Football Rumours Archive July 09 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 09 2012 

08 Jul 2012 23:13:59
Hull City to sign Nick Proschwitz as bruce prepares to still dobuisness around the transfer market with josh king in talks aswell(9)(10)This will not happen ,its the same old story ,they want to much money ,Inside sources say Hull have agreed deal for Nick Proschwitz


08 Jul 2012 22:39:18
Any Stoke news ED? {Ed003's Note - Just the Jarvis link }(5)(19)Again 2 the bloke talking about him not fitting in! U clearly have little knowledge regarding football! Stoke utilise wingers and he would be a fantastic signing but I can't see him joining us!


08 Jul 2012 22:44:12
Gillingham will sign Mark Hughes (ex Barnet) and Jude Stirling next week.(8)(9)Grimsby had jude stirling when fighting relegation in league 2, shocking player and didnt even manage to get into our team, and we got relegated


08 Jul 2012 22:35:42
Aston villa are out to buy Adam Johnson this is coming from an extremely reliable source the only problem is his wages(26)(36) 

Fingers crossed! doubt it will happen though!


08 Jul 2012 22:18:24
Arsenal could scupper two moves of victor moses ( 10m ) to chelsea and nathanial clyne (3m) to west ham this week as rvp turned down a new offer and theo walcot linked with a move to chelsea and several overseas clubs.(17)(21)


08 Jul 2012 22:08:56
QPR press conference tomorrow at 3pm. Signing of Park will be announced as well as more details of their tour of Asia and a statement regarding a new stadium. Details of the new ground aren't concrete yet but the R's will comment tomorrow.

Hoilett could also potentially be announced tomorrow if they can thrash out a deal before 3pm.(24)(13)Hoilett won't stay in England, close to joining German side borrussia munchengladback (spelling)Monchengladback have signed Elia from Juventus so they are not interested in Hoilett anymore and didnt want to pay his wages anywayElia has gone to Werder Bermen.
Q90No mate your wrong Elia is having a medical at Werder BremenWe have just signed Park why would we sign Jarvis and how do you know he is looking for property do you stalk him


08 Jul 2012 21:41:57
Charlton have stepped up their interest in rangers sone aluko, it is believed a deal could be reached by Monday night / Tuesday morning(13)(23) 

Ok he is free so you can afford the transfer fee - but given that you haven't got a penny to your name (again!) how will you pay his or anyone else's wagesSounds true aluko would improve our attack which is quite thin after bwp and kermorgantThis monday or next monday? doubt it thoughI hope so as he is the type of player we wants and need at the Club.

Not players who can't score goals like Jordan Cook thats been reported in the press we want.

Get him in the get a top Cendre Back, Central Midfielder and a Top striker please Powell.Please please please be true!!Whos your sourceWell considering we just signed Jordan Cook quite clearly we can afford wages, don't believe everything you read.He isint goin to charlton he is goin to birmingham cityAlukos agent has been in " close contact " with charlton over the recent days.even due to the current money situation charltons enthusiasm cannot be questioned, Chris powell has once again proved he can be lethal on the transfer market


08 Jul 2012 21:34:38
A very reliable source has in formed me that southampton have enquired about boltons chris eagles would cost in the region of 4M

Ted(22)(22)Would love this.would fill the vod that is our right flank and provide creation support so that we dont have to rely on lallana, that was our problem last year, to easy to figure put and stop us playing. still waiting on a gk and cb though, these are key areas!
jas93Not a chanceCould be a solution to the troublesome right midfield slot.Definate,even if its because he's ex Burnley,Adkins will want him.I believe the fee would be more around 2M, Eagles very intrested in moving to the southcoast.I hope not - a bit part substitute at Bolton who seems to run cold more than hot. We have better in the squad (Tadanari Lee) already.. 4M would be crazy money..Good bit of business for bolton if so, never worth 4m. 2m on a good day. He's competing with Chung-Yong Lee for that position. A battle he is never going to win unless Lee gets injured. Could pave way for a move for Miyachi from Arsenal as he will provide Lee with more competition than Eagles."not a chance". Why? Would he rather play in the championship then? I don't see a load of teams rushing to buy him either. He'd be a good signing and if we are interested then I'd say there is every chance of it coming off.Take him!Not for 4million! We could do better with that kind of money IMO.

JJWould be an awesome signing. How can you liken Tadanari Lee to Chris Eagles when they play in different positions?!Not a chance because he's never worth 4 million. I'm a saints fan and I don't believe either Adkins or cortese would spend 4 million on someone who should be playing in the championship, thats why you don't see a load of teams after him.I'd take 4 million any day, don't really like eagles


08 Jul 2012 21:21:54
just heard the latest on Everton and its ment to be Pienaar and Rodellega will be announced on tuesday.
Don't know on pranjic yet



08 Jul 2012 21:12:23
mamadou sakho will join liverpool after revealing his intention to leave psg(13)(38)


08 Jul 2012 20:39:40
Ross McCormack looks likely to sign for Huddersfield Town and re-link up with Grayson and Clayton


Talksport reporter and Mirror journalist(39)(46)Why would McCormack sign for Grayson again, after McCormack lead a players revolt at Leeds that helped get Grayson the sack.Hope this comes off.. as long as it isnt to justify jordan rhodes departureDont want McCormack for town we need a fast off the bench striker the better version of theo robinsonNo He didn't. McCormack told me himself that SG is the best manager that he's played under. The revolt thing was surrounding Ken Bates and his insistance on playing Andy O'B when he wasn't mentally ready.

MOTI agree, town need someone with pace upfront, to play alongside rhodesThis not happening, there wasnt any player revolt but mccormack didnt feature much under grayson so cant see him following him to town!
I think he would want guaranteed starts (or why leave leeds) which he wouldn't get at town!

terrier85 {Ed003's Note - terrier could you fill the email field in next time you post please}RM led nothing of the sort you're buying into all the usual players rebellion rumours


08 Jul 2012 20:05:35
Man city forgotten man Vladimir Weiss to1.FK Kaiserslautern(22)(7)


08 Jul 2012 19:44:26
It has been reported that several premier league clubs are chasing for Gillingham's 20 year old goalkeeper, Paulo Gazzaniga. Paulo was playing for Valencia CF youths in 2010 but was released and Gillingham snatched him up. The goalkeeper has been highly-rated by recently sacked Gillingham manager Andy Hessenthaler and new manager, Martin Allen, has also said he is of high quality.(10)(8)I've heard southampton are after hm after their bid for birminghams butland was rejected.He wasn't sacked he resigned to let somebody else have a go but the goalie is very highly rated all over the country


08 Jul 2012 19:49:42
Bury to re-sign nathan eccelston from liverpool(17)(18)Would be a great addition to the squad if true.He needs to take his game to a higher level if he wants to progress to the liverpool starting XI personally i think he's been on loan to league one teams for too long now. Take a leaf out of welbeck and cleverly's book. welbeck: Preston - Sunderland - ManU XI Cleverly: Watford - Wigan - Man U XI. who else agrees??I hope he signs for the shakers,and starts the season for bury's first team.Bury sign eccleston and Waqar Shabir


08 Jul 2012 19:33:51
Arsenal are after Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Stevan jovetic. They need another forward to fill the void left by RVP (if he goes)(16)(16)They've just signed two forwards and if 1 leaves that means they have one more than last yeatArsenal will get rid of FOUR forwards.

BendtnerArsenal will get rid of FOUR forwards.



08 Jul 2012 19:27:41
Norwich city are going to sign Chris McCann from Burnley for around 2million to 2.75million.

Norwich city fan 367(23)(18)We are only signing one more CM - Vurnon AnitaHe was a shadow of his former self last season. for that kind of money we`ll bite your hand off.Vurnon anita is going to newcastle, and I hope Norwich dont sign McCann he was useless last seasonWay too much, if we are to sign any more midfielders from the lower leagues it will be snoddyApparently, if pittman is unavaikae at the right money, Burnley are set to swoop for crew Alex starlet, AJLeitch-SmithOur midfield is already bursting with talent so i doubt we need him, or would pay that much money for someone who would only be a bench warmer.


08 Jul 2012 19:26:19
Scunthorpe set to announce the signings of Christian Ribeiro and Partick Agyemang(22)(7)Are Scunthorpe signing agyemang because they have signed grella


08 Jul 2012 19:16:20
Italian side Parma are making a 1m bid for Erik Husekklep from cash-strapped portsmouth with youth Alberto Gallinetta moving other way.

Also Aaron mokoena close to joining Mamelowi Sundowns(15)(7)Like Huseklepp but would be surprised if it took 1m plus a player given Pompey's current financial plight. However, would be a good deal right now.


08 Jul 2012 18:33:08
Both de Guzman and Chico( explayers for laudrup) have been flown into Swansea for talks(15)(4)Have you been in a hole for a week? we know that


08 Jul 2012 19:10:13
Port Vale are interested in Taking Liam Hearn to Vale Park.(13)(12)Grimsby are very committed to keeping Hearn, and may be able to pay more than Vale to do so. I understand that he is prepared to give it another season in the BSP unless a Division One team comes in for him.


08 Jul 2012 18:17:21
L.Wilson has had his medical at the Valley According to SLP Charlton(12)(4)


08 Jul 2012 17:59:59
Latest Shrewsbury Town transfer rumours

Expect some more new faces by Wednesday 11th July as Shrews manager completes his squad ready for the league 1 campaign.

A strong rumour is that Paul Parry has already signed and will be unveiled on Monday. The versatile Welshman will bring experience to the squad and is likely to compete for a spot on the left of midfield.

Another rumour from the Huddersfield fans forum is that central defender Nathan Clarke has been in discussions with three league one clubs, one of whom is Shrewsbury. However the salary may be a stumbling block and it's more likely that Graham Turner will follow up on an initial enquiry for the out of contract Eddie Nolan who was previously at Scunthorpe.

Mike C(9)(9)Yes Paul parry will be confirmed at the start of the week, and an unknown centre back will also be confirmedNo to Parry PLEASE.....he no longer has any pace, he will add nothing to the squad. As for the 2 chance, the Shrews want to assemble a squad on a shoestring. Why do you think we have been bringing in non league players, eg Purdie, Anyon....we released quality players, Wroe especially and replaced them with non league players..

We are going to struggle, sorry.

Hope 2011We have also signed Weale and Summerfeild. Quality signingsDont be so negative and trust in the genius of Turner to see us throughThat was ages. agoParry now a shrewsbury player, confirmed on official siteBad news...we could and should have signed someone betterI dont think N Clarke wages will be that high, can't really hold teams to ransom when he hasn't got a job! not played a lot of football recently only at bury n oldham on loan who must of been able to pay his wages! good servant over years and good (bottom half) lge 1 CB
Shrewsbury would be wise to take him on with all his experience in the division!


08 Jul 2012 17:54:52
juventus are very interested in signing arsenal contract rebel theo walcott(23)(21)


08 Jul 2012 17:54:12
sunderland are set to to make a double swoop on villa for forward gabby agbonlahor and defender james collins(30)(20)Hopefully Ill drive them up to ya Villa fans want them goneWe don't need anymore defends thanks


08 Jul 2012 17:50:02
chelsea are set to offer 20 million plus for forward schurrle according to reports in germany.the player would welcome the move(14)(16)


08 Jul 2012 17:47:40
according to reports in turkey everton are in advanced stages to bring in ivorian full back gosso from ordurspor(17)(6)


08 Jul 2012 17:19:48
Keogh is not going too Leeds, it's Cardiff or Bristol, he's also considering signing a new contract with us. If he does join Bristol we will sign Wilson in return.(7)(27)There is a strong rumour that forest are interested and will make a move if they can get the t/o complete over the next 48hoursI've heard if Cardiff get him we get earnshaw as part of the deal and Bristol are out of the running due to not being able to pay enoughIf Coventry get WIlson as a swap for Keogh they will get a great deal he is a better footballer than Keogh he is faster better on the ball and three years younger he has a nasty injury two years ago that set him back but iam told that is a cleared upWhy is it Cardiff or bristol? We can attract players like Danny Webber and Adam Drury when they had offers from Quatar and USA so I think that with the recent investment then we can see off Bristol and CardiffBristol City offered 500k plus Wilson. Keogh was set to sign today but Wilson turned down move due to personal terms and so deal is off.I think cardiff can see off competition from leeds that takeover will never happen its taking to longWhy leeds? we can attract players like jordan munch when he had offers from the premier league. So I think with the recent investment cardiff can see off Leeds.


08 Jul 2012 17:09:27
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee has been using his Head of Analysis (Vincent North) to try and persuade Torquay United midfielder Eunan O'Kane to come to Bristol Rovers. Vinny North (assistant manager Shaun's son) was formerly Head of Analysis at Torquay United and the pair struck up a close friendship and can be seen talking to eachother quite often via twitter. O'Kane has a £175k buyout clause which Bristol Rovers are willing to pay having brought in around 200k from a promotion clause in the Rickie Lambert deal. The club have also been in constant dialogue with Izale McLeod's agent, but it is now thought he favours a move to Portsmouth after talks with their chief scout Luke Dowling, and is biding his time for when their transfer embargo is lifted.(34)(13)This 175k buyout clause only applies to clubs in a higher league, so wouldn't necessarily give Rovers any right to talk to O'kane, unless they went through the chairman, with a good bit more money in hand.


08 Jul 2012 17:08:17
Any official transfer news on Cardiff City(2)(11)When seeking official news; I would recommend using the club's website, normally the first and sometimes the only source of official news.Cardiff have signed joe lewis and jordan mutch.


08 Jul 2012 17:04:19
Readings lawson D'ath to sign on a season long loan to Yeovil next week fact(11)(10)Not a fact he's going to a championship team he's to good for Yeovil.08 Jul 2012 17:04:19
Readings lawson D'ath to sign on a season long loan to Yeovil next week fact

Must be true if you finished it with the word fact ;)

I think after a good year last year I reading would be looking to get him in a club in a higher league nowWhy is it a fact? Because you say so? Saying something is a fact when you have no factual evidence just makes it look less factual as there is nothing to say it is a fact, thereby implying that the reverse is true. So if you wanted to get across the idea that that was a fact, you should have given it as what it is, a rumour, thereby making it seem more like a factHe isn't too good for Yeovil. He has an okay loan spell. Didn't exactly set the world on fire. Another season at that level will do the boy the world of goodThe lads decent but needs to play cm will Yeovil do this I don't think so!I think he needs a season in the Championship, it will show him how he needs to improve for a chance at the first team in a few seasons.

LoyalRoyal94He is a good player but needs to spend a bit more time eating he is too weak


08 Jul 2012 17:02:36
Alex Bruce, Yoann Arquin, Giles Coke, Craig Beattie, Michael Spillane and an unnamed Championship winger will join Notts County all on frees.
Krystian Pearce will go to Derby for £150k plus Conor Doyle and Tom Naylor both on loan for the season.
Lee Hughes will be allowed to leave for a small fee, likely to Burton Albion(9)(19)Although I wish all these players will sign,I doubt it.As regards Hughes I think he could go other than Burton.Can't believe anyone would pay a fee for Pearce, he was hopeless when at Huddersfield
.Giles coke is not a free agent he'll cost sum money if he doesn't stay swfcWhy would we loan naylor?..he is a very good right back and centre back-especialy after we lost shackellYes please!!, All these players in would be a delight for the squad and then we could really push for promotion this season. COYP!Lloyd sam perhaps?Hughsey is welcome to come to burtonI doubt any of these will happen. As for arquin he's terrible so good luck!Hughesy wont be going anywhere.


08 Jul 2012 17:01:48
Izale McLeod to sign for Bradford over Walsall, thought to be a 2 year deal, robbie cotton transfer broke down over medical, signing will be announced in the next week.(12)(20)That's rubbish! Bradford City were asked about Cotton and they didn't even know who he was! McLeod is set to sign for Huddersfield or Sheffield United. Watch this space!Mcleod is signing for walsallSorry ppl says on izale mcleods wikipedia page he signed 4 bradford on a 2year dealNo he isnt!McLeod is on trial at Walsall FC, pictures of Walsall FC training on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th confirm this. I am a Crawley Town fan also!


08 Jul 2012 16:53:25
Oldham Athletic have offered a 12 month contract to Clinton Morrison to replace Shefki Kuqi(4)(10)He's mates with a couple of the Oldham players. Could be something in this...4 sureIf we sign that twit with an A, I will send our season tickets back he's useless!No way will we sign him. he's got totally the wrong attitude. not the sort of guy we would be interested in tbhSo many better strikers we could signA greedy player but could be a useful signing, would do for me :)


08 Jul 2012 15:53:34
Crystal Palace are in for Czech Republic U-21 Striker Martin Nepor for a reported £550,000(9)(16)


08 Jul 2012 15:49:24
oxford united will look to strengthen their midfield by picking up either martin rowlands or stephen husband on a free transfer(13)(6)Probably not true, sounds pretty unrealisticDont sound unrealistic at all. Rowlands has been released by Colchester. And wants to be close to his London home still.
And Husbands has been released by Blackpool, had a good spell at Stockport season before last.
Not sure either are what we really need at mo tho.


08 Jul 2012 15:07:43
Alan Connell and Dave Clarkson will be unveiled as two new signings at Bristol Rovers this week.

Clarkson is well known to Mark McGhee from his time in Scotland whilst Connell has been on the Pirates radar for a number of weeks.

Rovers are hoping to also announce Tom Parkes returning to the club from Leicester on a season long loan.(12)(20)Clarkson will do well dropping down 2 leagues to play in the bottom division - expect him to score goals


08 Jul 2012 15:04:43
Bristol City on Monday will confirm 2 new signings. Derek McInnes has been in talks all week over bringing a Midfielder and a Striker to Ashton Gate.

McInnes late on Saturday convinced Adlene Guedioura to sign a 3 year deal with the Somerset club, in a deal said to be worth in the region of £750,000.

City have also completed the signing of Aston Villa Striker Graham Burke on a season long loan. Burke who performed well for the Aston Villa academy last season scoring 14 times, also scored twice for Aston Villa reserves. Being allowed to go out on loan, the highly regarded 19yo Irishman, is expected to be used as a striking partner for Brett Pitman this season.

Bristol City also seem to have failed in a bid to re-sign Richard Keogh. Keogh who is believed to have held talks with City, was keen for a move to go ahead, but Coventry City have failed to agree terms with Bristol, who were unwilling to advance further than a £500,000 offer. Coventry allowed Keough to negotiate with Bristol City as they felt they would be able to sort out a £750,000 deal, but Bristol have now stepped out of the running for the defender as they feel they should not pay more than £500,000.(10)(31)Guedioura will stay at Wolves or either join Forest.Keogh's in talks?
Can't see Guedioura coming unless Elliott leavesBCFC are not based in SomersetWe're do you get these rumours from championship manager or fiffa??Burke is highly rated here at villa.
Hope he plays up to expectationsHopefully this is true, but would rather see mccormack come in or even both of them!I have heard that City are signing 2 players today. Will Hoskins & Keogh from a sauce that is always accurateWe dont need another midfielder!!Hope not about keogh and hoskins we need young bloodWhats your source ? ^Still waiting for this one?? keogh won't leave for Bristol your having a lough, personally he'll leave for a team who are contenders for promotion.roumers are roumers but I swear people just sit there and daydream!! pusb {Ed003's Note -Was that a Heinz tomato sauce? Or, was it that other firm favourite HP brown sauce!?


08 Jul 2012 15:04:15
Derby County have targeted Aston Villa defender Nathan Baker as a possible replacement for Shackell. Not sure whether this would be permanent or a loan deal.(11)(15)Be intresting to see if this is true is it likley u will keep addision if u do get himNo. Its Joel Lynch.Ifit was a loan its not a replcement then.
Its not joel lynch.No-one knows his plans but i can confirm that its 100% not a forest player.Addison has been talking to nigel apparently they have differences and maybe they are sorting them out the guy isnt unfit he is to much muscle which slows him downBaker? Villa don't have enough quality yet to allow players in mass number to leave on loan yet.
Maybe if we sign Ramis but otherwise no loan looks likely.Has anyone heard the rumour that William Gallas was supposded to have been spotted at Pride Park last week...that has to be the best one so far!! Also rumoured that Derby have been touting Frank Fielding to other clubs to raise more money. Who will the next player spotted looking at estate agents windows in Saddlergate? COYRIt was only a couple of months ago someone mentioned sol cambell on a player/coach role haha itll b posh n brooklyn next having a picnic on markeaton park........


08 Jul 2012 15:02:26
Simon grayson lining up bids for Ross McCormack and former leeds loanee Darren O'Dea. also Dorian Dirvite will be announced later tonight or tomorrow morning.(30)(19)This is getting boring now, either put up or shut up


08 Jul 2012 15:00:51
A host of league clubs are keeping tabs on young Hinckley Utd centre-back Ben Richards-Everton after an impressive finish to last season(11)(2)


08 Jul 2012 15:00:30
Norwich and Bolton have had loan bids accepted for Liverpool's Jack Robinson(23)(8)As a Liverpool fan hope this is true he needs experience in the top flightAs a Norwich fan I hope not, unproven at ANY level, let alone premier league. Young talents good but don't be silly.Hope he goes to bolton then.
he needs to gradually gain experience. not just be thrown in the deepend. spell at Norwich, as good as they develop youth, isn't a good idea.
he will either be unused or a harmful to the team.Once again! You have to give someone a chance at proving themselves to become proven! All the best players in the world, were at one point not proven. {Ed001's Note - the lad has loads of ability, he has the makings of a top class left back and has pace to burn. Faced Arsenal a couple of seasons ago and actually beat Walcott in a chase for the ball.}The lad has buckets of potential he once had the leagues quickest winger in his back the age of 17...


08 Jul 2012 14:54:19
Bristol City have swooped to land Stuart Armstrong from Dundee Utd. The promising Scottish u21 midfielder is known to City manager Derek McInnes from his time managing in the SPL.

Fee expected to be around £150k plus add-ons.(6)(15)


08 Jul 2012 14:41:37
Stevenage Fc looking at a Loan deal for The Saints young forward Jake Sinclair (Scott Sinclair's brother)
Southampton are eager for the young forward to get much needed experience after a great season in the youth ranks scoring 25 goals in 29 games the striker has pace to burn and loves running with the ball.(13)(8)If he gets goals he's welcome at BoroCant see him going to stevenage, our youth team will still play next season, so he'll play for the undersHe can get better loan deals. but at stevenage they play the long ball game. like preston will


08 Jul 2012 14:24:16
wolves planning to bring back michael mancienne on a permanent basis from HSV
solbakken has been talking to the HSV Board about his availability.

Matt Jarvis Expected to sign for QPR, AND Has Been spotted in london looking for property.(12)(25)Doubt it with how many wingers qpr haveAs a qpr fan I do hope Tommy Smith doesn't leave but looks like its almost certain he is going to leave Good luck TommyQPR only have 2 actual wingers, and 1 signed today. Mackie isnt a winger. He is a striker.


08 Jul 2012 14:22:29
charlton to sign leeds united's ramon
nunez on a 2 year contract, as he
hasn't been succesful.
20 appearences-1 goal.

another big rumour is that wigan have
been circling charltons scott wagstaff
as he has a very bright future. the 22
year old has bagged 22 goals in 130
appearences. it is believed that wigan
will approach charlton with a 1.2
million move.(5)(15)I'm not sure about the Nunez as I just dont know about his situation.

Scott Wagstaff however is a lovely lad who gives his all everytime he plays, if this is true I'm sure Charlton wont stand in his way.Would pay to see wagstaff leaveWagstaff leaving !!! Hopefully not , he a great player!!I'll drive wagstaff there myself for 50 grand let alone 1.2 mil {Ed003's Note - I'll drive him for 1k :) }I think some of our fans are really harsh on Waggy he is a really good player and if this is true than Martinez sees that.Somehow gets his goals every season but can be very quiet in games , 4 years ago was as quick as walcott (theo) but has really slowed down , but one if stays good if goes we can cope without , would love him to stay and would love to see him pull on a premier league shirt.Waggy just needs to cut the moaning and diving out of his game then he would be class. I've always fancied him as a striker with his pace and good finish.Waggy is a confidence player lost his way when we signed Green. 1.2m is about his worth but only has 1 year left on his deal so we may cash in now then risk losing him at tribunal.That a good shout for waggy as a striker shove him up front with big YAN , cos wright phillips is crap. And put green on the right wing ..Really like Waggy - puts in a shift and links well with Solly,


08 Jul 2012 14:20:36
Tottenham have agreed Afee with ajax to sign jan vertonghen 9million with 3million add ons he will be a great signing for Tottenham(29)(9)


08 Jul 2012 14:03:54
Southampton have had a £5m rejected for Kyle Naughton(18)(27)Good old copy & paste from the papers! not worth half that kind of moneyEd anything on this?! {Ed027's Note - i doubt they would pay that much, a loan would be much more better


08 Jul 2012 14:17:56
Any York city rumours ed?(7)(16)


08 Jul 2012 13:47:16
Bristol city tomorrow having a press conference about the signings of two players which is definitely going to be keogh

Source:Bristol city Facebook page(10)(15)I've asked Adam Baker (our head of Media) not happening im afraid but that doesn't mean no signingsThere is no press conferenceIs there going to be a conference at all tomorrow then about any signings ?


08 Jul 2012 13:45:44
Watford are looking to sign:

Carlo Cudicini - Tottenham (FREE)
Michael Kightly - Wolves (£2million)
Leroy Lita - Swansea (£2million)
Marcello Trotta - Fulham (LOAN)
Tommy Smith - QPR (FREE)(15)(36)Cudicini maybe, though I'd be disappointed. I don't see why Wolves would sell Kightly to us. Lita is possible, Trotta didn't like his last loan with us but with Zola it's possible. Smith sounds more and more likely.You will not get knightley for 2 million and im.a swans fan lita 2 million could happen and cudicini mighy no redknap goneMarcello trotta scored a good hat-trick on loan at wcycombe last seasonTrotta won't go on loan this season he will be seeing more first team action @ FulhamKIGHTLYNa we had trotta he was okay but he won't come backI could see all but Trotter potentially happening with a bit of money now at hand, Cudicini, Kightly and SMith would be great signings. Not sure about Lita as haven't seen him play much but I still hope we can get him.


08 Jul 2012 13:41:51
Chris Wilder manager of Oxford has confirmed that he will make 2 more signings before the new season. James Harper is thought to be one of the players in talks.(5)(7)We are signing a right sided centre midfielder and a right back.
Both within the next week to 10 days.Just agreed personal terms


08 Jul 2012 13:39:47
Chesterfield Fc will offer jaun a new
2 year contract..

they also want to get rid off boden to
flletwood for 75k

Fleming to be relased end of the week(4)(6)What? Juan who
Whos Fleming ?Fleming got released ages ago. and we are not offering jimmy juan a 2 year contractJimmy juan has gone to french side chamois..Fleming is amazing englands number 1 in 5 yearsJuan has already been released and signed for another club. Fleming has already been released. Why would Chesterfield sell one of their strikers to promotion rivals? So much bs.


08 Jul 2012 13:20:32
Sheffield united are to make a bid for oxfords Ryan Clarke while at the same time Oxford are looking to bring in Steve sinonsen as Clark's replacement(9)(9)No chanceSheffield will have to offer 250k for him. He's the best keeper in league 2, and has 2 years left on contract.Tommy Lee is the best keeper in League Two, we're also after him apparently.Hes not whereth 250k. where did you here that from. ok sheffild utd reported a 15 million pound loss other the past two years but that is sad. they need prestans german keeper thorstan stuckman if he is under transfer. and plus he could cut his cut his contract off.We will not sell him for any less than 250k. weather he's worth that is a different matter.
we don't need to sell, and he has 2 years left


08 Jul 2012 13:16:15
Heard from a reliable source that if winger theo walcott leaves arsenal, victor moses will be on there shopping list, ultimatley there biggest target(8)(6)


08 Jul 2012 13:07:46
west ham to sign clyne from crystal
palace in the next week(30)(25)


08 Jul 2012 13:06:40
west ham to complete signing of krasic
and stancovic in the next 72 hours(24)(32)


08 Jul 2012 13:05:22
chelsea to complete moses deal in the
next week(14)(22)12M or no deal. Moses has split from his agent due to him forcing Victor to move when he doesn't want too.


08 Jul 2012 12:57:46
Stoke interested in Adam Johnson as city need to sell(19)(33)Would love to see him down stoke but think wages might be problemSurely out of our wage structure, even as a loan signing.Can we afford him ? 60k a week wage capCrouch was out of Stoke's wage structure but a hefty signing on fee helped. No problem in affording him and heard whispers that this is very much on.Never in a onth of Sundays! He doesnt fit in to our type of play. We ont spend loads of cash on a player that wont or cant adapt to long ball. Like it or not Stoke fans, this is our type of play!Good player not as good as andy johnson.. hopefully we can pull one of them offPerhaps Pulis has had a 'road to Damascus' moment where he was visited in a dream by Stanley Matthews who told him the way forward is to pass the ball to feet in midfield and create openings with telling balls that catch out the full-backs rather than hoofing it from defence to Crouch's head then looking for the knock-down. God, I hope so or we are going to face a tough, long season!To the bloke who is blabbing on about long ball... Etherington and Pennant are out and out wingers just like Adam Johnson, so I can't understand what rubbish you are talking"Etherington and Pennant are out and out wingers" - only by name, under the 'management' of Pulis they are primarily played as full backs.


08 Jul 2012 12:57:41
Vicente returning to Brighton next week and Poyet has stated that he is definately staying for the season. Source sky sports(22)(10)Good news!Vicente is already back and in training with the rest of the squad


08 Jul 2012 12:56:53
Matt Jarvis to have talks with wolves manager about his future, stoke are favourites to sign him!(24)(21)


08 Jul 2012 12:49:52
Eirc Dier will join Watford on loan from Sporting CP(5)(12)Looks a half decent prospect and, as an England U19 centre back, seems to be well fancied. Spell at Everton last season so maybe he is primed for a return to England?


08 Jul 2012 12:39:39
Unlikely Okounaghae will sign as host of Championship sides and Celtic want the Colchester Stopper.(9)(6)


08 Jul 2012 12:35:45
Liverpool are reportedly ready to submit a £18M bid for Alan Dzagoev, following his impressive performances at Euro 2012, including £3M in bonuses.(13)(38)


08 Jul 2012 12:27:47
David Ball speaking to Fleetwood tomorrow with view to a £100K moveto replace Vardy(9)(5)Peterborough fan here, he would be an absolutely quality player at league 2 level, hope he does well for you guys, you've got a clinical striker!


08 Jul 2012 12:33:40
David Dunn seen last night going into hotel on broad st
Looks like he is having talks with bristol city and the rumours are 100%(16)(15)That would be excellent....Just in time for pre season


08 Jul 2012 12:30:58
Norwich City's Chris Hughton has put Saint-Ettiene striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the very top of his target list a looks to complete a deal for the player very soon(17)(9)This one looks to be on I spoke with a friend of mine who works at the club and he says he's heard this name mentioned several timesOdds on the poster also being the first comment? completely pointless post, wont happen.Just wiki'ed him and current club is Norwich CityCurious that the same guy who updated his Wiki page is also the one posting the rumour on other sites too. Maybe this is the same guy, could make an effort to disguise your profile at the very least.Let me quess you also changed his wiki?


08 Jul 2012 12:30:13
Liverpool are allegedly very interested in Alan Dzagoev, weighing up a £18M bid for him including £3M in bonuses.(12)(20)


08 Jul 2012 12:09:43
swindon town has put a bid in for Izale McLeod who was league 2 top goalscorer last season(13)(21)Why would they put a bid in? He's a free agentPut a bid in for a free agent?? how does that work. . .lol. this is either false or you meant, 'made him an offer'.Put a bid in with who ?

He's a free agent ! More Wiltshire nonsense !Putting in a bid for a player who doesnt have a club is a bit pointless, dont you think?I think you will find he is on trial at Walsall, who are very keen to sign himLazy and overweight and most of his goals came from the pen spot. "Your Only here to eat our pies" was the chant from the town fans last season. About as far from a PDC player as you will ever find.McCleod to Walsall?. Dont make me larfe, why wood he sign for that poxy little club?. Stfc will be rite in the promo picture, easely one of the biggest clubs in lower leageus, defo deserv to be c/ship at leest. COYRWhen he played against us last year he was lazy waited for the ball never tried to win it getting rid of him would be the best for barnet and that is from an oufc fan cos when we played you last season every player you had playing against us worked their socks off. p.s. but we still did the double over you best of luck for the next season"When he played against us last year he was lazy waited for the ball never tried to win it getting rid of him would be the best for barnet and that is from an oufc fan cos when we played you last season every player you had playing against us worked their socks off. p.s. but we still did the double over you best of luck for the next season" Finally a Oxford fan who speaks sense and isn't a ! Best of luck to you as well next season from STFC!


08 Jul 2012 12:07:15
ed any truth in the simeon jackson to blackpool move(12)(17)Doubt it, it was posted on a fake rumours site.No. Norwich won't be selling him, other than Chris Martin (who we are going to sell) he is our youngest striker and is our only pacey forward therefore still valued at the club I doubt we would sellCannot see Norwich letting Jackson leave unless Houghton is preparing to bring in a top striker from abroad, if he did sell him Norwich would be looking for at least 2.5M


08 Jul 2012 12:06:33
As a Posh fan I can't say I'm too excited about this one!(3)(8)


08 Jul 2012 12:06:25
wayne bridge best signing ur ever get he is way way past his best

cum on u saints(18)(10)


08 Jul 2012 12:04:27
Oxford United to confirm the signing of midfielder James Harper tomorrow lunchtime, Ive heard it's a 2 year deal.(7)(6)


08 Jul 2012 12:01:57
west ham could have the zaha deal
wraped up in the next 14 days

also the krasic and stancovic deal is
progressing nicely.

anelka is gunna stay and rule out the
move to qpr or west ham.

el mohammedy looks like it will happen

west ham looking to sign around 5
more players this transfer window
to strenghen the squad(25)(21)


08 Jul 2012 11:59:49
Chesterfield are planning to install Sean Dyche as manager if John Sheridan has a poor start to season, you heard it hear first and it comes from within the club(4)(14)Rubbish! A


08 Jul 2012 11:55:20
Salomon kalou is training with Wigan with a potential move to wigan {Ed038's Note - He has signed for Lille so I doubt it}(5)(44)


08 Jul 2012 11:54:42
Pienaar Rodellega and pranjic should be announced Everton players this week



08 Jul 2012 11:54:15
Vasilis Torosidis is looking to make a move to Stoke City, after numerouse failed attempts in the past, Stoke City looking to put this transfer to bed and will offer in the region of £3.2million for the attacking right back.(18)(7)Much prefer Brayford as he's local , undeniably the best RB in the Npower championship and could still develop.Sounds good... we need a left back hopefully ollson and a good central midgielder with a bit of composure and quality on the ball nowTorosidis was undoubtedly Greece's player of the Euro's and possesses excellent speed and pin point crosses. It would be a change because TP rarely let's the current fullbacks past the halfway line...I'd be happy with Brayford or Torosidis both for different reasons. Torosidis is the better full back and better at getting forward. Brayford is solid at the back, local and still has time to grow.


08 Jul 2012 11:34:46
Izale McLeod sighted in bradford on Friday talking to Bradford city boss phil Parkinson(10)(20)Mmmmmm-taken a long time to post sonething that i think not true.Hope Izale gets nectar points on his petrol. He has been sighted in every town and city in the country this close season.


08 Jul 2012 11:31:16
brentford are looking at danny webber and osborne going to brighton or charlton. and keven oconner wanted by sheffiledutd(7)(1)Highly unlikely


08 Jul 2012 11:12:27
liverpool fan here just found out jay spearing is signing for cardiff city this week terms and price have been agreed.also bellamy staying till jan(10)(25)


08 Jul 2012 11:06:44
Arsenal to loan Craig Eastmond to Sheffield Wednesday,Sanchez Watt to Charlton and Dan Boateng to Stevenage. Cesar Azpilicueta to Chelsea for £7mil. Stoke to sign USA defender Geoff Cameron for £2.5mil and QPR want Ki Sung-Yeung from Celtic for £5mil(13)(7)Ki wont go for 5 if they already turned down 6Please happen (CAFC)Sanchez watt could not score in L1 for Wednesday on loan and was sent back early


08 Jul 2012 11:03:53
moses going to chelsea paving the way for sturrige to come to liverpool for 10 mill (unfortunately)(10)(13)Sturrige isn't going Liverpool .but Moses will go ChelseaWat liverpool need some1 like sturridge cos suarez unfortunately didnt perform last seasonHow can u actually say that Suarez didn't perform this year, he was Liverpools best player for Christ sake!


08 Jul 2012 10:50:48
Striker Izale Mcleod could be set to sign for League 1 Walsall. The striker would prefer a move to the West Midlands to be close to his family. The Saddlers may also sign James Chambers and West Bromwich Allbion man Sam Mantom who had a loan spell with Walsall last season. Manny Smith may still pen a 2 year contract with the club.(10)(13)You are spot on. He's spoken to port vale and micky Adams is very keen to partner him with lism Dickinson up front but he does want to play in league 1. It's a toss up now between Walsall and vale. Apparently though port vale have offered him big wages, higher than Walsall. Vale have a new owner with money to spend and want promotion this season to league 1.

(friend of izzy)Hopefully izale will sign to walsall, may be persuaded by the manager's ideas and style, as that is the reasoning for ashley hemmings joining..Mcleod is I believe on trial at walsall. Born in Birmingham, he is believed to be keen on a return to the midlandsWell ...he was in bradford on friday and was talking to his former boss phil parkinson who knows him from their charlton days.Apparently the talks have been going on for a while, ..... a source tells me it between bradford and portsmouth.What the hell is going on at the albion there is hardly any rumours or transfer activity. the pre season freindlies will soon be here


08 Jul 2012 10:50:27
Peterborough United are set to sign Wolves striker Leigh Griffiths(6)(10)Erm no truth at all


08 Jul 2012 10:45:13
Peterborough midfielder George Boyd is the subject of £1.5m bids from Burnley, Brighton & Ipswich(14)(18)Can't see us (Ipswich) paying that much for one player even though we do have the money.In a way, I hope this is true.. So we can spend the money we get on better playersHe's a palace fan, unlikely he'll be coming to BrightonRubbish nextNot again !!!, he won't come to us, he's a Palace fan.The stupidest comments on this site are always the fans who claim that because a player supports a certain club that he would never sign for another, it means nothing that he is a Palace fan, if Brighton made a very good offer to him then he is a professional footballer and would take it, stop saying this crap nowGeorge Boyd is a free agent therefore they wont have to pay any transfer feeBoyd is a footballer not a fan and would play for Brighton if a deal was available. With Vicente now on board and unless Noone does go to Cardiff he seems rather more of a luxury though and not an attractive one at that price, even to renew his partnership with CMS. Looks like Posh might have to keep touting him round, reduce the price, or take a hit next year when his contract is up.Burnley wouldn't spend that much after just buying shackell for a similar amountIt's not about who he USED to support he would love to join up with CMS againFor the last time boyd is not a free agentEddie Howe has been an admirer of Boyd for some time so could be something in that one but who knows,thats the beauty of a rumour."George Boyd is a free agent therefore they wont have to pay any transfer fee"

You wish - he has a year left on his contract like all the players that Peterborough have transfer listed.Boyd will only go if it is a prem team or a promotion contender he said he is happy to stay here he just wanted to no what was available defo wont go Ipswich, but as a palace fan he might go thereChris taylor, 25, on the verge of signing for Burnley, apparently on a three year dealI'm not a Brighton fan but i would definitely consider them to be a possible promotion contender.There are NO out of contract players at Posh, why do idiots keep posting that McCann, Boyd and Taylor are on frees, Posh expect big money on all of them and if not will keep them for the last year of there contracts, Boyd is on record as saying he will not force a moveWhat the same chris taylor who has already signed for millwall ! get with the programme pal !Taylor has signed for Millwall weeks ageThose saying Boyd will happily stay put are absolutely right. He will command a much bigger signing on fee as a free transfer next year. Peterboro however will not be as happy so Barry Fry will keep touting him (and McCann) round in search of a fee!Think they mean paul taylorThe same Taylor who is with Posh's training resort in Portugal as we speak. Idiot!

2M plus good wages and a realistic chance of playing in the Prem Next year, I don't think Millwall can match all three of those.The same Taylor who is with Posh's training resort in Portugal as we speak.

2M plus good wages and a realistic chance of playing in the Prem Next year, I don't think Millwall can match all three of those.Dont think they mean Paul Taylor, Burnley would need almost 2million to sign him, they have always wanted Boyd thoughNo-one is gonna pay 1.5m for a player out of contract at the end of the season


08 Jul 2012 10:43:54
scott loach is in talks with ipswich and defo is also(6)(12)By defo I hope you don't mean Defoe of Tottenham because that ruins any credibility of what you are saying.^ If there was a like button, I would so press it.


08 Jul 2012 10:43:23
Peterborough have met the valuation clause in Torquay midfielder Eunan O'Kane's contract and will discuss terms this week.(5)(12)Erm doubt it unless he going PortugalBarry Fry will do the deal and I don't think he went to Portugal last year so it could be done next week.Fry did indeed go to Portugal last year and is going this year although not today later in the week..


08 Jul 2012 10:41:34
Jordan Cook to sign a 2 year deal with Peterborough(4)(7)Haha who {Ed001's Note - played for Sunderland a while back. Think he was at Walsall too.}SKY claiming Cook is set to sign for CharltonCook to Charlton has been confirmedCook signed for Charlton confirmed on BBC, Charlton look like challenging for playoffs at this rateCook signed for Charlton confirmed on BBC, Charlton look like challenging for playoffs at this rateCharlton have signed Cook and Wilson, if these 2 players make you contenders then you are living in cloud cuckoo land


08 Jul 2012 10:40:07
Ex Motherwell midfielder Steven Jennings will this week sign a 2 year deal with Peterborough.(1)(8)


08 Jul 2012 10:38:55
Burnley to sign 2 players from Wolves next week

Sam Vokes to sign for 1M and Left Back George Elokobi for 750,000

Also Brian Stock to Join for 150,000(7)(14)Stock deal is done is for 100,000
deal announced on tuesdayWould be 2 decent signings but I think elokobi wants to move away from England


08 Jul 2012 10:36:11
James Harper to speak to manager of Oxford Chris Wilder about a move in the next few days.(11)(3)


08 Jul 2012 10:18:59
McLeod signed a 2 year deal at English League 1 Club Walsall on Saturday 7th July as he is believed to have wanted to return to his Midlands roots.(4)(14)


08 Jul 2012 09:55:05
Matt Jarvis could be on his way to qpr as they are set to make a bid(4)(18)Making a bid does not mean a player signs and join the que about 10 clubs will be making bids for him over the next weeksIf this is true then hoillet won't happen i'd be happy with eitherHoillet would be better, more explosive and the ability go through the middle as well as along the wing


08 Jul 2012 09:52:03
Luke Chambers to sign for
Ipswich mon-tues Steve
Davies Derby within the
next fortnight also expect
to see Titus Bramble to
return to his home club
before season starts as he
is surplus to requirements at
Sunderland if Sunderland
decide to loan Wickham out
it will be to Town who have
1st option as part of the deal
when he was sold .last piece of info
2 goal keepers to be brought in
poss the swiss keeper on trial
there at the mo plus one more.(12)(13)Really hope Titus Bramble doesn't come back. If we get Chambers (fingers crossed) then we don't need a centre-half like Bramble. We should go for a young defender (maybe in the lower leagues) with potential who can be a back-up and maybe be part of the first team in years to come.bramble and wick ham have been told they will not leave the club.genuineSo ipswich are buying and loaning half the football league.....dont think so somehow...wakey, wakey!!Who told you that Bramble an Wickham would not leave the club? Plus most premier league managers will allow some players to be sold or be loaned if they do not make the 25 man squad.Dyer told me in Ipswich last week,clever dick.Dyer who? Not Kieran cos how would he know!


08 Jul 2012 09:33:09
Cardiff City look clear to settle the Langston issue as Langston has been advised by Sam Hammam to take the 2nd option (£10m now, £3m in May and the rest later on). Hopefully this will be official within a month.(4)(9)


08 Jul 2012 09:19:13
Charlton fans - Jiminez is the reason we haven't signed anybody yet. There is a real chance that CP will walk. It's very worrying. Backers have pulled out as Jiminez has used the funds for his own benefit. This is serious.(10)(2)Clearly not written by a charlton fanWhy has this only come to light now rather than over the summer ? Lot of rumours around cafc at the moment but nothing coming out from the club. First ore season game starts on Saturday and it's all a bit concerningBackers have pulled out but SCP will not pull out soon.Why would the club say anything? It would shed the board in a bad light and alert the football league to our troubles meaning we could be punished e.g points deduction. Yes Jimenez is the main problem and I've learnt that if he is moved off the board money will go into the club. There may be a protest at Welling next week about the situation.What's gone so wrong at the valley. Last year they gave a lot of backing and cp signed numerous players. Surely from promotion came extra finances. What's changed in the last couple of months as all was well at the end of last season?What's gone so wrong at the valley. Last year they gave a lot of backing and cp signed numerous players. Surely from promotion came extra finances. What's changed in the last couple of months as all was well at the end of last season?
Board member X is using the clubs moneys for personal gain. Thats why Newall and Varney left the board.To Palace or Millwall fan masquerading as a Charlton fan. You'll have enough trouble with your own team this year.Unfortunately I have heard this aswell from a friend high up in charlton. Its becoming very worrying indeed. Could mean we need investments fairly quickly otherwise its going to be a struggle. Rumours are Zabeel Investments and sniffing around again not 100% on that part yet.Zabeel aren't involved at all, that 100% lies.


08 Jul 2012 09:15:44
Southampton are in talks with Barcelona about a possible loan for CB Marc Munesia(17)(10)Since we sent Martin out for a loan it is obvious we need a CB, even before you factor in the Dan Seabourne situation.
Not sure if this is a go, I am expecting an Italian League signing but no idea who. If they have pace we will not need a RB with the youngsters from the academy comming through to fix the pace problem in a few years time.Got to love the we are signing someone from Italy but don't know who ???? i am going to put one in there for you as well, i think you will sign a premiership player but i dont know who


08 Jul 2012 09:10:47
Out of favour City winger Adam Johnson could decide on his future in the upcoming weeks. Rumour is a few premier league clubs have displayed interest, however he feels his time in English football may be up and could consider a move to the either the German or Russian league - good source(6)(18)


08 Jul 2012 08:42:29
Jake Robinson to sign this week from Northampton. Chris mcPhee contract terminated. Martin Ling also talked to agent of ex Plymouth player Ashley Barnes who is unsettled at Brighton. Source - someone at club.(3)(10)So your saying ashley barnes is going to sign for torquay you must be having a laughAsh certainly wasn't unsettled when I spoke to him and his partner yesterday. Couldn't disguise his excitement at the squad being put together at Brighton. He said that Brighton's next signing "could surprise everyone"Someone at the club is telling porkies then. Barnes was top scorer at Brighton and loves it in the area.Even if Barnes did leave he would not leave the championshipRobinson won't be signing for you this week as he is in Croatia with the Northampton squad for pre-seasonBarnes would never leave a championship side for a league 2 team he was top scorer at brighton get your facts right!!Barnes is way to good for League 2He may have been top scorer for us but 90% of those goals came from the spot, in open play he is worse than useless, slow, no vision, rarely breaks into a jog. I'd be glad to see the back of him.


08 Jul 2012 08:06:40
Looks like Cardiff city have missed out on another one of there "targets" with R.Keogh heading to ashton gate, also C.Bellamy will not leave Liverpool for Cardiff but would have considerd a move from anfield if he was'nt wanted there, and with B.Rogers stating Bellamy is part of his plans i suppose that wraps that transfer up!
Cardiff city, is a club with great potential but cant get the signings needed to create a squad capable of a promotion.(18)(9)How do you know he went to bristol city?
Bellamy is good but he getting on now and we would only get one season out of him.


08 Jul 2012 07:06:50
bristol city will sign keogh on monday
plus a forward and midfielder end of
week thought to be jackson from
norwich and dunn at blackburn,
landsdowns money again,up the city

eastender(13)(15)Simeon Jackson has played and scored in the Premier League for Norwich and is the clubs pacy attacking partner of choice to either Holt or Morison. I'd like to know why the club would sell him, how on earth he would consider plummuting downwards towards obscurity at Bristol City and how the latter could possibly afford the asking price, if there was one?Well done lansdown thought also kitson and allan of wbaJackson rejected a new contract to get more footballNorwich took up his one year option so he is contracted to Norwich until July 2013, I suspect Norwich will only part with him if a silly offer is made now, otherwise he will likely be sold in Jan window if he is not getting games and he refuses to sign a new contract.Hughton wouldn't of exercised the one year option if he didn't think he wouldn't use him.Bristol wouldn't have a problem of paying 16k-a-week, would they??


08 Jul 2012 05:43:58
Spanish strike Jordi will join Blackpool for the start of pre-season training tomorrow. He comes highly recommended by Angel Martinez, the Blackpool midfielder who played alongside him for Espanyol. Jordi has most recently been playing for the Hong Kong champions Kitchee and has been a prolific goalscorer in the Spanish lower divisions.(16)(19)He's a centre back?Jordi who?He's a forwardNo deffo a striker, 31 years old, looks promising, worth a trial31 years old, not worth a trial. Anything below 27 is good.Jordi tarres, worked with angel at rcd espanyolIf he is 31 then he hasnt got that much potential... {Ed003's Note - nobody has claimed he has potential,just a rumour that's all}Jordi Amat. 19/20 year old centre back. Right Footed who is know for his headers! Had a look on Fifa 12 and his overall rating is 69, to put that in Blackpool terms Ian Evatt and Stephen Craniey are also 69 overall


08 Jul 2012 03:02:33
Lewandowski to chelsea along with
maicon and moses

man utd to sign munain and iker muniain
and teammate javi martinez

City to battle for RVP

Spurs to sign Jan Vertonghen, Remy and

Celtic close to Henriksen deal(15)(43)There's zero chance that Bilbao would sell both Munian and MartinezHenriksen to Celtic wont be done until Ki is sold. Celtic holding out for 8m after rejecting 6m from Rubin Kazan


08 Jul 2012 02:50:06
Johnny Russel in Cardiff to undergo a medical. Terms and fee agreed. Terrors likely to target Billy Paynter as his replacement.(15)(3)Another scot linked with the club....what are we (CCFC) a new recruit camp for the scotish international team, Not that im biased against scots, its just if all these players are that good or have a good couple months with us when its international team time we wont have a squad ourselves??From being linked with Jay Rodriguez to Bjorn bergmann sigurdarson and then Craig bellamy we end up with good old johnny russel....well there's a house-hold name that everyone knows isnt it!Johnny wouldn't leave Dundee UTD unless they were suddenly kicked out of European competitions.


08 Jul 2012 02:43:01
In the next 48 hours Hartlepool will confirm the return of Steve Howard after his release from Leiceister. Howard return more than 10 years since leaving the club.

(Same source as the Simon Walton rumour )(16)(9)Colin Nish may also be going back to Scotland as he knows he is not in Coopers 1st team plans.Steve howard is not coming club source has told me


08 Jul 2012 02:41:00
Seems very possible that hoilett could be on his way to QPR both the chairman and vice chairman refused to comment. Strange i'd have expected them to rubbish the deal if they were not interested. Seemed to treat the question in the same way as they did with the questions about park who as we all now know signs monday. Maybe they were just being profesional but my gut feeling is they will have a real go at getting him and as we all know they have plenty of what he wants no not ambition ££££££(3)(18)If there's one club stupid enough to bow to his wage demands its qpr!Stupid or ambitious lets not forget regardless of wages and compo fee hoilett looks like becoming a top player and QPR would be very lucky to have him. As for the financial side im sure any money involved in this deal would be looked at as an investment


08 Jul 2012 02:08:19
Rumour has it James Harper has agreed a one year deal at Oxford United.(16)(5)Terrible on loan at Wycombe last year, he is past it.


08 Jul 2012 01:28:46
ken bates looking at buying portsmouth after he has sold leeds(31)(29)...and who the hell is going to buy that basketcase of a club?Bates is no fool when it comes to investment, there are far better (and bigger) options than Portmouth FC out there, they are a lost cause, liquidate and start again is the only option.LUFC were a lost cause and when he sells us hes going to make a profit.He may be old but he aint no one fool.


08 Jul 2012 01:28:44
Bristol City will complete signings of Richard Keogh, Leroy Lita and Suso this week.(8)(18)Keogh's realistic, Lita isn't. Suso looks a good player, quick feet, eye for a pass and a low sense of gravity.Give it up Brizzle Jordan, there is no such thing as a sense of gravity.Suso rumour was made up by someone on our forum lol so its not gonna happen people!


08 Jul 2012 01:06:55
Stevenage to get Chelsea keeper Sam Walker on season long loan(11)(3)He's meant to be quite a decent prospect. Thought he could do with a loan move to a better club than Stevenage.


08 Jul 2012 01:01:30
Scott Allan in talks with Bristol City about a transfer from West Bromwich Albion.(7)(23)Yes Because Of The McCinnes Connection He Will Probably Go To Bristol For More Experience, With A Manager They Trust.
But On Loan !!Fliping rubbishLoan maybe we wouldnt sellMaybe loan but nothing moreWould only be a loan doubtful we would sell after only signing him in JanIt would be a loan not a permanent transfer


08 Jul 2012 00:49:01
Bristol city have won the race to re- sign richard keogh. They will confirm this on monday.(12)(18)You can't afford the fee as it is 1 million plus he would be in the same situation again next yearWe can afford the fee, ut he is not worth that, and how do you know we will be in the same situation next year? crystal ball by any chance?Keogh underwent medical in Bristol on fridayYes we can afford the fee...have a mjor investor who ploughs money in when needed and undetwrites the debt to the club of 12m a isn't a loan he pays of that 12m each year.Yep, Keogh passed medical. He is staying over in Bristol this weekend and will sign Monday.


08 Jul 2012 00:31:18
Craig bellamy is coming home to cardiff as brendan rogers cant promise regular game time. souce im a family member...(8)(49)Rodgers has said today that Bellamy isn't going anywhereHow are you related i can ask his son because he goes to my school :)


08 Jul 2012 00:20:59
Ross Mccormack will end all speculation by signing a new 2 year contract with leeds utd . He did have talks with crystal palace and another club and was told new owners would offer him a new and better deal to keep him at their club.(16)(27)Good, Glad that is all Over, We can move on to someone else who want to sign and not looking for a pay day.Glad he has seen the light,, grass isint greener,, MOT,,, Ashley telfordTotal bcks he had 1 decent season and became a greedy prick.....sell him nowStop lying, reason he wanted to leave Leeds in first place was because he wasn't in warnock's plans. Let's stop with these McCormack lies because time will only tell now!As if mccormack was going to leave leeds for a small club like palace keep dreamingSmall club like Palace? They may not be big as Leeds but they're certainly NOT small. Stop living in the past. McCormack was never going to Join palace but I wouldn't bet on any Palace players Joining Leeds eitherHes going to sign for huddersfield town not palace had no intension of signing for them just speculation on various forums .Whoever posted that mccormack isn't in warnocks plans....why the hell did he offer him a new contract ???I hear news the darren ambrose is going to be the latest Leeds united target and the transfer could involve a swap deal with the greedy mcCormack. warnock worked with ambrose before and is hoping he can pesuade him to move north to leeds how true this is,is anybody's guess but with palace looking at MR one season wonder I would not rule it out has a rumour just yetNo palace players joining leeds, hear ambrose is considering offer


08 Jul 2012 00:19:15
Birmingham city looking at loan deals for andros townsend, benik afobe and Alex nimely and are in talks with free agents Sean davis, Ricardo fuller and Orlando sa(13)(7)


08 Jul 2012 00:18:00
Watford to sign
Carlo cudcini (free)spurs
Freddie sears(free)west ham
Michael kightly(3 million) wolves
Marcello trotta(loan)fulham
Marlon harewood (free)
Lee Barnard(free) saints
Leroy lita(2 million)Swansea(5)(47)Sears has lust signed 3 year contract with Colchester, Barnard still has 2 years on his contract, Trotta won't come back to Watford after his last disaster at Watford, Harewood to old for Pozzos, Cudcini would only be last resort as to old, Kightly possible as he enjoyed his time at Watford but but depends on Villa plans, Lita possibleWhy would u sign 4 new strikers and why would Southampton fc give away Barnard talking rubbish. SFC07Amazingly cudicini seems the most likely out of these, and not just because he's italian. Sears has joined someone, huddersfield maybe?Fulham will sign junior hoilett to provide competition for duff and bryan ruizThe only way you will get Barnard, as a signing or a loan, is as part of a deal for Mariappa. Saints are not a charity!

Saint MartinKightly to watford lmao no chanceWatford set to announce signings of Jordan Rhodes & Ben Amos (loan)Kightly will be ripping up the Championship for Wolves next season not Watford he only went there to get fit! No doubt he may have developed a soft spot for Watford as he scored a few goals and recovered his form there but his heart belongs to Wolves!1st comment - Kightly - depends on villa plans? he plays for WOLVES and his staying at wolves!!Mate whats hoilett got to do with itYou're funny.

Freddie Sears has already signed for Colchester about 2 weeks ago.Watford are not spending 3 million on a player


08 Jul 2012 00:07:36
Richardson has signed for the club for a £3mil fee. Announcement tomorrow or early next week.



07 Jul 2012 23:57:59
Southampton are now leading the race to sign Burnley right-back Kieran Trippier from Burnley, after being the first to submit a formal bid - a bid which stands at £4,500,000, plus future payments depending on international appearances.(20)(28)Could be true as we did bid for him when we went in for RodriguezBurnley must hate us so much if this is true...How much?!Brilliant business for Burnley - Trippier only cost 200k from Man City six months ago.

Saints paid over the odds for Rodriguez and 1.2 million for Wayne Thomas was "daylight robbery". Saints are keeping Burnley going with their generosity.Can't see them offering that much4.5million!! They paid about 2 not that long ago, yes he is very good and I rate him but I highly doubt his fee would go up by over 100%If this is true????southampton had better change their name to burnley AI think it will happen if not Southampton another prem club1. We signed trippier for 750k not 200k
2. He said he doesn't want to leave BurnleyWell i will be the lone voice on this site that says we dont need a RB. Richardson is strong and has pace, and not bad at putting the ball into the box. Butterfield is solid defensively. We also have Jack Stevens that we got from Plymouth a while back. no need to buy another full back.Does anybody else think so that Kieron tripper will leave burnley this transfer windowHes not worth 4.5 million.maybe 2 million if you can bully that out of a clubHes definately worth more than 2 million , hes an attacking minded wing back and hes got a brilliant cross on him , not bad at freekicks either and quite fast aswell , hes better than mears in my oppinion and hes getting better with age in a couple of years he will be a premiership player without a doubt . UTCThe Trippier deal was 750,000 and Mee was 300,000 both from CityJust a thought but it seems to me that Burnley may have become a feeder club for southampton! could this be possible?!Feeder club to Saints? No-but there are a number of ex Burnley players at Saints and they will still be in contact with their mates and will also discuss same with their new management so interest is only natural.

Saint MartinThis seems disappointingly likely, we seem to pay a little too much for players from Burnley and lets face it, it's not going to be long before Butterfield leaves one way or another (Retirement or possibly transfer) and it'd be nice to get a young talent I guess... I just would've hoped that we'd look for someone slightly more experienced to work the right back role but still I'd love him at Southampton he'd be a good fit really.


07 Jul 2012 23:39:25
Steven Pienaar and Hugo Rodallega to sign for Everton in next 48 hours.(27)(7)


07 Jul 2012 23:35:25
Derby County have suprisingly offered a new contract to Miles Addison after Jason Shackells departure to Burnley.

Derby will also sign either Joel Lynch or Magnus Okuonghae as a direct replacement for Shackell. Lynch is a main target and can play LCB, to replace Shackell. But he is doubtful to join as he is close to a move to Huddesfield.

Derby are also after Martyn Waghorn or Simon Cox (loan) to replace to departing Steven Davies.

Kelvin Mellor is coming in from Crewe to provide LB cover for RobertsIns:



Shackell(10)(9)I'd like to have Luke Chambers more than Joel Lynch^Same.

Okuonghae would be a must better option as he has pace and is built and 6ft 3


07 Jul 2012 23:32:19
Marton Fulop offered a deals with Southend united or Stevenage by the end of the week. He is Southends second choice if they don't get their original target Gunnar Nielsen.(4)(8)Fulop is a championship keeperReally after that display against arsenal ?


07 Jul 2012 23:29:26
Oxford are set to sign James Harper. Harper will form a 3 man midfield with Peter Leven and Jake Caskey Forster.(5)(4)Sure, James Harper will drop two divisions to join us...He is a free agent and he was playing for Wycombe so drop how many divisionsHe was absolutely appalling when Wycombe had him on loan last season in League One. Completely past it, very lazy and can't play a 5 yard pass right. Believe me, you don't want him.He's local to Oxford are. Would not b a surprise him joing them. He hardly played for 2 yrs at Hull, was on loan at Wycombe last season. And was shocking for them.
Free agent, so not unrealistic


07 Jul 2012 23:26:51
recently released Manchester City keeper, Gunnar Nielsen is on top of Paul Sturrocks wanted list as a goalkeeper and he is willing to fork out the cash for his 3,500 k a week wages.(6)(7)


07 Jul 2012 23:16:13
When Brian McDermott said he wanted 2-3 new players in he actually meant that as a minimum before the season starts. We're actually in for 4 maybe even 5 more new faces to add depth to the squad during the remaining time in this transfer window as we are particularly thin in numbers, especially in defence where we'll be strengthening with 3 more players. The list of players who could join Reading this summer are as follows:

Danny Simpson. A bid of £2-2.5m should be enough to tempt Newcastle to sell, a decent player who's solid at premier league level.

Luke Young. Has been looked into but is looking unlikely considering his age and his wages probably roughly match Simpsons.

Matt Connolly. Has been brought up many times already and it has been reported that we've agreed a 900k deal with QPR. I expect this one to certainly happen in the next couple of weeks although I don't think he is good enough, to be a consistent starter expect him as back up in the squad.

Paul Scharner. A player we've been recently linked with offering a deal. A player who can play at centre half but also in midfield as a defensive midfielder which Brian McDermott likes. Similar to Leigertwood in many ways and can get a few goals. If we cannot sign Mariappa or Bassong then I expect us to make a move for him.

Gael Givet. I have it on good authority that we are considering a £1.5m move for him from Blackburn. Can play at centre half and at left back. McDermott isnt sure whether Nicky Shorey has the heart to play for Reading and is looking elsewhere. We've also been interested in Kieran Richardson but believe he could be heading to West Ham.

McDermott will use pre-season and the first three league games to determine whether another striker will be required for the season ahead or whether the current lot will be up to it. But is looking for a creative midfielder. Perhaps a loan move for Michael Johnson to try and get his career going could be possible.

Simon Church, Sean Morrison and Joseph Mills will be loaned out to championship clubs to gain experience. Michail Antonio and Mathieu Manset will be sold if they can find buyers.(5)(17)Church will be soldGael givet sucks and has a heart condition, McDermott wouldn't buy someone that unreliableWell said ^ me too Royal till i dieNot Givet there's so many good LBs and we go for him. WOWScharner is a good shout, good squad player.Rovers wont sell givet he is there best player



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