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Who ever didnt know who MRC was. and was a gooner fan its NIGEL REO-COKER geeeeezzzz. .i also happen to be an arsenal fan and am always hearing things. .like the following. .

baptista pemranent 70%

robinho instead of baptista 75%



abidl or malouda 70% but not both

adebayor out85%

ustari 25%

Arsenal after jan.


eboue-gallas-toure-clichy [maybe abidal]

rosicky or hleb-fabregas-gilberto-ribery or ljundberg

Henry-v. persie or robinhoAbout the rumors of Manchester United:

At.Madird is still thinking of selling Torres or not after Torres himself admiting the bid of ManU and the favorable destination of Old Trafford.

Owen Hegreaves is trying to leave after his injury and descriminated in the dressing room in Bayern. Bayern will accept the bid of ManU and with the fee of 16mil.

Robben is linked with ManU. The player is unhappy at Chelsea due to lack of games. He is to leave at 25 mil.

Schweinsteiger rumor will come true.

De Rossi is coming to be a partner of Owen and being bid for 13mil.

KlassJon Huntelaar is also linked.

Trezeguet is NOT going to ManU.

parker and dyer is intersted in joining manU after the failure of Newcastle.

Adriano is starting to come up at OT and contracts are being discussed.

Ribery is always interested by manU but his destination shall be Barcelona or Arsenal instead.

Mascherano Tevez are not linked with ManU now. After their transfer to West Ham, it is a conplete failure. Unless their work harder, ManU will not spend som much to buy them.

Arron Lennon and Jenes wanted to join Carrick at OT. Expect them arriiving.

James milner is linked with ManU.

Fergie will retire after this season. Expect him signing more players and using more money this Jan. He wants ManU to be strong when other people like Fabio or Cantona take over.

The signings by ManU:

(name) (to replace) (to partner) (time to arrive) (money) (possibility)

Torres / Rooney Jan/summer 26mil 100%

Owen Hegreaves / Carrick Jan 16mil 100%

Robben Giggs / Summer 30mil 65%

Schweinsteiger Scholes / Jan/summer 20mil 75%

De Rossi / Carrick Jan/summer 15mil 75%

KlassJon Huntelaar ???

Trezeguet / Rooney Jan 14mil 5%

parker Scholes / Jan/summer 13mil 75%

dyer Scholes / Jan 10mil 75%

Adriano / Rooney Jan 25mil 65%

Ribery Scholes / Jan/summer 15mil 15%

Mascherano / Carrick Jan/summer 25mil 50%

Tevez / Rooney Jan/summer 25mil 50%

Arron Lennon Scholes / Jan/summer 15mil 75%

Jenes Scholes / Jan/summer 15mil 75%

James milner Scholes / Jan/summer 10mil 35%

Ohter than these, also an unknown right defender (to replace Gary) will be signed.

Wait and see, these transfer will come true.

Features: Tommorrow will be the rumors for ArsenalThis is the Kicker journalist again. Daniel Alves WILL go to Real Madrid, as much as the Liverpool fan who called me a liar refuses to believe it. Cicinho is injured and Real were looking to offload him to Roma or Sevilla as a part-exchange. The only club that can compete with Real for a player is Chelsea and they haven't shown interest in him as of yet. Kicker are not the only outlet to report this. Real have even gotten special dispensation to sign a player NOW if they choose to, but Sevilla don't want to sell until they themselves can replace Daniel. Lahm may move to Milan in December if they are within striking distance of fourth place in the Serie A. Bayern are holding out for 30 million Euros as they feel that this, along with another 25 from the sale of Hargreaves will give them enough to add depth to the team. Magath is fighting to keep Lahm because he wants to see him, Schweinsteiger, and Podolski grow together. Gago will sign for Real, Jesus Navas will sign for Liverpool, and Torres looks set to move to Manchester United if Atletico do not finish top four in La Liga. Reyes will sign permanently for Real, Baptista will sign for Arsenal but at a lower price than agreed in his loan contract, and Robinho may move to Arsenal as well, but only as a part-exchange if Real can sign Fabregas.Fergie will go on a spending spree before he leaves man utd he will buy hargreaves for 11 mil and he will also try and lure kaka to old trafford but if this fails expect a bid to come in for riquelme, arsenal will sign abidal for a fee of 8 mil because arsenal are not sure that clichy will be always fit so abidal will come in and they will also buy bale from southampton, torre will definetely sign for man utd because he does not like chelsea because they just buy whoever they wasnt and the only way arsenal would be able to afford him is through sales and there is no way liverpool could get him cause they can't af

ford him because of there new stadium and he would not move to real madrid because he would not be able to bare playing for there rival as he grew up as a atletico madrid fanFellow Toon fans.

Titus to Norwich to the end of the season. unlikely since he would be a free agent. instead see him sign a 3 year extension in January. .

Milner to Villa. yes. for 6Million. I don't think so. more like 4Million

Bridge in Jnauary. oh yes. plus a right back TBA. don't rule out Glenn Johnson

Also on the striker front Beattie is done and dusted at 7 million. .To those Toon Supporters who said they would sign Nesta From AC Milan in exchange for Emre. Keep Dreaming! Why Would AC Milan sell one of the world's best defenders? Newcastle will sign Matthew Upson in January for 5 million.To momo32. your full of rubbish! fowler was brought in as an emergency striker last year so he could do his coaching badges and take a coaching role at LFC, but after not getting enough game time he wants to move on for the end of his wonderful career. I've heard this morning that kirkland will come back in jan with dudek going to wigan, kirkland to be no.1 after rafa is losing faith in reina. Zenden will defo go and a striker or winger will come in!

LFC ROCK!Expect alumnia or poom 2 leave arsenal in january with arsenal interested in scott carson as a replacement , as 4 arsenal target goal keeper oscar ustari his agent has just said oscar will sign 4 barca .Arsenal have get the kid lui forte from sporting lisbone. an agreement has done with marseille for ribery for 16.5 million pound17million for robinho is a rip-off, hes worth no-more than 5million cause hes rubbish apart from stepovers hes nothing. also gareth bale has agreed to join liverpool. i know his uncle and he has told me hes agreed to go to them. bales dad is a liverpool supporter so that might have swayed him our way.

and we should get him anyway cause we were the first ones to know about him. then other clubs tried to get involved same with theo wallcott. we were the first to know about him aswellMy fathers best mate works in the US for Cleveland Browns and has heard around the traps that Villa are looking for another right sided defender and their number one target is Andreas Hinkel. Also they are after another striker and winger and those targets are Huntelaar, Trezeguet and Defoe, as the strikers, either one or two of these strikers will be signed and the wingers are Milner, SWP and an audacious bid for Mancini of Roma. Two of these wingers will be signed also but if SWP is singed it will only be on loan. All true 100%. Not sure if these signings will come true but that is the rumour. We will see in Jan.On evidence and trends so far this season the Premiership will again be dominated by the big 4 -Chelsea, Arsenal, ManU & Liverpool for the next 5 years unless another Billionaire buys one of the other clubs and starts splashing the cash. The club with the most cash - Chelsea - will continue to buy the best players, unless Putin falls from grace,which is unlikely, in which case Abramovich may reign in his activities. Managers will come and go from this club until they achieve European dominance on a regular basis. Mourinho will almost certainly go by the end of the season as there is unease between him and Kenyon and the Danish infidel. Rich men are ruthless, that's why they are rich: so always expect a lot of managememnt/player changes at Chelsea. Arsenal, who try to follow the ideals of fans football and nuture talent albeit from around the globe, are the best to watch and under Wenger they will always be a threat to Chelsea and the other leading pack members. ManU have changed beyond recognition for two reasons - the Glaziers are up to to their bald patches in debt debentured against the club so spending on new players will always be restricted. Alex Ferguso

n has been a great manager in the past but he hasnt won anything in several seasons and seems to have passed his best. The Glaziers will replace him but it will have to be with a proven winner. Liverpool have a great manager and players, but lack consistency, on their day they can be unbeatable.

My predictions for this season: Managers to go: Mourinho (clashes with Ambramovich, Kenyon etc), Fergie (retired). Premiership winners: probably Chelsea - but Arsenal will be there also. FA Cup: Aston Villa or Liverpool. European Cup: Arsenal. As for players no club will divulge their actual targets but Chelsea will go for the big names, ManU will buy one or two lesser known stars, Liverpool will buy similar type players especially from the Iberian peninsula but more of them. Arsenal will go for pacy youth players with potential, and bargain price stars who are struggling at their current clubs. As for the rest - Spurs alledgedly have unrest in the club so Martin Jol could leave for Ajax or maybe even Chelsea! Everton, Blackburn, Bolton, & Villa will finish in the top half of the table. Portsmouth, Man City & Reading's challenge will fade over the winter months. Possible relegated clubs from: Charlton, Fulham, Newcastle, Middlesboro, Watford, Sheff Utd, Man City.

Finally David Dein's elevation to the Chairmanship of the G14 clubs will signal the move towards a European Super League to replace the European Cup and therefore eventual departure of our top 4 or 5 English clubs from the Premiership to this pan Euro setup.Liverpool will be bid for simoa if vicente didn't come in jan. It will cost 10m for simao and also rafa will get about 3 youngster. Neil and Alves will come to anfield. Despite that David Villa is very expensive as the amount of Fernando Torres. THe price are 15m for David villa. Crouch would not go away from reds and also garcia too. Crouch wants to stay in england and liverpool is the place where he is best in form. Sissoko, Gonzalez, Agger, Anderson, Linfield, and other youngster will have a good future in liverpool. For jan transfer: liverpool will get alves, neil, simoa, youngster, young, and sneijder 100% for sure. Villa will reach anfield summer. THen also some midfielder too. Those who said that liverpool will not get villa. fools! Like manu, if manu get torres, liverpool will get villa too. no wonder why but it is true. Hi just to let every one know jan tranfers parker and huntlar to man u for £12m £8.5m respeivlyReading are set to sign Scunthorpe striker Billy Sharp for a fee of £1.5mCeltic's Aiden McGeadey looks set to join Reading in January for £750kSome Tottenham fans have been suggesting that Carlos Tevez is more suited to a West End role than one up front at West Ham. They reckon that Tevez could save on the masks in The Phantom of The Opera.Chris lucketti to stoke on loanIt is said that Roberto Mancini is about to be fired and the candidates who will take over Inter might be Eriksson,Ranieri or even World Cup winning coach Marcello Lippi.Aston villa will sign freddy adu in january as part of a sponsorship deal with the owners of the mls, also bale from southampton for 3million plus hendrie, milner fr

om newcastle for 4million and henrik larsson for the rest of the season.Saf long admirer of trezeguet will make a move in january with a 6 mill move also excpect hergreves and senna to move to OT and new boy castillo will reject money bags chelsea and come to the red a nd white army as he will get more chances to play also saf pondering a move for camronasi to bolster wing playA well known source has told me what is going to happen at OT over the next year and the following will happen

In January Man United are going to feshen things up in their team getting Kerlon (8 million)for more depth up front Heitinga (6 million) as more cover at right back and De Rossi(20 million) for that extra bit in midfield. They have a lot of money to spend due to them gaining a profit in the summer through john ob and ruud van. And AF wants to make his mark on the club as he will leave at the end of the season

Expect them to also tie up deals for Fernando Torres (27 million) Juan Roman Riquelme (20 million) Owen Hargreaves (15 million) when Bayern find a replacement for him Pederson (12 million) Wesley Schnider (8 million) so they can make a charge for retaining the prem title as they will win it this year.

But expect Darren Fletcher, Kieran Richardson Scholes as Schnider is his replacement John O'Shea to leave with Johnny Evans coming through by next season. Exoect Giggs to play for this season and next season by replaced by Pederson Expect Van der sar to play for one more year before he gets replaced by Ben Foster. Although Solsiar is doin well now expect him to leave and in two years time for him Giggs and Scholes to be part of the staff at OT. and for Fergie 2 leave an b replaced by Marcelo Lippi as he is a world class manager expect the Glazers to gamble by also giving him a lot of money to spend so they can defend their title. Also by next year the premiship should use 7 subs like most other leagues in europe, which is why the bigger teams including Man U will also be buying big

Man utd team in Jan


Neville Ferdinand Vidic Heinze

Ronaldo Carrick De Rossi Giggs

Saha Rooney







Man United team in july


Neville Ferdinand Vidic Heinze

Ronaldo De Rossi Hargreaves Riquelme

Torres Ronney









Pederson (Giggs)Ljunberg and lauren will join west ham in january in exchange for nigel reo coker plus some cash for the west ham midfielder.Crouch and bellamy will stay at liverpool till 2010

Liverpool don't need torres and not a single news linking to him . they will bid again for neill and simao also see nolan as the candidate.As an Arsenal fan, I'm extatic to read the article on regarding Franck Ribery. Apparently we've agreed first refusal on his services should he decide to leave Marseille, but the preliminary agreement proves that not only is Arsene Wenger interested in signing him, but also Marseille would consider selling him. I also hear that Julio Baptista will sign a four and a half year contract with Arsenal in January, with Jose Antonio Reyes completing a permanent move in the opposite direction, signing a seven year deal at Real Madrid. Southampton youngster Gareth Bale will follow in the footsteps of Theo Walcott and swap St Mary's for the Emirates in a deal that could be worth £7m, and Arsenal will also look to sign young Scottish keeper David Marshall, but then loan him out for the rest of the season. Marshall is currently at Celtic, but could be the long term option as Arsenal's number one once Jens Lehmann, Manuel Almunia and Mart Poom leave the club.Norwich are set to start contract talks with Mark Bowen this weekend, I know this because I live close to him in a suburb of Blackburn, At Least Mark is staying put. LONG LIVE ROVERS!Young Chelsea striker scott sinclair is to join dennis wises swindon town on a months loan.Jamie Ward who currently plans for League 2 outfit Torquay is attracting much attention from higher league clubs. League One club Milwall and Championship Clubs such as Southend and Leicester are keen to sign the 20 year old ex-Aston Villa striker next summer for around £350,000.

=v1=Rafael Benitez could make an offer for Watford starlet Ashley Young at the end of the season. The attacking midfield player/striker is highly rated and is currently involved with the England U-21 set up. He is valued at around £6 million and Everton and Tottenham are also keen. At the moment it would seem that Everton are favourites but expect Benitez to put in an offer as well.

=v1=25 year old Cameroonian footballer Serge Branco, also the ex QPR and Leeds defender has been transfer listed by current club FC Krylya in Russia. The club are in discussions with Luton Town about a move in January for around £75,000.

=v1=I heard that kaka was signing for man utd and torres is already a man utd player and will join in the summer.

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