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07 Nov 2012 20:47:40
vitesse striker wilfried bony is being watched by liverpool and arsenal



07 Nov 2012 20:44:24
wolfburg left back ricardo rodriguez is a target for chelsea



07 Nov 2012 20:43:39
chelsea have signed brazilian full back wallace from fluminese.they had already aquired 40% of the players rights whilst allowing deco to exit for chelsea have brought the players full rights and will allow him to stay onloan for another season.



07 Nov 2012 20:58:41
Redknapp and Jordan in by the wknd if they loose on Saturday so the story goes Jordan meets with Lansdown Thurs morn

There are some rumours about Joe Jordan, but Rednapp?- Come on, lovely idea, but no chance!

We are playing on sunday

07 Nov 2012 23:38:19
Redknapps and Jordan try talk SFA to this weekend for new manager and assistant manager too?

08 Nov 2012 07:35:58
I would imagine the Southampton job is what Redknapps waiting for!

Don't think it's cold enough for hell to freeze over, and unlikely to be so in Redknapps lifetime, so suggest he gives up on the wait!

Jordan going to Portsmouth



07 Nov 2012 20:49:01
simon church of reading is all set to join huddersfield on loan

Confirmed by club

He's signed 1 month loan

Simon church signed 1 month loan today, good signing, still think we need 1 or 2 more. UTT

Your gonna need alot more than simon church to keep you up DTT

Agree good signing honest hard working player and good luck to chuchie

You must be a ............ UTT TTID {Ed003's Note - abuse is not tolerated on here.}

Terrible striker he just goal poaches and is never useful on the ball unlucky Huddersfield.

Good to see grayson adding to make our team stronger with church but what good is one month,we need him for the seoson he`s going to need time to settle.great to see novac finding his feet as a championship player.tmac

Worst striker I've ever seen, nice touch but so lazy I'm glad he's gone wish it was permanent!

He's a good player he Evan set the goal up today against barnsley .

"Worst striker I've ever seen, nice touch but so lazy I'm glad he's gone wish it was permanent!"

I guess you have never actually seen him play, lazy is the one thing you cannot accuse him of being.

They said the same about Beckford being lazy. In the games I've seen him play for us he's worked hard

Top player! Not nice to see reading fans slagging of their players. Htfc

Cant be a reading fan. Church isnt very good, will be good for you but he isnt lazy lacks finishing quality would be a good winger

Anyone who says Church is lazy is definitely not a Reading fan. Church will run all day his problem is no end product. He puts in a lot of effort but doesn't get anything to show for it.

Must not like playing for reading then because he was buzzing all over the place saturday. far from lazy from what ive seen



07 Nov 2012 20:09:23
Michael appleton is comfermed as new blackpool manager on a one year rolling contract

Good luck to him- The guy deserves a knighthood for all he has done at Portsmouth

The best manager Pompey have ever had.

Best manager, what games did you watch? one of the worst managers ever



07 Nov 2012 19:23:30
Scouts at the preston v carlisle match from leeds and others where impressed by the performance of 18 year old carlisle midfielder potts who can also play right back and center back. Although he has recently signed a new 3 year deal at the club.



07 Nov 2012 18:45:38
Michael Appleton to be announced as Blackpool manager by 7:00 tonight



07 Nov 2012 17:47:08
Charlie Austin is wanted by Aston Villa.

... and every other club that think they maybe able to afford him!

Obviously Villa can afford players whenever they want a player so badly (e.g 24m for Darren Bent)

Great shows what an person Clegg is had him in our office wanting to sign and he let him leave to join Burnley

Austin is not a premiership player,all his goals have been tap ins he is a league one player

And Paul Lambert likes league 1 players that are hungry & makes them into Prem players.

League 1 player? So how has he got 20 goals so far this season in the championship. As for tap ins i remember another striker that Liked tap ins that made at the highest level Mr G Lineker

Everbody wants Charlie Austin at the moment.



07 Nov 2012 17:03:38
Luke Rodgers looks set for a Shrewsbury Town return after Portsmouth have told him he can be loaned.

What do you think, ed {Ed003's Note - I think the new manager will make a decision myself unless the money is needed}

Michael Appleton's gone so I doubt he'll go for now

Town will get Luke Rodgers torrow on loaned ok (GT)

Guy Whittingham now in charge , not likely to release any strikers until he lines up replacement

I doubt we'll let anyone go now, were getting a new manager.

Rodger has left Pompey and tweeted his farewell today, destination unknown at present but 1st club Shrewsbury are favourite

Have heard that Rodgers' contract was terminated at Portsmouth.

08 Nov 2012 20:24:38
Luke Rodgers has left Portsmouth he thank pompey fans on his twitter page

He will be on loan somewhere until January as it is the only way that he can sign elsewhere until then, them's the rules

He has now signed for Shrews, on loan until January and then permanent deal

Whittingham is looking at Christian Jolley and ricardo rocha as replacements for thompson and rodgers



07 Nov 2012 15:57:50
Rumours that Pompey striker Luke Rodgers is getting heavy interest for Brentford and Shrewsbury.

He is coming to shrewsbury. Deal will be agreed I am sure.

Luke Rodgers in talks with Brentford.



07 Nov 2012 15:36:38
Romelu Lukaku to be recalled by Chelsea in January and West Brom to replace him with either Charlie Austin, Marouane Chamakh or Jelle Vossen.

Lukaku will stay with West Brom until end of season. Gaurentee it, and the players you have mentioned are completely different types of players to Lukaku. So I doubt them happening.

Baggies wont go for Austin as he will command a decent fee,Chamakh is no better than Fortune and Vossen is being eyed by clubs on the continent where he can get a regular start.



07 Nov 2012 14:48:05
Bolton fans anybody heard about Joe McKee going out on loan? Possibly somewhere in Yorkshire? Could be Rotherham or York I'd deduce from that, just what I've heard so probably hasnt got any credibility

I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. He's played regularly for the reserves but no where near the first team yet.



07 Nov 2012 09:57:19
Macclesfield manager Steve King will be looking to strenghten his striker options if Matthew Barnes-Homer leaves in the January transfer window. The Stockport duo of Craig Hobson and Danny Hattersley are at the top of his shopping list.



07 Nov 2012 06:50:49
A host of premiership clubs including chelsea ,liverpool and tottenham are checking out swindon wiz kids miles storey and lois thompson who have made a name for themselves in recent weeks.

The thompson you refer to is actually nathan thompson who has played in almost all the games so far, louis has only played one game. Nathan very similar to ashly cole

Can't see it



07 Nov 2012 16:31:38
It appears that Derek McInness has accepted the decision to bring in temporary help. Joe Jordan set to meet with owner Steve Landsdown at Ashton Gate Thursday am with the view to being appointed on a temporary basis in some form of advisory role.

Appears JJ is being lined up for some sort of role... I guess we will find out tomorrow exactly where he will fit in!

No need for any other support ... McInnes is doing a tremendous job preparing this massive club for League One !



07 Nov 2012 16:23:44
Ryan Harley is off to Barnsley or Bristol City on loan.

Swindon could be after him

Simon church from reading not west brom

Why would we want another midfielder its a defender and striker we need.

Don't think he will go back to Bristol. Barnsley it is then.

Barnsley lack consitency, although this problem has been apparent for years. Does the manager know how to organise his mid-field? Barnsley have always tried to play football. But at what price?

If I was Mr Hill I would play 3 players in mid-field, with 2 holding players. I would then play 2 players just behind the main striker. To my mind, the Reds have got to keep out of the relegation zone. The Reds have got to start grinding out the results, initially it might not be pretty to watch. It is the results that matter!

What a ridiculous idea. When I watch The Reds I want to be entertained. I would prefer to see the Reds relegated rather see them play boring football. I have been supporting the Reds since the 1948. The cost of watching the Reds is expensive, but I would support the Reds, whatever division they played in. Possibly the time has come for Mr Hill to consider his position. He makes too many excuses. I want the Reds to play football. I hope they get a result against Hudersfield. We have got to hope!

We have to survive in the Championship, that has got to be our aim. It does not matter how we play,we have to survive. Although I have to agree if Barnsley lose on Saturday then the manager should resign.

I just want to see Barnsley stay in the Championship. If they are relegated, I am not sure they will survive in Division 1. We need more investment. That is the key to our survival in the Championship. I would like to see Hill stop making excuses.

I think we should support Mr Hill. He has had a difficult job to try and keep the Reds going. He needs support, but above all he needs money.

Dunt worry ive backed the euro tonight if it cums up will be in premier next year

Keith hill needs to be more positive, we all know we are skint and that we are always going to be up against it, we've been here longer than Keith so he doesn't need to keep telling us the situation. Get behind Barnsley fc the club and it's supporters will be here long after Keith and the present team have moved on. By the way I'm a big supporter of hill just think he needs to give up on the negativity. UTR



07 Nov 2012 16:13:43
Notts county to sign Gary Madine on loan from sheffield Wednesday with a view for a permenant deal in January or in the summer

Im a notts fan but get real this isnt going to happen he is going swindon



07 Nov 2012 14:54:49
Stoke, Reading, Newcastle and Tottenham all enquiring about Charlie Austin's availabiilty in January

He will be available if the right offer is acceptable for burnley I would imagine 8 mill would do it

8m? you mad!? hes good but isnt fast and would be sold for 4m

Newcastle and spurs maybe Stoke and reading no chance

Thinking stoke might offer jerome and maybe 5mil ish

You mad? 20 goals this season before you say he isn't proven , Charlie has scored goals at every level he has played at. He maynot be quick but he knows where the back of the net is, so 8 mill for a young striker who scores goals for fun ain't a lot money.

Yeh people said that about Rhodes. Blackburn paid it and the goals dried up. No championship striker is worth more then 5 million tops.

Rhodes has scored 6 goals in 12 since joining blackburn, ignore his scoring records last season and he's on the same sort of scoring ratio he's always been at, so you can't really say the goals dried up. True, 8m for a player that hasn't even finished his 'one outstanding season of form' that sees strikers scouted by higher division teams is a bit much. However, considering Burnley won't want to be derailing their own campaign for a playoff or promotional spot as early as January by selling their star striker, no-one would blame them for slapping on a high price tag.
If Burnley fail to get promoted by the end of the season, Austin will probably move for around 7 or 8m IF he continues this form, if they succeed he'll probably stay.



07 Nov 2012 14:14:06
Huddersfield Town are wanting Kenwyne Jones on loan

Rumours are mounting about loans for a striker at Town, with Vaughan looking like a longer injury than first thought and Beckford with a hamstring problem, can see this happening. Also Beckford is unlikely to be a long term signing, he is in the shop window looking for a club to take him at full current wages, Town won't pay this so makes sense to get another loanee in now.



07 Nov 2012 12:58:12
Paul Tisdale is on his way to Fratton Park to manage Portsmouth while Michael Appleton is off to Blackpool.

One of the most sensible rumours that I have seen on this site for a while, although I hope Appy stays

Appleton has gone. Whittingham in temporary charge. New Manager to be appointed one the Trust takes over i.e. very late in 2012.

Whittingham is in temporary charge and it is likely to stay that way until the end of the season at least.
The high net worth individualsproperty developer led PST will keep thier cash outlay as low as possible with an internal appointment, Birch will see to this as he want's to end the saga ASAP. Expect to see any loanee's return and the lay off of a (rumoured 8k a week) individual.
Appy left as he was disillusioned with his recent talks with the PST. NOT a good sign.

Bring back Bradbury from the Hawks, he would be great alongside Guy, double "Corporal Punishment" PUP

It's quite simple. The PST will not be able to complete a rescue. The funds will not materialise and the authorities, including HMRC, will not allow the farce to continue. The administration has already been the longest in football history, there is no sign of it being concluded, PST are the only interested party. Already, there is no chance the administrators bill can be paid.



07 Nov 2012 13:11:58
Huddersfield Town are to sign Sunderland stirker Fraizer Campbell on a two month loan before their game vs Barnsley.

Hope so needs games and a manager that believes in him unlike our manager that will hopefully be leaving soon
Sunderland fan!

Huddersfield are going to sigh simon church from west brom on loan ,maybe we should try for adam -le- fondre

Looks like relegation zone for us unless we get a striker in on loan ,anyone know anything on the supposed take over or was it just a dream.

According to Sky, Church is coming to Town, all agreed.

Firstly simon church is at reading and getting game time, secondly a takeover and relegation zone?! think youre looking for the leeds page...



07 Nov 2012 12:09:43
Shakhtar's Brazilian attacker Willian is looking to put himself in the shop window once again tonight. The Ukrainian outfit will take on Chelsea tonight in the Champions League, and Willian is keen to show off his skills to impress Europe's elite clubs. The winger previously announced his desire to move to a "big club" after their last successful encounter with Di Matteo's men. Chelsea themselves are rumoured to be a club interested in him, but would find it hard to accommodate him, with Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Ramires, Mikel and Marin occupying the midfield. Spurs saw a bid for the Brazilian fail in the summer, but have recently signed Dempsey, Sigurdsson and Moussa Dembele to boost their midfield. One club who would happily welcome him is Milan. Although, it is thought they would struggle to meet Shakhtar's ambitious vaulation of him.

- Sam



07 Nov 2012 11:08:11
Alex Rodman on loan to York City



07 Nov 2012 10:26:52
Chelsea to make move for CSKA Moscow midfielder... Rasmus Elm.



07 Nov 2012 04:31:08
Leicester City to make a £2.75m bid for Monaco striker Ibrahima Toure in January

Not sure why he'd go to Leicester when there are much bigger clubs (no disrespect) across Europe tracking him. He'll cost more than 2.75million too. Double it & you might to closer.



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