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07 Apr 2012 21:19:09
larry grayson to get the boot at huddersfield plus a mass clearout of players after yet another failed promotion bid.we havent a prayer in the play offs.i have to admit to being one of the fans who wanted clark out but we are worse now under larry.i feel sorry for dean hoyle.(4)(16)Well, you gave Larry a fair chance before you turned on him did'nt you! NOT!
You absolutely typify the modern 'fan' dont like football, you dont understand game plans or tactics and you dont do patience, you just want instant wins so you can gob off to your mates about what a successful club you associate yourself with, what a sad act!Larry doesnt have a clue about tactics playing people out of postion.novak is not a midfielder he let higginbottom go before giving him a chance. if he cant see how bad kay is in cm then the next 3 and a half years are going to be hell. hoyle has made a massive mistake should of only given him to end of season to prove himselfLarry hasnt had long i agree, but we arent improving or even standing still we are worse ! i have supported town for 48 years so dont talk stupid about somebody you dont know .i also played at a decent level you keep making silly comments if you like but try and get your facts straight,So YOU, oh knowledgable one, say that "Larry does'nt have a clue about tactics", oh, right then, but i suppose that you consider yourself quite an expert when your full of lager and impressing the 'two pop screamers' (kids) in the pub bar, eh!, regaling them with tales of your expertise of when you got your 8 men to scratch a draw against the 14 players in a match on the local park, ........ask yourself this Mr Expert tactician, if Larry does'nt have a clue then how come he took both Blackpool and Leeds to promotions?!?!?!?!?....accident?, divine intervention? smoke and mirrors?, or just maybe the other clubs were better prepared with better facilities than you (although, i must admit thats hard to believe with Blackpool) grow up man, stop throwing your toys out of the pram just because your club is not presenting you with instant weekly wins, it takes time to build your own team with your own players and to mould them into a unit that plays 'your way', and the worst thing is , that YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE, you are just impatient and want it all now, so get down there and give the man your backing not your whining, he'll do it for you but just not overnight!Larry can only work with what he's got not his fault LC pack the squad out with mediocre players just cos he could give the man a chance! he needes to spend next 5 games now really tightening up and finding best formation cos top 2 is long gone ( went at carlisle) and be ready for play offs! hopefully sheff wed will finish 2nd cos they destroyed us yestday but wouldn't right us off just yet either think we'd beat dons over 2 games then who knows. agree though novak not a winger roberts and ward on the flanks! bring higginbottom back from tarn!Shut that doorIf Hoyle was going tp fire LC it should of been done a lot sooner, 2/3 of the way through the season is too late for a new coch to change tis team, Grayson hasnt brought anything good to push this team towards promotion, another playoff failure coming up.. HTFC FAN!!Grayson is a poor manager, none of his teams can defend. Hope he stays with the Puppies though - he will take you out of League one, but it will be into League Two!


07 Apr 2012 18:56:30
Neil Mellor from preston is wanted by
MK Dons when his contract runs out
at the end of the season(7)(5)That's right pay 10k a week who is allways injured u can have him wiv pleasure


07 Apr 2012 18:27:06
Colchester United are interested in signing Braintree Town midfielder Jai Reason.(6)(4)Yet another Ipswich youth prospect, shown the door, hope he gets his chance at Colchester


07 Apr 2012 16:21:00
All going on down at barnsley. Keith hill to be sacked next week and mick mcarthy to be appointed manager this id no fantasy its a reality. Mark robins to be released from his gardening leave and become rotherham manager in the summer. Luke steele to sign for southampton(13)(26) 

Mm wont b at barnsley all we can hope for is kh is sacked...Utter garbage.hillcroft will be here next season.


07 Apr 2012 14:50:33
When we go up i think we should sign
lee cook and danny n'gussen
permentley. they are both gr8
and give everything for us when they
play. kaylem1300(2)(14)You wont go up :)


07 Apr 2012 13:25:24
ex arsenal player havard nordveit could move back to england and join a mid table team(5)(17)6ft 2; could be stoke?Mid table team? could be liverpool then


07 Apr 2012 13:01:26
When we r in the championship
we should try and sign Sebastian
bassong. He is out of favour at
spurs. could get him for as little
as 4million.




07 Apr 2012 12:39:40
Expect changes to the Board.Some long serving directors will leave citing health reasons.Jim Aexander will not be joining(0)(8)


07 Apr 2012 12:24:36
drogba to go to real madrid in the summer in exchange for kàka who hasn't been the same player since he moved there(3)(29)No... Drogba's out of contract at the end of the season.You wont see kaka in eplKaka to Chelsea but we are keeping Drogba!!Kaka has done pretty well since getting back from a long injury scoring a decent number of goals and ahitting a decent number of assists and says he is happy with his game and at Real
Also no way will Real be chasing after Drogba given their existing striker options and Drogba's age


07 Apr 2012 12:14:03
Krystian Pearce swap involving McGoldrick
Neal Bishop nom. Fee Burton Albion
Ben Burgess - Cheltenham(4)(8)


07 Apr 2012 11:26:15
Charlton tried to sign Jason Puncheon in January and will try again if promoted in the summer(9)(11)Why,he's useless,but by all means take the clown,made his peace with all at Southampton because no one else wanted him and still can't get a game,
big ego with a small talent.


07 Apr 2012 11:02:28
Millwall looking at dag & redbridge pair Brian woodhall and Spillane to take in the summer also Pugh from Bournemouth(8)(3)


07 Apr 2012 10:40:44
Jackie McNamara has been told his players must beat Ayr today.If Partick drop into a play off position,his job is under threat whatever the outcome of any play off.(3)(4)


07 Apr 2012 09:54:22
Bournemouth have offered pre season trials
To Welling Utd skipper Jack Parkinson,Winchester City's free scoting striker Jamie White and Poole Town's young LB Will Spetch(6)(3)White has been training with Bournemouth since November


07 Apr 2012 09:11:20
Peterborough's George Boyd will join Norwich City to link up with former Peterborough team mate Ryan Bennett when his contract expires in the summer(12)(6)Im a Norwich Fan, but even i can see this move will NOT happen, i don't think he's a Paul Lambert kind of signing.Contract does not expire in summer but next summer which is why put in transfer list.I was watching Late Kick off the other night and Peterborough's chairman/owner was on there and said that George Boyd will be leaving as he's turned down a new contract!!George Boyd wont sign a contract extension which leaves only 12 months at end of season, He will cost at least £1mill


06 Apr 2012 19:12:15
Burnley striker Jay Rodriquez has apparently attracted interest from fellow Lancashire clubs Blackburn and Bolton over a supposed move. The fee is believed to be in the region of 4 million as the striker will be out of contract at the end of next season. The striker has also declined a new contract and Eddie Howe beleives he's leaving the club.(5)(18)Be NO fee if he,s out of Contract ? {Ed003's Note - If you bother to actually read the post it say's at the end of next season,which is correct}He'll go to Norwich...


06 Apr 2012 19:05:09
Burnley have apparently expressed they're interest in signing Bourmouth winger Marc Pugh. Pugh worked with Howe when he was manager at Burnley and came through the ranks at Burnley and supported them as a boy.(12)(7)Depends if Bournemouth want to let him go. No need for the money now. Woould need to up his game considerably if he plans to play in the championship


06 Apr 2012 18:41:50
leicester city to sign ivan klasnic at the end of the season as well as glen murry from palace and jamie vardy from fleetwood also james collins from aston villa also ledesma who is currently at walsall will join them. also beckford will move to stoke.(8)(19)I can guarantee you that Beckford will NOT go to Stoke. Have far bigger names on their radar. Just a guess on your partOh yeah because Leicester are such a massive club Premiership players can't wait to drop a division and play for a mid-table Championship team!You can Have James Collins for Free mate he's the most at VillaLeicester are a massive club! Should be getting out of this decision. Players won't drop down but for the wages we can offer it may persuade them...


06 Apr 2012 18:37:34
leicester city agree to sign soloman kalou from chelsea if they manage to go up this season he will sign on a 6 month loan. {Ed002's Note - Kalou is out of contract in the summer. And he won't be moving to Leicester.}(2)(46)PSG are after Kalou apparently........Leicester or PSG?? Tough one.Lecister wont go upLeicester not going up
stop dreaming


06 Apr 2012 18:21:37
charlton to swoop for luton duo Keith Keane and Jack Howells(8)(3)


06 Apr 2012 18:18:51
Walsall manager Dean smith was spotted at Forest Green vs Ebsfleet, rumour was he had come to watch Forest Greens Yan Klukowski and the Fleets Ricky Shakes(7)(3)


06 Apr 2012 17:16:38
3 clubs are reportedly interested in motherwell midfielder Steven Jennings.
1 team is from the SPL (believed to be Rangers)
And two are from the Championship (believed to be Southampton and Leeds)
A team from Australia is also keen on the player(5)(15)How can Rangers be interested in signing him when they are in Administration with all players facing a cull at end of season.

total made up!



06 Apr 2012 17:06:19
Ipswich may sign Taylor and Boyd from Peterborough, but it won't be cut-price. You don't get cut-price bargains off Barry Fry's market stall.(13)(10)They will go to Norwich in return for a midfielder and centre back plus cash.With the debt that the tractor boys have plus they are not in the prem Paul Jewell is avin a laugh.Listern you cretin, Ipswich are not in Debt, that's been brought by Marcus Evans, FACT, and i can assure you your P Lambert aint interested in the pair of them, his sights are set a little higher.35 million in debt when Marcus Evans took over !if it wasnt for him you would be in admin by now numb nuts.


06 Apr 2012 15:40:35
Portsmouth to have a new owner by mid July. Owner will be British (English) and is buying the club for £1 + other costs.

Pompey on the way back?(14)(30)Who would want to buy them?
Minuscule squad.
Don't own a stadium.
Don't own a training ground.
Have to pay millions of pounds to renew the contract with Southampton University.
Average, at best, support (one of the lowest in the championship)
Millions of pounds in debt.Must be wrong-who in their right mind would pay as much as £1!You should of been closed down for good.Is there a consortium to raise the pound needed?How about a "score" for Pompey?

Tomorrow, Saints plenty, Pompey nil!You realise that pompeys debt are huge amounts more than the clubs worth? With no facilities, and impending league 1, it's looking slim that any one would buy them. It's like buying a car without an engine. Waste of money.Pompey owe in the region of £50m , so to lavish £1.00 for this debt does seem a teeny weeny bit STUPID {Ed003's Note - I'll buy the car for a quid if nobody else wants it }I dont support either Southampton, Portsmouth or even Bornemouth I support the 5th best team in the premier league at the minute but Portsmouth don't have many fans but I say they have the best in BritainSome strange 'facts' being quoted!So lets get real - Pompey do own their ground, Their debts will be off set by a CVA, which wil be signed because the alternative is liquidation which would mean remaining parachute payments would be cancelled and therefore not be distributed amongst the creditors. So the club will then be for sale with zero debt BUT still a very high payrol that will ensure a loss in year 1 of the ,new business'. This would be in the region of £5m unless most players are sold. However, players like Ben Haim on £36k per week are difficult to sell! This isthe reason that a very low selling price is likely. Other clubs have been through similar situations, and it's all about bad ownership!Pay off every single penny
they owe before they
anybody can buy themSo much for the prediction of 'Saints plenty, Pompey nil'..............The only reason Saints even got a point was due to the ref allowing their second goal to stand although it was clearly offside! Time you Saints fans accepted that you are currently top on merit, but you are really nothing all that special.Yeah, 'cause Rangers being sold for a quid worked out a charm2nd goal wasn't offside because the header to him was from a pompey player.
but 2-2 seemed about fair


06 Apr 2012 14:07:22
Huddersfield looking at Rangers left back Lee Wallace(5)(20)Excellent player but Rangers still owe Hearts £800K for him!Keep looking to good for youHe is gonna swap potential trophies at a big club which will get him international football, for league one?Don't think Hudderfield have £3m


06 Apr 2012 13:26:30
England are set to take a chance and will approach Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish about becoming their new manager. The FA are impressed with how he stands by his players from the media and feels he would do the job internationally. With him also being unsettled at Anfield, the Scotsman could link up with the national side on a deal until after the World Cup in Brazil.(4)(84)Of course they will! He's the best manager in the game and will be available at the end of the season when he will be sacked.This should have been posted on April the first.Some scouser has put this up are they that deluded? id rather have paul ince as manager and hes terribleHe has the right credentials...............picks the worst winger in the Downing just like previous England managers. He won't leave Liverpool- am sure the other 19 PL managers would want him to stay there as well.I think your all missing a something bigger than hes a poor manager, and that is the fact hes SCOTTISH and there is not one scotsman that will ever even consider managing england, let alone actually except the job.Ha haha got to be a scotland fan who put this one up,Nice one fergie.This is awesome but why are people biting at this?'This is awesome but why are people biting at this?'

By people you mean one person ?One Scot who would take the English job is Alex McCleish. He will be available at the end of the season and no Premier outfit will want him.You are joking ???!!!Are you serious he would probably be the 30th choice Redknapp Pardew Ferguson(only because he said he was offered the job but said naw) Hughton Glenn Hoddle probably too Wenger alot more most of the premier league the championship a couple of foreignersNever hire a scot,,,,,,it just would not go down well with fans,,,,am no saying that the fans r bigots but come on it wouldnt b rightWho actualy clicked believe on this rumor? anyway i wouldnt mind a scottish manager they are the best managers in football if a scot were to get it i would like to see david moyes get the job hes an excellent manager and he will replace alex at utd 1 day
THE HEMMINATORTotal carp,the FA says they will only employ an English speaking manager,the only language Dalglish speaks is fluent Bo@@ox


06 Apr 2012 13:20:34
salif diao to wigan(8)(17)Mate give it a rest posting anyone you can think of to wigan.Please please please let this move happen (although I wouldn't like to wish him on wigan) just get him out of Stoke, apparently been offered a coaching / ambassador role but wants to play. He hasn't been good enough to play for 5 years now. I'll drive him to anywhere he wants to go.


06 Apr 2012 13:18:16
matthew kilgallon to wigan(10)(20)


06 Apr 2012 12:28:40
Stoke rumoured to have a deal in place to take Lukaku on a season long loan as Kenwyne Jones is set to move on. A deal they agreed with Chelsea a few months ago after they tried to take him this season but failed due to the 3 club rule. Jones is interesting a few clubs in England and abroad.

Salif Diao is set for a move to France in the Summer

Robert Huth keen on a move to Germany

A French left back is interesting the Potters

Jarvis as reported by many is on their radar. This looks quite likely

Stoke are very interested in a player who faced them in this season's EL but don't have a name.

Sorensen likely to exit also with a great deal of interest in him

Woodgate/Upson/Tonge/Soares and a few more to be cleared out. Upson unhappy that Pulis blocked his move to China.(18)(6)Huth's going nowhere. He's hero worshiped at Stoke and loves the club. He's also got one of the best partnerships with Shawcross in the EPL.Based on what? Why has he not signed a new contract? I love it when people say so and so 'loves the club' etc when they have no idea what is going on. Did Huth tell you that personally that he's going nowhere? Stoke are doing their best to keep him but he wanted away last August hence him being dropped if you must know.


06 Apr 2012 11:47:18
Charlton look to bring back luke young from qpr(13)(10)


06 Apr 2012 11:11:21
Ipswich are favourites to sign Paul Taylor and George Boyd from Peterborough for a cut-price deal this summer.(1)(21)Even cut price Posh will want £1million each or will keep them until their contracts run down next season


06 Apr 2012 09:27:41
Grant Hanley to Manchester United
Mario Balotelli to Inter
Lucas Moura to Chelsea(14)(23)


06 Apr 2012 09:16:11
Norwich City have agreed to a deal with German side Stuttgart for their 26 year old centre half Georg Niedermeier who WILL join the the east anglian outfit in the summer(7)(22)


05 Apr 2012 23:14:29
Happy 90th Birthday Sir Tom Finney.

from all at the seaside
Mr.Roller Coaster(20)(9)Many thanks,at last a birthday shout for 1 of the greatest football players around,too many poeple use the word LEGEND too often but sir Tom Finney is and allways will be a LEGEND and its taken until 11pm until someone has mentioned his name on his 90th birthday on a footy page..shame on you all!
SIR TOM FINNEY...FOOTBALL LEGEND..happy 90th fella! {Ed001's Note - and it was a Blackpool fan saying happy birthday to a Preston legend!}A very happy birthday sir tom from a wolves fan.Thxs to the lasher fanThankyou, sadly Toms mind is not his own which is just as well as i shudder to think of his opinion of the shambloic goings on on the famous pitch he once graced. Happy Birthday Sir Tom.
To the PNE players, the shirt is yours to loan. Whether you decide to wear it and become legendary and part of Preston Folklore like Tom or just get it dirty to make a living from is your choice!!How can you 'disagree' with a 90-year-old man's birthday? Did the seven who did have special dispensation from their carers before they pressed 'disagree'?


05 Apr 2012 18:41:18
Southampton interested in signing goalkeeper Ben Foster to replace ageing kelvin davis if the club make it to the prem.(25)(25)No chance why would he go there ???Why would we want him?Same reason he went to West Brom and Birmingham I guessGotta be better than where he currently is.Kelvin still only 34. That's pretty young for a keeper... :LI would keep Davis over Foster. Foster is a good shot stopper but clueless on crosses. Stoke got rid of him and so did Man UHe wont go to southampton as he knows they are still a chumpionship side, Fulham more like if Blues will sell.


05 Apr 2012 18:33:29
Southampton and Newcastle have both made bids for Jay Rodriguez (Burnley). Eddie Howe says he will be sold this summer.(29)(9)Yep to saints, tried in jan but will be back with a bigger offer in the summer coyr!!! {Ed003's Note - Eddie Howe has not said anything of the sort,but a big offer would likely see him leave, a very good prospect in my opinion }Norwich are preparing one too...


05 Apr 2012 18:29:11
Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay on the one man short list to replace Big Sam should West Ham fail to go up.

Malky see's this as a stepping stone to get to manage Celtic in the future. And he also see's West Ham as a far bigger club than Cardiff.(22)(13)To be honest most west ham fans see the club as bigger than most, big sam is right their all deluded.Only position Malky would take is as Scotland's national manager (heard that steps are already underway to get him in and Levein out).The malky mackay that recently signed a new contract at cardiff.... west ham big club my arse


05 Apr 2012 17:11:42
Matt Jarvis from Wolves to Stoke for £6 million asa the transfer window opens Pulis knows talent when he sees it

Berbatov to move to Galatasaray not sure for how much though

Hoilett to Liverpool on free transfer

All pretty sure will happen. And for those who will say stupid to the berbatov one a pre-contract has already been agreed. Fergie doesn't want him at Old Trafford any more.(23)(9)Rumour is he's on his way to southampton, if they get promotion.6m for Jarvis not a chance if they go down and do stoke need him? is he a stoke style player NO.Yes he is a stoke style player NOW. If you have watch stoke to past couple of seasons you will see that they play with 2 wingers to supply crosses to they 2 tall strikers. this is exactly what jarvis does, beat a player, get to the by-line and put in a decent cross. therefore would be an excellent buy for stoke.The problem with Jarvis is he can beat players ,score a goal but is useless at crossing.You obviously know NOTHING about Stoke above. Of course he is a Stoke style player..........they use two out and out wingers and Pulis has tried to sign him twice before.It will cost you more than 6 million are you a silly baggieIf Pulis knows talent when he sees it, why did he buy Cameron Jerome? May be he is building a team with surnames that start with J.Jarvis has been linked with better clubs than stoke.
hoillet to bayern munich is done deal however waiting until transfer window.

up the wolvesJarvis is overrated best to stop atwolves in league 1


05 Apr 2012 17:07:35
Whittingham will not move why would he he's obviously happy here and he's married to a girl from penarth(7)(25)Because there's bigger better teams that would want himBe in premier league team next yearUntil a bigger club offers him decent money he's happy you mean :-)Shows how much you know whitts ain't married. And he's off so get used to life without himNCFC want himEven if he has married a girl from Penarth it's possible she could move with him.


05 Apr 2012 17:05:42
Yes Ross McCormack did leave Cardiff for a reason to play for a club that's not managed by david jones(15)(3)


05 Apr 2012 15:21:40
Some Stoke rumours from the ground today
and the meet the press
Diao out.....already publicised
Woodgate may return to Leeds although Norwich intetested
Huth not decided on his future at Stoke
Jones interesting 2 Prem clubs and Malaga
Southampton intetested in Sorensen
Many fringe players set to leave

Jarvis at Wolves a real major target. Stoke enquired in Jan but Wolves wanted Whelan
Stoke made two ambitious enquiries to Man U

Stoke looking to raid Chelsea for two players who are available in the permanent one on loan(15)(7)Sorensen would be great for us and good competition for davisWhat makes you say Malaga are interested in jones? Source?Malaga and QPR enquired re Jones in Jan. Sorensen back up for Kelvin Davis :-) Yeah right and maybe you'll get Van Persie as back up for Lambert as well


05 Apr 2012 15:10:23
somen tchoyi to wigan(10)(11)Very much doubt it your going downAccording to this site wigan will sign:
salif diao
somen tchoyi
matthew upson
dont wigan have restricted funds and these players will cost 10 million for all 3


05 Apr 2012 13:53:27
matthew upson to wigan(5)(17)Nope going to saintsYess wigan not stains :)Upson going to China it seems. already had an offer for him. MLS team interested as well.


05 Apr 2012 13:39:58
chelsea going for hazard, modric and ba in a deal worth over £100 million(11)(36)You can buy Ba for about £8m.
Modric for about £40m
Hazard for £30m
total: £78mSorry guys but Chelsea had a bid turned down of 40mil for Luka modric so they won't get him for 30mil everybody knows that tottenham chairman will bring in Remy,hazard already in the summer to keep modric happy cheersNot a chance. Don't need players like Hazard, need players of more substance.
Modric has had an ok season, not a £40million season, Spurs will overcharge as they don't urgently need to sell and they are selling to a prem club. Chelsea have learnt from the Torres incident.

Comment above is wrong. Overall valuation of £100mil is reasonable, possibly 10mil too high. Ba is worth more than £8million. Toon are in no rush to sell after the £35mil from Carroll.Hazard and ba for 20 mil..interestingBa apparently has a buy out clause for £7 mill, Hazards buy out is 40 mill euros roughly£34 mill, so a total of £41 mill pounds so that would mean paying over £59 mill for Luka. I'm sure even Daniel Levy would be tempted by that but I don't see any of it happeningAnd how can "a" deal cover three selling clubsBa nearly 30 way past his sell by date
hazard min 50 million
modric min 40 million


05 Apr 2012 12:08:22
southampton to make speculative bid for kalou although player wants to stay . His departure is becoming more and more imminant(20)(20)Get realWould be a good signing for usAt first thoughts this seems outrageous. However, Saints are in the Market for prem quality players, and chelsea will be shifting the dead weight for next season, so it is likely they are making a "speculative bid". It seems unlikely it will go through, but it's not massively off the clubs ambitions. Would love for this to happenNo chance hahaSouthampton arent promoted yet.... how do you know that they might loose all remaining games?Doubt they will lose all their remaining games, but in the position they are in, it would not be unrealistic to believe they havent started enquiring on the premise that they do get promoted. If they don't go up then the deal simply wouldn't go through.


05 Apr 2012 11:11:52
Swindon are interested in shrewsburys striker Collins, they will make a move in the summer.(13)(5)Why when shrews could also be promoted along with the mad mans swindon (paola di canio)


05 Apr 2012 11:04:40
barnsley jacob butterfield could be on his way to newcastle in the summer fee up to 2k
source/daily mirror(13)(14)2 thousand poundss thats a bargain :)Sorry he's on his way to the saints and it will be for more then 2k lolI'm a Saints fan and I know for a fact he's not coming here unfortunately. Good little player but he's off to the Premiership in the summer. Newcastle and also Fulham sniffing around.Saints will be in the premier league next season lol so 3 teams after him then lol


05 Apr 2012 10:52:27
Posh linked with/have agreed to sign:

Nat Knight-Percival
Kyle McFadzean
Shaun Brisley
Tyrone Barnett
Paul Pogba (loan)
Oliver Norwood (loan)
Joshua King (loan)

Also interested in:
Jamie Vardy - Fleetwood
Paul Coutts
Ishmael Miller
Simon Cox

Joe Lewis
Paul Jones
George Boyd
Paul Taylor
Nicky Ajose

They also have a short list of defenders, wingers and strikers to replace the players that leave.(6)(22)Smon Cox? Keep dreamingPosh couldent afford vardyPoppycockPogba is a Man Utd sub he won't join,don't think they will sell all those players, Miller rather stay at Forest and Vardy will go to Leicester or someone, a team that will press for the Premier LeagueBarnett,Percival and Brisley are done deals, cant see us taking the Man Utd lads as Fergie despite his reputation has never really done that at Posh, Dont think Paul Jones will be leaving although others will be


05 Apr 2012 10:17:26
If Wolves are relegated Norwich City will make a move for their midfielder David Davis
reports suggest they will offer somewhere in the region of £1.25m-850k(8)(23)Team will be rebuilt around Davis - Not a chance birdmenHe is a player that goes on loan to League 1 sides so he might go to NorwichNot a chance in hellDavis has been guaranteed 1st team place if wolves go down and they dont want money they are financially secureDont need him and would rather have Whittingham


05 Apr 2012 08:49:15
Huddersfield Town are rumoured to be in talks with Oldham mildfielder Chris Taylor(11)(4)Gud playerDoubt that very much done his knee ligaments in againt brentford tuesday so going to be out for around 6 months


05 Apr 2012 02:18:14
Transfer targets fpr the summer:
Arsenal: Lukas Podolski - Cologne - £12 million
Aston Villa: Jermaine Jones - Schalke - £8.5 million
Blackburn: Bolo Zenden - Unattached
Bolton: Gregg Wylde - Rangers - Free
Chelsea: Kaka - Real Madrid - £18 million
Everton: Steven Fletcher - Wolves - £6 million
Fulham: Andre Pierre Gignac - Marseille - £7 million
Liverpool: Junior Hoilett - Blackburn - £7.5 million
Manchester City: Eden Hazard - Lille - £40 million
Manchester United: Xherdan Shaqiri - Basel - £17.5 million
Newcastle: Niko Kranjcar - Tottenham - £10.5 million
Norwich: Ricky Lambert - Southampton - £5 million
QPR: Kenwyne Jones - Stoke City - £6 million
Stoke: Ji Sung Park - Manchester United - £6.5 million
Sunderland: Stephen Warnock - Aston Villa - £6 million
Swansea: Hugo Rodallega - Wigan - £4.5 million
Tottenham: Giuseppe Rossi - Villarreal - £12.5 million
West Brom: Steven Naismith - Rangers - £3 million
Wigan: Somen Tchoyi - West Brom - £2.8 million
Wolves: Nikola Zigic - Birmingham - £2 million
GOT THESE OFF OF A VERY VERY RELIABLE SOURCE!!(6)(57)Shaqiri already signed for bayern munchenShakqiri has already presigned for bayern.

Custom Made xYep and Hoilett's contract will have expired so any fee would be set by a tribunalDon't see Norwich getting Ricky Lambert either, he's committed his future to the club stating he wants to see his career out there. They're promotion is looking inevitable, just need to record 3 wins with West Hoof losing one, and its sealed. If they are up, then there would be no reason to sell a star striker to a club they will be battling to avoid relagation with.All BSAnd Kranjcar worth 10+million.... you deludedI have to admit as a spurs fan I am suprised that Nico is worth £10m.
also Hazard is not going to Man City, I know that for a fact!Wylde allready signed for boltonVilla haven't got 8.5 million to spend on players they're looking at free and loan signingsTchoyi is out of contract in the summerSorry but looking at the comment above - Villa said they are willing to buy a few big money players.
Its the wages not transfer fees that we worry on.
Naismith is not joining WBA though.Even though im a Norwich fan, i too can't see us signing Ricky Lambert. Ricky Lambert would be a great signing but with Southampton almost promoted (bar a couple of wins) i think it would cost any club (not just Norwich) more than £5m.
The guy just knows where the goal is, these sort i've players cost alot of money as we all know.Is zigic any good cos if he is wolves wont buy him,they dont know how to buy a good player just look at the crap we have allready.If more than 3 of these happen i will eat my metal studded football bootsI hope lambert comes to Norwich...Lambert is agood player but norwich need a fast nimble st. Southampton wiuld be daft to sell him to anyone


05 Apr 2012 01:48:21
Gylfi Sigurdsson is interesting arsenal as Arsene Wenger has been talking to Brian McDermott about the player(13)(17)Would love to see Gylfi playing for a top 4 club, he really deserves it.Saints want him so watch this space"Saints want him so watch this space"

Dream on, he is far too good for them. Their are much bigger and better clubs out there after him.Brian mcdermott is in charge of reading and swansea boss BRENDAN RODGERS only has gylfi sigurdsson on loan from hoffienheimBrian McDermott?'Brian mcdermott is in charge of reading and swansea boss BRENDAN RODGERS only has gylfi sigurdsson on loan from hoffienheim'

Sigurdsson used to play for Reading



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