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2011 23:54:17
emergency board meeting set on wednesday to discuss Mick Mccarthy's position, wolves have received an enquiry from a international country about his services, although wolves are reluctant to agree and state that he's not available, it is believed that Mick is interested and wishes to be granted the opportunity to meet with the governing bodies.He is on a yearly rolling contract which is appealing as compensation would be small. watch this space inside info(16)(18)Haha , good one another deluded baggie fan.Perhaps it is because Woy Hodgosn has expressed his desire for the England manager role after Fabio stands down ? Sad tatter!
Gibo.Heard it was that great footballing nation,
Iceland.I heard it was San Marino, and Mick is convinced its a step up from mananging the Wolves.Your a funny man Gibo, it's you dingles that are the tatters.I heard it was bangladesh


04 Sep 2011 23:47:00
crystal palace - Transfer News 11/12 Season:

- Antonio Pedroza will officially sign for the Eagles on Wednesday, after Mexican FA International Clearance.

- Palace are also interest in signing Simeon Jackson on a 3 month loan deal from Norwich City. News has it this week that Simeon will not make the 25 man squad.(5)(13)What a load off toshWell he has and was always going to.Bullst about Jackson

Norwich City - 25 squad players

Player Home Grown

1 Ruddy, John Thomas Gordon Yes
2 Martin, Russell Kenneth Alexander Yes
3 Drury, Adam James Yes
4 Johnson, Bradley Paul Yes
5 Morison, Steven William Yes
6 Whitbread, Zak Benjamin Yes
7 Crofts, Andrew Lawrence Yes
8 Vaughan, James Oliver Yes
9 Holt, Grant Yes
10 Jackson, Simeon Alexander Yes
11 Surman, Andrew Ronald Edward Yes
12 Pilkington, Anthony Neil James Yes
13 Hoolahan, Wesley No
14 Fox, David Lee Yes
15 Martin, Christopher Hugh Yes
16 Bennett, Elliott Yes
17 Lappin, Simon No
18 Barnett, Leon Peter Yes
19 Ward, Elliott Leslie Yes
20 Tierney, Marc Peter Yes
21 De Laet, Ritchie Ria Alfons Yes
22 Naughton, Kyle Yes
23 Wilbraham, Aaron Thomas Yes


04 Sep 2011 22:13:40
Rory Fallon to join swindon after his release from yeovil(6)(10)


04 Sep 2011 22:11:00
Liverpool will sell Maxi Rodriguez and Martin Skrtel in January. Liverpool will buy Edin Hazard and Gary Cahill.(10)(24)

Hazard signed a new contract & is going no-where & Cahill is going to Spurs.Funny that. After all their moaning about City trying to buy the league, Liverpool now have the money to do it, but nobody bats an eyelid!I'd hardly say Liverpool are buying the league, Kenny is just building his own squad, he's got rid of the deadwood and has bought in new players so we have strength and depth to cope with injuries and options to come off the bench and change a game, these are options we didnt have before, and we're hardly spending at the rate of Man City, if you think we're buying the league i really dont think you understand football and how it works, can you honestly see LFC winning it this season? Really? dont put ya mouth in motion til ya brain is in gear mate and you might make a bit more sense. :-)Liverpool have spent about 120m since the new owners took over but we have also raised about 70m of that through player sales and we will also save around 10m in wages this year just by loaning out Aquilani and Cole. Manchester City purchases off the top of my head I can think of since their owners took over 32.5m Robinho, Tevez 30m, Aguero 38m, Silva 26m, Yaya Toure 28m, Kolo Toure 16m, Adebayor 25m, Santa Cruz 17.5m, Jo 18m, Bellamy 14m, Lescott 24m, Kolarov 17m, Nasri 23m, Balotelli 21m, Boateng 11m, can't think but I know there are many more big signings Liverpool are not going crazy in the market they are just rebuilding a squad and you can hardly compare them to CityThat'll teach me to scan read , I thought it said Liverpool will buy Eddie Izzard .... {Ed025's Note - he turned them


04 Sep 2011 20:22:26
to be fair i dont think so either.but the rumours say everton blackburn and i did read on teletext newcastle as well.dont think watford could afford his wages gonna be more than a fiver(1)(2)


04 Sep 2011 20:20:28
Jo Kuffour signing for Doncaster on loan(5)(13)He only wants a move in the London area.He will move to Gillingham this week as its only 25 miles from london.


04 Sep 2011 20:19:28
James Beattie signing for Coventry on Wednesday(4)(28)Don't get to excited about that.No, he's not. We've just got our much needed striker and are skint... Beattie would (unjustly) want a decent wage, we can't offer one.


04 Sep 2011 19:54:10
I have it on A1 authority that Wolves were minutes away from signing Peter Crouch on deadline day only for Stoke to offer him £8k a week more and grab the deal. Also Jermaine Jenas was travelling from London to Wolves for talks when Villa stepped in, again with more money on the table. I suppose this is the way things pan out on deadline day. But still disappointing for the Wolves.(8)(19)I have it on good authority trhat you are atlking through your ae.Lol , Wolves can't even afford Heskey & Villa are offering him off for free.Disappointing?
How you work that one out.
relieved I would say. over the hill players on there way down
no thanks.Have you woken from your deluded dream yet? Wolves spending that kind of dosh i dont think so!That one has made my day, no Crouch but The Mighty Mcfadden will do..Deluded dingles. FAF.


04 Sep 2011 19:09:12
Watford want winger David Cotterill from Swansea City for a loan(19)(4)


04 Sep 2011 17:34:15
Tom eaves of Bolton to sign for Burnley on Thursday as part of the eagles and mears deal(8)(8)


04 Sep 2011 17:18:01
I have connections with Spurs and have it on fairly reliable authority that they will try to sign Mexican striker Javier Orozco (of Cruz Azul) on the winter break, thinking he can be another Chicharito. You heard it here first!(3)(11)


04 Sep 2011 17:08:53
Nikica Jelavic poised for a 11 million pound move to Manchester United in January window. No Doubt people will disagree down south because there head is up their arse to the point where they cannot see TALENT.(10)(26)Don't agree with him going to Man U but I do agree that Epl followers are to blind to see anything outwith the EPLWhat a load of bcks the only way he would get into man united if he payed inThere is no TALENT in the SPL. I doubt he would get in my Sunday side let alone United's youth team.Lol your Sunday team? Who are you mate? Sounds like you should be applying for an application to the football league. You would win everything back to back with a team like that. Nugget..................No chance who is he gonnae replace rooney hernandez welbeck owenHe is certainly more useful than Owen! All joking aside the guy is a class act and would definately score goals in the EPL. BTW I'm a Celtic fan so I am definately not praising him up because of a misguided loyalty to one of my favourite players!That's a good idea I think I will register my sunday team for the SPL we probably would win everything in Scotland!Is he really worth that much he has only scored twice this season and it is not a strong league. He should be banging them in.Yeah maybe your pub team should come to the spl and get to 2 uefa cup finals with 1 million tv money behind you and not the 115 million man utd gotAll man u fans calling him saying they don't want him well I believe this to be fact and trust me he not be there to replace roo , little pea or wellbeck 2 more tho that will be on way out ! End of sorryScottish football is rubbish. Take a look at their European involvement this year if you dont believe me. I think you will find that the English Coca Cola Championship has more representation in Europe than the whole of the SPL. Your league and standard of play is laughable to the whole world!The SPL is a very poor league nowadays. In fact its nowhere near the championship standard, i fully believe Celtic and Rangers would struggle like hell to get in the play offs near mind automatic promotion. As for the rest league1 standard at best.Agreed with the post above - League 1 standard at best.

Remember Middlesborough effectively signed up the Scotland XI last season and did appaulingly.Typical english arrogance,a league bankrolled by a media mogul,all teams in debt to the eyeballs,tv money saving your league,and foreign players fill your teams,we know our league not as strong,because we dont get the tv wise up,debt debt and more debt,hope you survive.Maybe he could get a game for fc united of manchester , THERE IS NO TALENT IN SCOTLAND WHATSOEVER


04 Sep 2011 15:30:39
bristol rovers striker jo kuffour is likely to be on gardening leave for the remainder of the season... the club have made it his resposibilty to find a new club, as he has rejected a number of offers from non london based sides(1)(12)


04 Sep 2011 14:02:17
Crystal Palace are considering whether to get QPR's Petter Vaagan Moen on a six-month loan.(10)(6)


04 Sep 2011 13:55:36
El Hadj Diouf to make a move to fiancial strugglers Portsmouth after being released by Blackburn Rovers(6)(16)Do pomepy ever learn??????pompey best team in world and if he joins he will be amazing for us and we will rip up the championship :)That would be just another good reason to dislike pompey.If you're gonna have a dig at a rival team you could at least spell financial correct you plonker! Bored of this Saints Pompey lark coming on this site as a neutral.Why would anyone want an inbred like Diouf? He couldn't get a game for Rangers and they are parpThey suit each other, pompey fans will love him....either way were comming for you...were comming for you ..etcRangers are crap thats how they won loads of trophies you muppet and pompey have new owner now so their hardly financial strugglersTotal rubbish.....Pompey fans (myself included) would never accept him or forgive him for spitting in the face of our ex-skipper Arjan De Zeeuw. FACTWell said, and scummers sorry saints Lol you arent coming for no one, we ll be waiting to give you the welcome you deserve....Couldn't get a game for Rangers? ... He actually featured on a regular basis for them and scored a few goals


04 Sep 2011 13:52:59
James Beattie may make a shock return to Everton on a free transfer(7)(21)It would be a shock to saints! let alone EvertonEverton laddies

ste liverpool


04 Sep 2011 13:51:56
Oxford's James Constable to go out on loan to Luton or struggling Bourenmouth(6)(15)


04 Sep 2011 12:51:10
James Beattie set for a sensatinal return to sheffuld utd after southampton said they did not want him.-teletext(14)(17)


04 Sep 2011 10:13:23
Saints to bring Karl Morley on a free after he was released by Kilmarnock.(4)(15)


04 Sep 2011 10:11:23
Wolves favourites to sign free agent James McFadden after the ex-Birmingham midfielder completed his successful knee surgery in the US.(8)(10)


04 Sep 2011 00:58:02
Arsenal looking to sign Alexandre Kolarov after completing the signing of Andre Santos. Santos will preferably play left wing and Kolarov at left back.

Manchester United close to signing Brazilian Starlet Piazon for £3.5m.

Michael Owen stays in the Manchester United squad even after failing to leave his mark in the team.

Everton looking at Ever Banega to fill the void left by Mikel Arteta, who signed for Arsenal this week.(4)(11)Tho Piazon signed for chelsea, signs in 2012Piazon has already signed for chelsea and joins them in january when the brazilian season is over.Transfer market is closed & you're talking like it's still open mate.


03 sep 2011 23:08:28
paulo sergio ,wants to bring in his own players at hearts ,but train set owner romanov ,has again blocked his,targets ,its my club and i'll pick the team ......get lost mad vlad(3)(2)


03 Sep 2011 22:42:53
Liverpool defender Danny Wilson is expected to join
a Championship side on loan when the loan window opens, Southampton, West Ham and Leicester are the teams believed to be in the running to sign him on loan until january, my source is from within Liverpool Football Club and this was further referenced during the Scotland v Czech Republic match when Danny Wilson came on as a substitute and was confirmed by Sky Sports commentators who have the same source as I do , if you do not believe this then check it for yourself.
Watch this space !(5)(5)What space? you filled all the space with attention seeking drivelI heard last week he was a possible Burnley target if they don't get Ryan Shotton.Deadline day was Wednesday mate


03 Sep 2011 22:42:07
James Beattie will not sign for Blackpool because holloway was far from impressed with his work rate and professionalism(12)(2)Plus he's way too good for blackpool

maxipadsSheffield united will sign james beattie on a 1 year deal as he looks to bring back his prolific goalscoringWay too god for Blackpool? I am a Glasgow Rangers fan and we have had some terrible players in the last few years but Beattie is in a league of his own, utter ste. Makes Edu look like Pele.


03 Sep 2011 22:19:42
Burnley Football Club are targeting

Ryan Shotton (Loan)
Tom Eaves (Loan)

If Shotton doesn't come Eddie Howe will look at:
Danny Wilson (Loan)
Craig Dawson (Loan)(5)(5)No chance with dawson ,baggies thin on the ground for defenders ,so no one will be going out on loanNo chance of shotton he been named in Stokes 25 man squad!



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