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09 Aug 2013 22:46:05
Bolton striker Tom Eaves is close to sealing a move to Peterborough United.

So Peterboro are favourites to land Eaves just like Bournemouth and all the rest. This ain't going to happen Dougie likes Eaves and sees him as one for the future. He will get his chance this season but at Bolton nowhere else.

Right age but 6'5", so doesn't really fir the Fergie profile. Would be surprised.

10 Aug 2013 10:33:44
Great shame he has turned down a return to the Shrews as he was magnificent for us in a couple of games last season.

Not sure 6 foot 5 matters, it doesn't exclusively mean he can't play with the ball at his feet

Target delayed, so either
a) he's not fit enough (recovering from a long term injury) and has some good pedigree prior to injury

Example Paul Taylor, McCourt etc

b) he's a loan/buy who may or may not be needed by a higher division parent club, and is likely young

Man U youngster Powell etc?

c) Posh are struggling to negotiate the contract or fee, meaning the player is more established at some level

Gray, McLean, McCourt etc?

There is a good array of strikers at the moment, it could be anyone of 100 or more players

Looks a good signing though, might be a bit optimistic to get him

Dmac says we aren't interested.



09 Aug 2013 23:11:16
Brighton to sign Keith Andrews on loan

We've already signed him

Confirmed on the argus website and the club website

Good short term buy for Brighton. Will shore up the midfield. With Kemy signed and now Andrews, it looks like Bridcutt's off. I heard he's off to Palace for £2.5m.

We wouldn't sell bridcutt to palace they are coming back down next season so we don't want to play against him and he said he didn't want to go there and if we do sell him we won't sell him under £4m

Palace don't want bridcutt he not even linked with a move to palace

Bridcutt has handed in a transfer request I am not sure where he is going, also looks like Greer wants to go back up north with his family dark times ahead for seagulls

Bridcutt is injured. Greer is very happy at Brighton. So you have written utter rubbish again.

I heard that Crystal palace are finding it hard to sign players as they know they won't be in the premier league long. Plus who would want to sign for a team that don't even own there own stadium. Mind you it reminds of a dump any way.

We are not selling Bridcutt to Palace. How many more times.

CPFC own their own stadium, and aren't still trying to pay theirs off whilst loosing 8mil a year! Oh and good start to the season for BHAFC so far!

Chill about Bridcutt! Only reason he isn't playing is because he under went a hernia op! Out for a month.

Brighton do own their own stadium actually.

In todays Argus it says Bridcutt has a hernie and WILL have an operation--NOT that he has had the operation.



09 Aug 2013 22:39:57
Morgaro Gomis, to have contract talks at Blackpool.

If I were he, I would make contact by telephone and say this is what I want.
Blackpool are notorious now for their way of doing business. If they say yes with no strings attached, go and sign. They have the basis for a good team that can go places. However the Owner
Does not seem to be committed to bettering his team. Be careful.



09 Aug 2013 21:30:01
Bradford City are trying to sign Kayode Odejayi from Rotherham on a one month loan.

Why do we need cover for a month? total rubbish

No they're not, no short term loan policy this season with the exception of Ripley as back up keeper until we sign somebody permanent.

Might have been believable but for the one month loan bit!

I hope not! Done nothing since score against Chelsea in the cup about 5 years ago. If he ain't good enough for Rotherham, he's not good enough for us.

Sure fire thing but stumbling on Bradford being able to afford his wages, wanting Rotherham to stump up a considerable top up to make this loan deal happen



09 Aug 2013 21:29:00
middlesbrough have made an enquiry for bolton defender matt mills

I hope this is true along with Brighton taking Andrews that's two duds off our hands and money to bring in Dawson. That just leaves Mears!

10 Aug 2013 00:21:16
last chance saloon mowbray u have your player who u have been trying to sign for 3 seasons bring it on UTB

Can't see Dawson going back to Bolton although his last loan there was successful the lad is knocking on West Broms 1st team door

Boro want dawson. not this guy.

Dazmac WBA have e just signed Lugano from PSG so unless they sell either first choice defenders Olsen or McAuley where does that leave Dawson. down the ecking order for now! Dawson is from the

Boro won't get Dawson, the lads from the North West where is family are, why would he go to the North East to a team who have no chance of promotion when he can go to Bolton where he was and will be a fans favourite. He will be back to help the Whites back to the Premier League.

Bolton fans. What's wrong with Mills? I remember at Reading he was a great player. Never heard much since. I think we're looking at Dawson though like yourselves.

In response to the poster above, Mills seems very sluggish, slow and reckless from what i've seen. Leicester rubbed their hands together when they sold him to us and I can see why, we paid over the top (as did they) and he's on a fair big wage too. Glad to be rid but pity Boro or anyone else who takes him on.

One word four letters begins with S ends in T. That should give you a clue to how good a player he is. I agree he looked great at Reading but the move to LCFC as obviously knocked him. Slow and injury prone another one of Coyle's excellent signings. If Dawson is allowed to leave WBA he will follow Spearings example and return to Bolton where he enjoyed great success and quickly became a fans favourite. He is from the North West so a move to Bolton makes perfect sense. He will be a Bolton player soon!

10 Aug 2013 17:34:30
dawson has been wasted at west brom. boro fans were gutted when they missed out in 2010

Well I doubt we'll touch him then. We can't offer big wages any more so it won't happen and we have better here already in Woodgate and Williams. We'd be in Dawson but not holding my breath for Boro to sign him.

Craig Dawson will be a Bolton player before the end of the transfer window either permanent or on loan.

Im going to get some bad vibes by suggesting that we should have went for dunne. yeh he's no whippet but what an experienced player, very strong and a good leader, would play the bruce role when pally played at united (obviously woody is pally) ha ha that will send non boro fans stupid



09 Aug 2013 19:55:42
Pape Diakhate, senegal international centre back playing for Granada is in talks with Crystal Palace over signing for 2 million euros, expected to sign in the next few days

This would be good. Palace need decent centre backs.

Agree. we need pace!

Surely he would go to Watford part of the family



09 Aug 2013 20:25:22
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09 Aug 2013 20:21:37
Boro apparently have offered Carlton cole a 2year deal

He has had talks with palace and a couple of European clubs but has been asking for a similar wage to what he was on at whufc, which was around £60,000 a week which no one in the right mind is going to pay him

Surely a stab at getting beccio here would be better, on loan to start with?



09 Aug 2013 20:10:21
Lee Tomlin in £2m Brighton move
BRIGHTON have launched a £2m bid to sign Peterborough striker Lee Tomlin, 24.

Well they won't get him for that

10 Aug 2013 04:53:50
How do you no we won't get him for that price,
You Barry fry or chairman, two million good price
For a league one player,

Laughable! and has been denied by Posh Chairman.

10 Aug 2013 10:25:57
Boro fans seem to think that every club is as stupid as Palace

If they get more than £2m for tomlin then the world has gone mad - surely not every player in a relegated league 1 side is worth £5m! - I wonder why they went down not up - truth is Gayle and Tolin are very very average players

10 Aug 2013 12:54:37
Correct 4th poster, 2million seems a bit high, if there squad was any good then they would off
Challenged for at least playoffs, instead off being

Love how non posh fans can value out players. TRUTH is the championship is worth 5 million to us and Tomlin can help us get there. We don't need to sell him but if we got an offer nearer 5 mil it would become feasible. It's about what we value him at, nothing else

Not for sale so get over it, and why would you want to buy a player who plays for a relegated team? because he is very good and will be back in the Championship next season with Posh.

Comment 5, if you actually see dwight gayle and lee tomlin, they are more than average players. put it this way, he's a lot better than CMS who brighton spent £3million on.

They wouldn't offer 2m for a league 1 player, they want him in the Championship.

Since when did the division you find yourself dictate the price, If that was the case then Suarez would have roughly the same value as Lambert.

How do you no we won't get him for that price,
You Barry fry or chairman, two million good price
For a league one player,


Peterborough sold Gail for like 6-7m to palace so I guess we would have to pay about 3-4 for him

£12 million price tag put on Tomlin today by Ferguson. Translated that simply means he is not for sale, so please stop these silly comments.

Tomlin is fat and rubbish. It's hilarious how much posh fans over value their players. fact is, if they were any good (and therefore worth millions) you wouldn't have got relegated!

"it's about how much we value him" Uh, no. The market is what values his price.

Asking price too high: price comes down to meet the demand of the purchaser.

Price too low: club won't sell till a reasonable and realistic offer is made, but that depends on how much other clubs really do value. If 3-4 clubs make the same offer, that's realistically the player's value.

His "value" is only applicable if he is for sale. what part of "he is not for sale" are you lot not comprehending?
This obsession with valuing players according to the division they are playing in is ridiculous! He more than proved himself in the Championship, that is why Championship clubs would like to sign him.
It's not rocket science.

If you consider the stats non posh fans, if posh started the season at Xmas last year-we would be in the premiership. We had a woeful start, and we went down with the highest points total in history. So to say he is a league one player, or any posh player is, isn't really fair
Tomlin is worth whatever we say he's worth

To Brighton fans, if you get relegated this season (and this is quite possible with the inept manager you now have) are you going to be selling your best players off for a reduced price? I don't think you will, tomlin has been valued so highly by the posh because we don't want to sell him, that's all! It's nothing to do with the league we are in, it's to do with keeping our best players

So, Tomlin is signing for every championship club every week, for £1 million to £2 million despite his fee stated at Quote "£12 Million" quote "if people want to pay silly money then they can pay silly money because that's what it'll take to get him" Quote "He's not for sale" Quote "He's not going anywhere"

I'm sure he'll break the record for clubs played for in a season, I imagine his agent has dropped all the other players as he is so busy dealing with contract offers for Tomlin.

He'll go for next to nothing because him being some Sunday league footballer down in the football league one, and if he doesn't it's not fair, posh have no right to not sell him to our club he'll never be good enough for the championship (or be good enough for the interested club by extension) and he hasn't really played 100 odd games in the championship over three seasons and scored a hat full of goals.

Next please, can we stop having crap posted and get back to real rumours (ie seeing player at club/manager at club etc)

In the process get some respect for a clubs right not to sell

What is this crap about "if they were that good they wouldn't have been relegated". is that the same as the West Ham team that got relegated with Defoe, Ferdinand, Di Canio, Joe Cole and James in it, Posh will not sell Tomlin for less than £3m minimum and if your clubs sell your players on the cheap then tough, clubs keep paying top price for our players so il trust there managers opinions over a bunch of internet football manager 2013 wannabes

""it's about how much we value him" Uh, no. The market is what values his price.

Asking price too high: price comes down to meet the demand of the purchaser. "

Look fella if you what to start getting into demand and supply then let's start from the premise that a number of clubs would like to buy Tomlin so there is plenty of demand and POSH don't want to sell so there is no supply. In that case the bid needs to keep going up until it reaches a point whereby POSH have to consider the deal. Mind you this is all academic as Tomlin is the chairmans favourite player and he won't let him go (unless you bid £12m) :-)



09 Aug 2013 19:39:22
Blackpool will make a big bid to sign Port Vale striker Tom Pope after failing to land Ross McCormack.

I just want him to sign just so I can get Pope on my top

30+ goals last year ( admittedly in League 2)- would be a welcome addition!

Sorry no chance, tom is commited to the team he grew up supporting, you would have more chance of signing messi.

Was nt Rooney once committed to the team he grew up supporting?

Tom Pope too loyal to the club! Besides would you rather be banging in 20+ goals in league 1 or struggling to play in the championship?



09 Aug 2013 18:50:48
Brighton to sign norwichs lucciano becchio on a short term loan

It would only happen if NCFC get another top class striker in first.

10 Aug 2013 10:46:01
Correct first poster, think Norwich are short on strikers, so we would be lucky to get him at Brighton, think he's been found out that he isn't
A prem player, ok for championship,

Rubbish! There is no way CH would get rid of Becchio before he has secured a replacement. He is one of only 3 real strikers.

Would be great signing even for only 3 months

10 Aug 2013 12:45:43
Calm down only a rumour, that's why it's called transfer rumour site,

10 Aug 2013 13:09:22
Total rubbish just not happening. End of.

It's just yet another championship club fan frustrated by lack of signings

Never going to happen after hooper got stretched off today. That would give us 1 striker!

Only reason Becchio left Leeds was because he wanted prem football, not going to brighton, even on loan

To say he's not made it in the premiership is a bit premature. He has hardly been given a chance yet which is a pity as I think he could be a good player.



09 Aug 2013 18:00:14
Sheffield united to sign Tom pope after wolves pay for McDonald



09 Aug 2013 18:09:44
Leon Clark to sign for sheffield united for undisclosed fee

09 Aug 2013 19:21:47
Any confirmation of this?



09 Aug 2013 18:00:02
Reading reignite their interest in Shola Ameobi after a January bid was declined.

Eds, is there any chance of a Reading rumours page as we use this forum an awful lot now? Thanks.

This would be a perfect signing for us.

Newcastle fans don't seem too fussed if he goes in fact most seem happy for him to leave (Comments on ssn) claiming he's injury prone and a none goal scorer. If true I would hope that Danny Guthrie would be able to give Adkins the inside story on him. Last thing we need is another Jason Roberts (sick note)

Hopefully not - surprised he's not dropped down a few leagues before now bang average. coming from a reading fan that lives in newcastle

Haven't we got a page?
I didn't know that Reading made a bid for him, how much did we offer?

I don't like people bad mouthing Jason Roberts not only did he get us into the premier league as without him we would not of come close. He brings a lot of support to the club his family and friends come to games I have often seen them in hospitality and they were not free tickets! he is inspirational with younger squad members and gets the best out of players I can't wait to see him fit and playing we do need a striker but in Roberts we have a genuine team player who wants the best for the club not himself!
Jason loyal royal

I agree with the post above. Jason Roberts is still a great player, of all our strikers he has the most strength.

Since when have we been interested in ameobi.

^^ it took a team of men to win Reading promotion not just one (Jason Roberts) And from what you say about his supportive and motivational role then that makes him a very expensive member of the hospitality team. Reading FC has become his pension fund sadly.

Also he is a sick note who hasn't played in ages and probably will never play for reading again

Ameobi. god please no. Sounds like a desperate 'we can't find anyone else' job to me. Rather stick with what we've got and give the youngsters a go than sign another immobile striker.

Did you not see his frustration sat watching games last season or his celebrating when reading scored oh was that because you were not attending any games! I agree it was a team effort but even McDermott stated without his signing we wouldn't of won title. Adkins also agreed he was a big part of our promotion. Dominic Samuel and other young players learn from him. I can't see how having him around is not a good thing. He must of had a medical before signing if there was any chance he was going to be a sick note we would not of signed him to get a big salary and use the physio's room. I don't think any player likes being injured or not playing not just Roberts

I thought this woz the reading page lol so how can you b making 1

He's just doing what we would all do with the money. Being sensible. Also it's not really his fault if he gets injured and maynnever play again. Looknat Bolton fans they don't say Stuart Holden is they're pensioner because he gets injured and hasn't left.

I don't sit and watch Jason Roberts reaction when I go to the mad stad I watch the players who put in a shift on the field. Been a loyal royal since the Roger Smee days. Roberts did well for us in the champ from Jan - May but I doubt he'll kick a ball in anger again but continue to dine out on the 5 good months he did give us. We move on!

Regarding Roberts, at the time he moved to Reading it was a great move for the club. I totally agree that he is the kind of personality that Reading need at the club. Yes he has injury problems but it was the combined signing of him and the arrival of Anton Zingarevich that gave the team a huge lift and some momentum to get in the Premier League. They were nowhere near before he arrived. He has been an outstanding influence on the club.

As for Ameobi, he's a good worker and can hold the ball up well, but he's not ever been a prolific goalscorer like Reading need. Maybe he could change that in the Championship though. I'd welcome him but not him alone, with Pog likely going a 15+ goal a season striker is also needed. ALF, Ameobi, Blackman, Roberts, Samuel +1 more would be ideal

Everyone is saying about Samuel and in all for seeing the young lad play and be a bench warmer ect but in 2 games we haven't seen him so is he in Adkins plans for the year?

Rubbish we're not going for Crouch

Good to see Roberts keeps a handle on the opinions of the concerned Reading fans. He's saying (social media) that he's 3-6 weeks away from a return. First bit of real news we've had on the situation in months. Let's hope his return goes to plan.



09 Aug 2013 17:59:40
Odemwingie to Celtic - you heard it hear 1st
Lincoln Baggie

Never mind about Odemwingie what the hell is going on at the Albion. Everything seems to have dried up. The season is a week away and don't say there is no need to panic. Kalou and Sinclair aren't mentioned any more. I am getting concerned we will end up with no additions.

I hope so. Be glad to be rid now!

I hope your right.

I really hope so - he would be a really good goal scorer for us. The whole thing with QPR was his agents fault. Woukd be very happy if this went through! WAGES?

Just so youse all know celtic aren't just a big club in Scotland we are massive all around the world and how did lennon mess forest about big kelvin was asked to play against elfsborg as his last game so seriously shut up.

10 Aug 2013 08:23:24
He, s on £40,000 a week at The Baggies, one of the top earners.

He's not good enough for Celtic no chance of this happening

Not good enough for celtic, proven goal scorer in EPL and Russia! He woukld score by the barrell load in Scotland, He would be our best striker



09 Aug 2013 15:00:56
Ipswich want Jay Simpson on a free agent as mick McCarthys last summer signing. Simpson can cover on the wing aswell so it will be a useful signing for McCarthy. This will conclude ipswich's transfer business for the summer unless anymore injuries occur before the window closes.

Mm has said he's done his buisness, he dip in to loan market due to injury but that's it fact!



09 Aug 2013 13:46:36
Any truth in the rumour that West Ham second choice 'keeper is on his way out?

09 Aug 2013 15:44:22
what Adrian or Henderson? We just signed Adrian he is now 2nd choice so it will probably be Henderson!

Off to Yeovil, their keeper is going to Arsenal




09 Aug 2013 13:10:45
Kayode Odejayi turned down a move from Rotherham to Northampton while Lionel Ainsworth rejected moves to both Newport County and Plymouth.

How long are they contracted to us? 2 years? So one more year.



09 Aug 2013 12:30:34
Luton Town are pondering a season long loan move for out of favour Swindon striker Paul Benson.



09 Aug 2013 12:24:03
Bristol City talking to Jay Simpson regarding a move to Ashton Gate. City now have more funds available for wages under FFP restrictions following the transfer of Albert Adomah.

Hope so I think he's an awesome player. could definitely help our promotion push



09 Aug 2013 11:45:10
Matt Mills tipped to move to wigan from Bolton, possible with the Coyle link but defender and striker due to be loan signings which Bolton may not go for

I'd drive him there myself, you are welcome to him

Reports today say that Coyle has another million to spend but would this be enough to get mills?

If it means Bolton being able to bring in another CB of better quality then i'm all for it.

I think he'll be given more with Whelan saying he's still looking to add 2-3 players and one being a striker

If Mills leaves bolton it will be to Leeds

Don't care where he goes just as long as he doesn't stay at Bolton so we can bring in Dawson.



09 Aug 2013 11:31:26
Coventry City forward, Frank Moussa is being lined up by Blackpool. Expect a bid to be made soon

Quality player at this level. Bound to go sooner or later given our current predicament. Coventry's Cheekiest Charmer.

Frank Moussa is not a forward!

Hope this one can agree terms with Oyston.

Will cost 2m+. He's under contract.

£2m?! What are you smoking? We got him on a free transfer half way through the season. He didn't exactly set the world on fire when he played in the championship either. SISU will let him go for about 500k probably.

Don't be offensive I do not smoke. Sisu boss, so said 2m+ don't shoot the messenger.

It is 2m was quoted on website.



09 Aug 2013 11:22:00
Wigan ready to offer £2m bid for Nahki Wells of Bradford

Good signing if it comes off

If they throw in lee Nichols it would be a deal



09 Aug 2013 11:13:56
Derby County still want to bring in a centre-back on loan, with Man United defender Scott Wootton thought to be high on their wish list.

Craig Dawson is very much top target but could be out of there reach.



09 Aug 2013 10:34:34
Watford are set to battle it out with forest for bakary sako of wolves after the deal with Fulham looks to have collapsed

Overrated, overpaid and don't think he could adapt to LWB. We have anya who is better in my opinion, and pudil a more defensively minded LWB.

Don't want or need him.

He will end up at Forest. I can't see Watford spending silly money on him.

Quality player, but I don't necessarily see a position for him in our team. He's not defensive enough to player at wing back, he's not going to play just behind the strikers and I don't know if he can play up front.

He won't go to eitha forest or Watford, wolves wouldn't sell him 2 Fulham because we wanted 4 mill plus, both of them will not pay that!and jez moxey u know him?he won't be soft and he says he wants 4 mil plus he means it!!blacksto k worth 2 mil jog on

Poor rumour. you think we (watford) would be willing to pay his wages. he go to nottingham they're iwilling to grossely overpay players

09 Aug 2013 17:29:49
Like we've got £4m to spend LOL.

Fits the Pozzo model, he is early to mid 20's, foreign and an under 21 national (french) player. He is also a midfielder although he can play in a strikers role and funnily enough Watford are looking for a midfielder come striker.

Oh behave, he's better than any player either team has. Was the best left mid in the championship.

He's ot an under 21 he is like 25.

Forest have a reasonable wage structure in place, always have, they don't grossly overpay on wages. I'm sure there are methods of keeping salaries down however with one off payments for signing on bonuses perhaps which many clubs do. Unlike Watford, I guess we at least have to pay for players lol.

What an awful post. He is 25, a winger not a wingback, we want a set fee which fulham won't pay, he said he wanted to play premier league. Watford and forest are not premier league

As a watford it annoys me how arrongant our fans have got. why do you feel you have to throw 'fits the pozzo model' out everytime we are rumoured with anybody. He would cost too much and isn't nearly within our wage limits. we havnt paid a penny for a single player we've signed so get real. also he's 25 so where you got your facts from I do not know

Watford model is making a mockery of the league, it's rules, and spirit of the competition. I for one hope they do not get into the EPL under this scenario and if they do, come straight back down again. Just my opinion. I like Zola, liked Watford before as a team punching above its weight for a long time, but this is just unfortunate and tarnishes the club.

God you lot do go on don't you! You liked Watford as a team that never really challenged for anything and were considered an easy 3 points.

Watford play better football and have a low ticket price than most other clubs in the league, at the end of the day that's what football is meant to be, a bit of entertainment on the weekend that doesn't cost the earth and Watford do that very well.

I preferred other clubs when they didn't have billionaire owners, plough themselves into debt and sponsor their own stadium/shirts.

But hey. people rarely like it when teams without a tradition of success start to do better than their own team.

You'd really be moaning if your team got bought by rich owners and suddenly challenging for the PL. People just don't like the fact that we are no longer the pushover we used to be and now beat them.

The 'spirit of the competition'?

I think you are living in days long gone. Where is the spirit of competition that allows owners to throw hundreds of millions at a club in order to buy success?

Of course the Pozzos want Watford to be successful. It's just they are doing it in a far smarter way than the Yanks, Russians and Arabs.

"Of course the Pozzos want Watford to be successful. It's just they are doing it in a far smarter way than the Yanks, Russians and Arabs. "

Wanting to be successful, and cheating the rules is different from being far smarter. Buying players is one thing, getting freebies from a sister club and using loopholes even when under a transfer embargo, is different from having rich owners that still have to pay for players they bring in.

You can't compare the situation between what is going on at Watford and players having to be signed by other clubs with so called wealthy owners. That's not fair game nor is it living in the past in terms of spirit of the competition. It's unethical even if it's legal. Like I said before, hope Watford don't go up, or come straight back down if they do. If they do go up, they will not have deserved it. There are plenty of teams in the Championship that cannot get international players for free from another club their same owner owns in a different country.

Fools if you think it's same as having a wealthy owner who still must pay the going rate to buy what is needed.

Surely in the "spirit of competetion" you'd welcome another club that competes, right?

Get off you high horse. What Watford are doing is good for football in the sense that they are using assets easily at their disposal. If your club was in this situation would you turn your nose up at it? Get over the jealousy. Is it fair that other clubs run up debt and huge wage bills yet continue to field a team that is competetive? People need to realise that just becuase they are against it, it isn't against the rules.

I was pleased Watford didn't go up last season, but the FA close one loop hole only for Watford to find another, I said last season there should be no transactions between clubs with the same owner, and if there is, and a big if, it should have to be sanctioned by the FA, and make sure that players are transfered for the right fee.

Any owner at any time could come in for an English club and do EXACTLY the same thing as what's happening here at Watford. No fan or manager would give a monkey's if it was them!

The authorities paid very close attention to our transfers this year - Don't you think they'd have found any wrong doings in the process.?

Watford have broken NO rules. There was never a loophole, just a cunning diversion of standard practise among football in this country. We still won community club of the year and fielded the second most players from our acadamy last season. It's the same team you supposidly all 'had an affection towards', just under the ownership of a family not hell bent on sending us into adminstration!

Very, VERY bad for English football that.

It's the same as when a club rejects an offer based on rivalry.

Madrid have a much stronger pull on Suarez than Arsenal. Is that in the spirit of competition?

There are no loopholes - Just clever research into what's legal and that's the path we've follwed. Our transfer embargo was to ensure we dealt within our means. Please do your homework.

We even voted in favour of the change in international loans.

I was pleased Watford didn't go up last year, I also said there should be no transactions between clubs with same owner, as we can see it leads to abuse of the system, and if there were, would have to be sanctioned by the FA, that the played was sold for the correct fee, easy to fix, not just Watford but the other two clubs as well, which would need a UEFA ruling.

1. Watford haven't cheated, everything was with the rules.

2. Watford haven't exploited loopholes. There is one rule and one rule doesn't make a loophole.

3. People didn't like Wigan, Hull or even Watford in '82 because we upset the apple cart.

If I followed another club I'd be jealous of Watford for their system, I was jealous of Leeds and Leicester when they spent loads and now look at them, I'm jealous of the Manchester clubs and Chelsea because of their funds, but so what.



09 Aug 2013 10:14:08
Fulham have enquired about Esteban Granero and apprently according to italian sources Walter Gargano Agent is in london trying to pen a deal with Fulham both players would be good in the fulham squad and if we signed these plus a striker then its been a good window including the players we've already signed.

I agree and if that striker is Osvaldo it will be even better

Riether Hangeland Amorbrieta Riise


Ruiz Osvaldo Taarabt/Dejagah

So are you dropping Berbatov?

Haven't you forgotten a certain Bulgarian?

Sorry guys about the mistake I accidentally pressed the 'Send Text' button when I was about to add Berbatov's name in. That would also make it 11 players as Taarabt/Dejagah is a choice between the two.

Berbatov would play in front of Osvaldo to score the goals and wouldn't have to roam back into midfield.



09 Aug 2013 10:15:22
Swindon town are preparing a second bid for Bournnouth striker Wes Thomas after there first of £125,000 was turned down. Other strikers Swindon are interested in are Millwalls Dany N'Guessan and former Swindon striker and current Coventry player Leon Clarke

09 Aug 2013 13:59:26
Second bid turned down too according to local rag

Leon Clarke wount go to Swindon after that scuffle with di canio no way jose

I believe its likely too be Mamady Sidibe, Jed has said its a big name signing, the fans don't want Obika as he was about the worst striker they have ever seen. Wes Thomas on the other hand wants to leave Bournemouth

Good, I don't want Clarke at Swindon, the lazy git.



09 Aug 2013 09:35:26
Just heard that Jordan rhodes is heading of to norwich for a 5 million fee plus becchio and david fox seems like a good deal for both clubs

09 Aug 2013 12:09:13
I sincerely doubt that this is true.

So we'll still only have 3 strikers?

Would like to see this happen, I think Rhodes would do well at premier league level and Norwich would be able to give him time if needed to adjust with the Wolf and Cooper already on the books.

Would be nice, but I doubt it, to much of a key player for rovers.

Then you woke up and had some more mustard! seriously tho, would you all be happy if we didn't get any other players? what is it, 14 out and 8 or 9 in? a hell of a shortfall in my opinion. and someone posted ch don't rotate players, so i'm hoping no injuries. any guesses what team we will put out in the cup? i'd love a bit of a cup run tbh. it will do good for squad morale, and also give us fans something to look forward to.

Blackburn have to pay £6m straight back to Huddersfield if Rhodes is sold, only a portion of the initial £8m fee has been paid. very good striker though. single handedly kept Blackburn in the Championship last season

Wouldn't be surprised to see Rhodes arrive at City and it would be a good signing. Great choice of strikers with RVW and Hooper. Beechio must be on his way out, even heard Neil Warnock on Talk Radio say he didn't think he was good enough for the top flight. If he was good enough he'd have played more already. But back to Rhodes he has linked up with City's Scottish guys too, must be a BONUS.

Hughton wasn't rotating because there wasn't the depth of squad last season to give him the options in the context of the strategic framework in place. I expect to see a lot more rotation this season now there's so much more quality choice.

Ed, I agree £5M is low, however there might be something in it if Becchio and Fox were included, Becchio would be valued at approx £2M and Fox £1M at today's prices, so its more like £8M, not sure Stoke did anything more than ask about the price and availability of player.
What is also interesting is Blackburn's recent statement to Sky about wanting to keep their star players, and that it is not always possible to keep their star players if the player wants premier league football, but they are needing to reduce their wage bill.
It's almost suggests they are preparing to sell Rhodes but trying to ensure that it does not affect any further ticket sales/support.

Best get someone in hoopers knee don't look to good



09 Aug 2013 08:47:13
From inside the club at Derby County:

Tottenham have enquired what would be an acceptable fee for Will Hughes.

Mk Dons, Shrewsbury, Bournemouth, Preston & Swindon have all made bids to loan Ben Davies until January.

Theo Robinson is expected to join Notts County during the next 7 days. There was a meeting between Robinson and Notts Co representatives following a Derby under 21 defeat against a Notts Co development squad. Robinson is happy to join and doesn't want to be sat in Derby reserves. The two clubs just ironing out a few details as Derby want contribution towards his wages but Notts Co still not met that demand.

Notts County have enough strikers on their books, so do not need Robinson.

Not sure about the Davies/Hughes rumour but there is definitely interest from notts for robbo as told by another member of the club. And I also been told that he does want to join

09 Aug 2013 14:49:10
I also understand a few clubs including M. K Dons are very interested in Watford FC young goalkeeper Callum Brazier

Id take theo robinson and leon clarke as the two strikers we need if we don't get thomas

"09 Aug 2013 14:49:10
I also understand a few clubs including M. K Dons are very interested in Watford FC young goalkeeper Callum Brazier"

We already have 2 good keepers, why would we need a 3rd? Anyway, Winkelman would go insane at the thought of another wage on the payroll.

Nile Ranger is one of the strikers Swindon are chasing

Hines will not sign for MK because he is a loose canon. no club wants him and the baggage he brings with him. , I was told this by Robbo before our game v crewe



09 Aug 2013 08:30:47
Billy Sharp is a target for Bristol City on a seasons loan.

Sean O Driscoll has worked with the player many times before and now has the funds to take him on board for the season after the sell of Albert Adomah to Boro.

It is rumoured that the player himself is keen to come as well as his family are living in the Southampton area and he would not have to uproot them to play at City

I can't see that happening no dis-respect to city but Billy is too good for league 1 I remember it was nice winning a lot of games but I did"nt want Saints in league 1 I believe also that Billy has stated his desire to stay and fight for a chance in the premiership n if not premiership then championship he"s too good for league 1

He wants to move back to Sheffield and is going up North. His partner wants to.

How many times does Cortese have to say he will not be leaving on loan before people start to listen. He wants Sharp off the books and out of his mind for good.

09 Aug 2013 14:01:51
Wouldn't have to uproot? Southampton to Bristol is a horrible drive. As far as I know he actually lives in Bournemouth. Even worse drive - no motorway.

SOD seems to be able to attract these players, they want to play for him.

No, they do not want to head back up north.

If Cortese is faced with no one wanting to buy him or able to buy him what does he do? Accept a loan deal or keep him there on full wages for another year by which time people will have lost interest in a player who has not played for a year? It is simple economics unless Cortese is completely stupid, I'll leave it to you to decide that.

Southampton to Bristol daily commute, good luck with that. This is a terrible rumour!

Think his contract is for another 2 years, saints will end up paying part of his wages, unless saints. Are relegated then it will be an exodus of players leaveng plus the manager. We need a goalkeeper and a couple of forwards with real pace.

It is highly unlikely that Bristol City would be the eventual destination of Billy Sharp the days of us paying inflated wages for players are behind us. Our manager and board are together in thinking that developing players is the way forward, Sharp would be on far to high a wage for us to even consider him even if we could arrange a deal like Real Madrid are trying to set up with their sponsors to get Bale where they pay part of the transfer fee and part of the wages. With the team the way it is now it would be very disruptive to bring in someone on a reputed £30,000+ per week wages, after selling Albert and Steven we could do it just about under SCMP but we wouldn't want to upset the other players by bringing in someone on ten times their wages who is not ten times as good, when it was believed he was on 15-20,000 per week it was thought feasable but not now.

11 Aug 2013 10:12:14
What a crazy time to have the england game all saints need is for lambert to pick up an injury

Sharp rumour won't go away, but you would have to say it will be a suprise if he is still at Saints come September.

I can't believe Bristol City wil be his best offer.



09 Aug 2013 08:41:59
Anthony Malbon's move to Bristol City from Kidderminster could go through in time for Sunday's game away to crisis club Coventry City.



09 Aug 2013 07:52:43
Hughes wants to sign Mame Biram Diouf but will not overspend and Morten-gamst Pedersen on a free.

Pedersan is rubbish he couldn't play well for blakburn last season so I don't think he will go to stoke mayebe yeovil who are after him



09 Aug 2013 07:34:22
Newcastle will make a move for Macchester City winger Scott Sinclair for a reported 5 million

West Brom & to a lesser extent, Southampton have previously been linked.



09 Aug 2013 06:32:47
Mark wilson is training at tannadice and may sign today



09 Aug 2013 03:59:08
Bristol City will sign Saido Berahino on loan from West Brom on Friday.

No west brom will keep him

Berahino is going to break ino yhe first team this year so no chance

Read this is till December

Would be surprised if he went to anything less than championship

10 Aug 2013 16:59:56
Wba won't get sinclair on loan, Everton will offer permenant in next few hours says sinclairs agent. Sinclair will reject Everton if wba put a permanent offer on the table though

Lets use the money for Kalou for Sinclair instead! He's eager to join and will be great for the baggies! We need width and he would be perfect! Boing Boing!

11 Aug 2013 12:31:01
West Brom to sign Matej Vydra on a season-long loan in the next upcoming days!



09 Aug 2013 02:12:30
Jeffery Schlupp to sign on loan from Leicester to Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury want to lure danny Holmes from tranmere to replace tavernier when he's going back to newcastle

Danny Holmes - good grief, we must have no cash/ambition



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