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2012 22:58:43
Nacho Novo has signed a precontract with Dundee United.(4)(17)Hed only ever go back to rangers so thats a surprise


06 Jan 2012 23:05:30
Sunderland have to sell players before they can buy.(8)(15)Sell these - kieran richardson, Turner, Gordon, the south americans, whickham, the nos, killgallon,gardnerYeah of course we do...? We have a totally 'poor' owner/chairman who doesn't want to support his manager who has won more points over Xmas than any other in the Prem?! Unless we take the Mags policy of buy before you 'can sell'...?Typical mag. we give you a huge head start and you still get more concerned about whats happening at sunderland. we dont need to sell players, but chances are few will come in over jan. probs a forward and a left backHead start? Cheers. You will lucky to finish in the top 10. Also reference the initial comment about selling before you buy I am sure the SMB chairman is sick of manager buying rejects so he will want them off the books before you lot buy more.Pay 10m for wickham then u wanna sell him! Haha smb absolutely sh!t in the transfer Market. Compare him to demba ba for free. 15 goals to 1 and 10m cheaper!And then compare the ages and then compare the starts and then compare the who has been injured alot this season, think about what you say before you say it geordie clown, rejects?? Gardner,Larsson,Vaughan,Westwood,Brown,O'shea, last I looked geordie they doing pretty good, lets see who is laughing when Ba's buy out clause is triggered soon, then tiote,colocini,krul and cabaye are sold. worry about your own joke clubWickham why would you sell him you just bought him give a chance young striker very good if you give him more playin time


06 Jan 2012 23:05:22
Samba to sign for spurs in the morning heard if from a good source!(22)(15)Really hope its true think he would be a great signingCould be true


06 Jan 2012 23:05:05
A very high source at htafc says that Rhodes won't leave this season unless a bid of more than £5 million comes in. Even then they are reluctant to sell. Cash in the bank won't get you promotion.(3)(9)

Rhodes must have most clubs salivating at his goalscoring prowess. 1m,5m10m, jordan rhodes will not be leaving huddersfield town untill the summerYea because we all dream of signing L1 strikers that have not done it any


06 Jan 2012 23:03:03
Cummings rumour gaining ground up here.

His experience could be just what we need.

And, best of all for the board, he'll be cheap.(3)(2)Cummings? As in warren cummings left back from bournemouth? havent heard anything, who is looking at him?


06 Jan 2012 20:18:02
Hi ED, any news on Sheffield United? any ins? mostly outs! {Ed001's Note - the only thing I know is that Maguire is of interest to a few clubs, likely to leave in the summer, if he doesn't go in Jan. Oh and Ertl's missus is trying to crack it as a singer with me mate's band. I keep trying to get them to ask for info during recording sessions.}(2)(0)


06 Jan 2012 22:20:09
Uchebe deal done with stoke. Stoke have a scout watching rides tonight but doesn't mean we'll bid. hoillet deal close to completion also for 8M with stoke. Also onuoha signing for stoke once medical passed.(7)(2)Well I hope they saw Rides play well, everyone else was watching Rhodes, anyway no matter Rhodes would not fit into the Pulis system of playing(and I use that word loosely)of kick and elbow the opposition first and then lump it forward into the penalty area.
Your CB's Huth & Shawcross seem to spend more time trying to pull down the opposition forwards, it resembles rugby, how the heck referee's can't see this and award numerous penalties against them is beyond me.Yeh seems like stoke play the good old english way of football that teams have been doing for over 100s years..long may it continue and rule britainia


06 Jan 2012 22:15:59
Wayne Rooney to real Madrid . Sheffield united to sign micheal brown(18)(29)Some deluded people rooney aint anywhere near good enough to play for madridRooney will never leave man u he is happy at the club. Real madrid have good players up front like benzemaRooney not good enough? I'm not a united fan but rooney would get into any team in the worldMaybe your world whereever that is!Rooney has fell out with fergie so this could be true


06 Jan 2012 21:54:04
Arsenal are set top make a shock move for Norwich keeper Ruddy with Almunia and Mannone out of contract in the summer.

As for incoming transfers, I heard we're looking at Michael Chopra (that won't go down well) and Cudicini.(11)(26)Mannone contract until summer 2013


06 Jan 2012 21:36:30
Charlton set to sign Danny Haynes from barnsley(19)(8)Danny Haynes is in talks with with CarlisleGood luck, he is quick but couldn't hit the backside of a donkey with a banjo. Look how many clubs he has had - Bit of an attitude problem also, off loaded by Ipswich, Bristol City and now Barnsley.07 Jan 2012 13:43:13
Well he isnt and who would you join, league 1 leaders or mid-table team also this source isnt about the move but it quite clearly says that he has joined :


06 Jan 2012 21:15:52
Jordan Rhodes now worth 100 million pounds, only Real Madrid and Man City can afford him now.(29)(30)Why cos hes banged a few goals in english league 3?Another deluded hudd fan! Can't wait to see the reaction now when he leaves for under 5million hahaDoes no one understand sarcasm? Jeeeez even I can see this is a joke. Calm yo' tits.If Nicky Maynard (who) is reported to be going for around 4 million then my words, at least double that for JR.We have the hottest property outside the premiership here at huddersfield and i cant help feeling that there is a lot of jealousy out there from all those fans of clubs that just dont have a chance of scraping together the cash to buy him. Its also a shame for those who can afford him too because HE WILL NOT BE LEAVING HUDDERSFIELD TOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He's going to Celtic cos they're massiveHe will leave if the money is right no matter what lee clarke says.Omg, one thing to say LEAGUE 1, dont get me wrong he is good but come on league 1, he still wont cut it in the prem, championship maybe but not the prem.He is not good enough for the prem, Rickie Lambert scored goals for fun in that division and is doing allright in the championship but there is no way Lambert can cut it in the prem and i am a saints fan, Rhodes will do the same sorry championship at bestThink the JR saga makes this website worth visiting alone! So funny winding up HTFC fans. fun n games innitThe boy is making people sit up and take notice that's for sure. Unfortunatley for Hud the more goals he scores the sooner he will get that big fat contract that'll be too good to refuse.RICKIE LAMBERT IS NOT WORTHY OF LACEING JORDAN RHODES BOOTSTOWN FANS ARE ON A HIGHRhodes must be going to saints,all the top players are goin there,Rhodes,Maynard,J-Rod,Rooney,Ronaldo,MessiTbf rhodes could make it in the prem but not without a go in the championship to build up first as grant holt did because he is holding his own in the prem and as baldock is more than likely going to do aswellSeen Rhodes play alot this season and to be fair hes a very good league 1 play but an average championship player. Going to the prem would be a mistake for him.Well he is going to spurs because roman what ever his name is ( the russian one) is leaving, defoe is loosing it and there were 2/3 spurs scouts and that wycombe game where they saw him score 5 so he WILL go!Firstly, Holt is doing well in the Prem so Lambert is more than capable. Rhodes is doing League 1 but is unproven even in the Championship. I'd say u don't always have to play in Champtionship as Pilkington and Bennett went from League 1 to Prem.


06 Jan 2012 21:15:29
get jordan rhodes on the bus saints ffs
got 5 goals tonight(14)(20)He got four in another game this year to.AllySouthampton fans always get carried away. Wake up n smell the coffee, you will be a yoyo club at best.^jealous muchYoyo club that why last time we were in the top division we stayed there for over 20 years27 years to be precise but SOME Saints fans do get carried away


06 Jan 2012 21:02:02
chris birchall to reject the offer of a new one year contract at la galaxy to join doncaster until the end of the season(4)(11)What would your choice be, LA or Doncaster?


06 Jan 2012 20:52:43
ruudi skacel at crawley town for a medical(2)(17)Skacel still wants to play for his national side.He wont get that with Crawley.And this talk about him going on loan is lies to.As his contracts up next week.He will leave Hearts then.Ally


06 Jan 2012 20:21:15
bumped into Ryan Stevenson (Hearts Player)today in Ayr and he tells me that he is just about signed for the Famous Glasgow Rangers, its just down to the Hearts owner to give it the ok.(3)(21)


06 Jan 2012 20:42:55
Just heard from a very good source that Frank Lampard is off to P.S.G(12)(29)


06 Jan 2012 20:34:45
Rhodes to spurs 6m u heard in here first!(8)(29)Anybody watching sky sports news would have that spurs have people watching him tonight, doesn,t mean they will bid for him, scoring goals in league 1 does not mean he will cope in the premier league, {Ed003's Note - He is certainly doing his best to impress }Just because joe jordan is watching him tonight does not mean they will sign him. There are 7 other premier league teams scouts there aswell.Must be watching sky sports Wycombe vs Huddersfield and u see Big Joe sitting in the stands watching him, so u assume from that he will be signed by Spurs.....
That's a big reach..................No chance, just because Joe Jordan and Clive Allen are there, pure speculationWot because you see Clive Allen and Joe Jordan watching him, there's loads a clubs and scouts at that game, he's scored 4 but the opposition are terrible tonight. Even would score 4 or 5 v that mobMake that his 27th goal. I think tomorrow there will be a lot of bids coming in for him. Hope he comes to Norwich, played with Pilkington. Can't see Lambert paying 6 or 7 million for him. OTBCAgree with the league 1 bit. But look at Norwich, bought league 1 players and they are in 9th, and they were players that had hardly proved themselves in league 1. Jordan Rhodes has just scored his 26th goal of the season. You have to be a top class player to of done that half way through the season. Even for the top premier league clubs, i think even though it may be a risk signing him, it's a risk worth taking.8 premier league teams have sent scouts to watch him. Yes, one of them may be spurs, but then what about the other 7 teams? Also saw Reading scouts there aswell. Probably others from the Championship watching him. Just because Joe Jordan and Clive Allen are there watching him, doesn't mean he's going to Tottenham.You will need a lot more than 6 0r 7 million for himSo Joe Jordan and Clive Allen decided on a friday evening to make a trip out to such a high profile match for no reason. Of course Spurs are interested in Rhodes you dipstick.And which club has already made a bid. Only to be ahead of all others as usual !!The big clubs won't pay the going rate & will get him on the cheap. money can turn any players head - if there are substantial wages to be had elsewhere then logic dictates that he'll leave,his current club will receive far less for him than the current prices being bandied aboutJust because there are scouts watching him doesnt mean jordan rhodes is going to sign for anyone.I watched Stuart Elliott score 29 goals in league 1 for Hull City a few seasons ago and he played as a winger, not a striker, just imagine how many goals he would have got that season if playing just as an out and out striker,What a rubbish signing Rhodes would be for spurs! hes nowhere near good enough, hope he likes reserve team football.I agree and I think he will go to Norwich as he is their kind of player and he will probably follow super pilks. Norwich is a better club for Jordan as if he went to spurs he would never get a game. If clarky wanted him to go somewhere apart from stay it would be norwich. From a hudds fanIf Spurs did sign Jordon they would loan him straight back to a championship club or Huddersfield if they go up, Spurs are not stupid enough to ruin the lad by playing res footie or bench warmingThink he would be a great signing at Norwich. But can't see us getting him. I think he is too expensive for us, can't see Lambert splashing 6m+ on one player


06 Jan 2012 20:18:00
Billy Davies is poised for a return to management with former club, Preston North End, after final negotiations were concluded this evening. Davies is expected to appoint former charge, Graham Alexander, as his assistant and will enjoy a significant transfer kitty in the summer if he can take the current playing squad plus loans into the League 1 play-offs. Expect a press conference tomorrow, however the news is almost certain to break with news outlets this evening.(10)(13)This not true billy is nt even in the countryDoubt thatBilly cant take the PNE job. Risdale is only looking at a manager who will work with the current players & backroom staff (and NO budget). Hemmings has bankrolled local team Chorley and Ridsdale has seen GARRY FLITCROFT do a very good job.....Flitcrofts considering the job as manger with Alexander and Unsworth in support. Ridsdale is currently searching for a buyer in the Far East/India for the club.


06 Jan 2012 20:17:29
Nathan Delfouneso signing for saints on loan til end of season to add flair to the squad. Puncheon will be used in exchange for Matt Phillips + cash.(15)(21)Stop talking crap saints, philips not leaving yet and when he does will be to a big club for big money not you lot of fools ,so stop making things up.


06 Jan 2012 20:06:55
Robbin ruiter agrees transfer to Southampton. Expect signing to be confirmed in coming days. A source very close to the club has also confirmed that Adam lallana will not move to any other club, and the saints will be pursuing a proven striker to at alongside ricky lambert. Nicky Maynard, billy sharp and simon cox linked. Barnard to got out on loan with view to purchase. Ryan Dickson, lee Holmes and lee Barnard have no future at the club and will be loaned/ sold in Januart.(15)(6)Oh right, who's taking on an injured Barnard and is that before or after his court case. Perhaps your close source can tell us. Oh and can you also tell your close source that Dickson's already been loaned to Brentford for a month.He's gone to Yeovil actually do your homework, and yeah it says loaned/sold in january and he's been loaned oh look at that it's still JanuaryHaha Brentford! Who is this sarcastic chump?! Brilliant when someone sarcasticly picks at a post and then gets their facts wrong! By the way the loan windiw is open until march time I believe? So I can definitely see Barnard lidted if we get Lee and another striker in.So i mixed up Dean/Dickson/Brentford/Yeovil and i might be a sarcastic chump but i don't list my wish list claiming it to be from a 'source very close to the club' and the original post says 'will be' not already has been. If your so knowledgeable how come you didn't tell us about Lee before the whole world did? I, like many mature Saints fans, are getting fed up with chumps like you embarrasing us with B/S.


06 Jan 2012 20:03:54
Free agent Lewis Guy to sign short term deal at Sheffield United after turning down Walsall.(6)(10)


06 Jan 2012 19:58:39
Kevin Davies has been looking at houses in Brighton today(5)(20)I heard a deal was done. bolton to buy piquanne and k. davies returning to big sam. plus he did say he wanted to be with sam


06 Jan 2012 19:17:19
Howdes of schalke spotted near Newcastle airport source my own eyes(16)(11)Got his autograph so I can't understand why anybody is disagreeing, being in Newcastle doesn't mean he's signing, just saying what I saw.Might be more believable if u spelt his name rightEver heard of a typo?Ever heard of bull


06 Jan 2012 19:54:53
8premier league club scouts watching jordan rhodes tonight including Norwich. Norwich looks like a likely destination for him after they have a good relationship as there manager Lee Clark used to be at Norwich.(11)(15)Nice time to score a hat-trick then!Won't be Norwich after tonights performance by RhodesI am sure Lambert would love to have him, but its a big gamble for any club, suspect after what I have seen tonight there will a few of the big boys after him, and they can afford to make a 6M+ add on's, gamble (which is what I think it will cost to have any chance of Huddersfield selling him now) Not Sure Norwich can afford that kind of gamble, but I for one think they should go for it. He reminds me of the finishing of Greaves and Fowler, just so relaxed and a natural finisher, and I think he would get the opportunity to be involved every week at Norwich, which would help his game improve rapidly, unlikely if he signs for one of the big 5/6 clubs, then in danger of being left in the reserves
with limited his chances and perhaps slowing down his development.
I imagine Pilkington has already talked to him about Norwich and the belief the players have in Paul Lambert, so I suppose its a remote possibility that we could get him.Spurs will get himHow do you know it was Jordan Rhodes, was he the only one on the pitch? To be considered a player worth around 5million surely you have to perform for more than about 20 gamesPrevious post what about Andy Carroll 35mil ????I think Chamberlain played less games than that and he was sold for 12/15M


06 Jan 2012 19:50:10
Just been to pick my tickets up for the game tomorrow and I just seen holloway walk in with Jordan Rhodes!!!!(2)(30)No, Rhodes is playing live on sky now!U obviously don't have sky!How's that when he's just scored for Huddersfield at Wycombe so that's not trueDeluded Blackpool fan he's playing for huddersfield right now he's scored 2 already!Must be a special player coz am watchin him tear wycombe apart on sky sports.just thankfull he scottish hes a real talentJordan rhodes who has just scored twice for huddersfield??quick turn around from blackpoolHe's just scored 5 going on 10Dont need him at bpool will be waste of good money co he wont do it in the prem.


06 Jan 2012 19:51:50
Doncaster set to beat Leeds and Rangers to the signing of LA Galaxy midfielder Chris Birchall on a 2 month loan deal.(5)(18)Christ I hope not...Donny fans he was woeful 2 years ago for Carlisle. Not anywhere near Championship standard.What a load of rubbish you speak, yes ok doncaster may beat leeds to his signature and quite frankly i pray they do but hes on a free so how can they loan him. stop reading the papers and then coming on here and repeating it without full facts


06 Jan 2012 19:41:45
Been to the ground today to pick up my tickets for saturday and I seen turner walk in with 2 players it looked like one was calvin Zola from burton and the other keith southern from Blackpool talking to jacko! Hopefully get them both in!(1)(5)Like the post before someone else noticed zola was about to kick off at burton when this was postedWhich club is this? when Zola left Crewe he would only move to a club where he could take his children to the same school and he wouldn't have to move house so couldn't see him moving too far from where he is nowKeith southern has tesicular cancer and is in recovery so dont talk nonsence


06 Jan 2012 19:41:13
Nile Ranger....Newcastle to Brighton on loan I hear.(11)(7)What position does he play! {Ed025's Note - striker..Ah the loan Ranger has reappearedHe's injuredTo be fair he played a few games for barnsley this year and to be fair he didnt do anythnig outstanding for me sorry.i wish him all the best just look vaz the goal machine


06 Jan 2012 19:36:51

06 Jan 2012 15:14:18
Kebe will likely end up at Leicester even if he does accept the Reading offer.
He is joining Cardiff unfortunately
Southampton are going to sign Kebe
Leicester are going back with a new bid, Pearson isn't Ericsson though and says he won't be held to ransom. I doubt he'll be a Leicester player, but it's too soon for anyone to know, including the fella who thinks he's off to Cardiff.
Why would Kebe go to Leicester. That's a step down Matt Mills is learning that. Bet he wishes he'd stayed put. Kebe loves Reading and McDermott so it's Reading or back to France as I said.(4)(2)Kebe is currently in talks with West Ham, I do hope we dont get him he is a very average player! {Ed003's Note - You are rating him to high }I saw kebe today at upton parkMills couldn't wait to move from Reading, money talks and REading struggle to pay wages like leicester can so i can see Kebe joining for a good payday.I see the Leicester fans are waking up again. At the start of the season I thought you were going to walk the league with Super Sven and all the millions that were going to be spent. Looks like another season of failure and championship football for the foreseeable future.I heard Stoke City have come into the equation.. If that was to be true then Cardiff and West sham can count themselves out ohh and Leicester


06 Jan 2012 19:30:01
Carlisle have made an £80,000 for Swindon winger Matt Ritchie.(1)(10)Bournemouth made a 500 000 bid last week, that got re-buffed, so, i wonder what Swindon will do to that?Swindon will not be selling Richie this window! Richie wants promotion with Town and Swindon are not in a position to sell. Stop dreaming!Ritchie's thinking of a move back to Pompey. Cotterill was an person to sell him and Appy would be happy to have him back. Heard this from Joel Ward himself who's an aquaintence of mine and a good mate of Matt's.Swindon were idiots for turning that down, by the sounds of things he isnt playing well there and 500,000 for someone who is only proven in league 2 is ridiculousHave you watched him this season then? Because as it happens he has had a great season & has got the most assists in a Swindon shirt. Swindon would have been idiots for accepting in my opinion as they want to keep there best players and ensure promotion to league 1. Unless someone comes in with a ridiculous bid right now so that we can replace him for the same quality then we wont be selling i don't think.


06 Jan 2012 19:06:09
Ipswich to make shock £750,000 bid for Charltons Michael Morrisson!! Very very close and solid sources!!(9)(4)Shame it isnt steve morison of norwich.never mind ipswich you can dream!What the hell has Steve Morrison got to do with this story? Some Norwich fans really are too obssessed with stories about us. Quite flattering really! Mup!So Charlton are likely to consider releasing their stalwart centre back in the middle of the season? Would they risk loosing out on promotionworth 4m for 750K? Would Michael Morrison swap a promising start at a club that is going places for one fighting religation. Be honest, you ve not thought this one through have you?I'm a Norwich fan and I'll agree that it's stupid. Never understand why we want you to do so bad either. Sure it was amazing to beat you lot last season. I just wish we could have that same atmosphere every season:)


06 Jan 2012 18:59:02
real madrids higuain to sign for spurs good sourse watch this space.(11)(31)Lol



06 Jan 2012 18:46:27
tranmere rovers have confirmed the signing of shamrock rovers midfielder ronan finn(4)(1)I'm in shock I thought they'd signed Lionel messi


06 Jan 2012 18:43:40
jason koumas training with leeds with viewto sign short term contract(14)(13)


06 Jan 2012 18:42:57
Jack Rodwell to Man Utd

Long term target Rodwell will switch sides of the East Lancs Road sooner than planned as SAF identifies a mini crisis in the centre of the park as being a problem for the title run in.
Everton would not want to lose another jewel so cheaply but a swap/cash deal including Gibson moving the other way seems likely(11)(14)An injured player to cover our injured players!! Yeah that makes sense!Jack rodwell wont go to man u ....Fergie wouldnt sell park


06 Jan 2012 18:28:26
blackburn have agreed a deal with liverpool for the signing of jn hoilett in the region of 10-12m(13)(10)Don't know if it's true but we need a wingerSounds possible, because they were also looking at Pilkington from Norwich, though I doubt they will need to pay 10-12M for a player who can go on a free at season end, no doubt Blackburn management Mr Kean will make all the right noises about having to sell because the player wanted to go, and they can use the funds to bring in more players.Heard spurs were looking to bring in both hoilett and samba, maybe some sort of exchange, bassong and pienaar + cash10-12 mill for someone who is out of contract in the summer?? Well it is liverpool and they do like to waste money


06 Jan 2012 18:27:05
harry kane of spurs to join bristol rovers on loan until end of season and also john bostock of spurs also till end of season.(3)(8)HES ON LOAN TO MILLWALL, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE TO SEE THAT HE'S GOING ON LOAN WHEN HE ALREADY IS. STOP MAKING UP ST


06 Jan 2012 18:25:31
ruudii skacel of hearts set to return to dundee fc(0)(11)He has never played for dundee fc, therefore he cannot return.


06 Jan 2012 18:19:21
Stoke transfer targets
Hoilett from Blackburn
Baines from everton
Zaha from palace
Barton from Preston
Kranjcar from spurs
Pienaar from spurs
Asharvin from arsenal
Lakuka from Chelsea (loan)
A few of these would be nice but as a realistic Stoke fan I'm not holding my breathe, this is the talk round here but I can't see most of them
Tony pulis if your reading this please could you get us Tim Cahill fav player of mine when in form lol thanks Tony(6)(22)Why would zaha move to stoke if he has already had an offer from liverpoolOh yes...'Lakuka'...i know him.Stoke, yeah alright.Why would a team like stoke want footballers .......they wouldnt know what to do with them1 Signing that will be made is michael uchebo, for a price of 1 million, a pacey, skillful striker, only 21, 6 foot 5. check him out on youtubeAre you having a laugh?! Baines, Arshavin? Get real. All good footballers want to go to Stoke apparently... yeah only if they want to play 'lump it' football?!"lakuka" do you mean lukaku or kakutaWhy would Baines go to stoke when teams like athletics and man city were interested this summer and zaha has just signed a new 5 year dealObviously it's Lukaku & Kakuta's love child.06 Jan 2012 22:21:26
Stoke, yeah alright.Kranjcar would infuriate you. He did it enough times at Pompey. Great player when he wanted to be, lazy as hell when he couldn't be bothered. No wonder he's found it hard to cement a place in the Tottenham squad.When the August transfer window was open, you so called football know alls mocked at the players that Stoke were linked to. Stoke are a well run club who can afford to buy players. Pulis takes his time with signings and normally gets it right at the right price for the club. Those that keep saying they can only lump it are now living in the past and are jealous of the progress that this club is making. Just because zahar as signed a five year contract doesn't mean anything other than palace can demand a bigger fee for him. Some comments are probably right, Arshavin etc may not entertain a club like Stoke at present but we are on the up so get used to it.None of them are over 6ft 4 so they won't be happening sorry

Anti footballI had to laugh at this, these targets would imply Stoke are interested in playing football, so it can't be true.


06 Jan 2012 18:13:54
Barcelona are looking to off load Hleb could be a loan move on the cards to man united for the rest of the season.(6)(26)On loan at wolfsburgWolfsburg terminated loan because of injury, therefore highly doubt itHe was offered to QPR and they didn't want him so why would Man UArshavin? just making it up


06 Jan 2012 18:13:31
Why the he'll would we loan Shane Long back to Reading?! And Jones is now a first teamer so why people think he's leaving is stupid. Allan move almost complete and Micky Maynard is well on the radar, chris Baird's status also being monitored but I'd like to see a bid for AJ(6)(10)Because Long thinks he has made a mistake going to the BaggiesI know it wont happen ,but i,d love the Baggies to go for Doyle from Wolves.Reading ent even in the same league as west brom!! so why would he think hes made a mistake??


06 Jan 2012 18:12:20
Wolves will listen to offers for Ardlene Guedioura as he is no longer in McCarthys plans, also and more shockingly are willing to let Kevin Doyle (even though he has just signed a contract extension) go as long as their valuation of the player is met (around £9M) this will free up funds to bring in Kenwynne jones as he poses a more ariel threat which suits wolves' style of play as a team that has an abudance of wingers that are able to provide cross after cross. Sylvain ebanks-Blake is also another striker they are willing to listen to offers for. A central defender is MM's priority, Nedum Onouha is first choice but as he is popular choice for many clubs wolves may turn their attention to Matt Mills whom they missed out on in the summer. rumour has it he isnt settled at leicester.(5)(17)They wouldnt get rid of ebanks blake as well because they want to off load keogh and vokesOUTS
Doyler 9m
Gueds 2m
Vokes 0.75m
Keogh 0.5m

K.jones 6m
N.onohu 3.5m
N.Maynard 2.5m
T.Huddlestone 3m

One can only hope........
Come on me babieeees.....Oh, so Wolves play with two wingers so it would therefore suit Kenwynne Jones style of play. Stoke play with two wingers but are labelled as a long ball team?T Huddleston 3 mill... U having a tin bath or what! More like 8 or 9Huddleston for 5-6 mil would be a good optionTodays rumours to add to above

Outs ;
Elokobi 1.25m
Blake 2.25m

Ins ;
Fox 4m


06 Jan 2012 18:03:39
dundee fc to sign Ruudi skacel from hearts(3)(14)Dundee fc. unlikely seen as they are in division 1 not the spl. dundee utd maybe. he's going to crawley fcHe is not going to Crawley.He still wants to play for his national team.And told radio Scotland,he had no intention in playing for that club.He will stay in the SPL,or go back to Greece.If a championship team does not take him on.AllyIs there much difference? {Ed003's Note - aah,don't get Ally on one again ;) }


06 Jan 2012 17:54:12
The rumour about getting Mason Bennett on loan from Derby is in true. I have a reliable source that knows Mason and he says it's just a rumour. Don't put it on here unless it's a reliable source!(1)(7)Mason is 15yrs old - therefore can't have a professional contract. Players without a professional contract can't be loaned out.Yes they can look at eric dier at everton, its counted as a scolarshipBennett is still at school and its to the point where even derby have to get permission frm his school to allow him to play and he loves where he isMason bennet will not go anywhere (yet) in the future he will go somwhere in the prem he is a good playerEric Dier is 17 (nearly 18) so not the same thing at all!


06 Jan 2012 17:51:57
06 Jan 2012 11:53:20
It is now rumoured that Coventry City have tabled a bid for AFC Bournemouth's Warren Cummings as they feel the experienced defender could help shore up their leaky defence.


This is looking a real possibility as this rumour has now been confirmed by a number of reliable sources.


Look at Sky Blues Talk, the Coventry forum. Cummings is a definite target.

this will never happen! he is quite old and doesnt even start for bournemouth(8)(4)Have you ever seen this guy play? Wouldn't waste the money!


06 Jan 2012 17:51:00
Spurs have bid for Hulk of Porto. A very decent source.(9)(25)Chelsea are already in talks over a contract with him so that is just rubbishA1 Garbage!Yes because Spurs have 84 million to spend on one player.Yes in talks not signed so spurs can make a offerHighl unlikely. modric, van der vaart and adebayor on form (not at the acn because he retired) dont need to spen 50mil.At that price let him go to chelski and be another expensive flop. 84 million so u telling me he is better than Ronaldo i think not. I hope he likes playing in the europa league lol. COYSI didn't know the spurs owners had 84 million + to spendHe wouldnt cost 84 m thats his buy out clause he would cost about 40m


06 Jan 2012 17:48:42
Scott Allen has just passed a medical at the Hawthorns. Watch out; he will be sold for £5 mill in 2 years time he is that good a prospect. Well done Mr Ashworth (If he signs of course)!(12)(4)This guy is going to be a big starHe has only played 8 games so how do you know he can even cut it?


06 Jan 2012 17:45:33
Billy Davies has been offered the managers job at Preston North End, however he is keen to see that the clubs ambition matches his own. Therefore he has asked the Deepdale club to sign Rangers striker John Fleck on loan till the end of the season to show there intent for a promotion push.(5)(6)Why would he step backwardsFleck staying at jers because of injuries,if billy has the same ambition as pne then see you in div 2 billy,100 years since the titanic went down,another white junk going same way.Billy is currently in Europe on a FIFA backed training cource. IF he was taking the job....dont you think he would be in the UK. The reason why he wont take over at PNE is the club is losing a confirmed 750k a month, mid table League 1....with no budget for players.


06 Jan 2012 17:42:59
I have heard that WBA are going to sign Nicky Maynard and offer Simon Cox in return plus a small fee. No gain there then!(4)(12)


06 Jan 2012 17:42:33
Millwall to sign James Dunne from Exeter City.(1)(5)


06 Jan 2012 17:38:05
Good news whyte and mccoist have discussed signing target and finds. Whyte agrees the team needs strenghthining. Forward areas are mccoists priority. Chris burchill is a player he likes but no moves made yet. He also wants papic to sign a new deal and extend Edu's contract.(2)(5)Who's Papic?


06 Jan 2012 17:36:58
southampton to sign nicky maynard and a winger either kebe or phillips with puncheon being used in the deal early next week(8)(20)


06 Jan 2012 17:34:50
jason punchoen to watford for rest of season,also tommy smith for rest of the season(4)(10)Jason punchoen plays for qpr {Ed003's Note - He returned to Southampton the other day after his loan deal ended}


06 Jan 2012 17:33:29
Blackpool have offered Kevin Phillips to Watford plus £2 million in exchange for Marvin Sordell.
Phillips would look forward to reuniting his close ties with Sean Dyche's hornets(2)(16)We dont want him, and Sordell is well out of Blackpool's reachPhilips twice the player and we dont need an over rated over paid ego we had enough of em in the past, go to fester they have anyone who cost more than they are worth.Why would billy sharp go to leicster when there doing rubbish hes coming to middlesbroughWhy are so many people getting excited over Sordell and Jordan Rhodes. They are just having a purple patch in the lower leagues. Lets see them do it for a couple of seasons and then perhaps transfer fee's in the seven figure bracket might be justifiedSordell has already done is for 2 seasons....

He got double figures last year and has 9 this season already9 goals so far this season?wow. Demba Ba a free transfer has scored about 13-15 goals in the premier league not at the bottom of division twoDemba Ba is a 26 year old International Striker playing for a side in the top half

Marvin Sordell is a 20 year old kid playing for a bottom half side

Why are you even comparing them? Demba Ba is the finished article, Sordell is a fantastic prospect


06 Jan 2012 17:17:14
Billy Sharp has been offer 25k a week at Leicester and will sign in the next week. This will allow Hull to sign Waghorn on loan again.(6)(15)Pearson won't give Hull Fook all, not after the way he was treated!!And just how was he treated then-very well i would say-why did he come to hull in the first place or have you conveniently forgotten


06 Jan 2012 17:16:35
wba are close to completing the signing o dundee utd midfielder scott allen(10)(4)


06 Jan 2012 17:14:49
good source! that burnley are in for gibson which we all knew but paul pogba and liddle from sunderland(6)(8)


06 Jan 2012 17:07:11
Lewis guy is set to join walsall after leaving mk dons(3)(2)Just because a player becomes available dont mean we going to sign them, where ur source?


06 Jan 2012 16:59:05
neil warnock joined the chase for junior hoilett(10)(7)Why join a club that's going in the same direction as the 1 he is at, he won't want be playing championship football next season will he!!If he joins QPR, he won't. Not that you could work that out from an armchair.Current results say that it is a strong possibilityThe rumour is true and if accepted the choice is his, yeah we are not setting the prem alight but at least we are shwing intent by bidding for these players what are Blackburn doing ?? I know which club I would prefer to be at


06 Jan 2012 16:58:44
qpr have had a bid rejected for striker andy johnson!(19)(4)Good don't like himAndy Johnson, like Michael own relied on pace. Look what happens when its gone


06 Jan 2012 16:54:38
After the job was turned down by several other candidates, Preston will appoint Graham Alexander as their new manager.(3)(9)Could do a lot worse. Graham should be given a chance to end of season


06 Jan 2012 16:50:39
Celtic to sign Northern Ireland international Liam Boyce after tearing up his Werder Breman contract in September.(5)(6)


06 jan 2012 16:46:56
aston villa

all interested in steven davis northern ireland international but he will cost 7 million atleast(4)(12)He's an average player in an average league. Nobody would pay 7million for him!Villa cant afford him and why sign 4 wolves who will get relegatedJust because the league he plays in is not that great doesn't mean he's not a good player. I'm a Celtic fan and have to admit he's been the stand out player in the SPL for 3 years. I would say he's worth 7 million if not more, especially if average/poor players down south are going for close to 20 million(Henderson). It really infuriates me when people say the SPL is rubbish when there is extremely good players in it (that are better than alot of EPL players) are there ranked as only being worth 2 million max because it is the SPL. Wise up.Why would he go back to villlaMate I'm a rangers fan and i can't quite agree with you. Though the spl is often targeted it is nowhere near Epl standards. Davis had been good but he did not make it in the prem before, so i would say max 4million. Too bad the rumour is utter sankTrust me villa can afford him they just wont pay 7 million for an average player.Name these top spl players !Steven Fletcher wasn't exactly a top SPL player when he left hibs for burnley and he's now bangin them i for a struggling wolves side. SPL isn't as bad as you lot try to make out. SPL 2 Horse race every year, EPL 2 Horserace every year. EPL is a poor mans La LigaLA LIGA is a two horse race every year. EPL is getting closer each yearYip La Liga is a two horse race every year i agree with you but the standard of football is far superior. Bit like the national sides, england think they can win the world cup (they can't) spain know they can win the world cup they are current holders. English fans are deluded, english press are even worse though


06 Jan 2012 16:43:46
Liverpool and Man City are battling to sign Birmingham forward Nathan Redmond. Liverpool are also trying to sign Celtic's Adam Matthews.(14)(5)Saw redmond against bpool he has got some talent nealy as much matt philips haha.And Raheem Sterling is better than both of them. From a Saints fans point of viewI don't think Celtic will sell Adam matthewsRaheem sterling who?


06 Jan 2012 16:36:05
Leeds in for Barnet's Mark Marshall, with Portsmouth & West Ham also keen.

Source: Sky Sports(11)(4)Cant beleive they will sign anyone unless its on loanThought that they had signed Pugh from Stoke for a deal worth 1million?


06 Jan 2012 16:30:01
Plymouth Argyle are in competition with Barnet to sign young Crawley defender Charlie Wassmer on loan since he's had limited playing time at Broadfield(5)(0)


06 Jan 2012 16:29:21
Former wolves boss mark mchgee set to become derek mcginnes no 2 at ashton gate(1)(15)


06 Jan 2012 16:27:23
Fulham have turn down bid for Aj from qpr 100 % ture(14)(1)


06 Jan 2012 16:26:49
Burnley,Bristol City,FC Twente,Crystal Palace are chasing Andy Driver on loan from Hearts.Crystal Palace look in pole posistion to land him.Daily Express Ally(8)(4)


06 Jan 2012 16:25:01
How can anyone know the exact price of a player, only the club involved would know the price, rumours are normally made up when people say the price. One rumour though is Lewis mcgugan to Norwich, I'm not gonna guess the price though(4)(4)Sometimes the information slips out, i.e. the Fabregas situation.Yeah I reckon he'll come with gunter


06 Jan 2012 16:11:26
05 Jan 2012 16:40:11
Carlisle interested in striker John Sutton on a loan deal.

The man couldn't even get a game when he was at Wycombe in league 2 a year or so ago. NOT HAPPENING!

We've already got Miller (target man), and team is scoring plenty at the minute. One striker/wing-forward to be brought in as cover for injuries, and a defender on loan.(2)(2)


06 Jan 2012 16:03:08
Liverpool on verge of signing xherdan shaqiri from Basel for 12 mil he's proven as a great player at his game vs Manu and his screamer bs england(22)(21)Bs shud be vsHe won't go to a small clubYe he's a definite starlit2 good games.......gotta be worth 75million of dalgliesh ,s monopoly money.You wish! You dreaming again?Newcastle 3
man utd 0I've watched him a bit i would love him at LiverpoolU idiots don't watch football he brought Switzerland to the u21s european championships final all by himself and embarrassed Manu all by himself coming from an irishman who watched every game of the euro u21s and watches him for Basel in switzerland


06 Jan 2012 15:48:16
Southampton have had a bid accepted for FC Midtjylland right back Kolja Afriyie. The Ghanain's contract runs out in 6 months time and is available for a reduced fee after the player rejected contract talks.(5)(15)Seems unlikely, right back isn't a position we need to strengthenIt is. Butterfield & Richardson as opposed to fox & Harding on the left - we definitely do need to strengthen.


06 Jan 2012 15:48:15
spurs to battle liverpool for junior hoilett(15)(10)Decepticons to battle Autobots for control of the planet.Harry and Kenny going to meet at sun up at the corral, Clint Eastwood to be referee.


06 Jan 2012 15:43:09
Ryan Dickson has joined League One side Yeovil Town on a one month loan deal(15)(2)


06 Jan 2012 15:41:33
Tamas Priskin to Millwall next week.(8)(6)


06 Jan 2012 15:36:04
The negotiations for Ross Allen may include Mark and Matt Le Tissier. Matt is the president of the Club and his Brother Mark is one of the Directors.

at £50k Ross would be the best value for money Transfer this year.
An Outstanding Player(4)(4)Have to go some way to beat DEMBA BA!!Ba is the outstanding 2011 signing Ross could be the 2012 signing. I am sure his wage demands maybe less


06 Jan 2012 15:30:38
Manchester United are poised to make a move for Real Madrid midfielder Lassana Diarra. Sir Alex Ferguson is a long term admirer of the Frenchman and sees him as the solution to his midfield problems.(13)(12)Course they are, i bet Fergie was lying when he said that he wouldn't be signing anyone because the caliber of players available in January is second rate at best. I bet he said that to the press then rang you to tell you what he was really up to.Fergi needs new players about 11 of them everyone knows this bar him long may he realise thisAt this moment in time most of United's players are second rateAll I can say is I can't wait to see u in the championship next season fergieThat means all teams below man united (all bar man city) must be 3rd rate then......


06 Jan 2012 15:25:06
Rangers to take back Boyd and Novo. Jelavic to stay.(4)(6)Jelavic is going at the end of the window boyd is coming back soon and nothing is for definate with nacho but if so it wont be till the summer all info from an ibrox insiderJelavic was all but off till laffertys injury on sat. Boyd novo sandaza and vernon are the 4 names being mentioned. Should rangers get even 2 of them jelavic will be sold for 6.5 - 7Novo has already said he will stay in Spain during this window, and Boyd is looking for a club in England as rangers won't offer him more than 10k per weekYou wish,, rangers have no money to sign 2 new forwards let alone 1. Maybe when jelavic goes (which he will) they could afford to replace him with Boyd or novo but not bothNot happening


06 Jan 2012 15:19:42
Reading player Simon Church is expected to be the subject of a bid from Leicester City. Meanwhile Adam Le Fondre will go on loan to Huddersfield in League One.
It has also been reported that Shane Long will be loaned back to the Berkshire club from West Brom.(5)(5)Adam is far too good for L1 and he has done the small club thing so Huddersfield is a no go.Shane long on loan? Ive heard that in place of Long we,re getting Messi and Ronaldo and we are taking up an option on xavi and iniesta,oh and we,ve had to tell david silva that he,s not quite good enough for us just yet,Maybe in the summer ay? what do they put in these ciggies these days?Ahhaahhahahhahahha long back on loan hhahhha hh,cheerz needed a good laugh


06 Jan 2012 15:18:15
my grandad works as a caterer at hull citys cottingham training ground and hes just come round to my house with the following info.

malcolm christie is training today with the tigers.
cameron stewart was absent from training today, no note.
dele adebola was seen trying on different sized captains armbands.
nick barmby crossed out rob korens name on piece of paper entitled 'team sheet for saturday' and penciled in his own.
finally, brian horton was seen watching videos of emile heskey and writing furious notes, whilst giving barmby a massive thumbs up out the window.(6)(8)Get a grip mateMustnt have been busy in the kitchen today then, or a serious skiver!Nicky Barmby today announced his retirement from playing football, so he can concentrate on his managerial duties, check the hull daily mail website instead of posting rubbish like this...


06 Jan 2012 15:14:18
Kebe will likely end up at Leicester even if he does accept the Reading offer.(11)(7)He is joining Cardiff unfortunatlyHopefullySouthampton are going to sign kebeLeicester are going back with a new bid, Pearson isn't Ericsson though and says he won't be held to ransom. I doubt he'll be a Leicester player, but it's too soon for anyone to know, including the fella who thinks he's off to Cardiff.Paul lambert wants him at Norwich


06 Jan 2012 15:12:55
Newcastle forward Frasier Campbell to Norwich 1 mil {Ed025's Note - do you mean fraser ....of sunderland?(4)(15)Boooom!Sunderland ForwardNo chanceDream on.Been asked by a club at the seaside to go on loan there but said no wants to see if in plans for martin.Don't see any clubs going in for him to be honest with his injury record.What a pleb...


06 Jan 2012 15:06:11
Kebe will sign for Leicester or West Ham if he does not accept the the deal proposed by Reading.(14)(4)


06 Jan 2012 15:03:40
Kebe will either stay at Reading or go back to France.(4)(18)Blackburn want him to replace hoilett


06 Jan 2012 14:59:27
Brighton set to bid for old favorite Dan Harding. £600,000 should seal the deal.(2)(1)What dan harding of saints? Doubt itRubbish,Ryan Dickson has just joined yeovil on loan,no way will Harding leave it would leave saints with only one left back (fox)Favourite. Didn't sound like it on Saturday.
Sounded more than banterAfter monday he would rather retire than play for the olympic diving team


06 Jan 2012 14:53:42
Dos santos and harry kane to leeds on load from spurs(8)(7)Kane is already at MillwallWould be good but can't see it happening I'm afraid, you can't second guess what master bates n parry are going to do these days.Can't see us going up n don't want to go up just to be a wiping boy for the bigboysKane's gone to millwall alreadyHarry Kane has already been loaned to your homeworkKane has already signed for MillwallDo santos is in talks with wigan over a 6 month loan after sevilla dropped therre interest having signed reyesDos Santos is expected to be used in a deal with Blackburn for Samba and Hoilett. Also Malaga have shown an interest in signing himIf Dos Santos could pass a nightclub like he passes the ball.....blah blah.Norwich should buy him he'd be good for us as he could link up with naughton


06 Jan 2012 14:52:18
Alan smith has been. spotted in leeds. Could be leeds player by the weekend. After getting andres townsend from spurs leeds ha done another loan deal to bring dos santos and harry kane who both played in europa league this season to improve there forward options.(4)(4)Every time the transfer window opens Alan smith is spotted in leedsAlan Smith's mum lives in Leeds, he is a Leeds lad, no wonder he has been spotted in Leeds!

Lets hope its no where near the training ground!

Smith has done his bit for Leeds...come on time to move on. Smith wont come back as he wont want to let Leeds down because he is a lot older than he left.I wish he'd just bloody sign for leeds, just another reason to take the pee out of themThere are some great nightclubs in Leeds for Gio.Why would Smith want to go back to that disloyal bunch anyway? Would you want to go back to play for people who called you scum and spat in your face? Dirty Leeds couldn't afford him anyway. tin pot club, piss poor fansGet a grip you bunch of muppets!! we dont want r need him end of!!


06 Jan 2012 14:48:04
izale mcleod has just signed for mk dons and will be playing in tomorrows game!!1(1)(5)


06 Jan 2012 14:47:18
Preston to buy paul bignot and stephen husband, both loan deals, could also be getting pogba(1)(11)Preston to get Pogba? Not a chance.Why would'nt pogba go to pne on loan it could be good for the lad plus its a loan not a permanent deal so of course its possible.Husband maybe but bignot in the plans for this season so dream on nobenders


06 Jan 2012 14:37:57
Liverpool will send youngsters Jesus Fernandez Saez and Andre Wisdom on a months loan to Championship club Crystal Palace F.C.(3)(6)Wilferd zaha go the other wayHes going to sunderland


06 Jan 2012 14:36:47
Cardiff in talks withWBA over striker Simon COX if this falls through they will look to Crawley striker Matt Tubs. City are Also looking for a winger with intrest in Jimmy Kebe (however is attidude could be a stumbling block) and they are looking at tottenhams Danny Rose(12)(3)Cardiff are looking at Matt Ritchie -FACTYou can have cox...jus giz zaha in a swap lolCardiff dont have ZahaWhat is it with WBA fans about Cox he is a very good player and needs a run in the team, i hope if he goes he comes back to haunt you.Zaha is at palace...dow wnt anyone from cardiff...all crud!!Cardiff have Peter whittingham- best player in the championship!! Also the next bug thing in Joe Ralls!Cox is coming to Pompey on loan. Hodgeson wants to help out Appleton, and Pompey need a striker who knows where the net is. (Although Marko Futacs seems to have learnt quite quickly.)


06 Jan 2012 14:28:59
One of the bids turned down for Billy Sharpe on wednesday was from Burnley.

A renewed bid is being worked on now.

To me that suggests J-Rod is going.(6)(5)There has only been 1 bid for Billy and that was from Leicester and didn't match the 3m clause.The clause is for 1.85mHaha Burnley indeedIf the clause is 1.85million, why did Leicester have a 2million bid rejected. The clause is 3 milllion, get your facts right


06 Jan 2012 14:28:40
Southampton set to sign Adomah from Bristol City on a Three-and-a-half-year contract for in the region of 3.5 million.(13)(22)Where you heard this?Just because you did not beat city you try and snatch our players he wont join youStop making things upI think he will want to leave before you get relegated .


06 Jan 2012 14:24:21
Gillingham will replace Luke Rooney with Aldershot Winger Jermaine McGlashan for a fee of around £75,000,and will also Sign Jo Kuffour for £50,000(4)(5)As long as the price is right, we can get them after all we are in the best league in the world and that is a players biggest ambition. Other teams know what we are capable of and they know we will make it back into europe


06 Jan 2012 14:22:31
Liverpool have been keeping tabs on Napoli winger Ezequiel Lavezzi and central midfielder Marek Hamsik; in a move which could see Liverpool fork out £22.5-30million aswell as the recall and departure of Alberto Aquilani(10)(19)Deluded liverpool fanLavezzi 24 million
Hamsik 35 million
Liverpool no chanceWhy no chance are you in the know,
remember torres to chel and carroll to pool oh yes no chance.WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP WHY WOULD THEY GO THERE? BOTH PLAYERS COULD PLAY FOR THE BEST IN EUROPE AND LIVERPOOL ARE NOT ONE OF THE BEST>>I am a LFC fan and i agree he is deluded we wont get either


06 Jan 2012 14:22:17
Leicester to sign Sheff Utd striker Blly Sharp(4)(17)Might be more likely if they spoke to doncaster firstThat would be hard as he plays for Doncaster.Hah - someone forgot to add "former"


06 Jan 2012 14:20:10
Bristol city have agreed an undisclosed fee for Aberdeen Captain Foster. The deal is to be confirmed next week after personal terms and medical has been completed. City have also signed Stephen Pearson from Derby till the end of the season where then will the snap him up on a free transfer. Andy O'Brien is supposed to be signed on a free transfer in the next week.
BCFC Del Boys Cider Army(13)(1)There is going to a lot of scottish players there it did not happen b4 for managers down in england so time will tell with delSo where is murray davidson and sandaza from st johnstone and ryan stevenson from hearts all talkHa ha well done Del, Money well spent ha ha ha ha ha ha


06 Jan 2012 14:20:01
Bolton manager Owen Coyle is set to make a bid for highly rated Kidderminster winger Dave Hankin. Hankin has scored 1 goal this season. Bolton are set to bid a £1.5million bid for the Blue Sqaure Premier player. This comes after top scout Tom Ryder reccommended the player to Owen Coyle and various other Premiership teams. Ryder has a successful track record of signings, such as Chris Eagles and Nigel Reo-Coker.(3)(8)Cant really see how much a scout would have been needed in the signings of Eagles and in particular Reo-Coker as both have been playing top level football (Prem/Championship) for the last 5 years or more with their traits/skills/abilities well known...


06 Jan 2012 14:08:54
Fulham look like they could swoop a double from Bristol City, they are in talks to be prepairing a bid for Nicky Maynard and Albert Adomah. this would be bad news for any Bristol City fan.(9)(12)


06 Jan 2012 14:07:15
samba to man u on loan? berbatov going the other way? you heard it here first(8)(19)What aloud of rubbish why would blackburn let there best player go on loan , wake upYou didnt listen to the rest of it - 250k to make it permanent if he does the businessPresumably to get Berbatov on loan...readUtter crap, Samba leaving us for Spurs, will NOT be going on loan to anyone. Berb wont leave Utd for us.What a load of crap, IF he goes anywhere it will be to spurs but i feel he will honor the team that has looked after him and not to a has been on the slide


06 Jan 2012 14:01:36
ehhh chopra has a 250 k debt to pay back to ipswitch before he ever left so thats rubbish , bowyer again rubbish sadly(6)(7)


06 Jan 2012 13:59:56
Philip Blackburn, once of borussia dortmund, is rumoured to be in talks with Newcastle over a possible move to the toon. I read this in the German paper (which i get each week due to my wife being from there)(7)(6)Which German paper?It was wednesday's edition of 'die welt'Seriously doubt that will happen, he's regarded as a hot prospect by many big clubs.Ive heard this aswell


06 Jan 2012 13:59:51
Chelsea set to sign Milner G Cahil Perriera and finally playmaker Luka Modric(6)(17)Modric will not be leaving the lane especially not for a club on the slide..dodged a bullet onceCahill and perreira will and maybe milner but tottenham will not give up luka modric as we saw in august/july also chelsea are interested in edinson cavani according to the uruguayan's agent.Citeh want sell milnerI as a chelsea fan dont want modric overrated..And as for tottenham they may been playing well but in time bale modric and van der vart will leave.Tottenham cant match the top teams for wages or transfer fees enjoy it while it last..Chelsea fans are boring like there team...if your not doing well keep pumping more money into an ageing team..least tottenham have worked to get to where they are


06 Jan 2012 13:55:23
Tottenham have made official bid for kaka on a 6 month loan to buy deal. They have also failed in a late bid for cahill from bolton as they only looked to do a swap deal. Tim krul is also in harrys plans and would welcome a move to london. Hunterlarr dutch striker has also been watched as a personal reconmendation from van der vaart(10)(15)Tim krul will not leave newcastleOh yes he will, heard Ba has a 7-10m buy out clause in his contract and tottenham are very interestedBullst, I think every team in the world is aware of hunterlaars form atm, nullifying the need for recommendations from van der vaart, that's like aguero recommending messi to Mancini. Everything you wrote is a lie.


06 Jan 2012 13:43:07
Onuha will not sign for QPR as he wants to stay in living in cheshire, which makes Bolton favourites for his signature with the departure of Cahill tbc in the next few days but also gives Wolves a chance of signing him if he does not want to go to Bolton(10)(2)QPR are trying to sign him but he does want to stay up north due to family reasons so looks unlikely


06 Jan 2012 13:39:55
simon davies on loan to wba from fulham(6)(7)That would be a great move,quality player,
hope this rumour comes true.


06 Jan 2012 13:37:00
League 1 table toppers Charlton and Championship Derby, have joined Barnsley and West Ham, in the race to sign Northern Ireland left sided player Shane Ferguson, from Newcastle.(2)(6)Ferguson is in pardews plans for the futre so he wont be going anywhereThat's charlton barnsley and west ham out of the running and before anyone says why join derby we are probably the 2nd biggest club in championship behind leeds.West Ham are better and bigger than Derby, most likely to pick the Hammers over hopeless Derby County!A loan deal........... -_-


06 Jan 2012 13:48:34
Darren Pratley linked with a loan move back to Swansea City. Bolton are also looking to take Romelu Lukaku on loan from Chelsea as it was proven with Daniel Sturridge it can be a big success.(1)(8)Bolton can't take Lukaku as they already have Kakuta on loan from Chelsea.

So that's rubbish. Just another wishlistRomelu Lukaku cannot leave Chelsea on loan as he cannot play for three teams in one season, this has been highlighted many timesHe can't play for 3 teams in the same calendar year. Stoke tried to get him on loan and were told to come back in January.Actually lukaku can go on loan as long as its called an emergency short term loan 1-3 months but only to teams in the football league. now you do your homework!


06 Jan 2012 13:48:05
Rumours have been confirmed by Derek McInnes will sign a young striker from Hanham Athletic, more news to follow.(8)(4)


06 Jan 2012 13:25:36
vorm can't leave until the end of the season anyway , as he's already played for 2 clubs this season , so your talking poop :)(2)(3)


06 Jan 2012 13:20:55
Norwich City will NOT be signing k.naughton.Spurs are ready to offer him a new contract.He will still remain at Norwich city till the end of the Season.(7)(11)Rare season in prem and Norwich fans think players like that will want to sign permanently for their small club,keep looking at L1Keep looking at L1? Are you stupid or something. 9th in the Premiership after christmas, no doubt you support some mediocre Championship side though...Pilks from L1 how good is he say no more dopeWould make sense actually if Corluka leavesPilkington is a quality player....dont get to big for ya boots tho.blackpool,burnley hull??We don't need small clubs like Norwich Bolton wigan in prem with your small fan bases.forget about Kyle norwich fans,pilks is nothing.Yep, that's right about Norwich fan base, we only got an avg 25,000 in div 1, 26,000 avg in Championship and now we fill the stadium every week in premier which is just under 27,000. Plans are in place to increase to 35,000 if we can maintain premier football for 3 years, and I have no doubt we will fill it if it gets built.
So we compare quite well with many so called bigger teams.
All the so called small clubs in premiership deserve to be there, because they did it through promotion, in most cases without buying success using wealthy owners. So their achievements are far more impressive than the so called Big teams who run up huge losses that their benefactors eat from their own personnel wealthFound this in Banter and thought it fitted well "Errr...Norwich clearly belong in the premier league. They're average attendance is 12th in the top flight, and including all leagues it's 14th in England. Only West Ham and Derby are better from outside the top flight. Go home Leeds, no one likes you."^I agree mate we deserve as much credit as the man city's and the other money revolved teams out there and people don't appreciate the job paul lambert has doneWeren't Blackpool in the top half at christmas last year? Norwich only get such big crowds because they have little or no competition for other clubs. How close are the nearest premier or champioship teams? is 50 miles a fair guess?I think it's 60 actually. So yeah they do only get the crowds because of that. I think the nearest game for them this season is tottenham which is 110. However the reason they have such a fan base is irrelevant. That's like saying the man united only get big crowds because of success. They still get them. Your argument is invalid. Plus I think you'll find that despite being in the middle of nowhere they still sell all their away tickets as was shown when they came here (d w stadium).There are roughly 14 million people in London and 14 football league teams in London. Norwich has a population of roughly 300k. I think you can guess the point I'm trying to make. Having lots of people in an area is all well and good, but you have to make them want to come and watch too


06 Jan 2012 13:20:51
Palace boro and forest all tracking wolves defender george elokobi who has fallen down the pecking order at molineux(9)(2)


06 Jan 2012 13:20:47
Miquel - Southampton until end of season to provide back up for Fonte and Hooidveld.(7)(14)No chance,arsenal might try loan a defender from southampton tho as they have none


06 Jan 2012 13:28:39



06 Jan 2012 13:28:25
Samba bid made by QPR so says skysports(19)(1)


06 Jan 2012 13:08:26
Nathaniel Clyne to leave Palace for Fulham. Andy Johnson going in opposite direction with Fulham paying part of Johnson's salary.(3)(12)Don't be silly son shine.......Andy Johnson would be crap at right back! lol


06 Jan 2012 13:08:12
Watfor to sign
Billy sharp - 3 million in replacement of the 4 million they recieved for sordell from southampton .
Also to sign illunga from west ham as lee dickson goes to ipswich on a 1.5 million deal

Watford out -
Sean murray - loan(7)(17)Be nice if southamton signed sordell but this is unlikely whats the source?How many times do people have to say that Billy Sharp isn't leaving for another Championship Side.

Also, there is no Watford player called Lee Dickson.Ay illunga at doncasterBilly will not sign for a team thats going no where in the championship like watfordAfter seeing him last week we wouldn't want himGood have ilunga


06 Jan 2012 13:08:01
Portsmouth to announce, Gillett & Hicks early next week.(8)(9)Admin again then for sureI hope not..i'm liverpool fan liveing in portsmouth they will finish pompey off.If true it seems a match made in hell. LOLAnyluck,poor excuse 4 sunday league team anyway!!! up the saints!!!


06 Jan 2012 13:07:05
psg leading the race for japanese international star honda.liverpool wrer thought to be keeping tabs but a move to the french capital is now on the cards.(8)(1)If the honda move doesn't work out, Liverpool will turn their attention to the double signings of Briggs and Stratton.


06 Jan 2012 13:04:25
chelsea are hot on the heels of anothe defender in the shape of full back cesar azplicueta.the spaniard joined marseille only 18 months ago but has continued to impress since his move from osasuna.
original target van der wiel is set for valencia so chelsea now want the spanish under 21(7)(1)


06 Jan 2012 13:02:32
I have been told Swindon town are looking at Sammy Moore who plays for afc Wimbledon a defensive midfielder(0)(5)


06 Jan 2012 13:01:26
chelsea to sign louis saha for 10mil {Ed025's Note - thats fair ;0)(8)(23)Rubbish simply thatGood he is st get him goneI take it your bored at work !What a load of crap that is!Ask if he needs a lift!


06 Jan 2012 12:56:44
wolves and wba are battling it out for nicky maynard(8)(8)West brom will offer bigger wages for himIf maynard does go the Baggies,I can see
Mc Innes wanting Cox + plus cash in exchange.No , no they wont.In fact they have to sell before they can buy.


06 Jan 2012 12:54:15
Over in tenerife ATM and a scot ref was telling me of how the HMRC bill with rangers and all their debts are next too nothing but white not paying a penny till he gets a steady income from rangers or makes money from players(3)(8)In who's world is 49m next to nothing?

And how the hll would a referee know?


06 Jan 2012 12:51:48
anthony pikington is wanted by livrpool n a 7 million eal.(5)(20)He signed a 3 year deal with Norwich so he ain't going anywhere soon, this rumour has been doing the rounds, and while Daglish may admire him as a player, he value will continue to go up, so its a no brainer, he will be staying with Norwich..........I've heard absolutely nothing about this. Im a Norwich fan and a few friends, liverpool fans also know nothing of it.Is a good player and sorry to say it but if a big club comes in for him he will go, us little boys can do nowt bout it


06 Jan 2012 13:00:35
after just missing out in the summer,swansea are ste to re new there bid for french youngster darnel situ(7)(3)They've already signed him for 250k last summer, but fifa gave him no clearance to play


06 Jan 2012 13:00:04
ross barkley to chelsea for 5 mill {Ed025's Note - give your head a wobble mate..times that by idiots paid £50m for torres!...(3)(12)More like 25millon based on chelsea's desperate signing strategy


06 Jan 2012 12:59:35
man utds young star paul pogba is wanted by both inter and ac as alex ferguson struggles to keep hold of his hot star(10)(5)Thing is, Pogba's just what Man Utd need right now - couldn't believe he sat on the bench throughout the Newcastle game. A real star in the making


06 Jan 2012 12:56:05
harry redknapp is ready to move for blackburn pair chris samba and junior hoilett.(10)(7)Junior is a certain for Stoke, I'm a Blackburn fan as far as were concerned the deal is nearly complete for 8 mill, fuller moving opposite direction, Stoke are a club on the up good luck to themWell the ball is always on the up with Stoke, I'm surprised they don't have to use de-icer on the ball for the amount of time its in the air.
Good luck to them its been sucessfull, but I am so glad Pulis is not managing my club Norwich, because I could not watch that stuff week in and week out, I would rather see Norwich in the championship playing football if the only way we could stay in Premier is resorting to 11 muscular 6 footers nd hoofing or throwing it into the penalty area all the time.Typical 'small' team attitude and I hope you are back in the Championship where you belong. Why don't you just deal with it and shut upHee Hee Hee - not heard that one before !! Stoke play to their strengths - nothing wrong with that at all. Be careful what you wish for re the Championship. You're hardly established in the Premiership yet - remember second season syndrome.Stoke wont get hoilett when qpr n spurs are after him, qpr wanna buy everyone n will offer stupid wagesThe stoke fan is missing the point, you are only a big team because your rich benefactor has paid stupid money for some dismals failures, what did to pay for Jones from Sunderland, and he cannot get a game ahead of John Walters, if your club was self supporting it would not be spending its way to success, either way most Norwich fans are with me on the style of football to be played, we recognize we are a small club in regards to funding, and may well go back into championship ,but we are a massive club in terms of fan base support ratio to population, and a team spirit under Lambert to rival any of the big boys...Dream on Norwich fanNorwich fans getting ideas above their station already. Isn't Grant Holt a battering ram centre forward? With regards to having a wealthy benefactor, to be successful over the longer term all clubs need one. How much did we pay for Kenwynne Jones? 8million over four years. To help you out, that's 2million per year


06 Jan 2012 12:52:41
josh mcheran is closing in in a move to swansea.(6)(7)


06 Jan 2012 12:49:02
leicester set to bid for billy sharpe and jimmy kebe(14)(10)


06 Jan 2012 12:42:35
forest,boro and palace are in a 3 way battle to sign wolves beast george elokobi(13)(2)


06 Jan 2012 12:42:01
Henry Goodrich on a free transfer! bringing his sexy wife sophie wood(3)(3)


06 Jan 2012 12:41:50
kieran richardson is wanted by wba manaer roy hodgson who is set to offer 5-6 million for the left sider(5)(12)He isnt going anywhereWest Brom have no money, they have to sell players before they can buy anyone, so if they're bidding for Richardson it'll only be after they have sold Olsson or Odemwingie.


06 Jan 2012 12:40:54
qpr have made a 5 million bid for giant blackburn skipper chris samba(13)(7)


06 Jan 2012 12:40:17
gary cahill is closing in on a move away from the reebok stadium according to owen coyle but the manager stopped short of the move was to stamford bridge!(7)(5)


06 Jan 2012 12:39:04
man utds young striker josh king is likely to join hull onloan.(13)(3)


06 Jan 2012 12:35:31
aston villa look set to move for congolenese defender mulungoti.the player currently plays inthe second division of germany with furtuna dusldurf but has bimpressed scouts from around europe with his all action displays and now villa are ready to move in on the player.
mcliesh is also hoping to land robbie keane on loan for 2 months.(5)(2)


06 Jan 2012 12:37:10
Andy Johnson shock loan to Palace until end of season with a possible view to sign, only on conditions Palace reach Wembley and get promoted to Premiership, loan move will happen over next few days.(7)(10)I thought all schools had gone back after christmas!If we sign keane then its only took about 20 years,doug ellis wouldnt pay an extra half a million and we lost out.


06 Jan 2012 12:37:04
wba are looking into signing ivorian left back boka who only has 6 months remaining on his current contract.(4)(3)


06 Jan 2012 12:32:26
crystal palace have taken south african international tshabalala on trial with a view to signing the player(10)(3)


06 Jan 2012 12:32:16
With Steven Gerrard returns from a occuring injury, it seems that Jonjo Shelvey will make a short-term loan deal to Birmingham City, as he is highly rated by Chris Hughton.(8)(3)If hes going anywhere its back to bloomfield road!Ollie's after Fleck from Rangers to do the Shelvey jobFleck staying at jers cos of injury to laffetty ,as for shelvey wants to go back to blackpool as soon the reds get 2 new faces in ,loves the seasiders so he said.We cannot get shelvey as he lives in the nw and dosent need to travel far, and he said he wants to stay with blackpool before he went back, this is just made up.


06 Jan 2012 12:31:26
chelsea and tottenham are both talking to representatives of juve winger krasic who is out of favour in turin(3)(2)


06 Jan 2012 12:27:12
West Brom interested in Alan Smith. Much needed back up in centre midfield and can play up front(7)(9)No chance!!!!!!!!!!!Yep, you might get him fit by the end of season, based on how much football he has been playing in the last 18 months.


06 Jan 2012 12:25:04
i was just at the ticket office at parkhead and just saw nicky maynard walking in :)(2)(1)No you didnt ! You wouldt know what he looked like. Please stop making up such rubbish.....or at least make it convincing.You wouldnt even no what he looked like u fool that was the cleaner u spottedIt was not the cleaner as im female and a damn sight better looking.


06 Jan 2012 12:23:39
bolton want to sign reading fc winger jimmy kebe owen coyle sya he needs pace in the team this is according to kebe agent(0)(1)


06 Jan 2012 12:19:41
Phils fantasy robbie keane to go on loan to
Jez jez(2)(1)Has he not taken enough money off Celtic already?


06 Jan 2012 12:18:14
Everton are set to sign goal poacher Gustav Winde after he helped Tim Howard to score against Bolton on wednesday night, a fee in the region of £5.99 is being touted COYB!!(14)(6)


06 Jan 2012 12:16:51
I think the scouting team at the Baggies would know that Frimpong signed a loan deal five days ago - you muppet.(9)(4)


06 Jan 2012 12:12:57
Charlton want top sign the mighty fat toad henry goodrich! TAAAAAANK!(1)(3)


06 Jan 2012 12:11:38
Bristol City are set to sign Stephen Pearson on a 2 and a half year deal within the next few days.
They are also expected to sign non-league defender Nick Tanner from Stevenage United for £250k and Todd Samways from Aldershot.(4)(8)Stevenage Borough not United. Also, they're in L1!Its not stevenage borough any more its stevenage fcAnd stevenage dont have a player called nick tanner.They also don't have a player called Nick Tanner!


06 Jan 2012 11:58:10
even torres back at liverpool wont make them a good club ready to compete.


Newcastle - face it, demba ba will leave in the summer pending his knee holds out(10)(12)Wild guess man u fan?Not so sure about the rubbish club and to be fair they took a risk on Ba, something we weren't prepared to do and I don't think that Ba will go anywhere due to the knee problem, he struggled to pass medicals at WHU and Newcastle, issues around the insurance. Well done NUFC, you took the gamble and it has paid off.I assume you are a 'fan' of one of the Manc teams (and therefore probably have no idea how to get to the ground let alone never visited).

We certainly have had a recent history of dodgy purchases granted, but to call Liverpool a rubbish club is laughable and highlights your idiocy.What was the gamble he went to west ham on a free then newcastle on a free transfer .yes everyone including ba no,s about his dodgy knee,s i think if he gets certain types of injurys then would have it covered via insuranceNewcastle 3 Man Utd 0 read the score dumass as for a go at lpool how many strikers have you got and paid well over the odds who did zip ,your time is coming to an end Man Utd so wind it in, happy new year.Ba wasn't that much of a gamble if he was signed on a supposed free transfer, if there is such a thing


06 Jan 2012 11:57:46
As part of the Scout team at West Brom, i have heard about the Comings And Goings. Most Players are happy at WBA at the moment so they will not be many departs but Roman Bednar will leave for Brighton for a fee around £1mill, and Billy Jones also Departing too the Championship with Doncaster. West Brom will make a few bids, Hodgson will delve into the market and make a 2Mill bid for Jason Puncheon, followed by trying to gain a loan deal for Owen Hargreaves and Frimpong. they will also make a sneaky bid for newcastles james perch and Rangers Kyle Lafferty. Overall they are only willing to spend £9Million(0)(16)Frimpong?
Him gone.Hargreaves would be pointless, only played about 3 games for Citeh and bit late regarding Frimpong, he started for Wolves against Chelsea last Monday.Shows how in the club u are frimpong already at wolvesLafferty out injured for 2 months....keep tryingYou can have perch for nothing. the fans will probably pay you to take himWest brom are to small time for lafferty...hahaJones is regular RB playing well,
Frimpong at wolves
Lafferty injured, not good enough anyway
james perch struggles at the toon,no improvement to what baggies already have.
Puncheon aint worth 2 million and Bednar
will probably go for half that if not out on loan,there...sorry to piss on your bonfire..And if you want to give us 2mil for Puncheon then ill strap him to my bike a cycle him up to you.Baggies have serious injury list at the moment,why would they take a gamble on Hargreaves with his injury history?


06 Jan 2012 11:55:58
Personally I find this one a little hard to believe but heard from someone "in the know" that there is talk of Rio Ferdinand going to QPR...?(12)(7)Thism is not difficult to believe. Rio's way past his best days.To join his brother? maybe they always wanted to play in the same team and this would make it possible..

Didnt he also advise macheda to join QPR on loan?


06 Jan 2012 11:54:52
Peter Reid could be the surprise contender for the vacant Bristol Rovers job , he was seen leaving the stadium earlier this morning and a decision is expected to be announced at 5pm this afternoon(6)(4)Reid for preston ,source local press-one of many for the job.


06 Jan 2012 11:53:20
It is now rumoured that Coventry City have tabled a bid for AFC Bournemouth's Warren Cummings as they feel the experienced defender could help shore up their leaky defence.(5)(2)This is looking a real possibility as this rumour has now been confirmed by a number of reliable sources.Look at Sky Blues Talk, the Coventry forum. Cummings is a definite target.


06 Jan 2012 11:51:54
Strong indications that Coventry City are after AFC Bournemouth veteran Warren Cummings.(5)(2)


06 Jan 2012 11:51:38
From VERY reliable sources - Hartlepool United will see the return of Michael Nelson from Scunthorpe to play under Neale Cooper who has recently returned to victoria park. Same goes about Dimitrious Konstantopolous the greek goal keeper who played under cooper in successful spell at the club in coopers first spell at the club.

Demba Ba and Cheick Tiote will both stay at newcastle till the end of the season then leave in the summer. permitting Demba Ba's knee stays in condition it is currently.

Newcastle will bid 1.5 million for Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield.

Chris Samba will sign for spurs for 8 million as spurs need more strength at the back following recurring injuries to Ledley King and William Gallas.

Liverpool will Spend 15 million on Darren Bent who has admitted he wants away from villa.
Eden Hazard will join anfield in the summer in a 25 million plus joe cole deal(10)(10)West Ham have already had a bid of 3m rejected for Rhodes, why would Newcastle bid 1.5m?LOL - West Ham had 3 Million rejected for Rhodes!!
DREAM ON....Why would Huddersfield accept a bid of 1.5m when they have already turned down over 3m from WHU. The only club that Eden Hazard will join will be the ones in ECL. L'pool fans need to stop dreaming that players like Cavanni and Hazard will join, not a chance.With Dawson back, i'm not too sure about Samba


06 Jan 2012 11:48:11
southampton set to make a 1.5Mill bid for Huddesfield Striker Rhodes(4)(11)With money like four or five million being banded about i would doubt he would go for 1.5mThey have already turned down bids of 2.5m you numptyWhy??? When west ham had a 2million offer rejected?LOL - Have you nothing better to do!
3 Million already reject for West Ham!!West ham offered 1mill for jamie vardy and were told were to go no one wants to go to the old east end (cant blame em)


06 Jan 2012 11:42:56
Source close to Peterborough United saying that a league 1 striker is coming in within the next week for record fee also Norwood in on loan from Manchester Utd for rest of the season.(2)(2)Norwood is currently at scunny on laon and likely to stay there for rest of the season as he is getting regular football which is why SAF loaned him out.


06 Jan 2012 10:30:01
Neil Warnock's scouting network have been monitoring the progress of Chesterfield's Scott Boden. The young striker was a product of Sheffield United's youth team while Warnock was manager and is highly regarded by the Rangers boss.(0)(3)


06 Jan 2012 10:23:16
Lets put the double epidemic of Norwich rumours to bed once and for all...

Naughton-not signing permanently, wages too high.

Snodgrass-Leeds not selling, Bates will let him do a Beckford if necc, makes the player look the bad guy, not him/the club.(8)(1)Naughton wages too high? He was signed from Sheff U, his wages will be low.

You must remember, Norwich are a premiership club now, not like these small, living in the past clubs like Leeds...I'll think you'll find naughton was signed on loan from spurs u muppet!Norwich will never be half the club Leeds utd are!Lambert said this morning that Naughton deal is a "no go." Suspect we will revisit it if we stay up but not going to happen in Jan.

I have heard some interesting rumours about Snodgrass though so that one could happen.Naughton wasn't signed from Sheffield United, he was signed from SPURS - wages will be too high unless he agrees to a pay cut.Snodgrass is not going anywhere, we will be in the premiership next year and thats when he will get noticed and probably get sold for a 7 figure sumPlus neither of them want to play for a side on the slide or go and live in the backwoods and be forgotten.Re Snodgrass lets wait and see shall we. Rumours I have heard (which come from the Leeds end) suggest done deal. No way leeds will be in the prem next year.Naughton singed from sheff u to spursLeeds in premiership next season, you are sounding like a chump saying that, no chance for next season.
I also take exception referring to Norwich as a backwoods, the east of England has enjoyed the highest property increases along with London in the last couple of tough years, so clearly not many people will agree with your comments.
And quit living in the past, Leeds are just another average championship club now who still get fairly large crowds, although nothing like you use to enjoy.
Face facts Mr Bates does not pay huge wages anymore, and yes,usually your players leave at contract end because they are offered substantially more than Leeds are prepared to pay. He then slags them off so he is not targeted, examples are Bradley Johnson and Schmeichel.Just to clarify the point above with a few facts. Johnson delibrately didnt show up to two meetings with Grayson and Bates concerning his new contract, so that they could negotiate his pay increase. This was after he rejected two improved contracts. From this attitude; that of an individual who will pretend to be headbutted when he is simply being intimidated, Mr. Bates concluded that Mr. Johnson did not want to play for Leeds United, and allowed him to leave. As for Schmeichel, he was on 16k a week, which is quite a hefty wage for any goalkeeper outside the top flight. That is why those players left Leeds.
As for Bates, he will demonise anyone in the press simply for the sport of it. Thats just the kind of person he is, it seems. I guess we Leeds fans just have to grit our teeth and bear it for now.


06 Jan 2012 10:18:26
swansea's steeven dobbie to leeds for a emergacy loan for 1 month(2)(4)


06 Jan 2012 11:14:01
Experienced Serbian striker Mateja Keman is a target for Brighton & Hove Albion.(8)(8)


06 Jan 2012 11:10:37
spurs pulled out of a 13m offer for DEMBA BA due to medical history and advice from there medical team(14)(8)


06 Jan 2012 11:06:07
Aberdeen will be unveiling John Sutton and Danny Grainger today. Sutton has signed on loan until the end of the season with a view to a permanent move and Grainger has signed a 2 year deal.(3)(8)Ste


06 Jan 2012 11:03:34
Sean O'Driscoll will be unvield as BRISTOL ROVERS new Manager at 5pm today after getting fed up of being messed around by Preston who were expected to name O'Driscoll yesterday but the Preston board held back after becoming worried about unrest from North End fans who dont want O'Driscoll(7)(8)That wouldn't surprise me at all!I doubt Ridsdale is bothered what the fans say as long as he gets the right man.Rubbish fans want o'driscoll!Hot money now on Graham Westley from Stevenage


06 Jan 2012 11:00:19
Hull City have turned down a 7.5 Million Leicester City bid for Stewart and Chester and they are now looking to pick up Hull winger Martin Pusic on a free transfer.(2)(15)Highly doubt it


06 Jan 2012 10:59:01
Notts County have reportedly joined the hunt to sign Chesterfield youngster Scott Boden. County is also joined by Preston, Morecambe and the two Sheffield clubs, Sheffield United been the more likely.(4)(6)Scott is a great player - he played against us (Notts Co.) and really caught the eye.Rumours here say that he is on Martin's radar and it would make sense him joining us to progress his developement - he would love our team spirit and sadly it looks like he has to leave the Spirites.Join us! Join us!


06 Jan 2012 10:58:42
Watford are interested in signing George Boyd from Peterborough United(6)(3)


06 Jan 2012 10:56:55
Chesterfield to sign Sheffield wednesday's
Richard o'donnell for 275k if Tommy Lee
agrees personal tems with Leicester(2)(6)


06 Jan 2012 10:53:58
I think Scott Boden would be better off staying here, no doubt the lads a talent but it's a big jump 2 leagues.(3)(2)Agree it could be a big jump but think he would give his all. but think he would be better of moving because i think john sheridan thinks less of him and i think he better than thatHe can jump to sheffield united and stay in the same league


06 Jan 2012 10:42:38
ALex Mcleish is a secret birmingham 007(14)(3)


06 Jan 2012 10:36:51
Lee Bowyer and Michael Chopra are reportedly set to join Watford for undisclosed fees from Ipswich Town(2)(15)Chopra did well last time he was at watford - but do we want his gambling problems? as for bowyer please god say it aint so!Aint happening


06 Jan 2012 10:34:32
Just seen Denis Law chomping on a
fish supper in Harry Ramsden's, Paisley
Road West - cod it be that he's after
a plaice in the new look famous
Glasgow Wa.... , sorry Rangers??(7)(3)


06 Jan 2012 10:17:03
everton have put in a request to loan former everton ace steven peinarr as he has not settle into spurs(12)(9)Hes going to sunderlandThats so true. as usual spurs promised lots and gave nothing. pienar much better off back with the toffees. i dread harry as next england manager with his man management. do li@@@pool stand a chance of finishing top 10 this year or will they fade?Wow thats odd since hes in africa for the african cup for god knows how long lolYeah i heard thatYeah is better off back at Everton as he is not good enough for Spurs.South Africa didnt qualify you muppet!!


06 Jan 2012 10:15:27
After Baba Diawara deal looking to be dead, Celtic turn their attention to striker Nicky Maynard and out of favour Wigan forward Hugo Rodallega.

Rangers set to sell Jelavic to Everton for a fee around £7 million. Looking to replace him with St Johnstone striker Francisco Sandaza.

Hearts fan favourite Rudi Skacel set to be let out on loan to Crawley Town for remainder of season.

Stuttgart's Arthur Boka is set to leave when his contract expires and has attracted major interest from Tottenham and Chelsea.

Celtic midfielder Ki Sung Yeung set to complete £6 million move to Aston Villa with Carlos Cuellar or James Collins going the other way.

Robby Brady extends loan stay at Hull City to end of the season.

Liverpool look to follow up their "over-paying policy" to sign Darren Bent for a fee of around £25-£30 million.(6)(13)Where on earth do think everton will get 7 million from,even if we sold players tight arse bill would say theres no money {Ed025's Note - unless the jelly man wanted the lead role in blood brothers!..Obviously everton would pay in installments like they always have to, but a deal could be struck, dont let the money problems fool you!Absolute nonsense. ki cant even get in the Celtic teamHe'd still walk straight into the villa 1st team even if it was true, which it aint.

and the reason he's getting few games right now is because he's just back from a virus and still isnt 100% fit and our midfield have been playing fantastic the past 2 monthsRudi Skacel has said no to Crawley Town. ha!Ki walk straight into the villa team dream on bhoy


06 Jan 2012 10:10:44
Wba fans are looking at this page as there page is empty with no signings just all injuries! as for long doesnt he sit on the bench for roi behind doyle ? says it all , albion will be in bottom 3 this yr believe me(7)(7)WBA bottom 3? I think theyll walk into the top 10... Tooooon fanSounds like an envious doghead Long is twice the player dolye isDisgruntled wolves fan? The table doesn't lie, we are obviously doing so much worse than you at the moment aren't we? And yes our hard working Shane long who has already scored a few in the prem isn't half the player of the prolific Kevin Doyle! We've dropped points in our last 2 games due to our mounting injuries with 7 first teamersDamn iPhone! - 7 first teamers injured/playing injured! We will buy this month, just west brom go about there business quietly! We have faith in Roy hodgson, I'd be more worried about the dingles with mad mick in charge!Long twice the player Doyle is! hes played half the ammount of games as Doyle this season and scored twice the ammount of goals..


06 Jan 2012 10:09:06
Carlisle in talks Marc Bridge-Wilkinson following Darlington's entry into administration.(6)(2)


06 Jan 2012 10:08:02
Carlisle to sign Billy Sharp in exchange for Craig Curran and a packet of wine gums. I own the corner shop by Brunton Park, and Greg Abbott has just been in to buy the before mentioned packet of wine gums.(12)(6)I can only see this happening if the wine gums are Bassetts, I doubt they take less.Thats the funniest one todayI really think Doncaster are getting the best deal here.


06 Jan 2012 10:05:16
Hearing a lot of rumours regarging Lampard to United this morning? Any truth in this? {Ed025's Note - no!(6)(9)Its on BBC and Sky Sports websites?Face it, Lamapard is not going to utd!Christine Bleakley doesn't "do" Manchester !Manchester would do christine bleakley.


06 Jan 2012 10:02:17
KEBE TO WEST HAM YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST!(2)(15)Its been denied, read properly.Very unlikely


06 Jan 2012 10:00:42
David James is rumoured to be at Aston Villa today, wher they are holding talks, Bristol City have agreed terms and a value of around £1.5mill(1)(22)Yeah good luck with that. James has been nothing but useless since he has been at Ashton Gate - he will leave BC when his contract expires on a free (exactly like Nicky Maynard)David James has been exceptional at City He's playing the best now since he joined us


06 Jan 2012 09:55:49
"If thats the case that your one of the richest, why did Barmby come out and say he may resign if he didnt get any money. I thought money wasnt a problem"

Nick Barmby didn't say anything of the sort. He HINTED about not taking the managers job fulltime if any player he wanted to keep was sold. Anyway if that's your line of thought, Barmby has just announced he is now fulltime manager so money can't be a problem can it?(1)(4)


06 Jan 2012 09:55:47
ive herd that united want lampard?(10)(5)Lol! did you hear that in the paper?


06 Jan 2012 09:50:36
manchester united are looking to buy frank lampard, i recon he will go, chelsea dont even play him?(7)(13)Ur souces are poor


06 Jan 2012 09:49:19
Notts County on the verge of signing Hearts 15 year old Dan Byrne on a 3 year proffesional contract(4)(5)He cannot sign a pro contract till he turns 17!



06 Jan 2012 09:49:10
Martin Oneill was spotted walking on the river Wear last night!(21)(4)Hahaha. Made me chuckle that did !!Good One !!!! He also walked on the river Soar at Leicester in the 90's !!!Did he really? by eck wot a top fella.07 Jan 2012 01:02:42
. Made me chuckle that did


06 Jan 2012 09:37:53
Jermain Defoe to be loaned to stoke for the rest of the season. Crouchy has been showing him around the city.(7)(19)Gimp. Stop writing crap rumoursI am a Stoke fan and even I do not believe that and I can't see Spurs letting him go anywhere at the moment. I know he is not a regular in the starting line up but what a fantastic backup if you have an injuryShowing him around stoke?Well said old bean.


06 Jan 2012 09:33:42
I posted this a couple of days ago !

Swindon will announce in the morning that they have signed Wes Fodderingham from Palace for an undisclosed fee, there will be a 40% sell on clause and a fee rumoured to be initial 175K up front with a further 50k if they win promotion.

Swindon will also announce two more players leaving next week, they are thought to be Commazi and Lanzano, both of which haven't played much this season and are on good wages.

All of the Mcleod talk is nonsense Barnet will not sell to Swindon until after the Area final of JPT.

It is thought that Mcleod isn't the striker PDC is after and that Billy Kee of Burton is his preferred target. It is no secret that Swindon are interested in Luke Rooney of the Gills and are hopefull a deal will be done for the creative midfielder, this would then see Esian Esejas loaned out with a view to him moving on. There could however be a shock with a few recent discussions taking place regarding Ritchie with Burnley and Sheffield United both interested in signing him.
It has now been confirmed that Wes Fodderingham will sign it all today and that Swindon have bid a substantial figure for Rooney...

There are now three clubs requesting Bodin be loaned to them until the end of the season, Kerouche is unikely to ever play for the club again the door wasn't shut from Paolo's point of view but he has been sulking and disrupting the dressing room, he will move in this transfer window.

We have put an enquiry in for Ross Allen and are also looking at another experienced striker who plays in league 2.

all look to be on their way out of the club, bodin will only be a loan unless a club offer a six figure sum then town will make it a perm move.

Magera is unfortunately here to stay, Paolo likes options and he gives a different option PDC is still hoping he will come good (god knows why).

I have been told we are tracking two midfielders 1 plays in league 1 and the other is a championship club squad player.(8)(2)Kee wont be moving this month as by fifa ruling he can only play for two clubs in a season and he has played for torquay before he moved to us (Burton). Have also heard that Esejas is moving to burton aswell


06 Jan 2012 09:33:29
Ross County youth under 19 captain Calum Macdonald expected to sign to Dundee Utd for a nominal fee in the coming days.(5)(0)


06 Jan 2012 09:28:07
Norwich are after highly rated Shrewsbury striker Tom Bradshaw.(4)(3)Highly rated by whom??


06 Jan 2012 09:10:58
Ed's - i'm hearing both Man city and Man utd are both interested in a player called Artistide Bance?(2)(7)Seriously doubt that!


06 Jan 2012 09:24:37
mcmillan knocks back contract another one bites the dust.(1)(3)


06 Jan 2012 09:23:58
Jason Puncheon to sign for Swansea in the next 48 hours.(7)(10)God knows i hope so i think i speak for most saints fans when i say good riddance to a pain in the arse, hope it works out for you but doubt it will, hes like anelka but without the skillI do hope so, he's bloody useless!


06 Jan 2012 09:16:56
Man United can sign whoever they want but they will still leak goals with De Gea in net. Sneijder to Man City as part of Tevez deal.(9)(8)De Gea will be fine now that the Christmas period is over. He hates christmas as he's The Grinch and it affected his performances.


06 Jan 2012 09:14:27
Notts County have completed the loan signing of Bristol City's Jamaica international defender Damion Stewart.
Bristol City also look certain to capture Jamane Pennent(5)(12)


06 Jan 2012 09:12:34
David James to be signed by Aston Villa in a shock move back to the premiership(4)(14)This will not happen, Aston Villa would have to pay big money to take james away from City in January, he is out of contract in August so anything could happen then, can not see a prem club wanting to sign a 42year old keeperIn fairness though, Spurs did go for Brad Friedel...Spurs will replace Friedel in the Summer with Vorm from Swansea, sorry Jacks, but he bound for a top 4 club.


06 Jan 2012 09:11:57
Nicky Maynard to go to norwich for 4.5 million(7)(16)4.5 mill for maynard just shows how football
has gone crazyHe wont go for anything near that price. He is allowed to sign a pre-contract after january under the Bosman you will be lucky to get 1.5M...serves you right for not selling in summerNot selling him in the summer? The ONLY Summer bid came from Leicester, it was offered to Maynard who said he did not want to go to Leicester. Nothing at all to do with City 'not selling him'. He is under contract and not a slave so if he didn't want to go there is NOTHING the club can do about it. This is all fact from the Manager's mouth in an official interview so can we finally stop all this 'you should have sold him when you could have' nonsense?Delia's recipe's must be selling well?Maynard maynard maynard wot has he done thats so good and if hes that great why are bcfc so poor this year?


06 Jan 2012 09:09:04
Swindon have tabled a bid for Like Rooney at Gillingham and Paolo is also targeting two more strikers expect alot of activity next week with a number of players also moving out.

I've also heard Cardiff are scouting Matt Ritchie tomorrow and will be tabling a bid next week.(10)(2)


06 Jan 2012 09:07:55
speaking to a sports reporter last night and hinted on the below
how true they are?

Maynard - 5 clubs interested 4 championship 1 prem - however only 3 clubs have tabled a bids
leicester southampton and bolton with saints in with the top bid,

Billy Sharp - DONNY looking for cash + player deal (poss loan) Sharp has expressed that he'd rather stay up north (Newcastle) however there is big interest from down south -
WestHam have tabled a bid with saints Cardiff and Reading expecting to table bids by close today Jorden Rhodes - blackburn have offered 3.5m however looks set to join westham

Jimmy Kebe - looks set to Join either Cardiff or Southampton

Hamit Altintop - Spurs
Lucas Barros - Villa

Kroos - Westham (loan)(7)(16)Good rumours - nice to see someone on hear with some good one'sCardiff couldnt afford Kebe whatsoever. Leicester have not made any approach for Maynard...nor will they. Expect them to make a 3Million bid for Sharp soon!Kebe will only be allowed to go to a prem side for big money.Good rumors i believe uve taken em from papers or other ppls comments so uve posted something everybody already knowsAs Ive said on ere for a few weeks now billy sharp will stay at doncaster till the end of the seasonBilly Sharp has said he'd rather not move from his home in Sheffield, which for the record, is absolutely nowhere near Newcastle.If thats the case, leeds should buy him in a part ex for paynterWhy do people keep linking saints to maynard and sharp? BBC radio solent said Adkins is not pursuing either player this month.Its a lot closer than some of the clubs Sharp has been linked with


06 Jan 2012 09:07:45
Aberdeen captain Ricky Foster is heading for talks with Bristol City after the clubs agree a fee for the versatile 26-year-old.(12)(0)Thank christ as he's useless, 250k is a steal for Aberdeen!


06 Jan 2012 09:00:38
Arsenal - some french twonk no-ones
heard of

Man U - Will make noises about signing
Sneijder or Modric but will actually buy
someone like Jamie o'hara

Chelsea , someone hugely overated
for big money

Liverpool , See Chelsea

Man City, 5 strikers , all of whom are
known to be royal pains in the butt
who will fall out with Mancini and be
sold for half the price accept they
cant sell them as they are on
£5000,000 a week(16)(5)


06 Jan 2012 08:40:16
Yeah right! Demba Ba going to leave a massive club, to go to a club who ruled him to have a serious injury, manager showed no faith in him, otherwise he would of signed him! and everyone knows Stoke are a small club who play the game the wrong way!! --Byron the brummie...

Small club? Your name says it all, the fact of the matter is that we were prepared and had agreed to pay over £7m for Ba, then once there was a problem with his knee, we pulled out. So Newcastle signed him on a free transfer and we were prepared to pay money..who's the smalller club in terms of ambition?(4)(11)The only thing massive at Newcastle is
Mike Ashleys gutLOL! Stoke are a small club exceeding their status. Newcastle are a big club performing way below par! If you really think stoke are a bigger club than Newcastle you are very much mistaken. There are clubs in championship and league 1 way bigger than stoke. The league standings arent reflective of the size of a club. Just cos yous are in europe doesnt make you a big club! Silly football brain!Newcastle are smaller than you think, have they won anything the last 10 yrs ? oh ye the championship! u need to keep up with sunderland before worrying bout stokeThe league standing of 1 place? means there actully the same but wasnt ashley trying off load newcastle not long back?? say no moreAnd wat have stoke won in the last 10 yearsNewcastle is way bigger than Stoke. Larger ground, more fans and better potential for the future. They also play better football than stoke. You think of premier league teams and Newcastle comes into your mind way before Stoke (unless your a stoke fan lol)

(Im a Neutral Yorkshire man)Leeds fan but Newcastle = waaaaaaaaaay bigger than Stoke.Newcastle fans - Wanted Astley out - never wanted Pardew and look at them now "we are a big club" If Newcastle fans would have had their way you would still be in the CC if not lower.Newcastle's bigheads are bigger than stokes by far, arrogance of geordies is unrealHow long have newcastle been in the prem? and what potential are u refering to? theres no such meaning in football because it comes down to what club hes the chairman with the biggest pockets and the club with the least debt so it can maintain a future and be self relaible on its own income and maintain a standard ..when u look at both clubs stoke come out on top every debt /self surported on its own income and a chairmen worth 3times as much as ashley and doesnt try off loaded it when the st hits the fan ..its no long about fan base or history its about economic well being ..who cares who won what last year or the year b4 cus the only thing that matters is the economic year ever yearStoke are a disgrace to football. They have played over a 100 games in the Prem yet have only had more than 50% possession once! Yes once! Small club, awful City and the fans are some of the scummiest aroundI'm partisan here, but I have to confess that I would pay money to watch Newcastle, who play for their team and to keep opponents at bay at all costs, but then you couldnt pay me to even consider watching Stoke. They are a disgrace to English footballing tradition, and I'm almost embarrassed to watch them representing us in Europe. Greatest respect for Pardew, I didnt think he was the man for the job, like everyone else, but he has done brilliantly. As for Pulis, I think his attitude is poor, especially on the touchline, and that he should stop trying to con refs into giving him decisions when his own players are blocking goalkeepers and diving into illegal challenges. Just my opinion.
wallyFootballing side newcastle scored two goals against man u with a long punt up field take your rose tinted glasses off newcastle utd fansOne thing cannot be levied at Stoke is that they dive or Pulis tries to influence the ref from the touchline and I cannot understand how you can say that his attitude is poor. Stoke's players never crowd a referee. Our discipline is also improving. At first we were somewhat excitable when we first reached the premiership but we are getting better. Pulis is a hard working person and he expects his players to do that.I am a Newcastle fan, newcastle are a bigger club than Stoke Fact. Check out the history you muppets.


06 Jan 2012 08:28:15
Telegraph is reporting that Ganso's
reps are in London talking to
spurs today(6)(10)This one is all over the newsI went to brazil on holiday last year and i was lucky enough to see a Santos game, it was an experience i will never forget, i would recomend everyone put it on there bucket list. Anyway this kid Ganso along with Neymar were unbelievable, if there is any truth in this rumour then spurs fan be very exited, however it was only one game i see so it could of been a one of performance.


06 Jan 2012 08:22:31
Izale McLeod to MK Dons confirmed(6)(14)


06 Jan 2012 08:07:35
Qpr set to buy every player in the premiership
By using the fifa 12 man city infinite money


06 Jan 2012 08:02:25
i think you'll find Mark Le Tissier is the father of Matt and the clubs director, Matt is the Chairman.(5)(3)


06 Jan 2012 07:43:52
ROBBIE KEANE to villa on loan maybe permanent(10)(8)


06 Jan 2012 07:05:49
Morrison (charlton) to Celtic £500,000(2)(11)James Forest (septic) to Charlton 350K


06 Jan 2012 07:01:21
Rob Hulse on his way to Brighton on Loan, Scandinavian midfielder permanent and Jara unlikely to sign as too expensive due to wages not fee(6)(4)


06 Jan 2012 06:43:36
liverpool prepared to place dani pacheco on the transfer list in order for liverpool to bring in athletic bilboa youngster muniain seen to worth 11.5m and only 18.(6)(7)Ur talking about fifa mate (Y)

He's the new messi, much too good for Liverpool! should go to arsenal, united, barca, real! (coming from a chelsea fan! and no, he shouldnt come to chelsea, he is too good for us aswell, and city will ruin his career)Watched pacheo whilst he was on loan at norwich and although he is a raw talent he will do well for someone. wouldnt say no to him coming back under pls tutelage. we would have to buy tho as already have quota for loans. cant see it tho as hopefully pl will get 2-3 experienced defenders. hate to say it but drury past it, hes not been the same player since his injury.


06 Jan 2012 03:38:48
Peter whittingham looks destine for naaarwich(7)(19)Sunderland AFC are rumoured to be in the race for Emile Heskey after Asamoah Gyan rejoining the club from his loan deal in Al Ain seems unlikely.Sunderland don't want heskey geordie clownWhittinham at going nowhere enough the crap


06 Jan 2012 03:44:22
Peter whittingham has been spotted in Norwich!(7)(14)Peter whittingham has been spotted in Norwich!

may well have been - how did people recognise him as he's not a known face like rooney or terry etc??He's renewing his car insurance with Norwich Union.That would be Aviva now!Lies hes actually linked with a move to west ham in the next 48 hours with cardiff focusing on mcanuff returning to replaceAint going anywhere get it right you all wishWhittingham in Norwich, perhaps buying a boat on the Norfolk Broads? as the football team is norfolking good


06 Jan 2012 03:18:36
Nottingham Forrest striker David McGoldrick is in talks with league one side Walsall concerning a loan deal

Walsall youngster Jamiet Paterson is wanted by Forrest who are preparing a £225,000 bid, Birmingham City and Peterborough are also rumoured to be interested in the midfielder(8)(2)


06 Jan 2012 03:06:36
West Brom are eyeing a £4 million move for Bolton midfielder Mark Davies and £225,000 for young Walsall midfielder Jamie Paterson(8)(7)


06 Jan 2012 02:51:43
Wednesday fan here any one know of ince going to either sheffield club??(1)(3)I'm a Seasider and can tell you that the Chairman said yesterday that there will be no "outs" in January. Besides, Tom Ince is very much a 1st team player for Pool and is only likely to be sold to a top club - he will certainly not be going out on loan.Tom ince is in the plans for bpool so he wont go on loan this year.sorry.


06 Jan 2012 02:39:35
today we have agreed a fee with aberdeen for captain richard foster, the fee is in the reigon of £825,000(3)(4)Who is the club "WE" ? Please advise how a fee of that size is obtained for a very average player even by SPL standards.250 grand m8.Bristol city


06 Jan 2012 02:37:02
the dons have today completed personal terms with danny grainger who snubbed a deal with bristol city, aberdeen hijacked the deal when danny graingers agent phoned up the aberdeen boss craig brown, grainger has signed a 2-year-deal with the north east club(2)(4)Good, steady defender but Hearts have a more than adequate replacement in Ryan McGowan who looks a very good, young, prospect...........if they can keep hold of him!I doubt this is true as grainger is injured and wouldnt pass a medical but i have heard that aberdeen are interested.


06 Jan 2012 02:33:29
from a very reliable source i can tell everyone that aberdeen are looking to bring in john sutton on a free to replace scott vernon who is departing the dons in this transfer window to join either- watford
crystal palace
the dons have reportedly agreed a fee of £425,000 for the big target man(2)(2)Sutton has never really had a chance at Hearts as the "big target man" system is not favoured by the manager who prefers to play with the ball on the ground. Pity as he's a proven goalscorer and will do well at a club who can use his strengths.Where are aberdeen getting 425,000 from, even with the 250k sale of foster they are still in massive debt and looking to build a new stadium.As a Hearts fan i would like to keep john sutton, whenever he has featured hes played well scoring & assiting a few & from what ive been hearing a number of english and a couple spl teams are looking at him for a loan.


06 Jan 2012 01:58:42
I am staying in Thon Hotel in Molde, Norway and this evening I was talking in the bar to an interesting man called Steve. He said he searches and finds for players for Crystal Palace football club of London. I assume he is looking at Molde Players?(7)(4)And hes still working?


06 Jan 2012 01:55:36
Bradley Wight-Phillips set join Shaun Wight pillips at qpr (are bros or not)(1)(14)QPR will need a bigger bench then


06 Jan 2012 01:49:51
Gary Madine is being linked to West Ham and Swansea according to Yahoo.(8)(7)I am a Wednesday fan and doubt this move will happen, we have enough money and a good promotion chance to keep our top players. Madine will stay :)GARY MADINE, GOAL MACHINE.
HES TOO GOOD FOR THE PREMIERSHIP! HE WILL BE AT BARCA IN THE NEXT COUPLE OFF YEARS.Part of me is glad he is injured, don't forget he was league ones leading scorer till he got injured. He could well be around the 20 mark if he had been playing and he might have been off.


06 Jan 2012 01:44:12
Any villa rumours ???(2)(5)Possibly sellin bent to liverpoolWhoever takes over just be straight with the fans "play up pompey" hampshires top club.


06 Jan 2012 01:23:43
The Benneton family link is very strong, They have strong connections with sports of all kinds and would buy a club with no debt and a firm fanbase. It is attractive due to the land avaliable which is currently owned by Sacha Gaydamack and in a depressed property market also at a cheap price.
This is the real deal!(3)(2)They'll buy a club with no debt and an excellent fanbase? Do they have good money?

Tell em to go c KEN BATES!! BATES OUT!


06 Jan 2012 01:16:21
Qpr to sign Ben afa form the toon on loan(5)(16)Haha you wish!! Ben arfa getting his chance for toon whilst ba away! Afraid dj cambell will have to do


06 Jan 2012 01:13:40
Bristol City to sign Aberdeen's full back and captain Ricky Foster for £250k according to early editions of Daily Record.

Daily Express journalist has tweeted Aberdeen will sign Mark Reynolds from Sheff Wed on loan until the end of season. Also, Russell Anderson to return as captain for Aberdeen.(7)(2)I dont think the aberdeen fans will worry to much about this one if true,even wikipedia says he is unpopular with fans!


06 Jan 2012 01:07:52
05 Jan 2012 20:38:21
I know for a fact that Leicester have bid for all these players !

Billy Sharp - Doncaster £3 million
Emile Heskey - Aston Villa around £1.8 million
Cameron Stewart - Hull £3.5 million
Jimmy Kebe - Reading £1.5 million
James Chester - Hull £3 million

Whether he gets them all is another thing, but Pearson means business!

I know for fact that Pearson won't get anyone from Hull City....FACT!!(9)(20)Kebe is discussing his contract todayYou're talking utter codswallop, ANYONE from ANY club is available to ANY other club if enough money is on the table. Dont be naive.Im a leicester fan and would have to agree that any signing from hull will not happen unless stupid money is involved. its a business at the end of the day but personal feelings will stop any normal bid so stupid money will be needed to outweigh the personal feelingsSo far, Leicester's only bid to Hull was the 'mischief making' 1m bid for Stewart, there has been no improved bid for him yet and no bid for Chester at all. That really is a fact.


06 Jan 2012 01:06:52
Rudi Skacel joining Crystal Palace, with Andy Driver going to Cardiff.

Peter Whittingham to Celtic, to make way for Driver.(6)(15)I heard scachel may be loaned to crawley? Seems unlikely to me its on southern daily echo websiteWhitts not going anywhere...and who the hell is Andy Driver?Cardiff city: Celtics feeder club since 2010Andy Driver is one the Hearts wingers.Who played under 21 for England.And fought hard to play for Scotland.He changed sides down to new residency laws.Has had a lot of injuries,so has not been capped yet.He has Palace,Burnley,Bristol City,FC Twente in for him on loan.Would love him to go to Holland.And come back to the UK a better player.He will probably move to Palace though.And get him self in the shop window for the EPL.If he does well like Adam did at that level for Blackpool.Ally


06 Jan 2012 01:00:35
Nicky Maynard house has been up for sale since Monday and he is going up to the midlands for a medical. personal terms are agreed and the price is thought to be around 1.5m-2.25m deal set to be done over the week end.(5)(8)Hope its not to use, west brom the Biggest team from the midlands. hope its to the dingals they need anther over rated championship player in their teamNicky Maynard house has been up for sale since Monday and he is going up to the midlands for a medical. personal terms are agreed and the price is thought to be around 1.5m-2.25m deal set to be done over the week end.

Hope its not to use, west brom the Biggest team from the midlands. hope its to the dingals they need anther over rated championship player in their team

spelling not your strongpoint?"Hope it is not to use west brom the biggest team from the midlands" very nice grammar & spelling.Typical Baggie.I live in the same street as Maynard, also spoke to him yesterday, a move will happen very soon for him, but even he is unsure at this moment where to, HIS HOUSE IS NOT UP FOR SALE!! like most football players he will worry about selling the house after a move.Your lying


06 Jan 2012 00:58:30
Danny Hylton to AFC Bournemouth for 330K(6)(3)


06 Jan 2012 00:58:01
Michael Jacobs off Northampton is off to Cardiff for 250k(9)(2)


06 Jan 2012 00:56:18
Wolves mite as he colud replace there poor mans shane long...doyle!

if thats true... why did Doyle cost more??(4)(1)Long was Doyle's understudy for years at Reading, the only reason he could get regular football was when Doyle was sold on.I also remember long being petulant and storming off when he was being substituted while Reading were in the premier league.Doyle is a consummate professional.Buy whose the better player now then? Long by a country mile. Boing Boing


06 Jan 2012 00:55:54
Rudi skacel to rangers?? Heard a whisper

ST PAULI(8)(9)


06 Jan 2012 00:55:45
Is kebe off to cardiff(7)(8)I doubt it. The Leicester Mercury are reporting Kebe is one of leicesters main targets this window. Money talks in football now.


06 Jan 2012 00:49:06
Swansea City are preparing an £8million pound double swoop for Middlesbrough stars Matthew Bates and Marvin Emnes. Dutch striker Emnes impressed Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers while on-loan at the
Liberty Stadium last season, scoring 2 goals in 4 appearances for the Swans.(0)(12)Why pay 8 Mill when combined they're probably worth 4 tops?Both players are out standing fella they would do a better job than swanseas strike force and their defence is crap 4 mill what a joke you are mateEven thpough weve got the best defence at home in the premier league and middlesborough are a championhsip club. We beat you 4-3 last year, shows how good your defence isSwansea dont have that kinda money, they will be looking for loans mainly


06 Jan 2012 00:38:31
just back from snooker and been told rob green will be going to sunderland for sure. good luck to them as green has lost his confidence and will need a strong defence in front of him. fee will be around £3.5m. darren bent will NOT be going back either but expect about 3~4 signings as oneills been given £25 -£30m for the transfer window with another £45m to come in the summer.(1)(13)I saw a post like this before about green and i will say the same thing i said then. Why would sunderland want another keeper when they have 4 in good shape. Gordon, mignolet, westwood and carson. Please do some research before you postYes, that is stupid to think Sunderland is looking for another keeper. We have 3 very good goalkeepers and unless one of them leaves, I don't see it happening. Green would be 3rd choice keeper even if Gordon left. Can't see it happening.Just because you have four good keepers (and I agree with three of them, never seen Carson play) doesn't mean you're not after Robert Green. Man City have got five quality strikers on their books but they still want more! I agree its highly unlikely that MO'N will spend money on a keeper but its not impossible!Gold/sullivan said yesterday no key players will leaving west ham unless a player request a move and then we would want top dollarsThats like saying if some1 makes a offer for a player and they want go they can lol so they will be soldto any1 the player wants to signe for lol dumb state from gold/sullivan againJust back from snooker but can't stop talking balls!Craig Gordon is better than all those keepers.If he proves his fitness,bet you that he will get a new deal.O Neil rates him and would have signed him for Celtic.If he could have afforded him.Ally


06 Jan 2012 00:19:21
Any Peterborough united rumours please Ed. {Ed001's Note - nothing that I know of mate, sorry.}(0)(2)


06 Jan 2012 00:35:50
Swindon Town directors have met with Mark Le Tissier over the possible transfer of Ross Allen.

Guernsey FC will receive an initial 50k for the non-league hotshot.(10)(2)I'm sure thats "Matt" Le hahaNope It's Mark. Matt played for Southampton. Mark is the chairman of the Guernsey Football Association, not sure if he's going to have anything to do with transfers, but Mark makes more sense than Matt.Why would it be matt when his brother mark is the managerThis is true with Miles storey going on loan to them until the end of the season


06 Jan 2012 00:05:24
i went to newcastle last night for the match and the big rumour amongst the utd fans was that kaka is coming to old trafford on loan until the end of the season i hope not we need a bit of steel not another attacker(8)(10)Rumour - Utd are missing something though..we say that every year and there still about


06 Jan 2012 00:00:21
walsall will get
stewart from millwall in jan(3)(2)


05 Jan 2012 23:49:03
Alex Chamberlian was back in Southampton today to discuss a possible loan move back to the South Coast if Saints can't sign Matty Phillips permanently. Tadanari Lee will join as soon as/if his work permit comes. Lukas Jutkiweicz will also sign as back up for prolific striker Rickie Lambert.(5)(13)I can confirm that Chamberlian was in southampton today but all he was doing was buying new shoes so shhWhat kind of shoes was he after?He also brought a coat yesterday.Dr martinsCould it be that he went shopping...aswell :O mind grenade! How could he possibly be doing two things there! :OHe was only meeting up with Adam Lallana for a catch up. Doubt he'd come back.Matt philips to saints wot tosh please stop writing this rubbish im a saints fan and all this came bout cos holloway was after puncheon they wont sell to us or anyone unless a big gun from prem so turn it in.


05 Jan 2012 23:57:24
Blackburn lookin to replace outbound samba with ben haim cos pompey need to cut his wages (38 grand a week) pompey going to get simon cox from wba only on loan though.(2)(4)Blackburn are getting rid of all there big names to cut down on wages, it's on lancashire telegraph website. Don't see that happening, properely just promote some youth/ reserve on minimal wageJamie vardy is staying at ftfc until season end then going to blackpool and a couple of young blackpool boys going the other way, local fleetwood rumour, you saw it here first.


05 Jan 2012 23:47:06
Huddersfield Town will look into the top of the non-league pyramid if hotshot Jordan Rhodes leaves the Galpharm Stadium with Jamie Vardy being their top target from promotion-chasing Fleetwood Town in a deal worth to be around £1m.

Furthermore, Kidderminster Harriers striker Jamille Matt has interested Lee Clark after scouts have came back with rave reviews about the forward.

Liam Hearn has also been linked.(1)(6)Lee Clark isn't signing anyone, he's had 3 seasons in the sweet shop and the Chairman has told him (Not Official) to put up with his 40 something signings or shut up .


05 Jan 2012 23:44:35
leyton orient to get
millwall josh MCQUID on loan(0)(3)


05 Jan 2012 22:49:36
Ed where do you think Kebe will go? {Ed003's Note - Is it Cardiff who had an interest? }(2)(2)West BromIs he off to Cardiff?West Ham are interested, Reading have rejected bids from them and Leicester.Cardiff was supposed to be a done deal but I really can't see how we can afford his wages and his fee.


05 Jan 2012 21:05:39
ED any newson newcastle utd transfer dealings(0)(5)


05 Jan 2012 23:35:20
to many of you look play to much football manager. not to sure how reliable the source is but i was told that liverpool are offering two players on loan at no cost, one believed to be adam morgan other apparently a midfielder??, along with 3m in exchange for Jordan Rhodes.......As I said, just a rumour in Melwood.(0)(5)If you do live on melwood what the name of the pub which was behind traing ground which has been knocked down?. on another note jordan rhodes would be a good siging would he he plays in league 1 may be an everton or swansea would take a gambleEasy, The Kings ArmsJordan Rhodes to Wednesday cos he's missing Mum and Dad.


05 Jan 2012 23:32:29
purse joins plymoth untill


05 Jan 2012 23:11:25
Neymar Has Had a chelsea agent Talking in Hes Home Town Of Santos And chelsea have offerd a safe house worth 6Million tol ive in in London for him and hes Family Also Other news Snijeder Also Been spotted around Manchester ?(6)(12)Frank Lampard is in talks with UnitedBarcelona have an agreement with santos, they have paid 10million euros now.. and have the option to buy him and pay the rest of the transfer fee up untill 2014 if they want but if santos decide to sell to any other team santos have to pay barcelona 20million euros.. so i dont think santos will want to sell him to anyone other than barcelona.


05 Jan 2012 23:28:36
Reading are looking to sign...

St Ledger from Leicester

Ebanks-Blake and Adam Hamill from Wolves

Ryan Bertrand (ON LOAN) from Chelsea

Source: be true. Although not sure we need another cb particularly...Why are people posting all this hammill and ebanks blake stuff it will never happen


05 Jan 2012 23:27:55
Hull City Targets:

Billy Sharp or Jutkiewicz - 3m
Vito Mannoane - Loan (Done Deal)
Robbie Brady - Loan (Done deal)
Joshua King - 800k

This is from an Accurate source and if anyone says how can we afford it we are one of the richest championship sides there is(2)(10)If thats the case that your one of the richest, why did Barmby come out and say he may resign if he didnt get any money. I thought money wasnt a problemAnd why was it pearsons first job as manger to cut the wage bill by half spent all season trying to push bullard out why was most of the team last season loan signings.Hull City are not in for Billy Sharp or Jutkiewicz and Josh King is a loan deal. Barmby didn't say anything about leaving, in fact just today he's confirmed that he's switching his role from caretaker to permanent manager this weekend.


05 Jan 2012 23:13:24
Redknapp is ready to sell Vedran Corluka to West Ham in a £1.5million deal - to start raising the funds he needs for signings - Daily Mirror(9)(10)Aint going to happen said hr i believe that is due to the fact west ham knocked them back in regards to james tomkins joe jordan has been seen at upton park a few times on scouting missions


05 Jan 2012 23:08:23
any news on a new pne manager?(1)(2)Dave JonesBrian laws ideal candidate


05 Jan 2012 23:02:10
Ally McCoist has lined up Liam Kelly of Kilmarnock as a replacement for Edu. Bid of £500k plus will be needed.(5)(3)500,000 grand for liam kelly hmm dont think soRangers had to get Aluko to pay his own fee to Aberdeen. Rangers have no money! Which is nice.Noooo , we didnt get him to , he payed it off his own backAluko paid it off his own back because rangers wouldn't and he wanted to play football again hence the reason he was still without a club till nearly xmas, no club were willing to pay any development compensation.


05 Jan 2012 23:02:07
Reading won't sign anyone until they sell someone for big $BUCKS$!(6)(3)


05 Jan 2012 23:00:20
Kebe has been offered a new contract but doesn't look like he will take it because it is the same contract as the one he turned down in the summer.(4)(3)


05 Jan 2012 22:52:48
Chamberlain coming back to Southampton on a loan till then end of the season(5)(14)Where have u heard this?This would be awsome but please where have you got this from?I very doubt this, Wenger will be starting him alot more than starting walcott who has been shocking recently.Just because he was down visiting his hometown and friends doesn't mean he's gunna be coming back to us! Wish he did though, we need a RM.Can't see Wenger starting him more. I'm not saying he shouldn't, as when he has played, he has been top class. I know Wenger trusts his youngsters, but doesn't seem to be starting Chamberlain, and is rarely on the bench.


05 Jan 2012 21:51:04
I would love to see a swap deal along these lines 'cos Cahill is way ahead of Evans (who seems to average 1 major cock up per game) but dont know if Coyle would be foolish enough to fall for it and I certainly wouldnt be happy to see Cahill on any more than £70k. Who does he think he is, untested as the top level after all. He would be used in rotation or as backup (long term) for us probably. But at £7m, less the value of Evans; would be worth testing the waters at least(3)(2)Was Evans playing in games against Blackburn and Newcastle. Don't think so. Lay off - on last two games showing Evans better than Rio and Jones AND CahillHa ! Lay off? Evans is a terrible footballer, constant mistakes but a great player for a mid-table club....wba/villa


05 Jan 2012 22:17:44
I think right back Nathaniel clyne would be a good buy. He's only young we need a right back and I believe we have a little interest in him. With our fantastic training staff he could be a favourite.(5)(1)What team r u talking about, Newcastle? would be great hereFor southamptonThis is by the writer of this clyne for southampton pleaseNo chance, he turned down Wolves not long ago, for him it's Palace or an established Prem sideWould love him at Saints, but I doubt he'd join, he's going to a top club, Newcastle would be a good fit, with their injuries etcBut are there any sources to back it up


05 Jan 2012 22:10:30
Bristol City are set to sign:

Coventry striker Lukas Jutkiewicz
Lee Novak from Huddersfield
Owen Hargreaves on loan from United
Croatian target-man Hans Ovmadic from Slavia Prague(1)(21)Might be hard signing Hargreaves from United when he is at CityHargreaves is at City.llHargreaves is a city player at least get the team rightHargreaves is playing for City
Jutkiewicz will join a big clubOnly in a swap deal for maynard? Novak aint going anywhere.In all honesty Novak will move no where , he love Huddersfield and all of the staff, will take one hell of good bid to 'woo' him away from the terriers UTTTotaly agree mate. Novak will only go to the championship........with town.thank you very much.Champagne Super Novak is staying put, the lad is class.Seen alot of rumours about hargreaves going out on loan. does nobody remember mancini saying that he was brought in to cover toure while he was away for the african cup of nations


05 Jan 2012 22:07:05
Big clear out at The County Ground, with Di Canio's foreign flops leaving and the kids going on loan.

Risser - Bath City
Cibocchi - Newport County
Magera - Fleetwood Town (swap for Jamie Vardy plus cash)
Lanzano - Staines Town
Kerrouche - Bristol Rovers
Bodin - Torquay United permanent
Storey - Chippenham (loan)
Thompson - Wycombe(3)(9)Vardy? Hah! Dream on Swindon, he's off to Huddersfield as Rhodes' replacement.

Maybe you'll get Ross Allen in - heard he's one that PDC wants and Leon Clarke is Chesterfield bound and Benyon is staying at Wycombe.

Rest sound about right - Magera is off to a BSP club. Thompson will stay until the summer and the kids will be loaned out to get experience.

Esajas moving to Northampton, Gabilondo to Forest Green.Clarke went charlton days ago!And Benyon has gone to Safend....also, confirmed days ago.....Keep up do you really know whats going on as Clarke has gone to Charlton last week and Benyon to Southend. Someone else on here who talks nonsense.

Total rubbish what you have printed.You fool, vardy turned down west ham last week and said he wants to see out season at fleetwood why on earth would he go to huddesfield when big clubs are in for him.Well said above at least someone talking sense.


05 Jan 2012 22:06:05
Top 8's Top Targets :

Man City - Daniele De Rossi (£21.5m)
Man Utd - Wesley Sneijder (£26m)
Spurs - Christopher Samba (£9m)
Chelsea - Gary Cahill (£7m)
Arsenal - Steven N'Zonzi (£?)
Liverpool - Stephane Sessegnon (£11m)
Newcastle - Mapou Yanga M-Biwa (£?)
Stoke - Junior Hoilett (£7.5m)(11)(15)Gary cahill man utd (10m)Bolton already accepted 7m so why would utd pay 10mRumoured sneijder will be offered as part of the deal for TevezWhy does everyone guess football manager fees for every player, there is no way you would know how much teams are interested in players for apart from the obvious gary cahill 7m which has been on the news for over a week now.


05 Jan 2012 22:01:51
Barcelona have apparently approached the two young boys Sam Monjack and Charlie Colkett from Chelsea.(7)(8)Saw Monjack at the airport with huge luggage and a tan _ big smile on his face and a big watch!. Plane had just come in from Barca........ must be true.


05 Jan 2012 21:29:36
Celtic to offer 5,500,000 pounds for in form Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield(7)(25)They dont have anything like that kind of money, especially not to spend on one player.No they wont! they are brasik!Erm he may play for scotland but he is from yorkshire so even he know thats not enough!!Rhodes is an amazing player, worth every penny :-)Times it by 10 and you may get close. on recent form his record makes torres look like a sunday league player.Torres is playing like a sunday league player so it's really not hard. Rhodes is a great player needs to up his game maybe?At end of day he is L1 player and will go for nothing like 5mill,get off football manager.I don't think Rhodes will go anywhere in Jan but Chamberlain was a league 1 player and went for 12/15M.Contrary to the p[ervious post Celtic are very far from "brassik", that is Rangers claim to fame. If NL thought that Jordan Rhodes was worth 5million then the board would back him especially this year as they want to ensure they win the lot. Celtic have money to spend, how much, nobody knows but NL has bought very wisely in the last 18months so have no doubt he will do so again. Rhodes is a good player and will score goals wherever he goes, hopefully it is at Celtic.Said they were after vardy doubt it though.Celtic have the money to spend if its the right player, theyve shown that over the last 18 months, theyve sold plenty of players the last couple years including the big money transfer of mcgeady. as a hearts fan id hate too see rhodes in a celtic shirt he is a great young player who will score bags of goals


05 Jan 2012 21:00:07
is there any rumours on chelsea in or out yet?(6)(9)Hulk, krasic, cavani, n'zonzi, cahill, kakaCheck your club pageTalks of signing Edinson Cavani from Napoli, Steven N'Zonzi from Blackburn and Milos Krasic from Juventus. Obviously talk of Hulk from Porto, but the price tag makes the deal sound unlikely. Gary Cahill deal is still on hold due to his wage demandsDon't see why people are disagreeing with the posts above? He asked rumours, not for definite signings etc. These are the rumours.


05 Jan 2012 20:38:21
I know for a fact that Leicester have bid for all these players !!

Billy Sharp - Doncaster £3 million
Emile Heskey - Aston Villa around £1.8 million
Cameron Stewart - Hull £3.5 million
Jimmy Kebe - Reading £1.5 million
James Chester - Hull £3 million

Whether he gets them all is another thing, but Pearson means business!(7)(12)I am not in the no but yes i believe these players will be on pearsons shopping list! would love to see all of them at Leicester.So did Sven didn't heAll Pearson type signings, bar Heskey. Signing him would just make you a laughing stock.Hull city wouldnt sell mr pearson a cup of tea never mind their best playersThe feeling hull have towards pearson would easily increase any price for a player up by at least 3m


05 Jan 2012 20:44:42
Junior Hoillet set to sign for stoke. Pulis wants samba too. But the snag is the price. Stoke have offered 15million for the rovers duo.
Stoke also want diame, the funds will also be there to purchase demba BA for 12m.(6)(19)Well Stoke must be saveing some money as they must of sacked there medical staff ,when they could of got BA for a free ,now 5 month later they ready to spend 12 mill on himYeah right! Demba Ba going to leave a massive club, to go to a club who ruled him to have a serious injury, manager showed no faith in him, otherwise he would of signed him! and everyone knows Stoke are a small club who play the game the wrong way!!! --Byron the brummie...Play the game wrong? even though were 8th in the league, only British team to qualify from the group stages in the Europa league, fa cup semi finalists and 4th season in the prem without ever being in trouble? If you'd ever been to watch stoke ud know its not all long ball and throw ins, they do and can play the ball along the ground and play it well, they have a tall squad so they play to their advantages, like anyone wouldAnd as for Ba, he was rated 9 million pounds at the time, if he was free like he was when newcastle signed him, im sure stoke would of taken the risk, but risking 9 million on someone whos knee could go anytime would of been stupidBa was not free when stoke were interested get your facts rightWhat is the wrong way to play football? Surely the right way is the winning way!!How can you say he was rated 9 million pounds? 9 million pounds to WHO ,he had clause in west ham contract ,and as for his Knee there is only Stoke said its knackered do the whole of the Prem ask Tony Pullis if the guy there looking at is OK . If BA lasts the season Tony will look like the biggest Bellend of the season FACTThreec lubs BEFORE Stoke turned him down due to a medical.Stoke had made an 8m bid which was accepted, he then trained with Stoke before failing the medical by "A very long way". The clubs before Stoke and since (including West Ham and Newcastle) have been unable to get insurance for Ba, hence Stoke not proceeding with an 8m transfer. Since then he went to West Ham on a nominal fee, pay as you play then to Newcastle on a free as no clubs were willing to pay the transfer fee......sorry to let a silly thing like facts get in the way boys ;)LOL ba is now one of the best strikers in the prem, the only reason why Newcastle signed him was becasue it was on a free. No one would have paid 9 mil based on the medical advice, however free transfer is good business. Ba would not be sold for anything less than 20 mil now fact. Newcastle took a gamble on a freebie and it paid off. Also, Stoke... dream on if he goes it will be to one of the top 4 clubs for more than stoke can afford.It wasnt pulis who said BA is a Walking time bomb but the medical center in harley street london that most clubs use and also the same medical team who told west ham at some point BA nee will completely finish him off .thats why he went of a free because no club would invest money into a player that at any time could be finishedWhy do you lot thik you are a massive club ?
you never win nothing and as for your fan base there is,nt another football club within 20 miles of you,thats why you have decent gates,if you were based in N.W ,Midlands,or London you ,d just be a small struggling club,How many teams are there in stoke again?Im not gonna say were a massive club cause were not but we are bigger than stoke just look at the fan base and also the current position in the league.Stoke are poor at best... all I can say is D D D D D D D D DEMBA BA, DEMBA BA DEMBA, DEMBA BA....See how long he lasts


05 Jan 2012 20:44:32
Doncaster striker Billy sharp is subject to a suprising bid from Manchester united. Estimated 3million. They are said to want the striker to bulk up there attacking options and sharp fits the picture(4)(27)Hhahahhhaahah thats the best post ive ever seen, not even at attempt at plausable reality, superbRooney. Chico. Owen. Bervitov. Welbeck and then sharp are you on this planet?


05 Jan 2012 20:43:27
Hull City's transfer targets will be Vito Mannone, Robbie Brady, Joshua King and Adam Hammill.(11)(5)Heard James Henry is on the radar as well as a box to box centre midAnd where are hull going to get this money?Hull City are now owned by the Allam family who are extremely wealthy and have already put 40m into the club in the last 18 months, they are willing to back any requests for players that Nick Barmby wants as they know that the premier league is where we need to be for them to get a substantial return on their investments so far.So why did pearson spend last season cutting your wage bill if they have invested that much and also parachute payments. i smell bsHow come they never sign anyone then? At least clubs like west ham and Leicester actually spend the money. All you hear on this site is how rich hull and Southampton are yet they never actually spend any money!!!The Mannone, Brady and King deals are all loans, so don't require much cash anyway.Dont think any of those named above will cost greatly; maybe James Henry around 1m but now Brady has resigned on loan they may spend the money on a striker anywayHull and Leicester fans may claim that their owners are rich(not at prem standards)but even money do not attract all players to small clubs like themI'm as ignorant about Hull's financial position as most people on this site are of Southampton's. However, since new ownership some 2 years ago, we have virtually re-built our squad with a few 'ins' each t/f window. Unlike Leicester, this has ensured squad stabilty without recklessly paying over inflated t/f fees and wages.Look at how much money leicester have spent over the last few years and look where they are now the allam family are worth just shy of 300 million and if nick barmby feels he needs to buy players they will back him 100% but if we can save money on loan deals and still get promoted all is well. oh and leicester how does the league table look from down thereDont get hammil not the best and in it for money you see.


05 Jan 2012 20:39:44
Aston Villa have said that Darren Bent is not for sale at any price. Liverpool are on the hunt for Sunderland midfielder Stephane Sessegnon because reports say he is unsettled in the north east. Also Liverpool are interested in FC Twente striker Luke De Jong and Blackburn's Steven Nzonzi.

I don't think Liverpool should buy Rangers striker Nikita Jelavic.(19)(14)Steve McClaren said today that De Jong is not going anywhere.....what now?Torres to liverpool 28 million -andy carrol to newcastle 22 million how about this

torres.suarezLiverpool would need to splash 20 million + as Sessegnon's much better than Henderson and if he's not settled in the N.E. do you think the area of Liverpool will entice him?!Apparently kennys been in London shopping but I don't think he would take Torres backLiverpool will not sign Sess. He is too good and will only leave to go back to France as that's where his family is. He is not unsettled for any other reason and is enjoying his football under MONSunderland would not sell Sess for less than 15M in my opinion and latest reports say that Sessegnon was unhappy with the club performance, now he is reported to be happy at NE. If Sess goes, he will go back to France. Sunderland will do everything to keep him, his is one of our best and will be sold only for a ridiculous amount of money to help the club financially and to rebuild. He has 2.5 years left according to contract reports and I wouldn't be surprised if Sunderland would try to sign a new contract with him during summer.Newcastle are not gonna splash 22mil for carroll, maybe al loan deal is possible


05 Jan 2012 20:33:51
Seen a few people post about ex Werder Bremen striker Liam Boyce so thought i would give a bit of info hopefully its of some help. Have heard he's been offerred a trial at 1 scottish team and a at least 2 english league teams. From what i'm told he has a contract offer from glentoran but he's holding out for a move to england. I know its not a major transfer but it might be of interest to a few people. cheers


05 Jan 2012 20:16:19
Paul Ince is set to be named as Preston boss tomorrow.(8)(13)There you go then league 2 beckons.NO NO NO please just NO'


05 Jan 2012 19:37:11
sources close to junior hoillet say that an approach has been made from newcastle united. player keen to speak to newcastle and blackburn resigned to loosing player.nxt 24-48hrs decision to be made!(18)(8)


05 Jan 2012 19:35:28
Wigan have had a 750k bid accepted for Nottingham Forest's McGugan.(2)(12)I'm not a forest nor a Wigan fan but being a season ticket holder at Ipswich town i have seen Mcgugan a few times I think his value should be higher!Norwich more like he will go with Gunter.They may have had a bid excepted, but it would be at least 3 times that price. Several prem clubs are interested and Forest are willing to sell to the highest bidder above 2m.Lewis is worth whatever a club think he is worth.He can be infuriatingly lazy and useless to downright unplayable - all in the same half of a game! Personally I think the bigger the stage the better he will respond and he has been going stale at Forest for the last 6 months. I can see him at Arsenal or Spurs because they play his style - good luck in your move Lewis.You are a great talent so move up and on in your career - from a Notts Co. fan.


05 Jan 2012 19:30:59
Colchester to sign Sean Marks from Braintree for a fee around £20,000 after colchester manager John Ward was seen taking to him after the game.

Also on Colchesters radar is...
Liam Boyce who is currently a free agent
QPR Goalkeeper Brian Murphy to replace Ben Williams if he leaves in the window.
Sam Newson is a player Colcheters development team are keen on bringing to the side, he is currently on the list to be trialled, Althouh the deal may not be set till the end of the season.

Out from the bank could be highly rated midfielder Anthony Wordsworth to Norwich city, this will however be a costly signing for Norwich with the amount coming to £700,000 + Midfeilder Lappin

Williams future is unknown as of now and Henderson could stay at Colchestetr despite interest from Both Sheffield clubs and Watford.(6)(3)Sam Newson is a tall fast good centre forward who can score goals and is a local lad. I should know i trained him and his brother Ben now at Stanway Rovers


05 Jan 2012 19:19:27
ipswich going to sign clive platt from coventry for 1 million(4)(16)


05 Jan 2012 19:05:04
05 Jan 2012 03:15:09
Norwich Close On Snodgrass
....................{Ed003's Note - Could you use the reply button please then we dont have to read lots of posts that have already been edited. thank you.}(11)(10)First time ive heard about this.who the hell is snodgrass.not a two bob player from league 1 i hope.Who is snodgrass?? you have to be kidding me? we reportedly bid like 5 million for him in the summer, got turned down. But he is injured at the moment anyway, burst appendix, so can't see this happening at all, how is he supposed to complete a medical?HO look at u, league 1 players not good enough for norwich now ? And where was Mr pilkington playing last season. Never forget ya roots lad, its not long ago since norwich were in league 1. AGNo he is not from league 1, he is a right mid who plays for leeds united and he is left footed and he is pure qualityLeeds can't afford to lose a top player like snodgrass at this current time. I don't see Snodgrass leaving in January however saying that bates never fails to dissapoint


05 Jan 2012 19:05:01
Ipswich have offered £1.2 million for Marvin Sordell plus Tamas Priskin to Watford.(2)(15)Your about 4 million shortHonest - that is a total value of 1.25m - which is so far off Marvins value - it was not worth the time or paper in sending it inI can quite believe that Jewell and Ipswich are conceited enough to make this offer. But not that it will be accepted.R u saying Priskin is worth 50k he scored 11 international goals in 38R u saying Priskin is worth 50k he scored 11 international goals in 38 - Do you mean in 1938?If Priskin is that good why are you trying to offload him to any club??


05 Jan 2012 18:15:47
Ed any Cardiff rumours in or out?(6)(4)Kebe in Heaton outWhere is Heaton rumoured to be going? I know we have signed Elliott Parish, so it would make sense. As it now leaves us with four keepers.


05 Jan 2012 18:59:41
Bolton have made an undisclosed bid for Northern Ireland and Rangers forward Kyle Lafferty.(9)(7)WrOng !! Are they going to buy him injured just been ruled out for 7-8 weeksWhy would they buy a player whos out for 6-7 weeks?Why would they buy lafferty?


05 Jan 2012 18:53:25
Mat Connolly on loan to watford....(4)(2)Wrong He's going to IpswichLives in Bushey so could be trueSo do I. Mat who?


05 Jan 2012 18:48:47
Leeds united set to sign Martin Kelly from Liverpool on loan(8)(19)What source is this from?I've heard it from Howsons brother!It true my cousin is friends with Adam Morgan and he said he hope to get out on loan to a league 1 or championship side Leeds are also looking at midfield suso but Liverpool don't wanna loan him outHis wages would be ridiculous! no way bates would pay that! unless Liverpool are offering to pay his wages, however don't see him coming anywayIn liverpools plans so its a no from me.


05 Jan 2012 18:48:31
Crewe are very close to signing former Nigeria international George Abbey from Akritas Chlorakas in Cyprus. The Second Division side have been told by Abbey that he wants a return to England and the 33 year old defender will sign a one and a half year deal, once his settlement with the Cypriots can be agreed.(4)(2)


05 Jan 2012 18:47:43
Cash in on Doyle and sign Kenwyne Jones. He will be a better suit or front with Fletcher. Also Wolves 2 sign Spearing on Loan and Wittingham from Cardiff.(9)(6)Whittingham going nowhere pal! LolNeither is spearing he's filling in for lucas


05 Jan 2012 18:45:34
Wolves r 2 sign wayne bridge, nedum onohua and nicky manyard. Also linked with Jones of Stoke and Diarra of Madrid. We need to splash the cash or we will struggle. BELIEVE ME!(6)(6)I believe that you'll struggle, don't believe you could ever sign anyone from R.Madrid!U will never get Maynard he's going to NorwichMate Wolves have 3 million to spendI hope Maynard goes to Norwich! We don't want that midget at the Wolves!


05 Jan 2012 18:19:43
Barry Bannan to Man Utd..
If not in this window then the summer one..(5)(8)Sorry pal that's rubbishNot Rubbish, Fergie is a fan of the young scottish international and may be used a a defensive midfielder pairing with cleverly in the future. wouldnt be to expensive but he has got a very bright future.


05 Jan 2012 18:18:58
Hartlepool United are in talks to sign Danny Spiller from Gillingham. The League 2 midfielder is 30 years old and is interested in a move to United as he looks to play in League 1. Spiller has also been offered a new deal by the Kent side.
It is also expected that new boss Neale Cooper could go in for Bradford midfielder Michael Flynn. Flynn is keen on a move away from City after struggling over the two years since he joined from Huddersfield and is keen on a return to League 1 again.(1)(4)Very unlikely as Spiller loves playing for the Club he loves,and under Hess.


05 Jan 2012 18:12:23
if Norwich manage to sign naughton on a permanent deal this transfer window, they are going to rival barnsley and try and sign Gai Assulin from man city on loan til the end of the season.

they have recently been lacking quality and creativity through the middle of the pitch and Paul Lambert see's him as the perfect player to help they in their bid for survival, and man city and assulin would prefer a move to another premier league team over championship side barnsley.(3)(7)Who puts this rubbish on here. Doyle signed a new 4 year deal before the season. Hes goin nowhereBarnsley no longer interested in signing Assulin as said by keith hill on radio today.Whover commented on doyle is an idiot, the original post had nothing to do with him, u must be crazy.


05 Jan 2012 18:11:55
Kebe to Wolves or QPR

He will not sign a new contract or go to Leicester(4)(14)Lambert wants him at NorwichSeems norwich are in for everyone!From a Norwich fan, can everyone stop linking all championship/league 1 players to Norwich. There have been pretty much no leaks as to who Norwich are interested in. Lambert has said he will not panic buy, but is interested in 2 or 3 players. As no one knows who we are interested in, I think the only player people can say we're linked with is Snodgrass as we have had past interest in him. (not saying we will get him as can't see Leeds selling him in the middle of the season)


05 Jan 2012 18:10:58
Preston caretaker manager Graham Alexander and David Unsworth are very close to bringing in two players as they aim to push PNE back into the top six.
An ambitious loan signing of former full back Billy Jones is set to raise fans hopes. Jones left the club in the summer to join West Brom but has found first team opportunities hard to come by. The full back will join until the end of the season.
The seond player set to join is 1860 Munich goalkeeper and Hungary international Gabor Kiraly. He will sign a deal until the end of the season.(2)(14)We have got a keeper who signed an 18 month contract!! get a grip ladWho ever posted this is not a pne fan ,1 billy is plasyin prem
2we dnt a keeper we have5 on the books
its a forward and cmid and a lback we need


05 Jan 2012 18:06:34
Harry Redknapp has told Daniel Levy who he wants and Levy is a busy man.
Cavani is the top target, and Levy will offer 32m to Napoli. Other targets are Dzeko and Damiao.
Kaka, Shiqiuri, Hoilett, Hazard and Dembele are other targets.(18)(20)Im a Spurs fan mate, just what are you on? You know you have just made a fool of yourself!Although i'd love to see any of the mentioned players at Spurs i think you're deluded if you think any of these players are anything more than a link, the only few tottenham could even hope to sign is Damiao, Hoilett and Shaqiuri.. don't believe everything you read in the sun, anyway i hope i'm wrong and we could get one or two of these... but btw you forget to mention any defenders, rumours around the country suggests Samba's a possibility but i reckon we're abit slim at left back.. hopefully someone like Peirea the Porto left back would be nice :)Anyone else dreamer.....maybe messi, ronaldo as well. have a strong coffee when u wake up fellaJust seen torres's agent with a spurs scout. You heard it here first.


05 Jan 2012 18:04:03
Newcastle update
Newcastle have bid 7.8 million for montpellier centreback yanga m'biwa the french side may struggle to keep him as he has already admitted he would love to play in the PL although newcastle will face stiff competition french champions lille

Newcastle have also had a bid rejected for dijon midfielder benjamin corgnet although the french side have stated a deal may be possible in the summer newcastle are expected to make another substantial offer

Newcastle continue to be linked with a whole host of strikers from jermain defoe to kenwyne jones however a deal does look to be nearing completion to sign 32 year old juventus striker vincenzo iaquinta on a season long loan deal(18)(8)


05 Jan 2012 18:03:31
jelavic and bent to liverpool 100%(8)(25)Please stop these bent rumours! There's no chance in hell that it's happening... Why pay 30 mil on bent when you can get 2 top class players for that or 1 world class player. Please you haven't got a clue!No clue!? well considering lpool paid 35mil for andy carroll an unproven prem striker, 30mil for bent a proven goalscorer seems cheap to me!As Harry said he couldn't hit a barn door! most of his goals come from penalties or where he has fallen on the ball. he's already wasted 35 mil on one piece of carp why would he pay another 30 for something even worse? Also u think villa are gonna sell him and just rely on heskey get a grip sonAndy Carroll cost 35 million due to the Torres deal. Liverpool stated that they wanted whatever Carroll cost plus 15 million, Newcastle therefore asked for 35m, with Chelsea paying a total of 50m. It was a three way transaction, with Newcastle cashing in on Abramovichs cash.That fella got well and truely put in his place there, but ey we have raided newcastle of there best talent once before why not do it again? i say Cabaye&Ba will do us proud, personally id even take a risk on Ben Arfa, after all.. it was a wonder strike against everton.Liverpool Are Looking In Completely The Wrong Place For A Striker! Torres Is The Answer To Our Problems! Would Love Him BackKing Kenny never was good with money


05 Jan 2012 18:03:20
Doncaster Rovers are very close to signing two defenders.
Ashley Westwood has been training with the club over the last week after his release from League bottom side Northampton and could join Rovers as soon as tomorrow on a free transfer on a six month contract.
The second name in question is Rangers defender Jordan McMillan. McMillan is only 23 years old and has been told by the Glasgow club to find another side. McMillan is wanted by a number of Championship and League 1 clubs but will turn them down in order to sign a one and ahlaf year contract with the South Yorkshire club.(3)(4)Could be something in it.Doncaster just signed a Rangers youth player in McMahon.I am a Rangers fan,and we have never given McMillan a chance.Be good to see him get first team football.AllyNo chance jordan mcmillan will leave rangers as whittaker has to go for op and will be out for around 7 weeksJordan McMillan was on loan at wrexham this time last season, and was not very good! McMillan is at best Isthmian League! Donny are signing Lee Fowler and Andy Mangan!For u to watch wrexham,that proves you no nothing about REAL footballI watch wrexham because its close to where i live, very good side, i know how to spell too, anyway, McMillan is poor. Very Very poor. I support Man Utd, but i would rather watch wrexham at the moment!McMillan went on loan cos there is no reserve football up here.And he could still go,as we have a new Nambian full back.And Ortiz and Broadfoot is still there.Broadfoot is attracting interest from Bristol City.And might be away,if we get a decent bid in for him.The boy Perry can also play righ back.Ally


05 Jan 2012 18:01:30
kenwyn jones,and j.moxey and another chap,seen tonight coming out of the molineux.(7)(10)We will not pay the wages or the money for jones we need help at the back


05 Jan 2012 17:58:21
Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cotterill, is set to raid Championship rivals Watford as he looks to keep his club out of relegation and is aiming towards pushing them into the top half.
Watford full back Carl Dickinson and centre midfielder Jonathan Hogg, are both expected to join Forest over the weekend after a combined fee of around £1.7 million was accepted late on Monday night. The duo only joined the club in the summer from Stoke and Aston Villa respectively.
Another player that could be joining is Leeds midfielder Michael Brown. Brown is rumoured to have had an argument with United boss Simon Grayson after their defeat to Barnsley and will join Forest on loan until the end of the season with a view to a permanent deal.(8)(13)Dickinson and Hogg wont be leaving Watford for a very poor Forest....worst rumour on hereHaving forest got any money to spend not like leicester city with loads of moneyI doubt these players would want to take a backwards step in their careers.If you believe the rumours circulating the City Ground, four players could be leaving for approx 8-10m. with half being reinvested. Don't forget pre season Forest were one of the Favorites for promotion after just missing out 2 years running.I think by joining watford they have already taken a step backwards,Forest are a much Bigger Club!Makes you laugh these delusional fans, just because you were successful a million years ago doesn't make you a big club. Get in the real world.We don't need any central mid, we have plenty as it is!I was told yesterday the first team coach of a Championship club, that pretty much all of Forest's players are up for sale as they're skint.


05 Jan 2012 17:42:31
Neil Warnock's scouting network have been monitoring the progress of Chesterfield's Scott Boden. The young striker was a product of Sheffield United's youth team while Warnock was manager and is highly regarded by the Rangers boss.(7)(5)


05 Jan 2012 17:52:42
Bristol City boss Derek McInnes, is set to bring in three new faces this week and they could even be available for their next league game.
McInnes is keen on two midfielders and a striker but has been told if he wants anymore, he would have to sell to recruit.
The first midfielder expected to sign is 23 year old midfielder Greg Cameron. Cameron was released by Dundee United in the summer and has been training with the club since beginning of December. Cameron is believed to be very close to signing a three month deal.
The second midfielder close to signing is Charlie Miller. Miller was recently released by Clyde and has played in Australia and Norway. Miller is 35 years old and McInnes believes he has the experience vital for Championship football.
The third and final player is Arvydas Novikovas from Hearts. The attacker will sign on loan until the end of the season and will sign on a free transfer once his contract is up at the SPL side. The Lithuanian international believes he can make an impact at Championship level.(5)(12)Last time i seen charlie miller was in the scottish masters when he played for rangers, must of been around july/aug. He looked atleast 4 or 5 stone overweight to be a pro footballer so if this is true you better hope he's been putting the miles in on the treadmill. Clyde are 3rd or 4th bottoom of the scots rd div and he got released yet DM wants him lol. The other 2 i dont know much about although i can remember the lithuanian making a few headlines a while back because of some of his displays for hearts.


05 Jan 2012 17:52:22
Watford are closing in on the signing of Adam Le Fondre(7)(21)WagesWhy would Reading sell a forward that only signed for them recenty and also is a first team striker


05 Jan 2012 17:49:41
Liverpool set to make a bid worth upto £6million for Middlesbrough utility player Rhys Williams, the 23 year old is rumoured to have asked manager Tony Mowbray to leave as he wants to play Premier League football.(3)(13)Hu da hell is rhy williams!


05 Jan 2012 17:47:49
bournemouth may sign eastwood for an undisdclosed fee(7)(6)False hes going cobblers on loan


05 Jan 2012 17:40:53
Emily Heskey spotted leaving the Riverside Stadium, rumours have it that Emile is set to undergo a medical tomorrow morning (6th December 2012) and complete a 3.5 million fee from Premier League outfit Aston Villa. The 33 year old would be Tony Mowbray's dream buy as he has said too have been looking for a big physical striker.(5)(17)3 and half mill for a 33 yr old
you are deluded ?im not even a boro fan6th December 2012 long time to wait for the medicalWho the hell would call Heskey a "Dream Buy," he is not worth 1 million let alone 3.5.6th December 2012....LoooL!He's a free agent at end of season


05 Jan 2012 17:38:01
Darcy Blake; Paul Green; Sean St ledger and James henry all wanted by Ipswich town boss Paul jewell hoping he can secure at least 2 of these signings before the trip to Birmingham next wednesday!(6)(6)


05 Jan 2012 17:37:53
Sunderland will sign Nikica Jelavic in January to replace the unsettled striker Stephen Sessegnon.

£5.5m(4)(21)Yeah right both similar players likeIs this a lieYeah, really... Jelavic would be the ideal replacement for Sess... NOT!Jack Colback has signed a 2 year contract with sunderland


05 Jan 2012 17:37:18
Now that Plymouth Argyle are out of administration and have good funds they are set to spend 2million from now to the 1st of July!
Darren Purse Signed!
Billy Bodin-Rumour
Ryan Rowe-Contract
Maxime Blanchard-Waiting...
Jack Lester-Strong Rumour
Mikael Forsell- Loan Rumoured
Ashley Hemmings-Extension
Okpala?(3)(11)Darren Purse has signed, that is true, the rest is somewhat fancyful! Argyle wont spend anywhere near two million at the moment. They will stregnthen the side where needed but spending will be kept to a minimum untill all outstanding debts to staff and former players have been paid, quite rightly too. The future is looking a lot brighter COYG Bryher PilgrimWhat a load of crap, 2 million. We have never spent that in a season when we was in the championship let alone league 2 and just out of admin!Argyle will never spend 2 million tho I would love to see boddin and o'kane at the club would never be able to afford either we definatly need a good attacking centr mid and a decent right winger and one more striker. COYGWhat are you on? 2 mill for these why not just spend on one half decent player instead of spending on up coming junk?


05 Jan 2012 17:35:42
cardiff to sign andy johnson they have beat off qpr and subject to a medical tomorrow(2)(21)We wish


05 Jan 2012 17:35:03
Swansea news: the jacks are set to sign Lloyd Bargery youngster from wrexham, the 18 year old is currrently valued at 100k and is a hot target for the swans as they build for the future!(5)(1)


05 Jan 2012 17:33:46
wilbraham to anyone please!(13)(3)


05 Jan 2012 17:32:32
Portsmouth boss Michael Appleton is keen on bringing three players into Fratton Park as the ambitious former West Brom number two looks towards the top six.
He is set to raid his old club and bring two faces in. Chilean international defender come midfielder Gonzalo Jara, is in talks over a possible loan move to the South coast after recently being transfer listed by the Premier League outfit.
Another expected to join is former Celtic striker Marc Antoine Fortune. The striker has recently been on loan at Doncaster and has stated he would like a move to the Championship but not to South Yorkshire.
Appleton is expected to bring in a goalkeeper. It is expected to be experienced stopper Russell Hoult. The Hereford goalkeeper is into his coaching nowadays but Appleton is keen to sign him on a one month rolling contract as well as some time coaching.(5)(8)We don't need a keeper or coach!Jara is worth a punt, but dont expect too much from Fortune.


05 Jan 2012 17:30:07
Leeds have signed Martin Kelly on 1 month loan deal. This will be released shortly.... Watch this space!(7)(22)


05 Jan 2012 17:28:22
Demba Ba has a clause in his contract that allows him to talk to any team that offers £5M. Remember at the time he signed as a free agent and this would have been seen as a good deal - so dont lame the cockney mafia over this..(7)(14)Newcastle aint that dumb. he was saw by other clubs at the time of signing too so why include a pathetic clause like that?Newcastle are just a stepping stone to something bigger and better!


05 Jan 2012 17:23:37
liverpool lining up an offer for luuk de jong which is around £20mil he could leave twente in either this or next week YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST {Ed025's Note - ed 001...predicted it 3 months ago mate..(16)(5)20 million? {Ed001's Note - it was Ed002 who said it was possible first anyway!}


05 Jan 2012 17:22:25
Alan Smith wants to return to Leeds United as i willing to listen to the Ken Bates offer on a deal.(12)(11)Plz let this be true.
we need him gone from the toon total waste of wagesDont want him back passed his best no good 2 us!! end ofKen Bates has said in an interview with Yorkshire radio, that he only wants players who have been playing regular football, so it will not take a player a month to get match fitSimon grayson wouldnt allow this if he was thinking str8


05 Jan 2012 17:20:51
Leicester City boss Nigel Pearson has said he does not need to recruit in the January transfer window.(3)(13)Yes of course he did sunshine, course he did!!Well based on the last few performances i,d say that is a lie, we have the squad he just needs to give schlupp a go and go to 3 5 2 formation and let king have more freedom problem solved that has to b worth 8 goals right there


05 Jan 2012 17:18:58
Nicky Barmby is very close to bringing in Kevin Blackwell as his number two. Steve Wigley was originally brought in to do the role but wants more to do with the youth side. Blackwell is keen to get back into first team football and Barmby is keen to give him a chance to impress as assistant manager.(4)(5)


05 Jan 2012 17:17:11
Gus Poyet quoted on the Brighton club website as hoping to sign a midfielder and a striker in the Transfer window. He is looking for long term signings. Don't rule out a defender as well.(7)(1)


05 Jan 2012 17:16:41
Notts Countys Lee Hughes is linked with a move to league 1 rivals AFC Bournemouth as Lee Bradbury is impressed with the 35 year olds experience and goal scoring record.(4)(11)


05 Jan 2012 17:16:22
Barnsley to sign Chris dagnall from scunny(14)(4)They have signed him


05 Jan 2012 17:16:19
Blackburn are apparently intersested in Ahmed ElMohamady from Sunderland. Kean sees him as versatile option who can add pace and strength to right side. ElMohamady not part of O'Neill's plans and willing to offload at right price.(5)(8)Im an safc fan and watched elmohhamady thousands of times and he is absolutely rubbish but would sell for quite a lot!!!!!!!! lolI'd love to think this was right cos he is garbage and I would take anything we could get for him!Please let it happenPlease don't let it happen, we have enough garbage at ewood already!!


05 Jan 2012 17:11:16
stoke to sign hiolett and pienaar(7)(19)Neither of these players are tall enough for Stoke bruisers.


05 Jan 2012 17:09:53
Any truth in the QIA rumours and Aston villa this has been doing the rounds for sometime and is growing in momentum(5)(5)Pray god yes


05 Jan 2012 17:05:32
Purse signed till end of season. Greensontour(6)(2)


05 Jan 2012 16:55:44
Norwich city to confirm the signing of an unknown player on Friday, paperwork and medical completed today(Thursday).(15)(11)That post sums Norwich up!Yeah good. we always do our business in private unlike others.Erm... (above post) what about Leeds - you never know who's signing till its on the OSIm a Leeds fan I think its Snodgrass

Dont think he is really injuredI will give you 100000 if norwich sign someone tomorrow..and i am a norwich fan.If we were signing someone tomorrow, David Mcnally or someone would of said there was going to be a press conference tomorrow or something, like they did in the summer. Very Unlikely.What did I say? Don't see any signings being confirmed today, don't put rubbish on here. At least I get to keep my money.


05 Jan 2012 16:54:15
Middlesbrough offer 2 mill for miller and also thomson for sharp also kink having medical in leeds(5)(9)Is this true about kink to leeds?I have heard about kink is a done deal to leeds but know nothing about him.


05 Jan 2012 16:51:39
Hicks and Gillett (former Liverpool owners) WILL take over Portsmouth.

I know people say this all the time but YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!(7)(18)GOOD LUCK TO PORTSMOUTH THENThats them doomed then...I herd he was part of the deal with billy sharp coming to boro


05 Jan 2012 16:32:55
where are the sources for qpr transfers(3)(7)Where are the sources for qpr transfers?

all made up as per usual with your team. Just like leicester & southampton


05 Jan 2012 16:40:11
Carlisle interested in striker John Sutton on a loan deal.(6)(4)


05 Jan 2012 16:31:26
Leeds fans ain't going to like this!!

Smudgers comimg home!

be on the OS in next seven days

FACT ! ( lol because I've put fact it's got to be true )

oh and Snoddy would rather have his appendix put back in than play for Norrrrrrrwich lol
MOT(10)(10)I'd take smith back anyday.... I'd even take back Bowyer!Really , you are forgetting the livingstone connection with Paul Lambert.
And don't kid yourself he aint for sale, Bates will take the money if a decent offer comes in.He will go to a better team than lamberts,You are assuming that another club has inquired about him, there has been nothing to suggest that has happened.Snodgrass to a big club (norwich prem )Define big club!? Don't wanna disparage Norwich but implying Leeds aren't a big club? Check the attendances out mate....Thought turning down 5mill from Norwich and snods coming out on os saying Norwich are not big enough if he was to leave leeds would end this long ago.never mind about arts,check the difference in world wide fan base,leeds have one and Norwich don't!!If Norwich had a bid accepted for Snodgrass, he would not turn down the move. Not saying Norwich's history is better, and that they are a bigger club in respect to reputation around Europe. But the fact of the matter is, Leeds will not be going up this season, any non-biased Leeds fan would accept that, and Norwich are a Premier League club, and by the looks of things, we will be next season!


05 Jan 2012 16:30:07
All these rumours about Birmingham signing players is total rubbish we have no money to spend we will sell some players and we might get some on loan and that's a big might.(8)(4)


05 Jan 2012 16:30:02
Lots of rumours flying around about the identity of the Pompey (New)
No1. The Pozzo family-who own spanish side granada & Italian side Udinese.
No2. Eddie Jordan-
No3. A consortium headed by Pompey Rock Star Eddie Howe ( The Less famous Bad Co and Ted Nugent vocalist)
No4 The Benetton Family although this may be with EJ.

Personally I would not rule out a Chinese connection.
Plymouth Graham(5)(5)He's called Brian Howe!There is no point in speculating no one knows who they are, and they will only be known when they want to be. All i want is someone to come in with rea;istic ambitions not to come in and say they want to get to the premier league. if they come out and say we are in the championship and we will biuld the club to sustain that status i will be well chuffed in doing that you never know what could happen


05 Jan 2012 16:28:15
Leeds are favourites to sign Adam Smith from Spurs as Andros Townsend and him are good friends from Spurs.(12)(7)


05 Jan 2012 16:27:56
Stoke will be signing Alan Smith in the few days. FACT(7)(20)Ha ha ha!! like stoke need him get a grip he is washed up n dont link him back to us lufc...


05 Jan 2012 16:25:06
Norwich Boss Paul Lambert is set to bolster his attack by making a move for Southampton Striker Rickie Lambert. The deal is expected to be finalised within the next few days. Lambert is also looking at a loan move for Leeds winger Robert Snodgrass with a view to a permanent deal in summer should Norwich avoid relegation.(9)(18)Yeah ok and then the cow jumped over the moon.
Utter bo11ocksThink you need to get your head out of the clouds mate !Lambert will not leave saints until we are to good for him. When he get over 33 will he only leave.Ha ha ha, why would we send snodders on loan when were down to the bare bones, fool!Utter tripe! get a grip no lambert and deffo no snodgrass ! dream on! u got consolation prize in soft arse johnson! foolDo you mean the soft asp Bradley Johnson who we got for nothing and has been touted for the England squad, sour grapes because he would not re-sign for Leeds , Grayson apparently tried 3 times to resign him but bates is tight, so he choose us.Bj was offer just 1 contract that he said was not enough but would still stay if offered what he thought he was worth,he will never play for England so stop reading the sun.he would not be a starter for leeds this season hense his contract offer.Wouldn't be a starter for Leeds? What planet are you on sunshine.... Leeds are NOTHING, good result at Barnsley by the way... Stop living in the past....I am a Liverpool fan but I would say Norwich is nothing compared to leeds utd around the world.I agree around the world Norwich are nothing compared to Leeds. But that's history. At the moment, and looks as it will be staying this way for next season, Norwich are a prem team, Leeds are championship team..and i know which league I would rather play in, and as would 99% of pro footballers.


05 Jan 2012 15:27:13
Liverpool will not be signing any striker in
this january transfer window. A winger
will be signed, targets are Ryad Bodebouz,
Andres Guardado and Nathan Dyer have
been scouted.(8)(15)


05 Jan 2012 16:16:49
Darren Mackie (Aberdeen) to Dundee Utd, before the weekend cup games(6)(5)How come every time a transfer window opens, United get linked with Mackie? He scores ca. 7 goals a season, which, for a striker, isn't a good return. United already have Jon Daly who has, thus far, notched up 14 in all competitions. Mackie will not be signing for United - FACT!!Why on earth would United want an Aberdeen reject? He doesn't score goals - that's like saying a postie can't deliver letters!!


05 Jan 2012 15:57:28
Scunthorpe United have told clubs that defender Michael Nelson is available to leave on a free transfer. Former club Hartlepool United are rumored to pounce and snatch the former captain, to return to Victoria Park.(7)(3)


05 Jan 2012 15:47:47
Hartlepool United to lose the following 3 players in the January transfer window, all for minimal fees:
Gary Liddle
Peter Hartley
Neil Austin

Monkey Man(6)(7)


05 Jan 2012 15:29:45
Celtic want Jay Bothroyd from QPR on loan.(15)(19)No they dontI,m no celtic fan but you must be really
desperate to consider bothroyd,over rated
idle, not even worth a free transfer.He will fit right in at celticFit in better at rangers...lolMight win a trophy or 3 in green and white hoops rather than getin relegated in blue n white hoops lolRangers dont have hoopsYes they do - their players are given spaghetti hoops (free of charge) before each match !Just as well I was talkin bout qpr in blue and White hoops. Poor as use are can't see use gettin relegated. WATP where Are the payments?


05 Jan 2012 15:08:10
Crawley town set to sign tom newey , loick pires and billy jones to cover the left hand side.(2)(12)Completely made up.Crawley town!!


05 Jan 2012 15:06:58
Dean Cox has signed a new 2 year deal with Leyton Orient.(4)(9)We're half way through the season, wouldn't it be a one/two and a half year deal?

Praying to God he signs. Same for Dawson and Porter.


05 Jan 2012 14:53:02
westham have invited japan international ryoici maeda to england for a trial.(7)(8)Interesting


05 Jan 2012 14:50:24
crawley in talks with rudi skacel of hearts(14)(14)Like that will happen he played and scored in the Edinburgh he is one of the best players hearts have so they will want to keep him at all costs cause he is a fan favourite aswellNo way he would drop down to league two.Hardly a drop is it? And no, I am not a Crawley fan!Soon to be league 1 - gotta be better than splLeague 2 would be a step up for himAre people forgetting Hearts are really struggling financially and therefore it is almost impossible for any player to be kept 'at all costs'. While League 2 is a bit far fetched he may find he actually gets paid on time there...Go on show your ignoranceSkacel is balls anyway, attitude problems that ladThink you will find he one of the ones who get paid on timeSPL is a better standard than League One never mind League Two. Muppet!Remember that Crawley are loaded. Everybody needs a regular income and Hearts have a complaint against them regarding late wagesI take it you have never watched league 1 football? The quality of football on display in league 1 far exceeds what I've seen in the SPL. By the way, I am including rangers and celtic in that, although without them the standard would be parks football.Rudi just told radio Scotland,that he is not signing for Crawley.So that should be the end of this story.And fellow Scots,please dont rise to the English stupid comments.AllyCrawley town website confirms interests in rudi .steve Evans quote "let us wait and see what hearts say.he is their player and we must respect that totally"Rangers and Celtic could beat a few prem league and the football leagueSpl is allot better than lg 2


05 Jan 2012 14:50:10
Michael Jacobs is due at Goodison Park tommorow for talks following an agreement on a transfer fee with Northampton Town. The sum is believed to be in the region of £500,000 with substantial clauses for appearances and international call ups.(8)(4)Who is he ??Northampton Town player - the best one they've got!


05 Jan 2012 14:48:04
Drinkwater deal nearly done as he's been training with the squad tOday(14)(4)


05 Jan 2012 14:41:48
man utd are interested in basle mifielder xhaka but will have to move quick as basle have recieved an offer from german outfit hamburg(14)(10)If they move as quick as Uniteds midfield they will lose him.ChampionsNot for much longer


05 Jan 2012 14:33:10
richard naylor (doncaster) to sign for chesterfield(20)(10)


05 Jan 2012 14:28:34
Sean Clancy to leave Fleetwood Town for Tranmere(4)(6)


05 Jan 2012 14:27:16
Darcy Blake(Cardiff) has agreed to join Ipswich Town.
He will sign in the next day or so after completing medical tomorrow.(5)(16)You need to tell him then as he will be at a hotel in Bromsgrove preparing for the West Brom game. Is the Ipswich medical in the Altered Images Gym ?Cardiff have dropped him from the WBA gameGet rid of him I'm a Cardiff fan but he had a bad attitude and is allways on the pss with the wrong crowd.He's been left out of the squad for the FA CUP West Brom game.


05 Jan 2012 14:19:44
ipswich are close to signing st ledger and are linked with darcy blake paul green and dean marney(10)(10)


05 Jan 2012 14:16:39
Tom Brindley (Stoke youth) and Pete Bassett (Stoke youth) will join leeds on loan untill the end of season(5)(13)


05 Jan 2012 12:08:47
edd any names for pne boss with announcement being made in next day or so {Ed003's Note - Not heard anything new }(5)(3)Paul Buckle


05 Jan 2012 13:52:34
Millwalls Liam Trotter to Fulham for fee believed to be in the region of £1.65million. ( Explaining his lack of first team action recently after demanding a move)(6)(7)Well he played last Sat against BCFC.. not very well I would addOnly games hes missed are through injury. Would cost a lot more than figure quoted. Millwall looking to add to squad not sell.


05 Jan 2012 13:46:51
Southampton to bid for Ross McCormick of Leeds United.(10)(24)Where did u hear that mateNo McCormick plays for Leeds u person McCormack get it right and he won't go to youMcCormick ! in your dreams mate.Southampton can do better, McCormack is to hit and miss, he is a player who really needs high confidence.What matters is how many goals he scores not the spelling of his name. As long as the guy printing his name onto the back of my Saints shirt gets it right I couldn't care lessYou can have him. Just make sure you give us plenty of cash.Happens to all of leeds strikers think of beckford remember him look where he is now... just making the everton reserves good luck mcCormackThink you will find Beckford at Leicester!!


05 Jan 2012 13:39:31
any news on Bristol City?

or Maynard?(3)(10)


05 Jan 2012 13:39:01
Aston Villa will not be selling James Collins or Darren Bent... Just Speculation! VTID!(7)(21)Not what I've heard?! Collins is very likely to Sunderland and Bent only left SAFC cos of Bruce. MON to discuss with O'Neill option of coming back...QPR after Darren Bent is what i hearBent to discuss with O'Neill option of coming back...If Villa get the right deal Ginge is a goner, they've already offered him to Blackburn. Not speculation.PHEW! At least the joker isnt thinking of coming back to The Lane.If we got 30m for Bent from Liverpool - we will sell him.
Eck could then grab 3m for Drogba & still have 27m extra to re-invest.
Clark is better than Collins anyday too.AV still owe 65% of the origonal fee to Sunderland and are struggling to pay it - dont rule Bent going back to Sunderland out or another player to pay this debt back.Drogba to villa? what have you been smoking. that's hilarious3m for didier what his left foot?


05 Jan 2012 13:38:08
Guardian journalist Ewan Murray has tweeted Southampton have made an inquiry for Celtic's Kris Commons.!/mrewanmurray/status/154913338126630912(6)(7)Yeah, but the tweet goes on to imply the possibility of a swap deal for Lambert. So I'm not sure I'm ptting a lot of faith in the words and thoughts of Ewan Murray at the moment...I'd not swap them. Cortese would lose all respect/support he has won from the fans. Commons wouldn't replace Lambert, he's more of a winger/attacking mid. Wouldn't mind him, possibly on a trial loan as we've done many times?


05 Jan 2012 13:36:53
Ian Dowie will be the new manager of Bristol Rovers

source on the inside!!(11)(9)The mans a joke neverGood luck to rovers if he is manager, blue square here you go !Probably 1 of the best british managers not recognised a true legend....Waste of space, another sanchez,keane.worthington,ince,there has to be at least one decent league 1 or league 2 ex manager who could do the job?I am the source on the inside and its utterly rubbish


05 Jan 2012 13:35:35
Sunderland looking to sign james collins, emile heskey and Jordan rhodes(8)(13)Good buys but too big a step up 4 rhodesMaybe Collins, but not Heskey & Rhodes. We have enough young talented forwards at the club, so Rhodes would just become part of a long list. Any money spent on a striker will be on that of the 'proven' variety...Rhodes not proven? Im sorry, do you play withe smaller goals in the premiership?You could ask Beckford about that. The top flight is littered with the bodies of lower league strikers who never really made the transition.A lot of forwards have scored hatfuls of goals in the championship, but can't do it in the prem. Rhodes is too much of a gamble for JanuaryRhodes could easy become prem standard under a manager like Martin oneillRhodes is no more that L1 level and as an everton fan beckford is good enough for prem as his 10 gls proves even though he hardly started,it is just that Leicester do not have good enough players to make chances for him.


05 Jan 2012 13:31:54
Watford to sign:
Tudgay - Forest
Sharp - Doncaster
Madine - Sheff Wed(4)(19)Wishful thinking mate , but forest and Wednesday are big clubs looking to build in the transfer window not sell to smaller clubsWatford could not afford any of those 3. Tudgay is banging them in at Forest. Sharp has a release clause of 1.85 million and Madine has a broken foot.What do you meen banging them in you didnt score for ten hours of football.Why do people think sharp has a 1.85m release clause? their chairman has clearly stated he can leave for 3m minimum.Forest and Wednesday big clubs, ha ha. I think they must be living off their memories. Forest are struggling to stay in the Championship and Wednesday are an ok League 1 side. Nothing more, nothing less.Well of course his Chairman would say that wouldn't he?
The player's Agent says something quite different.
We'll see very soon when he goes anyway.Watford can,t get half support


05 Jan 2012 13:30:52
Ipswich Town are hoping to land Millwalls winger James Henry during the January transfer window. Henry, one of the Championships best crossers and dead ball hitters, is seen as the player to supply the necessary ammunition. But, they could well have a battle on their hands with Hull City also being keen to land the talented 22 year old.(10)(8)


05 Jan 2012 13:05:46
any news on james constable
fo millwall(3)(10)


05 Jan 2012 12:55:56
Middlesbrough set to offer 1.5m and tarmo kink for Doncaster striker billy sharp

They will also sign lukas jukecwitz for 1.5m from coventry and possibly a Midfielder from the premiership on 1 month loan to cover the injured nicely bailey

Names being touted include mauro Formica of Blackburn Kerry augisten of Swansea and Darren gibson of Manchester united(5)(15)Kink could be a good signing for donny we are resigned to loosing sharp so why not sell him to boro if we do go down kink will kill league 1


05 Jan 2012 12:55:55
qpr will sign alex from chelsea for 2million and onuhua set to hold talks. nikika jelavic to prefer liverpool, so rangers to bid for zamora and johnson. rob hulse to sign for blackpool on loan.(17)(16)And where are rangers getting the money for Zamora?Clearly Queens Park Rangers and tony fernandes...the one chucking millions at a failing club.. nice one.You're right. I've also heard that QPR bought the title last year. Apparently, they spent 75 million on players and pay Warnock 500k a week. Not to mention the silk cushions stuffed with unicorn hair for season ticket holders and YTS boys employed solely to blow hot air up our trouser legs when the weather turns nasty. My personal favourite though is the fat man they pay to shout 'Ha ha!' at the sourly anus-faced fans of other clubs who are bitter and jealous.Liverpool wont sign rangers dud,they have their own 35 mill,mistake.Rangers are skint. absolutely skint. unbelievably skint. the only signings they can afford are free transfers or loans that are paid in part by the current club!Qpr lol championship here u comeIdots y would jelavic prefer to sign for liverpool of signing for a team he alreadys plays for not saying y would he sign for liverpool saying y would he sign for glasow rangers when he is already there


05 Jan 2012 12:51:42
chesterfield are speculated to have agreed a loan deal to bring danny ings on a seaon long loan. Also adam clayton is another loan target if tommy lee goes the other way to leeds for a fee around 750k.(3)(15)They could sign Pammy for an extra tenner.Clayton won't be leavingWhy on earth would Leeds accept that. Clayton is one of our only fit central midfielders, and we don't need a goalkeeper. Try again.


05 Jan 2012 12:48:04
Lukas jukecwitz to Middlesbrough £1.5m deal agreeded

He wil play in the fa cup Saturday if fit before traveling to teeside to discuss terms and have a medical early next week transfer should be done in time to make debut against burnley on jan 14

Boro also intrested in billy sharp but Look to have been out priced out of a move(10)(11)This is the price that Cardiff would not agree to so it's a possibility, although I was told that Southampton are most likelySouthampton have dropped all interest in jukitwitz after signing the japanease strikerThere's a solid foundation to this jukitwitz has his heart set on a move to boro he was ready to come in August until Coventry pulled out at the last minDoes anyone actualy believe he is out of the fa cup game because he is injured or is it because boro don't want him cup tied he is on his way to boro the last missing link to boro's return to the premiershipInteresting that he could possibly make his boro debut at Coventry on jan 21st if he doesnt make burnley game script is written for him to score don't you think


05 Jan 2012 12:46:53
Man utd to bid for Marek Hamsik, ferguson must see him as a way to finally repair his midfield since loss of scholes and Keane.

Rickardo x(10)(18)Man u cannot afford anyone especially with the financial fair rules coming in, your money is going to service your debt! no money to buy players means your a declining club! would not surprise me if fergie bowed out after this season rather than remembered for passing utd over as a declining team. you are the noisey neighbours now. never a dull day in manchester now, its always sky blue!You've won an FA Cup in 30 years, big deal. Get over yourselves and start bragging when you've won something of importance, as of yet you win nothing in JanuaryClearly your wrong ricardo, did you not see the open top bus around the council house on new years day!

I must have missed all the united ones over the years.

empty seats!!!Hamsik more likely to go somewhere where he has half decent team mates in mid around him. he cant hold midfield he attacks and if no1 in man u field stay back, world class rampage all over.


05 Jan 2012 12:36:54
Norwich have the least debt out of all the teams in the PL.


Thats because you dont pay out big wages, as you have not got any big players and you have a tiny dolls house as a stadium,a championship ground.

^ what team do you support because 27000 is hardly a Doll house + once we stay up again next year we are extending the stadium to 35000+(11)(14)If you stay upIsnt it Arsenal?Not true wolves have 0 debtEh man city anyoneMan city are over 100m in debtWba and wolves have no debt !!Stoke debt freeWolves have no debt,west brom have no debt ,both clubs cut their cloth to suit their incomes,boring maybe,but at least they wont be another pompey,leeds,and the rest of the admin league.Coo 35'000 thats nearly as big as Portman Road lolEverton, we have no debt Bill Kenwright is clearly a huge billionaire :)I'd heard wolves were in 40 million debt?Wolves...40 million in debt, i think not you imbecile. wolves are totally debt free, a well run club that is sustaining premier league status(just) and building for the future with young hungry players annd a bigger better stadium.....the futures bright the future old gold and black my friend...Portman road, could be 20,000 based on your current fan loyalty, and then you still swing a cat in most of it and what a dump, shabby springs to mind.Portaloo Road holds under 30,000!!Norwich lol funnyPortman road hold 32,000The only reason Wolves are debt free is because the previous rich owner sold the club (including wiping any debts) for 1.Wolves and west brom are run well and are debt free i believe. while the person who said stoke are debt free im not too sure about. they may be but if they get relagated expect admin the lot. the amount of players they buy with large installments are only possible because the money from the EPL.


05 Jan 2012 12:36:11
sunderland looking to bing in midfielder abdou camara from standard lige(1)(7)Quite possibly, as a 'one for the future'?No he wuld look to get in the first team now!!Didn't fancy googleing him then?! ;)Yes, which is why he's only 'one for the future'?! He's only 20, plays in a below average european league and has only played 12 games this season! So one for the future in my opinion?!


05 Jan 2012 12:34:40
man utd have joined chelsea in the battle for gary cahill(14)(15)Thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard u need a cmA cm to replace Carrick...who's playing at cb as there is no one else to do so?...Man Utd are champions of England and 3 points of top of the league. People must of learnt by now not to wright us off.

You dont just go rubbish over night.Welll last time i looked your level on points with spurs and 3 points behind manchester city, after to straight defeats...Well to post above you certainly have. now you know what its like to have some injuries, be lucky a striker hasn't pulled his calf...


05 Jan 2012 12:33:11
norwich bosspul lambert is looking to bring in dortmond striker lucas barrios.(5)(20)His wages are bout 65grand to 80grand and dortmund wont part wit him for at least 15mil to23mil^^^okay clever clogs you good at guessing wages, if you were a norwich fan you'd realise paul lambert had a very successful spell in germany with dortmand ans has good links with scouts etcBarrios too good to be playing in championship nxt year


05 Jan 2012 12:32:10
jason roberts is off to doncaster on loan(15)(8)


05 Jan 2012 12:31:20
alex mcliesh is ready to offer kris boyd a route to the premier league with aston villa on a short term deal.(7)(9)You don't want it he couldnt do it in the championship for us he is useless doesn't work for anything doesn't run the only goals he scores are on a plate for him waste of moneyKris Boyd is terrible, only one club for him and that's rangers


05 Jan 2012 12:46:53
Man utd to bid for Marek Hamsik, ferguson must see him as a way to finally repair his midfield since loss of scholes and Keane.

Rickardo x(8)(12)


05 Jan 2012 12:39:24
Loach (Watford), Smith (Tottenham), St Ledger (Leicester), Connolly (Bolton), Ferdinand (Southend), Coutts (Preston), Whelpdale (Gillingham) have all been linked with a move to Ipswich Town.(3)(16)And so has Alan Smith! bad times ahead for our beloved tractor boys I fearCoutts is never goin to join them unless u got abt 4 millionYou can have loach for freeAlan Smith (Newcastle)wont be signing as Town wont pay his wage demands, beside he's more than happy not being picked and getting paidCoutts is never worth 4 Million PNE will be lucky to get 1 Million


05 Jan 2012 12:39:17
Swindon will announce in the morning that they have signed Wes Fodderingham from Palace for an undisclosed fee, there will be a 40% sell on clause and a fee rumoured to be initial 175K up front with a further 50k if they win promotion.

Swindon will also announce two more players leaving next week, they are thought to be Commazi and Lanzano, both of which haven't played much this season and are on good wages.

All of the Mcleod talk is nonsense Barnet will not sell to Swindon until after the Area final of JPT.

It is thought that Mcleod isn't the striker PDC is after and that Billy Kee of Burton is his preferred target. It is no secret that Swindon are interested in Luke Rooney of the Gills and are hopefull a deal will be done for the creative midfielder, this would then see Esian Esejas loaned out with a view to him moving on. There could however be a shock with a few recent discussions taking place regarding Ritchie with Burnley and Sheffield United both interested in signing him.(6)(7)Just been announced on the adver site that the deal will be finalised in the morning.


05 Jan 2012 12:37:41
ganso to utd...25 mill(8)(17)Its a rumour page not a wish listHes easily worth 40mil40 mill you off your head!! kaka aint worth that and is better and if regains form pisses all over ganso, 25 is a bit high!If neymar is 52mill this guy is 25 minimum. would be perfect to replace scholes if he adapts (robinho looked a world beater in Brazil remember)but sniejder is a lower risk for similar price


05 Jan 2012 12:26:39
Swansea ready to take Barcelona defender Sergi Gomez to the Liberty Stadium on loan for the rest of the season. The swans are also set to sign Jonathan Soriano from Barcelona after their previous attempt to sign the striker failed as they could not agree personal terms.(5)(8)U mean barce b..I think they shud buy a xperienced back firstWhoever said we need an expierienced back get a life!!, we have struggled with injuries all season at the back but have still kept 2 more clean sheets than the next nearest team (Man City) Alan Tate back soon as extra cover, and before somebody Says that its all down to Vorm (even though he is superb and I would not swap him for any other keeper in prem)check out our defensive records for the last few seasons!! its about time the four in front of him had some credit, Williams, Caulker, Taylor and Rangel have been ExcellentI agree with you 100%; our goalie and back 4 have been excellent; I think they may try to sign Soriano from Barca again, as Swans are also looking towards next season, and staying in the premiership.Swansea linked with barca lmao!! what you swapping danny graham for little old lionel aswell?


05 Jan 2012 12:25:50
doncaster rovers to sign
marc antoine fortune-loan (permant in january)
matty tubbs (300k)
henry hall-arsernal youth team(8)(6)You say permemant in January, yet you post this on the 5th of january. If he was to go on loan to your mickey mouse club then he wouldn't be able to sign permemantly cause the window would have closed.Crawley wont let tubbs go for 300kHow can Rovers afford Fortune?
The most they've spent on a player is 1.1 million and that was on Billy Sharp, can't see WBA selling him for less than that..
Tubbs won't leave Crawley for 300k either, think that would have to be around 6-700k.


05 Jan 2012 12:24:57
junior hoilet will leve blackburn in this window ith a move to villa very likely(13)(12)He's too good for villa mate spurs,Liverpool and man utd are after himToo good for Villa? you're having a laugh, that is the rough area (8th-ish) he should beGoing to a team that can compete and win things and thats not villa! Fact.


05 Jan 2012 12:24:09
sunderland and qpr both want villa defender james collins.(17)(4)


05 Jan 2012 12:23:26
wba are ready to offer 5 million for wigan forwad victor moses(7)(14)No chance, He's worth at least double that, He will go to a 'Top' club when he leaves.He's not worth double that at all. He's barely worth 5mHes 19 quik and skillful 12mil to 15milHe is 21 and playing for Wigan.
Price = Under 5millionThese comments crack me up, (see above) he's 21 and playing for wigan .... WTF has that got to do with price, wigan received 17m for valencia from Man u, 9m for Nzogbia in last 12months of contract and 13m for palacios from spurs, if anything the fact that he's at wigan means he is being developed and therefore going to worth 10m + at least, and just like when James McCarthy rejected liverpool for latics because he like victor can see that his game will be developed and therefore in the long term coming to Wigan for 2-3 years will be invaluable in the long term for his career. Now for the genuine word on the street, he is very committed to wigan for at least 2 years at the very earliest as we where prepared to take a chance on him and he would repay that faith unless a top 6 side came in for him, so please little kiddies stop spouting crap and go back to your bedroom and keep on twiddling with your buttons on your PS3 .... you drip


05 Jan 2012 12:22:09
chelsea are willing to sell torres in a bid to land napoli ace cavani.(14)(10)Don't need to sell Torres to find the move for cavani Avbs been given 150 million to spendIf napoli agree they must be pretty stupid plus i heard lpool lining up a 15/17mil bid tooHe won't leave Italy until the summer, no chance


05 Jan 2012 12:21:21
qpr are closing in on a triple swoop.alex o chelsea is set to sign and will be followed in by onouha and andy johnson.wayne bridge could also join(8)(12)Bridge ? - are you bonkers he has sat on his rear end banking a fortune rather than find a club to play some football for, so that tells you he is really in love football (not) he will fit in really well with your other gold digging stars that would not be seen dead playing for QPR unless they are offered wages far more than their true value.
Players loyalty that revolves around just the pay check seldom if ever work.


05 Jan 2012 12:21:00
Edinson Cavani in £35M switch to Man City(10)(11)55 million would be a closer figureWhy do they need another forwardSturridge wont guarantee goals, neither will torres. Drogs due to leave for China.... see the need now?Haha... Getting City and Chelsea mixed up? City should go for Hamsik not Cavani if they are buying someone from NapoliThey all play for chelsea the post"Sturridge wont guarantee goals, neither will torres. Drogs due to leave for China.... see the need now?"
no i dont see how this means CITY need another striker haha


05 Jan 2012 12:19:58
westham have offered four million for striker jordan rhodes!!(11)(12)WELL DONE. Your BLUE PETER badge is on its way, but RHODES is not goin to WEST HAM, he is staying put until the summer, when he will be worth alot more than 4milAs an Ipswich fan who never wanted him to leave I'm gutted but at least if he goes for big money we get a nice slice of it.You have Roy Keane to thank for that mistake! lolYes because we all know L1 players are worth 4mill or more ha ha,L1 is his level.West ham would pay out 4 million for Rhodes. They along with other big club pretenders have paid out a lot more for a lot less in the past4M is a great deal of money for a Player who has yet to play above Div 1 level, and unless Huddersfield get promoted this season into the Championship who-ever goes in for him before they see him in action at the next level is taking a gamble on him making the step up.
Being a Norwich supporter I would love to see Lambert take a gamble on him, because he seems such a natural finisher and although he would find it much more difficult to find the space he enjoys in Div1, if anyone can get him scoring in Prem its Paul Lambert and his coaching staff.
Lambert took a gamble signing Pilkington when he had not actually fully recovered from his horrific injury he suffered early last year, and it has paid off in buckets, I think Pilkington's fitness levels have been substantially increased since he signed for Norwich and coupled with his undoubted ability is making quite a few team managers sit up and take notice.


05 Jan 2012 12:18:55
wigan look st to sign man utd orward mame biram diouf on loan for the rest of the season.(16)(3)


05 Jan 2012 12:18:35
I live in Bergen, local website says Crystal Palace FC in England is negotiating for Molde attacking/utility midfielder Magnus Wolff Eikrem. 21 years old, v good player(9)(6)Hes worth more than they have they went broke last year nd hes more likely to join a prem team u probably went on a joke site by mistake^you person they have money now


05 Jan 2012 12:18:16
Man United in bid for Moussa Sissoko to strengthen up the midfield. Also keeping an eye on what happens with Modric at Spurs(11)(11)Sissoko should be a must buy, he will protect that defence until we get our big players back and is one for the future


05 Jan 2012 12:17:54
qpr are in talks with andrw johnson of fulham.(13)(6)


05 Jan 2012 12:16:57
liverpool and aston villa are battling for blackburn midfielder steven nzonzi(14)(9)Actually, its Arsenal who are after N'zonzi...Villa have been intrested many times before.


05 Jan 2012 12:15:25
qpr and wolves have moved to the front of the que for man city defender onouha.both clubs have tabelled firm offers whilst wba,sunderland and newcastle have shown interest on taking the player on loan.qpr are likely to land there man and could also move for his fellow team mate wayne bridge.(6)(3)


05 Jan 2012 12:12:17
newcastle have had a bid rejected for dijon midfielder benjamin corgnet but are likely to go back with a second offer(9)(4)Typical, keen as mustard !


05 Jan 2012 12:10:29
wba and wolves will go head to head in a battle for bristol city striker nicky maynard(8)(11)Good Luck! Over-rated and over-priced.No they wont.Wolves mite as he colud replace there poor mans shane long...doyle!!


05 Jan 2012 12:08:39
Chesterfields Jack Lester to Bradford in exchange for James Hanson + 50k(3)(8)


05 Jan 2012 12:06:33
Maynard Not Coming To Saints As Hes Going To Fulham Or Everton(11)(9)To be honest i don't rate Maynard that highly and would'nt mind dipping out on him even if we were interested. I think we have a better quality player arriving in Tadanari Lee, even if unproven in this country. I truly believe he will set the Championship alight with his, mazy runs & goal scoring abilities......Only time will tell. This is obviously only my opinion and i'm sure some of the people out there will have nothing constructive to say.I agree. for a saints fanSaints announced they weren't interested in Maynard. So he's all yours tbh


05 Jan 2012 12:05:39
Rangers to bring in Freddy Adu to strength there attack(1)(14)Rangers have no moneyWhy would someone disagree to the statement 'rangers have no money' its a FACT they dont!Most likely 1 maybe 2 loan deals this window for rangers. Nacho novo and scott vernon are 2 whom mccoist has earmarked. Also ian blacks sitaution within the hearts wages fiasco being monitored.


05 Jan 2012 11:59:40
Wolves could capture jermaine pennant and jay spearing for around £8million for the two.(6)(15)MM says he,s only got 4 million to spend !
either wolves are gonna sell some players for big money or you,ve been reading the express and star.Yes if mad mick has only 4 mill think Doyle will goWhat a load of bullstActually spearing goin on loanWould be silly for liverpool to let spearing go on loan since they have just lost there holding midfielder lucas for the season...


05 Jan 2012 11:58:05
Izale Mcleod close to being signed by west ham united in a deal that could offer barnet up to £600.000.(1)(9)Rubbish, he isnt good enough and certainly isnt worth 600k, he might be worth that to a league 1 or 2 team looking for promotion, but WHU are headed back to the prem and he would immediately be surplus as he is not good enough for the prem and would be a mediocre championship player.


05 Jan 2012 11:49:58
snodgrass to go on loan to newcastle united until the end of the season(3)(24)No chance at allDont be rediculous, he arguable the best championship midfielder and leeds's most important player having scored 8 goals and has 12 assist to his name, why post crap when he still has 18months on his contractHe would only be interested in a permanent moveWhy on earth would he go on loan u bafoon? get off football manager! the only way snoddy will leave leeds is if we get an offer of around 5 million (kb said 8 million at start of season but 5 would tempt him i think). he wont be going on loan to anybody!Is he taking his jar with him as hes recouperating just now after an appendix operation !! And why the hell on loan ? He plays for scotland and relastic fee for him would be 3-5 million u twonkWhitts is the best midfielder in the champ by far.Whitts is ave compared to snods,most assists in championship and will only get better at only 23.Robbie koren is far better than snodgrassSnoddy is 23-24? you toby mugIns't he out of action at the moment but with just 18 months left on his contract don't be surprised if he does go in this window, and Paul Lambert at Norwich is a big fan and know's Snodgrass from his Livingstone days, and may well be tempted to test the water again, I doubt he will up his original offer which was approx 3M with poss add ons.
One things for sure if Lambert gets to work with him his fitness levels will be addressed and improved drastically.Nothing wrong with his fitness levels and leeds training complex is out of this world to what Norwich players have.


05 Jan 2012 11:43:14
Sheffield Wednesday are likely to revive an interest in Huddersfield winger Gary Roberts given the slightest indication that their promotion rivals are ready to cash in on the seven-goal winger.

I believe Roberts will be on Gary Megson’s list of January targets - if his contract stalemate at the Galpharm Stadium persists. Megson wants to make three signings in the window over and above keeping loan players including Ben Marshall.

The Telegraph understands Marshall’s future is close to resolution and that he is set to be cleared in the next few days to spend the rest of the season at Hillsborough.

Securing the Stoke winger, who is nearing a crucial contract agreement at the Britannia Stadium, has been a bigger priority than reviving any bid for Roberts who was priced beyond the Owls’ reach last summer.

Whether Huddersfield - linked with Marshall in a move that seems certain to fail - would sell to Wednesday presents a huge question mark.

But Roberts is out of contract in the summer and will become a free agent if his future is not resolved.

That is why he remains on Megson’s radar. And although Marshall is playing in Roberts’ position, both players can adapt to either flank.

It would be mouth-watering to have them both, considering Roberts was the main provider for Jordan Rhodes in the recent epic 4-4 draw at Hillsborough.

While that is a long shot, it is a demonstration of Megson’s ambition that players of his calibre - a good age too at 27 - are under consideration.

Plans to strengthen the Owls, rather than just keep what they have, are understandably overshadowing even Sunday’s attractive, Hillsborough tie with West Ham in the third round of the FA Cup.

Megson’s assistant Chris Evans won’t comment on the identity of targets but told the Telegraph: “The manager wants to bring in three players and if we can do that, we’ll have every chance of pushing on to where we want to be. And I think the chairman will be supportive, as he has been previously.

At the moment we are still a work in progress.”

Milan Mandaric is likely to see the value of investing with Wednesday having climbed back into second place - and retaining Marshall will add further impetus.

The delay is purely about the youngster’s contract negotiations with Stoke, which are said to be going well. Once those are settled, Marshall will be free to return with manager Tony Pulis’s blessing and encouragement.

It is also possible, though unclear at this stage, that Stoke could this time allow Marshall to play for the Owls in the cup - if the talks are concluded swiftly.

Evans added: “At the moment we’re having to be patient but Ben would be happy to continue his football education with us. And the gaffer here has improved his game.”

Wednesday were checking the cup status of their loan contingent as the Telegraph went to press. Danny Batth is available, while James Tavernier was cleared by Newcastle in the last round at a time when Arsenal took the opposite view with Sanchez Watt.

The Owls are genuine underdogs against a team challenging for promotion a division higher, but Evans added: “We’ll be fighting tooth and nail to be in the next round. It’s a good day out for the fans and a tie we’re all looking forward to.

“We know our objectives this season but we’d love to put on a decent performance.”(4)(7)Gary Roberts will be going nowhere in January. Leeds wanted him and we said no. Good luck for the rest of the season!


05 Jan 2012 11:42:51
Leeds: Norwich are long-standing admirers of Snodgrass and Snodgrass would leap at the chance of a move to play in the Premiership.

It is irrelevant how much Leeds turned down in the summer. The issue is: what is he worth to Leeds and Norwich right here right now in the Jan transfer window.

The fee being discussed is about £2-3 million, with something like £1.5 payable up front (that means over 6-12 months which is what "up front" means") and the rest in clauses - such as Norwich not being relegated.

Leeds are pushing for £2 million "up front" and want to conclude a deal soonest to allow the money to be reinvested in the squad(7)(16)Snoddy isnt going anywhere bates confirmed in the summer they rejected 4.5mill for him for an unnamed pre side (Norwich) plus he has 18months left on his contract and the possibilty of him extending that if offered the right wage and subject to promotionAre you thick of course the fee is relevant - he isn't going to no tin pot, make up the numbers club like that.Leeds will look to replace snodgrass with a Bury playerTin pot make up numbers club like Norwich? Haven't you guys signed Danny Pugh!? He would jump at the chance to join a mid table Premiership club.Shud be 7mil hes fantastic 8 goals 12 assistsWhos the Bury player

they gonna go back in for
Peter Sweeney
Mike Jones
Steven Schumacher I doubt it tbh!He says he is better than norwich when leeds turned them down,if leeds sell him there will be much bigger clubs than norwich in for him,you should move on.Funny how a Tin Pot Club like Norwich is 9th in premiership and look likely to remain in Premiership this season, where are u in Championship ? - I suspect that situation will not change by season end, and then Bates will have a fire sale for your best players and sack Grayson, so I would suspect any Leeds player is available right now for a realistic offer.


05 Jan 2012 11:41:41
Barnsley to sign Gai Assulin from Man City on loan, also a CB. a winger and another ST

Danny Haynes will move to Millwall for a fee in the region of 250k

Also Nathan Doyle will leave.

Jacob Butterfield will leave at the end of the season for a fee to be decided at a tribunal.

Ricardo Vaz Te will sign a new 2 year deal in the next few weeks but the tykes could be tempted with a bid of around 1m.(7)(5)Butterfields deal to join Villa has fallen through.
This was to happen this week


05 Jan 2012 11:38:18
Barnsley FC :
Set to sign Isreal International Former Barcelona now Man City attacking midfielder Gai Assulin on loan to end of season.
Also will sign a CB and a Winger.

With Butterfields injury it looks like no one will bid for the reported 2m fee as was said, and he will now leave at the end of the season but not for free the fee will be decided at a tribunal,

Ricardo Vaz Te will sign a new 2(6)(3)


05 Jan 2012 11:29:11
Cahill to Chelsea?(15)(11)Where on earth do people get these rumours from absolutely rubbish, no way will this happen.Yeah it will fee already agreed


05 Jan 2012 11:24:50
Spurs will sign junior hoilett(13)(11)Hope so :) contracts up in summer so could be bargain cover for lennon/bale


05 Jan 2012 11:21:11
Scunthorpe to attempt to bring failing striker martin paterson back to glanford park(1)(9)


05 Jan 2012 11:16:18
BBC Radio Leeds this morning reported Lee Clarke will be making no new signings in the January transfer window with exception of injury cover loan signings.
Very strange change in events, it can only suggest that Dean Hoyle has told him he must turn things around with the current squad having made numerous in effective signings. I would think anything less than a win against Wycombe may see Clarkes exit.(4)(5)Really?? This is the same Lee Clarke that led Huddersfield to a 40 something unbeaten run of games.A lot of sides would give their right arm to have a manager like lee clark,huddersfield would be mad to even contemplate getting rid


05 Jan 2012 11:13:06
Hugh Jenkins buisness in big money troubles
Swansea wont be spending any cash this season as he is skimming all the money off.
Vorm to Spurs (8 mil) as long term replacement for Friedel
Joe Allen and Boddee(When Fit) will be sold
From a loyal Jack(7)(9)Well if you were a loyal Jack you would know how to spell Ferrie Bodde's name! Somehow methinks you support Mr Makay's mob at LegolandHugh Jenkins isn't the provider of the clubs finances. So you are talking rubbish.

Jenkins is the public face onlyYou are a lower league bluebird, Hugh Jenkins business is nothing to do with the Swans and in fact he is employed by the Swans and does not have any outside businesses now !.Haha biggest load of rubbish i've heard, vorm isn't worth 8million yet! there aint many keepers worth 8m and i dont think the swansea keeper is haha tatAgree, typical Bluebird fan causing trouble. Funny how they've only had fans and egos since the day Sam Hammam took them over.


05 Jan 2012 11:01:31
Drinkwater back at Barnsley joined training today(14)(2)I do not belive this at all as i am a BFC scholar and i have not seen him at training as i have trained with the first team this morning.


05 Jan 2012 10:52:52
Laugh or what,
Last season Ipswich announce
new season ticket prices,then Colchester
Cambridge and Lowestoft announce an
increase on Season ticket for 11-12 season(2)(5)Ha ha get a life man start coming to
carrow roadI think us town fans are depressed enough without going to Carrow RoadIn that case enjoy league 1 next season.


05 Jan 2012 10:46:04
Ok the inside update from Hurworth is that nothing concrete has happened yet, no one been up for talks or medicals.

In terms of what Tony is looking for it remains a powerful quick centre forward. This puts Ismael Miller and Lucas Jutkiewicz at the top of his wanted list. He has been trying to sign Jutkiewicz (who is 6 1") for 6 months and he remains 1st choice. Mowbray is an admirer of Billy Sharp and Nicky Maynard but these are not the priorities. The Bednar link mentioned below is pure speculation but Boro will end the month with at least one addition up front so you never know...

The link regarding Anel Hadzic could prove to be true but he will only be cover in Midfield. He has been scouted by the club for the last 2 months so is on the radar. The wild card in midfield is Robert Koren from Hull, Tony is a big fan and would have moved in the summer if we'd have had the space in the squad.

If a striker deal completes he will move his attentions to a winger but needs to get Tarmo Kink, Andy Halliday and Johnny Grounds off the books. The options on the wingers are less clear, Raheem Sterling from Liverpool and Norwood and Morrison from Man Utd are all loan options that have been extensively watched. Norwood would be favourite as he's more physically ready for the championship but isn't what you'd class as a natural winger.

Don't be surprised if McManus also leaves as he's bench warming on big money. If he goes the Michael Turner loan is a possibility.(6)(2)


05 Jan 2012 10:35:35
wolves and qpr have both bid 2.5 million for nedum onhuana say sky sports(12)(2)Apparently he wants 50K/week so that's wolves out of the picture, so I guess QPR will pay way over the odds again in wages to get their man, receipe for disaster, if all you sign are money hungry players who have no real affinity with the club and just move for the money.
Mr Fernandes is rich but he ain't super rich and will not continue throwing millions in without some results on the pitch.
My guess is , he is now hesitating to put huge amounts in this window, because if they get relegated (strong possibility) they already have way too many players on silly money, and will not want to sign more on big wages, more likely try to get half season loan players from premier big boys.....


05 Jan 2012 10:44:06
kasper cant leave as i have just named my new dog kasper after him leicester will miss him(9)(4)


05 Jan 2012 10:28:07
Whats blue and still fits?

Man city fans old chelsea shirts!(23)(4)Top post made me laughPossibly the worst joke of all time.But sadly large element of truth!All the kids in Brighton swapped their United shirts for City ones at Xmas


05 Jan 2012 09:55:00
Brighton and Ipswich wants to sign icelandic starlet Theo Elmar Bjarnason according to swedish newspaper "aftonbladet"(6)(2)


05 Jan 2012 09:25:57
Charlton athletic have leaked there team for fulham in Fa cup on sat its:-
Dean Kiely, luke young, Steve brown, richard rufus, chris Powell, Keith Jones, mark kinsella, graham Stuart, john Robinson, andy hunt, Clive mendonca

Subs: bob bolder, mark fish, mark Bowen, Matt holland, Derek Hales, claus Jensen, rob lee(7)(6)Mendonca would be worth 5Mill now!!As long as it's only five minutes each way we should be OK with that team.


05 Jan 2012 09:10:50
Chelsea have taken Hayes and Yeading midfielder Louie Soares on trial after a number of very impressive performances for the Blue Square Premier side.(9)(3)


05 Jan 2012 08:43:17
Lyon have made a £15 million bid for Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda.(5)(10)Lloris there own keepr is better than mandandaLloris is on his way to one of the milan clubs probably which ever one misses out on tevez so inter id think the fee likely to be around 25 million+


05 Jan 2012 08:27:54
The four players that have recently been released by League 1 side Yoevil, have signed or are close to signing deals with other clubs.
Arsenal are set to give a trial to their former youngster Kerrea Gilbert. Gilbert is keen on a move back to London and used to be highly rated by Arsene Wenger. The French manager is keen to give the full back another chance to impress, with a trial starting on Monday.
Arsenal are also set to to give a trial to French midfielder Flavien Belson. The former Metz midfielder is highly rated also by Wenger and will also have a trial next week.
Bristol Rovers are keen on signing former Reading youngster, Abdulai Bell-Baggie on a short term contract until the end of the season. Rovers are also in talks with former Newcastle winger Alan O'Brien.(4)(7)Gilbert was good when we had him on loan at leicester a few years backReally think Arsenal are gunna sign players that couldn't make it at Yeovil looool!


05 Jan 2012 10:12:45
Burnley to re-sign Sam Vokes on Loan until end of season and sign adam smith from spurs for 500,000(10)(3)


05 Jan 2012 09:40:31
Luis Suarez to Real Madrid £12Million plus Karem Benzema(10)(11)More idiots making sh#t up. Can we all play EDS?


05 Jan 2012 09:09:13
Scottish First Division side Dundee, are close to signing former Kilmarnock and Crewe defender Patrick Ada on a one and a half year deal.(6)(5)This is very likely true as any decent Dundee players will be off to better themselves at Tannadice during January -a nice little feeder club for United.Both teams are pretty jobby at the minute tbh but this rumour is true about the lad joing the dens park outfit


05 Jan 2012 08:31:36
Liverpool have made a £3 million bid for Blackpool winger Matt Phillips.(14)(3)From what source have you heard this?Total rubbish maybe at end of season but hes going nowhere for 3mil.What makes you think he's worth 3M, not a bad player but more than 3M - can't see it myself.


05 Jan 2012 08:15:14
Millwall have made a bid for Ipswich and Hungary striker Tamas Priskin, worth around £250,000.(9)(2)Good grief as much as that, what ever next 10mil for bulleadsThis will happen with Henry going the other wayPlease take him lol


05 Jan 2012 08:00:33
bosingwa to join eboue in turkey and ivanovic to join ac milan also liverpool to sign mario gotze(14)(4)Please think before you write stupid things, Gotze has just signed a new 3 year contract, plus he would never of gone to Lpool over better teams in the prem!Barca, R.Madris, United, City, Arsenal, Spurs all monitering Gotze no way he will join that joke of a Liverpool team


05 Jan 2012 04:19:17
cardiff city will sign three players in next 48 hours.

jimmy kebe 350k
jobi mcanuff750k
billy sharp1.2 mil(10)(10)Are you mad? Firstly Cardiff can't afford sharp and he had said he wants to remain close to Yorkshire, and secondly if you think reading will sell Kebe for 350,000 when Leicester have bid 1.75 million you must have a straight jacket on!All of them are under priced. Sharp will go somewhere for around 3m, Kebe will be 1.5-2m to low premier league team like wolves and Mcanuff wont be going anywhereCardiff Will not need any of them players any how , We need a striker and a defender. We need Ross McCormack back or Ricky Lambert , and need a quicker defender because Hudson is too slow . Any defender suggestions ??What a load of tatterWhy do you need all those new players, you are not going anywhere other than downPlease not McAnuff....Y beleive this loser jimmy kebe will go 2 leicester and so will billy sharpY beleive this loser jimmy kebe will go 2 leicester and so will billy sharpCardiff will not go down they on form an flyin they need 2-3 players thats all we need to make it to P.L and plus players would want to go to champion ship teams at the top of the tabble to play in premier1.2 Million wouldn't even be able to buy a piece of Sharp's ear wax. he'll go for around 3 millionSharp's release clause is 1.85M so he cannot go for anything less than thatNot with the impending financial probs at the CCS they won't.

P.S. McNaughton to Aston Villa!


05 Jan 2012 03:55:26
Half of you lot cant even spell player names on here so 99% of you i do not believe!!

However expect junior hoilett to leave ewood - Stoke / Tottenham / Newcastle

Samba won't leave in this window

Andrews to leave permenantly

And i don't expect anyone to come in at Ewood as the Club is in turmoil under the current owner and manager!(14)(2)So because of spelling mistakes it makes the rumour untrueThe Canadian has to go 100% or Blackburn will get nothing in the summer when he walks. Newcastle need him and if he is sold as a player with half a year left on his contract (cheap) they'd be interested. However if its the standard January pricing Fat Mike wont pay it, so likely going somewhere other than the northeast.Samba will leave this period, or risk losing at least half the fee when they are relegated end of seasonIf a bid comes in for samba and he play for one of the top 5 teams in epl he will hand in a transfer request top 5 man c man u thfc afc nufc notice lfc didnt make top 5Nufc top 5 dont make me laugh


05 Jan 2012 03:15:09
Norwich Close On Snodgrass

Norwich City are edging ever closer to securing the signing of highly rated Leeds United winger Robert Snodgrass.

Despite Snodgrass being currently sidelined, recovering from an appendix operation, Paul Lambert has gone ahead with his plan to add the Scot to his squad as The Canaries bid to survive in the Premier League.

The fee, believed to be in the region of £2million, will be handed straight to Leeds manager Simon Grayson in order to strengthen his squad for an assault on the Championship play offs.

Leeds lost the fight to keep hold of their star, after Snodgrass handed in a written transfer request on 2nd January.(17)(24)Snoddy hasn't handed in any transfer request and 2m won't get his servicesWhat a load of rubish,we turned down 3.5 for him in the summerDon't know if the 2M is accurate, suspect it will have add ons, but it would not surprise most people if Snodgrass was sold.Im a Leeds fan, but i know he hasnt handed in a transfer request... although, i live in Norwich, and i have heard that this rumour is true... but its for 4.7m... NOT 2m!
Should be completed on Friday morning.We definitely turned down 3.75m, rumoured also to have turned down 5m, but now we've accepted 2m? What a load of rubbish. Snoddy won't be sold in January, mark my words.No Its 2up front and the other is addons
like if he gats in the Scotland squad and plays 30 first team for Norwich first teamRemember how much wolves paid for Adam Hamill from Barnsley? He couldn't lace Snodders boots... We could easily get 4/5 million for him... And he's a Scotland international regular too!Its amazing Norwich in the prem and they think they can buy anyone
You need to get realIf it happened ken Bates would be f'ked - were already nearly at revolution point - selling our best players (especially to cannon fodder like norwich) would cause a mass leeds riotSnodgrass wouldn't be able to pass a medical cause he is recovering from surgery and if he had handed in a written transfer request we would have heard all about it so stop posting rubbish. MotLambert brought snodgrass through as a young lad at livingstone , not saying its true but they still have a good friendshipA lot of people make rubbish up on this site.snods is close to new 4yr deal at leeds,according to the os.Anybody who posts details of proposed contract details such as appearances for country and min league games is talking rubbish. Unless you're the agent or manager/director you won't get to know this. All it proves is you play Football manager! 90% of the carp on here is people's fantasies! Good entertainment however :)'Remember how much wolves paid for Adam Hamill from Barnsley? He couldn't lace Snodders boots... We could easily get 4/5 million for him... And he's a Scotland international regular too!'

firstly wolves paid 500k for hammill. And secondly hammill was doing a lot more than your snodgrass is doing now, 4.7m!! dream on !Cannon Fodder like Norwich ? , take a look at the leagues mate, how many years did you stay in Div1, time to wake up and realise you are not the Leeds team of old, and are no longer a major force, crowds great but you need a good team to get into premier again.

Snodgrass Price will be dictated by many things, does he want to leave? 18 months left on contract, so his value will fall if you keep him till end of season !
and unless he signs a new contract with you his price will continue to fall.
Will Bates pay the kind of salary required to keep your best players, I doubt that, hence you have already had a few go on free transfers because they would not sign new contracts.Remember how much wolves paid for Adam Hamill from Barnsley? He couldn't lace Snodders boots... We could easily get 4/5 million for him... And he's a Scotland international regular too!'

you won't get much when he's injured


05 Jan 2012 03:12:05
Defoe to the magpies(5)(15)Too old, too much, no resale value and doesn't want to come!It its a swap for Demba BaSure it is because that happens all the time. Get this through your head Mike Ashley is only interested in Money, what money is there is an old striker Spurs don't want and don't say Defoe plus cash.... he doesn't want to come here, so he wouldn't agree to personal terms... therefore any deal would be dead.


05 Jan 2012 02:58:42
Bolton have agreed a fee of £750k to sign Luciano Becchio from Leeds United. This transfer is subject to Leeds agreeing a fee with Bristol City for Nicky Maynard. The Robins are holding out for £2m, which may cause Leeds to drop out of the deal with their latest offer of £1.5m deemed insufficient. Bolton have given Leeds until Friday to close the deal or they will look elsewhere to boost their attacking options.(5)(20)Yeah right. Dream on! Maynard won't go to Leeds!750k for one of our 2 main strikers who has 2 1/2 years left to run on his contract?No chance will maynard go too leeds!!!!Maynard will go to prem and becchio wont leave leedsMaynard would jump at chance of playing for leeds but becchio will not be sold.I'm Leeds fan. Becchio ain't premiership quality. Like the guy for the important goals he's scored for us but lets be realistic 750K would be good money for him.


05 Jan 2012 02:51:28
Anzhi have reportedly offered odemwingie 180k a week which is over 4x the amount he gets at wba bye odemwingie!(4)(14)Yeah they have but HE TURNED THEM DOWN weeks ago.......Anzhi offered 160,000 a week to Odemwingie,He recently signed a new contract worth 50,000 a week at Baggies
plus he dont get bananas and abuse hurled at him,as he did when he last played in Russia ! If he wants to go back to the dark ages in Russian football just for personal greed then in my opinion he deserves everything that he getsOverated one good seasonYeah right and anzhi offered 300k a week to there groundsman too


05 Jan 2012 02:48:27
Wolves are close to a deal to add Onur Kaya to their midfield options(4)(8)


05 Jan 2012 02:14:48
James McPake heading out the door at Coventry - host of SPL teams interested. Andy Thorn to use the fee on a new striker and wages.(4)(5)If its to an SPL team there will be no fee to reinvest.


05 Jan 2012 01:08:44
doncaster rovers would like 2 take Fortune bk on loan with the view to permanent signing in the summer(11)(0)


05 Jan 2012 00:49:11
millwall are going to get
someon in this week
but who will it be(0)(10)Going down?They need a Striker and a creative Mid field player. Any suggestions?Morison's not even in the frameThey can have Tamas Priskin and Grant Leadbitter from Ipswich, with Henry going the other way


05 Jan 2012 00:41:50
aston villa have said that
darren bent is not for sale for any
price(14)(22)Everyones got a price.Wudnt buy Defoe to old come on toon army !!30 mill to liverpool or qpr


05 Jan 2012 00:39:09
Julian speroni will not be leaving crystal palace in this transfer window, despite silly speculation linking him to QPR and Ipswich. The reason why he has been left out of the palace team lately is because he is currently ill with a virus.(16)(6)


05 Jan 2012 00:31:45
Chesterfield boss, John Sheridan has 3 main forward targets to replace Clarke & Rotherham bound Jack Lester.

Danny Cadamarteri 125k
Enoch Showomni 75k from Tranmere
Matthew Barnes Holmer (free agent)

Non league Luton grafting midfielder, Keith Keane is also one of Shezza's targets for Town(4)(4)Your welcone to take Showumni off us although not sure how much use he will be as he has a broken leg........great bit of business for Tranmere tho.I can't see Andy Scott being interested in Jack Lester. Too old beyond the end of the season.


05 Jan 2012 00:21:02
marc pugh to join burnley the [claret's].local lad coming home.(5)(6)I agree would be excellent signing for burnley,up the clarets.When?
He's got over 18 months left on current contract, has a better one on the table, and would cost Burnley a lot of money (considerably over 1.5m) as Bournemouth don't like dealing with Howe now and don't need the money.
Not sure Burnley can afford him and not sure Bournemouth will bow to pressure and sell cos they don't have to now


05 Jan 2012 00:18:07
Busy time at the Hawthorns regarding transfers. West brom will sell quite a few players although they have an injury crisis. Expect roman bednar, marc-antoine fortun and Gabriel tamas all to be definite departures. Also, west brom will do a straight swap with Birmingham for Ben foster with boaz myhill and Chris wood making permanent switches to the blues. All the reports about odemwingie and olsson are false, they are both happy at the club in the meantime and will only seek a move if a much bigger successful club comes looking there way, but that is the same with all footballers, at least these two have the honesty to admit it. West brom will be signing various players including Scott Allan for £400, 000. They will also try and bring in another striker with the likes of jelavic, andy Johnson and nicky Maynard being considered along with quite a few from other leagues that have been on albions radar for quite some time my source tells me. Finally, the baggies are looking to fill each position for first team spots in midfield and cover for nicky shorey at left-back. One last thing, Roy hodgson is keeping a close eye on the clubs youth academy to grab a few promising talents to give a try. With many of them on loan it is the perfect opportunity for them to prove their worth to the boss like James hurst, George Thorne, Sam mantom, Paul downing, saido berahino, elford-alliyu, kemar roofe just signed his first pro contract with the club too so exciting times for Albion fans!!(6)(16)


05 Jan 2012 00:14:53
Norwich City are set to sign promising Colchester United left back Ben Coker for £350k.(4)(12)


04 Jan 2012 23:53:18
Kebe is not link to southampton but Wolves, West Ham, Leicester, QPR are interested, but it is most likely that he will sign a new contract.(11)(14)He's pretty much a cardiff city player


04 Jan 2012 23:47:34
ac milan 2 bid 15m for demba ba,,,if they sell pato 2 psg or chelsea(8)(28)They wont buy until they realise the trouble with Demba Ba knee.nobody will ever invest a lot money in him.simple!And if Carroll was worth 35m last January Ba must be worth at least 40m.Cash outlay to returns ratio ? it really is no contest even if the season ended now !Demba ba has scored more than rooney and aguero so why would he only be worth 10million ? are you trying to say torres is 5 times better than ba ?1 - he said 15mill
2 - if Torres gets back to the form of his first couple of Liverpool season yes he is many times better then Ba. Current for probably notHaha when torres rediscovers his form he wont have the pace anymore and will be nearly ready to retire


04 Jan 2012 23:47:15
hearing strong rumours of Drogba to Villa(15)(31)Once they show him the highlights of Brum
he will soon be back to the highlights of
Ivory Coast or faroe IslesNo you're notYou heard wrong then


04 Jan 2012 23:32:13
last nights works do at holliet suite at Stadium oflight i heard Hull City were after Fraiser Campbell but Fraiser is injured and out for another month so it wont happen. He not ruling going to Hull end of season.(6)(9)


04 Jan 2012 23:24:23
izale mcleod to leicester heard it on facebook haha(1)(17)


04 Jan 2012 23:21:45
Heard a lot of talk about Kak to Spurs... Not saying it'll happen, but if it did I'd jizz in my pants!
Spurs!(4)(20)No chance he doesnt want to leave..and PSG are willing to pay 20+M for himWe'll just have to wait and see... It was the same story about Van der Vaart and it happened!Youuu spurs!His wages are huge, dont think youll be able to afford them


04 Jan 2012 23:19:03
fergie to splash cash out after 3 0 defeat at newcastle. he's so disappointed with the team's performance, and will buy sneijnder under £25 mil, and hummels maybe, £12 mil as phil jones doesn't suit playing cb and ferdinand's too old+ he's havng poor games atm, and vidic is out for rest of the season.(12)(17)Sneijdner maybe but another defender I doubt finger has trust in jones to play cb or anywhere in defence12 for hummels no chance at least 28 million


04 Jan 2012 23:17:55
Spurs scouting Newcastle United keeper Frazer Forster,on loan at Celtic.And might see him as the long term replacement for Brad Friedel.STV Sports Ally(6)(16)He's shockingly badWhat are you talking about ? he isnt bad he has been one of celtics best players this season ? you clearly dont know what your talking about


04 Jan 2012 23:17:19
Heard from a very reliable source that Barnsley's Haynes is on is way to Millwall. Good signing for them in my opinion.(9)(2)All ex Ipswich players land up at Millwall


04 Jan 2012 23:16:15
Free agent Alan O'Brien is to sign a short term deal at Colchester(2)(2)


04 Jan 2012 23:06:00
Rooney to be sold in the summer is a twitter rumour?(31)(18)


04 Jan 2012 23:02:05
Barnsley want Martin Waghorn. Vaz Te set to leave for 200k(0)(16)No they dontWe'll swap him you for Butterfield





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