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Wenger has played a sly game again with the transfer window and will seal the deal for Stephen Appiah. By signing the free agent he will be immediately in the squad and bringing experience to a vastly talented midfield.

Gooner 4 life.
  It is believe that cristiano ronaldo will be leaving in the january transfer window. . . because of arguements undergoing him and sir alex ferguson. . . he will either be going to manchester city for a record breaking £135 mill. or he will be going to real madrid. . for £75 mill. plus wesley sneijder.

in stoke city news it isnt looking good for lewis buxton with a £1.2 mill. bid from wolves.also wolves will be putting in the strike sylvain ebanks–blake. it is looking bad for the potters. . even though they are getting a top championship striker. . .

my information is all fact because i got all this information from an insider. . so i can trust you that all my information is not fake
  Firstly I cant believe I am going to agree with a Liverpudlian, however I do think the Liverpool fan is absolutely correct when he outlines the future for the beautiful game and his fears when highlighting the mega rich obtaining a play thing called a premier league football club. You may say he is jealous because Everton havent got one yet but when and if they do then it is you and I that will have to pay the over inflated gate fee, not to mention new replica shirts with the latest Brazilian superstar who has thrown his dummy out in order that his salary will increase by £100k per week. ( I have to work nearly four years hard graft for my family for that). When will it stop, I don't think it, will shortly the Barclay's Premier League will be renamed the Arab Premier League or something similar. ( Anyone with a couple of Billion only need not apply). I am a supporter who like my Liverpool colleague would love to see my beloved blues give all a good trouncing at Goodison, but how can we compete, the answer is we cant and I am sure all the true fans will feel the same at Blackburn,Villa,Boro and Wigan etc.
Anyway I am sorry to go on and I know this is a Football transfer rumour site, I have no rumours at the moment so I think I might go and dig for some oil on Southport beach in order that I might be able to buy my club is that the answer if you cant beat them join them. All the Best COYB
  Its time the FA started making their mark on all football clubs despite of their owners. Wages should be capped (Ballack earns more in a year than I will for the rest of my life), transfers should be limited to just 3 per year. Child entrance fees should be scrapped, atleast 2 academy players should be in the 1st team squad every year and given their chance. Money has ruined the game, I love Michael Owen but his wage demands for someone who hasn't played a full season for nearly 10 years are ridiculous. There should be more protection for young players and their clubs, John Bostock going to Tottenham to rot in thier reservwes should not be allowed to happen. They should introduce loyalty bonuses for staying at a club and scrap signing on fees to encourage players to stay at their clubs. The transfer window should apply to managers too. Money is scaring teams into rash buys and sackings, control the money and maybe teams will start playing football again. But why would players give up their bonuses and wages (that could house every homeless person in this country), why would clubs stop spending 100's of millions of pounds every year (that could house and feed every homeless person in the world 3 times over)just to improve the beautiful game. Instead we are doomed to get autobiographies of footballers who are only 21, buy footballers aftershaves and oodle over their wives in lads mags. RIP football, gone forever.
  Bad and goo dnews for stoke city as they might be losing lewis buxton to wolverhampton wanderers for £1.2mill pluss sylvain ebanks–blake i dnt no why wolves would want to do this. lewis buxton is crap. either way we might be gettin 1 of the top strikers in the championship so last thing gooooaaaarrrrnnnnn stoke
  +++ AFC Bulletin +++

If Appiah moves to AFC expect Tomas Rosickey 2 leave come Jan . Its been known that Alan Pardew could be the next manager at WHUFC , however its also been heard that AW could move 4 WHUFC gk Green as its been heard he's ready 2 leave in Jan .
  The guy who indicated that KK was to leave Newcastle was on the point.He has now left.

However it is a misfortune that names of replacements being whispered here and there would only be names of potential departutres.

As far as the not–too–wise Denis Wise remains in that club, the expected outcome will be nothing else but trouble.

When I think of his last days at Chelsea and how much time he spent in the field looking for trouble rather than playing, I will simply conclude that he is worse than Barton and it can only be Newcastle to have both men.

My rumour.Mewcastle could end up in more trouble in the days ahead.We might see more people coming and going.
  My mate works at St.James Park and has heard that the short list for the managers job includes Tony Mowbray, Steve Bruce, Alan Curbishley and Bryan Robson. Gus Poyet has been mentioned in the press but Mike Ashley wants an English manager.
  I am a life long Man City fan (40+ years) and what have we done to deserve all the rubbish that's being written. So its ok to be owned by a Russian or American billionaire but not an Arab. So its alright to spend £300m (MUFC) or £280 (Chelsea) and whatever (Liverpool) but not if you are Man City. So its great to spend huge amounts on Rooney, Tevez, Nani, Hargreaves, Carrick, Vidic, Evra, Ferdinand and just about everyone in the Chelsea team but not if you buy one of the best players in the world and he goes to Eastlands. Its been too long. You've been brainwashed by Sky and MOTD to believe that theres no one other than the so called top four.
Well there is now and get ready to s. . yourself if you happen to support one of them. Maybe not this season but who knows.
And, if your team just happens to snare a passing billionaire, I (unlike most of the above) will welcome you to a more interesting Premiership.
The new chief executive will be 1 of
Richard Scudamore
Karen Brady
The vodafone chief exec
between now and 31 January a number of players will be snaped up;
Freebies including Ronaldo and Appiah aswell as the 'players for the future' including Moses, Giovinco and Birand.
A defender will also be signed.
  It is essential arsenal sign appiah he will provide much needed expereince and presence to not only are starting line up but to also the squad. Yet again arsenal have missed out on a future star diogo luis santo who has gone to olympiacos no doubt he will be bought by chelsea or another big club in the future and wenger we will again say we could have had that player. January signings depending on teams performance will be;

mutudi/alonso/veloso.–alonso depends if he doesn't get games with gerrad mascherano lucas and plesis fit.
Kalou–depending on his opportunities at chelsea
Edu obasi– He will be great arsene move now
  Following on from other like–minded postings I too would like to comment on the "money–men". Football at the very top level in England is being ruined. Yes it may look good short–term but lets be realistic, unless every team gets onto a fairly even playing field then the game will be over. Why should fans of "lesser" teams pay good money to watch their team probably get beat buy those whom can afford the better players. .no fans. no games. I'm a Celtic fan, and probably more so a Scotland supporter and the LACK of finance in our game means the football is more competitive but also the National team has been able to rise to a place we have not been since around 1974–1980 when the likes of McQueen/Jordan/Lorimer/Hartford/Gemmil/Dalglish/Souness/McGrain etc were among the finest in the world. England will very very soon fall out of the top 20 and with an expected influx of more foreigners what chance does your national team have? It's up to us, the fans, to say enough is enough. .start looking at lower league football, it's cheaper, more competitive and best of all loads more fun. Hail Hail
  Not really a rumour, but a response to the gentleman who posted in regards to finances and the numerical representations. A english billion is indeed a million million, however, this has not been in general use since about the late 70's. The accepted universal interpretation of a billion is in fact 1000 million. A trillion, this fantastical amount that you claim does not exist, is in fact what is now interpreted as a million million and will be referred to in financial information, the press or anywhere to represent a figure of a million million.I have no idea where you think you got your information from, but I just wanted to let you know, that you are so wrong, when I read your post, I genuinely laughed out loud, so at least thank you for that.
  David Moyes son has just enrolled in my school expect a annoucment from newcastle soon
Moyes new newcastle manager
  I have heard on good authority that gordon strachan is in line for the west ham job and it will happen by wednesday he will then be replaced by sam allardyce at parkhead you heard it here first
  Appiah to Everton or Arsenal

Ljunberg and Thiago Motta to Hull
  Not a rumour, more of a rant. im an Arsenal fan, season ticket holder and fanatic. im fed up with other Arsenal fans living in a dream world. we have simply turned into a feeder club where youngsters think they can make a name for themselves and then move on to a bigger club. im ashamed to call myself a fan as our manager lives in a dream world. Mr Wenger is too proud to admit that you cant win anything with kids and would much rather he brought 4–5 big names to offer us stability in the team. instead, he is intent on balancing the books for us. Hes doing 2 jobs at once, a manager cannot be expected to run a football club and coach a football team. while hill–wood and fizman sit in their executive boxes laughing about the good old days, when they should be investing in the club and giving Mr Wenger the money he needs to spend. and if he doesn't want to spend it, we should force him too. i never thought id say this but i believe its time for Wenger to leave. he can do no more for our club except to ruin it. sorry to say it but im pissed off at this.
in other news. congrats Man City, your a great club and itll be nice too see another team in the north challenging for silverware. i don't usually agree with foreign investment but it can only make our league stronger and push the teams around them into better ones. unfortunatly, i don't think that this will happen with Arsenal, 5 place here we come.

one very angry gooner
  From a very high up source at West Ham – They have offered two managers the job, Slaven Bilic and Roberto Mancini. Each contract has various clauses.
Bilic's – he has to sign by thursday at the latest.
Mancini's – he has to appoint Di Canio as either first team coach, or Assistant.

The board and Nani will then decide who's best for the club.
When appointed, the new manager will be given at least 30 million to spend to push for a european place within two years. then the board will re–assses there goals depending on how other teams are doing and whether Man City have broken into the top 4 (5). .

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