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06 Sep 2012 23:30:29
Saido Berahino is set to finalise a loan deal to Shrewsbury Town in the next few days. I am aware this is an old rumour but it is going to happen for sure now. (Mr T)

Alex nimley to join Shrewsbury town on loan! From a man city fan

Is this the real Mr T?

We'll have the two of them and make them even better players. In turner we trust, the Alex ferguson of the lower leagues!

Yes Ed can confirm it is me. This deal has been on and off a lot but my source has said Berahino to Shrewsbury Town is a go. (Mr T) {Ed020's Note - Mr T is confirmed :P}

Hope this comes off then. Would be a great signing.

Latest update on Berahino. West Brom have agreed to let him go on loan to Shrewsbury Town but Berahino is trying to hold out for a loan move to a Championship side. (Mr T)

Are you sure this will come off. He's been a target all year but it's never happened.

As I said West Brom are willing to loan him out to Shrewsbury Town but Berahino is looking to play in the Championship or a top League 1 team. So I would say the deal is 50/50. {Ed003's Note - can you use a tag/passsword in the email field when posting otherwise we can't use your name,thanks}

For Ed. {Ed003's Note - A note has been made T,cheers.}



06 Sep 2012 20:25:47
Doncaster will renew there interest in Althricham goal-machine Damian Reeves. The striker was interested in joining his hometown club in the summer but nothing came of it

Very unlikely indeed

Heard some rovers fans are planning a where's the money gone? Banner for next home game that will put a cat among them

Sure way to get the directors and John Ryans back up if ever I've heard one. Get behind the team twonks

The interest in Damien is brilliant, the demonstration is without doubt, foolhardy if not absolute stupid. Let the owners manage, the supporters need to give them their support at this time of massive change.

John Ryan has been tremendous in his support,(financial and otherwise),of Doncaster Rovers.He deserves Total respect and the support of everyone who loves the Football Club.He is "Mr Doncaster Rovers",and deserves our thanks--not criticism.

Stupid and ill informed comment about where's the money gone - when Coppinger went on loan DS stated that he would be looking to bring players in during the international break period - if he could. Perhaps we should support the Directors and club, and rely on DS to bring in players who will add value to the team, rather than carping!

As a long life Rovers fan, first ever game 1961 Rovers 6 Tranmere 1, I went to our first ever game in the Conference at Dover. JR brought the club back from the brink of extinction. He gets my support,respect whatever you want to call it. Without him there would be no Doncaster Rovers at all!

I disagree with all your above comments on JR, Why did he state that we had 1 of the best budgets in the division, when clearly we have not, and why have we the lowest squad in the whole FL. JR was good for the club a few years ago, but now loosing the plot

Perhaps the people who decry John would like to put as much money, effort, and support in as he has!

I have fact to give here John Ryan has put in 10 million over 4 year. Brammall and Watson combined have given 4 million so it's not JR fault he needs other people willing to put as much money as he is.

If you loook at the facts Jr...bramall and Watson have put naff all in! Thebes given loans with interest on repayment so infavt there taking money out the club!

You joking you need to look at the facts jr IS putting money in other two aren't JR has been asking but no result from either

Look at the clubs accounts and its there in black and white loans with interest from board members end off

All of you people having ago at jr should have a hard look at yourselfs in the mirror and feel ashamed there would be no doncastwr rovers if it wasent for him shame on you all i say

You know this do you been looking into accounts I've actually spoken to rovers finance manager he said when we were in championship we were losing 6m a year so pretty sure no loan has been taken because who would give a loan to that

Yes John Ryan saved us but he just hasn't got the money to take us forward, if he wants to support the club he'd sell the club and buy a season ticket.

I agree we need new a new owner However we also need a new board willing to put the same amount in

We pretty much need an owner with money to take us forward and a board with great ambition not just there to try and make a buck or two. If we do this one day rovers could be dreaming of being in the prem

So we all want an owner and board with money.... perhaps we should ask Portsmouth if they can pass us on to some of their former owners..... or perhaps we should look beyond and note that John Ryan has actually managed our finances.... do you really want to take the risk of getting another Richardson?

The board at Drfc have no ambition whatsoever. This as been proved by the lies and constant selling of best players...its there fault we went down and there fault gates are6500

Yes JR as run the club correct in thae past few years, He did loose the plot last season bringing all the as beens. My problem with the club I love is WHY THE HELL dont we bring in some more players with the UNDISCLOSED money we got for several players. We all know that a few more games into the season we will struggle. We can not fill the BENCH, That`s what PUB TEAMS cannot do, not L1 teams. Come on JR lets see some action, or this season will end in disaster. MARK MY WORDRS Rovers Till I Die

I think some rovers fans have lost the plot! John Ryan is the best thing to happen to this club in ages! Do you think you could do his job any better?

This is just turning into a debate whether john ryan is a good owner instead of people posting actually transfer roumours which is what this website is about READ the NAME

The reason we cannot buy anymore players is because the money from transfers has gone to help club from debt



06 Sep 2012 17:37:54
Andros Townsend closer to signing for Cardiff.

Why? We dont need him.



06 Sep 2012 17:44:50
Huddersfield to battle it out with hull for the loan signing of Fraser Campbell

I don't think town are interested in Campbell, it looks like beckford and church are the front runners.

Church rumour needs to be put to bed. The players the club see as right to partner Vaughan are either Beckford or F. Campbell

Here's hoping you get Beckford so we can have Campbell then

Town will sign BOTH!



06 Sep 2012 17:13:03
Burnley boss Eddie Howe wants WBA midfielder George Thorne on Loan

The Midfielder spent 3 months at Portsmouth last season on Loan

Great prospect for us, burnley would be lucky to get him

Just the sort of team he needs to be going to in order to develop

Does he play on the wing? Would love to see Stanislas dropped asap

He is an attacking midfielder, very comfortable at championship level

Attacked midfield player my a**e, show what some people know about football. He's a creative, holding midfield player. Very good in his day.



06 Sep 2012 17:10:10
chuks aneke about to join crewe on loan from arsenal to replace the injured mathias pogba

Thats funny cos he is set to sign for preston north end till end of the season

Confirmed to crewe, played yesterday lol very funny isnt it



06 Sep 2012 17:01:37
Swindon interested in getting Matt Tuhhbs in on loan



06 Sep 2012 16:58:36
Millwall looking at chris wood from Wba on loan would be a good signing imo

Quite agree

Definitely! Hell of a goal scorer! Any word on anyone else?

Maybe trotta from fulham

Jackett said that he won't be signing trotta because of his lack of championship football

Signed Kane though and he'd never played Championship football?

I think that Kane is a much better player,that's why Norwich wanted him!

We all wanted Kane back at the 'Wall' but it was obvious that he would break through in the PREM! It dosen't mean he will start everygame for Norwich? Another bench warmer perhaps?

I would have thought that Norwich might be paying a bigger pc%tage of his wages? Plus he is playing in the PREM for the whole season! SHAME THO!

It seems to me that any player/striker that we are interested in,then everybody else in the championship then wants them ! Why can't they go after other players? They have got their scouts? It must mean that our scouts are better!!COYL

Have trust in Kenny he has brought in some 'GOOD' strikers to the club so far! Apart from N''Guessen??

Rob Hulse is available or is he too much like Hendo

Most scouts can see who's any good - that's why we all go after the same ones - not exactly rocket science!

We've tried on multiple times to sign Hulse and each time he has turned Millwall away. He will never have the passion for the club so I hope KJ looks elsewhere for a new striking option...

Previously when we approached Hulse I've been all for it, now I can't see he's the type of player we need; he's got older and Millwall have got better. Don't think he's what KJ's after any more.



06 Sep 2012 16:53:46
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee has issued an ultimatum to the board over inconsistencies in their approach to squad strengthening. He believes the free role he was promised has not materialised and consequently is reluctant to take full responsibility for his teams dire start to the season.

Marcus Stewart being lined up as replacement ?

This is total nonsense - McGhee has continued to praise the board over their backing of his decisions - why post lies and rubbish?.

Everybody would praise their employers till they found a better job for themselves.



06 Sep 2012 16:53:37
Kilmarnock look set to sign Cillian Sheridan



06 Sep 2012 15:26:11
barnsley to sign carlo cudicini on loan. aals asasto

Never in a month of sundays. too old for barnsley

He would not get many game at oakwell. plus i agree he's too old



06 Sep 2012 12:37:48
Plymouth taking a look at Damian
Reeves with a view to a permanent signing.

We have Griffiths but he would be a lot better than feeney and chadwick

Guy madjo.... who saw that one coming?!
knows where the onion bag is, could be a good'n COYG

The exact player we need to sign permantley in january! best signing so far!



06 Sep 2012 12:37:01
Derby will attempt to sign right back Jack Hunt from Huddersfield, Striker Matty fryatt from Hull City and midfielder Lewis Mcgugan from Nottingham Forest on loan deals with views to permanent deals in January and the summer.

Derby have no chance of signing Jack Hunt unless for a stupid amount to Town and pay him inflated wages.

If this is from a Derby fan, you give us a bad name.

Dillusions of grandeur spring to mind,
mcgugan is ared is a red , and you definately cannot afford a 6 million price tag

Cardiff City might be tempted to do just that.

Can;t stop laughing,go back to football manager.

Why would Town loan out one of their best players and to a rival? This must be you dreaming and wishing you can get a premier class defender on loan, dream om.

Reading fan here you wont get any all to good for you

Why would we send our first choice right back out on loan. TTID

Wont happen but mcguagn supports derby.Said so himself

You've got more chance of signing the Magna Carta than signing McGugan.

The mind boggles who makes this stuff up why the hell would Mcgugan want to go to Derby,Big part of SOD plans and playing regular, methinks a wooly back in dream land posting the normal drivel..

Is that because they are scared of hunt as we play derby on the 15th

I am a Derby fan, why would Forest loan McGugan to us. Never gonna happen.

Mcgugen never supportered derby at all. i really don't understand why posters lie about things that can be proven to be a lie, such as the mcgugen being a derby fan one.

Lewis Mcgugan on loan to Derby, you are having a way, he is playing very well for us, seriously what makes you think he is going on loan to you lot?

Derby chance!

Jack hunt best right back in the league and is staying put :-)

Hunt is NOT the best right back in the league

Derby already have the best right back in the League, and good cover. The only way a striker would come in is if one left, no sign of that. Why would Derby want McGugan and why would Forest want to let him out on loan. As a rumour, total rubbish.

Your a mile off with fryatt. he will be in the starting 11 for hull when he returns from injury

Mcgugan may be a red, but he is a life long derby fan!!

Jack hunt great going foward bit dodgy

As the season progresses, the best right back in the Championship will become obvious - Sam Hutchinson of Nottingham Forest.
There is no chance of any of the three players mentioned by the original poster leaving their respective clubs to sign for Derby. It just won't happen wooly people!

Is it true that lewis mcgugan is a dcfc fan

Well, he has a pet sheep he calls Shaggy.

Lewis mcgugan is a man united fan not a derby fan

Lewis mcgugan is a united fan, always has been and I have known him since he was 5 and married to his cousin, his dad has always been a forest season ticket way in this world would he go to Derby



06 Sep 2012 11:46:19
Huddersfield town set to bring in either beckford or Simon church on loan when the window opens.

Likely to be both

They need both mate...also a creative attacking midfielder! 3 players needed!

Huddersfield should bring in on season long loans Frazier Campbell, Church and Pacheco...Strikeforce of Vaughan, Campbell and Church. 4th Striker Novak and send the useless Lee on loan to a non league side!

What sort of town fan are you, lee gives his all every game. He mite not score many goals but holds ball up well and links play up. Hes a town player and proud of it

Lee is useless. If you want to see a striker hold the ball up well and lay the ball off with accuracy. Look no further than the man that has replaced him James Vaughan.



06 Sep 2012 11:36:42
wise just gave me a thumbs up outside ryton

He's a cheeky chappie, isn't he?



06 Sep 2012 11:23:01
Leroy lita going to Birmingham on 3 month loan

This is true and confirmed in the Birmingham Evening Mail today



06 Sep 2012 10:29:28
Swindon Board are fed up of Dicanio and his antics and his wasting of money.It's thought the writing is on the wall he is set to leave.
No Doubt he is bound for Coventry City by end of next week

And no doubt Alex Ferguson will be his assistant. Sensible rumours please!

Di Canio is a complete nutcase and Coventry City would not touch him with a barge-pole! Coventry will choose a Manager that has far more patience and the ability to work on a shoe-string budget.

After watching Saturday's match, it is quite clear there are problems within the camp. No passion or decent football to watch just hoof ball. They looked like a team completely devoid of confidence and were sadly lacking of any team unity.
Maybe they have had enough of the Italian's Mussolini style dictatorship.



06 Sep 2012 08:51:23
Matt Tubbs going back to Crawley on
loan for rest of season after failing to
impress at Bournemouth, he could of gone
to Rotherham but Bournemouth refused
to deal with Steve Evans.

Matt Tubbs has hardly been given game time since his arrival, mainly due to injury. Lets give him a chance to prove himself before we start negative comments. Mind you these chances might become more limited if pitman returns.

Matt Tubbs is well out of his depth

Feel sorry for tubbs been treated very poorly by the management he gave Thomas a chance but hasn't give tubbs a chance as all the fans want him to I believe he could be the man to get us the goals. and not waste chances like we have been e.g Portsmouth game. i don't think we need pitman would be a good signing but i think we have quality upfront as it is. i would be looking at getting a winger in instead and not Robinson we have to many cm Hughes arter MacDonald and fogden were quality on Tuesday and with partington and o kane aswell we have enough.

Use Hughes as back up for Partington as he's been quality all season. Not the other way round.

After hughes showing his ability in set pieces today I would say hughes is above partington in pecking order. Must admit the youngster has done well this season and is developing into quality midfielder, his time will come.



06 Sep 2012 08:49:52
Fergie is lining up a massive transfer for January , I have heard he will offer 30 million plus Rooney in an attempt to capture the unhappy ronaldo

Why would Ronaldo come here to pay the tax level that is upsetting him in Spain?

Because the tax rate in Spain is 52% in England it is 45%

The Rooney-leaving situation is all media speculation since Fergie stated he has competition



06 Sep 2012 08:21:24
: Heard on the grapevine that there is a potential competitor to Ken Bates... A Russian investor from Moscow is also looking at Pompey. The belief is that the investor is firmly of the view that Pompey would complement his other business.

Will post again when I find out more...

Already sounds dodgy; ALA previous investors.....LMAO...

Since ken Bates is not interestedin Pompey the rest of your rumour can also be assumed to be false

Like owning all the land around Fratton Park.

Does he own other run down sheds then.

Heard a rumour that it is rasputin the mad monk

How can pompey compliment anything nobody will buy you as you have nothing for an investor no fans and poor ground sorry but face facts

I'm sorry but I must take issue with the last poster. Yes I will give you the fact that the ground is poor but NO FANS ?? Do me a favour. A band of supporters that any other club outside of the Premier League would die for. Loyal following through thick and thin. And it's been mostly thin the last couple of years. Do you know any other club that would sell out their allocation of tickets for a 700 mile round trip to Carlisle ?? In the words of Jim Royle No Fans - my **** !



06 Sep 2012 00:13:00
Wolves are set to appoint Ham Kam manager Vegard Skogheim as their new assistant manager. New boss Stale Solbakken sacked Terry Connor last week and is now looking for a new number two.

Stale wants an english style coach ,paul ince ,ray wilkins ,

Rubbish, We are looking at an English Coach



05 Sep 2012 21:21:55
Bristol Rovers have enquired to Leeds Utd about loaning Dominic Poleon initially 'til January.

Deal would benefit both clubs ..The young goal getter would get some serious game time and Rovers a desperately needed striker with an eye for goal.

Biggest hurdle though is Neil Warnock who has used DP from the subs bench already this season.

This lad is going to be a real good player, i think 1st team football would do him good

Are Rovers in the conference yet?

Yes would be a good move for both teams only problem is leeds lack of strength in depth means nw will probably refuse at the moment

Like our squad isnt small enough. What a load of carp

He'd easy score 15-20 goals a season, but in the future? 30+ but we dont have enough players atm , so he'll be going nowhere



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