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07 Mar 2012 23:22:45
Stevenage set to announce loan signing of QPR Striker, Patrick Agyemang tomorrow.

Source: Jon Champion during commentary of Spurs v Stevenage FA Cup replay.(15)(7)I spoke to P A on Wednesday pm, he said he was signing for stevenage, and was desperate to play first team football. His wages are being split between clubs with stevenage's share coming from their cup run.


07 Mar 2012 22:53:28
Norwich City are looking to take a punt on DC United teenage prospect Andy Najar(3)(12)


07 Mar 2012 20:10:10
Portsmouth hopeful of getting a striker on loan before trip to Brighton on Saturday. {Ed013's Note - I am sure they are banned from bringing anyone in due to being in administration}(3)(25)Ed - It's a 1 in 1 out policy. Liam Lawrence left the club on loan so we can bring in 1 player. {Ed013's Note - OK mate, wasn't 100% as I thought all in goings were banned. My bad}Np. Things are looking better for us. It's been confirmed we'll at least last the rest of the seasonPompey shud be dropped to the lowest league possibleTo the extremely dumb person who blatantly knows nothing about football above, why? It is the fault of the FA and Football League as the Fit and Proper Persons Test has failed us numerous timesThought it would b everybodies elses fault except portsmouths.d head!Not sure fault is the issue here - clearly only people make mistakes - issue is that Portsmouth have (twice) benefited from living beyond their means - Pearce, Norris and Huseklepp (the best players) purchased or contracted for with money they did not have - so literally Pompey have stolen points from others. I feel sorry for the fans - but liquidation and starting again like AFC Wimbledon or Aldershot is a fair punishment - 10 points is a joke - you might not even be relegated with that and that would be unfair on everyone who lives within their means - we all want good players - not just pompey - some clubs wait till they can afford them!Im not a Pompey Fan, but to match them with AFC Wimbledon is incorrect - Wimbledon did not go into Administration they were moved by their owners and 'rebranded'. AFC Wimbledon was started by the core fans from the Wimbledon area. However, I do agree that to live beyond their means twice is inexcusable, and 10 Points was a joke - It should have been 30 Points which would have guaranteed one division drop, as Pompey are owed money from Parachute payments this should be paid to the club now on the understanding that its creditors get paid first and it is not spent on players until ALL debts are paid. If this means Portsmouth have to sign youth players from non-league sobeit. Once your finances are in order you can rebuildThe sooner that club desolves the better every year they go down the pan its a laffing stock {Ed013's Note - That is a bit harsh, a true football fan would not want a club to dissolve. It is bad times for Pompey, but from a football side it is a shame. Lots of clubs will go through this so lets hope your club doesn't! As much as we like banter with rival clubs, imagine football without your biggest rivals. I know if my clubs rivals went away it would be a shame and ruin the atmosphere etc etc. Remember, it isn't the fans fault that this is happening in football}U cant transfer players out or in on loan or transfer can make them redundant .whcih then they can move since they have no contract to the club..RANGERS THE EXAMPLE OF THATIf anybody is a disgrace in this mess, its the football league. They allow pompey to have their media money to help them finish the seson, but did they make that offer to the likes of Leeds Utd, Luton Town, Southampton, and many others when they were in administration? No they didn't, they just docked them the points and watched them struggle to make the end of the season when they were were in administration. Guess its one rule for one and one for the rest. Reckon someones taking a backhander.Trevour Birch the pompey administrator wants still more middle to high wage earners off the books, and if Portsmouth are going to survive they must let there top earners go, even do a Rangers and make them redundant, and loan out players like Ward, Pearce, & Henderson, if Portsmouth get relegated to League 1 so what, its better to go this way that try to stay in the championship and get liquidated, 200'000 a month is peanuts, but it could be pompey's life saver, so dont think about trying to stay up, think about your fans and survive with your youth playersThere's clearly some people who are very stupid indeed here. You can't just sack footballers - you can only do that in Scotland.Ed - you are out of step - you are quite wrong to say that no true fan wants pompey to dissolve - as a fan of a club that plays them most years i am fed up with this "cheating the system" approach - i wish pompey fans no harm - but most fans want level playing field and with a club is such a state that is impossible. They have spent at least 5m this year that they did not have on fees / contracts and that is just unfair to the rest. The ground is a pig sty and is only valuable to developers - for the sake of the game let them go and give someone else a chance. Die Hard Pompey fans will get behind the club that rises from the ashes - even if it forms in the 11th tier of football - in 9 years they will be back - with a strong base and no debt {Ed013's Note - Maybe I missed you out then when I said true fans or should I have said MOST true fans shouldn't want any team to go bust! I don't think the fans should have to suffer for bad decisions from chairmen and owners, its them that should suffer in some way or other. Yes, the club should be punished, but not to the extent that they go bust never to be seen again}


07 Mar 2012 14:47:46
Ed what is the latest on the Reading FC takeover and what happened to Karl Sheppard whom they signed Shamrock {Ed002's Note - No news on the takeover at all at the moment. As for Karl Sheppard, he has only recently arrived but his time will come - perhaps not this season.}(6)(3) 

Hes been Injured, meant to be back in training soon, feel sorry for the lad, cant see him getting a look in with the team doing so wellSo Ed do you think it has failed? {Ed013's Note - No}They said i would take until atleast march to complete...It 's March now!


07 Mar 2012 15:18:15
middlesbrough are set to take a gamble or injured rangers striker steven naismith he is out for the season but available on a free transfer due to rangers money trouble they are also keen on alan mcgregor and kyle laferty who are also available for free(11)(19)Not a chance.
Naismith & Mcgregor are wanted by EPL teams e.g aston villa.Mcgregor is class naismith and laffatme not good --- hibee


07 Mar 2012 14:58:52
Allan mcgregor, Steve Davis and Kyle laugherty are interesting Middlesbrough - wee wise Rabs in the know, wwr(13)(9)Mcgregor far too good for championshopThey are all mid-EPL level not championship flop levelKyle lafferty mid premiership, dont kid yourself son. as for the other two we will wait and see if they are actually any good when they jump ship from the horrendous division that is the SPL.They are all far to good for the championship


07 Mar 2012 14:26:16
Peterborough striker Emile Sinclair is to join Coventry City if the transfer embargo is lifted before the 22nd march deadline(6)(14) 



07 Mar 2012 12:58:46
Joel Ward is moving from Portsmouth to Watford on loan(24)(18)Unlikely. Ward will only be moved on by the administrator if he can't ship out any of the higher earners. Ward is only on 3,000 per week. One of the lowest earners. PUP.He's also very greedy thats why he did not sign for Ipswich.The greed of the Henderson, Pearce and Ward is what broke down their moves to Ipswich. That money would have helped helped save your club now you'll lose all 3 for most likely nothing. Fact is an administrator is not interested in leaving you with a squad just reducing the debt therefore any other for any player regardless of salary is likely to be accepted.


07 Mar 2012 11:12:11
Burnley have made an offer to Greg Wilde

Kyle Lafferty could also rejoin the clarets on an 18 month contract having recently stated he is a fan of current manager Eddie Howe's work(12)(13)Kyle Lafferty back at Burnley? No Nay Never!


07 Mar 2012 11:10:36
Pesch has 2 or 3 games to save his job at Burton after a run of 12 games without a win. Some repots say he could be gone after saturday or will he stepm down
Who will be the new man in Mark Robins have been at the last 7 games and has also been in the direcors box,also heard names like Pual Buckle mentioned(9)(4)Have burton got a football team


07 Mar 2012 10:59:39
middlesbrough to try to sign kyle laferty and allan mcgregor on loan from rangers to end of season grg wyle also on trial at boro(5)(4)You better ask arsenal 1st about kyle


07 Mar 2012 10:12:32
Dougie Freedman is in talks with Gregg Wylde about a possible move to South London.(7)(6)Seems like he'll be playing for every club in the championship at this rate if you believe this site


07 Mar 2012 10:03:55
Reading are also looking at Kayserispor's, London born, Kamil Tevfik.

Tevfik's development has been tracked by the Reading FC management team since his early days in the youth ranks at Millwall. Tevfik, a client of Star Management Signings, is a close personal friend of Jem Karacan, knowing each other from childhood through the local community, and both have supported each other during their involvement in the Turkish international youth setup.

Reading and Star Management have a close working relationship with several of their players are clients of the agency. Such is the bond that Star M organised Reading's pre-season tour to Slovenia and were accompanied by agent Georgina Lillis.(10)(2)


07 Mar 2012 08:48:37
New Huddersfield Town boss Simon Grayson has been in touch with Glasgow Rangers with regard to the capture of three players from the struggling financially hit club. Seen as a replacement longterm for Gary Naismith and Peter Clarke -Lee Wallace and Steven Whittiker are the targets. Kyle Lafferty is also in the frame just in case Jordon Rhodes does move to a premier league club in the summer. These players would be signed immediately as loan players with pre contracts, thus fees will be negligible in relation to extra wages paid out now.(16)(14)You are having a laugh right?Yea its a big step up from porridge prem to league 1They will probably struggle in league 1. Bearing in mind Kris Boyd was like all time spl top scorer and look what happened to him in the championship.Warning to all hudds fans, SG is terrible in transfer Market, good manager but can't find a good player if it slapped him in the face, finds 1 good player in 10, ur all welcome to the deadwood he brought in as Leeds manager, good luck in winning promotion, I think he will achieve it, be nice for a west yorks derby again {Ed013's Note - SG is a good young manager with 2 promotions under his belt and he is still learning his trade}In fairness i thought he did a good job at leeds.didnt unlcle fester sell his best players ?My son is a leeds fan (traitor) and he reckons uncle fester didnt back him financially.Yes your correct SG did have low budget on fees but wages are not too bad, can still find some quality on free its just that SG fails to find that, but otherwise he is a good manager just lacked a little balls to stand up for himself and us Leeds fans are sad to see him go, you have a gem in a manager now, hope your board treats him with more respect than ours did,


07 Mar 2012 09:10:49
Turkish u21 international Serdar Aziz is trialling with Reading from today until Friday. The young Centre-Back flew out to England on Tuesday with the reluctant permission of his club who want him back to play against Eskisehir on Sunday. Aziz could be available on a free as Bursaspor have been in breach of his contract due to not paying his wages for the last four months.(10)(3)Always find these hard to believe when there two rumors for the same club one after the other..


07 Mar 2012 08:57:46
Reading have offered Mervan Celik a trial with a view to a contract until the end of the season, similar to the Tomasz Cywka deal.

They have also invited Gregg Wylde in to train with the club to keep match fit whilst he considers his options.(14)(6)Source?No they haven't. . .Would be great if it was true


07 Mar 2012 08:28:45
Jonathan Tehoue will join Swindon Town from Leyton Orient subject to a medical before Saturday's game. He was at the County Ground last night.(15)(4)He's signedIs he the big name striker you've been going on about for nearly a month!! di canio could do better job!Oh yeh and ronaldo is joining maccesfield
tehoue going to swindon MY ASSS !!PDC has never claimed it would be a big name striker, just a big striker and this bloke is built like a brick outhouse so he was bang on. The big names just came from a few over optimistic fans.
Cant wait to see Ronaldo at Maccs


07 Mar 2012 08:23:55
Brad Guzan set to sign on loan at Ipswich with a view to a permanent move in the summer(10)(5)Villa would then only have Given & starlet benji siegrist.
doubt it.
we'll sell up in the summer thanks mate.Dont rule this move out, Brad wont wait indefinitly for a No1 slot, that he knows he will get at Ipswich, Shay Given could go on for another full 2 seasons yet with Villa, and he will be well looked after at Town.Rubbish, Guzan signed a new contract at Villa only last weekYour can sign sign new contracts and still move on in the summer, it just involves a fee, Simples,


07 Mar 2012 01:56:48
david norris to crystal palace on loan
source: sky sports(19)(10)Can't find any reference to this on Sky Sports website anywhere. Mind you, hope it's true! PUP.The only stumbling block with this move is Norris will want a 3 year contract on 15'000 a week, of which he aint worth, good little worker on the field, but low on skill


07 Mar 2012 00:03:27
Oxford United have offered a contract to released Rangers player Gregg Wylde.(3)(31)Dont think so, keep dreaming you lot couldnt even afford his bus pass, oxford struggling to pay bills? could be booted from the kassam and ground share with Oxford City this is typical Oxford dreamers and fairytales always been a non league club...........Why would he go to a tin pot club like yours who have just come out of the conference and trying to make it back in the league. No chance


06 Mar 2012 23:33:21
Barnsley to re-sign frank nouble on loan from west ham(10)(9)


06 Mar 2012 19:18:11
Hull City, Norwich City, Crystal Palace and Southampton are all keen on signing Peterborough striker Emile Sinclair. Hull boss Nicky Barmby was impressed with how the former Nottingham Forest striker played against them for Macclesfield in the Carling Cup earlier in the season and has put in a loan bid with a view to a permanent deal. Crystal Palace and Southampton are keen on signing Sinclair on loan until the end of the season and Norwich have put a £150,000 summer bid for the 24 year old.(4)(24)How about Emile Heskey instead?Don't see Posh letting him go


06 Mar 2012 19:08:49
Leicester City, Blackpool, Cheltenham Town and Celtic are tracking Billericay Town youngster Harrison Chatting. The 20 year old has been recognised by a number of scouts after some superb performances for the non league club and the winger is set to move up to professional stauts. Championship sides Leicester and Blackpool have offered Chatting trials with a view to two year and a half year deals, League 2 promotion chaserrs Chelteham have already opened talks with the winger over a possible 18 month contract whilst Celtic are keen on singing the 20 year old in the summer on a four year contract.(1)(8)


06 Mar 2012 19:00:57
Real Madrid and Lille are battling it out to sign Marseille forward Loic Remy. The France international striker was a wanted man in 2011 by a host of Premier League sides but Madrid and Lille have both had bids accepted for the 25 year old, as he seeks Champions League football once again.(1)(11)


06 Mar 2012 18:57:17
Bayern Munich may make a surprise summer bid for Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku. The German giants missed out on the Belgian forward in the summer as he choose the London club but he could seal a move to Munich. Bayern are keen on a season long loan deal, of which may also include a deal to buy permanently, but is very unlikely to pass more then a season.(1)(14)Why would chelsea want to sell romelu lukaku he is the next drogba


06 Mar 2012 18:44:27
apparently swindon town football club are looking at leigh barnard could be a good signing, scores a lot of goals wherever he goes!(2)(9)I hope Saints keep him for the promotion run in,it's only Lambert who seems capable of scoring at the moment,we could do with Barnard's hustle and bustle ourselves.Barnard is still injured and not fit and Swindon are signing a striker from Orient as they have put on the official site.If Barnard is now fit, could see no problem with a short term loan deal to achieve match fitness. He is now around no.6 in the Saints forward choices and unlikely to move up that table without playing at another club. He could be brought back from a loan spell if needed, further into the run-in.He will be getting a custodial sentence soon for his night club brawl plus swindon have just signed a striker on loan from Orient.


06 Mar 2012 18:44:14
Watford are now set to renew their January interest in Rangers winger Gregg Wylde after his release today by Rangers.(16)(5)


06 Mar 2012 18:38:57
I have it on good understanding that Mcleish has tapped up Naismith and Wallace from Rangers. He has told them to ask to leave and has promised to sign them ASAP. Lerner will sanction the signings due to Warnock being a liabilty and Heskey imminent departure when he's contract is up at the summer and with Bent out injured(9)(7)Sounds good!Wallace yeah, not Naismith. MCLEISH OUT!


06 Mar 2012 18:35:33
Reports in germany suggest Norwich City are targeting Hoffenheims Isaac Vorsah and have put him top of their summer wishlist(6)(3)


06 Mar 2012 18:28:38
Paul Lambert will be looking to tap into the german market in the summer transfer window
Targeting Hamburgs Dennis Aogo and Nurnbergs Phillip Wollscheid to stregthen up Norwich's leaky defence(2)(9)Nope Phillip Wollscheid has already agreed to join Bayer Leverkusen for 5 mil euros


06 Mar 2012 17:56:46
Notts County are tracking Emile Sinclair, Steve Howard, Andy King and have Rohan Ricketts on trial.
Keith Curle wants another striker and an attacking midfielder to complete his push for the play offs.(5)(3)Andy King is injured and u have absolutely NO CHANCE of gettin him, not only is he too good for that league but Notts County are garbage...and Leicester dont want to get rid of him.... plus you couldn't afford him either


06 Mar 2012 17:23:17
Should the Saints fail to achieve promotion, Adam Lallana will be bought by West Brom or Aston Villa(7)(19)Lala is well known as wanting to stay with Saints, and commented he would only go to an ambitious club, and that then rules out these two.Would either of those two pay the 10M+ Cortese would demand?If Saints fail to get promotion he won't be joining either of those Premier league
relegation fodder clubs.If he leaves it'll be to a club that's half decent.10m christ he's good but he aint that goodChrist here we go again. He's shortlisted with Lambert and Whittingham for Championship player of the year but he's on a long contract and Cortese doesn't want or need to sell him. Nobody thought Chamberlain was worth 12M + eitherRelegation fodder? Both are far better clubs than southampton, west are going forwards where as villa will continue to go downhill unless they rid themselves of mcleish! Southampton were once a lower premier league team YEARS ago, you'll be lucky to survive more than a season IF you gain promotion! Get your heads out of the clouds...btw coming from a supporter of a midland team....pompeys fans are way better! Saints fans are deluded!Soton not going forwards? You plonker. 'Supporter of a midland team'? Bit embarrassing is it lolThis is clearly based on the fact that this happens on every football manager season...Noticed you are bigger with the crap support you get weve money in the bank great stadiium and will pass you by with ease


06 Mar 2012 14:45:45
walsall have signed 20yr old midfielder sam manton on loan from wba.This is 100% true and not from the express and star rumour mill. Does anyone know if he is any good?(12)(2)Highly rates within West Brom and scored on his debut for the saddlers


06 Mar 2012 14:34:32
Ive just heard that murihnio might go to chelsea and he will take ronaldo and villas boas will go to Brighton and Hove albion. gus poyet will go tottenham whilst harry redknapp will manage england for the euros(7)(60)Get to the bookies mate,if that prediction came up you would have a few quid to come.Gus Poyet won't be going to Tottenham he's not one of their targets if Harry does go for the England jobI dont think Brighton will be able to pay his 9M a year wages do you?You aint herd nothingHe's heard the voices inside his head !


06 Mar 2012 13:18:58
Hull to sign gregg wylde after he had his voluntary redundancy accepted by rangers {Ed001's Note - both Bolton and Villa are interested.}(10)(13)Cardiff also very interested and have been for a while {Ed001's Note - Wolves could be interested too.}Us at villa could do with a new winger.

up the villa.In talks with Blackpool tomorrowWouldn't be a bad signing for villa to be honest


06 Mar 2012 12:30:17
Contrary to what the Express and Star write, Walsall are about to sign Carl Cort and Darren Carter. MIcheal Mcindoe is also a possibility..(4)(9)


06 Mar 2012 12:21:37
Barnsley are looking to sign Jamie Vardy from Fleetwood for £200,000(4)(41)Yh right wen they turned down almost a million for him also he is far to good for barnsleyLeicester got a bid of 1.5m turned down aswel!More like 2m knowing FleetwoodLol wot is the poster of this rumour on? barnsley are shocking

LeicesterLadShocking they took four points off you person and they will next season you are going nowhere

brummy bobWhere is fleetwood ? if hes that good hed b playing at a league club now! i c leicester won again tonite with all there millions c u next season!.....Going nowhere? lol just like u in th FA CUP!!

LeicesterLadLeicester palace blackpool and many more all had bids rejected of around the million mark and more no chance of him going to barnsleyWho are fleetwood


06 Mar 2012 10:15:53
HI Ed when does the football loan
window shut. And will MK Dons get
anyone in. {Ed001's Note - 5pm 22nd March. I don't know for sure about MK Dons, there were a couple of offers made from teams in higher divisions for Karl Robinson, which has made the board a little wary right now. I am not sure they want to put out any financial outlay on a team, even loanee wages, when they might have to look for a new man to take over who might not want them. Personally I don't expect Robinson to go anywhere before the end of the season, though Wolves were keen on him and they could be back if their form doesn't pick up. So it is a bit up in the air with them right now. I would expect that any players brought in will have their wages paid by the parent club, just in case, and those are the loans that are difficult to sort out. So I wouldn't hold my breath.}(0)(9)


06 Mar 2012 10:21:55
martin allen to be the next manager of plymouth(8)(14)I can't stand Plymouth but even I wouldn't wish Martin Allen on you. He's just a mouth. He gets immediate results but long-term it never works out. He was booted out of Reading as Pardew's no.2 for sleeping with a players wife, and there is talk of similar naughties when at Notts County.Why do Plymouth require a new manager is Carl Fletcher doing a bad job. Personally i dont think so. I Think he's done a great job considering whats happened, unless there gonna get him to play again perhaps.!!Because there at close to getting relagated and need a experince manager and rumours going brent has fletchers replacements lined up which inc the names off allen,megson and skiverton


06 Mar 2012 08:49:49
Alex Mcleish is looking through the lower leagues for a free full back.(2)(10)Get lee wallace when rangers sack all their players today.He'll soon be managing there.Just been part of a discussion in the office including Liverpool, Everton, Ipswich Town, Tottenham, Middlesbrough, Bayern and Plymouth fans - the first thing we've ever all agreed on is that Mcleish is the single most god-awful-anti-football manager ever to have graced the Premier League.Total agreement
after 15 years a season ticket holder .never again if he is still there at the end of the season.nothing to do with being an ex blues boss.he is just god awful


06 Mar 2012 08:44:00
I have also heard Lee Barnard to sign on loan for Swindon from Southampton(11)(10)No you haven't... Swindon have a wage bill they cannot manage and if they don't bring it back under control will be in a lot of trouble again soon - V.good source.Absolute Nonsense!

Believe me, i can reassure you Swindon are close but have scope for the right person being brought in.......Have that from the horses mouth - i.e Jeremy Wray!Barney is due in court again soon, and the truth is he expecting a custodial....


05 Mar 2012 23:23:12
Terry Butcher to rip up the Caley squad in the summer and start from scratch after a DIABOLICAL last 2 weeks.(10)(8)


05 Mar 2012 21:48:46
Very good source: Crawley Town to sign Izale Mcleod (League 2 top goalscorer) from barnet before the weekend. Initially loan deal to become permanent in the summer(10)(23)


05 Mar 2012 21:11:44
coventry and birmingham are in a transfer embargoes so dont put any rumours to do with them on here true story(16)(6)


05 Mar 2012 20:15:00
middlesbrough press conference tomorrow at 1130 to present two more loan signings thought to be a striker and a goal keeper.(5)(20)Press conference for loan signings? Really? Are they Messi and Ronaldo? Behave.Liar Liar pants on fire!


05 Mar 2012 18:22:04
walsall's assistant maneger david 0'kelly been appointed hereford manager {Ed003's Note - Richard }(7)(4)


05 Mar 2012 19:04:57
former pompey striker frederic piquionne set to join doncaster and pompey to sign marc-antoine fortune on loan before reading game(11)(33)I'd take Antoine Fortune any dayFortune starts every game for West Brom, dream on.Pompey dreamers. You're in for a hammering tonight lol.Pompey are in administration and cannot bring anyone inTo the dumb guy above, Pompey are in administration but we can bring in loans, as we have done.Pompey can bring in lone players providing they release other squad players out on loan, under the administration rules their not allowed to build on their current squad, its one in one or more outFortune has started the last 4 games and put in 3 man of the match performances helping wba beat wovles sunderland and chelsea, I doubt he will go to pompey on loan whose could and should fold now.


05 Mar 2012 19:00:50
Walsall have signed gerge boeting and Frank nouble on loans till the end of the season 'express and star'(7)(21)Boateng is not going to Wallsall, it was discussed but there's no deal happening.Nouble from westham if so he has already no to 3 or 4 other clubs


05 Mar 2012 18:50:28
Premier League side Swansea City have made a summer bid for Mustapha Carayol from Brilstol Rovers. Manager Brendan Rodgers feels the Gambian has tons of potential and at only 22 years old, Carayol could provide competition for a wing position and would easily fit into the formation the Welsh side play.(1)(12)


05 Mar 2012 18:48:06
Blackpool boss Ian Holloway is keen on making a summer swoop for Barnet striker Izale McLeod. Holloway has never been shy of giving lower league forwards a chance at the higher level but with McLeod already gaining experience in the Championship in previous years, the former Plymouth manager is keen to add the 27 year old hitman to his striking department. McLeod could join on loan in the next week with a view to a full time deal in the summer but an agreement in July time is most likely.(4)(16)Wow brentford turned him away


05 Mar 2012 18:45:10
Brazilian outfit Fluminense, Argentinian champions Boca Juniors, English champions Manchester United and Italian Champions League chasers Udinese are all chasing AZ and Sweden midfielder Rasmus Elm.(4)(9)Woo the Aregntinian league


05 Mar 2012 17:11:13
Frank Nouble going back to OAKWELL what a waste of time & money crap last time so why bring him back Wombwell Red(12)(10)Maybe our Keefy see,s something in the guy that he can work with and make him a better playerOhh but he is not


05 Mar 2012 16:06:51
New Hereford manager ROK will make Doncaster duo James Chambers and James Baxendale his first two signings on loan.(3)(8)


05 Mar 2012 13:22:09
middlesbrough close to completing the loan signings of jonjo shelvey from liverpool and portsmouth goalkeeper stephen henderson until the end of the season the henderson deal will go through to ease pompey financal issues a deal was agreeded on saturday and he will act as cover for jason steele(11)(11)


05 Mar 2012 15:01:59
brad guzan linked with ipswich on loan with veiw to permanent move in summer source- twtd(5)(10)This one will happen, Guzan is 100 times better than the pompey keeper Henderson, he can sleak off to Boro, we dont want him


05 Mar 2012 13:52:07
heard from a friend of a board member, Lee Barnard to sign on loan for Swindon from Southampton by wednesday(16)(10)


05 Mar 2012 13:37:00
frederic piqiuonne to sign from pompey on loan, and then sign permanently, piquionne was very happy at fratton park
source reliable(4)(19)Sign for who?Sign for Pompey read itPortsmouth Cant even afford the electrical bill never mind an ex prem waged striker. pompey wont even be in the football league by saturday.I have read it and it say "signed from portsmouth" maybe you should read it againYou muppet you can't even write properly lol. He's off to Doncaster!


05 Mar 2012 12:05:26
Robin Van Persie will sign a new deal in the summer. He has said he still believs in Arsenal and he is very much got a lot of faith in Arsene Wenger. He says that it is because of him Arsenal are still where they are. People give him stick, but, name one other top flight club in ANY league that ahve no finances to worry about? Arsenal have no debt excpet the repayments on the loan to the new stadium in whihc they arent that badly in debt for! A lot of credit needs to go to him for bringing on his youngseters so admirably. I do concede however in order for Arsenal to compete more competetively they do need a couple of big transfers rather than panic buys, i.e Per Mertesaker! He, in my opinion is useless, if he doesnt rush he will buy real quality! start looking now Mr Wenger!(12)(16)Wengers greatest strengths as a manager are also his biggest weakness.That is very true in order for arsenal to compete I think he needs stronger and better first team players! This will help develop the youngsters further as they have better role models! If they could land a combative midfielder that can also pass a ball for example yaya toure then this would be very very important! They have good wingers in Walcott and oxlade chamberlain but it's unfair to expect the world from him so add another winger and also another striker maybe if they get champs league again then go for one of the Napoli forwards cavani more than lavezzi in my opinion! I would also strongly consider defenders! A hard man centre half is really needed! Like keown!I think keown might b a bit old now but he cant b any worse than wots there at the moment!!Thats obvious! But you know what i meen someone that will put everything on the line! Someone with passion


05 Mar 2012 12:01:13
Inter Milan taking a look at Evertons Ross Batkley. Cant see him leaving except for a premier league club personally(3)(14)Why would Inter look at Ross Batkley? Surely Ross Barkley is better.Window shop all you like, but, unless you av 50 mill to spend, don't bother opening the door.


05 Mar 2012 11:35:22
George Boateng is being allowed to leave Nottingham forrest on loan to league one side Walsall until the end of the season(11)(11)


05 Mar 2012 10:50:21
peter reid next tranmere rovers manager(8)(17)Ronnie moore confirmed as new managerWhy do they need another manager? ronnie moore has only just joined


05 Mar 2012 10:18:44
Word is from a source close to Chelsea is that the reason as to why AVB was sacked, was not the fact that the result wernt the best but that Torres, Lampard, Cole, Drogba and Cech had all told Mr Abramovich that unless he was gone by the end of the month they would be going in the summer! Another knee jerk by RA! Player power is very big over by the bridge! The only was Mourinho will return is if he apogizes to RA! Don't expect that to happen!
All truth {Ed001's Note - you are clueless. Mourinho and Abramovich get on very well and Jose would have no need to apologise at all.}(17)(9)Funny... because Abramovich has today been quoted as telling the team the sacking is their fault and he plans a mass clear-out this summer!

Know your facts!Thats slightly harsh there Ed, i have actually heard the same bit of information. My uncle is a security officer at Stamford Bridge and works inside and he said the day after the loss to west bromich albion about 8:45 Lampard, Cole, Torres Cech ramires and drogba had all been to see the man in power. Also their relationship was strained thats why Mourinho left he and Abramovich had a fall out and Mourinho had gone. Dont get me wrong things are better but he does want a sorry for him leaving the club. {Ed001's Note - rubbish.}Outsider looking in
Problems will remain at chelsea as long as the old guard are there ie terry ,lampard ,drogba player power will only drag the club downMourinho and Abramovich patched up their differences ages ago.

Bazza {Ed002's Note - Just to clarify some of these points. (a) AVB was sacked because the performances were poor and there was no improvement. (b) An independent review of the training had concluded the side to be one dimensional and predictable. (c) Mr Abramovich and Mourinho get on fine. (d) The heading in the Daily Telegraph is poorly written and the article makes no mention of the players being blamed for AVB's sacking. The player were however held responsible for some of the poor performances. (e) Anyone going to Stamford Bridge at 8:45 would not have found Mr Ambramovich or any of the players there. They were all travelling to the training facility at Cobham in Surrey - with the exception of Mr Abramovich who was elsewhere at that time.}LOL at a security guard hearing anything other than the rattling oh his keys...If chelsea want to improve things,overhual the team,bye bye,terry and lampard for a start,as for cole to overated.To save time and money Chelsea have already sacked there new manager!The guy that sed about the security vuadd didbt say he heard anythingY would Mourinho apologise to RA? he was sacked, he didn't quit just to add to ed's list as to why this article is bsMourinho didn't gt sacked! He walked! He had a bust up with RA about a financial situation and about some of the players! How is that him getting sacked? He walked out of Chelsa hence the apology!Mourinho was sacked...end of! Anyone that thinks otherwise is clueless... Mourinho has already been approached bye RA as to weather he would be interested in returning...why would that happen if RA wanted an apology ?

LeicesterLadMourinho wasn't sacked Abramovich was getting annoye with the fact that they hadn't won a champs cup and he had a pop at mourinho so he said fk you and walked! Why would RA, if he sacked him, return to him and say would yoU like your job back that is saying he is wrong and he doesn't ever do that! Mourinho is the one 'buying a house' in London! He is creating speculation! He's a very clever man! Think about it!
KnowHe would offer him the job back because he was the only successful manager you have had since RA took over..simple really!


05 Mar 2012 10:15:26
Luke Varney is on his way from Pompey(27)(6)He'll be off to Blackpool cant blame him, leaving a sinking shipI hope they don't fold tbh it would ruin the season, I don't support Pompey either!I thought they couldnt do any deals :/Would love him at pool again but now oystons daddy has all the money he wont be coming


05 Mar 2012 09:57:13
Jake Jervis to go on loan to Walsall to the end of the season after Ryan Jarvis' loan move to torquay.(2)(6)I thought you could only play fot 3 clubs in a season. He has already been on loan to Swindon, Preston and has turned out for BrumThats true he cant go to walsall and as for carter u av no chance he is on a big wage ,it seems ever player is signing for walsall how many teams they got


05 Mar 2012 02:29:38
Norwich City are looking to invest in youth and are planing to swoop for macclesfield town defender and Wales U21 international Elliot Hewit, 17, although he is also being targeted by bigger clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea Norwich are confident they can land the young player(6)(6)Why would he join a club with no youth set up? Come back and try again when yolu have a proper football club.

Why make such an aggressive and comment about our lack of youth set up when you clearly know absolutely nothing about Norwich City Football Club, nor have you done any research on the subject that is obvious and is referred to as lazy journalism

We already have a state of the art training ground that includes a full academy and is a member
of the FA Premier League Academy that cost in excess of 6/7M when it was completed approx 8 years ago.
Norwich have also recently announced they plan to invest the required amount of Investment and extra facilities to apply and qualify for the newly soon to be established FA Class 1 academy status, which enables these clubs to sign players from non qualifying academy's at agreed relatively low compensation rates that are being fixed by the FA. The policy is meant to raise the standard of coaching at the elite academy's and the ability for these clubs to bring in the best talent.


05 Mar 2012 00:12:36
PP is due to meet later today with Chariman Ben Robinson to decide if he has a future at the club and i is believed that he will lose him job and that Mark Robins is a posible replacment as he was at the game against southend saturday however could have been one of a few but PP is expected to leave you heard it first(3)(6)My choice would be paul buckle did well at torquay his sides always play nice football and is availableTorquay scout attends burton matches often talking to him saturday buckle fancies the job


05 Mar 2012 00:11:56
Pompey have made enquires about joining the southern league and groundsharing with havent.(24)(22)If they go bust, which is on the cards, then they will go to the wessex league 5 to start again, with Henderson in goal, i just love that mans loyaltyFor all the dumb people on here. We would go into BSB South, BSP Premier or League 2. This has been confirmed due to ground size, club support etc.Actually you would go into the Wessex league,and you would be the havent(any money)sharing with Havant and WaterloovilleThe lowest Portsmouth would go down the pyramid (if we go bust) would be Conference South. This is due to away support size. This was all confirmed last time Pompey were close to liquidation (2010). End of. Thank you.


05 Mar 2012 00:00:43
Estonian midfielder/ striker Ats Purje Is expected to sign for league one side Walsall before Saturday, Purje is a free agent following his release from Cypriot side Ethnikos Achna
and was a regular in the Estonian national side before he became a free agent

Darren Carter is also expected to sign for the league one side(7)(4)



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