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Rangers will have money to spend this summer but they will still be having a mass clearout. Outs– Brahim Hemdani FREE. Alan Gow FREE, Charlie Adam £250 000. Steven Smith FREE. Graemm Smith FREE. David Weir FREE. Andrius Velicka £300 000. Damarcus Beasley £100 000. Barry Ferguson £3,500 000 and Madjid Bougherra £4,000 000. Ins– Mark Reynolds £800 000 (Walters been a long time admirer) Lee Wallace £1,300 000 and James Morrison £3,000 000. Reliable Ranger
  If Liverpool get new investment, this is what Benitez wants to happen at the end of the season.

He will make a bid for Sergio Ramos. Madrid don't want to lose him but will let him leave in exchange for Xabi Alonso.

Milan, Hamburg and Manchester City are all chasing Dirk Kuyt. Benitez does not want to sell but all 3 clubs are willing to agree to his 15mil valuation so they will accept it and go after Gonzalo Higuain who will cost around 20mil.

Benitez will also add Antonio Valencia for 15mil and will let Benayoun to go to a club of his choice as many clubs will be interested in Benayoun for 7mil. Pennant will also leave.

Gareth Barry will be signed for 12mil as he will have just 1 year left on his contract and Renato Augusto will be signed from Leverkusen for 10mil.

Dossena, Voronin and Leto will also leave.
  Reading the response to my post re 'I cannot sit here listening to players defend Lucas. . ' made me laugh. It is exactly this type if rose tinted opinion that has kept Liverpool in the 'maybe next year' catagory for nearly 20 years now.
I do in fact remember gerrard being sent off against everton, so??I can't compare gerrard to Lucas. I can also remember gertard being outstanding & of match winning quality at 20. Can you say that of Lucas? If not (which I suspect) then the players are in no way comparible. Gerrard was never & has never been a liability. . Again, can you say the same of Lucas? Plessis warrants a place over him, I'd be more than happy with that. What about Guthrie. . Not a bad player. Couldn't we have kept him. . As you ended your post 'from Liverpool' I'm sure you'd prefer to see our academy players such as guthrie, rather than a £5million liabilty. A sending off in a game wouldn't be enough for me to post on this site, we've all been subject to the sub standard performances every game.
The rubbish about giving away a free kick not being important as teams can score against us from any freekick anywhere on the pitch. . Laughable. Have you ever played football??? I learnt not to give away a freekick on the edge of my own area in the last 10 mins when I was 12! Benayoun is a proffessional footballer who gave away 2, yes 2, of these free kicks in the last 10mins (the only 10mins he played may i add). It's basic, so basic. Fans who accept this as 'oh that's the way it goes' are the ones who know nothing about football. This games is not about luck, you make your own luck. . And these players are making it, but it's not good luck I'm afraid.
Blind support. . It'll never take us forward.

ALSO 'FROM LIVERPOOL'. . . Just the real world version.
  Cesc Fabregas will not be leaving Arsenal in the summer. Not for Real Madrid. Not for Barcelona. Not for anybody. He will stay true to his word and see out the remainder of his contract with Arsenal, then move to Spain. By this time we will have a line of players ready to replace him (Denilson, Ramsey). Neither will Wenger be leaving the Emirates. He is Arsenal through and through, and will remain loyal to the club. Gallas will not be leaving, as Wenger still rates him highly and the player himself has said he wants to see out the final 2 years of his contract at the Emirates. This could see Kolo Toure leave in the summer, whether it's for Man City or for Barcelona, as Wenger seems to prefer Gallas and Djourou as his centre back partnership. Adebayor will not be leaving, as Wenger still rates him very highly also, as I do. Walcott and van Persie will be tied to new long term contracts before the summer. As for who will be comming in, Wenger's priority is a centre back. This could be Micah Richards, possibly in a swap deal with Kolo Toure going to City in exchange. Wenger will see how well we do without a defensive midfielder for the remainder of this season. If it goes well, there will be no need for one. However if we look like needing more steel, Wenger could resurrect his interest in Xabi Alonso.

In Arsene We Trust
  Wenger has been following the progress of Lille duo Yohann Cabaye and Eden Hazard as well as Monaco youngster Yohann Mollo and could make a move in the summer
  After the signing of Arshavin, wenger will concentrate on signing a goalkeeper, defender and a central defensive midfielder along with a few youngsters.
Goalkeeper will be homegrown and may be either McGregor or Hart if he is frozen out at city as a result of the given transfer.
The defender will be one from Mexes, Zapata or Chiellini.
The central defensive midfielder may be senna if villareal decide to release him from his contract on the cheap, if not it will be either cana or Alonso who is unhappy with the power struggle at anfield.
These moves will funded by the departures of;
Eboue(wenger wanted tomake sure he got arshavin first)
  To the man who said i cannot & will not sit here & read fans of LFC defend players like Lucas. . . Regardless of his age.

What are you on about, Lucas hasnt hit his potential but do u not remember gerrard he was sent off in a derby , plus we had 210 minutes to change the outcome of the game and we never, how many fouls were given out all over the pitch in all the derbies, half which could have led to goals but we can't use lucas as a scapegoat because he was sent off, so sort it out mate, and if you aint got a clue about football stay off these columns.
Transfers , with Liverpool to be honest nothing has come out basically because no one no's were we will be at the end of the season , with our management , owners etc, but i hae heard that we are looking at sevaral players in the premier league who already have epl experience.
  Liverpool will have a 25m budget this summer and will sign the following during the summer:

Kuba 8m
Aaron Lennon 10m
Gareth Bale 8m
Michael Owen free
Glen Johnson 10m
Daniel Sturidge free
Gareth Barry 17m
Keirrison 7m

Outs will be

Andrea Dossena 6m Palermo
Philipp Degen 3m Udinese
Andriy Voronin 1.5m FC Zurich
Jermaine Pennant free Bolton
Dirk Kuyt 14.5m AC Milan
Lucas 10m Almeria(I know a bit overpriced but Almeria are desperate)

They will use these profits for more signings.
  Portsmouth are set to be taken over by a new consortium. . if they stay up they are set to go on a spending spree
Javier Saviola £6m
Eidur Gudjohnson £3m
Michael Kightly £5m
Patrik Vieira £2.5m
Igor Akinfeev £9m
Wes Brown £4m
Gio Dos Santos £7m
  James Morrison of WBA to Spurs, 4m. Summer
  Here is a rumour/fact (i.e. it will happen)

I am not saying how I know but in the Summer, Liverpool are seriously considering a bid for Mikel Arteta for the wide right position but also because he can play in a number of positions.

The fee itself is unknown at this stage and whilst EFC would be reluctant to sell, it is thought a cash plus player deal would tempt EFC.

Whether Rafa is at Anfield in gthe Summer though is another matter entirely. . .

Red Ben
  Barcelona in the summer will get four of the following:
K. Benzema
S. Aguero
F. Ribery
C. Ronaldo
C. Fabregas
G. Glichy
F. Torres
D. Villa
P. Cech
They will sell:
Xavi Man Utd
Eto'o Chelsea
Henry Man City
Gudjohnson Everton
Abidal Arsenal
Keita Juventus
Valdes AC Milan
Marquez Roma
Toure Arsenal
  Jose Mourinho will be looking to make some big changes to his Inter squad in the summer. His main priority will be the signing of a striker. He will look at Tevez (£32m), Drogba (£16m/swap deal with Quaresma making his loan move to Chelsea permenant) and Adebayor (£40m). His first choice would be Tevez, however if Man United complete his permenant contract before the summer, Mourinho will look to sign Drogba. He will then look to sign a midfielder. He could resurrect his attempts to sign Jermaine Jenas, possibly with Adriano going the other way to Spurs. Expect Franck Ribery to be in hot demand in the summer. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City (of course) and possibly Arsenal could all show interest in signing the French winger.

Hope to see Arshavin in the squad to face Spurs,
In Arsene We Trust
  United are in a really interesting place heading into the summer transfer window. First, all of this is under the assumption that Ronaldo stays, and seeing as the Glazers have stood firm on their commitment to keeping him, there's no reason to think otherwise. The first part is Tevez. .united have already paid 6–8 mil for Tevez, and would need to pay 24 mil more to keep him. I believe they will end up signing him, keeping Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov upfront. Fergie will likely try his best to sign either Benzema or Aguero, but both would cost upwards of 30mil, and its possible he may either buyback rossi for 17mil or try and get wellbeck or manucho more involved. Midfield is set, with giggs and scholes about to sign one year extensions. They may bring in a new winger, and Nani seems to be on shaky ground, but again, only if they can get a world class player (Ribery). There will be a tough call between Evra and Fabio if the latter is actually better than Rafael as reported, but there's no bad way to have the best left back in the world and true competition in an 18 yr old. They could go after a young keeper, but VDS is there for another two years most likely, and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. The likelihood of either Aguero or Benzema increases when you realize how much depth United possess in other areas, allowing them to spend that amount if needed. The continuity over the next 4–5 years will be fantastic, as the team is so young, and SAF is looking to leave a team for the next decade. . Lucky Mourinho.
  Not specifically a rumour – but just a reply to having read the paragraph by Bob. Possibly the most sensible thing I have read / heard about LFC for years. i like the way you think and I like your Full on support of the club and I agree with everything you said. .Come on Reds knock those mancs down just one peg will do. Oh and rumour has it Lennon in summer and Villa to partner his mate up front !
  I cannot & will not sit here & read fans of LFC defend players like Lucas. . . Regardless of his age. We want to be the best & carrying players like this will never get us there!!! Twice against everton we messed up through players of this calibre. Benayoun giving away a mindless free kick for the cahill equalizer a week or two ago, & now Lucas getting sent off for amateur tackling!!! Anyone that thinks this is a) the standard Liverpool should be at, or b) these players warrant a place because they are occassionally 'ok'/young is mental. Do united, chelsea or even araenal carry players like this???? No.
I've no doubt rafa is a great coach, but team selection & domestic game tactics are pretty warped. Look at the Wigan draw, rafa puts out a weak team thinking we could win, and surprise surprise we draw. United managed to play all their big guns the night before & that was against west brom! How this style of management will win us the league I'll never know.
Rafa's number 1 priority in each game is not to lose. . Not to win. We're one of the best team in the country, if we 'went for it' every game we'd win more than we lose. From the 7 recently drawn games 3 wins would of won more points. . Go for the win man! We'll win more than 3 out of 7 I'm sure. . The maths does itself!!!!

Right rumours:
Bale, johnson & Lennon ive heard numerous times. These 3 would be perfect along – would be pleasing to see a few more british players around the club.
A striker is obvious (if rafa buys the above 3 I'll let him chose this). I don't think Daniel sturridge would be a bad choice, out of contact too!!!
  ((( AFC Bulletin )))

With the loan window set 2 open next week its been heard AFC players Merida, gibbs,Vela but noooot Wilshire may go out on loan . However its been known AW has been impressed by AFC youngster defender Thomas Cruise and if Gibbs goes out on loan Thomas may replace him . Its been heard AW is interested in taking on loan a Goal keeper from a championship club if Vito Mannone goes out on loan .
  United will not take up the option of buying Carlos Tevez. As much as it pains me to say it looks like he is Madrid bound. United will instead turn their attention to Antonio Valencia. Ronaldo will start to be deployed in a more central role to make way for Valencia. Next season will be Fergie's last and Jose Mourinho will replace him. Fergie will step down having broken Liverpool's league title record and I fancy at least 1 more champions league as well. Any Liverpool fans who still believe Liverpool are going to mount a serious title challenge are deluding themselves. There is only 2 Liverpool players that would get near United's team (Gerrard & Torres) and they both spend alot of time injured. The gap may only be 2 points in the league but lets be honest it is far greater than that. So to the Liverpool fan talking about "In Rafa we trust" and all that rubbish, I think you will find it is Sir Alex sticking one up your arse before he retires.
  If LFC do not get the millionaire owners they have been waiting for, then this is what will happen in the Summer:

–Kuba 8m
–David Wheater 5m
–Glen Johnson 10m
–Gabriel Heinze 4m
–Michael Owen free

Rafa has also been given another 18m to spend on a striker of his choice
  With steve bruce admitting luis antonio valencia will leave in the summer, rafa and rick parry should start negotiations immediately as he without a doubt will solve our lack of width and creativity on the right hand side. i would also like to see royston drenthe at left back, he is another evra in the making. act fast rafa
  Darius Vassell (Man City) – Barnsley (On one month loan deal) this is due to the 5–week absence of new boy Daniel Bogdanovic's hamstring injury
  Just to let everyone who is dissin Rafa know bout not signing a replacement.,need i remind you that the Keane deal was done with 20mins. left of the window., all the talk about Villa isn true, a rumour that is completely true is the Aguero one. Expect him at liverpool very soon, more than likely in the summer. Rafa has first option on Aaron Lennon, Gareth Bale and Jermain Jenas in the summer. He wanted lennon as part of the Keane deal but spurs wouldn't let him go til the summer. Other Summer targets include;

Roysten Drenthe(Real Madrid) £5–7m
Michael Owen(New. Utd, if he proves his fitness) Free
Bastian Schweinsteiger(Bayern Munich) Voronin plus£5m
Raul Albiol(Valencia) £10m,if Lucas leaves

These are all from a very reliable source. I know everyone says that but if you don't believe me, wait until the Summer and you'll be proved wrong

Targets for other teams are as follows;

Yaya Toure to Arsenal – £10m
Miguel Veloso to Everton – £14m
Ricardo Quaresma to Chelsea – £18–20m
Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid – £35m + players of Ferguson's choice
Antonio Valencia to Inter – £16m
Nedum Onouha to Man Utd – £4.5m plus O'shea

Watch and Wait
  Well it looks as if Rafa was right all along, Torres is not fed up like previous posts stated, he's still not 100% fit but you could see his head go down when Stevie G his mate went off the pitch and i do agree with what you said about a back up striker El Nino cannot operate on his own and i also agree with the need for a striker to be the number priority. Rafa is right to rest players so we neeed to stop moaning about rotation and resting, well moan if you like but at least be open minded. When i say Rafa was right if Stevie G is not there who better to have in place but Barry, at least he's a better crosser, Stevie couldnt deliver a paper every pass was easy to deal with but obviously as an outfield player he is class, why does he think he's Beckham, why does he have to take the crosses and free kicks, no sorry Rafa you need to be stronger here its just not working out. Parry must be holding his thumb in his mouth and blubbering right now. It looks like David Villa is our next target, Alonso won't be going though it looks like its going to be Mascherano who will be going to Manchester City in the summer. Babbel is history, Lucas is staying only because everyone wants him gone but Rafa likes to prove people wrong, Kevin Davies could be seen in a red shirt in the summer as his mate Nolan has gone from Bolton, and the other big signing is Drenth. Kuyt will be kept but the versatile Benayoun may pay the price for the midfield overload. Expect Pacheco next season to come good as he gets stronger he's a class act. Once the take over has been sorted expect Great things. This looks like SAF's last season and Mourinho is Man Unts next manager and he'll bring in Keane as his number 2. Scolari won't be here in the summer and he'll be replaced by Klinsman. Wenger will give it one more season at Arsenal. A lot to go this season but expect all change next season. Moyes is doing wonders at Everton given his budget its a shame the crowd don't appreciate what hes doing with what hes got to work with and they'll have a new stadium soon.

Anyway have a great weekend everyone and watch out for more of my accurate predictions and rumuors coming your way soon. How do i know these things, well if i told you you wouldn't believe me.

El Torro
  Dont know if tese are fact fiction or a mix but i heard leaving spurs in the summer are bale, hutton, rocha, bent, alnwick, taraabt, huddlestone and jenas. Harry's targets are tayo, duff, mattock and bednar. on merseyside expect the arrival of bent, kightly and venegoor at goodison. while martin oneill looks to sign wigans paul scharner. arsene wenger likes the look of torsten frings and evertons tim howard. biggest splurge of all as expected will be at city where hughes looks to bring in lahm, santa cruz, matterazzi, mancienne, senna, henry and diego capel.
  I love the way tarriers concern theirselves with Rangers' finances.
Get your own house in order before talking about others', you aren't exactly throwing the cash around are you? Peter Lawwell has you all brainwashed and the truth is money problems will only really come home to roost in Scottish football this summer.
As for the plonker claiming Gattuso is coming back to Ibrox, give me a break, we couldn't afford Christophe Berra never mind an Italian world cup winner.
Money will be freed up in the summer by the sale and release of surplus players and two or three signings will be made by both sides of the Old Firm.
Andrew Driver – Rangers
Steven Fletcher – Celtic
Large John was Aware
  Gordon Strachan is definately off in the Summer.
Those close to him say he hopes to leave on a high with the blessing of most at Celtic Park.
The High Pressure job which brings its share of high maintenance players has taken it's toll.
He is also very fed up with certain sections of the media and frankly, a portion of the Hoops Support who have been ultra–quick to criticise.
He plans a break from football, so time for 'The Book' to come out then?!
Like with MON, the board have been given ample notice to find a successor and the usual suspects of Roy Keane (To end the drinking culture crew), Tony Mowbray, who also may be conveniently
'between jobs' and Craig Levein, who's teams have matched up well to Celtic. Assistant wise;
The board are also well aware of the good work done by Peter Grant and Owen Coyle. As with previous appointments European managerial experience is not a priority.
A substancial transfer kitty has been held back for the new campaign, and provisions have been made for the signing of Steven Fletcher along the lines of the Scott Brown deal.
Kenny G.
  Valencia may not be in a fantastic position financialy, however they have recntly anounced a financial rescue package which should allow them to keep silva and villa or at least one of the two. Transfers no longer deepend entirely on the fee (KAKA) silva stated last sumer that he did not want to leave spain, so it's lokking likely for a move to Barcelona. Villa however is a different story he is actively lokking for a way out of the club and so his good pal torres has been doing his best to convince villa to come. Rafa however has his sights set on Aguero instead of villa and he hopes to solve the right wing problem with the signing of maxi rodriguez from athletico madrid. If Liverpool are to sign both these two then it will involve at least one player going in the other direction possibly Benayoun and Lucas for a season.
  To the poster who started 'What a load of pure unadulterated nonsense' and ended 'about the finances of Rangers FC' why did you post exactly the same thing only a few weeks later?
Exactly the same garbage was posted when the bears were on the 'verge of collapse' in january and also it is a Rumour site not a financial shite site.
Rangers ins
Weir– coaching role
Gow (perm)
Adam (perm)

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