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05 May 2013 22:49:27
wolves outs (from what I've heard)
stearman - ipswich
hammil - barnsley
sako - fulham
seb - released
berra - released
hunt - reading
doyle - leeds
hennessey - cardiff (in jan when fit)
ward - ipswich
foley - ipswich
o hara - charlton (but maybe wages might block this or if he passes a medical)
johnson - sheffield Wednesday
all loans back to their clubs
henry - derby

Reading wouldn't touch Hunt with a bargepole. the word useless would be praising him. glad we got shot of him when we did and never want him back.

MM has said he is not going to go for his former players at Wolves.

Is sake the best player by any chance?

Is sako the best player of wolves?

Ya can keep hammil, he's done nothing since he left,
Another one punching above his weight,

Yes, without a doubt. There was a patch early on in the season where he pretty much scored in every game. Would love him at Derby but he's waaaaaayyy out of our price range.

I think powell could make o hara a legendary player, to sign him though we would need to get rid of about 15k in wages

If hunt came back to reading there'd be rioting in the stands. The man makes a pensioner with one leg look fast and skillfull

Hammill let him rot club not good enough when he was here so he's not good enough for us barnsley



05 May 2013 22:43:12
Tom Soares to sign for Oxford

He's far too good for League 1 never mind League 2

Was great every time he played for stoke in the prem, another players career ruined by pulis

He was unbelievable for us (swfc) when he played for us, cannot believe how his career has turned out. Promising career ruined by hoof ball pulis!

Couldn't agree more. Came to Stoke with great potential and he has been ruined primarily by the tactics of Pulis. However he must have to take some of the blame himself. When he came to Stoke with Palace, the year Stoke were promoted I think, Tom Soares slaughtered us. Any player with an attacking or progressive approach would need to fear the tactics that Stoke employ. I am a Stoke fan but not neccessarily a Tony Pulis fan even though he has dragged us up from the basement to the top division. Now is the time to look forward. We have the basics but not the vision



05 May 2013 22:26:37
Eddie Howe wants a squad of 25 next season and wants 4 players to add to his squad. He is looking at a number of players.
Aden Flint
Roger Johnson
Lewis Dunk

Jacques Magohma
Simon Ferry
Jamie OHara
Gary Dicker

Charlie Austin
Clayton Donaldson
Sam Baldock

Brighton want Johnson and dunk won't leave

I agree with you here the only probalem would be Rodger Johnson, s wages

06 May 2013 13:33:46
People don't realise how much players like Johnson and O'Hara are on. Afcb signing O'Hara would add 30% to their wage bill. Not going to happen.

06 May 2013 14:06:55
If Austin going to go somewhere it won't be Bournemouth

I can see you lot paying 5-6 mill for him



05 May 2013 22:19:04
Ipswich to sign:
Tabb- Reading- free transfer
Murphy-Celtic- free transfer
Judge- Notts County- free transfer
Forrester-Brentwood- free transfer
Skuse- Bristol City- free transfer
stearman- Wolves- 750k
And possibly Ebanks Blake on a free transfer

All believable but I don't think we will go for ebanks blake!

Forrester plays for BrentFORD, not Brentwood.

And no, you can't have him!

Skuse to Ipswich is looking very likely.



05 May 2013 22:04:04
Gabriel Zakuani's future at Peterborough is in doubt after he tweeted something he shouldn't.



05 May 2013 21:53:40
Latest Shrewsbury Town rumours:-

Mark Duffy (Scunthorpe)
Ben Davies (Derby)
Yoan Arquin (Notts County)
Dexter Blackstock (Nottingham Forest)
Yado Mambo (Charlton)
Stephen Mcginn (Watford)

Jon Taylor (Huddersfield)
Asa Hall (Plymouth)
Paul Parry (Bury)
Aaron Wildig (Cheltenham)

Jermaine Grandison, Connor Goldson, Tom Bradshaw and Ryan Woods {Ed034's Note - blackstock lol no chance

Think Shrewsbury have found millionaire as they are signing everybody.

very comical.

Id love pafc to sign hall;]

Doubt it about blackstock but chairman is putting money in for a play off challenge

06 May 2013 10:24:44
Arquin has an offer to stay at Notts County

Wildig won't go to cheltenham, he's been offered a contract, and he's not that good that they'd want to pay for him

Blackstock! Not sure about Ben Davies either. He is settled in the area, I think he has a young family. I think its a choice between being a squad player for Derby, or getting more game at Notts County. We shall see.

06 May 2013 17:46:10
Yado Mambo (Charlton) is on a free and he's young straight out of the youth team. He won't break the bank and will be a good player in years to come.

Blackstock no no he won't leave forest

Davies still has a house in Shrewsbury. {Ed003's Note - and?}



05 May 2013 21:51:51
Swansea interested in QPR duo Samba&Hoilett.

06 May 2013 09:43:42
Samba is so overated its unbeleivable and hoilet isn't good enough to play in europe

Samba 100k a week? absolutely no chance

The same samba who is on 100k a week and cost 12 million I doubt that very much

Samba is ridiculously expensive, Hoilett twice relegated on the bounce, is he heading south again?

Swansea highest wage is Michu on around 40k so I really doubt Samba will go there

100k week not worth it mate

06 May 2013 23:08:10
Why would us swans sign someone who couldn't get in the 1st 11 of a relegated team? If he ain't good enough for q p r then he's no way near good enough for us! Sorry but facts are facts!



05 May 2013 21:19:18
Peter Leven is set to join Bristol Rovers on a two year deal.

If he can stay fit and get down to some training, will be an asset for you. But he is injury prone and he was always overweight. but

This is plan b, if plan a doesn't work out. (gasheads know who plan a is. )

To the Gashead above, I'm not sure he'd simply be instead of JJ would he? I'd say we need 2 CM's this summer, if we got JJ and Leven I'd be delighted!



05 May 2013 21:43:53
Any News On Luton Town's Ins or Outs Ed?

I heard something about ryan jarvis from torquay



05 May 2013 21:19:43
Huddersfield are looking at Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Lewin Nyatanga since both parent clubs have been relagated and are also out of contract.

Ebanks out for 6 months so I don't think clubs will want him just yet



05 May 2013 21:06:14
Rumours are that Bolton are interested in free agent Owen Garvan centre mid from Crystal Palace. Not sure about this would be a good move we already have M Davies, Medo, Holden, Vela & Pratley.

I think we need to concentrate on the defence and forward line. We need a centre half to replace the departed Dawson and a more than likely a replacemnet for Alonso.

Rumours are Dougie has two signings already lined up and hopes to have them in place by the ned of this month. I'm hoping Trent Sainsbury is one!

Boton to sign beckford in the next few days.



05 May 2013 21:02:38
Jozy Altidore is set to sign for Everton

Not even close to good enough



05 May 2013 20:56:06
Piquionne will join Portsmouth on-loan when the MLS season has come to a close. He will link back up with Portland Timbers for the MLS pre-season.

We can't afford his contract surely? Plus, he is probably better than league 2. Would be good though, I liked him when he was here. J

06 May 2013 08:26:02
No think money



05 May 2013 20:51:38
Reading's Hal Robson-Kanu is interesting Aston Villa who has scored 7 premier league goals for the relegated side

He'd like to think we are!

OH No he is poor please not

You can think he is poor, but we wanna keep him because he's a brilliant player for us. Along with Le Fondre and McCarthy, Robson Kanu will be attracting the most interest from other clubs. Strong and fast wingers can be difficult to find.

Weimann? Agbonlahor? N'Zogbia?
Villa have 3 & Darren Bent & Benteke. Why do they need more then!



05 May 2013 20:42:03
with Cheltenham now out of the play offs pack, deering, Mcglashen, duffy, to go Cheltenham facing financial problems due to spending to much in the last two seasons to get promotion Benson to go back to Swindon board to discuss managerial positions with tw failures this has to be done or Cheltenham to go into administration this has come from within the club

Club has been making a profit last two seasons

Cheltenham hav'nt made any profit over the last few years paid good wages to attract players to get Cheltenham promted but now it has not worked Cheltenham will not have any decent financial clout because of the last two season's failure to get promoted {Ed001's Note - where do you get that from? Is it because you are a rival fan, clearly Oxford judging by your last post, and so want it to be true? Because, from what I know of the club, having talked to one of the directors, they have been able to spend due to a cash injection and are not in any difficulties at all. Though they are not built to spend consistently in the future, as their crowds simply won't support it.}

The club is nowhere near administration get your facts right. The club is in the best financial position it's ever been in.

Swindon fan here, regards Cheltenham going into administration! Total rubbish, Cheltenham is a very well run club that lives to there means, the keep the finances tight and they have some very good backers behind the club, I know two of them having worked closely with them business wise, Cheltenham will be fine and will bounce back next year as they always do, can't say the same about my club?after missing out on getting to the play off finals, interesting to see if our very quite board start speaking about what cuts they are going to make. good luck next season Cheltenham. {Ed003's Note - Good post,cheltenham are absolutely fine financially.}

Yeah it's all a load of rubbish! This post was created about 5-10 minutes after Cheltenham lost to Northampton, why put it on then? If it was a dead cert then you'd mention it before or a few days after after the dust ad settled, not waiting to pounce 5 minutes after



05 May 2013 20:41:30
Jamie O'Hara in talks with brighton after wolves relegation along with roger Johnson. also brighton in talks with scott Sinclair and Fabio on loan

Need promotion 1st

Why on earth would Brighton be agreeing deals now when they do not even know what division they will be in next year?

Are they already resigned to losing to Palace?

06 May 2013 08:29:39
Yes because he was at Pompey near
Brighton yes good player for championship

O Hara would be a good signing but not on £40k per week.

O'Hara is awful

Given your excellent support to Wolves on Saturday. I would hope that you sign neither of the two. Their lack of ability and commitment was clear to see.

100% guaranteed that Brighton are NOT in talks with ANYONE right now! We have 12 players out of contract at the end of season, we are not in talks with THEM until we know what division we will be in, so why would we be doing that with other players?! THINK ABOUT IT!

Brighton will not be able to afford Scott Sinclair's wages. We are only paying 50% of Wayne Bridge's contract so how do you expect them to afford Sinclair's wages.



05 May 2013 20:36:37
West ham want Ali Al-Habsi from Wigan.



05 May 2013 20:34:54
Aston Villa, Norwich, Leicester and Huddersfield all interested in Dwight Gale after Peterboroughs relegation.

Why would Villa want more strikers!

I hope Leicester don't sign him he's not that good the strikers we have are a lot better than him.

He is better then any leicester striker. technically amazing and is top premiership quality. (from a season ticket holder at lcfc for 20 years) gayle is seriously outstanding.



05 May 2013 20:16:55
Peterborough defender Gabriel Zakuani is being linked with a move away from the relegated club; Blackpool look to be the most interested teams and will offer just under a million for the DR Congo defenceman

There is no way Blackpool will offer anything like a £1m for a new signing



05 May 2013 19:53:41
Huddersfield Town are looking to bring in FOUR strikers in the summer (including James Vaughan), with Nakhi Wells of Bradford rumoured to be joining

Wells to Burnley

Wells not good enough for the terriers

Best cough up over a million for him then



05 May 2013 16:55:10
hey ed any Charlton rumours will this summer be quiet {Ed003's Note - Not yet.}



05 May 2013 19:52:46
Huddersfield Town are in talks with Norwich and Leicester for the permanent signings of loan players James Vaughan and Neil Danns. A permanent deal for Jermaine Beckford is unlikely.

Danns and Vaughan could possibly happen, unfortunately Beckfords wages are too high for Town to take him on permenantly

Beckford's not been 100% fit this season due to injuries and warming the bench, but whenever he's played he's proven he can score goals.
Sign him up.

07 May 2013 23:24:56
Beckford had a class end to season with Vaughn they looked seriously dangerous shame we can't have both



05 May 2013 19:25:37
Hull City's Ins -

Lindergaard - Man United
Olsson - West Brom
Figeroua - Wigan
Neville - Everton
Jones - Stoke
Pogrebnyak - Reading

Please take jones off of us!

Decent list but I'm not sure about pogrebnyak UTT!

You will have to pay a fortune for Olson, his 3.5mill release clause is only active for 6 clubs, It's highly unlikely hull are one of them.

Lo olson to hull do me a favor

Oh and don't forget:

Messi - Barcelona
Shearer - Newcastle
Matthews - Stoke

Whilst your making up players you'll never get

Olsson to Hull?! Get real!

06 may 2013 16:21:45
i don't think we'll get olsson but lindegard would be a great signing. we are premier league, say we are premier league utt!

McCarthy is not worth 10m! He is not going to be better than Joe Hart, if he was at 22 he would have shown it by now, he is currently at Reading, who have been relegated which fair enough isn't his fault and I rate him a lot but if he was a good as you say he is then he wouldn't just slip under the radar! He would be at United or City by now, just like Joe Hart was at 22!

Wish olsson would leave

Olsson played rubbish since he signed a new contract, let's cash in

Have figueroa of us! makes too many mistakes



05 May 2013 19:11:00
Preston north end:
Nahki Wells
Declan Rudd (season loan)
Lee novak
Josh McQuoid
Steven Schumacher
Abdulai Bell-Baggie
Bongani Khumalo (season loan)

Chris Beardsley
Joe Gardner
John Mousinho
Andrew procter
Luke foster

Cant see any of these happening.

Not when half the Championship are after Wells, Schumacher & Rudd.

And every team in League 1 would snap up Novak, McQuoid & Bell-Baggie if they were available.

Cant see PNE being able to compete when it comes to wages.

06 May 2013 01:26:50
rudd will return to preston also novak as agreed a 2 yr contract also it is joe garner

No chance wells he's destined for the championship, preston can compete with all teams in lg 1 for wages apart from wolves and sheff utd



05 May 2013 19:08:15
Mansfield to sign Hazel and Waddle.



05 may 2013 18:51:12
charlton sheff wed leeds united
chase saint mirren player maker
paul mcgowan
wee ally



05 May 2013 18:49:08
Stoke taking a close look at Lewis Mcgugan from Nottingham Forest as he looks certain to leave at the end of the season

Whenever I have seen Forest on TV he looks useful. What do Forest Fans Think? However Stoke need to start by finding some modern day fullbacks, players comfortable in possession. Until this happens we will struggle to change the way we play

07 May 2013 15:34:32
lewis is an off-on player and create a goal out of no where but lacks the deire to chase the ball down and regein possetion



05 May 2013 20:08:44
Hull City looking for a keeper.
Possibles are Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester), Alex McCarthy (Reading), David Stockdale (Fulham) and Mannone (Arsenal)
Following senior players will be free to leave which will help lower the wage bill and free up space for new signings;
Aaron Mclean, Seyi Olofinjana, Jay Simpson, Cameron Stewart.
Paul McShane and Liam Rosenior to be offered new deals. Unsure about Abdouleye Faye.
Steve Bruce rumoured to have 8 targets already identified to add to the squad.

To be honest I wouldn't mind if stock dale left when he was 22-23 I thought he would be brilliant and play for England but in the last few times he played for Fulham he made mistake after mistak and I'm sure fulham will buy a better keeper like stekelenberg or courtois on loan.

Never in a million years would you get McCarthy. One you can't afford him and two he's destined for bigger things then Hull.

Its funny how people think hull can't afford it! with multi millionaire owners and £120million from promotion

Moneys not an issue at City. If McCarthy came to Hull he'd be playing week in week out and would have a relegation release clause written into a contract. It'd be a sensible move for him on a potentialy mid-term basis.

You do realise you don't get £120 million in a lump sum right?

Also what promoted team is going to splash £10 million on a goalkeeper?

And before you dismiss the valuation consider this. He's young, English and will be better then Joe Hart. Young English players go for big money even the awful ones (Downing and Henderson)

If he's as good as that then £10mil would be a snip surely? He'd only go up in value afterall.
McCarthy would be amazing at Hull but i'd be happier with kasper or stockdale as he would be pricey. I hope we don't go spending silly money like last time on average players.
Our current squad didn't cost too much and I'd say will work a good nucleus to build on. £10-15mil spent wisely will see us through next year.

Is no one else actually aware that McCarthy's contract is up at the end of this season?

No ones aware of that because its not true. His contract runs till 2015.

BS^ he's got 2 years left mate.



05 May 2013 19:27:57
Millwall said to be looking adomah from relegated Bristol city as a replacement for Dany N'guessan who will leave in the Summer

They can look at him but that's about it!

Millwall can look all they want. They don't have the money to get him.

Bristol city fans make me laugh. Clubs don't pay fortunes for league one players!

06 May 2013 11:32:46
Going to Palace for 2mil+

Why would he go to millwall when he can go to palace

Becase there both going to be in the same league next season

Maybe but will be at a better club if he went to palace

Oh yeah and now they have no manager as well!

Adamoah to Palace looks most likely, but Boro and Reading are alledgedly in as well.

I think he fits the bill at Palace to play oppositte Bolasie again.



05 May 2013 18:46:32
Cardiff INS:
Esteban Granero-5m
Chris Burke-Free
Tim Matavz-4m
Chu-Young Park-2m
Kenwyne Jones-5m
James Collins-1m
Itay Shechter-3m
Jack Bonham-200k

Cardiff OUTS:
Kevin McNaughton-400k-Barnsley
Ben Nugent-2m-Arsenal
Andrew Taylor-Leicester-1m
Joe Mason-Bournemouth-1.8m
Craig Conway-Celtic-2m

McNaughton out of contact so will be leaving on a free

Don't need garnero.

Chris Burke signed a 1 year deal last week so won't be free

Nugent, taylor, mason and conway will deffinatley not be leaving

i hop we don't sign any of the players that you think are coming to cardiff

06 May 2013 17:41:00
Bournemouth won't want mason good enough midfield wouldn't get a game

1.8 million is our whole budget we will not spend that much if anything could be a loan

I doubt Bournemouth will pay 1.8m for a player, yes he's good and yes we have the money but I doubt we will splash that amount of money just yet on one player!

07 May 2013 11:40:05
Esteban maybe, but no to the rest, plus the city of Cardiff would grind to a standstill if McNaughton tried to leave lol.

Scheter for 3 million? Worth about 300k

Can't take any post seriously where exact transfer fees are mentioned.



05 May 2013 18:33:23
Hearing Bruce has had a bid in the region of five million rejected for Jordan Rhodes. Bruce is expected to go back in with an increased bid. Elmohamady will sign for 2 million and Bruce is interested in KS from Leicester. Wickham is not signing, Bruce didn't want him in the championship so he doesn't in the premiership. Bruce has stated that Proschwitz will be staying and playing a prominent role in the starting 11 as will Tom Cairney and Aaron Mclean.

05 May 2013 20:01:29
Aaron Mclean is free to leave. likely suitors include Charlton, Huddersfield, Sheff Wed.

Personally can't stand Blackburn but why would they even consider £5m when they paid £8m and he single handedly kept them in the championship, it's no secret that he wants out but it's bound to be a substantial amount.



05 May 2013 18:32:59
Cardiff in serious talks to sign dost! Striker is looking for a fresh start in the premier league with newly promoted cardiff

You must be having a laugh, no way will Cardiff sign Bas Dost. One reason is that they only signed him in the summer and Dost is the 2nd top goal scorer for wolfsburg

Wont be surprised because wolfsburg have sold a few of their best players before not so sure if dost is malky's type of player

07 May 2013 11:34:51
He's 23 and talented, I would think he is every bodies type of player



05 May 2013 18:19:36
MK Dons set to sign their first players of the summer in the coming week.

Jack Barthram - right back released by Spurs.

Richard O'Donnell - goalkeeper released by Sheffield Wednesday.

Michael Vickers - striker from Forest.

Can see all of these happening we need people in all these positions seen as one of martin or mcloughin won't be signing a new contract

05 May 2013 20:58:21
O'Donnell released by Chesterfield you mean.

I'm a Forest fan and can assure you we have no such player as Michael Vickers

Barthram is plausible, O'Donnell not good enough and as for Vickers? Well, he's an absolute nobody. So well done making that one up.

I also think Barthram is possible - Karl Robinson watched a match with him playing recently. Would do better than Otsemobor.

Vickers does exist and is a 25 year old striker who most recently played for Ottowa Fury. He was at Forest as a youth player between 2004 and 2006. Can't see him coming to the Dons though - no pedigree at all.

My point exactly on Vickers, he played a bit in Australia too. Looks useless.

Pretty sure McLaughlin still has two years left on his current contract and Martin signed a new deal this afternoon.



05 May 2013 18:32:29
Swansea and Cardiff will do battle for the signing of Aston Villa striker Andi Weimann. The Austrian has scored 12 goals in all competitions this season is rumoured to be unhappy with life at Villa.

Unhappy? he keeps saying how happy he is! Hint: in the future read up on what your writing before you write it ;)

Na either Weimann will stay at Villa or he will go somewhere else couldn't see him joining us or the jack (from a Cardiff City fan)

Yes he will join swansea



05 May 2013 18:04:16
Championship Rumours
Jonathon Parr - Bolton
Kevin Doyle - Celtic
Dwight Gayle - Leicester
Stephen Gleeson - Bournemouth
Wes Thomas - Birmingham
Jordan Rhodes - West Ham
Scott Malone - Leyton Orient
Simon Church - Huddersfield
Chris Solly - West Ham
Lee Tomlin - Millwall

05 May 2013 19:50:14
church was a failure at town when he was on loan, we don't want him back. if we did we would have gone for him in january

Wouldn't have Simon church if he didn't have any wages

Huddersfield won't sign Simon Church, was awfull when he was on loan there. They can do better

We don't want Simon Church he was useless when he came on loan!

05 May 2013 22:22:23
Why not go to Bournemouth? Nice town, weather, beaches. No brainer!

Chris solly in talks with middlesbrough

Tbh, I would rather Alan Lee as a lone striker than Simon Church, I am one of the unlucky one's to say "I have seen Simon Church play before"



05 May 2013 17:41:03
Clough to sign 3 young players for the under 21's
George King 19
Jack Barthram 19
James Yeboah 19

Clough is going to bring 4 to 6 new players

2 strikers
and a right midfield



05 May 2013 17:36:29
Rene Howe has been spotted at fratton park



05 May 2013 17:35:20
Middlesbrough set to move for out of contract peterborough midfielder grant McCann this summer

Would be a decent signing, gets a few goals which our midfielders don't really do at the minute



05 May 2013 17:28:54
Huddersfield town are looking a few players out of contract at their current clubs:
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake (out of contract at Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Lewin Nyatanga (out of contract at Bristol City)
Wade Elliot (out of contract at Birmingham City)
Lee Grant (out of contract at Burnley)
Town are also trying to still sign James Vaughan (Norwich City)

Other than lee grant I would love to see these players in blue and white but can't help but think that Elliott will get a new contract and ebanks Blake wages are too big

Lee Grant is one of if not the best goalkeeper in the championship, he got supporters player of the year for burnley.

We're fine in the GK department.

06 May 2013 14:12:35
Reported to be signing for Derby this week

Lee Grant has signed for Derby. tv



05 May 2013 17:26:42
Ipswich Ins

Tabb - Reading - Free
Skuse - Bristol City - Free
Judge - Notts County - Free
Forrester - Brentford - Free
Murphy - Celtic - Free
Stearman - Wolves - £500k
Ebans Blake - Wolves - £500k
Smithies - Huddersfield - £750k

Ipswich Outs

Martin - Charlton - Free
Drury - Crawley - Free
Chopra - Sheffield Wednesday - £175k

Ebanks Blake will be out of contract, so no fee required, but he also sustained a bad injury towards end of season.

Smithies, dream on pal. He's not going anywhere and certainly not the £750k to a similar club to what he's already at.

Well ebanks blake is out of contract so that's wrong

06 May 2013 09:18:01
Crawley set to sign andy dury

Smithies just got engaged and bought new house 2 months ago, he wouldn't leave for ipswich! prem maybe

750k for Smithies? I don't think so!

Drury has played for us before. Great deliverer on a dead ball.

Smithies is a terrible 'keeper, an ok shot stopper but is positioning and commanding his area are atrocious. Town fan



05 May 2013 17:26:10
Adam Chicksen signing for notts county, county need a new full back after releasing julian kelly and alan sheehan out of contract



05 May 2013 17:16:13
If John Brayford leaves Derby then Huddersfield right back Jack Hunt will be his replacement.

Derby are not going to spend £3m on a right back.

I'm sorry but in what universe will Derby not have £3m to spend on a right back if Brayford leaves? If Jack Hunt is £3m then Brayford, the best right back outside the premier league, must be around £8m!

He's not worth £3million!

Jack Hunt is £3mil minimum because the Hudd chairman says so. Same principle as with Rhodes.

Carn't we do a player exchange then?

The general consensus with Hudders fans is that Hunt is excellent going forward but suspect defensively.

He is not worth 3 million mind, don't know who would pay that sort of money for an average championship right back.

The stand out right backs in this league are Kieran Trippier, Sam Byram, Richie De Laet and John Brayford.

Aye, if you don't want to cough up the money then go look elsewhere. Hoyle isn't going to let him go cheap, and even if it looks cheap on paper, guaranteed over the years it'll prove to be what Hoyle asked for in the first place.



05 May 2013 17:15:02
Grant McCann and Mark Little will both leave Peterborough in the summer, with Rotherham United the most likely team to snap up the pair, who haven't been offered new deals at London Road

Paul Raynor (assistant manager at RUFC) says we are in talks with RB. rumour is it's Mark Little who we tried to sign last summer

Are you crazy mark little is in contract talks and McCann is a player who fergie wants to keep

Peterborough were expecting little to sign a new contract but he will be moving to Rotherham.

Fergie doesn't want and both are out of contract



05 May 2013 17:14:06
Huddersfield are looking to have a summer clear out. Lee Novak, Tom Clarke, Scott Arfield, Theo Robinson, Alan Lee, Jermaine Beckford, Anton Robinson, Nick Colgan (retiring), Kallum Higginbotham, Liam Ridehalgh, Jimmy Spencer, Joel Lynch, Lloyd Allinson, Max Leonard, James Burke and Israel Johnson are all set to leave

Robinson and Beckford don't even belong to Town!

05 May 2013 19:58:47
Alan Lee could be on his way back to the millers.

Nonsense ridehalgh lynch Allinson Burke Johnson spencer and Leonard will stay beckford and Robinson are on loan

Why joel Lynch?!

I agree with each of the players identified for leaving club, to the other guy who responded, just because they're on loan doesn't preclude them from town clear out if we choose not to take up their full time contracts

Joel Lynch has had a fall-out with Mark Robins and hasn't played since February

The youth players identified haven't emerged in the first teams plans and it would further their development if they moved on. There are more youth players emerging from the academy and we need to make room for them

Theo robinson is injured and gong nowhere until its sorted, Colagan already retired and work as youth team keeper coach, Ridehalgh has been given a new contract as has burke

How come Nick Colgan wears the number 25 and still has a playing registration?



05 May 2013 16:25:34
West Brom

ST- Rodrigo or Bony
RW- Carrillo or Hoilett
LW- Matias Suarez or Sinclair
RB- Simpson

Fortune or Rosenberg

Reid won't be leaving the club and can't see Simpson joining to be sat on the bemch behind Billy Jones

Big change in staff and no one on big contracts, could be favourites for the drop next season, gambling on the foriegners doesn't always pay off, am not impressed with clarkes signing potential

^^ spending millions and millions really worked out for QPR didn't it! You don't need to try and sign all the top players to be successfull, just players with the right attitude and work ethic.

06 May 2013 02:34:41
Guy above is talking crap! prob a disgruntled dingle/vile fan! WBA one of the favourites for drop this season and look what happened! More like mid table obscurity unless peace loosens the purse strings!

Spending millions didn't work for QPR because they wasted it on loads of old mercenaries. Basically what you are saying is that you don't want us to sign good players, you would rather sign a bunch of try-hards with no skill, that really worked for Wolves didn't it.

Reid is an easily better RB than Billy! Billy's either a RWB or RM!

We have to be realistic, our crowd only pulls 25, ooo average and it won't get any better than this, we need more fans from somewhere or we will go back down eventually

07 May 2013 16:10:29
need to pull in more fans or they'll go down eventually? what world are you living on?! WBA are a solvent club with minimal debts and very well run! fan base won't affect their position in the league!

Average at 25000 even though the hawthorns holds 26-2700, it not bad and a lot of games are sell outs.



05 May 2013 17:21:22
West brom to sign Bony, Matias Suarez, Scott Sinclair on loan with view to permanent, popov permanent, lazarevic, el hamdaoui, garics, taider, rodrigo getting these with extra money from television broadcasting.

West Brom won't spend that much money in the summer. Probably won't even spend 15 million. Notoriously low spenders

Baggies won't spend 15 grand, never mind 15 million, unknown foriegners for free and a couple of gambles on golden oldies like riedy and mcally, that's all we need, let's get doyle and o, hara, they must be going cheap

Wilfried bony yes please! He's another drogba like player

Cant see west brom getting any of those player. as much as i'd love to see them there I just can't see it.

07 May 2013 16:19:18
wont spend £15k eh? they bought Long for around £6.5m and Foster for about £3/4m! they are willing to spend but won't go out wasting silly money the way teams like QPR did!



05 May 2013 17:19:31
Blackpool will sign nicky Maynard in summer for 1 million

Dont think so what I hear is blackpool do not pay big wages and maynard is a money grabber so can't see that one happening

They should do and also get Varney back. The two of them were mustard for Crewe.

06 May 2013 17:27:08
Highly unlikely as they paid £2. 5 M for him and when he played in the early part of the season he looked really good. Malky quoted that he would have scored 20 goals this season had he not had the serious injury. I am sure he is a big part of next seasons plans

Every transfer window since before we were in the prem I have seen this same rumour, accept it, it's not going to happen



05 May 2013 16:53:01
Rumour from a DCFC message board is that Craig Bryson's family is missing life north off the border, and want return. Celtic have been mentioned as a possible suitor. This is only a rumour and I have no inside info. Sad if true he is an excellent pro.



05 May 2013 16:46:50
The Neville family will completely take over Bury football club within the next 14 days then will install Phil Neville as player manager.
Although the family cannot invest millions of pounds into the football club they hate the way the current board are ruining the club.

Any news on take over at bury or any news at all



05 May 2013 16:43:46
Stoke are having a squad clearout this summer with these players set to leave.
Begovic 15m
Pennant rel.
Whelan 2m
Whitehead rel.
Owen ret.
Palacios 500k
Etherington 1m
Jones 3m
upson rel.
delap rel.
Sidibe rel.
Nash rel.
This leaves Tony Pulis with a £20million budget and a heavily reduced wage bill. Expect some very good signings

Palacios 500k?
It is about 4.5million
and Jones for £7 million

He'd just waste 20 million on some 33 year old slow cm who can't shoot or pass, but he can tackle

You seriously think we'll get more than 2m for palacios, not played in over 2 years and is overweight, we'd actually do well to get any fee for him, and as for jones seriously 7m? he's terrrible and out of contract next summer, 4m tops

We owe it to Begovic to let him ply his trade at a higher level. Great keeper. We need to get Palacios playing as we paid an awful lot of money for him. A budget of £20 million in todays world is not massive. Don't know if it would be wise to allow Tony Pulis to have this kind of money. His track record is not brilliant when spending money. Begovic was always going to sell at a profit but all of the others are his signing and will be going for less than we paid. Glenn Whelan is the exception.

Pulis might not even be at the club next season

I think palacios can still do a job for us, if we get him fit again and help him get over the death of his brother then I think him and n'zonzi or adam could make a great partnership



05 May 2013 15:25:45
reina to barce. begovic to liverpool



05 May 2013 15:25:05
david villa is liverpools no. 1 target this summer. it still remains to be seen if villa would move to anfield

He would be superb



05 May 2013 15:23:54
arsenal will bring in remy for 6.5 million.



05 May 2013 15:21:37
Lewin Nyatanga looks likely to join Huddersfield Town on free from relegated Bristol City

They will regret that.

Is this based purely on the fact he scored a goal against us a Bristol?

We wish him well. There's a few City fans would happily chip in for his petrol money, just to make sure he goes.



05 May 2013 15:28:06
malouda to wba



05 May 2013 15:21:02
Allardyce set to pull out all the stops to land Jordan Rhodes from Blackburn.

Cost him best part of 16million as he is contracted till 2016



05 May 2013 16:14:08
Lots of clubs in for Dwight Gayle of Peterborough United - including 2 or 3 Premiership teams. Offers of £1.5m will be listened to by McAnthony.

Can't see DMAC selling up that cheaply

OK so Dwight Gayle is just 6 months into a long contract - 1.5m won't buy his eyebrow.



05 May 2013 16:13:27
Portsmouth want to bring in Joel grant and former defender Jon Harley with a loan move expected for young arsenal striker chuks Aneke

Think Harley is employed by Chelsea as a youth coach these days.

Can't see this happening but please hope that you prove me wrong

Harley was realeased at Chelsea he then went to Maidstone so its possible

Harley will have to be on less money than last season, and would be behind butler and Cooper for left back slot. So not very likely

Why would aneke drop from league 1 to 2?



05 May 2013 16:12:20
Huddersfield Town are interested in MK Dons midfielder Stephen Gleeson

£3,000,000 and he's yours!

With only a year on his contract we'll accept anything approaching £500K. Decent business if that's on the table.

Huddersfield wanted him last summer so this could have something in it. Anyone who thinks we'll get £3M when he only has a year left is living in cloud cuckoo land though.



05 May 2013 16:08:05

In: Philipp Hosiner
Out: Billy Sharp



05 May 2013 16:07:38
Rene Howe has been seen around fratton park looking sign



05 May 2013 15:02:35
Peterborough United OUTS:

Emile Sinclair (sold)
Nicky Ajose (sold)
Tyrone Barnett (sold)
Nathaniel Knight-Percival (sold)
Grant McCann (released)
Mark Little (released)
Jonson Clarke-Harris (loan)
Daniel Kearns (sold)

Not sure about the Knight Percival shout, but the others are entirely plausible, although I think Little could do a job for us in League 1 next season.

Leeds fans just don't watch other players do they? Gayle is a different player to Snodgrass and remember who sold him to who Bates to Norwich. Norwich are tight and Bates wanted to cash in b4 sale of club.
Gayle £3m min!



05 May 2013 14:51:16
Cole Skuse set to sign for Ipswich Town in the summer on a 3-year deal. Kevin Doyle is also being lined up by Mick McCarthy.

I think Doyle may be slightly out of Ipswich's price range.

He is a good striker who cost wolves £6.5 mil, will be on prem wages too.

I think he would cost in the region of £1. 5M and, it's a lot to spend on a single player in the championship with financial fair play

I fail to see how doyle can be worth 1.5 mil to a relegated side



05 May 2013 14:35:50
Mick McCarthy planning to offer a contract to Harry Forrester, alan judge and cole skuse. He also intends to make an offer for Burtons Jacques maghoma and ex wolves players Stearman and Doyle.

Ex wolves players? they still play for wolves.



05 May 2013 14:29:21
Doncaster are interested in bringing Yeovil defender Byron Webster back to the club.

06 May 2013 13:35:33
ive heard finland national manager mixu paatelainen, who also has experience of managing in the spl is being courted by drfc. he's shown interest and is going to meet officials from rovers this week to hear what there ambition is. source, my dad is on the rovers board

Owen Coyle is set for the Job



05 May 2013 14:27:14
Ipswich are looking to bring in 5 or 6 new players in summer but won't be spending too much cash. mccarthy will mainly be signing out of contract players, already been linked to notts county's Alan judge and Harry forrester from brentford. top of micks wish list is defender Richard stearmen but the price tag may scupper any deal.
With loanees tabb, murphy and kisnorbo expected to sign this summer on free transfers, expect ipswich to only spend cash on 1 or two players this summer the rest being frees and out of contract players.
Players leaving portman road as not offerd new terms by the club drury, lee-barret, and lee Martin.
Drury probably will return to Crawley where he spent some time on loan and lee Martin is intresting Blackpool, brum, charlton and leeds

We won't sign Kisnorbo! He played about 10 minutes of league football for us

Kisnorbo has impressed mick who publicly announced his interest in signing him.

Crawley can't afford Drury's wages.



05 May 2013 14:47:25
Southampton fc looking for European football in the next couple of years and so there are rumours coming from Italy again as Nicholas cortese is looking into his Italian sources for players one being that Belgium and Cagliari CM Radja Nainggolan as well already agreeing deals for celtics Victor Wanyama for an unknown fee and Atletico Madrids Adrian Lopez for £8m whilst still being interested in Man City winger Scott Sinclair deepening on his wages

All soton will be be looking for is prem survival this year

I have my doubts about Sinclair, I can see why he is linked to us considering we have his brother Jake in our academy. He just doesn't seem to me to be what we need though. We need pace on the wing and he is not the quickest player in the world.

05 May 2013 18:40:51
I think we need to worry about staying up this season first

Scott sinclair "isnt the quickest player in world". are you serious? He is lightning quick!

The main skill that Scott Sinclair possesses is pace. You obviously haven't seen him play.

Yep Sinclair is known for his pace. If anything he is exactly what we need. But I can't see us buying to many attacking players as we score enough goals we just need defense.

Score enough goals? We haven't scored in our last three games!

No goals in the last 3 games though. Hope that's just a blip. Agree with you about the defence. I don't understand why Hooiveld gets a game. I think he's slow and clumsy.

Wanyama is a no go he will join one of the best clubs in europe or top 3 epl and only a bigger club then Celtic unless they paid over the top like 20mill. But he said he is staying at Celtic so need a new rumour

Aren't Celtic going to have to sell These players ( Hooper and Wanyama ) as they only have 1 year left and won't risk losing them for nothing? Probably 7m for Hooper and 12m for Wanyama I reckon {Ed007's Note - Wanyama's contract runs until summer 2015.}



05 May 2013 14:36:13
N. Redmond - B'ham
Y. Bolasie - C. Palace (if not promoted)
K. Schmichael - L'ster
J. Rhodes - Blackburn
A. Elmhohamady - S'land
D. Bent - Villa

If Hull can afford 8mil and his 60/70k a week wages then good luck to you. Not a bad player at Villa just doesn't fit in our system anymore.

We should get Peter Odemwingie as he is not wanted by west brom

Only player out of them is elmo and maybe Adam Le fondre

05 May 2013 19:56:24
Bent left Sunderland as he did not get on with bruce

Hull can't afford Rodes

Wont get bent-wages to much
probably get elmo
wont get schmichael-cost to much
wont get bolasie-we are promoted



05 May 2013 13:58:37
Now that Hull have been promoted it looks like Stockdale will make a permanent move to the tigers



05 May 2013 13:52:32
Gillingham will sign Cody McDonald, Scott Wagstaff, Julian Kelly, and Andy Barcham this Summer.

05 May 2013 17:31:30
Cody will be the only one of those in. Certainly not Barcham as we've got a better left winger in Weston, and Barcham had a very poor season at Scunthorpe and they could have kept him if they thought he was going to come good.

Wagstaff is from Maidstone and the gills are in for him.



05 May 2013 13:35:24
Bournemouth are interested in getting the services of Bradford striker Nahki Wells for a suggested £1.5 million fee

The fee makes this really hard to believe.



05 May 2013 13:29:33
Brentford to sign in the summer:

- Bradley Wright- Phillips (Charlton - Free)
- Mihael Kovačević (Ross County - Free)
- Jake Bidwell (Everton - Free)
- Richard Chaplow (Southampton - Free)
- Connor Pepper (Inverness - Undisclosed fee)

Brentford to release:

- Sam Saunders
- Scott Barron (Mutual consent)
- Paul Hayes (Mutual consent)
- Antonio German (move to Gillingham)

Heard that Chaplow seems more likely to be heading to Leeds or Reading as they are willing to pay for him.

05 May 2013 17:33:55
Probably Saunders as well as German to Gills

Brad won't go for free

BWP's contract ends in the summer and as far as I know, it's not being renewed. So yes, he will go for free. Whether it's Brentford or not, we'll see.



05 May 2013 13:16:52
Junior hoilett is set to sign for Swansea and pavel progbregnyak may also join.

Progbregnyak doesn't suit swansea style of play. so not happening.



05 May 2013 12:42:46
Derby ins:
Burke: 500K
Vaughan: 750k
Grant: Free
Baptise: Free
Whitehead: unsure
Forsyth: 100-200k depending on if Watford stay in Championship
Martin: free

Brayford to Cardiff: 4-5mil
Fielding to Birmingham: 600k
Roberts: free
Davies/Doyle/Atkins to whoever wants them
Robinson: 500k or highest bidder
Tyson: 100k

Burke isn't leaving he signed a new contract 2 days ago

If Brayford were to go for 4-5 million, I would expect abit more investment! Like those signings and one other at about 1 mill

Brayford, if he went to Cardiff, would be around 1. 5 - 2 million not 4 million. Probably the latter because if Cardiff make a bid it is likely that other clubs such as Stoke, Wigan and West Ham would come in too.

If you think we'll get 4-5m for a player with 1 year left on his contract you're deluded. Whiteheads wages far to high. 500k for Theo Robinson? HHAHA

Would be a shame to see Brayford go. Don't think he will go, though.

Burke did not sign a new contract. Birmingham activated a clause of an extra one year. It is likely Derby will still make a bid for him.

Derby have already opened contract talks with John Brayford, and I would expect him to sign a new contract, however, a player of his quality really should be playing in the Premier League.



05 May 2013 12:39:18
Cole Skuse to ipswich from bristol city!

Yep it has been completed just waiting for the opening of the transfer window.

Does he need a van to take his stuff



05 May 2013 12:29:22
Preston are tracking Carlisle's Rory Loy and John Welsh could go the other way as a makeweight in the deal. The North End are also after youngster Steve Minnis who has been impressing at Witton Albion this season.

05 May 2013 13:01:05
welshy will not be going anywere , he is preston capt and Grayson is building the team around him

Not happening. John Welsh was the best player this season

100% not going to happen in both cases

Rory loy was released still can't work out why he is fast stronger and since coming back he has learned to score.

05 May 2013 14:10:19
Not going to happen. John WELSH is our captain and double player of the year.

Loy was released

Loy has been released by Carlisle so this rumour is not true. Plus Preston wouldn't let Welsh go as be is our best players.

Not true, welsh has just win player of the season.

Rory Loy has just been released so don't think we would get welsh.

That ain't going to happen lol. Welsh loves pne there no truth in that at all!

John Welsh is our Captain for the next season, so your wrong and i'm glad.

Rory loy was released by Carlisle so would command no fee

Also Preston would never sell their star player to Carlisle

This rumours is so wrong its horrid, Loy has been released and dislikes Preston as last time he was at Deepdale he broke his leg and was out for a year. Welsh would not be sold by Preston.

Both could happen. ok loy is a free agent now but wasn't grayson interested when he was hudds manager? and welsh is average league one at best so should suit carlisle. who's this steve minnis though?

Westley's gone now. so persons need to stop making up rumours of us signing nobodies from the Blue Square and lower. We also don't sell good players any more. Update your rumour content premise, trolls.

By the way Rory Loy is a very good player, he is fast skilful and he has averaged a a goal very 2 starts when he has played this season



05 May 2013 11:42:53
Bristol City Player Steven Davies Was Spotted At Pride Park When Derby Played Millwall Yesterday

So was Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, are we signing them as well

More likely to be signing for Millwall than Derby. Apparently his wife still has friends in the area so they came to the game but you never know. Tweeted many a time about once a ram always a ram etc. I think most derby fans would have him back as if he was able to manage 46 games he we definitely score at least 20 goals given his record.

Would the reason be Gareth Roberts last game for Derby. Both ex Tranmere Rovers players? Don't know if they are great mates? Triva fact from yesterday's game - Conor Sammond's winner ensured we finished 10th. When was the last time we finished 10th in whatever league we have been in?

Answer is 1897. Saw it on a forum.

Yay correct. I saw it on a forum as well :-) 31 quid well spent to be part of DCFC history. Award your self one free Derby County rumour.

Or he's just watching the team he supports because he's injured. He left derby for personal reasons so why would he go back?!

Because shackells not there



05 May 2013 10:37:45


Murray Davidson

Paul McGowan

James Dayton

Stephen McManus


Gary naysmith
Stephen Hughes
Chris Clark, termination of deal due to injury
Rory fallon


Osbouurne as central def
Gavin Rae another year
Magennis, seen as a versatile option

And at least 6 on trial to try to find a gem!

Paul McGowan is linked strongly with middlesbourgh, Dayton has indicated for a move to capital most likely hibs, Murray Davidson still not sure but strong links with aberdeen. McManus as been linked with Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hibs and Hearts.



05 May 2013 10:31:18
Free agent Tom Soares to join Oxford United. The league 2 side are also keen on his former teammate Adam Lockwood.

Steven Schumacher being linked to a host of clubs. Rotherham is one that are definitely interested.

Andy Bishop could return to York City from Bury.

Never go back we don't want ex players ask Bullock and Smith didn't perform for us. so no thanks andy well keep the old memories thanks very much

05 May 2013 17:00:02
Can't see him going to Oxford can do much better than them

Soares will be off to L1 or stay with Bury

And Bish probably off to Wrexham



05 May 2013 10:29:34
Cesc Fabergas will join Arsenal this summer for 22.5 million, as well as this arsenal will sign Rene Adler for 8 million and Stevan Jovetic for 25 million.

Fabregas isn't coming back, don't get your hopes up.
Adler is a believable buy, but I think for more than £8m unless Wenger pulls a rabbit out of his a***.
Jovetic is a good player, but Arsenal need a goals corer, and Jovetic just isn't prolific enough.



05 May 2013 11:51:20
Hull City ins

Really don't want to see Stockdale leave Fulham. I have thought that he will be our next number 1

Jedinak Is going to Stoke

05 May 2013 17:04:43
So relegation it is then

I don't think we will get bent because he is to much but we could get schmichael utt



05 May 2013 10:24:38
Stoke ins:
Andreas Cornelius / ST / £5m / FC Kopenhavn
Scott Sinclare / LW / £5m / Man City
Nathan Redmond / LM-RM / £4m / Birmingham
Curtis Davies / CB / £4m / Birmingham
Danny Simpson / LB / FREE / Newcastle
Luis Pedro Cavanda / LB-RB / £1.5m / Lazio
Martin Olsson / LB / £3m / Blackburn

Jon Walters / £4m / Celtic-Cardiff
Kenwyne Jones / £3m / Cardiff
Peter Crouch / £4m / West Ham
(Only one or two strikers will go not those three)
Ryan Shotton / £2m / Cardiff

Isn't Shotton out of contract, hence no fee would be needed.

If Pulis stays, Shotton and Walters stay

Jon walters won't be going anywhere and certainly not for £4 million

If Cardiff signed jones and walters that would be a waste of £7M



05 May 2013 10:07:09
HULL CITY transfer targets

scott sinclair
darren bent
michael turner
shay given
shaun wright phillips

Why on earth would you waste money on Shaun wright Phillips, one of the most over rated players in recen times and not worth an amount of money paid to him.

Would love to see Turner back, he was great.

05 May 2013 17:26:39
Only Turner out of that lot is in anyway realistic, either because of wages (Bent, Wright-Phillips), or because of competition from other clubs (Sinclair)



05 May 2013 10:02:09
Celta the Viga right back, Hugo Mallo, has been linked with a move to the south east with Brighton and Hove Albion. Brighton are pushing for promotion but have had trouble at late with injury and suspension of their full backs. The deal is said to be worth £3.3m

You can add diSantos of Wigan to that lot. Roughly what I heard on Saturday.

Brighton should get tommy elphick he's done really good at bournemouth



05 May 2013 09:55:11
Ipswich want Christophe Berra and Karl Henry.
Albert Adomah is going to Crystal Palace.
Bournemouth to sign Kieran Tripper for 1.2 million.
Dwight Gayle is being looked at by numerous Championship clubs.
Calvin Zola is wanted by Walsall to replace Will Grigg who is moving to Derby.
Alan Judge is moving to either Middlesborough or Nottingham Forest.
Bolton want to sign Harry Maguire if Sheffield United do not go up.
Bournemouth interested in Simon Ferry and Clayton Donaldson.
Charlie Austin to join Bournemouth for 3.8million

This Bournemouth stuff is getting really tedious now

Firstly why would Ipswich want Henry who wasn't in the Wolves starting Line up
I'm a Bournemouth fan and I can only see a 30% chance of signing Austin
Why would we splash the cash on a RB when Francis won player of the season?

I'm sorry but Bournemouth won't be getting Trippier and Austin. 2 of the best players in the Champ would not go to a newly promoted side. And I'm a Derby fan. Would love Will Grigg though.

05 May 2013 16:47:58
No chance for Bournemouth to get these players they may have money but still backward step to small club. Tony PFC

05 May 2013 17:17:02
Forest fan here. As usual we will be linked with everyone and sign no one. I'd like Grigg to come to Forest.

Sorry Derby and Forest fans, Will Grigg is staying at Walsall. Spoke to a friend who works at the club and deal to be signed for both Will Grigg and Febian Brandy by Thursday. Will Grigg to become the second highest paid player in Walsall history

I would like Bolton to go for Judge. I also like the look of Trippier, we could send Mears back to Burnley in exchange. Austin would be high on my wish list of targets.

Bournemouth have mega money as everyone knows but they need to establish themselves first

06 May 2013 06:23:34
Will grigg will stay at walsall and is Zola a free agent now or does he still have a contract

I heard all of this for months about Mat Richie to a point when it got boring. Blah Blah Blah. Richie now plays for Bournemouth.
Burnley supporters get used to it and grow up. Charlie Austin is coming home to play for the team he supports, working for the manager he admires.
Yes Bournemouth is now MEGA rich and its something some people need to get used to. I am sure Reading and Brighton went through the same mud slinging in the past.

06 May 2013 16:01:12
Targets for sheffield united:
Calvin Zola
Ben Pringle
Nicki wells
Johnny Russell
Alan Judge
Mark Duffy
Nathan Doyle
Richard wood
(I don't think they'll get all of them but some of them)

06 May 2013 16:46:29
So much for Brandy and Grigg signing new deals by Thursday mate. Hope they do sign them though.



05 May 2013 11:38:07
Hull ins-
Le Fondre

Not a chance of Maloney



05 May 2013 11:18:36
Oldham Athletic are in talks to bring in Bury Midfielder David Worrall when the 22 year olds contract ends this june. Due to his age and Football League regulations, Oldham are in negotiations with bury over a compensation package worth £22,000.

05 May 2013 13:03:01
think you will find preston are in talks with worrall

He's got another year on his contract

Would be a decent signing to be honest

Think you will also find that players aren;t out of contract until June so they can;t talk to any clubs until that contract finishes.

Please get your facts right and Preston signing everyone like they always think they will do and then FAIL AGAIN in the league, very funny to see.

Players are on their hols at the moment as they are under contract derrrr why do you think they go away now.

No mate, get YOUR facts right, clubs can enter into negotiations with players up to SIX MONTHS before their contract expirary. During this time, they can sign pre contract terms with another team.

Effectively, players can sign a contract for another team 6 months before his current contract expires. Do some research before you tell other people they have their facts wrong {Ed001's Note - only if the team are under the auspices of a different FA. So an SPL player could negotiate with an English team, but not another Scottish team.}



05 May 2013 11:04:24
Read a piece of media speculation this morning that we're (Swansea) close to agreeing a deal for Hoilett from QPR.

I think that he will stay in London not sure which team though

Hope not, he's on a hat trick of relegations

05 May 2013 15:14:15
Not good enough for european football

Not good enough.

Its his agent putting it about



05 May 2013 09:51:47
Man Utd outs-
Nani £12 million
Valencia £10 million
Anderson £8 million
Scholes retiring
Fletcher retiring
Lindigarrd- £4.5 million

Possible outs-
Powell (loan)

Kevin strootman
James Rodriguez




05 May 2013 10:09:55
I have heard from Holland, I have business contacts in Groningen that Ipswich have been looking at two of the youth players. It seems that they are interested in winger G�nero Zeefuik and Defender Virgil van Dijk.

Ipswich have good links in Holland, and have a history of bringing dutch players over. Seems Martijn Reuser may have had a hand in linking this two.

Its a bit left field but watch this space

Brighton want Virgil van dijk not ipswich {Ed034's Note - there's no rule dating two teams are not allowed to want the same player

Oh, I thought that only one club could want a player and that multiple clubs couldn't be looking at the same player as you have to dibs the player first.



05 May 2013 10:02:01
Colchester United could swoop for former Orient duo Jimmy Smith and Charlie McDonald. Smith is thought to be the replacement for George Porter and the retiring Karl Duguid, McDonald could be just adding rank to the forward line up or paving way for Clinton Morrison to leave or maybe that void filled if Jabo Doesn't sign.

Wouldn't mind either Smith or MacDonald. Smith seems to have some good creativity and passing and Charlie is a natural goalscorer. Two players that Colchester sorely missed last year. Just 47 league goals tells you that.

I actually saw Jimmy Smith at Tesco in Tiptree near Florence Park today at 4pm he must be there for some reason!



05 May 2013 09:18:38
Players stoke interested in signing
Anichebe Everton. if Everton beat stoke to Cornelius
Le fondre now reading relegated
Di Santo from Wigan on a free if they go down
Scott dann agreed sign in January but deal wasn't finished in time
Liam trotter puliis really likes this millwall player
Scott Sinclair or junior hoillet either of these depending on wages
Players out
Crouch qpr or westham others interested
Brek Shae out on loan for some experience maybe even to vale
Whitehead Owen Jerome jones palacios

Shea is too good for Vale, he would probably go for a couple of months to a championship side

We need to get Cornelius, not the guy Cornelius is replacing, he's crap!

You seriously think Shea will play in the basement leagues in a World Cup season and after what his agent said recently. made up nonsense

Would love Anichebe, always rated him class at holding the ball up which is exactly what Crouch currently does, would take Anichebe and Cornelius if possible

I think we would only get Anichebe if Everton got Cornelius. And Stoke would be better off with Cornelius

Liam Trotter is good, but lazy as hell



05 May 2013 09:00:59
Rumour is Boco of Accrington priced himself out of a move to Chesterfield

Not a rumour it's spot on. He came down and wanted a huge increase that the new CFC sage structure won't and can't meet. It's rigid



05 May 2013 08:49:48
Darren purse could be on his way back to home park! has not been offerd a new deal by port vale and loves the club, sheridan would see this as linking him up with branston in the heart of defence.



05 May 2013 08:23:22
Chris Martin & Lee Grant WILL sign next week for Derby. 100%

In talks with Baptiste but lots of other interest from Leeds and Blackburn, although the location of Derby may be ideal for Baptiste, as he grew up in Derbyshire.

Forsyth is coming but announcement not until play offs are finish for Watford as he will be in and around the squad.

Derby have already spoken to James Vaughan and his parent club Norwich. Massive interest from Huddersfield after a fantastic season for the terriors but wages offered by either side will be crucial. If Huddersfield match the high wages Derby are offering, he may opt to join them.

Derby want Chris Burke. Burke signed a contract extension for an extra year, which was a clause in his contract, but there will be interest in him in the summer. Birmingham are majorly interested in Derby's Frank Fielding, and a deal may involve Burke plus some money from Derby. From what I've heard this deal may come off.

Derby have other targets but these are the main ones. All but Burke seem likely.

Norwich will not sell vaughan as we will need him in championship next season

Sam Rush did say in yesterday's programme that Derby hope to have some signings in place by next week. Think Baptiste was brought up in Sutton-in-Ashfield near Mansfield.



Rumour Submitted



Rumour Submitted



05 May 2013 07:56:20
doncaster to apoint terry butcher as manager on 3 and a half year deal and he has shorlisted:
glenn murray leyroy lita
stuart holden rob green
crhis gunter
manyor figarola
grant mccann
ben marshall
pual gallahgar

as john ryan dick watson and terry brammmble whant to give doncaster premiership football

Why would he sign a 3 half year contract, would they want him to leave half way through a season. lol

05 May 2013 11:55:04
So you've got 8million to spend I DON'T THINK SO

Murray has just signed a long term contract at Palace, so that's not going to happen.

05 May 2013 14:21:37
Doncaster are richer than a lot of people think. John Ryan, Dick Watson and Terry Brammall are very wealthy men. They're just very careful with their money.

05 May 2013 14:38:17
Murray has just signed a new contract.

We got 6 million for winning league

Don't be daft

Would Doncaster want Dean Saunders back?

I think any owner of a football club could be considered as a 'wealthy man'



05 May 2013 07:07:16
I am going to keep to the facts here, the rest of you can come to your own conclusions.

FACT: Charlie Austin and his girlfriend have being house hunting in the Poole area mostly looking around Canford Cliffs with a view to moving in between July and August.

It does not mean he is going to play of AFC Bournemouth and many have said including the editor that Bournemouth is a small club and there's no chance!
It is possible to commute from Poole to West London so its a wait and see as only Charlie and his girlfriend will know. {Ed001's Note - I haven't said anything, I think you mean A not THE editor, as there are quite a few of us and we all have our own opinions.}

Stop posting it and get down the bookies and put some readies on it! I've just banged £50 on it at 12-1



05 May 2013 00:28:33
Tranmere Rovers goalkeeper coach Dave Timmins was seen at Cammell Laird FC today taking a look at their young first team keeper Kevin Atherton with a view of a pre-season trial at Prenton Park



05 May 2013 00:33:57
I have a relaible source inside stoke city and he tells me who the scouts are watching but I cannot guarantee who they will sign heres pulis' scout list.
John Brayford
Will Hughes (asked for too much money)
Alex Baptiste
Curtis Davies
Dries Mertens
Jed Wallace (asked for too much money)
Mile Jedinak
Yannick Bolasie
Jeff Hendrick
Marcos Alonso
Lee Chung yong
Andreas Cornelius
Noel Hunt
Adam le fondre
David Vaughan
Igor de Camargo
Anthony Pilkington (strong one)
Jack mcirney
Joe Corona
Nathan Redmond
Max Clayton
Luke Murphy
Michael West

Hope luke murphy goes to a team who play football (wigan)? not much point going to a team of route one merchants.

steve davis.

Only players i'd like us to sign from there are
Lee Chung Yong
and Redmond
all the others are over priced or not good enough

From that list I would like to see Andreas Cornelius, Will Hughes (Even though its unlikely), and Nathan Redmond. I'm not too sure about the others

I am a Portsmouth fan. Wallace would be well worth signing for you, although we are desperate to keep him. But the notion he asked for too much money when he is currently on like £500-1000 a week at Portsmouth is absolutely ridiculous.

If Max Clayton and Luke Murphy are the Crewe players, what's the point. If I was their agents I would be looking for an alternative to Stoke. We took two of their youngers a few years ago, one was Ben Marshall and I cannot remember the other lad. Both were shipped out without ever playing a game.



05 May 2013 00:12:50
Justin Hoyte: Chris Solly
Stephen McManus: Martin Cranie
Andre Bikey: Danny Woodard
Keiron Dyer: Alan Judge
Nicky Bailey: Chris McCann
Scott McDonald: Will Grigg
Marvin Emnes: Dwight Gayle

Thorgan Hazard or Nick Powell on season long loan

Good business for the boro




05 May 2013 00:07:19
West Ham are hoping to sign Peter Crouch for £4 million in the summer.
Paving way for Cornelius to come to Stoke.

No chance Pulis won't sell Jones and Crouch. Who else will stick to the long ball technique we use so much. There are no obvious 6 foot 5 replacements

This will only happen if we get Cornelius

If this was to happen then another piece of excellent business by Pulis. Buy Crouch for £10 million we are lead to believe and then sell him for £4 million. Ever likely Peter Coates doesn't want to give him any more money to spend. Also £6 million for Palacios with probably a zero return on him



05 May 2013 00:05:37
Joel Grant a target for Shrewsbury, Oldham, Portsmouth and Scunthorpe.

I wouldn't say no to him, has a decent scoring record for a winger

Ed, do you know any players that are in talks with Shrewsbury over a possible transfer. {Ed003's Note - Not heard any yet mate}



04 May 2013 23:58:33
Ex Mk Dons midfielder Peter Leven set to start talks with Bristol Rovers, Scunthorpe United and Plymouth Argyle next week.

Got to choose the iron

Plymouth favorites to get his services I hear

06 May 2013 07:53:45
Why don't we sign him ( Before anyone comments on 'we' I am an arsenal and mk dons fan.

Liamgooner, they say never go back. NEVER EVER GO BACK.

Look at Ince and McLeod. Worst decisions ever to have them back. Utter waste. Good riddance to
Leven, we don't want him back.

Didn't leven fall out with your club owner? Said in the paper when he left I'm sure?

Why bring back leven? person left for more money.

Rovers hold a better future for him if he was to go there imo.

I think he did leave under a dark cloud. He wanted a better contract than he was being offered and got stroppy. Good riddance. We don't need/want him back.

Took a good penalty though.

Has Chicksen signed his contract yet, or is the rumour true about him leaving?



04 May 2013 23:22:21
Dwight Gayle to Leeds for 1 million after Peterborough are relegated to league one

You will have to spend a lot more than 1 million to get Gayle

Peterborough would snap our hands off for a million mate

05 May 2013 12:59:17
I just thought the respect all the managers in the championship on the final day was terrific, ferguson wil bounce back I hope he sticks with Peterborough, they have had a great end of season ( apart from 04/05/13 ) considering the gate they can attract it cannot have been easy for them. Palace fan

They wouldn't 'snap your hand off' because they rate him at at least 5 million. Gayle is going nowhere

Yes I can just see us selling a player for 1 million that we spent 500k on 6 months ago. jog on

Haha 5 million we didn't get that for Snodgrass and he's 3 times the player Gayle will ever be why would he want to play for a league one team that won't bounce back for at least 4 years when you went down before you had McLean makail-smith and Boyd none of them are there to help you go up this time your small club will have to rely on man its reserve players next year

Haha, Peterborough rate Dwight Gayle at 5 million? Ok, he isn't THAT good. Under 1 million, easy. He hasn't proved himself just yet.

For a player with 4 years left on his contract he could cost you between 3m and 5m given the goals he has banged in in half a season.

Frankly I don't think we would sell him anyway and given that he has only just moved up to this level don't discount the fact that he may be loyal to POSH given that we gave him a chance when others didn't.

Doesn't mean nothing anymore that you gave him a chance if he gets the money he'll leave if he gets an injury and has to retire he has no money to fall back on and if he's been banging in goals in championship why would he want play in league one

Well the fact that he is contracted for 4 more years says it. It we're not selling for less than 10m plus add ons then its a moot point anyway.



04 May 2013 23:18:05
Sean Morrison to return to Huddersfield for 1. 25million

Hope so, massive player for us during our promotion season, and I think he has a soft spot for us. defo would be a welcome addition.

05 May 2013 10:48:03
no, he'll be staying at Reading as they go and regain their championship trophy again next season.

I hope so. Great defender but don't think reading will sell

Morrrison was the missing piece this season, the defence is shocking, we also need a right back, a defensive one not an attacking sort.

I don't think Reading will sell, but God I hope they do!

HTFC Ins: (wish list)
Dwight Gayle
Neil Danns
James Vaughan
Grant McAnn
The two Posh guys should be bought with decent offers from a side forced to sell. McAnn way too good for div. 2 and Gayle to replace Beckford



05 May 2013 00:12:38
Hearts winger Arvydas Novikovas is wanted by English league one sides Tranmere and Walsall, the Lithuanian's current contract runs out in the summer

He was wanted by lech Poznan so I think league one is a bit if a step down



04 May 2013 23:12:04
Rangers, Doncaster, Sheffield Utd and Peterborough are all interested in Queen Of The South hot-shot, Nicky Clark

Derby want him as well
Wee Ally

Forgetting about the team who where talking to him yesterday, he does not want to move from Scotland but wants to play in England, that leaves 1 club within a 30 minute journey that is Carlisle

07 May 2013 09:57:56
Rangers (all free transfers in)


Cammy Bell
Tom Hately
Carlos Bocanegra (Loan Return)
Dorin Goian (Loan Return)
Nicky Law
Nacho Novo
Nicky Clark


Emilson Cribari
Anestis Argyriou
Robbie Crawford (Loan)



04 May 2013 22:58:33
Arsenal-Bruno Martins-Indi, Stefan Jovetic
Aston Villa-Russell Martin
Chelsea-Falcao, Andre Schurrle
Everton-Aleksander Dragovic, Brown Ideye
Fulham-Fernando Amorebieta, Jordan Ayew
Liverpool-Alex Pearce, Loic Remy, Arda Turan
Manchester City-Edinson Cavani, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Isco
Manchester Utd-James Rodriguez, Mats Hummels
Newcastle United-Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bruno Ecuele-Manga
Norwich City-Curtis Davies, Nathan Redmond, Ricky van Wolfswinkel
QPR-Carlton Cole, Jake Livermore, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Stephen Ward
Reading-Billy Sharp, Kevin Doyle, Josh McEachran
Southampton-Keisuke Honda, Tim Matavz
Stoke City-Andreas Cornelius, Anthony Pilkington, Tom Ince
Sunderland-Andros Townsend, Davide Astori, Georgios Samaras
Swansea City-Romelu Lukaku, Jose Canas, Alberto Botia, Scott Sinclair
Spurs-Alvaro Negredo, Fabio Coentrao, Joao Moutinho
West Brom-Gary Mackay-Steven, Gary Hooper, Chris Gunter
West Ham Utd-Kasper Schmeichel, Andy Carroll, Christopher Samba
Wigan Athletic-Inigo Lopez, Nolito, Leonardo Ulloa
Cardiff City-Kenwyne Jones, Adrian Mariappa, Matt Phillips, Lewis McGugan
Hull City-Connor Wickham, Shaun Maloney, Bakary Sako

I would be suprised if 10% of these rumours are true.

Ulloa is not ready for the premier league

Honda to Southampton no chance. and if fulham were to get Jordan ayew it would be a joint deal with his bro Andre as they play for the same team. COYW

I can barely say 1 of those will come true!

But if he does move to Wigan the likely outcome is that he won't be playing in the Premier League. I would love to see Wigan playing in the Premier League next year, on their day they are a great team to watch, but I can't see it happening.

Basically what this guy is done is link loads of players with several different clubs to increase the odds of him getting 1 right.

Shaun Malone isn't leaving us, and I can't see poyet letting ulloa go

I Would be supprised if we got Tom Ince

I can't see Mariappa leaving Reading after one season at the club even if Cardiff will be playing premier league football next season and we wont. And we don't want Kevin Doyle either he's not the same player he once was

You're just not going to get Maloney, Maloney is going nowhere, he's now 30/31 in his prime in martinez' set up and the heart of our team.

If Wigan go down Maloney won't stay but he is an excellent player and more deserving of a place in a top PL side rather than Hull.

Like to see hooper at WBA



04 May 2013 22:36:32
Plymouth Argyle to sign Akinfenwa.

Only a RUMOUR guys but I've heard.

Also seen Hyde, Trotman to sign and Warnock WILL NOT be DoF.

Howe has announced he won't sign for us and tweeted about being in talks of a new contract with Torquay!

I hope this is true I would love to see Hyde, Trotman and Akinfenwa to sign for Argyle they would be our best signings for argyle in years

Casey thomas is an almost done deal I hear



04 May 2013 22:26:33
I met and spoke to Westley this afternoon, he said he's trying his hardest to get Bostwick back from peterborough as he needs more steel in the midfield

Not going to happen!

Bostwick will not leave. And if he did, it wouldn't be back to Stevenage.

Only way Bossie will leave is if it's back to a Championship club. But seeing how upset he looked following our relegation, I think he'll want to stay and help us get back up

Westley is a shrewd businessman, he would not tell "anyone" anything such as that, true or not true.

Stevenage would have to mortgage the club

You're having a laugh!



04 May 2013 22:45:38
Middlesbrough to sign Wolves defender Christophe Berra following his sides relegation from the championship. Boro want a centre back to consistently play instead of the injury prone Jonathan Woodgate.

We can't afford his wages

Best of luck with that, he's not very good.

Bad move, Berra believes he is a premier league standard player.

Better playing rugby with all holding he doe's



04 May 2013 22:22:52
Stevenage will attempt to sign Scott Laird and Joel Byrom back from Preston

05 May 2013 00:47:29
lairdy does not want to play for westley again also why leave a big club like preston for Stevenage also byrom won't move to Stevenage

Both these players left Stevenage to follow Westley. They only have 1 year left on their contract and PNE are not in any financial position to offer them long term contracts.

Graham will have to pay a fee, but I can see both going back

No chance of Laird going back to Stevenage, but they can have Joel Byrom.

Both have openly stated they prefer not to play for Westley again. Also Westley has been told he will have to prove himself early next season or be on his way. Evidently Stevenage owners are very concerned on the results, since Westleys return.

Pne are owned by Trevor Hemmings, no money problems there!

I believe byrom will return to Stevenage. However laird will stay as Simon sees potential in him and he loves the pne fans because of the way they treated him while he had a broken leg



04 May 2013 22:22:11
Graham Westley is set to start is overhaul this week with the announcements of players up for transfer/being released:

Lee Hills, Anthony Grant, Ben Chorley, Furlonge (loan), Ball (loan)

05 May 2013 10:46:04
with what money????



04 May 2013 22:16:37
Stevenages' defensive partnership of Jon Ashton & Mark Roberts will move to Championship side Blackburn for free in the summer



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