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Everton Fc are already discussing the January transfer window to try again for Victor Obinna on loan with a view to buy with both Inter and Everton confident the move should be passed in January. Also on the radar is Jonathan De Guzman Feyenoord as an alternative to Moutinho as may seal the deal with a 8 – 10 million bid.
  "No rumours, no bull, no jokes, just a very tired and scared football nut, I hope you have a good season, who knows how many we have left."

First off, to the guy who posted this piece, take a bow sir, you are a hero. It's very rare that a liverpool fan come on this site making any sense, but I agree with you whole heartedly. Everyone seems to post on here about how sheik doodaa, baron wotsit or American Dave is gonna swoop in with their billions and buy their club. Unfortunately the thing non of you seem to realise is that sooner or later every premier league club will be ruled by foriegn billions and when that happens, nobody will be any further forward. The only real difference will be that we the fans will be priced out of the game altogether. Beware the saudi's, any horse racing fan will be able to tell you what their involvement did to that sport. What started out as one or two elite stables turned into a countless number, thus putting everyone back on an even keel again. This is not a bitter sideswipe at whats happened at Man City, as i wish them all the best, it will be nice to see someone from outside the top four seriously challenge for honours. Just enjoy the ride while it lasts.
Finally my rumour. I am a long sufering toon fan who is completely demoralised by whats going on at my beloved club, as well embarrassed by the shenanigans of the troglodyte hoards that gather around St James Park and proceed to make us all look like arseholes for the Sky cameras. That said, I have, from a genuine inside source, heard that the showdown between keegan and Ashley will result in one thing and one thing only. Keegans departure. This is not press speculation, this is fact.
  Newcastle will appoint either Dennis Wise or Frank Rijkaard as their new manager after the recent resignation of Kevin Keegan. The former Barcelona manager Rijkaard is keen on the job.
Meanwhile West Ham are to approach Slaven Bilic regarding their managerial vacancy but are more likely to appoint the keen Paolo Di Canio after the club legend expressed interest in persuing his first managerial job.
  DIC to take over at liverpool by the end of the month, talks have been ongoing and an agreement has been reached between the parties. . . .please sack rafa benitez!!
  I been told today that that Everton and Parma made bids for Crystal Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni for 2M
  The game is going to the dogs. .and the very richest ones at that. i frankly cant see how any true lover of the beautiful game could support a team like chelsea or, most espescially now, manchester city. its just the biggest toffs fighting it out to see who makes the best decisions fastest. whatever we're seeing in the premiership nowadays, can surely not be described as "football." i like the term "moneybox." Like "no 1 leeds fan," i am a leeds fan, and im truely gratefull we arent playing in the premiership. at least i can enjoy the competition in league 2.
manchester city fans. i feel for you, i really do. sorry it had to be you.
  Just a rumour– a good friend of mine is an ex football agent who now lives down in london. i was speaking to him yesterday and he was saying that there is alot of rumours doing the rounds that wenger has never had any money to spend but has offered both Stephan Appiah and ronaldo deals based on appearances. i presume the ronaldo part is to help give the young forwards some experience and help them improve.
  Steven Appiah has been released and should join a Premiership club soon.

Birmingham City will sign Paul Stalteri and Kevin–Prince Boateng on loan till January from Spurs. In the January transfer window they will be signed permanently along with Ghanian Dutch footballer Quincy Owsu–Abeyie. I also am aware that Sunderland forward Daryl Murphy and Celtic forward Hesselhink are also poised to sign if Birmingham are in a good position in January.

New Birmingham players should sign soon and make their debuts after the international break.

Beware of the Wolves not the Wanderers kind though!!
  For once i am glad i support a scottish team. losing the sky money was i believe the best thing to happen for us hence the upturn in our national teams fortunes. in england where 10 years ago it was the most entertaining league by far it has now become a plaything for the foreign billionaires. where will these clubs be in 15 years because it is not all about now.british football has always been about tradition and heritage and that is being destroyed due to the false belief that foreign is better. when the last man standing of the better days goes in a.ferguson it will get worse. keegan, curbishley not getting a say in players coming to their club says it all. what a load of bollocks.
  Sorry – more of a rant than a rumour. .I'm a Liverpool fan and have been since I was a lad (a long time ago). So I've enjoyed the best success of any club during that time (5 Champions League wins etc). Football is not the same as it was, mainly due to Sky's millions – it has brought some good to the league but much that is bad. We now have mercenary vultures circling the game – some have already landed. Most of the posts on fans forums are now about finance rather than football.

Look ahead to the time when the top half of the Premiership is owned by arab and Russian billionaires, fighting it out to see who's got the biggest willy. The rest of the league will not stand a chance – then why have one league? this is the start of a European super league with the poorer clubs priced out of the game – we'll all lose interest in this power game and the game will slowly die. It'll be like Scotland – it almost already is.

This is why the FA cup has died the death – normally one of the richer clubs wins it (or at least their reserve team does) – most others just cannot compete for decent players. Ah well, you've been warned – at least I've got my memories!
  Im an everton fan and i rarely agree with liverpool fans , but to the 1 who said the game is being ruined , i totaly agree. Football should go back to the way it was in the 80's with players not bein so pathetic and diving. Also i think the acadamys are run is a disgrace , these days u have to a foreign player to get in or 6ft at the age of 10. Scouts should be watching the true english talent no matter wt height they are or our england team is ruined for the future.
  Recently I have heard that Frank Rijkaard is intrested in a return to management with Newcastle a likely destination or even West Ham.

I have heard that Ronaldo is in talks with a move to Cruzerio, Man City and F.C Tokyo.

Appiah's agent has been in talks with Arsenal, Celtic and West Ham about a move as he looks to a move to Britain.

And don't be surprised to see Man City make a move for Podolski as he is unsettled at Bayern Munich
  ––AFC––Arsenal are lining up a double swoop for Crystal Palace youngsters Sean Scannell and Victor Moses.Another youngster who is on the verge of a move to Arsenal is PSG striker Jimmy Kamghain.
  IN the Januray transfer windwo everton will have a decent amout of money left to spend which they didnt spend in August.Moyes will bring in:
A Smith 3.5m
S Hunt 4m
S Appiah Free (could be brought n before because he is a free agent)
and finally
Stephen Linchester 1.75m
Vanger Love 1m (On loan with option to buy in summer 09 at 11m)
And Football is being ruined by Multi–billinaries spending 500m an not letting the manager use it and giving smaller clubs the chance to grow. This may lead to Seb Blatter puttng a cap on money which can be spent in the transfer market. COYB
  HAMMERS FANS: Now im a big fan of Harry Redknapp, but im a little disturbed with everyone jumping on the "we want harry" wagon, we played some good entertaining football under harry, but i think to many people are suffering from selective memory when they think of dear H,lest we not forget, marco "im nuts" boogers, paulo "no knees" futre, titi camara, florin radicou(spell it how you want!)ian "pretty boy" dowie, Rigobert song!! how many are there for goodness sake, along with getting done at home too many times by lower league opposition, knocked out of every cup by minnows, i say all this cos i have been there and seen it first hand, as much as we all love his character, i don't think he is what we need right now, the one man i would like to see given the job is our very own Paulo Di Canio, why? anyone who watched the man play will know all about his passion, enthusiasm, never say die attitude, and he was also miles ahead of anyone else tactically, and i for one beleive that if he could pass on only 10% of what he is about then west ham will be a better team for it, nuff said. . . . .
  To the person who believes us liverpool fans are living in never land. get a grip and listen to things from your supposed club.
i am also a liverpool fan and am aware of the current predicament we find our beloved club in. but the truth is that the DIC are taking over. when it will be finalised is another matter, alls i no is that the Septic Tanks (Yanks) have an agreement with the RBOS to pay back the loan of 350m by jan 31st 2009 (This has been pushed for by the ROBS has the arabs has shares in them) when this loan is repayed it will mean further delays for the stadium plans, and maybe even cancellation of the project in full. this would lead to the americans having to sell up to even break even on their venture. therefore if they are to sell before 31st jan then the plans for the stadium are still possible therefore giving the club more value and a bigger profit for themselves.
  Lots of confused rumours here. The Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG)have just bought Man City so why are they lining up Liverpool?? To the Liverpool fans who criticise Rafa in the transfer market. .its not that plain and simple I'm afraid. Many wanted Quaresma but he held talks with Liverpool and didn't like the role earmarked for him (tracking back and defending where neccesary). Many targets were ones wnated by the fans but were simply out of reach financially or by player choice. This can only change under new ownership.
  After missing out on Joe Ledley in the transfer window Stoke will make a new bid in January possibly involving a player exchange, ex Swansea striker Mama Sidibie is likely to go. Also Stoke are looking at several players from Man City including Ched Evans, Stephen Ireland and Richard Dunne as there is likely to be a mass exodus of home grown players from Eastlands.

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