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09 Apr 2013 23:23:05
Phil Neville wanted by Fulham, West Brom and West Ham.

10 Apr 2013 09:12:05
and stoke

It looks like every team from 10-17 in the Prem want him, not to mention the 3 promoted teams from the Champ.

He'll be spoilt for choice either way and it will come down to one of 2 things.
1: Wages on offer.
2: Potential player/coach role.

Pick Hull Fizzer. You know it makes sense. Work with your former mentor (Bruce). Not biased or nothing :)



09 Apr 2013 22:33:25
rumours around the ground are saying that derby are moving for Matthew kilgallon, Marc-Antoine Fortune, Emmerson Boyce, Noel Hunt, Marc Tierney
but there just rumours I've heard by different people I don't beliv most of them

I have heard the Noel Hunt one before but that might have been last summer. Someone else has been linked with him the past day or so, but I can't remember who. Would fit in with Clough's Celtic Tigers. well Rams. Again wages might be the issue with getting the players we need to push on to be competing in the top six.

10 Apr 2013 09:13:00
I don't believe any of them. How can they afford all that?

Emerson Boyce. no thanks!



09 Apr 2013 20:43:39
Alvaro Negredo to Everton in the summer for £13 million pounds.



09 Apr 2013 20:25:18
Brighton to sign bobby zammora if qpr get relegated

Who would want Bobby Zamora, he's a piece of rubbish!

10 Apr 2013 14:35:04
He's finished. Useful in his day - but badly injured now and unlikely to play 20 matches a season even at Championship level. He'll see out his 50k a week contract at qpr then retire

He is not rubbish he was brilliant at Fulham but qpr have destroyed him like every other player who has gone there if he moved club he would be great again and yes if qpr come down it will be likely he will come to us as he said he wanted to end his career at Brighton especially if we win promotion

Bit Rude.

He is not I really want him to come back to brighton

Bobby zammora is a good player and I would love to have him back at Brighton and I think if qpr go down we would go and get him so down with QPR {Ed003's Note - like a poster mentioned wages could be a problem.}

Zamora is quality always has been always will be fact



09 Apr 2013 18:42:00
numancia midfielder sunny is a target of wba, swansea, palace and leeds this summer

Heard this 2




09 Apr 2013 18:18:42
wba have identified tottenham midfielder jake livermore as top target this summer.
vederan corluka has already held talks.



09 Apr 2013 18:09:23
Mark robins interested in signing Phil Neville in the summer if they escape relegation



09 Apr 2013 17:02:33
Swansea Targets for next season:
Jose Canas (Real Betis)-Free
Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea)-Season long loan
Thibaut Cortois (Chelsea)-Season long loan
Tomer Hemed (Mallorca)-4m
Medhi Lacen (Getafe)-2m
Michel (Getafe)-2m
Alberto Botia (Sevilla)-3m
Joan Verdu (Espanyol)-Free
John Guidetti (Man City)-Season long loan

Players Leaving Swansea-
Ashley Williams (Liverpool)-8m
Jonathan de Guzman (Return to Villareal)
Leroy Lita (Middlesbrough)-1m
Michel Vorm (Barcelona)-8m

I would be very surprised if williams is not with swansea next season. He 29 in August, I can't see Liverpool paying the kind of money swans will want for him.

Williams won't go. Can't see vorm being here though, 8 mil would be a good return plus tremmel is also a good keeper

Yeah because boro really have money to splash on an old striker with no resale value

I'm sure that Premier league teams are not allowed to loan 3 premier league players?

Some team needs to save guidetti before he turns into another michael johnson. as for the others the only players I think have a chance of coming to swansea are canas (looks certain) and botia.

Doubt Williams is off to Liverpool UNLESS they get into CL - Rodgers has already shown he'll pay top whack for our players (then not play them).
de Guzman WANTS to become a swans player and I trust Jenkins and the board will do their utmost to make it happen.
Lita will probably go for less than a million.
Vorm to Barcelona is pure speculation but who would begrudge him if it transpires? Plus, 8m will go a long way for a new number 2 with Tremmel proving his abilities to be number 1.

Can't see the Lukaku loan happening but hope he gets a class striker in because Michu looks so much more effective playing CAM/CF. With him there, the team look so much more attack orientated in comparrison to being the lone, heavily marked striker!

Looking forward to seeing what Canas is capable of. Key man in his current team and likely to be Britton's successor.

Next season is going to be a busy and emotional one. I can barely wait!



09 Apr 2013 16:40:00
Rumour has it that if Watford gain promotion to the premiership then Watford FC will relocate. Current location is the old bus depot on the A41 near Alderham. This is why no work has started on the SW corner, as decisions has not been finalised.

Pity that site currently has a big hotel and business park. I would rather they spend the £40+ million to buy that site on the odd player or two

Here's a question I was thinking of, how many Watford fans would be upset IF they relocated (highly unlikely to happen unless we proved successful in the PL)

10 Apr 2013 12:24:42
This post could be true because they promised to start the corner about six months ago and nothing has happened

It all depends on how easy it is to get to a new ground for the fans.

I would say that the new owners will most certonly move the club but maybe not for 5 years just to test the water work out if Watford need a 30 thousand ground or a 38 thousand ground, last thing you need is a stadium that's too big or too small.

I think its well within resonable thoughts that the Pozzos would consider building a new stadium. Probably something around 28000 capacity (not unlike the KC). I reckon Leavesden area has got to be favorite

As a lifelong Watford fan I have to say 'get a grip'. Our fan base is traditionally small and we would never fill a 30,000 ground. If we did move, 25,000 would be more than enough.

Look at teams like Wigan and Blackburn - beautiful stadia but woefully empty and with no atmosphere.

The club has moved on under the Pozzos but let's keep it real eh?

Contract's are in the process of being signed off on the SW corner. It will now not be the changing room's but will be a supporter's bar and restaurant as well as corporate facilities.

Plan's for the new East Stand are nearly ready and if we are promoted, work will start in 7/8 week's. If we are not the club will wait until we are getting crowd's of 15,000 most week's.


Vicarage road can be rebuilt easily to offer space for 25,000 seated spectators - Watford would not expect any more than that! To relocate means losing access by London Overground and the new Metropoiltan line (£118 million) extension which will get supporters in from NW London and surrounding areas. I would rather an improved town centre stadium than a wind swept out of town 38,000 Ricoh white elephant

Interesting rumour but the Aldenham site is pretty much developed on one side you have The Village Hotel (owned by the Devere Group), Brantano office complex and Aspire Chemo suites and on the other side are offices and warehouses. So if Watford were to move they would have hope that they could buy from the existing owners

Judging by the season ticket sales (so far), it looks quite likely our crowds will be decent for next season no matter what division.

Surely building a bigger ground and making the away end bigger would be a good business move?

This is a rubbish post. Why would they build a new stadium? They won't get 30000+ fans in a long time. If they wanted to expand then they'd rebuild the occupation road stand. It would also take years to build so what's the point. This is from a Hornet

We could easily buy out a few houses around the ground and expand the stadium to 25k for far cheaper. Likewise if we ever needed more than that the Rookery could still be extended around the flats, or just to get rid of them altogether (again with a buy out).

Ignoring the East Stand we have one of the best stadia in the country so there's no need to relocate. It's got it's own character rather than a soulless bowl teams such as MK Dons, Cardiff & Birmingham have. Not to mention, a majority of the ground is no older than about 20 years.



09 Apr 2013 16:20:51
Have just seen Shane long down near madjeski stadium-- I wonder if a return is on the cards

So Shane Long is going to leave an (now) established Premiership club in WBA, where he is a 1st team player, a club (no offence) heading to the Championship? Really! Never going to happen.

09 Apr 2013 23:45:27
i very much doubt that in all fairness why would wba even think of letting another striker go? lukaku gone Rosenberg going. fortune might go odemwingie defo going so that leaves shane long? so I doubt he's gona sell him aswell and bring in all new strikers



09 Apr 2013 15:32:51
my friend plays for bolton, josh vela and he's quality great talent in my view, he got potential to perform at the top level is there any loan intrest in him?

Ask him yourself if you know him?

Nope, because loan market is shut.

Loan window has shut this season. Wait for next year!

You can't much of a friend if you don't know wha's happening in his career. If you knew anything about football you would know the transfer window shut what nearly two weeks ago. So he won't be going anywhere soon.



09 Apr 2013 14:43:22
Walsall have offered former Northampton and Toronto goalkeeper Freddy Hall a trial which will last until the end of the season, if deemed up to standard Hall will be offered a contract in the summer

Hall has been recommended to Dean Smith by new coach and fellow Bermudian Kyle Lightbourne



09 Apr 2013 14:15:32
Former West Ham youngster and St Mirren stirker Billy Mehmet has requested to leave his current club Bangkok Glass in the thai Premier League.

Since his arrival at the club, the manager was sacked after one game in charge, the fitness coach has resigned and the translator has resigned.

He has interest from the MLS, A-League and Bank Asya Birinci.

I live Bangkok Billy is top player Manager leaved 1 game after. club has new manager and coach staff are leave to. I undersand if this true we are not win game with new manager in.



09 Apr 2013 14:02:13
middlesbrough are on of a number of clubs intrested in signing phil neville in the summer when he leaves everton



09 Apr 2013 14:01:43
Apparently swansea in talks with celta Vigo with move for aspas.

He would be a great signing but will face tough competition. Rumoured to be interest from Valencia chelsea and spurs swans couldn't compete with the wages they would offer. Hopefully he's more interested in first team football.



09 Apr 2013 13:39:17
Ricardo fuller to join old club Portsmouth in the summer.

Pompey will be in league 2 and can't afford him ,he will return to preston

Never going to happen. Wages for one, fact we're be in Div 2 next season for another. I wish people would stop linking Pompey to every old player from the last 15 years that becomes available!

10 Apr 2013 16:36:42
What great news it will be if the deal to aquire the ground goes through. With the great support they have the club will get back to the top. Good luck. Saints supporter

Really is this going to happen or just a big joke play up pompey

Pay up Pompey more like! your club is scum, getting away with it yet again, next time you wont!



09 Apr 2013 13:38:37
Arsenal will not make any major signings in the summer if they reach the Top 4 because Arsene Wenger believes his squad is still good enough to compete for the title. He is interested in a centre back including Ashley Williams and Aston Villa forward Christian Benteke. He is interested in Stevan Jovetic but may be priced out of a move

21 points behind man united and the squad is good enough? Arsenal fans are such suckers

Ashley williams to arsenal ha

Benteke is signing a new Villa deal mate

10 Apr 2013 11:51:14
To think that his squad is good enough and doesn't need new signings is personic, but considering Wenger's past transfer windows it wouldn't be a surprise

And how did you work that out when arsenal have already said there going to spend big and btw if you knew how much arsenal will spend you would know wenger was in dortmund last week talking to dortmund officials about signing gotze and lewandowski and before people say I making roumers it was on tv



09 Apr 2013 12:16:24
Brian Flynn has told the doncaster board his plan for next year, and identified transfer targets, however there will not be an overhaul of the squad and not many players will arrive

Is flynn going to have a reserve/u21 team next season as apparantly he has missed the date to sign up for under 21 squad

I haven't a clue if we will have u21 etc but if what I saw about not overhauling the squad then they won't be cooperative with other championship teams if we go up, will make me glad I'm not getting a new season ticket

Its a complete joke what's the point in having a youth team if there not going to have a reserve/u21 team let's face it upcoming talant are not going to play for the 1st team they need a steppng stone between youth and 1st team to bring more home grown talant in. Doncaster carnt afford to spend money surely concentrating on youth is the future?

I personally think we have money to spend but the board won't, what's happened to the two board members with like 700mill between them? They won't miss a few million here and there, but lake of ambition is the reason why I'm not getting a new season ticket

Dont think Flynn is the man to take donny next year into the championship, think he will go not of his own choice though think they will appoint a new manager hopefully someone with ambition like you say. {Ed003's Note -

We want a proven championship manager the board should be prepared to spend a more on manager wages someone who knows the league and how to get the best out of the players for that level



09 Apr 2013 12:18:53
Walsall will sign Phil Neville as player assistant manager for next season.

As an everton fan i'm sorry to see the old git leave but he has been a good asset over the 8yrs he was there. A good captain and leader. He will be good for Walsall if he will take a pay cut. But as an assistant coach too. That could swing it.

Lol that just ain't gunna happen



09 Apr 2013 07:34:30
Julian bennett for notts



09 Apr 2013 10:36:41
Brighton could sign Reading striker Noel Hunt, 30, on a free transfer this summer. The Republic of Ireland striker has only been offered a one-year extension to his current deal, which expires at the end of the season.

Source - tv Sport

Good call up

Very true

Good signing if we do get him but we need 3 or 4 class players.



09 Apr 2013 08:41:53
Mkdons have been looking for a goalscorer over the past couple of years to help them gain promotion to the championship.
That search may well be over with Rene Howe from Torquay, whse contract expires in the summer, will sign a pre-contract agreement with the club. Torquay's top scorer is especially likely to leave as the club are on the verge of relegation from league two to the confrence. He wants to play football in league 1. MKDONS face competition from coventry and Walsall to get him signed up.



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