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Leicester city rumours Wolves and Hearts on interested in Stephen Hughes but he would prefr a move back up to Scotland, paddy mcarthey off to Charlton should all be finalised in the next couple of days, expect mre plays to leave in the next couple of days. players in Matty Jarvis.

the fox

Rio Mavuba could be set to sign for Everton FC in the next few days, Moyes has turned his attentions from Barton because of his poor attitude and greed. Mavuba who is also priced at 5.5 mill could sign as Moyes likes his defensive qualities and also expect the Fernandes deal to go through after long talks with his club.

Plymouth argyle are expected to confirm the signs of Julian Gray (released by Birmingham) and Billy Jones (Crewe) within the next few weeks.

I wrote recently that I was loving the indifferent ruumours I am currently in bolivia and have drunk plent of bolivian wine so feel fairly fresh so forgive my spelling n grammar! fact is that there r plenty of people writing some beautiful conspiracy theories that I find dammned right offensive! Benitez leaving Liverpool because he can't get support? Valencia fans weren`t chanting his name the way Anfield does! he knows where the real support for the club lies! as for all this foreign investment, it sickening to think that Liverpool r investing abroad sooo much, especially when they have focused so much on our two scouse locals to extend their contracts! theirs got to be some local talent we`re interested in! anyway, leave u guys to it to thrash it out over who wears the red next season! please could someone lie about some british talent joining Liverpool next season, I just don't have the imagination right now to do it myself the wines put a mental block on me kevin

Alexandre Pato, Filipe Teixeira e Liedson go to FC Porto . Alexandre Pato 10M, Filipe Teixeira 100m and Liedson from SCP 12M

To everybody using the example of a–rod (alex Rodriguez) as a reason why the american owners will spend big, simply don't know what actually happened, yes they did give him the biggest contract ever, but just a year later they sold him to the yankees, the texas Rangers the club owned by the Liverpool owners are currently last in their division, and haven't done anything in baseball ever, and its only gone down hill in recent years, you liverppol fans must be thrilled

Everton FC

Lets get this straight once and for all Andrew Johnson going nowhere Mikel Arteta is going nowhere Tim Cahill you get the picture.

so West Ham fans stop day dreaming but you could get 1 Everton player don't get excited though!

Everton are on the verge of signing Dean Ashton in a swap deal for James Beattie.

Westhams in the future do not say this will not happen if you know your football history Alan curbishley was desperate to sign James Beattie for Charlton and rejected a chance to Ashton at the time so .

oh and yes whoever said it was such a big deal for Everton to be back in Europe it is its where you know big clubs belong unlike some people.

Only 1 To Report Middlesbrough Have Signed Henri Camara From Wigan £3.5 Million, 3 year Contract Worth Around 28, 000 Per Week.

Fulham ins: David Healy – 2.5mil

Matthew etherington – 1.5mil

Mido – 4mil

Scott Carson – loan

Pavon – 5mil

Royals stiker shane long to go on loan to Derby for the season, John Halls may also join him at Pride Park on a two year deal with the rams

It is true that Tim Cahill wouldn't mind a move back to London although he is enjoying his time at Everton and the UEFA Cup is tempting, however if West Ham offer a sum of around £12 – 14 million, Everton are likely to cash in on one of their prize assets and the tempation of joining fellow countryman Lucas Neill in London would prove tempting. Neill will also persuade Curbishley to sign Harry Kewell if he can some how conjour up what would be an amazing buy in Cahill.

Jason Koumas will move to Everton – only if Cahill leaves otherwise he looks bound for Aston Villa.



wer not gettin Joey Barton or jagielka

but do expext a deal 2 be dun 4 Leighton Baines from Wigan before the end of June for round 2–3m

and j koumas will b coming 2 Goodison 4 round 5–6m

and expext Everton 2 put a very late bid in 4 s Taylor from Newcastle and g o'Neill from pompey both of them will cost between 5–7m


J Beattie is going 2 Newcastle or Blackburn 4 bout 2 –3m but if goes 2 Newcastle it will b in part/ excahange 4 s taylor

v. d meyde is going back 2 Holland or Spain for round 4–6 m, Ajax&villereal r leading the chase for the Everton man, as e wants to leave English football becos it is 2 fast 4 I'm and e is not getting in 2 the Everton first team

but don't be suprised if Mcfadden goes to Celtic or Rangers for bout 2. 5–3.5m


I have a friend who works at one of the Merseyside clubs he as told me that Liverpool are interested in bringing anelka back.

also its the usual suspects that were interested in Simao, Malouda, Tevez and eto'o

but this is the big one and I don't know if anything will come of it but Liverpool have enquired about Lionel Messi (this is serious) prob an instant knockback but Benitez was fully behind the interest

A realiable source from Arsenal has told me that the speculation of Arsenal signing Torres are happening right now, also the signings of Richards, gonzalos from villareal and quarezma are practically done deals

LFC Rumours:

My cousin works in the Anfield Shop so he gets to hear all the comings and goings at Anfield. especially when cars turn up at teh stadium at quiet times Carrying players or agents associated with players from outside the club. SO here we go .

Henry 15M – even the bookies have stopped taking bets locally.

one more striker out of Tevez, Eto'o, or Amauri, with an outside chance of Adriano (who has had a very inconsistent season for Inter with rumours of him being replaced by Suazo who plays for Cagliari)

Also Pato is a very strong rumour. if you haven't seen this dude go onto youtube – he is only 17 you won't be dissappointed and he may well arrive for 12M

wide men :

Morten Gamst Pedersen (8M)&Malouda (12M) favourites fro the left wing. Simao (8M)&Alves (15M) favourite down the right (although there are reports that Alves is no longer a target) so possibly Mancini (8M)

Milito&Mexes favourites depending on price/ funds available for defense

Also now that Houllier has left Lyon don't be surprised about a bid for Fred.

Apart from all that obviously Rafa the Gaffer has already started to bolster the amount of young talent there is at the club.

Bobbers the Sunderland nutter!

These people that claim they saw Mathhew Etherington at Stadium Of Light are. telling the truth. I saw him with another personel, probably his agent I expect, walking around with Niall, as I paid a visit to the club shop.

Ins therefore:

Etherington – 2m (ish)

graveson – 1m

Simpson – Loan/ 1.2m

Evans – Possible loan, Man United see him as future

Harte – 500k

Forlan – 8m

Scharner – possible 4m

Kucszak – Loan

McShane – 1.8m

Shittu – 3m

Team Next Year:

Kucszak/ Ward/ Fulop

Simpson/ McShane

Evans/ Nosworthy

Shittu/ Collins

Harte/ Clarke

Edwards/ L. Miller

Graveson/ Yorke/ Kavanagh

Whitehead/ Leadbitter

Etherington/ Hysen/ Wallace

Forlan/ Murphy

Connolly/ Stokes/ John





Possibly Clarke + Kavanagh

My mate works for bbc radio lancs and has benn talking to his close friend Ryan nelsen and has been told shabani nonda will leave and that MGP will be leaving for Tottenham hotspuds for £12million. I for one am happy to see him leave as I H8 Rovers.


welcome Barton annnnnnnnnnnd Viduka

= The United Don=

Few rumours for the thought.

Chealsea are in the run to sign Sevilla's RB Dani Alves, Alves who was highly linked with a move to Liverpool, but rumours circulating now proves that he is likely to sign for the londeners instead.

=Pers. Comment= God I hate Chelsea, they apparently want every player there was, and yet they compare themselves to the likes of United and so on when they have a few injuries. Would some1 doubt me that, Chelsea's reserves and subs alone can win them a cup?

Reports also indicate that A. C is forcing his way to sign both A. J and Tim Cahill, Shawn W. Phillips and a Brazilian winger called Elano.

=pers. comment= I doubt the signing of the two Everton's but the SWP might be a possibility since Malouda of Lyon is on the wish list of J. M, its just right for him to make a move, but if I was any player wanting to sign for Westham, I would rather wait till the current ruling over the Tevez matter is all but done and certain, because it would be a nightmare to sign for a Premiership. team and wake up playin the likes of Crystal Palace and Colchester.

Mark Viduka is all but a done deal set for Newcastle, with this deal has raised eyebrows of the future of Michael Owen. Joey Barton could also be joining but he's also concidering an offer from Westham.

=Pers. Comment=

If Michael Owen does stay with Newcastle, I wouldn't be suprised to see fruastration written all over the Big Aussie guy's face, because I don't see anyhow whatsoever Big Sam is going to choose him over both O. Martins and Michael owen. As for Joey Barton I think he will be just fine with Newcastle, he needs some1 that moans to deal with him and Big Sam is just the right person.

Roy Keane is also interested in Celtic's Norwegian midfielder Thomas Gravesen, David Nugent is a target for the former Man United Captain, so is Jaaskeleinen of Bolton Wanderes.

=pers. comments=

Sunderland is one team I'm looking forward to see in the Premiership. next season, those players named would be a nice inclusion but I doubt Bolton is going to let go their fan's fav.

Chelsea's Khalid Boularhouz will sign for Bayern Munich I have being told.

=pers. comments=

Yeh I think he needs to do himself a favour and move on, the EPL is not the place for him.

And finally Bolton are hoping to sign Cisse, in this case they would let Anelka leave for Man United.

=pers. comment=

As a big United fan, I would rather see Berbatov or Hunterlaar here than the moaning machine. But yeh anything at the moment but Saha will be just fine.

= The United Don=

John Sutton of St Mirren will join Swindon in the next couple of weeks! Big loss for St Mirren

To the guy who said "also to the person who insists Boruc is going to villa, dream on why would he leave a massive club in the champs league to go to a middle of the road tin pot club" One thing to say – Ask Stan Petrov.

Miccoli from Juventus Italy, it's going to play in Sporting Lisbon the next 4 seasons, in a transfer of 8. 000. 000


Fascinating stuff on here and many common threads it always amazes me when many come true!

I work in Spain so watch a lot of Michael Robinson on TV plus read Marca etc so here are my thoughts.

Reina will sign a new contract but Carson will leave, Padelli may stay but another keeper will probably be signed.

Finnan new deal and will continue as first choice right back. No Alves mainly because he is not defensive enough for Premiership. Pennant has shown promise and so will stay.

Riise will stay as left back Carragher and Agger will remain as first choice pairing with Hyppia offered new deal which I think he'll accept.

Kewell is interesting either Rafa rates him very highly or picks him cause he has no viable option? I think he rates him but I still believe Rafa will sign some competition. Either Malouda or Simao but not both!

Centre midfield is really about if anyone leaves ie Sissoko or Alonso. Alonso could buy out contract or just request a transfer and this is a possibility. The main problem is Rafas system of play if you play 1 up front maybe you can accommodate all these midfielders but what about Luis Garcia?

He will certainly stay I think LFC have noone else remotely like him and he was missed in the UCL final.

Up front Rafa has his target which I agree with many is Eto'o. Will he get him? probably not! but I think he's his main target. Bellamy will be sold Kuyt and Crouch will stay but neither will be first choice next year. We may see two signings up front but who remains to be seen my money would be on Bent, Trezeguet or even Klose.

So my guesses are thus:

Leaving: Bellamy Alonso/ Sissoko Carson

Arriving: Simao/ Malouda Keeper Bent/ Trezeguet

Finally Rafa is not going to leave he is too driven to achieve his goals and would see leaving as a personal failure.

Can I just say I know money is important but I wish Moores had retained ownership. I don't like these Yanks I can't see what the long term strategy is. Moores was a quiet unassuming man in the Liverpool way and I would rather have less money and work for the success which is why winning the UCL in 2005 meant so much.

To clear up some rumours.

Marcus Hahnemann is going to Columbus Crew as their designated player.

Bobby Convey is going to West Ham United for 3million and Jonathan Spector coming to Reading.

We are considering signing Eddie Johnson from Kansas City on a season long loan with a 5 million price tag if it is made permanent.

To the Rangers fan who said that Celtic will sell naka and Boruc u are dreaming we are not a club that sells its stars. we will sell the following

Miller 1.5m

gravenson 2m

Jarosik 1m

Beattie 10p (joke 400k)

zuwraski ( can't spell)

with the money from that we will have coming in

Killen done

brown done

McDonald Done

appiah 3m or Barton 5m or koumas 4m

Frei 3.5m or maakay 2.5m or kuranyi 4m

Whittaker 1m

and a few young dutch bhoys

To the person who criticised Liverpool for not buying anybody, you told us to get real but it's you who needs to do that! Seriously, what are you smoking? You said Liverpool should have tied up deals for Leto, Pato and Simao. Well you need to pay attention because we haven't just signed two Hungarians. We have already brought Leto, a long time ago and he is currently on loan before joining us next month. Thus proving you don't know much about football. Remember Voronin? Well he signed for us in March and will be a summer arrival. And don't forget Lucas Leiva, the Brazilian player of the year who signed for 6 million, two weeks ago! Thats right, we have signed 3 first team players already, just like Man United. Correct, they may not be as high profile but there's a simple reason for that. The majority of our targets are playing in the Spanish league, which doesn't finish for another couple of week so Rafa will not attempt to sign anybody else until La Liga finishes. This is because he won't know the prices until then, so can't pursue any non La Liga targets as a result. This is also why he is yet to sell anybody. Why would he sell when he doesn't know if he can sign his top targets yet? If Rafa had signed a high profile player by now it would have been out of pure desperation and stupidity.

Anyway, lets put your stupidity into the past because it's slightly embarrasing. Liverpools targets are:

Right Wing Back: Alves (15 million), Richards (10 million), Lahm (6 million),

Centre Midfield: Leiva (6 million – DONE), Pato (12 million),

Right Wing: Simao (10 million),

Left Wing: Leto (2 million – DONE), Malouda (16 million), Pedersen (8 million),

Striker: Voronin (free – DONE), Eto'o (30 million), Torres (22 million), Villa (25 million), Tevez (18 million), Amaruo (7 million),

Out of these expect Alves, Malouda, Amaruo and Torres to be the players arriving. This is on top of the three players already to have joined. Again, Rafa won't tie up any deals until after La Liga because he wants to know if some of his targets will be cheaper than non Spanish based players. Its a simple, obvious explanation.

Man United are to make a suprise move for David Nugent. Chris Eagles to go on loan to Preston with possibility of this turning into a permanent move if Preston get promoted next season.

Aussie Jason Culina will be heading to the Premiership in the summer after Asian Cup! +MB+

Martin Allen will swoop for Birmingham striker DJ Campbell as he continues his redevelopement at Leicester City. Campbell is available at around 1m although Allen may opt for a loan deal instead. Also, Allen is interested in Scunthorpe striker Billy Sharp after his move to Norwich fell through after they refused to pay 2m for him. Allen and chairman Milan Mandaric are willing to pay this and a deal could be completed next week. Other players that could be on their way to the Walkers include Kishishev, Hendrie and Murphy. Other midlands rumours:

BIRMINGHAM– Gera 2m, Leon Cort 2.5m, Nugent 6m

DERBY– Etherington 1.5m, Radzinski Free, Maybury 250k

Look out for a Major announcement regarding Carlos Tevez. Either Wednesday or Thursday. West Ham will announce that he will be staying for at least another season. BIG investment in the playing side of things this summer, then attention will turn to a new stadium. Former Royal Mail site near UPton Park tube station is favoured, with support from local Council. The story regarding AJ is a smokescreen for the Tevez deal. Curbs is looking at a left back, a right winger and another striker as his priority. Expect Defoe to return, and Baines from Wigan. SWP is a preferred choice for the right wing, but Curbs is also looking at the Spanish market.


Dean Ashton will be coming to Everton in a swap deal with James Beattie and 2m, Dean Ashton is homesick and wants to play European football to better his chances of getting into the England Squad. Everton will not sell Johnson they want to compete and not sell players on! Everton will also buy Leighton Baines, Luke Young, Manuel Fernandes (loan), Pablo Ibanez, Alou Diarra, Phil Jagielka and Wayne Routledge. Nuggent may also come in Janurary for a cut price of 4m!

With Marlon Harewood being told he can leave West Ham and Rangers looking for a big powerful striker expect a bid of around 3 mil in the next week. A

Ipswich will sign jeffers and Richard wright and maybe Billy Jones from Crewe

Southampton Rumours

We will not be able to afford the transfer of Marek Sagonovski, as Troyes are asking for £1, 000,000, Marek will then opt to join Burnley after Steve Cotterill confirmed his interested and that the club have met the asking price wanted.

Defoe, Lita, SWP, Shorey and Briand to Pompey.

LuaLua, Todorov, Davis, Traore, Cole and Kanu to go.








: ": ": ": ": "

Darren Bent ready to complete move to Spurs within the next two week with two other Spurs players going in the opposite directions as Spurs felt they were out priced and would rather let two players go such as hossam ghaly and mido!

: ": ": ": ": "

Liverpool will not be signing the likes of Dani Alves, Flourent Malouda and Eto'o. as they don't want to be held to ransom over players, Expect Benitez to buy, but not on players that are overpriced! Liverpool will sell the likes of Bellamy (8–10m), Gonzalez (5m), Zenden and Dudek (Free), Pongolle (2.7m), Cisse (5m) and Palletta (1m) . Liverpool will buy. Micah Richards (8–12m), Christian Chivu (5m), Simao Sabrossa (10m), D. Silva (12m), Morton Gamst Pederson, (8m), Fernando Torres (18–22m) and finally Carlos Tevez (20m) ! The only big buys will come in the form of strikers as Benitez recognises this as his major 'problem' area. Christian Chivu will be used as cover for left back as well as pushing Carragher and Agger for their first team places. There may also be a bid for Manuel Almunia from Arsenal as cover for Reina (nominal fee) Expect the LIverpool line up next season:

– Reina–

– Richards– Carragher– Aggger/ Chivu– Riise–

– Simao– Gerrard– Mascherano– Silva–

– Torres– Tevez–

BENCH: Almunia–Chivu/ Agger–Pederson–Alonso–Kuyt

Dan the ever so main man here with more rumours on Forest. Naming no names, MA, but a good friend of mine has confirmed that Forest will announce the signing of Leon Best this week. Dan the man

I work in a burger van fLipping hairy vertical burgers all day close to the hallowed ground that is St James' Park. Obviously when its quiet outside of the main lunch rush you have plenty of time for sitting round just watching and observing instead of handling sausages and burgers. anyway, of late there have been some very fimiliar faces in and out of the ground. Namely Mark Viduka, Dani Shittu, Zat Knight, Ben Haim, Lucas Neill and last but certainly not least was Freddie Llunberg! So expect a move some if not all of these players in the next few weeks. Derka

"Mad Dog" Martin Allan is likely to try and bring in the following players:

– Teddy Sheringham (with view of possible future staff role)

– Danny Murphy

– Matty Holland (not likely but a possible transfer)

expect Manderic's plan phase two to come up trumphs this season!

Burnley will sign former Southampton striker Saganowski for 1.3 million next week.

The club will also look to sign former player and Ipswich striker Alan Lee for 500,000.

All the not–so–Mighty Don does is read the papers for his rumours, come on people, please post decent rumours that we may not have heard by Reading the papers ourselves!

Decent realistic rumours like Gilardino to Man United make sense, given his situation in Milan, with them being linked to Henry.

How many people just to happen to drive by the Stadium of Light and see players getting out of cars? LOL.

Rumours that are flying around at the moment suggest that a loan deal for kenny duecher is all but complete and he will join the fifers for the whole of next season, with a view to a permanent deal. also Stevie crawford is a target for Barnsley/ st mirren and st Johnstone,

its unlikely that he will leave but they clubs mentioned are monitoring his situation.

also sol bamba WILL NOT be joning st mirren and will see out the remainder of his contract with the fifers, with a view to extending if they

gain promotion next season.

dorus de vries has been linked with moves to Hibs/ Dundee United and Swansea, but the latest rumour is Hearts will sell gordon and romanov sees de vries as the ideal replacement.

also SK WILL NOT be leaving for Motherwell 100% true

Likely Rumours

Aston Villa: Reo–Coker (West Ham)

Bolton: Loan – D Cisse (Liverpool)

Chelsea: Alves (Seville), Malouda (Lyon)

Man City: Harewood (West Ham)

Newcastle: Barton (Man City), Viduka (Middlesborough)

Portsmouth: B Kalou (PSG), Peter Odemwingie (Lille)

Tottenham: Keita (Lille)

Real Madrid: Abidal (Lyon)

Lyon: Saha (Man United)

Bayern Munich: Boulahrouz (Chelsea)

Unlikely Rumours

Man United: Gilardino (AC Milan)

Liverpool: Torres (Ath Madrid), Eto'o (Barcelona)

Barcelona: Henry (Arsenal)

AC Milan: Makaay (Bayern Munich)

Reo – Coker will not join Aston Villa as reported. Instead he will join Spurs next week for £8.5 Million. He will be joined at WHL by Darren Bent who is keen on playing with Dimitar Berbatov. All true from reliable but un–nameable source.


I work at Leicester's walkers stadium club shop and saw Paul Wotton of Plymouth and Lee Trundle arrive in their cars. Theres also rumours around that Wayne Routledge is targeted for 1.5 million and that deal should be completed by next Wednesday.

Glasgow Rangers information:

Iam a chef working at Ibrox and we (staff) have recently been saying our goodbyes to the outgoing players, as we always do at this time of year. We had a party for Dado a few weeks ago, and players like Sasa and Karl were also saying there goodbyes.

It is certain that these players are leaving, though the good rumours is that, yesterday, we were asked to put on a dinner for a few signings, the players that were at the dinner were Alan Smith, a players whos first name is Pascal? (I didn't recognise him), Paul Konchesky and Stephen Appiah. Apparently they had all been on a golfing day out at St. Andrews earlier in the day.

I think these signings arent being announced yet as the transfer window hasn't opened, though I'm sure they will be when it does.

Wolves are close to signing Freddie Eastwood.

And apparently a deal for Billy Sharp has been done, and its down to him agreeing personal terms when he's back off holiday.

David Marshall, Gavin Rae and Jon Ostemobor to be unveiled at an 12pm press conference at Carrow Road this Wednesday 7th June.

Also Grant is hopeful of two further players joining Norwich by the end of next week. However, my source does not know who they are.

Yeovil Town Signings:

Richard Duffy Portsmouth (loan)

Izale McLeod MK Dons (£100k)

Kris Commons Notts Forest (£100k)

Arjan De Zeeuw (Free)

Will Hoskins Watford (Loan)

Sean Doherty (Free)

Marc Wilson Portsmouth (Loan)

Lineup Will Be:


Duffy Zeeuw Skiverton Jones

Davies Commons Cohen Doherty

Hoskins McLeod












Ashton has a buy out Clause in his contract allowing him to consider offers for any team that finish higher than West Ham in any certain season with the club willing to bid 6 mil and to the bloke who said he will stay because eggy payed his wages while he was injured he didn't do it because he is a nice bloke he done it because its in his contract that West Ham where silly enough to put in. He may not leave this season and show some loyalty by not taking the option to talk to other clubs but come next season he will be sporting a different kit possibly red or black&white !

Norwich boss Peter Grant has joined the chase for Kilmarnock striker, Steven Naismith. Norwich face stiff competition for the lad from Rangers and West Brom.

Would all the West Ham fans get over yourselves! Seriously, Viduka is going to sign with Newcastle, period! Tim Cahill will not be coming to you either. He will not leave Everton for any Premiership team except for Man United or Arsenal. If he does leave the Toffees he will most likely go to Italy. +MB+

F.C.Internazionale Milano agreed with SLBenfica the option of 2 youth players: Yu Dabao and Romeu Ribeiro and on–exchange they will release Julio Cruz on a free transfer to join the portuguese team.

I have it on good authority that Patrick Kisnorbo is expecting to be making the short journey from Leicester to Derby for around £1.5m if Billy Davies stays. Davies might now stay as an opponent from the boardroom is leaving and his job options have decreased.

Davies has said in talks that he wants to make Nugent a Derby player.



Reid (Wycombe, Loan)

Chadwick (Oldham PX)

Aljofree (Swindon)

Samba (Exeter, Loan)

Larrieu (Fulham, £350k)

Gosling (Chelsea, £750k but loaned back)


Oakes (Wolves, Free)

Porter (Oldham £500k + Chadwick)

Gray (Birmingham, Free)

Dargo (Inverness Cally Thistle, £50k)

Dailly (West Ham, £300k)

Unsworth (Wigan, Free)

Panther (York, £50k)

Danns (Birmingham, £350k)


Seip (West Brom, £500k) rejected

Larrieu (Fulham, £200k) rejected and revised

Buszaky (West Brom, £700k) rejected

Norris (Norwich, £650k) rejected

Doumbe (Charlton, £600k) rejected

Frank Ribery to sign for Bayern Munich and is scheduled to have a medical on Thursday

With Ranieri incharge of Juventus, Lampard and Sissoko will be revealed as Juventus players within a few weeks. Mark my words.


After selling Anderson to Manchester United, Porto is investing in order to build a strong team. They have signed with the Italian forward Fabrizio Miccoli for £3.5 million (3 years contract) from Juventus and with the versatile bralizian midfielder Fabio Rochemback for £1.5 million (4 years contract) plus the striker Helder Postiga. The attacker Giuseppe Rossi will join the portuguese team on loan from Manchester United and to replace Postiga, FC Porto have agreed terms with Oscar Cardozo, paraguayan that plays for Newell's Old Boys in a £5 million deal.

Leicester City will sign Leon Best of Southampton later this week. Best's contract has expired and he is set for the Walkers Stadium. Nottingham Forest are reportedly interested but the youngster isn't willing to drop a division.

Also, the Foxes are chasing Svetoslav Todorov as it is well known he is unhappy at Fratton Park.

Joe Harris, www. foxes–mad. co. uk (Editor)


I know it's silly season, but has anyone been following Arsenal signings over the past 10 years? Arsene will not buy Eto'o, Ribery, Owen, Anelka or any big name players.

He feels last season will have helped his youngsters gain some invaluable experience and he won't want to upset the team dynamics by making too many changes.

Look out for acquisition of talented youngsters such as Gouffran and Augusto. Henry, Rosicky, Hleb, Adebayor are all staying.

I am with Arsene, buying players for huge transfer sums is no guarantee of success – ask a certain Mr. Perez, formerly at Real Madrid! I would rather we grab young talent at reasonable prices and develop them to become the world's best. Financially, it's a good startegy as well.

Nothing succeeds like success and I can understand the anxiety of some fans. I say – trust in Arsene. As long as he's doing the right things, eventually the results will come.

I still love Reading the rumours – so keep posting those outrageous ones!

Ipswich are interested in Crewe defender/ midfielder Billy Jones, Charlton midfielder Simon Walton and released Derby midfielder Seth Johnson. Magilton has had preliminary discussions with all three but is only expected to sign one of them.

Some people on here are saying that they are going to sign Earnshaw from Norwich for £1.9m. I'm sorry, but there is no chance. Norwich paid £3.25m for him. Since then he has scored 27 goals in 47 games (including subs) for Norwich. With the new investors, the club has stated that there is no need to sell players. He may go, but Norwich will definitely not take less than they paid for him. The price tag is more likely to be £4–5m, which will probably put most people off. That's why if he does go it will be at the end of the summer, when some Premiership club has failed to sign a striker.

There has also been talk of signing Elvis Hammond and John Sutton. Elvis was a flop last time he was at Norwich and the Sutton was by his manager who said "Norwich could do worse than to look at John" after they missed out on his big brother.

With Ostemobor just about signed, and a deal with David Marshall still being worked on, the focus is on an experienced defender, greater depth in Midfield and a big name striker.

So the expected signings are:

David Marshall (GK)

Ostemobor (RB)

Unknown Defender

Gavin Rae (MF)

Martin Woods (MF)

Billy Sharp (ST) – this is in doubt with Wolves also looking to sign him

Gallacher may also leave, as he has been dropped for 4 other keepers since Grant took over. If he goes expect another keeper to come in, as Lewis is likely to go out on loan.

Harry Redknapp is set to lose both Kanu and LuaLua this summer. Kanu could be off to Holland whilst LuaLua is a target for Espanyol, although Fulham are interested too.


West Brom are set to strengthen their defense with the signing of Kelvin Davies and Gary Breen.

19 year old Brazilian wonderkid Kerlon is being scouted by Chelsea and it has been said that Chelsea are putting in a 20 million bid in for him

My dad saw David Unsworth and Arjen De Zuew being shown around Home Park! Class! Get in!

To the Evertonians having a cry. Neither Johnson or Cahill will go to West Ham. The rumour was started by a Spud having a wind up. Lucas Neill has said he hopes Mark Viduka or possible Vince Grella may join him.

You shouldn't wet the bed when you read these rumours. Without this site where would the Sun and Daily Mail get their exclusives?

31 year old Chelsea number 3 keeper is setting a transfer for first team football at newly promoted club West Brom Albion.

Readings John oster has considered all options and has decided to have a spell out in the MLS, either signing for colombo crew or chicago fire


Just a couple of snippets for thought,

Rafa will not leave ! do you really think that Garrard would sign a new and say that exciting times are ahead if Rafa was going to leave? get real!

Koumas is holding out for a move to Blackburn he wants to link up with Mark Hughes again.

Reo Coker is waiting untill after the u–21 champ's for 2 reason's 1. He will put some storming performances to try and persuade some of the bigger clubs to buy him 2. if no bigger clubs come in for him (sorry Villa fans) he will join Villa after sounding out Ashley Young while on u–21 Duty.

Tevez is unsure about joining Liverpool because Mascerano is still only on loan (initially 18 mnth loan with a view to perm deal)

Torres is Rafa's top target due to age and price.

If Houllier takes over Man city he will try and take Djibby Cisse from Liverpool on loan To save funds as Man city need the funds elswhere

Just food for thought, that's all folks.


Carlisle United are set to sign Craig cathcart from Manchester United on a season long loan deal .

Charlton Rumours

talks are going on about a possible move for Claus Jensens return to Charlton after failing to agree a new deal at Fulham. suprising no other new Premiership clubs have taken a look at him!

Arsenal will attempt to sign Javier Saviola or Michael Owen if they lose Thierry Henry. David Trezeguet will also be a potential target for Wenger.

Frank Ribery remains a long term target.


Reading are showing an interest in Osasuna's £2.5m–rated centre–back Ivan Javier Cuellar.

To the Barca fans, Eto'o will be leaving for the Premiership this offseason. There is no way that Eto'o, Henry, Messi, and Ronaldinho will ever be on the same team. Who would sit bench? Who would play in the Champions League games? The ego's are just too big for that to happen. We've already seen the bad blood between Roni and Eto'o when they signed Messi. With Xavi already saying he's sure Henry is moving to Barca, we know the one leaving will be Eto'o since Barca won't give up the most creative player in the world or the young forward with seemingly unlimited potential. Expect Henry to fit in well though and Barca will continue as one of the worlds most entertaining sides.

Rangers lose out to Derby for Steven naismith. this will be reported on saturday, but Rangers will have 'made efforts to sign Saviola' to cover up another loss of a target.

Bolo Zenden to sign for Everton 100% in 2 weeks time.

At the same time we will see dutch legend (we wished!) Andy Van der meyde will join Az Alkmaar

Preston North End FC

a couple of certainties I thought I would share with you all.


karl hawley carisle free– young striker who has been prolific throughout career. Leicster also interested byut hawley wants to be reUnited with ex manager simpson.

jon macken 200k– ex north end strikers career has Petered out since leaving north end for city. Simpson feels he will be able to reignite macken, and macken has publicly announced he wpould love to return to Preston.

Kevin nicholls Leeds 300k – nicholls has had a nightmare at Leeds and is up for sale following major bust up with wise. North end looking for inspirational man in the engine roomk simmo feels he fits teh bill ideally.

eddie lewis 4OOK – another ex north ender who has not hit the dizzy heights he reached with north end since leaving the club. NATUTRAL LEFT WINGER A POSITION SIMMO KKNOWS NEEDS STRENGTHENING.

Chelsea smile here! Blues youngsters Scott Sinclair (season), Danny PhillisKirk (6mth) and Adrian Pettigrew (6mth) will all be joining Plymouth on loan next season. Mourinho has also agreed to pay around £800k for England U17 international Dan Gosling and loan him back to Plymouth. Chelsea are also assisting Plymouth with the second phase of their ground redevelopment and new training&medical facilities.

LFC Rumours: Some absolute rubbish being posted about Reds targets. One guy yesterday had us buying FIVE players who've never played in Prem. Remember the priorities. Win the league, proven goalscorer, quality widemen. IN: Pedersen (Swap for Bellamy), Simao, Bent (£8m plus Carson), Owen (£3m plus Cisse), Milito, Almunia. The BIG signing is Alves (£20m) . OUT: Bellamy (Swap), Sissoko (£7.5m NOT £12m), Kewell (£3m Blackburn), Carson (Swap), Cisse (Swap) .

Net spend is about £30m (double what Rafa's had before. We won't spend £50–75m as there's the new ground to fund)

Watch– I will be right on most of these signings. Nothing is 100% but most of these deals are advanced.


Vinnie Grella will follow Ranieri to Juventus 100% True. +MB+

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