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Red in Exile, before you accuse anyone else of using the wrong hole, you might just want to check your own facts. Barca only have 3 homegrown players in their ENTIRE SQUAD? I won't bore everyone with endless lists, but the actual figure is 7 in their first team squad.
As for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich they both have 9 homegrown players in their FIRST TEAM SQUADS, not the 5 and 6 you quoted.

Arsenal have 10 English players in their entire squad? Talk about time to pull up your trousers!They actually have 14 English players in the 1st team and reserves, but only 2 have have have played for them in the PL. Using your logic Barca would have 27 Spanish players in their entire squad, as Barca B has 20+ Spanish players.

As far as rumours go, look for Daniel Guiza to make a move to the PL this summer. Several clubs, incl. Spurs and Villa have been sounded out by his agent.
  To the fella who thinks Arsenal are going to sign 2 15 year old Brazilians, you're wrong. Brazilans cannot work outside of Brazil until they're 18, they can't even train with Arsenal never mind sign for them. No precontract agreement can be reached until they're 17 either. C'mon people, think before you type!

{editor's note – just to point out the 2 Brazilian fullbacks Rafael and Fabio were signed by Manchester United at the age of 14 – it is possible and does happen, normally because they just 'happen' to qualify for EU passports}
  Firstly, could we please stop saying that Wenger and Fabregas are on their way to Madrid in the summer. It is fine to say this is a rumour because yes it is being rumoured, but considering Wenger and Fabregas have each come out and said they will not leave the club until the end of their contract (Wenger will probarbly extend his), it is ridiculous that people are saying it will happen, and some are even saying it has happened. You see my point. Also regarding Wenger, very funny to see in yesterday's papers that Man City are targeting Wenger to become their next manager. The funniest part is that it's probarbly true. Do they really think that Wenger would want to go to a club far shorter of class than his current club, where he would have no control over anything but what team is played (if he's lucky). This is not saying Wenger is not a good manager – I believe he is the best in the world, but the truth is no manager would want to manage City, as they are only wanted there to make the tea. Do you really believe a manager as smart as Mark Hughes would bid £108m for one player? It is all the greedy owner's doing.

Anyway onto rumours. With the increasingly big financial crisis that Valencia currently face, they will be forced to sell some of their big players to raise some cash. This will see the departures of David Villa, David Silva, Raul Albiol and Carlos Marchena. They will demand around £80m for Villa, as they know that City are stupid enough to pay that amount, around £25–30m for Silva, £8m for Albiol and £7m for Marchena. City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool will all battle it out for David Villa, however despite Villa only wanting to go to one of the Spanish clubs, City would no doubt be the highest bidders, so Manchester could be the destination for the striker. I would expect David Silva to be snapped up by Barcelona. Arsenal will sign one of Albiol and Marchena, Liverpool will sign the other. Franck Ribery is also reportedly set to sign for Barcelona in the summer, for a fee of around £40m. Sergio Aguero could also be on the move in the summer, alerting Spain's big two and England's big spenders.

In Arsene We Trust
  Both Rangers and Celtic are sitting up and taking notice of Readings' Scottish U19 defender Alex Pearce, now a first team Championship regular his outstanding perfomances have alerted both clubs, who, with ageing central defenders are looking to the future and see Pearce as a more than useful replacement.
  Lfc rumours
kuyt 12m
babel 8m
lucas ngog loan
dossena 3m
vorinin 4m (overpriced but in great form)
strikers one of these and probs keirrison
aguero 30m
klose 18m
tevez 30m
iniesta 14m
downing 12m
brede hangeland (if agger doesn't sign contract)

Also i would just like to know if there is any other liverpool supporters who think insua should be given more games

lfc til i die
  Everton team next season will be




top 3 here we come
  Red in exile, you are talking absolute tosh!!

I like the way you have decided to include reserve players in the English teams like Arsenal and Liverpool (and just in case you think I am having a pop at the english teams, i am english and support liverpool) yet coose to ignore first team players from the top european sides. Only three spanish players at Barca. I can name you 5 that start near every match, and that's not to mention the likes of Bojan (who has dual nationality and born Spain)or Sergi Busquets, who has played for the first team about 19 times this season. or the other 6 spanish players in their 1st team squad (not including the obvious players, Iniesta, xavi, Puyol, Valdes, Pique). And that's just Barca, i think you will find that all the squads you listed have quite alot more home grown players playing for them too. I guess you only watch english football. So if you are going to bash someone on here, at least do your research before spouting absolute rubbish. And players like Wilshire will only benefit from playing week in, week out in the premiership, not in the worthless cup!! This rule would be brought in to help players like him and walcott develop into the players they can be, and not just turn into another Pennant or Bentley, (world at their feet when young, but never quite lived up to expectations. And before you say they are too young, the likes of Gerrard, Owen and Rooney and joe cole and rio were all playing first team football at 17 and 18 years old.
Kopite no9
  To the guy who said mcgeady to liverpool and damien duff to celtic, what are you smoking ? mcgeady isn't liverpool standard and is only worth £4 or £5mil at the most and damien duff plays most weeks for newcastle so why would he go to the scum ? now for some real news

Rangers ins :

Tonel – £2mil from sporting lisbon
James Mcarthur – £500,000 from hamilton
Andrew Driver – £1.5mil from hearts
one of :
Carlos Cuellar £4mil from aston villa
Alan Hutton £4mil from spurs
Gattuso £3mil from ac milan
Gattuso is the most likely

Outs :

Steven Whittaker
maybe Fergie
Andres Velicka
Demarcus Beasly
Steven Naismith on loan
Lee Mculloch
Greame smith

as well as the ins furman, wilson, ness, shinnie, aaron, little will all break into the first team. Fk you celtic you'll never win the league
  I work for the liverpool echo and have a number of insiders feeding me info on liverpool transfers these will happen in summer

glen johnson. . . 5 mill +pennant
michal richards. .8.mill
gareth.barry. . . 12.mill
stuart.downing. . 11 mill
aaronn.lennon. . .5 mill + benayoun
kerrison. . . . . 8 million
bojan . . . . . . season loan
david villa. . . .27 mill

. . . . . . . . . .total. 76.mill

pennant. . . . . . swap
benayoun. . . . . .swap
itandje. . . . . . 1.mill
degan. . . . . . . 500,000
agger. . . . . . . 9 mill
dossena. . . . . . 7 mill
leto. . . . . . . .3 mill
kuyt. . . . . . . .11 mill
lucas. . . . . . . season loan
voronin. . . . . . 2 mill

. . . . . . . . . .total. 33.5 mill
  Many fine footballers (as Shearer was) have gone on to prove that being a good player does not necessarily make you a good coach/manager. I am not a newcastle fan, but what they need right now is someone with proven ability, so i doubt Shearer will be appointed outright (possibly as an assistant) in the foreseeable future. Keegan to return more likely.
  Wigan are looking at two forwards, a midfielder and a defender they are
Carlos Tenorio
Christian Benítez
César Villaluz
Oguchi Onyewu
  3 days ago I posted that there were 3 parties bidding for Liverpool. Low and behold, it was publicly released that 3 groups have all shown an interest. I can tell you now its looking more and more likely that the yanks will drop the price and the Kuwait will snap Liverpool up for £415m.

The club will be run as a business, nobody should expect a £100m war chest in the summer for rafa, however more than likely 1 franchise player (£25/30m+) will be signed (if the tour to Asia goes through LFC want Gerrard, Torres, Carra & 1 more to represent the club)

Along with this RM, DR, CM & CB will be signed.

Not sure who yet there have been a few more names thrown about. But I will keep you updated.
  To the guy who can't believe that Senderos can keep Nesta out of the side, he turns 33 in a week or so and has been getting slower and slower each year. Plus it is widely regarded in Italy that he is half the player he is when he plays along side Cannavaro. So you gather up your split sides and put them back together because Nesta will be a rotation player next season!
  If Newcastle can get rid of Xisco they will try and get LLorente from Bilbao, a big target man and pretty classy, ask Upson as he was the kad who scored the goal against England.

  To the dude who wrote Barca has just 3 homegrown players in their entire squad.
If you don't know it just shut up Stupido.

Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Valdes, Puyol,Bojan, Busquets. That aint 3.
  _The Frenglish_

Fairdoes mate, point taken – you certainly know more than me about French football, and I should have done more research, which I now have. .
LYON – Kallstrom (Swedish), Juninho (Brazilian), Ederson (Brazilian), Grosso (Italian), Fred (Brazilian), Delgado (Argentine), Pjanic (Bosnian)(plus the Africans you mentioned).
MARSEILLE – Hilton (Brazilian), Zenden (Dutch), Brandao (Brazilian), Mears (English), Krstic (Serbian) (plus quite a few Africans you already mentioned)
BORDEAUX – Cavenaghi (Argentine), Wendel (Brazilian?), Menegazzo (Brazilian), Carlos Henrique (Brazilian), Jussie (Brazilian), Placente (Argentine).

Admittedly, on paper, the number of foreigners for each of the above is quite low compared to a lot of premiership teams, but add the African players and it becomes a bit more level. What I think confused me originally were the number of French players in this day and age who have clear African roots judging by their names,and I admit it is wrong to use these players as examples as they are French citizens. My point was supposed to be that Platini is throwing stones from the confines of a glass house with this 6+5 rule – also, how do you think Platini would react if a lot of the young Brazilian, African, and European players being picked up at the ages of 17–19 by Prem teams decided to switch nationalities in a few years and represent England on an international level?
I am pretty certain he would lobby for another rule change whereby you have to be born in the country you represent – even though there are a LOT of players of North African (Tunisian, Morocccan, Algerian)descent who are plying their trade as Frenchmen these days.

All I was highlighting is the immense double standard being implied by Platini, considering every other league in Europe have more than their fair share of foreign players. Its a simple hatred of England, clear as day.

The Renaissance
  To the person who said Arsenal would sign:

"Luis Gustavo Conte (15 year old centre back from Mirrasol) and Wellington (15 year old striker from Fluminese)."

English teams can not sign Brazilian players under the age of 18. They can offer a post 18 contract and he will sign on his 18th birthday, but would Wenger really look three years into the future when it isn't even clear where he'll be in 6 months!!!
  There will be big changes in the Management and coaching staff at the mighty Gers at the end of this season, regardless of who wins the SPL title. Walter will step down (or up) Ally and Kenny will move on and Ian Durrant will be promoted to manager. He will be mentored by Walter and none other than Sir Alex Ferguson, as he has won everything possible at Man U and wants to have a final swansong at his boyhood heroes.
  I was in Germany recently and saw Miraslav Klose on a tv show being interviewed. He was talking about his admiration for the premier league and how as a boy he used to follow LFC. Might mean something, might mean nothing, I don't have a uncle who cuts Rafa's hair or anything, just thought it was interesting.

Lastly, I really enjoy this site, not for the rumours because most of them are garbage, but for the way people get so offended by posts. Rumours equals unsubtaniated speculation, yet people respond like you were personally insulting them. Please don't stop, you irate rumour–millers make my lunchbreak twice as entertaining as it used to be.

The Captain
  Expect a clear out at parkhead at the end of this season. Yes they are top but between them and Rangers they are both trying their best not to win the league.

Expect boruc, mcgeady, JVOH, scott brown and nakamura all to leave in the summer as will Strachan. This will provide the new manager, likely to be fans choice of Roy Keane with funds for new players. Everton, Fulham and Sunderland may well be tempted to bid for Scott McDonald but Celtic won't let him go unless stupid money is offered.

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