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05 Oct 2012 22:20:29
Any Swindon news?

Yes lots of chavs and roundabouts

Di Canio is mad ?


'Yes lots of chavs and roundabouts' but no nandos, madness.



05 Oct 2012 21:59:01
I have heard from the chief scout at Cheltenham Town that they have been looking at Liam Tomsett with a view to loaning him from Blackpool.

Cheltenham are to sign a loan midfielder this week from a Championship team. {Ed003's Note - Tomsett is at Hyde on loan]

Ian should pick this team next
In goal. Gilks
Back four. Crainy baps cathcart broadfoot
Midfield. Ludo and angel
GTF just in front of those two
Up front. Kev in the middel and ince and matty on the wings running from the midfield to the front. Then GTF could come off and dicko play their. Than their is some pace down the middle.
Think this would be a great team selection

Ince is staying

What u chatting eardley has been one of our best players since we lost our touch and ludo was rubbish anyway

Kevin Philips is too old to start and is far better as an impact sub.
Nobody in the squad plays the central striker role better than GTF and therefore he should play there always.
Ludo is a 'luxury' player who's well down the pecking order because he doesn't do enough to warrant being in ahead of Osbourne, Ferguson or Gomes who tackle and work hard for 90 mins, much as I'm a Ludo fan he doesn't always do that.
As for Broadfoot.......what are you basing this on? He's played 1 game at Cardiff when we were terrible but he should just walk into the team? Very strange

Other than that it's a great team selection!

Get back to playing this seasons best XI, the same or a very similar team to the 1 that tore Leeds and Ipswich apart

Gilks, Eardley, Crainey, Cathcart, Baptiste, Osbourne, Angel, Gomes, Ince, GTF, Delfouneso/M Philips.

Well i want to the hull match and both their goals came from the right were eardly was. Some agansit charlton. Osbourne needs to learn to shoot. Gomes always gets taken off after 60 minutes. Now ludo hasnt reallly been given chance so far and neither angel. The team you have named started the season good but has recently lost it. So this team should be tried {Ed003's Note - Eardley can hardly be blamed for Aluko's goal}

Really what we should do is just let ian decide the team( he does anyway)

Eardly can be good but somtimes makes mistakes in matches which causes the other team to score

To eds note. Thats true but he should not have been given the space he got. {Ed003's Note - true }

Eardley is good player so he can go back in my team selection instead of broadfoot

We lost it wen Cathcart got injured nothing more nothing less

For the record......the team I put as you rightly say started the season well, you said they faded recently.......they'd do well, that team hasn't played together since Ipswich.
At least do some research if your going to make statements calling for wholesale changes.
Oh and not only was Aluko's goal at Hull nothing to do with Eardley but neither was Charltons 2nd! Ince missed a tackle to start with, don't hear anyone calling for him to be dropped.

Gilks has cost us 4 or 5 goals in as many games but you're not moaning about him?!? Why!?

Then you say you'd play many games have you seen him play to form that opinion?

I mentioned loads of players but the 1st thing you do is slag Neal Eardley! What it boils down to is it's fashionable to slag him off so you join the crowd.

Maybe as a supporter you should consider supporting Neal Eardley, you never know it might even help him! {Ed003's Note - Eardley is progressing really well, well said mate}

So who would replace gilks. Neal is good so i apolgise to you. But we need to start playing like we did before

Harris ,eastham,evatt,
Bruna, dzjeri, tomsett,
Barkhuzen, nogura, sutherland, eccleston
One day maybe

Im sure on that day evatt wont be playing

You never know

I think we should go back to the 4,3,3 formation again instead of the 4,2,4 formation. Ludo needs to be involved because he changed the game when he came on agansit burnly {Ed003's Note - 4-2-1-3,but I'm splitting hairs sorry,GTF should be up top not in the 'hole'}

No GTF would be in the three up front drop delfounso

Look top 4 should be GTF up frount ince right phillips left and buy dobbie back and put him in the hole other wise tiago gomes {Ed003's Note - I'd like to see what Noguero(sp) could do in the hole,so to speak lol }



05 Oct 2012 20:22:43
millwall will sign mark beevers on 1 month emergency loan {Ed003's Note - done and dusted earlier on mate}

I posted it first you just took ages to put it up..... ;-) lol



05 Oct 2012 19:40:18
has anyone heard anymore about the rumors. skiverton off to wycombe and gary johnson off to bournemouth ?

I personally would love to see Johnson at Bournemouth and believe he himself is angling for a move here but unfortunately I don't think our chairman wants him, out of all potential bosses his CV in the football league is second to none, did a great job in Bristol and worked wonders with Yeovil

Bournemouth have already got higher ranked managers wanting the job so doubt Johnson wont be joining to the delight of yoavil fans.

Glenn Hoddle to be unveiled as manager on Monday

Hoddle will get a BIG welcome from us . He should have being given the job in the first place . Shame on you Mitchell

Let it be true. We want Hoddle

Looks like its going to be Eddie Howe

No YOU want hoddle,not us



05 Oct 2012 17:59:51
Harry Redknapp has confirmed that no contact has been made by any club apart from abroad. He confirmed that all the rumours of him going to Ipswich, Leicester etc., etc., are completely false. He stated that he is not looking for an immediate return to Football management for some time and is enjoying his social activities.

Where did you get that from.?

Actually he said there are no jobs that interest him at the moment.

Dont wont rednapp, hollaway blackpool would be ideal



05 Oct 2012 17:53:58
Stockport scouts are watching Adam Clayton Bradford PA right back. Adam is a universal player who can play anywhere in defence or midfield but is getting noticed at Right Back having now settled there and earning fantastic reports. Stockport have had a weakness at Right Back since Jamie Mullins left the club for Rotherham and hope he will return one day.

Believe Mullins is out of favour now at Rotherham and is on loan at Oxford


Its all gone quiet on the rotherham front,, big signings ,,internationals,,will storm league 2,, evans ,,,lol,,oh! and new pork stadium,,lol

Big signings -all free transfers, up to now. early days my son

They are the few that will play for evans.....

You are probably right,he sure does talk a good game.

After todays performance,weve more chance of finishing up in conference than league 1,can put up with most things,but not really trying is not one of them,hang your heads in shame.

I,m with you mate, i,m a spireite , we ,are just as bad as your lot, see u in conference....very poor,, boa morte looks good tho.



05 Oct 2012 16:56:45
Doncaster's goal scoring winger David Cotterill is attracting interest from a number of championship clubs



05 Oct 2012 16:18:58

Steve Clarke is quoted by ESPN as saying: "Jonas' discussions are ongoing. The fact that his agent was here tells you that. In the matches he has played since I have been here, Jonas has been terrific. The contract talks certainly haven't been playing on his mind."




05 Oct 2012 16:13:15
No football will be played at Hampden Park for a year - including the 2014 Scottish Cup and League Cup finals and semi-finals - to enable the stadium to host the Commonwealth Games athletics.


No football has been played at hampden park for years mate

Scotland 0 vs 0 Serbia
Played September 8, 2012 3:00 PM BST
Hampden Park — Glasgow
Referee:‬ J. Eriksson‎
Attendance:‬ 47369‎



05 Oct 2012 16:05:20
West Brom have held further talks with defender Jonas Olsson over a new deal.


He should find a better club albion are going nowere

He has signed a 4 year deal albion are on the way team in the midlands

So west brom are going no- where but are 5th in the prem? Give me break!



05 Oct 2012 16:04:38
Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill is interested in signing free agent James McFadden because he doubts James McClean and Adam Johnson can get through the season unscathed.




05 Oct 2012 14:58:04
the not exciting striker nw is bringing to er is john carew nw said he wont get you gripping to your seats but could change a game if need be he is coming on a pay as you play contract until jan at the moment he has no club



05 Oct 2012 14:50:51
Rumour has it that emanuel frimpong is on his way back to wolves on loan



05 Oct 2012 14:43:29
Harry redknapp to replace Dave jones at SWFC if results don't start to pick up! Good friends with mandaric, could save themselves some right tax!

Thats a massive rumour. utr

Chairman want miracles. Before Dave Jones Sheff Wed were going nowhere. Transformed them in no time and shot up the league for automatic promotion. The best side I saw at Huddersfield last year. The Chairman ought to back him, a Premier Manager may have lost touch with this league and how competitive it is.

Didn't we say that about redknapp and Evans at ipswich

Won't leave the sarf



05 Oct 2012 13:33:15
Abdul-Aziz Al Saud rumoured to be buying Aston Villa FC off Randy Lerner.
Abdul-Aziz Al Saud is valued at a rumored $20 billion.
This move is the next step in Randy Lerner cutting his losses in companies.



05 Oct 2012 13:22:53
Mark Beevers signed from Shef weds on emergency loan good player hope we keep him



05 Oct 2012 13:14:40
Bournemouth have agreed a deal in jan for matt Richie of Swindon town but the deal has to been sanction by bournemouths new manger 1st

If a fellow Bournemouth put this up I would like to know why?? You are attracting unwanted attention. Anyway this rumour isn't true.

Why do a select few Bournemouth/Swindon fans find the need to try to wind each other up with this non story? Bournemouth bid for Ritchie, Swindon said come back with 2.5million and Bournemouth didn't, that's the story, over priced or not that's Swindons valuation and he's been on fire for them this season so would they even want to sell for that price now? Wake up lads and realise that we are still rubbish even with a billionaire owner, we are in no position for outrageous wind ups!

Not this old chestnut again. Mind you, Tom Mitchell likes wasting money and then leaving them on the bench to rot

I'm surprised they didn't say player manager!having signed a contract extension in the last few weeks he will be the town for a while I would think.

Good grief not this old bullpoo again, give it a rest.

It's true lad I heard this aswell Tom Mitchell sorted the deal out weeks ago

After signing Ritchie they are going to sign messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and win the champions league within 6 years dream on

Dream on if you're comparing Ritchie to the likes of Messi. It's hardly a surprise Bournemouth wasn't him. They need a left mid.

We will be doing it via league 2 then!! Not all Bournemouth fans are deluded, it's just the odd one or two but I think we all have them.

^^^^^^its a joke! Bournemouth have become such a powerful club since the Russian invested money the high standards the supporters have is unbelievable. Read the last week in the echo some called fans want to take a look at themselves with some of their comments

^ wasn't - *wanted

All the calls by Swindon fans "concerned" with our spending and keeping within the fair play rules as we are a "small club" has ironically come back to bite them as they have cheated and broken the rules by overspending earning a transfer embargo, so they will need to sell next window? Hmmmmmmmmmm

Overspending is a result of the tribunals for Collins and henville fees being payable upfront taking town 1.6% over budget which will be rectified quickly

Bit unfair on you lot as you can only guess what a tribunal fee will be. Maybe this needs reviewing by the football league. Also does this 65% go on your revenue last season? As last season your revenue would of been less as you were in league 2? Obviously wages, bonuses etc and staff costs go up in a higher league, again I think maybe this needs reviewing

Also Bournemouth couldn't sign Ritchie even if they wanted to as they only have 1.2million left to spend this year as not to break the 65% financial rule, and how much of that is going to be used to pay up groves and for hoddles wages? Not a lot left is there, unless Max Demin wants to sponsor our socks?

Swindon do not need to sell, they've overspent. Has nothing to with lack of money thankfully :)



05 Oct 2012 13:05:42
Dj has signed for ipswitch



05 Oct 2012 12:32:43
man utd are set to move for former youngster ryan shawcross.the stoke skipper was at utd as a boy and now fergie is set to fight hard to land the hard man defender to bring him to old trafford

Stoke don't need sell and shawcross is on a 4 year contract and club captain .cant see this one happening



05 Oct 2012 12:27:59
Tamika Mwkandawire is set to rejoin Leyton Orient on loan from Millwall

He won't be, he's doing well at millwall and the orient defence is doing well at the moment , that being said I'd love him back

Kenny jacket has said he wants tam out on loan because he is on return from a serious injury and needs game time.

Shows the need for a PROPER reserve team league between the development squad and the first team.



05 Oct 2012 12:05:16
Man United put in a £10million for Charlie Austin to waste his youth in the reserves and be released in 5 years time

That will certainly wipe out the swindon transfer embargo --as the town get 20% sell on from any austin move thats like 2m, on you go di canio fill yer boots!



05 Oct 2012 07:30:58
Glenn Hoddle will be named the new AFC bournemouth boss within the next 48 hours, this is after a meeting with chsirman Eddie Mitchell last night.

Sounds more of guess as Mitchell has been meeting with many people.

Maybe a guess, but then he just dropped from 25:1 to 5:1 on . Someone knows something!

With the financial backing and crowds to match the 20,000 during the late 60's and earley 70's, then bournemouth are potentially a large club? decent manager and generating interest again in the club then let's see how far we get. In the mean time in coventry waiting for tomorrows match which can be the start of a new era.

If he comes then he will get massive support from us

He has been seen with Eddie Mitchell and wants to set up his English Academy to go along with his one in Spain.He will be on 500,000 a year on a 2 year contract.It will be announced on Monday morning.

We want Hoddle , We want Hoddle.
He will have all of us behind him from day one

Glenn has so much respect down here so wouldn't be a surprise if he does join us.

Good luck with that. Hoddle is a shockingly bad manager, a cold fish, unable or unwilling to build a rapport with the players or fans. Plays a terrible, boring brand of possession going nowhere football which was so dull it stopped my son wanting to go to Wolves games. Worst manager we had, including Tommy Docherty and Terry Connor.

^ Sounds like a Groves twin.



05 Oct 2012 00:31:14
Leeds have signed Australian striker Patrick Antelmi from under the noses of Portsmouth.

How can it be "from under the noses" when Pompey are in administration?

What a stupid comment.

I heard he is meant to be unreall

He was in our academy anyway...

We already have our maximum of 20 players, so it was hardly from "under our noses"

No, he is real

He's actually been on trial with us too, in case nobody has noticed?



05 Oct 2012 00:27:49
Manchester City are keeping tabs on Genoa goalkeeper Mattia Perin.



05 Oct 2012 00:25:47
Cambridge United have appointed former Luton boss Richard Money as head coach, with Jez George reverting to a director of football role



05 Oct 2012 00:25:18
Ipswich Town have signed midfielder Richie Wellens from Championship rivals Leicester City on a one-month loan

Too many loan players coming in,it won't work Jewell out

Give it a chance. We shouldn't judge the Campbell, Wellens or Mohsni until we've watched them play a few games for us. They may take us back to winning ways.

U got a good player there Ipswich fans Wellens a top player for the championship hes unfortunatley getting on a bit tho and with him being out injured for a while and Leicester playing the way they are i think its a good deal for both clubs.

Devon fox

I dont get it..... jewell struggled to get people in the same as keane did, now when he is bringing in quality players to help us get where we need to be we get persons saying jewell out. YOU are not a town fan!!! Hope the new boys come in and hit the ground running town win tomorrow

Why is this club bringing in players on loan that no one else wants ? dj cambell 1 goal in 18 games for Qpr wow realy going to solve our goalscoring problems

I love the fact that when d.j.campbell was at leicester he ket wanting to leave for a bigger club, loaned out to blackpool then on to qpr (premier league) now with no one else wanting him back to a lower postioned championship club - mind he dont start rocking the boat any further!!

Lets see what happens later against cardiff im not posting any more comments until after the game lets see what these loanees can do ..................

Get jewell out now.

Yea jewel knows what he is doing with the new lonnies and dj's goal was the worst goal we scored ive seen for years since brian gun didnt kick the ball out and bliaming the pitch

Jewell must walk now for the sake of the club.we are in such a bad position now it will be hard to recover under this person.

It is M.E.s club let him run it how he likes. He could have seeked football advice and found a manager who built from the back, like when we had Roy Bailey and Andy Nelson. M. Mills dis not begin as a full back surely P.J. can convert someone to CH eg Duke



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