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08 Sep 2012 21:33:18
Bournemouth loan deal rumours

Also, ins.....Gomes, cudicini,Jenas, Joe Cole, Rio,Saha, Palacios.....get the picture?

Agree with those 4 listed, but I think there will be some more going out. Tubbs probably will, as will Molesley and Sheringham. There may be some Spurs youngsters brought in because of the Harry influence

ANTON Robinson

It's Anton not Paul you twonk!

Molesley is pants let him go
Also reckon we don't need Robinson
Hughes, parts, arter, Mac D, o Kane have all been performing well
We need to give tubbs and McDermott a chance



08 Sep 2012 21:29:08
Walsall set to sign an unnamed striker by the end of next week



08 Sep 2012 20:39:48
Oxford to sack wilder after board think he ain't man to get them promotion

Unlikely.....very unlikely. He has a year of a contract left and apparent interest from other clubs would mean compensation for his services. Sacking him would cost the club no. However I think he will move on and it was suggested on local radio in oxford that this coming week could be interesting, whatever that means....

Maybe a move to coventry



08 Sep 2012 18:31:28
west brom interested in signing Patrick Helmes as a possible replacement for Peter Odemwingie should he leave the club in January



08 Sep 2012 18:11:56

I have it on very good authority that James Wilson,s name has been circulated to all Football leugue clubs for a three month loan

Elliot Ward will be announced next week and Pittman will be out the door for three months



08 Sep 2012 16:20:05
Harry Redknapp has said Bournemouth will be looking to offload Matt Tubbs on loan but the decision will "ultimately be groves's" basically groves hasn't got the balls to do it so Harry is going to chop the dead wood out. Likely destinations are Rotherham, Leeds, crystal palace or Crawley.

If you saw Bournemouth's finishing on Tuesday and today at Yeovil you would realise that Tubbs chance will come very soon

I can't see him going the Championship when he is still unproven even in League One...

When did harry say he was going to off-load matt tubbs ? Once again he will be needed with bernard out for two weeks and thomas not showing any degree of composer in front of goal.

^^why would you have a composer in front of the goal?

Give us a uuuuuu! Thats better, think that thomas needs both composeur in front of goal and be a composer in the build up.

How can we loan out tubbs when he's only played something like 10 games for us due to injury. We signed him for 800,000 (record signing). I personally thought in the first game of the season against Pompey he made a huge impact which led to the goal. We can't loan him out, our strike force this season has been terrible, and at the Pompey game in the cup, we could have won 10-2 or AT THE LEAST 3-2 and we lost! I think we should loan out Thomas so he can pick up the form he had last season.



08 Sep 2012 15:56:25
Harry kewell training with barnsley

They haven,t trained all week had a week off so thats not true,rest to try & get rid of some injuries

Is there any club thid guy isnt training with ,hell he must be good ,yer right



08 Sep 2012 13:09:48
Former Chelsea, Brighton and Swansea striker Leon Knight moves to Norwegian 2nd division side Kongsvinger on a free transfer

Are there any decent nightclubs there then?

He actually told the Norwegian press that he wanted to come to a calm, quiet smaller town.

He has been in an Irish backwater for the last two years and still got into trouble!



08 Sep 2012 12:47:45
Burnley To loan in Tom Carroll from tottenham up until the end of the season to act as cover for Chris McCann and Dean marney.

It's a maximum of 93 days in this loan period, so why make up stories!

Jose Baxter is having a trial at the Burnley

No he's not its Oldham!!!!!



08 Sep 2012 12:13:30
Swindon's Matt Ritchie has signed a new deal with Swindon Until the Summer of 2014. (I bet the ed's will be chuffed now they won't have to post any more Ritchie is leaving nonsense)!!! {Ed001's Note - I deleted them on sight anyway, I was deleting about 50 posts a day on it towards the end of the transfer window.}

He didn't really have a choice but sign with that unrealistic price tag and PDC threatening to banish him to the reserves for the whole season, he will leave next summer for a big fee provided he has a good campaign and PDC moves on

Still could not win at home today, and afraid matt richie signing contract extension only means they will be able to sell at a good price for league one level.

He did have a choice if he didn't sign an extension then he would have been able to go for free in the summer. PDC may have dropped him if didn't sign then again he may not have, saying he forced him to is absolute rubbish

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of Di Canio? The players are scared of him and the board are petrified of him It's becoming a joke.......... Dare i say it but DI CANIO OUT!!!!

I know he didn't exactly have a gun to his head but PDC isn't exactly a reasonable man and he would cut off his nose to spite his face so the prospect of a season in the stiffs is very real. Who would then come in for him at 2.5mil in jan? Nobody would and would big clubs gamble on him in the summer knowing he hasn't played for a year? I doubt it, it could effectively end his career because let's face it he still isn't proven at this level. I'd like to see if PDC would of stayed at west ham or sheff wed had a man utd or real Madrid etc came calling. He needs to get in the real world

The last poster how many matches do you go to? The start of this season echos last season, it wasn't until November when we hit firm. Yes PDC isn't everyone's cup of tea but the players looked tired yesterday for some reason second to every ball. I like many other fans support PDC all the way. Some have short memories ( last year we did win the league under him).

You may not be the only one sick of Di Canio, but I am sure you are in the minority.

How can you say the players are scared of Di Canio? Have the players told you? I thought no. Just trying to stir up some sh1t I

Think where we were before Di Canio. We are in goo shape now.

Yes I'll give you that, yes we are in "goo shape" and "goo" can be very sticky :)

I'm a season ticket holder and do Saturday away games

PDC has stated if your not happy with him or the team he will refund your season ticket money so the choice is yours( if your sick & tired of him ask for a refund). As fans we need to get behind the players & manager not start a witch hunt to get PDC to go. Let's see where we are at the end of the year.

It's not the team we are miffed at it is Di Canio! And that's big of him to offer to refund money that is not his. Does Wray know about this? PDC does not own Swindon, wray owns Swindon and Swindon own PDC

If you were a real fan you would know wray would know it was splashed across the back of the local paper, the refund was coming from PDC own pocket. You didn't say where you had your season ticket what stand? Or is it at the kassam

Get your facts right. PDC offered to refund the money by paying it himself, so no need to clear it with Wray.

Real fan? I've supported Swindon ever since our premiership stint and right through the bad times so I think I'm justified to an opinion on MY team. Im guessing you are new to it with your obvious blind support for the current celebrity regime. But let's be hostile to each other as this seems to be the current trend

I'm 44 years old live just outside the town all my life don't talk to me about being a real fan. I supported them man and boy through thick and thin ( standing on Stratton bank as boy). So you jumped on the band wagon when we went up to the prem then. So were you singing PDC praises last year when we won the league I doubt it.

I was 3 years old when we were in the prem pal!! It was quite hard for me to go before I was born. Get a grip mate and act your age {Ed003's Note - You have made your point,end of thread.}



08 Sep 2012 10:30:45
chris wood spotted in Huddersfield
town centre yesterday - announcement
expected on Monday

Don't think so he is in new Zealand with the national team at the moment

Done well there to say he is in New Zealand! Can be in two places at once....sign him up!!!

Hey he could play striker and defender at the same time...would be like having a 12th man!

He will not be joining huddersfield

Don't want Wood! Not good enough. Campbell and Beckford/Church please!

Dont want him thank you not good enough average ttid



08 Sep 2012 10:21:37
Ken bates is on his way to FP ....... 100 percent !

Times must be hard if he,s going to flippin

Who do you think your kidding mr hitler? Lol

He ain,t sold leeds yet so he.ll be buying nothing

Surely even without selling leeds he can
afford a few pair of shreddies from Primark

They deserve each other!



08 Sep 2012 01:39:10
Ballack , karagounis n hargreaves will join fulham as free agents .

Karagounis maybe. ballck doubt it, hargreaves no.



08 Sep 2012 09:54:39
When Southend lose Hall and Bilel, They will bring in Watford's Stephen McGinn on loan (midfielder) and a a replacement winger ( rumours are it's Luke Rooney, but don't know for sure myself)

If McGinn finds the form he had before his injury, he'll be a massive asset to Southend

If McGinn finds the form he had before his injury, he'll be a massive asset to Watford, never mind Southend. He's just too good for the lower leagues.

Well, he'll never get in the Watford team!



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