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2011 23:16:07
Silver Fox going back in for Modibo Maiga in January! NUFC!(8)(12)


07 Oct 2011 22:40:25
Ricardo Quaresma ready to ink a deal with Queens Park Rangers at the winter break.(16)(20)


07 Oct 2011 22:08:18
gus is eyeing bristol city job and wants to meet directors to discuss it(8)(38)


07 Oct 2011 20:01:51
billy davies is staying in a well known hotel in bristol, this is 100% as i work there(22)(7)

That's rubbish it's long way where his wife and two sons still live in scotlAndHis wife and children lived in scotland when he was manager of the mighty reds...... Therefore its believable.Yes its said that hes on his way to dartmouth for a family break, and stopping on the way down.Plus he is still under contract to forest. thats why he hasnt taken another job.


07 Oct 2011 19:43:20
walsall to sign freddy eastwood on deal to end of season and michael knightly on loan until jan(3)(22)I no knightlys brother and he very interested to join walsall on short term deal so he can regain his fitnessIf this happens the Walsall attendance for their next game will go up by at least one.Clint Eastwood would be more appropriate for you cowboys.Knightly wouldn't have to drop any lower than the Championship to get a loan deal.


07 Oct 2011 17:09:15
Portsmouth Owners will make 10 million available for new players in January, will it be Cotterill spending it, we need more quality and depth.(2)(34)Firstly u lucky to still be going as a club and should not be able to spend a pennie I my opinion but hey go on spend spend spend when don't come off belly up never learnI agree pompey should be banned from signing anyone for at least 3 yrs its a disgraceErm, why? These are new owners. The old owners are being chased by the new owners to pay up the small businesses(creditors) owed monies in the CVA. PFC cannot buy anyone without the deal(wages, etc) being within the guidelines stated in the CVA and the FA giving it the greenlight.If you look at the tevez saga at west ham even though it happened under the previous owners the new owners were held accountableThe trouble with that is the Tevez saga was a breach of transfer/3rd party rulings NOT financial/admin issues. The club is accountable not the new owners, hence why the CVA is in place to see that the clubs internal finances are kept within ceratin agreed parameters and therefore allowing the clubs outstanding creditors to be paid the agreed 20p in the 1.PFC have cheated thier debtors out of millions, and should have been made to repay the debt in full before allowing to make 10m avaiable for transfers - they have been let off very lightly and the fans took the glory knowing they were operating outside of thier means; or basically cheated the system and the rest of the clubs operating with the regulations.The old owners new owners who cares it is same club !!Pot kettle scummers, holding company need i say anymore!! Our football depts are paid straight away, as of small creditors they will be paid under the cva guranteed. A club and fan base cant be blamed for bad owners can they, new owners new ball game so change the tune, yawn!!There's a b in debt my six fingered friend


07 Oct 2011 16:34:52
Spurs have jumped the que ahead of liverpool for Max clayton of crewe and ahead of arsenal for southamptons luke shaw, both kids have said they would jump at the chance to join the london outfit.(9)(20)Funny that as clayton has 100% said no to spurs honestly have a lookFunny that as the report has come from spurs, non have said no at this stage, but both have said they would jump at the chance to join, the only kb spurs have had is the same as liverpools with the young lad greenJust out of interest where exactly has Shaw said he would jump at the chance of joining Spurs?Not sure of his latitude or longitude? But he was somewhere in southampton!! Kid I know at charlton plays with him for england and he told me, the lads an honest sortAnother diluted spurs fan! lolFunny that clayton said no was on sky sports so first person was right spurs fan sit down


07 Oct 2011 16:17:37
Brian Howard to go to Millwall on a permanent basis in January, currently on loan from Reading.(8)(2)Maybe but he really would like to
return to the club where he had the
best and happiest times of his career


07 Oct 2011 14:54:52
David Moyes will be the next Bristol City manager if as expected the new stadium will be given the go ahead.The court ruling against a 'judicial review' is expected later this month. Major investors Lansdown and Dawes will then start their programme of injecting funds into project and backing the new manager with cash they have held back until the final barriers have been lifted(6)(31)Seriously, er no go back to fairy landStop dreaming and wake up. Dont think Moyes is that desperate to belittle himself at your relegation fodder team.Lol.

I love some people on this site. Never fail to bring a smile to my face!Im a city fan and i find it embarrising that you think he'll come to us :L. Although Moyes did apply for the job many years ago but we turned him down!That is just about the most ridiculous ting i've ever heard. It wouldnt even happen on Football Manager or anything like that; no virtual reality could predict such an event.
wallyAs if a manager of that calibre would go to dive like bristol cityAre you for real pal yeah he will drop in to lower league ffs get a gripHe's waiting for the utd job


07 Oct 2011 13:25:13
Millwall have just signed QPR Striker Patrick Agyemang on loan with a view to a perm deal in January if all goes well.(7)(9)Why isnt it on the official mfc website or on skysports.As much as id love him to join it was reported in the papers he wanted to go to a bigger club for more wages.We couldnt get puncheon because of money and i cant see us getting him sorryA bigger club than Millwall, what like Welling United or Forest Green?


07 Oct 2011 11:51:16
p agyenmaug next 1 in at millwall

Never heard of him,Who does he play for ??(6)(8)Queens park rangers, he is so bad though


07 Oct 2011 08:59:51
Liverpool are going to make a £12m bid for Keisuke Honda come January and an £8m bid for Gary Cahill. Maxi Rodriguez and Martin Skrtel are not favoured by Kenny and both are likely to be shown the door. Liverpool have been monitoring a number of forwards for next summer as the likes of Kuyt and Bellamy are both over 30 and probably won't be at the club in 2 or 3 years time. Gonzalo Higuain is being tracked but he is unlikely from what i've heard Luuk de Jong,Welliton Silva,Nolan Roux and Lacina Traore are the forwards being looked at not exactly household names but we'll just wait and see what happens. Liverpool are planning a big summer move for Eden Hazard around £30m + Joe Cole but they face competition from Arsenal and apparently Real Madrid but Madrid ARE not might be they are trying to sign Neymar and with the likes of Ronaldo, Di Maria and Neymar to name a few contending with Hazard for a starting place he may not get a starting role which he has mentioned would be crucial in his choice of club.(16)(18)Typical dreaming Liverpoodles. You are stuck with the players you have until next year....suck it up.Thought the emblem of liverpool was a liver bird not a cuckoo, as it seems that's where most are living now, cuckoo landHonda & Hazard? dream on .. You haven't even not a place in the Champions League.
Liverpool are no Man City .. You really should not think you are!.
Suarez has been the only good player who has came to Liverpool & done any good.Christ you scousers really do live on a differant planet from the rest on us dont you !


07 Oct 2011 08:43:03
Dave Jones has exccepted the Bristol City job, there will be an announcement later today.(11)(31)Hope this is true, so he dosn't come to Forest.Look at the Bristol City site, 5/6 to be finalised interviews today and early next week final two to be grilled by the board. This from Mr C Sexstone8/10/11- Where was the announcement?-must have missed it


07 Oct 2011 08:11:53
Freddy Eastwood told he can leave Coventry by Thorn, and has said he is interested in returning to Essex with a move to Colchester United.(15)(8)


07 Oct 2011 07:13:11
Sven Goran Erickson is to step up his attempt to sign Ross McCormack from Leeds in January. It is understood that Sven sees the Scottish goal machine as a long term fix for the lack of goals at the King Power stadium and believes that the self styled "RMac44" possesses clear Premiership quality.(4)(28)Which is exactly why we would not let him go, to help our own promotion push!Nah, he's got three years on his deal and Leeds are paying him a fortune. This isnt happening. Personally, I'd consider Beckford plus cash.
wallyTotal rubbish, the 'lack of goals' comes in the form of Nugent being out for a month (scored on his return V's Derby) and Beckford (out injured) only having had 3 games for his new team. There is no panic and no rush to sign anyone else. Nugent and Beckford should both be fit to face Birmingham after the break for the first time.Leeds dont have a promotion to push and he's hardly a goal machineWhy should he want to sign for leicester ,you have signed god knows how many players and still wont go up,Unbeaten in 7 league games, 6pts off top spot, signed fewer players than Derby, spent less than West Ham... back to sleep for you little fella


07 Oct 2011 01:23:15
Grant Holt is to leave Norwich and head to Leicester for an undisclosed fee at the start of the next transfer window. Holt being one of the Norwich's most saleable assets will depart to increase the available transfer funds come January when Norwich look to make the signings that will ensure Premiership survival.

While some Norwich fans may be dismayed by the sale of the clubs talisman, after two highly successful seasons with the Norfolk club and many memorable performances. The board and Paul Lambert aim to pull off a piece of transfer magic that would take attention away from Holt's departure. With an audacious bid to lure Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe, who is yet to claim a regular starting place this season at White Heart Lane to Carrow Road.

Norwich are to risk the big money deal in a bid to ensure goals that could be vital in helping the club to avoid the drop first time round. With the Norwich strikers (Holt, Martin, Morrison and the injured Vaughan) presently struggling to find consistent goal scoring form in the Premiership, the club will look to Defoe's proven prowess in front of goal to keep them up.

Although if Norwich are unable to guarantee the signature of Defoe prior to the opening of the January transfer window, Holts transfer to Leicester will be postponed until Norwich have tied up the services of an experienced Premiership goal scorer like Lois Saha or Peter Odemwingie.

(Both only being examples of possible alternative targets.)(5)(26)I think you should have had an early night. You seem convinced of this happening, why's that then? Leicester have Beckford, Nugent, Vassell and Shluup, why do we now want Grant Holt?Never going to happen,Holt will have plenty to offer this season and Defoe would be way outside our pay structure, Lambert will more than likely try to strengthen the forward line in January but true to form it will probably be a player no one has dreamt up yet.OTBCTo be totally honest, i can see this happening. This is just the sort of crazy risk Norwich's board would take. The fact is though, Defoe would NEVER join a club that has just got into the Premier League, especially as he's just got back in the Spurs line-up. Tottenham may well accept Norwich's bid, following the sale of Holt, but the player won't accept it, and thats what matters these days. And the other two mentioned, Saha and Odemwingie, will never be let go by their clubs. This is the reason i think Norwich will be going down.
wallyWhy do you need you really need someone to spell it out you crisp muncher, apart from Shluup your so called goalscorers are not hitting the net doh 13 goals in ten league games is not a great return is you understand nowUmm, one striker (Nugent) has been out injured for a month and the other (Beckford) is also out injured and has only played 3 times for Leicester. Shluup is 18yrs old and has onlyu just made the first team, he was touted as going out on loan only a couple of weeks ago, and the forth, Vassell has never been a goalscorer - if you knew more about the game you'd know these things, but you've just proven the depth of your knowledge with you childish rant, this isn't Fifa little man, this is real life.Just a point Grant Holt is a diving donkey with less talent than a dead goldfishOh, and Shluup has only scored one league goal (V's Derby when he came on as a sub) yet you seem to think he's the main man... jog on, and learn something about real football while you're at it.Holt to leicester dont make me laugh not only is he a forest faliure and reject we could buy 5 of him in fact prob nick defoe off you carrot crunchers as much better club and going forward not back see u in a few years as our paths wont cross again till u back in prem lol lol lol xMain poster, its White HART Lane! Defoe would NOT join you bunch of no-hopers....EVER.I have been a Norwich supporter all my life, and yes if this did happen I would be over the moon with a signing like that... but it is highly universalistic a fairytale dream. (For now, haha)
And Leicester being a better club... that's debatable. As it seems to have become a stereotypical view every supporter in the country thinks their club is bigger and better than anyone else's. For example a team like Southampton should of never been relegated as far as League 1, but it happened they lost their status a big club and have slowly been rebuilding, just as Norwich did to get back into the prem. Just as Leicester have to as well, a club is only as big as its current achievements, not what's happened in the past.

But anyway the point I was going to make originally... I find it so hilarious how worked up people get over something that is merely a rumour on an internet web page, chill out... I don't think we will sing Defoe, maybe Eto, or Messi instead... but seriously guys chill... peace out (OTBC)Have Heskey?
A bit more likely.I'm a norwich fan have been all my life and have never heard so much twaddle!!for a start holt is happy here and no way would defoe come here.we wouldnt be able to afford his wages!!Defoe to Norwich................................ NOPE


06 Oct 2011 23:53:40
koumas to donny rovers in pay as you play deal(4)(14)


06 Oct 2011 23:23:05
Burnley are to move for defender Ryan Shotton in January, also the Clarets are to sign goalkeeper Alex Smithies. The Clarets agreed a deal for the young goalkeeper but didn't meet the deadline.(7)(10)Alex Smithies is injured, so any deal would not have happened. I doubt he will be fit for January.Is this on ur PS3 or XBOX 360!!!!


06 Oct 2011 23:08:08
19 year old Adam Forshaw will sign on loan at bradford as part of the george green deal. Adam Reed may go back to Sunderland and hanson could replace the out going Barry Corr at Southend. Drewe broughton to York.(1)(8)


06 Oct 2011 22:56:50
Grant Holt to leave Norwich for Leicester for an undisclosed fee, at the beginning of the next transfer window. Being one of the clubs most saleable assets he will depart to increase the available transfer funds come January.
While some Norwich fans may be dismayed by the sale of the clubs talisman they aim to look pull off an even greater shock by signing striker Jermain Defoe, who's yet to claim a regular starting place this season at Tottenham.
Norwich to risk a big money deal in a bid to ensure goals after January, with the Norwich strikers (Holt, Martin, Morrison and the injured Vaughan) struggling to find good goal scoring form in the Premiership.
Although if Norwich are unable to guarantee Defoe's signature neither deal will proceed, until a suitable alternative is arranged.(4)(17)Anybody else sick of hearing from Leicester fan's talking about signing more strikers.
What formation is Sven going to play 1-3-6 - get on with your homework and leave the rumours to the grown-ups.


06 Oct 2011 21:51:19
plymouth argyle to exit adimin next week darren purse from milwall and some striker from exeter will sign on loan dunno his name i think his name is loga?n? risdale could yet still stay but peter jones looks like he will get a role at the club and a director of football could be coming in as fo new manager didi haman and coko have been mentioned so has lee hodges as for fletcher he will be in charge of the youth players and will continue his playing career with argyle and brent has told him and larriue will be offered new contracts.(5)(9)


06 Oct 2011 21:34:38
Coventry and Birmingham are battling it out to sign Micheal Knightly on loan from wolves after the players proposed switch to notts forest broke down(21)(5)


06 Oct 2011 21:29:14
Clayton Donaldson to Derby?(1)(12)


06 Oct 2011 20:18:14
Leandro Damiao and Abel Hernandez will both join Tottenham Hotspur in january.(20)(14)Only one of them to join


06 Oct 2011 19:43:35
Joe Jordan in talks with Bristol City about returning as manager(4)(34)


06 Oct 2011 19:30:33
Bristol City Interviewed Dave Jones on Monday and Interviewed Derek McInne Today (Thursday)(17)(11)City will go for the cheap option againDave jones has turnt it down, expect him to head to forest nowHe hasnt turned it down, City are still in the process of interviewing candadiades, Jones has been interviewed but he cant turn down a job that he has yet to be offered.


06 Oct 2011 18:02:18
Real Madrid will make a £50m move for Brazilian sensation Neymar and Kaka along with Higuain are set to be put up for sale.Manchester United have made a formal enquiry for Benfica midfielder Javi Garcia. Liverpool will offer Bolton £8m for Gary Cahill, Bolton will have to sell considering he will only have six months left on his contract but Spurs are also in the running.(13)(11)


06 Oct 2011 17:58:49
Watford will turn to Aidy Boothroyd in the coming days as owner Bassini has not been impressed with the results so far and feels that Sean Dyche was not ready for management. Dyche will be offered a coaching role alongside Boothroyd who will be named manager early next week.(15)(13)Think Watford board should of got Aidy back before giving the jobe to SD.I'm increasingly baffled by people's ability to learn absolutely nothing from what passes in front of their noses.


06 Oct 2011 17:20:38
Steve Kean has been told that he must win at least the next 2 games out of 3. If not Kean's job will be in doubt! Fresh News(11)(9)


06 Oct 2011 16:57:17
afc bournemouth have completed the loan of wes fogden(6)(3)Wasn't he the bloke in last of the summer wine??


06 Oct 2011 16:41:29
Freddy Eastwood has been linked with Ipswich town after being told he has no future at Coventry,Cody McDonald has been given main priority on the team first 11,(5)(13)


06 Oct 2011 15:23:05
boro are to make an audacious bid to sign free agent mamadou diara who is a free agent who would be willing to go to a championship club after leaving monoco in the summer

Doncaster(4)(8)Think that if its a choice between boro
and doni he will plump for borp
better chance of reaching premier league


06 Oct 2011 15:22:07
Do some research?, before you try to be funny, but instead make yourself sound daft! ... Plays for Shamrock Rovers(2)(6)


06 Oct 2011 13:58:43
Blackburn are in talks with Roy Keane to replace underfire Steve Keane as Manager.

The owners are very green and hope fans will be able to 'recycle' the Keane Out banners come May time.

Conr62(4)(17)Good hope he goes to blackburn instead of forest


06 Oct 2011 13:33:12
Darren Carter ex Birmingham and Preston midfielder on trial at Brighton - see The Argus.(4)(4)According to 'The Argus' website Carter is on trial with Brighton. The paper even quotes Poyet about him.


06 Oct 2011 12:19:12
Middlesbrough to fight cardiff for the laon signing of manchester united striker fredricho macheda(8)(2)Can fight all they like neither of them will sign himCould happen not getting a game at man utd


06 Oct 2011 11:08:04
Gary Twigg rumoured to be in talks with wigan over a January move.(2)(8)There’s a good rhyming poem in there somewhere!!Who is Gary Twigg?

I guess his mates Harry Branch and David Plant will be joining too?Plays for Shamrock Rovers good playerSomeones barking up the wrong tree..


06 Oct 2011 10:51:06
Plymouth Argyle are negotiating the loan signing of Darren Purse from Millwall. Purse is apparently keen to get first team games and the deal looks likely to be concluded in time for saturdays 125 year game vs Accrington.(5)(6)Darren Purse legend!! CCFC


06 Oct 2011 10:23:43
Bradford to sign leigh bromby on a 3 month loan with the option to make it permanent in jan.(11)(15)Thank you please take i will pay for him to go there ina a soild gold limo he is a league 2 player at best mabey at sunday league player at wrost


06 Oct 2011 10:17:52
Billy can't hit a barn door paynter looks set to join the rams initially on loan. But aidy white going nowhere. He's the best left back in the championship and the fastest. Leeds leeds leeds(11)(11)Paynter is not a championship player is League 1 maximum and had his best season with us (STFC) and playing with Charlie Austin but prior to joining us all his previous clubs he couldnt hit a barn door. He only moved to Leeds for the money but we all knew he wasnt a championship player and never will be but Leeds thought they were getting a good player at the time but we have been proven right so far.

Back to League 1 Billy and you will score again.He's decent but not the best or fastestYeah agreed, Paynter is rubbish, no-one in the Champ will take him in their right mind. Aidy has the potential to BE the best in the Champ, and he certainly has a turn of pace, but he's not better than say Paul Konchesky in terms of his defensive game. Still, a lot of room for him to improve, and he's meant to have agreed a new deal
wallyPlease please please let this be true....i am better than billy paynter get him off the payroll quick and aidy white needs a lot of work and improvement but that will come with game time and experience he is a great prospect


06 Oct 2011 04:59:26
drewe broughton is joining eastwood town(8)(5)


06 Oct 2011 01:13:53
McInnes to take charge as soon as possible at bristol city.(3)(8)No chance!! Thanks but you can keep your scotish rookies."scottish rookies" are you stupid , besides he would be great there , look at what hes done with st j , with a tiny budget , and is owen coyle a "Scottish rookie" now !! you tt.I'd take him in a heart beat, look at how he has built St J, Coyle left them mid table in Scottish 1 McInnes is the one whose taken them to 4th in Scottish premNo thanks, If you take rangers/Celtic out of the SPL that division is like our 2nd, cr..,No way, the club better not be taking the cheap option again? he aint no owen coyle, he is more like george burley.Wasn't Alex Ferguson a Scottish Rookie when he went to Man Utd ?


06 oct 2011 00:07:25
p agyenmaug next 1 in at millwall(11)(4)


05 Oct 2011 22:25:07
Simeon Jackson and Jaime Peters look set to sign for Sheffield United on loan till jan.(4)(17)Well they certainly need them!Even though peters is on loan at bournemouth??Peters has just gone on loan to Bourmouth so I doubt it.


05 Oct 2011 22:04:35
Norwich striker Simeon Jackson looks set to sign for Sheffield United on loan till january.(3)(13)You have no chance i've getting Simeon Jackson on loan, why would he give up Premiership football for league 1, nothing wrong with league 1, but he will get games in the Prem with Norwich.


05 Oct 2011 22:03:55
adam lallana to qpr in january transfer window(16)(31)Would love it but very doubtfulGet real,if he was going to leave why on earth would he be interested in joining a
silly little club like QPR.
Southampton is where his heart is,he'll be
a star for Saints in the Premiership.Silly little club, i forgot Southampton are a mighty huge club.

Anyone in their right mind would choose QPR over Southampton

This coming from a fan that supports neither, just had to comment as the last comment was an absolute jokeSame old saint fans don't you know they are the biggest club in the universeHa ha Saints fan getting a backlash, let me think who would I rather play for a team who are having a good run in the Championship but could well slip down the table at any time or a Prem team in doing ok (except for a couple of shocking results) and are looking good to be there next season, no contest, not what is deamed a 'big club' but a club on the upSouthampton are a ma-hoo-sive club, they're only in the Championship to give their collective of world beaters a bit of a breather before they go on dominate the Premier League. Apparently Lalllalalalallalla is going to be "a star for Saints in the Premiership" let's not worry about a little thing called promotion eh? Let's just assume that they're going to go up, in fact, let's all laugh at the Southampton dreamers.Whats wrong with dreaming? I'm a Saints fan and there are some out there that get carried away, I admit, I'm shocked by how well we have started, we are in good position to get promotion, it could happen, who knows? As for Lallana he signed an extension to his contract in January and it would take a serious amount of money for Southampton to part with their prized player. We are not a selling club anymore, but everybody has a price and if it was a huge amount of money was offered, much, much more than what we got for Oxo, who knows? What I do is that Adam loves playing for Southampton and no offence to QPR fans, but it would have to be a club with Champions League football to offer to tempt him away.AL has had the oppotunity to go before, and to clubs with better potential than Queens Krap Rangers - he signed a new contract at the start of 2011 and Saints would only sell at an extortionate price, ala AoxoC.So if Saints can slip up and slide down the table,with no "shocking result's",who's to say that QPR won't slip up and find themselves in a relegation positition,after all premiership stalwarts you are not,who's deluded?Adam has a lot of loyalty to Saints, he is a saints supporter, saints gave him a life changing operation when he was younger and they have been key to his development.

I can’t see him going to QPR because they are not even proven in the Premiership. They may do well but it’s a big gamble. The only team I can imagine him wanting to go to would be Man U, and that is because they rarely buy players they don’t play

Saints may not be a massive club but they by far the biggest team in the area. QPR are just a small London club, small fish in a very large pond with wealthy investors trying to take a slice of Arsenal and Chelsea’s pie

People say that saints fans are arrogant, but we are just realistic. Currently we are top of the league.I must admit i cannot see adam lallana leaving southampton any time soon but i do think they will need to buy some good players in january as i feel that they are a 2 man team in LAMBERT and LALLANA, i no my mates keep saying 'we have really good players waiting to fill in if any players get injuries' but i very much doubt that, the owners need to put their money where their mouth is in january because its just a matter of time before injuries occur and it is a long old season in the championship.Lambert and Lallana are important player for us of course, but we are hardly a 2 man team, we have scored 34 goals in all copetitions Lambert and Lallana are responsible for 15 of them, the other 19 have been scored by 10 diffrent players, fans that dont watch us week in week out cant comment, anyway has'nt every team got there star players take Messi out of barca they would miss him, Rooney out of Man U you would miss him, Ronaldo out of real you would miss him, Liam Lawrence out of Portsmouth, OK maybe not everyone, Pompey are st with or without him, do i have to continue


05 Oct 2011 21:19:17
lcfc to sign beckham(12)(37)Correction... LCFC are TRYING to convince Beckham to join them as a player/coach. Sven is offering him a coaching role as he thinks it might tip the balance, Beckham is leaving the Galaxy soon and wants to play in the GB Squad.

As a Leicester fan, i know this is reality as Sven has been very vocal about his attempts to lure Beckham - BUT - it'll never happen in a month of sunday's! It's just not realistic, why on Earth would Beckham land in Leicester when Spurs would cut Bale's leg off to sign him?

Real rumour (although it's hardly a rumour once it's been confirmed) but no chance of happening.


05 Oct 2011 21:08:36
Victor chandler has had his offer accepted by N.D. Press release friday when N.D returns to his london home(5)(8)Total non-starter, Doughty is staying as owner - plus Victor Chandler is a tax exile and can only spend 60 days in the UK before he is hit for tax. The sponsorship deal will tide NFFC over until 2013, so ND doesn't need to sell the club yet. Forest aren't going to be put on the market until Summer 2012.


05 Oct 2011 20:26:00
George Green has singed for Everton, for £2 million(11)(4)Whats he been singing?


05 Oct 2011 19:33:58
Ran into Mart Poom of all people at Gatwick last week and asked him about up and coming Estonian youth. He told me that young midfielder Joel indermitte of the national team is only 18 and is being closely scouted by Derby County on his recommendation and will likely be signed at the winter break.(1)(9)Of all people to bump into - imagine that - most people wouldn't even know what he looked likeTo be fair he is hard to missDont keep running into people it'll hurt.


05 Oct 2011 18:39:33
Blackpool defender Chris Basham will move away from Bloomfield Road in January to join Aston Villa for around £1 million.(6)(20)


05 Oct 2011 18:37:56
David Beckham will turn down a number of English clubs to sign a three year deal with Italian side Palermo after being in talks with the Serie A side. The England international was keen on going back to Italy and was impressed with the talks last week.(4)(25)


05 Oct 2011 16:37:14
Bristol City are negotiating with St Johnstone to bring Derek McInnes to Asthon Gate. Mcinnes wants to bring in Paul Ritchie as his Assistant.(19)(9)Rubbish, BCFC are looking at proven managers, not some jock rookie.


05 Oct 2011 15:31:50
milwall and coventry have both been turned down in there attempts to sign simeon jackson on loan from norwich(15)(6)Of course because he is in the 25 man squad named by NCFC


05 Oct 2011 15:12:02
boro are to make an audacious bid to sign free agent mamadou diara who is a free agent who would be willing to go to a championship club after leaving monoco in the summer(18)(11)Stevenage Borough should sign him I think he'd be good for them.If he really is available, then there will be PL clubs who will get in first - Swansea wanted Senna at one point pre-season - Diarra is similar, and would fit well into their system. Old-pro vacuum cleaner, QPR, would be another possible destination. He would also improve Blackburn & Wigan. Alternatively, Bolton, Sunderland, Fulham or Newcastle may fancy a punt for the rest of the season on a player who could offer decent back up. I think one of the above would come in before he went to either Doncaster or Boro.


05 Oct 2011 15:06:23
Brentford are on the verge of signing Billy Clarke on loan until Christmas. The Blackpool striker was on loan with the Brentford outfit when they won the league 2 Championship and was highly regarded during his loan period.(11)(4)


05 oct 2011 15:03:06
roy keane is the next manager at notts forest.lots of money gone on mr keane at the bookies and has been made fav.(17)(19)That would ruin their chances of promotion straight awayOkay good shout - BUT who is going to be next manager of NOTTINGHAM FOREST ?What's that saying - "A fool and his money"??I can see Roy Keane at NOTTS FOREST, they'd be good together, for a bit.Whoever forest hire will struggle to keep them up, seeing how they spent money on useless players and lost all there good players :)As an Ipswich fan I hope for your sake this is just paper talk. He tried hard but has no clue on tactics, transfers or man mangement. You'll do well to stay up with him in charge.As if Forest were not in enough trouble alreadyIf he goes there, Forest go down. Simple as. Great player, but self-absorbed and erratic as a manager, especially under pressure. Dave Jones = much better option. PS I wonder if Forest might have an outside bet on getting Martin O Neill for a temporary project, just to the end of the season? PPS How about an audacious swoop for a certain Nigel Clough?? PPPS Where is Trevor Francis these days? I like Forest, so hope they steady the ship.


05 Oct 2011 13:53:09
George Green earns trial at tottenham after turninng after turning down everton(10)(14)Already had his trial at tottenham, the lass scored a hat-trickAnd signed for everton today hardluck


05 Oct 2011 13:45:44
Gerry francis a surprise candidate for the Bristol City Job, Francis has been working for Stoke and is highly regarded within the game and will bring Gary penrice to Ashton Gate as assistant Manager. The fact both penrice and Francis are Bristol rovers Legends doesnt matter to City owner Steve Landsdown(1)(18)Not suprised he isnt bothered, neither are coming.These are the last pair of Gas tts I would ever wanna see at AG! Would set fire to my season ticket if it ever happened - which it won't.......


05 Oct 2011 13:42:23
The chap who replied to my Southend posting saying he fell asleep. All I can say is what I said was the truth.

Another thing I'd say is how the structure is set up now it would not be Ron Martin who'll conduct manager/player negotiations.

That now rests with Tara Brady.(3)(7)Ha ha you are a cure for insomniacs everywhere


05 Oct 2011 13:28:02
pne to resign st ledger till jan as he needs games and as asked if he can go on loan bk to pne FACT(1)(24)Serves him right for being greedy and leaving in the first place.


05 Oct 2011 13:27:50
Michael Owen is the latest name to be linked with a move to doncaster.(13)(45)Oh this is just keeps getting better by the minute, swap Champions League footie for the Keepmoat, are you mad.Didnt know they had benches at DoncasterSwap champions league football? .. Michael Owen would be lucky to get a game in the Carling Cup!


05 Oct 2011 13:16:16
My response to the previous posting on Southend:

I agree in the main what was said was accurate but one specific thing I disagree with.

Kevin Maher is another who wouldn't return to the Club whilst Ron Martin is still around.

Ron forced the then manager Tilson not to play Maher whick eventually forced him out of the Club.

As I say the other parts that were written is accurate.

I personally want Sturrock and Coughlan to stay here but something tells me come the end of the month they will no longer be here.

I won't speculate on contenders because I don't speculate and besides there are at the moment no vacancies.(4)(2)Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz seriously dull hang on I'm slipping into a comaWhen you wake up from your coma you will find that PS has moved back to the West Country to take Plymouth back to it's former glories. He is Mr Plymouth and we will welcome him back with open arms.

Green Army


05 Oct 2011 12:59:38
Some will say I'm a know-all but I've a relative who is a friend of one of the directors at Southend United. News being bandied about is:

The Club are fighting tooth and nail to hold onto the management team but they admittedly say they cannot be 100% sure of succeeding. Should they depart they'll look to bring in an experienced manager to work alonside a younger man. The experienced one I've not a clue but Kevin Maher is still talked about with affection at Roots Hall and he could be the younger guy they go for. Hopefully the present regime remains in tact.

It is unlikely Ryan Hall will sign a second extention at Roots Hall - Next summer he'll have a year left on his contract and it is then the Club will consider selling if an acceptable offer is made.

Anthony Grant has been unhappy with Blues for some time. Theres an outside chance he'll go in january but its more likely his deal will wind down next summer when he can depart for nothing.

Nothing concrete about Barker or Corr going back to Home Park should the management team return there but players have been lined up for Southend to sign soon. but looking to improve the squad is an everyday ongoing thing.

It;s been said Peter Gilbert is a little unsettled in this neck of the woods and he could be one that returns to Plymouth should Sturrock and coughlan go back as they are admirers of the Left back. This might the reason Gilbert is playing out of his skin at the mo. looking for takers.

Whilst Ron is involved with Blues there's no chance of Steve Tilson returning to Roots Hall.

This is honestly what I've been told but take it as you will.(1)(9)SSorSorry fell asleep after line one


05 Oct 2011 12:39:59
Are LEEDS UTD really going to let Aidy White go to Derby on Loan with a view for a pernament move ?? ythis rumour is all over the place, surely we should keep him what do you all think ?
Keep= believable let go = unbelievable
Gj(26)(19)Its the Mirror making stuff up. He's doing well in the 1st team. No way he's off.I agree, think he is doing very well lately, GjCant believe it,we are short of defenders,we would be stupid to let him go hes young talented and doing well in the first teamI think this rumour is cheap mischievous tabloid press nothing serious to read into here just lazy journalism. Aidy White has been a relevation so far this season he has pace to burn and now with Danny back at the club we have much more natural balance on the left hand side of the pitch so why would we sell?I think he is better than pugh and was our man of the match against pompeyI would be happy to see him at Derby, he looks a good leftback and kilbane goes back in jan so we could do with him.I'd like to see Aidy at Derby as we are in need of a left back in january when kilbane goes back to hull, so I would welcome the loan move.Just because derby may be interested does not mean he will go....Bloody Tabloids needing to fill spaceNo way 2 derby ha ha ha ha,,,I can understand derby being interested in him but white isnt interested in going to an inferior clubI like aidy a lot but still think he would be better on the wing he is not a natural fullback


05 Oct 2011 12:29:36
Ipswich are prepared to release winger Jaime Peters, due to him being surplus to requirements under Paul Jewell. Bournemouth will sign him on a permanent deal after impressing on a month loan.(5)(8)


05 Oct 2011 12:20:30
It looks like Chris Basham is available for loan from blackpool...any takers?

Mr Roller Coaster(9)(4)


05 Oct 2011 12:00:32
Southend United
Ron Martin is in negotiation with Dagen
ham Kev if Sturrock goes, ideal replace


05 Oct 2011 11:56:03
Shrimpers News.

Sturrock to Plymouth.
Stimson to Southend.
Barker to plymouth
Corr to plymouth
Grant to leave next summer
Hall to leave next summer for sizeable fee.(6)(5)


05 Oct 2011 09:34:36
According to the Daily Mail Millwall are trying to signe Stpehen Dobbie on loan from Swansea. UTW(9)(8)Southwark news just posted that swansea are not willing to let him out on loan


05 Oct 2011 07:18:10
Blackpool will complete the loan signing of stephen dobbie and dan gosling this weekend until january(12)(12)


04 Oct 2011 23:15:35


04 Oct 2011 23:00:19
It is true actually that Sturrock and Coughlan are 1-3 on to move to plymouth.

They'll move there by the end of october.

Mark Stimson in at Southend by beginning of November.(4)(11)


04 Oct 2011 22:47:59
Paul Sturrock in at Plymouth by the end of this month.

Mark Stimson in at Southend by the beginning of November.(7)(9)


04 Oct 2011 20:24:04
Sheffield United to sign Jason Garey from Houston Dynamo on loan with a view to a permanent view in january.(2)(12)Garey is class and would not go to a Championship team unless they pretty much had promotion wrapped up.Who is he a poor yank player ? dont whant him


04 Oct 2011 18:37:14
To all you Blackburn and nott forest fans I'm a rangers fan just being told Walter smith has being offered forest job and Blackburn job(14)(21)How can he manage two teams at the same time?He obviously chooses 1Its NOTTINGHAM FOREST! {Ed003's Note -lol}Why does he have to manage two teams, the guy said he was offered the jobs. Decent manager and no compensation to pay so wouldn't be surprised if he has been offered both jobs.I thought Leicester had a manager and won 4-0 at the weekend, currently sitting in 8th place 4 points off auto promotion after just ten games? Maybe I'm cynical but I thought that was motoring along quite well.

As for Notss Forest if I were the chairman there I'd put a certain Alan Curbishley in but hey, they haven't got a chairman have they!


04 Oct 2011 18:21:04
Prince Buaben to be loaned out on a two month loan deal to Doncaster(1)(20)Very true.. hes did watford ever sign him? crazy


04 Oct 2011 18:20:43
Tommy Hoban about too sign a 5 year deal at Man City for 1 million(2)(17)


04 Oct 2011 17:31:09
michael woods formally of chelsea will sing for walsall shortly(7)(12)How short to signing?What songs he singing then.Will he do it on the pitch with a mike?Think they'd be better getting someone like adelle to sing for them....voice of an angel....:)


04 Oct 2011 17:14:10
matt tubbs to charlton for £1m(5)(26)And where are Charlton getting this 1m from?


04 Oct 2011 17:11:52
McFadden will be signing for the black cats. He wasn't happy with offer from wolves.(17)(24)


04 Oct 2011 16:56:19
All these sources etc are Southed are wrong.

Sturrock and Coughland and Corr and Barker will not be going to Plymouth.

This is confirmed and will be happening.

Plymouth want a fresh new manager not old faces.(9)(8)


04 Oct 2011 16:55:25
Steve Tilson is to leave Lincoln City and go back home to Southend United.

Jamie Clapham to take over as interim Lincoln boss.

Also, Jamie Pitman is to be sacked as Hereford boss and replaced by Gary Peters. Pitman has been offered the manager's job at nearby Worcester City, as Carl Heeley (their manager) will be sacked after a poor run of results.

Paolo Di Canio will leave Swindon by December 31st, and the new manager there will be Richard Money - unless he accepts the vacancy at Wrexham FC, if that happens then Ronnie Moore or Mark Robins will take over at The County Ground.(2)(12)You couldn't work Martin O'Neill and Alan Curbishley into that load of nonsense could you ? Oh I'm sure you could if you tried !'steve tilson is to leave lincoln city and go back home to southend united.


jamie clapham to take over as interim lincoln boss.

think you'll find that peter jackson is taking over there soon

also, jamie pitman is to be sacked as hereford boss and replaced by gary peters. pitman has been offered the manager's job at nearby worcester city, as carl heeley (their manager) will be sacked after a poor run of results.

not sure about this - probably.

paolo di canio will leave swindon by december 31st, and the new manager there will be richard money - unless he accepts the vacancy at wrexham fc, if that happens then ronnie moore or mark robins will take over at the county ground.

1/4 - well done. rm was wanted by andrew fitton and fitton wants to buy the club back off jeremy wray. however, fitton made himself look like a prat last year so wray won't sell. di canio will be out by christmas and swindon won't go up = arbib and black pull out and swindon are up st creek.


04 Oct 2011 16:46:15
plymouth will give the manager job to paul ince with flecter as assistance manager(5)(12)


04 Oct 2011 14:48:53
Southend Supporter here.

I have just returned from my local bookies and Paul Sturrock and Graham Coughlan have been priced at 1-3 on to make the move to plymouth.

Anymore latest news on southend utd anyone?(4)(6)


04 Oct 2011 14:25:59
Everton have signed Bradford academy product George Green aged 15 on a 350k deal that will build up to 1.5m by the time he is 18(14)(7)


04 Oct 2011 11:47:54
Doncaster Rovers to complete loan deals for Frederic Piquionne, Alan Smith and Herold Goulon. Also planning an audacious bid for out of contract Mahamadou Diarra, ex Real Madrid and Lyon(20)(32)HA HA HA!!, you can come again with jokes like this.


04 Oct 2011 09:37:55
Bristol City are torn between four names to be the next manager.
-Hull City assistant Craig Shakespeare is keen on getting into management and Bristol City may give him the chance after gaining experience at 'bigger' Championship clubs at Hull, West Brom and Leicester.
-Derek McInnes could be approached at St Johnstone and is expected the compensation fee with the SPL side would easily be agreed. McInnes is also keen to move south of the border to try his luck in the English leagues.
-City are monitoring the situation of Mick McCarthy. The former Republic of Ireland boss is rumoured to be on the verge of being sacked and if Wolves lose their next game to main rivals West Brom, City may wait two weeks to see if anything materialises.
-The fourth and final name in the frame is a surpising Darren Patterson. Patterson has been coaching since 2004 and that seems to impress the City board. The former Wigan, Crystal Palace and Luton player has worked his way up through Oxford United but is now currently assistant at Rotherham. Patterson was also caretaker boss at rivals Bristol Rovers last year.(7)(23)Now this one is plain daftNow this one is plain daftWhat deluded buffoon wrote this twaddle!!!!McLaren new Manager, not announced yetDerek mcinnes has already turned down a job in the english leagues so don't talk rubbishWont be mclaren it will be the cheapest option available.Mick McCarthy going no where I'm a wolves fan and as much as I would like to see Mick leave as I think he's taken Wolves as far as he can the board and owner Steve Morgan love himMick Mcarthey lol, no chance whatsoever


04 Oct 2011 08:51:56
Get to the bookies! By the end of the week it should be confirmed that:

Dave Jones will take over at Bristol City
Paul Sturrock will take over at Plymouth
Martin Allen will take over at Portsmouth

Sturrock is shortest odds at 1/3 on!(20)(20)


04 oct 2011 08:03:29
bristol city news: no manager will be appointed until november, bristol city received good news on friday (30/9) regarding the judicial review, the judicial review will be seen by a court in cardiff so the time scale will be within 28 days from 30/9/11, the outcome of the judicial review will decide the quality of the manager appointed,(4)(12)


04 Oct 2011 08:01:36
Barry Corr and Chris Barker will join Paul Sturrock and Graham Coughlan at Plymouth.

Both players are likely to sign for them in january as they are out of contract with Southend in May.

The pair will eventually turn down contract extentions at Roots Hall therefore the Club will want a little something for them as they are regarded as too good at this level to let their deals wind down meaning they would be available for free.

Both players are used to that part of the country with Corr having played for Exeter and Barker already has played for Plymouth.(11)(8)


04 Oct 2011 07:48:21
Leeds United and talks with manchester city for a possible loan move for fringe player wayne bridge, as leeds united's defence is below par, if leeds get promoted, and that's a big if, ken bates will open his pockets for a change!(6)(23)Think bridge will sign for premier club
will be interest in him at that level
also wages will be a problem my mate a city
fan tells me the owners like any club who
want loans to pay big share of wagesThink bridge will sign for premier club
will be interest in him at that level
also wages will be a problem my mate a city
fan tells me the owners like any club who
want loans to pay big share of wagesPrem clubs cant sign players .. Only n power clubs can sign in emergency window.. DohToo Lazy, Too disruptive and overpaid - not really what we need.


04 Oct 2011 07:07:08
Southend United:

Yes I have heard likewise.

Paul Sturrock and Graham Coughlan to Plymouth Argyle fairly soon.

Chris Barker and Barry Corr to follow them in january. Both are used to that part of the country and I'm hearing Blues want sometying for tjhem as they are out of contract in may(3)(6)That will be dave jones then


04 Oct 2011 07:01:34
Nottingham Forest have failed in an audacious attempt to lure Simon Grayson from Leeds after the club refused the managerless strugglers to speak with the Whites boss. Doughty is said to be on the hunt for a manager who will achieve highly without significant investment.

Forest will now turn to Karl Robinson.(13)(15)Complete lie as Doughty is having nothing to do with the recruiting of the new manager.Were do people get there story's from.
You'd be a good employee for jackanory.Another fool who thinks leeds have the tools grayson no chance dont want him only one man mr O'Neill come on downForest will name Mark Hughes as Manager in a press conference this morningYou tool - Grayson is a Leeds fan and always desribed this as his dream job - why would he even consider going to the Florist's5th October and no confirmation of Mark Hughes - deluded Florist fans who need to wake up.


04 Oct 2011 00:22:43
Mick McCarthy may consider walking out of wolves management if the lack of getting behind the team, Martin O'Neil and Rafael Benitez could be the favourites to take over if McCarthy walks(12)(12)The Benitez rumour is complete bull st ,MM wont be getting sacked.had Wolves of been relegated he still would have been kept as manager.COYW.What a load of bos. He has a job for life at Wolves.I hope we sack him he cant take wolves to the next levelJust what is the next level for Wolves? If the rumour is that MAckem Mick wants to leave for reasons of interference from above then those are the last 2 managers who would accept such treatment.The "next level" is the championship, so everyone will be he has a job for life.



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