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06 Aug 2013 23:45:04
Spoke to a guy at the game tonight who claims he had spoken to Jed, who told him that Hoddle would be the next manager, but can't be appointed for 6 weeks due to current contractual obligations?
Not saying I believe it, but its a rumour.



06 Aug 2013 23:26:26
Burnley have won the race to sign Billy Sharp on season loan.

Nicky Powell and Darren Ambrose also both set to sign on season loans.

All 3 would definately improve our squad, just can't see them all happening.

07 Aug 2013 08:44:42
You won't get Powell - he is having a medical "somewhere else" today

Obviously not true! But as a burnley this would be good!

07 Aug 2013 12:26:52
you won't get sharp on loan as saints only want to sell not loan

0 7Aug
Burnley have won the race to sign Billy Sharp on season loan.

Nicky Powell and Darren Ambrose also both set to sign on season loans.

So'ton have moved the goalposts a bit on this one. Original discussions were about a loan with a view to perm but they now want a fee. Pretty much rules Burnley out.



06 Aug 2013 23:11:22
Burnley, Hull City and Bolton have all bid for Oldham Athletic's Jose Baxter.

And Blackburn, Blackpool and Leeds anyone else feel free to add to this list it's getting bigger?

Buy baxter now he's rubbish

Not to mention Forest, Derby, Leeds, Sheff Wed, Crystal Palace, Wigan, Doncaster and Bournemouth

Baxter has turned down a 1. 2m move to burnley, and is holding out for hull, problem is they have only offered 800k

All rubbish. LJ has said all along most recently today that no offers have come in. So he's not rejected anyone. And he's gt a release clause of 500k so noone would offer more than that! MEN reported doncaster intrest today but yet again no contact!

Doncaster link is expected due to Paul Dickov being there manager. I like Baxter would him at Bolton. He has plenty of potential and scores at a regular rate.

09 Aug 2013 15:44:42
Hull tigers , sounds like an ice hockey team to me, must be a lot of stray cats in hull. Don't forget tigers are nearly extinct.

Its hull city tigers

I know a lot of you english lads are angry, and this doesn't count for much but in Australia and other countries where football is a 3rd or 4th string sport (usa, nz, asia) the name
HULL CITY TIGERS sounds awesome! the words AFC and FC are not used in any sport code. I know the club is 110yrs old and tradition means a lot furthermore I know you guys are the ones putting bums on seats and we are simply TV fans but hey I reckon it sounds awesome.

Prem league have ignored the name change as owners have to consult with the fans, 88% disagree with the name change in a recent poll with daily mail



06 Aug 2013 22:58:52
Jol at carrow road tonight. Who was he watching? Johnson maybe?

Hmm, sounds plausable but i'm sure there were better players to be watched. Tetty? Turner? Bassong? etc etc



06 Aug 2013 22:27:29
Boro have comfirmed Adomah capture in 3yr deal.
Leeds on verge of agreeing deal for McCormack also loan for Ricardo Vaz Te on cards after start of PL - board member was on our table tonight.

07 Aug 2013 08:52:47
I can't see you getting Ricardo Vaz Te.

Leeds only have McCormack as an out and out striker proven in the current team. he scores goals for us and works hard for the rest of team.

why would we choose to sell. what will £million get us in return.

wee Ross loves the club and fans, leeds are starting to move in the right direction at long last and Ross is going to be a big part of that

Don't think we've got McCormack, he costs double what we've offered

He's worth atleast double what they have offered

Absolutely no chance of boro signing ross unless a bid of 2.5 mill min is put in. he loves Leeds and Leeds love him.


McCormack is staying at leeds he's the best player in the team he's my fave player. MOT!



06 Aug 2013 20:56:52
Lawson dath heading to Exeter until the end of season



06 Aug 2013 20:05:32
{Ed 003's Note - the fixtures are up on the correct score comp page for this weekend. }



06 Aug 2013 17:27:33
Anthony Malbon of Kidderminster will sign for Bristol City for £100,000. 21 year old Malbon scored 19 times last season.

What a load of rubbish after multiple times he's said he is happy at KHFC

Money talks my friend and at this moment Bristol City have money to spend after the sales of Davies and Adomah so we shall see! just wanna wish ALBERT ADOMAH all the best! true professional when he was at BS3 always will get a warm welcome if he returns to play at ASHTON GATE with BORO or any club he is with in the future! BORO u really got a gem for the money u payed for him! ONE TEAM IN BRISTOL BCFC!

Highly doubt this due to the price you're quoting! We got over £300,000 for Jamille Matt and he's nowhere near as good as Malbon so highly doubt the price



06 Aug 2013 19:05:08
Doncaster sign man city full back Reece wabara on a short term loan deal.

All we need now is Mr Brammall an Mr Watson to let the new investment go through and let JR sign Billy. in Ryan we trust

No we don't we need them to put more in the pot and if do so bring the fans to keepmoat and get behind the team

Would pref they went and allowed JR to work with new investors. Trust JR, not the other. more interested in how to use assets like training ground, but not for training!

Does anyone really know what's happening. I don't think so. The way things are going there's going to be a split in the board and we will have no board and no investors and onlybj Ryan's money. If people keep slating them they'll get fed up and walk away that's only natural

Well if they get sick of the moaning they should put the money in

Let them walk, but they won't as they know they can apply the assets and get income. let alternative investors come in, at least they will truthfully tell us their plans, invest in the club, and take a long term view. The Board is split, but only because some Directors are not interested in the club and one does not like or understand the game. BTW, I think you do have some idea and have a position.

What makes you so sure that any new investers would tell us the "truth".
We we will be told by any owners what they want us to know, nothing more, nothing less.
You must be really naïve to think anything differently.

Not at all naive, but perhaps we can actually see the plan and then hold them to account. Not what some people might like.



06 Aug 2013 17:09:00
Alan Gow will be unveiled as a Gillingham player by friday, he is set to sign a 1 year deal. Meanwhile Charlie Lee is in talks with Stevenage over a proposed season long loan.

09 Aug 2013 19:26:05
Which particular Friday, because it ain't this one?

09 Aug 2013 20:22:04
How come Gow is in the Exeter squad for tomorrows game against Mansfield?

May be some truth in Gow rumours, not in Saturdays Exeter team, certainly need a playmaker, all over the place so far this season



06 Aug 2013 16:58:31
Burnley match Middlesboro's £1million bid for Ross McCormack of Leeds United. Burnley will pay just £500k up front with the rest in installments!

How do people get so much enjoyment out of picking random teams and linking them with Ross McCormack just because Middlesbrough and Blackpool have bidded for him

06 Aug 2013 22:24:08
really not heard this 1 burnley not linked with him and if we were we would pay the full amount up front

06 Aug 2013 22:54:37
I think he'll go to Reading, we can trade Jobi and legs for him

No chance. McCormack will probably leave but way out of Burnley's price bracket.



06 Aug 2013 16:55:20
stoke city have made contact with celtic over defender kelvin wilson

Another Defender? Really? i'm a Welshman who supports stoke, i'm not knocking Hughes because I personally and genuinely believe in him. but he best sign atleast 1 proven goalscorer and a decent midfielder. having identified goals as the problem. we have signed 2 defenders albeit quality indeed. and re-signed Pennant for width. clock is ticking.

He is on his way to forest

The guy is going back to Forest. Don't list such drivel.



06 Aug 2013 16:53:06
paul scharner looks to be on is on his way back to the premier league this summer with a move to hull looking very likely to be finalised soon. scharner played under bruce at wigan some years ago and they are set to be re-united.

Scharner's actually considering retiring as a player this season as he's having severe disagreements with his current club.

, bruce has dismissed this and said he was never interested

07 Aug 2013 14:54:52
Sunderland have accepted a 2 million bid from Wigan for James mclean

Looks like McClean is set too join the mighty latics now aswel we are a lot stronger than when we was in prem

08 Aug 2013 11:38:02
On his way to Wigan for 1.5m. Confirmed by the player on twitter. Great Signing.



06 Aug 2013 16:51:17
Toby Alderweireld could be on his way to everton after they agreed terms. the two clubs ajax and everton are now thrashing out the deal.



06 Aug 2013 16:47:36
fulham are closing in on a double deal for playmaker taarabt and sunderland captain lee cattermole

Taarabt, Cattermole, Bent.

What a good end to the window after signing Stekkers, Riether, Amorebieta and Boateng early on!

Taarabt done deal has joined Fulham
on season long loan from QPR.

If jol signs cattermole I do not see the benefits. he has a complete lack of discipline!

The feed links below are generally correct - Jol is clueless and will be the first manager sacked in the prem league. Khan will want his own manager.

Regarding earlier comment asking us to come up with names - surely that is Jol's job, surely he has a scouting team? The one main reason a risk has been taken on Taarabt is because he is cheap. He offers nothing more to the squad other than cover for Ruiz (who by the way is an excellent player if allowed to play in a central role just behind the strikers, he is not a wide player or a central midfielder).

Fulham need improvements across the team, two strikers (to add to Berba and Roda), better central midfielders (better than Sidwell and Boateng) and two fullbacks (to support or improve on Riether and Riise). Another pacey wide player would be good to support Kaka, Dejagah, Frei and the past it Duff. Will Kasami ever be given a good run in the team?

Another point, so far Khan has not endeared himself to the fans - would have expected at least one big signing - perhaps it might still happen but alas it will be too late to have them fully integrated into the team BEFORE the start of the season.

Talk of Cattermole is just typical of the summer's business.

Jol is the reason players like Berba, Dejagah & Stek are at the club

I don't get how you're saying Jol is clueless. He's signed Stekelenberg, Amorebieta, Riether, Boateng and Taarabt so far. Those are all very good players and we've spent very little. Bent still has the potential to score 10-15 goals a year so I don't get why Jol's apparently useless.

Watching Fulham last season was like watching a dog's breakfast (a real mess of players, no cohesion, aimless). The fact is we have got decent players which is why it is even more frustrating why we performed so poorly last season, you will know what our home form was like.

Fact is - good players poor performances - so you have to point to the manager. I could do a thesis on what was wrong with Fulham's play last season and little has changed in the tactics used pre season.



06 Aug 2013 16:46:43
QPR midfielder Adel Taarabt has passed his medical at Fulham and his loan signing should be confirmed shortly.

Can't see Jol putting up with Adel for to long. When on loan at QPR from spurs he played under 3 managers in 1 season 2 of whom tried to send him back. I hope the loan deal can't be cancelled as if he come back he'd be a nightmare. We don't need him derailing any possible promotion campaign. let's hope for all parties sake the penny has finaly dropped with Adel but i'm not holding my breath. Just like our now beloved Mr Barton Adel is a ticking timebomb and is never to far away from trouble

Judas don't want him back

Wasn't loved enough?

Any news today



06 Aug 2013 16:46:05
wba are on the verge of landing there top summer target scott sinclair from man city on loan with a view to signing the player permanently next summer.

Dream on brummy. he's going stoke. he was at stokes training ground yesterday afternoon.



06 Aug 2013 15:48:38
Oldham to sign a cb on season loan from an unamed premier league side within the next 48 hours

Ayala from norwich

Stephen Sama from Liverpool!!



06 Aug 2013 15:47:31
Expect Dean Cox and Jay Simpson to be Bristol City players by the end of the week.



06 Aug 2013 15:45:39
With Albert Adomah signing for Middlesborough, Bristol City will try to sign Leyton Orients Dean Cox

06 Aug 2013 21:41:31

NOW can we get shot of Mogga, his entire coaching team, Gibson, the entire board and anyone else related to destroying my beloved Boro.

Yes, 27 years ago Gibson was a diamond, He saved Boro and I am eternally grateful. However, time moves on. Now, he has run out of money or is penny pinching and not investing what we need for a Premier League promotion season and beyond.

We have just lost another two games in a row and been dumped out of the League Cup, AT HOME, by a League 2 side. Nightmare.

Can things get any worse? Probably. What is the excuse this time. The players are tired after a long hard season.

We cannot get players. Who will want to come to Boro now after this latest humiliation? Nobody worth anything.

Mowbray has clearly proved he is inept and cannot run a bath never mind get us to the Premiership.

Cut our losses now. Get shot of them all. Find new investors, build a real promotion challenging team, get a new go getting powerful manager and, hey this will do to start with, actually WIN a game.

Remember that feeling? No, too far back for me too.

Things can only get better but Boro need to watch for that League One trapdoor opening ever so slightly already in this season.

Fan power. Who wants League One football at the Riverside? Act NOW.

Welcome to the Boro Albert but after tonights result you will need to be a miracle worker!

Boro Fans,
We must wait until the transfer window closes on 2nd September.
Then we will know where we are going. We were never going to win the League Cup and it is a League distraction. Keep a cool head. It's in the blood lads, Boro through and through. Born 66 been through all of the heartache. Support the club and the Town!

No way will Coxy leave the O's Unless its a fantastic offer, starting with seven figures.
He loves it here at Orient and has a great understanding with his manager Russell Slade.
Coxy will only have to wait another season before he is playing championship football. with Orient.

Mogga doesn't want to be in the cup this way he can focus more on the league and get us in to the prem also players will get more of a rest when not playing in cup matches

For anyone saying get rid of Gibson. and replace him with who? Do you really think there are many investors who will show the same time and commitment to a small club? That there's a queue of business men looking to sink thousands a week into a club just to keep it afloat? Without Gibson there would be no club.

07 Aug 2013 07:16:19
Boro finally sign Adomah on a 3 yr deal hopefuly well gdt a few more good signing an get the Riverside Roaring again because the Fans need to see new faces or Attendabces will get even lower its been hard to keep the Faith but with th Capture of Adomah ots a sign pff things to come? Up The Boro! Tommo

07 Aug 2013 07:26:33
Wot rubbish we don't want to be in cup the club needs the money from the revenue! Another silly comment just to back mowbray funny doesn't look like we will make much off sky this season as one live match probably because people switch over when we are on total rubbish. Wake up you Mowbray zombies.


Every year bigger teams get beat by smaller teams, its the magic of cup competitions. If you're saying change is because of this result, you need to get a grip. Boro created the chances last night, the problem is they weren't put away, mowbray cannot be blamed for that

I would actually love to see Jonathan Woodgate as player-manager

Bradford wasn't meant to get to the final but they did any team can win it

'Coxy will only have to wait another season before he is playing championship football. with Orient. '

Not too sure about that one mate! Still, reasons to be optimistic after the start we've had.

Replace Gibbo? who else would plough £ 1 miilion a month to keep the club afloat?

This is the most talented squad of players Orient have had for many years. I am very optiimistic.
If Slade can keep these players together for the next 12 months, and with one or two extra additions, we will get where we want to be. Also full marks to Slade for his passion, shrewd signings, and for developing a great team spirit!

Enough said.

Don't know why everyone keeps saying to get shot of Gibbo, after everything he has done for the club! Even if a billionaire owner came in the due to financial fair play they would not be able to spend massive amounts. The trouble lies with the fans, the ground needs to be filled and bring the money in. Everyone should just realise that we are now a mid atble championship club and why should Gibson keep ploughing money in if the fans can't be bothered to turn up.

Its early days yet lads. we can't right Mogga off at this stage in the season. who knows where we are going to finish? its TM'S defining season and he knows he has to get us into the top six and if he doesn't i'm sure he will walk away as he knows that he has not completed his task. As for Gibbo, the man has put 100's 0f millions of pounds into the club and is still losing a million a month. who is going to invest in a small town club and stick to it? look what happened to portsmouth. I suggest we see the season out before replacing managers, chairmen and owners. let's have some positives. come on boro!

Adomah great player u got a bargain for a mil.
Twice the player of carayol



06 Aug 2013 15:33:24
why aren't reading in the league cup this week? or have I missed somthing

07 Aug 2013 08:56:01
Because of last years league status

Then why did QPR play in it last night against Exeter

Because QPR came last, last season which means you have to start in the 1st round. 18th and 19th get free access to the 2nd round.

Because they finished lower than us, Wigan also got a buy through to round 2

Reading didn't play in the first round and the same for Wigan. QPR did because they finished bottom

QPR finished bottom of the Prem so go into the first round with all other league teams. 2nd round Reading will enter along with the bottom 10 prem teams and 3rd round Wigan will enter with the top 10 prem teams.

Cause QPR were bottom, I think that's how it works

No, normally all 3 relegated teams get a by to the second round, but this year was different due to Wigan's participation in Europe following their FA cup win. Therefore, QPR took their place being the lowest positioned prem team last year



06 Aug 2013 15:07:44
1 million pound bid in for Leeds McCormack turned down and Reading now in for him too. C'mon Boro, don't be tight, we know Reading wont be! :(

He's going to Reading no way boro could outbid us.

He's going no where. Unless you pay a stupid amount in which case we'd be the winners.

06 Aug 2013 23:25:45
Reading will just be too slow as usual, we were too slow on our supposed top transfer target, Gary hooper, so what makes you think that Reading will even bid for him

He is staying at Leeds

We weren't to slow with Hooper. He didn't want to move to the Championship. We stood no chance.

McCormack is no world beater. Decent enough at Championship level but certainly not good enough to be paying over the odds for. Anything more than 1 - 2m is overpriced and Leeds would keep him.

Maybe we wasnt slow with hooper but we was slow for austin and now he is at QPR we need to act faster if we wanna get the players

Whose to say we were even in for Austin? We need a striker and he was available and the media put 2 and 2 together and got 5 again.

When we sign a striker it'll be someone we haven't yet been linked with.

Look at Bridge and Williams no one knew about those deals till a day before they were completed.

We are notorious for doing our dealings privately.

Or we didn't want austin. why do people like you always believe they were our actual transfer targets? its people like you who then blame the club for not getting them when its quite likely a paper just made it up. like seriously

Im friends with charlies cousin and us (Reading) didn't come anywhere near him) he also said his medical fail was a sham at hull, he's never had a problem with what they failed him on, they (hull) got cold feet



06 Aug 2013 14:58:05
Burton are to follow the signing of Adam McGurk with the signing of Anthony O'Connor on a season long loan from Blackburn.



06 Aug 2013 14:51:22
Any truth in Swindon signing Davide Somma anyone know?

I hope not, his injury history is something I fear that will always now over shadow his once hopeful career.

Not heard nothing on him but the club are tracking, Leon Clarke, Wes Thomas, Mamady sidibe & Dany N'Guessan.

And Jason Roberts from reading is a target.



06 Aug 2013 14:42:58
Town to sign Richards from Swansea on loan till January the 2nd

What town SWINDON?

Can't see it unless there's cover for Rangel. Taylor is an option but laudrup won't take that risk and we're only after another striker!

Good. Richards is shocking, we need to stalk down tiendalli and sign him back up.



06 Aug 2013 14:34:06
Millwall and Blackpool are both trying 2 get Kevin mcdonald of sheffield united there are a few others but these are the 2 wit the most interest.

Lets hope

We need a right back not this guy

Really if it was a choice between Bishop coming on or starting or Mcdonald I know which I would choose.

Yes we need a RB put you can not seriously just dismiss him as being a good addition to the squad

McDonald will not be leaving Sheffield United. We aren't going to lose him.

Ill drive him 2 both clubs he is league 1 player at the most will warm both your benches



06 Aug 2013 14:41:57
Crawley Town are interested in free Agent Craig Fagan on a short term contract



06 Aug 2013 14:28:09
Sorry burnley fans. Rmours coming out of wolves that Roger Johnson may be on his way to your club. Down with Birmingham, then down with wolves twice as captain. If your unlucky enough to take this true professional of our hands maybe you will also take Jamie o'hara as a buy 1 get 1 free.

1 man doesn't take you down - let's face it you're whole team let you down. Johnson wouldn't be a bad shout be wages would be an issue

the guy above obviously hasn't seen Johnson play

Agreed, let me tell you as a wolves supporter, Johnson and Ohara were two of the biggest reasons we went down



06 Aug 2013 11:20:08
Ed, is Hitzlsperger coming I Reading?

Him and McCormack would finish the squad for me. both quality additions

Still think we have enough midfielders we need a striker someone always gets injured!



06 Aug 2013 13:46:03
Crawley are close to completing the loan signing of Marlon King from Birmingham City

You'll do well to satisfy his wage demands.

07 Aug 2013 10:50:14
He's on 40-45,000 a week, so no chance



06 Aug 2013 13:25:28
Watford are one of a number of clubs looking to bring in Tottenham left back Zeki Fryers on loan.

Would make sense as cover for Pudil/ Anya if Anya is needed to move to the right side

Anya does play on the right.

Anya can play on either side

07 Aug 2013 21:06:49
that is true my lad



06 Aug 2013 11:54:58
Sallum higinbotham linked to coming back to Barnsley on a months loan

Kallum Higginbotham and I hope not!

Don't think so, he was awful

Never happen. Worse than what we have now

Hell no mate he was rubbish

Think he has signed for Partick Thistle

Really hope not we got 4 better strikers already

Patrick Thistle have got a good player there, would have done a job for Barnsley.

When is flitcroft going to stop making excuses and ge us a striker we have wanted a good one for some time, all he is bothered about is playing is mates fromRochdale

We are to sign a striker in the comings weeks, before the transfer window shuts

We should sign nehki wells from Bradford! looks good

Five goals in two games no goals scored in open play not looking good is it

They wouldn't sell Wells willingly to a Premier league Team, why would they sell him to us?

Listen guys, we could sign w Rooney, if the service is poor, and at the moment it's poor, we won't get goals, but give it a chance it will get better,

Desperately need a striker. Dagnall not looking up to it this year



06 Aug 2013 13:16:07
Middlesbrough have had a bid accepted for Leeds United striker Ross McCormack!

A bid has been made but leeds have NOT accepted it

Sorry the bid has NOT YET been accepted and is unlikely to be as its not enough

Guessing on weather or not it's been accepted then? Lol. Think it's funny how everybody knows as much as eachother really but people giv it that lil bit more like they're in the know n know what they're talking about haha when truth is they probably haven't decided on the offer yet as Leeds will also want a bidding war between Boro and Blackpool n that's a big IF they don't want to keep him themselves!

If I remember rightly he was on fire when first signing for Leeds but then went off the boil a little when played less regularly and out wide.
I am hopeful though- will be a good signing

Keep dreaming an making up rubbish and all five of your fans may start to believe you

Obviously not, he's very happy at leeds, he said that a couple of weeks ago...

Leeds fans love him, we must really be offering him a good deal, all the Leeds fans are saying there is no way he will come to Boro. Does money talk? We will see! Huge scalp for Mogga and Gibbo if successful!

He's right, Ross was at rockliffe. I'm amazed they actually accepted a bid of only £950,000. Probably because they got Noel hunt, matter smith and Luke murphy

No they haven't.

Blackpool and Middlesborough have made bids but neither will be accepted.

Quote from Phil Hay (Yorkshire Paper) on Middlesborough link
"it's true, they've bid for him. But McDermott's made it pretty clear that he's not interested in offers for RM"

and on Blackpool bid
"From McDermott's presser today, he as good as confirmed that lufc have turned down offers from Blackpool for McCormack and White. "

Everyone enjoy promotion season

On the radio it said bid rejected. however, McDermott is prepared to let him go ad the right price, so a higher bid could prove to be a worthwhile gamble, but we don't want to break the bank. I think £1. 5 should do it, especially after McDermott has signed hunt, Smith and mccormack is down the Peking order, even got took off at the weekend.

Simmer down. It's not like he's amazing. Don't know why the Leeds fans are getting their panties in a bunch over this. Just because the fans fancy him it doesn't mean the manager does too. Leeds probably have other plans or are looking at bringing someone else in and want to balance the financial fair play books but offloading him. Not sure what you are getting worked up about.

Not been accepted

Hopefully what a team we are going to be premier league here we come

Rubbish - Made a bid but not accepted

Have to agree with the guy at the top, who says " funny how everyone knows more than each other ".

But we know this from the press and Mowbray.

adomah having a medical at Middlesbrough.

Middlesbrough make bid for Ross mac.

Mowbray we have 7 bids in for several different players at different clubs as yet our bids have not been rejected. we hope to have 2 to 3 players in by this week.

This what we know, that's to everyone on this site. As we all know money talks with any club.

06 Aug 2013 21:35:22
Lol how laughable some fans are we make attempts to sign two players and the rose tinted brigade all come out defending Mogga and think we are straight back to the premiership! Please have some strong caffeine and shake your heads and wake up we can't even beat Accrington Stanley! We will be beat by Charlton and beat by Blackpool at home because we are poor very poor and I will stand by my opinion that Mogga is not the man we need a line jumper shouting at players and a motivator, its not the players its Mowbrays poor management skills. Excuses only last so long before change is needed. If it was Strachen who had same record would you still say it? Some need to wake up!


It doesn't matter who boro sign if we had messi still couldn't win a game accrington your havin a laugh bye bye mowbray and venus this club needs a coach with new input not tactically inept do it gibbo before its to late utb

Not a cat in hells chance. 1m. ha ha. MOT

All Boro Fans, keep a cool head. Wait until 2nd September until we see what we have in and then decide what will happen this season.
Get behind the club always.
At the end of the day we are boro through and through, it's in the blood!

Quote from Mowbray after yesterdays game, seems McCormack or A. N. Other is close to signing. “Albert is not going to head balls in the box, or head balls away from the net, ” said the Middlesbrough boss. “He is a creative wide player who can get up and down the right wing, he will cause problems to teams with his speed and trickery. “He can create chances but ultimately we need to have somebody who can stick the ball in the net. We are looking hard to try to adjust that situation. It's very close, if not over the line. I left the training ground at 5pm and I was hoping it had been concluded in the hour or two after I had left. ”

07 Aug 2013 08:51:27
It seems that Boro have had a bid for Adomah accepted, he's a good winger. Don't be so sure about a loss on Sat, Charlton are missing at least one influential player.

Chazlad. we agreed on a post before but I can't agree with you here. the strachan legacy is finally put to bed with the players that mogga is now bringing in. we now have to give these guys a punt at getting us somewhere.

friend, varga, leadbitter, richardson, carayol, adhoma, jukievicz, whitehead. plus of course woody and hoyte. that's a damn good start to what could be a decent team mate. if he gets a quality defender in and another striker, I feel that we will definately suprise the so called big guns.

this is how mogga has set up previous clubs. west brom were very attacking but no defence, this time he has to get the balance right. i'm sure we will still have something to shout about at the end of this season mate



06 Aug 2013 12:12:17
Middlesbrough have made a bid for Leeds Utd Ross McCormack.

Looks like we have finally woken up as a club and are now after realistic targets.

C'mon Boro!

Leeds won't sell RM. £1m for a international proven championship striker. not a chance. More probably the Boro board are giving the Boro fans false perception. Any proper intentions would have to be a bid in the region of£3m. Ps Bates has left the building. MOT

Are you ok mate he's poor 7goals last season in 20 games we need 20 goal man to get near the top adomah good yes we need a good striker cum on mogga loads out get one in that's all fans wand reach would get his game rm and park

Ross is not a realistic target

McDermott not interested in selling & McCormack has made it clear he has no interest in moving

You won't get him he's said he wants to stay at leeds

Ross is poor? get a grip.

Ross poor? what are you on? 2nd most assists in the league last year! oh and he had a nasty injury towards the start of that as well.



06 Aug 2013 12:49:04
Muhammet Demirci to Schalke



06 Aug 2013 12:48:26
Federik Sorensen or Kurt Zouma coming to Bayern.



06 Aug 2013 11:36:46
Swindon Town today agreed a compensation package with Liverpool to release Alex Inglethorpe from his position as head of development at Anfield. Mark Cooper is expected to oversea this weekends game with Inglethorpe taking complete charge from next week, its also expected that Shaun Taylor will be coming in as his assistant with Cooper moving to head up Swindons reserves and start our own development squad.

This rumour is laughable, why would someone with one if the best development facilities and funds want to leave a club like Liverpool and come to lowly Swindon town who haven't got two pennies to rub together

We have got two pennies, its four pennies we struggle with.

To start out on his own managerial path. Swindon are reknown for giving people a chance to cut their managerial teeth.

To the person who thinks this is laughable. What makes you think Swindon on't have two pennies to rub together?

Oh, that's right, you don't know!

The fact that Swindon are turning things around to become sustainable and off loaging their high earners (recovering from PDCs spending spree), suggests good management rather than no pennies, or is this too much for you to understand in the highlights of the Premiership?

Plausable rumour, could be good for liverpool & spurs loan and like shaun taylor as assistant, but would prefer tisdale with shaun taylor as assistant

If Swindon have no money they how did they bid £125k for Thomas at Bournemouth?

Laughable ill education about Swindon finances, they have cut spending so they CAN spend money on player.

Get your facts straight. oh and Inglethorpe has not been interviewed and isn't even a candidate. apparently he was to be made manager 2 days ago. duh. not going to happen.



06 Aug 2013 11:25:18
Sunderland are trying to bring in another striker with French striker Moussa Sow. The Fenerbah�e player can also be used on either wing. BLACKCAT

According to the papers its southampton who are interested and not sunderland. sunderland get linked with every player on the planet lol



06 Aug 2013 11:21:58
Anything new with Christian Erikson going to Liverpool. A couple weeks ago it basically seemed like it was done. Why the big delay?



06 Aug 2013 11:22:34
Have just been told West Brom could make last minute bid for Darren Bent as they are getting frustrated waiting for an answer from Kalou.
Different type of player I know but winger situation being helped by Sinclair joining on loan this week.

Hope we don't get bent don't think he is good for west brom

Well, I've just seen an article in which Kalou says he's staying at Lille. Wish the time-wasting berk had said so earlier then there wouldn't have been so much faffing around. Cheers, Salomon - don't mind that you didn't want to come (your choice), more annoyed that you dragged your feet so much they could hear the scraping noises on Mars.

We need to sign 2 wingers including Sinclair, unless Steve Clarke wants to draft Saido berahino in to the first team

I said on a post last week that there would be a twist in the tale with regards to Darren Bent. Kalou will turn us down as he is on good money in France. Sinclair will sign this week. Baird also on radar. Odemwingie will be sold to West Ham.

Not going to happen

"We need to sign 2 wingers including Sinclair, unless Steve Clarke wants to draft Saido berahino in to the first team"

I wouldn't mind that at all. We rarely give young players a chance in the first team, and we had a long succession of managers who didn't really give the youth players a glance. Every other club does it - why don't we?

I think saido would be good given a chance

Yes, I'd say give Berahino a chance too.



06 Aug 2013 11:03:53
west brom will look complete the loan signing of scott sinclaire by the end of the week as man city have agreed to the deal.

I heard that he was heading back to Swansea on loan

OH so if the club accept the deal the player will automatically accept the deal as well? - The player can veto the deal, so its far from a sure thing.

Albion are his first choice so the deal should go through this week. The hold up has been waiting for city to make up their mind up on the deal.

The first comment doesn't state it's a done deal just says Albion will look to complete the deal! Not definitely will!

Come on west brom let's pay six mill for Sinclair or we will lose out again only he wants a perminant move not a loan move



06 Aug 2013 10:40:57
there has been rumors Motherwell could sign Lionel Ainsworth or Zavon Hines but Ainsworth is still contracted to Rotherham and I not sure if McCall will sign anyone else even though we need a fast winger and possibly another striker and defender.

I hope ainsworth does sign for motherwell because he needs a good club and to play regualer under rated player I used to play with him at school fantastic player

Motherwell will sign Hines. I also hear there may be another. Both on loan.

Mr McCall - Sign Ainsworth - he's a diamond - never got a decent run in the team and really started showing some form when hit by shoulder injury - deserves a good manager - have a good season - UTM

I think Ainsworth is underated tbh, not as good as Worrall though.



06 Aug 2013 10:27:09
Bournemouth want paddy madden from Yeovil

Hearing that Madden had a bust up with Johnson following Yeovil's win on Saturday at Millwall - has alerted a few championship clubs. Bournemouth who are in for a striker are one of the clubs who are intrested

So do a lot of teams, doesn't mean it's happening. Season had started and Johnson won't let a key player leave

You don't always get what you want!

Wanting and getting are two different thing dream on bournmouth

BREAKING: Grass is green.

. everyone wants Paddy Madden from Yeovil!

Rumour control it is aload of hot air grow up get a life he is not going anywhere

Madden is not championship standard! We need billy sharp or rickie lambert from Southampton! Yeovil can keep madden (for now :) )

Um. How do we always get we want! We've already missed out on signing 2 of our target strikers.

06 Aug 2013 17:54:12
Dream on? Yeovil/B'mouth. I'm sure AFCB could offer him a better deal all round, not to mention living in a beautiful town, by the sea et, etc, etc.

We won't get lambert or sharp

Paddy madden is a one player team he will only do well for Yeovil proof is before joining Yeovil he only scored 30 in 120 games and for Yeovil he scores 23 in 40 so a one team player

Are you kidding me? We would never get Lambert. Did you see him in the Prem last year?

AFCB fans your drunk if you think you will get either. They did not have a bust up my friend is friends with the owner and he has informed me there is nobissue at all between Madden and Gary he didn't do what Gary told him so Gary took him off.

I'm a Yeovil fan, you just have to watch/listen or read the interviews about madden/Johnson so called busy up. it's not a issue within the club.

But please other people stop saying your friends of his, know his mum, had sex with his dog or whatever to get a reference to him. it's cringe worthy

Lambert will not play regularly for Southampton this season, they have other options, he will be sat on the bench.

He hasn't just been called upto the England squad or anything

Lambert?! He'll playing against Scotland for England shortly. Don't think he'll be playing for Bournemouth

Madden seen looking round club and training facilities etc yesturday. Looks promising.

Bournemouth can't afford him his price has just doubled due to him bring called upto ROI squad

09 Aug 2013 14:35:25
When was that then?
Silly of me to think he was training yesterday before hanging round at the club (pictures on social network) and then being spotted in Yeovil town centre



06 Aug 2013 10:19:57
Stoke looking to sign Marko Anautovic from Werder Bremen

That would be a Amazing price he said he wants to play in eNgland 5M asking price it would be worth it

06 Aug 2013 15:29:31
West ham was looking at but decided not worth his trouble, he jas a lot of baggage and lm a hammer supporter



06 Aug 2013 09:28:46
Leicester will complete season long loan deals for Miquel and Yennaris from Arsenal this week

06 Aug 2013 13:22:47
errr - no they won't

Errr - yes they will.



06 Aug 2013 07:48:26
According to rumours Swansea City are eyeing
Kenneth Omeruo on loan.

Swans not looking for another centre back.



06 Aug 2013 02:57:50
Peniel Mlapa is rumored to be one of the players on Swansea wish list as he could leave for around 3 million pounds

Why would we buy a striker who will sit on the bench for £3million who only scored 2 goals in 20 matches last season and only 18 in over 100 matches as a professional footballer? I can confirm we are in talks with Real Mallorca for Isreali striker Tomer Hemed.

I suspect this will go the way of Di Santo as Laudrup wants a different type of forward and in Bonty we have a big centre forward. A Defoe type player is my guess.

Yes you are correct about him scoring only 18 goals in 100 games but you got to remember he's only 20 or 21 I think. Messi didn't have a grate scoring record when he was 20. It all comes with age

Yeah that's true fair enough. Peniel is a big lad, he's a strong and quick for his height but I can't see us going in for him for £3million. I think Laudrup will go after a striker with bags of pace to bring on late when defenders begin to tire.



06 Aug 2013 09:15:46
Albert Adomah due for a medical at hurworth today after clubs agreed on fee and how it is to be payed fingers crossed we can get this wrapped up asap as he would be a fantastic signing for us

If we do sign him mowbray will probably play him in defence



06 Aug 2013 09:08:44
Burnley boss Sean Dyche is to turn to Experienced striker Leroy Lita to to replace Charlie Austin

The frontman is being allowed to leave Swansea and will cost only 750,000 while Burnley as still looking into the signig of Gary Madine although Wednesday want 1M plus for the striker

Lita is a tank! Just not prem quality but would be a bargain for that price and would suit burnleys style

God no. Sharp on loan or ebanks Blake on a free. Lita has been useless for a number of years.



06 Aug 2013 08:50:42
Middlesbrough to complete Adomah deal today. The player is having a medical at Rockcliffe this afternoon and will be a Boro player by tonight.

Believe it when I see it. figers crossed tho.

And bid made for McCormack believed to be £800k

Ssn saying we've bid for Ross McCormack at Leeds too! Not sure this will come off though, as I doubt he'd be cheap. Plus played and scored at the weekend! Ya never know though!

True. he is to be presented to fans before tonights game with accrington stanley

06 Aug 2013 14:27:05
gibson knows in order to improve the squad enough to get promotion its going to cost money. Money he doesn't want to spend. if gibson wanted boro to get promoted he would have wrapped up the deals for the players mowbray wanted in an instant but every deal to date this summer has either broken down or stalled probably because boro are making it difficult offering miniscule wages untill eventually they scare the player off. and then coming out in the press saying OH WELL AT LEAST WE TRIED. AND JUST IN CASE YOU GUYS didn't KNOW VITOR (WHO IS A QUALITY PLAYER) ACTUALLY WANTED TO COME TO BORO AND wouldn't HAVE BEEN THAT EXPENSIVE HAS NOW WENT BACK TO PORTUGAL. AND EVEN IF WE DO SIGN ADOMAH WE HAVE NO DEPTH IN THE SQUAD. SO THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE AND US FANS ARE JUST going to HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON!

That's good news, hopefully we will maximise this by playing both him and carayol on each wing. Put loads of crosses in like crystal palace lat year, and we need a striker who will put them in the net. McCormack has been linked with boro, don't know if he'd sign for us, but we have a better team then Leeds however.

Boro make official bid for Leeds Ross McCormack and Boro still interested in bringing in another forward and Centre half with bids in for all, inside info

Gonna be some pacy danger men coming from our wings (adomah n carayol)with a v strong middle in white head n varga just need another striker n could do with some pacy wing bks IMO UTB!

07 Aug 2013 08:59:48
Have you Boro fans never heard of Financial fair play? OMG you sound like spoiled children!



06 Aug 2013 08:46:46
Colchester look set to loan Freddie Ladapo to non league outfit Chelmsford City in a 6 month loan deal.

Oh No! Hope not. He is a much-needed future prospect and the first team needs him desperately as back-up, following last night's inept display against Peterborough.

True though he will be joining them very soon to help there target man Jamie Slabber! with Chelmsford paying no wages



06 Aug 2013 08:37:09
West ham still lead the chase for Matej Vydra who would make an ideal partner for AC. Whether West Ham make a move or not is a different matter

There is no chase. Vydra is staying at Udinese.

100ppercent go for it a perfect partner for Carroll will mean we have a very good all round team this season

06 Aug 2013 13:23:38
I could give you £15m reasons why you might be wrong!

06 Aug 2013 15:33:51
His only 21yrs old we west ham then shouldve kept hall but decided to sell him to Bolton, no don't want him, not experienced enough



06 Aug 2013 07:47:48
Saints have had a bid rejected for Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez

06 Aug 2013 13:24:05
errr - no they haven't

Great player. Doubt it would happen with the World Cup coming up in addition to SFC not playing in Europe.

This wouldn't surprise me if Southampton had bid however even if a bid was accepted I don't think he'd choose Southampton over the likes of Valencia and apparently Real Madrid have shown an interest in him too.

This would be amazing, It's shame it's not going to happen though.

Ahhh would love him at St, Marys

Can't see united letting anyone go, look at the Rooney situation. Same as new York Yankees in baseball did buy the best players so they can't play against them.

What a dream, if not possible what
about Defoe, reckon he could do a good job for us?

Defoe. Ha. If he isn't good enough to stay at Spurts, why would the ageing highly paid has been be good enough for Saints?

Defoe is about 8 months younger than rickie lambert another aging player

It's true. But Defoe is no where near as good as he was. Lambert is as strong as he always was. Pace wasn't lambert s best trait, Defoe HAD pace which made him dangerous, but not anymore. He is average



06 Aug 2013 02:57:23
Thomas Hitzlsperger is set to sign a six month deal with Reading on agree transfer.

hope so

We don't need anymore central midfielders, the three that played on Saturday were amazing! Karacan and Guthrie started and were both quality! And I was very impressed when Danny Williams was brought on, really got about the pitch. Hope we don't get the overrated German

07 Aug 2013 11:12:26
Six months, what's that all about?



06 Aug 2013 02:54:07
German midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger (formerly of Aston Villa, Everton and West Ham) looks set to join Reading on a short term deal lasting only 6 months ending in mid January with an option to add on a year. Would be a good addition but all Reading fans want is A STRIKER!

Le fondre IS NO bench warmer reading are all about giving everyone a chance to prove them selves



06 Aug 2013 02:19:03
Gary oneil to qpr is set in stone



06 Aug 2013 01:09:08
Stoke manager Mark Hughes is thought to be in search of a new striker as Jones and Walters are not in his plans, for obvious reasons (they're not good enough), along with the banned Jerome. This leaves a massive gap to be filled, a #10 to partner the already faultering Crouch.
His shortlist of targets is to follow:
1. Diouf 6m -Hannover 96
2. Defoe 3-4m - Spurs
3. Rudnevs 5m- Hamburg (No thanks)

I am amazed if anybody signs for stoke.
no disrespect to the team or club but Mark Hughes is the most over rated manager in the football league

06 Aug 2013 13:25:06
Selling Crouch and Walters to fund a £9m for Deeney I hear

Mark Hughes isn't in the Football League.

Can't imagine Walters being sold for Deeney. He has been the only real striker to score in pre-season as far as I can remember.

Would LOVE to get Deeney though :p

Personally I believe that Diouf would be an excellent signing, plus because he's in the last year of his contract, the deal is possible. However Defoe is a assured goalscorer but could only last for 2 years, for 3million he'd be a bargain.

Why is Hughes overrated? He started the ball rolling at Man City with some good signing at a good prices, uncovered talent that didn't cost much money (Santa Cruz / Samba) who then went for big money. Signed Company for Man City and Zabaletta. All of these were good signings. I think he kept a poor QPR up in their fist season in the premiership and it was Redknapp in charge when they were relegated. I sometimes think people have it in for some people and Hughes is obviously one of these people to suffer. With regards to the list on who Stoke are looking to sign, I think it is just another load of garbage. If any were an option then Defoe would be the one, a proven premier league scorer and also an international scorer

06 Aug 2013 17:45:48
Where's the other 7 million coming from?

Under Pulis, teams and fans hated us, but under Hughes we will be a laughing stock, I fear for us

You cannot expect us to be a laughing stock already, yes atm we lack in quality in key areas, however Hughes will be a stable succesor for one of the clubs most successful managers in Pulis (albeit gaining success in a hideous manner.

I believe that Walters will be in Hughes' plans due to a succesfull preseason however i'm not sure about Jones.



06 Aug 2013 00:40:01
kalou to link up with anelka to boost strike force



06 Aug 2013 00:37:17
arsene to bid 40million plus 15 million add ons for suarez if he wins a trophy next season

06 Aug 2013 10:20:09
Like ed said just be 40 million, better off taking 40million and a pound, let's be honest Arsenal to win a trophy, your having a laugh,

Does 4thplace count

What if they meet Liverpool in a cup final?

06 Aug 2013 13:26:33
If you are offering me odds of 15m to 1 that Arsenal don't win a trophy next year - I will put a fiver on that

06 Aug 2013 18:16:47
You have still got to qualify for champions league group stages, what ambition have Arsenal got to attract a player like Suarez, let me think it won't take long, wait for it, oh yes no ambition,



06 Aug 2013 00:22:46
Martyn Waghorn set to sign for Burnley in the next few days

No thanks 22 goals in 129 games is not what Burnley need

I'd take him, he's a beaut of a left foot on him! Just needs a run of games!



05 Aug 2013 23:42:39
Ipswich to sign Kevin Doyle by the end of the week. Mick sees him as the ideal partner for McGoldrick and Doyle is will to take a pay cut to link up with his former boss.

I've heard this too

Never going to happen. We can't afford him.

. And I don't want him.

Is this true? Would love to see Doyle in Blue! COYB

Big mick quoted that he has done his squad business this summer, so alas not true!

Pity we really need a striker and quick were not good enough in that area to many missed chances fact

I just think we need another striker who is a major threat to defenders and I think Doyle is the answer, would be a great signing for the Town

I think what Ipswich need is a midfield play maker. They may be able to get by with there current attack force but with no supply they will struggle. We need a midfielder to get 10+ goals a season to backup the front two. Come on Mich and Marcus spend some money as all we have done is get in free transfers which won't help us get out of this league

Lets be honest the squad is no better than last season. At present we must be odds on to go down so either Evans buys some new talent or we are doomed.

Billy sharpe is the answer 1.8 mill a good price. we have only spent 20 grand so far so there must be some cash to splash. Plus other clubs are spending so why ain't we?

As I said we are odds on to go down and Evans would never put his hand in his pocket as nothing is in there we are skint. The only thing to look forward to is administration

We're not even close to administration. We're slimming down then wages before people tighten up on Financial Fair Play. We're in a good position financially, just biding our time. As for looking relegation candidates, get real. We look solid and cohesive this season.



05 Aug 2013 23:09:25
Luciano Becchio of Norwich apparently seen training with burnley at gawthorpe. Sources close to the club suggesting a possible season long loan deal is on the cards if he impresses

Don't know were you got this from norwich need to keep him or they will only have two strikers

Its possible that NCFC would allow him to go, so might be something in this rumour, assuming Norwich are close to wrapping up a deal for another striker?

This one really does not make any sense
Why would Norwich want to send a 29 year old on loan for a season Will he come back a better player? The only saving would be wages but then Norwich would have to replace him. Give him a chance he may come good scored a lot of goals in lower leagues could surprise a few people

We are short on strikers as it is don't think this will happen however Jackson went to Huddersfield last season

Becchio is third choice (and third rate) already with another quality striker rumoured to be in the pipeline, add this to the fact that last season when we were struggling for goals Becchio only made 8 appearances (mostly from the bench with less than 15 minutes to go), if he was any good he would of had a lot more game time and the simple truth is that he probably won't play much this year either, certainly not ahead of Hooper or RVW.

I've said it before and I'll say it again £20 and a packet of peanuts and the man's all yours!

Yeah but if toivenen and quagriella join that will be back up to 4

Its difficult to understand Becchio's form shown since he joined NCFC, he was excellent for Leeds prior to joining NCFC.
Houghton bought him so he will stick with him as back up striker, and you have to believe he will come good if given a chance.
BTW he is on the bench tonight so highly unlikely he was training with Burnley.

That's funny he's on the bench tonight. doubt he would of been training with burnley then playing for Norwich tonight

stop making up rubbish we already have the news papers for that

Yeah, you did the wearisome the £20 and a packet of peanuts thing before - wasn't funny then and isn't funny now.

Becchio had roughly a goal every other game in the Championship and the manager has said publicly that he didn't get much of a look in at the end of the season as he was too similar to Grant Holt.

Why not give him a chance and stop thinking you know so much better than Hughton and McNally who bought him in. Might work out or might not, but let's see.

Wonder how many times the guy who rates Becchio as third rate and only worth £20 has seen him play. Get real mate Houghton is no fool and must have rated him to have signed him for the club. The guy is a good player give him a chance Holt was second rate before we gave him a run of games.

07 Aug 2013 08:13:45
After watching last nights second rate performance against Real Sociadad, you have to ask the question, is Hughton really only going to start with one striker again this season? I quite frankly find it unbelievable to think that we have two potent attackers in Hooper and rvw, who would seem to be able to compliment each other really well: both seem to have pace, mobility and a good first touch! They could be the perfect combination in and around the opposition's penalty area. Hughton needs to take the shackles off this team and start believing in the players we have and letting our opponents worry about us for a change. How much money will it take, until he thinks we have a team capable of taking the game to the opposition? The worrying thing is that perhaps both he and culderwood havn't got the tactical ability to take the quality of the players we have forward. If I was RVW and Gary Hopper, I'd be pretty worried about playing up front alone, with limited opportunities coming my way. We now have a team frightened of expansive play, going back into a shell, rather than the Lambert philosphy of let's play without fear and take it to them. If Hughton doesn't change and let the boys play, we're in for a long boring season of fear factor football!

Becchio has almost no opportunity to prove himself. When he did get on in a friendly he put the ball in the back of the net.

To call a guy with his goal scoring record rubbish is ridiculous.

If you are a fan you should be supporting the players instead of mindlessly slating them.

To the op, no-one except hoots and the players know what his plans for the season are yet, hoops and the wolf could be awesome together but they could be too similar to work together! Stop being negative as we've spent good money on good players and it'll be a bloody good season without looking over our shoulders for a change, be optimistic about the way the teams going, I think we've seen the worst

Becchio seen training there?! When in the hell would that happen when he's contracted to Norwich and playing pre-season.

07 Aug 2013 15:24:20
I am so worried about the way we are playing, I think CH is going to play 1 forward with 5 across midfield with the 2 wide men getting forward, these 2 will be Snoggrass and Redmond. they will track back to help out, Because the defence which we have are not of the standard for PL, we need to buy a top class centre half, CH knows he only has to keep City in the league so he will play a defence side, his plan is don't worry about the way we play, 1 point is better than none

In reply to the poster who said last night's performance was second rate. What nonsense. It is pre-season to start with and much of the purpose is experimental, plus we have a lot of new players who need to get used to playing together. The opposition were Champions league qualifiers. Finally if you want to play Hooper and RVW together that means 442 or 4411 or similar. With the speed of the prem unless you are ManU this formation is going to give you defensive headaches particularly on the counter attack. This is why very few Prem teams play this formation. We prefer two holding mids who can pivot when one goes forwards in a 4231. This means that defending counter attacks leaves at least one defensive mid in play to slow things down whilst cover arrives 4231 also gives us width which creates space and therefore opportunities going forwards. By contrast with 442 it is easy to get your back 4 exposed. Like I say Manu use 442 sometimes but only when they are behind or playing opposition far weaker than themselves- almost no other prem side does so for the reasons stated (vulnerability to quick counter attacking play). Nowich prefer 4 2 3 1 which gives us two wide players and two holding mids plus a CAM/ second striker. We are currently trying to hire this CAM/second striker unfortunately Toinoven thinks he will get a better offer and Quagliarella's club have yet to agree a fee with Norwich. Besides 442's defensive vulnerabilities playing this formation would also mean that we will have less of the ball for most game. Most manager's would agree it is impossible to score without the ball. Hence the importance of retaining it. What is the point of having two advanced strikers but none of the ball? It makes no sense. We are not Manu and we need a system that works- this 4231 system does. It will work even better when we fill the final berth at CAM. As for Hughton I wouldn't criticise his footballing tactics at all, he is astute and practical. Most prem managers would think the ideas you suggest were the ravings of a lunatic particularly given the speed of the prem. 442 is for playing catch up or for starting games that we might not mind losing (carling cup etc. ). The only other option is playing either Hooper or RVW in the CAM role. This again is a poor idea when specialist options may be available in this area and when both strikers have been bought with the express purpose of playing the striker's role. With 38 league games plus the other competitions plus injuries and suspensions we'll need them both available to play the striking role and yes you may occasionally see them both on the pitch together but only I suspect in circumstances where we are behind and willing to gamble some defensive solidity for a last minute point saving goal.

At last someone talks sense about Norwich City

Norwich fans have nothing to worry about, i'm a burnley fan and I think ch is doing a great job, your team is looking much more stronger than last season, I don't think you need to worry about going down for a while now lads. Established premier league team now

To the poster who typed the above-good points well made, people moaning about drawing with a team that finished 4th in la liga! We've all seen the worst Ncfc has had to offer in the last 5 years, no let's sample the beginning of the best :) otbc

To the guy who said our defence isn't good enough, we and 11th last year purely because our defence was far superior than the season before. Can't have been because we scored goals. Also in 4-5-1 we beat 3 of the top 4 teams, sonograms put in more crosses than any other player so it's not like the lone striker isn't going to get service

Would like to see norwich play 4-3-3 and give that a go, and to the person that said about 1 point being better than 0 well it clearly is and if we play with two up top then we will be getting 0 points most weeks as it does not work for us and I'll think you find most of the time in the prem under lambert we played with just one person up front. I'm totally behind Chris Hughton he is a good manager and he got us a higher league position than lambert did last year.

We need a few formations and I'm not convinced with always playing 1 up front.

4-5-1 is only 4-5-1 when defending. Going forward its easily converted into 4-3-3, and we always do.

What is it with people thinking that 442 is more attacking than 4231?

it's a way to prove that you know very little about football. two strikers doesn't mean more goals.

it means we're missing a player from midfield compared to almost EVERY OTHER TEAM in the prem who do not play two strikers.
4-2-3-1 is incredibly more attacking formation than 442 if used correctly, and so far in this preseason we have been using it that way.

think about it, you have 2 wingers who are constantly going forward, an out and out striker, and a combination of an attacking mid and striker placed "in the hole" (Hoolahan, however could easily be RVW or Hooper, both have the fitness, passing, and vision to play it, and is in fact Quags preferred position, if we sign him. )

compare that to 442, diamond or flat mid. where if you use a diamond formation, you leave huge amounts of space in the midfield, and if you play it flat, we will be pushed back into our own half for most of the game, as we will have no one up the field enough when possession is gained back for it to be of any use.

thank god we have hughton and not some of you.

It's not like a 443 as we don't play with 3 natural strikers or 3 forwards. The lack of chances we had and made last year was a concern. We need a plan b & c. I think CH is a great manager and his signings are very good. Just feel tactics might be a problem

In reply to the guy who replied to the post above - ref: boring performance - Real Sociadad had enough chances to have made it 4 or 5 - 1 (I'm talking about clear cut chances). We on the other hand created very little and looked quite disjointed. You don't win games if you don't score - the best form of defence etc. CH didn't read one game when he made subs and influenced a game last season. Playing one up front is completely defeatist and incredibly dull to watch. Trevor Brooking has challenged teams to go forward instead of backwards and sideways. Unfortunately, we have a manager who thinks exactly like that - always playing the percentage game. I buy my season ticket to be entertained - a la Lambert- not to be be bored ridgid and hanging on for the draw!

I hate how negative some people remain. Hughton did what was necessary to remain In the PL last season on a tight budget and did well (better than Lambert) He now has a better budget and has spent very wisely (according to many) on some new recruits and to expect new players to gel straight away and see amazing performances in pre season is to be frank unreasonable and quite stupid. Stop being anti CH and start being pro your team! You say you pay your money to be entertained if you're not happy, take your money elsewhere. If we are all together then we as Norwich can beat the mighty it's the negativity within us that is our downfall! OTBC

Totally agree with the last post. These whiners going on about 'lack of entertainment' are persons. How can victories against Arsenal, Man U and Man City, 4-0 drubbing of West Brom not be considered entertaining. Not to mention quarter finals of the league cup. Hughton's doing an outstanding job and anyone who says otherwise simply hasn't got a clue what they're talking about.

I've supported NCFC for over 40 years and can't remember us having a more pessimistic manager. CH made the comment last season, that no matter what team he chose against Luton, we would still be considered favourites. What! He constantly tells us how good the opposition are and we now play fearing what the opposition do, not what we can do. It doesn't matter if we have Lional Messi up front, if we don't create opportunities for the forwards, they won't score. We survived by the skin of our teeth last season, playing against two teams at the end of the season, who for one reason or another, weren't at the races. If you think Hughton and Culderwood are of premiership standard, think on! Hughton was sacked by Newcastle because of his pessimistic attitiude - "we wanted a different attitude in the dressing room" - The Newcastle Chairman. Culderwood managed Hibernian during the worst period in their history and very nearly took rhem down. Last season, we went on the longest winless run in our history and if he doesn't change his tactics this season - we will go down, no matter who we have up front. I love NCFC, mainly because of the attractive cavalier football we've played over the years - teams that no matter who we're playing, have gone out and given it a real go. When we got promoted from the Championship, the number of times we just went for it and scored late late goals was fantastic. Would we have done that under Hughton, with his cautious percentage game, of course not! Under Lambert, when we went one down, you always still thought he had enough tactics up his sleeve to get us back in the game. If you're honest, ask yourself how you felt when we went one nil down under Hughton.

By the way, there are options to 442 - and I never said that that was the formation I wanted to play. With most teams playing one up front, I would play three atthe back. You could still have your covering midfielders and two up front. Let's think outside the box a bit more. We've got two very exciting, mobile attackers, who could work very well with each other around the box, and with the ball over the top into the channels. Let's be bold - play 3232 and go for it!

We went on the longest winless run and Hughton got the blame. but when we were on our longest unbeaten run in the top flight, ten games including some very good wins, who was responsible for that, then? The Football Luck Fairy? Or was that Hughton too?

Before we got sussed out tactically!



05 Aug 2013 22:47:39
Bradford will sign Matty fryatt by the end of the week

A number of championship clubs have expressed interest in Matty Fryatt and he is capable of playing at that level. Why would he want to join Bradford who have only recently been promoted from Div 2?

Why shouldn't he go to Bradford City? Most people realise that they are on a roll with the Championship very much within their sights

07 Aug 2013 10:57:12
Wes Thomas is expected to leave Bournemouth soon. Both Swindon and Bradford are interested in the striker. He'd be a real handful in Div 1 especially for a team wanting a lone striker or someone to lead the line

Swindon have now made an 'informal' offer for Wes Thomas - whatever that means. But Bradford haven't followed up on their initial interest

Its the end of the week is the fryatt singing today? :):)

As a Bradford fan I'd love this to be true but in all honesty I can't see it. For starters his wages would be too much, unless Hull were to pay like 80%, and he will be sought after by other clubs higher than league one.
We are quite adequately equipped in all departments and to be honest I think we have a strong enough squad to challenge for promotion, play offs minimal. Keep wells and Hanson up top and anything is possible

Yeah because automatic promotion for us is realistic when we only sneaked into the play-offs at the end - be realistic, play offs is best we can hope for this year and that will take a huge effort from our current players (i would be happy if I am wrong though!)



05 Aug 2013 22:24:35
Southampton FC set to sign Fabio Quagliarella on 12 month loan from Juventus. Reports come from Italian press.

I wouldn't mind this to be honest

Linked with Norwich earlier this window - bit old for Saints maybe.?

He's been linked with saints before. I think he's not the right age. We tend to bring in younger players.

I sincerely doubt this is true.

Maybe our top targets weren't materializing, so a season long loan until we find someone more long term?

Rubbish rumour, why would Juventus allow a player out on loan for 12 months, when he has only a year remaining on his contract, especially given that Norwich have agreed a deal with club to buy him for some 8M Euro, and its only the player who is yet to agree to the likely 3 year contract, likewise other clubs are also interested in buying him so the chances of a loan deal to Southampton is Zero. Also why would a player accept a loan deal knowing at the end of a year he could be without a club at all.

The player has 2 years left on his contract. Rubbish reply. Saints have been linked to him and so too other clubs including Norwich. Why is a 30 year old past it for Saints?! Especially on loan. If all other targets fail this deal wouldn't be so bad.

Norwich and Valencia are front runners for his signature but nobody should rule out a move to St. Marys. its possible. NC has a strong Italian connection which makes this rumor believable.



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