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Arsenalnumber one, where did you hear that the club need to sell Adebayor to raise funds? My take on this situation is that his agent is vying for the best deal for him. He has deployed the bargaining stick of what other clubs would pay him/for him. Arsenal are not a club to be held to ransom and if the press rumours are true, they seem to have simply called his agent's bluff by slapping a £35 million price tag on him. In which case, the club will either keep him under their terms or sell him for a substantial profit.

my information on Mr Wenger's transfer fund came from an actual conversation with someone who is involved in the day to day running of the club. Your interpretation appears to come from comments made by Mr Wenger probably in response to a leading press/media question. How can you use this an overriding fact in how the club runs it's affairs.

The stadium development and all it's commercial off–shoots E. g. redevelopment of Highbury, ground name sponsorship, is run as a seperate enterprise. By and large the revenue that will be generated from these commercial ventures in and around the club, + some of the additional turnover from gate/executive box receipts, hospitality and merchandise sales should be more than enough to finance the loan. Of course, until the loan is actually repaid, it is good business acumen to manage finances sensibly, keep tabs on market conditions and to ensure that funds are in place up to the final payment.

The fact is that Mr Wenger is a prudent and business savvy individual who shares the longstanding ethos that the club should be run within it's financial means. Unlike the other 3 clubs who make up the big four, Arsenal are not dependant on external money that allows them to spend over and above their means. The club is supported financially by a limited group of wealthy shareholders who may be able to influence decisions but not dicate the overall running of the club.

The facts are that Arsenal have seen a massive increase in revenue through the new stadium, have been very clever in the transfer market, maintained sensible valuations in relation to player salaries, gained significant annual income from achieving top four status and playing in the Champions League. The club have also developed a very effective youth development system that enables them to bring in top youth talent and develop them to a high level. This has resulted in some exceptional players coming through the ranks and/or significant profit being made any future sale.

I have every reason to believe that a substantial transfer kitty is available to Mr Wenger and the only thing stopping him from spending it is himself.

  Hammers Rumours, Anton Ferdinand handed in a transfer request last thurs saying he needs to get away from the club due to the pressure on him to emulate Rio, he has asked to go to a smaller club. so Tottenham are signing him

  Can I just put the record straight that I was totally against KK's return, but with the information I have just recieved from Newcastle's deputy media manager that we will spend £50 million before the 30th July on –

Johnny Evans £5 million

Velso £20 million

Turan £10 million

Arshvin £12 million

Pavlyuchenko £8 million

Thank you KK sorry I ever doubted you it will not happen again

mick tait

  I support Newcastle n the following are just rumours:

inhler (4 mil)

aimar (7 million)

turan (11 million)

pavluychenko (10 million)

evans (5 million)

Lennon (7 million)

derdiyok (3 million)

shorey (4 million)

also a few highly rated teenagers to be brought in

expect a couple of bids for world class players

we will not sign arshavin why would he come to us when he wants Champions League football n we cannot offer that (yet).

  Why are Newcastle faans having a gripe at Everton? It is just jealousy. We have had no money and been punching above our weight. They pay Mills for players who will not play for the club without the wage on offer and punch below their weight. Moyes will not go there. Redknapp had the right idea. He can get more from his team and Moyes will do the same, he always has.

Hennessy/Kightly/Fletcher in. Johnson out. Thats all this Summer for Everton.

Newcastle will probably be buying Ljungberg, Thuram and other past it players wanting to make a few bob. Unless Mike Ashley stays and then there will be no buys.

  Bad news from Goodison, Bill Kenwright has run out of people to borrow money from, and has not been able to supply any of David Moyes main Summer targets. It is a fact that BK has not invested one penny in the club since he took control and has fallen out with everyone who has supported him financially, as he has always broken whatever promises and agreements were arranged prior to the money being lent. A new assistant to DM was appointed last week on contract, but DM himself stated that he was not prepared to sign one himself and reports are that offers are coming in for all our best players as it's the only funds DM will have to spend, as Kenwright only has one agenda, and that is to get the plans for a new stadium approved and then sell us all short, taking personally £50 million for a zero investment.

  To the "Looney Newcastleey" who thinks Joey Barton and Michael Owen will sign for Everton. Owen's a "maybe", all dependant on fitness – but Barton? Please, please stop me laughing. David Moyes said He would "rather push angry bees up his are" than sign him.

Real EFC rumours: –

Hennessey – Wolves £3 million

Kightly – Wolves £5 million

Fernandes – Valencia £6 million

and now the big one. Robbie Keane is signing for a Merseyside team but it is not Liverpool or even Tranmere for that matter. He's Goodison bound for £15 million.

Newcastle – stick to your overhyped, overpriced, mercenaries that "never rip up any trees".


  Klass–Jan Huntelaar Will Be Signed By Arsenal For Around £18 million (Possible, But Definately If Adebayor Goes).

Arshavin Will Come In Now That Hleb has Stated His Desire To Leave.

Arsene Will Make One More Big Signing And That'll Be It.

Trust Me On This.

ThE PrOfFeSsOr

  To the lunatic that claimed that Arteta is going to Newcastle, then get a grip on reality. Arteta is extremely happy at Everton and has said that the only other club that he will play for in his career is Athletico Madrid, assuming he is wanted there. Why would this cultured, creative man even think of playing for the Skunks, which is located in the UK's premier rubbish town?

Anyway, now for some rumours. There has been contact between Everton and Newcastle but this regards Phil Neville, Tony Hibbert and Michael Owen. Everton would not want to lose their captain since Neville has a great influence in the dressing room. But Moyes would be prepared to listen to offers in the region of £5 million. The other rumour regarding Owen leaving the Skunks and going to Everton is based on fact. The last we heard was that Owen was weighing up options, which are actually few and far between. Moyes did offer £5 million and Tony Hibbert as bait to land the want–away forward, which was accepted by the Newcastle board. If Newcastle follow up their interest in Neville as well, it seems likely that Everton will simply swap Hibbert and Neville for Owen.

There are many other rumours circulating at the moment, the majority of them made up by Liverpool, Newcastle and Celtic fans. One further one that I can actually confirm is again a Newcastle related one. There has been contact between the Geordies and Portsmouth regarding David Nugent. If Owen is indeed leaving St. James' Park, which seems highly likely, expect Keegan to swoop for Nugent. Now that Portsmouth have Crouch and Defoe, it seems likely that Nugent will be keen to accept a move, even if it is to North East.

You might wonder where I get my information from. Let's just say that I have contacts across the Uk. These people are not in the club but act as representatives of key members of staff ;–)

So there you have it folks. Newcastle to possibly sign Neville, Hibbert and Nugent, but not Arteta (as if). Everton to take Owen probably in a straight swap deal.

  Just heard that St. Mirren are on the verge of completing a deal for the rights to the title to their new stadium due to open in early 2009. I do not know who the investor is though I have heard rumours linking it to JJB, the main stand is to be titled the "MacGraw" stand.

Players that are potentially coming in are as follows.

Neil Alexander (Rangers)

Robbie Neilson (Hearts)

Brian Kerr (Dundee United)

Monem orton (unknown slovakian youth).


  to the muppet that wrote this:

My Uncle works for Newcastle United and is a good friend of Mike Ashley.

Arshavin has already had a medical and is just agreeing terms before signing on Thursday.

Michael Owen and Joey Barton will both go to Everton with Mikel Arteta coming the other way, done deal, nailed on.

Does your Uncle often tell you he knows people that you never see him with? Ashravin has already said that he will only play for a club in the Champions League. And lastly can you afford the £25 million for him and his wages of £3. 5 per season? Me thinks not mate never mind Champions League you lot are relegation strugglers, "Ashravin to the Newcastle" Bwaaaaaaa.

Some decent rumours: LFC Might very well pull out of the Barry deal now that Juve have stalled on the Alonso deal, this would be catastrophical for Barry who has now fallen out of favour with Villa fans and MON and it was only ever on if Juve went for Alonso. Ronaldinho's agent was infact talking to Rick Parry however this seems to be more of a fomality with regards to meeting up to discuss the qnquiry into him, Liverpool simply cannot afford his wages. Robbie Keane is desperate to go to Liverpool however Ramos has told him he is willing to make it as impossible for the deal to happen. Expect RK not to renue his contract next season as he will be a the Pool.


  Barnsley fans pin back your ears (lug hoils) and for once listen. Kevin Phillips will be in a Barnsley shirt by the end of this week or Monday at the latest two year contract. Brian Howard will join Aston Villa by Thursday week in a deal which will see Barnsley pocket £2 million down and a further £1.5 million related bonus attachments. also expect to see a couple of the young lads shipped out on loan and a couple of Premier League loanees coming in to boosrer our squad in their place. the shed

  Premierships big signings 100 percent true

Arsenal– Nasri, Villa, Arshavin

A. Villa– Miguel, Sidwell, S. W. Pillps

Blackburn– D. Cisse, Huddleston, Sores, Cudicini

Bolton– Muamba, Elmander, Annan, Barton

Chelsea– Deco, Kaka, Bosingwa, Torres

Everton– Joe Lewis, Mehmet Aurelio

Fulham– Simunic, Kitson, Andranik, Gera, Schwarzer, Gary O Neill

Hull– Geovanni, Nugent, Olofinjana, Miete

Liverpool– Santa cruz, Barry, Bently, Daniel Alves

Manchester City– Jo, Samba, El Haji Diof, Guiza

Man United– Berbatov, Robinho, Petrucci

Middlesboro– J. Harper, Bullard, Bougherra, Maynard, Paul Robinson

Newcastle– Kazim–Richards, Gudjohnson, Dawson

Portsmouth– Little, Shorey, Crouch, Koboul

Stoke– Quarshie, Boa Morte, Graverson, hulse, A. Gardener

Sunderland– K. Doyle, C. Cole, Ireland, Evans, Shittu

Tottenham– Dos Santos, Gomez, Modric, Cuellar

West Bromwich– Moore, Bednar, Baros, B. Foster, Taarbat

the Hammers– behrami, Lazfame, J. Cole

Wigan– De Ridder, S. Larsson, Menhsar

  My sister spent a year in Germany as part of her university course and still keeps in touch with some friends in Hamburg. One of her friends is now married to the one of the admin staff at Hamburg SV. From what he says Van Der Vaart is headed to Anfield – that is why he rejected the move to Tottenham

  Chelsea fan here:

I just want to clear something up as my friend is a relative of a member of the HULL CITY reserve set–up – I know there has been a lot of rumour about George Boateng and Seyi Olofinjana – he has told me that the idea within the club is that Boateng is the main target, however Sunderland AND Blackburn are also in for him knowing he is available at a reasonable £1 million. Therefore they know there is a possibility of him chossing elsewhere – Olofinjana is the "back–up plan" but Stoke are also trying to lure him so Hull are planning to summit a bid for – however they do not want to overclog the central midfield as this is one of the areas with most strength – So in conclusion if the Boateng deal falls through they will sign Olofinjana (with a bid higher than that of Stoke). Also he has told me that Delron Buckley, the 'surplus–to–requirements' South African winger is to sign on ( one year contract) they have reportadly been impressed with his hardwork and technique. Bernard Mendy has flown over to Bormio to finalise a contract which should be completed by the end of this week (he is unfit so unable to train but watching his soon to be team mates).

This knowledge was followed up by some pure rumours that he has been hearing on the Hull forums:

Ivan Campo on a free to add experience

Stelios is hoping to sign, Brown unsure of his capability

David Nugent on loan

Frazier Campbell £4 million – may prove stumbling block

Peter Whittingham £3.5 mill

Abdoulaye Meite £2 mill

Ibrahim Sonko on loan

I have no personal affliation to Hull City but my friend likes to talk a lot about his club (as you can tell):


Firstly it says something about our transfers so far that we have bought a midfielder in Deco who I cannot see fitting in unless Lampard goes (which I reallllly do not want – rather lamps than Deco but anyway) and a right back in Bosingwa that from the evidence of euro 2008 looks like we've bought another one that can attack but is hopeless at actually defense (Johnson and Belletti follow that pattern). Anyway enough of the moaning – my main focus if I was Scolari would be to keep Drogba/Lampard and I hate to say it but I do not see Scolari wanting to play Joe Cole (perhaps I can agree but through gritted teeth) – our wingers i.e. Malouda, Joe, Wright–Phillips all either have skill or pace But not both. Therefore, I would like to see TWO new pacy, dynamic wingers – Robinho and Quaresma would be my choices apart from that I do not see the need for more signings – perhaps Zhirkov if either Bridge or A Cole leave which I do not think they will. Oh and apparently Akinfeev is coming as Cudicini is heading back to Italy with Genoa.

Also dead–wood must go – Sidwell, Pizarro, Shevchenko, Ben Haim, Ivanovic, Wright–Phillips (not exactly dead–wood but he neeeeeds to get away from Chelsea now – not going anywhere)

That is all (lol)

  I wish Chelsea would get over themselves. They really think they can sign anyone they wish and everyone is dying to play for them. Well theyre not. Yes they have signed Deco however what is all the fuss over him? He hardly made into FC Barcelona's starting line up last season. And as for them thinking they will sign signing Kaka, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Arshavin, David Villa, Eto'o and Deco, what planet are they on? Kaka has snubbed them to stay at Milan, Dinho has snubbed them for Milan, Robinho says he wants to stay at Madrid, Arshavin would rather go to Barcelona, Villa has snubbed a move to England and Eto'o is looking more likely for Inter. Yet still they think they can sign all of them, well this goes to show no one wants to play for them. The only reason they even want Kaka is to beat the 70 million Madrid are offering Ronaldo with a 75 million fee.

Now for Arsenal. Hleb will now be leaving for sure after what he has said about Arsenal, and saying that Fabregas is selfish and is just trying to manufacture a move to FC Barcelona. Well good riddance to him. Let him go to FC Barcelona and be spoilt as a player, he's a highly overrated player and Nasri will be better for us than he ever was. As for the Adebayor situation, expect him to leave. Wenger has said he will not pay him the same wages as Thierry Henry was at 120,000 a week and so he shouldnt. Henry won us titles, Adebayor has not. We will most probarbly sell Adebayor to FC Barcelona for £30 million, then buy either Obafemi Martins for £15 million, Klaas Jan Huntelaar for £18 million or Andrei Arshavin for 15 as his replacemment. One of these will be signed along with Samir Nasri and Amaur Bischoff.

Thanks for Reading,

ArsenalNo. 1

  To the fool who says Everton are in turmoil, you must be a Newcastle fan as you talk nonsense. You will never be as big as Everton as the round deal has suggested. now to my rumour, I have heard from a reliable source that Mikel Arteta will be staying at Goodison 100 percent as he is happy on Merseyside. Moyes will spend around £22 million pounds on three players and more if Andy Johnson leaves. One of these players is defo Darren Fletcher.

tata 4 now E. f. c

  Pompey shock news. Kranjcar to Tottenham for £12 million to join Modric. Bigger Pompey shock news. Henry to wear a Pompey shirt again. Shaun Wright–Phillips takes dad's advice and joins PFC. Primus replaces Campbell. Pompey go 4–3–3 and add UEFA cup to FA cup. Harry Redknapp reminds us that it was only six years ago that we were playing Grimsby for sure. PUP.

  The Hammers will not be buying ANY players until they sell players and reduce the wage bill. This info has come from one of the coaching staff.

  Just had a phone call from my mate in Liverpool who deals in properties, Albert Riera from Espanol (Spain) in on his way to Liverpool for a medical next week as a £12 million deal has been agreed. more to follow as I get it. the kop kid.

  Middlesbrough in advanced talks with an unnamed Russian player. Not sure of any names but expected to be confirmed in the next week or so.

  Very quite at the moment at Birmingham WHY– TALK IN THE CITY – sullivan has got a few problems. GOLD will announce complete takeover, some very serious people will be working with him ex c/man the Hammers, Alan sugar, sumitomo bank, and virgin who have a lease on a sizeable peice of land owned by the club

  LFC NEWS: Gareth Barry will sign a contract with Liverpool this week after they agreed a £15 million fee + Steve Finnan. With Andrea Dossena and Degan done deals expect to see David Silva arrive at anfeild for £16 million. TRUST ME.

  Man Uniteds Chris Eagles to Burnley FC for £1.8 million

  Right, I do not want to get Liverpool fans too excited but I managed to briefly ask David Villa if he expects to leave Valencia this Summer (I speak Spanish fairly fluently) and he said "es posible" which I am sure you can figure out. I then asked as he got into his car if the rumours of him joining Liverpool were true and he replied back "estamos hablando" meaning we are speaking, so I am certain this means they are in negotiations already. Remember this text on here if he does. Rob A

  I have it on good authority that Liverpool will make offers for Robbie Keane (Tottenham), Duda (Sevilla), Jérémy Clément (PSG). Also Everton are looking at Milan baros and m owen.

  With Paul Ince saying he is willing to sell Bentley for £17 million or more and Aston Villa could meet that more a replacement for barry but he could be heading to Tottenham for bent Robinson and dawson.

with the trustees giving Blackburn extra funds Paul Ince will have £25 million to spend and will look to bring in Eboue of Arsenal for £5 million. afferlay and farfan for £14 million from PSV and annan for ik start good talented player anounsed to Chelsea from Essien and bradley young taltented United States midfielder for £5 million each. and if Bentley gets sold for £17 million or more he will try and sign Joao mountiho of lisbon for £14 million or falcoa skillfull player plays in the argentenian league for riverplate for £12 million and will the money left other he will sign kasper scheiMichael of ManChester City for £5 million

  Man United news:

sir Alex has set up a nice little smoke screen as he intends 2 buy several players over the next couple of weeks. these are

Onoha, Lahm, Veloso, Kerlon, Ratikic, Falcao, Anichebe. these are to replace silvestra, O'Shea, Fletcher and Saha.

  This is probz most likely a rumour but I hav heard that Roy Keane is looking at brinign Julio arca back to the Stadium of Light due to his unhappines at the boro. he is unhappy that they hav signed two players who can play in his position and the Middlesbrough are been constantly linked with a move for James harper.


  Very close friend works at Murray Park and has seen a list of players being looked at, possible signing targets for Glasgow Rangers:


Berra (Hearts)

Shittu (Watford)

Reynolds (Motherwell)

Nicky Shorey (Reading)

Wayne Bridge (Chelsea)

Chimbonda (Tottenham)

Hyypia (Liverpool)


Clarence Seedorf


Fletcher (Man United)

Brown (Celtic – wants to play for Rangers)

Greening (West Bromwich)

Davis (Fulham)

Bullard (Fulham)


Lee Trundle

No others – quota filled


Already away are Buffell and Sebo

expect Cousin, darchville, Hemdani, Stevie Smith, Charlie Adam and possibly Novo to leave.

  Danny Murphy is expected to join Sheff United early next week for £2.2 million. He will be signing a two year deal and will be expected to partner Gary Speed with Michael Tonge moving back left and David Cotterill to play on the right.

  Just spoke to Michael Owens brother in law David Evans, who works beside me at Rhyl Hospital. Michael Owen is about to sign a years long loan to Glasgow Celtic in Scotland. He's very keen to play Champions League football and Newcastle think his value will increase as a result. There is a Celtic player going to Newcastle as part of deal but do not know who.

  MY Uncle works for the firm which provides the security for the Melwood training ground. he got these info. reds will sign bestian schweinstiger, silva, hunatleer (50–50), barry, and a BIG BIG signing ( maybe next best to Ronaldo's transfer). the American owners have given Rafa extra £35 million to spend.

  Rumours from Norway:

Young winger Tarik Elyionussi followed by PL clubs, including Tottenham. For £3 million Euro he can leave Fredrikstad.

Erik "Panzer" Hagen, the Wigan iron–man, is now out of contract and wanted by a lot of Championship clubs.

Swedish right–back of Rosenborg, Fredrik Stoor is wanted by Fulham.

Norwegian club FC Lyn Oslo are in an economical crisis and have to sell. Swedish international goalkeeper Eddie Gustafson and the winger Espen Hoff are both hot objects for several British clubs on both side of the border. Also they have a lot of Norwegian Under–21 talents in their squad, expect some of them to be snapped up by British clubs.

  And some more from Norway: Young Rosenborg star, midfielder Per Ciljan Skjelbred is wanted by Newcastle. He will be availible for aprox 3 million Euros. Also other PL clubs have their eyes on this talent.

  I know someone in the know at Molineux and they say Wolves are lining up two substantial offers for two Premier League players one at Man United and the other at Arsenal. More info when I get it.

The Molineux Mole

  To all of you size obsessed Newcastle/Everton and Tottenham fans – the best way to sort your argument is to ask fans of other clubs to say who they think are biigest – i.e. what does the world think of you rather than all this mine is bigger than yours stuff. My vote




My criteria – if my team drew them in the cup – which ould excite me more/would I feel that if we won would be the bigger scalp


Shittu race hotting up – Rangers favourites at £3 million + add ons

Davenport loan to Watford as soon as that is complete – all a question of when not if

Kabba to Leicester by Friday for £400 k with Campbell coming the other way for £750 k

Hoskins – staying– will get more chances this year

Henderson staying

Francis to Hull on a season long loan (fitness is the issue)

Poom – season long loan to Orient

Jackson – Derby

Clinton Morrison on a one year deal to Watford

Yeates to Palarse not Watford or Queens Park Rangers or Charlton

Boothroyd on Man United new no2 list

  arsenal news

The reason Nasri has not signed yet is Arsenal can only afford him if they sell Adebeyor, same goes for Ashavin. If Adebeyor stays do not expect any major signings.

Thanks for reading

les dechets

  My Uncle works at Finch Farm, Everton's new Training complex, so this is straight from the horse's mouth.

Moyes had a major bust–up with Kenwright over the weekend, the subject being Johnson's proposed move. Anyone who offers £10 million + will get him, subject to Johnson agreeing to leave. He will not go to Wigan or Sunderland, but might agree to join the Hammers or Aston Villa; nobody's picked up on Villa's interest yet, but it is there, believe me. Also, if anybody (i. E. Athletico Madrid) offers silly money for Arteta, he's off too, though he's happy at Everton and is not looking for a move; it is down to money again.

Anyway, Moyes is staying (for now) but will not sign a new contract, and if a good job comes up next season, he will be off. In the meantime, being a professional, he is determined to do his best, hoping to leave EFC on a high note.

Darren Fletcher from Man United is a done deal, subject to medical and personal terms, and it is not impossible that Joey Barton will be at GP by the time the transfer window closes. Owen may join him, though that is a long shot.

One other thing – that story about Yobo's brother is a hoax, JoYo will be an Arsenal player in a month's time. His replacement is an east European centre back, my Uncle does not know the player, he heard the name but it is something unpronouncable.

  Big problems at Everton beginning to surface.

Injuries to Hibbert, Cahill, Arteta, Baines, Vaughan, Nuno Valente and Turner mean that the squad (already the smallest in the league) has real pressure on it.

Moyes has been told to wait to see if their is a takeover before he can spend. and if nobody agrees he will either have to sell (Arteta, Johnson, LeScott) or just buy Bosmans or lower league players. George Boateng, Brian Howard, Sebastien Bassong and Michael Bradley are targets – nothing special. Signing Darren Fletcher may eat into the money still owed for the Rooney deal though and Manny Fernandes on loan may fill another gap.

Moyes will leave before the end of July if this is not sorted soon.

The new stadium will not happen – no money and Kenwright wants to sell.

  Wolves have made a firm bid of £2.5 million for Marvin Elliot of Bristol City with Seyi Olofinjana looking likely to join Hull any day now.

  Ok. Firstly can all Nufc fans stop posting ridiculous rumours looking for an arguement with SAfc, EFC and THFC FANS. Heres the real rumours.

SAfc ins– Doyle and Hunt from Reading

Duff from Newcastle

Boateng from Middlesbrough

Lita from Reading

Bent will not come as he is too much of a girl and thinkd the North East is too cold and is still populated by flat cap wearing wippet walkers.

SAfc will let go a number of fringe playersi. e. Davis Connoly, liam Miller etc. to Championship clubs

Newcastle will be linked with every big name going in a boost to attract sales however will probably end up with Cuellar from Rangers and Mcgeady from Celtic.


  Watford need £6 million to repay a bank loan. Due to this tight budget they will go extensively into the free transfer market.

The following players are being monitored

Stern John–free

Heidar Helguson–free

Clinton Morisson–free

Calum Davenport will also sign as he joined Watford in January with a view to a permanent move and will be fit again soon. The fee will be around 1 mill

  See I told you people about the £18 million Huntelaar bid that I administered. Samir Nasri will be signed once he return from holiday. FYI, the info about Victor Anichebe is absolutely not true and so is the news about Falcao. Wenger just wants Huntelaar. Miguel Veloso will also be signed for £16 million as both Juve and ACM pulled out for him. Amaury Bischoff will join up for pre–season (trial). And there will not be any keeper signing must lest trying to steal Gomes from Tottenham. And lastly Adebayor (30 million) and Hleb (15 million) is gone. Wenger has accepted the bids. The money for the Veloso and Huntelaar comes from the sale of Adebayor and Hleb.

ThE AdMiNsTrAtoR

  Following P. Crouch's arrival to Portsmouth. D. Nugent will seal a move to Sunderland

  To everyone that was saying about the G14, well it's gone, and we now have 5 clubs in the new ECA members, Newcastle, Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Congrats Newcastle, and the usual 4.

Now some rumours, (NOT factS)

Arsenal, Nasri and Huuntalaar,

Chelsea, Eto'o, and IbrAbramovic

Manky United, Berbatov and Kerlon

Livepool, Barry and Keane.

Just for everyones information, no one actually knows how much each team has to spend apart from Chelsea, because they Rich as hell. Arsenal made loads of money of the new stadium so they could have a bit, manky United spend as usual, then taking the mickey out of other teams for spending money ie, Torres, ( who turned down UNITED) for £21 million when they spent £18 million on each of Hargreaves and Anderson, I think LFC got the better deal there. and they were only jealous because LFC got him, Liverpool have a bit to spend since Gillet kissed and cuddled, Tottenham are going to try and buy the Premier League but will be lucky if they break into the top 4. Man City mid table as usual. And Us Evertonians hopefully finshfifth, and closed the gap.

  Newcastle have no money and will definitely not be getting David Moyes as new manager. How badly do Newcastle fans want to be in Everton's position. Newcastle will lose Keegan due to the lack of funds and Ashley being a bit of an person and he will be replaced by either Wise or John Barnes fact. Newcastle want to jump on the black manager bandwagon because they have nothing else to offer us fans. No players, no success – same old, same old. Are we upset with Everton because Owen has made it clear he wants to play for them and is willing to take a pay–cut just to get out of St. James Park.

  Who ever said that Tottenham have a bigger domestic history are spoutin trash. Everton Have won the league no less than 9 times. Tottenheam er I think you will find is only 2 times. end of rant there. As for Newcastle 1 club in 1 City not hard to get a good fanbase is it. Everton have (begrudgingly) the biggest football team in the world (fanbase wise) to compete with. yet we still fill the grand old lady every week. Tottenham fans I empithise for because they have many clubs in London but then again look at the size of London again not hard to get a good fanbase.

Everton FC are finally picking up from where they where they should be at the top of the division because until Hysle for most of our hitory we have been up there with the leaders year in year out.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

Now to the rumours


Arteta – Going no where until next season as Moyes had pleaded with him to stay and break the top 4

AJ – Again going no where Moyes likes his work rate and will do the same as he did with Beattie to see if his shooting boots will return.


SWP – Moyes is going to try and use Arteta in a central role and Shaun Wright–Phillips on the wing for sheer speed and agression because Shaun Wright–Phillips likes to attack the full backs with Pienaar doing the same on the left flank

Aimar – sees him as the missing piece of the puzzle we need a central midfielder who can put in the magic that we need and pull the strings alongside Arteta

Young – Moyes is going to continue with his plans of buying young brits he has done this well and will continue to do so.

  Now that the Arshavin to FC Barcelona move has fallen through expect the player to look to the team that spotted his talent last year and tried sign him in the January window. Everton will pick him up for £15 million funded by the sale of Johnson to the Hammers (sorry Wigan and Sunderland fans, you're going down next season so no way he will go to yous)

That means Everton will be looking for a forward and will make a surprise bid of £3 million (which is what Moyes knew he was worth all along) for Nugent as a back up and Darren Bent for 12 million, or Michael Owen (come home you Blue Boy) for £8 million.

The remaining 59 million of his budget will be spent on a goalie as backup to Howard and a midfield body or 2.

The squad will still remain desperately thin and this could be Moyes last season at Everton unless Billy Liar Kenwright pulls a rabbit out of his arse before the end of it.

– – supa1878– –

  Leeds United are to sign Enoch Showunmi on a free transfer. Saw him at the training ground. Jerry Smart

  To the guy who said go to Bebo and type in 'red until your dead' for proof that you had seen Ron's agent brother with Rick Parry, I did, all I could see were pics of an ugly ginger guy. Being close to lunch time I did not want to sit through lots of pics of a Carrot top, can you be more specific? Which folder etc.

  Hi, I would just like to point out to the Newcastle fan who claims Arshavin has already had a medical at your 'big' club what his agent has said this morning – "Andrei would like to play in the Premier League but he will not accept an offer from clubs like Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Aston Villa. " The guy wants Champion's League football, not to get knocked out on the training field by your current pride and joy.

Oh, and to prempt any Newcastle fans harping on about this ECA and them being one of the five clubs from England represented – there are 103 members in total, including such greats as KF Tirana, Újpest FC and the pride of Belfast, Linfield FC – they had to make the numbers up somehow.

When did Newcastle go from being everyone's favourite second club to a laughing stock?

Sorry Newcastle, someone had to say it.


  Received news yesterday from my Uncle who works on the ground staff at Celtics training ground Lennoxtown. A large entourage of people turned up yesterday to be shown around and at the centre of them was Roberto Carlos wearing a Celtic scarf. Apparently he's always supported the hoops from childhood. With Lee Naylor almost certainly on his way out, a one–year deal would be ideal for the 35 year old left back considering the amount of money we would make commercially from him. Remember,.

The Bhoy who knows

  News for Barnsley fans from a Pompey one

David Nugent going to Barnsley for £1.5 million

knock down price to pay for some of Crouch fee and he will play even less thanlast season if he stays

could rise to £2.5 million

  Right lets get this straight all these rumours about the Hammers. Nothing is going to happen, Alan has no Transfer money to play with, well certainly until this court case with Sheffield is over. The after that if they do not get sued to much they will only have £10 million at most. the Hammers you are in for a boring Summer, No Joe Cole, N

  Right lets get started then shall we))

Behrami gone to Pompey Not the Hammers

Swp grone to Pompey also

Ebanks Blake to the Hammers

Joe Lewis To the Hammers

all done.

  I have heard from a reliable source that Roy Keane has given the go Ahead

to offer Paul McShane + £2.5 million for Watfords Danny Shittu.

With both players sidelined with injuries this deal could be a slow process.

Watford and Shittu are also eager to insert a buy back Clause should Watford go up

and Sunderland go down although both of are highly unlikely to happen.

  I work for BA at Newcastle Airport. I have just taken a booking for Dennis Wise to fly out to Russia. There is only one conclusion here, he is doing a deal for Arshavin. fact.

  You Geordies crack me up. Moyes going to Newcastle? Newcastle part of football's elite? See you next season, and the season after that, and so on and so on, when you'll be saying the same thing over and over again.

The new stadium will not absorb transfer funds, because the two will be kept separately from each other. It's simple economics. Despite our owner not being the Richest of owners (probably one of the poorest in the EPL), he can still raise enough money. However, he's constantly looking for investment, but in addition to this, lately there have been rumours he's going to sell, as it is for the best. If this is true, it will be kept secret because Everton will not be able to spend on big transfers while the club is being taken over. Anyway, it is just a rumour, as are these.

– Joe Ledley, long–time target of Moyes, is likely to be bought for around £4,000,000. As is.

– Michael Bradley, who is seen as a replacement for Carsley. One drawback to the deal is that Moyes saw his performance against England where he was, to put it bluntly, crap.

– Joaquin and Fernandes, a bit of creativity and width on the field. Valencia are having much publicised financial troubles, so may be willing to accept bids of £9,000,000 and £6,000,000 respectively.

– Joe Mattock, young left–back. £2,000,000 possibly, but that is if Ipswich want to sell.

– Sebastien Bassong, young defender. I have no idea on this one, but he's being posted on all the sites.

– Podolski, on loan, if Johnson goes. Nah, just made that up. That is it.


Was speaking to a member of the Celtic coaching staff the other day who also happens to be a good friend of mine. I asked him about any potential signings and he told me the following players were being looked at; France U–21 winger Alexandre Bonnet, who was watched at the Toulon tournament, Czech defender Jan Rajnoch and Egyptian forward Mohamed Fadl.

  Afc Bulletin ########

Arsenal target Paris St. Germain player Clement Chantome will noot moving to Arsenal as he's just signed a new deal with PSG. Possable move by Arsene Wenger 4 Diogo as Diogo him self has said he now wants 2 play in Europe. Expect AS ROMA 2 move 4 Gilberto and sign him. NUfc Goal Keeper Shay Given will nooot be moving to Arsenal as Given himself has said soo.

  Hammers Facts

Curbs is getting rid of both Lee Bowyer and Haydn Mullins to Charlton.

  Arsenal rumours

all this talk of David silva, arshavin etc. is rubbish. Wenger will lodge a bid for a player he tried to sign two years ago. Martin petrov, yeah he's 29 but he's a Wenger player and watsed at City.

watch and remember.

  I have been told by a reliable source Aston Villa are going to sell gareth barry to Liverpool for £15 million and Steve Finnan joining in an exchange deal. And Villa have got two higly rated youngsters on trial at the training complex Craig salt and nicholas kelleher are both keen to be playing in the reserves by september and it looks like theyll get there wish MON is keen to sign them up to villas already succesful youth set up. this is 100 percent genuine and realistic.

  Blackburn Rovers will announce the signing of sporting lisbons midfield playmaker Simon vukcevic next Monday for a fee of £6 million, Fact. Paul Ince moved quickly as it looked as though Bolton had got in there first, for me this will be a great signing as from what I have seen he's very good player with bags of ability and a lot of potentional. could well be our new TUGAY Rovers fans.


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