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A colleague at work (in The Netherlands)), whom is a very good friend with an unnamed person with the KNVB (Dutch FA) whom is very, very good friends with both Ryan Babel & Arjen Robben, has informed me that Babel will move to Arsenal for an undisclosed fee. Meanwhile, Robben is considering moving to Man Utd on loan for a season!
  "# Net Spend 04 – 09 Purchased Sold

1 Manchester City £254,750,000 £65,400,000
2 Chelsea £266,450,000 £118,300,000
3 Liverpool £249,230,000 £135,780,000
4 Sunderland £142,080,000 £53,650,000
5 Aston Villa £113,200,000 £37,255,000
6 Tottenham £253,000,000 £201,550,000
9 Newcastle £120,750,000 £83,400,000
7 Manchester United £188,650,000 £161,050,000
8 Everton £82,100,500 £56,200,000
10 Middlesbrough £62,200,000 £44,500,000
12 West Ham £70,145,000 £56,325,000
11 Blackburn Rovers £39,600,000 £53,790,000
13 Portsmouth £85,200,000 £101,240,000
14 Arsenal £112,050,000 £128,820,000"

what is your source of this information? i know for a fact that the figures quoted here for evertons net spend are incorrect. granted they aren't hugely wrong but i'm assuming that the whole quote is bull considering the vast majority of transfers from non–plc clubs are undisclosed there is practically no way you could have this information.
  "Veloso is still on the radar of Arsenal,Man City,Bolton and Aston Villa."

Bolton manager Gary Megson has already conceded that Veloso is out of Bolton's league and price ranged with the Sporting Lisbon ace being valued at around £9m–£14m. So, don't expect the trotters to be monitoring Veloso for much longer with Sporting Lisbon adament they have valuated Veloso accordingly. Shame. But Bolton are looking to sign Valencia striker Angulo on a free transfer and have shown interest in Portsmouth target Modeste M'bami, currently at Marseille.
  MAN UTD NEWS. . . . .

Man U will receive an offer for VIDIC within 24hrs from a premiership side expected to be the region of 38Mill
  So rosicky is injured again? expect to see him in the team for the portmouth home game. wenger is just sheilding him against international friendlies ,same goes for vidic and van der saar .

onto some rumours. .expect the incomming midfeilder to be hitzlberger. and i think he would do wellin the set up
the stricker will be chamakh though im not overly convienced by his ability in the EPL
centre back expect one of taylor from newcastle ,or naldo werder bremmen.

this may also sound absurd,but expect wengers departure by february. .

rob the gooner
  Man City News. . . .

I'm convinced another bid for John Terry is due this may go to the wire. . Betting odds tumbled today. . . . . .

Every single club in the UK would be glad of any cash injection or sale of an asset expect a few surprises
  With Bassong deal secured, Spurs will now allow Pascal Chimbonda to move on with Hull leading the chase as by now Beye has turned them down and is on the verge of joining Aston Villa. Chimbonda himself is holding out for a move to a Southern based club with both Portsmouth and West Ham in the frame, but nothing firm in the way of offers.

Spurs are also braced for bids before the window shuts for Jenas, Keane, O'Hara, Bentley, Pavlyuchenko, Bale and Huddlestone. Expect the most likely departures to come from the midfield department as there is an excess of quality and potential at the club with Redknapp seeing squad depth coming from the emerging talents of Bostock, Rose & Livermore(all of these may go out on short term loans early in the season). There is no need to sell, but there is a slight restriction on salaries offered to players coming in due to the size of the professional squad(especially with the scrapping of the reserve side), so don't expect any marquee signings unless you see first team players leaving first and Redknapp only wants to add quality equal or better then the players leaving.

  I have it on good authority that a deal is in place with regards to jose mourinho succeeding SAF with strongs views from my source that the reason no big signings and a young squad is assembling is because SAF wants his dynasty to live on for years to come even when the great man has gone, leaving the money from the sale of ronaldo to the new manager for his input to the team!

Red Devil Dan
  There's an awful lot of BS about finances on this site: I've posted before about HOW TO READ THE NUMBERS PROPERLY. Hope this passes the yawn stage and gets published.

Friday's posts included stuff about Man Utd on the verge of administration, and some numbers about clubs spending over 5 years, 2004 – 2009. Ok, the amounts spent are an indication, but in the business of football we all need to understand that a cp transfer doesn't mean it's money totally wasted/gone, it means it's a cp transfer, because the TRUE COST to the club is exactly the same as when you buy a car/van/yacht or whatever you drive.

You either made a good decision or your unhappy. You needed a car, so you got one. If it holds/accrues in value like some classics do, you've done well.

To extend the comparison:

Price to pay for car: Say £21K

Funded by: Selling old car: Say £5K at depreciated/amortised value. (it was worth more before you used it as a mobile waste tip)

You need to find £16K

Did you pay cash? Yes, must have been doing well! No? Then it's financed by a loan or overdraft/second mortgage/loan shark etc and you will pay interest!

So you've now got an asset worth £21K in year one. Using a straight line depreciation over the life of the car (three years?) you have to amortise its value at £7k per annum AND add the cost of the finance/interest if you didn't have the readies because you decided to have the car and a new conservatory. (Read Stadium).

So, after three years, you've funded the car, paid the PRICE + Finance charges and owe nothing to anyone. Assuming it's still got four wheels and moves, it's worth something and you flog it!

BTW Petrol/Deisel/Servicing running costs = player wages/bonuses and insurance is insurance!!

Getting back to footballers: Say you bought Kyle Naughton for £3 million. You think and account for him in exactly the same as with the imaginary car. BUT, it's probable he will eventually have a BIGGER VALUE than Spurs paid, if things work out etc.

Crouch on the other hand will be worth less because of his age: Guess Bent is somewhere in the middle, but remember half of his four year book value of £16.5 million will have been accounted for. If Spurs got £10 to £12 they made a paper 'profit'

BUT, here's the kicker. Spurs Balance sheet (as with all clubs) shows a straight amortised number. This total is mix of all players on the books. Good or bad, new or not. Some of them will be UNDERSTATED, but NONE OF THEM will be worth, or sold for less than their book value. Unless of course Boycie (Levy) gets stuffed:

Like the car analogy, you get a useful life, you pay/write it's value down then flog it for hopefully more than is shown on the books.

You pay for everything by spreading things out and relying on income to exceed outgoings. Sound familiar? Clubs get into bother when outgoings exceed reality and as the result of performance, income and value decreases. Peter Ridsdale was a genius comparable only to Mike Ashley!

As at December 2008, Spurs balance sheet showed the squad was worth £106,825,000: OBVIOUSLY the numbers change EVERY DAY. It's just a snapshot but I can tell you the numbers look very healthy. Why? Because Spurs have the lowest cost of debt (Loans/Finance charges) of any EPL Club except Chelsea (Man City?) whose rich uncles like to buy new cars at regular intervals and never ask for the readies back!

£80 million for Ronaldo, and it was all PROFIT since his original transfer cost would be on the books at the original value and have been written down 100% at least a tear ago: (Gonna leave the typo!)

MikeG (aka:In Harry We Hope)
  Little Luis Garcia is coming home to Anfield, after being released by Atletico, he is in line for a shock move consisting of a one year deal with a further option, similar to when God returned. no more major signings except a defender and perhaps a move for Suarez who Rafa has been keen on for 18 months.
  Why would 60 million of the Ronaldo fee go to service a debt then interest playments on which total 43.3 million annually? Even then, why would Fergie be forced into selling Vidic for a further 55 million? With 115 million, that would be about 1/5th of the debt paid off: I'm not sure how much our insider knows about the world of finance, but no bank would want (much less demand on pain of defaulting!) that much debt paid off at once. Why not? Because they make their money through interest payments, and the more capital is paid off, the lower the interest due. Simple.

I think you should wake up and see that debt or no debt, United is very well run club. If you don't agree, why not count the 3 Premier League titles, Champions League and two Carling Cups won since the take–over. How about the 68 million profit for Ronaldo? Or the 56 million AIG deal?

I think instead of making up scare stories, you should listen carefully to what Fergie and Gill are saying: money is available if needed. Fergie doesn't want to waste money, and prices in this transfer window have been inflated. Ronaldo will be missed, but Fergie thinks that he knows how to compensate (more traditional wing–play and a more orthodox two up–front, in case you didn't see the Asia tour or Valencia game)– only time will tell, but it's not often he gets something like this wrong. All of this is readily available on SkySports, a more reliable source than yours no doubt. Fergie and Gill know much better than you do how to run a successful football club, so leave it to the big boys, and get back to the Champ manager, yeah?

Sir Alex
  First off jermaine beckford will be signing for charlton for 1 mill, arsenal will sign patrick viera, veloso, darijo srna, vagner love all for about 30 million, spurs will be signing guti for 4million and the swap deal involving jenas and muntari is imanent. Also expect adam johnson from middlesborough to go to aston villa after martin oneil was spotted at the riverside stadium this evening.
  This is for the unnamed fiance of Scott Sinclair's couisin:

You original wrote:
>Didier Drogba is thought to be ready to
>commit himself to the club, however, there
>is a concrete offer from Real Madrid for
>his services. They have offered a fee of
>around 30m, and is being considered by
>the club's hierachy.

Sharkey replied, based on a working knowledge of both clubs:

>>There is no offer from Madrid, concrete
>>or otherwise.

The unnamed fiance then provided the following reply to my response (all typing and grammatical errors are his):

>>>Uhhh, your inside information is a load
>>>of rubbish thank you. I've recently spoke
>>>to Scott Sinclair as i am his cousins fiance
>>>and he insisted before his move to Wigan
>>>than. . . Drogbas offer for Real Madrid
>>>is being kept on the low, as if he doesn't
>>>accept it, he doesn't want his fans to
>>>know he even considered leaving his
>>>"commited" club.

So, you are saying that this £30M "offer" has been kept quiet – in fact so quite that whilst neither club are aware of it, you and Scott Sinclair are. It beggers belief I am afraid.
Just try and accept there is no concrete £30M offer for Didier Drogba from Real Madrid being considered by the Chelsea hierarchy. I can only assume that Scott Sinclair has been pulling your leg just a little.

  Wigan News

Roberto Martinez could be looking to cash in on Hull's dilly–dallying over Ross McCormack, and will have representatives at Cardiff tomorrow to consider a deal for the striker for £3.75M with add ons. Ross' agent allededly unhappy at last minute involvement by the Latics as the Hull deal was apparantly all but sealed. Koumas is NOT part of the bargain, but Martinez had previously mooted the idea to sell Koumas to Cardiff as bait for Joe Ledley. Cardiff priced Wigan out of the Ledley move but if McCormack deal is tied up giving Cardiff cash to spend, expect Ridsdale to signal a new move for Koumas.
  Ever Banega from Valencia to Arsenal , announcement will be next week

The Red Gun
  To the person who said

"Can the scousers stop posting ridiculous rumours. don't mean to offend but you will not sign villa, silva or aguero. you simply don't have the money. the alonso money is coming in bits and peices from madrid and you just spent the majority of your budget on aquilani (great player). you just don't have the cash to buy villa, silva, aguero. they will cost about 40million (villa, aguero) and 25million (silva).

Yes you have re–financed but that doesn't mean you are in any less debt and you don't have the capital.

If villa, silva aguero will move anywhere it will be chelsea or man u they have the capital!!!!

Liverpool – cattermole, turner, jimenez. . . . . . . . . . . . "


Liverpool are given 30m at the start of every season and last season we bought Keane 20m Dossena 6m Riera 8m Degen FREE Cavalieri 3m Ngog 1.5m(bargain)

Out went Riise 5m Crouch 5m(only 5m paid) Kewell FREE Guthrie 3m le Tallec (4m Carson 4.5m Finnan 6m Keane 14m

net = 38.5 – 41.5
= +3m

In so far
Johnson 7m (+money owed by Pompy)
Aquilani 17m
Mavinga 3m

Out so far
Astrit Ajdarević free
Xabi Alonso 34m
Paul Anderson 250k
Sebastián Leto 4m
Alvaro Arbeloa 3.5m
Jack Hobbs 400k
Godwin Antwi free
Ronald Huth free
Sami Hyypia free
Joe Kennedy free
Gary MacKay–Steven free
Jermaine Pennant free
Miki Roque free

42.15 – 27
= 15.15
budget for rest of window
plus sales
Dossena Itandje Lucas looking to move to bring
in a further 14.25m
BUDGET = 52.35m

No money? Some of this will go to January window(more useful then as Rafa will know what needs improving to increase our 15point lead at the top)

Villa 38m
Banega 8m



  To all the ABU'S out there. Mostly begrudging liverpool fans. There is nothing wrong with man united's financial situation. Fergie simply won't be ripped off. He has said several times they made a age in excess of 30mil for benzema. This was backed up by lyon who said that they accepted madrid's bid because it was higher. BAYERN ALSO said that fergie made inquiries about ribery. These two examples prove there is money to spend. I think all the speculation about man united in trouble is wishful thinkin on the part of some bitter scousers. –PRECOG–
  Rafa Benitez is in for a new centre back to provide cover especially within the mini crisis Liverpool have at the back at the moment. This centre back will be cheap as Liverpool now have extremely tight funds left. Sylvain Distin is the biggest possibility, available at around £3–4million, due to the fact that he only has this season left to run on his contract and Pompey are in a dire financial situation at the moment during their takeover period and cannot afford to lose him on a free next Summer. Michael Turner was a possibility until Hull slapped a £10million price tag on his head so this is now a no–go. Rafa did want Micah Richards, but he will be unwilling to sit on the bench especially with the World Cup just around the corner. Michel Slagado is about to have the final year of his Real Madrid contract terminated and will be available on a free as Rafa is aware, and the other may shock you, but Sol Campbell's situation is being monitored, Liverpool may offer a trial at some stage. More than likely though, it will be Distin, before the big kick off against Spurs.
  To the guy who said:
Don’t get me wrong Liverpool fans, we probably do have the cash to sign Silva or at a push maybe Villa but it would be a massive gamble (due to the gaps in quality cover) and as you know from his style of football, Rafa does not take huge risks.

You say Rafa doesn't take huge risks? Well he's bought a Alonso replacement for around 20m who is Injury prone and will have to adapt to the premiership.
Anyway i do agree with most what you said, Also Liverpool have been linked with Ajax striker Luis Suarez.

  Liverpool FC

A lot of people on here comment a lot on Liverpool not in the financial position to make major signings, but I can assure you now we already had £20m BEFORE the Alonso deal went through, so now Aquilani is a Liverpool player (I advise anyone to take a look at this guy on youtube, he looks like another Gerrard) we have £30m. No–one knows who Rafa wants. It's not like he's very good in the world of money nor is he known to sign replacements. I know he is interested in the following; Aguero, Villa, Silva, Negredo, Van Der Vaart, Mata, Turner, Cattermole, Sneijder, Robben and a lot more. I can see Turner joining, and I believe he is doing his upmost to sign Cattermole, but the £12m Wigan want is far too steep. Silva is his no. 1 priority and is unwilling to add an extra £3m on his £19m bid, so it is likely Lucas could be added to the deal. He also wants Aguero and has made a bid of £25m plus Benayoun and Dossena.

The Gray Fox
  Chelsea will sign
luis fabiano 22.5m
bruno alves 18m

liverpool will sign
negrado 15m
aquilani 20m
fernando navarro 9m

man c will sign
lescott 22m
alex (chelsea) 19m
david silva 28m
diego forlan (deadline day deal) 30m

man u will sign
d costa 14m
david villa 40m
dodo 5m

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