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08 Apr 2013 23:18:59
Marc Richards is a name being linked with Plymouth Argyle, along with Rene Howe. Both realistic, especially the Howe one if Torquay go down. A lot of people think it's likely the likes of Nick Chadwick and Warren Feeney will leave and youngsters who Sheridan knows he won't play will go out on loan. Reuben Reid is likely to stay at Argyle permanently and Lee Cox could also make his loan move permanent, depending on how Swindon's new manager rates him.

Reid and Richards would be the best striker combination in league 2 for me but I want us to sign Calvin Zola in the summer because he's tall and he can score on the ground and with his head

Zola will be wanted by teams better than Argyle. Plus, if Burton go up, why would he want to drop a league?



08 Apr 2013 21:49:44
Alan curbishley to be the new Leeds boss you heard it here first

Source:inside elland road

I so hope that this rumour has some legs on it. He'd be a great choice.

No been out of football to long for me [wrexhamwhites]

No brian mcdermott is going to be the new leeds manager



08 Apr 2013 21:30:41
Swansea targets for next season:

Jose Canas - Free

Romelu Lukaku - Season long loan

Courtois - Season long loan

First of all, Chelsea would not let their "hottest prospect" and future Chelsea striker move across the UK to go play in Wales, England is just too good of an offer to turn down, second, they would not sign Thibaut Courtouis either because Cech's contract is going to run out soon and are looking at 20 year old loanee Courtois to replace Cech. As far as Jose Canas goes, I don't have a clue who he is, so yeah probably will move to North-East Wales.

They can't. A club can only sign one player from one club on loan.

Courtois has extended his loan at ath. madrid for another season

I'd love to see all these at Swansea.

Canas is comeing

Did this bloke actually say North east Wales when referring to Swansea? And you talk about it like Swansea are in a different division because we're Welsh, I think you'll find If you look at the premier league table that Swansea city are the 9th best team according to position and have European football. So I believe depending on which manager Chelsea get, it is quite likely that Lukaku will join the Swans on loan

When you say Lukaku won't leave because Swansea is in wales and he would want to stay in England to play football. Don't Swansea play in a league were there is all English teams?

Of course, Lukaku knows all about how the air and water in England makes him the hottest prospect in the league and how he'd lose ALL abilities to play if he came to SOUTH, no sorry (I should know my country a little better), North-East Wales to play in the English league.

Personally, I can't see it happening but would be nice. What would be nicer is if he's a true and humble individual and actually asks for a perm transfer (I know, time to wake up).

Swansea are developing nicely year on year, making substantial profits and quickly becoming the team of choice across the globe for football fans wanting to follow the PL so please don't write us off because we're a small passionate city and not the capital of Wales. Speaking of which, isn't their team £83 million in debt and only now looking like getting into the finest league in the world, 2 seasons after us?!

Role on next season, Europe and local derby's again - I can barely contain my excitement ;)



08 Apr 2013 20:27:33
If Doncaster win tomorrow, their virtually promoted and they're already planning for life back in the Championship by signing Iain Hume and Dean Furman on permanant contracts. They're also interested in strikers' Billy Kee and Damian Reeves

Hope you got 300k because that's what preston want for hume ,but he as stated he will return to preston at end of the season

You are the worst team I've seen at bmth this season you play hoof ball and your pitch is a beach

£300k. ?

PNE can't afford Humes wages so they have to get rid.

Another cheeky loan deal should sort his future out at Donny

We're the most clinical side in League One, all we need is one chance and its a goal. and "worst team" is a bit of a overstatement seeing has we're top. Don't be bitter mate

Hume only stated he's going back to Preston because his future hasn't been decided with rovers yet, if he had to choose he would clearly pick rovers over Preston

That last comment is just plain bitter, we are the worse team yet we are top of the league? Would you like some wine with those sour grapes?

Well done Donny for being top, hope you go up! from a fellow loyal northern lower league supporter at PNE> ps Humey is ok but because of a contractual mess up when we were in Championship, he's ended up on relative very high wages for league 1, with 18 months left to go. So it's not a case we can't afford him, more like squad has to be on more or less same wages to be fair.

Worst teem hey and we still beat youand if we played yoy tomorrow we would beat you again good luck in the playofs lol

And yet we're top of the league. funny that

Bournemouth play the O'Driscoll way which works against teams who try to play the same way, Doncaster have determination, versatile players and an excellent ground but the pitch has been ruined by multi-use. Pitch will be fine for next season in the championship.

If you don't crumble and lose in the playoffs.



08 Apr 2013 19:37:35
Chris Wilder has pretty much been told his time is up once the season finishes. Lenagan will have a meeting with Chris after the final game against Accrington.

What i've heard (and also seen him at the past 2 oufc home games!) is that Martin Keown has been contacted about the possibility of taking over.

Was well rumoured 3 years ago, when Chris was wanted by Burton and Posh. That old Chairman, Kelvin Thomas, was keen on Martin.
Keown is an oxfordshre man. Living in the county his whole life

Chris wilder should stay as manager but needs a new assistant maybe keown so he can learn the trade at lower level big gamble to put keown as manager

09 Apr 2013 01:23:20
wilder and whole backroom staff and most players need to go or OUFC will go down next season

This is purely speculation and probably a bit of wishful thinking. Keown is often at our home matches. It is correct he has roots in oxford and is buying a large property in the city. I think Wilder will go - god I hope so - but not heard anything about manager change. The Chairman keeps things very closs to his chest - one of the criticisms of him. So we will see but I doubt very much MK will be the new boss



08 Apr 2013 19:02:15
carlisle utd youngster brad potts on the verge of joining Sunderland who have been impressed with his first season

Very talented player, but not ready yet but still with his age, being very versatile he could still cost a lot of money.

Is that why every one I talk to wants McGovern dropped,



08 Apr 2013 18:52:47
Martin Keown has accepted the offer from Oxford United to be their manager next season and will be appointed as soon as the season is up. Wilder will be placed on gardening leave until his contract is terminated on July 1st.

Austin Lipman will join Oxford on a season long loan from Arsenal if Keown gets his man. Expect wholsesale changes at the Kassam in the summer.

This seems to be gathering pace, and could well have legs. He's certainly been seen at the last two Home Games. Watch this space!



08 Apr 2013 18:36:49
Norwich may look to swap Grant Holt with Gary Hooper from Celtic. The canaries made a number of bids for Hooper in January which were rejected and the club are growing tired with Holt's temperament. He has failed to recapture the form he showed in his first season in the top flight and the club are starting to regret not cashing in last summer. Celtic will also look to bring in Aston Villa's Scottish midfielder Barry Bannan.

Bannan is worth about £5m.

I'm sorry, but Barry Bannan is not worth £5M. Maximum of £2M if you ask me.

Bannan, 5 mill?lol. Dylan Mc is better.

09 Apr 2013 16:49:06
First of all, Celtic would not possibly let Gary Hooper, who has attracted attention from some of Europe's big boys, and especially not for the "Norwich City veteran" Grant Holt, it's just Celtic wouldn't accept the offer, even if Norwich offered they're whole team for Hooper.

09 Apr 2013 19:26:16
glad we didn't waste our money on hooper. we got van wolfey instead. muchbetter business. otbc

I can but dream. a front line of Van Wolfy and The Hooper man with Snodgrass and Pilkington as wide support would scare a few EPL teams.

10 Apr 2013 01:46:13
If hooper was being touted by big european teams I'm sure if they wanted him, they would have gone for him when the window was open, yeah he is good but my gran would be good in the spl. Norwich can get better than him I'd rather Holt anyway. Celtic would be a good championship side at best. let's move on from Hooper

Hooper ONCE attracted big'ish' clubs, but his performance in the CL this season has left much to be desired.
if he can't score more than two (might of been one. ) goals in the CL in a season, he is not ready for the prem. he scores for fun in the SPL, so would be a good shout for championship teams.

Norwich are definitely regretting not selling holt in the summer, and Celtic will regret not selling hooper for 5.5m.
they got knocked out of the CL straight away, and now they have a striker with a year left on his contract, who won't sign a new one, and whos value has gone down considerably since jan.

Really?! Snoddgrass in support? That man is such a bad footballer. No pace, no passing skills and he doesn't know how to challenge. he's a good Championship-player at best!

10 Apr 2013 08:20:44
Celtic have missed out on their chance to get anything for Hooper. He has just over a year to run on his contract, which I believe he will see out. This will then give him the choice of more teams and gain him a much higher wage should he continue to play well/start scoring goals again.

Its only a matter of time before he ditches Celtic for a club in a competitive league. I don't think Tottenhams interest was solid and fully expect him to join a team outside the top 8 of the prem. Not one of the European giants as he is simply not that good.

Norwich have seen the light and secured their first choice signing of Ricky VanWolfswinkle for the summer so not sure they will bother going back for 2nd choice Hooper.

"Norwich have seen the light and secured their first choice signing of Ricky Van Wolfswinkel for the summer so not sure they will bother going back for 2nd choice Hooper".

Yes Norwich got Wolfswinkel, but we will get another 1 or 2 strikers in the summer. Jackson, Martin, Vaughan all leaving. Holt may leave too. Basically there will be an overhaul at Norwich most of all the striker position. I still think Hughton will show serious interest in Hooper at the end of the season.

If hughton goes for hooper, I doubt any more than 3m will be spent if it's just pure cash.
I can see holt +1m cash as a possible deal, but celtic missed their chance.



08 Apr 2013 16:55:45
Sam Byram is wanted by Tottenham this summer.

No Spurs won't get in there, when he's wanted by Chelsea aswell. He would love the chance to play with Gareth Bale, but he would love the chance to play with Eden Hazard and Juan Mata and playing behind him, the most popular Chelsea player of all time super Frankie Lampard.



08 Apr 2013 16:13:03
John Ward has a number is set to be busy this summer in a push for promotion next season. Steve Mildenhall and Clayton McDonald will sign permanent deals with the club, and Mark McChrystal and Oumare Tounkara will extend their deals. Matt Harrold will also sign a 6-month deal. Outgoing will be Jim Paterson, Adam Virgo, Scott Bevan, Joe Anyinsah, Fabian Broghammer, David Clarkson and Gary Kenneth. Ward's main targets are York winger Ashley Chambers, Notts County midfielder Joss Labadie, Carlisle midfielder Jon-Paul McGovern, Lloyd James, and Donal McDermott

Please take Mcgovern

09 Apr 2013 14:33:02
You do realise Kenneth has 2 years left on his contract.

David clarkson went in january.

Mcgoverns carlisles best midfielder, good player, most goals that we score he has a hand in, although can go missimg for 15 mins.



08 Apr 2013 16:03:17
If Villa stay up Jordan Bowery will be at Chesterfield again on loan for 3 months, stories are the strike force for next season are

Fuller ( Charlton)
Bowery ( 3 Months Villa)
Eoin Doyle ( Signed to come) Hibs

Bowery, Fuller = Fantasy island stuff
Doyle has signed so that's old news



08 Apr 2013 15:51:23
Ricardo Fuller will join Chesterfield, the Charlton man may be 33 but a big holding up guy, Cook sees him as a two season player. My inside info says he needs to move away from down south due to personal issues.

Good pedigree, comes from a reliable inside guy.

This is the worst rumor yet get a grip he won't join chesterfield he will rejoin preston

Cook has No money to spend and a much smaller budget No way could he afford Fuller. He will go for another young striker watch for a raid for Boco

Ok, listen you're both wrong, he won't join Chesterfield, because Cook doesn't have that kind of money, Charlton would want at least £3million for Ricardo Fuller and Chesterfield couldn't afford to spend more than 300k and as far as PRESTON goes, look listen he just won't join, he wants to play in the premier league again, but doesn't have the package to play for some of England's big boys, so therefore he would propably play for someone like West Ham.

Boco coming anyway out of contract at Stanley and Cooks favourite son plus on no money at ASFC

Your wrong too Chesterfield haven't got 30k to spend let alone 300K



08 Apr 2013 14:55:15
Norwich will look to bring in Stephen Ireland. He has fallen down the pecking order at Aston Villa. Wages could be a stumbling block but Ireland may take a slight pay cut to gain first team football.

He wouldn't get in the first team

Your welcome to him & his 55k a week wages, better than him keep playing with the under 2's.

Old has been can't cut it anymore

Norwich would probably sign Stephen Ireland, even though Ireland is in his mid-30s, and Aston Villa can't refuse the 3 or 4 million that Norwich would offer for him and since he is not wanted by any other clubs, Norwich should sign him.

OK let's not waste anymore time on this b******s. Ireland is so not the type of player Norwich sign or even need to sign. Therefore it's not going to happen.

Can someone tell me the last time Norwich signed (not renewed contract) a player in his 30s?
doesn't happen. villa can dream, but that's all it is.
norwich currently have much better.



08 Apr 2013 16:47:33
Jermaine Beckford will be signed by Simon Grayson for PNE as he has done a few times at other clubs

Poor preston. if he needs a lift i'm sure any huddersfield or leicester fan will deliver him

Am a preston fan and I know this won't happen unless its on loan and his parent club pay half his wages

Wow, if that happened that would show a statement of intent from PNE.

09 Apr 2013 09:51:57
he is on premier league wages at leicester. no chance

Larry had "MONEY" at Leeds and Huddersfield to pay wages and sign players.

At present Larry couldn't afford to buy a pen to sign a player



08 Apr 2013 15:00:53
WBA to sign Brentford's Clayton Donaldson in the summer as replacement for Lukaku.

No disrespect to Donaldson, but I'm pretty sure they will want someone a lot better than him. He's not a premier League standard of player. You haven't got us fooled



08 Apr 2013 14:21:00
Jonathan De Guzman should be signing a new permanent keeping him at the club until 2015, currently rumored around the £7 million mark



08 Apr 2013 12:59:08
Latest news from Swindon Town. They are about to be taken over by a Middle east Organisation before the end of the season.
Seems they were the original choice back in Feb but Owners needed quick sale. So now there in the frame and all looks positive for Swindon.
Bit late as due to Embargo etc plus other factures the will not be promoted this season

What a load of Tosh, the board are going to be here at least next season, they will not be spending much money and will run the club in a very frugal manner, but them and that complete Bore Kmac are here to stay.

I wouldn't be surprised if this does happen, I know sir William patey was talking to a Middle East investor prior to jed, the problem was the deal couldn't be done in time and Swindon was 2 hrs from going into administration of which the league had already planned to demote us to the conference. this is when jed and his circus stepped in.

You are 100% that the FL have threatened the club that if they return to administration it will be expulsion from the FL, this is FACT and is still in place now,, it was a warning given to the board about coming out of embargo. There are no mystery buyers, we are on our own and will be lucky to last another season without administration, every player in the squad is up for sale.

And you are obviously a very important person or on the board no doubt? getting involved on rumour sites and yes this is a rumour site, if you are that important and you sit in the directors box tell me what seat you are at and i will introduce myself in person!!



08 Apr 2013 12:45:22
Paddy madden to sign for coventry if yeovil don't go into the championship

I think one way or another paddy will be in the championship next season

Ha ha best joke I have heard Coventry can't afford anyone your skint

Doubt that as coventry will be in administrastion.

Not a chance at the moment if our takeover happens then there is a chance but even then he will probably move to a championship club.

£1.5m player going to a club in administration with a less chance of promotion? OK! Top scorer of league one rarely goes for less than £2m but we tend to undersell our best assets.

09 Apr 2013 19:29:29
This guy has no talent, saw him against walsall and he was rubbish! Yes he may able to finish a good cross or a nice pass but other than that he walks around aimlessly wanting to receive the ball from the beanpole like No 16. Would be rubbish in championship like will grigg.

Interesting comment above. I'm assuming it's to get us to bite? Well it's worked! Saying he has 'no talent' is just silly! He's top scorer in the 3rd tierof English football! Also you say he 'walks around aimlessly'. Is that why he is known most of all for his epic work rate? I'm assuming you have never watched him once? And that 'No16' you mentioned is Nathan Ralph who never actually appeared in either Walsall match!

Watch his goal against the Shews on saturday! Absolute quality! You can't say he's rubbish if you've only seen him once! I've watch every home game paddy has played for yeovil along with 2 away games, he has the mentality to make it big!

I don't think you can judge a player purely on 1 performance alone, when ever i've seem him (with the exeption of the walsall game) he's always making great runs, has good link up play putting other players in and worries defenders when he runs at them

Probably a carlise fan



08 Apr 2013 12:21:36
My contact within Villa Park today has told me the club are looking to launch a triple swoop this summer for Manchester City trio James Milner, Joleon Lescott and Scott Sinclair. Approximate transfer fees I do not know, but I presume wages could prove a stumbling block. Lambert keen to bring in experienced English players to help nurture the younger squad members at the club. This deal solely rests on Villa remaining a Premier League club. If relegated a mass exodus will occur, with Christian Benteke, Andi Weimann and Darren Bent being the first to leave the club.

Yeah I think villa can sign lescott and sinclair but I think milner will have no interest in rejoining villa

08 Apr 2013 19:51:49
Think Lescott may have better options too

09 Apr 2013 13:07:25
I'm a Saints fan, and hope that Villa stay up, since they've gone out on a limb, and given the kids a chance. something we do at Southampton. As far as I understand, Villa have worked extremely hard to reduce their wage bill, and put the premier league status at risk by doing so, so why the hell would Villa go and buy these 3 players who will have massive wages?

Makes no sense what-so-ever.



08 Apr 2013 12:00:05
A number of premier league sides are keeping a close eye on Sunderland. Should they be relegated many of their big names will be looking for a move back to the premier league. Stoke are keen on Craig Gardner, Arsenal will look to playmaker Stephane Sessegnon to help improve their midfield and Adam Johnson is being watched by Fulham, Everton and Aston Villa.



08 Apr 2013 11:51:06
Owen Hargreaves is in talks with Bradford City over the possibility of playing for them next season regardless of what division they are in.

What planet you on mate?

While your at it might aswell get beckham in

I think Scholes could probably do a job for us too!



08 Apr 2013 11:15:48
IF qpr go down fulham will be looking for remy and taarabt

Heard this from a few ITK's also hearing Chadli deal almost done & Amorebieta is 90% done. Exciting times for Fulham. As a qpr fan this sickens me to admit but Fulham have a brilliant scouting set up & academy.

Envious hoops fan ( Kev)

If! surely you mean when

You mean when they go down

Remy will be going to a top 6 club if he stays in England, and don't want Taarabt, whilst he can be a classy player he doesn't turn up often enough.

08 Apr 2013 20:07:34
Not sure that Remy would fit in at Fulham - selfish, arrogant - not a team player. Some people would say that about Berba - but he is just confident and is a great team player - coaches, encourages and supports other players as well as telling them when they get it wrong. Berba is respected; Remy? I doubt it.

As for Taraabt, well I think he needs to lose half a stone - but with the right coaching he might be a possibity. I wonder if Berba, Bryan and Taraabt might be too many "artists"

Would prefer Milner - very different, but more what we need

I think that QPR will have difficulty with getting rid of the players that they can't afford when they go down as they are paying them too much and will probably want too high a transfer fee for most of them.

Whoever posted this is out of there mind, Fulham would not sign Loic Remy because Loic Remy is being heavily linked with a move to Tottenham and QPR would probably want £15million for Remy and they will probably get that from Spurs, but they would not get it from Fulham and Adel Taarabt does not want to play Premier League football next season, so would probably move to Germany to play for Schalke.

10 Apr 2013 19:49:26
Why schalke. Do you support them?



08 Apr 2013 10:36:13
Jason walker to fleetwood town done deal



08 Apr 2013 09:50:27
Oldham midfielder Jose Baxter is being targeted by a number of Championship and Premier League sides after impressing during his time with the Latics this season. It is however understood that the player himself is keen on staying with Boundary Park club

Baxter also has 2yrs left on his contract.

So he's not for sale no matter what rumours you make up, least get your facts right about players as he is under contract.

08 Apr 2013 13:43:13
Bit of a touchy reply that! The original poster didn't make any mention of Baxter's contractual status, just that he is being "targeted" by other clubs. You do know that clubs that have money to spend can target players who are under contract, right? And it's pretty well known that Baxter has impressed a lot of people this season, so as rumours go this one's probably not that far fetched. And give the OP a break, he/she did say that Baxter is keen to stay.

Baxter didn't need to sign that contract. He did so because the club gave him an opportunity and he wanted to repay that.
We will get a decent offer and he will deservedly move on. Suits both parties.



08 Apr 2013 08:26:11
Preston to look at Tom Pope over then next few games North Ends season is over and they are in need of a target man who can score. They are also going to look at crewes young skipper luke murphy after his influential performance in JPT final he will add youth to the cm

Preston in:
Rudd loan/permanent
Luke Murphy

Mousinho- Stevenage- free or loan
Byrom- released
Procter- released
Beardsley- released
Stuckmann- released after turning down contract after not being guarenteed no. 1

Hayhurst, Monakana and Wright all to sign new long term contracts with the club as Grayson sees these three as the future of the club

Ok, not too far out with the out list. Although think Byrom should be given another season to prove himself. Probably Mousinho too, but he may prefer to go to Stevenage. Now regarding Stuckman, which league club in the land is going to "guarantee" number 1 spot to any keeper? Answer :- none.

Murphy no chance
stuckmann will sign a new deal as for pope I can see us signing a target man ,rudd will return on loan

"Preston to look at Tom Pope over the next few games". PNE couldn't afford the tickets to get into a Port Vale game, never mind trying to buy a player.

PNE are bankrupt in all but name. you're entire squad were/are FREE's. the only players joinging you from Port Vale would be the one's we release.

Tom will join a Championship side. Not one that's finished bottom of league 1 for the last 2 years

Murphy will go to a much better club than preston likely Villa after Paul lambert watched him during the JPT final.

08 Apr 2013 11:30:59
preston doe have money we have one of the richest owners around and we will look at higher league players now Grayson is here pope is a one season wonder he will be lucky to score more than 5 next season if port vale go up

Trevor Hemmings the owner of PNE, is listed on the official list of the "richest people"[have a look yourself] in Britain. Like all business men he runs each of his many businesses on a strict financial controlled budget, including PNE. As the owner he pulls the purse strings, if he wanted to he can put money when he wants.

Sorry PNE fans but a little rule called the "Financial Fair Play" will mean Trevor CANNOT give you money to buy players.

I believe your allowed to spend 65% of Turnover on the buying and paying of players & managers.

So your last turnover (before Trevor compulsory paid 10p for all the shares) was £7m, but you were in the Championship so it's bound to be a lot less now.

So, let's say £4m for the players you have on the books sees you paying less than £2k a week (or 4th highest payer in league 1 as has been mentioned)

You couldt afford to buy player over £250k as you would have to reduce wages of the players.

This is why you can't have Hume come back. you can't pay him his £6k a week wages without losing 2 other players.

A post on here that makes complete sense and I could fully agree with. Boy do we need a target man, Rudd prob a loan but would be a great buy if we could. those going out i'd drive them to Stevenage if the mighty whites want me too. let's hope next season is something to enjoy.

Is the 65% rule just applied only to PNE, or also every other club!
Why would PNE want Hulme back on that wage level? He's not doing that well at Doncaster, and if he was he's always away with his adopted Canada national team, even though he is Scottish.

08 Apr 2013 14:36:17
we are in a lot better state than most clubs in league one with a lot better support than most league one clubs, we can afford players and hume wll be back at deepdale next season

The 65% rule does not come into play if it is a gift to the club for transfers

^^^^ At least some else knows his onions! ^^^^

Under the FFP (or SCMP) for League 1 and 2 clubs. The % clubs are allowed to spend on wages drops to 60% for the 2013/2014 season.

Trevor Hemmings can allow PNE to fall £3m in debt but would have to take that £3m as shares.

As he ownes the club 100% he cannot (under FFP & UEAFA Rules) 'GIFT' any amount to the club to cover losses as this will automatically enforce a transfer embargo for the 2014/2015 season if the 60% wage limit is broken.

So he cannot get round it that way



08 Apr 2013 06:19:31
West brom, Cardiff, Leeds and Birmingham scouts are monitoring blue square south Dorchester towns striker kieffer Moore. Scored 17 in the league this season only age 20.

Why are bmth not doing this charlie austin all over again



08 Apr 2013 01:37:34
There was a Walsall scout watching Torquay striker Rene Howe on Saturday vs Gillingham

Howe is the gulls top goalscorer this season but is out of contract at the end of the season and is expected to leave Plainmoor

08 Apr 2013 12:02:12
Scouts go to every game Howe is not good enough for L1. He's a big lump just like Akinfenwa.



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