Jun 2012 10:39:10
Preston on the verge of signing Luton Towns midfielder Keith Keane on a free due to being out of contract. However, Luton are also in negotiations(12)(7)Has signed for prestonPreston have announced the signing of KeaneI here Emile Heskey has been offered a 2 year dealSigned today for PNEHe has already signedKeith Keane has signed for pne joins up with the rest of the new players 1 july says on pne websiteKEANE HAS SIGNEDHas signed a 2 year deal with Pne today (official web site)


07 Jun 2012 10:29:23
Steve Clarke will be appointed as West Brom boss in the next 48 hours and will bring Raheem Sterling on loan to The Hawthorns.(13)(6)Better than the German ! We need a coach not a manager cos Ashworth does the rest. He is a well respected coach. Forget Liverpool, he probably wasn't allowed to coach under Dalglish. Gotta be betta than RangnickExcuse me, but isn't this the same coach that was instrumental in Chelsea winning 2 Championships? The same coach that helped a poor Liverpool team to the 3rd meanest defence in the league and 2 major cup finals? Yeah ... he sounds really poor ... success ? No thanks !? What we need is a is someone who's never worked in England and has stress related issues ... Anyone who thinks he's a bad hire knows absolutely nothing about football.Would not read too much into this, Dan Ashworth is on holiday and Jeremy Peace has just returned,Steve Clarke left Anfield yesterday,If it takes Albion 6 weeks to finally get a nod from the German guy ,how is it they can set up Clarkes appointment in a matter of hours ? Nope this is speculation,the new guy will be a
Mr Santa Claus from the Lapland league and he will take up his new appointment once his rounds are finished on December 25th 2012,also he will be on a 12 month rolling contract that terminates 24th december2013 that will allow him to go back to his duties in Lapland in case it all goes t$ts up .Why has Clarke "gotta be better" than Rangnick?


07 Jun 2012 10:27:44
Any west ham rumours?(6)(10)Only rumour I've heard is they should still be in the Championship from wot I saw last season! Rubbish. Bet on them going straight back down!


07 Jun 2012 10:25:57
Southampton have put a 3.5 million pound bid for Jack Butland but Tottenham and City are also interested.(17)(3)


07 Jun 2012 10:24:08
charlton to make a shock offer for chris brunt
metro(9)(20)You can't afford himCant see itYeah heard this too. he is unhappy with the changes made at the hawthorns and his contract wont let him to go another club. he wants to go to championship favourites charlton.What is it with Charlton fans?Im a charlton fan and i dont think this is true, do you have the link?What changes at the Hawthorns ? no one including the chairman knows what the hell,s going on.Would be an outstanding signing but why would he come to us?"What is it with Charlton fans?"

Yeah they want to sign players for Gods sake, I mean what is it with them."What is it with Charlton fans?"

what is it about us? obviously we are excited to be back in the championship, and just love trying to find people who could potentially sign for us. and whoever said we cant afford him, we're not poor, we've got money!


07 Jun 2012 10:15:26
James Ward-Prowse will join Burnley today on season loan(8)(9)Why would we want some seventeen year old who has not played a single league game for Southampton, he's more likely to go out on loan somewhere he will play week in week out at burnley he will not.Is there any evidence or just a hunch?I can't see that happening. We already have a couple of talented young midfielders, who should be given a chance to shine and not some young loanee.Very talented could break into burnleys first team


07 Jun 2012 10:10:43
west ham will be signing anelka(11)(31)


07 Jun 2012 10:07:38
Chris Hughton will make Curtis Davies his No. 1 transfer target to kick off his summer spending when he is named Norwich City boss

Source: The Daily Mail(18)(7)That would sort our deffence outDont bank on it, he is at best a decent championship defender, you should be looking at a better quality defender to allow you to kick on in the premiership,especially in your second season,really cannot see davies doing anything to improve your defence,i would hope to set my sights higher if i were a NCFC fan.Do you even know what you are talking about? Take for example:

1) Whitbread - did brilliantly for us this season, we signed him and he played Championship football for 1 season for Norwich, before adapting successfully to the Premier League. Proven.

2) Ayala. Wasn't good enough for Liverpool supposedly, played in the Championship on loan at Hull and Derby. Didn't play for large portions of last season because of injury, but on the times that he did appear, he was commended on his performances. Still very young, one for the future no doubt.

3) Ryan Bennett. Signed from Peterborough in January, having played Championship football. Very young, but has so much potential, assured and composed for such an age, star quality no doubt. Brilliant signing for just 3m.

Therefore, a player who was in the Championship Team of the Year, would definitely improve our defence, and no doubt would be available more often that Whitbread who was injured often!

McNally sign him up!

Besides, even our convertee, R.Martin (usually plays RB), is pretty damn good at CB nowdays.Whitbread has left on a free (no, I don't know why either), Ayala can't string more than 3 games together, and Ward is too slow for Prem. Can see Martin and Bennett being a decent pairing, but they do lack that aerial dominance that we need against some teams. Davies would be a decent squad addition, but I would rather be looking at Dann or Johnson from the relegated teams if we could get them. And Fletcher if we need to replace Holt.Norwich cant afford fletcher's 4m price tag. staying at wolves as he believes is a bigger club with better supportersGood idea that taking defenders who were conceding lot's last season and have a losing mentality when we could sign Davies from a club with a great defensive record and a winning mentality


07 Jun 2012 10:03:58
steve clarke is in the running to become the new wba boss(12)(4)


07 Jun 2012 09:50:36
chelsea are still in the hunt for 2-3 big signings this summer with marouane fellani of everton high on the shopping list.(15)(6)Fellaini is goin nowhere!!! no offers shud b considered that r any less than 30 mil


07 Jun 2012 09:49:04
barcelona are on the verge of signing valincias spanish fullback jordi alba(18)(6)


07 Jun 2012 09:45:50
paul lamberts first moves as aston villla boss will be for former players anthiny pilkington an grant holt(15)(15)McNally will only sanction sale of either player to Villa if they pay way over their real value, and only then if Houghton is happy to let them leave


07 Jun 2012 09:41:30
Southampton are to offer £3.5 million to Birmingham City for goalkeeper Jack Butland SOURCE- Daily Mail(17)(5)


07 Jun 2012 09:33:08
Northampton Town are likely to announce the signing of Gavin Mahon within the next 24 hours. Adrian Boothroyd likes linking up with his former Watford players.(2)(8)Wrong Zoko has just signed a 3 year deal with CharltonYou've replied to the wrong rumour anyway and you're wrong, don't believe everything you read on wikipedia!


07 Jun 2012 09:26:10
Mohammed Tchite has emerged as one of Chris Hughton's prime targets to sign for Norwich City in the summer window
He would be available at a reduced price as he goes into the last year of his contract(7)(1)He is very quick. Very very quickHe could be our very own Peter Odemwingie
: DWho does he play for?Standard Liege in Belgium I think


07 Jun 2012 09:20:47
Stoke will be watching the Liverpool Lucas situation VERY closely. Lucas could well be out of favour with Rogers as he may find it hard to regain his first team position after coming back from injury. Stoke's new central partnership for the 2012/13 season could well be Palacios and Lucas. {Ed025's Note - in your dreams..(8)(16)Is this the same Lucas that all Liverpool fans were saying was their player of the season had it not been for injuries? No offence, but if Lucas did become available due to change in manager, im sure higher calibre clubs would be on the radar...

Right on ed!Im a stoke fan and i know we wont get lucas, at the moment hes just too good, but we are an up and coming club, no chance of getting him. cant wait to see all the losers come on here and start slagging stoke off thoughStoke tried to sign Lucas when Liverpool fans were on his back ......agree with the above though, no chance now. Have heard that they are keen on Bellamy again though.Its speculatory name dropping by our local paper as to who'd fit our team, simple as...
Same article says Paul Robinson and Ryan Nelsen would also fit our team but I don't notice there names ending up on here and TribalFootball etc...Lucas wud get in any team in the world, shud we be deluded enough to want rid (dream on) he wud hav the pick of the lot, so no disrespect to stoke who i rate, shift targetI would of said Crouch was too good for us but we signed him. We need a couple of higher calibre players to bring this club to better places


07 Jun 2012 09:13:53
Southampton are said to be lining up a £3.5m bid for Birmingham goalkeeper Jack Butland.(17)(4)


07 Jun 2012 09:11:39
Nigel Clough Has made an audacious approach to sign Free agent Luca Toni after his release from Juventus.
And Clough has also sent an associate to speak with french youth international Yannis Tafer after his release from Lyon this summer.(5)(10)Luca Toni plays for Al Nasr in UABI heard that aswell about Tafer.Hes also getting french attacking Midfielder released by Om first name Thomas last name unknown so i havent been able to search for him.


07 Jun 2012 09:07:07
Morocco and Montpellier midfielder Younes Belhanda (France's Young Player of the Year) is set to complete the move to the lane in the next few days. The transfer fee is rumoured to be in the region of £2.5million. After the recent loss in the play-off final, Kevin McCabe decided a fresh investment was what was needed, and has issued a formal statement saying that he is happy to see his money spent on a worthwhile cause. Good investment methinks?(3)(14)Absolutely not, he is worth WELL over 2.5million,HA this is the stupidest thing i've ever heard, if this happens i'll buy you your season ticket for the next ten yearsOf course the French player of the year is going to Sheffield United, what are you smoking. He's being linked with some of Europe's top clubs, and is worth a lot more than 2.5 millionMore like 25mil


07 Jun 2012 08:59:19
Burnley FC

Jay Rod looks set to join SFC today, as gutted as i am it looks like we have a good deal with 6.5m in full plus Richard Chaplow

Thanks Jay and good luck(19)(11)Il be gutted if Chaplow is part of the deal as the guy is a fantastic player and team member can't wait to see jay rod in a saints shirtWont get chaplow !Not sure on the Chaplow part. Know he's on holiday with the family in the Algarve. And previously stated he wanted to stay at SaintsRichard Chaplow is not part of the deal. Been confirmed by the player.It's a straight up 6.75M Cash no player involved :)The deal is cash only. Burnley are getting more than enough cash to buy replacements.


07 Jun 2012 08:56:05
Crawley Town are to announce the signing of Alan Connell from Swindon next week after Paolo told him he is surplus to requirements. the fee is in the region of 150k(14)(10)He was Swindon`s best striker last season till Benson came and he was their joint top scorer. Don`t know which newspapers you`ve been readingDoubt it, not league 1 standardNot div 1 quality and not worth 150kTake their hand off, he's too lightweight & didn't have the pace or skill to make up for it. Decent eye for goal though & put's in a shiftDidn't look so lightweight when he played Wigan in the cup and he played a big part in Swindons promotion this season.Worth every penny of 150k and a lot more. Goals/games ratio is amazing. Some people have not got a clue.I would drive him there for 150k, hard worker but hasn't got the ability for League 1. If he was good enough he would have been a regular starter last year, good impact sub at best!I don't think he is league 1 standard. We picked him up on a free transfer after he was bombed out of Bournemouth and he did ok here but he is hardly prolific. Think his record was a goal every 10 games for Bournemouth


07 Jun 2012 08:56:02
Ipswich are set to sign Stephen Quinn and Paul Taylor next week(12)(9)Neither will sign. Quinn being considered by Coventry and he has said he would prefer to go to Coventry as got better History.Ha ha ha ha...better history? Lol that's given me a right laugh!Previous poster, that's such a joke! Ipswich have an extraordinary history and had managers like sir Alf and sir Bobby. Plus if Quinn had the opportunity to go up a division to the championship, then why would he decide to stay in league 1?Itfc have a far better history and produced two of the finest english managers of all time , he off to itfc , fee agreedBetter history !Coventry better history than Ipswich? - can't recall them winning the uefa cup or supplying 2 england managers - but they did win the FA Cup (oh but so did Ipswich). Still I am surethat the lure of remaining in League 1 will swing things in Cov's favour!I've heard the Coventry rumour too only that he says it's not the history but the fact that it's ambitious with it's approach for the future whereas Ipswich aren't.Ha...this Coventry joker is hilarious! I couldn't care less if he does go to you but to say you are more ambitious and have plans for future...LOL. whatever mate. Bovvered?!And whos the one in league one


07 Jun 2012 08:46:28
Jonathan Forte and Mike Grella are meeting with Notts manager Keith Curle today(16)(3)


07 Jun 2012 07:42:40
Brighton expect to complete the signing of Gai Assulin by end of the week. The attacking midfielder spent half the season on loan at The Amex and was released by parent club Manchester City 2 weeks ago. Source: SkySports(15)(6)That's not on sky sports lies


07 Jun 2012 07:22:20
Jarmaine Johnson as signed a 3 year deal with Bradford City will be announced in the next day or so(12)(10)Where have you herd this ?What is your source? I think its bullst, still mulling over a contract from sheff Wed! Not deciding till after his holiday same as the other players who have been offered contracts.He not on holiday now he back the deal been done for days it just that there gonna annoce it in The day or so 100 per cent trueDon't believe it. Why would you know and no one else does unless you are jj


07 Jun 2012 06:43:12
Nancy official site claim they've agreed 4m transfer of midfielder Samba Diakite to QPR although there's still no word from Loftus Road on the deal.(10)(5)


07 Jun 2012 06:41:44
paul jewell expected to tie up neil harris and dele adebola transfer to ipswich this week(4)(22)Highly doubt either of these are happening.I dont think so mate get your fact straightNothing is happening at town for a couple of weeks at least so go take your bull elsewhere make stuff up about Norwich like chris houghton is our guardian angel as he takes norwich to new LOW levels ha he is as useless as a chocolate radiatorAnd jewell is a glass hammer 2years in championship hughton walked the title an made play offs jewell would just like to finish in top half but as we all know that hasnt happened for decadesYou budgies make me laugh....... Did you not see the squads he had with both n'castle and birmingham! To be honest it was embaressing he didn't get them up this year! As for Paul jewell he has a better record then a lot of other managers at taking teams to the prem and keeping them there!I don't think ipswich fans should lament Norwich. They are currently doing a LOT better than them and with hughton in place look safe for next season as he will keep them there with the budget he's been given of c. 16m. Coming from Celtic fan so no bias.


07 Jun 2012 06:07:33
Tottenham reportedly interested in Victor Moses and once they sign him he will be loaned back to Wigan for next season(9)(34)


07 Jun 2012 03:20:11
Brighton are chasing rivals right back Nathaniel Clyne as he is out of contract at palace and currently unwilling to extend.(2)(36)Good luck as man u and Newcastle are in talks with him.No chance. Host of Premiership clubs after him.No chance he will either go to a big club or a mid table prem team where he will get chance for regular first team football, he won't join another championship sideWould be a MASSIVE backwards step in his career.Even as a brighton fan I have to laugh at this one. Way to high a profile to come to us now. Zaha though is a different matter, wants to continue his education by learning from noone


07 Jun 2012 01:48:12
Harry Redknapp to Qatar?(26)(25)


07 Jun 2012 01:40:56
Nottingham forest will confirm that they have been brought by mega rich billionaire fawaz al-hawasi in the next 24hrs. Al-hawasi will soon get to work by sacking steve cotterill and appointing neil warknock as manager. Warnock will be given a large.transfer kitty to get forest promotion. From what I hear, paddy kenny and robert snodgrass will be his 1st signings...(23)(41)Not that large as the fair play rules will only allow 5 million plus sales... And for the players they have it won't be much in sales, and they would need 20 million minimum to look even a tiny bit better'...from what you hear...'

and where abouts did you hear this?You might have money but who wud want to go to nottingham forest!You can only use money that you make and seeing as you have been left in massive debt you at the moment can only spend what you sell.You wish!!Yes fair play rules state the 5 mil spend plus sales, but it also states on revenue coming into the club, ie sponsorships etc. At the moment forest sponser deals have expired. A loop hole in the fair play rules is the re naming of the ground which will be exploited (like at leicester). But I have on good authority that the new owner to be is planning on building a new ground! If all goes to plan it looks like a very bright future at forest.Al-hawasi not even been in touch with Forest owners, but Cotterill intrested in Krystian Pearce - Malony swop deal.Also ffp rules don't come into play untill 2013/14 season so forest can still get out of this league before thenWait till friday buddy doughty family love forest their is no debtAnother rumour that has no substance, there is no way they would sack Cotterall and replace him with Warnock.


07 Jun 2012 01:03:59
Reading have enquired about taking young Raheem Sterling on a season long loan. Reading are hoping that they will be able to build a link between the two clubs especially since Ex-Reading boss Brendan Rodgers left Reading on good terms despite being fired. There will be no end of season fee and a call back clause has been included. Raheem Sterling is not in Rodgers immediate plans Brendan is hoping to utilise Readings reputation of getting the best out of young players. Long and Doyle being the main examples.(18)(12)Rodgers has said that all his players are to be given an equal chance, so this is garbage.That does not garbage this. Raheem Sterling is a big part of his long term plans, but he doesn't feel he is ready yet. Rodgers is set to do what all Premier League clubs do with their best young talent who are not yet ready for the chance to shine consistently and loan them to a lower club. Cleverely for United and Miyachi for Arsenal are a prime example of clubs doing it.You'd be surprised with Rodgers and Reading. He's good terms with McDermott and Madejski but don't expect any favours whilst Nigel Howe is still at the club.Dear Ed, I posted this and Rodgers has turned down the offer. He wants to keep Raheem Sterling around at the club after he impressed in training and Rodgers now wants to drill his passing philosophy into him as he feels Sterling can flourish at Anfield.

Expect no more from this front.


07 Jun 2012 01:03:50
Francois Zoko and Alex Cisak to be confirmed as Watford players by next week.(7)(14)Sorry mate Zoko was seen at Deepdale on Monday.Are they out of contract?Bit of paceSo because he was seen at Deepdale, it means he's signing does it? Why play in Div 1 when he could play in the Championship!Zoko is out of contract. Left Carlisle because he wants to play at a higher level so I dunno why he'd be going to Preston...


07 Jun 2012 00:44:17
Former dundee united centre half garry kenneth has been offered contracts from aberdeen , hearts , hibs , sheffield united , blackburn,coventry with bristol city , sheffield wed , leeds and blackpool along with a host of unnamed turkish clubs all interested . overheard a conversation with his agent today at the landmark hotel in dundee .
kenneth has also been working on his fitness running the sidlaw mountains and lots of long hours in the gym in order to secure himself a deal as he had a few niggling injuries which stopped him from being at full fitness and would prefer sorting it out sooner rather than later for family reasons(5)(13)Gary Kenneth is the worst center half to ever have played proffesional football so there is no chance any of the above have offered him a contract..! He would be lucky to get a game for Junior side Lochee United haha..!Where have you been for the past month? Newcastle Utd have been sniffing around for weeks!

Bigirimana is a decent young player, but he is still very young (only just 18) and would benefit from at least another year in the first team at Coventry City...

However, I am sure that SISU (Cov's owners) will accept anything above 500k... SISU are notoriously poor at valuing players... They have sold several key players at a fraction of their true value. In my opinion Bigirimana would be worth ten times as much if they held onto him for a couple of seasons!Ian Black of Hearts is out of contract and has been offered a few deals by various English Championship clubs including Bristol City, Derby and Shef Wed so far. He's going to talk next week when back from his hols.
Although a bit of a hot head he has been outstanding 2nd half of the season for hearts and a Scotland cap would be no surprise. Whoever gets him have got a classy player similar to Barry Ferguson. There were rumours he was going to Rangers but not true, I know his family.Would do a job for hearts , him and webster at the back were solid for united think he is off down south though game there will suit him more i feel


07 Jun 2012 00:32:50
Who would you rather up top if we do sign a striker this window? De Jong or Giroud? For me Giroud all day! The daily mail is also reporting QPR have come in with a bid (LOL) but more importantly there saying he has a £12.8million pounds release clause, Surely we should make a move for him. Class Striker! {Ed015's Note - Up top for whom, dear boy?}(4)(1)Reading or saints fan n btw its a 50 million pound release clauseEd - qpr have reportedly bid for him

Baggy boyNah mate its a 12.8mil clause montpellier president said he is worth 50milEh no its a 12.8m release clause. that ridiculous 50m figure is what club chairman rates him at.Giroud at QPR would be good but don't think he will move since Montpellier are in champions league next year


07 Jun 2012 00:32:24
Crystal Palace are to sign Fitz Hall(4)(15)When? Next season (2013/2014) after his new one year contract at QPR ends?Best nickname in the world:

"One Size" Fitz HallEh? How did you miss hear Aaron Martin for Fitz Hall?


07 Jun 2012 00:32:23
Derby county

we have released 12 players and 7 transfer listed and someone said yesterday we are only getting a striker.

Rubbish the only transfer nigel has come out to speak of is Michael Jacobs who is a winger and with the amount of interviews hes done on him he clearly wants him badly.

These are Derbys targets

Paul dixon or Joe mattock or Aidy White

Krystian Pearce or Karleigh Osbourne

Fegor Ogude
Andrew tutte or Ashley westwood

Michael jacobs
Daniel Powell or Jon Taylor

Johnny Russell
Will grigg or Just using youth players

This is There targets no point disagreeing
i have not said we are getting messi.These players are well into the budget nigel has been given and he has mentioned these before.I only know that Official contact has been made with Michael Jacobs and Krystian Pearce.

I repeat Derby are Not getting Mustapha
Carayole it was Middlesborough who were the Unnamed Bidder.John Daly has been decided agianst due to his Lack of experience outside of the Spl for his age.
The other player Havard Nielsen from Norway is one of the Most Exciting Talents in norway so Derby wont be getting him whilst still in the championship.

Fegor Ogude for those who disagree about it.He has been sitting on the bench
for 3/4 of the season not because hes not good enough but because the team wanted let youngsters play a bigger part
in a interview that is easily found on the Norway football forum he had said he wants to leave if he was to have another season of being left out so Valerenga fc said they couldnt promise him that and transfer listed him offering for 500k.As many of you football fans probally play Fifa and have seen his stats and think he is amazing the stats are way overated he got that because he scored a hatrick in a
9-0 thrashing agianst a lower league Norwegian side.Nigel feels that derby are lacking a strong Anchor man and had Enquire about Nottingham Forests Guy Moussi but it was turned down so when they had a scouting trip in norway which im led to believe was for academy players.
As some derby fans no about Mat Morch
They were told by football experts over there of Ogudes situatuion of him being unhappy.Anyone saying he wont get a work permit he has already got one he has played in norway for 6 years and is classed as a Norwegian Citzen therefore can travel anywhere in The Eu.

Due to the improvement made this
season with the highest finish under
Nigel.The Board have offered 1.8 million
before transfer sales and with 6 first
team players listed you should see that
rise to 4 million but Nigel dosent want
spend anywhere near all of that but
to get suitable targets which still
allows him to introduce youth.

If anyone knows of any other players/targets reply or you care to disagree reply.(6)(21)


06 Jun 2012 20:55:31
Hi ed.any other epl team interested in South African midfielder Daylon Claasen?I know QPR was one of them(2)(2)


07 Jun 2012 00:31:56
Palace to sign SPL duo Andy Kirk and Jamie Murphy(6)(7)


07 Jun 2012 00:29:58
George Boyd to sign for Charlton Athletic on a free as his contract has expired, sources from other fans say he has signed a pre-contract so that means on the 1st of July he'll be officially ours and no one can get him, watch this space!!(3)(28)He has one year left on his contract and the top championship clubs are looking at him, so wrong and why would he?Really need to brush up on players Boyd still has a year left on his contract get your cheque book out if you want him he was going three years ago but DMac got him to stay expect negotiations in Portugal again ....As previously stated Boyd has a year left on his contract you plank. Don't you just love people who haven't got a clue!Sorry, I know he's ex-charlton but, he's just not good enough.

Who are 'top' championship sides in the closed season I wonder?He's is going to charlton this guy had got it wrong but he IS coming to us for 300k-650k he wants to come back to London and he supports palace so he'll be back home"why would he?"

LOL where to start! We are a club that are on the up again and Peterborough are heading in the opposite direction. We have more money, bigger fan base, better stadium and a better team. It's his home club one taught him his trade.

Yeah why would he!To the Charlton fan,
I support Wednesday and everyone one here is.saying were both carp clubs and will be relegated. They think every player wants to go with them as most are ipswich fans they are is a stay on championship side wi no ambition just like most of them. I know we will do well next season and good luck to your too.I was at the away game, impressed with the stadium (My first visit), congrats to you!Ditto Wednesday fan, top 2 is taken already before the season has started, and I thnk you know how I'm putting in the top two :)))))) CAFC SWFCHe's not good enough for us, no offence to him but i've seen him play a few times. all i know is that he wants out of p'boro.


07 Jun 2012 00:29:33
Preston have offered francois zoko a two-year contract to join the revolution .(12)(14)Your correct. He was seen at Deepdale on MondayNo they have not on the carlisle web site zoke wants to play at an higher levelJust because he may want to stay at Carlisle or even move somewhere else..... that wouldn't prevent Preston from offering him a contract, would it?If he wants to play at s higher level than Carlisle he could go to Macc.


06 Jun 2012 23:37:23
Bury look poised to re-sign former player Andy Parrish should youngster Andrai Jones fail to sign a contract extension. Parrish will be used as a utility defender.(7)(2)Hope andrai jones signs new contract good young playerThis is a non starter
Clippity is a good league two defender and has a good offer from Fleetwood


06 Jun 2012 23:49:55
Steve Clarke to be unveiled as the new West Brom head coach by the weekend. A good move by the Baggies me thinks.....just a few player issues to sort out(21)(9)I don't. He contributed to one of Liverpools worst season positions in ages - he was not much good for Zola either as I recall. Clearly scraping the barrel in my opinion coz they cannot think of anyone else. Hughton not coming because of compensation payment. I would'nt be surprised if they had to pay for their own tracksuit when they take the job. Sorry, but this is madnessTotally agree with these comments Surely to god there is somebody out there. It really is a gamble on someone who has never managed before. Not happyThis has got disaster written all over it. I would like to see us approach Hughton and pay the compensation fee. It has to be worth it surely?Totally agree , Downing said we were to sign a big name, what a load of tripe that statement turned out, we missed the bus on managers now we will be left standing at the bus stop when the transfer window opens,what kind of message does this send out to prospective players or trying to get new fans to the club,once more the fans have been shafted by Peace just to appease his pension pot,if this does turn out to be true ,I hope all the happy clappers at the Hawthorns who have supported Peace then go on to sing his name out as Albion go the same way as the Wolves,no ambition....Peace..OUT.WON'T be impressed with this appointment of it happens! No managerial experience, and as the person above stated, was part of a Liverpool set up during a very very poor couple of seasons by their standards! And players like Olsson and mulumbu definitely won't want to stay unless a 'name' is brought in....oh well....down the prem we slip

Baggy boyA great decision... To go DOWN ffsI take it all with a pinch of salt until an anouncement of the new manager comes out on the official site! Has Rangnick actually said he doesn't want the job as he was given til friday to make his choice. Ranieri was odds on favourite the other week and that was never going to happen. I'd be surprised if SC got the job!Absolutely pathetic! We're a top 10 club who want to push on and be a force to reckon with. Here more than ever the board needed to prove they had ambition and bring in a proven, quality and respected manager. Not only for the team to push on but also to retain some key players by proving we're going somewhere. So so stupid, Peace is looking for parachute payments in my opinion. Absolutely ridiculous! It's taken Norwich a number of days to get a manager, we've been waiting for months!!I think your forgetting that he had great success at Chelsea with 2 titles, 1 fa cup and then 2 league cups, yeh he has absolutely no experience.....


06 Jun 2012 23:12:47
Athletic bilbao are intrested in signing marseille right back cesar apilziacueta
There are a few other clubs intrested but bilbao is his preferred choice(12)(4)Iraola doesnt look set to move, and not the best of seasons for him eitherAthletico only sign home grown players(the basque area)so unless hes from there(idk where he is from btw)he will not be moving to bilbao


06 Jun 2012 23:09:55
Cheltenham Town appear to be closing in on the signing of Aldershot defender Anthony Straker.(4)(6)


06 jun 2012 22:39:44
any kilmarnock news.(1)(11)They are having a testimonial friendly against sheff wed 8th august for james fowlerBig news from Killie, they have been officially classed as being from Ayrshire. Well done to everyone at the club for this achievement.


06 Jun 2012 21:23:22
Watford Rumours:

-Watford to sign Shrewsbury Town striker James Collins for a fee of £400k, The Irish striker is away on international duty but will sign for the Hornets when he returns.

-Watford hope to sign QPR duo Heidar Helguson and Tommy Smith on a season-long loan. The Hornets hope to have their former legends back in august.(14)(19)There was a rumour chris iwlumo might sign for us at afc bournemouth was written on here is there anychance of that happeningYour source then?Helguson and Smith are not returning to Watford fact! Now will all deluded Watford fans, which seems to be the majority just get over it! They are gone and arent returning!Why would qpr want to keep helguson and smith? Their good players but they have cisse,zamora etc upfront and smith hasnt played in ages"They're gone and aren't returning". Even if they're not coming back this window I'd say there's a good chance that Smith will come back to us.Don't claim it's the majority of fans. This page is fundamentally flawed in accuracy because the more extreme views of fans get the majority of page space - because it's news! Nobody gets excited about some completely unknown youth player signing onto the reserve team, and yet that is much more common! I personally can't see Helguson ever coming back again - perhaps Tommy Smith in a few more years but not in the next few months. To be honest, I reckon both the two players and Watford have just moved on since those days - looking to sign new players, and, of course, looking to improve through their fantastic youth academy.


06 Jun 2012 21:23:10
James Spray to go on trial with Yeovil after his release from Wolves(10)(4)The reason he was released cause we didnt have a manager he might be invited back for pre season shame such a good talent


06 Jun 2012 21:17:53
peter wittingham to sign for sunderland, 3 year deal will be confirmed next week(12)(43)Why when O'Neill didn't rate him at VillaGood un, yet another side whitts is signing for,x


06 Jun 2012 21:16:28
roman abramovic keen on makingan ex england manager next chelsea boss capello or sven or maybe steve mclaren he be better of giving graham taylor a ring(7)(25)


06 Jun 2012 21:13:07
keith andrews to sign for charlton after euros(12)(38)What's you're source , Sheffield press saying he will be signing for Wednesday.There's strong rumours linking Andrews to Huddersfield,now Johnson's goneThey have got a very strong chanceDid a great job for West Brom and he's a great signing for any championship clubThose saying hes going wednesday or hudds, surely hed prefer signing for the team who actually won league one?He's not going to wednesday, he is good friends with chris powellDeserves a low end Premier League team for sure.I would have thought my club Ipswich would be in the frame to he loved his time with us on loan described as best in his carearKeith Andrews will actually be signing for Ipswich Town afetr a successful loanYeh cause everyone wants to sign for ipswich!!! i think not..


06 Jun 2012 21:12:54
Barnsley are to sign Frank Nouble if no other offer comes in from any bigger clubs. Reds also looking at former Barnsley players Daniel Bogdanovic and Brain Howard, who have recently been released Reading and Blackpool, not definite though.(3)(23)R U same person who posted same post last week?Happy to see Howard back in the ChampionshipPretty sure its mark howard, who was released from blackpool near january and went to sheffeild unitedFrank Nouble....The fella that hasn't bagged for us in 2 loan spells?Brian howard was released from reading...Frank nouble is fast bit will not solve our goals for crisis. Imagine he will be a 12 goal a season man of that. Butterfield needs to make a decision and either stay or go. On Barnsley web interview was stated his agent has not been in touch at all.Not mark howard you spoonMore like frankie Howard, titter ye not misses!!!Yep you get good support but look at your position.nearly best supported club in the blue square mate so wind it in.


06 Jun 2012 19:49:29
Huddersfield have agreed a 500,000 price for Lithuanian international Linas Pilibaitis(10)(23)Couldn't get a game with Hearts a couple of years ago so can't see this happening!


06 Jun 2012 19:46:44
Northampton set to announce the free trasnfers of Peter Winn and Sam togwell(8)(6)


06 Jun 2012 19:20:02
New Sydney FC Manager (Tony Popovic) wants to raid his old club Crystal Palace FC for Aussie Mile Jedinak to be his midfield general(3)(17)It's the middle of the A league season mate, don't think the aussie transfer window is currently open.A league season just finished...Popovic is Western Sydney Manager not Sydney FC. Don't see Jedinak coming home to either team.Firstly he's the manager of the new Western Sydney A-League franchise, not Sydney FC. Sydney FC are now managed by ex Tottenham and Norwich player Ian Crook.
Secondly as the new franchise is being owned and run by the actual league I doubt they'd fork out the money to cover Jedinak's wages while the clubs in its infancy, even though he may get a few more people through the gates.
And lastly why on earth would he give up a spot in a good championship team to drop back quite a few levels to the A-League, it's just not going to happen!


06 Jun 2012 19:02:03
Bradford will sign free agent Chris Hackett in the next 48 hours after his release from Millwall.

TL197(7)(8)Linked with more players than ROTHERHAMReally wish him luck on this one has to be playing a lot more. On his day will set league 1 or 2 alightWas a good player for us in league one, just couldn't cut in in the championship. Good Luck Chrissy HackettWhich ever league 1 or 2 club gets him will get very good lower league player good luck to him


06 Jun 2012 19:01:52
Damien Johnson who has been on loan at
at Huddersfield Town for the last 2
seasons, but only playing in 39 games in that time because of injuries, has turned
down a contract from the Terriers,
when his contract expired with parent
club, Plymouth Argyle, this
summer and he is is now looking for a
new club(19)(5)Local rag=factWhy would Huddersfield sell Ridehalgh on a free with a year left on his contract?Damien johnson has signed a contract at fleetwood town.


06 Jun 2012 18:58:51
A host of championship teams will look during the euro's at ukrainian midfielder konoplyenko(12)(3)


06 Jun 2012 18:48:11
Big news coming from the Forest camp
in the next few days (Maybe the weekend)

According to @Moh_Al_Saleh on Twitter.
He said 'Translate = Just wait , everything will be on time / From his sister this tweet also :) #NFFC'
His conversation was with @khawlamalhasawi.

Hopefully some big news coming soon!

Thoughts on this?

‎(4)(19)Who wants foreign ownersIf they do their jobs and supports the club i don't mindKeep chasing the dream cos that's all it is !!


06 Jun 2012 18:34:41
Notts County are keen to sign former Sunderland striker Oumare Tounkara. The frontman has spent the last two seasons on loan at Oldham.(12)(6)Doubt it he will sign a one year deal with oldham when he returns from holiday next weekWe notts county dont want rubbish strikers.No, but you're willing to pay them 4.5k, PER WEEK!Quite right youve got enough all readyOldham will sign tounkara and former Sunderland team mate andy Reid in coming weeksAgreed, we need a striker that could do well for us not strikers to sit on the bench (mike grella) forte wouldnt be bad but he did only have one good game and that was against charltonIs that the same Andy Reid that plays for Nottingham Forest? No chance.@ 2nd reply: haha, notts county don't sign rubbish strikers, i thought i heard you had signed big useless lump of a striker called ben burgess. guess who league one's stoke city is next season? Notts County obviouslyWhat the same andy reid that is at Forest !Is that the same Ben Burgess thats just signed for Tranmere?


06 Jun 2012 18:35:57
Jan Vertonghen to Arsenal?

Arsenal are planning a double Dutch swoop for Ajax pair Jan Vertonghen and Maarten Stekelenburg in the summer.(12)(41)Maarten Stekelenburg plays for RomaApart from the fact Vertonghen has stated today he expects to be moving to Spurs (The Independent) I'm sure this is a solid rumour ;-)Becuase arsenal are known for spending money - vertoghen 8 million and stekelenberg cost roma like 20 milion there not going to let him go cheapStekelenburg hasnt been at roma long so he wont be going and us spurs fans are very happy that we are close to signing stop dreaming.another ad gooner on is full of them ..u lot spend less then us and thats saying sumthingDouble dutch swoop?
If you mean the dutch league, Stekelenburg plays in Italy and if you mean nationality, Vertonghen is Belgian.Being an Arsenal fan i find it hilarious that Spurs fans can even begin saying anything negative towards us as we all know you are the greatest Buyers of all time NOT i mean you have amassed a great number of foreign imports just as many as us over the years but have ZILCH and i mean ZILCH Prem Titles to show for it our transfer policy works ie VIERA PIRES HENRY WILTORD LAUREN EDU FLAMINI RVP OVERMARS PETIT the list goes on compared to your down and out Foreign signings what im trying to say is stop chatting pure and utter rubbish about the way we spend our cash even our current so called flops dealt with your shambles of a side you can have Vertonghen keep Ade2leftfeetbayor and still you will be left with egg on your faces .Stekelenberg plays for Roma, and Roma didnt pay 20 Million for him they paid 5 MillionWhy on earth would you go for Stekelenberg? It's not as if you need to replace your keeper is it?Somebody clearly hasn't got their facts right!!


06 Jun 2012 18:07:55
Bradford will follow up the signing of Rory McArdle by signing Liam Ridehalgh on a free from Huddersfield and Tom Barkhuizen from Blackpool on a season long loan deal with a view to a permanent move.(9)(12)Barkhuisen highly rated at Blackpool and will be loaned to someone bigger than Bradford, most likely a League 1 club if he is loaned out, he was firing goals all over last season for Hereford in league 2.Ridehalgh isnt on a freeRidehalgh still under contract with Huddersfield so a fee would be required.Huddersfield might just want him off their pay roll if Grayson doesn't see a role for him next season.

Unlikely to be earning a huge amount (in footballer's terms) but in the new era of salary caps it all counts.

He has been out on loan and could probably be loaned out again for the remainder of his contract but if there is a club prepared to offer him a longer term contract now it would be doing right for the player as well as removing his salary cost from the equation.Ridehalgh is under 23 so even if he was on a free it would go to a tribunalSomeone bigger than bradford ??
Blackpool have some room to talk.If it wasnt for the away fans attending games at blackpool with good support city would have far bigger attaendances than blackpool.:) wont be long before we are back up where we belong.!Ridehalgh wont go on a free, hes still under contract and is under 23years oldOur away stand is 1800 and didn't sell out most games last season! Bradford are the example of how not to run a football club.


06 Jun 2012 18:19:02
ANY BRISTOL CITY NEWS.(4)(21)Yeah bcfc signed paul dixon frm dundee utdWho are u the city manager y haven't u put it on the website lol nothing coming out of Ashton gateYeah keep your nose out of out clubBecause it was 20 past 6 and no ones at the gate to put it on the website.......ever heard of 9 to 5...Yeah well ow its 15:23 and the only things that have happened are that louis carey signed a one year deal and now could surpass the late great john ateyos apps record and pearson signed a 2 year deal so if you don't know don't say


06 Jun 2012 18:17:15
Newcastle interested in Gael Bigirimana

Newcastle are lining up a move for highly-rated Coventry City midfielder Gael Bigirimana.

The 18-year-old enjoyed an impressive first season in the Coventry first-team this term, making 28 appearances in all competitions for the Sky Blues.
LiamsBiz(14)(7)Is he good ?If you think we robbed you when we sold you leon best for 2.2mil, just wait till you see how far out of his depth this kid is. he will be playing non league in 2 years.He has the potential to be great but atm he is still learning


06 Jun 2012 18:07:00
Damian Reeves could finally seal his move to Doncaster Rovers next week(8)(3)Nothing will happen until after the 18th june in terms of players coming in, some may leave beforehand thoughLets hope he lives up to the hype? Good plasterers can earn nearly as much as lower league footballers!!


06 Jun 2012 18:00:15
Albion to sign fleet wood town striker Jason Pearce to back up long, cox, fortune and pod. Looks an exciting young player and a bargain at 200 k(3)(17)


06 Jun 2012 17:47:52
Stephen Quinn set to join Ipswich! 400k fee afreed, rising to 750k depending on appearancesetc.(16)(10)That's too much.

More like 250k rising to 500k if town secure promotionHe would never leave us (sheffield united)
Hes a blade through an throughWell he's leaving mate, deal is all but done!Goind to go to Covetry. Coventry very interested and quinn has admitted he prefers the club psyche at the ricoh


06 Jun 2012 17:47:13
ipswich to sign marlon harewood(10)(24)They must be madWe are


06 Jun 2012 17:46:11
Luuk de Jong to Newcastle?

Newcastle are ready to sign the 21-year-old Dutch player of Twente, Luuk de Jong
LiamsBiz(10)(29)His agent has said its looks as if it's between Liverpool and TottenhamNo newcastle as well


06 Jun 2012 17:42:20
Any crystal palace or crawley town


06 Jun 2012 17:36:56
Along with David Bird, Hereford have former Rangers and Aberdeen youngster Christiano Kisuka preparing for a trial during pre-season.

Kisuka, who gained recognition by winning Soccer AM's Skill School, spent last season at Syrianska in Sweden

No he didnt. He was at Beith Juniors last season(4)(2)He did look at his twitter account


06 Jun 2012 17:36:37
James Chambers and Chris Hackett are rumoured to be in talks with league one side Walsall

Walsall goalkeeper James Walker is rumoured to be leaving the league one side due to him not wanting to move back to the midlands from Essex which is part of his new contract offer

Former Man City Goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen is being linked with the Saddlers to be Walkers replacement(6)(2)Hackett ? not very good should suit a relegation battle !! must be trueDid you see what Gunnar Nielsen was like at tranmere. Thats why he was released by man city!Chris hackett going to bradford mate !Hasnt walker alrady said hes staying hmm check ur facts btw im not a walsall fanWalker said he wanted to stay at Walsall before he was offered a contract, but at the moment he lives in Essex and was allowed to travel up to the midlands for matches/ training
But his new contract offer includes in it that he has to move to the midlands from Essex


06 Jun 2012 17:35:54
Adam johnson will be a Newcastle player next season,he is gutted about the euros and wants to join a side where he will be a regular(17)(35)That would be good for everyone.
Jonas hasnt got the pace to break forward every game but he will be a very good defensive midfielder.Then Johnson should be able to show off his tricks and show man city what they have lost great signing.Sorry to say but its well known that his family are saying him and his agent are talking to sunderland and the deal is close to being agreed, a loan with a view to buy, sorry to burst your bubble SGBSTypical SMB his "family are saying him" makes no sense whats so ever. and its a well known fact tht he was born in sunderland yes but he grew up supporting newcastle so sorry to burst your bubbleUnless either club are prepared to stump up 15 millin, he isn't going anywhere - forget loan to buy, City will only sell.


06 Jun 2012 17:28:39
Nigel Adkins is to attend a select few Euro 2012 matches and will be in Ukraine Monday, not to watch England in Donetsk, but Ukraine vs Sweden in Kiev. Specifically to watch Ola Toivonen, but you would assume all managers go out there with an open mind and could notice players they hadn't intended to scout.(12)(4)If that is true, I suspect there could be some major announcements from Saints before the weekend.


06 Jun 2012 17:20:32
yeovil are chasing torquay utds winger Danny Stevens. johnson failed to sign him when he was manager at peterbrough, and has always been an admirer, a formal bid hasnt been made yet, but watch this space(2)(5)Yeovil don't have money to spend so they won't be putting any bids in for any players!!I heard this story 3 days ago in the harold express in torbayIncorrect... Yeovil DO have money to spend... it is by no means a substantial amount, but certainly enough to bring in two or three contracted players due to successive years of profit... and as we all know, GJ cant work without a little cash along the way so dont rule it out... but Danny Stevens is not somebody i would expect to join us... purchased players may include Nathan Smith though


06 Jun 2012 17:20:31
César Azpilicueta going to Chelsea?

Possibly leaving Olympique Marseille on an about 9 million euros offer, Spanish Under-23 international right backwing Cesar Azpilicueta (22), already targeted by Malaga, Bayern Munich and AS Roma, is tracked by Chelsea as well, whose management might be soon submitting Ohéme the ultimate offer.


06 Jun 2012 17:18:44
G. van der Wiel to Chelsea?

Chelsea are set to sign Netherlands international defender Gregory van der Wiel, 24, from Ajax Amsterdam for £8m.
LiamsBiz(21)(5)More like 15-20 mill


06 Jun 2012 17:17:24
Michael Jacobs to sign for Peterborough on July 1st he is there mystery signing(4)(14)No chance mate, the so called mystery signing is a return of Paul Coultts.Chairman said mystery player was even to young to buy a drink so can't see it being theseNot Paul Coutts, Darragh said the 'mystery player' was only 18 yo!According to DMAC sounds like a yougster and one for future.Not Jacobs he is 20


06 Jun 2012 17:16:25
Paul Anderson to Blackpool?

PAUL Anderson is today expected to complete a move to Blackpool, as Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cotterill continues to see his hands tied by the club's uncertain financial future.

The Reds boss was keen to offer the versatile winger a new deal to remain at the City Ground.
LiamsBiz(13)(7)Not today they won't he on holiday at the minute for 2weeksThe sooner we get rid of Anderson the better. He had a shocker last season. Ive never seen such a defensive winger.He wont be defensive at blackpool, we dont play that way


06 Jun 2012 17:14:27
West Ham interested in David Stockdale

West Ham have been linked with a move for Fulham keeper David Stockdale.

With Robert Green’s future at Upton Park still uncertain as he out of contract, manager Sam Allardyce may be in the market for another stopper and it has been suggested Stockdale may be an option.

The 26-year-old has been unable to dislodge Mark Schwarzer as the number one at Craven Cottage but the Hammers may have to pay as much as £5m for his services.
LiamsBiz(10)(10)No chance will Stockdale leave Fulham,Stockdale will not leave Fulham permanently.


06 Jun 2012 17:13:00
QPR interested in Robert Green

Chairman David Gold says the 32 year-old has failed to agree new terms, opening the way for Queens Park Rangers and West Bromwich Albion to fight for his services. He has also attracted interest from Spanish club Malaga.
LiamBiz(16)(5)Robert Green?!


06 Jun 2012 17:09:17
Tim Cahill to Al Nasr?

Everton midfielder Tim Cahill is not ruling out a move to the Middle East amid speculation linking him with Saudi Arabian giants Al Nasr.

The Australian is reportedly a key target for the club this summer, with reports suggesting he could earn up to £2.5million for one season if he completed a move.

Cahill has played numerous times in the Middle East while representing his country and the 32-year-old, who is contracted at Goodison Park until 2014, has made no secret of his admiration for the region.

"I know what the experience is like. I have lived and breathed it," he told AAP.

"I have played in two Asia Cups and I have got great connections with a lot of important people overseas.

"I come on holiday in the Middle East a lot and I embrace the weather and the culture.''
LiamsBiz(11)(10)2.5 million is less than 50 grand a week which he already earns at everton!Didn't he reject an offer from the middle eastTim cahill is our highest paid player on 80,000 a week


06 Jun 2012 17:08:36
Millwall and Ipswich are leading the chase to sign Peterborough striker Paul Taylor.(8)(14)Wrong he's only leaving for a prem clubIm a life long millwall fan but moved to boro 12 years ago, and can confirm he aint going to us and will probably go everton.I can't see him making it in the premiership next season. I don't know what premiership club would want him anyway.Paul Taylor is an Evertonian, born in Walton, Liverpool that is not Peterborough, it would be his dream to play for the club he has supported since his childhood.Not good enough for the Premier League.I have been Evertonian all my short-ish life and i think this lad is worth giving a chance. He is a scouser and Evertonian born and bred (like myself) and sure he will give his best!


06 Jun 2012 17:05:25
Burton Albion are in talks with Liam chilvers and Lionel ainsworth about possible permanent moves to the club.(6)(9)Unlikely as both linked with port valeVale have no money so i cant see it
I think Ainsworth will sign for burton tho


06 Jun 2012 17:04:45
Newcastle interested in Douglas

Reports have emerged that Newcastle United are actively discussing a move for FC Twente defender Douglas.

The Evening Chronicle says United’s overwhelming priority is to sign a centre-back this summer, and there has already been dialogue about FC Twente defender Douglas.

The Brazilian-born defender has a Dutch passport and has been on Newcastle’s radar for some time.

Mike Williamson and Fabricio Coloccini have both performed well in the majority of fixtures since Steven Taylor’s Achilles injury, but away games at Fulham and Spurs have increased the theory that United need more back-up for the pair.
LiamsBiz(15)(8)As a replacement for Colo?


06 Jun 2012 17:04:11
cardiff are planing a improved bid for keogh and are planning a improved bid for Bjorn Sigurdson as well due to the new war chest give to malkey by the malaysan owners. Danny Guthery has been linked but I dooubt he would drop a division(9)(16)Keogh wants to rejoin bristol city reliable scourceNo he is joining cardiffLol keogh wont leave not when hes just signed from wolves n bbs will come to wolves 1 he has already stated it in the E&S website 2 he said that solbakken is massive at lillestrom n wants to play under him we got the connections to lure him here his half brother played for us joey gudjohnsson (spelling) n bascially were a bigger n better clubAs long as we keep antony gerrard, i thibk he has been a good player this season.Whats the reliable sorceRichard keogh he means he did not just sign from wolves hes been with coventry and bristol for agesKeogh signed for millwall and gezza (anthony gerrard) never plays


06 Jun 2012 16:44:27
Danny Cadamateri could be set for a sensational return to bradford city following his release from yorkshire rivals huddersfield(9)(13)Dont make me laugh he's not wanted down at vp total waste of space last time we had him!Hardly sensational he's well past his best and his previous spells at valley parade were pretty poor. A BIG no thanks!Id take him back , better than some of the ste we had last year , impact substituteOut of all the old players mentioned I can definitely say cadamartri is the definite no thanks!


06 Jun 2012 16:31:45
Posh have officially signed Danny Swanson from Dundee United on a two year deal :)(15)(6)


06 Jun 2012 16:59:09
Jay Rodriguez set to sign within the next 48 hours(15)(12)Who forSouthampton keep upThe super saints


06 Jun 2012 16:56:44
talksport say jayrod signing for saints on 4 year deal in next 48hrs subject to medical(12)(9)Talk sport is pure bullst


06 Jun 2012 16:56:32
anyone know any players tranmere are close on signing this summer.(2)(9)Bolo zendenThey will sign chris dagnall early next week and i have heard that zoko may also sign next weekBen burgessTranmere have signed danny harrison on a one year deal will be confirmed tomorrow or friday, also close to signing jermaine campbell-ryce and ian thomas moore has stated on twitter than he is trying to persuade anthony kay back to tranmere will surely only be a loan that as tranmere couldnt afford the feeBrett ormrodd has sighed a 6 month dealCould we afford Zenden or Ormarod , No , so why would we sign them ? Campbell-Ryce and Harrison , why would we want them ? Kay on the other hand is a strong possibility :)Told you harrison was signing and now campbell-ryce will followWe've signed Harrison so looks like we do want him!We need 20 goal hero whats aldo doing these days come on lets be a suprise packageHarrison confirmed.James wallace has said he is going to think about his futureHarrison has been signed. Oh god!Is jermaine Campbell-Ryce jamal Campbell-ryces brother?


06 Jun 2012 16:55:39
West Brom will await Gus Poyets weekend return from family Holiday in Uruquay to open talks. With Swansea and probably Birmingham wanting a new manager,The baggies have asked Brighton for permission to speak to their man as soon as possible.(2)(16)Dont want poyet. huge step backwards.....{Big G Voice} looks like all of us Brighton fans have got to wait now until Gus is back, Spoken to West Brom,Swansea, Birmingham and uncle tom cobblies and all before we know whats going to happen and make a signing.
We still need a goalkeeper, central defender,left and right fullbacks, one or two central midfielders depending on Birdcutt,plus at least two strikers Hope there are still some good players left.Both Eck and Mick mcarthy have houses close to the baggies. maybe paul jewell or phill brown. those are the type of managers that you want to be looking at....A STEP BACKWARDS? baggies have one good season in the prem and you start saying stupid things like that! The only reason you finished so high is because those underneath were so damn poor. Have u seen Poyets style of play or know anything about his football philosophy? U could do alot worse. Don't forget Rdm got a champions league medal because he inherited good players, with the poor personnel he had at WBA he was always going to get the tintac. You don't deserve a good manager!To the poster talking about WBA like he actually has a brain. It wasnt really the players playing badly that got rdm the sack Hence why when hodgson changed the tactics with the same players we picked up and finishes 11th and then 10th so yeah poyet would be a step back from the England manager just sayingWow looks like a Brighton fan fell out of his pram.... WBA have had 2 consecutive good seasons and unless I'm mistaken have spent a number of years in the Premiership. Brighton have had how many years in the top flight?? How often do Championship managers make anything of themselves in the top flight? Why would Poyet be any different!If Poyet was any good he would have been snapped up a long time ago--Oh and Brighton would have finished in the top 6 - even Gary Megson was able to do that !2 good seasons actually !Poyet would be a huge step upAs a Brighton fan, although poyet is a very good manager, with potential to be a brilliant one, he is not ready for the prem IMO. He needs a few more seasons with us (hopefully getting promotion!).Poyet is a mediocre lower league manager who would not last 6 months in the premier league. He aint bad but he aint that good eitherLooks like Steve Clarke


06 Jun 2012 16:55:14
Keith Curle is today and tommorow talking to four transfer targets which are Goalkeeper Bartosz Bialkowski, Defender Alex Bruce, Midfielder Gary Liddle and Striker Mike Grella but he is also looking at Wycombe striker Stuart Beavon and Barnet stiker Izale Mcleod(4)(9)Get a grip! Stuart Beavon isn't signing for Notts County ..... He's rumoured to have been speaking to Milwall, Cardiff, Charlton & Sheffield United.


06 Jun 2012 16:52:33
Anyone got any evidence for the Shittu and Williamson to Barnsley rumours?

Im a barnsley fan and so far all the transfers we have gone for have failed badly!! Hope these are true but we need the FACTS please :)....

Much Love from the Tykes(5)(4)Nothing on web site but as always hill does not reveal anything until its signed sealed and deliveredJim o,brien signs 2 year extension. Shittu
Has app been seen at oak well. App Williamson waiting to see of a bigger club wants him ? 31 and calling the shotsHope we dont go 4 williamson, hes worse than what we have. cant see the point !!Williamson stalling to see if bigger club makes an offer but has agreed terms, don't think there's any truth in Shittu though mate, would be good though, big, strong defender like Darren Moore!No truth on Shittu rumour source: radio Sheffields Paul walkerThanks for heads up lads :-)Like darren moore, thats not a good thing, worst back line ive ever seen at oakwell with him there!!


06 Jun 2012 16:47:02
Sheffield united look set to let Stephen Quinn at least have talks with Ipswich after a fee believed to be around the 300-400k mark has been agreed. This money will be spent on waged for players that are out of contract and would we willing to play for the club with names like Frank Moussa and Dave Kitson be involved. United will not replace Kevin MacDonald if he doesn't resign for united DW has been told by John Pemberton that Elliott Whitehouse if ready to make the step up to first team action along side Joe Ironside.(8)(5)Correct about Stephen Quinn, although i've been told the fee is a bit higher, 400k upfront, 750k after appearances. Set to join Ipswich late this week, or early next week.It's 250k rising to 500!


06 Jun 2012 16:27:40
potential delay in carlos sanchez transfer to reading as he needs French passport to avoid UK visa issues
MrRfc(8)(3)Sanchez plays in spain so if he is eligable to play/live in spain then it is the same for the ukHe played for Valenciennes who play in France.Sanchez plays in France you haven't a clue fo youActually MrRfc is right he plays for Valenciennes in France.Lol if you thought he played for Valencia...


06 Jun 2012 16:27:39
As soon as Chris hughton takes his post as ncfc manager, he will bring in young Birmingham star Nathan Redmond(8)(18)No he wont


06 Jun 2012 16:27:34
Inverness CT sign Newport County Skipper Gary Warren.(6)(2)


06 Jun 2012 16:25:34
Sheffield united are interested in former leeds left back Ben Parker. They also want: Duzan pernis, Dave Kitson and Jon Ashton(2)(8)


06 Jun 2012 16:23:40
Saints interested in Blackburn defender Scott Dann but west ham are also chasing the promising 24yr old(15)(6)Does he need a lift, worst cd to ever put on the shirtPlease get him because nobody in blackburn wants him but see you in the championship when you get relegated


06 Jun 2012 16:16:50
Southport interested in Danny Holland Lee Gregory and Gian Luca Havern(0)(4)


06 Jun 2012 16:15:44
I understand they are talking to Yakubu, but are not hopeful, him and Cisse up front would be a powerful battering ram against most defences. also heard about Clyne, Moses,Rodiegga and Gyan. Lets hope all the Samba talk isn't only talk.(3)(7)Moses and Rodallega can do a lot better than QPR, they would see it as a big step down.


06 Jun 2012 16:14:19
Dont believe anything press say regarding fulham incoming transfers bar chadli it's all rubbish .
Dempsey will choose from psg , lile , lyon , man u n arsenal . Dembele will stay , chadli will join after his vacation n could be joined by felliw belgium kevin mirallas . They are also interested in resurecting a deal for gingac as pogrebnyak has got greedy , maxi lopez is an outside chance as is mexes from milan. Santa cruz will join qpr but taiwo will not n will instead join benfica , qpr look set to lose out on rob green but may move for spurs keeper gomez , makimwa from lazio n forlan of inter are on mark hughe's shopping list as is adam johnston. Chelsea will complete hulk deal n malouda wants to stay local but wants 1st team football which has alerted fulham n qpr as he is settled living in sw london suberb wimbledon .brentford will try to sigh bh riise from fulham n frode bodde n craig davis.(2)(12)Gingac wont sign for fuhlam, he thinks he's gods gift. He said in January he wouldn't sign for Everton because he didn't think they were a big enough club and he wouldn't even get in there side right now.Oh wombles we love youGignac was shown around last summer and was going to sign for Fulham only for Marseille to pull the plug because they were not able to finance and secure Amauri (their replacement). So plenty of chance that it could happen. Especially as the bit about Pogrebnyak is true.Being a realistic QPR fan not a chance we would get forlan or malouda, defoe would be a more likely striker as he a london boy and would prefer to stay close to home,but i like the sounds of these rumours.but how reliable is your source.Dempsey will stay in england unless psg offer thousandsThousands! thats nothing...Sorry lolLille are most likely to sign Clint Dempsey as a replacement for both Joe Cole and Eden Hazard.


06 Jun 2012 16:14:15
Steve Bruce offered the Hull City managers job! Will he take the role?(18)(10)He will take the job and walk out if something better comes up in the meantime!If you are a hull fan you want to pray he turns you down mateWell its taken a long while considering he isn't in workHe has took it now


06 Jun 2012 16:13:24
Hot news from Edgeley Park. Andy Halls has agree to sign new contract and two former players to return. A defender and midfielder. Raynes and Mainwaring?(3)(1)


06 Jun 2012 16:11:50
Southampton to bring Kevin de Bruyne on loan for season according to The Sun {Ed025's Note - dont buy the sun!!(9)(10)Hes going to ReadingWell said EdHes not going to Reading. Couple of other sites are saying hes going to Saints for the season too.Would never buy Sun! BBC Ceefax reported it as featured in Sun.


06 Jun 2012 16:11:46
Hughton to be named Norwich manager within the next 48 hours...

His plans are to bring in 6 or 7 new players to replace the players likely to leave, and the ones who have already been released.

Possible signings are; Chris Gunter (Nottingham Forest), Curtis Davies (Birmingham), Luke Chambers (Nottingham Forest, Danny Rose (Spurs), Danny Guthrie (Free Agent), Robert Snodgrass (Leeds), Mohammed Abdellaoue (Hannover), John Guidetti (Man City - Loan).

Hughton may be the key factor in signing Danny Guthrie on a free, after managing him during his time at Newcastle.(20)(11)All are fairly realistic.The only likely 2 are guthurie and davis. These are all the names shouted out when Lambert was in charge. Good luck too him at aston villa and he's welcome to snodgrassAll may be realistic, but they are the same names that people kept banging on about while Lambert was manager. Hughton will have his own targets. The only names on that list not heavily linked before are Danny Rose and Guthrie. Sounds very much like recycling and guess work to me....All good signings! Wreaks of Lambert type players! Board need to back him or it could be a tough season!!Not Snodgrass, come on, he's not good enough for the premier leagueThey wont back him though. All they want is to stay out of debt.


06 Jun 2012 15:06:13
Rory McArdle set to sign for Bradford City either later today or tomorrow!(10)(13)He has signed. Nice one.Announced on the official website this afternoonSigned 2 year deal - Source BCFCConfirmed- he's signed today. Good signing for them.Done deal signed two year contractYup hes signed.. he today signed a 2 year deal at bcfc..

Whos Next?


06 Jun 2012 14:36:46
Watford rumoured to have placed a £850,000 bid for reading's Simon Church.
Reading have been rumoured to come back with an improved bid for mariappa. cash + Joseph Mills(13)(16)Watford have not got the finances to spend that on one playerNo wat would watford bid over 500,000 for one player are you kidding me!850 000 for church, Nick Hammond works his magic again
MrRfcWhy cant we just offer 1.5m, Church and Joseph Mills for Mariappa?Thank god he's a terrible striker but he's rated 2m so good luck with 850kYes Reading good luck with 850k! Fat chance you'll ever get that.....yet alone 2m!....Simon Church is not a terrible striker. He's a good finisher, and has pace and strength. He will get better with more work on his play outside the box, and the extra confidence that a consistent run of games would bring.Watford don't have that much money they will only buy him if we get MariappaChurch is a good player but he never plays and I think he's got a good future but we won't sell him we want at least 1 million


06 Jun 2012 14:01:37
Preston north end are currently in talks with free
Agent right back Cristian Ribiero and are ready to offer
Him a two-year contract.(14)(9)I hope not. As much as we are desperate for a right-back we don't need one who has played only 25 games in 6 years! He'll spend his entire contract sitting in the stands, injured and draining what little money PNE have left.Relax its just a rumourNoo come on Alan Knill we need this man!Reason for lack of games was cruciate injury, bc fans divided over loosing him. Plenty of clubs interestedSounds like he should be in the barca team with a name like thatMark roberts i think you mean


06 Jun 2012 13:43:56
Napoli have completed the permanent signing of Inter Milan forward Goran Pandev in a £6.4million deal.(24)(4)


06 Jun 2012 13:13:06
mansfield town to sell luke o'neill to burnleyy for 100k plus add ons lindon meikle to derby for 75k plus add ons and matt green to an un named championship side for 100k plus. numerous players in talks including a championship striker spotted at the ground today(5)(12)


06 Jun 2012 13:00:02
Cheltenham Town are weighing up a move for Grimsby striker Liam Hearn, who scored 27 goals in the Conference this season.(3)(10)


06 Jun 2012 12:50:35
Nathan redmound to follow chris hughton to Norwich(22)(22)I'd rather Nathan Redmond!Would cost far too muchBirminghams asking price is 10 million witch is way out of norwichs transfer budget.100% true


06 Jun 2012 12:43:16
Yeovil Town Targets are as follows:
GK Phil Smith
GK Chris Weale (Pay per game deal initially)

LB Andrew Taylor or Warren Cummings

CB Nathan Clarke
CB AN Other

LM James McEverley
CM Sam Togwell

CF Ben May
CF Ryan Donaldson

Freddy Eastwood rumours are not true(11)(8)Hope none of these are true!Weale, clarke, and mcecerley are decent. the others would be rubbish signingsWhere have you got these Yeovil targets from?Andrew Taylor isnt a free agent and he's decent?!Someone has obviously gone on to the PFA list and listed those who are out of contract!Isn't that basically what GJ will be doing - searching for free agents


06 Jun 2012 12:40:30
Swindon Town FC - All of the rumours on here regards to Swindon are rubbish, apart from 1 Williams will be unveiled when he officialy leaves Yeovil, he has already signed for Town.

Some of the outgoing rumours do have truth, Northampton Town do want Chibo and Kerouche.

Magera is wanted at the club and will be back if Bostock isnt signed, however Bostock signing will signal Magera leaving.

J smith is wanted by Barnet, as is Devera, PDC will keep Devera, but Smith will leave.

Swindon have bids in for 6 players at the moment, they are hoping to get at least 3 of them in before the players come back to pre season. PDC wants the majority of the changes done quickly to allow a full pre season and get the fitness right.(11)(2)How do you know this?J Smith wanted by TranmereAnd you know all this for certain how? You will know no more than PDC and J Wray have said.
Yes it does look like Williams will sign, there is also some truth in the club looking at Hayes...again this is in the press. Jay Mceverley looks like he may be signing...again this is common knowledge especially after his successful loan period. Everyone who follows Swindon will know they want to bring Bostock back..however this will probably be a loan deal of some kind especially in the initial stage.
PDC has said there is still a future for Magera at the club..however this has nothing to do with the Bostock situation..PDC said "I will see how he looks in training, maybe there is still something here for him...we will have to see"....
As for the rest of what you said I find it very unlikely that J Smith will go to Barnet!! I'm also sure they would love to have Devera back..he was after all their player of the season and most improved player of the season, he is however very much part of PDC's plans. As for the bids for 6 players...we all know that PDC has said he wants 7 or 8 NEW players in...he said so after signing his new 2 year extension. So if this does not include Bostock and Mceverley who were already here on loan and would not be termed as a "new" players then it doesn't take a genius to work out that means he would like another 6 players in.
However if you read his statement carefully he said "I would be delighted if I can have 80% of my targets in before pre-season, the others MAY have to wait until January".
So if all of the rumours regarding Swindon on here are lies why have you simply repeated a lot of them? Yes there is a load of nonsense rumours on here...after all the club cannot have a squad of 400 players!! but not all, I would be interested where you have got your information regarding Smith / Devera from...I think this is no more accurate than a lot of rubbish on short no better than the rumours you have criticised yourself.Well my answer to you is wait and see my friend, the info has come from someone I know within the club, when I say six bids for players, that doesn't include JM, Bostock, and bids mean cash or cash + players.. The bids are in and 2 will be announced within the next two weeks if it all goes well, Williams HAS signed a pre contract its a done deal. Smith is being watched by several clubs as it has been leaked out who is available and he is one of them. You are right about Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Devera, he is a big part of PDC's plans, that doesn't mean other teams are interested. As for the 6-8 players, I read that too, but I am telling you they are identified and being negotiated on right this minute !So who are the 6-8 players?Obviously Swindon will sign someone in the next 2 weeks!! Then he can come on here and say "See...I was right"!! ....some people!!


06 Jun 2012 12:03:15
Brentford will unveil new signing Lloyd Sam at the end of the week.(4)(15)It could happen but I'm sure many other clubs will be higher on his radar.Sam is talking to notts county about a permanant deal, looks very likley to happen


06 Jun 2012 11:41:11
Reading are ready to improve thier £2million offer for Watford defender Adrian Mariappa.(19)(14)Getting bored of theses posts as nothing new has been stated. Seems to be a lot of Football Manager type people writing posts which could be found on Sky Sports News. As seriously looking back over the past few weeks RFC have been linked with everyone except Ronaldo and Messi (but i am sure my this evening someones uncles pets digs cousin from Tilehurst knows someone who knows!). Mariappa could potentially be a great signing but not proven at the highest level (and NO playing for Jamaica does not count). Carlos Sanchez also is far to good for RFC and would demand far too high wages. Same quality players at RFC level will come in. Possibly a loan candidate or two lets wait and see. All I will say is in Brain McDermott we trust! Back the boys next season (closet fans) and not boo them or please dont renew so I can get a season ticket for my daughter in Y22 and not have to both move to Y19!Mariappa has played in the premier league. And is arguably one of the, if not the best centre half in the championship. He would be a great signing for reading.Mariappa has had a season in the premier league in season 07, giving him more experience than the rest of oyur team"Mariappa has had a season in the premier league in season 07, giving him more experience than the rest of of your team"

Apart from perhaps jason roberts and ian harte!Alan pardew could possibly make another bid for mariappa after failing in January, 3.5 mil bid was accepted but mapps didn't agree personal terms same with WiganLeigertwood has played in the premier league, as has Kebe, Brynjar gunnarson, Ian Harte and Jason Roberts so I think not pal. Ok the squad lacks premier league experience but they have more than Mariappa doesDon't forget Federici.Carlos Sanchez far too good for RFC? Good one buddy we've pretty much signed him.


06 Jun 2012 11:21:02
Birmingham manager Chris Hughton in talks with Norwich City regarding becoming their new manager.(10)(10)


06 Jun 2012 11:00:25
Southampton are set to sign Bayern Munich winger Dale Jennings for around £800,000(28)(8)He has only been in the B side for a year & still has aspirations for the full team so I can't see this happening, but he is a decent young talent & fits in with Saints ethicsThat would be a really good signing. I remember watching him against us at Tranmere when he scored a peach of a goal and being really impressed. Came home and watched some of is other goals on u tube which were equally as good. young and skillful he would mould into the Saints style - not been at Bayern very long though so don't know why that might not be working out. Thought it a bit strange to go from Tranmere to Bayern at the time!Thought he had a serious injusry last year. So long as he gets through medical - would be a good signing. Not the first time we have been linked with him.


06 Jun 2012 10:50:24
Striker Chris Beardsley is in talks with Shrewsbury about a possible move after he left Stevenage.

JB(7)(15)We have better strikers than him?Yeah agreed, i dont think he would be a good signing, just a rumour i heard.

JBBeardsley doesn't score many goals but he can score but he can hold the ball well and pyhsically strong. He can score important goals.Beardsley is as good as any other striker in league 1.I am a Stevenage Fan.

i do not rate Beardsley at all. I think he is a shocking striker, he is a moaner, and if he was taking a penalty, he would still try and hold the ball upGornell does everything this guy does. no need for him.We don't need him


06 Jun 2012 10:34:57
Plymouth News ed?(1)(17)No not reallyWhy would barnet be after McLeod, they released him last month


06 Jun 2012 10:05:24
Niall McGinn speaking with Hibs. Deal is extremely close(6)(10)


06 Jun 2012 09:57:39
Talented youngster James Ward-Prowse will join Burnley has part of the deal that will bring Jay Rodruiguiz to the saints

source:radio solent(3)(28)Could see this as a possible loan deal but not as a transfer, as it somewhat go against Saints policy of bringing through youngsters into the first team.I can't see this happening at all, JWP embodies the youth to first team strategy that Southampton are trying to implement. Also he has recently signed a new deal and been promoted to the first team next season.5mill plus jwp would be a good dealNo way. Unless its a loan for first team experience. JWP is one of our most exciting prospects.From what i hear its a loan deal for full season and then back to us ready for the first teamCan't see this happening he is apparently a midfielder and we already have Hewitt and Howieson who are on the brink of breaking into the burnley first team and themselves are exciting talents.If its true then i hope its just a season long loan. would much rather they take hammond or chaplowNo chance. Maybe a loan, but permanent, no. Dodd has said that, for his age, he rates him higher than both Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain.Yeah and Man city and man utd have been to watch him play so he probs more gonna e bigger than these Burnley lot


06 Jun 2012 09:52:37
Any news on Giles Barnes Ed?(0)(11)Huddersfield bound


06 Jun 2012 09:54:05
Burnley want Swanseas Dobbie and are willing to pay over One Million for him(8)(22)Dobbies turned Burnley down


06 Jun 2012 09:50:25
Huddersfield :- Signings of Gai Assulin and Giles Barnes are set to be complete by the end of the week. To counteract the offensive manner, grayson is set to move for Miles Addison, for much needed hight in cm as competition for johnson and to cover at CB if needed(8)(10)You aren't getting assulin! He is either going to Brighton or to GermanyGai was seen seen withe glyn snodin down at the galpharm on friday evening. Snodin was present as simon grayson was away on a long weekend break. Nigel Clibbens, Chief exec, was also present (car was in the car park) he normally works out of office and as in past transfers, only come in house during negotiationsNegotiations with johnson have endedThere is no johnson in centre mid, he hasn't been able to agree a deal!Is it a coincidence that Myles Addison's father is an advisor to the Venkys at Blackburn?

I fail to see how he would add anything to Huddersfield's existing defence or even its understrength midfield.


06 Jun 2012 09:49:34
Matty Fryatt seen with Darren Ferguson in Peterborough Hotel enjoying a coffee together this morning. I wonder will he?(5)(17)No chance.You know you've made this up.Peterborough will have three teams in the Championship. If all the rumours are true,with all the players they are after.I'd rather have McClean back.


06 Jun 2012 09:48:00
Marlon harewood close to signing a one year contract at brunton park as greg abbott wont offer any one over 30 a longer contract. Also David Cotterill in talks with the blues.(6)(17)


06 Jun 2012 09:44:24
Preston join James Constable chase.(8)(21)Ive heard this aswell this morning, Graham Westley is an admirer of James Constable, and is willing to prize him away from Oxford United.Great signing if trueI prefer Turner myselfDoubtful that a lump like JC could make an impact in League One, but Westley knows his lumps and how to get them playing.How to get them playing......well he hasnt so far.....!!


06 Jun 2012 09:39:53
Ricardo Quaresma has appeared as a target for quite a few Premier League clubs, with Newcastle, Swansea, Everton and newly-promoted Southampton in the running for the Beşiktaş winger.

After enduring a disappointing few years amongst the ranks of Barcelona, Inter Milan and Chelsea, Quaresma has recently found form in Turkey and has found his way into Portugal's Euro 2012 squad.

Quaresma, who will be 29 in September, will cost any potential bidders around £5m.(3)(15)Doubtful that Saints are interested. Bit old for the young Saints team and definately not the right temperamentCouldn't see pardew putting a bid in for someone ageing and who hasn't proved his worth. Everton could be realistic.If you couldn't see padrew going for him; who seems to want anything that moves, how could you see moyes going for him?Don't want him to much moneyHe doesnt fit in with ethics


06 Jun 2012 09:36:04
Gianfranco Zola to be the next swansea manager
as is style of play would suit them(7)(26)


06 Jun 2012 09:27:47
BSP News

Macclesfield offer trial to Jordan Rose.

Hyde interested in Stockports released Danny Rowe.

Fleetwoods Danny Rowe talking to Southport.

Kidderminster chasing Luke Ashworth.(8)(8)


06 Jun 2012 09:19:29
Reliable source now confirms Damien Reeves talking to Macclesfield Town and Southport.(4)(14)Reeves is way too good for Macc- very unlikely


06 Jun 2012 09:15:22
According to Kevin Affleck, who has sources very close to WFC and is the one spreading the news of the takeover, Reading have walked away from the Mariappa bid. I'm not saying it's a fact, but usually what he says happens and it wouldn't surprise me if Mariappa is not a Reading player next season.(8)(6)Yeh I saw that but he is ultimately bias and used to work for The Watford Observer so is just going by what they've been told by the club. We won't know anything till next week anyway as Mariappa is due to play for Jamaica on Friday.Ah same Kevin that said Watford would have new owners last week. This Kevin guy talks rubbish.Take no notice, this fella has no more idea than any of us.Takeovers don't just happen overnightThere is no takeover. No more needs to be said


06 Jun 2012 09:14:22
redknapp to be booted out of spurs to be replaced my martinez then harry 4 england after roy is sacked after losing all 3 group games. just a hunch i have(18)(36)Total rubbish mr.hunch!I think Trevor Brooking and Co already have realised what a mistake they have made by not appointing Harry Redknapp. Cloughie scenario again. I don't rate Roy to do a good job and after watching Harry on the tv yesterday and listened to his views England have made their second biggest mistake in my lifetime. They will not win another Major Tournament until they appoint the peoples choice as Manager.Roy is not expected to do anything in the Euro's. In fact is job is safe until after the next World Cup. His remit is to build the a squad for that World Cup, the two major tournaments between now and then are just to be used as building blocks for experience etc.Is that you Rio?, honestly give it up sonWhat the FA to admit they were wrong.... never gonna happenMartinez is going nowhere this season, He is staying at Wigan. Maybe next summer but not this year.Harry will be at Spurs next seasonEveryone should be backing roy hodgson!he is the new england manager,so give him a chance instead of slagging him off b4 a ball has been kicked!Too's bad enough the press in this Country go out of their way every tournament to ruin our chances without so called "fans" getting on their backs...ok Roy may not be your what..pick your rattles up and get behind the team.Roy will surprise a few in his reign as England Manager. Unfortunately the 'no smoke without fire' issues mean Harry will NEVER be seriously considered by the FA for an England position. They consider him unmanageable.


06 Jun 2012 09:13:42
cisse off to BIG euro club cabaye to man u and tiote to chelsea(19)(14)Sounds like a sour sunderland fan to meWell cisse pledge his future to the toon, and cabaye not going anywhere he is settling into life in the northeast tiote loves the geordie faithful nd is loved by them non wil go anywhereIts all about moneyCisse can't move until January at the earliest due to Fifa rulings about clubs only being allowed to play for no more than 2 clubs in a 12 month period. Cabaye also admitted that he is getting used to becoming a toon hero. No truth to this rumour!Money talks, would cisse, cabaye, tiote turn down man utd, city and chelsea if they came in for them and offered them high wages? of course they wouldn't, already well known that tiote and ba are chelsea bound, cabaye will be a man utd player and cisse will go to a top european club whether its in england or abroad


06 Jun 2012 08:58:50
Leyton Orient boss Russell Slade will finally sign a striker this week.

Slade has approached the likes of Paul Hayes and Patrick Agyemang in recent weeks, but due to budget cutbacks he will instead turn to last seasons loanee Calvin Andrew.(6)(8)This is still that funny joke going round! Might as well not bother siging him and save money! Got to say have not been inspired so far!
What is the point of keep going if we only get worse every yearThis is not going to happenThis calvin andrews rumour just wont go way, but know from insider that we are not after him.Another Joke Post. I would be extremely surprised if Calvin Andrew were to sign.

Slade will bring in a proven goalscorer.Just been informed that our (Orient) next signing has been agreed and will be announced later this afternoon (6th June).What time and who?Well that happened didn't it. Where's this signing that we're supposedly announcing then?Clearly didnt happen.Players who be great at O's-
Izale Mcleod
Shaun Harrad
Chris Zebroski
Paul Hayes
Liam Hearn
Damien ReevesMy brother told me someone was gonna sign- it was on Eddie Hearn's twitter feed. Little did my bro know that he was announcing a new signing for his Prize Fighter boxing thing. Dipstick!


06 Jun 2012 08:58:05
Jermaine Easter at Swindon doubt it very much as he messed Swindon about 2/3 seasons ago.
Same goes for that lump Marvin Morgan he did the same.
Paul Hayes is possible,however Dicanio will surprise a few teams in Division 1 next season(5)(4)It's in all the press about Hayes so we are definatly trying to sign him, agree with you about the other two...don't want them.Morgan is a L2 player and cant see him being successful in L1 but all the stupid rumours going around about signings Hayes is a possibility as stated on our website today and also Williams from Yeovil a potential but as both players are contracted to their current clubs until the end of June there wont be any movement until then. July is always the month for all activity on transfers as players are able to move then.How's di Canio going to surprise everyone then?"But all the STUPID rumours going around about signing hayes is a POSSIBILITY??
I think you mean that the rumours about Easter and Morgan are stupid and won't happen!!
Both Williams and Hayes will very probably happen. As for PDC surprising people I hope so...providing it's for the right reasons!! There are some good players available at the moment and it will be in the last week to ten days of this month before things are sorted out with free signings so they can become official on July 1st.


06 Jun 2012 08:36:07
Swindon ins:
Paul hayes,
Andy Williams,
Jon Bostock (Season Loan)
Jay Mceverley.

They are still interested in O'Kane.

These will all be in place before the start of pre-season (Possibly including O'Kane), PDC still has other targets but some of these may have to wait until January.(10)(11)Crickey, on this website, Swindon are after bringing in so many players, they must have 2 teams in the football league. Yawn yawn - see what happens.....Totallt agre about all of the rumours BUT Paul Hayes IS in talks with Swindon...this is in several press issues, Andy Williams is expected to sign on the 1st of July...again the local Swindon Press claim he has all but signed. Bostock had a good loan at Swindon and both the Player and the Club have made no secret of wanting to renew the loan, and Mceveley had a great loan with Swindon and there was no secret made that he was playing to try and get a contract...this was AGAIN publicly stated this week!! so I stand by the post..none of these are names pulled from a hat like a lot of the nonsense on here and those with supposed 'Contacts' within the club who spout off with names grabbed from Wikipedia!! Oh...and Towns interest is on both the BBC and Sky sires if you look back over the last couple of weeks!!


06 Jun 2012 08:35:44
Benitez next Swansea boss, with lee Clark the new Norwich boss(8)(47)Try chris hughton!Why does everybody bang on about Lee Clarke, what has he done?I was joking by the way, didn't mean it in a mean way! He managed Huddersfield last season, then he got sacked, used to be at Norwich in the Roeder yearsYep lee clark defo going to be the manager when chris hughton about to be apointed norwich manager


06 Jun 2012 08:34:57
Swindon are to sign Ross Allen and ex Cheltenham winger Michael D'Agostino.(4)(10)


06 Jun 2012 08:24:11
Two Portsmouth players are being linked with joining their old clubs.

Tal Ben Haim is wanted by former club Maccabi Tel Aviv, the team he started out with playing 85 times and scoring 2 goals before his move to Bolton.

Erik Huseklepp looks likely to move back to Norwegian side Brann. Huseklepp played for Brann between 2005 and 2011 and made a total of 118 appearances scoring 29 goals before joining Bari and then Portsmouth. Portsmouth have put Huseklepp up for sale for £800k after signing him for £1.5m.(6)(4)TBH is stalling on leaving Pompey because he wants his dosh - would be absolutely stunned if he left at all coz seemingly we owe him 2m! Huseklepp should return to Brann, he's okay but now outside our price range. PUP


06 Jun 2012 08:23:46
We want new blood and quality all the above ever couldn't cut it or was injured not good enough for Reading fc(6)(12)I wouldnt say Doyle,Hunt and Long couldnt do it they signed for better teams (premier league)You wont be able sign betterAgree maybe long but none of the others especially shorey far too slowLong's better than anyone you've got at the momentShane Long our top goalscorer last season I'm pretty sure he would make the cutIn my humble opinion, Jason Roberts is a better more experienced striker than Long.Our attack would be lightweight in the premier league. We need someone like Pogrebnyak or Stephen Fletcher or I can really see us struggling for goalsLong is easily BPL quality,he's just been injured most of the season"I wouldnt say Doyle,Hunt and Long couldnt do it they signed for better teams (premier league)"
Hunt is a terrible player and the only reason he got in our first team in the premier league is becaue convey got injured and glen little was getting old...


06 Jun 2012 08:21:19
Why does my team Reading fc. Never disclose who there after ?
IMO the sports director should leave as its him that is unable to negotiate any deals would love the sig back but as for the rest no thanks you can keep
Shorey(1)(13)What? You think Hammond should leave even tho he was so good he got 4.5 mill for matt mills?Doubt they'd wanna go back. Enjoy your season.Because like Swansea you look a bit stupid saying we're agreeing on this player and it doesnt happen.

It also creates unnecessary attention in a player which may mean spending more on the player or someone else signi g them!So they dont tell other clubs who theyre after so we end up with another saga like with Tommy Smith?We don't disclose who we are after because teams prefer to do business that way. Every team who we have sold to or brought from commends the way we do business. And I'd by Sports Director you mean Nick Hammond....Are you mad? He has worked wonders on some deals. We never release info on who we are after or the prices we pay. It's the Reading way."IMO the sports director should leave as its him that is unable to negotiate any deals"

The same nicky hammond who got stupid money for matt mills. The guy does an incredible job. Its a shame a lot of other clubs don't do their business in the same quiet dignified manner rather than doing their business through the media.Shane long is a great player I want him back


06 Jun 2012 08:15:37
Brighton and Derby after Joe Mattock who was recently released by West Brom(14)(4){Big G Voice] Why do people keep putting old news on this site, we all know Mattock is being chased by Brighton Derby and and lots of other clubs i expect, give us some up to date news, one last thing can anyone believe Wibraham would join CP rather than Brighton if he had the choice.Mattock to sign for brighton beginning of next week.Glad we didn't get wilbraham. We need someone with a few more goals in them than him!


06 Jun 2012 08:14:37
Portsmouth after 2 strikers for next season to put pressure on Marko Futacs and Ashley Harris for starting roles.
Appletons targets are...
1) Izale Mcleod: 27 year old who scored 32 in 73 for League 2 Barnet, Oxford and Plymouth are said to be after him too.
2) Andrew Williams: 25 year old scored 22 in 72 for Yeovil.
3) Lee Trundle: 35 year old Neath striker. The former Swansea and Bristol City striker has scored 19 in 33 for the Welsh side.
4) Freddy Eastwood: 28 year old who scored 17 in 113 for Coventry. Wanted by Yeovil and Southend.
5) Adebayo Akinfenwa: 30 year old who scored 18 in 39 for Northampton. Also wanted by Yeovil.(6)(18)Andy williams was rubbish for us two seasons ago, but he did score 16 last season. Also he is a very selfish player and moves from club to club to start a 'new challenge'. He has no loyalty what so ever. Also he said he wanted to move closer to his hometown (hereford), so swindon is the most likely destination for him!Freddy is staying at roots hallCome on, we are in Administration, we cannot afford any of these players - even Trundle who is seriously past it now! Looking for younger, eager strikers who will cost zilch and play for the shirt. PUPWilliams probably signing for Swindon Town on July 1st on a free transfer.Yeovil are also interested in izale McLeodYou dont want andy williams believe me, im a glovers fan and his 16 goals is not the full story... occasionally he would do something with real quality but we're talking once every few games he is very greedy and as mentioned before, no loyalty at all he has no reason to leave us and we made him a talking point this season... going to swindon really is a challenge!I'll pay eastwoods fare to get down there if you wantWhy is going to Swindon a real challenge? I'm not a Swindon fan but they certainly seem to be on the up...and Paolo Di Canio is going to have a very successful career as a Manager, despite what many people may feel about him. Swindon Town are going to get the benefit for taking a gamble on him and they may well be left in a very good position (Champonship?) before he leaves. They have a very rich board in place who seem to be backing Paolo Di Canio...if I was a player I think I would be much more inclined to sign for them than I would Yeovil that's for sure.Lee Trundle is signing for Gloucester anyway.Defo dont want to sign Williams! As a Yeovil fan i am glad he left! he may have had a good season last term but he is one of the most dis-loyal players and is unbelievably greedy with the ball!It is interesting though reading back over the Yeovil forum that this was not what was being said by the fans until it was mentioned on their official site that he would not be re-signing for you! IN fact in that article he thanked all of the fans and mentioned that when he had arrived two years earlier he came because he needed a new challenge and now thought the time was right to challenge himself this point it seems to have been seized on by the fans on the forum who twisted that to he uses that as an excuse to leave and that this makes him disloyal....your fans went from loving everything he was doing (Including certain awards he picked up) to thinking he was a lazy, spent most of the time missing from games and was incredibly disloyal!! All over night!! I know us football fans are the most fickle fans in the universe....but you guys seem to be right at the top of the pile!! How much did his goals go towards keeping you up? Soon forgotten wasn't it?He's good when he wants to be but when he was at Bristol rovers he was appalling and if things go wrong at Swindon he'll be back to square 1 and us Yeovil fans are just annoyyed on how disloyal he has been to our club, like most of our players over last couple of years only difference between us and other clubs is we can't afford to pay massive wages and yet we can still stay in league 1A new challenge? Swindon? ha... glad hes gone. Enjoy


06 Jun 2012 08:11:28
Sigurdson Future:
Swansea move for sigurdson is now off.Readings bid for gyfil has been accepted, but Liverpool are more likely to land him.However Sigurdson likes both clubs anyway but prefer to play for Liverpool at the current stage.So if Liverpool don't move Reading will.(14)(10)God up he will go to pool iv not the swans does not like reading came out last week saying hevis waiting to see who the next swans manager and then decide on future cmon why would he go to readingHe would go to Reading because he was brought up at the club, has friends there and likes it a lot there and didn't actually want to leave at the time. The only reason he left was because Reading needed money and also they weren't a premier league club. Now both these reasons aren't there anymore. That is why he may wish to return to Reading. If anyone has no chance i'd say it's Swansea."why would he go to reading"

Because he grew up at reading and was their for several years not six months!Reading are OK but sig will go to liverpoolSigurdson won't come back he's got a chance to play for liverpool He's probably going Liverpool but as a Reading fc fan I want him back he was great at reading so I hope he comes back.


06 Jun 2012 08:02:59
Danny Shittu will sign a two year deal with Barnsley this week.(13)(11)Need a big stong center backBeen denied by the clubIn an interview with Rob Staton of Radio Sheffield, The Don denied any interest in Danny S hittu


06 Jun 2012 08:02:09
2 pieces of news for Ipswich fans, both regarding Sheffield United players.

As I understand, and what I've been told from a close source within ITFC, is that Stephen Quinn is close to joining town. A fee of 450k rising to 750k depending on appearances etc, was a agreed last week. He's set to sign by Friday/Monday latest, slight delay due to the extra long bank holiday this weekend.

Secondly, Harry Maguire is due to come to ITFC for talks today/tomorrow. A fee of £900k, rising to £1.5million depending on appearances etc again has been agreed. Source close to the player says he's very interested in joining Town, and the deal for him could be concluded by Monday/Tuesday next week!(12)(17)Not a prayer on the Maguire rumour when 2 million was turned down from Newcastle.I call bullYou've been saying this for 2 months now about HM. Real life isn't FIFA by the way. He wouldn't want to go to ITFC when he can play in the PL.Haha Not a sheffield United or Ipswich fan but i know Harry Maguire won't go to ipswich quite simply because the club has no potentialMaguire is worth alot more than that he is a future england internationalIf the club has no potential why did Elliot hewitt sign! When he was linked with big clubs!!As i have said before. he live opposite my grandad and he has told us that he doesnt want to leave as he see's better plays in he position and doesnt want to end up like Slew.


06 Jun 2012 08:01:58
Emile Heskey on his way to Leicester

Michael Owen to Norwich to replace Holt

Grant Holt to Aston Villa

Owen Hargreaves to Blackburn

Jay Rodriguez to Southampton

Rob Green to Tottenham

Rafa Van der Vaart to Shalke(18)(40)I've heard Hargreaves has already had a tour around the medical facilities at Blackburn and is very happy with the set up.And van der vaart has expressed his desire to stay at spursMichael Owen will not be coming to Norwich on his wagesVilla don't want Holt. Lambert said so himself.

LambertsLion1967Lucky,lucky Leicsester.Rafeal Van der vaart wants to go to ItalyYeah but villa are saying gabby might need to go to make room for holt so I would rather keep gabby than have holt however if we could have both thats great.


06 Jun 2012 07:27:10
Lille manager Rudi Garcia is believed to be a main candidate for the vacant Norwich city managerial post(2)(23)Can't really see a manager of a Champions league team, that has 35 to re-invest moving to Norwich.Pull the other one, I think he would rather fight for the title in France then relagation in the premier league


06 Jun 2012 05:07:39
Arsenal to win the race for highly rated Mexican Marco Fabian.(13)(6)


06 Jun 2012 01:39:58
Posh to sign jon daly to link up with former team mate danny swanson(6)(15)


06 Jun 2012 01:30:11
Not a high chance of this being true but it is a rumor page right?
Carlisle United are in talks with Nicky Featherstone.(2)(5)Danny Livesy has signed a one year dealSo what featherstone dosent play in liveseys position


06 Jun 2012 01:28:06
Word is moving fast that Newcastle are moving to sign a young North Korean Jong Il Gwan. Word has it that Derek Llambias was in Korea last year aiming to increase awareness about the club following a massive surge in popularity from the World Cup.

Pak Kwang-ryong was this season the first North Korean to play Champions League football and Newcastle are believed to be looking to expand their scouting operation to find Asian talent in the vein of Shinji Kagawa

Kagawa if you recall, originally moved to Dortmund for around 300k and Newcastle are said to be looking to take the young Korean on a 3 year contract in the hopes of emulating Kagawa's success.

Jong Il Gwan was named the Asian Young Player of the Year in 2010 and features regularly for the North Korean national side.(7)(12)Haha. You can't just compare two players because they're from the same continent you cracker.Llambias in North Korea? You are having a laugh.

North Korea is one of the most secretive Countries in the world and does not allow just anyone in.


06 Jun 2012 00:41:31
Harry Maguire in talks with Ipswich in £1.3 million deal(13)(18)Too good for Ipswich!Would like him to come to Ipswich. He looks like a good young player for the future. However I can't see us paying that much for any player.He wont go to ipwich.He has a 550,000 release clause as they didnt know at the start he would perform this well.


06 Jun 2012 00:34:36
Marcel Desailly has been for food with, the Swansea City Chairman, Huw Jenkins in mumbles. Still unclear though if it is just a catch up, as Marcel took his coaching badges with the swans, or if it is something a little more serious.(4)(7)Ian Holloway to Swansea, Jim Gannon from Stockport to Blackpool


06 Jun 2012 00:22:05
reliable inside source says "Aaron wilbrahamwill join this week on a free from Norwich. Turned down Brighton and Bristol city in favour of Crystal Palace. Midfielder/striker will be a good link up man when the board eventually stump up enough cash to by the only thing left that we need which is a top notch goalscorer. Should get 3.5 mil for clyne so they wont have to add too much and then maybe we can end up above brighton and millwall where we belong. come on chairman, we respect the way you and your pals are running the club but we have to be a little adventurous. Oh and just in case one of you reads this. try being a bit more forthcoming with info on the website to keep those who count(the fans) in the loop. Thanks(7)(7)Why does every Palace target have to have "turned down Brighton" first? Grow up for heaven's sake. Brighton have NO interest in Wilbraham whatsoever. Good enough player, not knocking him and a good signing for Palace but just not what Brighton are looking for right nowAgree a decent striker is a must and would be nice if we could use Clyne money to go towards one but we have to bear in mind Palace need to break even and last year we made a 5 million loss. I'd like to see AJ back (might bring the best out in Murray or Zaha) spend 20k on wages should be ok as no transfer fee included.I'm a Palace fan and I agree with the 1st reply, every palace rumour seems to say turned down Brighton or Millwalll. We don't like these teams but doesn't mean all our targets choose us over them.I think you've clearly lost what the club are trying to do. Trying to blood our youngsters through! I doubt very highly that Parish and co would ever pay over 3.5 million for a player!Wilbraham is a league one playerWilbraham would be a success in the championship, above poster has obviuosly not seen him play


06 Jun 2012 00:17:36
PNE have made a move for Callum Willock! Westley helped develop him at Stevenage and now wants to nick our best striler!(10)(10)


05 Jun 2012 23:58:20
Anymore Middlesbrough fc news ?(1)(2)Anymore middlesbrough newsAnymore middlesbrough newsGeorge Friend from Doncaster. Not convinced buying from relegation fodder sensible. Juke-Box has hardly set the place alight


06 Jun 2012 00:12:11
celtic in talks with hugo rodallega's agent and a deal is set to be done when he comes back from on holiday(10)(25)Highly doubtful as Celtic couldn't pay the wages he's after and he wants to play at a high level such as La Liga


05 Jun 2012 23:43:34
Once the takeover is confirmed by Nottingham Forest, their first signings will be Maynard and Bamford in on loan and a offer of 600k for a player they had on loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers but it hasn't been confirmed which one yet and also they will once again show interest in signing Peter Whittington from Cardiff CIty in a player cash deal with Chambers going the other way, and there is a rumour being put about that they would like to re-sign Kelvin Wilson from Celtic(10)(29)It was all sounding great until toy mentioned whittingham. Every summer we have the same conversation and it never happens. If whittingham leaves, it will be for lower prem, not us.What a load of rubbish,there is no gauranteed take over and forest cant even offer contracts to players at the moment,it sounds like your living in cloud cookoo landEvery year they whittingham is leaving but hes loyal to cardiff hes the best player there and for years to come so he'll only leave for a prem team plus he signed a new contractTake Wilson, he's one of the slowest players I've ever seen.


05 Jun 2012 23:43:33
Coventry and Bristol city to swap Damon Stewart and Richard keogh plus 200k(4)(12)Could happen but would they want stewart


05 Jun 2012 23:36:13
There are rumours that derby are looking at unsettled strikers nicky Maynard and Sam baldock of west ham utd. People that read this may think it's ridiculous but in fact this is a possibility of having a lot of truth in it.

Also favourites to sign Michael Jacobs from Northampton town, Paul Dixon is thought to be still discussing person
terms with derby as he has offers from other clubs I.e. Bristol city. Sammy clingan, Marc Pugh, Lewis mcgugan, fegor ogbude, Joe mattock, Martin Paterson, Matty fryatt, kristian Pearce, aidy White, Jon daly, Richard keogh, nick Powell, matt tootle, Ashley Westwood, nick Montgomery have all been mentioned in the mix through forums, twitter and Facebook.

In terms of outs:

Severn (Scunthorpe bound)
Unfortunately possibly shackell (maybe burnley)
Green (free agent now)

Deeney(5)(13)Deluded derby fan. There is no chance at all you could sign 90% of the players you are mentioning and pretty sure most derby fans would agree with me on thatDerby derby derby your going to sign so many Players how many have u actually signed like I said u ain't that big or good wake upWell this is a site for rumours.Look at the other clubs who are rumoured to be after so many players i.e. Peterbrough,Reading,Leeds & Southhampton to name a few.
We would all like to see some of the names rumoured to be wanted by our own teams.However,most will be just that rumours.
There is a few on the Derby list that I'd like to see the Rams sign but never going to happen.90% your deluded 7 of them play 2 leagues below derby.

Krystian Pearce
Ashley Westwood
Fegor ogude
Michael Jacobs
Aidy White
Matt tootle
Joe Mattock
Daniel Powell
Johnny Russell
Will Grigg

Have all been contacted

Derby county aint that big whoever you are shut up.As we get a onsistent 25,000-30,000 every week come rain and snow.Whether we win or loose.Popularity
shows how big a club is because it recieves more money from ticket sales and Shirts and other Merchandise.

For Example blackpool had 3000-5000 when they were in the championship when they got promotion they had 15,000 which shows people were only interested in the Premiership when they got relegated it drop to 10,000.

Have you seen Middlesborough stadium during match days.Pride park was built using the same style as THE RIVERSIDE so they have around the same capacitys
derby fills theirs out middlesborough barely a stand.
Its already been anounced that due to high popularity of the club if we were toget promoted and stay up during that first season The owneres would increase the size for 15,000-20,000 to be added around the stadium.

We arient a big we are only one of three
West ham,leeds and Deby that are Premiership clubs that arient in the premiership.

Ovbiously now 3 big well known clubs have been relegated Bolton,Wolves and Blackburn it will be interesting to see whether they manage to get a same number of fans.Yes but some of your deluded fans think if there is more than 1 club after them u think u got the given right they will choose you arrogant I'm a Bristol city fan both after dixon but he will choose derby because there bigger utter nonsense mid table derby last few seasons ye massive clubI get what you mean mate.But your safe
there he choose you over us.Unfortunately we wouldnt agree to his contract demands and you did so we are going for free agent Joe mattock.You team is just unfornate that you have bristol rovers awell otherwise you would have alot more fansYe only a few more though lol finally someone with some football knowledge we are all byast towards are team but u got to be realistic Bristol city are after a few players but nothing has come from mcinnes we released 8 players some on good money frees a bit of cash up as for Dixon nothing coming out of Ashton gate


05 Jun 2012 22:46:45
Stockport County interested in Damien Reeves, two BSP central defenders and a left sided goalscorer from League 2. Also wanting to sign Lewis King and would like Joe Edwards on season long loan.(4)(5)You won't get joe edwards if he isn't in first team plans at bristol city yeovil will most probably have first dibs.



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