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lfc ins:

Rafinha (Shalke) – £9 million (January only)

Bridge (Chelsea) – 4 mill

Bentley (Blackburn) – 10 mill

Van der Vaart (HSV) – 11 mill

McDonald (Celtic) – 10 mill

lfc outs:

Hobbs – Loan

Leiva – Loan

Voronin – 2 mill

Kuyt – 7 mill

Aurellio – 3 mill

Finnan – £2 million (January only)

Pennant or Benayoun – £5 million (January only)

Kewell to get contract extension of two years but will only play back up role to Van Der Vaart and Babel. Babel to fill in thefourth forward spot as well as on the left side of midfield. more of a roaming role next season, Hyypia one year extension, Xabi Alonso to stay until January to see how things pan out, if he leaves, Leiva will be called back from loan, Finnan to leave in January and Rafinha to be brought in. Buy to watch for is Scott McDonald from Celtic. He is a prolific goal scorer with 25 goals this season already and is in line for the European golden boot award. He is the Premier League forward to partner Torres and Crouch to partner Torres in other cups/super sub. Pennant/Benayoun playing for his future next season, as one will be sold in January.

  I must say I visit this site everyday, however the amount of garbage written is getting worse and worse, just because it's football–rumours, it shouldnt mean people make up gossip to please themselves and hope to make others believe there own rubbish. Ok, I am just going to clear up a few things, and no my Dad is not a steward at any ground in the country ( as if they know a clubs transfer palns anyway) and no none of my friends work for any clubs. J Cole will not be going Aresnal for £25 million, one reason is that Wenger would never pay that for a player, especially not an Englishmen anyway, and even though he is a class act, he has reached his peak. Hleb will not be leaving either, he along with Adebeyour and Cesc are the three most important attacking minded players thr gooners have, so no transfer will be on the cards. Bojan and Ribery will not be coming to Anfield, Rafa may be huge fans of them both, but to get the two of them it would cost at least a £50 million outlay, he would not be able to spend that amount when he needs to bring in a least five players (2 fullbacks, 1 or two wingers and a least one forward), the more likely for Rafa is–Rafiana, Hunerlaar, A. Cole, and possibly David Silva, if he really gets a big kitty surely a bid for Villa will come. Young and Gabby will not go to Liverpool, because the price Villa will want will be crazy– around £20 million each. Another rumour which made me chuckle was Bentley to Arsenal, with Wenger always being carefull with his money can you imagine him spending big money on a player he sold for £3 million, never in a million years. However, as long as the price is not too ridiculous then I believe Man United and Liverpool will be in the hunt. Kenwene Jones –Portsmouth for £7 million Considering Sunderland paid £5 million for Chopra, then it will take ate least £14 million to prize him away because Sunderland are not desperate for cash and Keane is not the type to

be bullied into a decision. Benzema will not come to the Premiership anytime soon, it's his first full season at Lyon playing as there main forward consistently, he is Spain bound, he will get bullied to easily at the moment, he is not ready, I am sure Real, who will need to sign a forward or two in the Summer, due to RVN and Raul not getting any younger, will be very interested. Hunterlaar to Celtic, again, madness. When was the last time Celtic spent £15 million on a player, because that what will be the asking price, they should stick to the Farmer McDonald and the clumsy Falling Dutchman, Klaas is way out of there reach. Ronaldo never leaving Man United for a long time, Ferguson has never had to sell anyone he did not want to, why would that change when he has a player who he has nutured well and has banged 30 goals in 30 games. I do believe that Berbatov will go to United, and no that is not Newcastle (in fact neither will Carrick, Saha, Riise, Finnan, Bently, Dunne, etc, why go to a club in turmoil and a tactically inept boss, oh of course for the fans, rubbish hardly ever sell out away matches down south). I can see a mass exodus of players at Chelsea in the Summer, Drogba and Lampard will problem follow Jose to wherever he goes, problem Barcelona, Carvalho too. The two Coles may leave after constant snubs from Grant, talking about Grant, he will go because they will finish trophyless this season, no doubt Rjkaard will come in and give Roman the sexy trophyless football he craves. Oh and obviously Sheva will go, another top player who could not hack the intensity of the best league in the world, do not worry Sheva you will join a long list.

Tune in next time for some more wisdom, not wise –cracks.


  LFC Rumours

Word from an Anfield mole:

Hicks is holding out for more cash from DIC but the word is they are not far away from getting control at Anfield.

Rafa will be given one year to prove himself to the new owners – that means a title push as well as a decent push on all other fronts.

Apparently 40 million + whatever he gets from sales will be put aside to be spent on new players.

The players on their way out are said to be:






Leto (on loan)


Players on the wanted list are:







As has been mentioned several times, a few of the young players that are storming it for the reserves are in line for a spot in the first team.

See what happens.

  Can I just put an end to all this rubbish about Huntelaar going to Celtic (my team) or Villa.

Huntelaar will go to a club that can pay him £60–70 k per week and who are challenging for major honours. I would love to see him go to Celtic however expect him to end up at United/Pool or Chelsea (depending on whether Drogba stays or goes).

  La Liga transfers:

FC Barcelona:


Rafael Sobis (£5 million)

Marcos Senna (£3 million)

Daniel Alves (£14.5 million)


Eidur Gudjohnson (Newcastle)

Edmilson (Newcastle)

Marc Crosas (Liverpool) (Only if O'Hara does not sign)

Andres Iniesta (R. Madrid)

Real Madrid:


Sergio Aguero (£9 million)

David Odonkor (£7 million)

Andres Iniesta (£11 million)

Florent Malouda (Trade)


Royston Drenthe (Chelsea ) (Trade)

Javier Balboa (Portsmouth)

Guti (Atlético Madrid)



Rio Antonio Mavuba (£4.5 million)

Juanito (£3 million)


Diego Capel (Man United)

Daniel Alves (FC Barcelona)

Thank you for Reading. = ) S10

  reading fc.

Charlton have taken Readings out of form forward Leroy Lita on a initial one month loan deal, but if the loan move went successful then Charlton will take the forward on loan fior the rest of the season.

we are stayng up. ;)

  Rangers Ins – Steven Fletcher (Hibernian), Kenny Miller (Derby), Kyle Lafferty (Burnley), Matthias Bjarsmyr (IFK Gothenburg), Razvan Dinca Rat (Shakhtar Donetsk), Alan Smith (Newcastle), David Healy (Fulham)

Rangers Out – Daniel Cousin (Fulham), Sasa Papac (Free), Thomas Buffel (Cologne), Alan Gow (Loan), Amdy Faye (Charlton),

  DIC to takeover George Gillett's 50 percent stake in Liverpool by the end of the month. They will then try to negotiate a fee with Tom Hicks for his share. When they have full control they will extend Rafa's contract and give him 80 million to spend, + money from the sales of other players.

Rafa will sign the following players:

Ashley Young £10 million + Carson

Quaresma 15 mill

David Villa 20 mill

Nasri 13 mill

Walcott Season long loan

Dani Alves 25 mill

Lahm £10 million (May sign if other deals do not go through or if DIC give Rafa more funds)

Total = 88 mill

Rafa will sell the following players:

Kuyt £8 million (Bayern Munich)

Kewell Free (No contract extension)

Carson (Part of the Young deal)

Voronin 2 mill

Finnan £5 million (May leave if Alves signs)

Total = 15 mill

Crouch and Hyypia will sign new deals in the coming weeks. Crouch will play more next season. Kuyt has been playing a lot this season because Rafa wants him in the shop window.

Liverpool 4 the Champions League.

  Moyes will eb given a transfer fund of £30 million if Everton succedd in gettingfifth or above. Everton will sign Manuel Neuer from Shalke if they qualify for Europe this season (almost certain now). They will also sign Kim Kallstrom from Lyon for £16 Million.

  Not too many changes to Liverpool. However, joining will be:

David Silva (22 million)

Gabriel Heinze (5 million)

Diego Capel (7 million)


Andrey Voronin (free)

Harry Kewell (free)

Scott Carson (8 million)

John Arne Riise (6 million)

Sebastian Leto (2 million)

  CELTIC FC Rumours.

Gordon Strachan could resign in the Summer with either Mowbray, Zico, McGhee, or Moyes set to take over.

Players Out:

McDonald – Newcastle £6.5 million

Brown – Newcastle £10 million

M. Brown – Burnley 600 k

Donati – Napoli £2 million

Doumbe– free

Bobo– free

Caldwell– anyone at any price

Riordan– Norwich 750 k

Naka– Athletico Madrid £10 million

Players In:

Sidwell– £5 million

Guzan– £1 million

Altidore– £7 million

Bystrov– £7 million

Hyypia– Free

Slyvinho– Free

Seedorf– £8 million


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