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05 Mar 2010 21:32:04
Joe Cole to United on a free transfer in the summer.

Chelsea will battle out a bidding war with Madrid for the signature of Frank Ribery.

Arda Turan has sent a message to Liverpool saying that when it comes to european football.. he is a liverpool fan and playing for LFC is a dream for him. Liverpool may chase this young talent in the summer?

City will try for Mario Ballotelli in the summer. Jose Mourinho has said that while he is in charge of Inter, Ballotelli will not be sold but Mourinho has hinted that he could be on the move on more than one occassion in the summer.


05 Mar 2010 21:49:11
To the dude who shot me down in flames, questioning my Spanish friends concerns about Higuain staying at real & going to LFC on the cheap, O.K. I copied and pasted this from reals web page:
Speculation was rife in the summer that Higuain was set to leave Madrid after they splashed out on the likes of Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema, with Manchester City, Chelsea, Juventus and Inter Milan said to be among the interested parties.

The Argentina international, who was the club's top goalscorer last season, is well on course to take the Pichichi trophy – awarded to the Primera Division's top scorer.

Madrid are said to be keen to offer Higuain a new deal which would see him receive a salary hike, putting him on a par with the likes of Benzema, and the 22–year–old is hoping to sign on the dotted line soon.

"I hope we can reach an agreement as soon as possible, '' he added. "But my family and agent are dealing with that. I'm dedicating myself to playing football, which is what I most enjoy.''

This season will be his third of a four year contract, my maths may not be as good as yours but 3 from 4 = well i'm sure you will inform me.

This is a rumour site and as you know this might be a smoke screen by his family and agent, or, there might be some truth in this FOOL!!!


05 Mar 2010 20:20:29
Some of the comments about clubs debts and how they are increasing / reducing mean that SOME posters here don't really understand how finances at top clubs work.

Debt isn't necessary bad for a club as long as the finances are in place to repay it, after all Arsenal wouldn't have built the Emirates without it and it's the new stadium which means that the debt is serviceable

Taking this further the recently published list of clubs incomes has recently been published with Real and Barca at the top of the list followed by Man Utd and Arsenal both of whose accounts show that their debts are reducing. The biggest difference between the four clubs is that the first two have their own TV deals when the English clubs are part of a collective bargaining agreement.

It is also noticeable that Barca and Real are pulling away from the rest of the Spanish League at faster rate than the "Big Four" are doing in England given that each of the those four do have debts . It strikes me that if the top English clubs are to push to dominate Europe again they too will need an extra influx of funds to pay off their debts quicker, and that the only way they could do this quickly would be to get out of the collective agreement and sell their own TV rights.

This would have two effects the first would be that the debts at England's biggest clubs would be a lot more manageable and secondly the chances of anyone breaking in to the "closed shop", especially as Uefa are trying to ban benefactors bailing clubs out, would mean that their buying power would concentrate top players in fewer clubs. Before anyone dismisses the scenario out of hand remember what games Sky would really like to show. Given the choice, Chelsea v Wolves would be more attractive to them than Bolton v Burnley or even Fulham v Everton (again nothing against any team mentioned just trying to illustrate a point). The top few clubs could easily attract 50%–60% of the Sky monies with the rest of the Premiership scrabbling around for the balance.

I know it's a nightmare scenario which might never happen, at least for three years which I believe is the length of the current Sky deal, but with the current debt level at Man Utd and Liverpool if the Glazer's and Hicks and Gillette are looking for a maximum return on investment while maintaining on field success it could just happen. If as I believe most posters on this site love football, we should be afraid, very afraid of the few succeeding at the expense of the many



05 Mar 2010 20:22:59
News for Liverpool & QPR Fans:

Heard that the Yanks may sell up at Anfield and pass control over to Lakshamir Mittal (sorry if spelling is wrong).

Mittal can't see QPR progressing, and may decide to cash in his investment at Loftus Road and take over at Anfield.

Short–term, there may be a financial problem at QPR but I have heard that five parties including Tony Fernandez are interested in taking over there.


05 Mar 2010 20:58:33
Man Utd are tapping up Joe Cole, persuading him to reject any new Chelsea contract offer to obtain a free move to Old Trafford.

Let's face it, everyone including Joe Cole knows he's never going to be first choice in that team!

Put your money on it!



05 Mar 2010 16:14:25
Jus wanted to know if the rumour about everton gettin moutinho and yannick are true but as long ss we don't sell roddy cause tht would be a blow


05 Mar 2010 16:57:55
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE all LFC fans on this site, keep it in perspective! I am an LFC fan and believe me shrewdness is the key this summer. For a start Kjaer will be joining but Skrtel will be going no where!Our beloved Carra is not getting any younger, injuries will happen to him as well as a lack of pace so expect CD to be Carra, Skrtel, Agger, Kjaer and "this is Sparta".

I have many Spanish house mates and the word on the street is that Mata is for deffo and you heard it hear first, Real's Heguain (spelling). He has not renewed his contract even though he is top goal scorer at real and with 1 year left on his contract real will be forced to sell! Expect in the region of £10m YES £10m. One feels a bit of payback for Micheal!!

Joe Cole is also strongly linked with a view to take the No 7 shirt, all though this is old news, as we all know Rafa's been after him. I am sorry I've heard nothing about the LB position.

Please believe me about Heguain, it's the one thing masch has been frustrated about, our lack of cover up front & his fellow countryman will def come. My Spanish friend got back from Spain yesterday and he is gutted Torres Heguain up front not bad!!!!


05 Mar 2010 16:58:19
Man United will try to sign 4 Davids in the may laugh but its true..
1. David Villa (35 mil app)
2. David Silva (20 mil app)
3. David Luiz (12 mil)
4. David(e) Santon (8 mil)

outs will be :
1. Owen
2. Berbatov
3. Carrick
4. Nani



05 Mar 2010 17:32:21
Chelsea transfer targets, akinfeev, gk. david luiz cb. subotic, cb. di maria, lm. krasic rm. aguero, lukaku.

starting 11

akinfeev, cole, subotic, terry, ivanovic, di maria, lampard, essien, krasic, drogba, aguero.

subs.cech, david luiz, bosingwa, zhirkov, kakuta, mikel, lukaku.

transfers out.

joe cole, carvalho, ballack, malouda, hilario, ferreira, alex, belletti, deco, kalou, anelka.


05 Mar 2010 15:00:57
Liverpool starting lineup next season will look like this






Babel Lucas etc all being kept for major ins apart from Turan.maybe a left back and some highly rated youngsters.


05 Mar 2010 14:06:31
GALATASARAY winger Arda Turan has issued a come and a get me plea to Rafael Benitez.
Liverpool have already had a £9 mill bid rejected earlier. expect a increased bid.
Simon Kraer is also on LFC shopping list.

Rumour Control Dover


05 Mar 2010 14:14:24
Man u to sign vills, rodwell and cole in the summer. Foster to leave for £5m to spurs


05 Mar 2010 14:02:51
Man Utd to bid 42.3m for David Villa after world cup.


05 Mar 2010 13:14:41
West brom to sign stephen reid from blackburn on an initial one month loan! should be done in time for the qpr game saturday.


05 Mar 2010 13:34:22
Manchester uited will be well invest and bring this following player


05 Mar 2010 12:36:53
Robbie Cowling is considering an offer to join Sullivan and Gold at West Ham United, However before completing any investment it is believed that Cowling will need to recoup the money he has put into Colchester United and may resort to legal means should the funds not be forthcoming promptly.


05 Mar 2010 11:55:00
"Young arsenal mildfielder who also can ply his trade at right back craig eastmond will sign for a championship club early next week. newcastle, westbrom, sheff utd and forrest all favourites"
NO! i know eastmond is very happy to continue learnin his trade in the arsenal youth ranks and is expected to become a key player towards the end of next season and over the next few seasons he will be the new eboue, a utility man.
Wenger is a great admire of Eastmonds simple approach to football. also he is the only prospect at right back arsene has and so will not let him leave
Gooner 4 life lets keep bringin the london boys through!


05 Mar 2010 10:53:00
David Gill will oppose any takeover bid from the red knights as he has been guaranteed the sack as soon as the takeover is completed, he will have to say goodbye to his huge salary!

Expect a higher bid of 1.2bn to be rejected very soon but the Red Knights are willing to go up to 1.5bn to get their club!



05 Mar 2010 10:03:58
Burnley will be having a major clear out in the summer no matter division they are playing in.
Kalvanes – Rosenborg Free
Jensen – Porto Free
Rodriquez – Espanyol/Valladolid around 2million
Jordan – Coventry Free
Penny – Rubin Kazan loan for the remainder of contract
Alot of dead weight will be released to make way to push for survival/promotion.


05 Mar 2010 09:29:04
Summer transfer activity at LFC depends entirely on CL qualification. If we do not get 4th place Rafa will only be able to spend hat he generates through sales. Main target is Juan Mata, Riera will be used as p/x. A move for Kjaer is being manufactured by the club and the players agent, this will see Skrtel leave.


05 Mar 2010 00:40:02
Regarding: 05 Mar 2010 00:12:06
"Interpol and the Serious Fraud Squad are to take a look at the financing of Conference South club Weymouth..This comes after an article in the Euro Weekly News on Wednesday 3rd March exposed suspects from a major international drug–dealing gang in Lithuania."
This post is entirely untrue. Sharkey


05 Mar 2010 02:54:48
Revealed that gold and sullivan have left behind a mountain of unpaid bills at birmingham look out for court action against these two mongrels
sully, s already offered a pay back the, v been told to sod off this lots going to hit the fan in court and with the f.a.these 2 are right chancers but they won, t intimidate pannu and his mates..

Heard this too, but Carson Yeung won't lose too much sleep over this. Expect all debts to be settled and the manager (may not be McLeish in the summer.) to have a 'warchest' to spend in the summer to mount a European challenge. Also one of Gold and Sullivan (think it's Gold but not sure) recently had a heart scare so it's debatable how long they'll be at West Ham since both are in their 70s.

Heard that West Ham could be taken over again in the summer by a Swiss–based consortium who had a bid for Cardiff rejected recently.


05 Mar 2010 00:12:06
Interpol and the Serious Fraud Squad are to take a look at the financing of Conference South club Weymouth.

They are reportedly concerned over the source of the funds attributed to the newly appointed Lithuanian directors, with parent bank UBIG already being investigated for money laundering.

This comes after an article in the Euro Weekly News on Wednesday 3rd March exposed suspects from a major international drug–dealing gang in Lithuania.


04 Mar 2010 23:00:11
Rafa wants this starting 11 for next season–

Johnson Kjaer Agger Taiwo
Masherano Lucas
Rodriguez Gerrard Mata

He wants 3 major signings and the above would cost £46m. Players leaving will be Riera, Aurelio, Skrtel, Degan and possibly Benayoun. I have also heard that Nemeth will not be returning as he wants to stay in Athens. Three clubs will try for him and he will go to the highest bidder. These sales will bring in between £25 and £38 million depending on Benayoun. The £8m (if Benayoun does leave ) will be provided by the owners. If he stays then Arda Turan will be signed in place of Mata as his price tag is £12 million less. Depending on where Liverpool finish in the league and Europa Cup more money will be released for a number of younger players from both home and abroad.



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