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06 Jun 2013 22:58:39
Gary McDonald set to sign for St Johnstone.



06 Jun 2013 22:52:08
Mollo, Sako & bent will join Fulham in the next month
They will be joined by Almalfitano who will join on Loan from Marseille & Chadli from FC Twente

Chadli on loan also or is he permanent?

Chadli will be a perm move, around 7m euros



06 Jun 2013 22:28:35
Southampton fc to announce signing Monday or Tuesday next week # Saintsfc

It will be Davide Astori, been a vague agreement in place with Cagliari since January where there were reluctant to let him go as they hadn't a suitable replacement.

I am not sure of a def announcement but when/if it is I understand it may be a double signing with another player less well known but also from italy and one for the future.



06 Jun 2013 22:50:16
After much consideration, Crystal Palace are expected to sign Amido Balde as the 22 year-old Portugese Forward favours a move to the Premier League rather than the SPL and with Celtic

Palace are also interested in Matt Phillips and Thomas Ince, although it is highly likely Ince will sign for Cardiff or Liverpool instead, depending if Rodgers sees the need to sign him. Therefore Palace are expected to sign Matt Phillips

Thirdly Palace are also interested in Sunderland man Matthew Kilgallon, whose contract expires at the end of June. Palace are also looking with great intention into the possibility of signing Curtis Davies but face serious competition to sign the in-demand Birmingham Centre-Back.

All from a strong source within the club. I'm not a Palace fan just a journalist in the SL area

The signing of Amido Balde looks on the cards but not sure of the signing of matt phillips and tom ince as it looks unlikely unless palace offer substatial amount of money for the each player

Not sure who leaked this information but it's definitely true as I too have heard exactly the same from a source within the club.



06 Jun 2013 22:44:58
ipswich summer transfers:

cole skuse- bristol city (free)
jay tabb- reading (free)
daryl murphy- celtic (free)
david mcgoldrick- nottingham forest (free)
harry forrester- brentford (free with compensation)
chris forrester- St pats (low fee agreed)
richard stearman- wolves (fee agreed)
kirk broadfoot-blackpool (free)
stephen henderson-west ham (fee agreed)
simeon jackson- norwich (free)

Heard from very reliable source inside Ipswich town football club. Some of the free transfers are starting to be announced with the other deals to be announced throughout the summer.

Simeon Jackson can and will do a lot better than a mid-lower table championship.

Is it true ITFC have a wage cap of eight thousand pounds p/w? I read something like that on here previously.

Total guess work.

Mick is building a tidy squad

I can't see Jackson signing due to his Canary links. He is a decent striker though and would love him at ITFC.

Henderson won't happen. He'd be at least £500k and town won't spend that on a second choice keeper.

Forget the wage cap malarkey. Mick is all about getting teams into the EPL.


All those definite. Another proven goal scorer, young number 10 and winger and a defender and we're in business. Expect Stearman, Logan Bailey and Jerome Thomas.

Who is leaving ITFC to make way for these newcomers?

Just a hunch but I think it likely that mick will make a move for Stephen Hunt also on a free.

Drury gone. JET and Chopra will be sold and the majority of the incomers will be frees. Marlon Pack is another player who I expect to be signing for town in July. We loaned far too many players last season and the amount of decent free players about will suit Mick's need to add depth to the squad.

I think Jackson would have to much respect for the team he helped get into the PL with to join their arch rivals

Presumably that ^^^ should read Logan Bailly. Would be a good addition to the squad. fight it out with Scott LOach for the number 1 jersey.
Not so keen on Jerome Thomas at 30-y-o. Would prefer the likes of Chris Forrester who can play wide on either side, is only 20 and can score goals.



06 Jun 2013 22:22:40
Wigan looking to sign 32 year old deportivo la coruna striker riki on a free but face competition from espanyol.
Wigan also looking to sign Matthew kilgallon on a free as well.



06 Jun 2013 22:17:00
Mark Hughes is expected to make the move from Bury to Morecambe.

Has is contract with bury was up he is free to talk to other clubs

You're welcome to him, was too much of a liability and out of his depth in league 1 last term.

When he wasn't injured that it is.

09 Jun 2013 11:59:11
this rumour as some substance, the kind of player Jim is looking for, and his wages should be realistic for Morecambe



06 Jun 2013 22:15:31
noel hunt basically done deal to leeds. mcdermot wanted to bolster there attack.




06 Jun 2013 22:13:49
Middlesbrough to sign David Nugent

I wish it's true but he's got one more year in his contract at Leicester.

Why would Leicester sell him?

Because apart from the 2 goals in the play offs. he couldn't hit the back of the net; even if he was 3 feet out and the goalie was still in the changing rooms.

League 1 at best

Nugent couldn't score in a brothel. why would we want him?

07 Jun 2013 12:09:20
Doubtful rumour. Nugent has scored some quality goals this season and his work rate is impressive. Boro do not have the money required to convince Leicester to sell.
Dream on.

Because he's refusing a new contract extention

07 Jun 2013 14:00:46
"Nugent couldn't score in a brothel. " - Erm. 16 league goals says otherwise.



06 Jun 2013 22:00:58
Hello, Just for the record I do read through this site but most of the rumours are a little bit remote from the truth an I have never posted before.
Here goes, i'm an arsenal fan so this dosnt concern me but I have been staying at the Madjeski Hotel (READING) and just as I was leaving guess who was checking in?
Wayne Bridge. NO LIE. 100%

You are probably telling the truth as papers are saying he has signed for Reading.

This will be confirmed today (Friday) - Reading Post.

If frankie sanford was with him and you saw her. you truely are a lucky man!

See, told you I wasnt lieing.

"If frankie sanford was with him and you saw her. you truely are a lucky man!"

If he's seen our owners wife he wouldn't even notice frankie sanford, not anywhere near the same league!



06 Jun 2013 21:50:09
Crawley Town are in talks to bring Matt Tubbs back to the Broadfield. Talks confirmed by CEO according to local paper.

I hope he come back to the REDS

07 Jun 2013 18:15:36
Barker has today played down talk of brining tubbs back to crawley saying that it is very unlikely

Why is barker saying it is unlikely he is amazing



06 Jun 2013 21:47:49
Norwich City are looking to sign Danny Simpson, Maynor Figeroua and Jozy Altidore

Altidore would be good

3 defenders? Our defence was our only good thing of last season. why change it? maybe one of them.

Altidore is a striker, not a defender.

Figeroua is a left back I believe, and Norwich have released Marc Tierney, so a lb will definitely be coming in the door this summer, if only for competition for Garrido.

Altidore would be a great signing, be a good foil for rvw, bring it on!



06 Jun 2013 21:45:01
Barnsley to sign James bailey from Derby

300k & he's yours.

Wonder if we get a fee for him, is he out of contract?

300k? he's a free agent now, keith hill try signing him last season but James signed a 12month extension,

Dont want him we've already got better players

He's got a year left on his contract if he took a years extension seeing as he signed a 3 year contract back in 2010 meaning his current deal will run out 2014! half decent player but Derby have improved since signing him.

07 Jun 2013 11:08:02
Bailey is not out of contract, last season he had a year remaining then signed a one year extention before going out on loan to Coventry. so he has 1 year left hence him being transfer listed and not a free agent, will command a small fee, I would say max 250K

Not a free agent. Has a year left to run. Think we'd be lucky to get 150k for him now.

Ad have him for free though

Hes not a free agent, if he was then he wouldn't be transfer listed, he still has a year to run on his deal

Nigel clough said that he is free to move

He is transfer listed

Is he free

I'm free! Sorry couldn't resist. Bailey will command a fee of around 150-250k he has 1 year left on his contract. He'd be a good buy for Barnsley he's a steady holding midfielder.

Wrong he's been told he can go 4 nowt!!

"Free to go" is not the same as "Go for free"

A would have him for free but we already havebbetter players



06 Jun 2013 21:44:20
Palace will sign Liam Bridcutt from arch rivals Brighton for approximately £2. 75 million + Aaron Wilbraham and Stuart O'Keefe going in the opposite direction (to Bournemouth).

He's worth more than 2. 75m, maybe around 7m

Bridcutt's worth much more than £2. 75m



06 Jun 2013 21:40:05
Yeovil will sign winger filipe Morais from Stevenage next week for a nominal fee. Heard from the horses mouth himself, Gary Johnson.

07 Jun 2013 00:17:24
Will have to pay big to get him, still got 2 years left on his contract.

Well this isn't true

Well this is not true because gary has said he won't talk about possibe transfer targets

Obviously won't be talking transfers with fans but speaks about them behind the scenes to friends and family. Morais will sign next week mark my words.



06 Jun 2013 21:34:46
Norwich City will sign OH Leuven Gambian international forward Ebrahim 'Ibou' Savaneh for a fee of £2.5m within the next week.

So yet another premier league manager buys an African footballer and will then moan when the player is missing during the African Cup of Nations.

^^ It wouldn't be a problem with a Gambian player, as they regularly don't qualify for the AFCON.



06 Jun 2013 19:02:24
Barnsley have submitted a second bid for ogrady price not yet confirmed



06 Jun 2013 21:16:57
Barnsley make a 200,000 bid for ogrady

Wednesday will want at least the 350,000 they paid rochdale a couple of seasons ago

Is that Paul!

07 Jun 2013 09:19:29
Burnley are ready with a cheeky bid of £300,000 to gazump Barnsley. The Clarets were very impressed with O'Grady who scored twice in a 3-3 draw for the Owls at Turf Moor last season. Be a useful replacement for Austin.

Ye and that was on a 3 year deal and he only has 1 year left so if they don't sell he then we'll get him for free in the summer

He will not sign for burnley he loves barnsley and Barnsley loves him we have been crap over past thew years but now things are gunna change

tv sources say he could sign by next week

O Grady, he's shady, his skill will not fade-y, all the women want to be his lady, much better looking than Paul Madeley, his dog is called Sade lol : )



06 Jun 2013 20:46:35
Chesterfield FC are set to anounce the signing of Romuald Boco sometime in the next 7 days.

Not going to happen asking for way too much money!

I can assure you there not he priced himself out and attention is now elsewhere



06 Jun 2013 20:55:42
Emile Sinclair and 400k for gills jack Payne but no return for Charlie lee as he isn't wanted for the championship and dmac only after players ready for champ return

07 Jun 2013 07:07:40
No thanks. Very poor striking rate, can't see Mad Dog wanting him.



06 Jun 2013 20:22:04
Norwich to look at Az alkmaar striker jozy altidore. The american striker has been in prolific form past few seasons and hughton sees him as a good partner for rvw

Possible. Played with Hull in the Prem as a teenager and is doing well in Dutch football, has played in the Europa League and has 57 caps for the USA. Always promised much without actually delivering. Could be worth a go at say £3M

Only problem with Altidore is that he doesn't score enough goals.



06 Jun 2013 20:11:58
Corby Town striker Josh Moreman to sign for Wrexham.



06 Jun 2013 20:17:06
Bradford in and outs:
Nathan Doyle - Huddersfield
Matt Duke - Southend
Nahki Wells - Leicester or Cardiff
Alan Connell - Plymouth/Torquay
Luke Oliver - host of clubs interest including Port Vale, Walsall and Leyton Orient.
Few players have already been released and are free agents

INS (not guaranteeing they'll happen but PP has shown interest):
Jamie Vardy (season loan we part of Wells deal if he goes Leicester)
Nicky Bailey - Middlesborough
Gary Madine - Sheffield Wedneaday (season long loan)
Marlon Pack - Cheltenham
Jacques Maghoma - Burton
Nicky Weaver - Sheffield Wednesday
Serge Gnabry - Arsenal (season long loan)
Sean Colhessy - Southend

Doyle, Wells, Connell and Oliver are staying. Bailey, Madine and Colhessy will not sign. The rest are expected to sign.

Why would Town want Doyle. this has been bounded about for a while. he is a league 1/2 player at best. nothing special. so stop the rumours he ain't coming.

Wells to the Premier League? He isn't that good and as for him going to Leicester in part exchange for Vardy. Pearson has had his fingers burned once before with over hyped players untested at this level. Vardy. Would he do it again?

One hit wonder

Shows how much you know. Barely any of those will leave, and barely any will join. PP doesn't want a massive overhaul, we don't need one.

I have to put this out there as I've noticed this rumour once or twice, why would we get Clohessy, when Darby is one of our best players. Clohessy would have to be back up to someone who never gets injured.

07 Jun 2013 10:14:14
Pack will join charlton

07 Jun 2013 10:37:04
Duke going northampton

I've heard that Connell has verbally agreed Plymouths offer and will sign when he is back from his holiday next week

One hit wonder? Who is 'Chesney Hawkes?' Nahki will stay with us next season and get another 25-30 Goals.


Russ Slade has signed an extended two year contract, which is great news. However, the real BIG news is yet to come, within the next month, as predicted.

Stay tuned.

How has connel verbally agreed with plymouth when he's in todays T&A saying he's staying. Stop posting rubbish!

25-30 goals? I'm certain he won't score 15. Overrated

Seems Bradford have been in League 2 too long to remember that league 1 defences are wise to the sort of strike play Wells scores from.

If Bradford fans think Marlon Pack is going to join them then they are deluded.

You act like League 1 is some major step up.

Wells had Arsenals defence scared at times, and torched Villa in one of the games.

Don't want Doyle, Bradford are way behind Town and unless its a youngster with potential its a waste of wages



06 Jun 2013 19:54:14
As Rangers missed out on speedy winger Chris Humphrey they are now moving to sign former Liverpool speedy winger David Amoo. Deal set to be sealed during next few weeks.



06 Jun 2013 19:40:52
Danny Graham to Norwich for a fed of around £3.5mil

Please let this be true!!

Tosh, rather have bent! Actually I'd rather have MARCUS bent!

DG ship haspassed

Would be a better prospect than hopper plus half the money freeing up more cash for more deals

Good striker still do a job for us, he won't last with Di Canio

You're joking - graham is awful

Why would Sunderland sell for 3. 5 when they signed him for 5. 5 in January

No thanks, Sunderland can keep him.



06 Jun 2013 19:08:29
Harry Redknapp resigns as QPR manager

At this present time nothing on tv Sport / tv website, so be interested to know where the author gets his info from

Sources close to Mr Redknapp

Will happen before you know it.
Tony Pulis his replacement.

06 Jun 2013 22:18:50
Just wishful thinking from qpr fan. Arry is not going to walk away from £3m a year - Rosie won't let him.

Go if you want Harry, as an r's fan I won't loose any sleep over it all he seems to do is moan! Get on with it your paid a fortune,

Redknapp, take your hypocrite self and leave our club



06 Jun 2013 18:51:37
Herold Goulon formerly of Blackburn Rovers and a spell with Doncaster Rovers is close to joining another Rovers in Bristol Rovers. He is seen by John Ward as the ideal alternative to O'Toole who will turn down the offer from Bristol Rovers to sign for an as yet undisclosed League 1 team in the South East.

Good luck with Goulon. He is so bad

Not true




Worst player I've ever seen in a donny shirt. avoid!

Good player, fantastic in a donny shirt, would have him back anytime

There were a lot worse than him in the Richardson era mate, not good enough for sunday league some of them.

There were a lot better than him in the Richardson era, not good enough for sunday league some of them.

Big player and a decent tackler but his movement is slow and sluggish



06 Jun 2013 18:45:37
Crystal Palace are interested in bringing in Brian Deane as their coach for the centre forwards ahead of their PL campaign. The club are also interested in signing Reggie Aylott (son of former Palace great, Trevor) and Kenny Ketteridge (nephew of ex-Palace midfield dynamo, Steve).

Last I heard about Brian Deane was an interview where he discussed how happy he was to be a manager for a Norwegian team. Give up sole control of a team to work as coach working with 5/6 players!



06 Jun 2013 18:44:23
Richard Taundry set to sign for Bradford City. The 24 year old midfielder has been released by Walsall.

Hope so. Good player. Good age. Better than Pack and Doyle.

07 Jun 2013 09:02:55
I feel sorry for Bradford.



06 Jun 2013 18:40:37
Swansea looking at Andreus cornelius after missing out on aspas! You heard it here first

I really think swans should take a risk on him. Got potential to be a real quality player.

06 Jun 2013 22:28:43
Vorm to barcelona
Williams to arsenal
De guzmans staying in spain
Michu to arsenal
Dyer to liverpool

Barcelona are keeping Valdez for one more year
Arsenal won't pay the asking price for either target
Dyer to Liverpool is an ancient rumour that is dead in the water.
de Guzman may stay in Spain if Villareal win their playoff and get back into La Liga

None of those are even remotely true. Stop stirring

What a load of rubbish why would liverpool want dyer can't even get in swans team

I am pretty sure Swansea will miss out on him because of slowness from the board.

Cornelius seems like a great target. Highest goal scorer in his 1st full season (played just twice last one). Hope the "danish tank" is signed

So apparently swans are selling 4, do you even think about how much the players you mentioned are worth, unbelievable what goes on in some peoples heads



06 Jun 2013 18:14:16
Laudrup leaving is utter tosh. Misconstrued information through the media, both Jenkins and Laudrup would have had to budget agreed long ago.
Swans looking into signing;
Arribas - Osasuna
Hugo Mallo - Celta Vigo
Jose Canas - Real Betis (complete)
Juan Dominguez - Deportivo la Coruna
Daniel Ginczek - Borussia Dortmund (loan)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - Saint Etienne

All possible apart from the last one with Chelsea spurs and liverpool all after him

I do think Swansea will HAVE to increase their strength in depth, especially with the Europa League next season. Look at Newcastle this past season and as a Fulham fan, I know the toll it can take on your squad.

As for the rumours, they all sound realistic but Aubameyang? Alleged interest from bigger Champions League sides. Perhaps just too out of reach for mid table sides like us.

No way. 2 of those are right backs and 2 dm's.

2 RB's and DM's? Mallo is a RB, Arribas a CB, Canas DMC, Dominguez CAM/WINGER, Ginczek ST.



06 Jun 2013 17:56:57
Crystal palace to sign amido balde after beating Celtic to sign him

Palace may actually sign Andy Johnson from Fulham. He was approached in January. He's been unlucky with injuries but still a great player when fit.

07 Jun 2013 08:29:25
Andy Johnson is a QPR player.

No way for AJ we had the best out of him



06 Jun 2013 17:55:15
Mk Dons have shown interest in signing John Cofie, 19, who was recently released by Man Utd

He's in The Green Mile.



06 Jun 2013 17:46:27
Gary Johnson is trying to get dan burn back on loan

As a Fulham fan, I hope you do. He has come leaps and bounds in his season in League One and I'd love to see him against better quality strikers and teams. Has the attributes to be a great defender and hopefully Gary Johnson, who I believe supported Fulham growing up, will help him reach his potential.

06 Jun 2013 22:22:42
yes, good for Dan and for both clubs. It's nice to see him developing at a club with a real team ethic.

I think he will become a real fan's favourite at Fulham over the next few years



06 Jun 2013 17:14:09
Carlisle united, Stevenage and AFC Wimbledon are all chasing defender John Johnson who is currently available on a free transfer after his release from Northampton.

Quality player

Ardley bringing in connolly-much needed finisher

07 Jun 2013 12:15:46
As in David Connolly? Hasn't he just signed for Portsmouth? Plus he's 35. I imagine Ardley will be looking to bring in a young pacy striker to play off the finisher we already have in Jack Midson (presuming he isn't going to Rotherham, Southend, Northampton or Real Madrid, as believed by some on this site).

Connolly who

Yep-David. He may be 35 but is a different type of player-can't always rely on Midson I guess. Big mate of Ardleys too. Mind you only going on the fact that he's been seen at training ground

Pretty sure Connolly has already signed for Portsmouth.

Already signed for Pompey so that rumour is dead.



06 Jun 2013 17:52:33
Mk Dons are set to sign Matthew Lund, 22, following his release by stoke city.

Got to laugh at all these posts saying players are "set to sign". Karl Robinson is in Spain for another two weeks and nobody is going to sign until he gets back.

Good if true. Big IF though.

So Robinson is away for 2 more weeks? Christ! Who knows who we might miss out on until then.

Matthew Lund has been rumoured to Southend

Robbo said in one of his interviews at the end of the season that when he gets back from his holiday he will spend 2 weeks constantly in negotiations over transfers. After those two weeks, he said, he'll know his squad for next season.

"So Robinson is away for 2 more weeks? Christ! Who knows who we might miss out on until then. "

Still able to sack his assistant manager though, wasn't he? There's this thing called the telephone, right.



06 Jun 2013 17:24:10
James Perch to derby! Really? Well that would be a great signing.
Good to see Derby trying this transfer window;

- Forsyth
- Russell
- Richard Dunne?
- Perch?

Any others?

Mate where do you even get these rumours about dunne? Because I can't find it. And don't say its your mates, second cousins, uncle.

We also looking at

Jon Taylor RW
Mathew Bates CB
Elliott Ward CB
Adam El-Abd CB

Failing the permanent cb deals we will get a 6 month loan.

Wouldn't mind perch, I think Richard dunnes wage would be way to high and Russell is pretty done



06 Jun 2013 16:44:33
Reuben Reid is set to leave Yeovil on loan Plymouth are rumoured to be interested In re-signing him

Not sure Yeovil will want to loan him out, I think they'll be more inclined to sell (probably fairly cheaply)

Ummm our boss has already said that we are looking to do a deal to send him back to Plymouth on loan

Stop thinking you know everything he will be leaving yeovil whether its on loan of selling him.



06 Jun 2013 16:31:10
Keith Hill is set to give Mathew Barnes Homer a second chance at Rochdale, with Rochdale having a nominal fee agreed with Macclesfield and the striker in talks with Rochdale over a 1 year deal. **source club insider**

No way this will ever happen, possibly the laziest footballer on the planet, if he can play for Dale so can I. You must be a Bury fan.

No thanks Macclesfield can keep him

07 Jun 2013 13:26:00
Y would hill dip into non league football when he has already stated he does not want any more players from non league!



06 Jun 2013 16:24:31
Newcastle trying to do a deal with Derby over Will Hughes, £4million cash plus player deal, possibly Williamson (central defender) and/or Perch.

Pardew reluctant to let too many 'young stars' leave club but will do a deal for Hughes

Well if that's true, they can jog on! He's worth so much more than that.

4 million cash. We were rumoured to be weighing up a 10 million pound bid including a loan back to them for a season.

I don't think that will happen. Guys let's remember Barcelona, United and City are monitoring him.

£4m? add £8m more and he's yours

4million with perch?

Will Hughes is worth more than 3 million!

Lots of scouts watching but only Pardew has confirmed interest.

Hughes is worth only what someone is willing to pay for him and though us Derby fans value him at £10m+, I think getting £7M cash (would wipe out last years losses!) + a couple of players in Perch and Williamson would be an excellent piece of business for the club.

Yes we can all dream on and hold out for a Zaha-like £15M plus year loan back but very few clubs will pay that for a player they won't see for another year!

The good thing we have is that he has recently signed a new contract and Derby are under no compulsion to sell so we can hold out but don't think Clough has a big budget to improve the squad unless we do sell.


The thing is, the big clubs WILL pay zaha sort of money for a young, English talent with huge potential, even if they don't see him for another couple of seasons, as rules likely to change with recent findings around "not enough young English players in the Prem"

^wrong: Martin jol has stated before his admiration of player

^ my comment, meant ^^

The PL is now worth £120m in guranteed contracted money for just one season, never mind the revenue a club can generate. Derby will attempt to win promotion with Hughes and if they do so Hughes would stay for a couple more seasons. Anything less than £10m is just not going to happen, we don't need to sell and Hughes does not want to leave. Both see a bigger picture to all of this. {Ed034's Note - lol



06 Jun 2013 16:12:17
Tranmere are set to announce 4 new players on the week beginning 17th.

Were you hear this from I can't find anything about transfer rumours?

4 is a bit over the top, we will announce 2, them being gareth roberts and ryan lowe.

10 Jun 2013 14:09:56
From a close source. Not every transfer gets out now does it.



06 Jun 2013 16:11:07
Free agent Scott Wagstaff to be announced as Yeovil Town player tomorrow.



06 Jun 2013 16:02:42
Just heard that Wayne Bridge is having a medical at Reading today

He won't go to reading {Ed029's Note - If being the word, Reading are interested, then their wage budget can't be competed with by Brighton. Sadly money talks. Brighton only paid 10% if his wages last season as well. Perhaps neither club can afford him unless he takes a large drop.

At Ed029 Reading are a much more financially strong club they have a much higher income and wage bill then Brighton so yes we can compete

No no he won't. Oh wait

Told you



06 Jun 2013 14:35:36
Burton to sign Alex McDonald Dominic Knowles and 2 other players by the end of the week



06 Jun 2013 15:55:08
Mark Schwarzer has left Fulham, Middlesbrough are in the hot seat to sign him back.

He wants prem first team, and I wouldn't doubt him getting it, but middlesbrough is first second choice.

I would definitely want him back

Forget it - family settled in London

Schwartzer coming back to middlesbrough when we are meant to be cutting the wage bill I doubt this very much.

He wouldent get first team footy at boro

06 Jun 2013 21:31:42
He has said he wants to stay in London where his family is settled and kids in school.

Mark has been a consistently high performer, and I'll be sad to see him go.

With regards to Boro, I don't think a move back is out of the question - being the number one is his top priority with the World Cup looming.

Just as long as he doesn't go to QPR. ;-)



06 Jun 2013 15:38:10
Walsall to sign Crisis Club Coventry City striker Cody McDonald.

Just bought a house in Kent, so that is one hell of a daily commute.

Michael Owen owned a flat in Liverpool when he played for Real Madrid, and Robbie Fowler owned several houses in Liverpool when he played in Australia. now they are long commutes. or maybe they were investments like McDonalds may well be.

Owen and fowler weren't on £2k a week though I doubt mcdonald can afford many houses

See the Lee Bernard story in the Daily Mail - it's all about crazy money for ordinary players.



06 Jun 2013 15:29:17
Febian Brandy to sign for Yeovil on a two year deal within the next week on a free, also expecting to confirm offers made for jernade meade, frederic veseli, and john cofie all youngsters released from Arsenal and Man utd



06 Jun 2013 15:06:04
Looks like 1 noble in and 1 out of carlisle! With Ryan striker just been realised by Sunderland in and Liam on his way out with strong rumours he going!

This one keeps popping up but there is no indication on where he is going, or these strong rumours only appear to be on here

Would love to see us getting Noble and hope the other Noble stays!

I don't believe Noble will leave



06 Jun 2013 14:57:57
Thought Notts had no money I just heard we looking at signing john coffe and brad wright philips we should have swapped him and danny green for judgey when we had the chance because he did naff all when kc left.

06 Jun 2013 18:02:43
Agree we should have taken the deal. Both Cofie and BWP are out of contract now though, so it would just be wages wed have to find.

Notts haven't got any money! We wouldn't swap Judge for BWP & Green because their 2's wage was much more then what Judge was on. And to say Judge did naff all after KC left is abit harsh?



06 Jun 2013 14:56:25
Bradford City will sign Mamady Sidibé who has been released by Stoke City.

Hope so

Hope not! 33 years old and only 48 goals in 355 matches! Not exactly prolific. I know he has good hold up play, but you can find players who can hold the ball up well and score. His wages will be steep so probably better looking at Calvin Zola! Holds up the ball very well and can score some cracking goals too! Head and shoulders above Sidibe - ZERO goals in 10 matches for Tranmere in League One last season - Why bother!

07 Jun 2013 11:14:08
Are you mad. Hope not he is old and his body is knackered. He will be retiring soon I think. He has snapped his achillies twice injusred his knee twice had kne surgury and then dislocated his knee.
would not be good

Sign him up



06 Jun 2013 14:55:21
Celtic too hijack Derbys bid for Johnny Russell.

06 Jun 2013 19:15:13
He's already agreed terms and is having a medical on Monday, he looks likely to sign for Derby now.

Celtic have said they are not interested so obviously that's fake



06 Jun 2013 14:50:00
Recently released Marvin Morgan from Shrewsbury has been in talks with Oxford as Wilder sees him to fit the 'goal poacher' role

Marvin Morgan a "goal poacher", sadly far from it.

Marvin is a real trier and awkward to play against but does not have a great goal scoring record

06 Jun 2013 21:55:03
Dean Whitehead spotted at the Kass Stad today

Hardly prolific and not a great target man despite his height but his sheer work rate alone will add an extra dimension to any teams attack.

2 goals in 29 matches.

If Wilder sees MM as a poacher then OUFC have got big problems this season.


Signing for bury

11 goals at league one, when not starting most games will do for oxford uniteds lack of goals

Goal poacher. More like 6'5 Bambi on ice. A workaholic upfront

It was 11 goals in a season in league 2, not 1.

Last season in league 1 Marvin managed 7 goals in 43 league appearances, not the sign of a prolific striker.

He is awkward to play against and certainly does try but he's not a target man and for such a tall man doesn't win much in the air.

He looked tired and off the pace towards the last third of the season, sign of a player who has passed his best?

07 Jun 2013 13:48:16
cant see this happening already have a target man. possible if we can get rid of 15 games a season bishop

MM is NOT a target man tho!



06 Jun 2013 13:55:13
Aston Villa potentially signing Aleksandar Tonev in the coming days, even hours. Younes Belhanda may also be a signing, but doubtful.



06 Jun 2013 13:55:04
Derby county to sign Richard Dunne on a free transfer for the Rams

Though he was going to QPR or America.



06 Jun 2013 13:51:38
Barry Corr (southend) Still yet to recieve a formal contract offer. Plymouth are very intersted in bringing him to bolster there attack

There is an automatic one-year extension to Corr's contract the club can activate if they want to



06 Jun 2013 13:57:55
West ham look likely to make a bid of 8-9 Million for celtics want-away striker Hooper who is keen for a move to england to forfill his international ambitions

Whilst the rumour sounds reasonable, I can't help but think that a man who makes up his own words could well make up his own rumours.

If he wants to 'forfill' his European ambitions, why would he want to go to West Ham for?



06 Jun 2013 13:53:42
Johnny Russell to be named a derby player after his medical Monday. Interest in James Vaughan has obviously ended, derby are still after a midfielder and a defender. If any out goings they will replace them with either a loan or a free. However they wi pay money for the right player at the right price.

Wouldn't count on Russell going not if the rumours are true that Celtic have out in a bid he is a Celtic fan hope he does go to Celtic see how he gets on in the champions league not the championship we will never hear of him again would be waste of a talent at Darby.

The rumours of Celtic bidding are complete fabrication. United's chairman has said that he's had absolutely no contact from them at all about Russell. Of course, they could still come in and bid. Doubt it though.



06 Jun 2013 14:29:57
Southampton will announce the signing of Cagliari defender Davide Astori next week.

The fee could be up to £10million.

The Saints are also considering an £8million bid for Gonzalo Bueno.

Both players would be great additions to the squad but I'd be hoping for several more additions before the window is out because sounds like quite a few departures are expected.

Probably we're going to do an offer for Dejan Lovren, who plays for Lyon.

Buena is a free

Would be a top notch signing. I got him on my manager mode and he was well good



06 Jun 2013 14:21:41
tranmere rovers will sign Gareth Roberts and Alan Lee in the next two weeks and they could also sign ryan lowe very soon but that is not 100% but the other two players will sign FACT!!



06 Jun 2013 14:13:48
Daniel Bogdanović in talks to sign for the Millers following initial Interest last year, been shown round the stadium and has been for further talks



06 Jun 2013 14:11:08
Jordan Obita is to join Cheltenham on loan from Reading for a season.

Spoke to his Mum recently she said that Adkins rates him, can't see it happening.

Yeah I spoke to his Dad he said he's not moving.

Spoke to him and he said he would be open to a move

Obita will have a role to play this season and won't go out on loan

I spoke to his dog and he said he wants to dedicate himself to Reading. {Ed003's Note - can he play?}

I would be open to a move, I don't now whos been talking to my parents! {Ed029's Note - He cut short his loan to Oldham last season because he wanted to impress Nigel Adkins. He will be hoping to break into the first team this season.

I spoke to his agent who says adkins is in for him to be a starter.



06 Jun 2013 14:10:19
Ashley Hemmings to join Cheltenham from Walsall tommorow as a replacement for Kaid Mohamed.

He's under contract with Walsall.

Cheltenham need better players than Hemmings.

No thanks, he's useless.

Hemmings already signed new contract so ain't going nowere so stop making up rumours

06 Jun 2013 19:26:49
No chance would we want him, had him on loan and he is no where near good enough.

Conference player at best.



06 Jun 2013 13:41:01
Adam Morgan WILL sign for Preston on a season long loan. A friendly has been arranged on July 13th between the two clubs as part of the deal

06 Jun 2013 16:32:02
the friendly as nothing to do woth any loan deal, its to mark bill shanklys 100th birthday please get your facts right before posting

This is realistic but why would we arrange a friendly 'as part of the deal' hahaa. The friendly is to celebrate Bill Shankly's 100th birthday not because we might get a youth player on loan.



06 Jun 2013 13:49:35
Dan Bentley of southend utd looks set to turn down 3 year contract and opt for a move to newly promoted Bradford city this looks set to leave Southend and phil brown with a dilema with Paul smith mulling over a number of interested clubs.

He's under contract as the club have activated a clause in his contract so how much are Bradford going to pay for him?

Absolute load of rubbish, Bentley had a clause activated till the end of next season the 3 year deal was extra so do your research before you post a 'rumour'

Ive heard bradford plan to bid for him so if accepted your comments are irrelevant. i'd love him with us

Bentley Is Set To Sign A 3 Year Deal, With Paul Smith Going To York For £60,000.

So Dream On Bradford.



06 Jun 2013 13:49:18
Gavin Tomlin (Southend) set to join his local club Gillingham for free on a 2 year deal

We had him on loan before and he was good so IF this is true then I think fans will be pretty happy.

He Lives In South London. Not Kent. And He's Signing A 2 Year Deal At Southend Anyway

06 Jun 2013 23:57:03
he may live in south london, but he was born in gillingham, so gillingham is his local club

He was born in Lewisham.

Was born in Lewisham and started his football career in gillinghams youth team.

Lived in Gillingham for best part of his young life

He didn't live in Gillingham as a young boy, he was born and brought up in Lewisham and had a brief spell in our youth team before joining Aylesbury United after being released.

Maybe it was another gavin tomlin that I went to school with and went to gills youth training with.



06 Jun 2013 13:48:34
Bournemouth set to come back with a £1.3 million offer for Burnley forward Danny Ings after having an initial £1.1 million bid rejected by the Clarets.

Burnley hope to spark a bidding war for Ings who was subject of a failed £1 million bid by Bolton in January.

Danny won't be leaving especially with the uncertain futures of Austin and Paterson

06 Jun 2013 16:04:15
I think Burnley will let Bournemouth have Ings for £1.3 million. Dyche does not rate him as highly as Howe does.

06 Jun 2013 16:06:35
Mega-rich owner Max Demin has money to burn and can easily go up to £2 million for Ings - there is no chance the Clarets can hang on to their man. Come back home, Danny, to where you belong.

Bournemouth supporters need to see Ings record at Burnley and it doesn't make good reading. He is not worth the money Burnley want

He has not gone to ipswich

No slur intended on this rumour as it maybe trye but as an Afcb fan this site is hilarious : we seem to be signing 6 strikers this season!

No thanks Ings

He signed a 4 year contract and burnley won't sell for 1.3 million or 2 million because we could be losing 2 strikers already so that would only leave us with vokes if we sold ings, and burnley do rate him actually. UTC

^^ for a 20-21 year old to score as many as he did last season with a few injuries aswel in the second tier of english football is quite good I think, some of the goals were real goals aswel

And that's exactly why burnley want so much for him because he's not for sale is he. Bournemouths bids are unwelcome!

I would sell Ings if Bournemouth offered 2million. A good you g striker could be found for around a million, plus maybe we could throw some of the fee at Tripps and Austin to convince then toat least sign longer deals to bring in a fee later if they want out

I'm a Bournemouth fan and I find it embarrassing how some of our fans have changed since we got the Russian backing. It is exciting times for the club but let's not forget our roots and forget where we were. A little humility please lads

We sold him for a million which I think was a complete con. I honestly thought he was rubbish for us & was just a result of hype. No way would I want him back, especially for that price.

I don't think either Bournemouth or Burnley fans have seen the best of Ings yet. He's a young player who shows a lot of promise and hopefully hasn't peaked yet. I doubt AFCB would pay £2 million at this stage in his development, although he clearly could be worth a lot more within 12 months if he stays injury free and continues to improve.

A lot of people are forgetting that there were sell on clauses when we sold Ings to Burnley in the first place, therefore we will get Ings at a cut price.



06 Jun 2013 13:47:08
Walsall fc set to approach southend utd about stopper paul Smith the 6ft 4 experienced keeper fits the bill and just a fee and personal terms are required to make the coup. Walsall did have cameron belford in mind but have now back tracked on the idea.

Walsall pay a fee. No chance

Oldam want smith too



06 Jun 2013 13:45:22
Uwe Rosler to take over at Millwall on Friday. Steve Lomas no linger wants the job after fan backlash.

Uwe is expected to take Brentford duo, Forrester and Donaldson with him.

Forget the West Ham United link with Lomas, we want the 'BEST' man for the job! What about when George Graham an Arsenal legend went on to manage Spurs!COYL

If so called Millwall fans love the club as they say, then we must 'ALL SUPPORT' Lomas!

Steve Lomas is in Portugal discussing terms with Andy Ambler

Totally agree with last comment we need to support the manager no matter who he is. And only real fans do

Please let's give Lomas at least one season to prove himself, I think that is only fair!

Millwall to appoint Steve lomas as manager next week
It's on tv now

Lets bring back the 'PASSION & NOISE' to the New Den this season! Its definitely been missing for the last two seasons!COYLS!

Tbh I don't really care that he's an ex west ham. The ideal scenario would be he gets us promoted this year or next year and he sends them down. Obviously being realistic lol

07 Jun 2013 10:34:03
I for one will see who the new boss brings in, if he gives the underperforming players at the Den a kick up the ar*se, what type of football he wants to play and the results up till Christmas and then I will judge. Yes, I hate Westspam with every bone in my body, but, I love Millwall with my head and my heart. we shall see Mr Lonas. we shall see. Tony 'the lion'.

Is everyone forgetting we had Billy Bonds as our manager

Agree with the support to Lomas - it can't be anything but. despite some people trying to wreck the season before it even starts. These fans should know that it is different for players and managers - it is a job and the most important one he has had up till now - it will be key in his career to succeed with millwall. I for one will be there on first home game to give him a good reception (no pressure. but we have to win)

Lets support lomas get the boo boy out the den and back our team



06 Jun 2013 13:42:20
notts county to sign john cofie on saturday

Clinton morrison has signed a two year deal at notts county.

Very unlikely unless morrison is on a pay as you play deal. notts are not going to waste money

All these rumours are false. ncfc aren't signing anybody apart from playing youth. however mr trew will give the current squad fair budget. source the insider.

Whoever this insider is is talking rubbish! Simple reason is that every team no matter what league makes at least one sighning so. who is it? And when more importantly! Sick of seeing in the post, it's all about them over the Trent, when are they gona talk about the mighty magpies?!

They will have to sign some players as they currently only have 16 players

Ray trew has stated notts are aiming to sign 6 players

09 Jun 2013 20:48:49
Two strikers a winger and a right back would do

Ray trew has stated that clinton morrison will NOT be joining the club neither is cofie however we will be signing 2 strikers within the next 2 weeks



06 Jun 2013 13:40:57
Derby County looking into signing Albert Adomah from Bristol City for and estimated 2 Million Pounds.

Derby fans make so much up you've got literally no money stuggled to find 70k for jonny Russell

06 Jun 2013 17:00:46
Hihly unlikely, you must be skint by now after buying Russell.

No way our board will stump up 2 million quid unless we sell, so it won't happen.

06 Jun 2013 19:17:13
Nope, Sam Rush (CEO) has said Nigel has had more funds been made available to him.

Ha Derby fan here, we can't afford that! Plus 2 million could be spent on so much better than Adomah he's rubbish. Not even been outstanding in the championship like Zaha and Bolasie and Ince have

You obviously haven't been down Ashton gate if adomah is on the bench as soon as he comes of the game changes and city are in control

07 Jun 2013 07:25:13
Adomah is better than Bolasie! Bolasie couldn't even get in the Bristol City team when he was here.

Evidently he shouldn't have been on the bench then! If he had started 46 games this season then fair enough but 2 million is steep for a player that wasnt really outstanding in a very rubbish side.

Albert kept Bolasie out of the Bristol City team for a year, and you can't help but think what would AA achieved had he gone to fill that gap for Palace instead.

Its nice to see somebody quoting a price that I'm sure we will sell out though. If anyone finds £2m I'm sure a deal will be done.

Right so adomah is so amazin at ashton gate for britsol city that he starts on the bench?

He always plays never on the bench

SOD left him out of a few games after he came back from the African Cup of Nations.

I would remind any prospective buyers that although he is blatently from London he represents Ghana.

Expect him to want a month off Jan/Feb time every two years.

Albert Adomah is so over rated by our fans he's only good for beating his man after that's he's useless get rid get a good price and then we will see some good investment



06 Jun 2013 13:38:06
Reports in Portugal today suggest Crystal Palace have beaten Celtic to Vitoria Guimaraes striker Amido Balde. They will pay around 2m euros



06 Jun 2013 13:36:59
Crystal Palace looking to sign Ince, Phillips, Livermore, Defoe, Bridcutt, Cresswell and Upson.

Keep dreaming, where will all the money come from?

Well, the club is expected to be better off to the tune of £120 million so I guess might go some towards signing at least a few new players

Promotion maybe

Defoe? You're having a larffff

Yea maybe not defoe, but the rest are all a possibility.



06 Jun 2013 13:48:02
Norwich are interested in Denilson who has just been released by Arsenal.

Rubbish, he will go back to the Brazilian club he has spent the last two seasons on loan! Another simpleton seeing a free transfer from a big club and getting a stonk on over the thought

He's been on loan at Sao Paulo for the past few seasons. I imagine he'll just sign for them, he's from there as well.

Great Player But I doubt He will Come to norwich

He will be going back to Brazil with Sao Paulo.

Wow, so injury plagued cannot believe this.

And Squillaci too no doubt!

Nathan Redmond to Norwich for 6 million. Except part of the deal is that Redmond will go back out on loan to Birmingham for the whole of next season. Just like Zaha when Manchester United bought him. Also hearing Darren Bent has been seen in Norwich? Cannot believe this because of his history.

Hopefully not

Why would we spend 6 million on a player and then send him back on loan for the whole of nxt season? will never happen, plus Redmond would add some speed and danger to our attack on the wings, if we did buy him he would be good now.



06 Jun 2013 13:33:22
Crystal Palace to sign Liam Bridcutt from under the noses of Brighton for around 3mil.

No truth in this what so ever. Wishful thinking from another stupid Palace fan. If Liam does leave Brighton, he will go somewhere with Prem stability.

Palace didn't won't him rember

He is around 10. Million

3 Mil? lol? He won't leave for less then 9 Million for sure.

Might well happen if we don't sort out our manager but bloom makes decisions and won't let him go for that

From under the noses of Brighton?. he is a Brighton player. a contracted one as well until 2015. so a big yawn to this rumour

Poor old Brighton fans. I seem to remember them saying Murray won't ever go to Palace. I do think this signing is a possibility but would have to be for more than the £3m. Somewhere around the £5m mark maybe?

Not true at all his son goes to my daughters school he told me he is staying.

Looks to be a very touchy subject from a clearly made up rumour oh dear Brighton fans getting a bit desperate.

Ha ha he would go to an established prem team but not one who will only be there for 1 season. he'd be better off stayin with brighton waiting a year or two knowing that when brighton do get there they will have the inforstructure and franbase to stay there

Bridcutt's worth £5m

Bridcutt is worth at least 6 million but bright will put I higher price tag to put people off like 8-9 million but we won't let any other players go to palace



06 Jun 2013 13:12:40
Ex Southend and Ipswich loanee Bilel Mohsni is set to sign a 1 year contract with non-league Luton Town

Heard a lot of bad things about this fella, bad attitude etc, is this all true?

Guy wants to play football. Would be star at that level

Good footballer, could even make it at league 1/ championship level. But he has had disagreements with his manager while at Southend, and has received a lot of sending offs in the past.

He's a bit like El Hadje Diouf. does stupid things every now and then. He is young though and decent footballer. worse signings could be made.

Yes Its True - Mohsni Factfile:

Left Our FA Cup Loss To Oldham Early On The Train Instead Of Going Back To Southend On The Coach With Team-Mates. - 2011/12 Season.

Did Exactly The Same When We Lost 1-0 To Morecambe - 2011/12 Season.

27 Yellows & 5 Reds In 3 Seasons At Southend

Bad Temper - Can't Control Himself

Helped Michael Timlin Escape Speeding Charges

After Our 1-0 Loss To Leyton Orient In The Carling Cup (As It Then Was - 2011/12 Season) Mohsni Had To Be Held Back From Going Into The Orient Changing Room By Paul Sturrock



06 Jun 2013 13:08:14
Derby will sign Johnny Russell on monday (medical pending) and expect to sign Craig Forsyth after Watfords transfer restrictions are lifted. They're also confident about Brayford signing a new 2 year extension to his contract.

However, they will focus on to moving players out before re-evaluating their targets for 2 more defenders so don't expect any signings for a few weeks - Bailey could return to crewe, whilst Tyson could return to Millwall as there was a deal in place which is still outstanding. Huddersfield have put off a deal of signing former striker Theo Robinson, but have not declined the opportunity either, Doncaster are in the running for former defender James O'Connor, along with Yeovil and Sheffield United and Naylor has turned down Burton Albions initial approach, league one clubs are supposedly interested (agent talk, nothing more) Fielding and Legzdins have been asked about, nothing solid - Legzdins has left the door open for Derby County, and could still be a squad player next season.

Theo Robinson couldn't make the team in the latter games of his Huddersfield loan.

It was good to see him back, but I'd be amazed if he returned any time soon.

Good luck to the lad though, as he'll do well in the lower leagues.

06 Jun 2013 18:10:59
Russell being shown around Celtic Park. Staying in Scotland

Theo will not be signed by Huddersfield, he had his chance on loan and blew it, couldn't hit a cows bum with a banjo.

Theo to Huddersfield erm no thanks, robins didn't play him in the last few games and if we are in for him then its a poor do. We need four strikers and Theo shouldn't be one of them

" and expect to sign Craig Forsyth after Watfords transfer restrictions are lifted. "

And what particular transfer restrictions are they that would stop them from selling a player? There aren't even any in place to stop them from buying a player.

I can't see Tyson back at millwall. He didn't make an impact when he was on loan and the new manager will want to bring in his own targets.

Theo ain't coming back - I would bet my life savings on that 1

Huddersfield Town have no interest in signing Theo Robinson

There is no chance of this, unbelievably he was worse the second time round, ended up warming the bench. I think Mark Robins has seen enough of him.

Russell being shown around Celtic Park?

Well, unless there's a place called Celtic Park in Tenerife, that isn't true. He's on holiday and won't be getting back until the weekend.

The o Connor bit is true and would take him back at rovers

Total agreement with the first comment. Theo would do well in the lower leagues. Emley, Bradley Rangers, Wooldale, would all probably be about his level.

Well done town. missed out on a class player there at a steal at 750k, looks like we'll be missing out on our targets and letting other clubs get them first, relegation this term

Couldnt agree more, what a steal at 750k, will we sign anyone me wonders, we will probably bring in a few more kids from ireland and non league and hope we finish above yeovil, bournemouth plus another to scrape by again.

After the amount of times Forsyth has been mentioned on here, I hope you do bloody take him. just so I don't have to sift through Derby rumours!



06 Jun 2013 12:15:38
Goalkeeper Logan Bailly once again linked with Ipswich town this summer.

Who does he play for??

He plays for OH Leuven in Belgium. He has been linked with town before and is a decent keeper but he's 27, need someone younger to compete with Loach.



06 Jun 2013 12:42:41
Walsall's tricky winger Brandy spotted in huish park with GJ and skivo, deal for him looks extremely likely now.

Brandy Comutes from Manchester. Yeovil are unlikley to be able to offer him the kind of money he needs to move to Somerset.



06 Jun 2013 10:57:50
Barnsley fc ti offer contracts to Rory delap Matthew upson and jamain pennant as they av all been released by stoke city

Upson is going to Brighton

Pennant hasn't been released, his contract has expired, he's having a meeting with mark hughes to talk about a new one.

Don't want delap and we can't afford the wages for the other two

No way is this true and I'm an avid Barnsley fan

Pennant has not been offerd a new contract upson won't go to Brighton and we want delap for the experience and tip to pass onto rest of squad like what scotlands doing

Jermaine Pennant is too good for Rotherham.

Rory Delap played well for us last season

He said to Barnsley not Rotherham

I know he said Barnsley. but the fact remains, Penchant Is still too good for Rotherham,

Who's Penchant?

Sory, meant Penant

Can imagine pennants flying down one wing and Dickson etuhu down the other at oakwell :-)

Peanant would be a goid signing but wages too high for Barnsley.



06 Jun 2013 10:41:29
Northampton town currently lead the race for rotherhams free scoring striker odejayi.
He is seen as the ideal replacement for akinfenwa who was struggling to find the net at the end of last season.

06 Jun 2013 16:04:49
when does odejayi's free scoring go back to? he hasn't been that since he played for forest green, or maybe cheltenham at a push.

06 Jun 2013 16:36:36
Free scoring? 5 goals in 45 isn't exactly free scoring

Free scoring striker? What on? Fifa? because he certainly wasn't free scoring for us, scored 5 goals all season, hardly what i'd call "free scoring". As for northampton leading the "chase" as you put it, can't see many teams being in that race, plus akinfenwa makes him look amateur by comparison!

Odejayi is a good player just dodnt perform at Rotheram and having a baby clearly didn't help him.
I hope he can find hos feet again, he's a nice lad.
He is up on the transfer list so a fee may be required but it may not be much, Rotherham got him for free last season.

Free scoring are you having a giggle. Target man who ain't great in the air but holds it up well. His double figures in he scoring department long gone my friend.

I think he would be an asset to a team that played to his strengths, he is quick and has good control for a big lad, shame we didn't get wide and deliver enough quality balls for him to attack from dangerous areas or we might have seen both him and Revill get more goals.

Odejayi isn't exacly a goal machine but more a player that others can work off. He had a poor season for us although he isn't 'free scoring'.
I believe a few League 2 clubs will be interested but not everyone rushing for him.



06 Jun 2013 13:05:41
Julio Cesar is linked with a move to Santos



06 Jun 2013 13:01:29
Bristol city have signed Aden flint will be anounced after his medical on Tuesday



06 Jun 2013 13:01:05
Liverpool have been increasing favourites to sign Aston Villa front man Benteke. They had a 22 million bid rejected early on this week, although Aston Villa would be interested with Fabio Borini to go the other way with still a large cash sum.

No chance, of Villa agreeing to that load of rubbish

06 Jun 2013 16:05:23
Benteke is a superb player. can't though help but think a couple of things.
Liverpool are increasingly uncertain about holding onto Suarez and are keen to make a quick high profile move for a replacement, with top strikers being at a premium.

However having spent £35m on Andy Carroll and then judging him to be in the wrong mould for Liverpool, I then find it difficult to see them spending that cash again on a powerful centre forward type (unless either Rodgers has no control over transfers or is on his way out)

Replacing Suarez is impossible, but Liverpool would be better served looking elsewhere. Villa will not sell for less than £25m (if they would at all they just put a £40m price tag on him)

Benteke as well may not be too keen on a move to Anfield, instead waiting on a move to a Champions League mainstay. Sorry Liverpool fans, but those of you who still see yourself as a title contender are mistaken. Better for Liverpool would be to go scouting for a few young Benteke type prospects and building a Rogers team over a few seasons before mounting a serious challenge.

On another note perhaps selling Suarez may not be the worst thing. As much as he is easily one of the most talented players in World football, he detracts from the unity required to improve the club - looking at all the talent at Man City this season suggests the wind is removed from the sails of a dis united ship.

£40m is the amount quoted!
No team will pay that this summer until they know he can still get better. Borini won't interest Villa.

I'd rather have Sturridge as main striker

Your having a laugh! Benteke is already twice the player Sturridge is, with loads more potential and physical attributes. If he's so good, how come Chelsea sold him, when they had no other decent strikers?



06 Jun 2013 12:38:17
Bolton manager Dougie Freedman is interested in bringing Blackpool's matt Phillips to the Reebok, I think he would be a fantastic signing, bring more width into the squad and he can score goals too.

He hasn't a snowball in hell's chance of signing him!

Money talks

06 Jun 2013 18:57:29
I'm sure a lot of managers are INTERESTED in bringing him in but. the fact Bolton are skint tells me THEY wont.

I'd be stunned if we sold him to another championship club. In fact I'd be stunned if he'd go to another champ club, he wants to play in the PL

If he signed for Bolton he will play Premiership football next season. {Ed003's Note - did I miss something? }

Blackpool fan here. I agree Bolton will go up next season, Freedman looks like a very good manager and Bolton didn't look too bad either in the second half of the season after he had settled in.

Have Bolton won a prize for nailed on promotion or similar!
like has already been said, IF he goes it won't be to Bolton

Yer and blackpool looked go in second half of 11/12 season then everyone said we would go up the season just past and looked what happened. So don't think your going up bolton becuase you had a run of good form towards the end of last season

Palace have put in a joint bid for Philips and Ince and having their ex manager in charge I think Philips will end up at Palace.

Blackpool fan again - I think they will go up because their run of good results looked like it was more due to Freedman and the squad settling into his plans.



06 Jun 2013 12:38:11
aden flint will finally sign for bristol city next week after a bid was accepted

That's not a rumour it's a fact

This is also a transfer page not just rumours



06 Jun 2013 12:34:59
Cheltenham are to complete the free transfer of Scott Wagstaff

He is going to Bristol Rovers. Chelts havnt got a lot of there wage bill left after giving Jamie cureton 3k a week

06 Jun 2013 20:10:07
cureton won't be on that, he was only paid 1, 500 a week at Exeter

Hope £3k a week is an estimate! Otherwise I fear we're taking a pretty big risk!

Well of course people posting on a rumours site always have an in-depth knowledge chelts finances and know exactly what every player is getting paid right?

£3k? Yeah, right. Let's making a 37 year old our highest paid player by some distance.

Was going to say, think PB has let CTFC's recent success go to his head if players are on £3k a week! I believe the wage cap imposed by the CTFC Board is £1, 500 which is sensible. Might have pushed it out a little to get Cureton IF he signs.

If your a devoted fan- yes. (Not the person who said it)



06 Jun 2013 12:26:07
James Hayter to sign for bournemouth 200k with matt tubbs going the other way in a loan deal expected to be comfirmed by the next two weeks

Bournemouth Echo reporting Crawley have confirmed they are in talks with Tubbs. so the above is very unlikely


He's past it, loved him when he was at afcb but can't see eddie buying a player over 30



06 Jun 2013 10:58:54
Roberto Martinez's First signing for Everton will be Spartak Moscow's Aiden McGeady, Martinez tried to sign him for Wigan in January but nothing materialised.

Irish fan, if that's the standard Martinez will bring everton down as well



06 Jun 2013 12:11:06
Newcastle are considering making an offer to Liverpool to test the waters and try and get Andy carroll from under the noses of West ham



06 Jun 2013 12:10:43
Derby set complete the signing of Johnny Russell for 700K on monday subject to a medical, personal terms have already been agreed.

Derby are also keen on Jon Taylor of Shrewsbury and now Dean Whitehead has been released by Stoke they will enter talks with him about a possible move.

The deal for Craig Forsyth from Watford is pretty much done Derby are just waiting for Watfords transfer embargo to be lifted before it can be officially completed.

Derby are also targeting a centre back with talk of Kilgallon and El-Abd but both look unlikely with a 6 month loan from a prem club looking the most likely outcome.

James Perch is a target but only as a replacement for John Brayford if he was to not sign a new contract and leave.

No recent news on any outgoings just yet.

06 Jun 2013 13:18:17
A transfer embargo does not stop a player being sold!!

Stoke have released 7 players ' pennant, whitehead, delap, sidibe, upson, nash and lund

I think 700k for Russell is a bit overpriced and Derby said they will not sign Whitehead and Forsyth due them having enough Midfielders and they cannot afford Whiteheads wages and Kilgallon is too old and useless.

Watford don't have a transfer embargo, it is a monitoring system to ensure that the paperwork and admin is all correct after the last owner didn't know what he was doing. We can still sign or sell players freely subject to monitoring by the football league. So there will be no problems about the embargo for Craig Forsyth. Just thought I'd clear that up.

That forsyth one doesn't make sense, watford don't have a transfer embargo, they just have to tell the league what they are doing in terms of finance etc

you mean you are waiting for the 1st of july as that is when the window opens!

Pretty much correct.

If Derby get Russell, Forsyth and a quality CB I think John Brayford will be more inclined to sign a new deal.

06 Jun 2013 15:39:10
I know it does not prevent players being sold but with Watford not being able to bring anyone in they currently only have 14 first team players in their squad so are waiting to have the embargo lifted and able to buy players before selling them. makes sense really! {Ed029's Note - Watford CAN sign players, but they need permission from the FA first.

Watfords Embargo does not stop a player signing or leaving the club. Whilst its holiday season, clubs won't spend money and add to their wage bill untill they need the players for training, expect him late in the month or early July

Somebody doesn't understand the transfer embargo rule and Watford don't have one they're transfers are monitored



06 Jun 2013 12:10:13
Walsall close to agreeing deals for John Cofie and Kenji Gorre, both previously of Man Utd.

More chance getting the John Cofie from Green Mile



06 Jun 2013 12:10:12
Doncaster rovers to sign Richie Wellens and mark Duffy on Monday

Also tommy spurr looks like he could be heading to reading with Alex Pearce looks like he could be going Liverpool

Also rovers are looking at lots off goalkeepers but the two that stand out looks like frank fielding and also Scott Carson on a free as he is willing to lower is wages so he can come back into English football



06 Jun 2013 11:52:46
Deal 90% done to bring in Honduran duo Maynor Figueroa and Roger Espinoza from Wigan, while the Tigers also have Ross McCormack in their sights, they are hoping the lure of the premier league will entice the Scot to the KC, Hull are also expected to snap up Yeovil star Paddy Madden for a reported £4million deal.

Madden about 2 not 4

Paddy Madden is reported to being chased by Arsenal and Chelsea as these are the only clubs left who haven't been mentioned that he is joining. don't you love silly season!

Don't be so daft! Roger espinoza only signed for us in january and isn't leaving! Figueroa yes because he is on a free, but jesus espinoza isn't leaving yet!

Figueroa is on a free and will go to Everton with Martinez. Espinoza is going nowhere either as he only signed in Jan. One again a rubbish rumour

Madden still has 2 years left on his contract so very unlikely yeovil will let him go

Not sure any teams going to pay 4 mill for a player who's not proven at championship level. Also seeing as Yeovil are under no pressure to sell plus paddy has a 50% sell on clause I would think it would take an offer a fair bit above market value to tempt them to sell. for those reasons I would not expect Paddy to move

Jordan Rhodes went for £8million and was completely unproven at Championship level.

I don't think it'll happen but don't say there isn't precedent, because there is.



06 Jun 2013 11:47:48
Former Leeds striker Davide Somma is hoping to sign for Preston before the weekend

I doubt it. He has beem injured for 2 years! His last comeback (of several) only lasted 6 minutes!

06 Jun 2013 17:20:42
hes also coming back to leeds for pre season.



06 Jun 2013 11:47:48
Watford to sign Jermaine Pennant on free transfer.

Doesn't fit the pozzo model. Overrated too old and too high wages with no profitability and nothing to add to the squad.

Please try and make these rumours half realistic at least

Would fit with the style of play and knows the Watford way well having spent a productive loan spell with the club when in his Arsenal days

Haha! I hope not! and he doesn't really fit our formation

Given that he hasn't been near Vicarage Road for over ten years, I doubt very much that he knows anything at all about the Watford Way. Can't see this rumour coming to fruition - Zola would simply never countenance a player such as him.

The realism comes from he did play for us. he was mediocre then, and that was a year off of his 'peak' if he had one?



06 Jun 2013 11:47:18
Free agent Rory Delap is considering offers from Sheffield United and Barnsley

I think Rory Delap would be a good addition he did well for us (Barnsley) before his injury and his experience could prove invaluable to us

Int that what you call a no brainer

You choose Barnsley

06 Jun 2013 21:47:11
We couldn't afford any if them players and delap is past itw

To the person above it only said rory delap
And we don't want him for playing he is a good exsperanced play who can pass his exsperanc on



06 Jun 2013 11:46:54
Jermaine Pennant is expecting to sign a 2 year contract at Ipswich this week. Mick McCarthy has been keen on the winger for a number of years

Pretty sure we couldn't afford his wages. Plus I thought he was in the MLS now?

I highly doubt this, as much as I would love to see him in a town shirt. I hardly think we will get him for below the 5k wage cap

06 Jun 2013 15:17:56
Ipswich are looking for players with low wage demands. I expect Pennant is a high earner.

Would be happy with that.

Great player and on a free although wages strike me as a stumbling block. he's always been a massive earner. Fingers crossed though.

Why do we keep on about wage cap? lower wages yes but not that low don't think jay tabb would of signed otherwise!

Sincerly hope not! Prize lemon!

Hughes now considering offering him new contract. MLS teams monitoring situation also.



06 Jun 2013 11:45:15
Morecambe and Accrington are expected to offer a contract to Michael Duberry on a pay as you play deal



06 Jun 2013 11:40:29
Everton will be signing Figueroa as his contract at Wigan has expired.

Roberto Martinez

Id take him

Just bring the whole Wigan team then



06 Jun 2013 11:32:45
Any carlisle united news?



06 Jun 2013 11:28:55
Reports suggesting Gary Hooper to Reading, Sunderland and Hull. QPR and Norwich out of the running although Celtic are trying to draw up a new contract for the 25-year-old striker who is keen on a move

06 Jun 2013 12:27:19
id love hooper to come to reading, but i'm pretty sure this isn't true. think some one has just put 2 and 2 together and made 5, due to the fact that adkins used to manage Scunthorpe and hooper used to play there, no way he'd leave champions league football for the championship, however much i'd want him to be in a reading shirt next season

He'd probably rather Reading under a former manager and a team with great sustainable premier league prospects than Hull who most likely will come crashing straight back down. Sunderland might not be a bad choice to move to with a highly respected manager in Paolo Di Canio. I think it all hangs on whether Hooper values his relationship with Adkins enough. I'd LOVE to see him come to Reading, it's been a long time since Reading have had a reliable prolific scorer. Kevin Doyle as good as he was wasn't quite as consistent as I would've liked and went on to flop at Wolves. I was very fond of Shane Long in his breakthrough season, but obviously left that summer for West Brom.
I wouldn't say it's entirely likely though that he'll want to come to Reading. If he makes it clear he wants a move away from Celtic I'm sure better teams will come in for him. He could easily fit in to any team outside the top 7

How can he go to three clubs?

Odds are he will end up at norwich.

07 Jun 2013 00:58:15
He won't go to Reading, they are on the slide. He wants to play Prem football

I'd say Hull are just as sustainable as Reading at the moment, Reading might just have the edge due to their geographical position. Players don't like Hull for some strange reason ;)

Seriously though, Hull have spent the last 8 years in the 2nd and 1st tier. Reading have spent the last 10 years there. Financially speaking, we're probably on an even keel with one-an-other now that the Allams are at City. All told, if bids were accepted from both clubs, Hooper would only need to choose which league he would like to play in (and who would pay him more obvs). I doubt the presence of Adkins will sway his decision too much.

For the record, I would like to see City perform in a Reading like fashion, don't mind a few relegations from the Prem so long as its met with promotion within 2-3 seasons.

Eventually, I think both Reading and Hull will become similar in stature to say, West Brom or Swansea; that is to say, top half/mid table Prem.

"Great sustainable premier league prospects". Got to quote this line. We went down first season. If hull go down, then your comments are justified by this. Like the lad, but be realistic. money talks! Not expecting hooper at the mad stad. He's a fantastic player. but he's beyond our reach. If we signed him, he'd be bigger than the club. Not our way

Could use us as a stepping stone to the prem though!

Reading are on the up mate

{Ed029's Note - I don't think there's anything in the Cooper to Reading rumours. If it is do-able then I'd expect Pogrebnyak to go the other way to bring the cost down.

07 Jun 2013 16:12:36
"How can he go to three clubs?"


^fairenough, I can now see it happening.



06 Jun 2013 11:23:11
Oldham manager Lee Johnson has taken the opportunity while on holiday in Spain to scout some players in the Spanish Liga Adalente first hand, I'm hearing he's after; a defender to partner/replace M'voto, an attacking skillful technically gifted forward thinking midfielder as well as another striker as he will look to put his own stamp on the team in League 1 with a somewhat unusual mix between the Liga Adalente players who he has scouted, some of the players he has played alongside and against during his playing days in Scotland and the likes of Baxter and co. who he has been working with throuout the course of his time at the Latics so far

I bet he is!, he's pulling your leg mate. Is his family scouting with him!

'An attacking skilful technically gifted forward thinking midfielder' - now there's a mouthful!

As long as they are all from Barcelona B I won't mind.

He's going on holiday soon and its not to SPAIN.

Lj has told the fans what to epxect plsyers wise and you makiing rubbish up shouldn;t be allowed as you know nothing as always.

Hmmm. Thought he said he was taking a family holiday in Dubai.

He will have a tough time scouting players in Spain when he is in Dubai

07 Jun 2013 12:26:57
Lee Johnson has also been to Benidorm this past may to watch the conclusion of the Spanish Liga Adapente as well as take a holiday there to think about what kind of a stamp he plans to put on the club for their promotion push next year
Not so far off the mark is this rumour!

No he hasn't been to Benidorm geez. He;s got 2 players coming in as well and they aren;t from Spain. Find the truth before putting silly rumours on here.

Dubai very soon and that's nowhere near Spain by the way and when he comes back watch for at least 5 players signing, as he has it all in control.



06 Jun 2013 11:21:11
southampton fc are in advanced discussions with the agent of belgian international dries mertens, who is said to be keen on a move to saints, at 25 with an outstanding goal return i'm sure psv must be gutted, oh well maybe we can give them guly as a sweetener, hahhaahaha

This would be great, this guy is insane but not sure how much he's worth probably the best part of 20 Million.

I reckon 10-12m would get him, would love it though he's class

How many more players are saints being linked to, they have got to move a few out first. There are so many good players out of contract around but what will the wage demands be?



06 Jun 2013 11:17:34
John Fleck heading back to Rangers from coventry once embargo is lifted.

As he signed with a long term contract a fee would be required and more than we paid a year ago and I doubt Rangers can currently afford that.

Ive heard there is a clause in his contract rangers can have him back whenever they like at the fee they recieved for him

We paid a fee not a contract with rangers

Young talented and strong. He will cost 6 figures he's under contract. Rangers are skint. Simples.

We didn't pay a fee for Fleck, has was signed for free but with a high sell on percentage (guessing 40/50%) so if Rangers did buy him they would get a chunk of that fee straight back.

BUT Pressley does seem to rate the fellow Scot and is likely to want to keep him.



06 Jun 2013 11:14:40
Ipswich have made contact with Premier League Southampton over a possible season-long-loan deal for Argentine goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga.

It'd be a good move for Gazzaniga. Needs to get the experience and the confidence and a loan to a team like Ipswich would be good for him.

He's young and would provide decent competition to Loach.

Would leave us a bit short in the keeper department though, kelvin's retiring so unless we sign another keeper I can't see this happening

Apart from he's not retiring is he. Just signed a 3 year deal.

Kelvin signed a new contract to 2016 (or have I missed something?)

He's joining the coaching staff, thought that was happening this season. Maybe not. Still if gazza goes on loan we'll be left with 2 keepers

Boruc, Davis and Cropper if needed. Cropper is still raw but good enough to be third choice keeper for next season

Let's hope cropper doesn't live up to his name



06 Jun 2013 11:10:15
Qpr to sign Jamie O'Hara from Wolves

Can but hope, they're the only mugs who would pay his overinflated wages

Why would Harry Redknapp sign a player he sold?

06 Jun 2013 17:09:26
Why would HR sign a player he sold? Is it because he is now managing a totally different club at a lower level? Maybe? Possibly?

06 Jun 2013 18:01:41
O, hara said he was a premier league player according to express and star so why would he sign for a championship club that is obviously below his standing and stature as a top footballer.

Don't want him at Rangers thanks.

Wolves fan here, gutted for QPR players who got the club promoted but could not get a look in when the mercenaries were bought. PS you really do not want J O'H.



06 Jun 2013 11:09:47
Wayne Bridge will sign for Norwich in the next few days on a free transfer.

They have just signed garrido on a permanent deal so why would they want bridge. safc93

Hope not!

Get real don't want old has beens

Never going to happen he's a bad player and not good enough for the BPL.

06 Jun 2013 16:37:18
complete rubbish. although we do need cover at lb still after letting Tierney go. but bridge is now a championship player at best. never going to happen

I'll give you a good reason why this is complete trash. wages!

He's just signed a 1 year deal with reading

The same Wayne bridge that has just signed for Reading?



06 Jun 2013 11:07:31
Liverpool will sign ilori mkytaryan and aspas

Only Aspas

Actually all 3 will sign

Aspas, Ilori and Mkhtaryan

also Mignolet, Zambrano, Luis Alberto and Weimann



06 Jun 2013 10:35:36
Exeter manager Tisdale is looking to add more pace to his side, with released duo Jon-Paul Pittman and Joe Anyinsah on his shortlist.

Barnsley winger Toni Silva, who impressed for on-loan side Dag & Red at St James' Park last season, may also join the Grecians on a six-month loan.

Toni will play for Barnsley next year he is a good young tallent and he was on loan at Northampton

Barnsley will keep him and he will play 1st team football said there manager in a press conference so he will not go out on loan but I hope he does to exeter even though he wont.

Tony Sliver is not going anywhere. already turned down Rotherham and said he wants to stay at a much bigger club in Barnsley and fight for his place.

He won't get a place at barnsley so he might go to a league 1 / league 2 team on loan

Is toni silva a good player then? We don't really know seen as he played about 10 minutes of first team football for us last season

He is a quality player and he will be quality in the future



06 Jun 2013 10:28:51
Source from inside the club told me that WBA have revalued their bid for Charlie Austin following his recent events.
Burnley thought it was a done deal but not now. He may go to AFC Bournemouth instead who had put in a lower bid but now are favourites to sign him.
This is from a season ticket holder for West Brom

06 Jun 2013 12:07:10
Since when did being a season ticket holder suddenly get you in on all the inside info at a club.
Plus I find it hard to believe it's between WBA and Bournemouth. Bit of a mis-match

06 Jun 2013 13:27:35
cant believe this story wba premier league and bournemouth in the championship. I heard a few premier league teams are after him. he has proved himself in all league and top scorer in the championship last season The guy is a goalscorer and next stop for him a premier league team and then if he proves himself it has to be England as well.

I think you need to read the tv NEWS on charlies court case and see why he has being devalued before talking rubbish

Dont think he will come because premier clubs want him and he will go to a bigger club

Charlie austins value hasn't decreased because of his courtcase you person! Get a grip

07 Jun 2013 01:29:15
I think what the original poster might have meant was West Brom have "re-evaluated" their bid for Austin, doesn't mean his value has changed but that West Brom have thought again about their bid.

The pending court case over Austin could affect his actual value though too, some clubs will drop out of bidding for a player who is embroiled in court room antics thus not creating as much of a bidding war, hence final transfer fee could be less than might have been.

What court case? The incident happened in October last year and he has just been to court and he was fined and ordered to pay costs. All done and dusted.

All he has been convicted of is smacking someone in a nightclub and whilst as a footballer he should be aware of his responsibilities and be more cautious where he goes, things like this happen every night all over the country. he is after all a young guy.

Well its quite simples then init he won't go! he's valued at 7 million, anything less isn't good enough i'm afraid



06 Jun 2013 10:22:18
Samir Bihmoutine will sign for Notts County after his release from Arsenal. He will replace to outgoing Alan Sheehan at left back.
Notts will also sign John Cofie, winger Adam Reed released by Sunderland, and Isaac Osbourne, released by Aberdeen.


He's off to wolves from arsenal

If what you say is true plympie, I will meet you in naiv and buy you a drink on the 1st game of the season, but I can't see it myself! Coyp



06 Jun 2013 10:21:33
Johnny Russell coming to Derby on Friday.

James Perch of Newcastle is also a derby target!



06 Jun 2013 10:07:10
Mansfield Look Set To Offer Winger/Midfielder Louie Soares A Contract. Played For Grimsby Town Last Season, Along With Loan Spells At Ebbsfleet United & Alfreton Town.

Has Previous Football League Experience With The Following Teams:

Reading FC
Bristol Rovers
Barnet FC
Aldershot Town
Southend United

He has no Football league experience with Reading as he never played a minute for us!

Reading Was Still His First Football League Club. It Still Means He Had Some Experience.

Learn About Football.

Yep, the same can be said of his stay here in Bristol or short stay I should say.

Just LOL.

Soares played right back for our reserve team. He has no experience of first team football with Reading. Ok, he got to learn from Graeme Murty, but to most people "Football League experience" means first team minutes.

No Football league experience is when someone plays for their club.

Soares didn't even have experience of sitting on the bench.

^. in the team for at least a minute



06 Jun 2013 10:00:08
Ryan Cresswell, sean Clohessy and Gavin Tomlin look set to leave Southend United.



06 Jun 2013 09:57:10
Johnny Russell on his way to celtic right now FACT!
Wee wise rab wwr

Dont know if what you are saying is fact but I wouldn't be surprised if celtic highjack derbys move for Russell

The same jonny russle that is on holiday right now? and not back until monday? I see :)

06 Jun 2013 13:25:49
I really hope yous guys are right I'd love to see Russell in a Celtic shirt.



06 Jun 2013 09:56:44
Middlesbrough are in talks with Brighton's David Lopez.

He is out of contract in the summer and Boro have started negotiations with the players agent.

This is exactly the kind of right-sided midfielder Boro need.


He said he will stay with Brighton no matter what league they are in

Would be a good signing

Agreed - hope it comes off

Agreed - hope it comes off

Why would he go to boro, they may be tracking him! I saw the article M
in a local north east paper but it also said. Right on had a huge debt!
Brighton have unsecured debt only to chairman, we average over 26000 with highest takings in league!
Boro have small crowds paying less the chairman putting in nearly a million a week to keep them afloat! They need cheaper players dues to financial fair play!

He's still in Spain you liar. Jesus, if your going to make cr*p up; atleast check your facts

Brighton are looking to reduce their wage bill and are willing to let a lot of the higher earners leave.

He said that did he? Even though Brighton have said they can't afford to have him on the wage bill.

Great signing if it comes off

Gibbo does not put in 1m a week, he used to put that in per month but now he is contributing about 800k a month

Does'nt matter if he is in spain or not. I think u'll find he wrote boro were talkin 2 his agent.

Spanish dave knows where he's at - ask any brighton fan they would agree that he is a fan favourite and he loves it here, plus we release Vicente and sold Dobbie our two highest paid players so we are safe with wages

He's been offered a new deal by Brighton so they obviously can afford to have him on the wage bill.

In talks can be any where because there's a device called a "phone" which you can communicate. Ever heard of it? So they can be in talks with him even if he's in spain

Actually mate its 1.8mil a month gibbo puts in check your facts! and i'm not the original poster

Actually mate read the local rag! Evening gazette it is £800000 a month.

You mean this = “Steve Gibson and the group continue to support and encourage the ambition of the club by providing substantial financial subsidies of circa £1m per month for the 2011/12 season. (Sorry bout 1. 8 dunno wer a got that from my mistake) but as originally posted 1m not 800k pal ;-)



06 Jun 2013 09:53:09
If Ryan Cresswell Leaves Southend In The Summer, Phil Brown Is Looking At Bringing Pim Balkestein (Following His Release From Wimbledon) In To Replace Him.



06 Jun 2013 09:52:41
Leeds intrested in signing wolves striker kevin doyle mcdermott knows him well from his time at reading and is a admirer of the irishman

Going to celtic supposedly

They can't sign any wolves players there wages are ridicules apparently

Doyle is on 25k a week. Celtic can manage that. Doyle would probably take a small drop to get away from that shower anyway!

Doyle will do well in spl. think championship is a bit far for him to make good impact nowadays.



06 Jun 2013 09:50:53
Bradford City are in talks with former Walsall midfielder Richard Taundry.




06 Jun 2013 09:49:35
Bradford City have had a loan bid from Arsenal for Serge Gnabry accepted. Expect the deal to be completed within the next week or two. It's a season long loan, he can play in cup matches and has a recall clause.

06 Jun 2013 13:49:28
I hope so good little player just what city might need

Why would we wanna sign a 17 year old.

06 Jun 2013 20:38:54
Hes 19

07 Jun 2013 10:53:44
He is 17. was born July 95. goes 18 in july

Because he is a very highly rated player.



06 Jun 2013 09:49:03
Northampton Town Have Joined A List Of Clubs Wanting To Sign Southend's Want-Away Goalkeeper Paul Smith

We got to act quick to get Smith with Mansfield town Afc wimbledon York city and now walsall interested.

We r on the verge of signing matt duke so don't think there much in this



06 Jun 2013 09:36:08
Went for a beer last night in Darren Fergussons pub/restaurant and who sat there with Fergie. Stephen Gleeson (MK Dons). Hmmmmm May mean nothing but he did try and sign him before?

He stayed in Stamford last night at The George.

06 Jun 2013 12:56:23
ferguson should stick to pub management as he is no good at football management

If gleeo is leaving mk it will be for a championship mayb even a prem club! Why would he go to Peterborough? Side ways step mayb even step backwards!

Complete red herring story. Probably an AFC urchin or Posh boy.

And it's Ferguscum, not Ferguson.

Absolute rubbish

Stephen Gleeson was in Milton Keynes yesterday evening -100%

He tweeted that he was down at woughton watching some of the 6 a sides.

I saw glees at morrisons in mk on sunday. he lives on my estate and we see him quite a lot. I think we'll struggle to hold onto him though.



06 Jun 2013 09:24:19
Has Been Confirmed That Southend United Will Sign Former Leyton Orient Striker Jonathan Tehoue If We Cannot Get Britt Assombalonga Back On Loan From Watford.

Source: My Neighbour - She Works At The Club (Southend)

06 Jun 2013 18:12:23
Southend can't even afford to pay the kit man never mind afford to starting signing good players. If he was for sale there are at least a few league one clubs that would be much more likely destinations.

I know for 100% this is not true. Tehoue is not signing for Southend



06 Jun 2013 09:23:04
Middlesbrough are tracking David Lopes from Brighton

06 Jun 2013 14:00:35
Andrew Davies seen in yarm high street, I stopped and asked him if he was returning and he smiled and said we'll see mate, possible re sign I think

Boro haven't got spanish

He's way past it now. Not a chance

We won't be getting Andrew Davies. We are looking for good centrebacks.

I saw James Beattie and Rickie Hatton in Yarm, they must both be coming to boro! Good logic there mate.

Andrew davis might be signing for a yarm football team! he was always crap for for boro and just about makes the bradford team in the 2nd division. oh I saw bernie slaven yesterday and ask him if he was thinking of re-signing, he gave me coy smile. do you think he is on his way back?

Andrew Davies has signed a new deal at Bradford. It will be announced in their local press tomorrow morning.



06 Jun 2013 09:09:03
Burnley will sign ex-Southampton defender Frazer Richardson on a free.

Smell the coffee yeah we have just 1 season in prem (so far) but we also have the ambition and the money to stay there and to stay there we will buy the best we can get

"Smell the coffee" once again. {Ed003's Note - you'll get over it mate}

As we all seem to like the saying then I propose that after each comment we "smell the coffee".



06 Jun 2013 08:41:20
Ash Taylor to Ipswich Town is a very strong rumour that's being thrown about.

Who is he, please

He's a young defender who plays for Tranmere Rovers in league 1.



06 Jun 2013 08:38:57
mike grella returning to alan knill at torquay?

Once a rubbish player always a rubbish player, he couldn't strike up a decent friendship never mind a goal.



06 Jun 2013 08:36:53
akinfenwa in talks with burton and zola told sign or leave

Akinfenwa does not fit the GR mould of young and hungry players. The club would never give Calvin an ultimatum as there's huge respect for him. Fingers crossed Zola and Paterson will sign next week when they return from holidays.



06 Jun 2013 08:31:05
Derby county have officially signed Johnny Ruseel for an undiclosed fee.
He will be expected to do his meeical next week
'Dundee United website'



06 Jun 2013 08:49:40
LAdies and gents a quick update on the Andy Carroll situation, ignore west hamoffering £100,000 a week.

Reports yesterday indicated that Carroll, who still has three years left on his deal at Liverpool has been told he does not have to leave, is looking for £100,000 per week from West Ham.

Although player demands are always mooted at this time of year it is thought that Carroll has yet to see any written offer of a contract and he is still on holiday in the United States.

Carroll was hoping Newcastle would come calling but as yet this hasn't happened, however, when asked which player Newcastle fans want back at the club 41. 7% voted for Carroll.

Brendon Rogers has stated clearly that although he doesn;t fit into the team at the moment he may well have a part to play in the future with Liverpool in europe

Liverpool are not in europe

Newcastle do not want andy carroll, as he has turned into a sick note and he is not worth 100k per week



06 Jun 2013 08:46:24
Wolves fan here. I see Bolton have turned down sponsorship from a pay day loan company. Got to respect that. Well done the Bolton board

Think you will find the owls turned one down first. in milan we trust



06 Jun 2013 07:59:15
Defoe is in talks with Crystal Palace, he meet Steve Parish on Tuesday and if he agreed to a 50% pay cut he will be Palace's first signing.

This will then quickly be followed by Ince, Phillips and Sylvestre all from Blackpool

06 Jun 2013 11:59:36
Love to see it, but Defoe won't come to CPFC

Think you will find Ince will want to go to a club that will stay in the Premier. Phillips too. Palace must be favorites for the drop

06 Jun 2013 10:53:24
spurs won't let defoe go just yet as boas is trying to swap him + cash for benteke

Ha yea right, I can only dream that this is the case!

As a Palace fan, I would love this to be true. but I honestly can't see it. Defoe take a 50% pay cut - really?

I can't see this happening, it seems like a fans wish list on this site

Out of them, you might get Phillips and Sylvestre if you are very lucky.

As a Palace fan, we've no chance in signing Defoe, his ego and pay packet are just too far out of our league.

Sylvestre I've heard is almost a done deal. Ince and Phillips on the other hand? It's a possibility, if I were a betting man I wouldn't bank on it, but if we move early, with Holloway as boss too, then we may just have a chance of being able to pull it off.

Yeah as if defoe is going to palace lol on mega bucks 70 grand a week wed pay him 12 grand lol

06 Jun 2013 21:47:00
Palace may well be favourites for the drop but they were this year as well and look what happened .

I wouldn't blame ince and phillips going to crystal palace, better to be in the first team than on the bech at Liverpool, just have a sell on clause so blackpool get a cut of the cash

We were not relegation favourites this year, what a load of rubbish.

However, as Holloway nearly kept Blackpool up as the smallest team ever in the prem and got them 39 points, which really should have kept them up, I am hopeful that we can stay up under Holloway.



06 Jun 2013 07:52:26
David Fox to leave Norwich, his house is up for sale and it is thought a move back to Blackpool is on the cards.

06 Jun 2013 10:45:42
think you find they signed him from burnley {Ed003's Note - eh?}

06 Jun 2013 12:00:43
We signed him from Colchester.

06 Jun 2013 12:01:44
We signed Foxy from Col U, he played for Blackpool earlier in his career. don't think he ever played for Burnley.

06 Jun 2013 12:09:32
? He signed for Norwich from Colchester after 1 season. Prior to that he was at Blackpool.

^ No. David Fox signed for Norwich after leaving Blackpool. Confused with Danny Fox?

They did but he did use to play for blackpool

Fair play Foxy. Excellent champo player any club who gets him will get promoted.

I think you'll find that's Danny Fox

David Fox is definitely ex Blackpool.

Think you will find he did play for blackpool before the dingles.

Think he came from Colchester, before that he was at Blackpool for 3 years

Please, we don't want David Fox back at Blackpool! Can't tackle and bad goal scoring record.

David Fox DID NOT go to Norwich from Blackpool. he was released by Blackpool when his contract expired.

You're thinking of Danny Fox of Southampton. Not Norwich's David Fox.

06 Jun 2013 16:28:07
My brother in law! Your confusing him with Danny! He isn't going to Blackpool either

Well down fox. very unlucky not to get game time this season, good luck in the future

Would welcome him back to blackpool

"Don't want David Foz back at Blackpool"? He's a quality player and would walk into the Blackpool team! As for "bad scoring record" he's a holding midfielder, generally they don't score!

So you don't remember the sitters he missed against Doncaster at home and Wolves away? Just not good enough and would add nothing to our team. Haven't we enough holding midfielders already?

He would walk in to our team because we don't have enough first team players at the moment

Is it not possible he could have vastly improved since he has been away? {Ed003's Note - I always thought he was a good player}



06 Jun 2013 07:41:40
Middlesbrough chasing villa full back Eric lichaj and yeovil forward Patrick madden

He has left Fulham

If you get lichaj you are getting a decent full back



06 Jun 2013 07:23:23
Burnley have rejected a formal approach from Bournemouth for striker Danny Ings, source Lancashire Evening Telegraph

06 Jun 2013 11:49:10
I have heard from burnley official, Bournemouth have had a bid accepted for striker Charlie Austin and also the southern club looking to sign peter crouch. adam smith is also on the southern clubs radar, along with goalkeeper Julio cesar.

I think you are on the wind up!

Cesar is off to Arsenal, AFCB will not be in for a first choice keeper, and Crouch would be far to costly, FFP will prevent us having to many big name signings as Denim will be restricted with his input as sponsorship deals have another year to run and has already "loaned" £6mil

^ not sure if that was meant to be a joke, but it sure sounds like one - Bournemouth Fan

Well its not on burnley official, and it will have to be 7million or higher because he's got a 7 million price tag on his head

Wow slow down! crouch? Julio cesar? pure stupidity to even suggest we are going to sign these players

06 Jun 2013 15:58:04
Thats a lot of info about bournemouth that 'burnley official' know. Sounds like a deluded cherry fan thinking his club have so much money they can buy everyone. i'd love to see how youd get qpr keeper to leave a huge club that will bounce back to the prem for a league 1 club punching above there weight and the whole wage thing. Ill leave it there cause I've had a good laugh now, cheers

I don't think most of these comments are from Bournemouth fans, I believe it is rival fans on the wind up

Whats going on? I seem to remember that Howe saying we're not making any major signings & also don't forget the ffp is in place. People are making the club look bad.

08 Jun 2013 09:23:51
Sorry, but there is no way you could describe QPR as a 'huge club'! Even in the Championship there are BIGGER clubs.



06 Jun 2013 07:32:03
Burnley have rejected a 1.5m pound offer from Bournemouth for young striker Danny Ings

NO NO NO we don't want him back. We want Charlie austin

Well you can want but you won't get!

You want Charlie Austin. well I want to win the lottery, real life mate. you don't get what you want.

Ings was rubbish for us, why do people think we want him?



06 Jun 2013 07:12:43
We've signed Aden flint bid accepted he's agreed a contract just awaiting a medical next week on Tuesday it's a done deal heard the news from the Swindon news papers

Haha your welcome to him, Average player at best who thinks he's better than what he really is.

Aiden Flint is not a poor player, I'd say him and Gary Roberts were STFC's best players under KMac. Its a good price all round to be fair.

Aden flint was poor he could head and get in the way very clumsy swindon did well to get the price they did



06 Jun 2013 06:57:41
Aden Flint will join BCFC next week after Swindon finally accept £300k offer
Source: Bristol Evening Post

£300k for a pi55 poor player, Swindon will be very greatful.

Some of you Swindon fans are a joke. i'm a true fan go most weeks and Flint is a very good player, his distrabution could be a lot better but he only a young lad that has planty of years to improve. I say fair play to footballers moving on to better wages, because if you guys got offered the same job your doing now just an extra 30miles down the road for probably double your wages, you would be there yesterday.

Agree about Flint he is a beast, great tackler, great in the air, just can't run the ball out of defence, so what! He will be missed at town.

Flint is the weakest of Swindons defenders and we will bite their hand off for £350k + add ons, he's a liability, he cannot tackle and can barely jump for a header, has a terrible tantrum temper and mistimes tackels in the box. no loss at all. get rid and run away before City realise they have another Matt Heywood on their hands.



06 Jun 2013 06:28:17
Cheltenham are ready to throw a lifeline to left winger Salim Kerkar, who has just been released by Charlton.



06 Jun 2013 06:03:58
Mark Hughes may give pennant a chance 2 get his career back on track and offer a new contract

Fiction, that's why he's been released?



06 Jun 2013 04:01:06
Pennant could be staying at the Britannia he has had interest from MLS sides Toronto and Vancouver but Hughes may offer him a new contract.



06 Jun 2013 03:41:16
Oldham set to sign the following players by the end of next week:
Ryan Lowe (mk dons)
Bradley wrightphillips (charlton)
Gavin Williams (Yeovil)
Korey smith (Norwich)
Brian murphey (qpr)

Don't think you'll get smith or wrightphillips

06 Jun 2013 11:57:55
cant see us getting any of them, although i'd love korey back (destined for bigger than us i'm afraid )

BWP will go higher than Oldham (no offence), Korey Smith is rumoured to be going back to Yeovil but I can see Gav going to The Latics, good mates with Lee Johnson!

Murphy has recently signed 2 year contract with QPR.

Not true, I quote "No signings are expected in the next couple of weeks, but Johnson says “without doubt” there will significant new additions by mid-July. "

Don't want Bailey back at the Valley, never forgiven for the ply off semi final

Strange, Leicester fans say the same about Kermit but he has played well for us since joining hasn't he? Should we not sign a player because he took ONE bad penalty?



06 Jun 2013 02:23:49
Tranmeres ash taylor is set to sign for everton within the next month for 1.9 million plus add ons (reliable source)

Is this just to fill an otherwise empty rumours page?

1. although I like Ash, and value him as a member of the trfc squad. he is nowhere near good enough and I doubt he ever will be.

2. I can't see Everton paying that much for a player they are never going to use. will take it and hope the club laughs all the way to the bank

I hope not, he is absolutely dreadful. He is a big boot merchant with a big heart; he is not a footballer for the premiership by far. I follow Rovers as well as Everton, and in my opinion the lad does well to hold onto his place at this level. No chance him making the Premiership.

Extremely laughable! The transfer rumour and the value you place on him!
The club would snap someones hand off for 500k!

Ash must be clocking up the miles with all these approaches. He may be too exhausted to play next season.

06 Jun 2013 16:34:54
He's f***ing dogsh*t! But I would happily take that money! I don't like him and I went to school with him!

06 Jun 2013 21:29:42
He's absolute quality obvious none of you have NEVER seen him play, great young player and only 22!

Seriously doubt this is true with that price tag, but ash is getting better by the season, was our most competent defender this season, does go long too often but relatively solid at the back

I'm a season ticket holder and is he **** "absolutely quality"



06 Jun 2013 00:32:01
Hogan Ephraim set to return to Bristol City

Total rubbish why waste people, s time

He wasnt a hit the first time around, and we have changed our set up so many times since I doubt there are many left who remember him at the club.



05 Jun 2013 23:39:54
With Pepe on his way to Man City, Real Madrid want to replace him with Man Utds Nemanja Vidic, this will pave the way for the return of Cristiano Ronaldo in a deal of £60m + Vidic.



05 Jun 2013 23:37:35
port vales sam morsy set to join preston after rejecting a new contract he fancys a move to preston as they have more cancel of going up than vale

Inexperienced and volatile, squad player at best and I couldn't see him settling for that.

Sam who? we need a goalscorer and a creative midfielder but we need to offload byrom bearsley proctor mousinho quick plus sorryb to say hume

Lot of potental but very rash in challenge but best of luck sam

Lots of potential, bags of confidence. sad he was ignored afters ending off against Rochdale. I think he could step up. Sad old comment about Preston having more cancel - I suppose he means chance but they spell funny in Lancashire - of going up. I know you would have though so. but then again, Preston finished behind yeovil and Walsall last year.

Your wasting a wage if I sign morsy. Not good enough

Pot and kettle!
a) you assume this was written by a Lancastrian and /or a Preston fan. It may be a neutral who has an opinion.
b)"ending off" suppose you meant sending off. Think before you throw bricks.

Not a brick at any fan really - sad that Sam thinks his future is at Preston. They have signed a few potentially good players over their Division One years, but they are still just that a Division One team. They should have a bigger budget and so more chance, but it doesn't work out like that in this Division every time - ask Sheffield United.



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