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09 Aug 2012 23:29:44
Cardiff City reveal "advanced talks" with Liverpool FC striker Craig Bellamy

Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay says he hopes to tie up a deal with Craig Bellamy by the weekend.

The Bluebirds boss, speaking for the first time about his bid to land the Wales ace, says talks are "advanced."


My dads best friend has was with him a few days ago and he was viewing houses in the cowbridge area so it looks like he will be moving back to south wales, and apparently there are shirts already at cardiff with him name on, they said it was a done deal about 3 to 4 weeks ago

This is a huge backwards step for Cardiff, he's clearly past his best it Liverpool wouldn't allow him to leave.

The only thing wrong with the comment is he does not need a new house. He already has one for his family in cardiff

Its not advanced talks as the deal is DONE, bellers already owns a house so why would he be viewing houses when he already has one which he and his family have lived in for years...get your story right.

He already has a house in Peterson super ely where his family live!

Past his best!! What planet are you on? He was GBs best player at the olympics.

Yes he is past his best but his best was at Man City! The premier league champions. We are a club that plays in the second tier, which is not that big! Bellamy still has the potential to play in the Prem, but he's followed his heart to Cardiff. He was offered double the pay he'd get at Cardiff by QPR amd regular first team football in the best league in the world, this shows this is a step forward. If you were about to play Middlesborough, had they signed Bellamy, you wouldn't be worrying about Emnes would you?!



09 Aug 2012 23:16:40
Stockport County have signed Sunderland goalkeeper Lewis King on non contract terms.



09 Aug 2012 22:38:38
Bournemouth have signed hughes from portsmouth he said there was no thinking about the decision he is an ex bournemouth player and another bournemouth can choose from next season

We let him go ages ago as he was too old and how do I put it er CRAP. He ll sit on your bench or treatment room most the time....

Hughes is slow but solid, reads the game well and does not give the ball away often but he will not 'pull up any trees' for you.

I should hope he doesn't sit on our treatment room!!! That roof is fragile asbestos!!

Richard Hughes has not played since December 2010, and has been a free agent since June 2011 and running an Italian restaurant in Soho for the past year. But wish him and Bournemouth well except against Pompey



09 Aug 2012 22:36:33
Bristol city to announce the signing of Sam baldock on Friday

Strong rumour finally looks like happening

The same day a pig will fly over the Gate.

Baldock deal will happen but not until next week.Loan until xmas if all parties happy then transfer completed in Jan when next payment for Maynard due.

Oink!oink!Baldock expected to sign at weekend,Del not travelling to Bournemouth will stay at the Gate with Jon Lansdown to complete the deal.

This is going to happen tho,but were getting him on loan for a season first

No Baldock signing and no pigs flying.

That was lot of crap as im sure i seen mcinnes at bournmouth



09 Aug 2012 22:24:54
Lloyd Sam to have talks with Notts County but only if he doesn't get offered a contract a New York Red Bulls where he is currently on trial at.
Daniel Bogdanovic is not signing for Notts County, never was, never will be.
Keith Curle has stated that all he is interested in signing now is one more forward or striker and one more centre-back.

Keith curle say at the current time he can't afford lloyd sam, but if he wants a pay cut or we move on krystian pearce the door is open for a move

Evening posts says Keiran Freeman is poised for a return to meadow Lane

Bogdanovich is not the answer anyway



09 Aug 2012 22:14:20
Huddersfield transfers in:
Scott Kay(free)trialist
Lee barnard(£500,000)Southampton
Paul rachubka(free)leeds(colgan to fully retire)
Danny Rose(loan)tottenham

Hope Paul rachubka don t come

Rachubka not going to happen and Colgan already got a coaching role with town

These sound good apart from rachubka and Danny rose is prem quality won't come to town, more like Aston villa or Swansea

Why would we re-sign Paul rachuba. He was our keeper and we let him go. Don't need his wages on the sheet with Allison , smithies and Bennett. Would love rose to be true but cannot see it. Barnard also would be great. But I think this post is. Wild guess rather than having any actual basis in fact

Is that the Paul Rachubka Grayson pulled off at half time last season

Ha brill take aur castoffs

Danny rose .... ha



09 Aug 2012 22:12:59
Source close to Leicester says Brighton have had a £2Million bid accepted for Beckford and hope to wrap up personal terms by the weekend

This would be a great signing and I really hope so but I cant see this happening

Would be a fantastic signing ,if true.

Only if cms goes to Leeds for similar fee.

He's also 6ft 2 so possible that he could be the guy Gus is chasing but an improbable signing in my eyes

Beckford swap for cms as leicester were interested in him before he signed for us !

Just gets better and better,what a great striker he is,he will compliment cms style

Even if CMS dosent go to Leeds it could still happen as Poyet had about 3 million still to spend its not like he had spent all his budget he had only spent money of crofts which was about £500,000

Leicester pulled out of the deal to sign cms the first time so doubt that is the case! It's possible Beckford could go but his agent did state a few weeks ago he is looking to be Leicesters first choice striker, he's prob on very good money so if someone does come in for him there gonna have to match what he's on!

Not sure despite his height he is the hold up centre forward Gus wants - however has got good goalscoring ability at his best but a bit of a non-trier on other occasions.

No need to swap, Brighton need a striker plus cms or 2 strikers

Poyet wants a target man to partner CMS as opposed to replacing him so a swap deal isn't going to happen and after CMS's season last season who would really, erm... want him. He didn't exactly live up to his price tag did he goal wise. Don't get me wrong great team player and his work rate is unreal but Beckford could really help him to reach his full potential.

Just another nothing rumour. Beckford wont leave leicester and pearson wont sell him. Fact.

I doubt it. Leicester paid Everton for £4 million for Jermain Beckford last year so they will not sell for 50% less for what they paid to bring him to the King Power Stadium. Also he is on wages of a very high order, however Brighton will pay Wayne Bridge and Vicente quite large wages.

Highly doubt it pearson might be willing to let him go but its just a rumour like when he 'was' going to leeds tbf hope he goes i'd let him go for £500k tbf



09 Aug 2012 22:10:13
Oldham hope to wrap up signing of Chris Sedgwick in next few days. Will probably be for a season.

More chance of signing Alma Sedgwick



09 Aug 2012 21:47:08
swansea to up their offer to bolton wanderers for mark davies to £6million plus stephen dobbie. bolton very interested in this option

No it is not dont lie we are not tempted in this offer

Stephen Dobbie no thanks stright cash will do....

Dobbie is a good player got to play off final 2 years running he has experience in the championship

3 years running btw



09 Aug 2012 21:39:42
David Healy to reject Plymouth in favour of gillingham

I hope that is true

What posision does he play and who does he play for (or last club)

Are you sure? I have heard he is going to Plymouth

He not going them

IF you do not know what position David Healy plays what are you doing on a football based website?


Because maybe he just wants to no who davd healy plays for, not much to ask for is it.......?

Because hardly anyone knows who he is maybe thats why he asked

Everyone knows who he is

Well obviousley not evreyone does, look above :)

Hes a striker

Healy is having a medicial tomoz at plym



09 Aug 2012 21:08:00
Jordan Stewart deal to be wrapped up in the next two days. James Chambers to be signed up next week after his injury has passed. Walsall are also still looking to sign another striker in the next week on a loan deal.

That what deano said himself last night about jordan and james and a sriker to come in no rumour its fact said by man himself in meeting



09 Aug 2012 20:36:39
just spoke to a guy who works at the lane the blades have signed nick blackman from blackburn

Done deal on o/s



09 Aug 2012 20:12:21
stoke to sign lukaku on loan and stoke to sign n trailist beosnisch

Hes going to sunderland fact

I heard he was going to wigan on loan as part of the moses deal

Well its not a fact is it becuase everton are the favourites !

Gone to west Brom.

Gone west brom

Stoke have rejected beosnisch

Lukaku gone to west brom.
boenisch has turned down's stoke offer, guessing that wages were probably a stumbling block.

Boenisch didn't turn Stoke down actually..! Tony Pulis shook his hand and wished him good luck for the future as he didn't show any potential against torquay and yeovil..he will sign for another Prem side though a few interested in him..!

Didn't show any potential - he played really well and set up the goal. We've got Popov now though so I don't care.

Just because Boenisch set up a goal doesn't mean he's the left back pulis wanted, he might be good at setting goals up here and there but he's not a strong left back and he would be a failure for Stoke in that matter...but Yh Stoke have Popov now and he's definitely better than Boenisch which we all should Boenisch was lacking in match practice!! Popov on the other hand had proven what he can do as he was monitored by TP at Europa league!!



09 Aug 2012 19:30:46
According to media West Ham are prepared to allow Carlton Cole to go to Fulham and are already very close to signing Yannick Sagbo and Moussa

*According to WestHam Optimists

Would not want him !!



09 Aug 2012 20:27:08
I am getting increasingly concerned at the lack of transfer activity at Southampton, you see reading and west ham have and are acting fast to get proven persons in. I Luke the signings so far but we are desperately short of centre half cover, prem experience and general pace..... Please anyone with reliable sources? I would like to see lens, Jarvis, Craig Gordon, Scott dann. My concern is the approach we are adopting is the same ad when we were last in prem, cheap and struggle

We have made 4 quality signings so far, at least equal to those of the clubs you mention.

Adkins has said there will be further signings-if you have no faith in his ability (2 promotions in 2 years!) suggest there is a club (just) along the motorway that you could "support" and the you would really have something to whinge about.

Saints are doing nothing on the cheap-just look at the investment going into the facilities at Staplewood.

Not a true Saint!

Saint Martin

Oh please i hate it when you get people saying 'not a true saint'. Its down to personal opinion, i too have displayed not a lack of trust but doubt over putting our money where are mouth is, adkins says he wants europe, so spend like you want europe! Realisticly we only need two signings to stay up, 1 CB and a RW. But if we want top half another CB a keeper and if we are being honest probably a LB and a top quality striker that can guarentee 15 goals a season.
Jas93 {Ed025's Note - i think you may be aiming too high jas...surely survival is the aim for the first season in the prem...and then see how it goes..

Agree with above post,fonte is an average championship player at best ,remember reading and blackpool games last season,no pace on wings either ,im afraid cortese is awful at transfers needs to get cheque book out asap or we will be cannon fodder

Can't see there is any cause to be negative, like the above posts. The point has been made by Adkins that more signings will be made. Obviously at least one signing will be a centre back otherwise Martin would not have been sent out on loan
Would you rather NC coughed up for any mediocre has been like we did in the "good" old days? I would much rather they take the time required to get it right. I have seen a whole host of desperate posts in the last few weeks calling for the signing of some pretty awful "targets".
Considering the amount of money NC has spent on behalf of our owners already I see no reason to doubt that he will continue to do so, as and when he finds the right type of player.

Saint Martin

It seems alot of reports of players way above your weight. E.g. when Walcott was linked I think everyone outside Saints thought wtf whereas on comments alot seemed convinced? I think the reports are really rumours and as Ed said, dont think your Better than you are, aim to stay up. Plus wouldn't say Rodriguez is exactly up to scratch but you got yourself a top player in Clyne (From a Palace fan who wants him back!)

This team earned back to back promotion, they played amazing for two seasons to get into this position! They have earned the right to know play in the premier league! These boys have fought to make it to the premier league it would be stupid to just replace them all now they have finally got there!

West Ham are overspending on wages and if they don't stay up will struggle financially, whilst Reading seem to be picking up players on the cheap. I'd much rather what we're doing and buying young players with potential and something to prove, whilst having lower wages which is more sustainable.
People keep mentioning this lack of Premiership experience, but I don't think it's that different from the Championship, just a step up in quality, and we're potentially better than a lot of lower Prem teams in my opinion.
A couple more signings and we'll have a good team, but we shouldn't just ditch all those players which have got us to where we are as they must have been doing something right.
If we do go down, the players will be on lowish wages still, and could be willing to stay as they're still young, increasing the chances of bouncing straight back up

I totally agree with the original post. It is annoying when opinions like that are shot down too and condemned as not being a proper fan?! Brainless, these are legitimate worries.
I think we are fine in the keeper dept now the young Argentinian is in. We have plenty of strength and depth in midfield even without a fully established RM and a good set of strikers too. The defense is a worry. Clyne looks good, Fox can do a jobber centre half we are way short. Fonte and Jos I am just not yet convinced that either are prem standard, Stephens is very young and Seabourne missed most of last season. What amongst all that is supposed to make me feel secure against the big guns of English football. I'm sure NA wanted to bring players in at CB, hence the Martin loan, but nothing has materialised, we play city in 10 days! Even if we sign players in the coming days, that isn't enough time to bed in. No proper fan with a knowledge of the game can deny that out CB situation is alarming!

Im a reading fan i agree with the poster your not signing a lot but your owners will spend as seen on the rod theres still plently of time!

To an eqrly comment "cortese is rubbish at transfers" lambert for 1 mill well i think thats quite good

Good lord!

First: Europe is the aim. So is winning the premiership. Nobody in any article I have read or heard has said that Europe is the aim THIS SEASON. Survival is the ultimate aim this season, anything else is a bonus.

SECOND: the point of talking about Europe is to (a) raise the profile of the club and (b) give the players something to strive for apart from scraping a 17th place finish. As NA himself says, aim high and fall short of that could still be viewed as success, aim for 17th and fall short of that and it's failure.

Third: I am fed up with people moaning about lack of siginings - we have made 4 quality signings and should be making at least one or two more before the window closes. What? You think buying players is like ordering pizza? This isn't FIFA 12 you know? You can't just pick a player, pay a fee and agree a salary and hey-ho the players in your team! Even if the club you are approaching agrees to your offer (which won't often happen with your first choices) there is no guarentee the player will want to join even if you can pay him enough money. Buying and selling players is not easy...especially not if you are fussy about how you do things and the kind of player you want to buy. Which Saints are.

Fourth: Stop thinking we are Real Southampton or something. We are a very decent side who will be battling like hell to avoid relegation all season but who will have aspirations of finishing comfortably mid-table. We may even manage that. But for most of the season it is going to be a hard slog. And even if what I am saying is overly pessimistic, it's how most players who follow the premier league will see us - and how most player's agents we approach will see us. Just keeping it real.

Finally: On an unconnected note - stop saying "Southampton won't loan players in". Of course we will! If they are better than what we have and play where we need them to. It's not ideal but it's an option until you can really get the right player that you want for the position. And NA an NC play the long game with transfers - the sharp and Rodrigues signings should tell you that.

So...rant over. Honestly some Saints fans are living in cloud cuckoo land. That said...COYR!

Elsewhere Saint!

As a Reading fan I'd just like to say yes we are getting players on the cheap but they are prem quality players. I'd rather we spent nothing on The Pog, Mcleary, Shorey and Guthrie then millions on one player.

This is nothing more than a stunning testament to the speed at which football fans become spoilt. The new season is yet to start so it was actually only 1 season ago that most of us were spending time in a part filled stadium, often in the drizzle, watching league 1 football. Our rise has been nothing short of miraculous. So to have to sit through yet more postings about how 'we havent signed them or them or even them' is just plain tedious. We have signed, so far, four very good players. Jay-Rod, widely touted as a future England forward. Clyne, same again, had Man U sniffing round. Davis, captain of one of the largest Scottish football clubs. And, a keeper that had articles written on him questioning why Valencia allowed a player with so much promise to leave. All this as we ready for our return to the premiership such a short time after we were stood in the drizzle watching league 1. Plus, it was about this time last year this forum was filled with messages about how 'we havent bought them or them...' so we we're bound to get relegated straight back to league 1!? I'm not saying we wont struggle. We may well do. It is, after all, the best league in the world. But to whine all the time about how NC isnt doing enough!? Short memories guys, short memories. Roll on the new season! COYR's

To the poster who said west ham are over paying on the wages couldnt be further from the truth the fact his we have struggled to bring in our 1st choice signings g/s have stated quite recently that a wage cap and a cap on agents fees will be brought in ..
as it stands west ham have a squad size of 24 and 5 of those are under 21 and could well go out on loan to chp sides most have linked with loan moves..
we have released 10+ players to trim the wage bill

What are you lot worried about or a RM/RW we have Guly who is going to be amazing he will be one of the best in the world with his unbelievable skills which no defender can stop! Guly= TANK

You talk about legitimate worries, reference the CBs. Don't you think the club owners and management are aware of needing to strengthen in this area? Do you think that signing the right type of player is like playing a computer game?

For goodness sake, have some faith. It is vital such signings are right and if this means taking a little more time I'm in support of that. Yes, it would have been better to have all our targets signed up at the start of pre-season but it's not that simple in real life.I think you will find some more activity will happen soon, but don't lose sight of the strong group of players we already have. We certainly don't want panic buys that will unsettle what we already have.

Saint Martin

I'd happily have Fonte back at Palace if you guys don't want him at Southampton.

Can't believe the pessimism. Look where we were 2 seasons ago losing 1-0 at home to argyle. A year before that we all wondered what we would do next if our great club vanished in front of us. Cortese and leibherr saved us. Here we are now with a squad worthy of playing in this league, 4 very good signings and all you can talk about is how we need to put our money where our mouths are. This is a disgrace. I look forward to this season immensely and am grateful looking at where we were a few years ago. I will happily take 17th this year (Europe is delusional). I'm not saying we should dwell on what might have been, but show some respect for what these men have done for us up to this point!

Reading might be getting quality layers on the cheap but they,like wet spam, are paying way more than us in wages. I like our business model. Only time will tell. I think the whole transfer window has been slowed down by the lack of movement in the big clubs. Maybe because of the potential Olympic bargains. Pardew made a similar remark and we should face facts that we will scavenge the leftovers of the bigger clubs.

I have total faith. The leadership and players have earned that faith. I also believe out young scholars and four quality signings are exceptionally promising.

Really silly to worry about new signings . A lot of players we have been linked at have "premier league experience" but there experience is generally being relegated or struggling down the bottom . I'd much rather have up and coming players with no baggage willing to trade punches with the big guns. Schneiderlein and lallana could play at any club in the premier league and not look out of place , and you only have to look at holt and jelavic to see there's every chance sharp and lambert will do well in the prem. we're light at cb but we WILL sign another as no team will enter the season with only 4 senior cbs

The Pog is our top earner on 35K a're right CRAZY MONEY!! How much is Rooney on by the way?

To the poster who said reading are paying higher wages than Southampton, we're paying higher wages because we can, we're still well within in our range. Our heist earner is on 35K a week which is what some of our players whern't far from the first time we were in the prem, and that was without a Russian billionaire

Southampton dont need to buy any more players we have rickie!!



09 Aug 2012 20:21:49
Jimmy bullard wants to leave ipswich and
move to london. He has indicated his availability to millwall, charlton and crystal palace

This could be true i know he grew up in erith went erith school now owns a pub in crayford which his dad runs. I feel his wages could be a stumbling block but not one can question his ability

Jimmy would be a great signing, cant see it happening to be honest, we have already got a few CM so why would want another

Please let this be true exactl what we need a bit of experience with a touch of class in the middle can score and create goals can we afford his wages though?

'Can't doubt his ability', it's his application that's not there. Lazy so-and-so and a very disruptive influence in the dressing room by all accounts. Glad he's on his way tbh

I'll question him ability, he can't get into an Ipswich team? Don't want him at Palace, greedy and doesn't do anything. Plus Freedman is all about fitness, that's why we haven't signed many players apparently, that's why we won't sign Bullard..

As an ipswich fan you dont want him!
boozed up every weekend, not a care in the world for football, just causes trouble
TBH if he was what you all think why would ipswich release him? wouldnt he be in the heart of our midfield doing what you all believe he can do.......
Good Luck!

Don't waste you're time on him, has anybody thought why Ipswich want HIM OUT? Also WAGES!

Freedman has confirmed Jimmy Bullard and Jason Ellington will not be contacted to join Crystal Palace. (Palace fan)

You really can't take a rumour like this seriously. Bullard's wages would be too expensive and he has a history as a dressing room disruption - KJ would be mad to take him.

The very same reasons that HULL got rid of him Im afraid,LAZY!

30k a week for layabout? no thanks, a WASTE OF HARD EARNED MONEY IM AFRAID!

No chance of him at Charlton - doesnt fit the profile of a Chris Powell signing.



09 Aug 2012 20:05:36
Cheltenham Town are set to pull off the shock of the window with Grant McCann handing in a transfer request to Peterborough after Cheltenham made a 200k bid. Peterborough are considering very seriously the offer and are likely too accept it. Once paperwork is out of the way McCann is set to sign by Saturday

Hes been available for transfer since end of the season and cheltenham havent even got that money

He didn't hand in a transfer request it's club policy because he has 1 year left.He wants to stay.

Town couldn't afford his wages or 200k

McCann wants to stay and keep his family in the same place. I know he probably knows the area well, but Cheltenham's a long way away.

No way this is happening. Grant has said his family is settled in the area and is happy to see out his final year to see what happens.

He doesn't need to put in a request, he is already on the transfer list. Grant has said he wants to stay at Posh as his family are settled in the area and the Posh Press Officer has stated he is staying.

I wouldn't say the concept is out of the question, until the £200,000 is mentioned. Cheltenham have not got that money to spend, and would probably not buy back a player they sold for about a quarter of that some years ago.

Cheltenham have got money to spend and the money we have now with Simon Keswick back on the board is mind blowing, but you won't see Cheltenham spread there wings until they get back to league one due to the restriction on what league two clubs can spend 60% of your turnover,but saying that we won't be gong in for mcCann.

I guess we'll soon find out as POSH play a Man Utd Xi this evening. Will McCann play?

Cheltenham would go into administration if all theese rumours about signing this player that player with your crowds you couldnt afford to pay theese players their wages

Unlikely but if we could sign him again that would be great.

Cheltenham could afford the fee anyone who says otherwise does not know about hte club - as they have very rich backers. However wages would be a problem as they have a strict £1500 a week wage per player limit.

Put on the "available" list some months ago, poor info.

If you knew how much McCann was on a week at Posh you would know that Cheltenam CANT afford his wages...even with a severe wage drop

Cheltenham could afford him but as I said with the restrictions for league 2 clubs they can't pay it, yes they only get around 3500 on the gates they can only use 60% of there turn over on wages. No one can't say Cheltenham can't afford players, the last two big transfers the club have made have involved sizeable fees maglashan and zebroski.

He played n has stated he wants to stay

He Played really well last night apparently, wouldn't surprise me if Darren keeps him as an old head. He seems committed to Posh.

McCann is on around £10000 a week, good luck with that

U cant afford his wages end of n prob just about the fee

£10.000 per week? very much doubt that he is on over half a million a year!

Not a Posh fan i take it? If you were you'd know like the other posh fans that McCann dropped to league 1 to join us over championship clubs because of the "silly money" he was offered at the time, he is on just either side of £10,000

Can't imagine any Posh fan being privy to the salary being paid to any player. the club do not, and never have, released that sort of information, and I've supported them for over 40 years.

Him and boydy are both on more than 10k

Boyd is on almost 15k which is what we offered Taylor to get him to sign a new deal, this information has been said on many occasions, usually by Fry, there are only 4 players at the club on £10'000 and over, i have been a fan 25+ years and i know this, im sorry you seem to be the only posh fan out of the loop

McCann may watch dag red game i've heard



09 Aug 2012 19:53:33
After 25 years of negotiations, Burnley have finally signed Brian Stock from Doncaster Rovers on a three-year deal. Thank God thats out the way.

Why isn't Jordan Ball getting a look in, looks sharp as in training and against Trinity

Is this true, says nothing on Burnley website, or sky sports news

I wonder how many games Stockie will play in the next three years with his glassback injury.

Is this true says nothing on TV!

Jordan ball needs to go out on loan and get some experience in a lower league club tons of ability in him and deffo one to look out for will be a good player just lacking the experience.

Ohh if its not on Sky Sports then it cant be true -_-

This is turning out to be a repeat off last summers ryan shotton saga

Darren bentley (burnley media manager) says he hopes burnley will sign stock but he has NOT signed

If you look now it does say hes signed

The lads signed from the youth team will all go on loan to gain experience all show good potential seen them play last season on a few occasions liam wakefield paddy mullen and jordan ball the standouts

It's a 2 year contract so you may get a couple of dozen games throughout each year with injuries.

None of the lads signed from youth team at the end of the last season were even on the bench saturday and thats with a threadbare squad

Stock when he's on form can be premiership class he's just had a bad couple of injuries (drfc fan) but when he's on top of his game he's a class player , a huge loss for Doncaster ! He controls the game he's a great player wish him well



09 Aug 2012 19:49:12
Brian stock signs for Burnley good luck Brian thanks for the good times.



09 Aug 2012 19:48:48
Former Cardiff and Bristol Rovers winger Ben Swallow wanted by Newport County.



09 Aug 2012 18:44:28
Southend will soon sign john spicer on a free transfer



09 Aug 2012 18:30:21
Jack Price from Wolves rumoured to sign on loan to either Rochdale or Crawley Town.



09 Aug 2012 18:22:39
David Bentley to West Brom on loan with option to buy.

No chance! Clarke said he would only bring in 2/3 players a few weeks back since then yacob and rosenberg have been signed + we (as an albion fan) have way to many midfielders and not enough defenders we need a lb and rb to fill the squad up!!

Rubbish, AVB is gonna play him and he's happy there since Harry's gone.
From the horsess mouth.

What a load of rubbish not good enough for west brom massively overrated



09 Aug 2012 18:18:48
David Healy set to join Plymouth next week

He has signed for Preston hasn't he, he played against us for them on Wednesday

NOT for PNE,

He did not play against us for Preston, no.

He left Preston in 2004



09 Aug 2012 17:32:10
Leeds interested in Sunderland
midfielder David Meyler



09 Aug 2012 17:28:04
Wolves winger Matt Jarvis interesting
West Ham and Southampton

Been linked with him for months now. He's a realistic target but I think Wolves want too much money for him. Could get a lot better player for less in Europe, Jermain Lens for example. Saying this though I would fully welcome Jarvis at Saints & believe he'd fit in well. We really need a another winger too.

Saints fan here. We've moved on from this. Lens is our target in this position now, better player than Jarvis and whilst pricey not in the bonkers price bracket being quoted by Wolves for Jarvis.

Possible I guess. Now Fletcher is on his way I'm sure Jarvis will follow him out.

West Ham seem to be linked with anyone who has a pulse this window !



09 Aug 2012 17:10:51
Bristol City set to sign 24 year old Matt Connolly from QPR.

Hughes has said is staying so no sorry

Please let this be true he's useless frightning to think a team could have him and stewert at the back



09 Aug 2012 17:16:00
Aberdeen have signed mark reynolds on a season long loan for sheffield wednesday

Good he was awfull for wednesday



09 Aug 2012 17:15:44
Aron Ramsey back to Cardiff , with Bellamy

Really hope so , but cant see it happening , and we have alot of midfielder and we need defenders now

He's been back buddy but that was just for the Olympics ;D



09 Aug 2012 15:42:47
Jimmy Bullard to leave Ipswich town this weekend

Bye bye jimmy

Joining bristol city

Paul Jewell, always there to f*ck up the team! Good job!



09 Aug 2012 15:37:07
Fulham's interest in Jordan Rhodes and Romelu Lukaku is reported to have been dropped.

Other targets have begun to interest them in the striking department and don't be surprised to see a young striker enter Craven Cottage before the end of the window.

Lukakus agent said he had no interest in fulham and was close to a deal with some other prem club rumoured stoke city



09 Aug 2012 15:28:50
Malky Mackay is in advanced talks with Craig Bellamy (BBC)



09 Aug 2012 15:13:56
Walsall manager negotiating with Darren Carter and Lee Naylor after blues snubbed them on trial, also MK Dons Jabo ibhre on a 6 month loan.

Would be suprised Jabo is sent out on a 6 month loan - unlike Flannigan who has been, I cant see him improving - unless it is part of a deal to sell him - which might mean we have another striker lined up

Jabo deal will not be happening

I would be very sad to see Jabo go, he gives his all and is fantastic with the fans. However, realistically his chances of starting this season are now heavily reduced. Will Lowe and Charlie play in the same team? Unlikely under our formation so I can see this happenning, notice he wasn't even a sub at the pre season against Fulham.

I hope this is true. i would say he is 5th in the pecking order now at mk dons. we have much more quality in the squad now.

Jabo is not going. robbo stated NO ONE will be sold.

Jabo won't be going anywhere, he will rotate with Smithy behind McDonald (or Lowe whoever plays). Bowditch will continue on the left so Robbo will use McDonald and Lowe asthe only two out and out strikers hence why he is still in the market for another striker.

I disagree. He will be a substitute, I don't think he'll start. His strength and persistence is not matched.

He didn't feature against Fulham because he's injured and they want to rest him before our game tomorrow.

Jabo is history now smith has signed 3 for 1 position

Rested? He didn't even make the bench! Very average league one player, had some good games for dons but probably won't be needed this season. 6 month loan seems plausible, get him back sharp in January to replace anyone who's having a drop in form.



09 Aug 2012 14:14:48
Swansea City have been told by Bolton to cough up 6 million for Mark Davies which they are willing to pay for the midfielder.

Rubbish.... Bolton would want at least £8 million. Coyle has stated it would take a ridiculous offer to tempt them to sell. £6 million is isn't tempting ...

Yours is rubbish mate its 6 million bolton want....

Kids settle down....bolton don't want to sell, but I think 7-8 million might do it as wolves will get a slice of the cash due to sell on fees. Davies very good player on his day, which unfortunately isn't a regular occurrence, he came go missing a lot in big games, plus if he can stay fit...may be money wasted and bolton laughing all the way to the bank.

It is when your in the championship son

According to the Daily Mirror Bolton are demandimng £10 million for Davies. So that's £2 mill more than I first said and again only a ridiculous offer bwould tempt Bolton to sell .... so who's taking rubbish. I would prefer that Swansea do one......

Your manager thinks Allen is worth £20m, but your club are trying to get Davies formless than £6m.Doesnt stack up does it.Be clear - Davies is under contract for another 3 years yet.Bolton DO NOT have to sell -our debt is to our owner.Would we sell if the offer was too good to turn down? Yes! But it would take about £10m for that to be the case.

Swansea it will cost you £10 million at least to get Davies, If they don't cough up then shut up. Bolton don't need to sell and don't want to sell.



09 Aug 2012 13:56:08
Watford will be loaning the following players out until January:

Britt Assombalonga: Colchester United
Stephan Hamilton-Forbes: Wealdstone
Tommie Hoban: Lincoln City
Connor Smith: Bohemians (League of Ireland)
Aaron Tumwa: Borehamwood
Matt Whichelow: Wycombe Wanderers

We are entering an u21 team this year so can't see that many youngsters going out on loan.

No we are not.



09 Aug 2012 14:39:53
George Boateng free to Middlesbrough fc, will remain a registered player, but not expected to feature in the first team. Will instead play as an over age player in the new u21 league, where his experience and coaching badges will help the development of younger players.

Haha always believe in our George



09 Aug 2012 14:32:23
wba lose out on cristian zapata to
ac millan



09 Aug 2012 13:27:01
Mark Yates is close to completing his squad for next season and wants one more signing, he is said to have had a bid accepted for striker Mehdi Kerrouche

We would not want this player he is no better than the four strikers we already have.

Kerrouche was released by Swindon so who accepted the bid for him



09 Aug 2012 13:19:48
any middlesbrough fc news?

McEacheran to Boro on loan

Nineteen year old midfielder is not what we need, strikewr please ...............

Don't know y we want him wen our midfield is packed with youngsters and good players competing for positions also in moggaz words: "we sent the trialists away because it's getting congested in midfield???

Yes it is mogga likes ball retention fits into the system he likes to play don't give the opposition the ball they don't score goals but agree need striker a plan b

At the bury game yesterday. And tony mowbray confirmed Ishmael miller was on the verge of joining us
Simon cox has been brought in to replace him. As miller had dropped down the pecking order {Ed044's Note - Simon Cox who has just signed for Forest!

Yes ed

Chelsea wont send Mceachran out unless hes guaranteed first team games - didnt happen for him last year as spent ages benched. Like the idea, but think he'd get splinters again.



09 Aug 2012 13:18:20
Ian Hume to sign for Shrewsbury Town.

Not a chance

Don't need any more midfielders, plus GT has said that he's happy with the squad.

7k a week at preston, sorry dont think the shrews are paying championship wages

He's striker

Not a mid

Actually he has mentioned a big IF THE RIGHT PLAYER comes along he will sign them and has made enquires over the last week. Check the club website



09 Aug 2012 13:07:27
Nick Montgomery to Leeds and as part of the deal Danny pugh will join Sheffield utd.

This sounds quite good i would be happy with that



09 Aug 2012 13:07:11
Darius Vassell has signed for Plymouth on a pay as you play basis

Would make sense as his nephew Issac Vassell plays for us, surely his wages are a bit on the steep side though.

Why would it make sense because of his nephew playing there? Do all players have to play for the same club as their family members?

I'm merely pointing out a link there, he's a player heading towards the end of his career now, I'm not saying its the sole reason for him joining but it may well play a factor

Look at darius vassell on wikipedia, it says as his current club "plymouth argyle" {Ed044's Note - don't take any notice of that site it can be edited by anybody I could change it to real madrid if I wanted to!!



09 Aug 2012 13:03:06
lloyd sam to have a medical at notts county aftar comming back from new york. the proof for this rumour is from red radio

They cant affrod his wages so this aint true theyve all ready said that



09 Aug 2012 12:51:23
Alou Diarra currently having a medical
and Hammers expected to tie up deals
for Adrien Silva, Moussa Konate
and Louis Saha for a total of £2.5m. Real good business by anyone's standards.


Hammer also now looking at Central
defender and LB and RB. NAmes such as Danny Simpson, CHris Solly and Adam Johnson
all mentioned

Good solid pro's... 3 more in...and we should with luck stay up....

3 more in..which means 11 new players... alltogether a new team! So are the "old" players supposed to leave?

You hammers must be dreaming! 2.5 mill for them players? Tel Aviv will want more than that for konate alone

Adam Johnson is not a defender so you are making that up!

Chris Solly won't be going anywhere.



09 Aug 2012 12:45:43
Mark Hughes to bid for Hangeland



09 Aug 2012 12:29:58
Swindon boss Paolo Di Canio has confirmed he is trying to sign 2 more players before their Capital One Cup game against Brighton next Tuesday

Bostock and iwelumo are my guess

One is a defender, so guess again

4 actually - Bostock, Iwelumo, Richard Towell (Irish Midfielder) and Ross Allen from Guernsey

Bostock deal , dead ! he won,t be coming to us now --

lee bernard deal not dead "
paul hayes ?

We will not sign Ross Allen, Richard Towell whoever he is, Bostock deal looking unlikely, not sure on Iwelumo, where you get all these from?



09 Aug 2012 12:25:43
Walsall fc will sign james chambers and jordan stewart before the game against doncaster both on 2 year deals. Walsall are also after sam mantom (loan till christmas)

Chambers good defender and good singing for walsall



09 Aug 2012 12:24:08
Leeds put Robbie Rodgers and Danny Pugh on the transfer list today. Which means he is selling to fund for Maynard

Selling to swell Bates' Bank balance!



09 Aug 2012 12:21:41
Walsall set to sign Darren Carter after Blues decide against offering him terms

Haha hows carter still getting contracts, hes awful - im a preston fan and i talk from experience! Huge waste of wages



09 Aug 2012 12:17:43
Bristol Rovers will this week push forward with a deal for Matthías Vilhjálmsson. The Icelandic international was recommended to Mark McGhee at the end of last season by ex Rovers boss John Ward.

I can confirm this as I know wardy well and he thinks he is a extremely talented player and fits in Mcghees plans.



09 Aug 2012 12:12:44
Is there any truth in the rumour that Dave Kitson is set to sign for Millwall

Think he is joining Brighton now as it close to where he lived playing for Pompey

Here we go,we all know that KJ bid for Beavon FACT! No proof or fact about Kitson though!?

I hope so...very good striker and has terminated contract at portsmouth would be a good signing



09 Aug 2012 11:54:36
Hi Ed I'm a first time poster and I was wondering if you know anything about David Goodwillie coming to the celts.I think he would be a good signing but what do you think? {Ed025's Note - cant see him leaving blackburn, to be honest..



09 Aug 2012 11:43:37
Joe Allen of Swansea City moved by Managers vision for Swansea City, likley to delay move decision until January..........

He has been more moved by the 80,000 a week on offer. trebling his current wages

He wants to go to Liverpool. FACT

Erm where did you get 80k from, he is on 15k at the moment so treble would be 45k if my maths are right lol... Please correct me otherwise.... der.. {Ed001's Note - Liverpool will not give any new signing 80k a week anyway, only idiotic newspapers and the fools that believe them think otherwise. I am sick of reading imbeciles talking about Liverpool players like Carroll and Bellamy on 90k a week, none of the new signings were getting anything like that.}

Fact is he wanted a big club, Swansea to go down. Signed untried players and more to leave



09 Aug 2012 11:34:13
RVP is going to be staying with Arsenal



09 Aug 2012 12:00:50
Belgian Sudpresse said today that Sporting Charleroi is interested in Fulhams striker Lauri Dalla-Valle.. Also Rennes and Touluose in the French league are interested in Dalla-Valle



09 Aug 2012 12:00:25
Notts County to cash in on Alan Judge who is set to sign for Ipswich for 1M

Notts will use the money to sign Lloyd Sam on a free(but big wages) and Jonathon Forte for 200,000 from Southampton

As stated before Ipswich will not pay 1 million for one player!!

Why is everyone thinking we're getting Alan Judge.

Is alan judge any good ive never heard of him.would he make ipswich any better. {Ed025's Note - its hard to judge..

Judge is a class act and makes Notts tick. Cracking deadball, great play maker too.

We won't be spending £1 million on any player. I'm pretty sure of that.

All of this 100% bullsh*t.
Alan Judge said he is staying for the season at least.
Forte is allowed to leave on a free.



09 Aug 2012 11:56:21
Sheffield wednesday to sign all four trialists who played against kilmarnock before the end of next week

They wont sign all 4 - Harewood may have earnt himself a 1 year deal and i think the Belgian right back may sign but im not sure on the other 2

What a great post this is - all four have since been released



09 Aug 2012 11:27:39
Brighton are signing a striker from West Ham. It is NOT Vaz Te, Cole, Maynard. It is youngster SAM BALDOCK ! 100% fact. Confirmed by club scout on training field this morning.
So if you want to put a fiver on it, now is the time to do so.

Erm... Hardly a target man like Gus is after! Another rubbish post!

You mean Bristol city?

Big talk of Baldock going to Bristol City with Albert Adohma going the way plus some cash

Hes agreed terms at bristol city and is signing after the bournemouth game tomorrow

Load of rubbish!he is not a target man like gus wants.



09 Aug 2012 11:22:37
Paul Hayes is signing for Brentford today. He has been at the training ground this morning.

No he wasn't, no he didn't

Only asking for 25k what are you on mate? Whatever ur smoking I would stop!! Sam Saunders it a top player scored 10 goals last season with 11 assists all from right midfield and was injured for part of season!



09 Aug 2012 11:17:46
lloyd sam to have a medical today at
notts county aftar comming back from
new york . proof: its on red 6 30 radio



09 Aug 2012 11:16:20
West Ham agree fee with marseille to sign midfielder Alou Diarra. SSN



09 Aug 2012 11:13:11
Rumours in Stoke this morning are that Michael Owen has signed a 3 year deal with the club

3 years is a bit much, surely a one year contract with the option for another year (depending on appearances) would be a much wiser offer.

God no! We can't afford to have another freeloader at the club. We need someone who play more than 15 mins a game

I expect him to sign. Not too sure if it's been done yet though. Although TP might want to have him in time for Germany! Not going to offer a lot with his lack of height pace and injury record but nice to seen him here



09 Aug 2012 11:12:42
Walsall FC.

Walsall will sign midfielder Darren Cater
after he had an unsuccessful trial at
Birmingham City. He will sign a two year deal
after he trained with the Saddlers
at the end of 11/12 season.

Walsall will also sign defenders James
Chambers from Doncaster and Jordan
Stewart from Millwall after they both
impressed on trial.

Source : Express and Star

Probably a bit ambitious going for all three



09 Aug 2012 11:11:30
Blackpool have supposesidly put in a 500 000 bid for QPRs DJ Campbell JB

They have agreed a 1 million pound fee for him and just Need to agree terms with dj now so he fits in with the rest of the squad in regards to pay.

I saw 1million bid

He is not signing, too much wages for blackpool

Blackpool given permission to talk to DJ ... Come Home DJ !!

Hollers has said there as close to signing dj as he is to wearing high heels and calling himself Sheila. Just adding to my previous comment in regards to fitting in with the rest of the squad when it comes to wages, ranges have him contracted to a mich higher wage than we would like to pay and there not gonna pay his wage when he leaves.

Think i met that sheila after a heavy night on the cider out taunton way. Come to think of it there were a couple of things about her i found strange



09 Aug 2012 11:09:46
Dean Saunders is talking to 4 players and trying to bring tem in for doncasters photoshops next Thursday, also having a crunch board meeting, could be asking for abit more slack on the budget

I ment photoshoot

Photoshoot happening on Tuesday so we may know before the afternoon!!



09 Aug 2012 11:08:11
is it true, that the playmaker that Bristol City have been looking for is Jimmy Bullard, who was seen at Bristol Temple Meads

NO he was just lost having caught wrong train like he does during games.

Seen him in cardiff at the GB V KOREA game to



09 Aug 2012 11:04:14
Safc to sign Ricardo Queresma and Jeremy Morel by



09 Aug 2012 10:45:54
Warnock has stated in the YEP that he is ideally looking for one quality player who is a forward but can also play right-wing. Return for Max Gradel, Neil?



09 Aug 2012 10:32:57
Portsmouth will be able to sign players anytime from friday night to monday. Appleton is looking to sign 2 defenders and a young hungry foward, they are not on trial at the moment and are being put on hold. Mikel Andersson from reading will join weds/thurs.

Only a loan for anderson rated highly learn to spell

Don't you mean he wont be able to sign anyone until Monday?



09 Aug 2012 10:19:12
walsall are in talks with former birmingham city , hull city and derby county striker craig fagan

fagan is a free agent after leaving bradford in may

Fagan thinks he's world class but isnt at all, so prepared to be dissapointed if he comes

Fagan is a good player if played in correct position which Bradford failed to do !! eg striker not winger or corner taker

Fagan a good player? He's a liability who thinks he's still a premiership player! Feel sorry for any team that gets him tbh.



09 Aug 2012 10:18:51
Ben Haim leaves Portsmouth

Good the club can finally move forward



09 Aug 2012 10:08:44
Heard Celtic to make moves for Berra of Wolves, Goodwillie of Blackburn and possibly Russell & Daly both of Dundee utd. any truth in any of these rumours people?

With Ki, wanyama and possibly hooper leaving it's possible but i hope it is not true

Up the Bhoys in Green

Heard Celtic to make moves for Berra of Wolves, Goodwillie of Blackburn and possibly Russell & Daly both of Dundee utd. any truth in any of these rumours people?

Berra hasn't done so well down south so I'd say it's a risk buying him as he'd be 2m+ and high wages.

I don't think we'll be looking at Goodwillie, he plays exactly like Hooper, only if Hooper goes will we bid for Goodwillie.

Daly isn't up to our standard in my opinion.

Russell is a great player and he's only 21/22, hopefully we get him this season and we could sell him in 2 years for 5m+.

Goodwillie,not in the same class as Watt OR Keatings trust me.

Goodwillie is a die hard rangers fan and said he would never join celtic



09 Aug 2012 10:01:18
Antony Kay could complete his moves to MK Dons as early as this afternoon


Has already trained with them and on official photo call - Hudds Examiner.

Deal done!



09 Aug 2012 09:58:34
mowbray still looking for a right winger...likely to be castelan or hammil, though linked in last 24 hours to max gradel. striker coming in depends on mcdonald going out. saha rumour was just made up, kewell wont come either.



09 Aug 2012 09:57:53
Charlton have agreed a fee and personal terms for Sam Baldock. However they won't complete the deal until they've found new clubs for Leon Clarke and Paul Hayes.

Even though we've not bid for him?



09 Aug 2012 09:52:11
Looks like Brighton have failed to sign their main target and are going to settle for loanees. Carlton Cole couldn't agree terms on a permanent move but could still sign on loan while McEachren has the choice between Brighton, Bolton and Blackbuirn - expect him to choose Brighton. Miquel from Arsenal has been a long term loan target but the biggest shock for Brighton fans will be the departure of Craig Mackail Smith to Leeds.

Wow. Well done. You have managed to post a load of complete rubbish.

CMS is not going anywhere, change the record!

We don't need anymore defenders so I'll take it as the rest of this post is horse as well! personS!!

Cms wont happen now takeover has collapsed



09 Aug 2012 09:46:39
Sam Baldock likely to join Bristol City on loan. Baldock have preferred a move to London, but Charlton and Palace are unwilling to pay the £1.5m transfer fee and Watford not interested.

Adomah is worth well in excess of 3m. Anyway, doubt he is going anywhere.

Don't understand what Adomah has to do with this, please explain.

We got a 30% sell on so that would be a cool mil for us utd till i die



09 Aug 2012 09:44:19
Swansea have bid £2m for Bristol City's Albert Adomah - bid has been rejected as Bristol City want £3m or £2.75m plus a player (Monk or Dobbie)
Fulham are also believed to be preparing a bid for Adomah - again likely to be cash plus a player.
Bristol City are in a strong position with this player who is tied to a long contract at Ashton Gate.
Crystal Palace are believed to be interested in Yannick Bolasie who is in the last year of his contract - the form of Woolford and AZnderson in pre-season could encourage this move to happen in addition to the Adomah one.

I'd be happy to get Bolasie at Palace, with any luck this happens, but unlikely.

No one has bid for any players at bristol city the club has confirmed!

If this was the case, we'd be better off paying the 3m, as dobbs worth more than 250k can't be true....



09 Aug 2012 09:38:56
Barrow have signed Danny Rowe from Stockport County and are also keen to sign trialist Aaron Cole from Derby County.

I'm good mates with Danny and he can't of done that. He's a fleetwood player on loan at Stockport. He also has a massive head as at his former club Wrens he had the nickname planet head!!



09 Aug 2012 09:37:26
Lloyd Sam having a medical today at notts county and expected to sign before the Bradford game on Saturday. And shortly after notts are expected to sign Daniel bogdanovic but not in time for Saturday. The signing of these two players will completes Keith curle's squad and no more signings will be made in the current transfer window.

Odd, KC says he wants two more, a striker and a centre half. Beattie has an offer and neither of these are centre halves.

We need another cenre back thats important also o bencherif is rubbish hes a blu square player at best



09 Aug 2012 09:37:21
Leicester winger Paul Gallagher could be on his way out of the King Power Stadium



09 Aug 2012 09:34:12
Brighton youngster Ben Dickenson to join Lincoln City on loan for season to gain match experience.



09 Aug 2012 03:06:24
is Ryad Boudebouz of sochaux heading to liverpool or not? pls reply guys

Not sure

No because , its kenny dalglish who was interested not rodgers . but it would be great if he came .



09 Aug 2012 02:01:16
Leeds united are ready to hand a trial to ex chelsea and newcastle player Geremi



09 Aug 2012 09:18:25
Queens Park Rangers have lodged bids for Roma defender Gabriel Heinze and Sunderland full-back Kieran Richardson.


Richardson yes Heinze no thanks



09 Aug 2012 09:18:22
Chelsea will not be signing Porto's Hulk because of his high wage demands.

PSG are preparing a bid as we speak.

Like chelsea would be stopped by wage demands dont be silly

Well PSG can pay him WAY more than Chelsea can...

I don't think it has got to do with wages, it's the asking price that is the problem Chelsea don't wont to pay over 30million



09 Aug 2012 08:16:15
West ham apparently lining up deals for
Konate, Diarra, Silva and Saha to bolster
ranks for the coming season. West ham have also been in talks again with Charlton over a
swap deal for Chris Solly/Sam Baldock

Solly deal wont happen, just rumours



09 Aug 2012 07:36:35
Gianfranco Zola looking for 'two or three more signings' I think his best bet would be getting a half decent right back or put Adam Thompson in right back, but I can't see too many more positions needed? Maybe a new young, skillful winger to play opposite Murray?

Solly staying at Charlton, Baldock going to Bristol City



09 Aug 2012 00:17:06
Oldham Athletic manager Paul Dickov looking at ex-Hearts left winger David Obua.

Hope we do, he looks like a player with a lot of experience from playing in different countries :)

Cant see it myself work permit issues me thinks



08 Aug 2012 23:53:41
Bristol City are interested in signing
James Berrett from Carlisle

Just signed a new deal, could have got him for free a month ago!

Just signed a new contract there.



08 Aug 2012 23:55:06
Carlisle defender Lubomir Michalik and
midfielder Tom Taiwo interesting

Lubo michalik was at leeds hes about 6 foot 3 and is one of the worst headers of the ball ive seen

Never heard of either of them and the rumour is probably not true. But are they any good?

Lubomir michalik going up a level, he strugled at Carlisle last season

Tom is moving ever closer to signing for Bradford. He did not sign a new contract with Carlisle as he wanted to move back to West Yorkshire to be with his family. The only stumbling block is the ridiculous amount of Compo Mr Abbott is asking for at Carlisle!

Sounds promising then... Haha

Tom taiwo is absoloutely quality though, well worth championship quality and i am suprised that he hasnt been snapped up by a higher side yet (carlisle fan)



08 Aug 2012 23:49:54
Charlton targeting Brentford midfielder
Sam Saunders and could make a bid a
£275,000 bid.

I heard Brentford are only asking for 25k


Yeah 275 + hayes + green. seems about right mate!

Green is worth 300k, Hayes 200ish so no way Saunders is worth 775k, it's 275+ Hayes and that's it because brentford can't afford to buy him for 200k and then pay his 4.5k wages



08 Aug 2012 23:47:13
Burnley interested in signing Exeter
midfielder Liam Sercombe for £200,000

It will take more than that to get him.....

Right, Burnley still ready to make a deadline bid for Sercombe



08 Aug 2012 23:43:27
just heard Newcastle bid £15million for Remy



08 Aug 2012 23:04:57
Louis Laing to join Bristol City on loan from. Sunderland.

Too young after experienced Right sided Defender. A Ball winner, leader!!

Good young player and a good loan move, no chance of a perm deal though.



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