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06 Mar 2013 22:33:23
Steve Clarke made personal scouting visits on Summer transfer targets Sam Byram (Leeds) and Ben Marshell (Leicester)



06 Mar 2013 20:34:45
Charlton to sign Mark Gower on loan from Swansea.



06 Mar 2013 20:43:48
Paul Cook has been told if results don't improve soon he will be shown the door and there is a proven manager just waiting for the call to takeover.

Phil brown

Kevin Blackwell

Thats interesting. Having paid off Sheridan and been left with some of his "signings" where will the money come from to pay off Cook? Especially considering Mr Allen isn't putting anymore of his own money in, or so he says. I am not yet convinced by Cook who talks the part but hasn't delivered totally as yet. Who is the manager waiting in the wings? Ventress



06 Mar 2013 19:56:57
Swindon Town will sort out the £20,000 appearance fee with Shrewsbury within the next couple of weeks enabling them to some out of the transfer embargo. Swindon are then set to sign 2 midfielders believed to be Danny Green and Marlon Pack; as well as another striker thought to be either Gary Madine or Callum McManaman.

Why are we in an embargo anyway, there was supposed to be monies available for loans so why has the £20,000 not been paid. And a couple of players got in already. More excuses coming out seems like a new one each week.

They already paid it!

The Pack deal is dead, Cheltenham will now only consider a cash deal for the player in the summer, also Town now want to keep Luke Rooney who was always part of the deal under Di canio.

07 Mar 2013 13:15:12
who said the Pack deal is dead as nothing has been mentioned but I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed at Cheltenham until the end of season.
With McDonald in now as manager every player has the chance to get back in the team so Rooney may well stay.

Swindon won, t be signing anyone to late in the season in fact come
the end of the season they will be selling players & getting very cheap ones in. if we go up not sure what sort of sqaud we will have, I can, t see any of the out of contacrt players being kept on beacuse of money. I thought Fl HAD GIVEN SWINDON THE ALL CLEAR regards any outstanding payments

07 Mar 2013 19:17:22
Suppose we will get money back in instalments at 10 pounds a week!

We are broke, new owners don't have money and had to beg borrow and steal to buy the club

I wish these so called fans would wind their necks in. let's see what happens the new owners have only had the club for 2 weeks we were so close to going into administration. Yes the club will be run with a tighter budget, but remember we only get between 8,000 to 9,000 each home game so we have to sell some of our best players to keep the club afloat we have always sold our best players that's what clubs in the lower leagues do

SWINDON are still in a mess no money but third in the league a cracking chance to go up that might make the diff---! I hope

Whats all this negativity all about, Swindon aren't broke, they have new owners with "similar financial backing to the previous owners", (Andrew Black)

Jed McCrory also stated that he will be supporting Kev Mac in the transfer market, or be it loans.

We only had a little nose dive because Paolo flapped at buying players such as Comazi, Magera, Cibo, Clarke, Benson and there's more, not all were good but I bet bar Cibo all had huge wages, Bensons was believed to be very high. {Ed039's Note - Similar financial backing to the previous owners? Did they not bail out with the club in debt to the tune of £13m?)

08 Mar 2013 11:51:39
Name a club in the top half of League 1 that doesn't have any debt?

Swindon's player budget has ranged from 3. 9 to 4.5m per season, over the last four seasons, the club hardly pushed the boat out, but yes this meant there was an amount of unsecured debt to the owners 9m which they wiped out on handing the club over to the new owners. The secured debt is 4m which won't change and is secured against the lease of the ground.

It is up to the new owners to carry on the player budget which could see the club rack up another 9m debt, bare in mind that's 9m over approximately 6 seasons, not bad really.

Compare it to clubs Bournemouth and Crawley who must have racked up massive debts based on the spending sprees they have made an example just on one player, 500k for Ritchie most of which was up front. That was more than Swindon paid all season on transfers.

All the clubs trying to get prompted are spending money of sorts, it just so happens Swindon have had owners who have put there money where there mouth is and have written off the debts they authorised. The club is probably in a better financial position than most clubs in that division and are also third in the table, good work I say.

Rubbish I smell a Rat! can they afford to go up? I don, t think so
jed the chariman not saying a thing! to insure supporters. the big A word is approching if they don, t pay their Debt.

The debt is old debt and not a threat to the club, the clubs running cost is 250k per month, that is met by the new owners any monies owed to Shrewsbury will be paid or has been paid. The club is in no more a different position than most clubs, what's the point? Liverpool report an operating loss of close to 85million and all of a sudden swindon are a bad club and in debt, what about man united and man city. All clubs are in debt

Haha I don't think swindon can be put in the same context as man c or man united let alone Liverpool lol

Liverpool have a bigger debt So you are right about that.

Yes but Liverpool, United and City are big clubs who can make money. Swindon can fall to pieces easily. 20k means a lot in league 1.



06 Mar 2013 17:54:58
Torquay United in a bid to bring in Calvin Zola and Matt Paterson from Burton Albion to help stave off relegation fears. BAFC completely blanked the offer!

Why would calvin zola and matt paterson go to torquay because they would not play many games in a season.



06 Mar 2013 16:19:08
The great Jack Lester to walk away from Chesterfield and off to our bitterest rivals Mansfield and on more money. Come on Chesterfield what are we doing!!

Being sensible with money? Heaven forbid a football club isn't held to ransom by a players wage demands.

07 Mar 2013 11:32:08
Chesterfield to sign Jordan Chapell from Sheff Yoo

Lester is older than Jesus, should let him go in my oppinion, he isn't worth what he wants to stay.

He gives the team more than Richards in effort and value for money! Whilst we haven't seen the best of Richards I wouldn't mind betting he will be off asap, his body language says he dose not want to be here! I would much rarther see Jack in the starting line up. Ventress

This is Jacks last season at Chesterfield he will be released by the club. If he goes local and does well the criticism will be unbearable. Still a class player at this level.



06 Mar 2013 15:54:24
Southampton striker Rickie Lambert is joining west ham in the summer even if the saints stay up.

Lambert says he wants to end his career at southampton

Which will never happen

Schniederlin, Puncheon and Davis have all recently extended their contracts. Rickie next.

Lambo would not go even if we get relagated he will sign a new deal.

Haha love this so much. not a hope in hell! Saints through and through, spoken to him on a few occasions before and openly said to me the only club he would ever consider leaving saints for is Liverpool as that's who he supported as a kid



06 Mar 2013 14:12:56
john carew to mk dons after inter question his fitness and refuse a contract. the dons also look to sign jermaine easter and keanu marsh-brown.

Easter is not very good and similar to Lowe so will not sign him. Keanu is a possible but Powell has signed a new deal. Carew - no hope as he is over rated, slow and will change our style and not worth the wages - just like Smith is. Good win last night and if we can win 3 out of next 4 then maybe just maybe. Welcome back Gleeson

Inter used 10 minutts to decide that Carew wasn't fit to play. What makes you and MK Dons belive that he will be a good signing?
Take from a norwegian: John Carew is not fit to play and will never be. He is only interessted in fashion and movies now.

"Welcome back Gleeson"

Yeah, I bet Pete was saying the same, with pound signs in his eyes thinking to himself: "another club asset I could sell".

Winkelman OUT! {Ed003's Note - look you are just hijacking rumour posts raise your issues with a fresh post on banter so rumours don't turn into arguments mate,cheers.}

07 Mar 2013 09:26:29
Strikes me that the Corden looky-likey wants more press - he needs to get off his backside, stop runnign to the press and manage my club more effectively and get the BEST out of his TALENTED squad!

Winkelman OUT! {Ed003's Note - look you are just hijacking rumour posts raise your issues with a fresh post on banter so rumours don't turn into arguments mate, cheers. }"

I apologise. :-|



06 Mar 2013 12:22:47
Doncaster Rovers will comfirm the signing of Danny Webber before the game on saturday this will be that gary medine will definetly not be signing for doncaster

Danny Webber has some talent but, apparently Mark Wilson is going to be signed, that is ridiculous

Mark Wilson cannot be any worse than bone idle Harper (apparently the young lad from Everton was doing both central midfield roles on Tuesday night) & six bellies Fowler. Rovers did experience & work rate now in the final ten games, not passengers like Fowler & Harper, & of course Robbie "Fray Bentos" Blake who wins the award as well for the latest shirt on a professional (tongue in cheek that he still is) player.

Mark wilson& Danny Webber, so much for ambition from Ryan& co. Can't believe what I am reading already bought my 2013/2014 season ticket, been well and truly conned, I will donate it to charity, will be calling my bank tomorrow and cancel my alliance membership, that's me finished with the Rovers, until there's a change at board level

Are you for real? Can you remember the summer we've just had? We are top of the league going into the final stretch! I honestly think you should donate your season ticket because the club doesn't need supporters like you pal, open your eyes!

Can you blame him! They are showing no ambition at all!, was there balls over 100 applicants for the job, the board said they had a plan b well more lies! They picked the cheapest option, they should have gone for a proper manager with the experience needed to get us up, but no! And the compensation they got from Saunders leaving could have gone on players but no it went in their pockets, lack of ambition and I'm sick of it all the people that sit around me are thinking about not renewing it's all down to th board

Yes I am real pal, and have been watching the Rovers since 1955 so I do feel qualified to make a comment about recent signings, and how the club is going, Wilson was not good enough when Penney signed hom on loan when we were in the conference about 12 years ago, probably before your time, how do you think the young lad from Burnley is feeling now, surely it would be better to at least give hima try first rather than signing someone who can't get a game at Gainsborough, Just a complete joke signing but not the first lately

Mark wilson omg is that what its come 2 if that's the case we don't deserve to go up next lewis guy will be comming back to then were doomed

Mark Wilson signs, dos'e Brian Flynn realise Jan Butz is available at Gainsborough, and Laurie Sheffield is always in the premier club lounge on match days both potential signings! Mr Flynn you are a joke

The board are pathetic and as for Flynn and Baldwin there just Ryan's yes men. sack the board!! No ambition whatsoever

Who wood you get as manger

Someone with great experience I don't care if we have to pay a fee to get a good manager, I just want someone who will keep us up and get results simple as that! I don't want Flynn next year I want the board to show ambition and make a statement, chances are they won't because any money they make goes into their pockets

Another win for a manager whos out of his depth haha WE ARE GOING UP RTID

Gary rowel. The Burton manager, built a very good side on a shoestring budget, Should suit Ryan &co



06 Mar 2013 10:40:39
Rovers are after former player mark Wilson whos on trial and ex leeds striker danny webber who is also training with the club, any thoughts on these players

I presume you mean Doncaster Rovers. Hope I'm wrong but are these guys any better than what we have all ready. Webber hasn't played competitiveley for nine months

I would have thought of them as ideal signings to prepare for another season in league one.

I think he means bristol.



06 Mar 2013 09:03:03
Man United's keeper Anders Lindigarrd a target for Juvetus and Valencia.



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