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08 Nov 2012 22:41:51
Terry Gornell is set to leave shrewsbury to join Rochdale on loan.

Gornell has indeed joined Rochdale for a month's loan to rediscover his goal-scoring touch under his manager at Accrington, John Coleman. This move has also been made to make room for the return of Luke Rodgers who is joining after being released from Portsmouth.

Shrewsbury got Luke Rodgers now it good news

I stand corrected, Rodgers has not been released by Portsmouth. He has joined on loan until January when his Pompey contract expires and will then sign a deal until the end of the season.

If he does well in this spell, he will then sign an extension at the end of the season.

Strong rumours amongst the supporters club is that Terry will be joining us on a permanent deal in January. Good news if true.



08 Nov 2012 21:47:24
martyn waghorn from Leicester City in tomoz on loan

On loan to anybody in particular ?

To Barnsley

Hes in the first team of a far better team, why would he go on loan to barnsley.

You didn't look far better last saturday - frankly you looked very average and certainly no better than Barnsley.

LOL yes they did, and Leicester are a far better team than barnsley, we'll see saturday, anyway why would leicester allow waghorn to go on loan, he's in the first team and he's scoring goals for us?! COYB



08 Nov 2012 19:49:20
Latest pompey manager candidates

Guy Wittingham
Lee Bradbury
Joe Jordan
Linvoy Primus
Steve Cotterill
Paul Jewel
Paul Ince

You can have Chris Wilder......

Very funny! You are in administration and only today your administrator stated there was no way you could hold onto a manager to work under the conditions within your club. Now it seems they are queing up!

God help you if you get Jewell

Hasn't redknapp been linked to this yet?

Steve Cotterill, I think will return to Portsmouth after being sacked by Forest in the summer



08 Nov 2012 19:22:51
Sheffield Wednesday striker Gary Madine is set to join Paolo Di Canio's Swindon Town on a loan deal

Not more dead wood coming in we got enough now, he wont be fit enough for
Di Canio so it would need to be a long loan.

Thought there was a transfer embargo

Transfer Embargo lifted earlier this week. Money there for 3 players to come in on loan.

Gary madine is a quality striker good league 1 rep

Nope not anymore we are out of it

Embargo sorted Tuesday looking for two midfielders on loan

Give it two or more games paulo will quit or get the southampton job i think he has had enough with the boards new rules he can,t do want he wants anymore beacuse wray is not their no more. de canio won,t make it big at a preimer club unless he changes his ways .

Di Canio now has a 50milion transfer fund for January so no embargo for us, new owners coming in say spend spend spend now the richest club in the football league :) 60000 capacity stadium getting built next year, here we come {Ed003's Note - slight problem with ffp rules to overcome first}

You gotta laugh because 60,000 is hollywood and 50 million and dicanio would say its not enough

Deal off for Madine , in squad for weds v middlesbrough tonight , hold up somewhere or he does not want to come to swindon !!!!!!!!

Ha got to laugh at these people who state di canio will have a 50 million transfer budget in january If di canio wants money in january he has to move players on, The money he was given to bring up to 3 loan players in now is what he was going to be given in january.

This talk of 60k stadiums is a little bit embarassing for us Town fans who have 'grown up' tbh. This is prob some 14yo getting a little carried away in a Fifa Wonderland. Saudi investment is plausable as the board are looking for new investment but a 20m or 50m Jan budget is also a bit 'Disney'.

Madine to swindon next week.

Just scored for Wednesday

09 Nov 2012 21:22:32
next joke, di canio to have 50million, and if they do have a 60000 capacity stadiam whats the point they dont even fill a 14,000

To be fair 60,000 stadium is too far fetched 30,000 isn't, it wasn't so long ago Reading were at elm park and could barely muster 4,000 we get between 7-8,000 so 15,000 on a regular basis isn't beyond the realms of possibility providing a new stadium is in place.

If 15000 is plausible wouldn't a 16000 stadium be sufficient instead of a 30000? Just an idea to help save this imaginary Saudis cash!

16,000 wouldn't be suitable as you play bigger teams such as the other night with Villa, not entirely sure more would have gone, but fans as Reading fans have proved that they like to sit in a nice stadium, Reading proved this with us, in 2001 they had a home gate of 14,000+, 1 yr previous it would have been a fraction of that. 25-30,000 would be appropriate IMO.

So we are getting a 30,000 seater stadium and 50million then? I don't get what is going on with this as I have seen nothing in the papers and when I asked my dads mate who works at the club he nearly choked on his tea! Wake up lads we are doing well but calm down ey?!?!?

Stadium maybe soon 50 mil is a pipe dream and to be honest I'd rather this rumour not be true as we'll turn into a soulless club like Man City and Chelsea.



08 Nov 2012 19:16:39
Millwall midfielder Liam Trotter is a suprise target for Crystal Palace, who are prepared to cough up £1.5m in january.

That's the funniest thing that i have heard for a very long time!! infact hilarious!!

Ha ha he will cost u more than that swop u for zaha ( how is he rated + 10 mill ur having a laugh )

Zaha is worth more than the entire Millwall squad!

Zaha wouldnt get in our side its u palace who rate him dont see any prem clubs bidding 4 him

You'd love Zaha with one leg! We are top of the league!, {Ed003's Note - Boro are top of the league ;) }

Zaha with 1 leg may b ur best player he would struggle 2 get in our starting 11 top of the league ur having a laugh coyl

Only because they played Friday, we are at Peterborough 3 easy point.

Cmon p,boro sweep the palace gob to one side! think someone getting carried away..........coyl!

"Cmon p,boro sweep the palace gob to one side! think someone getting carried away..........coyl!"

No, like I said, 3 easy points.

Looks like we're not. Now let's get trotter, would be a good back up if Zaha or Bolasie gets injured. We're top of the league, we're top of the league, we're crystal palace were top of the league!

Trotters worth 3m at the least and jackett has him in his plans for the future so hes not gonna leave for 1.5m COYL MILLLLLLL

Easy 3 points take it u dont go 2 games u was 1 down with 10 mins 2 go

Bet ur not top in may u can have trotter 4 zaha plus 2 mill zaha would b a good impact player of the bench as cover 4 henry

U can have trotter 4 zaha plus 2 mill zaha would b a good impact player of the bench as cover 4 henry

We don't want him anyway. I'll stick with Zaha thanks

Trotter would be a great acquisition for Palace, but why would Millwallmsell one of their best players to a local rival? Not gonna happen

Why would trotter go 2 palace his next move will b 2 a big club

Millwall make me laugh, Zaha has now been called up for England, worlds apart from Trotter, people barely know him. (Arsenal Fan)

Zaha (6m) could link up with Trotter (4m)at Arsenal in January.

You cant say no one knows trotter m8 because atleast half of the premier league at one point or another has been after him since hes been at millwall. coyl milllllllllll

Zaha plays more forward than trotter who scores more goals look it up zaha just a speed merchant another walcot coyl

Att arsenal fan its a joke england c sqaud thomas ince would be abetter player 4 u best player in champ by a mile

Zaha, trotter, ince , phillips and austin will all be in the prem in january



08 Nov 2012 17:37:56
Liverpool's targets in January include: Yilmaz (Galatasary), Ba (Newcastle), Huntelaar (Schalke), Austin (Burnley), Martinez (Porto).

Hands off charlie austin - please!

the board need to get their finger out and offer him a new deal ASAP!

Another Liverpool wish list, dont tell me they were all life long Liverpool fans......yawn

Its not a LFC wishlist. Thats just Rodgers tellin Spurs who they should buy next



08 Nov 2012 17:33:11
Young Brighton striker Ben Dickenson has joined Chesterfield on a one month loan deal (source Sussex paper ).



08 Nov 2012 16:17:50
Derby are still looking for a Natural young Left back
and with Ipswich Very poor start they are looking
to bid for Aaron Cresswell.Who earlier was scouted by aston villa but they lost interest now after getting

Heard this aswell.Will have a big price tag.
We are in desperate need to complete the left side.He has pace aswell but doubt we will be given the cash.All depends where we are come january in the table

Cresswell is over rated had a good first season for us but has been poor recently. Rumour has it Villa were put off by 6m vaulation bur a more realistic offer of 2-3m whic with all due respect is beyond Derby

09 Nov 2012 11:43:51
Derby moved attention to Jake Bidwell of Everton, currently on loan at Brentford. Looking at ways of getting him sooner rather than later.

Jake bidwell or Luke Garbutt of Everton.

Great result.what do all you lot who did not believe in MM.i have only two words to say to you. !

Has anybody got words to say about what is going on at Ipswich,or have all the moaners lost their tongues.ITFC are on the up.COYB

Town will rise from the bottom and be a great team again under bigMick.Have No fear.So watch out !



08 Nov 2012 15:12:21
Jacob Butterfield back to Barnsley from Norwich 2 month loan deal to gain match fitness

He,s gone to BOLTON

He went to Bolton for 1 month.

Already gone to bolton

What happened to chopra rumours about barnsley return

MAN CITY PLAYER not coming SAT,HES ONLY 21,unproven,why cannot we get proven players?

We couldnt even sign somebody from rochdale now were that bad, thanks for nothing hill,rowing and cryne no ambition time 4 all to go....................

Because we don't have the money, proven players won't want to come and we're not good enough. Some of us barnsley fans need to see reality of things

Have a look at the championship table look at some of the teams above us are you trying to say that they all operate on a bigger financial feild than barnsley do

Yes. The only team in the division that we are on a par with financially are probably Peterborough. Which is why we're both in a relegation scrap this season

Millwall watford



08 Nov 2012 14:00:18
Danny Seaborne To Charlton?

Charlton are eyeing a loan move for Southampton defender Dan Seaborne.

Seabourne deal is done, sullivan gone on a moths loan to colcheter too.

Confirmed - 100% fact

Boy we need a left back

Shame he is a centre back then!

And not a very good centre back either.

Seaborne can play on the left.

He's not that good on the left



08 Nov 2012 13:57:59
Andrey Arshavin To Reading?

Arsenal forward Andrey Arshavin is one of a number of players being considered by Reading ahead of the winter transfer window.

Well Liam, can I work for your biz as you seem to have no concern about paying astronomical wages!

Don't think Liam's signing the player mate and Anton has quite a lot of money...



08 Nov 2012 13:49:28
Hull City have signed David Meyler from Sunderland on loan until January. Steve Bruce says he could be in the team to face Cardiff on Saturday



08 Nov 2012 12:28:24
Malaga midfielder Isco is keen to sign a new contract with the Andalusians, following their impressive recent form, in hopes of securing a top 3 finish in La Liga. Arsenal, Spurs, Milan and Juve were all rumoured to be interested in the Malaga-born Under-23 international. Isco will sign a 2-year extension with a view to an extra year, as well as improved wages and a higher release clause.

There's been nothing to suggest he's "keen" although he may want to stay and see how their CL progresses. I think he is unlikely to commit to anything until all the uncertainty over backing, resolution of the players wages problems etc., have been resolved. He clearly enjoys working with Pelegrinni and loves the new resposibilities placed on him with Cazorla's departure but there's too much uncertainty to be resolved yet



08 Nov 2012 12:24:58
Guy Whittingham will take control of the next 2 Portsmouth games - Away against Bury, and Doncaster at Fratton Park. This will give the hierarchy a chance to interview Paul Tisdale amongst others for the vacant managerial position.

Bring back Herman H !

'arry is looking for a job!

Get real, who will join as a manager until the club's future is sorted-and HMRC will be having another go at you soon.

Whittingham will remain in charge until the new owners are in place at least



08 Nov 2012 11:27:55
Former Middlesbrough player Matthew Bates is in talks with Sheffield United, following failed contract talks at Middlesbrough.

I'd have him as he is a good player, but he seems to be injury plagued. And I don't think we can afford to have another player on the books as we couldn't find the cash to bring in another goalkeeper as cover for George Long, with Mark Howard out for 3 months.


Best of luck matty, prem quality defender when fit

He is training with Bristol City so he'll be offered a short term contract by monday

Good player for boro when we could get a game out of him...... Its just getting 1 n im buzzin hes gone :)



08 Nov 2012 09:18:28
!: Derby are set to make an approach for Hull City striker Matty Fryatt!

He,s injured s0 be going nowhere

This is true! But I'm lead to believe it's at the end of the season we'll make an approach for him.

Doubtful, he's out for season

This would be a step backwards for matt fryatt if he moved here. he needs to be in a team that has a chance of premier league football.

This has been the rounds on rumour sites for about 12 months!!

It is true though!

This could well be true as it was in the Derby evening telegraph newspaper a couple of weeks ago...!



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