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06 Feb 2012 23:03:43
Brighton to sign Simon cox on loan from WBA for remainder of season. Will happen within the next week(5)(22)Why would the loan one of their 25 named squad out?He's going to Bristol City to partner Wood upfront


06 Feb 2012 21:56:20
paul jewell leeds next manager done deal(17)(34)I hope notNever in a million years................!I hope so, then we can get a proper manager.HA HA HA HA HA HANo chance a lazt bit of journalism you bought inot just because him and Redfern worked together previously. Altough most town fans would let you have him for nought.So that's the reason KB sacked Grayson after the window closed!!

Clearly a desperate Ipswich fan! Paul Jewell has spent a fortune and just look at what he's done..... He'd not get that backing at Leeds, but then I very much doubt he'll get the chanceWouldn't be abig suprise, he still lives in the Leeds area.Please dont sign that muppetJewell has not spent a fortune, 1m on Chopra, 1.5m on Jet, 300k on Cresswell, in total he has spent 3m in his time here, that's next to nothing compared to other clubs in this division.


06 Feb 2012 21:46:56
paul jewell leeds next manager(14)(39)Lets hope so!


06 Feb 2012 21:12:35
Brighton's midfielder Bridcutt is done and dusted just waiting for the 8th/9th to announce it.(1)(16) 



06 Feb 2012 20:48:44
Craig Dawson will join Barnsley for the rest of the season on loan from West Brom.
LEFT OUT OF THE 25 MAN SQUAD!!(7)(12)Dont think he needs to be registered as he is under 21!!Most welcome would be a good addition to


06 Feb 2012 20:22:03
Cristiano Ronaldo to Man.Utd
Chelsea agree to sign Willian
Arsene Wenger offered for France National Team job
Arsenal to bid for Demba Ba
Chelsea wants Theo Walcott
Liverpool wants Diego Godin n Alvaro Dominguez(13)(36)Football manager is a good game isnt it?


06 Feb 2012 19:41:52
Readings lawson D'ath to join Yeovil or Exeter next week(6)(3) 



06 Feb 2012 19:35:41
Bristol city to sign a defender before city play hull(4)(8)Dawson from WBA and Briggs from Fulham and an unamed Striker in a hectic week for the reds


06 Feb 2012 19:18:51
Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish has lost the backing of his players and is set to be replaced as Aston Villa manager at the end of this season by current Norwich manager Paul Lambert.

Kev(13)(33)Why would lambert wanna go there?I hope mcleish does go but not paul Lambert We need brendan rodgers hes a lot better manager.Because Villa could be massiveYeah villa are a good club with good history and one of the first english clubs around in the 1800sWhat are you on about why would he go there are you gunna try and tell me norwich are bigger than villa. I think you need to get a grip mate villa are a huge club no matter what anyone says you plum.If Lambert was offered the job, he would abandon your tiny club Norwich before you could say presto.Kev here again lads.
I am hearing of fan protests if Villa lose to Man City this weekend.I don't support either of the teams mentioned and yes Villa are a bigger club in many ways but what have they actually won of late? Paul lambert seems to be a well balanced, thoughtful manager who tries to get his team playing good football. Would be surprised if he did not want to stay at Norwich to see things through.Provided Norwich continue to back Lambert and his team financially why would he want to move to Aston Villa, with his management and the boards support there is no reason why Norwich can become an established club in premier, if the ground is enlarged we can get well over 30,000+ supporters in every week, massive support in local area. Villa used to be a massive club, now they are just another premier league club, indeed their league position suggests they still have a bit to do to maintain their premier league status this season.Villa have a 57,000 capacity at Villa Park.
We were in the Carling cup final and FA cup semi-final (both 2 years ago).
With one of the best youth squads in the country - I would not be suprised if Lambert took the job if he had it offered to him. BUT - you have to know that Villa is going to always be bigger than little Norwich.Villa fans wake up,you are a small time club with no money to spend thats why oniel went,dont put all the blame on mcleish,he is not that bad,anyway who would replace him,get real.


06 Feb 2012 19:10:36
David Bentley going to MK Dons on loan when he is fully fit in order to push a move to the MLS in the summer.(14)(20)He's already on loan at West Ham though. How would that work?I believe his loan spell was terminated when he got injured not a 100% though. He did have the no.8 at West Ham which has now been given to new signing Nicky Maynard.


06 Feb 2012 18:23:36
Steve gibson to put 10 thousand pound into saving darlington football club after the middlesbrough fans raised a healthy amount of 5 thousand pound so he has said he will double it to help in the take over he will also allow 5 unnamed acadmy players to spend the rest of the season on loan with an option of a further year to also help in squad depth(8)(3)A quality chairman, shame we don't have one at LeedsWell thats a very nice thing to do so why carnt the big clubs join inYou Cant fault Steve Gibson, I think the whole lot of the premeirship teams should all donate 10'000 each to help Darlington get out of trouble,

Tractor Boy


06 feb 2012 18:14:32
any bristol city loan news please,(3)(7)


06 Feb 2012 18:07:14
After not being included in QPR's 25 man Premier League squad, winger Lee Cook could return to Leyton Orient on loan.(15)(4)To add to this, he is out of contract in the summer and it looks like the loan move will end up being made permanent in the summer.


06 Feb 2012 18:06:07
regarding the coventry rumour, Can you tell me where you found this rumour that the takeover has been completed please?(2)(12)


06 Feb 2012 18:02:47
Gary Hoffman has had his offer accepted by Sisu for Coventry City FC. His plans are to get the deal through ASAP, and spend big in the emergency loan market. Dave Jones will be announced as the new manager, with Thorn going back to head scout. Ranson will return as CEO. Hoffman also has plans to buy half of the Ricoh Arena from the Alan Higgs Centre. Only then if Hoffman has proven that his group are responsible will the council consider selling their share in the ground. PUSB(10)(12)With the asking price falling every week WHY would Hoffman purchase now?
A Division 1 Club MUST be cheaper!I thought the council owned the stadium not the alan higgs centre?


06 Feb 2012 16:48:01
I have it on very good authority that Mick McCarthy saved his job by the skin of his teeth on Saturday. It is believed amongst the staff that Steve Bruce had been lined up to replace MM today if the QPR game had ended in defeat. I believe that Bruce was about to sign a short term contract with a hefty bonus in place if he kept Wolves in the Premier League. And then a 12 month rolling contract after that. I am also informed that Bruce was fully aware of the situation and that if Wolves won the game then MM would be given the rest of the season to keep Wolves up, as will now happen.
I am also reliably informed that Wolves and Mick McCarthy WILL part company at the end of the season regardless of where Wolves will be playing next season. And that in the event of him not taking another job in the interim period then Steve Bruce will indeed be appointed then. With assurances in place that he will have a decent budget to rebuild the Wolves squad as he sees fit.(6)(20)Better the devil you know,better off with MM
than Bruce,he,s no better.If Mick leaves at the end of the season, there's a better manager than Bruce on his way to the club.Laughable! If Mick goes Wolves next manager will one with a better management record and not a basil Bruce!We would be better of with micky mouse than this idiotThis is utter tosh ! Nobody in the Wolves hierarchy wants Mick to leave, they just want him to fix it. If he does choose to leave it will be for one of two reasons; either he will be offered and international manager's job or fan pressure will force him out. Either way it won't be Steve Bruce who replaces him !


06 feb 2012 16:37:57
coventry to sign nile ranger on wednesday(5)(16)This is true very good souce


06 Feb 2012 16:34:52
Paulo di canio to wycombe as waddock is about to get sacked(7)(35)Ha what a load of rubbish y would he leave swindon who are a team who are goin up this season to a team that are strugling in league 1Never in a million years would he leave what he has built at Swindon for Wycombe. He has already stated that he has a job to do at Town & wont leave until he has aken us as far as he can take us.My god what are you an Oxford fan, or Reading rovers or city.... No Wycombe fan can surely think they would get PDC away from Town...Total load of pants!!Why would di canio go to a little club like wycombe no doubt an oxford fan wrote this rubbish.Rubbish


06 Feb 2012 16:29:15
COVENTRY CITY NEED TO SACK THORN AND HARRISON ASAP(18)(6)All Andy Thorn needs is some backing and money to spend on getting a decent squad together, he's got the ability back him with some funds, who ever comes in would struggle to get results


06 Feb 2012 16:10:17
thorn and harrison OUT(10)(6)


06 Feb 2012 13:54:31
Coventry City are to announce new owners with a bid being accepted that will hand full control of the club to a consortium lead by sky blue fan Hoffman, not only will Mr Hoffman acquire the club he will also buy the Ricoh Arena. First changes by the new owners is to replace Andy Thorn as manager and hire Dave Jones in a last throw of the dice to stave off relegation to league one(5)(13)You've made all this up.You are already down in league 1, hope you have a nice time down there give my regards to Sammy Clingon Bell and Macdonald, will get the goals in that tinpot leagueCov will not sell to hoffman thats factAs i've explained, all Andy Thorn needs is some funds to get coventry winning again, your short of a couple of players, and some confidence


06 Feb 2012 13:31:42
Reading to sign Owen Hargreaves on loan(9)(36)Why would he go to Reading? He'd get time at City if he were fit, struggling to get back to fitness though. Just shrugging of injuries.In your dreams perhaps.Reading might have money now but they're still a horrendously unattractive club to join.I'd rather we loaned emile heskey. at least he would be fitHorrendusly unnatractive club? Are you mad. We are far more attractive than an club you supportReading starting to get as many posts going as southampton now they have got a bit of money


06 Feb 2012 10:57:27
Craig Curran to be loaned out to a North West League 2 club until end of season with a view to a permanent transfer in the summer.(5)(3)Surely that's too high a level?


06 Feb 2012 00:18:23
Craig Cameron has turned Aberdeen down as he has his heart set on pursuing black gold and seeing in the rovers title challenge.
A move to pittodrie is more likely come the end of the season if Aberdeen can match the wages of the north sea tiger.(1)(9)Go on yourself Rambo!



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