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07 Aug 2012 22:49:44
After missing out on a number of other targets, Bristol City will target forward, Martyn Waghorn from Leicester City. Shane Duffy is also wanted on loan from Everton.



07 Aug 2012 22:29:14
Matheus Coradini Vivian has been offered a contract and is expected to sign for Blackpool soon. It is believed he has been offered a years contract with an option for a further year. Matheus is a 6ft 2 inch Brazilian defender who has an Italian passport currently on the books of F.C Nantes.

Come on the pool! Never fought I'd see the day bpool signed a Brazilian! Bring on the strikers ollie! Steven dobbie will do!

We could use another defender. Never heard of him before. He seems to have played for lower league teams in League 1. and higher league teams in league 2. He is Brazilian he can't be to bad........

Hes played abroad in France and other countries not in League 1 or League 2.



07 Aug 2012 22:28:24
Huddersfield will look to bring in Stephen Quinn, Anthony Gerrard, Dave Kitson and Ross Wallace

They arnt getting quinn, my mate saw him in sheffield and he wants to stay at united

Antony Gerrard signed yesterday on a 3 year deal for 350k



07 Aug 2012 22:19:12
man city bid £30mil for ganso



07 Aug 2012 21:51:59
just heard daniel gabbidon is interesting bristol city after his release from qpr. reliable source

Hope not, old, over-weight, slow, we got Damian Stewart as one of those players allready TauntonRed

Gabbidon wud be a good player for you trust me



07 Aug 2012 21:15:09
Cardiff want Rob Kiernan on a season long loan from Wigan after selling Anthony Gerrard to Huddersfield. Kiernan played for Watford under Mackay.

We need at least 2 more defenders after this! Left back and another centre half.

Andrew Taylor, don't need another left back, i'm not even a Cardiff fan but i recognise he's one of the top left backs in the league.

From a Wigan fnt . . Kiernan is a cracking young talent who did brilliantly in the reserves . The experience would help in his development and also good for Cardiff . He is a strong and dominating CB .

A decent left back and a centre half ive heard we are going to bring Kelly from Liverpool on loan and its not the fisrt time

We need a new manager, Malky out!!

Yes but if Taylor gets injured or suspended, then what do we do?

Malky does everyone have to have a Watford link....

Martin Kelly won't be joining Cardiff.. He's a first teamer at Liverpool now & went to the euros with England, if they do loan him it will to to a premiership club i think!



07 Aug 2012 21:10:48
Wolves are believed to be accepting a bid from Sunderland of around 11 million with add on values worth around 3-5 million to the club. Its belived the funds will be used from the sale of fletcher aswell as the initial 1.5m from stoke for kightly will be used to bring in a new winger with hammil being up for transfer and also to offer matt jarvis incentives to stay at wolves.

12 mil take it or leave it...

No way, wolves won't spend the funds, they will just say we have a bigger war-chest for January, well ok they might sign a few cheap nobody's, but that will be it.

I can't belive how over valued this player is

You expect Sunderland to pay up to £16m on Fletcher?

Its 13 mill + add ons. Lambert also about to enter the race for Fletch. If bolton can ask 8 mill from swansea for mark davies, then safc or avfc can afford 13 for fletch

Fletcher is worth 3-5 million at best, the worlds gone mad . DL

3-5 million at best are you having a laugh, have you watched football? fletcher is a cracking striker at at 12-15 million is a steal in today's market.

Sell fletch buy rhodes

"Fletcher is worth 3-5 million at best"- I cant wait till the end of next season when you are proved wrong! he scored 22 league goals in 2 seasons for a team that finished 17th and then 20th for a decent mid table side he will score at least 15 maybe 20! Also in those two seasons he had injuries and for large parts of the first season at Wolves was left on the bench!

So if he sells fletcher for 12 mil with add ons who are we gonna buy because doyle ebanks and siguorson wont get you 30 goals a season

What are you on about who are we going to get. The season hasn't even started yet and your saying that doyle siggurdson and ebanks wont get you 30 goals but lets get the fancts straight you have not even seen siggurdson play yet in a wolves game so y put a negative comment already !! let me guess an armchair fan shouting there mouth off again

Ok if southampton can afford 25 million to buy him then maybe i would believe this



07 Aug 2012 21:08:16
Oldham join the race to sign Scott Vernon from Abderdeen. MK Dons, Colchester and Notts County also interested.

We've just signed Jordan Slew, so unlikely....!

He's old and playing in the scottish leagues. Wouldn't suprise me if we sign him. Ryan Lowe can play in support.



07 Aug 2012 20:18:18
Charlton are set to sign former Welling United youngster Matias Grez. The former centre-half, 19, is from

I've heard that negotiations stalled after Chris Powell was made aware of his injury history, which included knee ligament damage, a dislocated knee and a broken ankle. However he has been given a chance to prove his fitness and if all goes well he will sign within a fortnight.



07 Aug 2012 20:14:35
Mk to sign s***tu free agent released by qpr end of last season !!

Likely to be joining his old coach, Keith Curle at Notts County



07 Aug 2012 19:51:39
Agger to Man City as squad/competition to Lescott

Competition I'd say he is better then lescott.



07 Aug 2012 19:42:19
Alberto Ripoll had a medical yesterday
and James Caton has also been offered
a deal



07 Aug 2012 19:36:47
Mark Noble to Fulham. WH will take Rafik Halliche to strengthen their defence and 1.5m

We were interested in Noble a few seasons ago - good player but only if we can get him cheap, not sure WH would let him go? Halliche in exchange (plus 1.5m) seems fair.

Fulham to start against Norwich will be Schwarzer, Riether, Hangeland, Hughes, Riise, Diarra, Dembele, Ruiz, Kacaniklic, Rodallega, Petric subs. Stockdale, Sidwell, Senderos, Baird, Frei, Kasami, Duff

Dempsey will leave by end of window but has not made himself popular at Fulham by throwing his toys out of the pram and Chadli will arrive as his replacement. Dempsey will not play any part in the team even if he is still there at the start of the season.

Jol will bring at least another midfielder to replace Murphy and another striker. Could be Noble and Lukaku on loan and these might be the only ins this transfer window (inc Chadli). The market will move very late.

Expect Fulham to make a move for a central defender (possibly Douglas) and the Buttner deal is still in the balance.



07 Aug 2012 19:32:22
Derby county signing
Bret pitman for an Undisclosed fee
using the Varney money.
Then Davies money will be used to
buy Russell or Murphy.Heard we
are in talks with 2 Motherwell

I would prefer Russell but looks really likely to go celtic and they will be able to massively out bid us when they sell their star man ki.As for 2 Motherwell players
was told by someone from their fans forum that we are interested in Jamie murphy and Tom hately and are waiting for the teams likely departure from euro football

Pitman will be done this week.Hes not first team at bristol city and is looking for a move.
As for the other striker it appears to be jamie murphy but the Favourites for Davies signature Blackburn are seeming to offer fringe striker Slew in the deal which could see any other striker deal not happen.

Undisclosed fee is 300-500k

1.1 Million deal to see Striker Jamie Murphy and unknown player

1.1Million is raised by the recieving the money from the Varney deal.Sellling Steve Davies(Not Confirmed) and trimming the wage budget by clearing out big wages such as Paul green.

All waffle to me, if you look at the last 5-10 posts derby are buying about 10 strikers, stop chatting poop and post something true

Jamie who ? stop chatting poop

Bret Pitman
Jamie Murphy
Johnny Russell

Are the only 3 names i have seen for Pernament transfers.If anyone says derby are getting someone in on loan they are lying clough ruled out loans intil january and said the player we buy must be able to develop

There is no varney money! 20% of bugger all = nothing, nowt, ziltch and zero

Derby will not sign a striker this summer as Clough is happy with the striker's already at the club. He feels that Robinson has improved grately over the summer and that Jamie Ward will score more goals in his new higher up the pitch position.

Steve davies is staying but i can see pitman being bought

Leeds are paying £200-£300K to Derby for Varney as part of the deal with Portsmouth



07 Aug 2012 19:28:57
Liverpool are looking to sign tello, allen and dempsey and offload adam and bellamy. Carroll and agger look set to stay

Hope all this is true except for allen and bellamy

Bellamy has gone!!



07 Aug 2012 19:21:47
Paris Saint Germain are looking to stifle Real Madrid's 19 million+ offer for Man Utd winger Nani, with a 23m bid, on a four year contract worth around 180,000 euros a week.



07 Aug 2012 19:19:03
Nottingham Forest linked with Man City
youngster Abdul Razak.

On loan maybe they call him the next yaya toure at city

Was on loan at Brighton last season and looked solid but has a lot to learn as he is a bit hot headed.

I don't think this will happen, Forest are over-loaded with CM's



07 Aug 2012 19:15:29
Tal Ben-Haim linked with Transonspor

Let's hope he's finally off... FFS I'd drive the taxi there myself! PUP PPU!



07 Aug 2012 19:10:12
Sunderland to move for Marouane Ch
amakh if Steven Fletcher bid fails

So we going from bad to worse then - GREAT.



07 Aug 2012 19:07:23
Luiz Suarez has signed a contract extension at Liverpool, meaning now that Juventus will focus on brining in Robin Van Persie, who they have been heavily linked to.



07 Aug 2012 19:04:23
Ipswich are set to sign Dobbie from Swansea and Luke James from Hartlepool

Doubt it. We won't spend lots of money on Dobbie and Blackpool fans would be up in arms.

Cost you 1m

Largest transfer update from portman road is that Davies will not be joining Ipswich and that is final.Jewell is now looking else where but says he does NOT expect, to sign anybody before the transfer deadline,although he is chasing a premier club for a loan defender,but thinks it won't come off....

Luke James does not want to move down south.thats genuine,and Dobbie is a red herring so forget that.

Hopefully we will keep Dobbie i think he a class striker who deserves a chance.

I also hear that Norwich are talking to Heskeys after he turned down Blackpool,stating he ca still offer good service in the prem.sounds good to me



07 Aug 2012 19:05:13
Swansea to bid £3m for Arsenal
midfielder Henri Lansbury

No, no they wont.

He is class



07 Aug 2012 18:55:39
Coventry City have taken hungarian 23 year old striker Peter Poloskei on trial

See him play against port vale sign him up NOW;;;;

That game was played behind closed doors?!? Think you might be telling porky pies matey!

He did play the 2nd half didn't get into the game from what i heard though



07 Aug 2012 18:43:11
John Guidetti to join Norwich on loan from Man City for the season

I so hope so

He is going to sunderland, heard this from a very reliable source.

Apparently he's also going to reading, QPR, swansea, west ham, and stoke.
odds are he's going back to italy.

Back to Italy? He's Swedish

He does have an Italian bloodline



07 Aug 2012 18:40:25
strong indications in the press that Huddersfield have signing Anthony Gerrard from cardiff for a fee around 350K

No.6 shirt solved at last.......what a great signing UTT Malhamterrier



07 Aug 2012 18:26:25
Gerrard to Huddersfield Town.
Another player slips through net.



07 Aug 2012 18:20:44
oldham athleic are in talks with bayern munichs for tranmere player dale jennings abt a 6 month loan

Bayern munich? you mad?!

Actually just looked him up and he plays for Bayern Munich II (their second team). Looks alright actually.

4 sure

First of all why would oldham be in talks with bayern munich about a tranmere player?? Second of all he is not a tranmere player, bayern munich signed him and he plays for there 2nd side!

Doubt he'd go to oldham if he's gonna go to league one on loan it will be tranmere, but he's too good for league 1

If Dale Jennings comes back to England to a League 1 team I will eat my keyboard. SO much better than that...

Pretty sure Tranmere will have a first option on any loan deal and would take it up in a heartbeat if there was any chance

If this is true I for 1 would be more than happy to see him come on loan. Tormented defences in our league a couple of years ago whilst at Tranmere

Dale jennings is a very good player he was very good for tramerre a couple of years ago but his wage will be to much

Why would Jennings go to Oldham? He was sold by tranmere so he could further his career why would he take a step back and join a league one team who have less chance of promotion than tranmere? He will go championship or promotion pushing league one side dream on Oldham!!

Er because ronnie moore is only going to be taking tranmere down with the style of football he plays and we have so far put strong side together! theres a reason not to go to tranmere! how is it tranmere can afford him and we can't tranmere arent making that much more money than oldham surely!?!?!

Yes because moore did get tranmere relegated last season! Oh wait they finished 12th under moore paul dickov is hardly a mourunho with his 'fancy football' oldham play!! a championship side most likely he will go

^ guys oldham and tranmere are both good established league one sides we have no argument and are mutual north west teams focus on the rumour and Jennings isn't coming to either side good rumour though worth a go!!!

I know Jennings, his girlfriend who lives with him, his family and her family... very well.
He isn't going anywhere. He lives in munich and is about to pass his drivin test. He loves it there and they love him.



07 Aug 2012 18:16:29
Huddersfield town are close to confirming the signing of Anthony gerrard from cardiff

It is now showing on the football section of BBC's website. It is believed he has cost £350,000 and is on a 3 year deal.



07 Aug 2012 18:12:44
Cheltenham Town are close to signing goalkeeper David James on a pay as you play deal to give scott Brown competition

Can't see this happpening at all


David James left Bristol City so that he could play closer to home. I don't doubt for a minute that lower league clubs would try to get him on pay as you play, but it won't be Cheltenham.

How do you know that it will not be Cheltenham Town?

David James also signed for city so he could be closer to home.



07 Aug 2012 18:05:16
Carlton Cole days away from signing with Brighton, fee agreed and my source is not too sure about personal terms but expects they are going well al Cole is desperate to leave the club. Source: insider at West Ham

Hope your right mate,maybe this is the gem everyone has been going on about?

It would be a great signing but I can't see him leaving west ham who are in the premier league for Brighton who are in the Championship

Spot on ,announced today . good luck at crawley

Hope so westham fan



07 Aug 2012 18:04:09
Bury fc to sign crig jones from welsh premier leauge side new saints for a fee belived to be around 35,000 on a two and half year contract.



07 Aug 2012 18:00:59
Bury have signed Craig Jones from Tns on 2 year contract .source Bury FC website.



07 Aug 2012 17:54:41
Fee and personal terms agreed for Kightly. He's expected to have medical when the team returns from Yeovil tomorrow. DL



07 Aug 2012 17:50:24
Oldham Athletic are set to sign Manchester United striker Joshua King on a six month loan deal.

Not a proven goal scorer I doubt this will happen



07 Aug 2012 17:46:49
Atletico Madrid are making a move for PSG defender Diego Lugano. Lugano would consider a move to the Europa League champions as he will find it hard to get in the first team at PSG and he would also like to join friend Diego Godin who plays with Luagno in the Uruguay national team.



07 Aug 2012 17:34:59
Watford to confirm the medical of DJ Campbell on wednesday afternoon.

I can confirm that this will not happen on Thursday

Lies lies glorious lies

Yeah and Messi is going to Scunthorpe

That's weird. He has not even spoken to them yet.

Stop talking about DJ Campbell, there's nothing in this rumour, it's just not happening.

Smith as well

Where has this Campbell rumour come from?

Campbell is not wanted..



07 Aug 2012 17:15:44
Oldham Athletic are set to sign young Manchester City player Alex Henshall on loan till the end of the season.



07 Aug 2012 17:15:35
Forest looking at Charlton winger Scott Wagstaff

Been for talks today

When did cris Powell say that it's not on the web site

Nonsense he played for us today in a friendly

Rubbish as he was playing in a behind closed doors friendly at the valley today!! Vs southend

He really hasnt has he.



07 Aug 2012 17:14:26
Cardiff City defender Anthony Gerrard has joined Huddersfield Town in £350,000 move



07 Aug 2012 17:09:19
Nottingham Forest are turning their attentions to Elliott Ward as it seems Hughton wants to hang onto Ayala. This will hopefully free up space for a more established centre back.

Thank the lord bite their hands off..... OTBC.

Ayala signed for forest earlier today.



07 Aug 2012 17:06:19
Steve Jennings played for Coventry City against Port Vale in a behind closed doors friendly and will also play in another friendly. Providing he proves his fitness he will sign a 3 year deal with the Sky Blues.



07 Aug 2012 17:03:50
Liverpool forward Craig Bellamy will complete his move to Cardiff City within the next 24 hours, on a free transfer according to reports. It will be the Welshman's second spell at Cardiff.
Source ITV1




07 Aug 2012 16:36:25
Steve Evans will not be making anymore signings until Danny Schofield has left the club. PD



07 Aug 2012 16:35:33
Huddersfield town set to sign Anthony Gerrard from Cardiff city today or tomorrow.



07 Aug 2012 16:33:37
Scott Sinclair to MCFC (Champions) for £8m>

Sorry if already posted



07 Aug 2012 16:31:44
Crystal Palace are making a move for Australian captain Lucas Neill after he was released from Qatari side Al Jazira but face stiff competition from MLS side LA Galaxy.

Australian free agent James Troisi is also thought to be of interest to Dougie Freedman's side. Palace are thought to have asked Mile Jedinak, an Australian regular to try and persuade the pair to move to south London.

Hope these players do sign they r both brilliant

Neill was brilliant, 10 years ago



07 Aug 2012 16:24:01
gerrard to sign imminently, its on the local paper web site quoting a source close to cardiff club {Ed044's Note - to huddersfield??? heard a few things earlier nothing concrete would be good signing



07 Aug 2012 16:23:58
West Ham's Mark Noble in Talks with
Fulham over a possible move to Craven
Cottage valued at £4m. Sam Allardyce
expected to let Noble go and replace
him as he is not considered premier
league quality

No chance, West Ham player of the year...A true West Ham lad...

I don't support west ham, but from what I seen last year he was by far there only decent player. Suspect big Sam would rather replace him with some OAP from Spain or something. Unlucky!

If Mark Noble isn't Premier League quality, I don't think we would want him...



07 Aug 2012 16:06:54
Triallist Steven Jennings played 45mins this afternoon against Port Vale as well as a striker called Poloskei. on CCFC Official Site



07 Aug 2012 15:45:29
Derby county to sign a striker before
Steve davies departure then when
he leaves get his replacement
heard we are in talks with pitman



07 Aug 2012 15:40:38
Walsall set to sign Lee Naylor and Thomas Sowumni in the next 48 hours

Also ex Watford, Millwall, Shef UTD on trial at Walsall playing tonight against WBA close to agreeing a one year deal after being released end of last season by Millwall

No thanks to sowumni, but i would welcome naylor, although we have jordan stewart on trial so he might not make the first 11



07 Aug 2012 15:37:42
David Healy Too Sign For Dundee United.



07 Aug 2012 15:26:07
Fulham's Clint Dempsey will join Roma for 7.2m and Pjanic on loan to fulham with a view to a perm move for the young Roma cam . Nacir chadli will join fulham for 6m n lukaku will sign for fulham on loan from neighbours chelsea . Potential starting 11 Schwarzer, hangeland, hughes , riise , diarra , dembele , ruiz , chadli , petric , pjanic subs: stockdale , frei , A Kaca , lukaku , senderos sidwell rodellega . Easily top 10 again.

You named 10 players in your starting 11 with only 2 defenders? Sure i see all them transfers happening and a easy top 10 finish!

Like chelsea will let lukaku go to sit on fulhams bench.

Well they let Kakuta....



07 Aug 2012 15:26:04
West ham. In- Matthew etherington 3/4 million. Kenweyne jones 2 million. Alan Hutton 2 million. Dj campell loan

Best of luck with that lot



07 Aug 2012 15:24:58
Luciano Becchio will be bought by Huddersfield for £2 million as soon as Jordan Rhodes joins Blackburn.

Your having a laugh 2m wouldn't buy his boots {Ed044's Note - neither of these transfers will happen sorry lad

Rhodes won't join Blackburn... Bid is only 2M with 4M in extras. {Ed044's Note - with no sell on clause!

We have turned down the derisory offer for Rhodes from Blackburn. Local press (Huddersfield Examiner) reported they wasnt happy with Blackburn over a suggested fee of £2m rising to no more than £4m with no sell on clause. ?????. Also said we will not sell to any Championship team. So lets all stop the rubbish right here,right now. Fact.

Why do all dog botherers reckonrhodes is fantastic. he will be pushed aside in championship and you will be back where you belong

Cardiff fan
I know Rhodes is a good player ! But he is not worth more than 4m right know (don't where these 4m + have come from he's not worth that) he has to be able to score goals in this league first to be worth 4m and honestly defences in this league are very very strong (don't see many mistakes) so we have to wait a see !

Agree with cardiff fan, rhodes is not worth more than 5 million, as a rovers fan like to have him but its silly money if they go over 4 million in another offer

The point with Rhodes is that Hudds do not need or want to sell him. That means if anyone wants to buy him they are going to have to make an offer we can't refuse which will be far more than what he is actually worth. As a Town fan I agree he is not proven above League 1 level but he certainly has potential - he has the instinct to be in the right place at the right time and is a clinical finisher.

I agree JR isn't worth more than 4 million, but the point is hudds aren't gonna sell for less than 8 million because there don't need to sell or need the money. He's worth more than 4 or 8 mill to hudds if he can do the business in the championship.

Becchio is never worth more than £2m.. He's too old for a start.. Just more Peacock fondlers suffering delusion!



07 Aug 2012 15:16:18
The Carlos Sanchez deal is back on.. Sanchez has had talks with Coyle and once OC has a chat one on one he rarely loses his man! Watch this space.. Would be an excellent signing for bwfc!



07 Aug 2012 15:13:11
Sheffield United are set to sign 3 players this week. Curtis Allen of Coleraine is in talks with the Blades after a bid of £75,000 was accepted. Tom Carroll of Spurs could join on a season long loan. The third player to sign for the Blades is Connor Smith from Watford on a 3 month loan.

Bargain basement buys/players no other teams wants,ha,ha enjoy piggies

I remember only a few years back, Shef Utd were cherry picking players from Watford, now cap in hand asking for a second year pro player on loan, how times change!!

Thats why we are down here wasting money on garbage from you



07 Aug 2012 15:11:42
Any more news on signings for gillingham now that Deon Burton has signed?

Gillingham are closing in on two wing backs believed to be from championship on season long loan



07 Aug 2012 15:07:29
Oldham look set to sign former forward luigi glombard from Championnat National side Chamois Niortais

We've just signed Jordan Slew, so unlikely....!



07 Aug 2012 15:04:15
Three more signings this week for Huddersfield,
Anthony Gerard from Cardiff
Stephen Quinn from Sheffield Utd
Lee Barnard from Southampton.

Swapping Rhodes for Barnard are you?

OK, we can accept that at St. Marys!

Saint Martin

Barnard and 7.5 million... and you can have Rhodes..never gonna happen..dream on...

Sorry Saint Martin but we are kind of letting Barnard go Adkins said so I doubt that'd be a swap.

Did nobody notice that when Roberts stopped playing for Huddersfield regularly, Rhodes stopped scoring regularly. He will not be that good next season.



07 Aug 2012 15:03:21
Huddersfield have signed Anthony Gerrard on a 3 year deal subject to medical



07 Aug 2012 14:57:38
Chesterfield striker Jordan Bowery
could be the solution to Preston's
need for a striker with Graham Westley
keen on the frontman.

Chesterfield are not selling Bowery to Preston full stop

Agree with the above

We have a squad of 21 Bowery and Richards are our strike force if you think Sheridan is selling him dream on my friend

I agree mate and even if this rumour was true they wouldnt be able to afford him.

9 goals in 80 appearences please do not come to preston.

Sheridan identified his targets and the club signed them.He has had his budget early and spent it and now its a case of sell Westcarr and release capital and wages and sign a replacement or go with what you have got.
The manager wants to keep CW but it baffles me why he offers nothing up front or out wide.

9 in 80 he scored 12 last season

Last season scored 8 in 40 league games and 1 FA cup goal. Previous poster was right that he's scored 9 goals in 84 league appearances.

Wrong cfc web site states Bowery 48 games 12 goals age 21. Compare this to the new rotherham striker Kayode Odejayi? who has scored an amazing 11 in 101 age 31. What a seasoned pro he is.

Cfc spent all their budget on richards wages,youll be lucky to be within 15 points at rotherham at the end of the season -oddjobs just there for the assists.

We will see hope your not as Mardy as the last time you came to b2 net and got played off the field.??? Roll on the 25th of aug

Agree with the above. finished 5-0 i do believe. we will finish in top 3

Cant deny the past,but i think the immediate future could be quite different,but let,s judge at the end of the season.

So called useless striker odejayi turned your useless defender and slotted it in the back of then net average team are chesterfield mid table at best your best player tommy lee kept you in the game



07 Aug 2012 14:47:49
Stock port County have offered goalkeeper Richie Brannagan Bury youngster a trial



07 Aug 2012 15:05:32
Motherwell fan here and i'm absolutely distraught at the news my source has told me today. Both Jamie Murphy and Michael Higdon could be on their way to Derby County. A bid of 1.5m has been accepted for both players, with both Higdon and Murphy set to open negotiations with The Rams this week.

No chance why would we want them,not any better than we already have.

Jamie Murphy is class would be happy with that.Heard it was johnny russell and Bret pitman

Ide defo take murphy but not heard of the other

We don't have 1.5m to spend.



07 Aug 2012 14:55:44
Cardiff city defender Anthony Gerrard currently undergoing a medical at Huddersfield Town and will sign a 3 year contract and take the number 6 shirt. Soon to be followed by James Vaughan as talks are nearly settled between the two clubs.
Huddersfield fan



07 Aug 2012 14:55:18
Rotherham striker Alex Revell is a targ
et for Preston

Steve evans has already said he is notgoing nowhere as he his in his plans



07 Aug 2012 14:48:26
Norwich going for Scott Dann of Blackburn

This is a true 'rumour'. Dann to sign by Friday

Would be impressed with this signing.
Also if we got kenwyn jones (rumour from a mate from stoke) I would be happy

We don't want Kenwynne Jones.We want a striker with a burning desire to score goals who won't let their team mates down. 55 appearances for Stoke and 10 goals. 94 and 26 at Sunderland and he's 27 so we have enough data to make what is a very easy call. No thanks. Smiling and missing chances isn't what is required. Let him do that for Stoke.

I hope we don't get Kenwynne Jones. Although he is brilliant at smiling when he misses a chance (which he does a lot).

That is why Stoke are happy to sell him.

Well this is friday and weres Dann of Blackburn and what about your relaible source, say it all about these rumours doesnt it

Is that this friday next friday or the friday after lol dont be suprised if norwich sing nobody and spend all the cash on stadium improvements



07 Aug 2012 14:34:26
the times has said West Ham
have had a £1m bid knocked back
for promising Portugese midfielder
as Sporting want £2m. West Ham
likely to dither around AGAIN and lose
out on YET ANOTHER potential target.

Also, Carlos Sanchez proposed move
to Bolton has fallen apart because "THE ROCK"
would prefer to play premier league
football. This has opened the door for
West Ham who look to bring the highly
rated holding midfielder in on a free

Rubbish -Sanchez would have signed for Bolton,his agent got too greedy & Coyle invited him to do one -nothing to do with EPL.

Carlos Sanchez's Bolton deal didn't fall apart because he wanted to play prem football where did you get that from? His agent tried to double his own fee after negotiations had took place so he was told to jog on. And apparently West Ham also told the agent to do one. Alan Nixon has inside info! Sanchez has had 3 different agents during the proceedings!



07 Aug 2012 14:33:24
Derby County have recieved an
offer from Blackburn rovers
of 900k + Jordan slew for
Striker Steve Davies

Slew has gone to oldham on loan

Yes was really excited...then the old maxim of being too good to be true came along. still Tyson scored so can't be too down :)

Rubbish davies is still here making it up as usual

Neither davies or his wife were at carrow road only in your head



07 Aug 2012 14:31:16
Huddersfield set to sign centre back anthony gerrard from cardiff on a 3 year deal according to SSN



07 Aug 2012 14:10:21
Swindon ended their interest in goalkeeper Iain Turner



07 Aug 2012 14:02:40
Tommy Smith will accept a lower wage to re join Watford as he see's them as pushing for promotion this year plus he lives in Berkhamstead and will up root his family at all



07 Aug 2012 13:51:37
Hoping West Ham do not sign Jones! Get that Konate guy! Any news on if Jones is still coming?

Jones aint coming to west ham

Konate linked to stoke due to his links with salif diao.



07 Aug 2012 13:48:17
After talks with French defender Roberge have stalled, QPR could well try to sign Buttner as his move to Sothampton has stalled again.

Good luck, and be careful! Saints pulled out of this one weeks ago.

Nope not on Hughes's radar anymore and for good reason his attitude stinks

No chance of Buttner to QPR i spoke to somebody ITK and he wanted assurances off QPR he would play. Sounds as though Fulham may also have had the same request from his people. Wouldn't touch the lad with a bargepole sounds a nightmare. Mystery agents playing 4 clubs off against each other 3rd party ownership all bad warning signs



07 Aug 2012 13:47:14
Swansea will sign Villareal defender Christian Zapata if Ashley Williams moves to Newcastle or Liverpool.

He is going to AC Milan on a loan deal



07 Aug 2012 13:42:55
owls in talks with fuller and lawrence plus bothroyd coming on loan antonio signs four year deal



07 Aug 2012 13:38:31
Danish side Brondby have given up on defender Fredrik Stoor and have now put all effort into signing Almeria defender Michael Jakobsen. Jakobsen is also in talks with FC Copenhagen but may want to sign with his favourite club.



07 Aug 2012 13:32:21
Joe Allen is a is gone to liverpool



07 Aug 2012 13:29:00
anthony gerard to undergo a medical to join huddersfield on a 3 yr deal

Deal complete



07 Aug 2012 13:28:06
Martin Cranie has joined Doncaster on trial

He left cov because he wanted to play in championship still so he aint going donny not in a million years

Wrong! he left because Coventry couldn't afford to keep him.



07 Aug 2012 13:14:38
Varoius sources (including Bury Times & Crawley Observor) are reporting that Richie Barker is about to leave Bury to take up the vacant Crawley Managers position. Barker's family live in Brighton lending credence to the truth of this intelligence. A statement is anticipated later today.

Posting on Bury club website saying that a statement regarding Richie Barker's future is expected later today or tomorrow.



07 Aug 2012 12:59:25
Antony Gerrard havin medical today !



07 Aug 2012 12:58:58
West bromwich albion have completed the signing of markus rosenburg on a free transfer. He was previously at werder bremen

Marcus Rosenburg looks quality, he is about the same age as odemwingie and would work well with long. Odemwingie cant work with long but after the signing of Marcus Rosenburg this could really work... basically a fortun'e.

The Swedish international has signed a three-year contract and will provide competition for Peter Odemwingie, Shane Long and Marc-Antoine Fortuné.

The Albion sporting and technical director, Dan Ashworth, said: "We've been keeping tabs on Markus for two or three years now and getting a player of his calibre is a real coup for this club.



07 Aug 2012 12:57:18
Quick Update on West Ham transfers:

Hammers were apparently approaching
CHelsea for Loan of Lukaku but
Fulham are to beat West Ham to his
Adrien Silva of Sporting Lisbon unable to
agree terms to renew contract and
although West Ham interested he is expected to sign for Blackburn
Carlos Sanchez another West Ham target
has agreed terms with Bolton and due
to sign 3 year deal.
Newcastle United expected to secure
the signature of Moussa Konate another
West Ham target and finally Yannick
Sagbo in talks over proposed move
to Marseille and another West ham
target Jermaine Jenas in talks
with QPR and expected have medical this weekend

Looks bleak for the hammers who
appear not to be as attractive an option
to Blackburn and Bolton. I despair

Its the wages that you offer them.Foreign players dont join english teams for the team but for the money.
You wasted all your wage budget by buying maynard and vaz te by allowing them to have 30k a week each and now needing to sell them

Stoke are also in for Konate,his agent is at Stoke training ground this afternoon.

Basically, no one is joining West Ham according to his then? Seem legit..

Your got to be a bitter reading fan!

West Ham aren't an attractive option, get used to it.

They can have Jenas QPR don't want him

Bolton pulled out of Sanchez deal because of stupid agent demands, you can have him.



07 Aug 2012 12:33:13
ED is heskey still in talks with Ipswich? {Ed001's Note - I didn't know he was actually in talks with Ipswich.}

Full of s**t he's been at blackpool and turned them down. he wants to stay in the midlands....cov,leicester,forrest,b'ham

No he isn't only had preliminary talks,he is training with wigan!!

Yeah he was in talks with Ipswich before he spoke to Holloway at Blackpool. However it was only initial talks that took place and it is thought that Heskeys wages would be too high for Ipswich.

Turned down a move to blackpool as he has "other things in the pipeline". Not sure if that includes ipswich as a possible destination.



07 Aug 2012 12:24:06
Bury to appoint former player andy morrel as new manager after the departure of Richie barker to Crawley town.

Not a chance he will stay with the red army

Yes true he is the favorite



07 Aug 2012 12:12:02
Peter clarke about to sign a 3 year deal for ipswich town

Peter Clarke that is currently contracted to Huddersfield and who has been handed the captain's armband for the 4th consecutive season? I think NOT!!

He's our captain No way he's leaving

Doubt it he's huddersfield captain and too old for ipswich as we now have a policy of buying young hungry players not old donkeys! {Ed044's Note - now now steady on, Clarke not leaving just been named captain and he's no old donkey and would easily make itfc squad



07 Aug 2012 12:02:15
Craig Bellamy will sign for Cardiff City in next 24 hours (ITV1 website)



07 Aug 2012 11:58:18
Rangers to complete the signings of Fransisco Sandaza, Gary Teale, Mark Reynolds and Kevin Kyle

Yes get in there



07 Aug 2012 11:57:42
La Liga side bid for Gary Hooper yesterday according to top spanish agent currently in London . Bid believed to be 6.25m...although this amount was rejected in January from is believed this is enough now in current Scottish situation.

This is absolute rubbish. Celtic want £15-20m for Hooper and will take it quite easily. All you English clubs that think you can buy him for peanuts can think again. £15m and Celtic will start talking.

So which English side plays in La Liga then? Fool {Ed044's Note - he said agent now in london not that i believe it will happen

Doubt it...

Understand your disappointment but scotish football without the big derby is not the same and i can see him leaving for a better standard of football every week .

15-20m for a player who has never played top flight. I don't think so.

Wot a load of b*****ks. we dont need to sell and if we did sell hooper it will be for more than 6.25m. try twice that amount .............bhoywonder

You Celtic lot are laughable!

Rhodes at around £8m but Hooper over £15m-you haven't introduced Scottish £s already, have you?

Haha! person

When did celtic all of a sudden need to sell for next to nothing,dream on.

15 million you are deluded unfortunately ... although this story may be untrue you should know that Celtic will accept an offer of 6million or more for Gary as it is believed hes willing to sit out and leave on a free in 2 seasons.



07 Aug 2012 11:44:31
ryan shawcross is off to southampton with stoke all most complete on the transfer of geoff cameron which goes through wednesday. should see this happen at the top end of this week perhaps early next week.

Stoke rejected southampton already and have rejected bids from bigger clubs like Tottenham so try again

H youve got be joking ? 15mill at least !


Stoke are probably not going to play cameron at centre back and he wont go to southampton if he won't go to liverpool and man u

Again with the shawcross rumour, what don't you understand it has to go through Manchester united before anyone else is allowed to talk to him due to a contract clause, and no disrespect but why would he to a newly promoted side when he turned down going back the Manchester United?

Shawcross is not leaving Stoke! he is captin & future England captain,will defo not leave his club! especilally to go to a certain relagation club,wake up & smell the coffee

In the past 2 seasons Shawcross has turned down Man U and Liverpool, doubt he'll leave being captain at Stoke (an established Prem side) to join Southampton.
Probably a Portsmouth fan trying to make Southampton fans look like persons.

Shawcross is not leaving Stoke, and certainly not for Southampton

Why would Shawcross take a step backwards in his career? The likes of United, City, Spurs and Liverpool have all been interested. KEEP dreaming you fool

So Ryan Shawcross is off to Southampton then ?
What about the transfer fee, what is this belived to be?

Shawcross isn't going anywhere.. I mean why would he!! And he certainly won't be looking to go to a newly promoted team even if he was leaving Stoke City

Does this then pay for Nzonzi or Jarvis or similar? , cash in cash out, Stoke need a higher profile signing, especially a good striker to RUN, unlike KWJ, although TP can work some alchemy from time to time without big hitters!

No fee indicated, so why should Saints not be able to meet that figure-if they believe it is value for money? They are spending more than that on up-grading their training facilities!
Believe Saints will make at least one major signing before the close of this window, don't know whether it will be Shawcross, but it could be.

Haha... yeah ofcourse he is.. .. you here all week?

^^ lol ha ha delusional ha ha SFC always in our shadow^^

Ha that made me laugh. No chance what so ever is Ryan going to Southampton, dream on...

Stoke are an established Premier League club at the moment yes, but they are not bigger than Saints in every way as you put it.

Very unlikely as he has just been made stoke captain for the third season in a row

Can't see Stoke letting him go for one second.

Whilst I see him as a very good addition, I don't think he would fit in with the type of team and attributes Southampton are looking for either.

I would love this to be true but why on earth would Stoke sell one of their best players and why would he leave an established side where he is the first name on the team sheet.?

We won't get him but don't tell me Stoke are bigger than saints we have much bigger support that's a fact and better history fact I remember when u got promoted and bought 100 fans to us so don't write rubbish

Ha ha ha a ha ha ha! Oh dear! I think I've just peed a little. Ryan to little old Southampton, dream on Sony boy and then get on with your school project for the summer holidays.

Calm down stoke fans! Obviously a mischievous Pompey fan!

Future England captain ( Shawcross ) , come on , yes he is good but this last 18 months he has not been what I would say 1st class , well not captain meterial anyway , so he Realy got to prove himself. We need to get rid of Jones , Delap , Fullar and At least 3 others , keep Jerome and Upson , they are 1st class , central Midfield , left back with cover for Etherington and Pennant .

I know that shawcross going to southampton sounds stupid but i dont like how everyone say's that southampton are a small club when there not they've been in the premier league more times than stoke

Shawcross is a decent enough defender but he has no chance whatsoever of captaining England. You've got to get in the squad first and he is currently not even in the picture!

I'm sorry but Stoke finished 14th 9 points above the drop, wouldn't say it was your best season and it's not like you play the most attractive football :/ shawcross will play for England one day but Captain? No, I think he could go to an up and coming club like saints and I'm a Chelsea fan so unbiast

Stoke may not play the most attractive football but why would this bother a centre half? Stoke have a reputation for being very defensively strong, Shawcross being the centre of that, so he's actually playing in a pivotel role for a team with a good reputation for his position. If Shawcross does leave it will be for a big club (possibly Man U when Rio retires).

If Shawcross goes to Soton this window (or ever, for that matter), I'll bare my arse in Sainsburys.

We need to get rid of Jones , Delap , Fullar. --------Haha, that's what Saints needed to do a while ago, so we sold them to Stoke! Saints are a bigger club in every way except Stoke have been in the prem for a bit. Only reason we went down was Lowe, and when he leaves we get back to back promotions to where we were before. You came up with no fans, stole our kit, our league position and our players. Stoke are at their peak right now. Saints have loads of room for improvement. I wouldn't put it past Shawcross, but still I admit it's doubtful.

Stoke a bigger club than Saints? In what possible way other than recent league positions? Saints had the same average attendance as Stoke last season in a league below, Saints have a larger stadium, a larger support base, one of the best youth systems in Britain, better training facilities, better staff structure, better overseas scouts and a better history with more trophies. To top it off it's even a nicer place to live, hence a more attractive transfer option for players.

The comparison re attendances at The Brit and St Mary's is an ineffective argument for the simple reason that the capacity at the latter is greater. A useful barometer would be, are Soton's games sold out regularly, just as they are at Stoke? Of course, even this argument is flawed due to demographics and logistics - Stoke is at the centre of the country, within easy travelling distance of, amongst others, Liverpool (& Everton), Manchester and even Aston Villa who are a much bigger club in every sense - including fan base, stadium, success - than both Stoke and Soton. Soton on other hand compete with Pompey and Bournemouth - nuff said.

When I lived in Fareham when I was in the Navy I often went to what was then Div 1 fixtures at The Dell - gates barely broke 5 figures then!



07 Aug 2012 11:43:32
Bristol City are considering a bid for Joe Connor of Stockport County.

Another great signing !!!

Doubt it!He played less games than James Wilson

Hmmn, not too sure about this one... but apparently he is pretty strong and commanding and has done well in past couple of seasons.



07 Aug 2012 11:42:47
Manny panther to be given a 1 year contract at CTFC



07 Aug 2012 11:40:43
barnsley set to lan caleb folan after his impresssive trial this week

God barnsley are going to be rubbish this season!

Thought he had retired once he left Hull to tell you the truth, must be getting on a bit now..

Caleb Folan has not been on trial

He never turned up! facts facts and bull, this is bull.

He turned the trial down and went elsewhere so load of tosh

No he's not, Keith Hill said he was going to have a trial, but his agent phoned up and said he was going to sighn for another club.

Was never on trial with barnsley why post bulls***

Caleb Folan did not trial with Barnsley last week, he pulled out of the trial as he had agreed to sign for another club.

I heard he did trial but decided to sign else where



07 Aug 2012 11:40:02
Francisco Sandaza considering offer from League two club Bristol Rovers.

Bit too late signed for Rangers today.



07 Aug 2012 11:38:21
Bristol Rovers in talks with Bury striker Andy Bishop.. Clubs have agreed a fee believed to be 70k.

Where did you get that from ????????

Would be a good addition but is signed up with Bury until the end of 2013/2014 season

He wont leave bury hes their main striker and plus he is to loyal to the club.

Hence why Rovers would have to pay a fee.

Would cost them more than 70k!!



07 Aug 2012 11:34:53
Rumours round underhill is that midfielder Alassane N'Diaye who finished last season with league 2 side Barnet is in talks with league one side Walsall

Unlucky Walsall if true, he's s***e

He was awful for Barnet-one of the worst players I have seen at the club-and there have been many!

I doubt it very much

Must have a good agent



07 Aug 2012 11:19:01
CMS is on his way to Leeds utd today or tomorrow with Ross McCormack and Emile Heskey being brought into Brighton set up.

That would be good signing for leeds hope its not true owls fan

It would be strange if this happened as Poyet has said he is looking for a target man FOR CMS. So seems very unlikely.

Hesky is what i have heard from a good source, Gus says CMS is going nowhere, is your source reliable?

Ross has signed new 3yr deal at leeds according to media sources in leeds and no way would leeds want cms over rosco.

Don't like all these rumours of heskey! There must be better than this hasbeen !
Dont think he'd cut it in league 1 let alone a championship side ?

Absolute bulls***, Ross McCormack said that he wants to stay at Leeds + he is going to sign a 3 year extension on his contract. The Emile Heskey saga is over and down with, it is not going to happen. (BHAFC Fan)

Gus has clearly said that cms is in his plans so i doubt this would happen.

Heard that two weeks ago, how many more times!?.......... Change the record it's getting boring!

McCormack HAS NOT signed a three year deal. Yorkshire Media have not reported this you person and if they have they are LIARS!

Ross is going to stay at Leeds his role at the club will be bigger know that Snodgrass has gone more free kicks, penalties he will also have a better chance of playing in perm in my eyes if he stays at leeds (

Can't see Heskey being a success at Brighton. Many Albion fans consider that he is past his sell by date and question his fitness.

Cms not going anywhere!

Heskey and Cms would get about 20 goals between em haha



07 Aug 2012 11:12:22
notts county wont sign lloyd sam unless
they get the right amount money for hes
wages but they could be in with a chance

alan judge could be going to ipswich hes in talks
with the club and hes price is 1.1million
for the irish messi

If hes the irish messi whys he never ever been mentioned for the national team.

Sam is a free agent.........

Ipswich will not pay 1.1 million for a player!
not spending much this year even though we have the money,cutting our costs!!



07 Aug 2012 11:08:28
anymore updates on target men for the seagulls?

Jay Bothroyd

Yes mcs is going to leeds or wednesday in a swap with ross mccormack if he goes to leeds plus signing heskey as well



07 Aug 2012 11:08:02
Interestingly, heard a strong rumour that Southampton may be due new owners/investors. Current chairman Cortese has been abroad with the owners over the last few weeks finalising the sale. Not sure if he's staying as part of the deal though. The new deal is fronted by ex Saints COO Andy Oldknow with the money coming from the Middle East. Not Man City rich, but stil very rich. Only dela in announcing is the 'fit and proper' test on the new owners - but that's expected to be a formality.

Utter rubbish. The Liebherr family recently wrote off £30million debt SFC owed, and they have recently invested heavily in the long-term infrastructure of the club (training facilities, academy etc), why would they take a massive loss on all of that now, when so far the progress of SFC has been in line with their initial business plan? It's going well, and they will only lose money if they sell now, it would be stupid to. It's not going to happen at least for the next few years.


Oh not this again! Every season this rubbish comes up. This 100% false and has been rejected by the man himself on many occasions! Cortese said IF and only IF the Liebherr's wanted out he knew many rich people who would happily invest with Cortese still running the show as Chairman...But that's not happening.


If any owner were to buy us they would have to be rich, if we will be taken over in the future I hope that cortese will stay, very good business man, and it's his birthday! Happy birthday

That'd be a shame, we're very well off under the current owners and they were very good to us. Even if the take overs is with rich owners I'm not sure I'd want Southampton to blow money like Manchester City I like the current strategy building a strong financially stable club.

Would seem a very odd time for NC and co to sell the club on?! Just when we're back in the big time?

Absolute rubbish !! seriously get a grip

Rubbish made up rumour

So,where did you hear this very interesting rumour from?

Utter rubbish. Obviously not a saints fan. If you were you would realise that the work the chairman is doing is for the long term. person

I could see that new investors could be TAKING A HOLDING in Saints, but buying out our current owners does not make any sense.
Of course Southampton Docks is owned by a Mid. East company, who also wish to conduct further development. The current owners were working within the development of the port and this is how they became involved in the city. I have always thought that there could be the possibility of a future link up here, but it may all be fantasy.



07 Aug 2012 10:55:58
Charlton do not want to pay £1.5m for Sam Baldock and are looking at other targets

Get him on loan

Charlton don't have 1.5million pennies let alone pounds

Charlton have not bid for Baldock CP said so only last week.

We don't have 1.5 million pennies? Clearly a jealous supporter from a poor club



07 Aug 2012 10:54:48
west brom are set to complete their fourth signing as free agent markus rosenberg completes a medical, steve clarke has also stated he is still interested in signing '2 or more players' before the first game against liverpool, probably a cb and a full back, madlung, zapata and danny rose are on clarkes radar

Zapata is strong candidate as is the loan signing of Danny Rose.

Coxy was always played out of position with us, hence his goals record HOWEVER when we played Cardiff in the cup last season, he scored a hat-trick.

It wouldn't surprise me if he finishes the top scorer in the Championship. Good Luck Coxy

In my opinion we should keep cox, if in the worst case we go down we could do with him because he is a good championship striker who could help promotion

Zapata has joined AC Milan on loan



07 Aug 2012 10:43:36
Manny Panther may not sign a contract with cheltenham as he has been left out of thier final freindly against solihull moors...

Final friendly is against Bishops cleeve after the MK Dons cup game.

Yeah they are losing interest in him.

Shame - really like Manny Panther. He's not Luke Summerfield, but he still does get stuck in.

Pink panther more like, we need quality not numbers



07 Aug 2012 10:37:33
Stoke have made pennant and etherington available for transfer! Wigan the first to show an interest in pennant and west ham rumoured to be interested in taking matty back to Upton park!

Both Etherington and Pennant said they have no intention of leaving...

Etherington has said he wants to win atleast one trophey at stoke before he moves anywhere and pennant has denied rumours of him moving anywhere

This is rubbish,Etherington not for sale & Pennent has publicly denied links with Wigan

No they haven't. They just haven't, plain and simple. Stoke have signed Kightly to add depth in position on the wing, something they suffered from last season.

Where do u get these frm? both will stay 100%

Pennant has made it clear to Sky Sports News that he isn't going to Wigan neither has his agent mentioned anything..just because Kightly is on his way to the Brit doesn't mean we need get rid of ethers n pennant..there will only be more competition 4 a starting place which is good to see imo

08 Aug 2012 00:22:10
pennant has been on twitter and said he's going you mind if i take his word over yours? DL



07 Aug 2012 09:58:56
Tom Eaves to sign on loan with Oldham this week

Hi is not good

Bring him back! Looked a great player but I still feel we need someone with some experience up front



07 Aug 2012 09:43:49
Craig Bellamy is set to leave Liverpool for Cardiff in the next 24 hours. Source: Wales Online

Fingers crossed Blooooooooooooobirdzzzzzzzz

AWESOME news this, i bet anyone we are going to be treated badly when we get bellers back b'cos they are jealous did my head in when everybody was trying to get something on this deal to fall through but too bad it was a solid deal and so is this



07 Aug 2012 09:28:57
Copps to sign for forest in next couple of days



07 Aug 2012 09:27:26
Gabon forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is close to completing a transfer to Norwich City for an aproximate fee of £5.75m

Lets hope this is true. Alongside Holt could be a dangerous strikeforce

Good luck to Norwich if they sign him looks a very good prospect, did really well in France last season

Good player saw him at the Olympic football!

Houghton reports on radio that there are no plans for signings at present, so were is this rubbish of signings coming from , guess pure fantasy

Would be a good signing.

Hughton also said there was no chance of Ayala going to Forest so you never know! Fingers crossed for this one, could be good!

I really hope so, he can Akers a difference!

This one has been doing the rounds for some time, might be true, might not be, its just a rumour and rumours are not fact.

When did Hughton say there was no chance of Ayala going out on loan?

Hughton isn't going to say stuff publically about any transfer dealings until it is done- if anything he is going to play down speculation in order to manage fans expectations and players morale. In any case it is up to the board to do the deals not him.



07 Aug 2012 09:11:29
Doncaster have taken Bedsente Gomis and Babacai Diame on trial

Wrong! no one has come in for copps! source is dean saunders today on rovers player! copps is a rovers legend and will finish his career with us!



07 Aug 2012 08:47:31
My mate lives in sheffield and saw quinn on her way to work this morning, asked him whats going on and he said hes doing all he can to stay at sheff united. Doesnt look like he's coming to town

Its never been an issue that he wants to stay at Sheff Utd, He has got a new house and his fiancee comes from Sheffield and is currently at Sheff Uni and his brother Alan still lives in Sheff. The problem is United need to sell him to get him off books, So whether its Huddersfield or anyone else if they put the right offer in then sadly he will have to go. If anyone made a proper offer he would have gone by now, so to me no one yet has made a slid approach for him

Hes just saying that cos he does not want him to leave

Thats bull hes going to uddersfield

Apparently we are trying to shift out Monty and or Cresswell in order to keep Quinn.



07 Aug 2012 08:35:59
Gennaro Gattuso is trying desperately to persuade former Milan teammate Gianluca Zambrotta to join him at FC Sion. Zambrotta who was released by Milan last month has already stated he wants to play in MLS, but has had no offers yet from MLS. So he might be keen on moving to Sion with Gattuso.



07 Aug 2012 08:35:33
Jermain pennant will be a Wigan player soon

Doubt it, Not good enough and too old for us.

Doubt pennant will leave stoke, even if he did doubt he would go to Wigan!

Not good enough? pennant is plenty good enough for wigan.

He's good enough, we could easily buy younger players, Pennant's too old for us. Martinez is more into developing young players.



07 Aug 2012 07:55:41
Ipswich to bid 100k for kovac from luton town

What after we beat them pre season and he scored both the goals ? he wouldnt leave us anyways

No chance,buckle has said he will not let him go for less than 3 million

3 million for a non league player. Yeah right. You can keep him for that sort of money. Plus I'm sure he would leave for a championship club if they came a knocking. The chance to earn much higher wages and jump 3 leagues, well I wonder what he would do?

All this talk are Ipswich going to make any more signings or is it the usual we get want nobody else wants time for the manager to consider his future

Don't know anything about Kovac but that's how we (ipswich) went about getting Jon Walters; picked the best player from a low leauge team when we played against them in the cup & look where walters is now! Would be pleased with signing someone like this; a reasonable price and hopefully hungry to prove himself in the higher leauges.



07 Aug 2012 07:48:50
Oldham display interest in transfer listed Paul hayes

We only sign free transfers so doubt it



07 Aug 2012 07:27:21
Andrew Surman is a target for new boys Reading.

This rumour must have come from the beano,no chance this happening

LOL I'm a reading fan and this is untrue as he said he wants to fight for his position at Norwich as it said so on bbc sport.

Didn't Andrew Surman sign a new three year contract recently at Norwich?



07 Aug 2012 03:55:52
Watford will today confirm the signings of Dudley Campbell and Tommy Smith, both from Queen's Park Rangers.

Also two loan signings will be officially announced in the form of Noé Pamarot and Alex Geijo, coming in on season long loans from Granada and Udinese respectively.

Sean Murray is committing to getting Watford into the Premiership and is going nowhere, the same can not be said however for Lloyd Doyley, Ross Jenkins, Joe Garner, Chris Iwelumo, Prince Bauben and captain John Eustace who are all expected to be leaving the club by the end of this week.

You are obviously not a Watofrd fan. Total rubbish. Dj for a start has not even spoken to Watford and John Eustace is in his starting 11.

Lloyd Doyley will never leave Watford

Load of rubbish Doyley has just had his testimonial however Iwelumo and Garner are absolute rubbish and need to go!

Haha dudley campbell, did you say that so nobody would realise it is was dj campbell?

Smith and Campbell are unlikely to be incoming, it's not the Pozzo way of dealing (buy young and cheap, sell for a lot more). Jenkins, Garner and Iwelumo may go, but Lloyd definitely won't, Eustace and Buaben probably won't either. Some people just make up what they want.

Good but will miss john

Where did you find out about this?

Mat Jackson ex wigan, and amateur team from junction 10 M1 is Sean Murrays agent

Apparently messi is leaving on a free transfer to spurs !!!

This is to the Watford fan who seems to be ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with the DJ CAMPBELL rumour . CHILL OUT MATE youve even mentioned him here , when hes not even part of the original rumour . I think we have all got the point now that you think he wont be signing for us . As for the others , they werent good enough to see us progress last year so im indifferent to them leaving .



07 Aug 2012 03:37:02
Nottingham Forest are currently working on getting Work permits for Three players from Kuwait; Bader Al-Mutawa, Khalid Al-Rashidi And Hussain Fadel. Bader has the best chance of getting a permit as he's been capped over 100 times for his country.

Is this to work in catering at the city ground



07 Aug 2012 02:16:10
Cheltenham Town will this week sign young Tottenham midfielder Dean Parrett on loan until January.

Hes mint hope so!

Wages will be to high



07 Aug 2012 01:34:27
Arnaud Mendy is under going a medical at Bournemouth. Bournemouth are also set to swoop for former players Anton Robinson & Brian Stock.

Is this a real rumour or just a made up story as all three have been rumoured for weeks. Certainly Arnaud Mendy is a good prospect and would allow grabban more as a striker. Question mark if this happens on future of McDermott and fogden, or at least one of them. Robinson and stock would compete with hughes for the controlling midfield berth, think there is only enough room for two of the three so take your pick ?

Mendy and robinson would strenghen the bournemouth squad, brian stock has injured himself at doncaster in the last few days so has put his proposed burnley move on the line. Having signed hughes this week they could form their own team in the medical room!

This rumour with arnaud mendy to afcb on here dosent seem to be going away but dnt think there is any truth in it.

Good luck with that seeing that Stock is in Burnley right now.

Is he the lb who was playing against reading

Says who?

I think we will sign 1 of these players, not all 3. We don't need 3 more centre midfielders

^^ No he's a holding midfielder I believe for Macclesfield.

The lb that was playing against reading was jonathon meades, released by cardiff at the end of last season

We would not sign 3 more centre midfielders, one may sign



07 Aug 2012 00:48:03
Charlton transfer activity

In - Jordan Cook (Free Agents)
In - Lawrie Wilson (Stevenage)
In - Salim Kerkar (Free Agents)

No one OUT yet but some players released


In - Sam Baldock (West Ham)
In - Ramon Nunez (Leeds)

Out - Leon Clarke
Out - John Sullivan (probable loan)
Out - Paul Hayes

As a Charlton fan I believe the two IN rumours are a 50:50.

I believe the 3 OUT rumours though are destined to happen.

I find this extremely worrying to be honest. Without 2 or 3 quality signings I can see us struggling.

The questions you have to ask yourself are

1 - Do we have depth in the squad. Well yes we do I believe

2 - Do we have STRENGTH in depth in the squad. Well no we don't.

That is what's worrying me. All successful teams have strength in depth.

Also the fact that Chris Powell is getting frustrated about transfers is raising my suspicions of something going very wrong with the directors and board with this club.

I hope we steer clear of anything bad and get some good players in and have a succesful season. COYR!

Certainly Charlton last year bought players by the dozen and fortunate that they gelled together to get promotion from div1. Doubt if same policy would work again, so any quality signing would need time and last years lucky squad need to continue against all odds.

There is no smoke without fire at Charlton.

Not spending any money when are rivals and thats basiclly everyone in the championship is.

Until a BIG name comes in you have to think there are this wrong upstairs.

Kavanagh ( Chairman ) resigned, best wishes but let's hope Prothero can find funds.

No way will Lawrie Wilson sign for Charlton. If he does leave Stevenage it'll be to link up with Graham Westley at Preston NE. Cast iron sauce on this, Westley told me personally

Steve kavanagh has left the board today 7th augest hopefully this means we can approche Baldock, N'Guessan and sell Hayes and Clarke

I think we will get someone in on loan also possible a CM who misses out on the premier league 25man squad

Charlton are in a financial mess. The money backing the new owners has been withdrawn and new investment is being sought.

1) kavanagh wasn't our chairman, he was our chief executive
2) lawrie Wilson signed for us for 400k like 3 weeks ago! Keep up!

'no way Will lawrie Wilson sign for charlton' - are you serious? He signed like 3 weeks ago! You stil getting your news from pigeons?

No way will Lawrie Wilson sign for Charlton. If he does leave Stevenage it'll be to link up with Graham Westley at Preston NE. Cast iron sauce on this, Westley told me personally
errrrrrrrr we signed him ages ago........

To the guy chatting about Laurie Wilson.... He signed about a month ago... Are you high? Or just been playing fm too long!?

If Charlton are in a mess and you are a Charlton fan why make things worse by putting it on here?

Im sorry but until the board say something to the press/on the website about us being financially unstable, i wont believe it. if we were that bad, we would have sold some of our decent players. wilson wouldnt have come either. stop making us fans feel depressed by telling us made up stories!

ImThats if there is actually anything wrong of course. {Ed003's Note -You don't need to c and p,that's why the reply button you just used was introduced mate}



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