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08 Jul 2013 22:52:52
Any truth in the rumour that Joe Mattock of SWFC might be on his way to Carlisle?

God I hope so.

Left back is what where after but we have two training with us



08 Jul 2013 22:48:17
Middlesbrough are among 5 teams looking to recruit Billy Sharp. Gibson is prepared to spend on a striker. Southampton are asking for £850K + for the hitman. Notts Forest, Doncaster and Leicester on list.

Yeah 850k plus 1m!

We're asking 1.2m, Doncaster have fabled a bid of 850k

Billy Sharp is set to sign for Doncaster. He wants to move back in with his wife and child who lives in Sheffield.

09 Jul 2013 12:39:37
i doubt leicester are interested. they need all their money to hold onto key players this summer

Billy Sharp has his wife and Child living down in Dorset with him. He does not live in Sheffield, he has a house in North Yorkshire, ( Wetherby Area ).

09 jul 2013 12:57:09
take leicester off the list, would be great but with ffp coming into force now leicester are in a massive mess and pearson said no new signings any time soon

For those who may be interested I live in Boston Spa - not Sheffield.

Hiya billy :-) lol

Boro could be an option then? Every boro fans dream for billy sharp

Only an hours drive from Rockcliffe then!

Not so interested in were you live, just in you resigning for the rovers and firing us to the play offs bill. Go on lad you know it makes sense haha



08 Jul 2013 22:36:17
Wheater move put on the back burner after Bolton want £1 million and have started contract talks of their own. Mowbray pursuit of Chris Berra is on.
Danny Graham talks have apprently been productive and that Boro are top of a list of 4 interested teams.

Back burner? Don't you mean none starter.

After bolton want £1 million. i think you'll find bolton would want a bit more than that. the move is never going to happen stop kiddy yourself. wheater will sign an extended contract.

David wheater would run back to the boro given the chance he's boro through and through never wanted to leave in the first place he only has a year to go on his contract so anything is possible if a deal can be agreed between the clubs he would never turn us down he's one of our own

Trust me, David Wheater will not be going to Middlesbourgh, he's already in negotions for a new contract at Bolton, if he wanted to go he wouldn't be negotiating a new deal, plus he's a leading candidate to be Bolton captain next season, so I highly doubt that Bolton would want to sell him

This looks like an agent upping the antie prior to a new contract deal. Boro are not interested



08 Jul 2013 22:10:44
Italian press reporting Frederik Sorensen linked to Southampton. Playing for Bologna but co-owned by Juventus, 21 yr old who plays CB/RB.

Hes a great player and would make sense as a utility but we would have to offload a couple of cb players

st stuie



08 Jul 2013 21:54:17
Boro have taken Ross Turnbull back, don't know if he has signed but he is training with the squad that has not travelled to Portugal today



08 Jul 2013 21:38:07
Burton are set to include a number of trialists in their squad to play Ilkeston FC tomorrow. These include ex-Rangers striker Kane Hemmings and former Stoke midfielder Rory Delap.

Hemming is trialling with Southend and he's not good enough.

Anyone know what's happening with matt Patterson thought he had been offered a 1year deal

Doesn't look like Paterson will be with the Brewers this coming season.

Think Paterson is still negotiating his contract with Burton - he's going nowhere, was a massive influence on our fantastic season last year. GR will sign him and one other striker in the next week or two.

Paterson didn't accept the offer, and wasn't in the squad for the friendly last night. So I can only assume that he's looking for another club.

Rumour is the club have still not offered Pato a contract.

No contract has been put on the table yet. Unbelievable to leave him hanging out there after his fantastic performances for the club last season.

I cannot believe what I am reading here. Are you seriously saying that we have not offered one of our brilliant goalscorers from last season a new contract? I cannot believe that, Pato was outstanding and promised a new deal.

Great young player, great goals will score us 15+ this season when he signs.

Cannot believe Gary Rowett would not re-sign Pato after his acheivements last season, got to be a contract negotiation blip!

He wll have been offered as we would be due compensation if he does leave

He has been offered nothing, so we are entitled to nothing.

Can we have him at Torquay please? His goal was unbelievable and he ran us ragged - will have a word with Mr Knill if you haven't snapped him up. Yellows.

How do you know we have not offered him anything last time I saw anything about him anywhere we offered him something

Seems like a Paterson love fest on here, if he was as good as you are all saying he would have been signed by now. As it is, after Symes signed Rowlett is looking elsewhere.

He can't sign if he's not been offered anything.

Paterson was a breath of fresh air at Albion last season. Scored some really important goals, so the fans love him. Rowett has more money to spend this season so Paterson will only be offered a contract if he cannot convince a 'big named' striker to join. Pretty s***ty for the lad actually.

Again, if he was as good as you lot seem to think he would have been offered a deal by now and certainly before Symes got one. As it is Rowett isn't having him and he's the bloke to impress.



08 Jul 2013 21:35:56
Breaking Derby news:

Deal to be agreed with Millwall for defender Shane Lowry. (Somewhere in the region of £500,000 + James Bailey).

Doubt that very much unless lomas has got a couple of left backs lined up as Lowry is are only left back apart from Malone who has struggled since signing last summer. Lowry would be a loss but having seen Bailey play a few times he looks like a very good championship level Midfielder

Can he play centre back as well, think I read somewhere he can. If true would be a similar style of player to the Cov City player Cyrus Christie.

Clough after multi tasking defenders?

Probably won't sign another left back until other areas of team sorted, Bailey can be good, not seen enough recently to judge though

It's been completely dismissed by Steve Nicholson DET reporter for the Rams

I also heard he can play CB, I hope so because that's the area we need to fill.

Lets not forget that Nicho from the DET also kept denying we had made a bid for Russell, when we clearly had.

Lowry won't be going for small money he is an excellent CB and played LB all last season. Can also take free kicks you'd have to b over the million mark I recon.



08 Jul 2013 19:59:53
Peterborough United have had a bid of around 850k accepted for Aberdeen forward Niall McGinn. The frontman bagged 20 goals for the Scottish club last season and is thought to be a replacement for Dwight Gayle.

He's just signed a new contract and claim he wants to stay at Aberdeen. He ain't going nowhere.

Tell you what, if they offer 8.5million then we might think about it!

Posh have bid

McGinn signed a new contract at the start of the summer. Aberdeen are the sort of club that won't stand in his way if a big chance and acceptable bid comes in.

I don't think Peterborough are big enough.

If he has just signed a new contract he won't come here.
also I wouldn't just get one striker you could get a few decent strikers
how much exactly did Gayle go for?

£6m plus add ons

8.5 million,, you're having a laugh. The whole Aberdeen side isn't worth that amount let alone one player



08 Jul 2013 19:20:32
Jermain mcglashan will be a Bradford city player by the end of the week after a fee of 90k has been agreed with Cheltenham

This barely makes sense. Bradford release Zavon Hines (with whom they had an option to extend his previous contract) and are now rumoured to have agreed to buy Jermaine McGlashan for £90k. On their day, both are capable of scaring defenders with their pace. But both are mostly inconsistent, both go missing at times and both are sparing with their goals scored and assists. Why would Bradford want to pay good money for McGlashan?

Training with Bradford to keep up to fitness nothing more

Cheltenham wouldn't accept £90k you'd be looking at a minimum of £150k for McGlashan.

Wrong, Jon-Paul McGovern is on trial and has been offered a one year deal.

09 Jul 2013 09:11:45
In your dreams! There is no chance would we sell for £90k, you would need to treble that figure realistically.

Exceptional bargain if it's true, just depends whether he's really on Bradford's radar. Not convinced CTFC would want to let him go either.

Jermain mcglashan will be signing for bradford city at 90k he has agreed to sign a 2 year contract
Hacob M

Mcgovern is on trial no contract offered yet

He was brought in on £60K, while good player for us, I don't think he has been nowhere near as good for someone to start throwing crazy money at Cheltenham for him.

He might get good few offers once his contract ends, hopefully he'll have a good season and renew his contract here.

When did he agree this contract? He has been training with Cheltenham all week, and will feature in the friendly tonight against Evesham. He will not be leaving Cheltenham this season.

I'd speak to your "source" and let him know he needs to take his head from the clouds.

If we sign mgovern I will be so disappointed I would say he's past it but tbh he never really had it poor old footballer and will join the same list as Andy gray, Michael nelson and Ricky ravenhill who are all past it I wouldn't be disappointed to see any of them leave

Dream on, McGlashan would not leave Cheltenham for less than £150,000.

I think the fact he is playing for CTFC tonight says a lot - if another club really wanted him I think he'd already have headed off onto their pre-season regime to be honest.

From a preparation point-of-view, I don't think CTFC would want to have accounted for him in the plans at this stage and then let him go. But then, every player does have a price (still don't think £90K would be enough, CTFC are getting very financially savvy nowadays).

150,000 sheckles maybe

It would be perfectly reasonable tactic from CT to hike up the price for player they are in no rush to get rid off.

If someone REALLY wants him, they will pay premium rate and will allow manager to get another or few new players in the squad.

So to expect 150K is perfectly reasonable, even if you personally don't think player is worth that much. It's business after all.



08 Jul 2013 21:29:40
This one has been under the radar, but I am hearing that Wigan are looking at Jacob Mulenga and their is interest from the player. Currently playing at Utrecht and has a pretty impressive goal record.

Nottingham Forest have been interested in this player for more than a week now. It's been on tv

Wigan believed to be in the driving seat with the draw of European football

If Wigan can get this mon aswell we'll be on fire this season. O. C does not **** about.



08 Jul 2013 21:25:39
My family relative plays for millwall and he was saying other day that Steve Lomas has brought in Aaron Mclean, Nicky Bailey, Marvin Elliot and Roger Johnson.

The one I was more surprised about was Roger Johnson because it wasn't long ago since they he was playing in the premier league so I think it would be a great alongside Danny s***tu!:)

08 Jul 2013 22:23:08
Signed none of them

Roger Johnson is on way to much money for millwall to be able to afford, has for nicky bailey I hear QPR are looking at him and marvin Elliott would not wanna come back to the den

Would not want Elliott back showed a lot of potential when he was at Millwall first time round all that hype got to his head and he thought he was going to be a superstar well overrated now



08 Jul 2013 21:12:38
Ipswich are set to sign Peterborough striker Tyrone Barnett for £1m

Ipswich will not be spending 1M on anyone, especially on a player that isn't worth even half that amount.



08 Jul 2013 21:00:09
Barnsley to complete signin of lewin nytanga tomorrow

Hope this is true, Nyertnaga would be good singing. did well at Barnsley last time.

I'm sure I've seen somewhere he signed for Yeovil I might be wrong

Believe yeovil did make an approach but
nothing became of it

Not sure about nyatanga,
Yes did well on loan to us,
But it seems the potential seen him in never happened,
A the moment I don't see him as the competent central defender we need,

You are wrong ^

He was seen entring oakwell this morning by my cousin who was training

Great news. Good to have him back. Hope he's as good as he was before.

Nytanga as always had the potential to be a great defender, as we well know from his time at Oakwell. He as come at the best time possible, the coaches will have in tip top condition in no time and no doubt playing the best football of his career.
Great soon to be signing needed a commanding powerful defender for the back line, another very good signing for the Super Reds. Can't wait for the games to get started COYR!

I hope I am wrong,
But I stick to what I say, he was tipped to be a world beater, and yet no prem league clubs have shown intrest,
He's gone on to play for Bristol city who have conceded more than us, and plays for Wales that leak more than Yorkshire water,
No better than what we have?

He has signed a 2 year deal, got to be better thanMCNULTY

Nyatanga signed 2 year deal with Barnsley now on official website. Good signing.

He's signed according to bbc. Coming together nicely the squad we have assembled I would say

Signed today, 2 year deal, free transfer. Great pick-up

Signed 3 year deal

Just signed 2 year deal, on official site. Do for me :)

Don't be daft Steve! Rate signing him and Cranie at the back could be the start of a good relationship {Ed003's Note - why have a debate and not leave your name? }

Steve - Your poem above about Niteanga doesn't even rhyme!

Yes you could be right nyatanga and crainey could work a treat, and it sounds a good pairing,
I was personally hoping for a more experienced defender,
But I've been watching barnsley 37 years and he gets my full support just same as anyone who pulls on the shirt.
P. s I've never been much of a poet.

Lewin nyatanga na na na lewin nyatanga! Loved him when he was on loan and now we've signed him! YOU REDS!



08 Jul 2013 20:47:06
Fulham & QPR have agreed a fee ( undisclosed) for Adel Taraabt. Jol has tried to sign him twice b4 at both Hamburg & Ajax & it was the big Dutchman who 1st bought Adel to England. Both openly speak highly of each other. Could be a done deal as early as Saturday.

Qpr would be mad to sell him, the lad pretty much got them promoted by himself. He is too good for the championship but not good enough for the premier league!

Already a done deal, Jol & Adel met informally last month & Harry ok'd the deal

His ego is a nightmare and could really be a destabilizing influence. Hopefully berbatovs towering ego will quash it and allow the guys obvious footballing talents to show.

He is not for us, undoubtably talented but a total nutcase. Would be far more trouble than he was worth!



08 Jul 2013 20:27:27
Brighton have renewed their interest in arsenal young centre back Inasi Miguel on a season long loan deal

Highly rated at Arsenal, plays in cup games, has a bit of pace - needs regular football to step up - very useful.

Plus Spanish

Sounds good

Have heard that he is going to sign for reading. Brighton are lining up another Spanish replacement. A shame as Lopez is a very popular player with the Brighton fans.

Brighton need to sign players and stop trying to loan players left right and centre.

We can loan better players than we can buy but yeah I do agree with that

Just bought Upson which is good

I've heard that Brighton are after a 25 year old spanish midfielder. Can't remember what club he's at, but the club want to cut down on wages.

Cases is his name



08 Jul 2013 20:24:23
Nyatanga in talks with Barnsley ( today Monday ) about
signing for the reds on a 2yr contract

Hope this is true

Will Be A Good Sighing, If He Performs Like He Did When He Was With Reds Last Time Around.

Cranie and Nytanga at the back = class

Agreed! 2 Good CB's!



08 Jul 2013 20:21:22
Jack Midson is considering offers from Colchester, Stevenage and Crawley

Would be good for crawley they can have Alexander if theyvwant

Neal Ardley said afc wimbledon hadn't received any offers for any of our players. 3 teams won't have offered money that much

Couldn't agree more. Midson to Crawley in exchange for the carthorse Alexander

Can't see Colchester being in for him;

They have 1 shaky keeper & no left backs so those areas are priority!

In forward positions already have Watt, Massey, Ibehre, Sears, Morrison, Wright & Ladapo

Would love him at stevenage



08 Jul 2013 19:41:48
Leeds on the verge of signing Gary Mackey-Steven and with the possibility of signing tommy Rowe in a few weeks if the 2 clubs can come to an agreement

Wouldnt be a bad signing at all :)



08 Jul 2013 19:58:48
Rory delap training with the brewers.

He played last night

Looked old, but composed! Would be a good addition to the squad, but not at any price!

Reminiscent of a Dave Mackay type player (even if only against Ilkeston) looked calm on the ball and can pass it out from the back.



08 Jul 2013 19:42:33
Peterborough United director of football, Barry Fry, believes he is close to selling club record signing, Tyrone Barnett, to an unnamed championship club.

Fry insists Posh are seeking to recoup as much as possible of the £1.1 million they paid to recruit him from Crawley Town last year.

Fry declined to name the club interested, but Millwall are known to have made an enquiry for Barnett last month.

Millwall can't afford a mill

Oh yes they definitely could! But from what has been said about his injuries I doubt we would want him 'NOW'! You'll be ;LUCKY' to get half a mill for him?

You'll be surprised with the amount of budget millwall have got this season but they won't be willing to shell out jus under a million for a player who struggled after his move from Crawley. The enquiry was made three weeks ago so if anything was to come from it, it would of happened by now.

Peterborough telegraph saying blackpool

Millwall can afford more than a million but barnett isn't worth 500k 1 goal last season and he's worth 1.1 million dcored for fun with crawley but in leauge 2 not championship how can he be rated at 1.1 million

Who said he was rated at a 1.1 million? Just that posh want to get as much of their money back as possible

From a Peterborough Fan, Probably wan't a peterborough fan who put this and probably wasn't a peterborough fan who said you ain't got a million so chill your selfs, most posh fans know that if you offered 500K we would rip ya hands off cause even then you would of overpaid for him

The fact is that POSH do not really play a game suited to a player like Barnett. I think he would do well in a big strong physical side which from what I have seen of Millwall the last couple of seasons would suit them down to the ground. Whether he is worth a mill - well that's a different story

I agree with all that

btu definately not 1m



08 Jul 2013 19:19:45
Readings lawson dath off to Cheltenham town on a season long loan he's keen to go and show the fans what he can do after an injury prone loan there last season {Ed029's Note - I'd be very surprised if this was true. Adkins has him training with the first-team along with 5 other youngsters with a view to giving them a chance this season.

Can't see it to be honest at least league 1 is what reading will want I think

Won't be going out on loan. Been training so first team and is a part of Adkins plans

Would be great to see D'ath and some of the other youngsters get a try in our 1st team!

09 Jul 2013 09:13:36
I don't believe Lawson would make our first team now, decent young player but could only make the bench for us last season.

Is this another sentimental thing? I'm sure all he cares about is showing the fans what he can do at Cheltenham. Quite rightly said he's training with the first team and like every player that does the rounds in the lower leagues, his chance at the high level has to come sooner or later. Good on Adkins for giving him a go.



08 Jul 2013 18:16:48
PSV striker Tim Matavz is attracting interest from Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham and Cardiff City with a fee of £5-7m thought to be enough to prize the striker to their club

Please let this not be true. Such a wortheless striker. Not good in the eredivisie So not good enough voor the prem.

Spend some money otherwise your going back to where you came from you need quality and balance at present you have none.

That why we finished 14th last season ^^^ lol

Back to where they came from? you must be on about a blip in the clubs history seeing as they spent 26 years in the top flight of english football before being relegated.

22 goals in 55 games for PSV last season and Etien Velikonja's cousin. Coincidence?



08 Jul 2013 18:29:01
Anyone heard the rumour that Dean Parrett will be signing for Notts County next week?

Well it is mentioned in the 3 posts below yours. so YES



08 Jul 2013 17:47:38
notts county will sign Dean Parrett next week. notts are also in talks with Matt derbyshire

Welcome to him



08 Jul 2013 17:43:59
notts county will sign Dean Parrett next week.



08 Jul 2013 17:16:42
Billy Sharp is in talks with Reading and is expected to sign before the close of the week. Reading are also trying to secure Graham Dorrans from WBA who has been told he can leave if the club receive a suitable offer thought to be approx £2m.

Sharp will sign. Just some finer details to agree and it's done. Contrary to some 'rumours', Forest haven't agreed a fee with Southampton and nor have Doncaster Rovers.

No approach been made for Dorrans though, I'm not sure where you got that from.

08 Jul 2013 19:16:57
He won't sign for you, he hates Adkins and check his girlfriend's twitter page, no truth in the rumours {Ed029's Note - She said they wouldn't put a potential move in jeopardy by confirming anything online, but after a deal was done they would be honest with his 'fans' and confirm who he spoke to.

Its the power mad cortese that shipped him out on loan not adkins.



08 Jul 2013 17:15:08
Bradford City have offered Jon-Paul McGovern a one year contract.

Doubtfull its not a position we looking at

He is currently training with us and has been offered a one year deal.

He's training with us but has been offered nothing yet.



08 Jul 2013 17:15:05
As I thought, James McFadden travelled to Spain with the Squad today along with two trialists. Happy Days.

2year deal waiting for him to sign believe 1of trialists is Lionel ainsworth

Oh, is there a club in the UK called The Squad? Detail, if you don't mind.



08 Jul 2013 17:15:00
Owain Fon Williams has penned a two year contract extension with Tranmere.
Rovers also have Jason Koumas training with the squad trying to prove his fitness to earn a deal.

Tranmere website has confirmed both of these



08 Jul 2013 17:03:23
Heard from a source close to the club that Boro will name two new signings once they return from Portugal. Both are free agents, defender and striker. He wouldn't name names

Striker is Ebanks blake

Well that narrows it down then! lol!

Hope it isn't ebanks Blake he's got broken leg

Who knows with the Boro. Expect the unexpected! I hold my breath with anticipation! lol!

Two strikers coming in Danny Graham on loan and Carlton Cole if he is prepared to lowerhis wages demands, hence the reason for Mowbray leaving signings until crunch point.

It can't be Blake, he wouldn't pass a medical. Have you seen the news on Austin today. ? He failed a medical at Hull. Deal off

Boro are going to sign liverpools winger ossama assidi on a season long loan



08 Jul 2013 17:20:05
Charlton looking at Luke Moore or Sam baldock with obika also coming in. Charlton also looking to bolster there midfield with Stephen gleeson a target



08 Jul 2013 16:54:48
Gutted for the Ipswich and Blackpool fans who thought Tranmere keeper Owain fon Williams was a 'done deal'.

Not really that bothered, will stick with Matt Gilks cheers

As a blackpool fan I'm gutted we can't sign a lower league quality keeper when we have matt gilks who is probably one of the best keepers in the champ.

Don't think either sets of fans really cared. Would have only have been 2nd choice anyway.

Gutted? No. From a Tranmere fans poll most of you wanted rid, all blamed him for your poor end of season finish

Never believed it was a done deal anyway not all gullible mate!

Yes I'm sure we're all gutted to Miss out on a reserve keeper from Tranmere, strange post.

He's are first choice keeper not a reserve.

He'd be Our (and Ipswich's) Reserve keeper was the point I was making



08 Jul 2013 16:47:17
Movement at West Brom this week. Odemwingie will go to Palace while Kalou will come in.

Hope so

I hope this happens would like him at palace

Why would you want a 32 soon to be 33 year old on 35k a week who is not that great at scoring anymore, it's not even like he gets many assists.

Are you deluded he is a proven goal scorer and still has 3-4 years left in him

3-4 left in him? Haha he's no Kevin Phillips! Whenever he goes off form he has miraculous ankle injury as his excuse. He only enjoys it at a football club when there are no competition for places, he loved his first season at WBA then Shane long comes in and he wants to leave, same story at lokomotiv Moscow. Now I realise why they made the sign thanking us that we took him from them!

Yeah a proven goal scorer does not always perform if he there passed there sell buy date. Don't want him at palace.



08 Jul 2013 13:36:57
Any news on the transfer hunt at Reading Ed, gone a bit quiet? {Ed029's Note - Only what we already know:- Sharp is in talks with us and Forest; the club want two more players (at least) before the start of the season.

No chance at all sharp will sign for another club managed by adkins, he severely dislikes him to say the least. if he goes anywhere other than forest it will be leeds or donnie {Ed029's Note - Apparently that is not the case. It was Cortese who chose to loan him out and not Adkins. I still fancy Forest for his signature, but he is supposed to be talking to Reading this week.

09 Jul 2013 11:43:56
then why did sharp publicly criticise adkins saying he need to go to specsavers if he can't see that he would score goals at any level



08 Jul 2013 16:40:38
Paul McShane has signed a new two year deal at Hull City this morning.



08 Jul 2013 15:22:37
Heard from a reliable source that Derby have had a £250,000 bid rejected by Wolves for defender Roger Johnson.

Doubtful any championship club could match the contract he's on and he won't sign for less. Wolves are stuck with him unless they can get him to agree a settlement.

Must be on a decent wedge at Wolves. Heard around 30 grand per week?

I think with Clough saying we have to sell before we can buy it would mean it is unlikely we could offer him a competative package.

Wolves may have to pay half of his an ohara's for the rest of their contracts in order to ship them.



08 Jul 2013 14:54:36
Marko Dmitrovic is due to sign a 3 year contract at Watford after impressing whilst on their training camp in Italy.

On trial at the moment, he will be judged over pre season, hold your horses.

He's not even played a game yet. I find this highly unlikely.



08 Jul 2013 14:21:05
Ipswich are on the verge of completing the swap deal with Bristol City regarding Anderson and JET, Bristol have replaced Anderson with Wagstaff from Charlton.

Why would they need to replace Anderson with Wagstaff when they are getting JET. (done deal now)

Done deal!, next free transfer!

Hope sod gets the best out of jet if he does then its a great deal but he's had two poor seasons let's get behind him bcfc

JET and Wagstaff are both posing in City shirts on the official website.

Anbderson has gone the other way.

Do Ipswich fancy anymore of our players?

Didn't know big Mick was a secret city fan. not disapointed with the ins and outs at Ashton gate so far. still a few more to come. any predictions or confirmed transfer news. who do you fancy c in down there this yr. looks like were set for some good football. eres hoping. coyr.



08 Jul 2013 14:08:47
Millwall defender Shane Lowry is set to sign for Crystal Palace in a deal worth £300,000.

Worth more than 300,000 wouldn't need to sell for less than 1 million.

Not a chance he's our main left back easily worth 3 million

300. 000 crazy!

Let's hope so

300k, laughable.

300k!! More like 2. 5/3m

Wtf are we trying to get him we are premierleague and his championship level at best



08 Jul 2013 14:49:09
Brentford will sign Martin Fillo who has been on trial with them on their Pre Season tour to Germany.

Yes they will. Or no they won't. 50% chance of being correct though - good post.



08 Jul 2013 14:47:48
Rangers are going to sign Bilel Mohsni whilst Southend are set to sign Charlie Lee and are having a look at four trialists for the second time which are Kane Hemmings, Ben Coker, Clevland Taylor and Bruno



08 Jul 2013 14:22:17
David Villa to Spurs and Beneteke could join if Defoe leaves to join stoke for 6 Million

David villa has agreed to join athletico Madrid so won't be coming to any English team

Wrong on every level. Villa has gone to another Spanish club, Benteke will not go to anyone not in the CL, and nobody outside of Spuds could give two figs what happens to Defoe

Going to Athletico Madrid mush

We will not get defoe his wages are to high and he loves london to much it will not happen.

Benteke has said in an interview he will definitely not be leaving Aston Villa this summer, so I guess you are wrong & Villa is close to joining Athletico Madrid

Oh dear I think David villa is going to arhletico Madrid. If you think villa will let benteke go for 20 million dream on

"Benteke has said in an interview he will definitely not be leaving Aston Villa this summer, so I guess you are wrong". Is the same Benteke that has handed in a transfer request?




08 Jul 2013 14:06:24
Ipswich Town:


Christophe Berra - (Wolves) - FREE
Dan Seaborne - (Southampton) - FREE
Dean Gerken - (Bristol City)- FREE
Paul Anderson - (Bristol City)- JET swap


Jay Emmanuel-Thomas - (Bristol City)- PA swap

The Anderson/JET deal should be concluded on Monday

Seabourne was rubbish at AFCB on loan. So many mistakes.

Its done



08 Jul 2013 13:57:37
Nathan Delfouneso is due to have at medical at Blackpool this week after the two clubs agreed a fee and Nathan agreed terms. He favoured the move back to Blackpool over Wigan

Nonsense, Wigan were interested but backed out as they didn't want to pay what Villa wanted for a player they want rid of!

Blackpool due to sell Thomas Ince for decent money so therefore happy to agree a fee that works for both clubs!

Are you sure you are not thinking of his brother {Ed003's Note - they are linked wifh both}

Would love this to be true



08 Jul 2013 13:40:31
Austin set to sign today from burnely for 4.5 million with 750k going to Swindon

also hull set to sign south African striker called Katlego Mphela and also William Palaicios is set to sign from stoke for 1.5 million

city are also looking at Luke Moore from Swansea to add more options to the strike force

Sorry to see Charlie go but all the best.
Swindon will get less about 400K
15% sell on from PROFIT
Also cash will not be up front probably structured over 3 years so no lottery win

Burnley will miss him

Swindon are due 20% sell on fee for Austin so will get around 900k.

Yeah it's from profit so more like 350-450K

The correct figure is 20% not 15

Austin will get the goals, if Hull can get the ball in the oppositions penalty area. Side to side and backwards football will only leave him upfield isolated and totally ineffective. Thanks for the memories Charlie.

Swindon will get 20% from whatever burnley receive for Austin profit doesn't come in to it.

As I stated already Swindon to receive around 900k, don't know where you get the bit about profit but Check vital Swindon confirms on there how much Swindon will be due.



08 Jul 2013 13:37:50
Bristol City news


Jay Emanuel Thomas
Scott Wagstaff both to be completed today
John-Joe O'Tolle
Billy Sharp if a deal can be reached


Baldock to Burnley
Davies to Middlesabrough
Fontaine to Yeovil for 50k
Kilkenny to Yeovil for 50k

Sharp won't sign for you he wants championship and prem football

Sharp won't go to bristol city. he's off to championship with either forest or doncaster

No, the only CB Yeovil want from Bristol City is Nyatanga, Fontaine and Kilkenny are useless and way too expensive for GJ's wage structure.

08 Jul 2013 18:57:39
Sharp won't go to Doncaster as they can't afford him and he wants a promotion chasing team. Donny can't match Readings £1.8m offer.

08 Jul 2013 19:12:28
Forest & Reading favourites for Sharp.

Sharp will go to Reading trust me

Sharp won't go reading. he's already failed a medical there 2 weeks ago. I know this as i'm a saints and sharp fan

50k for Fontaine easily 750k or more. A couple of years ago we excepted an offer from Southampton which was 1mil so he would never go for 50k

Please take Kilkenny



08 Jul 2013 13:04:20
Sam Walker to rejoin Colchester United.



08 Jul 2013 12:55:25
Mansfield Town are chasing Matt Derbyshire from their neighbours Nott'm Forest to replace Matt Green

Are you sure you don't mean Mansfield is located next to Derbyshire in Notts. Surely that's the only explanation!



08 Jul 2013 12:40:57
Reading FC are looking to loan in young Lyon striker Mohamed Yattara with the option to sign him next season. Yattara was on loan at ES Troyes last season.

The speed

I hope so!



08 Jul 2013 12:37:00
Rhys Williams has rejected the chance to join Bolton from Boro. Boro accepted a bid from the Reebok club last week.

They wouldn't dare accept a bid for rhys

Doubt it. Mowbray rates Williams highly, and I can't see the clubs agreeing a fee for Boro's captain with absolutely zero publicity.

Very over rated in my eyes and injury prone, boro will sell any player for the right price if it helps us in the long run i'd sooner williams went than steele

They didn't accept a bid Rhys has a 5.5 million pound release clause in his contract which Bolton triggered

Bolton offered 6m for him before and there was no clause then just as there isn't now lol! I'd be happy to see him go for 1, 2 or even 3m if it meant the money would be invested because I totally agree with the guy above he's massively overrated IMO



08 Jul 2013 12:24:56
Rumors is that Fryatt will be off to milwall as Charlie Austin has singed

08 Jul 2013 13:24:56
I used to know matty back in his walsall days and unless a lot has changed he won't move to london

08 Jul 2013 13:39:34
Why will that matter? Austin and Fryatt are at two DIFFERENT clubs

That makes no sense

08 Jul 2013 14:54:15
He meant hull have signed austin so matt fryatt will be allowed to leave hull

08 Jul 2013 15:55:01
08 Jul 2013 14:54:15
He meant hull have signed austin so matt fryatt will be allowed to leave hull


But Fryatt is a Leicester player? he was only on loan at Hull

08 Jul 2013 17:45:08
Fryatt is not on loan at hull, he signed for them full time a couple years back

No he isn't, where have you been living? He moved to hull in 2011



08 Jul 2013 12:23:03
jose fonte is soon to be reunited at crystal palace

As a saints fan. can they take Jos too please? too slow for the demands of the PL

I watch saints home games fonte has rarely let saints down trouble is saints have purchased players who are more in favour not better. Good luck palace



08 Jul 2013 11:43:06
Danny Graham to Middlesbrough on loan now altidore has signed Steven Fletcher already at the club and di canio a fan of wickham the deal looks more likely. Scott McDonald looks set to return to Celtic with Hooper looking to go to either Norwich or hull

Hooper isn't going to hull

Haha stop been daft ad keep the mac me graham ain't going to get 20 goals and he never wanted us over the macs so dnt bother me if we don't get him the juke will get us goals just watch

This would be such a good move for boro, serious signs of intent if we can get graham, winger and defender



08 Jul 2013 11:33:36
Bradley Wright Phillips to Bradford if Nahki Wells moves on to Burnley now Charlie Austin has switched to Hull. Will take silly money with add ons to prise him away!

Silly money for Wells? Doubt it, unless Bradford consider around £1-1.5mil 'silly money'

Wells deal already sorted along with Baldock, Bailey, Ambrose and Chaplow just waiting for Austin deal to be tied up to release funds.

It would take more than £2M to sell Wells. Bradford do NOT need to sell. so only £2M plus will even tempt the chairman

Bradford do not need to sell wells that is why they are saying silly money would only get him i. e over 2.5 million he is not proven so for me he can stay at Bradford

08 Jul 2013 15:28:58
Highly doubt burnley have 5 players lined up waiting for one transfer. Maybe one or two but 5? Come on be real. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't sign anyone that's commanding a fee and just stick to the free agents like the chairmen stated last month

08 Jul 2013 16:02:07
has a bantam fan I can tell you Burnley have offered £1.5m with add ons on top rising £2. 25m with a 20% sell on clause but that doesn't mean city will accept

Since when has a deal been done for Nahki, Already confirmed by PP he is not moving to burnley unless big money is shown, would be sad to see him leave but we'll find someone else.

Hooper is overrated and Celtic are dillusional for the amount of money they want for him

No firm bids for Wells, bantamfan, from a director

Austin has failed medical at Hull, so he is staying at Burnley and Wells is staying with Bradford! Fact!

The Austin deal has fallen through he's got a dodgy knee failed his medical

Dodgy shoulder*



08 Jul 2013 11:33:36
Despite various media reports Cheltenham have confirmed via their press officer that they are not interested in signing former youth team player Ryan Burge.

There is evidence he was contacted but he's not a priority anymore. Thank goodness.



08 Jul 2013 11:23:47
Former motherwell striker Michael higdon is in talks to sign for charlton

Big Higgy has signed for NEC in Holland this afternoon.

The same one that went to the Dutch league today?

His gone to holland!

That's funny he's just had a medical in holland for nec



08 Jul 2013 11:21:28
The rumour a few months ago, that Tranmere manager Ronnie Moore was in talks with a French striker, looks like is coming to fruition as a French striker is training with the club this week.

Yes apparently it is Sidney Govou.

Paul O



08 Jul 2013 11:13:16
leeds looking at paddy Madden of yeovil town

It's too late in the day for Yeovil to sell a key player. Johnson usually sets a key date, after that date the club will not except any offer for any key player.

(This was te case back in January when there was a rumour upson was going)

So I can't see this happening

08 Jul 2013 13:15:46
He's said on his twitter he isn't leaving

It would have to be an amazing offer at this time that overcomes some of the suggested 50% payment to Carlisle.

Unlikely to get him at this stage unless silly money is paid.

Leeds should be signing young talent even on loan, look how we'll chalobah did for watford, that's what we need, nick Powell or even try for chalobah

Why buy youth from other clubs when we have one of the best academy in england

It's Upson that Leeds are after.

Unlikely although not impossible that you'll get Upson this side of January. It would take a big offer but I'd be sorry to see him go.



08 Jul 2013 11:13:05
Cheltenham are set to take Yeovils young winger Lewis Young on trial.
Young made 15 appearances last season, 2 of which were starts.



08 Jul 2013 11:03:36
John Eustace to sign 1 year deal with the Rams today.

^ That did happen.



08 Jul 2013 10:46:09
Ipswich Ins

Konchesky - 600k
Wells - 1.2m
Barnes-Homer - 100k
Berra - Free
Blair - 150k

The only part of this to be feasible is Berra! The rest is horse.

We won't be spending this sort of money on players unless we sell Cresswell or another player for several million. Plus, Konchesky?! I sincerely hope not.

Wow, this is a great rumour. can see all of these happening! mate, please get real. the only likely one on there for me is Berra and maybe a very outside chance of Barnes-Homer but certainly not for that price!

08 Jul 2013 17:54:55
lionel blair or tony

What about kirk Broadfoot same was said believe it when we see it

09 Jul 2013 10:01:33
Matthew Barnes Homer is available for free!



08 Jul 2013 09:54:51
Hartlepool to finalise the signing of John Johnson by Thursday, following his release from Northampton.



08 Jul 2013 09:31:40
Brighton have been set a deadline of 48 hours to renew the contract of David Lopez ( Spanish Dave ) before his agent opens talks with a number of other interested clubs. Lopez has made it clear that he wishes to remain with Brighton but feels that the time has come to secure his future.

Get him signed up now, this is one that should not get away

Brighton should offer him a contract now. One of the best players in the squad. Also the best right winger, better than Buckley.

Hull city have placed a bid for will Buckley for 2.5 million but Brighton have rejected

Give Lopez a two year contract as the club did with ElAbd and get it over with

Sign him up! Spanish Dave was finding his feet at the end of last season and put away a few important goals, also a class act from the penalty spot!



08 Jul 2013 10:02:21
Leeds have offered wolves 900k for Jamie o'hara and offered bristol city 200k for Liam Fontaine

I'm not a Leeds fan, but please don't let the o'hara bit have any truth to it. Appalling attitude, thinks he's still premier league quality, completely deluded and just an embarrassment to whoever he plays for now

08 Jul 2013 12:45:59
If we only have to pay Leeds £900,000 to take OHara I will be a happy boy

I am a Wolves fan and I say please let this happen!

Not to mention injury prone.

I really hope o'hara goes.

No they have'nt

God I feel for Wolves fans. What a state their club is in. Stoke were here a few years ago and the link is Jez Moxey. two clubs he has left in tatters

After Liam Fontaines last season I won't mind him moving on, but I suspect with a fresh start away from his personal issues he could well return to being a top end Championship player.

I'd take ohara at leeds any day #lufc



08 Jul 2013 09:59:45
Bristol city look set to complete the move of ex-Colchester midfielder John joe o'toole today. Talks have been on going for weeks but today looks like he will finally put pen to paper and sign for the league 1 club.

Hope jet can regain the form sod got out of him at Doncaster has so much potential

It's Bristol ROVERS he will sign for not city

It's official jet completed his move from ipswich. with Paul anderson moving the other way. not a bad swap if he fullfills his potential.

He just signed for city lol

John Joe O'Toole isn't an 'ex' colchester player he still has a year left on his deal!

Jjo will sign next week for BRISTOL CITY sod is keen to add to his midfield and sees Jjo as the man



08 Jul 2013 09:20:34
Kris boyd to join up with old rangers team mate David weir at Sheffield united.

I'm a Killy fan and its been said up here he had been offered a 1 year deal with Sheffield united

Was he any good last year? I know he's not the same player he was at rangers, but I just don't want someone in their twilight years just coming to pick a wage up and potentially blocking the young lads, if he's fit and hungry fine get him in and get him scoring, if not please stay away



08 Jul 2013 08:07:50
A few whispers coming out of a few different sources at Brighton over the weekend. Shorey will sign, bridcutt will stay, Brighton turned down offer from reading for ulloa, ignacio cases coming in on loan, work in progress on loan signing of deolofeu and Nathan ake. Back up plans in place should a 4million pound plus offer be made for ulloa with the signing of jermaine Beckford in the pan

As if you would get deulofeu! either going to be in the Barca first team squad this year or going on loan to Spurs/everton

No way Ulloah will go in this transfer window now Oscar is head coach, he will certainly see how things go in the first half of the season, Bidcutt will not go but youngster Courtney Richards is ready to step into that position if need be

Brighton won't let Ulloa go. He joined in January so no way will he go 6 months after joining. Are you sure you haven't been looking at transfer rumours on Football Manager?

Did no one read that the person that posted this comment said that Brighton turned down an offer for Ulloa.
you can't blame Reading for trying though



08 Jul 2013 08:06:22
Doncaster will sign billy sharp and paddy kenny this week.

Please not Paddy Kenny

Better chance of winning Euro Millions I reckon.

Any if we do spend any decent money let's make sure its on a goalie don't forget he will earn his wages with us he could possibly be the player of the year and keep us in this division, as for sharpy we will need to give him a target man to work off plus the service will need to A1 for all our front men, but why would he want to come back to us? They say never go back to where you were succesful once as it is never the same.

Sharp has never needed a target man to work off (unless you count James Hayter)

Sharp was good with hayter but we've got Chris brown instead now and he's a much better target man than hayter ever was.

Paddy Kenny would be a brilliant signing don't know why you're all moaning

Sharp was very annonymous without another player up front with him.
Too small to compete for ariel balls out of defence - it just keeps coming back.
On the off cahnce that he did come back he would need Chris Brown up there with him or it would be a waste of money.



08 Jul 2013 08:00:02
burton set to loan derby goal keeper adam legzdinz after stuart tomlinson made a decision to retire due to indury



08 Jul 2013 07:38:08
Cheltenham are interested in signing Cheltenham-born and ex-triaist Ryan Burge after his contract expired at Port Vale.

08 Jul 2013 11:36:03
Club have said we are not interested and Burge was never a trialist but was on a youth contract after leaving Birmingham youth.

Been posted by the journalist who brought this story up that he was in contact with Burge's agent until he signed Richards, now that interest has died off.

08 Jul 2013 13:15:14
The club have since denied any interest and said this is nothing more than a rumour.



08 Jul 2013 07:29:38
Bristol City news :
JET and Anderson swap deal to be finalised later today

Ex Charlton winger Scott Wagstaff to sign this morning after medical at BS3 this will allow Albert Adomah to leave for Cardiff City in a £2. 5M plus add ons deal

Marvin Elliott to leave for a return to Millwall

Elliot's not going plus Cardiff have not bid 2.5 mil yes jet just needs to agree terms and we are signing wagstaff today wich is a good buy scored 17 goals for Carlton good for a midfielder

Cardiff don't want Adomah, Cardiff are getting tom ince from blackpool, Adomah isn't good enough either

Youve got a good signing there in Wagstaff - was a bit disappointed to see him released - will chip in with goals if given a run.

I'd like to see Marvin Elliott back at The Den, was gutted when he left all those years back. I think he would be a really good CM signing for us. Although I'd prefer us to pick up Chaplow on a permanent contract, as he looked great for us on loan last season.

Wouldn't mind seeing Elliot back down the den

I don't want Elliot back at the Den onwards and upwards with Chaplow.



08 Jul 2013 01:37:51
Tranmere look set to lose two players to the Championship. Max Power is the subject of a £100,000 bid from Doncaster while the Prenton Park outfit are ruminating over a £300,000 bid from Wigan for Wales Under 21 international Ashton Taylor.

Maybe substance in these rumours although I think the figures would have to be dramatically increased as we couldn't replace those to players with those amounts IMO

Dont think so, however I was in the club shop today and fowler was in there

We wouldn't take £100k for Power, he has the potential to be worth more than that next summer. Would take £300K for Taylor tho

Maybe he was settling his club shop account before leaving?



08 Jul 2013 01:13:35
Jean Yves mvoto to hold talks with Oldham athletic manager lee Johnson before he decides were his future is at

Played 45 min for Doncaster Rovers at Retford last weekend his mistake lead to Retford's 2nd equaliser.

Welcome to the risks you place on having JYM in your defence. He'll cost you a goal every 3rd game on average.

Yeah, he'll do that a lot. A lot more now he's in the Championship too

Mvoto does make mistakes, great in the air but not on the ground and can also misjudge the ball in the air. that's against low er league opposition.

Donny will get relegated with Dickov in charge due to his choice of players.

I would be very annoyed were I a Doncaster fan



08 Jul 2013 00:33:46
Jose Baxter has rejected the chance to move to blackpool. Oldham will sign Jamie Vardy on loan this week.

Baxter hasn't even been approached so wrong again. Which club will it be tomorrow.

As fro Vardy that isn;t true either as his wages would be too high as we on;t waste our money on just one player.

Burnley are taking a serious look at Baxter due to Charlie Austin going to hull.

That won;t happen either think that's the 20th club now who reckon they will sign him. Pity he's away training with Oldham.

Oh the joys of made up rumours plus Austin and baxter 2 different players and not a prolific striker.

Baxter is only at Oldham to put himself in the shop window. By the end of the window he won't be playing at Oldham.

Why would you want baxter

Why do all the Oldham fans think Baxter will be so loyal to them if a championship club comes in for him?
No offence but that club has probably hit its peak in league 1 whereas Baxter is already ready for the championship and may one day get back to the prem.

Ill put my house on it that baxter will stay

Any player, including Baxter, will move given the right circumstances. Sad but true.

Given the right circumstances Baxter will leave us, however everyone presumes we will accept peanuts for him, he was a free agent when he signed a new 2 year deal with us, as well as that we are debt free, new stand being built and a good financial position, were not rich but we would throw money away letting him go for cheap, makes no sense seen as he his happy to play for us until we receive a big money offer.

Anyone actually watch baxter last year? Yh he's good. But i'd rather have the money than have him in the team. When he wasnt playin towards the end of last season we played a lot better. We need a team not a player. he's too selfish tries too many flicks and glory passes. he's good but wouldn't lose sleep over him leavin us

As an Oldham fan Baxter needs another full season to see if he's ready as he still has lots to learn and even he admits that and will learn with LJ as his manager.

15 goals in his first season so beware of him scoring more this coming season as we also have pacey players around him now.

Maybe next season we may cash in on him but no need at the moment plus we have other players who will catch the eye of other clubs. KTF



08 Jul 2013 00:11:48
Billy Sharp could be ready for a return to Doncaster. John Ryan has put in a bid of 850000 for the ex Rover.

Is Sharp to Forest still on? If so then 850k won't cut it at all for a rival bid

Money would be better spent on a class keeper



07 Jul 2013 23:02:57
mansfield town set to announce the signing of hearn from grimsby town



08 Jul 2013 00:00:30
AFC Bournemouth have finally agreed terms with Simeon Jackson, the Canadian is set to put pen to paper on a £17k per week deal.

08 Jul 2013 03:40:16
£17k a week! I don't think so! £7k a week more like.

08 Jul 2013 08:45:49
It's nothing like 17k.

About time too! If True and there is very little doubt otherwise, then simeon Jackson is a class addition.

08 Jul 2013 09:43:38
But Bournemouth are very rich now so they can afford £17k a week easy:) They will be bigger than Southampton in two years. {Ed003's Note - =O }

As was stated no one at afcb is on anywhere near 17k a week and was more than likely 7k a week!

Having just got rid of DeMouge who was on high wages even if he played a total of 93minutes last season, I think that they had to get his wages so they could bring in a decent striker.

I think most of the dumb posts about AFCB are from bitter fans of other clubs. Most Cherries fans are sensible. We can't compete moneywise with Southampton. Even Pompey went bust, just to win the FA cup. £17,000 was mentioned but that's bull. Top earners at AFCB would be lucky to get £10,000 a week I reckon?

08 Jul 2013 13:49:33
I'd be surprised if its £7k, its not whether you can afford it its whether the whole squads wages are more than your paying income FFP. Think its 80% of you income? that's the problem the whole of the clubs in football league are up against at the moment.

SJ is back today and ready to continue his negotiations with EH



07 Jul 2013 23:46:59
Here you go guys. Bfc will be under new ownership next season. A very successful business man from Belgium has offered to buy the club and keep all staff. Can't see it costing him a fortune as cryne wants rid, albeit to the right person. Expect to see this happen on the clubs open day. Resource. Drunken conversation with a member of mr cryne's family. !watch this space!



07 Jul 2013 23:32:26
Grant holt expected at wigan for medical tomorrow, did not fly to austria with the rest of the team.

Ruddy flew out to Austria, not much in the chelsea deal except chelsea have had a bid rejected. seems as though Ruddy has no interest playing second fiddle with world cup coming up.

Leroy Fer expected to have a medical at Norwich on tuesday, his agent and the club have sorted out terms.

Everton have reopened interested in VW from Celtic.

Hope leroy fer is true, could be the best signing yet

LOL maybe we can take Wanyama from under their noses aswell! Think Fer will be a huge hit in the Prem, very physical.

Ruddy has said he sees joining Chelsea as an opportunity, so he does have intrest in joining the club

Don't like the way transfers are going the fee nearly always is quotes as undisclosed. One paper reports says we have sold Hold for £2m and another says £4m. I can understand keeping it quite until the deal is done or even until the end of the transfer window. But have that clubs should be made to reveal transfer fees paid.

Firstly Holt has not gone yet, ruddy has not said anything about Chelsea there is not one quote from ruddy anywhere

There's no quote because it was a private chat between neighbours

Holt will go an it'll be more for the 2 should be mad to pay any more then that, hope ruddy stays but every player has a price

Norwich haven't left for Austria yet. No-one is on the plane. Does that mean they're all leaving?!

Why join Wigan? I am shocked.

The lure of European football was too hard to resist!

To answer the previous posters question of why join Wigan, it is rumoured he wants to see what a trophy looks like and to play in Europe, let's face it he is unlikely to see either playing for Norwich.

In answer to the above. maybe he's board of playing in front of a packed out ground week in week out! I think all the noise messes up his sonic hearing abilitys, don't think he'll have that issue at Wigan!

Anyway this is a non argument, he wanted to leave to be closer to home and he would be 2nd if not 3rd choice striker for us.

You have got a legend and I hope he does well for you!

Ps, please smash ips****

Pps Superman wears grant holt pj's

And the fact that's he no good any more pointless keeping him he won't get games



07 Jul 2013 23:30:21
Strong rumours coming out of South Yorkshire that Doncaster are preparing a bid of nearly 1 million for former striker' Billy Sharp.

Don't be ridiculous, seemingly we can't sign free transfer players at the moment. We don't have a goalkeeper, having spoken to a dozen or so potential named goalkeepers. Lee Camp is free, spend the money on him sooner than Bill Sharp.

08 Jul 2013 08:47:36
they will have to pay more than that
add on about 800 000

The word on here is he's off to Reading



07 Jul 2013 22:53:35
Hull will complete the £4.5m signing of Charlie Austin tomorrow morning.

Burnley have acted fast in setting up deals for the replacement of Austin, with deals agreed with both Bradford City and Bristol City for the signings of Nahki Wells and Sam Baldock. Both players will cost around one million each, with substantial add on's in the deal for Wells based on Burnley's future success.

Source? As close to the horses mouth as you can get without feeding a Grand National winner.

So your source was Ruud Van Nistelrooy?

Austin is a natural predator feed him good balls and he ll score goals, he could be the difference between hull staying up or being relegated, i'm a burnley fan sad to see him go, hull have stolen austin 4, 5 mill, but with only 12 mths left on his contract beggars can't be choosers, good luck for next season, ps please don't come in for trippier he created so many assists for austin

I honestly think Bradford will want more than one million for wells even with add ons. He had a buy out clause of I think 1.2 mil last year. The buy out clause dosnt now apply as City were promoted but if they wanted over a million then I am sure they will want around 1. 5 now. But only time will tell. I think Wells is looking to move on to be honest and we should cash in while we can. Mind you try keep him this season and if he bags another 25 then we could sell him for a lot more next season which will help us in the championship lol

Untrue as Wells is worth around the figure quoted for Austin and for the umpteenth time Bradford don't need to sell Wells. So 1 mill will be way under a silly offer and can't see with add ons as Burnley won't be going anywhere fast in the coming future

I wouldn't rule out a Baldock move and a million quid sounds about right.

We will see.

Burnley to complete deals this week for,
Wells (Bradford)
Baldock (Bristol City)
Baily (Boro)
Ambrose (Birmingham)
Chaplow (Saints)

Wells isn't going anywhere until at least xmas. depending on how he's doing. and try at least 2 million burnley if your serious.

Not a chance any deal has been agreed for Nahki, all us City fans will say it again HE IS UNDER CONTRACT FOR ANOTHER TWO YEARS. It will take a bid of double that for any remote chance of a deal being agreed. He is our player!

£2m plus for Wells plus add ons and I think Parky will be tempted to sell. He was dropped for quite a spell remember last season, did very little the previous season and was released by the mighty Carlisle before that. So he is a gamble for City in League 1 let alone for anyone in the championship. So if Burnley or anyone else wants to give Parky £2m to take that gamble on I'd take it. City are protected by cash and add-ons and have the money to buy a PROVEN goal scorer. We would be mad NOT to sell!



07 Jul 2013 22:53:14
Bristol city are to sign scott wagstaff tomorrow on 3 year deal.

Love it - Bristol City now looking at the same players as the Gas - OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN!.

He's 23 and scored 17 goals for Carlton for a midfielder but a bad signing good spot sod

Well when it comes down to it whoever they are will still sign for city before your lot won't they bcfc



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