Football Rumours Archive July 06 2012


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Please send in your football rumours using our rumours formSoccer RumoursJuly 06 2012 

05 Jul 2012 22:41:35
According to his agent Old am and Kilmarnock join race to sign hot shot Damien Reeves(8)(4)


05 Jul 2012 22:33:54
Southampton are in talks with Hugo Rodallega who is a free agent. Adkins see's him as the ideal strike partner with premier league experience for ricky lambert.(3)(35)He left Wigan to play in European competition so can't really see this one happening, There again Paul Scharner left us for the same reason and ended up at WBA.Don't need more strikers!So,no place for Rodriguez then,bad move for him coming here to be a bit part player.I think it's safe to say now that any report linking us with a striker is false. Our last 3 significant signings have all been strikers, we need to strengthen in other areas.

Also, Saints don't take kindly to signing established Premier League players who are on or are looking for signifcant wages.We do not need anymore strikers ok !'Once again WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER STRIKER! Next!Don't believe it. Do not need another forward.

MartinDecent player, but we do seem to have a lot of forwards now.. Given he's a free agent, he will likely want a big salary which is going to upset our wage structure - so cant see it happening...Cant see this being true, you say a partner for Lambert, what about Billy Sharpe, Jay Rod, Tad Lee sure they all think they could do a job. I cant see is signing another striker. GK, 2 CB, 2 Wide player with pace thats what i reackon we will be looking at IMO of course.This would be a great signing, but i fail to understand why all the rumours are about forwards. We may end up with another forward this season but not before other areas are worked on, and not this side of January.Utter rubbishSorry forgot to sign my last comment.

SaintlySecurityIf this was true why would we spend all that money on Jay Rod?Rodallega is not the kind of personality Adkins goes for. He is the kind of player that would upset the dressing room


05 Jul 2012 22:33:37
Reading ins:
Danny Simpson - £3m Newcastle
Nicky Shorey - free agent
Matt Connolly - £1m QPR
Zat Knight - £1m Bolton
Robert Koren - £1.2m Hull
Benik Afobe - season long loan Arsenal

Reading outs:
Simon Church - £1m Brighton
Karl Shepperd - 6 month loan Millwall
Sean Morrison - 750k Huddersfield
Michail Antonio - 600k Sheffield Wednesday
Mathieu Manset - 300k Sheffield United
Lawson D'Ath - season long loan Charlton(13)(30)750k for morrison, you have to be joking 300k at the most.Million for knight would be the best deal coyle has made up to now, only gona be sat on bench..Wouldn't want adobe back at Reading..from what I saw ..barn door comes to mindWe dont want churchWhat happened to no rhodes no morrison and any way we may not need him now if its true about dervite.Wow no Rhodes!!Out's seem fine but hope we don't get Shorey. Koren is nowhere near 100% because he wants first team football that we can't guarantee and I thought connolly move was off or at least gone quiet...The rest seem plausible.

MoWRT to Morrison, we are not a selling club. We do not need to sell as we are rich, so at least £3million - to Huddersfield anyway! (What goes round comes around Huddersfield. Prepare for a relegation battle next season)Afobe being strongly linked with a loan move to Birmingham as he rates Clark very highly from their time together at huddersfield:/ this sites boring when people are realisticWe wouldn't need afobe with the amount of strikers we have. koren will join leicester due to us saying we cannot guarantee first team footballNot sure how many royal fans want rhodes i dont rate him at all morrison isnt good but if hes 300k at most rhodes is no more than 1mKoren will not leaveZat knight was a free agent until signing a new deal last week so can't see that 1 happeningWe don't want church no pleaseNo Rhodes 
No club will take a risk and 8 million quid is a big risk. Give him 6 months in the championship and he'll either be worth 1 million because he's average or he'll go for ten million as he bangs a good tally. As a Reading fan I'd prefer Huddersfield to take that risk on him win or lose. We wont sell morrison And we wont be signing zat knight as he is awful and already signed a new contract at bolton. McDermott says we will only sign 2 or 3 more playersso expect 4 at absolute max. Hence the only two that are possibilties are simpson and connolly IMOYes, all Rhodes lead away from Reading!It's all random speculation, don't read anything into itAll of readingsstrikers>rhodes rhodes is a2mil GAMBLE at most! morrison worth1milLoad of rubbish, Knight has signed a new extension with usMorrison has a lot of potential and is english and is easily worth 750kMorrison worth what ? he aint even played for you has he? not last season and cant see it this so how do you get that valuation?
jonny huddsReading gone from jorden rhodes has signed for us !! wanting afobe on loan lol moosive
jonny huddsJust coz a player signs an extension does not mean they wont leave it just means more money from transfer fees etc


05 Jul 2012 22:16:04
Wayne Bridge linked to Brighton according to Sky Sports and Brighton Argus, most likely a season loan deal as he's on Manchester City wages(!).(15)(13) 

I hope notHe would be amazing for usJust heard that brighton are talking to him on bbc sussex radio at 1pm today (Friday)Wayne bridge undergoing medical good newsDone deal


05 Jul 2012 22:15:55
Milos Krasic's transfer looks set to happen by next Thursday.
Big Sam had originally talked to Juve about signing Fabio Quagrelia, Eljero Elia and Milos Krasic. The Hammers were instantly told that Quagrelia was not for sale but they were allowed to talk to Krasic and Elia about a move to East London. Krasic, however, looked set to join Liverpool while Elia joined WHU but Krasic chose West Ham over LFC but the Elia deal looks like it has fallen through. Fee and Terms agreed with Krasic. Now only needs to complete medical at Holly House. I suspect the medical should take place over the weekend.

190298(9)(24)Thank god krasic is championship level, good buy sammy


05 Jul 2012 22:13:07
Bradford and Port Vale latest tracking Damien Reeves although Bradford are close to sealing the deal. Port Vale want Dickinson and Reeves to be their new strike force.(3)(3)Hope so, dickinson and reevers would b good 4 us pvfc


05 Jul 2012 22:09:49
Portuguese international Miguel Veloso has signed for Dinamo Kiev from Genoa(16)(4) 



05 Jul 2012 22:06:40
Zola has turned down Watford.

Don't know what happens now as Board have told Dyche to foxtrot oscar, but Zola is not going to Watford.(22)(10)Funny that the pozzo family have come out and said Zola is still the man for the job but an hour after your postSource?"Zola has turned down watford"

Whats your source ?Sean Dyche has not be sacked officially yet and as a life long Watford fan I feel that he should be given a chance now that the hornets have a few quid to spendCouldn't care either way....Just wish things would get sorted and announced, so mthe club can move on.Dont care of the source i hope its true, dyche shouldn't have been sacked


05 Jul 2012 21:47:53
Goalkeeper Gunnar Nielson to hold talks with Southend next week. the deal will either on a free or on loan, depending on if Manchester City release him or not.(3)(0)


05 Jul 2012 21:47:00
Harry Worley of Oxford United is
the Shackell Replacement.

Karleigh Osborne has been offered a
contract and will play while Barker
is out.

With Gareth Roberts aged 34 and his
contract up at the end of the season
Derby have made it their number
one target to find 2 young
replacements to compete for first
team football.One named Luke Garbutt
on loan last season from Everton.
The other has now been announced
as Crewes Kevin Mellor.

With Bailey Leaving Nigel is looking to
replace with an Inexperienced young
midfielder playing in the lower leagues
He is a Big Admirer of Rochdales
Andrew Tutte.Expect to see this

Ben davies who is 31 will be looking
to end is Career with a lower league
club and has expressed his plans to
return to Shrewsbury town.This is why
the Jon taylor transfer came about as
Shrewsbury would rather part with the
young Lad and Gain an experienced
player who can help them secure
League 1 status.Shrewsbury fans
posted this one not Derby.

Mark O brien will be sent out on loan
for 3 months to gain experience of
Playing Regulary and help boost his
fitness this will be to Notts county
after Derby will secure Krystian Pearce
also talks of Connor doyle going on
loan there aswell.(5)(7)Andrew tutte belongs to man city surely they would have a sayBen Davies would be a good signing, but I would'nt expect it if Paul parry is signingCould see the Garbutt on loan thing happening, as that would benefit both teams. That lad is going to be fantastic, but it's probably one season too soon for him to establish himself in the 1st team.

Obviously this may change depending on how things pan out with Baines and Danijel Pranjic.Andrew tutte belongs to rochdale not man cityBen Davies is staying at DerbyThe same Harry Worley who cant get a game at Oxford?
Please take him off us if ur willing to offer any form of cash!
He's also out for couple months as just had ankle op


05 Jul 2012 22:20:41
Middlesbrough are poised to re-sign Jonathan Woodgate after his release from Stoke, due at Hurworth tomorrow for Medical, apparently terms have been agreed. Very reliable as it was posted on the twitter account of the Boro's official journalist for the Evening Gazette, Anthony Vickers.(18)(2)Whats the point in paying high wages to a player who at best will give us 10-12 games next season. He's always injured.

It would have been better to spend the little budget we have in areas that we really need!!Good signing for boro UTBI doubt he'd be on massive wages, wasn't it pay as you play at Stoke?? KevslugIt's not high wages. Everyone knows we don't have any wages to spare. Woody is coming in on wages that the club can afford.

Probably with some stipulations like appearance bonuses, or the captains armband plus an increase in wages with promotion. Or, that's what would be logical anyway.Woodgate made 20 starts for us last season (plus a sub appearance) and declined another contract for 2012/13, otherwise he would have been a Prem player again this season. Good signing (yet again!) for Boro.....How many goals were shipped past Stoke in those 20 starts? Pulis completely messed up the entire balance of the squas last season, splitting up one of the best partnerships in the Prem (Huth and Shawcross) just to accomodate a big name. Happy to get rid of him.


05 Jul 2012 22:00:19
Stoke city are set to complete a double swoop for Swansea city's Leon Britton and Joe Allen for a reported £6mil with Rory Delap going the other way with both players falling out with new manager Laudrup.(6)(38)They wouldn't have met the new manager yet and both swans players would play a completely different style to stoke and Delap would be too old for someone like Swansea to be interested in, plus joe Allen would be worth at least £8m on his ownIt will take a lot more than that , vital part of Swans team won't leaveThis wont happen because they are worth at least 6 million each for a start. Plus leaon already left once and came back.....Not a swans fan but this made me laugh, you stockies are so deludedPure rubbish, Laudrup hasn't met the players yet.This is hilarious 6million...Why should they leave and go to Stoke City? I think they will only leave Swansea City FC for a much bigger club.Laudrup is even in Swansea yetHaha what a goat you are! laudrup has not even met the players yet. why make things up? are you not loved? hahaLaudrup hasn't even met up with the team yet and Britton worth at least 6m aloneCant see that tappy tappy football catching on at Stoke somehow, but if the Swans want rory I will drive him there myselfNot going to happen. Delap isn't worth 2 pence due to his age (and limited ability) plus he is doing his coaching awards at Stoke and will move into the coaching staff once his playing career is over.Its stokies, but we're not interested in these two we're holding out for lionelIm a stoke fan and there is no way this is going to happen, plus we have five centre mids why would we need any moreI doubt a stoke fan even posted this nonsense. I mean, why would Delap go to Swansea?I'm also a Stokie...... 5 average centre mids with no quality on the ball, I'd hope for better than these two though. Rory will be at the Brit for some time. I'm also prepared to wait for MessiI'm guessing this isn't even a Stoke fan, more likely a Cardif fan trying to wing up their local rivals. Not even the most deluded of Stoke fans would sugest this because it is simply laughable.
Rory Delap only has the fitness to last him a couple more seasons, after which he's already verbally agreed to take a a coaching role.Do stoke even use CM's ? They just hoof the ball over the heads of they're midfield. Also Laudrup has met the players and now he's choosing who to get rid of.I'm a neutral but along with Wigan reading and qpr Stoke are the smallest club in the prem. Steveo


05 Jul 2012 21:59:20
As David Beckham becomes more unsettled in America he looks to finalise his footballing career in England. The clubs that he has expressed interest in are Tottenham, Reading and Fulham.(2)(30)What aload of rubbish his family is settled in LA. You will never see him play in UK again. Maybe for testimonialYawn, why would any of those clubs wish to have him? He may well bring in a few more fans but he's not going to improve any premiership team.... retirement or China beckons.Good grief! David Beckham at Fulham. But I think Martin Jol has a brief to bring down the average age of the squad, and bring in younger players. Nevertheless, you have to say, Beckham would supply the experience and leadership that have inevitably gone with the recent departure of the older players.05 Jul 2012 21:59:20
As David Beckham becomes more unsettled in America he looks to finalise his footballing career in England. The clubs that he has expressed interest in are Tottenham, Reading and Fulham.

thanks for that I needed a laugh.. Man utd, real Madrid, ac Milan, la galaxy... Reading.. Yer the moves an obvious one..David beckham is in talks with reading QPRNo Thanks (Reading)

Wouldn't want the media circus that comes with him. Although I have nothing against him.

MoThe most overated player ever to play in englandNo chance now, his time in the top flight has long gone, would only be bought in for marketing values.Ha why on earth would you come back to england when your living the dream in L.A?? some ppl on ere need to leave the drugs alone

LeicesterLadI think David will land up at Leyton Orient, his home manorDo you understand how much Beckham is on a week? Readings wage cap is about 35-40k a week. That's a hell of a pay cut for Beckham to take. Plus we already have Ian Harte to take all our free kicks.Post something worth reading or just do one mate. None of these clubs would have him on the playing staff. Get real'thanks for that I needed a laugh.. Man utd, real Madrid, ac Milan, la galaxy... Reading.. Yer the moves an obvious one..'

Implying he's still the player he was back at United Madrid and Milan?We have money but not nearly enough to buy beckham. although if this is true it would be awesome to see him in the blue and white hoops.I'm a Reading fan and I actually laughed out loud when I read this! Don't get me wrong I would love to have Beckham at Reading...but lets face it, it's never going to happen!As much as I would love to see David Beckham in a Reading shirt, he would ask for much more than the £45k a week wage bracket we have.

LoyalRoyal94'thanks for that I needed a laugh.. Man utd, real Madrid, ac Milan, la galaxy... Reading.. Yer the moves an obvious one..'

Implying he's still the player he was back at United Madrid and Milan?

Hell no that wasn't what I meant!
The implication was David will sign only sign for a club 'worthy of his stardom' .. Can't really see the oracle shopping centre being worthy of Victoria's shopping habits


05 Jul 2012 21:58:42
Gunnar Nielsen causing interest from Southend and Portsmouth. Portsmouth will struggle to afford the wages of the keeper where as Southend are willing to break their wage barrier to sign the keeper.(6)(6)Hes terrible when he was on loan at us (tranmere) i dont see why any one would want him. he carnt even catch a ball!Must be a Southend supporter typing this then.


05 Jul 2012 21:58:33
Stevenage signede Canadian Striker, Marcus Haber(9)(2)


05 Jul 2012 21:55:53
Huddersfield to sign Colorado Rapids striker David Brent(5)(15)Who??? there is no david brent on the roster unless he works in the "office"


05 Jul 2012 21:21:05
Liverpool to sign Kevin Grosskreutz from Borussia Dortmund.(5)(15)


05 Jul 2012 21:19:18
Jack King also training(1)(9)


05 Jul 2012 21:18:33
Emile Heskey seen leaving the Ricoh today come on City(10)(28)


05 Jul 2012 21:16:56
Stankovic to Aberdeen(5)(17)


05 Jul 2012 20:49:06
Mkdons have signed jon ostembor and are looking to sign Alan Smith and Stuart Beavon by the end of the week.(11)(6)


05 Jul 2012 20:55:10
bolton wanderers will sign paul scharner
on a 2year deal,transfer to be announced
next week(10)(10)Can't see it as he wouldn't play for Wigans rivals and he wants to stay in the Prem.When the money is on the table, I don't think scharner will take any regard as to what opinion Wigan have on the matter.


05 Jul 2012 20:44:12
Spurs Caulker is going to celebrate his new deal by being loaned to watford, his boyhood club as the Italians look to find quality to place into their squad(4)(19)Why when he could be loaned to a good Prem sideDeluded watford fans.He will celebrate by being given a first team spot and a England call up.He Massively impressed at u21 level and his loan spell at swanseaHe was good in the prem last season, why would he got to the championship?Considering his boy hood club his brentford this is never going to happen.No Watfrod fan would post this garbage, has to be a reading fan in disguise!!Watford Fans fast becoming the new Derby or even worse Leicester, in for anyone and everyone.........
Caulker held our back line together in the championship at 19 two years ago and was outstanding Swansea in the prem last year.
Definately won't be back in the Championship and if AVB is any good should be starting for Spurs and soon England.
Best young centre half I've seen in a very long time.He was blessing for Bristol city and a joy to watch(gutted last season to lose out to Swansea for him) he will be the next top English player. Great replacement for King if they do not wish to offer him a new contract he can grace any ones team. but i can see him leaving for man utd/city or Chelsea in a few years for big money


05 Jul 2012 20:41:32
Walsall will shortly wrap up the signings of Simon Mensing, James Chambers, Warren Cummings, and clinton morrison!(8)(10)Warren cummings has gone to afc wimbledonCummings allready signed for someone.Warrem cummings I believe has already signed for afc wimbledon!As an accies supporter was sorry that we could not keep big Simon.
He will do an excellent job for you strong, versatile and a battler with an eye for goal
Best of luck if you can get him


05 Jul 2012 20:27:18
Huddersfield town have signed Dorian Dervite, a CB from Villereal(11)(7)


05 Jul 2012 20:25:29
Bristol City have agreed terms with Dave Kitson. This is coming from the same person who told me of City's interest in Greg Cunningham last week.

Take it or leave it. If you don't believe me just wait and see.(15)(9)True seen at the gate 2 year 15k p/w deal good catch that one


05 Jul 2012 20:06:00
Bradford to sign Robbie Cotton, midfielder, from Blackburn rovers, highly rated player.(6)(5)


05 Jul 2012 20:18:10
Premier League interest is arriving for unwanted Inter Milan goalkeeper Julio Cesar.

Tottenham, Southampton and Aston Villa have been mentioned

Southampton and Aston Villa after a goalkeeper who was considered the best in the world 2 years ago? not very likely(5)(20)Can't really see Saints interested-we are looking for a much younger GK.You do your deals behind closed doors any way so i keep hearingWe will get a GK very soon, watch this space for a youngster. Not someone around the same age as Kelvin. Kelvin will be our number 1 next season but we will see alot of the new GK.Aston Villa are out to buy Pantilimon from Man City this is coming from a reliable source .Villa have just resigned Guzan.
Doubt they need a 4th keeper having now got Given,Guzan,Marshall & Siegrist.


05 Jul 2012 20:17:09
Burnley are closing on Bret Pitman. Would be a very good strike force.(12)(11)Brett and Eddie worked well together at the cherries, it has not really worked for him at bristol, might be just the move both sides need.


05 Jul 2012 20:16:46
yeah boi! marek stech signs for the glovers! best keeper in the leauge here!

Pedro(8)(6)Not a chance stuckman at preston is best keeper in league one


05 Jul 2012 20:15:47
Luke Steel is upset at new goalkeeper signing and as asked for a transfer at Barnsley. Sheffield United are interested been informed(5)(27)Ben alnwick signed as cover for steele, why would barnsley sell steele, having then to sign a second keeper as cover for alnwick ...some rumours on here beggar belief!That's why Ben Alnwick said there delighted to be working with each other?Seriously. He is upset that the club want more than one keeper on the books... what a joke!The blunts have offered £200,000 + WilliamsonHe's been brought in as cover for Luke and as competition. We only have one other keeper and he's a young lad. Luke Steel is our No 1.If you're going to make stuff up at least try and make it beleiveableWhy would he be upset, the manager has braught in someone to make sure that he is constantly on top of his game, plus he signed a new contract last leason.This cant be true as a good friend to steele he says he is staying with the reds! englands number 1You being serious hahaU dears make me laffI love the things people dream upLoada rubbish, united have confirmed that we don't want a replacement signing for Simmo, Howard steps into the number 1 jerseyThere is no way steele would leave barnsley for sheff utd. If he goes anywhere it will be premiership not league 2 sorry league 1. I was just day dreaming. Ha ha ha.


05 Jul 2012 20:11:58
Bristol city ins and out- will Hoskins in, pitman to burnley(4)(9)Treacey to Sheffield wed 400,000 in the next weekHe wont go less than 800,000Not at 400k he won't, paid 750-1mil for him and 2yrs left on his contractIf this is true good riddanceWot and lose £600,000 coz we paid a million for him , dont think so


05 Jul 2012 20:04:44
Swansea City FC are trying to get a
loan deal for Villareal's Jonathan de Guzman.
I think Swansea should swalllow the
bitter pill and buy him instead. If he succeeds
then the price will probably be too
high for us.(8)(3)


05 Jul 2012 20:01:22
Fabio Truelli is on Barcelona's wish list this summer.(5)(0)


05 Jul 2012 18:53:32
League One Walsall have re-signed goalkeeper Jimmy Walker on a 1 year player/coach role. The saddlers have also been linked with moves for ex Doncaster man James Chambers as well as Hereford trio Ben Purkiss, Yoann Arquin and Ryan Green. Sam Mantom is set for a season long loan to the Banks's Stadium from West Bromwich Albion following up the signing of former Wolves player Ashley Hemmings with striker Rowan Vine also being linked with the west midlands side.(9)(5)Ryan Green would be a good addition to the squad - Rowan Vine? No thanks


05 Jul 2012 19:54:29
Bristol City will make their second snatch from under the noses of Championship rivals Nottingham Forest by signing Wolves Algerian midfielder Adlene Guedioura for a fee in the region of 750k.

Forest had previously wanted to sign promising left back Greg Cunningham who signed a 4 year deal with City today.(4)(21)Is this the one wolves paid 2 million for you must be dreaming he aint going anywareWolves are looking to sell Guedioura as they need to trim their wage bill, they also have many others which could fill Guedioura's position. He is likely to move, with Forest the prefered choice if the takeover is completed.Yeh the same 1,he isnt worth 200,000,normal wolves paying over the odds for rubbish,and im a wolves fan


05 Jul 2012 19:13:35
Patel pogrebnyak has been granted a work permit and is now a reading player(24)(7)Not there for the football club just the money he should count himself lucky reading wanted him I think times are desperate the young players Rhodes and mariappa would never sign but get who you can good luckIt's pavel btwTo the guy who wrote the second post. Coz us Reading fans are gutted we've signed proven premiership players in Guthrie and Pogrebnyak beating competition from other premiership teams over signing Rhodes and Mariappa and not spending a penny on transfer fees. I'm sure Rhodes will do well scrapping it out to stay in the championship and may well help Huddlesfield just about stay up and and Mariappa will have a great time finishing midtable with Watford and I would have been happy with both signings had they happened but I'm a whole lot happier with Pog and Guthrie than I would have been with either of those twoPogrebnyak is a proven international footballer and Rhodes is a no-one yet! think Reading are very happy with the signing.Yeh because not many teams want a player whose played in the big competitions in Europe and was top scorer in the UEFA cup. Yeh he's terrible.Lol , Patel pogrebnyak the famous Russian Indian ;)

MoAgree rather pog and guthrie than maricrappa and rhodes


05 Jul 2012 19:06:54
Doncaster boss Dean Saunders has admitted not giving up on Stevenage defensive pair Jon Ashton and Mark Roberts, but has said rumour's linking Clayton Donaldson and Derek Riordan are false(11)(3)Only way they will get them both is with a stupid amount of money!


05 Jul 2012 19:04:31
MK Dons sign Otsemobor on 1 year deal from wednesday(8)(6)This is true mkdons website confirmed it


05 Jul 2012 19:01:06
Charlie Allen and Jude Stirling to re-sign for Notts County, Keiyh Curle has been impressed by their fitness after the summer break.
Plympie(4)(10)This will never happen.I don't know where you get this crazy post.Allen possibly, stirling noBrilliant considering pre-season doesn't start tilnext Tuesday and KC is in Ireland on a course. Fitness was never the problem with these two. Just playing abilityNo chance. Allen will be singing for gillingham if he plays anywhere next year. Jude also won't be back at meadow lanePlympie never gets it wrong.


05 Jul 2012 18:44:21
Shaun Cooper has held talks with
Crawley and is mulling over a 2 year
deal after leaving Bournemouth.(19)(2)Cooper was out of bournemouth plans mainly due to improvement of squad, his time as team utility player made him surplus to requirements. Offering only 1 year deal at less money, afcb clearly shows his worth to the club. Wish him well as technically good player,certainly will be able to do a job at crawley.


05 Jul 2012 18:37:16
Romelu Lukaku is likely to join Bolton Wanderers on a season long loan.(10)(33)He is definitely being loaned out for the seasonWhen prem teams are after him doubt it.
You wont get that japanese winger from arsenal neither as he will get first team football when arshavin is soldBolton have a Chelsea loan to use as part of the Cahill deal and have first option on Miyaichi should he be re-loaned.


05 Jul 2012 18:21:39
Notts interested in signing Michael Spilane from Dagenham.(14)(2)


05 Jul 2012 18:09:31
Josh Thompson set to leave Celtic - Chesterfield bid of 150k not enough to close deal(11)(4)Another false rumour Chesterfield have no further budget to spend and certainly not 150KAnother comedy post re Josh Thompson as Chesterfield have no intrest in him and secondly he would be a free agent


05 Jul 2012 18:17:07
Richard Keogh will sign for former club Bristol City tomorrow. Undisclosed fee.(11)(27)


05 Jul 2012 18:16:17
Aberdeen reject 1million pound offer from wolves for Ryan jack, Craig brown labelling the offer as insulting(5)(12)Valon Berisha is another target for Wolves. The offer for Jack will be increased until he becomes a Wolves player. Seems to be some concerted effort to pick young and exciting prospects and bring them to the Wolves.Who Ryan jack ? Never heard of him keep him only plays in Scotland


05 Jul 2012 18:13:27
walsall goalkeeper jimmy walker has signed a 1 year player/coach deal(9)(2)


05 Jul 2012 17:53:48
Southampton are due to sign Sebastien Gregersen the price unknown(6)(9)Apparently spent time with us back a year ago and impressed but nothing came of itHere we go again, Southampton are far to small a club (think not) did no one ever tell you that size is not important and as far as that massive midland club that are to good for him yeah, that same big club that only just survived relagation


05 Jul 2012 17:58:04
Burnley have reportedly have had an
offer turnt down for Brett Pittman
Fee belived to be around £700,000
Zavon Hines and Keith Tracey are Likely
to repot to pre-season training tommmorw(7)(3)If the rumors are true then we ( Bristol City ) will be signing will Hoskins and Richard keogh so looking for 1mill for Brett to cover the costs of these 2


05 Jul 2012 17:51:09
Port Vale to announce latest player who will sign tommorow, believed to be ex Crewe player Dave Artell(3)(3)U have got to be joking he won't be signing for vale, he is utter garbage and Micky Adams thought he was the weak link in the Crewe side last year. Vale won't be signing anymore centre halves. Liam Dickinson deal is a done deal. Will sign in the next week. Was told this by a current player. So before u think this isn't true I'm telling u that it is.How can it be a 'done deal' if he hasn't signed? What happened to all this money that one fella was gloating about?Artell signing confirmed on 1 year deal!


05 Jul 2012 17:41:48
Liam palmer from shefield wed to join tranmere on loan in the next week(5)(2)Nope sorry not going to happen the Wednesday will keep himIs he good?He is coming,loan deal till January 20MpowerIts already a done deal he will join on the 1st aug and stay until january


05 Jul 2012 17:22:35
Premier League interest is arriving for unwanted Inter Milan goalkeeper Julio Cesar.

Tottenham, Southampton and Aston Villa have been mentioned.(6)(13)Not good enough for villa and Southampton are a far to small clubVilla don't need a keeper, we got Guzan and Given fighting it outNot going to saints, doubt he'll leave inter.Hope this is true two very decent players. Doubtful of the Butland rumour.Far to small club is wrong, they are a big club and I'm a spurs fan'not good enough for villa'? get realNot good enough for villa and Southampton are a far to small club

hmm how is cesar not good enough for villa you mean he's too good for villa as he is still brazils number one and thats kind of bitter saying that southampton are a small club ain't it so who do you support then.Dreaming? Relegated by Christmas? You're kidding right, Saints are better than plenty of the top flight sides already, Southampton have a strong side and have a good attitude around the club, you can tell they're going in the right direction. If I'm honest I'm sort of expecting the relegation battle to consist of Swansea, Fulham, QPR, West Brom and Wigan Athletic, (possibly Reading/Norwich).


05 Jul 2012 17:13:08
Exeter City have signed Northern Ireland international Tommy Doherty on a free transfer!

There are Rumours that Exeter are also set to sign Izale mcleod(6)(10)Docherty past it now. He was shocking at Bradford. Good player if he is fit, but he's never fitMcloed will sign for Bristol Rovers within the next 72 hrs


05 Jul 2012 17:13:05
Doncaster boss dean Saunders confirmed there is no truth in rumours linking him with a move for Brentford forward Clayton Donaldson and Scottish forward Derek Riordan(7)(2)Every1 connected to brentford knew there was no truth in the story linking Doncaster with bees! As I stated in a previous statement he's staying he's got a 2 yr contract and we've signed el alagui, 28 goals last season. A new owner who supports us and bought us land for brand new ground! Watch this space were going somewhere!! And were coming after you qpr and fulham!HAHAH^^ legend! but correct!Brentford set to sign Gary Twigg from Shamrock RoversThere must be some truth in gary twig rumour as it's the most random player rumour I've ever heard! Lol but uve rosler wants 1 more established striker to add to squad is he established? Not really as just looked at him on wiki!


05 Jul 2012 17:12:22
Derby county to sign

Luke Garbutt-Left back
Krystian Pearce-Centre Back
Karleigh Osborne-Centre back
Andrew tutte-Centre Mid
Jon Taylor-Right wing
Striker.(1)(12)Derby County have offered midfielder Kelvin Mellor of Crewe Alexanderer a 3 year deal to replace the departing James Bailey who will sign for Barnsley in the next week for a fee of 800,000. Source = BBC sport + James Bailey's agent.Jon Taylor has not established himself as a first team player at Shrewsbury so unlikely Derby would want but I would gladly swap him for the classy Ben Davis


05 Jul 2012 17:09:38
Dorian Dervitte is on the verge of joining championship newcomers Huddersfield Town.

Source:French newspapers(16)(5)According to TransferMarkT he is already in the town squad, but nothing on the website yet. Looks a decent enough additionThis is true he has singed and will be unvield tomorrowMust have a burning desire to play in uk.Must have a burning desire to play in uk.


05 Jul 2012 17:04:42
Celtic's former Stockport defender josh Thompson would like a loan move back to his former club.(12)(1)


05 Jul 2012 16:44:07
Rotherham have had a bid accepted for Bournemouths Matt tubbs. Finally allowing him to join the club.(11)(17)How much have Bournemouth robbed you for?Rotherham website evans talks about offer made for new striker, don't know if it is tubbs and certainly don't know if bournemouth have accepted?Doubt it, want it to happen thoughIf it aint 2.5m you cant have him, so dream on... We got pdc @ swindon to do valuation so it must be right..Tubbs has said himself he does not want to move, he is happy at his Home Town Club. In his own words, he does not want to travel halfway up the country again. I predict Tubbs will be HUGE for AFCB this season. Whether we better last season is another matter though....


05 Jul 2012 16:42:48
Robbie Willmott trained with Stevenage Fc since they returned for Pre-Season yesterday. It's thought that he would like to stay local as he's not prepared to move home. Should be announced early next week.



05 Jul 2012 16:42:05
Southampton are ready to launch significant offers for Josip Iličić of Palermo and Alessio Cerci of Fiorentina.

The arrivals of Jack Butland, Adam Johnson (loan), Danny Simpson and Scott Dann will conclude their summer dealings.(20)(23)Simpsons going to reading,johnson will be sold, not to you,out of your league,and unless you wanna spend 10 mill you can forget butlandAdam Johnson..........yeah right. Are far bigger clubs after him. Get a gripSorry, but this is likely to be pretty inaccurate, with the possible exception of Butland.

MartinI'd love Simpson to come, although you've missed Buttner who's almost definitely coming to Saints. Also Butland probably won't, I hope Johnson doesn't bother (why would we loan?) Dann hopefully not I want to see some youngish keeper (not Butland) at saints like Schmeichel or Steele to learn with Davis for a season to take over as long term keeper next season... I reckon with these all we need is a centre back, someone like Davis and possibly Jarvis would be nice.Southampton fans dreaming again, relagated by xmas for sureTo be honest Fulham pulling out was the right thing for them to do. He didn't want to go to Fulham particularly and Fulham should get on with other potential transfers so good for them. Hope his club lets him move to saints though as he wished so the rest of the clubs can try to capture other players.Relegated by xmas ? has that post 12 months to come through or is the same rubbish we heard last year all over again ?


05 Jul 2012 16:39:10
Norwich news:

2 signings already in, the only other ones will be:
Nathaniel Clyne - Free agent like the other two, very promising young player - Tribunal - around 750k
Curtis Davies - Long interest and Hughton wants this deal done up - 3m
Nicklas Helenius - Young Danish striker from Aalborg. Very big potential - 3m
Nathan Redmond - I know you guys will rant but he is very high up on Hughton's wish list. He aslo doesn't feel the need to keep martin so may use him to sweeten the deal - 7m + C Martin(10)(27)750k for Clyne ha ha, great joke!
If he were to join us we would have to pay min 2.5m. Hes the England u21 right back!^ & we don't need another right back.Clyne is joining West Spam and the tribunal is likely to set the fee at between 1.5 - 2.5 million. So you're having a laugh at 750kDid you not read the word tribunal? No one get 2.5 million in a tribunal. A club would be lucky to see a million for an established full international! I would say for an "up and coming" player you're talking 250k-750k.Tribunals rarely settle for anywhere near 2.5m
think 750k isnt too far off, however there is serious comp for this lad.Would love Redmond to join, plus we need a left back. Not sure we need Helenius.Not sure we need Helenius? Vaughan is always injured and Martins not good enough for Prem. So we have 3 strikers, Holt, Morison and Jackson, we at least 1 more in.


05 Jul 2012 16:36:40
Hartlepool United are set to sign Plymouth Argyle Captain Simon Walton for an Undisc. Fee.(5)(9)They would never do thatHeard this one but still no reliable source!Scored 10 for argyle last season but he gives the ball away a lotWalton only recently signed an extension to his contract on lower wages - he wants to play for us, so he is going nowhere!There are very strong rumours regarding this currently - a move to Hartlepool would insure more family time with his daughter up in Leeds. I think Walton agreed to another year in the hope we could gain a fee if interest was shown. We will see.He wont go thereDone deal he's a Hartlepool playerHe gone there on a free he was bad any way hourihane is better than him as well as youngerWont he ? Deal much for contract extensions !He has movedHe hasHes gone lets hope he's good for poolsGone on a free transfer for family reasonsYep, he's been released from Argyle for 'family reasons' and has signed for Hartlepool.He joining them but for freeWalton has joined Hartlepool and who will be atgyle's new captain ?Well he has done dealHe's gone! Look on PAFC website. Been released and has gone to hartlepoolHe's has gone thereHe's signedWottonAll walton did when he was captain was moan so glad to see him go, wotton for new captainHe gone Paul Wotton or Maxime Blanchard were Fletchers chosen captins


05 Jul 2012 16:33:23
swansea have had a 2.8 million bid accepted by blackburn for midfielder mort g pederson accepted talk are under way with the midfielder over a possible 3 year deal(10)(11)This will happern..and im a spurs fan so u cant say im just saying itIf this is true then sorry Swansea you have paid around 2 million 499,999 too much. But hey, thanks!No chanceHes commited his self to blackburn roversWhen he said he's staying here i Dont think he will go


05 Jul 2012 16:31:31
Barnsleys Craig Davies is looking for a move back to chesterfield football club. The player has fallen out with Barnsley manager Keith hill.

Davies has already met with the Cfc management in the previous weeks.(3)(25)Davies very high on Hills plans??HA HA It is already common knowledge Chesterfield have no more funds available Chris Turner said so and Davies himself as confirmed it as RubbishDavies as met no one at ChesterfieldGood let him go could not hit a barn doorCraig Davies as been in discussion with Chesterfield f.c. this I know to be true.We all know that isnt going to happenThere's no way a player who scored 11 Championship league goals last year and is one of our key players is going to leave and drop down to league 2.Good. hope your right.. hes garbage.. we want strikers of championship level.. punched above his weight last year .. showed bigtime in 2nd half of season. lower league striker at bestWhy would Davies want to drop 2 divisions and a drop in wage to go back to his old club? Garbage. He's our best striker and the goals will come again. This has probably been posted by a Chezzy fan who dreams of them getting out of the pub league.For a first season in teh championship i think he did well for the club, take Vas Te out of the picture he was out highest goal scorer, and now that Andy Grey's gone we need a target manI really dont know how you can say were in a pub league when youve got our ex player in your first team and he was our best striker like he is yours. 2 trophies in 2 years whats barnsley got? we might not be the best club but we dont need davies, but you do cos without him you wouldnt score. Chezzy have 5 strikers so why we need davies i really dont know.......... silly silly rumour


05 Jul 2012 16:24:05
Luka Modric is on the verge of a £30m move to Chelsea(16)(35)..he will be sold but not in england so keep on wishing mate


05 Jul 2012 16:17:47
Barnet are close to signing free agent Wade Small on a two year deal(3)(8)


05 Jul 2012 16:11:11
Andrea Mancini From Manchester City To Burnley, he is allowed to leave the Premier League champions as his current deal has run out.(17)(12)Mancini is on trial with Bournemouth for pre-season.Havent seen this guy play , whats he like and whats your source ?Sounds more likely then if he has a link with Bournemouth ;)I dont really want this guy. I would prefer a proven striker such as Bret Pitman. Looks like we'll get him anyway.He couldn't make it in oldham's matchday sqaud, no where near championship standard, not even league 1 in my opinion.


05 Jul 2012 16:11:08
Xabi Alonso to return to liverpool for £15 million after real madrid wont renew his contract at madrid(20)(29)If they won't renew his contract then he will be a free agent and a fee wouldn't apply ! {Ed003's Note - He still has 2 years left on his contract,the original post meant won't renegotiate his current contact}Keep dreaming on scouser, a lot of clubs would pay more than that for alonso. Why would he refuse a new contract at the Spanish champions to join a mid table English team. {Ed001's Note - he never refused a contract, Madrid have told him that he won't be getting a new one. Simple reason he would return is because he still loves the club and goes to matches every time he can.}Haha no chance, he wanted to stay as well, how you lot let him leave ill never know


05 Jul 2012 16:07:50
OK, Buttner update, from what I can understand from dutch reports is that Southampton are still very likely to sign the player, Fulham have appeared to have pulled out of negotiations. bid have been made of up to 4 mil by Saints, QPR and Werder Bremen. The player wants to join saints over the other clubs and with Vitesse looking to sell the player the bids will likely be accepted, a three year deal is in place already for Buttner at St. Mary's once a fee is agreed!(12)(5)I can see them acceptiing 4 million hopefully they willDon't blame fulham for pulling out £4 mills to much for him did you see the guy holland selected over him?You never know mate, maicon went for £6 million so maybe this will happen for £4 million


05 Jul 2012 16:05:40
Sunderland have made an enquiry for Stoke's Glenn Whelan apparently.(16)(19)Great move for the Black Cats, adding some much needed quality to the centre of midfield. Top player...... exciting times aheadWhat a joke, not even good enough to play for stokeI really hope not. He was the worst player at the Euro's and would not add anything to out midfield.Sorry but as a Stoke fan I have seen him maybe have half a dozen good games since we had him. He did just sign a new deal in January but wish we would sell him. A real average player.I hope not, he's rubbish, just like this rumourCant see Glenn Whelan getting a game for anyone else in prem. He is championship at best. Only TP who can not see this.


05 Jul 2012 16:05:15
Bradford are closing in on a season long loan deal for an Arsenal reserve player. This player is thought to be Anthony Jeffery or Connor Henderson. Parkinson used to work at Arsenal and he wants some of their young talent to shine.(7)(2)Ive heard from a good source down at Valley Parade City are closing in on a season loan for a Arsenal youth talent!! Wow! exciting times ahead!!No loans pls unsettles squad and no platform to build


05 Jul 2012 16:01:02
German magazine kicker have reported that Cologne's right back Sascha Riether will shortly be joining Fulham on a years loan. Had also interested Aston Villa and Everton.(3)(3)


05 Jul 2012 15:56:01
Watford will take Danny Rose and Andros Townsend on loan from Tottenham for the whole season.(11)(13)Cud be true but danny rose cud be going to west brom on loan and townsend is going bk to my club birmingham city i heardThere is no way, they are both awful and it still amazes me that Danny Rose manages to get into the England under 21 team and GB;s olympic team. They both came to watford on loan and were both awful, the only thing Rose did was miss an open goal from 3 yards out gainst Barnsley. This isn't going to happen!Not gonna happen! Watford will only loan players from udinese!WOW we have had them both on loan before, NEVER AGAIN! i must say danny rose was the worst loan to even brace watford, he scored a cracking on goal!Ridiculous, last time we had Townsend we sent him backAndros townsend was worse than danny rose on loanWatford won't loan players from udinese. We'll buy them for free and transfer the registration between clubs so we bypass the 5 loan player limit.Danny Rose has improved since he came to Watford, but this is extremely unlikely anyway.


05 Jul 2012 15:48:28
Eddie Howe insists there will be no more players to be sold in the summer transfer window. He has also stated that there will be a new face in the striking department and also in the CM role.(10)(3)


05 Jul 2012 15:46:17
The agent of Edinson Cavani reveals he has spoken to as many as five clubs over a possible transfer. Clubs thought to be involved are; Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, PSG and Juventus..(20)(7)


05 Jul 2012 15:46:12
The only Keepers on trial at Ipswich are as follows Swiss / Bosnian Jakupovic and German Riedmuller they are at playford road training ground having trials.
I would say Jakupovic is favourite for a signature(8)(5)Riedmuller wasnt there for the first pre season training session he is expected to have a trial it was that other Swiss keeper jakupovic


05 Jul 2012 15:43:37
Kevin Kilbane has signed a 1 yr contract for CCFC this afternoon.(23)(3)


05 Jul 2012 15:41:31
I Believe from speaking to danny ward. Jordan Rhodes is due to sign for stoke city in the next 24 hours(9)(33)Do not believe Ward would tell anyone even if he knew. My information is that Rhodes is not discussing his options with any other players at the club.JORDAN is on holiday "ABROAD" so i dont think he will be signing for anyone in the next 24 hours, nice try though. AGCome on he's already signed for Reading about 15 times this week. Don't think he's good enough for Stoke to be honest.Jordan is not on holiday but this is still total rubbish

Source: Official Facebook AccountStoke are looking at FAR better players than Rhodes, if we do sign him it'd have to be for a bargain basement price as he'd only be a squad player.


05 Jul 2012 15:32:18
Coventry sign Kevin kilbane on one year contract(15)(4)Cardiff have NOT signed Richard Keogh! He may well leave, but it may be that he joins Leeds who could possibly offer £1million for his services.
This would allow Andy Thorn to wheel and deal - bringing in several more players to add depth and experience to his threadbare and very young squad.


05 Jul 2012 15:31:32
Cheltenham have signed Barnet's Sam Deering on a two-year contract.(3)(2)Good, but I hope he can play centre midfeild too because weve got mcglashan on the right.


05 Jul 2012 15:27:29
Aston Villa will complete the signings of Matty Lowton and Yacine Brahimi in the next few days(14)(10)


05 Jul 2012 15:23:39
Stuart Tomlinson, Michael Raynes, Paul Turnbull and Damien Reeves on Stockport Shopping list.'Also want season long loan for Matty Mainwaring.(2)(4)


05 Jul 2012 15:14:10
Swindon Town are currently tracking an unnamed player plying his trade in northern Europe – where competitive action is still ongoing. They are trying to copmplete this deal before their tour of Italy finishes(10)(2)


05 Jul 2012 15:13:32
Bristol City are set to sign Richard Keogh on Friday for an undisclosed fee.

They will then line up moves for Australian goalkeeper Mat Ryan from Central Coast Mariners, Suso and Ross McCormack.(10)(22)Keogh i would have thought yes.but mccormack and ryan....hhmmm possibly not unfortunately!Source?

Think its pretty certain Keogh wants to join even if he could get a better deal elswhere. Good player, hope it happensHopefully i just want a good centre back in as early as possible.McCormack will be announced as a Palace player as soon as Leeds's investment deal is complete. Its one of four deals done, but being held up pending completion of the investmentMccormack is coming to bristol city. source he is my nephew. dont make up crap about him going to palace as he likes the bristol area.Thought mccormack was going to be announced as a palace player 2 weeks ago


05 Jul 2012 15:12:20
Bournemouth's Marc Pugh is wanted by a host of Championship clubs, including Forest, Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday and Huddersfield, but they have all baulked at the £1m asking price.(3)(7)Will wait till next transfer window as marc pugh will be half price by that time. If bournemouth are looking like promotion candadites then he might extend his contract, if not then he will be gone before the new year. No one is going to pay £1m for him as there are many better wingers available for alot less.^^. Go and buy them then or pay the money for Pugh if you want him. Must be decent for a host of c/ship clubs to be looking at him.


05 Jul 2012 15:10:46
Southampton and Sheffield Wednesday couldn't agree a fee for Dan Harding, so they are no longer interested. Frontrunner for his signature now appears to be Leeds United, who would like him to return when the takeover is complete.(7)(7)Glad to hear dont want dan harding at wednesday he is one of the worst players i have seenIm not sure you're watching the right player, good championship left back, something tells me your a brighton fanIt's complete rubbish. We've already signed new players in his positionHe's a good player u obviously havent seen enough of him/
Would of been the best player in Wednesday's squadHarding is the one player you can always count on! As a season ticket holder i watched him week in week out, he is far better than fox with the exception he cant cross as well. Mr 100% is quality so you obviously don;t know what your talking about small fryHaha! he'd walk into both Wednesday and Leeds!!Though Leeds had managed to get rid of Dan once - please don't let us make this mistake again!Wouldn't say he'd walk in, but he's a solid enough defender, would definitely be pushing for a starting place creating healthy competition.


05 Jul 2012 15:06:18
Stoke are battling it out with west brom and reading for porto defender Abdoulaye Ba and stoke also turn there attentions to Auxerre striker Alain Traore as a move for michael owen looks to have stalled.
also the word around britannia is that Lukaku will join stoke in time for there USA tour after turning down west ham and reading, and also stoke are in ongoing talks with Martin Olsson on a possible move for a fee worth around 3.75m(6)(11)Strange that every player that stoke are in for are also the same one,s west brom are after ,except owen.False signed today on Reading main web site05 Jul 2012 21:18:50
Pogrebnyak deal is complete, from the official Reading FC website.,,10306~2817620,00.htmlUtter rubbish. Deal approved today. Jealous?Rubbish done deal goto reading fcWho cares about pogrebnyak hes an average player at best ?Jealous ? I think Reading fans are getting carried away with their free and cheap signings. I seem to think that Reading and West Brom fans are linking players to others clubs that aren't even interested and then gloating when they sign them.Where in this rumour does it mention pogrebnyakStoke and West Brom are often linked to the same players because of their similiar budget and wage structure, ambitions and geographical locality. Therefore they would have very similiar targets.


05 Jul 2012 15:02:59
Crewe have confirmed on there official website that Miller has left for a medical(2)(4)


05 Jul 2012 15:02:28
joe anyon from lincon has sighned for shrewsbury on 2 year deal

ed g(4)(7)Shrewsbury are also holding talks with Barnsley goalkeeper luke Steele and derby defender John brayford.Confirmed on Lincon siteJust been on lincolns site and it has not been confirmed at allShrewsbury are holding talks with Brayford. By far the stupidest thing I've ever read. if he moves he would go to the Premiership not league 2 or whatever you are in.He will be number 2 goalkeeper and it is now confirmed on Shrewsbury websiteJoe anyon has signed will be a good option for GT on two year deal was a good goalkeeper when at port vale


05 Jul 2012 15:01:35
Swindon are interested in signing Watfords Ross Jenkins, with Paola Di Canio looking to revive his career and potential.(4)(2)This would be a great singingGood move for Jenkins if it happensCan't see it...PDC has a defender on trial and is tracking another player in Europe where the league program is still ongoing, apart from that Swindon seem to have completed their transfer dealings.Would be a good move for everyone involved. Jenkins is still young and has lots of potential. Was great in his breakout season for Watford!


05 Jul 2012 15:00:26
Chris Neal has turned down a contract offer from Shrewsbury which has led Graham Turner to sign 2 Goalkeepers.

The Goalkeepers signed by Shrewsbury are Chris Weale and Joe Anyon. (Mr T)(5)(3)This sounds realistic, as Chris Neal was asking for more than Graham was ever going to offer. Good keepers, Weale as number 1?Yes, anyon was Lincoln's player of the season, but we can do a lot better.I know Chris Neal is good and might be difficult to replace, but best to tell Graham you can only play with one goalkeeper at a time.Spot on post neal has left the 2 new lads joining on mondayAnyon confirmed on Lincon site after Lincon journalists tweetsSpot on Mr T! :)Chris weale is a quality keeper and will be a brilliant signingBoth are now confirmed. Happy with those signings.


05 Jul 2012 14:59:14
Watford looking to sign Crewe Striker Shaun Miller for £100,000 plus Ross Jenkins going to Crewe on loan. You heard it here first.(1)(13)Shaun Miller wouldn't fit in with the new boards plans, our days of buying from the lower tears may be over


05 Jul 2012 14:58:48
Tranmere rovers have signed Paul black(10)(1)Oh yes we won the second world war mind you that`s old news mind you so is the fact that Tranmere signed Paul Black.


05 Jul 2012 14:51:03
Daniel Sturridge could be on his way across london to Spurs after impressing his former manager AVB during his spell as Chelsea Head Coach.(14)(18)Daniel has actually been diagnosed with meningitis a move would be the last thing on his mind


05 Jul 2012 14:50:39
DeJan stankovic will be signed by west ham within 2-3 days also elia iljira within a week sorry for wrong spelling(10)(11)


05 Jul 2012 14:49:55
Bristol City have signed Greg Cunningham from champions Man City(13)(4)


05 Jul 2012 14:49:38
Rumours on twitter so probably rubbish that Ki is set to be announced as a QPR player on the 9th. Its said that fernandes is desperate to get an asian player before the clubs tour of asia later in the month. As i say don't know how true this is and the lad seems to be linked with some big clubs. QPR seem to have money to throw around and i wouldn't be suprised to see him go there. Funny enough there is also a rumour around they have bid on man utd player park(9)(7)Lookin true apparently. Daily Mail say that QPR are 'preparing' an 8m bid for Ki. Looks like it could happen with fernandes wanting an asian player for our upcoming asia pre-season!I thought they were after Wanyama from Celtic


05 Jul 2012 14:47:51
Ross McCormack seen in the Marriot hotel with posh boss Darren Ferguson(4)(32)Ha ha ha, not on his wages, posh don't pay high wages.His girlfriends twitter confirms Ross was in Leeds+ he's already signed for Palace. Just wait it will be announced shortlyDo Mrs. McCormack and Mrs. Ferguson know about this



05 Jul 2012 14:43:57
barnsley set to sign willamson bailey antonio before theygo to spain(13)(8)They are in spainHighley Unlikely, I cant see Barnsley completing 3 signings before sunday, but we do need more players, another center mid, left back and right midNot yet there notNot in Spain yet go SundayDont go to spain till 12th get your facts right


05 Jul 2012 14:41:06
According to Korean sources, Korean footballer signed with qpr and qpr will officially announce signing on 9th of July
wonder who that is...(6)(2)Ki of Celtic £7 mil done deal.... Celtic were holding out for more but due to revenue loss in current Scottish game, had to be done!Ki from celtic or park from utd are the rumoursSounds as if its done but what was with the la liga quotes from ki. And to be honest celtic fans don't seem to upset by him leaving. Still hoping its a double deal with either hooper or wanyama do you rekon £20 million would get all 3?20m for all 3 sounds about right wouldn't pay anymore. Not sure about Hooper, will he score the goals against better defenders and keepers? Not sure!


05 Jul 2012 14:29:37
Stoke midfield man Diego Arismendi could be back at Huddersfield Town as a permenant addition shortly. A fee of around 500k has been muted in discussion with Tony Pulis. Although a big loss financially Stoke are keen to do business quickly in order to pursue a replacement - Mark Noble at West Ham Utd(4)(17)Worst rumour! hes a quality young player and think stoke are looking to loan him out for 1 more season and they try start bringing hi into the 1st squad, he WONT be soldI hope this isn't true as this guy was garbage for us, another of Clarks failures.I'm a Stoke fan and even I think the Noble move is ridiculous.Can't see this, he was hopeless when on loan last season and was sent back early before the playoffs.I hope not, he didn't fulfil the expectation and his loan spell was cut short in the endNo chance mate didn't get in team last season so not good enough for championship, he was so surplus to requirements that grayson let him go home to south america rather than let him hang around at town!
can't believe stoke payed 2-3 mil for him.
terrier85Never even made the 23 man squad last season so why would he need replacingNot gonna happen, when he was on loan he only had a good 10 minutes each time he played.....lazy..!!Please noClark didn't bring in Arismendi, it was Grayson.I hope not.he wasnt very good !!Another of clarks failures? now i know he signed a fair few of those, but diego was signed by GraysonGod i hope not, he didnt exactly set L1 alight , and with Norwood on board and the likelyhood of Clayton comming in i think he would be a step too farArismendi isn't very good at all. Had a good 30 mins v Valencia but that's it. Failed to impress when out on loan. Hasn't settled in the country at all.We dont want him,he was rubbish when he came to us last season. UTTNo thanks we dont want aris not good for htfc league 1 is his level utt


05 Jul 2012 14:27:44
derby to buy James WIlson from Bristol City as a replacement for Shackell(2)(13)He cant even get into bristol city's team why would he become our best centre back.Because he's a great young player who we've not given a fair chance.

Scouts from plenty of clubs looked at him towards the tail-end of last season.He didn't play end of season so how did he get scouted?


05 Jul 2012 14:27:30
Celtic are going to make a £2.5m bid for Craig Bryson from Derby(3)(12)No they're not , we don't need another mid fielder especially at that silly price .....DHNowhere near good enough for the hoops im afraidGood enough for the hoops.The Spl has gone from being rubbish to a walk in the park now rangers have gone celtic will the title everytime and its not because they play great.Bryson could happen he wants out and has intrest from the premier league so i'd guess he'd be good enough. I have to say my fear is the quality of players in the SPL may plummet without competition. Guess this is going to put massive pressure on the bhoys to stay in europe as long as possible


05 Jul 2012 14:24:25
WBA to sign uchida from Schalke and
akpla from club brugge(8)(2)


05 Jul 2012 14:21:43
I've heard a lot of rumours about us signing Spanish right winger jordi xumetra, he's 26, out of contract, and thought to want a premier league move. Is he are kind of player?(2)(0)


05 Jul 2012 14:16:54
Huddersfield boss Simon Grayson has approached Liverpool for a season loan for Spanish U21 international striker/attacking midfielder Daniel Pacheco. He was on loan last season to Spanish club Rayo Vallecano and Liverpool see it as him gaining valuable football education playing regularly in the English championship. Town are said to be very keen to do the deal in the next few days.(18)(7)Was really impressive in his short loan here at Norwich. He's good enough to go to a premier league club. I expect him to make a permanent move away from Liverpool due to very limited opportunities and an unsuccessful loan last season.Expect the unexpected - this signing will happen!!
Simon Grayson is very keen on him !!


05 Jul 2012 14:15:20
Palace are set to sign Falkirks' Kieran Duffie. Deals are also looking to be tied up with Ross McCormack and Keith Tracey.(4)(7)No they're not,mccormack not spoken to anyoneMcCormack is the only deal you have got right. The other 2 deals dougie has lined up are an Aussie centre half and a Fruity defender from FranceWhy would mccormack join palace when he plays for the biggest club outside the prem already


05 Jul 2012 14:13:00
lots of unrest at Derby County following the sale of Jason Shackell, with players reportedly speaking out and fans planning protests against the board(18)(3) a derby county season ticket holder i can confirm that we ate planning huge protests against the board and there ruthless attitude towards Nigel Clough attempts to take the club forward...look out GSE !Shackell Didnt want to leave.He was forced out.I was really annoyed but if you think hes 29 in september which is too old for our youthful side.Harry Worley is his replacement and Krystian pearce his cover.With Karleigh Osborne cover for the injured barker.Lets all laugh at Derby..... by the way thanks for JS good player that you wont have this seasonHes 29 you wont make your money back.Its funny that he looked miserable during his signing as he was annoyed about being forced out.He didnt want to go but didnt have a choice.Chris mccan is going to brighton.Charlie austin to leciester and treacy to shef wed.To the guy with the 'lets all laugh at derby' post - what a ridiculous thing to say, i'm sure one of the ed's will back me up when i say we don't need posts like that on here that are posted to intentionally rile fans {Ed025's Note - your right ...we dont..Totally agree with the protest the sale shows a complete lack of ambition from the board and the staff me as a season ticket holder invest in the club year on year so why will the board not invest or do they just want to watch football for free


05 Jul 2012 14:06:24
kelvin mellor coming to derby from crewe on a three year deal. Shackells replacement(5)(3)He's not Shackells replacement...he's a left backHeard this but its an understudy to roberts.He isnt a crewe regular so why would he replace th eplayer who played every gamelast season.Karleigh osbourne is replacing shackell with youngsters from lower leagues for cover and competition such as krystian pearceDont know him, cant see him replacing shaksNo he is not Shackell's replacement. He has not played centre back this season so why would Clough buy someone in a position he has not played in this season.He can play anywhere in defence so probz left back. I'd be happy with this as he will hopefully turn out as good as brayford and Bailey did."Luke Garbutt and Kevin Mellor are to sign on Monday".They will provide cover this season and then compete with eachother
for a first team spot when Roberts leave at the end of the season.Clough wants 2 of every posistion


05 Jul 2012 14:05:55
Right fulham fans here goes:
Yilmaz is still expected to join lazio but we are waiting in the wings after being the team with 1st refusal after lazio.
Eljero Elia has spoke to both fulham n werder bremen n it's my understanding that bremen are oi ffering well below his value n fulham are the only team to match there 5.6 million price tag , west ham as much as their fans think otherwise are a very distant 3rd possibly 4th in this pecking order . Fulham also trying to sign forlan who has been told he has no future at inter n he is no longer a spurs target. Liverpool are gagging to sign dempsey n will offer 12 mil for his services but late interest from schalke could turn his head .(7)(11)Fullam will not sign Elia or Yilmaz. Elia has agreed terms with Bremen and Yilmaz has agreed wages with West Ham and LazioAll sounds good but as yet we've only signed an ageing striker. The days tick by and got a few gaps in our squad to fill get a move on mr. Jol !Heard the same on both Elia and Yilmaz. Yilmaz has a £5mil buy out clause, Lazio want to pay in four installments whereas Transzanpor want it up front. Fulham have offered to pay it all up front.Yilmaz has not had any contact with West Ham. Elia has agreed wages with Bremen but they want a loan and Juve want a sale. Fulham have agreed to Juve's sale price.To the fella above, the window opened 6 days ago still got well over 1 and a half months before it closes. Chill out, Jol has a plan.Yes I know but we seem to be missing out on some good players that we targeted. Butnner yilmaz pog elia or is it all just a smoke screen and jol will pull a big signing out the bag ?


05 Jul 2012 14:04:26
Martin Olsson will turn down Stoke for Sunderland, with The Potters turning their attentions to Stephen Warnock once more. Very reliable inside sources(12)(8)As if you know he'll turn Stoke down before he's spoken to them.Stay where you are !!!Hope so we have no left back


05 Jul 2012 13:58:07
Plenty of news coming out of Burton Albion at the moment;
- 6 trialists have joined in the first day of pre-season training
- 1 of which is ex PNE defender Youl Mawene(5)(4)Mawene was a great player for us (PNE) and if you manage to get him at Albion then that will be a very good signing, for sure.Don't know all of the players, but pretty sure that chris jones and harry pell are among themJon macken is having a medical at burton tomorow, his signing will be anounced on monday at the latest, he is due to be given the number 10 shirt,For Jake Forster Caskey, i would say that although Oxford are the bigger club,your personal developement and oppurtunities to play will be greater at Burton Albion and having looked into your character,upbringing and moral fibre would think this club would suit you better.
Not meaning to be disrespectful to Oxford in any way, just my opinion.


05 Jul 2012 13:56:41
Bristol Rovers are still looking at local football club Chipping Sodbury Town goalkeeper David Mead, he was a target for Rovers back in January, his trial starts on tuesday for 3days. Mead looks like he will be great as a back up keeper. Rovers also looking else where to loan a keeper.(4)(7)


05 Jul 2012 13:55:16
Walsall FC will sign Jimmy Walker on a
2 year deal as player/coach.

Izale McLeod will sign a 2 year deal
with Walsall, with the club having an
option of a 3rd year. He will be a free
transfer from Barnet FC.

Paul Black will sign a 1 year deal with
the option of a 2nd from Oldham.

Florent Cuvelier and Sam Mantom will
both sign season long loans from Stoke
City and WBA.

James Chambers will sign a 2 year deal
from Doncaster.(3)(12)Paul black has signed for tranmere on a one yr deal today! source tranmere websitePulis wants Flo to go on loan to the championship as he wants him pushing for first team after the coming season. I doubt you'll get him back from us again, sorry!Its true about Izale Mcleod, i am very good friends with his Mother and she said he is in talks with WalsallAlso Walker has signed, but its 1 year. If McLeod signs for Walsall I will eat a concrete hat!Pulis wants Cuvelier to play in the Championship this season. He won't progress his career any further in L1.Huddersfield set to sign cuvelier on loan from stoke for the seasonThis just sounds like someone's wish list, not actual deals! the walsall website states smith will not wright off a possible move for chambers, but no deals yet. The Mcleod story has been rumoured for months and nothing yet.


05 Jul 2012 13:50:46
Peter Ramage, a free agent is set to sign for Birmingham City(12)(4)


05 Jul 2012 13:46:31
Bristol city has signed manchester city left back Greg Cunningham for an undisclosed fee. Bristol city website.(12)(5)He had a really slow start at forest last season, but improved loads when he had settled in. He will be a good signing.

Agent 279


05 Jul 2012 13:45:33
Filipe Morais and Marc Gray
are training with Preston North End
in a bid to earn a contract with the club(7)(4)Who is Marc Gray ??Didn't see gray at Springfield todayVery true. also saw them at the training ground today joining in. apparently they have already signed just waiting to be announcedWho is marc gray and wheres he from {Ed003's Note - Mark with a 'k' }FalseDoes that mean Morais was training with Preston?Morais definitely training with Preston, have seen the photos.Mark gray is a defender from grimsby 20 and not that goodWho are the mystery strikers westley is supposed to be buying , team spirit must be none existent if he has already split the squad between last years and new signings,Marc gray played for a Local sunday league, and no it's not false


05 Jul 2012 13:44:57
Cheltenham will today complete the signing of Sam Deering on a 2 year contract. The 21 year old midfielder is out of contract with Barnet and has voiced his opinion at being out of contract, and the way Barnet have handled it.
Mark Yates is also in talks with Jonathan Smith of Swindon. Yates is keen to bolster his squad after releasing 5 players since January, and recently losing Luke Summerfield to Shrewsbury.(4)(4)


05 Jul 2012 13:32:11
Expecting news and confirmation of Eljero Elia's future within the next 2 days West ham And Fulham both interested

Juventus and Real Madrid are showing interest in Carlos Tevez. Juventus have made an inquiry

Oscar to Tottenham should be announced within the next 2 weeks

Tottenham thought to be close to sealing Adebayor on a permanent deal from Man City

Steve Pienaar is likely to leave Spurs and, of course, his probable destination in Everton

Everton pressing on for the signing of Rodallega. Purely as it's on a free.Fulham also interested

Luke Varney will join Leeds for £300,000 and will reject other interested clubs

Athletico Madrid are the front runners for Giovani Dos Santos

Former Real Madrid man Guti will train with Wet Ham in Austria



05 Jul 2012 13:31:12
Jordan Rhodes deal to Reading has stalled.

Hudds chairman Dean Hoyle is demanding 8m for Rhodes. Reading have tried to sweeten the deal by offering Morrison, LeFondre and Antonio at various points but both clubs value EVERY player differently, and talks have broken down.

Unless Reading up their offer then this will definitely not happen.(30)(14)Never stalled as there was never any Reading managers commentsWe wont offer alfie when he is better than rhodes... especially when alfie says he cant wait to wear our new kit in the premier leagueKeep Rhodes I'd rather keep Antonio and le fondre but this is a lie anywayI strongly doubt Reading offered ALF, IMO there would be uproar if he was moved on. Very popular player1. Never was a deal in the first place.
2. le fondre not leaving when he can stay PL
3. Le fondre is nowhere near as good as rhodes.Why would we ship off Le Fondre he said he wants to stayWhy would we offer le fondre when he is three times better than rhodes haha. i really dont want rhodes alfie is so much better..Rhodes isnt worth 8m anyway hasnt even proved himself at champ level. I'd say 4m tops but anymore I just thing Huddersfield are being greedy.Would much prefer Alfie to Rhodes, why would we add our best finisher as part of the deal, he's going to play a big part for us next seasonMcdermott said that we wouldnt be signing adam le fondre before we signed himStalled because we got the pogNo chance getting ALF, he is def staying"3. Le Fondre is no where near as good as rhodes"


WE ALL LOVE YOU ALFJordan Rhodes, most hyped player of the summer or is he really that good?Only time will tell Championship is a lot harder than L1....I'd rather all this Rhoders talk went away and we see how he performs for Hudds this season, for 6 million we should be able to pick up a more proven striker at a higher level of the game.


05 Jul 2012 13:24:51
De Guzman and Chico are likely to be
our two first signings. Think Laudrup
doesn't want to sign any dansh
players. None of the danish players
rumoured to Swansea City FC seems to
have been in contact with Laudrup.(10)(2)


05 Jul 2012 13:17:24
Rumor in french press ( Le'Equip) thats french U21 central defender Dorian Dervite is set to sign for Huddersfield, had a loan southend 3 years ago, currently plays for Villareal B(9)(6)That's a relief then, hopefully we don't need to trawl through any more mindless reading postsHe's 23yrs old, anyway saw this rumour aswell.I am a Town fan and love Rhodes but he is not worth £8million, maybe £4million plus Morrison but prefer to see him stay and bring in another attacker to support him and see how he goes at this level. Bang a few in and his value will take off and help us with a decent performance in the Championship. Still like to see Morrison return but not the end of the world if not.Great defender whilst on loan at the shrimpers


05 Jul 2012 13:13:52
Bit of news from Chelsea today. Victor Moses is desperately trying to re-start Chelsea talks after pricing himself out of a move. Romelu Lukaku will join Stoke in time for their USA tour after rejecting West Ham, Reading and Southampton. Be a good move for him.(14)(15)Lukaku is a great player but needs experience going out on loan would be a great oppertunity for himHope we do get lukaku would be ideal signing for stokeCan't say I'm too distraught as a saints fan. I've never seen Lukaku look anything other than very average!As a Chelsea fan would be delighted to see him at Stoke. I think he'll be a great player there and get some good experience with Pulis. I believe there is a clause that he has to feature in 20 games which makes sense.Wouldn't go to Southampton anyway to be fair. Hardly going to help with his career joining a club newly promoted that will find it tough. He'll score goals at Stoke and gain the confidence he needs. Good move for both clubs.I posted lukaku would come stoke 1month ago as he's best mates and house shares with stoke belguim wonder kidBetter of at stoke one of the lowest scoring teams in all 4 div than saints one of the highest scorers?Let's see how many Soton score next season. Will let in an avalanche of goals and struggle to score. At least Stoke can survive comfortably in the Prem.


05 Jul 2012 13:09:30
Any Middlesbrough fc news ?(2)(18)Jonathan Woodgate having a medical tomorrowSigning Woodgate in the morningWoodgate up the boro hes back hahaWoodgate having medical :DJonathan Woodgate set to pen long term deal. Talks with Mowbray expected to take place todayBoro in talks with jonothan woodgateHas he signed yet :D


05 Jul 2012 13:01:26
bradford city to reveal there next signing this week, known to be an expeirenced striker that has played at higher level, told this by reliable source at bradford.(11)(4)It's Liam Dickinson from Southend, a few injury problems but scored 10 in 30 last season


05 Jul 2012 12:59:28
watford have almost completed the signing of ezekiel fryez from man u
and watford also have enquired about tommy smith from qpr(2)(10)They wont sign anyone until a managers in place


05 Jul 2012 12:55:42
Cardiff city have signed Richard Keogh from Coventry for 750k(10)(29)Why? We have already got 3 good centre halves. But no wingers or target men.

RedbirdNo chance. Price is too low.I doubt it hes signing for bristol city on fridayThis is correct earnshaw is part of dealWell as we already turned down £800,000 from you I sincerely doubt this.We reject 800,000 of you why go lowerJust heard it myself, this is near to a done deal!...but until paperwork is signed then anything can happen in the MAD! world of football.Hudson is not a good defenderHudson is an amazing defender, with turner, gerrard and mabye keogh, we would have the best defence in the league.You could't play them all together. Who would be the full backs?Keogh is originally a right back!!Probably we could 5-4-1 hehehe, na i think gerrard is a brilliant defender and i would defend him cos hes that good but i think he's going to move on to another club and i wouldnt blame him doesnt get much game time he respects the managers decision, i want him to stay no matter what though


05 Jul 2012 12:55:10
All you West Ham Fans According to reports in Corriere dello Sport, the Biancocelesti chief is expected to fly out to Turkey to finalise a deal after authorising the payment of an initial €5 million for the 26-year-old, with another €1.8m to follow in October.

Newly-appointed coach Vladimir Petkovic is said to be a keen admirer of Burak, who scored 33 goals in 33 appearances for his club in the Super Lig last season.

With the terms of a contract already agreed with the player, the Rome club are confident that the Turkey international will boost their striking options ahead of the new Serie A season.

If the deal goes ahead, Lazio will have beaten Borussia Dortmund and a number of English Premier League clubs to Burak's signature.

Another reported target goes by the wayside and missed out on by WEST HAM! How manym
more I wonder(1)(12)


05 Jul 2012 12:54:04
Craig Bellamy rumoured to of agreed a deal with cardiff for a transfer fee of 2mil, from a reliable source(14)(19)Pure fantasy. Why pay Liverpool 2 million for a player they signed for nothing. In any case we couldn't afford Craig's wages.

RedbirdCardiff wont pay for bellamyWHAT SOURCE?Cardiff would only sign Bellamy if he took a pay cut. I would love to see him back there though hes a game winner


05 Jul 2012 12:52:31
STOKE in advanced talks with martin olsson for around 3.75m exspected to be completed and him to join up with stoke city for pre season next week anounced soon ..AND a deal for kenwyne jones is going threw club unknown !(10)(7)Jones looks set for Villa. Stoke have turned down offers from Villa and West Ham previously but Villa upped their offer on Monday. I know Lambert is a huge fan but not so sure myself.Ive heard this too olsson would be a good signing for stoke also heard Lukaku has turned down reading and west ham to join stokeHeard olson going to sunderland also hope jones is sold more money in coffers for sunderlandActually is less money for Sunderland as an appearance clause in his contract. Olsson's agents had talks with Stoke yesterday and could be their first signingHe would be stoke's second signing aftrt getting Jamie Ness on a free subject to international clearance.


05 Jul 2012 12:43:24
James McFadden has signed for Aberdeen football club on a 6 month deal.(3)(20)


05 Jul 2012 12:38:36
Richard Keogh of Coventry is most wanted by Clough to replace Jason Shackell. I have however heard Bristol City and Leeds are Ahead to sign him.(12)(12)Clough has offered a Contract to Magnus
Okuonghae and Karleigh Osbourne and
started talks with Notts County For Krystian pearce to be cover.With Mark O brien going to Notts county on loan as part of the deal.Most wanted by clough, but he is on his wat to the Cardiff city stadium!



05 Jul 2012 12:22:17
Bristol City have signed Greg Cunningham from champions Man City on a 4 year deal. Fantastic signing for Bristol City.(12)(5)They've done good there, when he came to Leicester he was a great LB before he broke his leg.


05 Jul 2012 12:16:36
Rotherham set to make 6 figure bid for unnamed striker today. Also Tony Watt from Celtic due to sign soon on season long loan.(6)(11)Is that tony watt meant to be any good?Good finisher, pace, young full of energyYeah he scored twice on his debut for celtic against motherwell and they were off the bench and both realy good goals


05 Jul 2012 12:12:28
Despite agreeing terms in principle with Crystal Palace Ross McCormack will sign for Wigan Athletic who are looking to bolster their attacking line-up after the departure or Hugo Rodallega and the imminent loss of Victor Moses. Palaces fans have been in a state of hysteria since the potential signing was announced by members of who claim to have been told the transer was a done deal.It looks like they will have to make do with their recent capture of Aaron Wilbraham as their main attacking option upfront next season. Dougie Freedman tried to quash the rumour early this week as various fan forums went into overdrive regarding the possible capture of McCormack(2)(16)Thats because mccormack never spoke to palaceGood luck with that you are welcome 2 goals in 2 years for us. Lots of effort but couldn`t hit a barn door with a cow {Ed003's Note - I've got to say that doesn't surprise me really,they are very heavy! }Has spoken to Palace, deal all done, just waiting for Leeds investment to be complete, just like Clayton's move to Huddersfield. Give it a few more days and it should all be announced by Monday at the latestWhat is really going on with McCormack? Starting to get a bit bored really!Why has claytons moved been announced then and mcCormack has not? Im not saying your wrong but something smells fishy...and its not the fish im eating....


05 Jul 2012 12:11:27
Nicky Featherstone rumoured to have turned down Oxford as had better offer on table from Hereford that he'd turned down. Dagenham have apparently offered more than Oxford.(2)(7)


05 Jul 2012 12:07:10
Paul Dickov has said that he wants at
least 5 more players Leon Clarke and
Brown from United on loan are thought to be the prioritys(2)(4)


05 Jul 2012 12:06:48
Plymouth chasing multi goalscorer Damien Reeves(1)(11)On his way to Shrewsbury I've heard, can't see him moving down all the way to Plymouth to be honest, signing non-league prolific goal-scorers in an approach I hope Argyle take e.g - PCH.Close to sealing the deal according to DRs agentWhat team he play for ??Sealing a deal with Plymouth?Hope he signsIf this is true, I'm sure he'll be rewarded with the number 10 shirt, hopefully him and PCH can make the step up.Free agent and non-league so fits our recent signings. Prolific goalscorer, so hope this rumour is true, and we have a vacancy for a number 10
Green Army 12Plays for Altrincham


05 Jul 2012 12:02:50
Burnley closing in on deal to bring wolves striker Sam Vokes to turf moor watch this space ! UTC(14)(2)Nope. Don't need strikers!How do you know thisEddie how has already said that he is after another striker to compliment the ones we already have so the comment saying we dont need strikers is BS !Why don;t we need strikers? The decent strikers we have are Austin, Ings and Pato. Pato is a crock and i dont think he will even return to full fitness. We need another striker like Vokes or Pitman.Because I go Turf :)We need a replacement for jayrod , we need a bit ov competition upfront


05 Jul 2012 11:47:55
Dortmund, Norwich, Villa and Hull fight it out for 2. Bundesliga top scorer, Nick Proschwitz of Paderborn.(5)(10)This is very true and will happen. I am very pleased with this! UTC!Dortmund v Hull? Doesn't seem rightDortmund Norwich Villa and..... the mighty Hull. Oh yeah i'm sure that if Dortmund Villa and Norwich wanted a player he would still be interested in HullI'd chose hull any day ;)Paderborn are in the German 3rd tier. He might look at any potential transfer pragmatically and think he has more chance of staying in English football by moving to Hull where he will be guaranteed more first team games than at Dortmund, Norwich or Villa. Lets hope!Yes but think about the teams who need to strengthen, Now think about the teams who don't, ie Norwich, villa are not desperate. and Nick Proschwitz wants to play in England, so by putting everything into account, hull city are currently looking for a partner for fryatt, nick would probabaly favour us. You jelous. ;)No i'm sorry but if Norwich Villa and Dortmund are interested would Hull be able to offer anything better than those 3 clubs? No i seriously doubt Dortmund Villa and Norwich are interested in him so stop dressing up your made up rumours.


05 Jul 2012 11:45:15
Carlo Cudicini in talks with Bristol City(6)(26)Carlo cudicini to join bristol city on a 2 year deal got him on a free but wages of 26k aweek so not so good looks like lansdown as put is money where is mouth is city for the prem


05 Jul 2012 11:33:12
Reading have ended their interest in Jordan Rhodes due to Huddersfield's ridiculous £8m asking price and are looking at getting Dame N'Doye from FC Copenhagen who's valued at about £6m. They are now focusing on strengthening their defence with Danny Simpson and Chris Gunter remaining targets for right back though I expect us to sign just Simpson. We are also looking to tie deals for either Sebastien Bassong or Paul Scharner and looking at Kieran Richardson and Aaron Cresswell as an extra left back to compete with Harte. The deal with Robert Koren seems dead in the water as Leicester can offer him guaranteed first team foorball and we cant.(16)(7)"Huddersfield's ridiculous £8m asking price" Do you think that might be because we want to keep hold of him? Clibbens and Hoyle have both publically stated "We are no longer a selling Club" + JR stated "He is Happy at Hudds". I keep asking myself 'Why Reading?' he could do better i feel.Waste of time, N'Doye wont get a work permit to play in England'The deal with Robert Koren seems dead in the water as Leicester can offer him guaranteed first team foorball and we cant.' - and (more importantly), he's a Hull City player for at least another season!Why ridiculous?? Hudds don't want or have to sell so can ask for whatever they want. Why accept less so little old Reading can afford him?Now it is time for alllllll the Reading fans to admit they were wrong and we were right. Not enough money in your pocket ReadingThought Jordan Rhodes to Reading was a "done deal"! Mark.Thought you lot said you had signed Rhodes? Done deal? In the bag? Personal terms done? Fee agreed? No?Hmmm so many reading fans saying the deal was done and dusted !!! Never mind :-PHe had a work permit to play in Denmark and both countries are part of the EEC ... why should it be a problem?Reading never had an interest really! They thought they could get him on the cheap because Huddersfield were interested in Morrison. Done deals? What a laugh! Loyal Royal (and others) need to live in the real world.

Terrier 1955Good luck to the lad Rhodes hope he and Huddersfield do well next season but have to say I'll be cuffed with Dame N'Doye signing, I've preferred him all along and it seems we've been tracking him for some time now so here's hoping.That was the idea of the asking price! We don't need to sell him. Unless anyone is prepared to pay over the odds then he's a town player.Well,well,well.!
c'mon reading fans lets be honest there never was a deal in place you made it up, and we all knew he was gonna be a town player come aug!
terrier85Reports from supposed ITKer's and the media stated this was close to being done. They were wrong. Us Reading fans can only go by what we are hearing. As for the ridiculous part yes £8M for a league 1 player is ridiculous but you're right you can ask for what you like.

Two issues arise from this.

1. Huddersfield now have a player who was denied a chance at premiership football by a greedy chairman and will not be happy about it. Cue unsettled striker.

2. You've just screwed yourself out permanently signing a defender who was integral to your promotion and who your manager wants.

As for the "little old Reading" comment we are a bigger club then Huddersfield. So I guess that makes you very little old Huddersfield.All reading fans saying not worth this not worth that man utd payed 4million for powell from crewe [league 2] scored 13 goals rhodes 40 goals league 1 worth 8 million of anyones money reading after cheap deal dream on ttidThis is the Rhodes who was going to be unveiled as a Reading player on Monday??
I have said it before, the Reading new "wealthy" owners show all the early symtoms of big talk, but little inclination to spend big. Get used to it, and stop talking as if you will sign anyone available.To be fair, there have only been a minority of Reading fans claiming any 'done deal'. A lot of people expressed their approval of the lad as a footballer and said they would like him. Instead of taking this as a compliment, Hudds fans just go over protective. All of the Rhodes-Reading stuff is just speculation as there has never been any official confirmation of interest so I just don't understand all the fighting from both sets of fans...Reading never had an interest really! They thought they could get him on the cheap because Huddersfield were interested in Morrison. Done deals? What a laugh! Loyal Royal (and others) need to live in the real world.

Terrier 1955

Alternatively it being a rumours web site they can make up any old rubbish like half the opinionated guff on here ( it's all part of the fun of the off season) it's just Rhodes not the messiah!Made my week DONE DEAL reading fans i think not just like to rub it in a bit with the chris powel situation 4 Million at league two sounds to me like reading fans have crawled back under their rocksSo basicly what we have established on the rhodes situation is that READING CANNOT AFFORD because they are a SMALL CLUB !!You obviously know nothing about Rhodes hes a thorough Pro who loves the fans , ones hes on the pitch he'll give his all for US and for Himself
as for Morrison, its a shame hes a good lad and i would love him at town but if the Dervite rumors are true and with Wallace in the squad we really arent missing out"denied a chance at premiership football by a greedy chairman and will not be happy about it. Cue unsettled striker."

Rhodes never said he wanted to leave, he has always said he is happily settled at Huddersfield and didn't even show a hint of an acknowledgement towards any of the rumours about him leaving. Just because clubs like Reading have never seen a player committed to them whole-heartedly, doesn't mean other clubs don't have them.
Just admit that your one of the few Reading fans who are bitter about being proven wrong and in doing so, you've made yourself look even more pathetic.The deal for Rhodes was a possibility as Sky sports even said that Reading were winning the race for his signature. Still didn't think Reading would get him though. We already have 5 forwards! (if you count churchy that is!)To hudds fans he is!What a player publicly states and what they really feel are two separate things. If you really are a football fan you'll know how many times a player has come out and said "I love this club" then a couple of weeks down the line is off somewhere else.

Wayne Rooney's "Once a blue always a blue" t-shirt springs to mind.

Jordan Rhodes may have I love HTFC tattooed on his junk but you offer any player a chance in the prem over a season in the championship with a team they "love" they'll stick pick the prem everytime.

You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

Biscuit.Reading fans give me a massive laugh, i hope they continue with there ridiculous predictions and the sour comments that follow itss comedy gold


05 Jul 2012 11:27:55
Freddy Eastwood set to re-sign for Southend United on a permanent deal.

Eastwood: "My agent has told me of interest from elsewhere but I ain't even given that a thought. My family are local and the fans love me. I hope to sign by the end of the week."

(From Southend Echo)(12)(8)Ain't? Can't imagine a paper typing up ain't very poor grammar. I get the feeling this is utter garbage. I have heard he's all but signed for Stevenage FcIt is actually in the paper I got it this morning check the website yourself if you don't believe me.This isnt garbage, its on the southend echo as the guy said !He's in Talks with Southend, its in our local paper... So no he's not all but signed for Huddersfield if anything he's all but signed for southendYou must be stupid! He will definitely sign for Southend!Mate it's in the echo and it's true as he loves it here why would he go to Stevenage!Why would he join a tinpot outfit such as stevenage when he could join a bigger club that he has loved his time at?


05 Jul 2012 11:25:06
Miles Addison stayed in Winchester this morning and is en-route down to Bournemouth today to sign for the Cherries(7)(6)Miles addison should be an afcb player either tonight or in the morning.It would be great if this is true.i hope we can bring in a left back soon aswell.


05 Jul 2012 11:22:04
Everton have been given the greenlight to bid for Steven Pienaar since AVB has taken over should expect a bid really soon

@teamcahill17(12)(3)But for how much, that's the question? If Spurs are holding out for £6m, I hate to say it but I think we should go elsewhere. It's no secret that we're short of cash (to say the least) and I'm not sure we can afford that sort of money for a player with a limited shelf-life and no resale value.Sales from anichebe and yobo should fund a bid also TV money


05 Jul 2012 11:15:10
Exciting young Kidderminster Harriers attacking midfielder Dan Bradley is looking set to join Luton Town after informing the club he is looking to leave(3)(5)


05 Jul 2012 11:11:22
greg cunningham to bristol city(14)(5)Greg Cunningham has already signed for Bristol City FC its on the club web siteSigned sealed and delivered on a 4 year contract for an undisclosed fee according to bcc websiteNow for a centre back, another full back, an attacking/goal scoring midfielder and a 20 a season forward, not much too ask for is it?


05 Jul 2012 11:02:26
I'm hearing Jack Midson is wanted by Notts County.(4)(4)


05 Jul 2012 11:01:43
Dave McGoldrick in talks with Notts County. Not needed by the Forest revolution, former Notts County player and they are desperate for a striker.

Source: A few rumours circulating amongst the Forest youth team.(3)(5)Forest revolution? Ha! Not gone through yet, and who ever buys you has £100m debt to clear first! What makes you think he will suddenly spend on players?What 100m debt??What ever they pay for the club that will make them debt free...


05 Jul 2012 10:46:32
Press confrence at Preistfield at 4pm. Apparently
Martin Allen(10)(3)


05 Jul 2012 10:45:10
Jake Forster-Caskey will be going out on loan from Brighton to either Burton Albion or Oxford United

The exciting young talent has made 17 appearances for the England U'17s and shone at last years U'17 world cup(8)(4)Brilliant player from a Brighton fan and should chose Oxford imoCome to Burton Jake ,Ican tell you youll be really well looked after at this very well run stable club with fabulous facilities. Brewers fanHe will be one of our seven subs next season. Gus wouldn't have campaigned so hard to get seven subs and then sent one of our brightest young prospects out on loanStop smoking's playing with your mind!!I hope this is not true. Why would we loan him out when we could well use his talents right here and now?Whoever he goes to he'll do brilliantly for, top player will be absolutely quality when he's a bit older, hope Gus has someone class lined up because I think Jake could be a first team player this season! Hope he goes to Burton, like them!JFC could do the job now at Championship level


05 Jul 2012 10:33:13
Newcastle face competition from
Leeds for Burnley's £1-million-rated
full-back Kieron Trippier provided the
Elland Road takeover is completed in
the next weeks or so.(5)(15)We will not sell him anywhere near 1 million it will take a bid of around 3-5 to get himHa 1 million, try 3 and we might think about itCompetition from Leeds! Haven't had such a laugh in ages! A move to Newcastle is unlikely unless silly money becomes involved. As for Leeds if there is any truth in the rumour then they need to stop deluding themselves as he is would not move sideways.I really hope this isnt true, brilliant player. hope he stays on!I think youll find hes worth a lot more than 1 million and leeds have no chance haha hes not goin anywhere !Trippier staying at BurnleyTrippier £1m i dont think so, player of year for us last season and still has 2 and a half years left on current contract would be nearer £4m.Ull have to pay alot more than that only just signed him in jan.1) We have just signed Trippier
2) He is worth much more that £1m for sure
3) He isn't going anywhere this transfer window.Alot of things wrong with that

1 hes worth alot more than a million

2 they dont want to sell him so he would go for stupid money

3 newcastle are in the prem and leeds are in the championshipSo what's your source? Trippier confirmed a month ago he intends to stay with Burnley for the next couple of years as he has a lot more to offer the club. And I don't think we need to sell to recover the cost of Shackell, the club has money left over from the sale of JRod, of which a proportion will be used strengthen the squad and the remainder to bolster the clubs finances over the next couple of years to ensure financial security. We do not need to sell, can't see Trippier going anywhere for at least a year.Not really likely. Received more than that for previous RB. Trippier much better. Much younger. Much more expensive. Talking millions not 100,000s. Only recently signed, 2 more years on contract. No need to sell. Will continue to develop.Now he is the best fullback in the championship1 million rated!! He is the best right back in the league! I do believe he will leave along with all quality players we have but the fee will be quite big and it wont be till jan or the end of the season.

UTCThere is no truth whatsoever in this rumourClearly not the best full back in te championship now drury is thereBest fullback in the championship
seeing as hes not even made the top 5
on Talk sport with Clyne and Brayford taking first and second.Just think about the derby fans saying that they would get 3-4 million for shackell yet he was sold.You only recieved cash + ad ons so have to sell other players.Chris mccan is going brighton check ssn and austin to leciester.he is valued at 1.2 and thats what you would get for him.3 million your having a laughed look where you finishedHe is worth no more than 2 million, u lot r getting ahead of urselvesAll of you people saying he is worth less than 2 million are clueless you have never seen him play and are just going off some talk sport top 5 defenders list IMO he is easily up there with the best wing backs in the championship at some point we will sell him because its clear he has the potential to play way ahead of this level but it will be a year or two down the road for more than 2 million (3-5 roughly) and he will go to a much better team than leeds


05 Jul 2012 10:28:08
Burnley aim to recoup most of the
fee for Shackell (£1.1 nillion) by selling
right-back Kieron Trippier to
Newcastle for £750,000. He will
replace contract rebel Danny Simpson.(9)(12)750 000 yer avin a laugh no chance ,tripps is easily one of the best attacking full backs in the championship gonna take at least 3xs that amount just for startersThe minium fee for shackell is 1.3 which was your last public offerAdd another zero on that he is by far our best player.Nothing in this. Trippier's left hand is worth 750k. He is not going anywhere unless it's silly moneyWhat????????????
a load of rubbish

He is worth around 3 mill, not 750kOr theyll get debuchy! Trippier will be 1.5m or moreTrippier 750k lol not a chance, worth a lot more than that.We had money from selling Jay Rodriguez anyway, why would we want to get it back? Very silly rumour.We did'nt make ANY public offers !Man City have a 50% sell-on price so we only get 50% of the deal! Doubt we'll take 750,000.At least 3 million for tripBe stupid to sell Trip ... He's too good of a player


05 Jul 2012 10:27:31
Southampton have put a bid of 1 million for QPR's Jamie Mackie. I know this because I have a friend who works for QPR.(5)(20)And I know that would be rejected 6 million QPR might have a think, and then reject it. He has only just signed a contract extension, a fans favourite, a first team regular and a player improving by the day. Saw this in the paper and it's a jokeSo have West Ham and you'll get the same reply £1m? try 4/5m that's closer.Definately wont get him thoNot a chance if mackie goes it will be more then 1 mill. Mackie wants to stay at Qpr as he sees where the club is headingYou no this because you read the news paper -.- and that's full of Bs most the time anyway
Spoon ;)This is utterly untrue. I know this for reasons id rather not say, ie not a freind that works as a steward or at the club/hotel/train ground or anything else, but i will say 100% this is an untruth.Mackie's 26, has 3 years left on his contract, played 5 times for Scotland, and scored important goals for QPR last seaon. Do you think he would really be only (?) 1 million?Not sure why we need another striker, unless fringe strikers including Barnard are to be sold shortly

lifelongsaint83lifelongsaint83 {Ed003's Note - ok LLS83,I'll look into it mate}The paper is talking rubbish. stating we have zamora cisse johnson etc so mackie wldnt have a look in. except mackie has always played righ wing for us so its pretty irrelevant. and for 1 mil. dream on


05 Jul 2012 10:25:41
Walsall veteran goalkeeper and record appearance holder Jimmy Walker, is set to sign his contract and become a player/goalkeeper coach, after he recently moved house closer to the midlands side (which was part of he contract agreement)(7)(5)This is true, on website now...


05 Jul 2012 10:02:53
Balzaretti of Palermo, Nani of
Manchester United and Van
Persie of Arsenal are all
summer targets for Serie A champions
Juventus. Should Juventus fail in their
bid for Van Persie they will attempt to
lure Balotelli back to Italy.(7)(8)


05 Jul 2012 10:24:28
Pavel Pogrebnyak work permit hearing today


05 Jul 2012 10:20:40
Rumours on the South Coast is that Brighton have offered Burnley £800,000 for captain Chris McCann.(8)(11)Unlikely to happenI doubt it but hope so, one of the worst captains we've hadGive us 2mill and you can have him ,hes not been the same player since 2 years of injury probs,why not take paterson also ? we have a small squad we cant carry any passengers


05 Jul 2012 10:18:55
Gus Poyet keeps his signings under the table and then reveals it, like Kuzsack. So the likelier that it is, it'll be someone completely different to the rumours like Bruno Saltor.(7)(1)


05 Jul 2012 09:57:58
Southampton have offered contracts to Junior Hoilet & Scott Dann. Presumably lots of other clubs have too but i'd love them at saints

Fee for Alexander Buttner agreed yesterday at 3m

Jack Butland still on saints radar but face competition from Spurs(13)(8)Yes you would love them at saints but you got no chanceWhen will buttner sign i just wamt it to hurry up!Could all happen and I would love it to be trueHoilett would be great but he'll go to a bigger club I think, plus high wages and transfer fee makes it a no go. Undecided on Dann but we do need at least one centre back soon so could be a good move.
The Buttner move is taking a worryingly long time! But then so did the JayRod deal.
If spurs are looking at Butland then we can forget it I guess realistically!Why not ? we shocked them in the 80's when we signed Kevin Keegan from hamburg



05 Jul 2012 09:51:25
Greame Bailey revealed on SSN 2 days ago that Southampton will make a massive signing that will rock english football - FACT

Jack Rodwell was at saints training ground on Friday - this is a fact

Don't know if a transfer is in place, dont know a fee, dont know a wage ... for all i know he may be visiting friends or checking out the new youth set up

But i can guarentee you he was at the training ground and i have a photo to prove it(13)(18)..if the signing is going to rock English football...then only the likes of Messi Iniesta Xavi will do that...not Jack Rodwell ....zzzzRodwell moving would not "rock english football" and why haven't you posted the photo on the site then?Cool put ur photo on the site then in the dodgy sightings section ..jack rodwell is at a bigger club with bigger clubs ready snap him up if everton are prepard to sell was probs the gardner u spotted and got confusedOn behalf of sane Saints fans I would like to apologise for this post!

lifelongsaint83Is there a link to this statement, video or article? I didn't see it and I'm intrigued. Is this guy one that does the 'transfer stories' segment? Did he know who the player was or had he been told that a massive signing was in the offing?Can we see this photo please...would be good signingLet's see the photo then?Can u post photo or a link to it, be nice if ur rightOk upload photo to twitter then post link on here. simples!I find this pretty far-fetched. Rodwell is expected to command a fee of 15-20 million pounds - I neither expect Saints to spend that kind of cash on one player, nor do I expect them to pay that fee and his wages, when a much cheaper alternative (Stephen Davis) is available. Also, I believe the club are very wary of signing players with histories of injury problems.Well upload it then or put a linkWould love this to be true, why not post photo online. Bet you don't !!Nothing been reported have you posted this so called photo anywhere!Do you have a copy off the photo? Need to see it to beleive it.I'm saints fan and that's a load of shiHe wouldn't be a signing that would rock English footballNot one to jump on the band wagon but I've spoken with 2 people that saw him in Marchwood. Might not happen but he was there apparenty...time will tell!Yes it will , maybe he will be a loan signingI know a groundman who told me this monday. Hard to tell people about as they tend not to believe you.
Personally thought it was unrealistic but theres quite alot of people saying it in the marchwood/ Hythe area


05 Jul 2012 09:51:05
Leicester to sign following players

Sidibie from stoke - pearson likes big forwards, cheaper than heskey

Pollit from wigan - competition for kasper

Xisco from newcastle - forward will be cheaper as flopped at newc.

Think if we get those 3 and a few new defenders we will win league(6)(20)Pollit just signed an extension at Wigan mateI took you serious right up until the point you said we would win the league, Then i realised you were taking the Pi

Love WestyStoke just gave sidibie a 1 year contract why would they do that to sell him? plus no1 knows if he can ever play football againI have heard these rumours aswell. Definately can see us in the prem with quality like this.All 3 of those will be sound investments.
Definate title contendors if this is true!
Come on NP, buy these players!Stoke have said that they gave Sidibe a new contract to help him with his career. Can see them loaning him out to help him find a new club. Nice gesture by Stoke. If they can get him fit he would be a hit at Leicester.Sidibie sidelined till 2013 with knee ligaments troublesPollit just signed a new contract at wiganLeicester would be a great club for big Mama and he'd give 100%, just hope he can maintain fitness. Good luckPollit just signed a new one year deal, during which he'll turn 41 and after which he'll have the option of staying at Wigan as a coach or member of staff. He's been a loyal number 2 at Wigan for 7 years, why would he move to Leicester to be Schmeichael's number 2 for just one season?


05 Jul 2012 09:38:54
Any updates on the possible move of Glenn
Morris to Millwall?(2)(6)Definitely a good signing for Northampton at that level. He obviously didnt fit into Kennys plans anymore. But he is a workhorse and got a good cross. Sorry to see him go. Best of luck to him.


05 Jul 2012 09:48:07
watford set to sign victor anichebe from everton on a season loan(8)(17)If Anichebe leaves (which is certainly a possibility) it will be on a permanent deal, not a loan.Yep but no, thats not happeningCan't see it happening, but would welcome himYou play too much football manager if you think that deal is really possible


05 Jul 2012 09:25:00
Luke chambers has come out and said in the Nottingham media that ipswich is the only club he has spoken too. Looks likely the deal will be done by end of the week.(17)(10)No he was quoted saying ipswich was the only club to show intrest in him...not him in talks with ipswichBut Chambers is mulling over the move, Basically he is waiting for the Takeover to happen to see how much wages Forest can offer if they want. He doesnt want to uproot his family from Nottingham especially will a very young child.Actually he did say ipswich are the only club im talking to fact!


05 Jul 2012 09:22:59
Junior Hoilett is in talks with Everton, Newcastle and Sunderland over a move.(21)(11)


05 Jul 2012 09:22:41
Reliable news from the hatters. McLeod in Fleetwood out. Hereford after Stuart, so Buckle wants Izale.(5)(16)Heard as well that these deals are definately ONThat would be a bad bit of business for Luton


05 Jul 2012 09:20:48

Burnley sign defender Jason Shackell from Derby County

Defender Jason Shackell has left Derby County to join Burnley for a fee thought to be around £1.1m(12)(6)No -one knows the fee tom glick said its above 1.6m.Luke Chambers thought to be interested in signing for Derby. Also, Forest CEO Mark Arthur in line to replace Glick.Kelvin mellor fits into cloughs under 24 policy, good tall defender apparantly, but again, from another lower league clubDerby wont pay 12k a week for Chambers, so no
Arthur is total bs, Derby will employ from within
Okonohage? is the man who will replace Shackell, Mellor is the back up LBHarry Worely is replacing shackell
Osborne will fill the space missing by barker.Pearce will provide cover for both aswell as buxton


05 Jul 2012 09:05:34
Swansea City will make a 7m bid for Villareal midfielder Jonathan de Guzman.(7)(5)Swansea have bid close to 3 million for mort.g.pederson talks are ongoing over a 4 year deal to bring player to the club laurdroup sees pederson as a ideal replacement for gilfy siggurson with premier experience source swans wingerDe Guzman going to be season long loan deal


05 Jul 2012 09:06:58
Danny Simpson is being linked with reading and QPR(25)(9)This could be true because Newcastle are set to swoop for Burnley's right-back
Kieron Trippier for £800,000.QPR things been going on for quite a while now so it may be true. From what im hearing Reading are most likely to go for luke young. Guess it makes sense that young goes to create a space for simpson at QPR. Im not sure which 1 i'd prefer probably simpson because of his ageHe'll go to reading if Newcastle get debuchy.Simpson may not be top class, but he can do better than reading or qprSimpson going to reading naughton off to QPRYoung is terrible Simpson is qualityThere not getting trippier their getting debuchy .Actually he's going to Southampton. £2.5m. FactMate of mine who knows luke youngs family saying he's off with reading west ham and saints interested. Mind you he also told me he saw darren bent of villa in white city. I got a bit carried away thinking we were taking it to the next level with our singings. That was before he told me Bent was shopping at westfeilds.


05 Jul 2012 08:12:49
Clint Dempsey is on his way to Aston Villa, coming from an EXTREMELY reliable source. WATCH THIS SPACE.

From everton Blue Dog(10)(44)Would love him at villa, but canno see it happening.Doubtful! bit of a step across/down! more than likely a top 6 club he'll go toDempsey won't go to a club who haven't got champ league!Not a chance! He wants to play in the champions league..- I know the Higgs Boson was spotted yesterday, but we don't yet have evidence of a parallel universeWould be a HUGE step down but Bent going the other way would make sense. Bent is leaving for sure and Stoke are keen as Jones looked nailed on for Villa. Can see Bent at Fulham but not Dempsey at Villa.We are still rebuilding. maybe in a couple of years but not yet.


05 Jul 2012 08:11:01
Marcus hahnemahn to sign for Bristol city tomorrow after Brad friedel deal fell through(18)(26)Superb Goalkeeper for us in his Reading Premier League days. Would be a good signing but he is getting on a bit now like David James was.Hahnemann would be a good signing imo but we were and never will be in for Brad Friedel, he is tottenhams number 1! come on lets be realistic!


05 Jul 2012 08:59:15
poyet states that he wants a left back, midfielder, and a striker.

at least one signing to be completed by the end of the week...perhaps two.

Source: The Argus(16)(9)The midfielder is McCann from Burnley for £500,000


05 Jul 2012 08:51:26
Plenty of news coming out of Burton Albion at the moment;
- 6 trialists have joined in the first day of pre-season training
- 1 of which is ex derby defender Youl Mawene
- 2 of the others are goalkeepers
- Burton are in advanced talks with Kidderminster about a move for 20 year old goalkeeper Dean Lyness
- An unamed loan player has a choice between Burton and another unamed club(10)(7)Derby have signed a 4 year deal with Burton Albion and Chesterfield to use them as feeder clubs.Burton will be given Ross atkins again,Josh lelan and Kane richards all for Season long loans but can be called back anytime.Unnamed player is Jake Forster caskey (on loan), a Brighton youngster. The other club is Oxford. As a Brighton fan, he is a brilliant prospect and would be a great signing in league 2. Will be good for him to get regular first team experience before he can truly break into the Brighton team.The loan player is Jake Forster-Caskey from Brighton, and he has a choice of Burton or Oxford. As a brighton fan i thought he would get more first team chances this season as he is an exceptional talent, even though he is still young. Will be good for him to get some experience thoughLoan player is jake caskey from brighton with the other club being oxfordThe un-named loan player is Jake Forster-Caskey and the other club interested is Oxford United.The unamed player is Jake Forster-Caskey from Brighton, and the other club is Oxford Utd.Jamie forster caskey is the un named loan player


05 Jul 2012 08:50:44
Mkdons have targeted Alan Smith, Adam Smith and Stuart Beavon for transfers.(13)(9)Stuart Beavon is probably on his way to the NEW DEN!


05 Jul 2012 08:50:25
Exeter City have completed the signing of Arron Davies on a free transfer

Also John O'Flynn has signed a new contract with the club(6)(11)


05 Jul 2012 08:45:47
Plymouth have left there number 10 shirt free for the upcoming season in anticipation of signing Izale Mcloed(8)(19)This lad is passed it. Last played for a team finishing at the bottom of league two. Conference or lower is his level.Love to see it,but realistically I don't think we have any hope of signing him,according to this site 70% of teams outside the premiership want him and he will be expecting a lot more than we can afford in salary.I have a sneaking feeling he is waiting for the Pompey situation to be finalised and will board their ship.

Uncle Bulgaria.If the number 10 shirt is true it doesn't mean that we will be getting ,mcleod it just means we are asfter another strikere...someone big strong to hold up the ball or knock it on for ParisWould not mind seeing him at Argyle. Proven goal scorer!How has the lad passed it? He scored 19 goals in a team who stayed up by the skin of their teeth, if anything, that says that he carried Barnet to safety, which he did. League 1 and a couple Championship clubs have showed interested so the likelihood of him signing for Argyle is very slim.


05 Jul 2012 07:57:18
Yeovil Town will confirm the signing of Goalkeeper Marek Stech today on a two year deal.(9)(5)Get in quality signing if true! in sir gary we trustWhat a great signing for yeovil! up the glovers!Hes a great keeper,, we had him on loan at orient last season, but he got injured, but he looked class.... a good singing for you glovers..Yeah yeovil had him on loan just before you had him but he got recalled... earned us a point against stevenage all on his own... Delighted Glovers fan here!


05 Jul 2012 07:54:30
Just to give both sets of derby and burnley fans an idea of the fee for jason shackell is between 1.7-3 million.Derby rejected 4 bids.3 of 1.1 and 1 of 1.3.When Derby rejected that bid they had a meeting about whether in the interest of the club its better to force the sale sooner rather than later.This made derby contact burnley telling them their valuation and burnley making Shackell their top transfer target didnt want not match it.Dont be fooled by the papers or online articles stating a fee of 1.1 was payed as the only the 2 clubs know the fee therefore why its classed as undisclosed.Derby have to give percentage of it to his previos club which if it was 1.1 they would be making a loss(9)(10)To all the Derby fans who said JS would not be leaving for anything less than £3 - 4m how wrong were you? ... good signing Eddie Howe ... thankyou Mr CloughThe fee was £1.1 million up front....Derby needed the cash all in one go instead of £1.5 million in instalments, so reluctantly agreed to the lower figure.

Great business by Burnley who had the available cash from the Jay Rodriguez transfer."only the two clubs know the fee" who are you then? nigel clough?I'd like to think it was between 2 - 3m for shacks...... but i can't see that being the case... a sad day for Derby and lost arguably the hest centre back in the league..."Just to give both sets of derby and burnley fans an idea of the fee for jason shackell is between 1.7-3 million."

Sorry but this is incorrect.

To make sense of the deal is more straight forward. Burnley have paid £1.1 million up front which appealed immediately.

But the real reason for the deal was that there was a clause in Shackell's contract. Derby paid an initial £750k up front and the rest was to be paid after 50 games. (see wiki paragraph below)

He has played 49 games for Derby and therefore deemed good business to release him as it has given derby an extra £600k. (£250k saved from Barnsley and profit of £350k from Burnley)

Not as daft as he looks young NC. The real losers in all this are Barnsley.

From Wiki :

"Derby County had two bids for the player rejected, the second bid estimated to be in the region of £700,000.[12] Derby went back with an improved bid on 15 June 2011, believed to be £750k up front, potentially rising to £1m.[13] This bid was accepted by Barnsley on 17 June 2011."

I thank you

Sorry but I can't tell you who I am but just to put Derby fans minds at rest to an extent.

Agent XIt will be nowhere close to 3M !The fee is £1.1m i work for Derby Fc, the fee is all paid up front, it was that or £1.5m paid over three years, derby needs the money so upfront was the best offerBurnley made a bid of 1.1 along with Cardiff and Unamed team all offering cash.
All were rejected.Burnley offered 1.3 CASH and it was rejected.We werent bothered about selling him but you really wanted him so i doubt seriously we would have allowed it to go back to the first offer especially as cardiff were going to offer 1.5 but apparently they couldnt match burnleys bid.You signed him on a 4 year contract ans hes 29 if anything we got the good deal we made profit on an old playerYea right to the last poster,29 old?,get real,prime of his life,mega deal for burnley considering derby aren't going to sell him,no matter what,lolThe fee was obviously £1.1m. Get over it Derby fans.Derby have made £350k on the deal.

They initially paid £750k up front with £250k to pay after 50 appearances (He played 49) so Barnsley miss out on £250k.He has signed for 1.3 million all at once


05 Jul 2012 07:53:41
heard this news from a friend of mine who lives local to the player's parrents that A.Ramsey is going out on loan this season but A.Wenger dont want him at a rival club (premier league) and apparently Cardiff are considering a season loan for the lad?(8)(31)Apparently there is some truth in this not sure about the cardiff link but there are whispers about Ramsey setting off on loan?He would get into every teams starting line up apart from top 4Too much to hope for but would love it.

RedbirdTotal rubbish what club lends a player out who plays for there first team to gain exsperance so they can make the first team? dont even make sence to think about itWould love that to happen but, WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH. Never gonna happenThe loan buisness is Near to truth and depending on Gunners summer signings will depend on this fact, And another border line Fact is Newcastle united are apparently looking on season loan to buy, again all this is worthless until it happens and and all is depending on Arsenal's summer signings. Wenger Rated the lad but last season was'nt the best performance of his. But to be trutful i think his (wenger) main focus now is on a rvp replacment.Ramsey has been getting a load of stick from the Arsenal fans recently so this may not be so far fetched


05 Jul 2012 07:51:17
Strong rumours coming from Blackburn regarding cb grant Hanley supposedly top 4 club sniffing around after seeing potential in him despite Blackburn relagation last season(10)(10)Liverpool not a top 4 club at minute. They would be my guess as cant see him t City, United, Arsenal, Spurs or Chelski. Poss Arse or Spurs but 'pool no1 shout


05 Jul 2012 07:08:26
Is Michael Flynn signing for Shrewsbury town?(6)(6)No, I shouldn't think so, because we've just signed summerfieldNo, he's signing for someone else. But parry and weale are definitely signing


05 Jul 2012 06:20:01
Jason Shackell has signed for Burnley. Source: DCFC website

Apparently Buxton, O'Brien and Naylor are all adequate and news of a replacement will be coming up soon...(9)(2)The fee is between 1.7-3 Million as Stated by Tom Glick at the Fans Meeting.All 3 of those players are Right Centre backs.Derby will look to buy 2 Left Centre backs and a Stronger Right Centre back.2 of Which are Free Agent Karleigh Osbourne and Magnus Okuonghae and the other is Notts County's Krystian Pearce.Pearce is Valued by the Club as 140k.So Derby are really paying 140k for 3 centre backs + signing on fee.All will be on Low Wages.So Derby fans should really be Happy especially as all 3 are 24 or under meaning they have to improveShackell went for £1.2 million - not £1.1 million as reported in the press. Derby did not want the fee disclosed so as not to further anger Rams fans upset at the sale of their experienced defender.Between £1.7-£3 million? I think Tom Glick does not want to upset Derby fans. The fee is undisclosed but it is thought to be £1.1 million, Derby making a small profit. Burnley would never spend anywhere near £3 million on a defender.You are not getting anywhere near what you think. You have as a club reduced your wage bill and recouped the money paid for Shackell. Look at your clubs finances


05 Jul 2012 05:27:02
bolton have made the move for lonegran that everyone expacted with a offer to leeds(13)(7)It's been turned down but expect another increased bid. Leeds bringing in Paddy Kenny will move it along.


05 Jul 2012 03:14:25
Bristol Rovers manager Mark McGhee is still in the frame for a Director of Football role at Portsmouth. New investors are keen to use him to balance the relative inexperience of Michael Appleton. He lives less than an hour from Fratton Park.(8)(14)Spending all the gas money which they dont have and then jumping ship. Watch out i hear knocking on the administrators door very soon for the blues. Gnight Irene i hear the fat lady singing soon for you.Spending all the Gas Money? On who exactly? All the players McGhee has brought in so far have been freebies.So far we've spent no money so it shows what you knowTrust me mate our owners are stingy and dont give out half as much as they could so there is no chance of that happening plus its impossible for clubs to go into administration as they brought in the rule of you can only spend what you got and something about crowd sizeSpending money dont mean just transfer fees, it includes agent fees and wages new players almost surely will be on higher wages then present players.That is correct, Pompey haven't spent any money, Pompey do not have any money, Pompey spend other peoples money and then bleat and whine about it when it all goes wrong, best fans, what a joke. Kanu left yet?Another fool using the financial problems, caused by bad ownership, to deride Pompey's fans! The fans did not cause the problems. They are terrific fans, as I and many other club's fans would testify! What is wrong is the model for club ownership, with worthless 'Fit and Proper' tests and owners who see the clubs as nothing more than ways to make more money.


05 Jul 2012 00:50:06
It is thought that Eddie Howe won'r be going for Adam Clayton and has instead turned his attention to Seattle Sounders playmaker Alvaro Fernandes, and will also attempt to bring in chelsea goalkeeper Matej Delac on loan if the deal for A-League goalie of the year Matt Ryan collapses(8)(6)Its a fact mate,clayton is going to huddersfield.Clayton is over/rated lets HTFC sign him to end all the speculation ... Eddie Howe never made an enquiry about him fact.... just paper talkTrue, Clayton to the Terriers for £900,000 plus add-ons for appearances, caps etc...


05 Jul 2012 00:44:49
West Brom are interested in David (Junior) Hoilett - very reliable source !(18)(16)Hmm would be a great signing but I don't think we will get him unfortunately, there are other teams who would be able to pay him more money and get higher in the league!
Baggieboy...and he has already signed for someone in! Boing Boing!Hoilett has had talks with Everton but due to his wage demands it could effect the deal.Hoilett's move to someone in Germany (Borussia Monchengladbach) fell through and he is now attracting the attention of various clubs. It might be worth double checking your information before you publicly identify yourself as a pompous prat. Boing Boing! (whatever that means).

I believe that Newcastle are the current front runners due to the wage demands mentioned by other respondents.He hasn't signed for anyone including any German teams so at least get your facts straightHe hasn't signed for anyone yet, the move to Germany broke down. He won't join us though, he'll got to someone with more money than us!Newcastle have a medical sorted for tomorrow. He's coming here.The deal to the team in Germany fell through!He is still at Blackburn, search it up before you put false info on here!He is actually at newcastle now


05 Jul 2012 00:37:58
Wayne Bridge for the Albion? Would fill the gap more than nicely(10)(27)What gap? Liam ridgewell plays there plus bridge isn't that good anymore!
BaggieboyAlbion need a backup LB as they released shorey and mattock, bridge isnt good enough for the prem anymoreHe means BRIGHTON and hove ALBION! Not west brom!


05 Jul 2012 00:08:09
Fulham are ready to move for Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson, 32, after his move to Besiktas stalled.(15)(14)Would b gd but its a year too early. He'd never get in ahead of schwarzerReally dont want him as we got enough GK especially as we still got stockdaleAs what? Fourth choice 'keeper? I know strange things happen, particularly in football, but its hard to see the front three suddenly going. Fulham are strong in keeper dept right nowStock dale and etheridge on loan next season possible cover if swartz got injured.He wants to be a number 1, hence why he quit england, no chanceHe better look for another club then no way is he better than Schwartz .


05 Jul 2012 00:23:40
hearing from sources saha to sunderland(25)(12)What source is that?
sky sports news?


05 Jul 2012 00:09:24
Newcastle United are closing in on the signature of Lille right-back Mathieu Debuchy, 26, despite Inter Milan's attempts to try and hijack the deal(29)(7)North east papers saying his been targeted by some russian team


05 Jul 2012 00:06:45
Burton to sign 'keeper Dean Lyness from Kidderminster Harriers(6)(8)


04 Jul 2012 23:23:58
Shrewsbury Town are on the verge of re signing Luke Rodgers and Paul Parry(11)(9)I hope so, but I don't think Rodgers would come backRodgers, no thank you. Too much happens off the field with him. Paul Parry, yes Please. We are in desperate need of a left footed left sided player and he fits the bill nicely.Rodgers was over-rated and we dont want him backRodgers is great a striker with 20+ goals a season what we need


04 Jul 2012 23:47:51
Huddersfield set to sign Fabian Delph on a 6 month loan to partner Norwood in the middle. Talks have been ongoing and an agreement has been reached for the start of the season.(13)(35)Can't see it delph hardly played at all over last few seasons to my knowledge
Larry won't risk that we need players on perm. Contracts. Not loans. that's what fuked him up at Leeds too many loansThat would be great if it happened :o)Thats good news for bradford city then, who have a percentage of all transfers for fabian, as he started at bradford city.!!I would like this to happen, but I think we need another defender as well just to get the numbers up.Too old and not good enough, if we sign him this is bad news.Haha, you cannot sign a deal that entitles a club to all future transfer fees of a player. Bradford most probably got a sell on when he moved from Leeds to Villa but will not get anything further. A sell on clause is between the clubs that traded the player (Leeds and Bradford) so why would Villa then give money to Bradford if they sold him? You crazY!How is it good news for Bradford if he joins on a 6 month loan no money would be exchanged so bradford would not get anything. JohnWho's the person that said to old, he's 23 ,and would be the best player at ur club if he wentThink the person who said too old and not good enough,was trying to reply to the post below! As a HTFC fan i would`nt mind having him.Mark.


04 Jul 2012 23:47:51
Clinton Morrison set to complete his move to Colchester united within the next 2 weeks(16)(5)Where did you find out from? has it been confirmed?Good source, good friend of one of the back room staffWill sign before pre season trip to Holland


04 Jul 2012 23:16:33
YTFC have Swansea pair, Casey Thomas and Joe Walsh, training with them.(4)(6)


04 Jul 2012 23:05:52
Ipswich look set to sign 6'5 goalkeeper 'Johannes Hopf' from hammarby. According to some a mate of mine who works for itfc. He's says its not a loan, but a permanent move. I number of other championship team's are also interested apparently.(4)(15)Can't really dispute that as I've never heard of him. Although I hope we're not just linked with him because he is tall.Why do people get bored and make things up? Give me any odds and i'l put a £1000 on it not happening!



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