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08 Aug 2013 21:28:22
Tom huddlestone at the vale hotel tonight ready to sign for cardiff city tomorrow. He will be introduced at an open event that cardiff city will be hosting at the stadium tomorrow night.

Stayed at the Vale hotel, it's very nice!

09 Aug 2013 03:44:11
would be a real asset to the Cardiff City squad if the post is accurate. Fingers crossed.

09 Aug 2013 10:24:26
A bit disappointed if true. He's nothing special.


God - I hope this is true. We need him. Another winger and we will be ready to take on the Premier League.

Really hope so! We need an enforcer! Maybe a winger needs adding at the right price and I think we can definitely challenge, we've given ourselves a fantastic opportunity here, right manager, right attitude, and right investment!



08 Aug 2013 21:19:14
Bristol City are close to signing Billy Sharp from Southampton and Dean Cox from Leyton Orient

Good luck with that

sharp is targeted by a host of championship clubs

Just think. I should imagine that he'll probably sell for around 1m, realistic.
Who would you prefer, Lambo or Billy? I don't think anyone has had a better buy for 1M. Straight into the team and fired us up from league 1 into the championship. Everyone said no he won't be able to do it again and proved everyone wrong. Shame, his England call up should have come before. It gives our youngsters hope though as they the 'system' of playing for a big club and being chosen to play for England can change.

So? They said that about jet but where is he?

And? We have o'driscoll. don't rule it out, we didn't see jet coming

09 Aug 2013 21:10:56
noboby wanted jet that's why, any team out of 30 would snap billy up

Cant see sharp dropping to div 1

Um he turned down cardiff and some other championship side for us didn't he

Can we please have a fresh rumour at the start of the page.
The Bristol City thread is well past its sell-by-date.

Surely there must be recent info about something else. Assuming the editor puts them in.



08 Aug 2013 20:58:57
Anthony Malbon of Kidderminster will sign for Bristol City early next week.



08 Aug 2013 18:20:19
Aston Villa are poised to bid 250k + add ons for Swindon youngster miles Storey, the scout was at the CG on Tuesday night for the Torquay game, his words were the lad changed the game when he came on.

Aston Villa should sack him then, because Storey far from changed the game.

Very good young player would cost a lot more than that

No chance. Not for 250k.

Setting up the only goal didn't change the game? Jesus wept

I don't think they would get him for 250k but he did have an impact on the game

Why not? We sold Ritchie for peanuts, flint for next to nothing and let Ferry go for nothing. Won't be surprised to see another gem go cheaply.

Well Ferry anf Flint are hardly gems

Miles Storey didn't not look up to the task on Saturday as very easily knocked off the ball and when he does have the ball he is clueless. No chance he will be playing prem league footy he will be lucky to still be playing as high a level as league one this time next year.



08 Aug 2013 19:46:59
Daniel Boateng of Arsenal to sign on loan for Plymouth



08 Aug 2013 18:11:27
Sunderland boss Paulo Di Canio is looking at 2 English Central Midfielders, Tom Huddlestone and Will Hughes.

Huddlestone looked likely to go North earlier in the window but other interest seemed to prevent the deal but Di Canio is now very keen to get him in before the season begins.

Hughes is the second option. The highly rated Derby CM has had ranging values but nobody has as of yet tested Nigel Clough's resolve. 6-12 million anywhere between that could be the fee, nobody knows until a bid is made. However what is certain is that Derby are desperate to keep hold of him for one more season.

I remember either Clough or Sam Rush saying they value Hughes at a 'eight figure' amount, so i'd think at least 10 million.

Yeah, that was Clough in an interview with Nat Jackson. He said the offer would have to be "a crazy amount" and, when pushed on what he meant, he said it would have to be 8 figures.

09 Aug 2013 19:35:39
is he that good?

Not yet, but its potential that you're buying with Will, just like every other young English player. Zaha is good, but £15 million good. ? Same with Will, he isn't worth £4 mill yet, but he could be worth £20 mill in 5-7 years

10 Aug 2013 12:10:20
Will is the best young player I have seen at Derby in my 55years watching them. Whilst I despair at some of the values put on players these days, in the current market he is easily worth £10 million plus add ons now. Maybe another season in Championship he could be worth much more.

And, of course, we'd expect big add-ons for international caps and the club's success. Maybe even a loan back for a season.

He certainly won't go cheap, something our club have been known for recently.



08 Aug 2013 17:30:03
Antony Malbon to Bristol City from Kiddeminster, Expect announcement soon



08 Aug 2013 17:29:04
James Poole of Hartlepool is being sounded out as potential back up of Reid and Morgan at plymouth argyle, as Matt Lecointe is injured for the season which leaves only first year professional Tyler Harvey as a backup and first choice wide man Lewis Alessandra

Take him



08 Aug 2013 17:26:18
Jonathan Franks is being scouted by plymouth argyle as back up for Boco and Allesandra, as apart from youth players only luke young and andres gurrieri can play out wide

09 Aug 2013 14:14:47
Would happily take him Argyle need another winger



08 Aug 2013 17:25:19
John Sheridan is looking to add a few back up figures to his squad before the end of the transfer window. These include 2 unnamed figures who are likely to come in on loan from championship clubs (who will be paying 75% of the wages while the players are on loan). As back up for the wide players, Jonathan Franks of Hartlepool United has been sounded out as a talented young wide player, meanwhile lee cox is still being considered - although it is unlikely he will be signed. An unnamed striker from the conference is also going to be considered.



08 Aug 2013 17:24:05
Now Carlisle have signed Charlton defender Kevin Feeley on loan for a month, Mike Edwards will be offered a way out of his Carlisle nightmare, he will be offered on a free or a season long loan, likely destination will be league 2 team or a conference premier team somewhere closer to his in Nottingham

He's signed for a month, on Loan. It hardly opens the door to a player leaving does it!

Don't be to critical on the poster, if Feeley impresses over the month and wants to stay there will be an option to extend the deal, I think Edwards will have been instructed to inform his agent to find another club, on the 3 games evidence so far we need some changes, don't be surprised to see Berrett leave either, been shocking so far



08 Aug 2013 17:21:21
Bristol City expect to complete the signing of 21 year old Antony Malbon from Kiddeminster Harriers by the l next Tuesday.



08 Aug 2013 14:46:26
Marshall and Derry have both signed on short term agreement and loan, Derry to go into squad against Ipswich



08 Aug 2013 14:23:30
Wolves have bid for sheff utd midfielder Kevin mcdonald a player who kenny jackett tried to sign several times when at millwall.

Wrong. There has been no bids for Kevin McDonald

09 Aug 2013 10:08:35
Unfortunately this is true, we've agreed an undisclosed fee for him and allowed him to go to for a medical at Molineux.

Oh yes there has!

Right. there has been a bid for Kevin McDonald. and is accepted

09 Aug 2013 11:34:09
Yes there has. he's having a medical.

Wolves had made a bid and he is set to have a medical

Can any Sheffield United fans give us an idea of this guys style play etc?

Do you rate him as a player?

Is he any good?

"Wrong. There has been no bids. " Unlucky.

Quality player gutted to lose kmac

Lazy player good passer but work rate not good

Gone for 500k good deal for us (wolves) been told he a lazy player



08 Aug 2013 14:01:21
Tom Eaves has rejected a loan return to Shrewsbury.
However Shrewsbury have signed Aston Villa 19yr old striker/winger Graham Burke on loan until January.

There you go wem shrew a new striker and as I said Eaves was coming but turned us down this morning.

Good signing Burke, better than eaves and quicker. eaves is like bambi on ice

It wasn't Tom Eaves who rejected Shrewsbury.

Eaves wants to push for a starting place at Bolton. If he doesn't get in the bolton team by January I should think he would be sent out on loan again. As for Burke he seems to be a good talented player.

Bambi on Ice was Marvin Morgan? Eaves was a big strong lad who got the ball and shoots. He hardly did any running?



08 Aug 2013 13:53:40
There are lots of rumours coming out of Southampton that Dean Hammond is about to sign for Burnley

Good enough to grace any Championship team.

Sorry if I don't get too excited about that looks like a long hard season. If we didn't need to sell Austin then surely that should mean there must be money to spend

More like craig davies to burnley that's a better signing and about 4m and he would fit in to the squad nicely

Craig Davies certainly wouldn't cost £4m and even though i'd like him at Burnley, somewhere in the region of £1.5m should be more than enough

08 Aug 2013 20:25:02

For somebody who cost only 300k when bought in January and who is now out of favour I think that would be a tad excessive.

I`m sure I spotted deano at dean court today, mabye going to bournemouth?

Think the poster is on about the Austin fee! not Davies.

Wouldn't believe anything Bournemouth fans say. They were convinced 2 months ago that Charlie had bought a new house in the area. been round for dinner with Eddie and had already signed a contract. As expected. no one wants to play for Bournemouth.

Burnley fans need to be realistic about what we are (not) going to spend! We are never going to spend £4M on a player unless we are back in the PL and then it'd be a rare event!
We will probably take someone on loan or pay 700k or 800k for someone from the lower leagues. remember we have to cut our cloth as we are reminded in practically every statement coming out of the club!

Garlic said we don't have to sell austin to fund any new players. he really meant we are not buying any new players utc

Davies move a no goer according to Burnley press.



08 Aug 2013 13:25:12
Malbon Kidderminster to Bristol City. Deal done.



08 Aug 2013 13:20:34
Mark Cooper has been given 5 games by the board to prove he has the credentials to be the next manager of Swindon. If he fails to impress then Les Ferdinand will be appointed, he was in the directors box once again for the Torquay game on Tuesday night and this deal has been in place for some time.

I'm afraid your well off the mark. Les was only there because of his Youth involvement at Spurs.

Mark Cooper will be named as Manager. As long as the players continue to grow and develop and success is reasonable, Mark Cooper will be the Swindon Manager by the 31st Aug this year. I know because as I've posted on here before my closest friend who I had a relationship with worked there and is still friends with lots of the Marketing team.

Les is probably there to see the four players on loan from the Spurs development side he coaches?

Sounds like the board are interested in a mid table finish (or worse) then if this is true. can't believe they would interview all those managers and then appoint cooper. you have to pay a bit more to get a good manager. this is a massive mistake

What a silly quote "the board are interested in a mid table position or below.

Obviously they want what is best for Swindon, within the confines of being sustainable, i. e. reduce the wage bill from £4. 5M to £2. 5M.

We just need to be realistic. At the moment, staying up this season and reducing the wage bill in the priority.

The wages are almost there and we are showing signs that we may actually be better than I first thought.

Now stop the negativity and support the boys.


I would accept it anyday

Not negativity just being realistic you have to get a good manager to get you in the final mix, and if those are our aims this season then why appoint cooper/cheap option it can't possibly work. we have signed some excellent players and with the addition of 2 good strikers we could even push for auto if we were to get someone like tisdale or pearce (certainly the play offs)



08 Aug 2013 13:17:56
Sources in Spain claim that Tottenham have agreed a deal with Real Madrid to sign Gareth Bale for 90 million plus Di Maria.

Jesus Christ just after the Real Madrid president said that 85 million wast to much plus 5 million and di maria noncense



08 Aug 2013 13:09:34
If 'inside information' can be believed, Boro have inquired about Nicky Maynard, Ricardo Vaz Te and Darius Henderson. Boro also back in for Eduardo Vargas.

Would love Vaz Te, Maynard maybe but hasn't played much football in the last 2 years.

Oh god not Maynard. He is definety not the kind of striker we need

08 Aug 2013 17:13:37
Henderson signed for forest during close season so your source is not very creditable

160. 000 per week for for these three

08 Aug 2013 18:51:53
three players are still to be replaced:
Andre Bikey
Scott McDonald
Ishmael Miller

advanced discussions have been had regarding:
Nathan Ake
Ross McCormack
Ricardo Vaz Te

the Vargas deal is dead

08 Aug 2013 20:54:11
If Adomah is as quick as everyone is saying, we should be able to sit in and play on the counter attack just like Mogga likes, so really a centre forward isn't as crucial as a solid defender. Emnes can play in this system but just seems reluctant to shoot or take responsibility. I don't know why. surely one of the sport psychologists should be making an impact!

I was told about Nicky Maynard, Ricardo Vaz Te and Eduardo Vargas from someone inside. Peter Beargrie was the man who suggested Henderson to me. I'm sure he knows more than me and you.

As your got adomah for a bargain price of 1m you won't expect much. As a bristol city fan I reckon this guy with change your season. Unbelievable player

We need an out and out goalscorer and for the money we have we aren't going to get one unless someone from the lower leagues can make the step up, I think we have adequate cover in midfield now with haroun, ledesma, reach, luke williams, smallwood, park to support carayol, adomah, leadbitter, whitehead and varga. CB is defo the other concern with hines, williams and woodgate all so injury prone.

'inside information'
Ake will be on the same deal as McEachran

Offer has been accepetd for McCormack personal terms to be agreed

Vaz Te deal done in principal but nothing doing until West Ham sign new striker.

Personal terms could not be agreed with Vargas.

Fair play GATZ a fan that can tak it on the chin 4 once. Hope ir rite mate. Hope bristol city do well.

Hope GATZ is correct re Adomah things though will remain painful until 1 or 2 new forwards added.

Thanks gatz. great to hear fans of the teams that are losing a quality player except it graciously. top man

Best of luck to Bristol City this season. I hope your right!

Aye 2nd to that mate. Good luck bristol city n I'm sure yaz will be back next season ;-) hope yaz walk that league. Turned us over twice last season lol

Thanks mate I'm sure you'll spend the one million quid on getting promoted back up

Trust me I am right! He's a top lad all the fans gutted to see him go! He's very fast and skilful, once he improves his crossing I think he could go premier league!

Shola ameobi going to the boro by next week

I would prefer us to sign ebanks blake on a 1 year deal like someone else has been saying, always liked him, quality signing even though he is a tad injury prone. Even more than that though Vaz te would be a very useful signing on loan. He could get a decent amount of goals for us, with the chances we'll create with carayol & adomah. Adomah signing is a step forward, but the main problem against accrington was we don't have a striker who can consistently put chances away. 1 goal against a league 2 side when 20+ shots were taken in the game, is an embarrassment to say the least. They defended for their lives but we should have beaten them. Not bothered about the league cup so much but its worrying to see us lose these first few games of the season in this manner. i'm hoping we can sneek a win at Charlton tomorrow.

God help us if we sign ameobi

09 Aug 2013 19:41:12
rather have mido back than ebanks blake. wolves relegated two seasons in a row he can't be much use

Mainly because wolves havent' had much use out of him due to injury. But he's got a decent record for wolves, he's a goalscorer. At 27 aswell, and a free agent its a lot better than signing someone for decent money who might not be as good value for money. Hope Boro sign ebanks blake he'd get loads of goals. As for being relegated twice again, its not always balck and white, 1 player can't stop relegation for a team really, we just signed adomah from a relegated team and eery bristol supporter on here has said he's a wonderful player and were getting a bargain at 1million.

Also for signing relegated players, George friend? He's been a top boro player since he joined. I'd welcome ebanks Blake, but if only it was a pay as you play contract.

Yeah George Friend is a really good player, very traditional in his play. Pay as you play for ebanks blake ok if he accepts it, a good safety net for Boro. We need value for money, I've heard from somewhere it could cost £2.7 million for Ross Mccormack. I don't rate him that much myself, how many goals will he get for £2.7 million? And how could Boro afford it? Ebanks blake is a free agent and injury free I believe would score more. i'd offer him a one year deal with the option of a further year to ensure that if he did have a good season we would be able to sell him if clubs wanted him off us. i'm hoping we sign vaz te also, Both these two and emnes and Juke would be a very good frontline for us. Then we could loan out Luke williams and Curtis Main to bring them on a bit. Onwards and Upwards.



08 Aug 2013 12:58:11
If Boro fail to get McCormack, Mowbray will look to land Ricardo Vaz Te on loan and look to secure one other striker in a permanent deal

08 Aug 2013 15:38:51
as anybody got any idea of mowbray signing a much needed defender

A defender would be nice but not much needed, we have three decent right backs, two decent left backs, and Williams, woodgate, Richardson, hines and Gibson at CB. We are solid in all positions except CF

Agree, strikers get you promoted but defenders keep you in the league. we need two centre backs urgently. Or at least one!

Yes but we can't buy a team! And at the moment we need to build a solid foundation. Most successful teams start building from the back and our lst 6 months indicate relegation as opposed to promotion! just saying!

Ricardo Vaz Te will arrive as soon as the hammers bring in a new striker and we have tabled another offer for Leeds' Ross McCormack

We don't want mccormack he not worth the money that's been touted he would be a disastrous signing let blackpool have him

Much rather have Vaz Te than mcormack.



08 Aug 2013 12:22:07
Burnleyare hoping to end Kevin Doyles spell in Wolves reserves by taking him on loan for the season

No - Dyche said that Burnly cannot afford his wages

Doyle will join Hull



08 Aug 2013 12:20:00
With albert Adomah now signed, boro turn to South African striker tokelo rantie, as well as sylvian Ebanks Blake, and enquiring about Steven Ireland, luciano becchio or vaz te on loan.

Why sign ebanks blake he is injured and not good enough

Rantie highly unlikely he's just signed 4 year contract with malmo in april.

Vaz te, becchio and maynard maybe. ireland is out of shape and wants too much money. ebanks blake can whistle dixie. he was poor for wolves and very injury prone. not a proven striker in the last 2 years!

Rantie was interviewed recently and he said he probably wouldn't spend 4 years at malmo

Watched him last night. Just looked like emnes took his wig off. Didn't look vgood IMO



08 Aug 2013 12:19:34
Leeds forward Ross McCormack is on his way to Brighton as they have outbid Middlesboro with a fee thought to be around 2m. Once CMS is fit he is thought to be on way to Elland road.

Would be an amazing signing for us. But it seems he is happy at Leeds and they have no reason to sell. The only way I can see McCormack leaving is if he is unhappy, but not sure that's the case. P. S. Amazing crowd at Leeds, even though we did lose 2-1.

He will leave if we pay him enough simple as that

Not going to happen, we don't have 2 million to waste on a forward, need to use that on a left back

He won't be joining brighton there fans are only mentioning ross is name because he scored past you lot keep dreaming

So they will sell McCormack to Brighton in effective exchange for CMS and yet they don't even know if CMS has recovered from his injury yet. That's the first stupid suggestion. The second is that Brighton have got £2m to spend.

Are we recycling old rumours out of boredom now?. We had this one all the last window as a swap with CMS. Not a chance in hell that he'd come to us. We only play 1 up front.

09 Aug 2013 08:46:07
Linked with us last summer. Can't see it myself. I think there's more truth in the Becchio link.

If you're talking about leeds we play a 4-4-2 diamond with mccormack generally playing at the top of the diamond to make three strikers

Listen up chaps, Leeds won't be selling McCormack to any other championship side, he'll score 15+ goals in the league for us this season. even if we were offered £2million for him no wants to sell a proven striker with the season underway unless they have to. we don't have to. I look on this site a lot and so far this summer all you posters have been way off the mark with your rumours. we'd all be better off asking mystic meg to have a go.

Every transfer window CMS is linked with Leeds, but he never goes. Leeds havn't even said anything about wanting him.

According to the Daily Star we (Brighton) are about to spend 2 million on a striker from Peterborough. If true then the money is there. However this is the daily star

And Garcia seems to be trying to play 4-3-3, so by my reckoning its 3 strikers possibly

Andrews coming form Bolton, not a good move me thinks!

I would swap him for buckle and lualua

Andrews is good player he is better than Hammond

Ageed he is maybe on a par with Hammond but he is a different player to buckers and ksenga, they are both game changing player so can not be compared really.



08 Aug 2013 11:51:59
West Ham after Silvestre Varela. if you believe what you hear about West Ham!



08 Aug 2013 11:17:00
Cardiff make a 6 million pound bid or Sevilla defensive midfielder Gary medal. Known as the pit bull, the Chilean is best known for hard hitting displays in la liga.
Sources say Mackay has turned to medal after missing out on capoue to Tottenham.

He is a decent player tbh but dunno if he will join us

Gary Medel also being tracked by Everton. Would be a great signing for the bluebirds if this one happens.

Could be an awesome buy



08 Aug 2013 10:34:51
Leeds united have had a bid accepted for west ham united winger matt Taylor.

Hes free agent.

Hes gone to QPR mate

Hope this isn't true

08 Aug 2013 17:30:20
That's Gary o'neill who has gone qpr



08 Aug 2013 10:07:49
Shaun Cooper to sign for Portsmouth on a month to month rolling contract

Would be a great signing! Play him at left-back perhaps?

Great signing play him at lb



08 Aug 2013 09:09:40
Leicester have opened negotiations with Wolves about the possibility of bringing Richard Stearman back to the club he supports. It is believed he will go on a season long loan, with a view to permanent should Leicester gain promotion.

08 Aug 2013 12:14:25
Hope not we want him back at Ipswich

If I'm not much mistaken, and perhaps I am, but isn't Stearman from our neck of the woods and a Wolves fan?

Stearman is happy to stay at Wolves.

He's not going anywhere, fact.

Stearman was born in Wolverhampton but grew up in Leicestershire, this is a real possibility

He's definitely a Wolves fan

We don't have enough cover to let him leave

He supports southampton



08 Aug 2013 08:41:41
Middlesbrough linked with South African striker Tokelo Rantie.

08 Aug 2013 13:35:42
martin oneil to be installed as the new boro coach in next few weeks talks are on going as gibbo and fans have lost all faith in mowbray and venus both are tactically inept

Where, s he from then, never heard of him?

If true I hope he has been properly scouted and not just some agent passing on a DVD. sounds like we are getting desprate.

Us Boro fans like a good rant!

I thought about o neil becoming manager the other day. I think is a bit soon to off hire Mogga but o neil has been linked with boro for about the last 5 years. could be interesting/could be a complete flop.

Highly unlikely rantie signed contract with malmo for 4 years in april I can't see them wanting to sell that quickly.

Mmmm Interesting.

If only the Martin O'Neil rumour was true! Sadly Gibson will give Mowbray until the end of the season before deciding on Mowbray's future.

Boro will offer Ebanks Blake a one year contract when he is fit enough to pass a medical.

Things would of been a lot better if we, d got Oneil instead of Strachen, then we might not of been in such a mess + he would of had money 2 spend!

We do not need O'Neill if a new coach is to be got then please bring back Steve MacLaren.

Haven't heard anything about this player. the talk on o'neill should be quashed immediately, utter nonsense to replace Mogga at this moment in time. we fell foul of sacking southgate early in a season, we should learn by that

Mowbray as no excuses if boro get beat by charlton he will be out by september o neill to be installed as new coach for a big push to premiership this is gibbos last throw of the dice

YES he has been thoroughly scouted boro people were there watching him against swansea last night which the commentator confirmed, if you don't know a player shut up don't moan and guess how good he is, UTB!



08 Aug 2013 08:35:08
Kidderminster left back Mickey Demetriou a target for Leyton Orient

Now I think that's taking the mickey



08 Aug 2013 08:34:45
Young Colchester striker Freddie Ladapo is to go out on loan to League 2 new boys Mansfield

Doubt this will happen after Mansfield signing ollie Palmer and Calvin. Andrews with Speight rhead Stevenson waiting were now sorted up top



08 Aug 2013 06:30:18
Striker Tom Eaves is on the radar of AFC Bournemouth if Bolton Wanderers manager Dougie Freedman can be persuaded to let him leave.

Tom eaves seems to have potential but is far down pecking order at Bolton and might be shrewd signing for eh at bournemouth

Loan maybe and that will likely be near end of window. he's not earning enough at bolton for us to be looking to offload, due to budget cuts etc etc. he's of the same mould as Kev Davies and the fact is he can play a bit too. Freedman likes the kid so can't see him leaving. Plus an injury to any of beckford, ngog or craig davies might leave us a little light in attacking options. Come on you whites!

Swindon have bid £ 150. 000 for wes thomas is he worth that!!

Doesn't look very likely seeing as Bolton only have 3 senior strikers at te moment, plus, Dougie Freedmen has always said that bringing through young players like Tom Eve's into the first team is his top priority



08 Aug 2013 05:50:47
Arsenal defender Ignasi Miquel and team mate Nico Yennaris were both present at Adams park as LCFC guests on tues evening to see Leicester's cup win over Wycombe!. according to 'News Now' they are both imminent Leicester signings!. here's hoping!. and also on the News now site it states that Sean St Ledger does'nt want to move and is keen to stay on at Leicester!, Again. here's hoping!




08 Aug 2013 03:10:39
Crystal Palace are tracking Lee Tomlin to provide the assists for Dwight Gayle in there quest to remain a Premier League team. A bid of £3. 75m is thought to be enough to tempt Posh to part with there talisman.

I'm a big fan of tomlin but I think the PL could be a step too far. Everyone should get their chance tho

That would be hilarious

Doubt that £3. 75 million would tempt Darragh. next!

I am not saying it is impossible to Tomlin to move on before the start of the season but I get the feeling that the club think that he is the key part of their plans to get promotion this year and if promotion is worth £5m+ plus for a club then taking £3. 75m now would probably fall short considering they are confident of getting back up. If in January POSH are languishing mid table then £3. 75m may be an acceptable deal but not this early in the season. IMO

Posh need Tomlin more than any other player, 3. 75 Million wouldn't be enough, as posh might not gain promotion without him

Rowe or any other player, but not him

Comment 4 has hit the nail on the head

08 Aug 2013 18:07:23
Am I missing something, we are on about a league one player here, 3. 75 million you having a laugh, palace might off paid 6million to much for Gayle, how can Tomlin be valued at that price and Leeds mcormack at 1.5 million, i'm not Leeds fan but would rather have mcormack any day?

To me the best chance of getting prem quality players is from the clubs relegated the previous year qpr and wigan must be overrun with players wouldn't mind Ben watson back

How can the Posh fans expect to charge big bucks for players who are in league one and got the club relegated.

Lmao about comment of buying premiership class players from teams relegated. Ever since Notts Forest were too good to go down we have seen players from relegated clubs re appear the following season for another club that gets relegated. Generally speaking it just doesn't seem to work. QPR may be an exception as without doubt there was talent there just no teamwork.

How can Posh Fans expect big bucks for players. Quite simple really we do not want to sell them, you may have a car that's worth £1000 but just because its worth that doesn't mean you have to sell it to me for £1000 if you wanted to keep it therefore if I really wanted to buy it I would have to pay more a price you could not turn down because the offer is to good. Simpe really

If you've got a problem with our players being in league one, then don't buy them, keeps us all happy!

Why are fans so upset that we won't see our players cheap, either the fans are upset because they can't have them, which means they are worth something, or they are upset because? they can't get the same for better players?, because their clubs are run badly? Just because it's nothing to do with them but posh getting money or having good players is somehow a problem for them anyway?

I don't understand, some players are not for sale, but everybody has their price, the price for posh is high, pay it or find another player.

If your club aren't getting these prices for quality players then you need to ask why they are being sold cheap, not moan at posh

My point is that we are not a shop, and you need to go to your clubs next open day or gm and ask why they are not able to hold on to players and get higher fees.

You can't offer someone a fee on the street for their car, a much loved, even a good fee and be shocked if for some reason they don't want to sell it, or ask for an insane price. Your club and every club should have a similar policy because without it or a large gate you are not running a business properly, in that the balance between success and financial security is wrong in some way, either you are pressured to sell, or someone is making money instead of getting the club where it could be

09 Aug 2013 15:50:33
Ain't these good players your on about the same
Players that took you down, what a stupid comment...

DMac has already said that nobody else will be leaving this summer.

As far as the "lge 1" comments go regarding his value, its not where a player comes from, its where the purchasing club are expecting him to play i. e. The Premier League.

Tomlin is only 24 got a dozen goals in champo and even more assists, he is well worth the price, I can't see his ambitions being as low as bottom of the championship, he would more suit Wigan or QPR not the palace reserve team



08 Aug 2013 01:16:37
Swindon town are looking to remove Paul Caddis from the payroll by now offering him to clubs for free.

Inglethorpe, Tisdale and Hartley have all rejected Swindons advances and its now looking more likely that Mark Cooper will take the role.

Neil Christophe is on a youth trial from Metz, the 6ft 6 striker scored 27 goals for their reserve team last season

Inglethorpe, Tisdale and Hartley were never targets of the club in the first place. All media talk & press speculation.

With regards to Coops being manager. Give him 10 games & if the team perform well then they should offer him the job but I don't think they should make a decision after 3 games

Why have they rejected us?

Tisdale and Hartley HAVE been interviewed by Power about the Swindon managers job, they have not been ruled out yet but Exeter want a lot of money for Tisdale so would probably rule out that deal.

Swindon obviously have money or they wouldn't bid £125k for Wes Thomas of Bournemouth.

Hoddle has been spoken to as well and is considering Swindon.

He is on his way back to Blues, has already agreed the contract just waiting for the club to confirm he can leave for free.

Shame hoddle won't come back on a reduced salary



08 Aug 2013 01:09:30
Southampton fc have had a 13million bid for striker / winger Marko Arnautović accepted

Doubtful he has issues.

Significantly underwhelmed

Hmmm not sure about this. It's painfully obvious to nearly every saints supporter that what is needed to take us up a notch is an established goalscoring centreforward. This guy averages less than a goal every five games in the bundesliga. So not worth 13mill of our money surely.
If he is being bought to play behind, we have Lallana, Gaston, JRod, Davies, Punch, Guly. Young Omar Rowe is kicking the door down too.
Sorry don't believe this one.

Are you sure!

That's a bit much for him isn't it?

Yep he has lots of issues, and it shouldn't take a bid that high, only has one year left on his contract.6m would get accepted

Rubbish. He's not worth even 5m euros. I bet he would like to come to us, but we won't be buying him.

08 Aug 2013 14:18:20
Ricky Lambert called up for England. Couldn't be happier with sfc and hodgson.

No doubt signing tomorrow because it's Friday; again!



08 Aug 2013 00:28:25
Sheffield Utd want Ellis Harrison of Bristol Rovers. Bid made today of £100k plus 20 % sell on clause.

Rovers have asked for 48 hours to think it over. they are bracing themselves for bids for Tom Parkes and Michael Smith also.

Real test of mettle and ambition for the Board. John Ward has indicated strongly that he does NOT want to sell any of them at any price. could be a defining three weeks or so ahead for this club.

None of the players above will leave this window

Bids coming in for Santos too. A prospect to better all of the others Rovers have

Harrison just signed a 3 year deal so he will not leave and parkes was made captain none of them have any reason to leave

Ward will resign if any players are sold.
He is at the end of his tether and regrets his decision to stay at Rovers when he had the chance to get away in May.

I posted on Wednesday I was sat with the Sheffield utd scout in the dry -build stand Tuesdays game and he was there to watch Harrison

Why don't we sell all our fit players on a 241 basis, for example, sell Tom Parkes, get matt gill free, or sell Michael smith get Gary Kenneth free, ffs, stop this nonsense please! We won't have enough players to field a side soon, get docked points by the FL, and go to hell in a hand cart! UTG



08 Aug 2013 00:50:47
Stoke have had a breakthrough in the Diouf from Hanover deal at last. Could happen by the weekend

I will belive it when I see it.

Stoke have apparently put a bid in for €6million which is £5.2million I think, whether that will be enough I don't know

This is the man we are in need of. Pace, power and most importantly goals. A signing that would excite the whole club. Would be a fit recipient of Stokes coveted #10 shirt.

Sign Diouf today so we don't have to be in a rush

I hope it is. least then we can get him in. and still pursue Agudelo deal but not be under too much pressure to do it now. could leave until January as pre-arranged. who knows

Hughes said there will 1 new face atleast at stoke next week

Most of this is speculation. Stoke have only held talks with Hannover no bid has been made, however hannover will only accept 6.9mil which is 8mil euros. Hughes has said he would like to sign one or two more players but he will wait til jan for the right deal he said.

This deal will not go through as Stoke made a bid which Hannover laughed at saying they want 20mil (euros).

Pretty sure the Diouf thing is speculation at the moment, but the 20 mil was a quote intended to be exaggeration, so don't put much stock in that little snippet. I think the common consensus is that if Diouf leaves, it will be for between 7 and 10 million Euros.

I hope we are looking at other strikers as well 20mil Euros is silly talk.

20 million for one season wonder what a joke.

I have no idea what Hannover are doing Dioufs contract expires at the end of the season and he has said he does not want to renew however they still won't sell him for 7mil.

They believe his goals are more important then any money we will give them. It's seriously a gee up isn't it. We need a goal scorer!

Surely if Diouf does not want to stay at Hannover then his scoring tally will not be to the same standard this year. Oh well I wouldn't mind if we sell Jones for 4mil and sign a great striker like Emmanuel Emenike (11mil), Jermain Defoe (4mil) or Darren Bent (6mil) then at the end of the season bring Diouf in on a free and look to sell Crouch.

Unfortunately Emenike just moved to Fenerbahce

This is unlikely, but what if Hughes signs another pre-contract with Diouf for him to sign on a free at the end of the season. Sell Jones for £3m or £4m to make room for another striker and then buy Defoe for £6m. This way there will be more goals this season and by the end of the season we will have Diouf, Defoe, Crouch, Walters, Jerome and Agudelo available for a striking position.

Emenike would have been a bargain at 10mil he would destroy this league.



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