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09 Feb 2013 18:46:24
Jake Forster-Caskey is set to return to Oxford United on loan until the end of the season

Will sign someone on Thursday at earliest (so that if. we make the playoffs, the loan will cover these games and doubt it will be JFC. Doubt we will make the playoffs either!

You don't sound very positive Mr. Wilder, but I agree with you



09 Feb 2013 18:44:48
nigel adkins expected the job at huddersfield without an interview. talk about been stuck up your own ass

09 Feb 2013 23:12:11
actually mate hearing it was coyle and now he's nowhere near shortlist. deano says he's down to second interview stage now sadly think nicky butt is a serious contender i'd be surprised if adkins is on the list I think he turned us down straight away

09 Feb 2013 23:47:08
NOT that long adkins was at scnthorpe united when he was a nobody and now?

This is total rubbish, if Adkins wanted it, Deano would of given the job a week ago, Deano's first Is Adkins, but, as you have seen nothing has happened so Adkins isn't interested with us. Probably eyeing up a position at Villa.

And we should have given it him. If there is a stand out candidate for the job, the club normally persues him as a matter of course. For him to be then told

"actually we want to interview you first along with Nicky Butt and Paul Ince"

is demeaning to him. Adkins is an absolute country mile ahead of both of those candidates and everyone else linked with our club since Grayson was sacked. If Adkins asked for the job without an interview and we didn't give it him, then the board have really lost the plot. Adkins is head and shoulders above all of all other managers that we have been linked with over the last 2/3 weeks and with the quality already in our team would have definitely steered us away from relegation to a mid table finish. If Ince or Butt get the job, simply because they were 'yes men' in the interview, we'll be back in league one next season without a shadow of doubt. DJB

Its been bent out. of. proportion. the managers agent rang dean and said that his client would be interested in the job should we want him. town said they didn't operate like that butter would consider him none the less. I don't think it was adkins

Just to clear this up Coyle was the candidate who wanted to be appointed without an interview. Adkins has turned the job down, Dean Hoyle has confirmed this stating he hadbigger fish to fry. One candidate has been offered the post already, however it has not yet been accepted. My belief is this is Graeme Jones, however Martinez has been linked with Chelsea so he would be weighing up his options.

This a fact, Adkins wanted a telephone interview before agreeing to travel up here, quite rightly he was told we don't operate like this End Of. The delay in appointing is now down to Dean Hiyle wanting to interview the manageress back room staff before making the final decision. It sounds like he has had his fingers burnt with some of the previous back room team, didn't understand what value they added and cost more than a few bob to get rid. Nicky Butt and Owen Coyle are front runners. Trojanhorse

10 Feb 2013 09:02:13
You all need to catch yourselfs on and let dean hoyle get on with his job as chairman. Belfast terriers

10 Feb 2013 09:57:42
it was not adkins it was coyle

It was a 'household' name apparently. i'm thinking along lines of Shearer, Keane or Hughes? Hoyle said that Adkins felt he had 'bigger fish to fry' and that if he felt that was the way for him then good luck to him. In other words Adkins wants a Prem job as sees himself as a Prem mgr now.

Think it was very petty of Hoyle and the board to not speak with the manager who wanted to speak on the phone prior to his interview the day before. what harm would that have done!?

Dean Hoyle has done great for HTFC without a doubt but I am not confident about who our next manager is and what they will deliver. Its ok to look long term but at the minute we need to establish ourself in the Championship and then look longterm, its the NOW that matters the most and staying up. We can't score goals at the moment and seriously lack quality in the final 3rd.

Just think how big phil parkins was, look where he is bradford lol our club wasnt big enough for him or adkins lol

10 Feb 2013 16:19:16
HTFC not big enough for Adkins and yet he was at Scunthorpe united. since when have they been bigger than us?same with adie Boothroyd HTFC not big enough yet he, s at Northampton
Town what a laugh UTT

Oh no, not Paul Ince, but a doubtful appointment as he is not a yes man.



09 Feb 2013 14:21:02
Derby are looking to bring in defenders Stephen McManus from Middlesbrough and Luke Garbutt from Everton. Both on loan deals until the end of the season.

Boro should put him in our team our defending has been shocking recently

10 Feb 2013 17:31:21
sack mowbray and get DI CANIO in! mowbrays tactics are shocking playing 1 upfront at home disgrace,

People forget what Mowbray has done here he has reduced the wage bill by half, saved us from relegation, saved us from probable administration, still has us competing for promotion and people turn on him after 5 games?

Is that the kind of loyalty he showed us in '86?

Do you really want him out

Well said Mogga is a Boro legend who's done so much for this club! With all the players who he's had to get rid of with the replacements all being freebies or dirt cheap I think he's doing a cracking job! Before the season most would have settled for a top 10 finish so as far as I can see he's ahead of schedule, I hope all the fans give him a break. A true Teesside legend!

Cant believe anyone would want mowbray out he's the best thing to ever happen to this club let's not forget that he's completly reshaped this club from top to bottom with no cash to spend along with getting rid of all the supposedly better players on big wages I for one would never turn on mowbray he's the future of our club. can you honestly tell me a better manager who we could both attract and afford di canio has done nothing in the game yet only been at it a year. in mowbray we trust UTB. Tow

Whatever mogga has done in the past the team we still had out should put up a better all round performance than what we are seeing, why are we not playing our only playmaker from chelsea looks like to me that if we play him many more games we will have to pay more of his wages

Emnes set to go on loan to Cardiff

We got tony and we got tony tony mowbray mowbray

Yes! Let Cardiff take him quickly before they realise how bad he is



09 Feb 2013 19:12:57
Guy Whittingham would like to return to his coaching role once the Trust take over. Expect Steve Claridge to throw his hat into the ring for the Management position.

Claridge does like his non league football

Whittingham has stated to friends that he feels he is not cut out for management and acts better as a number 2.

Do not be surprised to see Kevin Dillon throw his name into the hat for the job, as he is someone who has already stated he'd love to manage Pompey.



09 Feb 2013 14:27:38
Brian Howard is training with Bristol City



09 Feb 2013 09:56:58
Looks like Grimsby striker Anthony Elding has had a change of plans after being approached by Tranmere manager Ronnie Moore. After Elding's short spell at PNE he will sign at Tranmere till the end of the season, hoping to solve their shortage of strikers.

09 Feb 2013 12:00:19
He could not hit a barn door at Preston, so he will probably back a dozen at Tranmere.

10 Feb 2013 12:56:54
he is absolutely awful, offers nothing. not very fast, not strong, can't finish, not very tall, not a good jump. literally offers nothing



09 feb 2013 09:25:05
any bristol city loan news.

O'dricoll is reying to get Billy Sharpe on loan until the end of the season. Then if we stay up will try to sign him.

Brian Howard training with us. He will be offered a contract till the end of the season.

No, he won't come on loan now, but he will sign for bristol city in the summer.

Website confirmed he is training with us and earn contract til end of season



09 Feb 2013 01:36:05
Hibernain are poisted to sign former Hearts & Rangers striker Andrius Velika. But could face competition from Morton and Queen of the South.



09 Feb 2013 00:02:20
Shrewsbury Town are going to sign free agent Angelos Charisteas. You heard it here first.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Heard this as welll, Turner is interested and he would be a good signing, but wages may be too high.

10 Feb 2013 12:51:09
I do not think we will stay up even if we signed Ronaldo and Messi because we do not create any chances

^^^ 3 defeats in 15 matches is not the form of a team going down. Keep the faith.

In turner we trust

11 Feb 2013 22:10:50
not many wins in that run mind you.



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