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07 Aug 2013 23:23:25
James McClean signed for Wigan

08 Aug 2013 01:07:01
good signing will do very well in the championship

Good watched him at Sunderland it's like playing a 85 year old grandma haha good look wigan



07 Aug 2013 23:13:06
West brom have a officially joined the race to sign fabio quagliarella

Who? Is he old enough to join the club?

Juventus Forward 30yrs old

Never mind these old foriegners on the cheap, use the academy, that's why we plough in millions, /

We plough in millions so the likes of Chelski can come along and walk off with our best youngsters!

I wouldn't say quaglirella is 'on the cheap'

Why do we keep reading about "using the academy" do people really think the likes of chris wood and saido and the rest are going to preserve our position in the premier league! no chance! they don't exactly set the world alight on loan. if we could seal the deals for sinclair and hopefully kalou and then a back up for yacob and mulumbu if one is injured we would be fine. need to forget about the academy and spend some of the extra sky money on quality.

09 Aug 2013 09:17:09
"Who?" - If you don't know the name of a recognised Italian international striker who's played for Sampdoria, Udinese, Napoli and Juventus (among other clubs) then you clearly don't know anything about football.

To all of you who were supposedly 'in the know'. its the same old mr peace entering the last wk before the start of the prem and still awaiting our 'wow signings' that were definates. the only 'wow signings' will be If we sign anybody outright and not on loan.

It is getting a bit crap, with this policy. Spend where you have to don't be a tight git Mr Pearce you have plenty of money. if wba get relegated will he hold his hands up or will Clarke get sacked?

It's not all about the transfer budget, peace has to pay the wages, we may not have enough to pay the transfer and the wages, that's why we get frees because we can pay the wages that they want, anyway you can't say that the likes of yacob, anelka and Lugano are bad deals for the price we spend, NOTHING!

I live in England not Italy

Clarke would get the sack I would imagine just like RDM

I'm not saying he's not been clever with his signings, but he needs to spend to move on. Others have spent and pay the salary as well, those teams are not as big as us. Qpr are going to pay 6.4m for Zapata I thought we was after him?



07 Aug 2013 22:24:55
Coventry look set to sign Scotland international Andy Webster, Pressley is keen on the former hearts captain, and it is understood that talks have taken place at Ryton ahead of the move.

Your still under an embargo

Embargo has been lifted both Webster and manset have signed one year deals with the option of one more year. Relegation battle begins.

Were still under the embargo but the fl have said we can sign players on a 1 in 1 out basis and we have alread sold 3 (cody mcdonald, david bell, richard wood)

Cody Mcdonald, David Bell, Ricard Wood, Stephen Elliott have all gone so that means we can get in another 2 players, hopefully another centre back and a winger

Wood wasn't sold, his contract expired so he doesn't count.

Doesn't matter how they leave. As long as the inward players earns less. Around 75%. One out one in policy approved by the FL.

And neither does Elliott, another who's contract expired.

They do count.

It does matter how they leave, Pressley confirmed that he could bring in two (Manset and now Webster) which would be for McDonald and Bell who were both released from a current contract. After that he said it would be a 'one out/one in' policy.

As well as Wood and Elliott, we also released Jeffers, Cameron, Henderson, Ruffells, etc at end of contract. If we could bring someone in for all them it would be a completely pointless embargo.

Incorrect again. 25% cheaper and there in. Regardless of how they leave. It's not a pointless embargo its about the FL being lenient.



07 Aug 2013 22:22:14
Newcastle to make a move on Anzhi's Traore in the next couple of days



07 Aug 2013 22:05:47
Bristol City talking personal terms with Billy Sharp after a season-long loan bid was accepted by Southampton.

Please let this be true!

He would continue to get his wages from Southampton so can't see any personal terms to be discussed.

This can't be true. Cortese has already rejected like 10 loan offers because he wants Sharp off the books.

08 Aug 2013 11:57:42
Totally made up, Saints have said on a number of occasions, he's NOT going out on loan!

Of course he is going to drop down from PL to League 1 when host of Champ clubs after him. Get real!

08 Aug 2013 13:52:39
Billy Sharp seen at BS3 Today

People said that about emmanuel thomas!

Could be some truth too it, he's played under O'Driscoll before.



07 Aug 2013 21:33:49
Saints set to sign Matthieu Flamini on a free in next few days. You heard it here first!

Let's hope we don't do a Newcastle with the French connections, what with the manager we will need a squad of interpretors soon, one for each player and poch.

Heard West Brom are talking to him as well, with Norwich hovering in the wings.

Awkward. its posted right below.

No we didn't. The post below says the same and it was on another website a yesterday.



07 Aug 2013 21:17:04
Stevenage have snapped up Hartlepool defender peter Hartley for an undisclosed fee



07 Aug 2013 20:18:58
scott sinclair and fabio quagiriella on loan to wba

Who does fabio whoever play for. is he any good

Juventus, he is great!

Are West Brom the premier league's answer to Watford? Every rumour seems to be a loan



07 Aug 2013 20:07:55
Bristol city to bid 850,000 for Leicester city forward Jamie vardy!

we are not going to pay money like that for a player who has done nothing.



07 Aug 2013 19:49:26
Roma have offered Osvaldo to Fulham and Inter Milan for 8M to fund a movie to Nani.

My source is VERY reliable.

You will find that they want 11 mill for Osvaldo which I think is reasonable for a fulham considering how good he is. He stated that he wants to come to England it's just if Fulham want to pay the asking price.

Worth every penny! This would be an exciting signing for our club - and only Inter Milan to fight off!

If they are looking to raise money quickly I can believe that they would drop the asking price. Will be intriguing to see what happens.

08 Aug 2013 09:54:02
Not sure about the transfer but looking forward to seeing the movie.

Jol has denied interest in Osvaldo this week but hopefully this is a cunning plan. Osvaldo and Bent arriving would give Fulham an excellent strike force with plenty of options, would certainly take the scoring burden away from Berbatov - just hope Jol can clinch these deals and then work out how to play these very decent players - ie the ball needs to move quicker from back to front to allow the potency of these forwards to be realised.

Fulham also interest in Aogo (Hamburg), Konoplyanka (Dnipro) and Sako (Wolves) total spend with Bent and Osvaldo would be £30m.


Riether Hangeland Amorebrieta Riise


Ruiz Osvaldo Taraabt/Dejagah


If we can get those two and Osvaldo our team will be very good and be capable of finishing top 7 I just have a fear that it may be Bent over Osvaldo unfortunately.

Would take Osvaldo but bent would score more in the prem. would refer bent.

If you think Fulham are going to spend 30 million you are living in dream land.



07 Aug 2013 19:47:56
Watfords search for a the 3rd choice goal keeper looks to be over as Gary Woods formerly of Doncaster looks like their candidate to occupy the 3rd choice but may challenge Bond to second choice

08 Aug 2013 09:53:24
probs won't get in the team

No investment no sharp no nobody another pack of bull by j. r and pals

Wont challenge bond, if anyhting bond will challenge almunia, bond just called up to eng u21.

Seems sensible, he'll provide some competition for Bond as 2nd choice and if we get injuries to both Almunia and Bond at least we have a keeper with a full season under his belt, unlike Jack Bonham. Not really sure what Woods gets out of being 3rd choice though, you would have thought he'd want to play games at this stage in his career.

Its a joke now Doncaster with the money wise its about time john Ryan gets his money put into the club and not just take loads out and same to the others you can run a successful football club with no financial support

You would think he would wanna play games because he's shocking

How much money do you believe JR has taken out of the club! Without his millions there is a chance we wouldn't even have a club. It seems that a large number of 'fans' have known nothing but success. Long live JR and sustainable football at the Keepmoat

The same old story, come May we will be told how much relegation has cost us when investment now would save the day.
Will the board ever learn or are we to be satisfied with the lower leagues and the occasional cup run. Bring back Sean at least he did show something with little investment. Another mistake sacking him.

One of the few things TB and DW have got right, is INSISTING O'Driscoll be sacked.

No more s. o. d pretty football with end product very poor track record only took team built by d. penny and the destroyed it 2wins in last 28 games brilliant, back dickov let j. r. and his pals come clean as to what's going off they kidded the supporters far too long

Denis O'brian has denied takeover he said he had nothing to do with it

TB and DW had to sack sod as JR is very loyal. they did it 6 months too late

If obrien was never involved why as it took him a month to come out I smell a rat here, and I think it's summert to do with u loyal fans to buy season tickets and false hopes, if the board carnt afford it then tell fans instead of this shocker

Yes their appointment was great only bloke I know who relegated two Championship teams in consecutive seasons. You lot wouldn't know a good manager if you saw one.

There is an Irish bid, which is still on the table, but is being rejected by some people on the board. Perhaps they would prefer to look at land assets before football, not what JR is interested in, he has been the constant in all of the success over the last 15 years - and whatever you say they have been largely successful by Rovers standards. Support JR, he is a fan first and that is why he puts his money into the club. RTID

TBH let's get this lot in open,,,,, are we getting investment or not? simple YES OR NO would do

What on earth is happening at DRFC, Obrien supposedly one of the players in the Irish investors has stated he has never had any intention of investing in the club, JR obviously very annoyed about the whole situation at the club, would'nt be surprised if he walks, and who could blame him, it's time that CEO Baldwin came out and tells the truth about what's going off. Because without further. Investment in the playing squad in particular the strikers we are doomed, also very poor choice of manager in PD

09 Aug 2013 22:37:12
To the guy who started with" there is an Irish bid" I agree completely to many fans forget what John Ryan has done for our club and where we were when he SAVED us. good post

10 Aug 2013 11:48:39
About SOD ryan was also involved in the sacking as SOD sltold board he didn't care anymore and he stopped all communications with them

About JR and SOD, I think some way from the facts. Certainly angry about Board decision at the time I believe. Interesting that you try to spread rumours against JR.

You mean the same Board who resigned and walked away. Hard to communicate with non existant board. Ryan was forced to accept sacking, Ryan forced to accept Managerial appointment of DS, Ryan was forced to accept "The Experiment", Ryan forced into looking for "Investment", and now Ryan forced to put what he found on the back burner. Tell you this. Ryan is being forced out.

11 Aug 2013 00:33:34
Sod is a legend, the guy took us up and kept us there for 3 seasons so yeah sack him. Sonny fans are a waste because they get lost in sky watching Man U we aren't that big get over it, I'd rather be watching sod take us down than dean one dimensional Saunders and I'm not taking anything away from his work but sod was a class above with his loan signings and playing to players strengths. He would of took us back up after the inevitable relegation that even el hadj diouf, Fred piquionne and pascal chimbonda could not prevent, wake the ---- up and realise we get 10000 at best and aren't big enough to challenge for more than survival you. I won't for your sake ed lol

SOD is only a legend with those who know no better. He was a lucky manager, lucky to take over a good side from DP, lucky to get the loan signings he did ( most down to Micky Walker by the way ), lucky to beat Leeds in play off final, and lucky to be in a job on at least 3 occassions. Yeah, he got layers playing to their strengths alright, no win in 28, jeez, that's strengths alright. Saunders got players playing to their strengths, not pretty, but very effective, as was proved.

SOD was rubbish played football and never got results simple as that Saunders was a better manager he got us goals and a promotion his hands were tied with relegation because of the rubbish under par squad he had to work with, when he built his own they performed well

11 Aug 2013 14:18:49
DRTID!! I say this I AGREE JR is being forced out b, because he LOVES HIS CLUB n he would if he had the brass put it into the club as he always has, but now we have 2 VERY rich men in charge who WILL NOT, I just hope JR sticks it out but its looking doubtfull now I say JR please stay YOR MR DRs n always WILL be NOT those other directors! RTID!

Were you at Wembley? Rovers played them off the park thanks to SOD.

Time to go JR you were alright for div 2 but you haven't the financial resources for this level

If you think DRFC played LU off the pitch at wembley may I suggest 2 things. 1. Go to Specsavers 2. Make sure lenses are not "Rose Coloured". And that's from a DRFC fan of many, many years.



07 Aug 2013 19:40:48
Coventry to sign former Hearts defender Andy Webster this week



07 Aug 2013 18:46:17
Peter Hartley to sign for Steveange for 45k.

Hartlepool to offer Michael Duckworth a deal and tie up a loan deal with Matty Dolan from the boro.



07 Aug 2013 19:34:24
Crystal Palace have made enquiries to take Aston Villa pair Marc Albrighton and Samir Carruthers on season long loans

Premier league rules state that you can only get two players in on loan and they cannot both be from the same club.

I hate how every rumour about albrighton comes under Brighton rumours because it has Brighton written in it

07 Aug 2013 22:38:34
Paul lambert kept his belief in his players last season and must have been under tremendous pressure, this year they are my dark horse to be in the top 2 although I'm a palace supporter.

09 Aug 2013 10:28:43
I expect a big season for Carruthers this year, if he has to move to get game time then no better place then Palace.

Going to be a tough season but that's generally the way for newly promoted teams.

Carruthers is a fantastic player and can easily control a game, EPL experience for him in crucial and a move to Palace would be fantastic for his progress in a future Villa shirt.



07 Aug 2013 19:11:33
The Saints may turn their attention to ex-Arsenal star Mathieu Flamini - who is currently a free agent.
The club were linked with a move for the 29-year-old earlier this summer, However, having seen his bid for Banega falter, Pochettino could go back in for the Frenchman.


They will not. Neither will they consider Messi, Rooney, Suarez etc etc etc. Pure fabricated nonsense.

He's a defensive midfielder, why do we need more when we have Morgan, Jack, Victor, JWP & Davis who can play in front of the back four?

We don't need another dm

It's a possibility but unlikely as pocettino is seeking a midfielder with the ability to control the play.

07 Aug 2013 23:13:54
As a fan you pay for sky tv hand over £600 plus for a season ticket, then don't have any say or at times what's happening at your club. They say in Germany the clubs are part owned by the fans not like here with wealthy owners on an ego trip.

Years ago the wealthy owned race horses now it's football clubs.

08 Aug 2013 08:59:19
Why are we try to fix something that isn't broken. Cork/Morgan were outstanding as a two last year and would only get better this year. Losing confidence in MP and NC.

To the post above, spider and cork were quality 2gether last season, I agree, but no harm in progressing bringing in more quality in depth. got to be ambitious otherwise u stand still or go backwards. have faith especially in N. C.



07 Aug 2013 17:46:59
Jose Baxter to Burnley - 750k.


Lot of money for unproven striker

Good player, would fit in nicely

07 Aug 2013 19:46:56
Hope not

Not a striker

Baxter will sign for hull, John Eccles will join burnley

Hes an attacking mid



07 Aug 2013 16:44:29
Burnley manager Sean Dyche has made Bolton's Craig Davies his priority signing before the transfer window closes. It is thought Bolton will be willing to let Davies leave.

Very highly unlikely unless Bolton can land Jordan Rhodes

Never davies will stay at bolton

Could be something in this one aaccording to a football journalist from the Burnley paper

Bolton are prepared to let him leave at the right price but as of yet there has been no contact between the clubs. Just paper talk.



07 Aug 2013 16:43:22
Burnley manager Sean Dyche is trying to sign Billy Sharp and Dean Hammond from Southampton. Sharp is thought to be a permanent deal if wages can be sorted and Hammond likely to be a season-long loan deal. This has come from a source fairly close to the club.

Who his agent!

I see no point in Hammond leaving on loan again but may happen if saints are unable to sell. I believe sharp will leave but not until saints secure the signing of a new striker. Quagliarella appears to be strongly linked to st Mary's.



07 Aug 2013 16:24:42
Rumours Boro have increased their bid for Ross McCormack to £2.7m, a lot more than I believe he's worth. I think Adam Le Fondre would be a better signing for that kind of money. Come on Gibbo, step it up a gear!

Gary Neville to decide on future Boro signings as from September 1st

Boro have agreed a fee of 2 million pound for Ross McCormack and he will travel to boro for a medical and personal terms on thursday

07 Aug 2013 20:24:11
You'll not get Le Fondre and not for that amount. Double it.

07 Aug 2013 20:49:16
Like Boro have £2 million to spend on a player. I don't think so

McCormack won't come. he sees leeds as the biggest club outside of the premiership. sorry guys

Way too much for an average player!

Where on earth has that supposed £2. 7M been hiding!

Ross McCormack would be alright, not perfect but alright. As to wether or not we wan't to sign alright for that money should be another question. He will probably score the most goals in the side and we do have more creativity this season with Carayol fully fit, Adomah and hopefully Emnes.
Just bring him in for his glamour model girlfriend.

Mccormack is not worth 1million he his not the type of player we should be looking at we need a big target man that's why mowbray is trying to get crouch on season loan

Just an update if any one knows, 1/ what is this reference to gary Neville about please enlighten me, 2/ what happened to the croatian signings that the club/gazette wrote about and had us all looking forward to Croatia joining the EU 3/ are we linked with any defenders as we still can't keep a clean sheet and lastly any other goalkeepers linked now we have missed Turnbull. Cheers



07 Aug 2013 16:18:31
Jay bothroyd and Nathan delfouneso are both targets for Bournemouth as they look to step up their hunt for a striker

Delfouneso played under Eddie Howe at Burnley and very rarely came off the bench and was sent back to Villa early so that one seems unlikely

07 Aug 2013 20:59:52
Don't think Bournemouth will attract good players no matter the money

Think we will have to stick with what we've got till January and hopefully if we are mid table that will convince a few better players that we can hack the championship!

Apart from the 20+ they already have

What a nonsensical statement

08 Aug 2013 09:51:33
WUM. Not attract good players? Have you seen our defence, midfield & forwards? Must be a Swindon fan, still upset about losing Matt Ritchie!



07 Aug 2013 15:49:22
Have it from a friend that Boro have again looked at Stewart Downing as a loan target, wages are an issue. Also Marvin Emnes has requested to leave the club this window but boro will only sell and no offers have been received by any club. But he could be part of any deal with Leeds United for McCormack.

Emnes has been a lightweight since he arrived, if he goes. bothered. to much for McCormack. Stu? would ge great to get him back

If he wants to leave then let him, as long as there is a swap deal in place or other strikers are imminent to join

I loved stewy downing at the boro, but we really can't afford his wages surely?. we now have carayol and adhoma as our wide players, two exiting quick and more importantly direct wingers. do we need stewy. imo no we don't but we do still need a striker and centre half

Downing is going to stoke

McCormack staying at Leeds as is massive part of team and downing off to stoke I'm afraid



07 Aug 2013 16:02:43
Reports out of Italy saying Quagriella has now had direct talks with CH after Valencia pull out of the race to sign him.

Who exactly is CH?


Chris hougton?

08 Aug 2013 15:24:54
Yes Chris Hughton



07 Aug 2013 15:36:59
Transfer merry go round starts. David Luiz to Barcelona. Fabregas to Manchester United. Rooney to Chelsea

Luiz to Barca is very likely! Fabregas WILL NOT leave BARCA! & Rooney to Chelsea is possible!

How can Barcelona afford Luiz without selling Fabregas.



07 Aug 2013 15:30:49
Reading have bid £1 million for Bradfords Nakhi Wells

Not enough. Already turned down more than this. "Big" clubs may not think Nahki is worth more but that will mean that they are not able to get their man (if, indeed, there is any truth at all in this or any other rumour). It is very much a seller's market where Mr Wells is concerned - City would sell, I think, but at their fee and not at a fee that some big club thinks they will be able to bully City into accepting.

Bids over that have already been turned down- double it and you never know

It's simple maths. 70 teams start and since the premiership shrank to 20 from 22 only the last placed team relegated from the premiership plays in round one.

08 Aug 2013 10:17:07
He won't leave for reading

Leave alone at anything over £1m. Not proven at a higher level and if Wells and Bradford have a disappointing season he'll be available for 500k.

08 Aug 2013 10:17:07
He won't leave for reading

So he effectively has no ambition to play in a higher league, earn more money and stand a reasonable chance of premiership football?

Not sure reading would want to sign a player if he lacks ambition like that

. although Wells is already 2 for 1. 25. Not bad so far. Typical of a "big club attitude" but flawed. If City don't need to sell now at 1 mill, then they still won't need to sell at 500k at the end of the season. If Wells continues (and he scores goals - so good season/bad season - he will score) then clubs that show a smart arsed arrogant approach won't even be able to get him for 2 mill and there will be a scramble for his services. However, as City don't want to sell right now then it is all rather academic, isn't it? City have said time an again that they would only sell for silly money - so no silly bid no player - everybody is happy.

08 Aug 2013 17:35:51
"He won't leave for Reading" what a stupid comment. Why wouldn't he leave League 1 Bradford for championship title contenders Reading?

He probably would go to reading but its not up to him is it? 2.5 million might make the board think again.

As a city fan its teams like reading I fear come knocking because their position and recent history makes them a bigger draw

Club have stated in Bradford Newspaper that they have not received any bids for wells since the one from Peterborough which they rejected

2.5 million your joking right

And I quote

"City have not had a single call about Nahki Wells since knocking back a bid from Peterborough. "

"Peterborough tried to sign Wells earlier this summer but the club turned them down out of hand – with the player later dismissing it as a “sideways” move. "

" “The day will come when he will hopefully play at a higher level but he doesn’t have to think about that now.

“He’s got to prove himself in this division first. If he does, we’ll see where it takes him and us. ” "

Chairman, player and manager quotes from today's local paper.

Even £1m is a stretch for someone who scored 18 goals in 39 apps in League Two. I've no idea why a team pushing for promotion to the EPL would be interested in him, we could do a lot better.

Not joking no. the board would not entertain any bids below that mark. i even doubt 2. 5 m would be enough.

What don't people understand? it is true that wells it not worth 2.5mill but its well known that the club do not need the money and do not want to sell wells which is why only a stupid figure over his value will be accepted which is why it will have to be between 2-3 million - no one is saying he is worth that, but bradford don't need to and don't want to sell him, so why wouldn't we ask for a ridiculous price

Unless u get promoted he will play for you for many years to come because nobody's gunna pay 2. 5 -3 million but what happens when the player kicks up a stink. u mite have to take what u can get

Haha how do you know what the board would entertain some football fans make me laugh

Some of you doubt your board would accept 2.5 million. I am sure they would, bradford could do with the money.

Bradford do need the money. the superb league cup run last season was a lifeline for them.

After today I wouldn't accept any less than £4million for him. And no I am not joking!

4 million for a league 2 striker keep dreaming chap

Well thank The Lord you have nothing to do with the clubs finances.4 mill. What a joker.



07 Aug 2013 14:33:15
Concerned about Shrewsbury having too many strikers on the books GT is willing to let Tom Bradshaw out on loan. Wolves are interested. Connor Goldstein likely to replace Bradshaw in attack on Saturday.

We're interested in a player that isn't good enough for Shrewsbury eh? That just about says it all.

We have 1 striker and goldson is a defender

Ha ha no strong rumours no signing anyone

Wem shrew

Are you ever positive wem shrew! Don't worry Eaves coming back on loan

Wem shrew go and watch Telford, that's a good lad and don't come back

Told you few weeks ago we would be in the cart at the start of the season and here we are 1striker joke you better start spending some money Grahame or your going to be looking for a new job get rid now get someone in with a bit more clout unhappy southern shrew

If you think we were singing manset he's gone to coventry

Totaly agree about Wem Shrew Moan Moan Moan God help the persons who have to sit close to you at the matches




07 Aug 2013 14:18:55
With the left side issues at Ipswich Mick is looking to bring In Stephen Hunt to try and stock up in the left midfield and left back roles.



07 Aug 2013 13:24:50
the last player for Huddersfield to sign for now will be Cyrus Christie from Coventry, after all the speculation of Huddersfield needing another center back mark robins mind has change with lynch playing very well. this will be a bargain for mark robins as he rates him highly and will be able to get him for cheap money!

No you won't. What makes you think he will be on the cheap? He's on low wages so no urgency to sell and all this talk of ccfc being desperate for money is wide of the mark. We ain't rich but we went in to admin for refusing to pay extortionate rent, not because we were unable to!

I hope we sign Christie and sell jack hunt to cardiff or someone like that who apparently want him and get some more funds into the club because in my opinion jack hunt is not up to the task.

Fortunately your opinion, and the opinions of those like you are a minority, and the majority of Town fans consider Jack to be a quality player. Not the finished artical I agree, but the fact that premiership scouts are watching him should tell you that your opionion is crap. Unless you are saying you know more than the professional that are paid for thier opinions.

Christie might leave as Coventry are only aloud to sign players if players leave so it has to be 1 in 1 out and we signed Manset as Mcdonald left

David Bell also left so we can bring someone else in on 75% of what he was earning and he was one of the top earners at City.

That can include the "Broadstreet Bomb Squad" which have been told they're surplus to requirements which includes at least four players. Bell has left also.

2nd comment, how deluded are you? Coventry aren't desperate for money? Absolutely skint. Anyone comes in with an offer over a tenner you lot would drive them there yourselves. You couldn't afford rent on a 1 bed flat never mind a stadium.

Premiership scouts have watched him and. they've not bidded have they. He's exploited every single game. Wigan did it and even on Saturday the hole was between Hunt and P. Clarke. He's not even good that attacking wise, watched him as the Bradford and every cross couldn't get past the first man. I think the majority of Town fans know that he's not quality at all.

08 Aug 2013 10:32:13
We need a RB! Hunt Is dreadful

I agree Hunt was shocking against Bradford City.

08 Aug 2013 15:37:00
I agree on that one and always have. Get rid

Unfortunately most town fans do think he is not a great full back, but may have more of a future further up the park!.

Joining the Hunt debate, the first duty of a full back is to defend. Even the most ardent Hunt fan surely can't think Hunt is Championship standard defender? Going forward, at Div 1 level he was very dangerous. At Championship level, the opposition knew that 9 times out of 10 he looks to go on the outside, more or less push & run, keeping the ball on his much stronger right foot. I reckon I could stop him and I'm 59yrs old! So whilst I hope there's room for improvement if he stays, if a Premiership side offers some fancy money, well I'd be tempted to cash in.

We are not desperate for money, we are not skint! Sisu/Otium have money they just aren't spending it because they'd rather drag us down than take us up

Typical. Knock one of the young lads we have brought through. Players who've got a reputation or cost us money. (Norwood) just get away with it

09 Aug 2013 09:02:28
The quicker Hunt goes the better. He can not defend even though he is classed as a defender. This Christie lad sounds good and could fill the hole easily.

Why is the second comment delusional? You're talking about a club you know nothing about! Every player has price but he won't be going anywhere on the cheap! And we're paying rent at Northampton's ground (which is about the same size as a 1 bedroom flat!) so your wrong there too.

This sounds like typical drivel from (Town) fans who don't go to games but watched town v Wigan on the tele last season where Hunt had a poor game.

We're £70m in debt. That means we're skint. Coventry's Cheekiest Charmer.

09 Aug 2013 16:43:15
I have a season ticket and have watched for 25 years. I have only missed less than 10 league games in all these years. I admit jack hunt is a useful player and quite good. But whenever he makes a brilliant run or a good cross he makes up with 2 or 3 dreadful defensive errors. Going back on comment Christie sounds interesting, but surly we should be looking at Anton Ferdinand to fill our defensive hole.

09 Aug 2013 22:51:11
hunt is one of the best fullbacks in the champ so stop slagging him off


10 Aug 2013 08:39:22
Jack hunt is good but nowhere near the best full back in the champ. You my friend are deluded.

Rubbish, Wallace gerrard carroll clarke lynch dixon hunt are all good enough now

I can assure everyone Huddersfield are not interested in Christie, I'm a Coventry fan who lives in Sutton Coldfield the gym I use is at a hotel where teams stay before matches, before Huddersfield played Wolves last year I spoke to their and our previous physio Darren Robinson who said they have no interest in Christie and that the two best youngster at Coventry were Willis and Thomas.



07 Aug 2013 13:05:59
Lionel ainsworth is being linked with a move back to shrewsbury which has made links stronger for theo Robinson to join as the two are best mates off the pitch.

Pretty sure ainsworth will not be going to shrewsbury him and turner fell out big style a couple of seasons ago



07 Aug 2013 12:59:55
due to Cardiff failing to meet etienne capoue's demands we have now been strongly linked with a possible swoop for aston villa's centre attacking midfielder (cam) Charles n'zogbia. the cost will be between 7-11million

He is injured at the moment and his injury will keep him out for the first few weeks of the season

Are you mad? The fee was agreed and he accept the contract which was offered, he just wants to go to athletico Madrid, if they don't come in for him I guess he'll join us, we're we should say no thanks you had your chance, plus there two totally different positions, Nzogbia is LM/LW, I would love him to join the City mind! R. S

Aaa no thanks, I don't know where you got Cardiff failing his damands cause we agreed on everything with the player but he is waiting for Atletico to come in which seems like they are, it's just a waiting game now for the bluebirds and hope Atletico won't beer the fee that Cardiff has put on the table. As for Charles this is the first I have heard and I don't want him, why do we want a CAM anyway we got Kim, the position we need is a CDM!

No way. Different type of player. and N'Zogbia's just had an achilles op. Malky will sign another MF stopper if/when Capoue falls through. still plenty of time. Mbia possibly (ccfc will get the best from him) or Huddlestone with the right fitness regime and treatment. Look how many games Bellers has played since joining.

Any team that pays so much for him obviously didn't see him playing for Villa last season rubbish

Capoue is now in talks with spurs.

No, Tottenham are in talks with Tolouse Fc. Not the player, just yet. Let's hope they feel our offer was too much and Tolouse tell em to go do one. Minimal chance he'll sign now

He was just waiting for a CL or EL team. Done deal. Move on bluebirds.



07 Aug 2013 12:21:53
Southampton have joined Everton as the frontrunners to land the signature of Iceland striker Alfred Finnbogason.

Celtic are favourites, he wants to play champions league football and has lived in Scotland as a boy and fancies moving back there, IF celtic qualify for CL tonight.

Let's hope it's right and we can get him then, he looks really useful, worth the gamble I reckon, probably more
realistic than some of the names being bandied about as well.

HE will be joining Glasgow Celtic after they dispose of Elfsborg tonight. Deal will be complete by Friday ( European Football) a huge factor . The BAZMAN EL FOOF

Everton are currently holding a debt close to 50M, so unless they sell Fellani and Baines I am not convinced they have the cash to buy half the players they are currently being linked with according to the rumours.

Celtic are the rumoured front runners for his signature according to all of yesterdays media, no mention of Everton or the Saints

As a Saints fan. We r being linked to everyone, most of it is a load of bull, I would love a striker as we need 1, but we would cope with out 1, just as long as we don't love any 1. spaggy

Thought the likely destination was Celtic?
Sounds like his club/agent trying to get an auction going.

A big IF!

Saints player announcement tomorrow then.

Celtic bound 100%



07 Aug 2013 11:11:19
Charlton Athletic are in talks with Peterbrough's Lee Tomlin & Tommy Rowe money is being talk about but boro would rather some proven L1 players to help them to promotion in exchange most likely being Danny Hollands and Danny Green

07 Aug 2013 12:24:55
This is wrong on so many levels.

Posh only interested in signing young hungry players, not "proven" ones.

They would also only sell for mega ££ that I'm pretty sure Charlton won't pay.

Total rubbish, green could have gone to peterbrough but chose Charlton still has this season left on his contract why would he move. Unless he gets a 3 yr contract but he can walk the end of the season into a club. The players you have mentioned are not any better than Hollands & green. Where's your source of this information.

Not convinced by this at all, think it's a stab in the dark

No chance. Not in the slightest

Not only does charlton not have the money, everyone knows that we don't want experienced overpriced players. this is just some fan fantasizing over two quality players.

Could see Rowe leaving for Charlton for a low 7 figure fee but as the Posh chairman keeps saying Tomlin is not for sale and will be here this season.

Why do people post this dross. It's not a rumour it's a blatant lie! As both Rowe and Tomlin are vital to Peterborough's campaign to get back to the Championship, it would cost a small fortune to buy them.

No chance, Charlton wouldn't want or be able to pay what we would want for them both.

Can't see Chris Powell getting rid of either Danny green will score goals for us this season and although Oxford are in league 2 Danny Hollands dominated the midfield yesterday

Chairman has stated today that Tomlin is going nowhere! dream on.

Everyone knows that this is rubbish. unless charlton are about to be bought by billionaires, then they won't even be able to pay 10% of the required fee.

I'd like to see Green and Hollands given a chance this season, I think all we need is a LM as cover/competition for Harriott

Tomlin is better than green but this will never happen

Leeds inquried about Rowe and bid in the region off 500k, the bid was rejected out off hand. They want 1 million + for him can't see anybody paying it as he is out off contract at end off season

Rowe wishes to move back towards the North, London? Now where's that?

Why would we want proven league one players when were only going to be in league one for 9 months?

If tomlin is better than green why hasn't another champ side picked him up. there is always a reason.

Green should be a regular starter, makes things happen when he gets the ball which sadly isn't consistent enough need to be playing attacking football.

What load of tosh!Charlton are up for sale they are close to going in to admin, so how could they afford 5 million to buy two of the Posh best players.

Charlton up for sale? Do you believe everything you read in the Sun?

Charlton up for sale? Do you believe everything you read in the Sun?
You don't have to believe the Sun to realise the club is up for sale. Jiminez and Slater are pumping £12 mill a year in just to cover debts! If you'd bought a toy and it was losing money that fast I'd like to get rid of it. Also it dosn't help when the new and the old board are also suing each other 24/7. Seriously it's not well known but at the moment there is an off field disaster un-folding at Charlton.

They aren't pumping 12m , its 6m a year, maybe slightly less. plus they aren't funding it, its other backers. charlton have issues at the moment though because there are board struggles. in 3 years time we will be breaking even, maybe in the prem

They aren't pumping 12m, its 6m a year, maybe slightly less. plus they aren't funding it, its other backers. charlton have issues at the moment though because there are board struggles. in 3 years time we will be breaking even, maybe in the prem
Slater said he is transferring £1 mill a month into the club every month (I know its not actually his money), therefore that is £12 mill a year. I think the losses for last season (according to Slater himself) was in the region of £7-9 mill and predicted to rise again.

I don't know if you read Voice of the valley but they even uncovered information that there are even talks to sell the valley along with the rest of the team at dirt cheap prices just so the board can cover their losses. Being in the Prem in 3 years would be a dream, being anywhere with stable funds well that would be a sheer miracle.



07 Aug 2013 09:57:45
West ham have been linked with prolific striker Moussa Sow

The problem is that West Ham don;t know it

We're linked with every striker on the planet at the moment

More rubbish to sell season tickets at west ham. No way are west ham going to get MOUSSA SOW when they can;t get Charlie Austin

08 Aug 2013 12:12:55
Absolute rubbsih and nothing is believed from West ham anymore especially JACK SULLIVAN who's a joke

08 Aug 2013 15:34:55



07 Aug 2013 09:35:52
Portsmouth will be signing former Brigton LB Marcos Painter as cover for Dan Butler.

Cover? Not by the way Butler has started season!

08 Aug 2013 07:05:35
What poor defending first game
Average second? Sign painter

We have East to play LB and Cooper may sign also



07 Aug 2013 09:21:50
David Moyes has launched a bid for Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini. the utd boss is set to meet the players valuation and its now likely that the big belgian midfielder will be at old trafford next season.

No way, rather scholes comes out of retirement!!!! sorry, again!

Everton had denied any bid has been received, frankly Fellani had a few really great games last year then tailed off big time, not sure that mnay clubs are interested in him at the so called asking price of approx £25M

You mean this season



07 Aug 2013 08:24:05
There is huge unrest in the Gillingham board room with many believing there has not been enough investment in the squad so far this season, an emergency meeting is to be held tomorrow afternoon with manager Martin Allen desperate to add some quality to his struggling side. Meanwhile Alan Gow is to undergo a medical thursday and could be offered a 1 year deal by the Kent club.

07 Aug 2013 12:22:59
Gow has still got a year left on his contract, and as Gillingham have spent their budget, this move is unlikely to happen

Maybe some truth in this as we seen to have got a smaller budget this year, I know we got Jarvis Money and some from Bertrand last year.
However bigger gate receipts and Payne sale should of at least kept the budget as it was.

Must be some new faces arriving soon, the squad is far too small, now lost Fish for the season, Allen injured, just very lucky last year with injuries,



07 Aug 2013 08:11:18
Millwall may sign Andy Marshall on a short term contract while David Forde recovers from knee surgery.

What at 38? Are you sure? Lee Camp?

Andy Marshall is already training with the club.

Forget those two get kasey Keller out of retirement ;)

I'm not being 'Ageist' against Marshall but he would have to be pretty 'FIT' to be the cover goalie at 38?! Isn't there anyone younger? Up to SL I suppose?

As I said.

How old was Maik Taylor? He did a job



07 Aug 2013 07:30:47
Hi all, went to the game against Watford last night sat in the dry- build stand with 2 scouts watching Ellis Harrison only spoke to one of the guys from Sheffield united. Not saying he's on the move and I know he signed a new 3 yr deal this summer but if he did at least we'd get a fee

Relates to Ellis Harrison of Bristol Rovers actually ed

Well they won't have been too impressed with what they saw. he's not firing on all cylinders just yet. Has been Called up by Wales U21s today though So good confidence booster.

07 Aug 2013 16:02:56
Suspect the scouts would have been looking at Alefe Santos. If not they should have been. The boy is absolute class and won't be in League 2 for very long.



07 Aug 2013 01:55:11
The 'other type of striker' Swansea City are looking at is 20 year old Jerry Mbakogu who had an good season last year and they could get him for less than 1 million as he has one year left on his contract

Who is he who does he play for?

Swansea don't need a Serie B player in the Premier League. His goal scoring record isn't great either.

So far off the mark. Laudrup has already said they will only go for quality even a loan from a top club. Will be either Lukaku or Gomis.

If arsenal make a bid for ashley will he be able to play in the champions league considering he's played in the europa with swansea?

Come on swans hope we make a good signing to go upfront with michu and bony this season

Suggested this before but would the cash still be available for Gomis? They certainly won't loan him out surely, plus I read recently that he might be close to a Newcastle move!
Personally, I'd prefer to buy another striker than loan one. Wouldn't mind seeing Donnelly getting a fair crack at the whip either - he scored more goals than any of the first team players in pre season so has shown he knows where the net is.

10 Aug 2013 14:13:44
Gomis deal still possible as he is unconvinced of Newcastle's ambition. He is holding out for a big club but is willing to settle for the Liberty.8 million euros is the current fee which Swans have got but will only part with unless they cannot get a top class striker on loan. Market has gone quiet and needs one big move for others to gain momemtum. Looks like a mad final day on the cards but thankfully Swans done their business early and won't be held ransom to agents.

Doubt swans will pay out 8 million after all they've spent already and I don't see how gomis and bony would work as we only play with 1 striker which means one of them wouldn't play as much also gomis isn't a different style striker than bony

Donnelly may have scored more than all the first team in pre-season, and also a hattrick, but just remember that even guly do prado scored in pre-season games. Proves scoring makes no difference. It's about team play.

We need a speedy finisher a defoe type player i'd like to see us raid the dutch league again there is a lot of talent there with clubs needing money as limited tv funding however players will be on similar wages to what the swans would offer i'd of liked luc castaignos but not sure if twente would sell he's an inter milan youth product btw

Cardiff spent a lot of money

Cardiff spent a lot of money

So did QPR last season and look what happened to them! QPR and Cardiff are very similar clubs. owned by foreigners and the clubs have sold their souls in pursuit of the fairy tale.



06 Aug 2013 20:54:58
Agudelo has apparantly signed a Pre-contract with Stoke city and is set to join the potters in January but Stoke are trying to tie up the deal now rather than January, it's ongoing at the moment but there would be no point getting a striker in January when Stoke are in need of good strikers nto kick start there season

I think you have it the wrong way around he is only 20 so Stoke will wait until January as his contract ends at the end of December and he will arrive on a free. However If NE revolution want a fee they will want him to sign now.

No thank you, we need a QUALITYFORWARD if we want to atleast stay up next year

I don't think Agudelo is the only striker on Hughes' radar he will have someone lined up don't underestimate him.

We need to sign a striker for the start of the season because if we don't we might end up at the bottom of the table. Also we don't really have a team who score that many goals anyway.



07 Aug 2013 00:54:37
Doncaster rovers to sign Billy Sharp in the morning, deal with Irish investors also to be confirmed

We do need a striler or two, But we don't need Sharp, Or will even get him, He says he is willing to fight for his place at Southampton. YOU HAVE A BIG FIGHT BILLY, Get someome who wants to play for the club, and on last nights showing we need 2 strikers, Brown will miss 10 b4 scoring 1

I don't think billy would come back great for the club and fans same as odriscoll back as well it's just a chapter in there careers

Not happening. He's outgrown us. Give it up!

Billy Sharps agent must be working on overdrive because he's getting linked with every championship team around. Give us a break he ain't that good

Can't see it myself TBH! Think that boat has sailed!

Ross Turnbull is looking good!

07 Aug 2013 14:56:04
Chris brown was brilliant last night winning every header that was given but nobody there to help I'm and follow up

Where are these rumours comin from bout irish consortium plus billy?

Well, it's now 3. 15pm and no sign of any information on Sharp or the takeover. If the statements were true there would certainly be notice of a press conference on the official Rovers site. I think someone was dreaming.

The deals can only go through if Mr Bramall and Mr Watson let John Ryan spend his on money or better still let new investment into the club - I am tired of the politics that is stopping the club from moving forward or even surviving; perhaps one or two Directors don't think being in the Championship is a "good business" move and would actually rather we were a division or two lower and they could apply the assets differently.

I feel with the money in doncaster area we could be as good if not better than any club in championship I just feel that the board r scared of failure if it goes tits up y don't they av a go and c then all this bickering would be sorted

I must have been at a different match if you thought Brown was briil, Yes he did win the ball that Trunbull put on a sixpence, But truth Be told, He is no championship player, Just Like Bennett, Keegan, Harper and many more. We have a board who don't want us in the championship, So we will never attract championship players. That is a FACT, What Kamakazee team enters the championship with only 2 medioka strikers and a vey Medioka unproven manager.

Everyone knows we need a couple of strikers, the million dollar question is where we are going to get them from, can't see BS coming back, we can't or won't meet his pay demands, why not look to the lower divisions and non league and try and develop from there, after all we seem to have endless scouts and coaches, but they never seem to find us any talent, look at Peterborough they seem to have a knack of signing players from non league in particular strikers and selling them on.

Too many mediocre players, poor manager and staff, board appearing to be at loggerheads, very poor against Rochdale, future looks very bright at the Keepmoat, relegation certs to top it all we've drawn Leeds in capital one cup oh dear

I'm so fed up with all this negativity. Yes this investment thing has gone on too long and it's frustrating that fans can't find out what's going on but we were decent at Blackpool, 3-1 was an unfair result it was closer than that. Wins in the league cup can be hard to come by look at wolves, Brighton etc. Leeds scraped by against chesterfield for gods sake. We've got JR who's been fantastic over the years, a good fan base, a nice stadium, some good footballers and won the league last season. With investment the future will certainly be bright so why don't we catch ourselves on and get behind the team instead of moaning all day long? And as for drawing Leeds, I for one cannot wait for that game.
A true Donny fan.

So the truth is out with regard to the Irish investors, Obrien has stated he has no interest in investing inDRFC, so who started the rumours in the first place, it filled supporters with so much hope for the future, only for us to be let down yet again, was it a scam from the club to encourage season ticket sales, come on Baldwin and the board tell the fans the truth, what on earth is going on

Back to the first post on this thread on 7th August - Sharp to sign in the morning.
Well it is now the afternoon of the 9th and he still ain't here.
Another poor rumour.



06 Aug 2013 23:13:18
Gillingham are looking at signing 3 new players this week. Alan gow is set to join on a 1 year contract a cm from a championship club and a rb with matt fish being out for 6-12 months.

07 Aug 2013 08:13:34
We certainly need them. We've got the RB now in Harriman, hope we can keep him, but I think we will only be able to sign loans, as the budget has been spent.



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