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08 Feb 2013 21:12:36
Gala to sign Man Utds Nani for £18.5 million in the summer



08 Feb 2013 19:26:04
Ed any more on the Phil Brown to the seasiders rumour or any other managers, latest I heard Coyles been ruled out {Ed003's Note - Isn't Brown taking over at Partick Thistle ? No loss if Coyle doesn't fancy rebuilding his career with us as far as I'm concerned.}

Rumours going round that Phil Brown is in talks with Blackpool with Ian Ashbee as his No. 2

08 Feb 2013 21:38:39
if the phil brown to blkpool is real I will love it going down going down ha ha

09 Feb 2013 11:06:33
BILLY Smart the latest name linked to the job as the pitch resembles a circus ring.

Owen Coyle is doing the waiting game, whereby he's waiting for a job which 'matches his ambitions'. Ooh, get Pep Guardiola. Personally, he's not all that and is like most typical managers: good for a while before ideas run out and players stop listening to him. A club that goes for a young left-field manager with a potentially bright future wouldn't miss much if they missed out on a wheezing self-satisfied average Joe like Owen 'Barclays Premier League' Coyle.

Can't see Phil Brown taking over at Partick Thistle, more likely to be someone in Scottish Football that will take that job.



08 Feb 2013 18:26:40
Ed003 any cov news m8 hear were getting couple of premiership players any truth in it? {Ed003's Note - Not heard anything yet mate}

People around Coventry saying there are some surprise "ins and outs", with Steve Jennings name been put about.



08 Feb 2013 18:02:23
Walsall now have a short list of 3 for the Assistant managers job. Zigor Aranalde, Tony Daley and Carl Emberson.



08 Feb 2013 17:42:24
Lee Trundle has been linked with a short-term deal at Tranmere after the striker left Preston by mutual consent this week. It is thought that the prospect of linking up with former Swansea teammate Andy Robinson at Prenton Park will tempt Trundle to Birkenhead until the end of the season when he will retire to focus on media commitments.

Lee has expressed is intention to go part-time and at the same time promote his pending media career. Not sure Ronnie Moore would want a part-time player in league1.

Trundle to sign 6 month deal with Blue square club. fact!

He isn't allowed to sign for a league club until the end of the season. Also if he isn't fit enough for PNE, he won't be fit enough for Tranmere. His future lies in Non-League and in the media.

Lee Trundel CANNOT sign for another league club till the bed of the season, as you cannot sign for another club outside the transfer window when you have already been registered. Non league is his only option

Trundle WILL sign for Cambridge United this week on a short deal.

Right i'm bored and in need of inspiration. Is there anyone out there who has a friend of a friend who has a dog that is in the know? Are there to be any new signings crossing the PNE threshold anytime soon?

No way Ridsdale will sanction new signings whilst GW's future is in doubt.

He can't sign for Cambridge for the same reason he can't sign for Tranmere. He can play Blue Square North/South and presumably League of Wales

How about signing for a BS S/N club only to be loaned out to another club (Cambridge Utd or Tranmere Rov say) until the end of the season (and the contract)?



08 Feb 2013 17:27:25
Mark robins to leave Coventry and to be appointed at HTAFC

I've never heard so much tosh in my life!

Reading the criteria for the new manager Mark Robins is the stand out candidate.

He hasn't read the job description then

Robins is going nowhere and only recently committed his future to the sky blues by extended his contract. Nice try but he is here to stay

He has cleared his desk and is set to join huddersfield



08 Feb 2013 17:07:46
notts have signed john cofie I thought we were going to sign a goalscorer the source for this is notts website

Another striker will be joining him.

Whos the other striker

David healy will also be joining on loan from bury



08 Feb 2013 17:06:52
Grimsby are set to see the back of two players in the coming days.
Fellows Blue Square Premier side Forest Green are close to taking striker Greg Pearson on loan after constructive talks today.
Another striker leaving is Anthony Elding, who is set to sign a short term deal with St Patrick's Athletic in Ireland.



08 Feb 2013 16:26:06
Portsmouth fc fans tonight will be amazed and disheartened as they prepare to share the saints ground till end of the season

No way! Saints can't afford the disinfectant.

What utter nonsense. There is no way this will happen. Neither set of fans would accept it. The Pompey Trust will soon take ownership of the club AND the ground.

Chinny will drag this out if he deosn't get what he believes is his, if the PDT argue the toss it's game over. The value of FP is higher than £2. 75 mil, that's why the PDT recently increased thier bid, Chinny will use that in court to justify his valuation. Pay up or cease to exist.

The Trust upped their offer only so as to give Chanrai a limited window of opportunity to close a deal at £3m, before the court case. If it goes to court, all the valuations will be below £3m. The key is that the judge insists on no further adjournments as we are getting closer to season end and, unless out of Admin by then, liquidation.

10 Feb 2013 10:43:35
The people that owe the money are long gone my friend or had you not realised that? Pompey will share with Havant and Waterlooville should they fold.

The people with the money are very much still with the Trust! The Trust has more than £1m in an escrow account and the high net worth individuals are still in place with additional funds, as is the loan that Portsmouth Council have offered and another being offered from Central Government, as stated in Parliament last week.

You screw the tax payer and expect the tax payers of Portsmouth and nationally to bale you out?

Get real, there is no way that any public funds will come your way unless there is a 100% security-and you have nothing to secure any loans against.

Your only hope is to get Findus to pay to graze a few horses on Fratton Park-along with the donkeys who normally "grace" the turf.

You really don't understand the situation or perhaps are too blinkered to want to. The reality is that the previous owners of Pompey 'screwed the taxpayer', not the football team, it's employees or it's fans. The club is now very likely to become community owned and as such fits exactly with the logic of 'Big Society' and what the local council wants to see. Local business and therefore the local council benefit greatly from the city having a professional football team as this brings people and therefore money into the city. So, by loaning the Trust money, it's a sound investment.



08 Feb 2013 16:23:43
Patrick Agyemang, John Akinde and Therry Racon have all joined Pompey subject to FA and Football League clearance.
Also reports that Benjani is on his way home to Pompey



08 Feb 2013 16:23:41
Lee Trundle has his contract terminated by mutual consent



08 Feb 2013 14:23:08
Danny Hylton will spend next week training with mk dons ahead of a proposed loan/perm move

Why would he start training with MK Dons BEFORE his contract is finished at Aldershot, when he is STILL an Aldershot player & is STILL going to be playing for Aldershot for another 3 months??

09 Feb 2013 11:47:05
Hope this isn't true, deafently not what we need in terms of strikers, & why get players in on loan & not play them, then send them back early, sort it out

We were the butt of so many "plastic" jokes (even though I used to support WFC), now we'll be the butt of more the way the team is being handled. For God's sake Winkelman, give our manager the funding he needs to achieve the things you want! Stop expecting miracles on the cheap!



08 Feb 2013 14:12:22
Galatasaray S. K are hoping to make a bid for Arsenal's Tomas Rosicky. Tomas is struggling to find first team action under wenger. It has been reported that Galatasaray could be launching a 3 million bid. Schalke, olympiacos are all hoping to pinch the czech star.



08 Feb 2013 13:08:18
Oxford in trouble after lenagan considering stopping support after announcing huge losses and is fed up after realising Oxford ain't got big fan base and crowds which are poor are getting worse

If you had actually bothered to read the report of the Fans forum you would know what a load of rubbish that is.

Maybe you should have been at the meeting and worry about your club's own demise

I also heard this rumour from a very good source very worrying indeed

09 Feb 2013 17:42:16
I have also heard this lenagan just saying what fans want to hear but can confirm we are in big trouble watch this space

10 Feb 2013 11:28:16
This was the talk of my local came from guy in the know



08 Feb 2013 16:10:11
Conner wickman arrives at swfc good sighnin



08 Feb 2013 14:18:07
Nicky Butt coming in as player manager, and bringing Paul Scholes as player assistant early next week in time for the leicester game



08 Feb 2013 12:37:31
Greg Pearson has left Grimsby to go to Kidderminster on loan till the end of the season. Also Anthony Elding has left Grimsby (mutual consent) to go to Ireland and play there, but not the team that has been reported (Sligo Rovers).

Also Grimsby looking to bring in a left back that can also play centre-back to strengthen and push the players a bit more.



08 Feb 2013 11:55:15
Sam Saunders to join Oxford Utd on loan from Brentford, until the end of the season. Brentford also being linked with a loan striker from the Premier League.

He's better than Oxford



08 Feb 2013 11:31:15
JIM GANNON to be named next Oldham manager in next 48 hours

Its dowie! to be announced at tomorrows game, he takes over on monday on 2 and a half year deal. got our mn at last.

Do wish folk wouldn't put things that aren't true about Dowie.

He was at Blckpool yesterday doing his sky role so very wrong with your rumour.

Watch next week as then you will know whose the manager, OK

Is that why dowies odds have now been shortened to 1/5?

I met Jim Gannon and he is still doing work with stockport so I can't see that happening

Wait til end of season, TP in role til then. All this otehr stuff is nonsense

Corney has said he wanted to appoint someone prior to the Everton game. He could've changed his mind. but why go out on a limb to say that in the first place. ?

It'll be Dowie 100% just as soon as Simon Corney gets back from U. S. A. on Thursday. "WATCH THIS SPACE"



08 Feb 2013 10:59:13
Pompey to sign John Akinde, on a monthly deal till end of season following his release from Crawley



08 Feb 2013 10:34:47
reports notts county are going to sign john cofie on loan from manchester united

No were not we been told were getting a proven goal scorer he isnt

Just confirmed on Web Site, good signing looking at his profile on MUFC web site, bit young without much experence but still apparently a good player. Now for Mr Steve Cotterill PLEASE!!

Omg I am physcic john cofie welcome to notts



08 Feb 2013 10:34:47
Huddersfield town to announce the new manager to the fans tomorrow against Cardiff. the new managers first game will be against Leicester in the FA cup.

Kevin Keegan?

Nicky Butt just seen at H. T. F. C. rather smiley. fact

08 Feb 2013 14:05:00
After reading the recent article in the local paper about what our new manager needs to offer us one name instantly sprang to mind and that was Steve Davis of Crewe. I've just had a quick read up on him and i'm really impressed 47% win percentage as a manager so far which is fantastic for a club the size of Crewe. I feel were in for a big suprise with the naming of the new manager.

No thanks, think our club is trouble, no manager, no loan signings when are desperate for a wide man and a striker, and RELEGATION looms, Wickham joins the Owls, who do we have, Alan Lee wow. manager to work to a Low End Championship Budget, or that be High End Lge 1, they are many players at the club who are not good enough, get shut of Lee, P Clarke, Novak, Airfield, that not mention the likes of tom clarke, Robinson, Atkinson,

Reading the so called "htafc blueprint" for new manager, we ain't going to get anyone of any use apart from being a yes man for the chairman and board, looks like we might be going down the "untried" route again as with clark. Also, where are the loan signings, as stated by chairman, in examiner, to keep us in championship? When are they arriving, hope they don`t take as long to sort as the new manager, of we may be relegated by that point.

The loan transfer window only opened yesterday. so its hardly the right time to shoot the chairman down. he didn't promise new loan signings. he said he's willing to fund for new loan signings as we are low on numbers

08 Feb 2013 19:04:30
Dean what is going on here No manager, Smithies as Captain who can't even control his own area never mind lead a team not a sniff of a loan signing all that money to get us into this league wasted if we go own someone has to stabilise all this before its to late!

Everyone havinga go at Dean Hoyle. let's not forget he has been personally bankrolling the team for the last 3 years to a personal loss of about 20 million in total, the guy is rich but he's not made of money. the squad we have is good enough to stay in this division the yhave proved that already we just need the RIGHT man to get the best out of them. finding the RIGHT man takes a little bit of time. as for when are the loan signings arriving, considering the window just opened today (8th) let's give a few days.

Yes let's wait, wait for the new manager, wait for the loan signings, but we WON`T need to wait for the consequences of all this waiting.

We don't have a few days to wait - another potential 3 point will be lost tomorrow. How close to relegation do we have to get? Is our ambition to be relegated and play in league one again?

If we can get an untried manager that does the same in this division as Clark did in Div 1 - always near top - develop players like Pilkington, Peltier and Rhodes sold for 11m plus if I was chairman I'd be happy with that

Why criticise Smithies being captain tomorrow, do you not think ML is trying to support and develop his confidence. He is a talented young keeper and more importantly is Towns goalie, get off his back

Well said to post above, totally agree giving smithies captaincy will totally up his confidence. and as for people slaggin off dean hoyle, you lot need to get real. ok we are in need of a manger but pickin the right one is more important. cardiff was always going to be an hard match and if we can play as good as we did against palace then we'll be fine

Height of lunacy by ML I know i'll make a bloke who can't catch a ball, can't throw a ball, can't command his area and hasn't caught a corner this season Captain. That should cheer one of lowest crowds of the season up.

Your all forgetting the 12M he's recouped in selling our best players. Dean Hoyle cares about one person Dean Hoyle. But I prefer the name I use ARS Hoyle. because that's what he is. Ken Davy Legend

Who else is going to be captain? Smithies will be towns longest serving player on the pitch 2day by a mile. i'm honestly embarressed by town fans

Rudderless ship at the moment, no manager, therefore no loan signings, other teams already picking the low hanging fruit!
Smithies captain today tells me a great deal!, Lillis press interview yesterday denying dressing room rift and talking to senoir Pro's, no smoke without fire and result goalkeeper at captain, he is no Shilton! Smacks in the face of when we sold Rhodes, calm on top, panic under the water, what ever any body says plans need to be in place when significant changes are made, we either have no plan or they have been changed by circumstance. One thing is correct HTFC at the moment is not in a good place on or off the field. In Dean we trust, now its time to deliver!
Lets hope the players put in a big performance today and the few fans on the terracing get behind the Blue and Whites!

09 Feb 2013 12:33:52
Wot is it with sum of you town fans. giving deano a hard time. get a life. we. d be no wer near the championship if it wernt for deano bank rolling us we are not the big boys no more. not in the championship we are not. we mite be one day. long way To go. it wasn't that long a go I went to watch town play Boston united in the league. we will get our new manager. when deano thinks we av the rite man for town. and not sum one who wants us as a stepping ladder.

Dean hoyle cares only about dean hoyle? errm no. he has put a lot of his hard earned money into the club and he himself works at a loss funding different aspects of the club. ken Davy is far from a legend, he saved the club. yes. thank you for that. but he had a lot of his own interests at heart. signing shares over for next to nothing and selling for 4 million whilst also not selling the stadium shares as promised. he should do the right thing and give the shares back to the side that uses the stadium most and will make the stadium the. most money.

Yes 12 million recoup from selling best players, but that's over 3 years let's not forget that LC was allowed to bring in 44 players over his time here and LC brought in 12 himself that's 46 players over 4 years and a decent proportion of the Rhodes money will go into next years budget to stop the club going too far into Debt, Hoyle isn't made of money.
and he has said today he will only stay as long as the fans want him to, so be careful what you wish for.

Look at birmingham, sitting above in the league, with their hands tied behind there backs. you play your squad give them chance, look at Derby, big priced lone players that are injured on a regular basis, no faith in team bound to cause a ripple effect through the team. take a good manager to stop this slide. buy proven players like woods, striker, 8 million for Rhodes you could of paid 2for woods. etc, was it costs in lone players wages, to sit 3 points of regulation. I re-iterate the squad from division1 could of achieved that position, I rest my case.

Everyone, you may think I'm talking rubbish but why not bring Jacko back. I'm probably crazy but he is Town through and through

09 Feb 2013 22:06:44
Did you mean sg signed 12 making 56 overall?

That was supposed to say grayson brought in 12 himself and that's 56 in 4 years

Still sat in ground waiting for announcement? Hope it's soon I'm getting cold and it's dark!🐔

09 feb 2013 23:43:58
some of you on here need a head shake htfc 0 ccfc 0 htfc 1 cpfc 0 dcfc 3 htfc 0 4 points out of 3 games under lillis dean hoyl is making sure we have the right manager there are too many mercenarys out there we must be patient dean knows what he is doing he can't tell us anything untill he is absolutely surehe has the right man no doubt there will be agents trying to rip us off just because dean has a few bob utt.

Unbelievable - some of the nonsense being talked on here. Genuine Town fans know that without Dean Hoyle there would be no HTFC. The man is a fan with very deep pockets. Why rush into a panic management appointment when there are no clear candidates? Adkins clearly does not want to come or cannot for contractual reasons. So ML continues to inspire and motivate a team that had no motivation under Grayson. Tactically astute as well. So get off his back and Deano's and support your team. The genuine fans gave the team a standing ovation yesterday - the moaners on here cannot be real fans.

Are we town fans or what get a grip and stand by are team utt

10 Feb 2013 18:34:13
all this talk about this manager that manager etc most of it idle gossip or low level jurno, s brtter for Mr Hoyl to take time than make hasty decisions and regret it so Town fans be patient we will get the right man UTT

Oh no they didn't.



08 Feb 2013 10:12:02
Nicky Butt to be next Huddersfield manager

Dean Hoyle has already stated that he will sanction the signing of loan players whatever the cost. Nick Butt has no senior management experience but he has got a wealth of contacts and talented players around him at MUFC. These contacts could be invaluable to Town as we try to stave off relegation.

As stated earlier, he has been seen at town ground and that's a true fact.

After reading the criteria list just published by Dean Hoyle I can't see any of the boxes being ticked by Nicky Butt. Not one, so where has this rumour come from?

If he becomes the next manager then that is it, we are down. Get the Manager Sorted now, lillis names Smithes skipper for Cardiff game, what a joke, Gerrard the choice for me.

He won't be after the job though now he's seen today's Examiner and as found out its minimum wage.!

If we are going by sightings of people at the ground we are probably taking on 8 managers at the last count! Just face it we don't actually know who or when! (but it is worth speculating) Malham terrier

The board need to get a grip and get a grip fast. No manager in 2 and a half weeks
And lots of injuries we won't stay up with kids playing in 1st team. belfast terriers



08 Feb 2013 09:53:18
The Portsmouth news has reported that Pompey will sign Patrick Agyemang and Therry Racon on loan from their respective clubs. They sould recieve clearance from the league to play against Bournemouth. John Akinde is also looking to join the list of month-to-month signings after leaving Crawley. The free agent has been training with Portsmouth this week.

Bit late, I had Akinde signing over a week ago. Obviously my source is closer to the dressing room.



08 Feb 2013 09:34:00
Chelsea and Arsenal are the latest names to be interested in a summer move for Cheltenham's young midfielder Joe Hanks even though he is yet to cement a place in the League 2 clubs starting XI.
Stoke, Sunderland, WBA, Everton and Aston Villa have been scouting the young midfielder in reserve games and are keen to sign up the youngster in the summer.



08 Feb 2013 09:31:23
Cheltenham winger will this week complete a move to AFC Telford for an initial 1 month loan, however new manager Mark Cooper is keen to keep the ex QPR youth product until the end of the season.



08 Feb 2013 08:56:20
Graeme jones to be announced as new huddersfield manager, lillis will still take charge of Saturdays match v Cardiff. New loan player may be brought in today also (Friday)

Didn't Martinez state that there'd been no contact between Jones and town as of yet?

08 Feb 2013 10:12:05
No. He stated that reports linking Jones to Huddersfield Town were not accurate.

You are all so divisive, this is your team. Wait and see who is appointed and at least give them a chance. As many of you are so clear what is needed and opinionated about the possible candidates for the managers job, have you considered applying for the job? Having read many comments that you will destroy your season tickets if particular individuals are appointed attendances would suggest you are talking rubbish as football fans are fickle despite their passion

I think you are missing the point of a rumour site!



08 Feb 2013 08:45:55
The Football league have effectively blocked any new bids so it looks like trust or bust

Bit slow on this mate



08 Feb 2013 08:36:50
The sale of Swindon Town will be ratified by the football league today, an anouncement will be made before 3pm, the club have been told already and are now looking to bring in three loan signings, Madine, Pack and a winger

Believe it when its official.

08 Feb 2013 11:43:22
Dave Jones has said SWFC have received enquiries from several clubs for Gary Madine but he isn't going out on loan or for sale as he's fighting for his place in the SWFC team.

This won't happen you been saying this for weeks now time to get real and realise its untrue

Can someone answer this how is it we can't sign anyone because of the takeover but can Loan players out to other clubs?

Wrong won, t know untill earler next week,

08 Feb 2013 16:37:38
The sale of swindon won't happen untill the middle of next week the football league want more imformation from the buyers I don't understand why it seems that the new buyers are trying to slow things up I think they are trying to do things on the cheap but paolo knows that you we need to spend money especiallly if we get into the chapionship

Yeah ok swindon, blah blah blah again, get real

I'm with him ha ha its always this time tomorrow the take over will be complete then the next day then the next day and so on you need to get real and realise its not going to happen



08 Feb 2013 08:30:11
Walsall interviewing Andy Sinton for the vacant assistant managers post



08 Feb 2013 07:28:07
rumours are that west bromwich albian has askrd Crystal palace if they wanted peter odemwingie on loan for the remmainder of the season.
Also a mysterious french man is on trial with us and holloway said he woul make a decision today
all true

Oh, he'll make a decision in between trying to tap up George Boyd by bombarding him with phone calls. Steve Kean would be proud

What has steve kean got to do with this

Odemwingie no longer available for loan. Has accepted punishment by WBA and is back in the fold.

He didn't do that it's talk

Odemwingie should play every game when fit to earn his £40,000 a week, put himself in shop window and move on at the end of the season. thank you and goodnight whingy.

09 Feb 2013 08:05:25
With both teams having injurys plus playing on international duty in the week, what a good game to watch on tv. well done watford & palace. (Pompey supporter)

Odemwingie will leave WBA wednesday, its between three championship clubs with Palace matching all offers by rivals



08 Feb 2013 07:23:29
Jay Emmanuel Thomas is to sign for Bristol City after getting limited games under Mick McCarthy at Ipswich. Sean O'Driscoll is keen on JET after previously managing him at Doncaster. The deal should go through on Friday in time for him to be in the Bristol squad to face Forest on Saturday

Would be nice, but Ipswich would be mental to loan a player to a relegation rival at this stage of the season.

If JET were to catch fire they would look very daft.

This article is not correct. town will not loan out players to clubs in a relegation battle. please get your facts correct.

Brilliant signing if true tbf

JET at BCFC - Oh please!

Have him one of the poorest workers and is a very greedy player, plus he is one of the most arrogant footballers in the championship.

MM is now happy with the squad he has and I'm sure will not be getting anymore players in unless there is a bad injury. So please people don't keep putting rubbish posts on here about Town bringing in more players. OK

Live near Ipsiwch -they don't rat him neither should we- would be dissapointed if we signed him!



08 Feb 2013 05:30:02
Matt Phillips to Blackburn at the end of the season for around 2. 5 - 3mil

My arse and I'm a rovers fan

Is he good? {Ed039's Note - Highly thought of pacy winger with a trick or two)



07 Feb 2013 23:53:49
Nicky Butt to be revealed as new Huddersfield Town manager by the weekend.

I should stop looking at the bookies betting markets as they are just throwing names out now.
they ain't got a clue.

This is true. Source - Daily Mirror

Just when I thought the rumors couldn't get any sillier. !

That will be the end of my visits to the john smiths, what the *&^%

Radio Leeds just confirmed butt is on the shortlist

Well it must be true if the Daily Mirror said it is happening. They've probably got a 5% accuracy rate on their rumours, hardly ever get it right.



07 Feb 2013 23:13:44
Tranmere's home grown right back Danny Holmes has become the club's highest paid player of the current squad on £2,000 per week, which will really stretched the League One club's meagre budget. Ronnie Moore acted quickly to tie him to a deal after interest in the transfer window from Sheff Weds and Ipswich.

Do you work in the TRFC wages office?

£2000. 00 won't be the highest paid player. End of. Wallace or Robinson will be on more.

No one earns 2k at Trannie

Danny Holmes does now?



07 Feb 2013 23:09:00
Millwall sign arsenal striker Benik afobe on loan till the rest of the session to replace injered Tyson

For me personally I am really 'FED UP' with the same old excuses after todays defeat to blackpool! I think we should maybe be looking for a mananager like Sean Dyche or Darren Ferguson who might 'SHAKE/LIVEN'this squad UP! Otherwise I really do see us in a 'RELEGATION BATTLE!

KJ can you please sort this 'BIG' mess out before we are in a #RELEGATION FIGHT'! PLEASE

Im affraid that bad signings like Tyson are no good, as are N'Guessen! Goog money that was badly 'WASTED' by KJ!

To be honest 'im really sick & tired of the excuces! we'er just not 'good enough' i'm afraid as simple as that. 'season over'!!

It just just shows you when Taylor was playing and Wood came on loan our season changed. Until then we were poor. It proves the Wood loan just papered over the cracks.

Listen we are going down I think we was 4th last couple games and now we are 12th come try and least buy a player that is not old and can run with good shooting like Chris wood ow wait and buy someone that don't want to go to Leicester just for the money

We are 'wall' to the core but i'm afraid that the club are taking us for 'mugs'?

Why oh why if wall wanted to pay big money for chris wood why not spend it on another player who can put the ball in the net and move on chris wood is in the past kj don't forget we pay the wages you need someone to put the ball in the net or div 1 bound

KJ out? After everything he's done for us! Yes we're losing but hull we was unlucky and Blackpool the pitch was a state and we hit the woodwork 3 times we could of easily won if luck was on our sides! If you want KJ out your no millwall fan

We were at the game yesterday and first thing is we are not going down. Blackpool do not have a better team than Millwall overall - the questions I would ask is why they were allowed to comfortably walk the ball out of defence whilst we were restricted to booting it up there from the keeper every time apart from one (yes one throw out from Fordy to Adam Smith) - there must be some variation to the tactics - they are predictable - the players have the skill but do not seem to have the confidence to do it. The few times we held the ball for a while we were a joy to watch but this is far too few. KJacket is right we should have buried them by 3 or 4 goals - some of the decisions in the final third were not good or not clinical finish. The team did work tirelessly but got little joy or posession. Whether it is playing 4-4-2 that makes it hard I don't know - would like to hear from others. Like all others we left match with very bitter feeling (ref was appalling - Forde was right, also looked like hand ball for their second goal - bookings were a joke as their player blatantly booted ball into stand to waste time having conceded throw - no booking! our guys seemed to get booked for talking). All that aside we feel as depressed as others. we were in a great position over the last 4 matches - just 2 wins would have put us back into play off. now we need to win 11 out of 15. or looking at it another way another 4 to stay up.

In KJ we trust. we have unloaded big wages. now get someone in!

Im millwall til the end but really? Were lucky to be 12th with our budget. we over acheived already. kenny works wonders with nothing. when tyson comes back from injury and scores a couple, then it will be in kj we trust again. get wiv the times. we not going to win the league. every year a relagtion fight untill we get more bums on seats rather than armchair fans moaning on here.

These posts make me sick, jackett is a visionery and what he has done with the derisory budget he has available has been nothing short of a miracle repeated year in year out, please! Sean Dyche (really got the best out of watford clearly given their performances under zola) and darren ferguson (HA HA - didn't he get PNE relegated after many stable years as a championship club) Jackett is up there with the best (David Moyes springs to mind) and deserves your unflinching loyalty, this thread just proves how short peoples memories truly are, **** it so we lost out on chris wood, get real he has single handedly kept us up this season already, Hull only just dodged administration recently and waxed 2. 5 M on a player this transfer window, where is that money coming from? not from the gate receipts that's for sure, its a gamble which many clubs make and few has pay out, granted tyson can **** off he has always been rubbish, and the jury is out on hulse, hit the post twice on sat so I hear but I do question his motives. just think 15 years ago we were well on the brink and I for one couldn't see the majority of millwall fans sticking their hands in their pockets to save their club from liquidation like the anoraks fans did. That villa win recently was truly inspired by the fans, it was electric but I struggle to remember many games in the last 20 years where the new den was so intimidating, stop moaning that were not spending money because if you ain't spending yours then how can the club justify spending their chairmans with no guarentee of a return. Think about all the things you could do with 1. 5M pounds and then think about spending it all on 1 thing and then that thing refuses to sign a new contract in 2 years (money down the rubbishTA) In KJ We trust there is no better man for the job, bums on seats {Ed003's Note - great post mate,shame you never left your name for people to reply and give you credit.}

Kj out you must be mugs with gates we get he does wonders. i'm frustated as any Millwall fan but be honest we are never going to attract big names at our club, in kenny I trust we won't go down

KJ is a great manager - our team is stronger than it has been for a while - now is a good time to tinker with formations and style of play

I admit millwall haven't done well since wood left but let's give afobe a chance because before wood came to us he wasnt exactly good nor harry kane or townsend



07 Feb 2013 22:04:03
Rumours round Reading is that veteran midfielder Brynjar Gunnarsson is to have his contract terminated so he can take up the role of assistant manager at league one side Walsall, Gunnarsson will also carry on his playing career at the midlands side until the end of the season

Gunnarsson will take a coaching role at reading once he's retired.



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