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05 Jul 2013 22:41:30
with kinnear looking to add more experience to the team bids on the verge of being lodged for adebayor as well as parker and bent as well as loan bids for sinclair cabaye to monaco for 28mill and the money to be used to dign williams from swansea

06 Jul 2013 00:31:42
No chance he's on stupid wages at spurs!

No chance on Williams going to Newcastle! If he does leave Swansea it will be arsenal or Liverpool

To all fellow jacks! there's a horse going in the 4. 35 at leicester named LIBERTY JACK! Get on it!

06 Jul 2013 19:30:18
In Joe Kinnear we trust!

Pardew should decide

Williams to Newcastle no way.

Would be nice to know who is in charge at Newcastle Pardew or Kinnear.



05 Jul 2013 22:54:53
Lines to be announced as a Port Vale player at 6am tomorrow, having blown Bradford's offer out of the water. {Ed003's Note - A bit early ?}

Yeah it is really, but the local paper (Evening Sentinel) always seem to break at this time.

Lines is a cm. Bradford don't need him

Lines has signed 1 year deal at vale park.

Bradford were never in for him- they have 5 midfielders they have just signed Kennedy and yeates- we are in for a striker for cover and GK

Signed 1 year contract it's on PVFC official site

Lines has signed a one year contract at port vale, so he is a "port vale" player and not gone to bradford city, who offered less money


Not really ed, he signed yesterday but Vale's embargoed press releases generally go live at 6am the following day. And true to form, he was announced as signing at 6am on Saturday. {Ed001's Note - why is that then? Very unusual for a football club.}

Parky doesn't want players who are after the money but to play for the team- you are welcome to him money grabber

Suppose big bradford want pope no chance one season wonders

Poor fellow no ambition

Considering vale don't have bid budgets I assume he chose them because of their ambitions not cash

One season wonders lol port vale historically a third or fourth div. team haven't got much to beat have we

Historically a 3rd or 4th tier team? I'd check your history again. Vale have spent most of their years in the 2nd and 3rd teir. Not very many in the 4th teir at all. Vale have a chairman with money, no debt and are looking to get back to being an established Chamionship club in the next 5 years.



05 Jul 2013 20:53:01
Demba ba is in talks with anzhi Makhachkala fee to be around 8 million.



05 Jul 2013 20:19:52
Manual Almunia and Marco Cassetti both officially confirmed to have extended their stay with Watford with a 1 year deal each!

Heard that his Brother, Automatic might be signing too!

I thought the rumour was Marco Cassettis' cousins Videoity & Musica were also joining

Not only is his brother Automatic signing but also his french cousin, Dooble De Clutch



05 Jul 2013 20:08:43
Been told tonight that Wednesday will announce 3 signings early next week, one being Martyn Waghorn from Leicester City.

Bloody hope so!

Can you take Danns and Gally too?



05 Jul 2013 19:24:49
Ex-Shrewsbury Town Midfielder Matt Richards has signed for Cheltenham, in a out-of-nowhere situation

Good luck Matty a top player Cheltenham have great player for league two

06 Jul 2013 10:15:43
Heard a rumour that marlon pack MIGHT be signing for portsmouth again.

Marlon Pack wants to play at a higher level, he will not be joining Portsmouth.

If he is going to Portsmouth he would have just stayed at Cheltenham, only reason he left is to play higher, would not go to another league 2 club

Does every post have to become about Marlon Pack? I'm almost as bored of the Marlon Pack saga as I am the Luke Rooney one! He'll sign for someone this week and it's been confirmed by so many media sources that Crawley are in front. Why he'd join Portsmouth I don't know (don't bother with the sentimental tripe).



05 Jul 2013 18:00:20
Bradford city interested in signing Bradley wright-Phillips following his departure from Charlton

Would love to see him at VP!

Potentially true if the Wells deal goes through to Boro by the end of the week

Boro are stalling due to personal terms



05 Jul 2013 17:48:20
tv understand that Chelsea are in advanced talks with Norwich over goalkeeper John Ruddy.

This is all rubbish paper talk. McNally has said today that they have received no bids yet. So it's all just speculation.

Edison Cavani is close to signing for PSG fora stunning 60 million pounds.

Ruddy take him

I do not think Norwich will part with Ruddy for less than the 10M and even then reluctantly, however at that price how could you turn it down, he is an exceptional keeper, but 10M is huge money for a player NCFC paid 400K for

We don't need to sell him and to find a Keeper of that standard would cost just as much if not more than what we sold him for. Then would other keepers of that standard want to join Norwich? Anyway if he wants to be part of the England squad for the World Cup (if we qualify) surely sitting on the bench wouldn't best show his qualities to Roy Hodgson. More likely to stay for a season at Norwich. From a Norwich fan

Do you believe what Mcnally says?

Ruddy is now crocked, cash in now while you can before injury after injury. Best sold 10 - 12mil is a fare price.

Frazer Forster will be signed as a replacement, loves the club and worked with hughton previously

We will sell ruddy far to cheap then won't have enough for Foster as Lennon doubles his players asking price.

Ncfc are not going to sell ruddy
Not a good move for the club or for the player.

I read a lot of these rumor sites and chuckle at most posts, however heres my post. Do not matter what source I have on this you will make your own mind up but it will be out in days, ruddy requested to talk to chelsea which was agreed, ruddy offered no: 2 spot with intentions of n0: 1, terms have been agreed however norwich is not making it easy for chelsea, gutted as ncfc is in my heart but for the players its for the money. Big offer tobe made aas chelsea as ruddy onside.

Good move for his pocket plus he will be used at Chelsea he would be stupid not to go to a top club cash in and take over maybe not straight away but in time



05 Jul 2013 17:42:36
Torquay United are now after the signature of Jordan Chapell as one of the two new wingers they are looking to sign.
Sheffield United will allow him to leave on a free transfer provided a large sell-on clause is signed.
Chapell wishes to sign a permanent deal with Torquay United after a successful loan spell that saved Torquay from relegation.

Would be a cracking signing

Local paper says other winger to be Courtney Cameron.

Can see something going wrong with this! But would be a real coup for us at TUFC

Ex bury player damien mozika to sign for torquay.

Local paper confirms both have
now signed.

I am friends with Jordan Chappell he has signed for torquey

They've signed both



05 Jul 2013 17:37:27
New 1-year contract for broadfoot and mackenzie has signed for us permanently maybe truth in the rumour that broadfoot mackenzie and folan set to be announced as pool players today



05 Jul 2013 17:25:18
Liverpool reportedly interested in Lazio striker Mauro Zarate.
Possible Suarez replacement if he leaves.



05 Jul 2013 16:31:37
Bradford have invited young former Arsenal keeper James Shea for a trial



05 Jul 2013 16:24:53
Recently released Bournemouth striker Frank Demouge set for Swindon.

05 jul 2013 19:32:13
off to roda ffs!

Signing for Roda JC on a free transfer. Swindon couldn't afford his wages

05 Jul 2013 21:40:35
Looks like he's off to Roda JC in Holland where he spent the end of last season on loan

He's a midfield player, which we don't need.

06 Jul 2013 06:15:39
Matt Tubbs looking at portsmouth - no to OUFC

No he's not, he's a striker. Shame he didn't get more of a chance at dc too

06 Jul 2013 08:24:00
He's a 6Ft 3 STRIKER. Another Swindle fan?

He's no midfielder. shows what you know, and he'll be signing for Roda.

06 Jul 2013 09:41:38
hes not a midfielder!



05 Jul 2013 16:12:51
Former Shrewsbury Town midfielder Matt Richards has signed for Cheltenham Town.

Well, he did play for Hereford once so that qualifies him as a Shrewsbury target.

Never mind he has no track record at league 1 and most recently wasn't wanted by Carlisle!

I think you might be a bit confused, try reading the original rumour again.

Join top goal scorer for Shrewsbury last season - I believe that gives him a very good League One track record.

He was joint top because he took penalties and missed a few of them. Open play goals, not so impressive.



05 Jul 2013 16:07:44
Charlton are interested in signing Hull forward Aaron Mclean

Take him he does work hard but cannot score to save his life it was a waste of 1. 75 mil

Would love him at the valley. Scored at previous club so perhaps Hull's way of playing doesn't suit him.

Mclean's a nice lad, but he's simply not a Championship player, he was never worth the £1.3m we paid for him.



05 Jul 2013 16:03:54
Battachio and Pudil sign 3 and 4 year contracts with Watford respectively



05 Jul 2013 15:45:35
Rumour on here about Tranmere signing Danny Murphy may be true. A source close to him has said he is in talks with a Merseyside club. Maybe with James Wallace still injured Ronnie will look to him to boss the midfield.

As a player? or could it be at liverpool as a coach?

I'd have that. We need experience, Murphy way better than Wallace

Probably Cammel Lairds!



05 Jul 2013 15:29:45
Doncaster deals

All 9 out of contract players to sign there already agreed new deals by Tuesday Furman and Mvoto deals to be done insane time frame. Forester will take longer while the clubs agree compo or go to tribunal. Other deals in the pipeline are Sanchez Payne, Chris Gadi and Luke McCullough who will sign 2 year deals and will feature not in the development squad this season they are on trail at the moment and looked very good in Tuesdays friendly

Harper could be the only one we see leave as Scunny and Bury both interested

How did danny philliskirk play on Tuesday I seen him quite a lot at sheffield utd thought he was a really good player but never given a chance under Wilson there

He did well scored a good goal but it was ruled offside. On Tuesdays show I would be happy if he signed for us

Got told in April that Dickov would be manager of donny due to his friend being john ryan and that Mvoto would sign.

Doesn;t bother me as link last nights draw with Dinamo Bucharest we have found a new CH who is as tall and has quicker feet and mvoto doens;t have quick feet. Also another couple of defenders who were beasts as well so mvoto won;t be missed now.



05 Jul 2013 15:15:59
Chris Powell has revealed that the former Sheffield Wednesday defender Richard wood is training with the Addicks. Could he be the next signing?

Is next on the Micky Adams radar for PVFC



05 Jul 2013 15:11:19
Derby are one off four clubs looking at Coventry Citys young right back Cyrus Christie. The other clubs are Ipswich, Barnsley and our old mates Huddersfield Town.

Source one of our message boards.

Old mates Huddersfield Town?

How big a squad do Huddersfield want,
they must have a massive training complex

One of our options if Brayford leaves I suppose.

They do have a large training complex, but that's not the point. They have a small squad. They released 8 players at the end of last season.
This left them with only one striker and this was a young kid.
We have three players who can play as a fullback and one of those is rumoured to be going.
It is a total rebuild.

7 million quids worth pal.

Why are Coventry trying to rack up a rivalry with us? We took your manager, get over it.

Your rivals are Birmingham from my understanding.

Sisu. Have valued him at 4-5million. It's pay up or shut up.

Btw my old mates comments was about when Us (Derby) and Huddersfield when we were both after Vaughan. Bit of banter between the fans.

Didnt intend to start a war between Cov and Uddersfield who I have no doubt are both lovely clubs.

06 Jul 2013 00:29:21
Town did not release 8 players only 3 lee, arfield and Novack fact UTT

Alvimaka HTFC

Town did not release three.
Alan Lee
Scott Arfield
Tom Clarke
Scott Kay
Israel Johnson
Connor Loftus
Lee Novak

That's 7 as far as I can tell. Granted only 3 were main first teamers with Clarke being a squad player

Syracuse christie isn't worth that much

Old mates Huddersfield Town? Thankyou. I also, as a Town fan, have much respect for Derby, if only because of the late, great genious of Brian Clough

06 Jul 2013 09:17:02
Mr Bing and his Asian consortium have bad a bid accepted from Sisu but can't complete till the golden share is given back to the club. The planning permission for Brandon speedway is all a smoke screen to allow them to get the ticket back

Nobody is going to pay 4-5 million for a un heard of center back that's in leauge 1. look at the clubs involved you got no chance. get a grip

06 Jul 2013 09:32:54
No they did because acadamy players like Loftus were released and Tom Clarke not for get that the loans went back and we didn't release Novak because we offered him a contract but he declined the offer FACT UTT
benjamin HTFC

Vaughan Beckford Danns T Clark and A Nother 8

Don't forget town also realeased Tom Clarke so it was 4 not 3. However Novak chose not to sign a new contract and was not realeased

6 released 5 loanies returned to parent club! That is FACT

7 million for Christie?! when you're struggling for cash? 1 million tops.

I like the Terriers though I think your gaffer has a bit of a sign over Nigel while he was at Barnsley. So do you think our clubs will find the next Herbert Chapman/Brian Clough again?

As for Coventry it seems a shame a once progressive club has hit rock bottom. I do believe you tried to lure Brian Clough to Highfield road while he was at Derby.

Sorry me again, according to a source on one of our message board, Derby have asked about the availabilty of the player but no bid has been made. However this may change in the next few days.

Only reporting what I have read, I am not ITK :-)

After all this he is going to sign for either Ipswich or Barnsley :-b

Cyprus Christie to stay with the Sky Blues, got it on good authority.

How can you have it on good authority dreamer? he will be sold to derby if brayford leaves and if any club think they are bigger or better than derby in that list your dreaming. get a grip if we want him wel take him for around half a mil!

Bad karma my friend. if any of those sides beat us this season - and Cov knock us out of the FA Cup. with a Cyrus hat trick.

. I will come around you house and chase you with a kipper.

Dala Llama Rams Fan.

What arrogance, derby hardly pulling any trees up. lower half finish at best

4-5mill or he stays he's under contract. Simples.

Yeah pure arrogance from derby! We only attract an average of 25,000 per game! Hudersfeild sigVaughn. And now they are massive! Ooo I see we are playin on sunday 4pm as our history as a founder memeber of the football league. Yeah a nothing club derby! Get your head down! You know nothing about football

Some Town fans are embarrassing really, we are a mid table championship club at best, stop acting like arrogant Leeds fans and wise up

Can coventry fans stop been deluded under contract or not nobody is going to shell out 4-5 mill on a untested defender in leauge one especially with your money problems

Just go to show you can fool all the people all the time, 25,000 watchin that dross

Still harping on bout brian clough era, even got his son, but magic hasn't rubbed off! maybe by time you get to grt, grt, grt, grt, grandson might string 2 wins together

The fact is both town and Derby have made good 'marquee' signings with Vaughan & Russell respectively, and hopefully both of our clubs will have decent seasons improving on last year. I assume though the one Derby fan acting like they're Man City may be the same one who rings 606 every time they 'shouldn't be losing to clubs like *insert name here*'. Glad the majority of rams fans are decent. Good luck for the season lads!

Hes the next cafu, 10-20 mil tops



05 Jul 2013 14:56:31
Darren Ward has failed to agree personal terms with Brentford and has been asked by Swindon to stay. He will now remain with the Robins

I did here that today from a good source apparently he is staying around now!the same as caddis either one will be chosen for captain if they stay, the stumbling block is the money ward is on brentford don't want to pay it and ward don't want to take a pay cut. Be just what we need if they both stay.

06 Jul 2013 07:11:35
I hope the rumour is true that ward is staying as he will be a good influence on the younger players and just the type of leader we need



05 Jul 2013 14:53:41
Davide Faraoni has reportedly flown out to England today to finalise terms on a transfer from Udinese to Watford.


Shame, cos' Zola and the squad are in Italy with Faraoni : (



05 Jul 2013 14:39:43
Tom Carroll to QPR



05 Jul 2013 14:37:04
Latest rumours coming out from the KP stadium.

Kris Commons being lined up to join Leicester along with Celtic old boy Bobo Balde.

Foxes also in the hunt (pardon the pun!) for Derby forward Jamie Ward and Lee Camp from Norwich.

Kasper Schmeichal being touted for £3m bid for goalie role at Norwich should Ruddy move in £8M deal to Chelsea.

No approach made for Ward as per the CEO webcast yesterday.

If Ruddy goes for 8m its an absolute steal. English, better than Mignolet - 15m+ {Ed027's Note - Lets keep our feet on the ground

Lee Camp is free agent

And, even if there was, the rumoured figure of 750K is a laughable amount.

05 Jul 2013 18:55:41
Baled retired about 2 years ago

Ruddy is quality and worth 12-15m

One big funny joke. I can't stop laughing. Lee Camp is a useless lump. Jamie Ward is never going to leave Derby and Kris Commons is a lying moneygrabbing judas who is not good enough at this level. Scottish prem is about his level because in England football is played by men and the slightest tap on the ankle would see Commons out injured for 3 months because he is a lightweight wimp!

06 Jul 2013 09:35:37
And Karl Henry from wolves

Commons is built like a tank, and is an excellent footballer really shines in Europe, he is to good for some small championship team

Commons is a good player, can be lazy at times and is injury prone. would be a decent signing to be fair (DCFC Fan)

Still sore after the way he left the rams, but a big fan of Commons and proven at Championship level (scored double figures in half a championship season before leaving for Celtic)



05 Jul 2013 14:15:41
stoke are favourites to sighn shaun wright phillips

Not Huddersfield? Surely they are after him

Please can this not be true. Outdated players!

SWP was only ever a sprinter with a football at his feet. The best he could ever do, even at the peak of his 'ability' was to knock a ball past a player then beat them with his pace - not his skill. Now he is 31 and is losing that pace. He's a one trick pony who is getting worse at that 1 trick.

Why do ex managers have to bring all their ex failed players with them. We need fresh talent not also rans.

Id take Bradley-Wright-Phillips but not Shaun

Don't think they do take ALL their ex failed players. Is a rumour, no more. Of course managers will look at players they have worked with before but so far Hughes hasn't signed one



05 Jul 2013 14:03:48
Walsall manager dean smith is hopeful of signing former Charlton athletic duo Scott wagstaff and Bradley wright Phillips. Dean smith has spoken to the pair and feels the players would be ideal replacements after the loss of brandy, Grigg and Patterson

He's signing for MK Dons on a FREE - Dad Ian advised him to take the offer to play for a footballing team

The footballing team that Walsall did the double over last season?

You weren't at the Stadium:MK on boxing day then. If he wants a footballing side, there's no better in the league.

Walsall are more of a total football team than mk dongs any day

Ha if he's signing for the dons he didn't take his dads advice!

06 Jul 2013 07:32:44
Darryl Trim, Gem Gordon, Dwight Pope, Nicholas Dillon and Rundell Winchester are all t and t trialist on trial with walsall



05 Jul 2013 13:52:01
Despite reports to the contrary, rumours indicate that Leicester are targetting Derbys' Jamie Ward and preparing a £950K bid to entice the forward. He has one year left on current contract with a second year option. Seems to play only half a season though as hamstrung the other times!

Hope not we have enough sicknotes of our own without signing any of the sheeps injury prone flock. jimlcfc

Derby chief exec. Sam Rush has already said there is 'no truth' in this rumour.

Just no.

Hopefully our Jamie stays. I think he might have more competion this season so might be used more sparingly thus nursing his hamstrings.

He is too funky for the foxes anyway.



05 Jul 2013 13:45:20
Ash Taylor off to Norwich. Done deal apparently. Moore stated to Taylor he was a major factor for the reason of not getting promotion = unhappy player.
Power is also unhappy at being told that a loan midfield will be brought in and that Moore 'has' to play the loan player. Therefore, surmising Wallace is fit and plays then Power will sit on bench. He is not happy in regards to this and consequentially may seek pastures new.

No, why would we want Ash Taylor?

I think its a missprint, they meant Horwich, not Norwich.



05 Jul 2013 13:41:44
Birmingham City are leading the race to sign Newcastle defender Shane Ferguson. Wolves are also believed to have expressed an interest in the Northern Ireland international.



05 Jul 2013 13:41:09
Atletico Madrid are to turn their attention to Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko after appearing to be priced out of the race for Sevilla's Alvaro Negredo.



05 Jul 2013 13:37:26
wigan are poised to sign former West Brom striker Marc-Antoine Fortune on a two-year deal. Fortune is available on a free transfer after seeing out his contract at the Hawthorns earlier this summer.

05 Jul 2013 15:45:10
Zarate and kalou would be beast signings as they are fast and have decent strength

05 Jul 2013 15:52:14
The baggies are set to sign Kalou along with Chris Baird, however Matej Vydra look s like he is heading to Sunderland.

05 Jul 2013 16:38:07
we should get deulofeu on loan and a left back

Yeah but they won't want play in championship

West brom ain't in the championship



05 Jul 2013 13:36:07
QPR boss Harry Redknapp has joined the chase for Celtic striker Gary Hooper - with a £4million bid that includes a number of add-ons set to be presented to the SPL champions.

Champions league or Championship?

05 Jul 2013 16:17:40
That's like saying you could play for Motherwell in the Europa league or someone like Newcastle who are not in Europe, who is more attractive?

Don't think he'll end up at QPR but he will end up in the English premier league. As for the champions league or championship thing I think you could look at it in another way Dundee utd or Manchester utd, Manchester city, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, ect ect. THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE NOW

Oh come on that's never going to happen we've got no chance! He's prem league class

I don't really get the picture, when we say champions league or championship we mean that we are actually in it unlike when you said dundee united who are in a qualifier.

Ok put it another way if your a top player you need to test yourself at the highest level you can week in week out. As a QPR fan if i'm honest if I were Hooper i'd stay put rather than drop into the championship. It just makes me laugh when I see Celtic fans slating lesser premier league clubs. There is not a side in the championship that wouldn't get closer to you than any other current SPL team. So knocking the lesser premier league and championship clubs is a joke when your playing in a 1 team league



05 Jul 2013 13:35:43
Napoli striker Edinson Cavani is very close to joining Paris St Germain. The Ligue 1 club's sporting director Leonardo was in Italy on Thursday to negotiate with Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Yep 54 Million he should work well with ibra, lavezzi and Menez



05 Jul 2013 13:35:16
Benfica are hoping Nemanja Matic will stay at the club but admit there is such a lot of interest it will be 'almost impossible' to keep him. Chelsea are reported to be keen on taking the midfielder back to Stamford Bridge for a second spell, while Real Madrid are also keeping a close eye on his situation in Portugal.



05 Jul 2013 13:25:45
Stevenage have Andre Gray and Bradley Wright Phillip training with them.

I really hope bwp is training with us, definitely add goals to our game

That's strange, Andre Gray is actually in Portugal with the rest of the Luton Squad, he's also under contract so hardly going to be 'training' with Stevenage. Also they wouldn't be able to afford him.

Portugal? More likely Bognor.

Really hope the bwp rumour is true



05 Jul 2013 13:15:38
West Brom will look to sign recent free agent Mauro Zarate and Lille's Salomon Kalou to follow up recent signing Nicolas Anelka.

Good deals :) only problem is kalous wages

Kalou's wage isn't as high as has been reported in some places, although the amount Lille have to pay is high due to strict French tax laws. He'd be around £30k as would Zarate.

I've heard from a good source that Kalou's wages would be closer to 70k a week with a £2.6 million to £3million release clause.

I saw those figures in the Guardian I think but they are incorrect. He may be on slightly more on France but is willing to take a pay cut

He's at the Albion training ground today for talks, hope we manage to get Kalou as I can only see Clarke using Anelka very sparingly where as Kalou will bring instant quality to the team. Saying that I can see another club coming in at the 11th hour and blowing our bid out the water.



05 Jul 2013 13:14:36
notts county to sign danny haynes next week

Millwall are offering him a deal. Also heard Blackpool and one other championship club is interested so he's a long way off your radar

Carnt be that far off radar if he on trial with Notts

Swap him for mcgoldrick

Was up at Warwick Uni last week speaking with Lomas again about millwall

You will see tractor boy in the next 48 hours. I have a strong feelin



05 Jul 2013 13:12:17
Adam el-Abd re signed for Brighton on a two year deal

NO he has not

Yes he has

Yes he has haha

Well he has?

He really has.

The argus never lies

Oh dammit he has

Now confirmed by club

Great news!

Yes, this is true. This story has been posted on the club website. Not a great player, but one that adds depth to the defence.

Loyalty not many left in the game well done el -abd

He has, check the Brighton home page, it's been confirmed. Any news on Deulofeu?

06 Jul 2013 10:21:49
Brighton after Ignacio Cases

Deulofeu's set to go to either Everton or Tottenham, they're the only links with him atm.



05 Jul 2013 13:09:37
Bristol City have expressed an interest in Hull's Aaron Mclean after he was told he can leave Hull on a free.

It looks like Baldock will replace Austin at Burnley with Mclean replacing Baldock at the BS3 club.

05 Jul 2013 15:36:25
Yes I can confirm talks are on going between Hull and Burnely for the transfer of Austin and should be completed once Baldock has agreed terms with the claret and blues! McLean's future is in doubt and has been offered to bristol to speed up the deal. Mclean's agent is belived to pishing the former peterborough striker to the West Country.

Only the Austin part of this looks likely

Baldock isn't going anywhere this window! Going to spear the attack in City's bid for promotion

76 games for hull scoring only 9 goals no thanks we don't want him you keep him

He may have played 76 games, but about 80-90% were coming on as a substitute in the last 5 mins

Aaron mclean still put in 110% every game. he showed at peterborough that he can score a lot of goals in L1 and the championship.

Mclean very much like simpson great work rate just not a prolific goal scorer

Luke Howell from Dagenham & Redbridge expected to sign for Bristol city Mon/Tue next week.

Would quite fancy aaron mclean down at the gate. but could he be on his way to peteboro. did well there which earnt him his move in the first place.

Luke Howell not signing next week but is in talks with BCFC.

I want a forward that scores



05 Jul 2013 12:53:48
Shrewsbury Town set to announce the signing of Mathieu Manset on a free transfer.

Very odd. Ex Hereford. Does GT not get it. Ex Hereford players are useful. Hence why they are in the conference

No proven record at league 1 & Carlisle didn't see any potential either. Surely we need to be signing players with some proven quality at league 1 level?

Shrews Blue

Well, he did play for Hereford once so that qualifies him as a Shrewsbury target.

Never mind he has no track record at league 1 and most recently wasn't wanted by Carlisle!



05 Jul 2013 12:45:42
West Brom will follow up signing of Anelka with the capture of Kalou. Will be done early next week

I hope this is true



05 Jul 2013 12:04:08
Brown Ideye agent is quoted as saying Newcastle is his preferred choice of club. He must be our new interest after PEA, Remy, Kone and Gomis.



05 Jul 2013 12:15:32
I posted on here yesterday about Almen Abdi signing a permanent deal with Watford. DONE DEAL along with 4 other of the loanees, Source Watford paper

We ve signed them for free, we ve signed them for free, from udinese, we ve signed them for free!



05 Jul 2013 11:58:49
Chris Lines set to sign for Bradford City.

Ricky Ravenhill deemed surplus to requirements and will join Grimsby.

Second one very very feasible. Not good enough for L1, despite strong finish to the season.

Lines is a possibility, wouldn't mind seeing him at VP, but your rumours have no substance, they are just blind guesses.

You say his rumours have no substance, yet tv are reporting that Bradford City are among the front runners to sign Lines.

Parky has rubbished the lines rumours as have the local press

Too late Vale Park bound

WRONG, he's joined Port Vale



05 Jul 2013 11:54:03
Broadfoot and Mckenzie set to sign 2 year deals with option of extra year Bradley wright-Phillips to also join pool on 1 year deal. Two other players will be signing in next few days 1 later 2day and one on Monday. Pool also trying to get Powell on loan from united with ince knowing a lot of people there more likely to sign. delfouneso may sign a 2 year deal after villa said he can leave but other big sides in championship are after him will cost about 1m plus addons not sure about McCormack gud player if they can get Him.



05 Jul 2013 11:43:49
lees united are set to tommy rowe next week also with the matt mills deal out the window looks like BMC is set to have talks with mathew upson!

05 Jul 2013 14:21:38
Why is Matt Mills deal "out of the window"?



05 Jul 2013 11:30:28
Bas Savage to imminently sign for PNE on a 1 year deal after turning down offers from Cheltenham Town and Bradford City.

He will not be signing for PNE, for certain.

Isn't Bas Savage the geezer that did the moonwalk when he scored? {Ed029's Note - Yes.



05 Jul 2013 11:16:37
Derby to hold talks with John Eustace

Hope we get this sorted and have an extra option in midfield.

IMHO off course. :-)



05 Jul 2013 10:56:22
Luke Rooney is still not a CTFC player. You heard it here first.



05 Jul 2013 10:51:44
Sheffield Wednesday looking at bringing in Giles Barnes once Jose Semedo finds another club.

We love jose big boots for anyone to fill.

Not really big boots terrible player last season, Barnes not much better!



05 Jul 2013 10:43:38
Finland international Tuomas Rannankari is interesting Plymouth manager John Sheridan who is now showing signs that he has had enough of the silence from Bhasera (who could well end up clubless).

Bhasera won't end up without a club. I think we need to move on from him now and get a left back and prepare for next season.


05 Jul 2013 22:15:55
No point having a player at the club who doesn't want to be there, better off having a player who is willing to stay and do well!



05 Jul 2013 10:38:01
Benik Afobe to join Burnley on a season long Loan from Arsenal

The striker spent last season on loan at Bolton

Oh god, best of luck, from a Bolton fans perspective, he is truly not what any team needs.

Won't be joining anyone on loan. He's out for another 6 months.



05 Jul 2013 10:37:12
Rotherham United have made a bid for young Morecambe forward Jack Redshaw, who scored 16 goals in a poor Shrimpers side last season. Steve Evans wants him to be the 8th permanent signing for the Millers this summer, and the "final piece of the jigsaw".

Not for sale after all rotherham fans said he's sunday league after all.

Yes your right mate Sunday League Player not fit to grace NYS

Rotherham won't be able to afford him.

Rotherham can easily afford him we still have the le fondre money and evans has said TODAY that its none of the strikers mentioned in the media so its not him

I should think he will eventually be sold to a big club, not a club likely to be back in League 2 in a year and managed by a fat cheat.

Why bring Martin Allen into this?

Morecambe are the Shrimps, not the Shrimpers.



05 Jul 2013 10:32:35
Watford are close to announcing the permanent signings of several former loanees and a few other players today, they include:
-marco cassetti, former italy international
-joel ekstrand, swedish international
-ikechi anya, soon to be scottish international
-daniel pudil, czech international
-almen abdi (GET IN!), swiss international

-gabriele angella, udinese
-marco davide faraoni, udinese
-jaime romero, udinese

christian battochio and reece brown are in early stages of negotiations.

watford have signed javi acuna on loan from udinese and want to sign diego fabbrini on loan too but that is far from a done deal.

No news on vydra, hall or almunia.

Source: Watford Observer

Good to see the closing of the "loophole" is making such a difference, if anything it benefits watford as we just sign the class players permanently!



This would be the same class players who didn't get you promotion last season and won't next season.

Vydra could still be at the orns next year,

Watford are quite lucky to be a London club. Unless it's a city club, most other clubs wouldn't get a look-in by any kind of benefactor. Even Leyton Orient were recently mooted as being looked at by a takeover group.

If you're out in the sticks, forget it.

05 Jul 2013 13:20:12
And how much have Watford paid for ALL these "class players". Combined total amount please?

If they aren't breaking the rules, they are breaking them in the fair play sense. Can any other club buy these players Watford have signed if they offer more money?

05 Jul 2013 13:21:40
Nothing is guaranteed in the Championship but you would be foolish to write us off.

It's definitely a much stronger team than last season.
Should come close if we have a better start than last year.

Up as Champions.
#shuttheloopole #signwhowewant

05 Jul 2013 14:47:42
"Can any other club buy these players Watford have signed if they offer more money?"

Of course they can, the entire Pozzo business model is based around developing players and selling them for a profit.

In accordance with the 'Registration Embargo' all deals have been approved by the Football League and excluding Lewis McGugan nowhere has it been stated that any of these players are free transfers.

In the same way Watford paid for all the foreign Loanees that they had last season

Regardless of that why would a football owner not use all resources available to him to improve his football team.

Are you going to complain when Reading, QPR, Forest and Other Wealthy Championship Clubs Spend millions building competitive squads.

Is it fair when Man City & Chelsea spend £200 million on players!

Of course any club can buy the players from Udinese. the pozzos sell players all the time but only for the right money. Watford are doing nothing wrong or not fair. Is it fair that chelsea and Man city have billionaire owners? Is it fair that leicester have billionaire owners (but spend the money terribly). Watford are being run in a very financial sensible way. Not over strectching themselves (unlike portsmouth etc)

Fair Play Sense!! Get a grip! There is very little that is fair play in football in this day and age. Is it fair play that Leicester City can by 50-80 million in debt and still operate? Is it fair play that Manchester City just had a rich arab plunder 200 odd million into the bank account? No it's not. The difference with Watford is they have football owners who have fantastic knowledge of the game and a passion for our wonderful sport. A fantastic business model that is all about fantastic football to increase attendances and have a sustainable business model at the same time. Yet more jealousy from opposition fans!

05 Jul 2013 17:20:48
From being a well-respected traditional club, Watford have become a false and PLASTIC NON-ENTITY despised by most true football fans.

^ clearly knows nothing about the history of Watford football club

I love the new watford squad under the pozzo's all these quality young players coming in! I just hope that this year though vicarage road gets filled nearly every game. come on you hornets!

If by "true football fans" you mean "Dodgy Dave" from down the pub, then probably. They moaned about Chelsea and Manchester City. yet people seem to have gotten over that and all the over rich owners who run clubs into debt and do not know the value of money.

The Pozzos actually have a great setup and make money with a sustainable business model. If Watford lost the "relegation every year whilst playing hoof ball" aspect of our identity, FINE BY ME.

We still have a great academy, play more youth players from WATFORD's academy than almost every team in the league, play great football and we're challenging for Premier League football.

If you think this is having a negative effect on the club/town/football you are deluded, you only have to walk around the town to see what a difference it's making. so many more people walk around wearing replica shirts, season ticket sales have massively increased and the quality of the football can only be a good thing for the championship.

"From being a well-respected traditional club, Watford have become a false and PLASTIC NON-ENTITY despised by most true football fans. "

Presumably you have conducted a poll amongst all football fans in order to arrive at this stupid conclusion? Perhaps if you spelt the word correctly, the poll results would be different - or is Non-Entity the way your parents spelt it on your birth certificate?



05 Jul 2013 10:27:42
Millwall have enquired about the availability of Leicester's Jamie Vardy.

Not true, not on the radar.

If we can get keogh back to his old 'sharp' self again we'll be ok! but we 'do' need another striker in case of injuries & suspensions! up to sl!

Keough will benefit from Morisson winning headers, he plays off the shoulder as does Morisson. What Keough does have is that bit of skill.



05 Jul 2013 10:21:32
Ipswich ins
- Barnes-homer - 300K
- Gerken - Free

Not for 300k

Who is Barnes-homer please.?

Barnes Homer for 300k you got to be joking me more like 50k.

05 Jul 2013 15:43:27
Barnes-Homer (last season with Macclesfield) would be available on a free transfer anyway!



05 Jul 2013 10:03:25
Stephen Ireland was shown around the Amex earlier this week.

Perhaps Ireland might be given a trial by Brighton.

Was he on his holidays then



05 Jul 2013 10:02:31
bradley wright phillips set to join Blackpool on 2year deal and pool in talks with united to loan Powell also in talks with Sylvan Ebanks-Blake will be 1m on 2year deal

Ebanks blake is out of contract so why would you pay 1m for him

Lol must stop laughing can we but this to bed once and for all we are not signing Sylvan Ebanks-Blake. He will have to find some other team to take a risk on him.

Thought ebanks blake was a free

Doubt Blake would play for blackpool wages {Ed003's Note - Why not Barry Ferguson does,don't believe everything you read.}

The people who say these things have no idea how much SEB earns or how much Blackpool pay

Ebanks Blake is out of contract so doesn't get paid at the moment. He's just coming back from a serious injury and hasn't had a great last few seasons. Not many clubs will be willing to take a chance on him and certainly won't pay his old wage. Why wouldn't him come to blackpool if they are willing to give him a chance? {Ed003's Note - just to point out that out of contract players do get paid for the first month(july) it's a sort of severance payment when their contracts have run out,that s footie for you lol.}



05 Jul 2013 09:58:43
Bradley Wright-Phillips has officially been released from Charlton Athletic, the striker spent the last few weeks on trial with New York Redbulls but has returned home whilst a decision is made, Brentford have been linked with taking the striker should his trial be unsuccesful.

Meanwhile young released ex charlton winger scott wagstaff is thought to be on the radar of Notts County & Bradford to link up with ex-boss Phil Parkinson

Don't think bwp will go to them teams a lot of clubs like him in championship woth giving him a year to prove how gud he can be.

BWP will always be a league 1 player the championship is just too much for him.



05 Jul 2013 09:51:33
Hartlepool to offer triallist Nialle Rodney a contract after impressing during the game against Almere.

I think he will need to impress in a few more games yet.



05 Jul 2013 09:50:37
This morning Chesterfield have finally landed Ryan Creswell with a 90K plus extras deal with cash strapped relegation fodder Southend

I have you know we are in fact pushing for promotion, Alright, we might be cash-strapped but still attract good players with what is said to be one of the best coaching staff in the league

I will have you know good sir that southend united are not infact relegation fodder, no, quite the opposite you poor buffoon, try and update your football knowledge before posting to such a reputable site,
yours sincerely Bertie Makolli

Sorry to say Sarfend do look like relegation fodder as signings so far all seem to be second rate unlike Chesterfield who do seem to look like they are going places.
Hopefully we Bristol Rovers fans will share some success with Chesterfield next season.
By the way calling someone a poor buffoon does not constitute a sound argument for Southend success - you need more substance than that as do your team.

Chesterfield and Brizzle seem to be as hot favourites for the coming season as, er, Brizzle were for last season.
Both of Southend's signings to date look pretty decent for this level and a few more like them and next season may yet turn out to be a far better one for the Shrimpers than mnay are currently predicting.
Interesting that despite the endless stream of rumours, no-one mentioned Will Atkinson before he signed.
Similarly the outgoing Gavin Tomlin was linked with numerous clubs except Port Vale who eventually signed for.

How sure r you that cresswell as signed

No truth in this Cresswell isn't going to Chesterfield

I can assure you 100% Cresswell NOT signed for Chesterfield

Funny as creswell is in southends squad for todays friendly.

He certainly has not been signed, as I am watching him in a pre-season friendly as I type this against Great Wakering Rovers

As a Chesterfield supporter I can only apologise for the original posters arrogance. I do truly believe that if we sign Cresswell then we will be so far ahead of the rest of league two we will not only be crowned champions but we will get the 100 point mark aswell.
I don't know if Southend will be relegation fodder, to be honest I don't really care. I hope that we get Cresswell and that's it.

Hope he doesn't get injured Cfc need him for start of league :)

Cresswell deal is a none starter Southend have ended all speculation

If he's signed, what's he doing playing in a friendly for Southend on Saturday

Cook wants to get some signings made and pretty quickly, because out of the 22 players we had at Buxton, 7 were trialists and 3 were youth players



05 Jul 2013 09:44:20
League 1 Walsall are looking at Bradley Wright Phillips as a replacement for Will Grigg. Jon Paul Mcgovern is also set to be a target for the saddlers.

Bradley wright phillips is on trial with new york red bulls



05 Jul 2013 09:40:48
Gold and Sullivan are in france, Spain and holland for the next few days to speak to Salomon Kalou, Morgan Amalfitano, Javier Saviola, Ludovic Sane (who we have colled interest in apparently) and Wilfried Bony



05 Jul 2013 09:31:20
Reading keen on Brentford's Harlee Dean.

Ed any reading news? its gone abit quite.

Reading preparing to make a 6-8mil bid for out of favour real Madrid striker Jose callijon

{Ed029's Note - To the earlier post, the club are hopeful of bring two more in, but also anticipate two first teamers leaving as well. If that's the case we may see three more come in I expect. No indications as to who yet.

Callajon that's utter bull

Reading preparing to make a 6-8mil bid for out of favour real Madrid striker Jose callijon

We bulked at hooper due to asking price. So opting to then double it over someone else would seem somewhat odd no?



05 Jul 2013 08:55:29
Charlton to get Nicky Shorey on a free transfer, good cover for wiggins.

Shorey is going to Brighton!

Shorey is currently on trial with Brighton and expected to play some part in the club's first preseason friendly on Saturday.



05 Jul 2013 09:20:40
Aaron McLean to Yeovil after his release by hull.

Mcclean still got 2 years on contract at city you might get him on loan but prob end back at peterbro

Mcclean won't go to peterborough, 'cos he's too old. will always be club legend though.



05 Jul 2013 09:00:13
Frank Demourge is set to complete his transfer to RodaJC and with Wes Thomas out-of-favour and set to leave, Matt Tubbs will stay at Dean Court unless Eddie Howe can get 2 of Danny Ings, Simeon Jackson and Simon Church in



05 Jul 2013 08:42:00
Millwall boss Steve Lomas is trying to sort out deals to bring in Richard Chaplow, Nicky Bailey and Hull City forward Aaron McClean. Bailey is set to decide between Millwall and QPR over the weekend. Chaplow and McClean have both been told by there respective clubs that they are surplus to requirements and would only cost a small fee if any. The main stumbling block for the Northern Irishman is trying to fit all three within his budget

We won't have to worry about Bailey because QPR will offer him more 'MONEY' than us I'm afraid! As for McClean? I think I'd leave him alone & go with Keough! IMO

I'm not sure that McClean would be the answer? SL might think he IS? If TRUE? Nor is Vardy! There must be other strikers out there? Harry Kane on Season Loan?

We won't get any of those players clubs ready to offer bigger wages sniffing about. Would like to see chaplow and bailey get signed on though, forget Mc clean he is over-rated and league 1 standard.



05 Jul 2013 08:24:23
Ipswich want Aaron McLean also the dean Gerken deal is done. ITFC.

Mc Lean is going to Bradford, confirmed by Parkinson at training

05 Jul 2013 12:43:58
thank god for that was on loan at itfc and did very little but was brilliant at lower league so could still do a job

Ipswich will not be taking on any more strikers this summer. Sperious rumour re McLean.

Parkinson would not tell random fans at training who he is going to sign. He doesn't tell anyone anything.



05 Jul 2013 08:22:43
Hull to release Aaron McLean, with ipswich considering offering him a contract.
Hull to make an offer for Burnley's Charlie Austin for £5million after they rejected an earlier £4.5 million offer

Even on a free I wouldn't take this guy. We have McGodlrick, Murphy, Nouble, Taylor. Marriot who needs a few run outs and even if Chopra goes we've still got enough strikers.

Feel sorry for Burnley if they lose Austin for £4-5m, but they just aren't in a position to turn it down, even though Dwight Gayle goes for £6m!

And you have to pay Swindon Town a 30% sell on Claus.

Clarets will hold out for at least £6 million. Swindon getting 20% not 30%! Not going to make up some terrible rumour of where the money will be spent, burnley only sign freebies, the £6 million goes on the Co-Chairmans mortgage. Or as they like to call it 'balancing the books' The joys of supporting those in Claret and Blue!

#3, gayle only went for £6million 'cos he had 4 years left on his contract, whilst austin only has one. on a good contract, austin could be worth £10mil. also, burnley will probably have to end up accepting someone like hull's bid soon, so they don't loose him on a free next summer

If burnley are holding out for 6 million then il be first to laugh when austin goes free next year as no team are stupid enough to pay that, before you bang on about hull been in prem for 1 season if we do get relegated we have a damn better chance to go up again than burnley do



05 Jul 2013 08:10:37
After signing Nicolas Anelka, Steve Clarke is turning his attentions to former chelsea winger Florent Malouda, who is also available on a free transfer.

This will be another great stepping stone for our club.

I feel that we need one more striker and 2 midfielders.

Our defense looks good but maybe one more position to be filled in the back four.

Roll on the new campaign.


05 Jul 2013 14:15:03
would love malouda

Not exactly free if he wants 70k a week



05 Jul 2013 08:01:43
Southend United Have Completed The Signing Of Midfielder Will Atkinson From Bradford City.

Phil Brown Is Also Said To Be Interested In Bringing John-Joe O'Toole To Roots Hall But Faces Stiff Competition From Both Bristol Rovers & Gillingham.

Set To Make An Appearance In Tomorrow's Friendly Against Great Wakering (06/07/2013) Are:

David Marques Pereira the Silva - Right Midfielder
Bruno - Right Back

Plus Two Un-Named Greek Trialists

Along With The Rest Of The Squad. However, Atkinson Is Unlikely To Make An Appearance Due To His Fitness.

Not wanting to bad mouth southend but they haven't paid their players the past 2 months, and under transfer embargo and skint with winding up orders every other month unlikey for John Joe otool to sign

The players have been paid now and I wouldn't be surprised if we got him as we are local to him.

As a Bradford City fan, Atkinson's fitness will be spot on, so that is rubbish to start. Why it would be any different to the Southend squad I don't understand.

05 Jul 2013 16:33:05
Rumours about Bradley Wright Phillips to Gillingham.

Bradley is joining sheff utd

Gills don't want O;toole, we've got a lot better!

Bradley was our back up plan should we fail to land Cody Mcdonald but he is having a medical monday so Bradley is joining sheff utd or Wolves who have shown interest too.

Seriously BWP would turn down sheff united or wolves for Gills, I am sure BWP is really upset.



05 Jul 2013 07:51:22
The usually reliable tv has announced that Bradford are on the verge of signing Chris Lines from the Owls. On this occasion, I think they have this one wrong since Port Vale is his likely destination

05 Jul 2013 11:18:05
Why would he got to port vale over Bradford?

'Cos Bradford already have 4 good CM's and also Yeates who can also play there. Bradford have higher priorities than CM to spend their dosh on

Yes I know what your saying. Depth is key to promotion as you go up the leagues. I am sure Yeates can play up front now again so there's versatility. But if Bradford are showing interest why would you choose Vale over City?

Bradford only scraped through the play offs, will need major investment but don't apear to have the funds.

Scraped through the playoffs hahaa one of the most one sided playoff finals ever oh and beating Arsenal- Watford- Wigand and Villa whilst mounting our play off challenge

We had a good cup run with as gave us the money we need to get new players and just scraped through lol we played 64 games if we just did the league we would of smashed it shoes what you no about footdall

Bradford don't have the funds?? They will have one of the most competitive playing budgets in league 1 next season. You really have no idea what you are talking about. Bradford City are definitely the dark horses.

05 Jul 2013 21:55:31
Port vale over bradford any time, plus his mate Dan Jones is at Port Vale

Lines has signed 1 year deal at port vale, better luck next year.

Lines just signed for port vale on a one year deal starting to build a very good squad




05 Jul 2013 06:55:45
Chris lines to join Bristol rovers after leaving Sheffield Wednesday. Lines has said he cannot wait to play for his beloved club again {Ed029's Note - Heavily linked with Port Vale.

05 Jul 2013 08:22:14
According to tv Bradford and MK dons front runners

No thanks

Can't tell if 'beloved club' is sarcasm.

It isn't sarcasm, as a lad Lines used to stand on the blackthorn end with his late father- he literally lived the dream of playing for his boyhood club but most gas heads don't think he is good enough which is a joke.

Probably is considering the fact that he's actually a Spurs fan.

He's from Bristol born and bred rovers fan he used to stand with my dad in the blackthorn end

He's Bristol born and used to watch Rovers, but he said several times that he's a Spurs fan.

I'm from Bristol, I'm Rovers born and bred and have watched Rovers all my life, but i'm also a Liverpool fan - does this mean I can't be a Rovers fan then? - grow up chaps!.



05 Jul 2013 05:06:24
Brightons Marcos Painter to join newly promoted Yeovil on a free transfer after being let go at the Amex.
Expect an announcement within a few days.

Hope this is true. He would appear to be an excellent signing for Yeovil. What are his playing qualities?

Painter is a good player he helped us get into championship. he needs to be played regularly and his natural position is LB, LM

If you was still in League 1 Painter might be a good buy. But he can't cut it in championship too slow.

He's really not that good and is too slow. Glad he's left, because then he can have 1st team football.

He's slow and turns slower than an oil tanker.

Awfull too slow league 2 player

Very good player at the right level, unfortunately not good enough for the championship but is a good club man and a team player, will always give 100%

I heard that a scout recommended him to Walsall

He's improved over the two seasons at the amex. But he is very slow and often gets turned by skilful players.

Painter is a slow fat man and doesn't belong in this league. Glad to see him leave.

However he is a great team player and a really nice guy so I wish him well but should be going to league 1 or below where he can shine again.



05 Jul 2013 05:04:31
Coach Charlie Oatway at Brighton to be announced Friday/Saturday to have left by mutual consent. Been suspended for almost 8 weeks as part of the Poyet saga. Been paid off basically to disappear quietly. New head coach Oscar Garcia to bring in his own number 2 to be announced next week.

05 Jul 2013 15:12:12
Now gone.



05 Jul 2013 04:17:31
Arsenal youngsters to be loaned out:

Nico Yennaris (Burnley)
Benik Afobe (Birmingham)
Zak Ansah (Bury or Northampton)
Alfred Mugabo (Stevenage)



05 Jul 2013 03:38:11
all you notts county fans thinking mathew barnes homer was the striker wearing number 9 are wrong it was actually danny haynes my source for this is magpie player on the website

Danny Haynes still training at Millwall--fact

Pictures of him at notts mate training



05 Jul 2013 02:16:55
with Yeovil Town getting promotion and a unsuccessful bench ridden season youngster Lewis Young is looking at a new start at Shrewsbury town in a central role with the spot opening up with Marvin Morgan leaving for Plymouth Argyle and the option of young playing in his regular position as a winger

Would not be surprised. I accept he had potential talent but injury problems didn't help last season. However, he was only a squad player in League 1. Manager needs to look for a little more. Hope Ralph stays though.

Ex Hereford, typical GT signing, I have never felt more depressed as a Shrews supporter.

05 Jul 2013 09:06:11
signed a new contract, but hope it happens

He was definitely injuried most of the season. Not a bench warmer. So we're keeping him

I will drive him there myself

What do you mean you've never been more depressed as a Shrewsbury supporter? What's there to be depressed about? If you're depressed that we've not signed anyone for a while, may I remind you that it wasn't until mid-July that we signed Grant Holt. There will be many signings next week.

I hope to goodness we see some marque signings in the next week or two.

Grant Holt cost us £170k.

Please stop living in the past, can you tell me hand on heart that we will sign players of his calibre & price ever again?

Sadly no we wont.

Lets hope next weeks signings not more league two standard plodders!

Sorry, but who said we're signing players of Grant Holt's calibre? Merely stated that one of Shrewsbury's best signings of modern times was signed later in the transfer window.

So what's your point about Grant Holt?

My point about Grant Holt is be patient. Undoubtedly our best signing over the past 5-6 years was signed in mid-July. There are still plenty of good players about.



05 Jul 2013 02:16:03
Matej Vydra is supposedly being loaned out to a premier league club for a season so that he can return to watford when/if they get promoted.

Rubbish, 2 years left on contract, he will be sold to the highest bidder, a great player, but apart from that goal v Leicester, he didn't exactly offer much from Jan!

Doubt it. He'll be sold for lots of cash once he's proven himself in the prem, and good luck to him.

Watford don't need him back, we've got Deeney, Forestieri, Acuna, Fabrini, and the younger development lads Assombalonga, Mensah and Ikpeazu.

To be fair, Vydra had a slight hamstring problem when he returned from international duty but he still could have done much better

05 Jul 2013 12:45:19
He, s having speaks with West Brom according to local
rags, don't know if this is true or lazy journalism.

05 Jul 2013 14:48:28
He's training with Udinese.

05 Jul 2013 15:06:23
Vydra is training with udinese

06 Jul 2013 13:54:34
Vydra now at Watford training camp.

At Udinese's training camp and scored today in pre season friendly.

Italian sources suggesting West Ham or Crystal Palace on loan.



05 Jul 2013 00:48:49
Luton will sign Luke Guttridge either tomorrow or next week. JJ O'Donnell may join Braintree on loan.



05 Jul 2013 00:45:58
Notts County are making a move toward signing Giles Barnes from the MLS, he is willing to make a return to Nottingham if he gets the right offer

Where has this rumour come from. we have no chance of signing him ill believe it when I see it

Have you seen what kind of form he's in in the MLS? No disrespect to Notts, but he's better than league one.

Always injured though so no champ team wil want im



05 Jul 2013 00:21:30
Crystal Palace are set to complete the signing for Leigh Griffiths from Wolves.

No, no they are not.

I think not somehow. Ebanks Blake maybe, not Griffo.



05 Jul 2013 00:18:11
Jermaine grandison to rejoin tranmere


Rubbish not happening

Wouldn't be surprised if thid did happen if the ash Taylor leaving rumours are true

Grandison is a beast of a right back. Would love to see him back in place of Danny "Gets turned down his left side" Holmes

Where is ash going

Grandison won't be fit till October.



04 Jul 2013 23:57:26
Middlesbrough to sign Thorgan hazard on a season long loan deal.

More likely to go to Anderlecht than Boro

I've heard this from someone inside the club aswell.

05 Jul 2013 13:25:03
Is a class player, could be used in prem' instead

Goin to a team in belguim. He is not going to pass up the chance to play for champions, to play for boro

He needs to get used to the English game going to Boro wouldn't be so bad

Could be true, Middlesbrough had josh mceachran on loan last season, so Middlesbrough will have a good link with Chelsea. Chelsea will be keen on getting some of their younger players first team football. I don't know how good he is, but why not. Also hope Danny graham rumour is true, a 20 goal a season player at championship level, seem to remember him scoring a lot for Watford a few year ago. Get rid of Emnes or mcdonald.



04 Jul 2013 23:54:47
Fortune to sign for Wigan possibly before weekend.



04 Jul 2013 23:48:16
Darren Barr and Kris Boyd will sign Kilmarnock for end of this week

Kilmarnock try beat with Kaiser Chiefs to sign Andy Webster



04 Jul 2013 23:00:19
Swindon are among many clubs keeping tabs on 'The New Paddy Madden'. Michael Rafter

Doubtful seing as derry only signed him in February this year from Dundalk.

I will find out as my uncle is involved with Derry city, used to play for them actually both my uncles and grandad did. , nice little club of which produces good talent.

Nothing to get excited about. I had to google paddy madden to find out who he was and I'd seen him play last season. Being the 'new paddy madden' is not something to shout about.

Doesn't mean to say that he won't sign or will be on trial?



04 Jul 2013 22:43:50
Defence Force striker Devorn Jorsling is on trial with Walsall, Walsall are currently in Trinidad on a Pre-Season Tour and see Jorsling as a replacement for Will Grigg who left for Brentford

05 Jul 2013 11:54:53
He can't be a replacement for grigg, this guy has a better goals record

Sour grapes from Walsall fans regarding Will Grigg leaving them to join Brentford, if he's that bad as you keep saying he is why did your manager offer him a 4 year contract?.
I saw him twice last season and thought he looked a really good player. But as you Walsall fans say you don't rate him SOUR GRAPES

Its not SOUR GRAPES he cannot really score from open play, he has had one good season where we won a load of penalties which added to his goal tally, looks like we are replacing him with wright-phillips a proven goal scorer, couldn't be more happier

Grigg made a vast improvement last year with his overall play, but he's not a natural goal scorer.
12 out of the 20 goals scored last season were from the penalty spot.



04 Jul 2013 22:24:00
Luke Freeman will leave Stevenage this summer to sign for Peterborough. The Boro will re-invest the money on James Norwood (Forest Green) and Andre Gray (Luton) as Graham Westley looks to strengthen his side ahead of the new campaign.

Done deal Freeman expects the move to peterborough to be completed next week.

How many times have we been rumoured for this now, come on it ain't happened for a reason

I hope we sign Freeman, but this does get said every single transfer window

Lawless has no ambition, None league player!

Posh chairman has stated that stevenage are unwilling to sell freeman to posh

This Freeman talk is all boring, been saying this for last couple of years. Why would we honestly want him?



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