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There seems to be trouble brewing at Anfield. it appears the new owners are unhappy with Benitez in private. there is been a call for pako to return but Benitez is far too stubborn. besides, he feels it will undermine his credibility with the team. it has become apparent that pako was indeed an integral part of the setup and him leaving has messed with their flow. something has got to give as it has obviously upset the apple cart at Anfield. could this be another Chelsea in the making?

  Persistent rumours that Kevin Keegan is about to take over from Jim Smith as manager of Oxford United.

  Two players to leave Marseille. Nasri and Givet. Nasri will go to Arsenal as everyone expects but Newcastle will look at Gael Givet as a injection of defensive power after their lack of confidence against City.

  man united news: _________

United will not go deep in January transfer window. they will buy only 1 from either Veloso, Rosina or Hamsik. and they will also sign either Huntelaar or Karim Benzema.

arsenal news____

CAN you TELL ME exactly when did Wenger buy 5 or more players in a transfer window?

Some of you need to realize that Wenger will not sign more than 2 this forthcoming window. He will buy Pandev from Lazio and that teenager from Sevilla (I m sorry I forgot his name).

  News on Manchester City Juan Roman Riquelme is in Manchester staying at the thistle hotel portland st he is with Marcos Franchi who I beleive is his agent hope he is meeting with City's top brass with him and elano Europe here we come.

  According to an inside person I have for me Liverpool are looking at signing Steven Taylor for 11 milllion

also are looking at daniel de Rossi for 15 mill

  To the guy that said Bruce Djite will join the Hammers along with Kewell to help him settle in? Where did you pull that from. Kewell would barely know the guy. They have never played together even for Australia? Seriously mate. Kewell will not be going anywhere in January, Rafa's persisted this long he wants to give him the full season to prove himself worthy of a contract extension, if he does not Rafa will let him go on a free to a club of his choice. It's not like LFC will get much for him now anyway. Liverpool will also look to bring in another CB. + MB+

  Great news for Bolton Wanderers supporters. Sammy Lee will finally be sacked next week and Gerrard Houllier is going to get the job

  About the REF thing. What a load of rubbish.

The Captain should be the only one allowed to talk to the Ref – full stop, it is HIS duty as Captain. I also read all this stuff about players abusing the Officials and how wrong it is – well, at least the players are punished. You get the farce of least weekend where the Ref tells Wisey the Super LUFC Manager to OFF and then last night the third official screaming and wagging fingers in the face of the Chelsea Coach, treating hime like a scoolboy – absolutely ludicrous. They SHOULD be punished; after all, what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. but you know what the FA is like, it will never happen.

  An inside scoop from Edinburgh.

Vlad Romanov is in talks with Gheorge Hagi about taking over the club. Marius Niculae will be his first January Signing followed by international defender Tamas.

  At the moment Arsenal are only looking for One first team player a winger. This will be modric in January. Wenger does like Gourcoff but would have to back out of the Modric deal for this to happen. There will be NO keeper, defender or forwards signed except players for the future.

  Arsene knows Arsene Wenger is planning another Patrick Vieira style raid on AC Milan. This time it will be for Yoann Gourcuff, Arsene Wenger pounced for Vieira when he found out that he was not happy with his lack of playing time he has now found out that Gourcuff is feeling exactly the same. Arsene Wenger tried to sign Gourcuff when he left Stade Rennes and he will not miss his man this time. The deal for Luka Modric (Dinamo Zagreb) now looks certain to happen in January as Modric has told Dinamo that he wants to leave.

Nigerian superstarlets Rabiu Ibrahim (sporting lisbon) and Macauley Chrisantus (fc abuja) also look set to join Arsenal's youth set up in January.

No decision will be made about Samir Nasri (Marseille) until he is fully recovered from his virus.

  Rochdale are in talks with two players regarding loan deals, they have already signed holness from Oldham to strengthen the defense. Gordon will never leave for £10 million, they bought him for 9ish and he has been the best keeper along with reina this year already. Richards will not be going anywhere, I know a City reserve team player who knows him and he is not leaving as City are on the up and he is vice captain with a nice extended contract already signed. the future looks bleak for Crouch at Anfield, Jol is interested if he is still in a job by January, he will probably want to offload Defoe, a swap deal may be struck?


  A–LEAGUE news:

Adelaide FC's Bruce Djite to be signed in December as backup for Dean Ashton by WHUfc for £1 million. Kewell to join him in January to help him settle in.

The Villain

  Man United

According to reports in the Portuguese press, Man United are trying to complete a deal for Sporting Lisbon pair Miguel Veloso and Rabiu Ibrahim, for a combined fee of £9 million.

Veloso could offer sublime cover at left–back for the injured Mikael Silvestre.

  Wenger will never spend £10 million pounds on a keeper.

Confirmed signings in January







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