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05 Mar 2012 21:48:46
Very good source: Crawley Town to sign Izale Mcleod (League 2 top goalscorer) from barnet before the weekend. Initially loan deal to become permanent in the summer(10)(23)


05 Mar 2012 21:11:44
coventry and birmingham are in a transfer embargoes so dont put any rumours to do with them on here true story(16)(6)


05 Mar 2012 20:15:00
middlesbrough press conference tomorrow at 1130 to present two more loan signings thought to be a striker and a goal keeper.(5)(20)Press conference for loan signings? Really? Are they Messi and Ronaldo? Behave.Liar Liar pants on fire!


05 Mar 2012 18:22:04
walsall's assistant maneger david 0'kelly been appointed hereford manager {Ed003's Note - Richard }(7)(4) 



05 Mar 2012 19:04:57
former pompey striker frederic piquionne set to join doncaster and pompey to sign marc-antoine fortune on loan before reading game(11)(33)I'd take Antoine Fortune any dayFortune starts every game for West Brom, dream on.Pompey dreamers. You're in for a hammering tonight lol.Pompey are in administration and cannot bring anyone inTo the dumb guy above, Pompey are in administration but we can bring in loans, as we have done.Pompey can bring in lone players providing they release other squad players out on loan, under the administration rules their not allowed to build on their current squad, its one in one or more outFortune has started the last 4 games and put in 3 man of the match performances helping wba beat wovles sunderland and chelsea, I doubt he will go to pompey on loan whose could and should fold now.


05 Mar 2012 19:00:50
Walsall have signed gerge boeting and Frank nouble on loans till the end of the season 'express and star'(7)(21)Boateng is not going to Wallsall, it was discussed but there's no deal happening.Nouble from westham if so he has already no to 3 or 4 other clubs


05 Mar 2012 18:50:28
Premier League side Swansea City have made a summer bid for Mustapha Carayol from Brilstol Rovers. Manager Brendan Rodgers feels the Gambian has tons of potential and at only 22 years old, Carayol could provide competition for a wing position and would easily fit into the formation the Welsh side play.(1)(12) 



05 Mar 2012 18:48:06
Blackpool boss Ian Holloway is keen on making a summer swoop for Barnet striker Izale McLeod. Holloway has never been shy of giving lower league forwards a chance at the higher level but with McLeod already gaining experience in the Championship in previous years, the former Plymouth manager is keen to add the 27 year old hitman to his striking department. McLeod could join on loan in the next week with a view to a full time deal in the summer but an agreement in July time is most likely.(4)(16)Wow brentford turned him away


05 Mar 2012 18:45:10
Brazilian outfit Fluminense, Argentinian champions Boca Juniors, English champions Manchester United and Italian Champions League chasers Udinese are all chasing AZ and Sweden midfielder Rasmus Elm.(4)(9)Woo the Aregntinian league


05 Mar 2012 17:11:13
Frank Nouble going back to OAKWELL what a waste of time & money crap last time so why bring him back Wombwell Red(12)(10)Maybe our Keefy see,s something in the guy that he can work with and make him a better playerOhh but he is not


05 Mar 2012 16:06:51
New Hereford manager ROK will make Doncaster duo James Chambers and James Baxendale his first two signings on loan.(3)(8)


05 Mar 2012 13:22:09
middlesbrough close to completing the loan signings of jonjo shelvey from liverpool and portsmouth goalkeeper stephen henderson until the end of the season the henderson deal will go through to ease pompey financal issues a deal was agreeded on saturday and he will act as cover for jason steele(11)(11)


05 Mar 2012 15:01:59
brad guzan linked with ipswich on loan with veiw to permanent move in summer source- twtd(5)(10)This one will happen, Guzan is 100 times better than the pompey keeper Henderson, he can sleak off to Boro, we dont want him


05 Mar 2012 13:52:07
heard from a friend of a board member, Lee Barnard to sign on loan for Swindon from Southampton by wednesday(16)(10)


05 Mar 2012 13:37:00
frederic piqiuonne to sign from pompey on loan, and then sign permanently, piquionne was very happy at fratton park
source reliable(4)(19)Sign for who?Sign for Pompey read itPortsmouth Cant even afford the electrical bill never mind an ex prem waged striker. pompey wont even be in the football league by saturday.I have read it and it say "signed from portsmouth" maybe you should read it againYou muppet you can't even write properly lol. He's off to Doncaster!


05 Mar 2012 12:05:26
Robin Van Persie will sign a new deal in the summer. He has said he still believs in Arsenal and he is very much got a lot of faith in Arsene Wenger. He says that it is because of him Arsenal are still where they are. People give him stick, but, name one other top flight club in ANY league that ahve no finances to worry about? Arsenal have no debt excpet the repayments on the loan to the new stadium in whihc they arent that badly in debt for! A lot of credit needs to go to him for bringing on his youngseters so admirably. I do concede however in order for Arsenal to compete more competetively they do need a couple of big transfers rather than panic buys, i.e Per Mertesaker! He, in my opinion is useless, if he doesnt rush he will buy real quality! start looking now Mr Wenger!(12)(16)Wengers greatest strengths as a manager are also his biggest weakness.That is very true in order for arsenal to compete I think he needs stronger and better first team players! This will help develop the youngsters further as they have better role models! If they could land a combative midfielder that can also pass a ball for example yaya toure then this would be very very important! They have good wingers in Walcott and oxlade chamberlain but it's unfair to expect the world from him so add another winger and also another striker maybe if they get champs league again then go for one of the Napoli forwards cavani more than lavezzi in my opinion! I would also strongly consider defenders! A hard man centre half is really needed! Like keown!I think keown might b a bit old now but he cant b any worse than wots there at the moment!!Thats obvious! But you know what i meen someone that will put everything on the line! Someone with passion


05 Mar 2012 12:01:13
Inter Milan taking a look at Evertons Ross Batkley. Cant see him leaving except for a premier league club personally(3)(14)Why would Inter look at Ross Batkley? Surely Ross Barkley is better.Window shop all you like, but, unless you av 50 mill to spend, don't bother opening the door.


05 Mar 2012 11:35:22
George Boateng is being allowed to leave Nottingham forrest on loan to league one side Walsall until the end of the season(11)(11)


05 Mar 2012 10:50:21
peter reid next tranmere rovers manager(8)(17)Ronnie moore confirmed as new managerWhy do they need another manager? ronnie moore has only just joined


05 Mar 2012 10:18:44
Word is from a source close to Chelsea is that the reason as to why AVB was sacked, was not the fact that the result wernt the best but that Torres, Lampard, Cole, Drogba and Cech had all told Mr Abramovich that unless he was gone by the end of the month they would be going in the summer! Another knee jerk by RA! Player power is very big over by the bridge! The only was Mourinho will return is if he apogizes to RA! Don't expect that to happen!
All truth {Ed001's Note - you are clueless. Mourinho and Abramovich get on very well and Jose would have no need to apologise at all.}(17)(9)Funny... because Abramovich has today been quoted as telling the team the sacking is their fault and he plans a mass clear-out this summer!

Know your facts!Thats slightly harsh there Ed, i have actually heard the same bit of information. My uncle is a security officer at Stamford Bridge and works inside and he said the day after the loss to west bromich albion about 8:45 Lampard, Cole, Torres Cech ramires and drogba had all been to see the man in power. Also their relationship was strained thats why Mourinho left he and Abramovich had a fall out and Mourinho had gone. Dont get me wrong things are better but he does want a sorry for him leaving the club. {Ed001's Note - rubbish.}Outsider looking in
Problems will remain at chelsea as long as the old guard are there ie terry ,lampard ,drogba player power will only drag the club downMourinho and Abramovich patched up their differences ages ago.

Bazza {Ed002's Note - Just to clarify some of these points. (a) AVB was sacked because the performances were poor and there was no improvement. (b) An independent review of the training had concluded the side to be one dimensional and predictable. (c) Mr Abramovich and Mourinho get on fine. (d) The heading in the Daily Telegraph is poorly written and the article makes no mention of the players being blamed for AVB's sacking. The player were however held responsible for some of the poor performances. (e) Anyone going to Stamford Bridge at 8:45 would not have found Mr Ambramovich or any of the players there. They were all travelling to the training facility at Cobham in Surrey - with the exception of Mr Abramovich who was elsewhere at that time.}LOL at a security guard hearing anything other than the rattling oh his keys...If chelsea want to improve things,overhual the team,bye bye,terry and lampard for a start,as for cole to overated.To save time and money Chelsea have already sacked there new manager!The guy that sed about the security vuadd didbt say he heard anythingY would Mourinho apologise to RA? he was sacked, he didn't quit just to add to ed's list as to why this article is bsMourinho didn't gt sacked! He walked! He had a bust up with RA about a financial situation and about some of the players! How is that him getting sacked? He walked out of Chelsa hence the apology!Mourinho was sacked...end of! Anyone that thinks otherwise is clueless... Mourinho has already been approached bye RA as to weather he would be interested in returning...why would that happen if RA wanted an apology ?

LeicesterLadMourinho wasn't sacked Abramovich was getting annoye with the fact that they hadn't won a champs cup and he had a pop at mourinho so he said fk you and walked! Why would RA, if he sacked him, return to him and say would yoU like your job back that is saying he is wrong and he doesn't ever do that! Mourinho is the one 'buying a house' in London! He is creating speculation! He's a very clever man! Think about it!
KnowHe would offer him the job back because he was the only successful manager you have had since RA took over..simple really!


05 Mar 2012 10:15:26
Luke Varney is on his way from Pompey(27)(6)He'll be off to Blackpool cant blame him, leaving a sinking shipI hope they don't fold tbh it would ruin the season, I don't support Pompey either!I thought they couldnt do any deals :/Would love him at pool again but now oystons daddy has all the money he wont be coming


05 Mar 2012 09:57:13
Jake Jervis to go on loan to Walsall to the end of the season after Ryan Jarvis' loan move to torquay.(2)(6)I thought you could only play fot 3 clubs in a season. He has already been on loan to Swindon, Preston and has turned out for BrumThats true he cant go to walsall and as for carter u av no chance he is on a big wage ,it seems ever player is signing for walsall how many teams they got


05 Mar 2012 02:29:38
Norwich City are looking to invest in youth and are planing to swoop for macclesfield town defender and Wales U21 international Elliot Hewit, 17, although he is also being targeted by bigger clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea Norwich are confident they can land the young player(6)(6)Why would he join a club with no youth set up? Come back and try again when yolu have a proper football club.

Why make such an aggressive and comment about our lack of youth set up when you clearly know absolutely nothing about Norwich City Football Club, nor have you done any research on the subject that is obvious and is referred to as lazy journalism

We already have a state of the art training ground that includes a full academy and is a member
of the FA Premier League Academy that cost in excess of 6/7M when it was completed approx 8 years ago.
Norwich have also recently announced they plan to invest the required amount of Investment and extra facilities to apply and qualify for the newly soon to be established FA Class 1 academy status, which enables these clubs to sign players from non qualifying academy's at agreed relatively low compensation rates that are being fixed by the FA. The policy is meant to raise the standard of coaching at the elite academy's and the ability for these clubs to bring in the best talent.


05 Mar 2012 00:12:36
PP is due to meet later today with Chariman Ben Robinson to decide if he has a future at the club and i is believed that he will lose him job and that Mark Robins is a posible replacment as he was at the game against southend saturday however could have been one of a few but PP is expected to leave you heard it first(3)(6)My choice would be paul buckle did well at torquay his sides always play nice football and is availableTorquay scout attends burton matches often talking to him saturday buckle fancies the job


05 Mar 2012 00:11:56
Pompey have made enquires about joining the southern league and groundsharing with havent.(24)(22)If they go bust, which is on the cards, then they will go to the wessex league 5 to start again, with Henderson in goal, i just love that mans loyaltyFor all the dumb people on here. We would go into BSB South, BSP Premier or League 2. This has been confirmed due to ground size, club support etc.Actually you would go into the Wessex league,and you would be the havent(any money)sharing with Havant and WaterloovilleThe lowest Portsmouth would go down the pyramid (if we go bust) would be Conference South. This is due to away support size. This was all confirmed last time Pompey were close to liquidation (2010). End of. Thank you.


05 Mar 2012 00:00:43
Estonian midfielder/ striker Ats Purje Is expected to sign for league one side Walsall before Saturday, Purje is a free agent following his release from Cypriot side Ethnikos Achna
and was a regular in the Estonian national side before he became a free agent

Darren Carter is also expected to sign for the league one side(7)(4)


04 Mar 2012 23:17:36
Barnsley fc to sign barnets izael McLeod on loan with view to a permanent move in summer as he is one of leauge 2s top goal scores and manager keith hill believes he can follow in the footsteps of Craig Davies.(4)(9)Anybody who knows anything about Izale McLeod knows he is trouble off the field. Charlton took a punt on him and couldn't get rid of him quick enough. He's also been involved in an on the pitch fight with Reading loanee Michael Hector, a team mate.

He wont get another sniff of Championship football. Trust me.


04 Mar 2012 20:39:21
I have heard from a good source that keef hill is meeting don rowing to discuss the termination of his contract. Owner paddy cryne is in advanced discussions with property developer Paul Sykes and local security firm doyles. If all goes to plan a new c e o will be in place. And a new manager in Mick McCarthy. You heard it hear first(5)(16)Sit down and shut up. We hafd notyhing but hassle when Pete Doyle wanted the club after we went into administration and what a joke affair that was, even offering to fight all fansd in the car park. Mr Cryne will only sell to a person/persons who have the best interests of the club and not to someone who will "sweat" the assetts as Doyls was on records of saying. So, sit down and shut up half wit.


04 Mar 2012 19:12:58
joel ward is following liam lawrence to join on loan cardiff(9)(16)No he isn't


04 Mar 2012 19:10:43
dan gosling set to join on loan newcastle(1)(21)Dan Gosling already plays for Newcastle? :STo who


04 Mar 2012 18:39:05
after spurs last two results people
still want twitcher redknapp for

the england job ur having a
laugh he s crap(17)(19)Give the man his credit, 34 years as a manager, and 1 fa cup, against a second devision team, that what you call a track record !What is on the top of cockerels head - last post !Also to add to his CV he's ruined Bournemouth, Southampton & Portsmouth, and most probably Spurs soon, he doesn't care about the club if a better offer comes along he's gone (probably taking a few bungs along the way!)

And really a twitchy tax dodger for England manager, C'mon we can't have this especially for International level, he doesn't exactly lead by example either does he?

Glad he got put in his place last week by Arsenal & this week Utd, 'If you want to be the best,you have to beat the best'

SFCMassive {Ed001's Note - Levy doesn't give Harry the input into transfers to cause the same problems with Spurs. He has been very careful about that, Harry is first team coach in the continental style, rather than the type of manager we are used to in the UK. So he won't be doing the same to Spurs.}AGREE! It's only his arse licking pals in the media and the deluded cockneys that think he is any good. Didn't have a clue what to do yesterday just sat there and twitchedCouple of stupid posts there, (5 year olds?), there is no point in trying to wind up spurs fans regarding redknapp! S.W.R.O, is a movement, by an ever growing large amount of spurs fans that would like to see redknapp either removed or to take the england job!!I am a Leicester fan and i think every post is complete and utter bollox...Redknapp is the only way forward for England! ur all slating him for wot hes done at bournemouth, pompey etc....but look at wot he has done at spurs!! Taken them from mid table to champions league! would u rather another foreign manager? arsenal fans make me it the bigun coz of last weeks result when spurs are still above u..and lets be honest apart from RVP there a much better side...Redknapp fot England all day long

LeicesterLadHe is a top manager despite any off field or personall querries! He gets the job done and players respect him. Name one England Manager in the last 10 years that fits that Criteria?
Capello- No unity
Mclaren-No need to even delve further
Sven-Too many strange antics and wasnt taken seriously!Last poster = what do you think that Rednob has that capello hasnt - capello took control of the dressing room from a bunch of ego's, will harry be able to do that? - we need someone with balls and Harry's arent big enough - this country is out to ruin England FC before they have kicked a ball - scummy papers we read.@ leicesterlad, you dont know what youre talking about, there is a growing movement at the lad regarding redknapp, so many off the field activities that a non supporting spurs fan wouldnt have a clue about, so give it every post is complete and utter bollox, cause you dont have a clue about tottenham hotspur football if he takes the england job you seriously need to pray that he takes jordon, sherwood and bond with him, cause if he doesnt, god help england!!For a start he is English and will not just be thinking about his nxt paycheck..we might actually have a manager with a bit of passion...capello couldn't even speak the language..that shows how dedicated he was....just look at are world cup if you think capello was so good...who u think should b manager thn?? another foreigner on stupid money with no interest? we all want an englishman back in charge and redknapp by far the best english managerIf redknapp is the best english manager
we are in the .......... Cleary in the ST and as Lord Sugar would say 'Im Out'.

As for 'but look at wot he has done at spurs! 'Please explain what he has done? As all I can currently see is League Cup runners up in 2009 and yes they did get a taste of champions league football however last I saw they failed to pass the group stages of Europa

1 PAOK 6 12
2 Rubin 6 11
3 Tottenham 6 10
4 Shamrock
Rovers 6 0

Ouch - Is this the Mighty Spurs :')

I agree that over the years England's managers have been absolutely abysmal but why should we continue this trend with Redknapp? Too add to this Redknapps what 65 so when the world cup comes round in 2014 he'll be 67 Claps Really looking forward to the future and by then god knows what his twitching will be like :o


Before I leave my honest opinion, England manager should be Pearce or Mourinho,as I feel these two would put the players in there place and aren't afraid to tell a few home truths.


04 Mar 2012 18:25:44
Walsall set to bring in West Brom Striker Adil Nabi on loan 'till the end of the season(16)(4)


04 Mar 2012 18:21:26
Charlton will have a challenge on there hands if they want to keep there current squad next season , 29 scouts watched cafc against chesterfield(7)(3)Every time I hear this story the number of scouts gets bigger did they multiply at Chesterfield too?You cannot possibly know that.Ok no fewer than 21 scouts.... and its on sky sports and i have been told from a source close to Charlton eg keith peacock!Sky sports and they never get things wrong do they!


04 Mar 2012 18:06:02
Manchester City are keen on signing Moussa Dembele from Fulham in the summer. The Belgium international attacker has confirmed he would like to play in the Champions League and Martin Jol believes Dembele is worth around £17 million.(1)(32)Maybe if u take a way the 1


04 Mar 2012 17:39:12
Swindon have financial problems,Dicano signed some right crap, Board are worried as debts are mounting dailt.Need gates of 10000 to break even.They have super support but more gate revenue is urgentley needed as theres been no sales of players this season to balance books(9)(36)What an absolute load of rubbish. Why would the board put the club in that kind of position. It has been well documented that we are currently losing money, but the board aren't thick & would have known that we would only average 7-8k this season. They are in it for the long run & know that the infrastructure (redeveloped stadium etc..) will generate additional income and allow us to start making a profit, even if it does mean that we lose money for a couple of seasons. I think that the important thing for the board is that we are in a good position (ie challenging in L1 or in the championship) once the redevelopment takes place. If we were in trouble they would have sold in January and not signed the likes of Foderingham, Cox and put an offer in for Constable. In fact I would say that the board have done NOTHING to suggest that we are in trouble and EVERYTHING to suggest that they have the ambition to take us up a couple of levels with Paolo at the helm!I don't think so my friend, you need to get your facts right, Swindon with the five board members are something like 15 richest out of all the football clubs, I think you need to google sir Martyn arbib, Jeremy wray, Jeremy blackstock, also the guy that owns bet fair there is another can't remember his name, I also put money in to the football club, I would suggest you get your facts right and do your homework befifore you make up these ridiculous rumours...Swindon aren't anything like 15th richest in the UK. Deary me. There's some defensive children on here.Posted by some Oxford person no doubt trying to stir itFact is my friend you need to do your homework like a good little boy, i suggest you google all the board members? you will see, Swindons current wage bill on players is 3million and they are still looking to strenghten and spend more money, you only have to look at some of the sponsors?? average gate numbers around 8500 not bad for a team struggling in the lowest league, i think the word i am looking for is Jealousy! or your ever a lowly oxford or Crawley fan, on that note no wonder your jealous.. ha ha ha ha all the best, dont forget to do your homework and go back to your 9 to 5 job thats if you have one...........


04 Mar 2012 17:15:06
Rafa has already signed for 18 months, official in a couple of hours in website(9)(20)Signed for who...? Not Chelsea!

Di Matteo has the job until the summer!Ye signed a 18 month contract for job seekers allowence


04 Mar 2012 15:28:56
balram chainrai to be the new chairmain of portsmouth

but still the team will have to get rid of some players they are: dave kitson, david norris e stephen henderson

portsmouth fc remain the championship(6)(12)Just a small matter of having to get nother 22 points / paying overpaid players / paying the taxman and other people who have been dumb enough to give you credit and do deals with unhappy former owners - more chance of a virgin birth in Southsea!How can he pass the fit and proper persons test when he led the club into administration 2 years ago? That can't be allowed to happen, surely!Looks Like Henderson plus Pearce might be heading for Ipswich on loan, Henderson this week by all accountsWill not a director of a failed business he is not allowed to hold a similar post for five years.You should be closed end of.Love for it to be true but doubt it plus which Pearce and Henderson


04 Mar 2012 15:17:42
Preston Chairman Peter Ridsdale is running out of patience with manager Graham Westley. A combination of poor performances, numerous fall outs with players and Westley's refusal to move up North has led to Ridsdale questioning his decision to appoint Westley.

If North End lose to both Chesterfield and Scunthorpe this week, expect Westley to be given his marching orders.(9)(6)Utter crap westley knows he is safe and will be given time to build a new fresh team ,pne will make bids for at least 3 or 4 stevenage players in the summer funds will be made to westley ,There's nothing like giving a manager time... Having said that, I knew Westley very well when he was at Farnborough and he is an arrogant little twerp! He did well at Stevenage because he brought everyone in and built a team around his style and man management. It's a different story walking into another football club and then acting the same way he does and hoping people will respond. Fact is they haven't, and he's upset the dressing room further.

He's another Martin Allen.Sack him and bring in billy daviesBilly davie turned the job down before westley got itSimon Grayson is the man for you - please come and take him


04 Mar 2012 14:47:40
avb has been sacked. chelsea now looking at arry redknapp as a replacement if he does not take england post(7)(27)Why would harry go to chelsea there lower in the league than tottenhamRedknapp and chelsea should suit each
other both are garbage but lampard would play every game under uncle twitch but after six months abromovic
would sack him before he could get a
bonusShould nt brag about higher in the table after youre last two results not as good as u think u are


04 Mar 2012 09:52:25
director of football at crew,Dario Gradi has been tracking Readings Frankie Raymond has he seen another star in the making(3)(11)I can't see any of Reading's youngsters leaving for a lower league club. Indeed Reading have currently one of the most productive academy's in the country and it's about to become Category 1 status, in line with the top clubs in Europe.

The Russian take-over funding the 2.5m a year to achieve this will be completed in April.To be fair, the takeover hasn't even gone through yet and even then it will take time to meet all the requirements for a cat 1 academy, so if we do not meet these requirements by the summer, it will be a couple of years before we can apply again


04 Mar 2012 07:45:42
Ed - any idea what's going on at Swindon. Youth team told cannot give out any scholarships for this year. All u16 players now free agents. Future of youth team in doubt? Thought di Cannio was building from the bottom?? Heard anything {Ed001's Note - this is something that could happen more and more, the long term returns from the youth team just aren't there any more. Not only is there the issue of losing them on a free, the problem of selling them when the transfer windows are so short and the issue of finances being tight so no one is paying big fees. All in all there are a number of clubs looking to scrap their youth policy and instead concentrate on scouting the local non-league clubs in the area, I believe Swindon are one of those. I am not sure how it will work in the long term, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.}(3)(9)Not to sure with this, i know paolo has been moaning about the quality though, i know zippy and jeremy very well they have not mentioned anything, i do know they are currently grade 1 for coaches and facilities of which is most clubs in L1 and L2 they are looking to go to grade 2 which in turn means they need more full time coaches indoor dome etc etc very similar to most championship and premier teams, i know they had league officials at the county ground last Wednesday....


04 Mar 2012 10:46:16
Barnsley to sign Cody McDonald on loan.(2)(11)


04 Mar 2012 10:21:24
Aston Villa and West Ham to renew interest in Barnsleys Jacob Butterfield now he is on the mend .Others could
also join the chase for the talented midfielder(5)(18)No thanks, we (Villa) have enough rubbish players in our squad, we don't need a rubbish Championship player to add to it.Have you seen him play i have talented lad
who had just been called into the under 21
squad before his injury .Better than most of
villa,s overpaid bunch of drossBetter than what we have? That's why he's trotting out for some tinpot championship club? Whatever his name is would probably struggle to get into our reserves! Let him go to West Ham, they'll be needing him more than us.Gardner bannan herd delph clark them 5 would walk into your small fry team so how can you call em dross u nuggett.


04 Mar 2012 08:29:30
Charlton target-man Yann Kermorgant will be the subject of a £1,000,000 move from numerous clubs including Celtic, Barnsley, Cardiff and french club AS Nancy-Lorraine(3)(17)Why we going up this season why though we be playing championship football so badly fake rumorThe only reason cardiff would want him is because he got them into the play off finals with a shockin penalty miss, he is nowhere near good enough for the championship, maybe scotland which is league one standardBarnsley can only afford 10 bob players who have no class but can run all day.I agree, he is garbage he isn't anywhere near the level of the championship! He is useless!You know that far the worst striker Leicester had since ade akinbadbuy,& i think i would still rather have him....Yann a SHOCKIN player at a SHOCKIN team in a SHOCKIN league



04 Mar 2012 07:24:10
uwe rowsler leaves brentford(4)(22)


04 Mar 2012 06:38:16
Rumour has it Sunderland aren't going to fold like a pack of cards this afternoon as per when they play the toon.cant see it myself.(2)(11)Egg on Newcastle faces much?


04 Mar 2012 02:12:33
cody mcdonald to sign on monday (or by friday at the latest) on loan for the rest of the season to give Di canio the extra goal power alongside benson which is needed to clinch the title reliable sauce (tomato)(6)(9)


04 Mar 2012 01:16:27
Barnsley set to sign brett ormerod on loan from blackpool(4)(13)The guy is past his best now no better than what we have at the club nowWiht keith hills formations of 8 defenders in the team its not strikers he wants its more defenders


04 Mar 2012 00:38:59
Crawley could fold before the end of the season - money being siphoned out of the club.(19)(8)I hope not but not suprising. Who is the manager of Crawley again......oh yes!I believe it's Hoggish Greedily...err Steve Evans.


04 Mar 2012 00:36:23
les parry been sacked say sky sports ..(14)(4)Confirmed.


04 Mar 2012 00:11:34
Villas Boas sacked tomorrow(35)(8)This is wrong. Has been sacked TODAYSacked today. Confirmed.


03 Mar 2012 23:04:45
Real Madrid, did 45 million offer for Cavani(1)(17)


03 Mar 2012 22:36:16
Jordan Rhodes to Sunderland. Done deal.(4)(38)Not a done deal at all. Huddersfield have a gentleman's agreement with the player that if they fail to get promoted they will sell him. Nothing will be agreed before hand.I KNOW where he is going, and it's nowhere near sunderland.


03 Mar 2012 19:44:42
Strong rumours that Billy Sharp isn't happy being on the bench at Southampton and will be returning to Doncaster on loan till the end of the season, with Saints paying most of his wages(7)(43)No chance at all.Bit of a waste if you ask meHe's not actually that good. Fair enough he'll score goals with the service but I'm not convinced by his all round game. As for the Premiership? He'll be eaten alive and will probably be loaned out to a Championship team!Hope he rots on the bench the greedy bugger. You lot are so fickle. Couple of mos ago, he was 'only leaving Donnie for a Premiership club' lolSaid it all along decent championship striker
premier league no wayFull of crap, just a donnie fan wishing to have him back so you dont get relegated. he's fine here, getting on with the squad, and he will get games, he's had a niggle or two. We wouldnt loan him back and pay most of the wages. IdiotsWow, touchy. Southampton fans feeling the pressure at the top maybe? One defeat could be the start of a bad run, then into the playoffs and then its all down to luck. Would be awful to throw it away.It must be awful to be so jealous of another successful season for Southampton and to admit that your predictions of their slide down the table have been proven so wrong. Does it hurt to admit they will at least make the playoffs?Soton fans premier league? wishfull thinking,.. u will throw it away..u have been poor lately (with the exception of lambert) u will def be a championship team next year

LeicesterLadDear LeicesterLad, your predictions about Soton and Leicester have been wrong ALL season and i therefore take heart from your prediction that Soton will be a championship team next season. You scoffed when i pointed out what happened the last time we lost 2-0 at home. Well, so far since, we have been undefeated in 8 league games and taken 12 points from the last 15 with a goal diff of 11-1. I hope our 'poor' form of late continues.My predictions 'ALL SEASON'? i only started using this website in JAN so who you think you talking to...we will see ehere you are at the end of the season, but it wont b the prem...just dnt do anything silly wen your heart gets broken :(



03 Mar 2012 18:42:13
Sheffield Wednesday manager Dave Jones will bring in 1 player and will return to cardiff to get robert earnshaw 4 the rest of the season.
Great striker, gives up added pace up front. Heard this from Aaron Jameson, goalkeeper. Comes to my boxing gym now and again(4)(12)Like Cardiff will let him go. Come on! He's a key player for them if anything happens to the regular strikers. Never gunna happen.He never plays, he's played 10 all season inc. CupAnd why would the manager discuss, transfer with current players?..Earnie will have 3 more years in The Championship and then retire or will go and play for Newport or Merthyr.

Heard he's interested in buying and selling tropical fish as well!


03 Mar 2012 17:51:37
Ipswich could be back in for Pearce Ward and Henderson of Portsmouth to give them a stay of execution, also Alexander the Rangers goal keeper could be back on loan, now that the Gers are in financial trouble, whatever happens here, Ipswich will bring in a couple of loan players befoire the loan window shuts.(3)(7)Reading, P'boro and Sheffield Wednesday are all looking at Ward. Haven't heard a peep about Ipswich. Last I heard, Jewell was told players need to go before more come in.Nah not so, Ipswich will either bring in Henderson, or Alexander very soon, 1st choice keeper is the main concern here, with Arron Lee Barrett as back up 2nd choice, but Pompeys Pearce could also be in PJ's radar, as he wants a settled squad for next season, and with Pompey's finacial state i think both players will leave for security and get paid, Norris can take a hike, wouldnt want him back greedy bugger, it backfired on him leaving us.We're not brininging anyone else in on loan. the team are now settled playing well. Jewell ruled out moves for Pompey Trio also.


03 Mar 2012 16:57:52
Portsmouth fans wishing to buy tickets for the Reading game on Tuesday night must contract Reading FC ticket office. Reading do not trust Portsmouth to forward on the ticket receipts and have refused to send any tickets. Allocation is 2100 initially, and fans can pay on the day and over-flow into the other half of the South Stand which is being kept free for pay on the night supporters.

Police are urging Portsmouth fans to get the coach up and to try and avoid the train into the town centre. This is due to the last two meetings resulting in trouble before and after the match.(10)(4)


03 Mar 2012 14:42:00
Portsmouth will NOT fold. Despite his recent aquisition of Sheffield Wednesday Milan Mandaric is looking to put together a consortium to buy the club. However he will not lead the consortium and he will not be anything to do with Pompey he merely doesn't want them to go under due to his long affinity and love for the club. It will be seen as an investment in money and not a shareholder of the club.(5)(35)No he isn't, and nor can he.HAha yes you are folding HahaIt could not possibly be an investment as any return would never materialise.....a gift to ease his conscience after selling to Geidermek who got the building land he wanted and then sold the club down the river.You don't have a clue !The past three owners have stripped the club down to nothing, they bought the club for nothing and have taken all the profit. But the fans still remain, all we ask is the FA actually do a proper job next time and order an investigation into what has actually gone on at Fratton Park (or will they not like what they find?) I am a pompey fan but i am happy that other clubs in the south are doing well and i for one love the derby matches and the cracking atmosphere it brings.Will the consortium be called Rosie42


03 Mar 2012 14:37:25
If and I mean IF Matt Mills goes on loan then Leeds will have a buy first option in his contract of roughly 2 million with add ons I.e promotion and over so many months. Pearson has also said that he will be selling many players over the summer a couple of names being thrown around are vassell, wellens, tunchev and surprisingly pantsil. He is going to add some players with quality left to achieve rather than quality spent already. Expect bids for Rhodes and snodgrass and he also is considering a bid for Gunter. He is after another striker for backup but I havent been informed of his targets. He may just rely on Waghorn if nothing materialises.
Blue Fox(2)(14)That's opinion not fact. Rhodes wont be going anywhere near Leeds. Huddersfield turned down 4m from West Ham and Reading. Leeds don't have the money for fees like that.He never said he was going to leeds. he said leicester are after rhodesThankyou very much for the last comment I said Leeds not Leicester. I said mills is the one maybe off to Leeds. Read before you comment. Especially as this is direct from Pearson himself
BfMills wioo not go for as little as 2mill...not after he cost way will Pearson sell Wellens he has been one of our best players in recent weeks! as for being surprised at the possible sale of pantsil, i dnt know why as he has been shocking at Leicester and Peltier is much better...and how did you think Pearson would rely on Waghorn when he too is crap...Leicester will be looking on bigger targets than Rhodes or Snodgrass in the summer i guarantee it!

LeicesterLadYou may get Gunter but without paying silly money you won't get Rhodes or Snodgrass. Besdies the way the foxes get through managers you'll have a new man in charge come next season anyway.Yh yh course Pearson here to stay...only reason he left last time was coz mandaric saked owners fresh start, Sven spent silly money n failed to deliver hence is saking...Pearson will deliver no doubt about that...he has done it at Leicester before without money...sodef will succeed with investment



03 Mar 2012 13:39:34
Excellent read this:

What happended to the £80m, worth of players sold towards the end of Gaydamak's tenure - that would have paid off most debts, but the money has disappeared.

The feeling in Portsmouth is that al-Faraj never actually existed, hence his nickname al-Mirage. The only proof that he exists is a grainy photo on the internet of an Arabic guy, who could quite frankly be anyone. And he passed the Fit & Proper Person Test. As for that fantasist al-Fahim, either he was duped into buying the club as a front for shady investors (eg former Thai PM) who than ran away when people started asking questions, or he really was a penniless chancer.

What the article above does not mention in the long-running business feud between Gaydamak Snr and Chainrai. Chainrai was owed £17m by Gaydamak the Elder and that's exactly the sum he 'lent' to al-Mirage. The loan was defaulted and Chainrai seized the freehold to the club as security. He immediately became a 'secured' creditor, as opposed to the unsecured creditor Gaydamak Jnr, who was still 'owed' money by the club, thus usurping Sacha. In effect, Chainrai got his £17m with a fictitious defaulted loan to a non-existent person to get the money owed to him (allegedly). Portsmouth FC was merely a square on a Monopoly board.

Then the club went into administration. Chainrai promised to pay for it...he didn't. He promised that small creditors and charities owed money would be paid in full...they have not received a penny (the shameful theft from charities is perhaps one of the lowest points in the entire history of the City of Portsmouth and deserves an article on its own). The administrator Andrew Andronikou (who also deserves a dedicated article) then announced that the club could come out of administration with a CVA and unveiled the new owner of Pompey as......Balram Chainrai! You could not make this up. So basically Chainrai keeps his debenture with a toxic £17m bounty for anyone wishing to buy him (the land is worth at most £3m) and has got rid of 80% of debts at a stroke.

Chainrai then sells to the CSI group who cannot afford to buy the club, so are paying interest to Chainrai for his £17m debenture. The main backer Antonov is arrested for alleged £250m fraud in Lithuania and is fighting extradition. CSI go into administration and who comes back? Yes - Andronikou. And apparently Pompey have a debt to CSI for £10m (leveraged buy outs will be the death of football). And who is Andronikou looking out for...yes, it's Chainrai. Chainrai even tried to 'persuade' the high court judge with a £500k sweetener if Andronikou was appointed administrator again. Luckily a coalition of the HMRC, Penny Mordaunt MP, Portsmouth City Council, other creditors and an anti-Andronikou movement by fans had Andronikou removed by the high court and Trevor Birch installed instead. Andronikou had refused to meet any potential owners (apart from a nutter called Joseph Cala who dreams of building underwater casinos and starting a worldwide chain of Pompey clubs) and even demanded proof of £100m funds from the Supporters Trust to even meet.

The appointment of Birch didn't stop UHY Hacker Young (Andronikou's handlers) from taking £2m out of Pompey's frozen accounts on their way out for 'future services' (£300k has still not been returned). Trevor Birch has unearthed several skeletons, is challenging Chainrai's debenture which is crippling the club and has now unearthed a potentially illegal deal to give all parachute payments to Gaydamak set up by Andronikou. You can see why Chainrai and Andronikou were so desperate for Andronikou to be appointed administrator again - the festering can of worms is being gradually uncovered on a daily basis.

But time is running out to challenge these deeds in the courts.

Outrageous state of affairs here. A £17m secured debt on land worth only £3m, a 'dodgy' Administrator, missing funds etc. Even if they do last to the end of the season the only way they can survive is to reform and walk away from Fratton Park. No-one in their right mind would take on that level of debt with no tangible assets to back it up.(27)(5)


03 Mar 2012 10:41:46
Peter storrie is leading a consortium to buy Portsmouth fc. Gonna be a couple of old faces in the consortium. Brain Howe, Solomon fahim are just a couple.(3)(23)I suppose it makes a good storieStorrie is not involved in any consortium, and nor is Solomon Fahim. Howe is heading a consortium but it doesn't include any old faces.I expect twitcher redknapp in there somewhereFahim doesn't actually have any money.


03 Mar 2012 09:34:14
Lee Barnard has slight injury at the
moment so won't be going anywhere
until at least the summer.(12)(1)


03 Mar 2012 08:16:27
And also, Mindless?'ll have to work that one out, maybe? but at least i think for myself!, thrown on the scrapheap?...i was around four years ago, redundancy at 50...did i sit around on my arse feeling sorry for myself or expecting others to? NO!....did i feel bitter and twisted?..NO!..because i'm not naive enough to think that jobs these days can last forever i understand that the world is a hard place and i dont think that looking after myself is someone else's responsbility, the company that employed me did NOT owe me a i started a little property maintenance business of my own, i cant afford to employ anyone coz i only just manage to pay my bills at the end of the month but at least i try, oh!, and i cant afford to drink anymore so the pub's out........your post is not really holding water anymore is it?(2)(6)WTF is this about hahaaAre you sure you cant afford a drink,it sounds like you have


03 Mar 2012 08:05:51
Bayern Munich forward Ivica Ollic is set to join Aston Villa in the summer on a bosman transfer.Kev(17)(13)Dont care about his age this would be a top class signing for us he.d be a perfect foil for bent very similar to robbie keane but alot quicker.Guess it wouldnt be bad to have someone of his quality UTVHe could really have an impact on Weimann etc.. and could be a real club star!


03 Mar 2012 02:58:54
Norwich City are planning to land Luke Freeman in the summer transfer window as they have been impressed with the young former arsenal player(6)(9)


03 Mar 2012 02:20:13
portsmouth has lent erik huseklepp and liam lawrence,will be dave kitson and jason pearce
unlike several of the rumors will not stop portsmouth(3)(12)



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