Football Rumours Archive July 07 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 07 2012 

06 Jul 2012 23:02:04
Richard wright set to sign for Colchester utd or Southend on a 1 yr deal after being released by PNE citing he couldnt be too far away from home. Southend in desperate need for a goalkeeper and this would come at a great time. Although his wage demands may be an issue. Spoke to Sturrock today(13)(7)No way ward said cousins is going to be first team keeper he might go southend but never colchesterThe trouble is were ever he goes he has a reputation for for being a dodgy keeper.
This makes the defence nervous all the time.Colchester are not signing a keeper to replace Williams; mark cousins will be number 1We (Southend) seem to be linked with every goal keeper!


06 Jul 2012 22:40:47
Walsall are chasing the signatures of ex Doncaster player James Chambers. Ben Chorley has also been strongly linked with the saddlers according to some Leyton Orient supporters. Sam Mantom is set for a season long loan from West Bromwich Albion.(9)(4)Chorley has a year left on his contract and cant see him going anywhere.


06 Jul 2012 22:42:03
Bradford City could sign ex Manchester City, Preston and Walsall striker Jon Macken on a one year contract.(8)(10)....could also sign Jon Hendrie.........similar age chance.He had a trial at pne seems a better option is danny mayor may be staying who is probably the best winger in the league and a young lad coming through who WILL be a premiership player.Mayor needs to start performing consistently for pne before any move


06 Jul 2012 22:15:40
crystal palace and leeds united are both considering swapping darren ambrose for ross mccormack.(15)(38) 

Made up rumour from the BBS, Ambrose is an Eagle and is going nowhereHowever much I'd like Ross to come to Palace I can't see this happening. Palace are on the up with their signings they have and rumoured to get (the realistic ones) so we might be lucky and push for a top 10 spot but like any year this is going to be a tough season. Great teams and playersThis will do for me,ambrose better than mccormack


06 Jul 2012 22:21:53
John Coleman set to sign Damian reeves from Altrincham. Rochdale in need of another striker(7)(10)


06 Jul 2012 22:23:42
BREAKING NEWS- Derby set to open talks with 28 yr old former Hearts Striker Craig Beattie released today over a 3 year contract.(15)(23)Hes a good forward, but i doubt this for only one reason, age
Derby are only chasing players under the age of 24, and have turned their attention to a defender who will most likely be gong to Cardiff for an inflatHope not :LHe's not going to score 20 goals a season & he is to old for Derby


06 Jul 2012 22:12:56
notts county to sign Michael Spillane on a two year deal. lloyd sam set to sign for notts tomorrow on a three year deal. manny smith will sign on monday(12)(5) 



06 Jul 2012 22:09:23
Colchester lining up move for Pablo mills to replace okuonghae.

Clinton Morrison expected to complete transfer next week along with former loanee Gavin Massey who is surplus to requirements at Watford(9)(9)I hope we sign massey hes a quality player and one for the future but dont see it happening as we only seem to buy pensionersPensioners? Bean is what 30? And Sears is 22!

Certainly past itBean is 27 sears 22 so prob in there prime how r they pensioners


06 Jul 2012 22:05:03
Crystal Palace are considering a bid of £750,000 to take Darren Ambrose to Leeds United. Neil Warnock is a great admirer of Ambrose from his time as Palace manager, and attempted to take Ambrose to QPR during his spell there..(15)(19)Love to see darren here quality player gets lots goals


06 Jul 2012 21:51:51
Vale to sign two strikers before start of season,Dickinson if can get him fit and Harrad,Miller,Hearn,Reeves any of them(9)(3)


06 Jul 2012 21:50:32
Peter Whittingham committed to Cardiff despite Premier interest(24)(8)Really... Prem club comes knocking and he's off.He might no have much say in it, if the majority shareholder decides not to give any further funds, as this would be the top stars having to be sold to balance the books. All this was confirmed at the recent fans forum with the manager and the shareholders reps.Statement from Whitts......'' i'm happy at Cardiff and until the gaffer wants to sell me ,i'm staying '' END OFIf he chooses to stay at cardiff he needs to BE commitedLots of Prem clubs have come knocking and he has stayed so far. Probably one of the most loyal footballers around at this pointHe has been one of the most loyal players for a while at Cardiff City FC and i dont expect it to change this summer, class act, top draw, brilliance these are words that describe his ability on the field in the Championship i would rate him an all round midfielder (on performances of last season), the fact that even when he's having the worst game he has had, he still creates or scores


06 Jul 2012 21:45:41
Norwich are expected to step up there intrest in burnley captin chris mccan with a 1.5 - 2.5 million bid
Stoke are also believed to be intrested(18)(10)I hope Stoke aren't interested, we've been linked with better. Although Pulis does have a fascination with average Irish players??As long as we sign a replacement this is good news if we can get 2 million + for himBurnley looking at Kane Ferdinand or Michael Bostwick as posiible replacements for McCann.Vasilis Torosidis RB for Greece


06 Jul 2012 21:45:25
Watford have been thwarted in their attempts to bring World Cup winner Alessandro Nesta to Vicarage Road.
The club's new Italian owners who appointed former West Ham boss Gianfranco Zola as boss over the weekend contacted Nesta, 36, last week about joining the Championship club.
Nesta is a free-agent after his contract with AC Milan expired but he told the north London club he was joining MLS side Montreal Impact.(3)(17)For God's sake how many times, Watford are not a North London club they are from HERTFORDSHIREAnd this is total Bull. No way were Watford ever in for Nesta. The new owners are about loaning youth, not buying experience. Do your homework.


06 Jul 2012 21:44:52
Tony Mowbray set to place a bid for Oxford United striker Tom Craddock. The bid, rumoured to be around £50k, will aim to bring the former Luton Town striker back to the North east, where he came through the ranks of Middlesbrough's ever-producing academy.(8)(12)Middlesbrough can have him. Yeah ok. A player who will struggle to get into OUFC's starting line up!
He only played 5 games last season!
I'll drive him to Boro for 50k myself.


06 Jul 2012 21:41:19
Martin Olsson will be in Stoke in the morning to complete his transfer from Blackburn.
Steve kean is also interested in a 6month loan move for Stoke City's Ryan Shotton. Keane is a big admirer of the Stoke City fullback.(17)(5)Please have him, hopefully Shots will do more for you than he managed for us, maybe he'll learn how to look up before crossing a ball?No he won't, as they've only offered 1.5 million, rovers laughed at them.I can see Olsson coming, i can also see Shotton leaving on loan as he is out of his depth, Stoke will need to sign a RB (the lad from Greece who's name I can't remember) and maybe another winger (Jarvis), 2 strikers (Owen and Fletcher) and a centre midfielder (?)1.5 million? Where have you heard that? We offer 3.5 and Shotton on loanGet him signed up pulis then a right back a striker and couple midfielders and we sortedReckon if we do plan to get a new centre midfielder it will be Geoff Cameron who can play both centre-back and centre midfieldToroisdis is the guy from greece, not sure about the spelling but its something along those linesThe lad from Greece is Vasilis Torosidis, he played during the Euro's, he's very highly rated and has a 6.5m euro buy out so affordable for Stoke. BUT he's better going forward than defending (a la Glen Johnson) so not what you'd call a Pulis style player.Plus we've already as good as signed Jamie Ness.He should sign next week apparently despite Rovers laughing at them :-) Think some fans were hard on Shotton. Had a real good start to the season and deserves a break.The Torosidis link was last season, pretty early on in closed season, haven't heard anything since this season or last. Stoke always try and find bargains rather than spending more money to get more quality. The 2 players I can remember Stoke spending big on are easily are best 2 players; Crouch 10m, Huth 6m. Pulis should be looking at spending about 6m again for a quality RB and LB. Torosidis does fir the bill but can't see it happening.


06 Jul 2012 21:38:26
Filipe Morais has signed a 3 year deal with Stevenage,,10839~2834274,00.html

SORRY PRESTON NORTH END FANS(16)(2)He would be on the bench at Preston,at best. they have 4 wingers already.I remember him as a promising youngster at the Bridge. It's sad to see how far he's fallen.GW never signs players as squad members. There will always come a time when they will get games, probably when they least expect it.Hold on.....all the PNE fans were jumping up and down at the thought of him.....and now he would only make the bench.

See Zoko is joining Sheffield United.....another dead cert to join PNEHe was on trial at Preston but an offer was not made to him. Also, a 3 year contract seems ridiculous.^^ +1You give physicals to trialists at Preston?


06 Jul 2012 21:37:57
Is franck moussa joining town cos we need a talented player like him. promotion for sure if he comes(7)(10)


06 Jul 2012 21:11:02
Southampton have signed Steven Davis source official website(30)(4)Another signing our "small club"wouldn't get :) can't wait till 5 years time when we are fighting for European placesFrom a saints blog by a rangers fan.

“I am really disappointed to see Davis leave as he’s no doubt a massive Rangers fan who played whole-heartedly for our club. He is a box-to-box midfielder full of energy and never tires, he plays to the  final whistle and is involved in absolutely everything. I’m not just saying that at an SPL level, I have no doubt whatsoever that he will do the same in the English Premier League.

Not only is he dynamic going forward and opens up a lot of options in attack, he will be one of the rare forward minded players you’ll see helping out defensively. I can say as somebody who watches the Premier League on a regular basis that he’s every bit as good as the midfielders in the league.

I don’t need to say much more about Steven Davis because I can guarantee that he will become a very respected player at Southampton and is more than capable of being a top player in the Premier League, I personally wish him nothing but the best. He did a lot for Rangers in his time and he clearly loves the club. I hope he grows to be just as much of an important player at Southampton.

All the best lads!”"can't wait till 5 years when we are fighting for European places"
Lifelong saints fan here. It is this kind of comment on here that makes the rest of us look ridiculous. The next few seasons are all about consolidation before we even think about Europe. The main aim is to establish ourselves and make sure we don't yoyo.
This is a tough league, the most competitive in the world. Look at the sides who didn't qualify for European places last season! Please get a bit of perspective!Good signing.

On the big/small club debate. I want us to get a couple of more solid signings which should guarantee safety next season and then focus some funds (if we have them) on putting a new tier on the stadium. We have the potential fanbase for at least 15K more spectators and if we build up the ground to this level we really can be seen as a 'big club', keep our best players and sign better ones and could in future challenge for the top 6. We are not a 'big club' at present but if we can keep the owners interested, we are a club of significant potential and could really attract talented players who want to make a name for themselves.Great post from Rangers fan, hope you get sorted up there, good luck for next season.Respect to you mateNo doubt he will do, were all chuffed to see him here and we all wish your club the best having been in a very similar position.From a saints fan. Thankyou for your comments. Looking forward to seeing him play.

All the best for the future at rangers. No fan deserves the rubbish you've hadDear lifelongsaint 83 look at have less faith in our club than you should.saints truly could have a shot at European footy (europa) not cl. That is the clubs ambition we wanna keep moving forward, we know it's a tough league.and i'm sure if you asked NC and NA if this part of the ambition they wouldsay yes. Stop worrying about saving face because stup posts about transfers from PFC fans and have some fun and belief in a new SFCFor what reason would we not be fighting for a Europa league spot in 5 years, were not run by Rupert anymore we have some fantastic youth players, the only problem is fans with no faithTo the "lifelong saints fan" who is worried about "looking ridiculous", do you know anything about our club or do you just have such little faith that you think we cant do it......... The liebherr plan, sound familiar.?
We had a 6 year plan to get into the europa league (through a cup win or league position), we are a year ahead of the plan thanks to going up 2 seasons in a row.
The liebherr family has stated that the death of Saint Marcus will not stop the club pushing for his goal, we will not be silly and go straight for the title but we will build a team for the future.
You know what i was going to right the whole statement but if you dont know it then you are not as much of a fan as you think.
Your lack of faith and/or knowledge has made you look ridiculous, not the people that believe and keep the faith that our club will be true to their word.

SaintlySecurity {Ed003's Note - Maybe the chap or chapette just has a more grounded opinion than yourself,nothing at all to do with belief or faith}


06 Jul 2012 21:20:25
Saints sign Steve Davis from rangers and Alex buttner both players good signings buttner turn down 6 prem clubs it says in the papers here in holland up the saints from a Dutch saints fan Markus venlo(24)(2)


06 Jul 2012 21:19:11
Steven Davis, Signed!!

What a great day for Saints.

SMS web site(30)(2)LOL he struggles in the spl never mind the prem!As a west ham fan i am disappointed in that signing as i would of loved him at west ham but what a great sign for Southampton and you lot are signing great players for your club hope west ham take a look and start to worry so we pull our fingers out
Best of luck all Southampton fans gonna be a great season


06 Jul 2012 21:13:38
Saints sign Steven Davis on website(26)(4)


06 Jul 2012 21:05:17
Bradford City are interested in taking
promising Birmingham City striker Jake
Jervis on a 6 month loan deal.(12)(2)No chance if as rumoured he is available on a permanent basis.


06 Jul 2012 21:03:59
#SaintsFC pleased to announce the signing of Northern Ireland captain Steven Davis on a three-year deal.(19)(4)


06 Jul 2012 20:41:32
Nathan Clarke (Huddersfield) and Mike Grella (unattached) have signed for Scunthorpe. Announced 9am Monday.(11)(6)Huddersfield's interest in Grant McCann has dwindled as Posh value him too highly compared with other options available. Devite a definite. Kay to Brum also on.I would PAY brimingham to TAKE kay and drive him their myself, if that is the caliber of player LC is looking to bring in i pity the brum fans


06 Jul 2012 21:01:08
I've been told that bournemouth are interested in signing ex Doncaster midfielder Simon gillett who would be available on a free transfer(10)(5)Would be a poor signing dont rate him to small and lightweight.I think afcb had him on loan for short period, rather slight build and average height. Having been at doncaster and southampton in championship at least he's got decent league experience and I feel bournemouth remain short in midfield.What about brian stock as burnley bid 50,000 while turned down by donny, but double this offer would be enough. While stock has been injury prone he could do the job for afcb as there are enough midfielders to cover his injury.Would appear to be a good purchase if trueI rated him when he was on loan would be a good signing better than Harry farterA Donny supporting friend told me that he was there most consistent player last year and very sorry to see him leave,told he would be an astute signing for us!


06 Jul 2012 21:00:25
Saints have signed Steven Davies(19)(3)


06 Jul 2012 20:58:41
Burnley News:

Burnley signed Derby County defender Jason Shackell yesterday and are interested in a couple more new faces.

News coming out of Burnley is a fee for Marc Pugh has been agreed with Bournemouth and Marc should be up north to have a medical and discuss personal terms within the next 48 hours.

Burnley have accepted an offer of around £1.5m for captain Chris McCann. McCann should be heading to Norwich tomorrow to discuss a contract and have a medical.(14)(5)Pugh and burnley keep up with these rumours, reading into recent eddie howe quotes it would seem that burnley have limited budget to play with despite recent selling of key players. 1m asking price would be out of question for pugh but that is the price bournemouth have put on him. Maybe bartley and 700,000 will be the only option for the deal to go ahead. Yestuday mitchell was saying that afcb have had no offers to date;that's worrying, normally that means the player has been sold! If so watch out swindon and orient fans as this will kickstart the dean cox/matt richee sagaRitchie was a Bradbury target, if Pugh goes then Ritchie won't even be looked at by Groves, which is smart as Ritchie has only proved himself as a league 2 player with other, more technical players around him


06 Jul 2012 20:55:14
According to a friend at Swindon Matt Ritchie was mulling over handing in a transfer request due to transfer speculation early in summer but as no actual bids have been made he is relieved he didn't do it(6)(8)


06 Jul 2012 20:52:09
Nottingham born midfielder Tom Cairney of Hull City who has premier league experience looks to be one of SC's targets.(5)(4)


06 Jul 2012 20:35:11
Hull on verge of getting Ben Amos on season long loan from Man U. Paying 250k loan fee for the privilege. He is joining up with the squad in Portugal. Guess that means no deal for Mannone from Arsenal.(10)(1)The amos deal was completed yesterday, he will still go on man uniteds ore season tour though.


06 Jul 2012 20:34:50
Park Ji Sung to be announced as a qpr player on monday after a reported 5 mill offer was accepted by MUFC(25)(6)One last payday, as its certainly not a career moveIt is 2m up front with add-ons it will be 5m.Great signing, a couple more of his quality and it look like it will be a good season. A CB and cover at RB,LB and another attacking player would be good!


06 Jul 2012 20:17:27
Burnley have made an enquiry for Brian Stock but Doncaster want double the 50k that Burnley have offered.(3)(6)Stock is too old for the squad Howe is building


06 Jul 2012 20:15:27
Joel lynch and/or dorian dervite will sign for huddersfield within the next few days. The terriers are building a very strong competitive youthful squad for the upcoming season.(13)(3)


06 Jul 2012 20:03:26
Stockport County manager Jim Gannon will soon announce more young talented players he is to bring to the club for the new season. He remains tight lipped but said that the recruitment of young talent is massively important to us going forward and is trying to build a young attractive team that the fans of Stockport can be extremely proud of and deserve after what he had previously built was devistatingly distroyed by administration. He is looking at a keeper, two defenders, a couple of wide players and a striker. Not all will join us at present but as some players leave they will be adequately replaced by those who want to come and join our revolution. Expect some developments in the next week.(5)(3)


06 Jul 2012 19:56:16
Yoann Arquin to sign for Notts County,great signing
plympie(6)(4)Not true but he will be a ok signinPlease tell me this is a joke!


06 Jul 2012 19:49:33
Bristol City hope to convince new Spurs Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas to let England U19 International Harry Kane join them for the entire 12/13 campaign on loan. Kane, who spent a successful period on loan at Millwall last season, is currently in Estonia representing England in this year's Youth Championships and Bristol City manager Derek McInnes hopes Kane will link up with his play-off hopefuls upon the young striker's return.(6)(10)Play off hopefuls? I've been a city for all my life and I think we will finish mid-table at the very best.Unfortunately, in an interview Tim Sherwood said it wasn't in their plans to loan him out for an entire season, maybe, but unlikely in january, but I think they want to keep him for europa league and stuff. Now that redknapp is gone it's possible we will resurect the reserve team and he'll play thereDeal done if avb does not want him for him to return to millwall


06 Jul 2012 19:43:25
watford are looking at simon church to replace troy deeney(8)(4)


06 Jul 2012 19:40:56
michael krohn dehli is wanted by new swansea boss michael laudrup(14)(3)


06 Jul 2012 19:40:00
mickael antonio expected to sign for sheff wed in the coming days(9)(9)Antonio wants the move. Weds had a bid turned down but clubs now near a compromise


06 Jul 2012 19:39:18
reading have made another bid for adrian mariappa(16)(3)I hearded that Southampton had emerged faviourates to sign Adrian Mariappa from Watford with Lee Barnard going the other wayI actually heard Aston Villa are faves for marriappa.Hopefully not, saints can have him, we're on better thingsI saw Leroy Lita in a petrol station in Yately (10 miles south of Reading) last weekend, possible return?Lita back at Reading I doubt it, keep driving Leroy and you'll reach Aldershot soon.Lita's off to Leeds.


06 Jul 2012 19:36:58
sean dyche has been sacked today and zola is expected to become new manager of watford(13)(2)There is nothing like loyalty! is there watford!Mariappa and Doyley are loyalLoyalty? A large majority Watford fans wanted Dyche to stay! The new owners made the decision not us!


06 Jul 2012 19:36:56
Isaac Okoronkwo close to signing for Leeds with Warnock looking to add some strength at the back.(6)(4)He is v average it's a no heard we may look at Stearman from wolves


06 Jul 2012 19:35:49
Watford are looking at signing Ravel Morrison on loan from west ham(4)(10)I can confirm this is going to happen as he has been guaranteed starting place and west ham see this as a perfect match so he can then start for them next year. Morrison wants to work with ZolaHe plays CM doesn't he? Do we need any more? Hogg, Eustace, Buaben, Jenkins and McGinn if he resigns...


06 Jul 2012 19:33:12
Kenny Shiels try sign Liam Dickinson will train with the Kilmarnock squad for he need two striker target to new signing(5)(9)


06 Jul 2012 19:32:28
Plymouth Argyle are set to sign Damien Reeves on a 2 year contract.. VERY RELILABLE INSIDE SOURCE!(4)(9)Surely they don't want to go down this route again. Bought George Donnelly the same way and what a flop he was.George Donnelly wasn't given a run of games at Argyle and you don't forget we were in the championship at the time.If this is the route that fletcher feels is best for the club,then go for it.
Uncle BulgariaWhy would he go to a struggling League 2 side when his home town club Doncaster are after him and are high favourites to go straight back up!!!!He'd be quite good from what I've heardMaybe Doncaster don't deem him good enough for League 1. I don't think Doncaster will bounce straight back either, Plymouth's gates in L2 will be higher than Doncaster's next season, mark my words.Because plymouth a bigger club and on the way up


06 Jul 2012 19:29:03
Shrewsbury Town are interested in signing Scottish striker Craig Beattie.(4)(8)I'd be amazed if anyone was interested in the Scottish answer to Heskey....Really, his wages would be too high for Shrewsbury to afford.


06 Jul 2012 19:23:17
Swansea City are in talks with Real Madrid in the hope of taking their 19 year old striker Jes on loan. Jes, who also represents Spain at Under-19 level, made his first team debut for Real last season.(12)(8)


06 Jul 2012 19:16:40
Chelsea will bid for Theo Walcott over the weekend(20)(18)


06 Jul 2012 19:15:35
If Dunfermline stay in the SPL next season then they're looking to sign both Pablo Mills and Jonathan Tehoue in order to make sure that last season's mistakes aren't repeated.

They're not the only team looking at Mills, though, with Forest Green hoping to follow in the footsteps of Crawley and Fleetwood by spending their way into the football league.(5)(3)


06 Jul 2012 19:06:10
Carlisle and three other clubs are battling for Andrew little of rangers(5)(3)For once, a true post. Greg had a meeting with him recently and according to him 'it went well'Well no names have been mentioned yet with Martyn Waghorn moving in as possibility as wellWas talking to andy last week when he was back home in enniskillen and he told me thier was 2 english championships clubs and portsmouth after him but would really like to stay at rangers if possible.


06 Jul 2012 17:53:45
Rotherham are to make a suprise swoop for striker Danny Webber who is available on a free.(13)(7)


06 Jul 2012 17:53:07
Woodgate just signed a 3 year deal with the boro.
Up the boro(18)(3)I watched woodgate last season and can tell you he is finished, he must be laughing at a 3 yr deal, I would personally like to thank boro for taking him, you won't find one stoke fan who is not jumping up and downThat's three months actual playing time and factoring in nearly two years injured along with three pre seasons


06 Jul 2012 17:27:25
Heard rumours from good source Oxford in big money problems kassam calling in all his loans we will be in admin by new season very very worrying(16)(3)Kassam calling in all his loans? And you suggest that ' we ' will be in trouble. So that suggests you are an Oxford fan. More like a prat.....Oxford do not have any loans with Kassam. We rent the ground from him and now along with London Welsh. We have no depts to Kassam - any outstanding moneys were paid off during the end of last season - 290,000. So - let me think. A Swindon fan who thinks his team are on the up maybe? Well, when the backers bak out from SWFC.........and they will........
Facts - get them right.Kassam no longer takes anything (or very little anyway!) from OUFC.

The agreement for London Welsh RFC to play at the stadium helps all parties, and in any case (in case you haven't heard) Kassam is not at all well and I have heard he might not live much longer. Again, it's only what I've heard and despite not being a fan of the man I would not wish death on him or anybody else.

There are plans by the club to build the fourth stand and to rename the ground as The Buildbase Stadium in the near future if Kassam does leave this mortal coil.

As for Swindon, are you 100% sure that Jeremy Wray etc. are in it for the long haul? True, you did well last season and I accept that Paolo did a good job. However, Wray has offered to quit after showing poor judgment over McCormick. With Sir Martyn now into his 70s, you'll need a fresh investor soon.

Oxford will be just fine, ok we might be in Swindon's shadow for a while yet but we are building up for the future on solid rock - just make sure you are doing the same, as there's nothing better I'd like than an Oxford v Swindon game in the Premier League (with Oxford winning 1-0 of course!)


06 Jul 2012 17:26:30
Could Wayne Bridge still have made it with Saints in the Prem before his move to Brighton?(4)(19)We had him on loan last season and he was dreadful.

Jeez.Bridge is a big saints fan and would have loved to join saints his parents still season ticket holders but saints got there man in Dutch international buttner who is wanted by loadsYes he is much better than Dan Harding


06 Jul 2012 17:25:04
Norwich 1.5m bid accepted by Burnley captain Chris mcann.(14)(11)Does he accept the clubs bids now or something ?As a burnley fan it would disappoint me, captaincy and injury has hindered him but on his day ie promotion season he is as good as any I've seen play for us.


06 Jul 2012 17:24:54
Dave kitson is to join Bristol city 10k a week.also David dunn rumoured going to ashton gate(13)(20)


06 Jul 2012 17:18:28
Houston Dynamo are now only waiting for Stoke to put a formal bid in for Geoff Cameron who didn't play in Houston's last game. Some people suggesting he has played his last game for the club and will join up with Stoke when on their tour of America.(11)(2)Stoke will wait for their US tour in order to give Cameron a kind of trial. Although with Woodgate gone though they'll be under more pressure to sign a replacement.Can play in midfield aswell so could be very good signing


06 Jul 2012 17:17:57
News just in Phil Parkinson Bradford's manager is close to signing Chris Dagnall and Darius Vassell(5)(21)Darius vassell really ? HahaVassell wont sign. plus isnt he like 38 or somethingNews just in.......absolute toshIn his blog he says he has only had offers from clubs abroadCan you really see bradford affording vassells his wages?


06 Jul 2012 17:16:24
Watford manager Sean Dyche officially sacked today. Source: Official website. Zola expected to be announced as new manager in the next few days.(12)(3)If I was a Watford fan, I'd be very cheesed off.
Dyche would have been able to do a great job with the extra finances.Trust me, most of us are. But that's what happens nowadays in football, new owners want people they can work with and have a close relationship. All I can say is good luck for the future Sean DycheI am NOT a WATFORD fan, but theres NO GUARANTEE with these ITALIANS TAKING OVER? LOOK what happened AT QPR!QPR are in the Premier League. What's bad about that?


06 Jul 2012 17:16:52
Huddersfield will attempt to loan Tottenham's Danny Rose.(20)(12)First I've heard of itApparently before he left redknapp played rose at left back for last few games of season and saw that as his natural position so why would spurs loan him out to a team that would not play him at his supposed natural position.(we already have 2 if not 3 left backsBecause he's a bit sub-standard at left back. Certainly not good enough for a top 4 team. He's still pacey and has a decent cross though so he's still good as a winger


06 Jul 2012 17:14:01
Nathaniel Mendez-Laing has re-joined Peterborough United on a three year deal(16)(3)Terrible at sheff utd on loan,gd luck wit him thereFunny how no-one got the rumour on that one! :-)Yeah but he was quality at posh before, a real game changing player. Why do people always see negatives in players?We had him season before you and was a good player didnt play many for u n was injured under df n playin at posh he will improve posh the best place for young players to be n improveWriting in English would help.Too right, for all the rumours on here not one person predicted this until it had already been signedThis signing is testimony to the "no comment" policy that is being followed by Peterborough, a signing that appears to have passed the "in the know" crowd by.


06 Jul 2012 17:11:04
Ji Sung Park has just signed for QPR - Source: BBC Sports Journalist(25)(13)


06 Jul 2012 17:02:05
Rochdale defender Marcus Holness to sign for Burton Albion,

Rochdale to Sign Shaun Miller and ChrisDagnell by the end of the weekend(6)(7)Holness is only training their and also miller as all ready said no to dale


06 Jul 2012 16:58:43
Spurs are to sign Manchester united defender Ezekiel Fryers(18)(2)


06 Jul 2012 16:52:58
Nathaniel Mendez Laing signs 3 yr deal with the Posh.(12)(2)Im happy we got him, he looked a real talent at Posh before he went to the Blades. Big and powerful with lots of pace, just what Ferguson likes in players these days.


06 Jul 2012 16:35:53
According to BBC and excited neighbour, Wayne Bridges signs season long loan with Brighton(16)(5)


06 Jul 2012 16:32:36
Neil Lennon has been in Belfast watching markus henriksen play for Rosenborg against Crusaders in the Europa league qualifiers.(12)(3)


06 Jul 2012 16:31:34
Brian McDermott has said that he is looking to bring in 2 or 3 more players before the pre-season matches. He has also stated that signing Jordon Rhodes this transfer window seems unlikely and that if he was the Huddersfield boss he would not sell him. He wants to use his friendship with Pardew in order to land Danny Simpson and is hoping to finalise a deal with QPR for Matthew Connolly, who can play in any position along the back four. Also, any deal for Dame N'Doye looks unlikely as a work permit is going to be time consuming and will most likely get rejected.

LoyalRoyal94(11)(2)Thats the first sensible article i've seen written on here! Hudds do right to play hardball and are in a position to, goals win games and winning games wins promotion, Hudds can realistically challenge for the Premiership within 3 years & to do that they need their best players to stay.


06 Jul 2012 16:12:38
New Swans Manager Michael Laudrup has already give the go-ahead to sign fellow Dane Michael Krohn-Dehli after an impressive run out at the European championships scoring against Holland and Portugal.

He also wants Striker Andr-Pierre Gignac from Marseille and is interested In PSV's Dries Mertens after an impressive goal scoring season.

Laudrup has been handed a £20 million budget plus whatever funds he receives for player sales.(14)(10)


06 Jul 2012 16:20:42
I can now confirm my previous rumour that Duffy, Neal and artell have completed their moves to Port Vale, but the Dickinson move has stalled dur to an element of his fitness.

However Liam has joined Port Vale in training in an effort to prove his fitness levels and if Micky Adams feels he has the quality for League Two will sign before the season starts. There are a host of clubs watching Liam's progress and if he doesn't join vale he will no doubt start the new season somewhere. I will bring you more news as I have it.(8)(3)I wouldn't waste your time with Dickinson, useless for us last season


06 Jul 2012 16:20:05
apparently swindon town striker alan
connell has signed for york city for 2
years(7)(14)Do you mean Jonathan smith?


06 Jul 2012 16:19:12
Owls to sign portuguese midfielder Paulo Ragula talks also ongoing over Antonio. Dave Jones denies Norris signing.
Source Dave Jones on BBC(9)(5)


06 Jul 2012 15:59:27
Seydou Doumbia will sign for Inter Milan in this window.(9)(16)


06 Jul 2012 15:51:16
Two unnamed players are on trial with afc Wimbledon, the players are both centre backs and are from Scotland and new Zealand. Eals for at least one should be done by Sunday at the latest(4)(7)Ryan Nelson is the only Kiwi on the PFA list. Maybe 34 but plenty of experience, would be great for MMK and CMcN to play alongside and learn from.Unfortunately, Ryan Nelson has already joined up with QPR for the new season. Btw, I wouldn't believe anything you see on the PFA list, it's still showing Jamie Stuart, Chris Bush & Fraser Franks as available and they've joined Sutton United, Gateshead & Welling respectively!Bit slow and wages probably too highHe's at QPR... No chanceI'd love Nelson but I don't think that will happen, I reckon it will be some unknown KiwiThe guardian says from Scotland and new Zealand, which could be the gk Ben McNamara from new Zealand and an unnamed Scotland cbUh most likely Ben and a scotHaha probably a Glasgow Rangers CB coming to us then to play at a higher level {Ed039's Note - What Scottish Rangers CB would this be? Broadfoot and Ross Perry have committed themselves to the newco)


06 Jul 2012 15:51:01
Any news on marc Pugh I heard he basically signed for burnley but Brighton are interested aswell(6)(8)Think we bought porter instead?


06 Jul 2012 15:50:28
Oldham athletic could shock many by signing out of contract darius vassell. Vassell is a close friend of oldham manager paul dickov and could be set to sign a one year deal at the league one club. The former england player would be seen as the ideal replacement for chris taylor following his move to millwall.(8)(3)Not true his main aim to bring leon clarke in and another cbNo Chanc in hell.Defo not true he's not even been approached by Oldham and has only had offers from abroad. Source D.Vassell


06 Jul 2012 15:46:00
Norwich were to sign young Man Utd forward Will Keane on loan for the up coming season, before he got injured, doesnt look likely now(6)(8)


06 Jul 2012 15:45:48
I am good mates with Benik Afobe (AFC Youth) he has told me that the word around the training ground is that robin van persie is on his way to barcelona with Cuenca coming to arsenal as part of the deal

In other news Theo Walcott is close to signing a new deal and has been giving confirmation that he will start through the centre for the gunners next season as part of a 2 man strike force.

He has also told me that he himself is on the move but only on a loan with the club most interested is Leeds united.(9)(15)How would he know, hes away with the u19 squad?


06 Jul 2012 15:41:29
Albert adomah looks set to be leaving Bristol city and moving across the bridge to Cardiff city for an undisclosed fee.(8)(20)You are an absolute joker... Pitman SHOULD go nowhere... but if he does, it will take someone about two leagues better than Hoskins to replace him. Try again Gashead.No chance,although if they offer 4 mill i would snap their hands offWho said anything about pitman?I think Bristol City would let Adomah go to Cardiff City we offer the right amount, even though i think Adomah is a class player i doubt we are about to sign him, we are seriously taking our time in buying players which can be good but if everybody is going after the players we are then i seriously hope we speed it up just a bit


06 Jul 2012 15:41:00
Will Hoskins will sign for Bristol City (200k) if as expected Brett Pitman moves to Burnley. Fee agreed for Pitman is 800k.(12)(16)Insane rumour


06 Jul 2012 15:38:53
Doncaster to sign Nathan Ellington from Ipswich(4)(15)Wouldn't surprise me. Though I hope we don't let him go for free or terminate his contract. Too often have we let players leave for nothing in the past few years. I think he could come good again and I thought he was alright with a good head on his shoulders when I saw him last season.Most supporters would pay the taxi fare or drive him there for nowtTotal rubbish.!Thank god! One of the worst Town signings ever! More bothered about his Audi Q7 and his iPhone app!Swap for Coppinger?Coppinger had said he expects to stop at donnyNo coppinger I reckon going to stay at roversHow many times do i have to say this ipswich not interested in coppinger


06 Jul 2012 15:37:05
Scunthorpe striker Nathan Elder is signing for Conference side Ebbsfleet.(2)(5)He did, yeah, but how are Scunthorpe involved?


06 Jul 2012 15:36:33
As I have stated in a previous post, Paul Parry has indeed accepted a contract offer from Shrewsbury Town. (Mr T)(4)(4)Wat a backward step for him ,but sayin that he is on the way outThis would be a fantastic signing. Finally, a left footed, left sided player.Heard to be confirmed monday


06 Jul 2012 15:33:03
Fulham about to sign right back Sascha Riether on a SLL(14)(1)All ready did, with suppose op to buy at season end


06 Jul 2012 15:29:23
Don't know what it may or may not mean but I saw Dave Kitson (Portsmouth) with a guy who could be his agent in Reading yesterday. It was defiantly him though why he was there I do not know. Don't think he would be a good addition for Reading.(4)(17)Maybe he was just catching up with some old friends?
Especially since it isn't far from PortsmouthKitson is not coming back to ReadingI very doubt McDermott would want a player who has scored 12 in 68 at championship level so he's probably just out and about with a mate.06 Jul 2012 15:29:23
Don't know what it may or may not mean but I saw Dave Kitson (Portsmouth) with a guy who could be his agent in Reading yesterday. It was defiantly him though why he was there I do not know. Don't think he would be a good addition for Reading.

Having seen him in asda, town centre etc over the years I'm going to guess he still lives around the areaBig Dave a legend but no thanks.Was at gregs popped in for a sandwichI think he still owns a house in ReadingHe lives near Henley on Thames, Be ok for championship


06 Jul 2012 15:27:33
keith ryder has taken over port vale football club. they have also signed Neale, Duffy, Artell and dickinson! Source port vale offical website, i am a port vale fan, and the sentinel website will have an articile on there tomorrow! :D happy days(7)(1)


06 Jul 2012 15:18:02
Yeovil to sign another striker and defender on permanent deals. The striker could be either Izale McLeod or Adebayo Akinfenwa (as Gary Johnson has funds from the Bondz Ngala sale). The defender could be either Aarran Racine or James Clarke, both of which are on trial. Also Gary wants a loan striker and defender to give the glovers some depth!(4)(2)He wants a winger and a striker/defender on loan depending on success of trialists... Mcleod is in talks but he cant be guaranteed first team with Reid and Hayter around... then we have Foley as well... so expect another winger to come in for sure on loan... and right back cover for ayling and Racine as back up CB...Omg are we still going on about mcleod ? not going to happenMcleod will go to a better team eg: mk dons, and ngala's contract was cancelled so we will receive no fee. and I hope we go for a better centre back than racine or clarke. As much as i would like akinfenwa or mcleod too sign its not going to happen mateAkinfenwa is to sign a two year deal witht the club soon, i have word from him(he is a good friend of mine). The reason for the move to yeovil is because he wants to be reunited with johnson who was the one who brought him back to sixfields. He also wants to play in a higher league and is going to get regular games at yeovil which is why he will choose yeovil over the league 1 clubs who are seen to be the most likely to achieve promotion.We havent got any money from bondz it was a free i want mcleod if im honest but i cant see it happeningYour a good friend of his .. rubbish.. if you were really any friend, then your wouldnt put his personal news on here.. my best mate is messi, but i keep quiet..lolYeovil wont play him every game he isnt physically capable of any higher than league two... a lot of championship players that have played league one level often say how league one is much harder to compete in for the whole season due its physical demands... next striker will be on loan... Racine is a great centre back btw he was unfortunate to go from saints we would be lucky to have him as back upWe do get a fee for n gala!!!!!
Look at the bbc sport article on his saleRead the article on the website it says freeErr no it dosent


06 Jul 2012 15:11:46
Leeds are close to the signings of Zac Whitbread from Norwich (free) and Sammy Clingan from Coventry (free)

Same old, Same Old, Bates Out!(12)(17)2 very good players . Not sure if whitbread would go to Leeds as Sunderland, Newcastle and other prem clubs have been watching himTwo good players, whitbread was good for us last season, no idea why they let him leave.If you got Whitbread you would be very happy once you saw him play, which is rarely to be fair.:LLeeds stay away from these two
whitbread is addicted to injurys unbelievable injury career
sammy clingan poor playerNothing to do with bates, any prospective additions will be down to warnockYou dont want to sign Sammy Clingan he's ste!Sideways sammy Leeds your welcome to him. A poor captain and a complete waste of time for coventry its mainly due to him we went downYou clearly dont no nothin bout football keogh was one of best defenders in championship last season one man dont make a defence the other 3 let him down hope he stays pusbWhitbread left because he thought he could get more money elsewhere!Whitbread didnt leave. He wasnt offered another contract.Your joking, im a cov fan and sammy clingan is not as great as people think he is...Whitbread is an injury nightmare for any team
and waht i read from cov fans sideways sammy is no goodClingan maybe an international but northern ireland is not a good teamWhitbread would be a fantastic signing for any team worked like a trooper for norwich last season and sad to see him leave.Clingan was are best player the year we droped into L1, if he is still as good he would be a good signing for leeds.

Ncfc matt


06 Jul 2012 15:11:24
Scunthorpe's Aron Wint talking to a League Two club and a Conference club(3)(2)


06 Jul 2012 15:09:54
The takeover will be completed on the 11/12th of July.
Adam Clayton was sold because he wanted the ££££. We offered him 8-9k a week when he was on 5-6k a week, but he declined and signed for Udders for 10k a week.
The money from Clayton will be used to buy Kenny and Peltier and will be Ken Bates last signings while at the club.
Andy Lonergan will also leave next week and that money will be used to purchase Keogh and Varney.(9)(9)Not true, he would not leave for a 1k increase! Leeds just have to sell players to be able to buy new ones. 400k for clayton wont buy much thoughYou won't get pelts n kenny for 400K no chance!Keogh, well Cardiff are reportedly offering 600-800k plus Robert Earnshaw how are leeds going to top thatThey got more n 400k and he was sold because warnock did not want him...end of..Kenny's available on a free transfer as his contract with QPR has finished


06 Jul 2012 15:08:10
Walsall have completed the signing of Richard Taundry and will now tie up deals for Ben Purkiss, Simon Mensing, Ryan Valentine, Danny Invincible and Chris Hogg.(3)(3)


06 Jul 2012 15:06:51
Stockport and Rochdale have both vacated their training facilities at Manor Farm Timperley for a new temporary home.

Expect Rochdale to sign a much travelled striker over the weekend and to move to a Salford training base at the University(3)(2)What do you mean they have signed Richard taundry? He was already there! He signed new contract.


06 Jul 2012 15:04:02
Now that richard taundry has signed a new 1 yr deal with walsall they will turn their attention to Ashley simmmons (ex Birmingham) and offer him a year deal with an option of a second in the clubs favour. Simmons is currently on trial with the squad along side 4 other unamed trialists(4)(3)One is Ben Purkkiss


06 Jul 2012 14:58:16
Mate a spurs fan tells me that Celtic turned down the chance to speak to the agents of Louis Saha! Good decision if true, passed it amd injury prone!(5)(10)He would still score alot of goals in the splSo would tony watt


06 Jul 2012 14:52:42
Aston Villa are after Victor Moses From Wigan Heard This Mentioned a few times.(7)(21)Not another Wigan player - please!
11m for N'Zog , we don't want more failures!They won't play him because look what they did to charles n'zogbia they just made him to be a rubbish player :(Absolutely no chance , he desperately wants Chelsea, or a move back to London.Villa already ruined n zogbia career Moses won't make the same mistake!!!Made N'Zog rubbish? No that was McLeish making an attacking winger into a left back!


06 Jul 2012 14:50:35
I'm a Rochdale fan and would like to see Liam Dickinson at Rochdale again(8)(4)Liam is training at port Vale to regain fitness and sign later.He's agreed to join port vale on a two year deal mate. He's currently injured with an ankle problem but he's agreed to train and get fit with vale and will sign very soon.

Source - official port vale websiteI wouldn't he did awful last time we could get better attackers then him!!


06 Jul 2012 14:49:15
Have a number of rumours about clubs that I have inside information on

Crystal Palace
-Clyne, will leave for either West Ham or Aston Villa whom have both had a bid accepted.
-Zaha will not leave this summer and will stay for at least another season
-Scannell will sign for Huddersfield (NOTE already happened, the chat I had with Lennie Lawrence was a while back)

-McDermott wants to sign a CB, RB, and a ST
-A bid for Danny Simpson after a inital formal enquiry
-Modibo Maiga will join for roughly £4.5million
-Matthew Connolly will join from QPR
-Simon Church will be sold with Watford and Brighton interested.
-Obita, Sheppard, Morrison, D'Ath all available to loan for championship sides.
-Jake Taylor, Michael Hector on loan to league 1(10)(9)Never thought I would say thus but 100% agreeFIRSTLY i dont want simon church but luckily after our takeover (watford) it will never happen, main transfer targets will ocme through udinese broad scouting networkWould love to have Clyne as a villa player!
would strive & would get first team football in a good epl side.Watford cant attract better than church your takeover means nothing what did you last takeover do? nothingUnfortunately villa fan you just signed Lowton so no clyne for you.^ Some random bankrupt guy and big Italian players in football are completely different. Reading got new owners, but of course you can only still attract rubbish like Leigitwood yes? No? Ok... so stop being a hypocrite?You mentioned a CB. Connolly was used as RB in previous time, i dont think i would trust him out of position in the PL. looked decent in the Championship but could do with a solid proven CB for this coming season.Clyne will go to NorwichLeigitwood is better than all of your midfildersLeigertwood signed for us before the takeoverAnd Leigertwood signed for us before we had our takeover. And better than most midfielders in the championship to be fair


06 Jul 2012 14:46:27
ive heard that izale mcloed will be joining bradford cty soon,this signing will send shock waves through the rotherham managers y-fronts. Cty and rotherham in the hunt.”(5)(11)Hope not, would rather have Steve Howard or Billy Paynter who have been linkedNah. Cant see PP being that unimaginative. Wrong attitude for a start. Wouldnt surprise me if he turned up at Gillingham now that Allen there.Hope Izale is he the man. A significant reason for previous failure is the inability too get goals. Defence is sorted now we need a big hitter with 20 goals in him.Izale has a coffee business in London with his Missus thats doing very well. He has stated a number of times HE IS NOT MOVING NORTH!


06 Jul 2012 14:18:23
Reading have completed the signing of pierce Sweeney.Simpson should complete his signing to reading from Newcastle.Kieran richardson will complete a 2M pound move as well.The Rhodes deal is off as Huddersfield want 8M.We mightget anther striker though, it could be dame n'doye or Jamie mackie.More to come hopefully!(7)(7)We wont be signing mackie, hes only just signed an extension at qpr? N'doye would be tasty though. imagine the pog and n'doye as our strikeforceThat will be in front of Man U then! Don't think so.Striker will be maiga after a bid has been put in.
also in talks with matt connolly of qprYeah he wants to sign for a club of reading stature


06 Jul 2012 13:59:27
Southampton agree to sign defender Alexander Buttner from Vitesse Arnhem - terms have already been agreed and is now set to undergo a medical today.
Source - Sky Sports News and Various Sources on Twitter(16)(1)It's not been confirmed yet though but we have signed Steven DavisIt was also on the dutch newsOn saintsfc site Steve Davis signs on 3 yr deal who next?


06 Jul 2012 14:07:53
Buttner update, i posted yesterday about how i expected saints supposed 4mil bid for Alexander Buttner to be accepted and it has! A contract has already been agreed on and expect a medical today or tomorrow with an unveiling soon, 3 year deal, great signing!(11)(1)


06 Jul 2012 14:07:35
birmingham city to name new shirt sponsor on monday(9)(2)


06 Jul 2012 14:06:16
Titus bramble looks set to be on his way to Bristol city on a free for around £15000 a week(6)(22)Just no


06 Jul 2012 14:05:43
Huddersfield are set to complete the loan signing of Jese Rodriguez from Real Madrid B. Season long loan with a view to a permanent move.(10)(9)What? i thought real madrid B was for real madrid players to gain expeirence? so why would the send players out on loan? feel free to correct me if im wrong and then feel free to laugh at me tooDream on!
He has a bright future ahead of him.Agree with 1st post! that is what it's for!
terrier85Real Madrid B team is like the reserves, some will eventually play for real Madrid, and the ones that don't cut the mustard move on. I don't think this deal is gonna happen though.Real madrid b (or castilla for its correct name) will never loan out players. They have bright futures and all get experience in playing first team football in the lower tiers of spanish football


06 Jul 2012 13:55:40
Hudders to sign McCormack from Leeds, Announcement to follow! Get in.... More class for our relegation fight!(11)(18)Yes It would give Warnock some funds to boost Leeds squad, a relegation battle looks on the cards boys. Hudders meanwhile should be at the top end of the table.Ross has agreed a deal with Palace after Leeds had excepted there 700k offer. However, Burnley have made a bid of 1.1 million which Leeds have accepted, Leeds are now trying to get Ross to agree to move to Burnley so Palace will have to increase both their bid and offer. Huddersfield as yet have made no formal bid.Scannell's move to Huddersfield had a deal brokered by the Palace and Huddersfield chairmen, in that Palace let Sean go and Hudderfield wouldn't bid for RM. If Huddersfield bid for RM, the Scannell fee increases to a basic 1.5 with add ons. Source SPDeluded town fans ,dont you love em, if warnock really wanted to keep clayton and mccormack he would've , if mccormack joins clayton he obviously doesnt think he is good enough for leeds,good luck muppets, you will need it


06 Jul 2012 13:53:05
Oldham Athletic said to be looking at ex-Bristol City and Motherwell striker David Clarkson, who is a free agent.(5)(5)I hope not we do not need him


06 Jul 2012 13:50:39
Rumours that Richard Keogh will complete a shock u-turn and sign a new contract at Coventry.(7)(18)Really , when he could stay in the Championship? Just cant see that happening , He's off to Cardiff / Leeds.If he does sign a new contract there's only one reason for it and that is he aint got no fight in him and he will feel more at home in the lower leagues, it always shocks me how people can rate players from a team that has just been relegated, obviously he aint that good of a defender as more strikers got past him than he would have liked!
NOW THATS A FACT.How about he loves the club and the fansWe only lost by the odd goal last season the problem was creating and scoring not defending.He is desperate to go back to Bristol so his new wife can live in her home town FACT


06 Jul 2012 13:43:25
Burnley close to a deal for Brett Pitman with a 800,000 deal Agreed

Burnley were keen on Sam Vokes but were put of by the 1M price tag(4)(8)


06 Jul 2012 13:34:01
Pranjic and Rodellega will be announced as Everton players next week. Steven Pienaar will also join in the next few weeks.



06 Jul 2012 13:32:21
Burnley capt Chris MCcann to Norwich
Done Deal.(16)(17)I really hope not we have enough midfielders and we need quality player. Spend some of that 21mAnother midfielder? Hughton said he's going to bide his time before more anymore signings so this seems unlikely.Really another midfielder? not saying you wrong because i have no idea really but we have will end up playing a 2-7-1 next season just to give everyone a game...Looks like we are gonna be playing the Spain way next season 4-6-0 :-)Who can you throw in then with the mccann deal?


06 Jul 2012 13:32:16
Charlie Oatway's son Charlie is signing for development squad.

source: bbc sussex radio

Same broadcast said Brighton were talking to Wayne Bridge(10)(0)


06 Jul 2012 13:29:45
charlton itching to get Luke Varney as ex team-mate under powell and if he fails Jeffery schluup or francois zoko will be top targets - very very reliable source(1)(13)Varney at Leeds Utd this afternoon. 400k deal expected to go through early next week.Varney was pony and trap for charltonNothing is happening at cafc... not even a snifter of a genuine transfer rumour anywhere.

We've missed out on several targets already as we haven't yet agreed a transfer budget due to internal arguments at board level.

We need at least a new striker to be anything in Championship...come on CAFC get some deals done.I'd love Varney back and so would most Charlton supporters, those that know about football that is.We need 4 min top class players.
centre back, centre mid, forward and a player who can change a game.
i.e a wide player on the left and put
jackson through the centre.

20+ goal man unless bwp has worked on his one on ones.Wouldnt mind Varney back if he's improved his finishing which can be hit and miss,


06 Jul 2012 13:28:03
Duffy Neal Dickinson and Artell to sign for Port Vale today(7)(1)


06 Jul 2012 13:25:57
My P.e teacher knows chris cohen of Nottingham forest and said charlton enquired about the possibility of a move for him , they were in talks with forest about 550k move for him. but the talks slammed to a halt after just 2 days . but cohen informed my teacher that chris powell is looking to sign 3 players willing to play with there hearts on there sleeves for him.

Jack Hobbs from Hull ( both at Leicester at the time)

Paul Gallagher from Leicester (jackson moving in to cm role along side either hollands or stevens or both Lm role.

and last but not least former team-mate at charlton luke varney (only if leeds transfer stalls) extremley possible(3)(12)Your p.e. teacher so what are you like 12? dont believe everything you here young'un, people do lieJack hobbs no chance: a) he is injured and b) he is captain of a club that just missed out on play-offs last season and bruce has stated that none of the key players are leaving550k ur aving a laugh he's worth a lot more then that even after being out almost a yrI Also know Chris Cohen and i can assure you he would not want to be going to Charlton, he is very much looking forward to the future with Forest and the fans are crying for him to be club captain next year after chambers has gone to IpswichCharlton want gally? Good at pens but woefully slow like wellens, hope it's true


06 Jul 2012 13:23:16
Aberdeen want Mark Reynolds back at the club either on loan or on a permanent deal. This will depend on his situation at Sheffield Wednesday(10)(2)


06 Jul 2012 13:19:37
Newcastle's Danny Simpson is looking likely to be heading to Reading, with just under a year to run on his current contract my guess the fee will be 1 to 1.5m but will remain undisclosed. QPR and Fulham also in the mix for his signature(6)(6)Simpson was in Spain for 4 hours earlier in week. Newcastle looking for 2 - 3 millionIn talks with Reading. Sounds like a done deal. Clubs actually been talking for a month now.


06 Jul 2012 13:15:27
Arsenal will use some of RVP money to buy Odemwingie from West Brom. About 5million i hear. Very cheap alternative ! Wages much lower. Typical(11)(25)He's cheaper and on lower wages for good reason. coz he's no where near the quality of RVPShould odemwingie want to go to arsenal they have a bargain in 5 million, typical arsenal fan gobbling off because they won nothing last year. Sort your club out !!


06 Jul 2012 13:09:20
Chris Neal has rejected a contract offer at Shrewsbury and has agreed a move to port vale(9)(2)Goodbye Chris..... much happier with the 2 keepers we have now and glad the club didnt give into his contract demands.... decent league 2 keeper but not good enough for league 1.... too many clangers in him.Was turned down by shrewsbury, who signed 2 keepers earlierNeal is not good enough for league one and weale and anyon are much better.Anyon is awful, non league standard at bestHow can Neal turn around and demand anything? he was shocking at times during the season and turner stuck by him. Doesnt deserve a new contract.Anyon better??? ok


06 Jul 2012 13:00:17
Aberdeen Bankrupt(23)(18)


06 Jul 2012 12:53:22
Town set to follow up signing of clayton by bringing in CB dorian dervite from Villareal B
Source-Huddersfield examiner

Terrier96(13)(5)Not bothered about lynch, but dervite would be an outstanding acquisition, just ask any southend fan


06 Jul 2012 12:44:48
Former Scunthorpe Captain Cliff Byrne currently training with Oldham Athletic in a bid to earn a contract.(5)(3)


06 Jul 2012 12:31:08
MK dons rumour, I am friends with one of the players, he told me that the Donare tracking a Swindon winger Luke Rooney, they feel a bid of 250k will prise him away(2)(12)I doubt a player is going to know the actual transfer fee and all that. It's unlikely a player would even know who his club are wanting to sign.We paid 350K in Jan so doubt it


06 Jul 2012 12:26:40
Hearing that Charlton are hoping to tie up as many as four signings within the next week.(8)(5)IN THEIR DREAMS THEY CAN SIGN TEN PLAYERS IN A WEEK!Who though ...better not be league 1 players!


06 Jul 2012 12:26:21
Gillingham new boss Martin Allen is set to unveil his first new signing next week and it is believed to be striker Izale McLeod.(8)(12)


06 Jul 2012 12:23:50
Youl Mawene, Jon Macken and Karl Hawley to sign for burton albion by the end of next week.(1)(9)If you keep signing North End old boys then I'll have to start supporting you!Mawene is a possibility but Macken and hawley no chance....we've already got 4 strikers signed on...We already have 3 'big name' strikers in Kee, Zola and Richards. if another centre-forward does sign on it'll be someone from non league that we could give a chance to


06 Jul 2012 12:20:11
Lloyd Sam to put pen to paper at Notts County on a two year deal.(10)(4)HopingWoul love this, however how many midfield players can we have with so few defenders and forwardsI beg this is true.I wouldnt give him two years i would give him three years. longer with have him the longer we will get goalsLloyd Sam is a winger so he is more a forward


06 Jul 2012 12:18:11
chopra joining cardiff city for a 3rd time on a 2yr deal.spoke to him in cardiff last night said he cant wait to be banging the goals in again for the bluebirds.also said he is in the best shape for years(5)(20)Is that the same Chopra photographed returning for preseason training at Portman Road yesterday?
The same Chopra that ITFC spend 4500 bucks a week on at a US health farm to get him fit for the new season.
I just thought I'd ask in case it was another ChopraThat's strange he was at pre season training yesterday at Ipswich think you need glassesChops always gave 100% for us. I still think he's got something to offer so I think he would be worth a punt (no pun intended)Who needs chopra when we got Joe Mason on out books, much better player and youngerYeah you nicked the last part from walesonline cos he's in one the best training camps in the world to get fit for ipswich not for us, i'm not sure if i'd want him back he was a great player for us and no matter what he has done he'll always be a hero for Cardiff City FC, watching replays of that winning goal against the jacks on 3rd April always gives me a smile and a set of goose bumps with it. thinking he could score more goals for us but we dont need another small strikerHe's past his best now and not good enough for Cardiff so let him stay where he is...............StokebluebirdWhen you say he is in the best shape do you mean physically or financially ;)I doubt financially ;)Hes got to many problems,was good for city but i wouldnt want him back. why would we want him back for a 3rd spell theres a reason he left in the first place!Same with Burkey though why would we try and sign him back from Birmingham for a price after we let him go for free makes no sense even though i would like to see Burke was class last season and was one of the best wingers we had that we didnt sell after a short period, its hard to say but i wouldnt like to see Chops back


06 Jul 2012 12:12:48
Derby County News

After Shackells Departure Clough
Admitted Shackell was always going
he was just using time to find a
Replacement.Derby have made
Contact to Oxford United about
23 year old Harry Worely.

With Barker out for season Clough
wants someone with alot of games
under belt.They have Spoken to
Free agent Karleigh Osborne and
he has been invited in to check
the Facilites and meet the staff much
like Michael Jacobs.

With This Being Barkers second Big
Knee injury the Club want to also
get his Young Replacement for the
future who will become his understudy
they have Contacted Notts County
and have Agreed a Fee for Krystian
Pearce which will also see Mark OBrien
and Connor Doyle go on loan.

Gareth Roberts is in his Last season
for the Rams at 34.He is the only
senior Left back at the club.With
Nigel trying to get someone in last
season.But he will get 2 young left
backs to compete.Luke Garbutt and
Kevin Mellor are Named.

Thats it.As Far as i am aware clough
believes that Strikers next season
will be Robinson,Tyson,Ball and ward
with the odd start for Bennett and
Richards.(3)(8)The same Harry Worley who cant a game at Oxford?
U take him off us, where shall i drive him too?


06 Jul 2012 12:06:44
joel lynch to sign for huddersfield in the next 48 hours(12)(12)No way in hell hes likely to become forest captainHe was at the galpharm yesterday (friday)What would staying and been forest captain in a relegation battle have to do with making him want to stay there!


06 Jul 2012 12:05:45
Conor Henderson could join Charlton Athletic on loan next season.

The Republic of Ireland youngster suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury in pre-season last summer, just as he was beginning to feature at the fringes of the first team squad.(3)(3)


06 Jul 2012 12:03:06
Sunderland to sign the following fact.

Hoilett - free with compensation
Anita - 8mil
Van wolfswinkle - 8mil
Agbonglahor - 5mil
Martin Olson - 4mil
Samba - 8mil


Richardson(16)(22)Olsson has agreed to join Stoke apparently. Think we should cross him off.Sess going nowhere and you cant say FACT when you are just guessing like everybody elseAnita wants to join newcastle cause they're in europe, hoilett wants 50k-80k a week which sunderland won't offer neither will other teams, van wolfswinkle has a release clause of 23m pounds, and samba will stay anzhi as he'sgetting 120k a week.
so the only signings you'll make is agbonglahor and olson

larsson sessegnon, campbell, and richardson will all stayDeffinate geordie above!^Funny that post gyan was on 60k a week do yes Sunderland will offer that type of money the samba sales was announced that he signed a 3 year deal on around 70k a week and he's said he's unhappy in Russia. And there's no way you know wolfswinkle buy out, so why gess he was bought for 6mil so is unlikely to have a 20+ mil buy out offer 10mil and 50-60k a week he will leave. Why don't u research before posting rubbish.


06 Jul 2012 11:50:56
Free agent Louis Saha has been spotted in Leicester having talks with the club. This information has been confirmed on the players website and he has mentioned that a deal is nearly complete.(4)(24)Another over rated highly paid waster at fester.


06 Jul 2012 11:50:53
Five trialists will arrive at Cheadle Town Training Ground next Monday for Stockport County. A keeper, two centre backs, a winger and a striker. The club is hopeful of at least a couple of new signings after the lads have been put through their paces.(3)(5)


06 Jul 2012 11:46:07
North East duo Newcastle United and Sunderland have joined the chase for Manchester City starlet John Guidetti.

Newcastle are closing in on their second capture of the summer transfer window â“ with the imminent signing of Coventry City midfielder Gael Bigirimana.

Tavernier signs new three-year deal at Newcastle: The 20-year-old defender hopes that this season will be his breakthrough one at NUFC and is targeting a run in the Europa League qualifiers

Newcastle are close to finalising the signing of French defender Mathieu Debuchy this week, reports The Metro.

Despite Lille declining the Magpiesâ™ original £5 million bid for the 26 year old, an improved offer could see Debuchy on his way to St Jamesâ™ Park.

However, Inter Milan are the latest club to be interested in Debuchy, and could make a late attempt to disrupt the deal as their right back Maicon is subject to speculation regarding a move to Champions League winners Chelsea.

With Maicon believed to be on his way to Stamford Bridge for £6 million, the money would be used by Inter to directly replace the Brazilian with Debuchy, who impressed for France despite his teams disappointing Euro 2012 campaign.

The Lille right back is still on holiday, but will have some decision making to do when he comes back as Inter could offer him a better package financially, despite the relentless interest from Alan Pardewâ™s Newcastle.

Danny Simpsonâ™s failure to renew his contract at St James Park means Newcastleâ™s quest to find a right back is well into full swing, and signing Debuchy would mark the start of two or three more new arrivals, as the club have also been strongly linked with FC Twente striker Luuk De Jong.(4)(10)Gael Bigirimana is officially a Newcastle Utd player.


06 Jul 2012 11:44:43
Coventry City's Conor Thomas has been seen at Southamptons training ground looking very friendly with the saints team and manager.(4)(17)Buttner deal is agreed with Vittesse - look at their website. No longer a rumour!The team are at a spa in the midlands so this is probably nonsensePlus Staplewood is a building site at the moment.


06 Jul 2012 11:44:06
I hear that Liam Dickinson is at the BN2net stadium this morning having talks about signing for Chesterfield(3)(11)Dont think so pal. Hes at port vale now.

(official port vale webiste)Are you sure you weren't stood outside Port Vales ground?Dickinson training with port vale, it on sly spurtsHe is only training doesn't mean he will sign tho does it


06 Jul 2012 11:41:39
Former Hamilton players Kyle Wilkieband Jon Routledge are on trial with Greenock Morton.(3)(3)


06 Jul 2012 10:31:06
Italian Defender Alessandro Nesta has signed an 18-month deal with MLS outfit Montreal Impact. The 36 year-old has left AC Milan after 10 years at the end of last season.(11)(2)


06 Jul 2012 11:37:01
Some news on Southampton transfers from sources at the club, Buttner is to finish the transfer within the next fortnight suspected completion date is the 14th in time for the memorial cup. The fee is supposedly 3.5 million with 1 million to be paid on as extras if Saints qualify for a european cup (europa or champions league) within 3 seasons.

Second item of news is Danny Simpson is now in talks with Southampton trying to agree a contract, likely to accept at £27,500 per week on a four year deal. Although I have no news on fee's with Newcastle.

Final piece of saints news I've received is that a fee and contract has been agreed with Southampton and Kasper Schmeichel. Leicester City will take 3 million for the keeper along with 0.5 million going to the club in extras. Wages have been agreed the move should be announced again within a fortnight.

(Not a saints rumour now) Leicester City are apparently taking a keeper from a premiership club to the club to replace Schmeichel rumoured to be Chris Kirkland from Wigan Athletic however please note this is just a rumour and could be a different keeper. {Ed001's Note - if your info is so poor that you don't realise that Kirkland signed for Sheffield Wednesday weeks ago, then it has to cast doubt on the rest of your info, I am afraid.}(8)(17)I really doubt thisis true kaspers dad said on soccer am that he's happy and wants to settle down hahaSimpon to the south coast. Dream on your info is just wishful thinkingKirkland's gone to Sheffield Wednesday so not very reliable mateWord is Simpson is in discussions with the ReadingDanny simpson will be a great signing for you, he'll never let you down in derbies and is the bst at clearing of the lineI also saw the Buttner update on SSN. Fantastic signing.
Interesting to see which formation NA uses ref Lallana and Fox.
Dave SWhy 2 weeks to seal every deal then? buttner will be done by tuesday and a keeper will be signed before ML cup next weekend.So now, after having been linked with every Striker in the world, we are being linked with every left-back in the world. We're going to sign Simpson and Buttner? I don't see it...Davis deal is done! Great signing! Those doubting our ambition should take a back seat now.Simpson is a right bck could be a good signingSimpson isn't a left backSaints bid 3million for inter milan goalkeeper, as inter look to be signing samir handanovic to take the no.1 gk spot


06 Jul 2012 11:35:35
Macclesfield to sign Nabil Bounab a French Centre Half(1)(2)


06 Jul 2012 11:33:05
you may already know this but reading have signed Pierce Sweeney, beating off competition from Everton.
MrRfc(7)(3)Another young Irish prospect, the reason we got him over Everton is because we have experience in bringing young Irish talent and turning them into much better players - Long, Doyle, Hunt brothers, the list goes on...17 year old defender from bray wanderers looks promising but we need a more proven defender to keep us in the PL.Cheers mr RFC. Good reporting as always! RNelsConfirmed, he will join our development squad. hopefully we can add a couple of defenders and maybe a forward.
MrRfcAnother young Irish prospect, the reason we got him over Everton is because we have experience in bringing young Irish talent and turning them into much better players - Long, Doyle, Hunt brothers, the list goes on...

Nothing to do with our academy boss Dolan having a brother who works for the team we brought him from? ;)I think Noel Hunt was better before he came to the royals. MrRfcYeah I'm sure he picked a club like reading before everton idiotI'm a bit thrown by this - I genuinely hope you've got yourself a good player and have had a bit of a soft spot for Reading since Steve Coppell's time in charge, but I can honestly say that, as an Everton fan who spends more time than he should trawling the internet for transfer rumours, I've not been aware of anything other than a passing interest in this Sweeney lad. I'm not saying that if we'd been up for it he'd have chosen us, just that you appear to have a slightly odd fascination with "beating off competition". But, y'know, if that's your thing, go for it. It should be an interesting season.


06 Jul 2012 11:29:40
Reading remain interested in Sheffield united full back Matthew Lowton, as stated a few weeks ago. Also keen on Danny Simpson and Luke young as the royals look to provide competition and depth in the right back position.
MrRfc(6)(4)Like has been said before, as soon as AVFC mention that they are interested in a player Reading are also interested...At this rate, Reading will be qualifying for a top 4 finish and Dzeko will be their top scorer...or have they not been linked with him yetDon't want Lowton, we want Simpson.I didnt even know AVFC were interested, i mentioned Lowton first a couple of weeks ago. plus, we dont need Dzeco, we've got pog and alfie
MrRfcDo you not understand that players being linked with clubs is not comfirmation that they want to sign the player. 80% of the time it is just made up.

LoyalRoyal94He has gone to villa so attention moves to simpson and young. i would much rather have simpson that would be a great signing for us
MrRfcToo late his been parading around today in a Villa shirt great bit of business from LambertI would stay at sheff utd much bigger club then little club like reading. Paul pNever heard of this lad? is he any good? we (reading) werent interested its mrrfc golf mates dogs bothers catfishs friends who mentioned it to him


06 Jul 2012 11:28:32
Barnsley to sign lee williamson on a free agent front sheff utd in the next 2 weeks(10)(4)


06 Jul 2012 11:28:15
I have it in good authority that Liam Dickinson is signing for Chesterfield.(3)(11)Good authority hes signed for Port Vale top authority that mate


06 Jul 2012 11:24:40
van der vaart to sunderland(7)(27)He has been linked with a 15 million move to the stadium of light.Highly unlikely, We won't play for a side not in Europe and it would be a huge step down for him


06 Jul 2012 11:23:15
Jake Forster-Caskey has decided to join Oxford United on a season long loan deal. The player may well be recalled in the January transfer window, if he is needed.(11)(3)Done Deal - However the loan itself is until Janurary only, although there mat be the option of an extension should both parties agreeNot a season long loan. Signed till Jan 2nd.


06 Jul 2012 11:21:33
Millwall will sign a striker within the next week thought to be around the 1million mark (but dont know who it will be yer??)(6)(11)I would really like this to be true! but the reality is no they wont be!coylYou never know though. John Berylson has already hinted in the media that Millwall could break their transfer record this summer, currently 800k for Paul Godard. Mr Berylson certainly has the capital. Watch this space.I really do HOPE SO as IT would show the FANS that the CLUB DO HAVE AMBITION!Its Simon Church


06 Jul 2012 11:20:20
were after dan otsemobor from sheff wed and apparently a foreign striker from norway leagues called niklas davidson. up torquay! cmon lads(1)(10)I guess you meant Jon Ostemobor? If so, he has signed for MK Dons.Jon ostembor signed for mk dons yesterdayNiklas Davidson is not about anywhere on tinterweb? does he exist?


06 Jul 2012 11:15:41
Heard that Seb Hines is a target for Huddersfield now as Sean Morrison is no longer the main defender wanted by them.(4)(6)Who the eck is this seb hines fella, who does he play forStriker I think plus he is fairly quick {Ed003's Note - Defender who plays for Middlesborough}


06 Jul 2012 11:13:54
Pranjic and Rodellega will be announced as Everton players next week and hope for Pienaar the following week.



06 Jul 2012 11:11:28
Owen to Stoke, Jones to Tottenham, Defoe to Reading, church to brighton. RFCWardoo(6)(23)Do we (Reading) need more strikers, really? Defo won't move from Tottenham before Jan IMODefoe to Reading and Jones to Spurs.:-) Jones is going to Villa and Stoke are getting fed up of Owen dragging his heels and are looking elsewhere. Lukaku will replace Jones on loan and Defoe more likely to follow to Stoke or Fulham.Would love it if the Defoe to Reading rumour was correct but I heard Stoke were in the driving seat....Tottenham is really in need of Jones!Jones is hardly an AVB style playerDefoe would be a waste for us if im totally honest, good player but wityh etablished players like Roberts and Pog then take into equation Alfie, Church, Manset, Sheppard all being young hungry and pushing for a place in the starting 11 or at least bench then I don't feel Defoe will fit into there, can see him at west brom or west hame where there is a need for him really, as tous selling i think its too early to say who's going, from what i can tell brian wants to bring in new guys early in transfer window, do the pre season with players trying to fight for their place then say if the likes of churchy impress he stays if not he either is off on loan or sold but only just before new season starts.Defoe would be a waste for Reading? What planet are you on? Is streets ahead of anyone Reading are likely to ever sign. Just can't see it happening and can see Stoke getting him IF he leaves.Church and Manset should be nowhere near the premier league. Both should either be offloaded or loaned out. Sheppard should also be loaned out and I dont think Hunt is good enough for the premier league either. Another striker is definitely needed IMODefoe are the type of players that stoke should be looking at getting now.
Crouch and defoe up front, sounds good to me.
Just need the quality play maker in centre of midfield


06 Jul 2012 09:59:53
Former Swansea players Casey Thomas and Joe Walsh, are still training with Yeovil Town, in hope of earning a contract!(3)(6)Source?6ML your joking...ha ha Stoke..i don't think so plus Leon won't be going anywhere he's a Jack through and through..


06 Jul 2012 11:05:06
Preston have signed Portuguese attacker Filipe Morais and midfielder Jack King both on two-year contracts this will be announced soon.Lee trundle is currently training with Preston and will be offered a one-year deal.(7)(9)This is trueIts actually mark with a k and he plays for grimsbyI'm sure that when PNE sign players they quickly announce it on the official website.Filipe Morais as gone to stevenageMorais has signed for stevenageHardly true when Filipe Morais declined Preston and today Signed for Stevenage FcHe signed for stevenage and wright has left pne after a week im a pne fan but i cant see why he has left? i hope we sign zoko tho very good playerWright left due to missing his family in south east.


06 Jul 2012 11:02:45
WBA are set to revive their interest in Cedric Mongongu. They were interested in him just before he left Monaco for Evian but may be set to make a bid for his services(3)(4)


06 Jul 2012 10:06:55
Forest green rovers are going to sign Chris Zebroski of Bristol rovers to help their bid for promotion(2)(9)No way! forest green are going to sign zebs a few seasons ago they were fighting there way from relegation and mark mcghee would never sell him to a conference club


06 Jul 2012 10:55:07
Crystal palace are going to announce the signing next week i play golf with steve parishs son who has said the reason for it being so slow was because of the money going through for scannel and clyne money which is going through aswell(6)(4)


06 Jul 2012 10:53:52
Milan Misun has failed a medical at sheffield united and therefore will not be signing on.(8)(2)


06 Jul 2012 10:27:06
Stuart Beavon and Stuart Parnaby have been seen at Ryton this morning. It is said that they will be signing for Coventry and discussing personal terms.(3)(10)The same Stuart parnaby that has signed for middlesboroughFor a start covs training ground is covered so how can people keep making stuff up. Knowone has been seen at ryton because if your gunna sign a player they dont negotiate at a training groundStuart parnaby had a trial with cov last season and he wasnt good enough! and he has just signed for boro anyway


06 Jul 2012 10:26:26
stuart parnaby has been seen at Coventry's ryton training ground, stuart has been a free agent for some time and coventry are looking to take the experinced right back to the ricoh.(2)(11)He signed for Middlesbrough early this week... Don't know where you've got your bullst fromBefore making stuff up you might wanna check if that player has recently signed for someone... Say middlesboroughWhat when he has just signed for middlesbrough?


06 Jul 2012 10:25:46
Just seen Connor Sammon at the stadium of light.(1)(17)You may well have done but it won't be for a transfer will it?Hope so, u guys can have him. Not Premier league standard.


06 Jul 2012 10:20:26
Mark Pugh set to sign for Colchester(1)(15)Pugh is leaving Bournemouth because he wants to go A) up north
B) in the championship
Colchester doesn't satisfy either of theseColchester north of bournemouth and as for championship col u have been in unlike bournemouth who were in division 2 in the 80s long ago oh and col u have better stadium and training ground than most of championship thats why england played at weston homes 3 times alreadyAlthough it is fair to say Colchester have better facilities etc than Bournemouth, I believe Pugh is more likely to end up at BurnleyPugh wants move to champ and 6 clubs are interested but dont know which ones


06 Jul 2012 10:20:19
Shrewsbury town sign experienced duo chris weale and joe anyon after last years no.1 chris neal rejected the clubs offer(5)(0)I think these are really good signings from graham turner, and they are both no1.goalkeepers. This will be a good battle but I think weale will be no1.


06 Jul 2012 10:09:22
yeovil looking to sign one more player, possibly another cb on loan or clarke carlisle- yeovil abdulla(4)(2)How do you knowBecause I AM LEGEND


06 Jul 2012 09:59:32
Mchel Salgado will be going to Watford on free transfer.(4)(15)Too old and not one the Pozzo's would be able to make any money out ofDoesn't exactly fall into the young talent category


06 Jul 2012 09:48:07
Heard that Millwall will be making two signings after the weekend,Shaun Derry will be signing a one year deal and striker Paul Taylor is set to sign from Peterborough.(14)(13)The Shaun Derry rumour I can believe but not the Taylor one. Would be a good signing but out of our price range Peterborough are asking for up to a million for him which we won't pay.Would love to see Paul Taylor sign from the Posh....looks very dangerous every time I see him play.I'd doubt you'll get Taylor he wants premiership footballThey would BOTH be GOOD ADDITIONS IF THERE IS ANY TRUTH IN THIS?Taylor won't go there, Prem only or stay at POSH, Millwall ain't got the cash for Taylor!Im not sure that the wall have got 2.5 million to part with for taylor !!You are havin a laugh those, two are both prem level, dropping down to little old Millwall in your dreams me old son.I think you lot need to get your facts right! Berylson is worth millions in the hundreds and has already spent over 10 million on running the club and on players! So I think you will find we do have the money but spend wisely e.g wasnt Henderson in the top 3 for top scorers in the league yet had a court case over him and being injured a lot of the season and all we had to pay was his wages! Trotter got him on the cheap if he goes will go for no less that 3 million abdou quality midfielder got him from plymouth on the cheap! We spend wisely unlike Leicester who spend 10 million in one season and are still in the same league as us! Please get your facts right when commenting on how much millwall have and why we don't pay crazy amounts!Technically Taylor would not be dropping down though would he as he already plays in the championship and let's face it, any team is a step up from Peterborough!Those two are both prem level!! Derry is 35 and Taylor has had one goodish season in the Championship. Overating a little I think. Both of them would do well to go to Millwall, we on the up. COYL;sPaul Taylor to Millwall, LMFAO, that will be the same day Posh sign Tevez thenWhether this rumour has any truth or not,the wall have got to start looking at some real quality!Millwall are better than Posh!! And what were the results against them last season then?Strange logic there. Peterborough beat Ipswich 7-1 but i doubt that many of their fans would claim superiority over Ipswich.


06 Jul 2012 09:46:05
Hot Press news, heard this morning from a mate on The Sentinel concerning the possible signing of Liam Dickinson. Vale have been looking for a striker to replace Marc Richards who moved to Chesterfield.

Dickinson is a free agent since being released by Southend United in the summer and has been also linked with Walsall and Rochdale among many others

Former Vale player Sproson now Dickinsons agent told me Nothing has been sorted out yet, but Micky Adams is interested. Obviously it is up to Liam, but I would say it's looking positive for Port Vale, although I think that Rochdale have offered him a deal on a massive wage cut and it is near his Salford home so it makes more sense, but we are hopeful.

Dickinson has had more clubs than a golfer since leaving Stockport only four years ago and has never settled anywhere since. Liam needs to sort his life and personal problems out before he commits to another club if he is to be an asset wherever he goes.

I expect Adams to win the race and sort the boy out as he is a strict disiplanaryian and will not stand any nonsense with any player.(6)(3)Dickinson will not becoming to Walsall- one of the worst players we have ever season at the banks' stadiumBit harsh hes an okish striker but most of his goals last season were penalties


06 Jul 2012 09:33:59
Wednesday will see Cheltenham complete their second signing of the summer. Swindons Jonathan Smith will turn down offers from bitter rivals Oxford and move to League 2 promotion hopefuls Cheltenham for a fee in the region of £20k(4)(10)No He wont, I know him and he is coming home to York ! The deal is almost done and he will be back with us Tuesday or Wednesday next week.. Oh and he was never going to sign for Oxford, just so the Swindon fans know !!Will need at least 30k as that's what Swindon payed for him.JFC is better than Smith anyway, Oxford don't need Smith nowFair play to York!! It's what he wanted. And he was too good for Oxford....they will be mid table max...York will push on!Going to york city
source - swindon advertiser2nd quote is correct. Also Oxford were never in for him. And never made an offer.Sould be more than 20k aswelWould be a good signing for guys hard working midfielder hope you guys go up


06 Jul 2012 09:28:00
Liam Dickinson is talking with a former club about a return on a lower wage structure. Possibly Rochdale?(2)(6)


06 Jul 2012 09:26:29
Stockport talking to a defender who will add pace to their back line and a goalkeeper to challenge Ian Ormson for No1 spot. Developments in final stages and an announcement is expected shortly.(0)(3)


06 Jul 2012 09:23:44
Peterborough to sign Laurie Wilson & Michael Bostwick from Stevenage after having a revised offer accepted(8)(10)Apparently we've been signing them everyday for the last 5 weeks. Give it a rest will yaPeterborough are reported to have had an initial bide declined, in addition to two other championship offers being accepted, so it may be a revised bid has been accepted, or there may be three teams in for them, the price is thought to be around 1M for the pairClub turned the offer down as they want 1 million for both, but have heard both players are willing to put in a transfer request if Peterborough and Steveange dont come to an agreementCan't see us signing Wilson now as Mendez-Laing has just penned a three year deal todayAccording to club website both expected to move up to championship! from a boro fan


06 Jul 2012 09:12:03
Richard Keogh is to sign for Cardiff City on a two year deal for £800k plus Robert Earnshaw going the other way. The whole deal is in Earnie's hands as Coventry are yet to offer him a contract (deal should be completed by Tuesday next week).(13)(16)Doubt it keogh is signing for leeds not cardiff


06 Jul 2012 08:41:07
With Derby's reputation of selling players for minimal profit just to make a quick buck. Expect to see Craig Bryson move to Celtic for around the 1 mil mark and John Brayford to West Brom or Stoke for a similar amount.(8)(14)If this is derby fan.Just grow up.Nigel has done a wonderful job .A player had to be sold to provide funds for his summer plans.Derby rejected bids for Fielding,Hendrick,Brayford and Robinson
all 24 and under and Nigel's words are that they will be here for years to come especially the first three.Shackell is 29 in september too old for our young side.When we come to the start of the season with 6 new players in ill see if you will say the same.Doing well in the cup or league will provide funds which will prevent having to sell another player next season.With Top 7 in the league our targetHopefully wont happen, would be ridiculous if they went for that amountNo chance, dont read into the shackell sale too deeply, the 50 game clause in his contract was the earner in it all, and although shackell is a cracking player, its gotta b good buisness to fund for a younger modelPick your dummy up...As a Stoke fan I'd be willing to pay up to 4-5m for Brayford. He's easily the best RB in the Championship and is still young enough to improve further. Plus. it'd be great to have another local player in the team (even if they are all right backs!).I'd expect brayford to go to stoke if he had the choice as he a bit of a stoke fanDerby made good money on Shackell, he had played 49 games for Derby and was signed for 750k, if he played another game we would have owed Barnsley 400k, so was sold for 1.1m up front, there was a choice of that or 1.5 over 2 years
The plan this summer was always to sell shackell, and it only took so long, so Derby could make sure other targets were avaliable


06 Jul 2012 08:37:11
Maynard WILL sign for derby. On a permanent 1.75m(7)(33)How is that they are cutting costs,we cant afford himWe are not stop being deluded.Hes on 25k aweek and will be more now hes promoted to prem.We couldnt afford to give green 9k a week.Myanard is 26 close to 27.Nigel is looking to get a 19/20 who can improve maynard has reached his full potential.Jake jervis and Johnny Russell have been the only realistic targets.Even though to many a striker is our top priority it isnt.Lb,2 cbs and cm cover are.
Steve Davies hasnt left yet and could possibly still be a player for next season if no-one comes in for him.We also have callum ball,theo robinson,nathan tyson and jamie ward.Who today clough admitted would play a striker role.So dont go expecting a big name like maynard or cox.It will be probally a player you have never heard of or my guess he wont buy anyone and put the money in the bank which he should doToo old for our side?.We already have 4 strikers now that ward is seen as a
striker.His wages are more than our wage
budgetI wishManchester City might have had a say in where Andrew Tutte went in 2011 before they sold him to Rochdale


06 Jul 2012 08:36:04
West Brom fail in loan bid for Obafemi Martins but expect to make another loan bid later this month.(11)(8)Rubin Kazan said they are only interested in selling him not loaning him out so another loan bid would be pointless unless there was a fee attached and a view to permanentDid n,t exactly set the world afire at Brum did he ? Surely to god there has to be a better option than Martins available ?


06 Jul 2012 08:34:16
After losing out to bremen in the chase to sign Elia fulham still want a bonafide wideman n are looking at N'zogbia , narsingh , sinclair , krasic , blaszikowski but will only sign 1 as strikers are still maon priority n fulham have not given up on burak yilmaz . Other options are Rhodes, MOA , berbatov , gingac , helenius n mirralas(7)(10)How do u know that we have missed out on elia? ican't find anything saying he is at werder bremen?Seems to be a done deal re Elia to Bremen, but not yet fully confirmed.


06 Jul 2012 07:53:48
Matt lowton has had his medical at Villa yesterday , should sign today if no problems , i did mention this rumour few weeks ago(15)(4)I dont remember tht post and I check this site all the time


06 Jul 2012 07:45:00
Middlesbro' have re-signed two former players Stuart Parnaby and Jonathan Woodgate.

Ben X.(20)(5)


06 Jul 2012 07:39:48
Huddersfield complete signing of Adam Clayton from Leeds.

Source: because our clubs are on the up. At Huddersfield we are lucky enough to have a wealthy lifelong fan as chairman. Wolves are on a downward slide they seem to be dropping faster than Jordans knickers. ps Hudds just signed Clayton so rumours do come true. mighty terriers!He will probably stand out well in a poor team tbh, looked promising during his loan spell but was pretty average for leeds last season.


06 Jul 2012 07:21:09
I am a torquay fan it is believed that torquay will announce the signing of either of these centre halves: Ben Chorley or Byron Anthony. ben Chorley has played at Leyton Orient with martin ling and byron anthony is not getting football. he was on loan at hereford last season but he won't want to go there again. O'Kane is going to go to Shrewsbury or Bristol Rovers.(2)(6)No way! as if chorley would leave a good league one club to go to torquay and why would O'kane turn down rich crawley in league one for bristol rovers in league two?Clucas at bristol rovers thats a good free signing he looked a decent prospect at prestonWhy would you even tease us Rovers fans like that? Sadly I think there's no chance of us signing o'kane.Well you can forget about Ben Chorley. Not only has he not play under Ling at Orient, but he is also still under contract so a fee would be required. Not to mention orient currently only have 3 centre halls do probably aren't looking to sell.Blimey ! Martin Ling has been splashing out the money lately. I think you could well have a good season.

Good Luck, from a not so happy Orient supporter.Ben Chorley joined Leyton Orient after Martin Ling had already left and so never played for him. Not only that but he recently signed a new deal at the O's so can't see that one happening.Torquay would have to pay a fee because he's under contract for another season. They're welcome to him though. I don't like him.It would be so funny if you signed Byron!Byron is absolutely terrible!O kane is a good player. Cone to shrews to partner hazell or jones. Prefrerably jonesBrilliant signing for rovers Clucas was good at preston in league 1 so hopefully he will be even better in league 2


06 Jul 2012 00:18:56
the arrival of marco reuss has thrown the bvb future of blaszicowski into doubt n fulham are hooing to complete a loan deal for the polish captain. Also after missing out on eljero elia fulham will make a move for valecia winger hernandez n will look to bring in huddlestone from spurs . If dempsey leaves schalke seems the most likely destination n fulham will move for free agent kalou n dries mertens .(4)(8)


06 Jul 2012 00:08:54
Fredy Montero to sign 13k p/w contract with Bristol City. He will move for an undisclosed fee believed to include a large % sell-on fee and promotion clauses. City coach Derek Mcinnes and Majority owner Steve Lansdown have been in protracted talks with MLS execs and are likely to announce the deal when pre-season starts next week(9)(12)Pmsl - city are almost bust - no way can they agree 700k pa wage dealsHow can they have any transfer kitty when they are laying people off at the club?Bust?? In debt yes, but with lansdown who's worth 350mill plus I think we will be ok for the minuteWhen are people going to understand that Bristol Citys major backer (Steve Lansdown) is worth around 500m and he is Bristol born and bred. He will invest what is necessary into BCFC because he loves them....It not a quick fix/game for this man spending oil money, he loves this club and would die with please all you petty followers suggesting anything otherwise, GET OVER IT.Ed, us city fans have repeated many, many times that we are in absolutely no danger of going bust atall. I assume it's one poster who keeps spouting this rubbish and it's getting rather tiresome. Please tell said person to look up Steve Lansdown on google before spouting such drivel!Yes a large dept but to the majority share holder who says himself he is responsible for causing most it and has no intention of calling in, lets be fair he doesn't need to either plus his son is now a board member and as daddy puts it is only spending his inheritance. So how are we nearly bust or going bust??City are owned by the same person who now owns Bristol rugby as well. The redundancies were because there were people at each club doing the same job which wasn't necessary. It has absolutely nothing to do with any financial issues atall. with the fair play rules arriving soon, it makes great sense to cut out unnecessary expense.
Keep dreaming about Citys' demise but that is all they are, dreams. We (City) are fine thank you.City aren't going bust or laying people off. They're restructuring their academy so it's inline with the new regulations.How on earth do you work out city are almost bust.the majority shareholder mentioned is almost a billionaire & underwrites city's debts.the redundancies mentioned are to hopefully bring city in line with the new monetary rules affecting all football league clubs!!
That said I would also be amazed if we signed him.They have a transfer kitty because they are cutting costs in other areas.Much has been said regarding the finances at Bristol City F.C. as the comment above shows but these are not accurate. Firstly the club released 11 players in May that included high earners such as David James (reputedly on 15k a week) David Clarkson (again reputedly on 8k) Jamie McAlister and Jamel Campbell Ryce along with 3 loan signings who were reportedly on a good wage, it also seems likely we will be losing Kalifa Cisse who I've heard was on about 8 grand a week. So there is sufficient slack in the wage budget for players whilst reducing the wage bill. As for staff redundancies, these were on the stadium side of things which in fact is a separate company to the football club.
It is true however we are in a position to
"flash the cash" in a way other Championship club seem able to. We are however overhauling both the first team coaching staff and the academy with a view to attaining grade 2 level under the EPPP. I don't expect BCFC to make any truly marquee signings this summer, but I do expect to see at least 3 more new faces before the transfer window slams shut at the end of August. I do expect the club to safely comply with both the E.P.P.P grading and the football league's financial fair play rules thus avoiding any fines or transfer embargo. The nouveau riches club may gamble their owners wealth on the hope of attaining the promised land but my club will continue to be run on a sound basis, which in turn will avoid a Pompey situation.To point out to people here, lansdown is now worth 1 Billion not 500 or 350 million. and to the poster who keeps on about city going bust yet we sign greg cunningham on a 4 year contract undisclosed fee with McInnes wanting at least 5 more players... weird that hahaHargreaves/Lansdown current stockmarket valuation runs at 1171m Steve Lansdown commited to BCFC for the long term now with son on board.Nothing wrong with club restructuring as this needed to be done to help fund influx of staff to run the upgraded youth setup. To be one of the best in the country so get a life all you people who think BCFC are going bust take a look at your own clubs finances !!


06 Jul 2012 06:58:41
adam clayton has signed for huddersfield (town web site)(16)(2)What is Bono going to do for a bassist now then?


06 Jul 2012 06:09:40
Clayton has signed 4 Town ! Leeds fans if u don't believe check official site ! What a signin !(19)(2)We dont care - he was transfer listed so we expected him to go - he goes missing half way through season anywayYou can have him. He was so average last season at Leeds. But playing alongside your squad he will look amazing. Ha ha
MThank god for that ... leeds didnt want him anyway frees up is wages to go and get a proper player , not even burnley wanted himThen all are happy in West Yorkshire then!
Town SupporterNot really. He'll strut around on the pitch with his collar up and will have 1 good game in 5. Thanks that's an easy 500,000Guess u didn't watch much off Leeds last year then, what signing? U r welcome to him guess u will b playing 5 in midfield next season to compensate having him in there!
Please don't brag about getting a player WE put on the transfer listCannot believe you had to pay us money to take him of are hands your more than welcome to paynter aswell mot4lifeIf you look at the official reveal photo on NewsNow he looks over the moon about joining Huddersfield! Not. Robbo 77Clayton's early season form last year promised so much but failed to maintain consistent performances. Odd moments of magic but a usual 6/10 most games


06 Jul 2012 07:19:23
Huddersfield signed Adam Clayton on a 3 year deal. Confirmed!!(17)(2)I think you have signed one of our better players he is quality but lacks a bit of pace and stamina but will improve as he gets older. played well last season but faded badly.So, has he hung up his bass then? I assume the Terriers have not been put off by his on-going court case?


06 Jul 2012 01:48:27
DJ Campbell seen at the Madjeski Stadium believed to be on the verge of a £1million deal from QPR where he only managed 11 appearances last season due to injury(14)(13)He's got goals in him at this level, just needs to be given a chance.


06 Jul 2012 00:52:25
North East duo Newcastle United and Sunderland have joined the chase for Manchester City starlet John Guidetti.

Newcastle are closing in on their second capture of the summer transfer window – with the imminent signing of Coventry City midfielder Gael Bigirimana.

Tavernier signs new three-year deal at Newcastle: The 20-year-old defender hopes that this season will be his breakthrough one at NUFC and is targeting a run in the Europa League qualifiers

Newcastle are close to finalising the signing of French defender Mathieu Debuchy this week, reports The Metro.

Despite Lille declining the Magpies’ original £5 million bid for the 26 year old, an improved offer could see Debuchy on his way to St James’ Park.

However, Inter Milan are the latest club to be interested in Debuchy, and could make a late attempt to disrupt the deal as their right back Maicon is subject to speculation regarding a move to Champions League winners Chelsea.

With Maicon believed to be on his way to Stamford Bridge for £6 million, the money would be used by Inter to directly replace the Brazilian with Debuchy, who impressed for France despite his teams disappointing Euro 2012 campaign.

The Lille right back is still on holiday, but will have some decision making to do when he comes back as Inter could offer him a better package financially, despite the relentless interest from Alan Pardew’s Newcastle.

Danny Simpson’s failure to renew his contract at St James Park means Newcastle’s quest to find a right back is well into full swing, and signing Debuchy would mark the start of two or three more new arrivals, as the club have also been strongly linked with FC Twente striker Luuk De Jong. {Ed003's Note -(9)(4)If Tavernier has signed for 3 years
I hope it's not at right back. Had him on loan at Hillsborough last term. Poor defender but very decent as a right winger. That's where I'd play him


06 Jul 2012 00:01:35
Bristol rovers pursuing robbie fowler
What a great signing that would be for the Gas(5)(19)He is not the Robbie of old ! sorry he his past is sell-by dateIt certainly would have been. About 15 years ago!

RedbirdIf Robbie Fowler is the standard of player Rovers are seeking, they clearly lack any ambition whatsover! Waste of time and space, well past his use by date.



05 Jul 2012 23:49:31
According to sky sports, Brighton are trying to get Wayne Bridge on a season long loan from Man City(21)(8)Just heard the same on bbc sussex radio at 1pm todayBrighton have now signed Wayne Bridge on a 1 year dealDone deal, he has signed today for the season


05 Jul 2012 23:41:48
Spurs are closing in on a deal for Jack Butland.(10)(17)We would be mad to pay 6 million + for this unproven GK, sure he will be very good in the future but we need to worry about now.


05 Jul 2012 23:37:26
Robbie willmott from luton to sign for shrewsbury on 6/7/12(5)(3)


05 Jul 2012 23:32:45
Jonathon Woodgate has been in contract talks for a few weeks over a move to hometown team Middlesbrough.

Gerald.(17)(2)Do we have a transfer kitty or is it all dependent on Macmanus + MacDonald moving on?He didn't cost us anything and signed for cheap.


05 Jul 2012 23:32:15
Huddersfield have agreed a 3 year deal with Adam Clayton. Should sign in next 24hrs. Source sky sports(15)(2)


05 Jul 2012 23:31:22
Liam Dickinson to sign for Rochdale in the next 7 days(7)(11)


05 Jul 2012 23:21:42
keefy get norris in from pompey.. class! was the cream of a bad bunch last year.. was class both times against us and all season. just the type of player we need!(2)(5)


05 Jul 2012 23:14:28
Sky Sports understands that Woodgate is ready to return to his native North East and re-join Boro.

It is understood he will hold talks with manager Tony Mowbray on Friday.(12)(2)As long as he doesn't stay at Stoke I don't care where he goes.


05 Jul 2012 23:06:27
Adam Clayton to confirmed as a Huddersfield player in the morning, FACT.
Joel Lynch is considering options but town in with highest money offer.
Ross McCormack is considering many options, of which town are one.
Devitre-has been much speculation??(15)(5)Is it just me? - last year Brighton fans were the billy big boks on here - we will sign him / will get 5m for him / will do this that and the other - I assumed it would be charlton this year - but they seem to be potless - seems that the club with an over inflated view on themselves is actually Huddersfield
Any views?Clayton confirmed on town website, good signing?Its on the town website, official now, good signing>?Ross wants to join Palace, he isnt interested in the other clubs that have come in for him.


05 Jul 2012 23:02:51
Sky sports have put that Huddersfield town have signed Adam clayton happy times UTT(15)(3)Happy times dont make me laugh, its clayton not messie, hes not a bad player but very light weight, grayson seems to be after the players that made leeds a mid table teamWe've only bought one and the only other one we've been linked with is McCormack who even most Leeds fans rate. Clayton was offered a new contract at Leeds and turned it down so the comments above smack a little of sour grapes. I'm sure the Leeds-Huddersfield games will be spicy affairs this season as ever. Would be good to see us both in the Premiership one day.messi and he's a great signing so were happyWeren't Leeds above mid-table when Grayson left and Warnock took them to a lower half team?
If I were a Leeds supporter I wouldn't be looking forward to the style of play you will have to endure.
Town SupporterWe'll settle for being a mid-table team in our first season; that's exactly where our near neighbours up the road will finish, unless they get some brass!Ya & id b happy if town finished mid table next season, any higher wud b a bonus, press on season after, walk b4 u can run & all that. AG


05 Jul 2012 22:58:14
Daniel sturridge look set to miss out on olympics, it is thought HUDDERSFIELDS Jordan Rhodes will be his replacement...(20)(16)Shame that it won't happen as Northern Ireland & Scottish FA will not allow players to take part!

BuresmacShould have been in the squad to start off withNot true. They are allowed to take part, just not picked.Shame you talk rubbish as they arent allowed to block the participation, they just dont want them to play, theres a differenceShame it will happen as there are 4 rerserve players and jordan rhodes is one of them so obv scotland have let him go for the olympicsHe's on the back up list though...It will happen because jordan rhodes is the stand in striker, it'll either be rhodes or zahaShame as they have been put as reserves as a compromise, and jordans favouite to replace him. know your facts mate...Welsh FA said they didnt want their players taking part and look what happened , the various FA's have no power to stop players from playing at the olympics


05 Jul 2012 22:53:56
Premier league new boys southampton are preparing to offer in the region of 3M for arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh, it is understood that arsenal will listen to any offers for the morrocan forward.(5)(26)He's crap. We don't need another striker. Pointless post!Why would they want ANOTHER forward, having signed 3 since Christmas?? Lazy agent/reporter syndrome again!

MartinHope not he poor and we don't need anymore StrikersWould be a good signing, but can't see this happening. Especially not with the current striker's we have already got ie. Lambert, Sharp, Barnard & RodriguezCant beleive we will buy another striker, we need pace and width if we are going to stay in the Prem IMO, not to mention a GK and possibly 2 CB. I do hope NC and NA have something up there sleeve, if they do they better hurry up and pull it out, we are going to need as much time to prepare as a squad as possible, going to be a tough season but man a am looking forward to it. COYRGood God,how many strikers are we gonna need,it's the defence i'm worried about.Im not so sure we really need him. We'll get enough goals from Rickie, Billy and Jay next season.
The only way this is likely to happen is if he is happy to spend a lot of time on the bench, and if we unveil 4 or 5 players in other positions first. We are almost as good as a newly promoted team can be up front. Before this could happen EVERY other area on the field needs to be secured, firstly a GK.

SaintlySecurityComplete nonsenseHope this isnt true !When will people stop posting rumours about Saints signing strikers?!
With a plethora of stirkers already, why would we be going for any more?!Goodness! How many times - we don't need any more strikers, we are not in the bidding for any more strikersTo be honest in terms of strikers, Sharp and Barnard are not good enough for the prem, Guly isn't consistant enough, Lee has a history of injury problems. Thus we are left with Lambert and Rodriguez, so another striker may not be a bad idea. However Chamakh is not good enough.^Forgetting Lee?Tadanari Lee??!!Think a few if the saints fans keep forgetting Tadanari lee look at his goals. He was keeping sharp out of the squad.Right, sorry but the post saying Barnard and Sharp are not good enough is nonsense. Sharp has a much better goal scoring rate than Rodriguez and all 4 are yet to set foot in the prem apart from Rod who played like 4 games for Burnley. You don't know there good enough until they play there you nonce! Give them a chance!I don't know how you can say Sharp isn't prem standard?! He has more than held his own in the championship so there is every chance he'll step up. I agree with Barny though. Championship standard at best I'm afraid!


05 Jul 2012 22:51:41
Jake Forster-Caskey to complete a loan move to Burton Albion by the end of next week(5)(7)Also Burton Albion posted on Twitter by Colston and Rex Page (Burton Mail) that we are to sign Ross Atkins until Christmas on loan as our No.1 Keeper. :(Forster Caskey joins Oxford not Burton


05 Jul 2012 22:50:49
Striker Jason Barker seen at deepdale today. The 6ft 7 player is to fit into westleys plan of having someone to hold the ball up, and as a target man. He's on a free from a conference team. Westley tried to sign him 2 yrs ago.(3)(2)


05 Jul 2012 22:46:45
Spurs Caulker is going to celebrate his new deal by being loaned to watford, his boyhood club as the Italians look to find quality to place into their squad

He'll be a first team regular at Spurs next season and that will result in a England call, he wont be going back to the Championship after a impressive performance in the PL last season, just watch(2)(19)Caulker will be in the Spurs first team this season and will only be loaned to a smaller premiership clubHe impressed while on loan last season at Swansea in the Premier League...why would he go on load to a Championship club!



05 Jul 2012 22:46:39
it's all over twitter that clayton has signed for huddersfield town for 500k (cheaper than i thought)
terrier85(10)(6)Although deals have been agreed for a number of Leeds players, no player has actually signed for another club. The deals will only go through once the new inverstors have joined and given the green lightWhy cheaper than you thought ? hes not worth anymore than that .... average....Erm no mate hes signed today actuallyLooks like the latter comment was in fact incorrect!!Hes on examiner website with a town shirt so i think he has signedBoth Leeds and Town websites say he has 'signed'.
What new investors?
Town SupporterIt would appear that regards a deal going through after investment were wrongActually,no mate(refferring to the 1st comment)hes signed today



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