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Everton will be a stronger force come the end f the summer if everything goes according to plan
They want two of
Fernando Cavanaghi 14M
Wagner Love 14M
Jo Permanent
Hulk 9M

For midfield they want 3 of
Steven Defour 12M
Lucas Biglia 10M
Alex Witsel 15M
Joao Moutinho 12M
Miguel Veloso 12M

As for defence and midfield Moyes will take a big gamble on these three as he wants
Igor Akinfeev 8M
Hector Moreno 6M
Matthias Jorgensen 5M
  Gareth Barry , David Silva , Yohann Pele , Lahm , David Villa are all being looked at by Liverpool , Yes you got it New Owners !
  Arsenal will sign:saviet,wildajum,sakho,hart

liverpool will sign:barry,johnson,raul

manutd will sign:ribery,sampson,walter,bertolo,lopez

chelsea will sign :qaresma,zhirkov,pavylechenko will sign:hleb,henry,eto'o,santacruz,kaka

fulham will sign:sinclair,elzhar,gibson,huddlestone,kameni,

spurs will sign:downing,millito,zaki
  My Uncle is James Mcarthur and has told me that he is going to join Rangers in the summer and will be joined by Hamilton Goalkeeper Tomas Cerny

As for Chelsea expect a bid for CSKA Moscow player Yury Zhirkov if Hiddink stays

And the celtic fan saying that u will get Pavlychenko u wish
If he goes to anybody it will be to A spanish team or and Italin team

Trust me I know
  In reply to this blue nose clown .
Just a wee word to praise the Gers for being swift in the punishment of the gruesome twosome. Other clubs (Celtic) Should follow suit and do the same to scotlands biggest idiot Artur Boruc. Just shows the difference in traditions at both clubs, but Strachan doesn't need to as his fans are making fools of themselves anyway as it is. lol, As for the person who refers to Scotlands most successful team as Rankers or the stadium as Ipox, this person typifies what is wrong with scotland today and his lack of intelligence mixed with obvious hatred and bigotry reflects extremely badly on the club he supposedly supports. If only he could take a step back and take a look at himself. .how embarrassing.

I'm the person who referred to your club as rankers and your stadium as ipox, this is a light hearted wind up, as for my lack of intelligence, well, i'm pretty happy with my qualifications as is my employer, as for my obvious hatred and bigotry, what is this based on??? what part of my comments is bigoted?????, i have took a step back and looked at myself and i'm happy with what i see.

Your correct that our support have different traditions, just ask the good people of Manchester!!!!!

Why should we punish Artur??? blessing yourself isn't a crime and is an act that you will see players throughout the world do each game.

As for rankers punishing wee barry sidebaw & mcgreger, these are two of the players dodgy dave wanted to sell a few mouths ago. . . strange that walter smith didnt take the same action many years ago when Gazza battered his wife whilst at rankers!!!!!

Anyway sorry for the rant. . here is the rumours i've heard.

Spurs will bid around £8M for scott brown but Celtic will turn this down as they intend to build the team around him. Although if it went as high as £10M then it will be goodbye to Brooney
Celtic will look a few loans deals for some of the younger players at Man Utd.

Rumours about a swap deal with Liverpool involving Stevie Gerald and Chris Killen are not true:)
  Having seen his first choice team finally getting closer to United, Benitez is going to go for experience to bolster his squad. It seems pretty certain now that he will bring in Barry for about £8 million. He will also get Michael Owen in on a pay–as–you–play deal for free whether the Geordies are relegated or not. His 3rd striker is going to be none other than Thierry Henry as Benitez knows of his respect for the club's traditions and fans. He is going to cost around £12–15 million. These are only his early targets and more will take place as he can move players on (Lucas,Babel,Dossena,Benayoun). No big big transfers in this window though.
  Big news. Despite recently saying that he would not want to leave AC Milan to manage Chelsea, it is understood that Carlo Ancelotti has a 'gentlemans agreement' with Roman Abramovic to take over as Chelsea manager in the summer. It is said that Ancelotti did not want to leave Milan mid–season (thus Chelsea brought in Hiddink), but would be happy to move to the bridge in the summer. A £5.8m contract is set to be penned in June by Ancelotti, with Milan reportedly giving him their blessing to join Chelsea. With Kaka having recently having left the door open for a move to the premier league, by saying that he wants to play in England after AC Milan, and with him no doubt keen to follow Ancelotti to Chelsea, Mr. Abramovic will make as many funds as needed available for Ancelotti to lure Kaka to the bridge. Kaka came very close to moving to Man City in the summer, as he wants to play in the premier league, however it did not go through because City are not the right club for him. However he would relish the chance to play for Chelsea, and Chelsea would be able to offer enough cash to see this happen.

I am not a Chelsea supporter, so this is not a wish, it is a rumour.
In Arsene We Trust
  The Toronto Blue Jays have a patch on their sleeve
this season with the word 'Ted' inscribed. Supposed to be to in memory of the late owner, maybe you should give them a call to let them know that in keeping with the season he has arisen.
  Big Big shocks coming at united this summer.Ferguson will go this summer he will go upstairs and will give his input to new man coming in, the special one will be red i said this months ago it will happen.

ronaldo 70m madrid hates mourinho
ferdinand 15m madrid injuries getting too frequent
nani 12m inter moved cos ronaldo n won't stay
anderson 15m inter or juve same as above
hargreaves – 5m everton another saha
Fletcher 3m spurs or gunners
scholes n giggs neville and vds retired to coaching roles.
tevez will not be signed
120m plus 40m for transfers = 160m

richards – city– 15m
xavi – barca – 15m
ballack – chelsea – Free
gordon sunderland 10m
benzema – lyon 40m
last but not least
Messi – 80m barca

u heared it here 1st.
  After last nights champions league game against, Bentiez realises the need for better strength and depth. Lucas, Dossena, Aurelio, Degen, El Zhar, Leto, will all be on their way. In will be: Johnson & Richards – Man City, Marcelo – Madrid, Johnson – Portsmouth, Silva – Valencia, Rafinha – Schalke and Bentley – Tottenham.

All deals in the pipeline

  Whoever claimed that Ted (Edward) Rogers III (owner of the cable company and toronto Blue Jays,) died last year, you need to check your facts before asking other people to check theirs'. This Ted Rogers is still alive, the Ted Rogers who died last year is the comedian Ted Rogers (dusty bin) etc.

Onto rumours, expect Real Madrid to sign the two Ronnies (ronaldo and ronaldinho) in the summer, as well as bringing in Kaka. Other possible moves are for David Villa and Fabregas, although it is unlikely they will arrive.
Expect Arsenal to enquire about buying Higuain and Sneijder and Gago, as these will be sold to bring funds for 'el galacticos'
  Tevez will be having a meeting within the next month with Kia and scott duxbury with regards to the move back to upton park. it will not be a permenant signing but as a 3 year loan, this time without the 3rd party agreement.
Kia and his group are looking at taking over 75% of west ham by the end of june in order to keep the current owner out of the brown stuff in Iceland. deal to be worth in the region of £70M.
Kia and his group are rumoured to be putting a further £25M in to Zola's fund, however he has been made aware that he must go the academy route if possible to achive a place in the europa leauge next season and that the funds are there as a back up only
  To the person who wrote:
Dear god, is that wishful thinking or what?! Absolute poppycock. There will not be anyone buying Rangers, this summer or any summer. The level of debt is so immense, and Rangers and some of their fanbase being nothing short of an embarrasment in Europe, what possible appeal is there to buying them?

Number 1: This summer or any summer, I think that is more wishful thinking on your part. If this statement was to be true, which is infact impossible, David Murray would need to be immortal. Therefore they will be sold at some point. So your logic in that sentence is idiotic.

Number 2: Rangers being an embarrasment in europe. Thats funny, I seem to recall taking my seat at a UEFA cup final less than 11 months ago.

Number 3: Why is it that Rangers fans talk about Rangers on here, but Celtic fans seem to be more interested in whats going on at Ibrox as opposed to their own club. Why?????? Very sad, but for the Celtic fans who feel the need to take time out of their lives to comment on a team they don't even support, do you even realise that it is quite plane to see to anyone the amount of hatred flowing through your veins. It really is quite sad and laughable.

Feeney to sign for Gers despite being singled out by Celtic fans recently for supporting a certain football team. He feels he can rise above the embarrasing fans of the old firm. Also Hutton will return, along with two young boys on loan from Man Utd. Ferguson will leave with McGregor,Hemdani, Dailly, Weir and Stevie Smith

True Blues please don't lower yourselves the their level. And let them get on with the low intelligence comments. Its them who are embarrasing Celtic.
  ((( AFC Bulletin )))

Its heard AW might make a move 4 Everton player Jack Rodwell , Rodwell made his full Everton debut as a substitute against Alkmaar at 16 years 2 become the youngest Toffees player 2 play in Europe . AW is also interested in Real Madrid player Gonzalo Higuain , Higuain has scored 17 times 4 Madrid this season . Its known Werder Bremen player Diego will leave and move 2 another club , expect AW 2 move 4 him if Fabregas leaves AFC .
  Man City will lodge a £180 million bid for Roanaldo in the summer. New manager will be Jurgen Klinsman. Also expect to see Drogba, Lahm, and Bentley arrive at Eastlands. From Fanny Lee.
  As far as gazprom and rangers are concerned, it is technically possible for them to have a stake in rangers. They are majority shareholders in both Zenit St. Petersburg and Schalke 04 in Germany. Unfortunately, since they already provide funds for two large european clubs, i doubt that they would be interested in Rangers (a club with considerable debts to clear before any buy–out). On a lighter note, Rangers to bid for Sandaza of Dundee Utd, a fee of around £1 million taken from the sale of Ferguson to Sunderland, should be enough. McGregor to be back in action before the end of April, Smith has become annoyed with the media deciding for him that he will never play again. However, Ferguson will never play again, as the management believe that he should've known better as captain of both club and country and has shamed Rangers.
  Devilish 7

We give True Blue grief for Ted Rogers cos the poor bloke died last year, and then you say that it could be Ted Rogers of 3–2–1 fame!

You have to laugh, cos he died in 2001!!!!!!

Anyway, WHU are consolidating what they have over the summer, with only the likes of Davenport, Quashie, LBM, Bowyer and possibly Dyer on the move.

The only ins are likely to be a striker and midfielder. Maybe a central defender. And that's it.

Other interesting fact that I heard was that Dean Ashton's career is likely to be over since the injury he sustained is incurable. The bone he broke in his foot/ankle is in such a place where every time he puts weight on it, it causes pain.

Keeping the world informed.

Doc Martens Upper
  Utd set to replace the outgoing Nani (Inter Milan) with Bastien Schweinstiger (Bayern Munich). They want a front three of Rooney, Ronaldo and Schweinstiger.
  Liverpool are attempting to set up a link with Almeria, which would give them 1st option on their players and loan arrangements between the clubs. Rafa wants this in place due to his interest in Pablo Piatti(AM/FC) and Mane(LB) both of whom currently at Almeria. So Arsenal's reported interest on here may be hit if this is agreed. Arsene is looking for a striker to replace Adebayor who is off to AC Milan for 30m euros. On the list are Santa Cruz(£17m), Dzeko(12m) and Ryan Babel(12m). And also a CB and CM. CB inc Sakho, Lescott, Agger, Chiellini and Micah Richards. For CM Veloso, Arteta, Xabi Alonso and Gago.
  Ted Rogers is dead. . but his son is also called Ted, what this has got to do with football I don't know?! One rumour that won't go away (and that I don't like) is that Craig Levein will be the next Rangers boss! Also expect us to make a loan signing from Man Utd.

  QPR NEWS– Gary Mcallister will be QPR`s next boss and he will sign disgraced Rangers player Barry Ferguson.
  Hello to all coventry fans who are desperate to hear news on some summer transfers.

Well this comes from a reliable source who was also correct in saying that chris coleman would be next city boss when ian Dowie got sacked. This source is good friends with Gary Mcsheffery and he says that MAC is desperate to come back to the sky blues and "would walk" at the oppurtunity. However with Birmingham reportedly commanding a price of 4m – the amount they paid for him, this could prove a stumbling block for the sky blues.

Other players we have been strongly linked with

Neil eardley
Scott sinclair – loan
Craig mickel smith
Joe lewis

Finnaly there are suggestions that coleman is looking for an experienced CM who can run the play to partnner young Gunnarson. A player like how Dennis Wise was for us 3 years ago. The identity of this player however is still unclear.

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