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07 Mar 2013 20:52:36
AFC Wimbledon are looking at Reece noble, who was recently released from Sunderland. The defender can play both full back positions and will act as a replacement for the full backs fenlon and meades, who are both injured currently.

He must be good to cover for both.



07 Mar 2013 20:35:23
Derby County

Will Grigg- (Even if he Signs a Contract)
Martyn Waghorn- (N01 target on Free)
Jon Taylor- (Similar to Jacobs)
Shaun Hutchison- (To Cover For Barker and Future)
Chris Humpreys- (Battle with Coutts)
Marc Mcnulty- (U21s Fee already agreed)
Luke Freeman- (Clough watched him twice)

Hoganson, Brayford, Ward, Bryson and Fielding to sign new deals. Fielding will become first choice come pre season and probably start the last two games.

Ben Davies to Go to Shrewsbury or Notts county

Derby Have been Ireland recently doing a talent search for the u14s-u18s and have found 6 Players after 3 week trials they will all come over and be offered 1/2 year Scholarships.

Thank you

Would love it if this were true. I'd take Billy McKay over Will Grigg though.

Billy McKay signed a two year contract extension yesterday.

Doesn't mean we can't sign him though. ICT might have done that just to get a fee if he did leave.

Aidy White and Matty Fryatt complete the list.

08 Mar 2013 16:28:05
Waghorn wages too high for Derby! Aiden White spurned Derby in summer when deal agreed cus' he had better wages elsewhere too.

Derby can afford Billy Kee and diddly-squat!

strictly one in one out summer transfer policy at Pride Park, driven by CEO Sam Rush. see Tyson released and Robinson make permanent Huddersfield deal.

Rush also negotiating with Crainey of Blackpool for 2/3 year deal and sign in summer on a free.

09 Mar 2013 12:04:16
how exactly are you getting waghorn for free? leicester paid 3 million

Waghorn is out of contract. It doesn't matter what Leicester paid for him the Bosman ruling means that if he does not want to sign a new deal at Leicester Derby can sign him for free.

He is playing at Leicester and Derby can offer him first team football. Also Leicester could get promoted and he would have even less of a chance at playing football.



07 Mar 2013 18:48:22
brighton to sign simon church on loan till end of season. including play off matches

Brighton won't make playoffs

07 Mar 2013 20:45:32
Yes they will.

Sounds realistic as poyet looking for attacking player and he isn't getting any games

And yes Brighton will make the play offs

07 Mar 2013 22:35:12
No they won't

Which one of these teams do you honestly think you will finish above

Watford - don't think so - remember a month ago?
Cardiff - mmm - even though they are cracking - no!
Hull - can't see it
Palace - not even them
Leicester - be serious
Forest - got the momentum - so not even them!

By the way - this is how they will finish with Forest winning play off

George Barker! nuff said.

08 Mar 2013 07:03:33
Nottingham forest have the momentum. did they not just get beat?

Which of the above two teams do you expect Forest to beat in the playoffs?! Ha!

Blatent Forrest fan

08 Mar 2013 14:05:32
forest have won 4 in a row unbeaten since billy davies returned. conceding two goals in 5 games one of which was in the 6-1 win vs huddersfield. Forest Brighton in a few weeks will decide. I would say forest 100% because they have a fantastic squad

George Barker? come on, Brighton need an experienced striker to help make the play offs. I assume you are a JCL as 'nuff said' seams a very delusional and arrogant statement.

09 Mar 2013 00:03:48
No reason I said "nuff said". is at his present form. he finds space- and he's got speed - and he want's to progress. and in Development squad he has been EPIC!?

I think the Championship is slightly different to the Development squad. George Barker needs to be introduced to the team slowly and not chucked in at the deep end and expected to score goal, goal, goal to get us to the Premiership.



07 Mar 2013 18:31:06
Brother in law saw simon grayson driving away from John smiths today.
Don't know what he was there for.

Hope he had Beckford in the boot!

07 Mar 2013 20:26:46
probaly collecting another big fat cheque offa deano for the stupid contract he wa on

Tips on how to manage from mark robins

07 Mar 2013 20:48:24
Not to cause offence but towards the end Mark Robins fell out with our top goal scorer all be it Leon Clarke seems to have that effect but the defending was poor he focuses on attack, attack, attack and we got caught on the counter a lot. I hope he isn't using Huddersfield as a quick step to a premiership club. Good luck for the rest of the season I hope you stay up.

07 Mar 2013 21:17:09
as mark robins ever got 3 teams promoted don't think he as were grayson as

07 Mar 2013 21:59:27
SG lost the plot, move on



07 Mar 2013 18:07:51
Heard that if watford get promoted. Their top target is wolves bakary Sako. He is a winger but can also play as a striker. And caused the most problems when they drew 1-1 with watford

This would be a good move. Quality player. That and Chalobah back on loan sounds perfect.

If we are promoted I'd say we'd need 2 x strikers, left and right wing backs, another centre midfielder and another central defender. Naturally some players will leave.
Sako is decent, so why not!

Any move for Bacary Sako would be a good one, when he played for Wolves a few weeks ago down at the KP stadium (Leic city fan i'm afraid) he looked by far their best player and his goal was one of the best iv'e seen, Genuinely!. he has a shot that could fell a rhino, if i'm honest, I still don't know how Wolves left the KP empty handed that night, but, back to the point, Bacary Sako, GOOD MOVE!


Are you serious about needing to more strikers? Our strike force has been the best part of our team so far this season, Vydra would get into a lot of Premiership teams and Deeney has been doing very well.

Fessi also proved his ability on Tuesday. We are not at all far away from a team that will survive if we go up.

08 Mar 2013 16:06:41
Presumably you will want him on LOAN and will not put up the £5million+ Wolves would want?

I doubt Geijo will stay with us and Forestieri is not an out and out striker, so yes 2 more!

We don't play with wingers. He'd be rubbish at wing back or in the centre.

Sako can't play as a striker, when he has played there he hasn't been too effective, but when he plays on the wing he is very good

Would definitely take Sako, imo he is one of the best players in the league

Would be well happy to take Sako, absolute quality player and no offence to Wolves but wasted where he is



07 Mar 2013 16:36:43
Any Huddersfield Town rumours

Haynes from Charlton likely to sign in the summer has a connection with Robins from his Barnsley days

Doubt we will be trying to bring any players in on loan until after the Leeds match, a win against Charlton and a point at Leeds and why waste money, we would be all but safe. Save the budget for the summer and pick some players and sign them on contracts, players who want to play for us, not loans and overpaid primadonas.

Danns isn't an overpaid primadonas

Why say that all of the loan playera are overpaid primadonas when they aren't all overpaid primadonas

Isnt the teams leading scorer a loan player, and don't we only have 3 loan players at the club

Vaughan, Beckford, Danns, Robinson.

No one said all loans were overpaid or primadonas, Danns is fine, not sure about Beckford, Hammill when we had him, Church, Robinson, still think loans are the answer do you? and at least one in this list is a primadonas and overpaid.

Its worth having them on loan rather than buying as I don't think any of them are good enough if we want to be top 10. They are good enough to keep us up. Beckford owes us in these last 9 games!

Last 9 last time I looked it was nearer 18



07 Mar 2013 16:06:25
Briztol city are attempting to sign britt asombalonga from watford after his loan deal in league 2 is finished.

No way GZ will loan him out until at least watching him during pre-season

If we go up it would be a good loan deal for Britt but we won't be selling him



07 Mar 2013 14:33:28
Hey ed. any idea on who westbrom will bring in in the summer, I know Steve Clarke went to watch the Leicester Darby match. thanks

What leicester darby match? we've not had a darby game in a while and if you're referring to derby county, that's next week?

09 Mar 2013 11:53:51
He was at the Leicester v Leeds game watching Sam Byram and Ben Marshall.



07 Mar 2013 13:59:10
Ed, got any news on sheff united signing anyone?



07 Mar 2013 09:55:35
hi ed any news on barnsley signing any one {Ed003's Note - no heard anything,sorry}



07 Mar 2013 11:59:54
Steven Pressley to be announced as Coventry City Manager before 5pm today.


Will be another nearly man. Won't make play offs now. Time to sack the board and sisu and start again. Otherwise it's byebye ccfc

Not sure how a club on the brink of a financial meltdown can afford to pay compo.

Will be sacked or poached in a year. Sisu out. sisu out.

Every man needs a chance to prove his worth. If no managers were given their chance, they'd never have that chance so for Gods sake give the guy a chance before you shoot him down!

As for the financial meltdown, there is no evidence to suggest that. Just because Fisher said we're near liquidation doesn't mean we actually are.

Fishers a very good PR man remember. It's called spin for a reason. You make people believe your in a bad way to cover the fact that your actually doing fine.

And I doubt Pressley will be sacked in a year. He's on a 3 1/2 year contract for Gods sake! And really do you think sacking the board and showing SISU the door is going to do us any good?

The answer to that is no. Our club is more likely to go down in flames if you do that. So think about the situation first before making comments!



07 Mar 2013 11:19:14
Paul Cook looking to plan for next season, and wanting to bring in hungry young player following a clear out of the current squad.
Players on the wish list include:
Matt Doberty (Wolves)
Josh Morris (Blackburn)
Connor Doyle (Derby)
Chris Atkinson (Huddersfield)
Romuald Boco (Accrington)
Andrew Halliday (Middlesborough)

07 Mar 2013 15:50:30
Conor Doyle. came to the Rams with lots of promise but never going to make it at Championship level. too injury prone and not good at controlling ball, tackling, no pace and can't score for toffee. what does Paul Cook see in him that thousands of rams fans don't?

Please take Connor Doyle

Where ever paul cook is i'd drive conor doyle to him for slight fee in diesel lol

Who, s Paul Cook? {Ed003's Note - Chesterfield manager}

07 Mar 2013 19:21:01
Chesterfield manager

Doyle will probably be released by Derby County. So therefore you will not need to pay for him.

Atkinson too good to drop down two divisions.

Too be honest I think Clough has missed a trick by not letting Doyle out on loan to see if he can hack it, and build confidence and expierence. I would loan him out to Chessy and take it from there

Can have Atkinson, not good enough for the championship

Doherty isn't going to leave wolves, he's in the 1st team at the moment

08 Mar 2013 20:55:50
Why does nobody like Chris Atkinson? When we played Leeds he was one of the better player on the pitch for both teams. He also scores his first goal in that game, which was by no means an easy finish.
He's a young lad, who in the next few years, given a chance to play on a regular basis could quite easily be one of the best midfielders in the championship. I don't hear people having a go at Jordan Sinnott, who is no better than Atkinson

You would never get doherty, he is currently starting for us so why would he go anywhere



07 Mar 2013 11:02:22
Derby assesing summer bid for Bournemouth striker Wes Thomas, fee around £600K.

Cloughie won't be doing anymore loan deals yet as he has a month to asses Martin and Humphrey and may try to extend their deals on the 93 day loan. Derby don't have cash to fund too many players at once and is sorting out loan deal for Fielding to get games (Watford have shown interest).

Derby have sent scouts again to Blackpool to watch duo Ian Evatt and Kirk Broadfoot pending loan to permanent deals.

Summer moves for Ben Davies to Notts County.

Find the last bit hard to believe. Evatt is out injured and has been for months and looks set to stay injured till the end of the season. Love where some of these rumours come from.

Evatt is out for season so that won't happen and broadfoot is a regular

The Derby scouts at Blackpool are looking at left back Stephen Crainey not Ian Evatt, Derby already have two smilar centre backs in Shaun Barker and Jake Buxton. Crainey is out of contract in the summer and Clough is hoping to sign Crainey, if he does not sign another deal for Blackpool of course. {Ed003's Note - Crainey has a 12 month option on his contract mate}

I knew Crainey had an option. That was what I was implying when I said if he does not sign another deal.

Fair play, it is technically not another deal as such. But if the contract is not extended then Derby will come in for the player on a free. {Ed034's Note - derby, free. shock, horror

Wes Thomas isn't worth £60k let alone £600k.

08 Mar 2013 16:22:00
Derby scouts and ceo Sam Rush watching Blackpool quite a lot, Ince due for summer clear out and Evatt despite being club captain has been told he will be 'made available'.

Crainey will be offered 1-year deal but Derby expected to offer two year with 3rd year option. {Ed003's Note - B.Ferguson is club captain}

Why oh why do people not understand that an option for a further year is up to the club and not the player.

09 Mar 2013 13:06:24
would love Evatt back. big lad, strong in tackle and determined. saw him score vs West Brom in the days of BOB (bRagstad!) nows there was a wst eof money.!



07 Mar 2013 08:49:14
Aberdeen offered Carew a contract till end of season



07 Mar 2013 08:43:33
Richie barker not attending training today as he is holding talks with coventry about the managers position. Crawley will line up palo di canio as the replacement to bring winning way back to the broadfield

07 Mar 2013 13:12:43
no way will Di Canio go to Crawley they are too small a club. After all the stick and vitriol opposing fans gave Di Canio when he was our manager just shows how jealous and two faced fans are with all the hatred they shouted at him.
Paolo is a legend and was fantastic for our club and any club that gets him have a great manager.
He will I believe go to a championship club he has proved himself in L2&L1 and will want to go higher now and the championship will be the place and then the premier league.

I hope you're right, I like him but I don't want him at Crawley. I hope he gets a job in the Championship, he deserves it.

Just as long as barker goes. we r laking experience both in barker and the team+it shows in our results and the way we play. we have laked a decent goalkeeper+goal scorer all season+somebody to hold the team together. barker is negative+only changes tacktics/players when forced to even if we r loosing!

09 Mar 2013 09:14:26
give the man time we are a small outfit knocking on playoffs, with small funds not enough fans you are not in conference now or southern leagues get realistic and realise the club is in a good place

We have not won in at home in the last 11 games!

We r noware near the play offs. we have not won in 11 home games. we need experienced players and an experirenced manager wiv ideas. it the same every week.

Also gates will increase if the side is doing actually winning the odd game



07 Mar 2013 07:05:20
Pavel pogrebnyak will be leaving if we get relegated says his agent Oleg artemov. (tv)

That's him off then.



07 Mar 2013 02:02:33
It is rumored KJ might sign Andros Townsend during the Summer Transfer window



06 Mar 2013 23:40:48
Anderson to leave Manchester United in the summer and will join Brazilian side Santos.



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