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2011 22:02:40
Nottingham Forest and Ipswich Town are battling to sign Stoke City defender Danny Collins on loan(10)(9)Hes joing Southampton..Hes joining Southampton.. - could happen and should get on well with Maynard,Rodriguez, Owen & Hargreaves and everyone else Southampton signed!Southampton fans seem to think everyone is joining themForget Forest signing anyone, they're all talk and have no money thanks to their so called fans abandoning them, when was the last time they filled the City Ground? Used to be a big club but now firmly smalltime, and living on borrowed time in the Championship.He's in talks with qpr about a pre contract.See the Dirtby clownty fans on here giving it the large one, small town club, beat you lot twice last season......Well that just proves everything doesn't it genius? You beat Derby twice last season and therefore you're not a smalltime club, great logic right there - didn't have much to say about being skint or about not being able to fill your ground though did you?

Big clubs fill their grounds with fans, the fans generate revenue, the revenue raised is reinvested and the club continues to develop. Small clubs flap their gums, don't fill their grounds, and unveil Johnathon Greening as their star signing... oops!Whereas Derbys biggest signing was a Forest reject... Small club with small ambitions


07 Sep 2011 19:45:58
Luke Davison (Free agent) is in talks with AFC Wimbledon after impressing on a months trial with his father Grant taking over as assistant Manager(2)(5)


07 Sep 2011 20:02:04
leeds on the verge of signing pugh?collins and forsell(13)(17)


07 Sep 2011 19:03:37
Jelle ten Rouwelaar could be set to leave MAC Breda after the Holland international revelaed he is currently holding talks over a January move to Italian side Roma.(1)(3)


07 Sep 2011 18:11:07
francis jeffers return to football with martin allens notts county revolution.(2)(7)Lol really is this true
I dont even know what this is aboubt but who cares


07 Sep 2011 14:23:29
I have it on extremely good authority - source from within club that Southampton will be obtaining Danny Collins on loan to cover whilst Dan Seabourne recovers.(13)(14)Saints fans msut have nothing better to doHes on his way to your more successful neighbours portsmouth fact....Think you'll find it's leeds.I dont actually know where hes going but as were all doing it.... He's coming to ForestHe'd rather go to burger king rather than pompeyMore successful neighbours? Eastleigh? Surely you don't mean the fish botherers do you? dont make me laugh


07 Sep 2011 14:21:12
brentford to sign loan ofjeffery schlupp and fiz hall(3)(17)Really when jeff schlupp plays in leicester first teamNot a prayer of Schlupp going anywhere now, he's forced his way into the first team and will partner Beckford whilst Nugent is out. He's scored 4 goals thus far (league cup) and will scare the bejesus out of defences with his speed. He's a combination of Julian Joachim and someone good...Schlupp is to go out on loan to swfc, megson and manderic were trying to get him in a few weeks ago. Sven has said its ok for him to go on loan now.No way will you get Schlupp on loan, Waghorn has been loaned to Hull and Nugent is sidelined so Jeffery is going no where!!!!I think you should hold your breath until the move to SW is complete. Good luckIt's common knowledge now that Sven will partner Jeffrey Schlupp with Jermaine Beckford, Sven has publicly stated that he "see's a huge future for the lad", and with Nugent injured and out of the picture for a month or more Sven knows that his striking options are going to be severely limited with Waggy now out of the picture and no way is he destined to be loaned out so soon, later? well maybe but just not now!


07 Sep 2011 13:37:40
QPR to give a trial to Safee and the Beckham rumour isn't going away either(4)(10)Beckham stated that he does not want to play for any other premier league club other than UTD , and Taggart said he is too old so get over it deluded QPR fans.Didn't say he was joining, just said the rumour won't go away the only reason I would want him at Loftus Road is for the money he brings in through his fan base!! not deluded this is a rumour site for er rumours I thought... didn't say he had put pen to paper, learn to chill out!!No chance bud, the Premier League thing is the reason he wouldn't sign for anyone. We (Leicester) have been linked with him (by Newspapers not fans) a couple of times. I wouldn't want him in a shirt on the pitch, i'd want to boost shirt sales in Asia and to generate big money in time for the FFP rules next season. Won't happen though so who cares!Fair point, but stranger transfers have happened and being a QPR fan for over 30 years nothing would shock me


07 Sep 2011 14:05:35
Luton Town to announce new signings on Friday(7)(10)Like any one cares about a conference side.They are signing some players seen have a kick about in Bury Park. Better than what they already have. No chance what so ever of promotion!It's good to see two completely clueless replies to a thread about my beloved Hatters.If you have no input to this thread don't bother commenting on it.

Just so you know we actually have a very good chance of promotion, once we get some of our injured defenders back and Fleetwood settles in we'll tear the Conference apart


07 Sep 2011 10:38:47
Mikel Forssell to Leeds (Y.E.P)

Danny Pugh to Leeds on loan (Skysports)(8)(18)What a stellar signing. Pugh will put an extra 5,000 on the gate.Not inspired in the slightest by any of these potential signings, now that gradel has gone this team has no chance of promotion, sorry but michael brown, paul rachubka danny pugh and forssell just do not do it.Hes off to pompey, thats whats being reported in stoke....As if they will go to Leeds very poor side without any ambition and skint


07 Sep 2011 07:48:32
blackburn will ffer ex oldham and everton forward scott spencer a 2 year contract the striker has hit 9 goals in 7 games for hyde and will sign till end of season with option of further year(3)(12)


07 Sep 2011 10:02:02
Hernanes is likely to be joining Arsenal from Lazio at the winter window as the real long term Fabregas replacement.(4)(10)I doubt Lazio wud sell unless it was for a massive fee, or Hernanes tried to engineer a move and he seems like a pretty honeest pro, in my eyes. But i wud like to see him test himself in the Prem. So goodluck :DApparently barring a exceptional talent work visa he would have trouble obtaining a visa due to not enough international games


07 Sep 2011 09:57:54
LEON Clarke is set to move out on loan to League One Chesterfield later this week, the Advertiser understands.

Paolo Di Canio only brought the former QPR striker to Town on a two-year deal towards the end of last month.

But after his altercation with the Town boss following the Carling Cup defeat to Southampton, Di Canio said Clarke would never play for the club again.

There was interest in Clarke from clubs in both League Two and One. anyone can say they dont believe this when i've placed the bleedin website on there for people to look at the article, is beyond me....some people are so funny.....Its now on BBC Sport at it from the outside this looks like an incredibly bad piece of management, on a par with Phil Brown keeping the Hull players on the pitch during half time. I would regard di Canio as too volatile to be a manager and in the long run Swindon would probably be better keeping Clarke and moving out di Canio.


07 Sep 2011 09:20:29
Scott Wagstaff Charlton is being watched by Nottingham Forest. Watford are also watching the situation.(6)(11)


07 Sep 2011 09:18:10
Ian Holloway set to hold press conference at 4pm today to resign from Blackpool FC due to promises not being met by the Chairman Karl Oyson. Oyston has not sanctioned the money agreed to pay for players Holloway wanted off his "hit list" to get Blackpool promoted.

Source Lancashire Radio .(14)(17)I do hope this is a load of bull but i wouldnt be supprised if it happened today or at some pointHolloway is too good for a shyster like Oyston. Sewing bags, sewing bags, sewing bags, O J Oyston. Like father, like son I say.Holloway is a tool, Blackpool got lucky and that's about all that happened. They were found out in the Prem and Holloway used his manament skills to get them relegated immediately. Once he quits the club will slide back into nothingness and Holloway will be lucky to hitch a ride with a Div 1 club. Can't wait to see the back of him, hopefully he'll take maxipads with him.Just phoned the club and they have confirmed there is a press conference at 4pm.
Wonder who the replacement will be .Thanks Olly .Well its now 1638 and no news...some how think this might have been a false story..........i would have thought it would have been breaking news on BBC Sport......however...nothing as yet....Its now 1725 and nothing.....

I think people should stop telling silly stories.............Holloway isnt going is he....Mmmmm?? Still no press conference! I wonder if the original post came from the other end of the M55? lmao, you couldnt be further from the truth if you tried.

Mr.Roller Coaster


07 Sep 2011 00:29:48
Ed.....i know you are not a leeds fan but what do you think of the earlier post regarding sparky hughes. is simon leaving or just a rumour... {Ed025's Note - personally i dont think grayson is going anywhere!...larry is in it for the long haul..(1)(8)



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