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06 Feb 2013 21:13:05
Danny philliskirk to sign a contract tomorrow till end of season robins impressed with him



06 Feb 2013 19:57:53
Keith Harris is building a consortium to buy Portsmouth Fc, Harris is working to buy Portsmouth Fc along with Steve Hamer (Former Chairman of Swansea City) and John Redgate (former finance director Portsmouth Fc).

As a Notts County supporter I wish Portsmouth. F. C. all the best. Great set of supporters.

Will Orville be a director or just Keith Harris's mouthpiece.

It will be a good new start for the club which is needed after what has happend over the past years

Is he bringing Orville and Cuddles with him

Talk to the Cardiff fans - they do NOT rate Harris at all (nor Orville or Cuddles!)

07 Feb 2013 10:52:58
" ooooh, I hate that duck "

Harris says he wants to buy Pompey but lease the ground? This sounds to be exactly what former owner Chanrai wants too so am deeply suspicious of who else is in the consortium with Harris.

Portpin stooge.

That bid is now dead! The Trust will succeed very soon, but still needs as much financial backing as possible. Come on Pompey, back the bid!

No one should pump into trust all there doing is relying on us pompey fans hence adjournments league will liquidate we will not beat chanraj and his lawyers

It's persons like the one above; a Pompey "fan", who will ultimately be the downfall of our club.

No pride, no passion, may as well go and support them lot down the road!

The Trust, which is made up of the most loyal fans who have managed to raise the necessary money, will save the club despite all the pathetic comments of those unwilling to contribute. To those that can not afford to pledge £1000, do your bit too and get to as many home games as you can. Every penny going to the club helps it greatly.



06 Feb 2013 20:08:27
Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has confirmed that the club WILL NOT be signing George Boyd on loan when the window opens. It is expected that he will join Leicester City instead.



06 Feb 2013 16:43:04
I have heard that Shrewsbury Town are about to have money put into the club as an unknown buyer wants some shares in the club and will form a joint chairman with Roland Wycherly.

I heard the same, and not surprised.

There was interest last summer, but Roly turned the investor down as he wouldn't work with Turner.

I heard this yesterday. Apparently it is very much work in progress but a significant investment of at least £2 million has been mentioned.

The rumour is a local business man wanted to buy the club but RW wouldn't sell. The said business man has renewed his interest but will not work with turner. Turners contract expires at the end of the season and is uncertain if he wishes to continue after the poor season the club has had.

You can't say we have had a poor season this is where we are expected to finish

Why on earth would anyone who knows/ cares about the club not want GT on board?



06 Feb 2013 19:37:44
Front runners for the huddersfield job now are Graeme jones, Nigel Adkins and Richie barker

Jones no, Adkins yes, Barker no

Dont think dean hoyle knows who to pick as new manager, how about, jose mourino,

Why not Jones? Both Swansea and Burnley have tried and failed to make him their manager in recent times. Massively respected as a coach at top level.

Alan Shearer is a television pundit, was a footballer and is without question NOT a Manager. Simple.

Jones would be a great signing, highly respected and good connections within football and excellent experience working to tight budgets within a club similar in size to Huddersfield and getting the best out of players maybe not as talented as other players in the premier. Ticks all the boxes, get him signed on Dean.

Short list for Terrier job,
Stuart Pearce
Aidey Boothroyde
Garath southgate
Paul Ince

I heard this from a very reliable source. Ronny Corbett is definatly on the short list. {Ed003's Note - good stuff lol}



06 Feb 2013 19:18:47
Paulo Di Canio to be unveiled as new town manager. another unproven hopeful at Championship level! Will we ever learn!?

He's got a very good record at swindon and is probably ready to test himself further. if we look at proven championship managers available we will be looking at the likes of megson and the like. I would prefer Di canio thank you

As opposed to what? The usual merry go round of failed championship managers. We need clubs to take a punt on unproven managers. Its why we keep looking abroad for the national side.

I could live with di canio. There would never be a dull moment!



06 Feb 2013 16:52:03
Swindon will officially complete the loan signings of Charlton duo Danny Green and Bradley Wright-Phillips as well as a season long loan for Cheltenham midfielder Marlon Pack when the window opens this coming friday, after the takeover being completed in the next 24 hours

Bradley wright phillips has already signed
for notts county to be revealed on friday

Didnt realise you could sign before the loan window opens

Load of rubbish he has not signed for Notts County that's for sure

Well he isn't signing for swindon

07 Feb 2013 21:15:19
He won't sign for oxford either



06 Feb 2013 16:39:07
future left back for Derby is Greg Cunningham. Cloughie very impressed with him last season, tore Derby apart down left side with performances for Leicester, tried a deal in summer but collapsed (trade with Glick going other way!), has had games for Bristol City. If they go down he'll move. In the Ireland squad so cloughie told our call-ups to tap him up.

Conor Wickham. no chance on £20,000 + at Sunderland and Derby cannot afford! waghorn a mover at less than 1/2 the price (but injury rone!).

I think he played for NFFC last season

06 Feb 2013 22:47:07
Bristol City bought him off of Man City- he was a Forst on loan last season- Started off really well and then had a long injury- Now back fit and back in the Rof I team-
One of Citys best players and with SOD now in charge, hopefully we can stay up- Gutted if he did leave

Cunningham signed a 4 yer deal with BCFC so even if they went down and wanted to leave Bs3 he would cost derby a lot of money

Its very unprofessional for a Derby coach to allow all this information on Cloughie tapping up a City player through his mates. unless its not somebody who is in the Derby County team meetings?

How would they know this information?

Its almost like they're making it up?

Tapping up is usual practice for managers around the globe. Fergie and wenger both great at it. you buy player x and then he spouts on to player why about how great the club is and how he would fit in, how he would do a great job for us, how we are better then their club, pay more, facilities better, improved international prospects etc etc etc

Cunningham (amongst others) are being looked at to replace Roberts at left back. Simple as that!

Derby fan here. This is not true. Glick did not go the other way in a break down of a deal. Derby will not be getting cunnigham next season. He will have four years left of his contract and we go for players nearing the end of their contracts.

As for Nigel telling the ROI players to tap him up, that's it rubbish.

Like I wrote, 'future left back' Cunningham is being targetted by the Rams as replacement for Roberts. No deal until the summer dependent largely on wether Bristol go down.

For loan market now Cloughie is looking for two positions only! centre forward alongside Sammon (ward is injury prone and Robinson inconsistent, tap-ins great but we need a striker who can score from anywhere and his first touch is pants!). Conor Wickham too expensive for loan £15K+ wages! Cloughie negotiating Waghorn deal, to be concluded after Leics vs Hudd next week.

Lee (?) Tomlin from Peterborough targetted to fill midfield role with view for permanent summer move.



06 Feb 2013 16:21:26
Swindon have offered Danny Hylton a pre contract after the forward/winger turned down a new contract at aldershot town



06 Feb 2013 15:45:16
Millwall to get harry Kane in the next few days on loan till the rest of the session and the looking to buy him for 1.3 million

I wish, i wish, oh how i do wish that this will happen? we shall see! coyl



06 Feb 2013 14:40:46
i know one of the cleaners at H. T. F. C. only person she as seen over last few days are, mark hughes, nigel adkins. FACT

Yup because it's a well known fact that all potential managers are paraded before the domestic staff before any decision can be made!

I would take adkins but hughes is a big name who has done nothing



06 Feb 2013 14:38:14
Bristol City are in talks to sign 3 player on loan when the loan window opens. A centre back, a left midfielder and one of either a central midfielder or a striker. the clubs involved are West Brom and Tottenham

Theres not a lot left in our development squad really, maybe the goalkeeper daniels, the rest are pretty poor, wolves are worse, I am really disappointed the way clarke has treated our young guns coming through, our foriegn footballers tweeting for one another having thousands of pounds a week have made me sick, the club has forgot they are west bromwich albion of the west midlands

They don't have to be world beaters to get in our side at the minute.

If WBA or Spurs have anyone they want to give games Bristol City would be a good place as the squad is looking paper thin, and we keep picking up injuries.

I am sure City will bring in some senior professionals on loan.

07 Feb 2013 16:02:54
Scott Allan is the CM



06 Feb 2013 12:48:22
To stop all stupid rumours Dicanio is not being sacked as published in Daily Mirror.
New investor confirmed is total rubbish read Swindon Advertsier

He wouldn't be sacked anyway he would just leave?



06 Feb 2013 11:48:52
The lions set to land benik afobe on loan until end of season almost done deal



06 Feb 2013 11:24:12
evans kangwa on trial in recreativo huelva, was close to sign for watford some weeks ago

07 Feb 2013 12:51:00
Is Vydra going to start tomorrow do you think? Only played 60mins in international friendly.

As the pozzos sent there own private jet to pick him up, I would think so, he needs to as the changes don't work

The Pozzo's flew over their private jet to collect him after the Czech match.

Vydra will definitely be playing against Palace.

He's not our only player. Sick of people thinking we rely on him

He's not our only player but he makes a big difference when he is playing. One of the best strikers I've seen at Watford in 35 years

He was on trial at Watford some time ago - which is totally different from "being close to signing". Whether he wasn't good enough or we didn't offer enough money is anyone's guess.

I'm not sure but he reminds me a little bit of Helgusson, not scared to go in where it hurts

Matej vydra is like he's are only player though him deeney and chalobah are watford at the moment! : )

I think Vydra is over rated i'd rather have Scott Fitzgerald to be honest {Ed034's Note - :-O

Vydra will be playing tonight vs Palace he has been doing a rest recovery & massage as he came back late also WFC can't announce any permanent signings of loan players until summer window opens.



06 Feb 2013 11:07:04
connor wickham is on his way to derby till end of season, as soon as loan window opens.

He played really well last night, best I have seen for a long while from the young man. He could do worse than Derby too Leon Osman never looked back after his loan spell with Derby, good club with good football played, good luck to you both.


06 Feb 2013 14:01:49
Sunderland won't let another striker leave

Cant believe he was bought for £12M and is going to be loaned out, what a waste of money; makes you question the truth in this.

On his way to who?

07 Feb 2013 04:20:09
what a bunch of bullocks SAFC wouldn't loan him out. who comes up with this?

He's signed for Sheffield Wednesday, 1 month loan, he'll be playing against the Rams tomorrow.

Thought he was staying at sunderland? know nothing my san : )



06 Feb 2013 11:03:58
Portsmouth set to be taken over by a mystery group. It is reckoned they could be linked with Portpin. This has been mentioned by a member of the Express FM team.

There is a rumble that there is another bid - whatever is happening - it needs to happen now. Swansea have made great strides in the last 6 years - I hope new owners can do the same for PFC.

Well, this shows that you have no idea what's happening with Portsmouth FC. Pompey Supporters' Trust is one step away from the takeover. That can not be changed over a night.

A Financier, Keith Harris I believe, is supposed to be heading up a bid, but his company in London looks set to go into Administration so not sure if he would be judged' fit and proper' by the F. League.

A bid has been made by City financier Keith Harris - not the one with the duck!

I've got no idea about what is happening? I knew about this and you stated that I did not.

Clearly you have no idea about another bid on the table.

Keith Harris is a Portpin stooge. This is a Balram Chainrai set up.

100% this is Chanrai, but the F. League and the Trust are aware and the bid will dissolve. The Trust is the only true way forward. Please fulfil your pledges and give Pompey a new start!



06 Feb 2013 10:48:06
The FL will not ratify the new owners of Swindon Town, Director and major investor of Swindon Town to put the club into administration as he no longer wishes to put anymore money in.
Alternitive is A Fittons investors may save the club however is a big IF

Absolute tosh mate the consortium have come out and said this morning that they are looking forward to working with Paolo.

Paolo is staying

I wish people would stop trying to rubbish swindon town football club. many people and tems would love to have our god of a manager

Where did you here that from, about football league so you reckon it will go tots up



06 Feb 2013 10:26:17
Millwall to sign benik afobe from arsenal on loan good pace not proven though

He has signed on a youth loan until end of season and perhaps will go straight in at Blackpool



06 Feb 2013 09:38:37
Huddersfield to announce new manager - Strongly rumoured to be ALAN SHEARER with an experienced old head Glenn Rhoder as assistant.

Sounds very much like the route they went down with Lee Clark. New manager, experienced backroom staff.

I think after that didn't work out, they'll be looking at a different approach to recent managers.

They'll appoint someone experienced, not attached.

Whether it's the right move, only time will tell!

Shearer is God in my household, But I would say he isn't the man for the HTFC job and Glen Rhoder? pleeeeeease.

Please NO! Shearer couldn't keep his beloved Newcastle up so no chance with us. Jacko with Yorath was a one off and Jacko loved the club so was a good rallying point.

Yet another big name ex-player that wants to start high up. Where are the big name ex-players that start out at lower teams/youth teams like in Italy, Holland and Spain. People like Bergkamp, Cocu, Albertini have all started their careers off as youth coaches and worked their way up.

Better than some names mentioned! In Deano we trust!!!!

If it goes the way it has done over the last few days it will be to announce a sale in the club shop or the local chippy has agreed a sponsorship deal for p4p4.

Shear won't leave his cushy job at the Beeb no way

Graeme Jones now hot favourite for the job, Adkins turned us down unsurprisingly, we missed out on him when we got Lee Clarke and he has grown in stock since then. Whoever we get it needs sorting quickly, with our horrendous injury list we are likely to get mullered on Saturday then will have a mountain to climb to lift the squad.

How is Dave Jones now odds on. Any news?.

NONSENSE, Hoyle has come out today and said that they are still looking, that Lillis and Eyre will be in charge for saturday, the press conference tomorrow is the standard pre game one they do before every home game

So Billy Davies has turned down the seasiders to persue another interest out there, could that be HTFC

I'm getting fed up with all this now! If we had high calibre names applying for the job then what's holding things up? We'll be in the relegation zone before anyone is appointed at this rate!

Yes Graeme Jones. just what we need. I had to google him to see what we were talking about! Imagine when he phones another club to enquire about a player and says its Graeme Jones from HTAC, they on other end with a puzzled look on their face say "Graeme? Graeme who? From where? He will truly have the pulling power to get players into the club eh! {Ed003's Note - I think the footballing fraternity know who he is.}

We are clearly struggling to appoint a manager. Adkins has turned it down, Davies never applied. We are left with a load of first timers looking to use usas a stepping stone.

Jones turned down the swansea job before laudrup so I think people have heard of him and I believe he is. very highly thought of in the footballing circle

06 Feb 2013 22:08:01
how do people know Adkins has turned HTFC down he has not said anything in the press usually they are the first to know and all this is aload of tosh, HTFC conduct business behind close doors DH will tell us when the new manager is appointed so HTFC fans ignor all the silly posts on here UTT

Jones is highly thought of in football. we could. also look at premiership youth/reserve managers as they will have a lot of desire to prove they are good enough

There's a big difference between struggling to appoint any old manager, and taking the time to get the right man for the job. Its bewildering how so many people will believe what an anonymous poster on a rumours site has supposedly heard from the receptionist's brother's wife's cousin's sister. Just wait for an official statement after this weekend

Look at Roeder's record at taking teams down, he was the downfall of NCFC with his arogant manner and use of loan market, depends which way you want to go! if it's down, then it will be an inspired choice.
GR is a disaster and shoiuld be kept out of football!

Now we hear that yet more loans are coming. Who's appointing them as we don't have a manager! I have a idea! why don't we have a manager/chairman and we can save even more money (and be even more of a total laughing stock)

Alan Shearer, wasnt that last years last minute Spoof! I guess we are almost ready to anounce the next wanabee then. Take note - DH won't pay the type of money for anyone with credability and to be honest I don't blame him. It makes sense to take a chance and find the next young managerial talent. Lee Clark. Simon Grayson. great appointments at the time but just not quite cutting the mustard. It will be someone fresh and if DH is true to his Chairmanship style, he will dispose of them in 12 months time if they prove not up to the job. If DH cheses to stick around long enough he will hit the jackpot eventually. Personally I think there are far too many mangerial names in the hat that are simply dinning out on their footballing legacy and DH knows that. Paolo Di Cannio. now there's a punt. Look at Gus Poyet and Zola. How uncomfortable where we playing against their teams. Come on DH, time to let the cat out of the bag. I promised I would keep quiet and I will -"o"-

Good idea that, chairman/manager, Hoyle can pay himself too! And no need to make a payoff when he decides to sack himself. lillis as assistant who can scour the loan market, while dean gets on with training the players.

Still waiting for this press conference

No need for a press conference for a chairman/manager as he is already there!



06 Feb 2013 09:31:00
Manchester City are plotting to raid napoli for edinson cavani and insigne and are also looking at youngster jack crolla who is currently in manchester from naples

Hasn't Cavani signed a pre-season agreement with Real Madrid?



05 Feb 2013 22:36:39
Nigel Clough is working on getting 3 loans in when the window opens. 2 of which will be with view to permanent transfer. Try before you buy. The one that obviously won't be with view is Liverpool Left back Jack Robinson who will come in for the rest of the season. The other two loans are a striker and a centre back but don't know the exact players just heard various names being thrown about.

In terms of Summer plans as we rarely have done business in January before anyway so this is where we will add depth and players. The loans that come in could be made permanent but that's obviously based on how they do. Jon taylor and Will grigg are players nigel really wants to try and sign on Pre contracts with agreements that derby loan young players to their current clubs. The obvious position that most derby fans keep questioning is the left back with Roberts retiring at the end of the season and Hoganson only on a 1 year deal
there is a gap but Nigel has real faith i'm told in u18s player Rhys Sharpe who plays Lb/Lm and will introduce much like will hughes in the last couple of games obviously depending where we are in the table.


The Jack Robinson rumour has been doing the rounds for about a season now.



05 Feb 2013 23:23:32
Blackpool was going to appoint Davies but then forest contacted him and is in a Nottingham hotel now set for contract talks in the morning if they agree he will snub Blackpool and be back at home source tv

He would be mad to take the Forest job. He left the club last time because he was falling out with the board. What chance does he stand with these jokers.

Back at Home? Is there a mangerial vacancy in Glasgow then? Seriously though why all the love for him from Forest fans. twice he has failed Forest in the play-offs yet Derby fans hate him and he took us up!



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